Aquino signs sin tax bill into law


DONE President Aquino swaps sign pens with Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile after the signing of the landmark sin tax bill in Malacañang though the latter opposed it. LYN RILLON

“Today, we signed, finally—I repeat, finally—a law that will serve as an early Christmas gift for millions of Filipinos,” President Aquino on Thursday said after he affixed his signature to Republic Act No. 10351 (An Act Restructuring the Excise Tax on Alcohol and Tobacco) in Malacañang.

The President said he signed the “sin tax” law, projected to generate P33.96 billion in revenue in the first year of implementation, to help liberate “more Filipinos from the vices of smoking and drinking.”

The law raising taxes on tobacco and alcohol will be implemented starting Jan. 1.

Mr. Aquino said the law was a victory against the powerful tobacco lobby and would provide extra funds for better healthcare and facilities.

“The enemy was strong, noisy, organized and had deep pockets… but as I have always said, there is nothing that can stop Filipinos who are marching in the right direction,” the President, himself a smoker, said in a speech at the signing ceremony.

The tobacco lobby included lawmakers representing tobacco-growing regions as well as powerful cigarette companies that enjoyed one of the lowest tobacco taxes in Southeast Asia.

The country has the highest incidence of smoking in the region, with tobacco-related diseases costing the country P177 billion last year, according to the government.

Health Secretary Enrique Ona described the new law as “a game changer” and a “victory for the health of the Filipino people.”

Ona pointed out that the new law would discourage smoking in the country while injecting P146.7 billion into the country’s public health sector.

The President said the increased revenues would benefit more people under the universal healthcare program and enable Filipinos to avail themselves of new and/or improved clinics and hospitals.

He also delighted in the possibility of more and more Filipinos eventually quitting smoking and binge drinking because of higher excise taxes on cigarettes, distilled spirits and fermented alcohol.

“The fundamental principle of this law is unequivocal: We want health benefits within reach of everyone, rich or poor, because every Filipino’s life is sacred. We will elevate the quality of public health of our nation. This will be the key to the nation robustly benefiting from the opportunities (afforded by an) improving economy,” he said.

Witnessing the signing of RA 10351 were leaders of both chambers of Congress led by Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, members of the Cabinet, civil society partners and healthcare advocates, industry leaders and members of the business sector, representatives from the World Health Organization, and officials of the United States Agency for International Development and the World bank.

Level playing field

According to the President, the law will level the playing field for the tobacco industry.

“It’s unjust to have varying taxes slapped on similar products. We are correcting this. In the coming years, there will be unitary taxation which will open the door for a healthier competition in the industry, and avoid monopoly,” Mr. Aquino said.

He was referring to the law’s intent to have a gradual shift to unitary taxation to simplify the current multitiered structure for easier tax administration.

Support for farmers

Mr. Aquino reiterated that tobacco farmers need not worry about the law’s impact on their livelihood.

“The benefits you have received in the past will not disappear,” he said, noting that the government would actually increase the tobacco-producing provinces’ share of the tobacco excise tax.

Expressing his “wholehearted gratitude,” to those who had championed the measure, the President had a roll call of lawmakers, starting with Sen. Franklin Drilon (chairman of the Senate ways and means committee), Belmonte, House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales, Davao Rep. Isidro Ungab (chair of the House ways and means committee) and members of the Cabinet.

Mr. Aquino also thanked Enrile, who was seated beside him at the table, despite his staunch opposition to the law. “You have proved that through continued cooperation between different agencies of government, we will march forward toward a society that is fair, just and progressive,” he said.

Revenue regulation

Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares explained to reporters that although the law would be effective immediately upon publication, there would no adjustment of prices before the new year.

“We will also be coming up with a revenue regulation and it will be published before the end of the year,” she said.

Alcoholic product types

There are different classifications for alcoholic products: distilled spirits, fermented liquors and wine; and, in the wine category, sparkling wines, still (nonsparkling) wines and champagnes.

Henares said all these would have different tax classifications, with prices progressively increasing in the years to come.

Rates for spirits, beer

For the distilled spirits, in the first two years (2013 and 2014), the specific tax is P20 plus 15 percent of net retail price per proof.

Come Jan. 1, 2015, the specific tax will be P20 per proof liter plus 20 percent of net retail price. Then, in 2016, the P20 per specific portion will again increase, and so on.

It’s the same thing with beer. “It (tax) will become unitary by Jan. 1, 2017, and then it will go up 4 percent every year thereafter. And (for) the wine, the rate every year will (also) increase by 4 percent,” said Henares.

Increases ‘ad infinitum’

Asked if the increases would taper off at a certain point in the near future, Henares said, “No, it’s in ad infinitum.”

She said there was no sunset provision for the increase of 4 percent. “It’s 4 percent per annum forever, or until the law is amended.”

“So the ad valorem component increases while the price of the product increases. That’s the continued increase of 4 percent per annum plus the 20 percent of net retail price,” she added.

