Angara pulls out of Aurora polls; Baby Arenas subs for daughter


Senator Edgardo Angara. INQUIRER file photo

Senator Edgardo Angara. INQUIRER file photo

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO—Sen. Edgardo Angara has withdrawn from the gubernatorial race in Aurora and has been substituted by his younger brother, an official of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) here said.

“It’s official. Mayor Arthur Angara of Baler has substituted for Senator Angara for governor,” Comelec supervisor Gilbert Almario told the Inquirer by phone on Thursday.

Mayor Angara, who is completing his third and final term, will challenge Gerardo Noveras, the incumbent Aurora vice governor. Senator Angara did not answer text messages inquiring as to why he opted not to run anymore as governor, a position held for the last time by his younger sister, Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo.

Another relative has confirmed Angara’s withdrawal.

Angara-Castillo is returning to Congress to run for the lone Aurora congressional seat to be vacated by Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara, the senator’s son, who is running for senator under the administration’s Liberal Party.


No reason given

At the Senate, neither Senator Angara nor his staff would reveal the reason behind his sudden decision to withdraw from the Aurora gubernatorial race.

But as of late afternoon yesterday, speculations were rife in the Senate that the senator was worried about adverse feedback that could result from the recent protest march held by a group of Casiguran folk protesting alleged abuses by officials of the Aurora Pacific Ecozone and Freeport Authority (Apeco).

Earlier this month, Sen. Sergio Osmeña III presented in a news conference a handful of farmers from Casiguran who alleged that Apeco officials were arbitrarily taking their agricultural lands to extend the Apeco compound.

Pangasinan surprise

When Osmeña took the mic, he blamed Angara squarely for the situation, adding that Angara went ahead with the creation of Apeco through a law when it was clear that putting a freeport in Casiguran was not economically viable.

Osmeña also moved for the reduction of Apeco’s P353-million budget for 2013 to only P10 million, colleagues eventually overruled his initiative.

Angara himself could not be reached for comment.

His media officer Rikka Sotto confirmed his withdrawal in the Aurora gubernatorial race but said the senator was still in transit and could not make a comment.

Sotto said Angara made a personal appearance before the local office of the Comelec in Aurora as required by law in case of withdrawal from an electoral race.

In Pangasinan, Rep. Rachel Arenas (3rd District) withdrew her candidacy as a reelectionist on Thursday in favor of her mother, socialite Rosemarie “Baby” Arenas.

Marino Salas, Pangasinan election supervisor, said Arenas, a Liberal Party stalwart who is running unopposed, filed her affidavit of withdrawal of candidacy to allow her mother to apply as her substitute.

Salas said the lawmaker did not cite a reason for her withdrawal. He said election laws do not require candidates to justify their withdrawal from elections.

In a phone interview, Arenas said her mother had been asked to run for Congress. Tonette Orejas, Inquirer Central Luzon, Yolanda Sotelo, Inquirer Northern Luzon and Cathy Yamsuan

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  • EdgarEdgar

    How was your latest visit to your oncologist Edong?

    Prostate Cancer – terminal stage.

    Karma coming home to roost.

    What profits a man if he gains the whole world only to lose his balls. And life, too.

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe….Bro, galing-galing mong mag paraphrase ah?

      hindi na pala kailanan ni Senator Angara ang reproductive bill kung ganun? after all impotent at sterile na ba sia?
      i have been to that contested zone that he bruited about. the site is exposed to strong winds since it is an open sea. i don’t know how cargo vessels could dock when the Pacific Ocean is no longer pacific in a given period of the year.
      i have seen too the massive destruction of the place—crushed by huges logs that he cut from the thick forests of Aurora.

      he abused his political power posited by the electorates that placed their trust on him.

      • EdgarEdgar

        I agree with you. APECO, Angara’s personal dream city, will be built entirely on shifty sand, against the buffeting winds of the Pacific Ocean and not far from the unstable rough edges of a tectonic plate. This is bad fengshui and bad economics on top of bad geology and bad science.

  • Noel

    Speaking of political dynasty, the Angraras is one.  The illegal in Aurora has not stopped because of them.

    • batangpaslit

      Noel, I have my repartee re political dynasty to the blog of Kapayapaan.

      In U.S.A., dynasty is not a strange phenomenon.
      Pres Obama is even related to the Bush clan, the branch of the family that he outdid when he first run as president.
      The Kennedy’s, starting with the father as Ambassador to the Queen—his sons were all politicians. To imagine that U.S.A. have 1/3 of a billion people, yet, their national leaders revolves around the ruling clans and class.

