Surigao cult blames corruption for ‘delay’


SURIGAO CITY—Call it post-doomsday recrimination.

A cult leader in Surigao del Norte province on Friday blamed corrupt government leaders for the “delayed” coming of their “Divine Government,” even as members of the Ecleo family of Dinagat Islands, who controls the Philippine Benevolent Missionary Association (PBMA), are locked in a doomsday-related tit for tat.

“The temporal government has not yet surrendered; it is perpetuating its lies to mankind,” said Berano Tamayo, 60, of the self-styled quasi-military and quasi-religious organization High-World (H-World).

Tamayo’s group began converging on a hill overlooking Lipata Port here in preparation for the beginning of what they believed would be the “end of the temporal world” and the beginning of the spiritual reign on earth of their deity.


Not earth-shaking

He clarified, however, that the Dec. 21 prediction—coinciding with the ending of the Mayan calendar—did not originate from the group, and that they interpreted the date not as a definitive date for doomsday but as a marker of sorts for the coming of their deity.

“I did not say it would be an earth-shaking event; I said it is the day when darkness begins to reign in the hearts of men because of wanton perversions and vices,” said Tamayo when the Inquirer asked him again on Friday.

“Isn’t the world in a corrupted state as we speak?” he added in an apparent suggestion that somehow, the group has predicted the coming of their Divine Government.

But this didn’t mean that no tribulation is forthcoming, the cult leader said.

“Earthquakes, typhoons, even tsunamis will come if our temporal leaders worldwide don’t surrender their powers to the Divine Government,” he said, although he now says that only H-World members have the privilege to know the definite time and day when these doomsday scenarios will come.

Doomsday concert

In Dinagat Islands, where PBMA members scheduled a doomsday concert on Friday evening, members of the Ecleo family were divided on Dec. 21 end of the world prediction.

“They are making fools out of the people,” said Vice Gov. Geraldine “Jade” Ecleo of the PBMA leadership, which reportedly ordered their members to converge in the province’s capital of San Jose, purportedly because the place would be spared from the doomsday wrath.

“I appeal to the people, to the hard-core PBMA members, to once in a while use their heads and instead focus on how to improve their lives,” she told the Inquirer by phone.

Boats plying the Dinagat route have been overwhelmed by the unusual high passenger volume since last week, when talks of the end of the world associated with the Mayan calendar began to appear in social media sites and television reports.

To her consternation, Ecleo said she learned that work in government offices and school classes had been disrupted because of the end of the world “rumor mongering” of her family, from whom she has been estranged for a while.

“I believe that the world will eventually come to an end but for now, what the people should get busy about is demanding real services from their leaders; demanding accountability and transparency, instead of this nonsense talk about doomsday,” she said.

Sources inside Dinagat province said high school and college students on the island were instructed to watch the concert. The merrymaking was reportedly organized by Benjie Ecleo, son of PBMA Supreme Master Ruben Ecleo Jr., who remains at large after having been convicted of parricide and graft.

Local historian Fernando A. Almeda Jr. said talks of end-of-the-world scenarios “should now come to end.”

“This is a chance for humanity to begin a new chapter, to reflect and share values and experiences that would contribute to a better world,” said Almeda, who earlier launched a doomsday countdown at his private museum here.

Almeda and a local civic group has organized a post-doomsday “Save the World” fun run on Saturday, as the historian hopes to transform the buzz generated from his doomsday watch to a “sustainable movement where we encourage the young to care for our environment.”

“In this way, the dangers that would scientifically precipitate the end of the world, namely climate change brought about by human-initiated environmental degradation, would be prevented,” he said.

But in Davao del Sur, doomsayers maintained their doomsday watch.

Citing the “semi-darkness” that engulfed the province yesterday, doomsayers circulated text messages that insisted on the end of the world that was to unfold between Dec. 21 and Dec. 23.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) had earlier forecast that an intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) would prevail in Mindanao yesterday and the island would “have cloudy skies with moderate to heavy rain showers and thunderstorms.”


A hoax

Text messages also started circulating here about some major planetary events that would supposedly take place until Sunday.

“Please prepare candles, matches, canned goods and other needs. There will be planetary alignments from Dec. 21 to Dec. 23. It would not end the world but some things would happen. We need to pray,” one text message warned.