Cigarette rates

For the cigarettes, there will be a specific rate and it will become unitary on Jan. 1, 2017. Then, after that, every year it will go up by 4 percent.

Henares said the new law would not encourage smuggling of sin products, especially cigarettes, because their prices—even with the new excise taxes—would be much cheaper than those in neighboring countries.

Tobacco subsidy up

“The other thing is … the law still provided that 15 percent of whatever excise tax is collected from tobacco products will be given to the tobacco-producing provinces to help the tobacco farmers,” she said.

“(I)f we collect the P33 and a half billion (pesos), it will be around P6 billion more than what they are already receiving now,” which was about P4 billion, she added.

“So, if you look at it, our (tobacco) farmers—there are 50,000 farmers—are supposed to be sharing a pot of P10 billion.”

In a statement, Ona said: “With higher prices, the number of young and poor people smoking and drinking excessively will be reduced significantly, resulting in a lower incidence of smoking-related noncommunicable illnesses such as lung cancer, heart attack, strokes and chronic lung disease as well as diseases associated with excessive drinking such as liver diseases and trauma secondary to drunk driving.”

The health secretary said the additional revenues that government would collect under the law would be used to fund the expansion of PhilHealth “to the second poorest 20 percent of our population,” which is composed of around 5.6 million families.

He said the additional taxes would also be used to expand health programs for tobacco and alcohol control, elimination of public health threats such as filariasis, malaria, schistosomiasis and rabies, the expansion of existing immunization programs, and additional hiring and deployment of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. With reports from Philip C. Tubeza, Cathy Yamsuan and AFP

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  • filipinaskoh


    At least the young adult, especially high school students would  think twice in trying to smoke. With the high cost of cigarette they would rather take candies instead. They will be somewhat safe in their drinking spree, now they have to limit it and they won’t be giving free beer to their friends. They would rather be drinking Coca cola or Pepsi.

    It will even help our local hospitals and improved health care services.

    Mawawala na rin ung mga tomador sa kanto! sana gawing 500.00 ang isang bote ng lapad.

    • buttones

      Drinking Coca cola or Pepsi is not going to improve anybodies health, …..quite the reverse actually…..

  • zeroko

    He heh e.he! This is the craziest law our Filipino-Chinese has ever done to the Filipinos. This bill will only encourage smuggling in which foreigners will benefit, it will also bring down our tobacco industry. It all boils down to economics. When products here is more expensive, the more smuggling will be rampant. Poor Ilocanos, they will suffer the consequence of these law. 

    About alcohol drinks, well, this will encourage the “booth legging” or production of alcohol. The process is so easy, just put yeast and grains in a container, and presto, you have alcohol drinks. The best alcohol drink is from grapes. Just you wait, stupid law makers, we will prove it. 

    Instead of increasing taxes, it will surely go down. Lambanog from Batangas, Basi from Ilocos, and Tuba of Visayas will take over. He he he. Stupid legislature. You will soon enough find out.

    • jl

       lasenggo ka cguro at chain smoker..

    • cute79

      ano sinasabi mong smuggling na ssa iabng bansa nga mas mahal pa ang pataw ng buwis ng ng alak at sigarilyo.

    • James P Mulroy

      Average $6.00 dollars a pack in the USA, now that’s approx. P240 don’t have to worry about smuggling from the US.

    • Vince222

      then this is good for filipinos as you say… the local wine industry and the poor farmers will reap the profit from the Lambanog, tuba etc.. so paano naging crazy ito? maybe you have to think it over again 

  • ManongOsang


    Finally, a Filipino President (who is HONEST & is TRYING HIS VERY BEST in his 6 SHORT years as President to STEER the Philippines in the right direction!

    Iba talaga pag matino ang isang public official.!

    Unfortunately, if the PH PICKS the WRONG President in 2016 – TAPOS ang BAYAN!

  • zeroko

    Instead of increasing the prices of alcohol and drinks, why do we not change our Filipino-Chinese government with native Filipinos. There are many bright Filipinos around. He he he!

    You greedy bunch in the government, just you wait. You will not reap increase income, the opposite will happen. The illegal cigarettes and drinks will take over.

  • joerizal

    This is a great positive leap. Ang kailangan ngayon ay ang maayos at mapuwersang pagpapatupad ng bagong batas. Diyan masusubok ang integrity at will ng government na baguhin ang nakagisnan nang korup na kultura.

  • Barak_O

    mag increase na rin ang ladies drink at gro fee

  • TonTon

    Nice!… it would also be nice to lessen our INCOME TAX? and the TAX being deducted from
    our monthly bonuses? it would be a big help for us middle to lower class. we’re not asking for
    a big deduction, just something that is fair for both, – the goverment and the people…

    pwede kaya ito??? :)) :))

    • Ronilo Yap

      MONTHLY BONUSES? Buti ka pa MONTHLY ang bunos mo. Sa amin monthly ang tax deduction sa sahod namin. Last deduction from bonuses is for the aid of pablo victim. Huwag ka na umangal at least nakakatulong ka sa nabagyo nang hindi mo nalalaman.