      Until the Commonwealth Era, my ancestors were the ruling class of the home province where I was born. After the war, another branch of the clan took over.
      My great grandad, advised my grandad that after their terms, he and his children must no longer join the political race.
      The reason is simple. The family is losing fast the land they till.
      Everytime a village is transformed into a town, my Lolo, has to give out parcels of land as site for new municipal hall, town plaza, and site for the primary school.
      Until now, the town plaza of the municipality where I was born, is still under the name of our great grandfather. A municipal steet, of course, is named after our great granddad.

      After the war, the other branch of our clan took over. My lament, is: they did not enrich themselves; but, neither they improved the lot of the people.
      Status quo lang. Basta lang matawag na Honorable Governor, Honorable Congressman, Honorable Mayor ayos na sa kanila.

      As long as the seating elective officials render service to their constituency, I don’t really mind wheter they belong to a political clan or not.
      For it does not follow if the seating official do not belong to a politico-military family, they would turn out excellent leaders of the land.
      Ang sukatan ay ang performance. Are the needs of the people serviced? Were they able to deliver their platfrom of governance?
      The voting populace has to decide in electing a leader who is truly a leader.
      No matter how we rant and cajole, if the electorates do not do a thing, it is their lookout.

      • Luthmar

        There is only one difference between the political dynasties in America and the 
        political dynasties here in the Phil.   In America they are in politics for love of country.  In the Phil. it is love for power and money.

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, I concede to your assessment. No one could dispute your keen observation of the distinction between partisan Philippine politics, and North American politics.
        How long shall the old homeland suffer from the hands of abusive ruling class in the Philippines?

      • kapayapaan_1900

        Those times past were the golden age of Philippine politics where public service from the standpoint of the whole society is of paramount importance. 
        But a plague known as Martial Law virtually changed the political
        landscape and altered the course of our way of life.  Our morality degenerated to such an extent where we don’t know any more what is right or wrong for us and continue to spiral down the last four decades.  Being scattered to more than 7,000 islands, our divisiveness continues to haunt us.  Our character, judgment, and our interest vary from culture to culture in particular times and needs.

        The commonwealth politics is already gone!  “The needs of the times change
        with the times”.  Concentrating too much power to a few hands (political dynasty) whether one family is good or bad is
        anathema to our democracy.  It is oligarchy disguised as democracy!

      • batangpaslit

        Nostalgic ang poignant reply.
        For how long will the Filipino people enjoy the true Kapayapaan?
        Is revolution the cure:
        election is the answer?

  • kapayapaan_1900

    I thought they are heeding the call for a change!  Oh Jose, this is just another trick being perfected to perpetuate political dynasty!  Substitute coming from the same family won’t level the playing field.  People want to get out of this swamp.

    • batangpaslit

      i do not mind dynasty if the ruling family or clan is doing their duty as “servants” of the people they serve
      but, if the clan member perpetuate their political power for purposes of amassing wealth for their private gain, i fully concur with your opinion

  • wilfel

    Why Rachel quit the race is because she would want to be like her mother to be a mistress and raise cihildren.

    • Prince Neps

      I really don’t mind but why would you judge anyone like that? I bet your backyard is clean enough and you found nothing really serious to spend your time with. By the way, I don’t know Rachel or her mother. 

  • demonYOU

    Nakakasuka ang balita na ito dahil Angara lang dapat Angaras! lahat na sila huwag tumakbo at ibigay naman sa mga taga Aurora ang Aurora!

  • farmerpo

    Misleading banner. Angara subs for Angara would have been more accurate. As if Angara is pulling out of politics, then, wham! What a put down. 

  • arao_liwanag

    To the people, it doesn’t matter now whose running to any post in the gov’t., as long as, they all belong to the same dynasty or exploiting class that ruled the country from then up to the present.

  • charles

    poor residents of Aurora, can’t they elect someone else?…

  • emilio

    If you look closely at the names of the political leaders in aurora, you will observe it is mostly “Angara” . This is probably because the population comprises mostly of indigenous people, uneducated, and that only the Angara family can send their kin to higher education. In fact, those who marched to malacanang were wearing only loincloths. As a suggestion to the angaras, so that it will not be too obvious, and for them to seem to belong to the tribe, they should also wear loincloth in congress.
    I admire them now for being representatives of the undereducated, what will happen to these people without the angaras

    • Mali_Galig

      Wake up and think again. It does not mean just because you are educated you are cultured. And to think that because you are educated that you are more happier than most people and think you know what is better for them? it’s more Godly to live of the land than (exploitation) of the people who has a different criteria of happiness in life. School does not teach how to displace innocent and unwilling people for it is an individual madness to do such things. There is nothing wrong to be indigenous and uneducated but there is something wrong if you uproot those people forcibly without their will out of where they rightfully belong.
      Who ask and want to be represented if you are uneducated/indigenous and simply living your own life? Represented for What? Dumagats were living in those areas for tens or thousands of years and you think Angara’s know how to live like them or can adapt to their way of living? Think!