Apparently, the same text messages had been circulated elsewhere.

In response, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) said the report on the supposed planetary alignment was a hoax.

“There is no planet alignment on the winter solstice in 2012,” Nasa Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr. said in his blog. With a report from Orlando Dinoy, Inquirer Mindanao

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  • kevin

    This people has gone ‘nuts…..

  • dismyothername

    kapag may nagpapaloko, me naloloko, yun lang.

  • 12JEM

    The SUPERMAYAN is coming!

  • Political Jaywalker

    Calling on all the legislators, please pass a bill pronto expanding the National Mental Hospital to accommodate all the cuckoos particularly  sex este sect leaders and their members, LOL….

  • josedin

    mga taga dinagat dapat ilagay sa guiness, bibihira may utak pero buhay pa rin.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    yan ang mga zombies at dapat sa mga taong yan ay sinasama sa show ng Walking Dead, pwede din siguro kung Living Dead sila.

  • Effe Azarcon

    ito ang totoong kulto

    • Andrei Mendoza

      and a priest telling its follower of “going to hell” is not?

  • roy roy

    This is about being humble. About questioning your beliefs. That never thinking “If I believe it then it must be true since this person–me–is believing it.” These people’s primary fault is not low IQ, their primary fault is self-absorption.

    If people are less self-centered and less egotistical they might actually discover one or two truths in the world.

  • danny

    Ang daming sira ulo ! ! !

  • felipe

    ikaw nga ang  numero onong nangongorap sa mga tao, kinokorap mo ang isip nila….

  • grannygoose11

    PBMA, Katoliko, Muslim…pare-pareho kayong lahat.
    You are all B U L L S H I T S.
    I am so sad, that people still believe on the fairy tales religion offer.
    Nagogoyo pa rin kayo sa mga mang-mang at ignoranteng tao na sumulat ng bibliya, koran at kung ano ano pang banal na aklat kuno.
    There is no god.
    Deal with it.

    • Pangasugan

       Grannygoose11 I am with you. The reality however, is that most people do not have the fortitude to live life by reason and logic. Most need religion like some people need psychiatrists to help them cope with emotional anxieties.

  • Klepto

    Meron nga planetary alignment kahapon. Yong kanan at kaliwa kong yagbols ay nag align vertically sa aking uten. Babalik lang eto sa normal na positions kung ma tsupa ni Ecleo.

  • anu12345

     Someone said you cannot fix idiot

  • Mabuhay

    mga samahan ng sira ulo…………….how can u expect the RP to move on pag ganyan karami ang mga sira ulo sa atin.

  • kilawon(the return)

    doomsday prophecy casualties : O
    HOMELESS : none all went to bunker
    MISSING:NONE *mothership didn’t come”
    DAMAGES: Brain damages

    typhoon Bopha casualties: 1000
    MISSING: 844
    HOMELESS: 300000
    Damages    :(341. 96 million U.S. dollars)

    wake me up when december ends!

  • Opel

    and those Ecleos who promoted the doomsday scenario will be elected to office, Wow! To call a good part of the electorate as uneducated is an understatement. 

  • wawa2172

    May tama kaya ang mga taong dooms day fanatics sa Surigao? Ano ang ginamit nyo? Shabu, rugby or pantapal sa butas nang bubong? Wow pare galing nyo may pa concert pa kayo. What a day to end the world. Party Party, H-World and PBMA lets dance the Gangsnam Style. Sa US siguro nang Ph D ang leaders nang H-World and PBMA, meaning University of Surigao in Dinagat. Lakas nang tama nyo pre…

  • krizzibarra

    maybe those nutjobs are right. maybe that’s why our gov is the most corrupt in the world. to save it from the apocalypse.

  • ern

    end of the world of idiots.

  • jerrycentro

    A cult leader in Surigao del Norte province on Friday blamed corrupt government leaders for the “delayed” coming of their “Divine Government,” “The temporal government has not yet surrendered; it is perpetuating its lies to mankind,” said Berano Tamayo, 60, of the self-styled quasi-military and quasi-religious organization High-World (H-World).

    So it was the corrupt “temporal” government that prevented the coming of the “divine government”. So the corrupt “temporal” government is more powerful than the “divine government. So, who is perpetuating lies to mankind, the corrupt government or Mr. Tamayo?

    • Observer_din

      asan na kaya yung general nilang si ROYETTE PADILLA? heheha

  • watsupketchup

    These guys are really, really nuts.

    They’re better dead. Sana nag mass suicide na lang sila sa pagdating ng paniniwala nilang end of the world.


  • jobdave

    A house divided(ecleos vs ecleos)PBM die hards  vs Vice Gov.Jade) your crack is showing,then your fall is expected;”master evader ruben,come out from your hiding,Corruption?who’s talking?Newly ordained master? The title and office is UP for GRAB,any SANE Volunteer?Jade the Vice Governor is distancing herself,Good on you Madam,let sanity once more preval in your once Peaceful and PRISTINE islands.May The FORCE Be with You.

  • Mamang Pulis

    hahaha—-ininjan sila ng mader ship wahahaah

  • antiscam

    HAHAHA this is so funny. They are almost as funny as our Bishops equating Contraception as Corruption…

    • Filpino

      dont include bishops for your corrupted mind.

      • antiscam

         I can understand your anger coz the truth hurts. Oh well your anger is also funny hehehe…

    • Observer_din

      nagalit tuloy sa u ung nasa baba. hehehe

      • antiscam

         Oo nga eh. The truth hurts…Ouch…

    • boldyak

      wala ka na bang ibang ibig sabihin ng corruption?…how about morally corrupt, corruption of minors, corrupt minds?…alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng mga yan?…

      • Observer_din


  • regd

    So, andito pa ako. sino sino pa ang natira sa atin?

  • $15469930

    These people are crazy , only god can say , but human being can’t.

  • johndcross1

    Yang Dinagat Islands ay isla ng sirang ulo!  Puro sira ang kukuti diyan except siguro yung Vice Gov. Jade Ecleo.   Dapat ilipat diyan ang hospital ng insane asylum sa Mandaluyong.  Yung Ruben Ecleo pagnahuli yon, ipasok kaagad sa asylum.  Sirang-sira ang ulo niyan dahil sa druga.

    I think we need to ask the USA to use Dinagat Islands as a naval gunnery target.

  • divictes

    CORRUPTION FOILED DOOMSDAY!__ UN grateful to our trapos.

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    If they are correct, then I thank God for corruption.

  • Albert Einstien

    TALO ang H-WORLD ng MH-UNIVERSE……..naka-UPO sila sa pnaka-MATATAAS na PWESTO sa gobyerno ngayon……back up pa ng super corrupt na -KKKs……………………

    • Observer_din

      sir i think you’re pro GLORIA?

      • Albert Einstien

        NOPE ! i’m pro COUNTRY & pro-FILIPINO PEOPLE……just read my postings…. merry christmas my friend…

      • Observer_din

        yes i’ve read your posting starting with RH bill, you seem to attribute corruption with this corrent govt, but never mentioned the previous one. :)
        BTW i dont believe/celebrate christmas anymore, my belief for it was detroyed by our beloved BISHOPS.

      • boldyak

        so you want to justify the corruption of today because the previous was corrupt?…

      • Observer_din

        no im just saying what i’ve observed,just that it seems to me that for ALBERT,  GLORIA is a better ruler than PNOY.

      • KenKhoy

        somebody may have  stoled our christmas after all, as usual that little girl the usual suspect

  • Observer_din


  • william

    This cult leader is taking advantage of the ignorance of the people. This cult leader should shot

    • Facilitator1

      Another Jim Jones in the making but our very own…so sad…unfortunately, due to religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution, people are free to worship their own god or deity can’t stop this self-serving activities unless their leaders violated the laws of our country….PEACE

  • Samuel Bilibit

    Fools….Fools…..Fools…….Most uneducated Pinoys fall for swindlers and scammers because they are fools…..fools…….fools……..!

    • KenKhoy

      just like samuel bilibit who fool the world……….where is ogis now

  • del pillar

    MABUHAY ang Dinagats, with special mention to Ecleo clan! Grafters and corrupt persons believe the postponement of the end of the world, is caused by them???? God is so good and so loving that He (God) gives us all the time to change for a better life!!!!!!!!