  • Luthmar

    Hindi nga Edgardo Angara, Arthur Angara naman.  Same bananer.  Business as usual.

    And, what the hell is that – daughter paving the way for the mother.  They really threat the govt. office as their own private enterprise.  


  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Watch for the uppercut.

    Angara Polititical dynasty.

  • turbogirl9


  • Paul

    Okay lang naman ang political dynasty sa akin as long as magaling naman. Nasayangan lang ako na nag step down na si Ed Angara. Malaki naman pinagbago dun sa lugar namin mula nung siya nagpatakbo. 

  • Jaimie

    ….sayang naman. I like Angara pa naman because sa advocacies niya on Education..

  • Erarara

    Angara made quite alot of good things for our people and esp. on Aurora. He actually made improvements on the agri and fishereries sector so madami nag benefit dun. Sana bawiin nalang niya ito.

  • Fred

    Please support the Anti-Dynasty Movement this coming 2013 elections and onwards to 2016.
    Thank you.

  • joboni96

    edong out
    angara in

    angara pa rin sa
    angara pera edgardo co zone

    ceo na sa apeco siguro si edong
    para complete control na

    kaya vote
    angara junior sa senado
    angara sister sa house
    angara brother sa governor

    hapi hapi sa apeco

  • Marshall

    sa Olongapo labolabo na rin ang mga Gordon…

  • $25214711

    Sya ba yung kabit ni FVR?

    • batangsulpok

      Hindi kabit kundi other woman ni FVR.

  • Philcruz

    The Angara dynasty has been brought to the fore. One of the most pervasive dynasties in this country. I had always had the impression that behind the quiet shy can’t-hurt-a-fly demeanor of Sen. Angara lies a deep dark calculating mind. Or is this obsession to control the province because he and his family truly believe there are no others more capable than they to bring Aurora to prosperity? And do the voters agree?

  • bugoybanggers

    Mga BOBOTANTE ang sisihin ninyo. Sila ang may kagustuhan na puro sila nalang ang tatakbo. Ugali ng mga PILIPINO ang makontento na lang sa isang bagay kasi TAMAD magsikap kaya nga HINDI umaasenso. OO sa pangkalahatan iyan. Kung 90% ang pakontento na lang, mayroon pa namang 10% ang nagsusumikap. Kaya lang MAJORITY RULES. Talo!

    • batangsulpok

      Ganyan naman sa Pilipinas na madaling mauto ang mga BOBOTANTE basta sikat o kilala ang kandidato kaya sa halip na umasenso, paurong ang bansa natin.

  • $25214711

    Tinuruan kasi nila ang mga anak at kamaganak na ang pulitico ay isang hanap buhay.  Gaano ba nila kamahal ang posisyon nila na imbes na pag araling magig doktor ang anak nila para makatulong sa mahirap na may sakit ay tinuruan nilang maghnap-buhay bilang pilitiko? Gaano ba kagaling ang angkan nya at sila nalang ang gustong umupo sa pwesto? Men’s deed are judge by their intentions. 

  • turbogirl9

    education teach student to be corrupt  student take up political science to practice corruption………….. but illiterate and no education not corrupt

  • Kaloy

    This only prove that the anti-dynasty law will never be passed into law as political dynasties exist from Aparri to Jolo.

    Politics is good business iin the Philippines.

  • agaylaya

    The Arenas family (or Ramos-FVR family by “substitution”) using political debts and connections with Liberal dose of accumulated savings and Jueteng money as leverage, outmaneuvered everybody such that Rachel (the daughter) is running UNOPPOSED as congresswoman of the vote rich 3rd district of Pangasinan.  And now the daughter is being substituted by the mother!! WOW

    And Gov Espino, the erstwhile Pangasinan Jueteng Lord was checkmated in favor of Nani Braganza a nephew of  FVR!!!    

    Sa ibat ibang sulok ng Pilipinas kanya-kanyang diskarte ang mga political elites. Parang stage 4 na cancer ito. Wala ng magawa ang sambayanang Pilipino as we helplessly watch our country forcibly divided, splayed and raped. 

  • ddano

    Basta huwag silang iboto! Buwagin ang mga Political Dynasties.

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