  • bose

    They see me rollin’, they hatin’

  • tarikan

    Tapos na nga ang mundo ng H-World tsaka PBMA. Gen. Berano Tamayo, Gen. Royette Padilla, The Most Rev. Ruben Ecleo tapos na kayo! Bebe Bayag-Hari, ilabas mo na si Gen. Royette. Pathetic people. Magtrabaho kayo!

  • bose

    There is no god. Never has, never will.

    • KenKhoy

      there is bose……  your god-father and just wait for his  pamasko

  • kuraratsa

    kawawa!!! kayo na lang sana gumawa ng End Of The World nyo.

  • blainz

    These cultheads should be served doom by the police if they don’t surrender Ruben Ecleo Jr. Their skulls need a planetary alignment with a batuta.

  • virgoyap

    Even the Catholics (not the hierarchy) have their own “end of the world” prediction. It’s about the three days of darkness as what Virgin Mary told to Lucia during the Fatima apparition. This was circulated in many text messages which will happen from December 23, 24, and 25. Again this will be another doomsday prophecy which will surely end to nothing where only Smart and Globe will gain an enormous profit.

  • speedstream2

    Last time I looked, no one can tell when the world will come to an end. They say though that death comes like a thief in the night, and when it does, like it or not, that just about ends it all. Well, at least for this world. Then, it’s on to life eternal.

  • julieboy

    I am reiterating my comment on this article.I never realized it was connected to the Ecleo group so im taking it back.That group in dinagat is bad news,that little province their world has ended long time ago.Sorry for the comments i made regarding they dont steal and do not kill,i was very wrong on that.Well, we are still around so far,and i guess for still a long time.Only GOD will decide when it will be,no one on earth has been given that gift to decide for HIM.Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all.

  • Marshall

    dapat tayong magpasalamat sa mga korap na pulitiko at opisyal ng gobyerno..sila ang naging balakid kaya hinde natuloy ang katapusan ng Mundo…Maraming Salamat kay Gloria Arroyo at kanyang buong pamilya ng mga Korap..Erap Estrada  at buong pamilya ng mga Korap,,Binay and family..Enrile and son..De Venecia family..Nograles family..Pichay..Corona family maraming-marami pang korap na politiko..dapat pala kayong ipagbunyi ng buong mundo..iniligtas nyo ang sangkatauhan….

  • Accountant Tax

    bakit hindi ma-arrest si ecleo who was convicted of graft and killing his wife?

    • Vikkala Velo

       He paid the authorities millions for his liberty.  Pag wala ng maibigay, huli na siya.
      Sayang rin yon grease money.

  • $18209031

    Yang mga predictions ay lahat produkto sa mga lasinggos at nagdudrugas. Mabuti magbibili kayo ng dilis at lulutuin natin.

  • kismaytami

    What fun could have been, if pbma and h-world members drank pesticide altogether today. Less gullible people in Earth. Less gullible voters in the Philippines too!

  • Vikkala Velo

    Tama ka kismaytami, sana uminom na lang silang lahat ng lason para maubos ang lahat ng buang sa Pinas.

  • frudo

    nkakapagod ang relihiyion pagusapan ay naku buti nalang buhay pa tayo lahat.  Purihin ang Dios!

  • agustin

    Corruption in the present regime is rampant, the PDI editorial described this in detail last week’s editorial. Daan matuwid of Noy AB is only for the past regime,but baluktot na daan for his KKK. end of the world has no connection on this but just pray for the end of the world for the present corruptors.

    • Observer_din

      rampant, you mean to say this gov is worst than Gloria’s?

  • malek_abdul

    If still some people believe that end of the world is coming between December 21 and 23 then let them think that way. Para naman may magagawa ang tao kung sakaling magunaw ang mundo. Wala nga nakakaalam kung kailan ang wakas ng mundo ipinagpipilitan nila.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Nice cult. Now they are putting the blame on others why the end of the world is delayed. Anyway, its fine as long as they don’t start hurting other people.

  • Juan

    To lessen their pain, why don’t they just kill themselves. More space for us and less stupid people the better.

    they couldn’t even afford a decent website.

  • Fred

    Mga basag ang pula!

  • KenKhoy

    blame it on little girl

  • joboni96

    how to make hay
    on the ignorance and gullibility of others

    maka karma rin kayo
    just wait

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