  • $37644997

    DON’T TAX THE POOR – TAX EXTRA FOR THE RICH.This is simple form of arithmetic.

    • Ronilo Yap

      unfair din. kung ano ang nakasaad sa batas yon na. Habulin nalang yong evader ok na yon. Walang tax ang poor. Exempted na nga eh.

  • browndarwinian

    Poor title.  Why say “2 laws” when only the sin tax law is discussed.

    • $37644997

      one has become imaginary

    • Simon Ward

      Valid point. Newspaper journalists almost never get to write their own headlines, and headline-writing – page-editing in general – is not a strength with the PDI.

    • blainz

      The writer was drunk and the editor missed it due to all the cigarette smoke.

    • Gilbert

       The real problem with the headline is that it’s without attribution and is therefore an opinion made into a banner.

      Back in the day this was a no no NO. in the NEWS section

    • Max Nosugar

      @ browndarwinian: good catch. :-)

  • Simon Ward

    Any smokers noticed how prices in Pure Gold for top brands are way down? Lucky Strike are dirt cheap now, but they taste lousy. Not the real deal. But I was surprised that my local Pure Gold is now selling Marlboro Lights for P24. I’ve had a few packs, and there was one stick that I took a single puff and felt like I’d inhaled cyanide, but the rest were ok. I remember a few years back when I got a whole ream like that, and got them exchanged. I guess the knock-off artists are moving in already.

  • maximus_meridius

    This Sec Ona is plain stupid and has very shallow thinking.  Sa tingin mo, someone who has been smoking for lets say 10 or 15 years will suddently stop smoking overnight just because the mongoloid abnoy has raised this equally stupid tax?

    • scconcern

      I agree it is hard to stop especially for those smoking more than 5 years… good example is Pinoy.
      The Sin Tax Law is for the new generation’s benefit and protection.


      That’s why the govt increase in revenue from this new law is feasible.

      On the other hand, those teenagers who are in the stage of trying to smoke and starting to drink will be discouraged to indulge because of the higher prices.

    • mabyrik

      I smoked for more than 25 years. I tried stopping that vice for at least 10 times and each time I failed because cigarrettes are available anywhere and at a very cheap cost. The craving was too much to handle.

      When I moved to US, after only 1 try, I was able to stop it abruptly because I realized that the money that i was wasting for cigarrete each month can already substantially reduce my apartment rental, or pay for my credit cards or for my healthcare or for a month grocery and I had to drive 3 miles just to buy a pack of marlboro. I have a good job but the cost of cigarrete was still a big dent in my pocket. The craving is no match to the cost of cigarrete. That did it for me and to so many others who were successful in kicking that vice and I knew a lot of them.

      When I stopped it, my main consideration was the cost and health was only secondary. 
      This sin tax will definitely help in reducing the number of smokers especially to the students and marginally-paid smokers.

      Ona is not stupid and not a shallow thinker as you pictured him to be. On the contrary, he is street smart because he knows the easiest way to convince the smokers to stop smoking. 

      You are just full of hatred because Pnoy was successful where other presidents failed because they succumbed to lobby funds of manufacturers.

    • Max Nosugar

      @maximus: Ona said: “With higher prices, the number of young and poor people smoking and drinking excessively will be reduced significantly.”

      He never said all of them will actually stop. Go get some education pls

    • cato_the_younger

      Well at least if the smokers won’t stop smoking, at least more money will go to the coffers of the government to fund the medicare expenses that the government shells out for diseases like emphysima, throat and lung cancer that are associated with smoking.

      There is nothing stupid about. Maximus, you need to maximize the use of the thing in between your ears. 

    • rickysgreyes

      The measure targets the young teenagers, who generally, have less money to spend on smoking. This will hopefully prevent them from picking up this deadly habit. Personally, I started smoking when I was 14. It is very, very difficult to stop (did it at 29) . It also targets those who have less in life, so they hopefully will not start or just stop, if already smoking.


      If I were to choose who were plain stupid between you and secretary ona .

      I would still choose you.

    • tarikan

      max, merun nga diyan 40, 50 years nang naninigarilyo tumigil din iyan pang 10 to 15 years laang. Tumigil sila because they have gone to their early graves. Happy smoking….!

  • Jose

    People complain about this, but it already has lead to new foreign investment from British American Tobacco.

    The economic justfication behind this is completely sound, AFAIK.


    9 years of the corrupt arroyo regime failed on this.

    Only two years of PNoy and it is done!!


  • wawa2172

    Noy will not stop smoking even if the sin taxes is increased  by a 100%. The cost of cigarette per pack is so cheap for moneyed people like him. If the poor opt for “likit”morris or dahon nang  tabako na pinulupot nag bond paper, mga “sosyal” na tao like Noy ang mag papasasa sa branded na sigarilyo. Go Noy, mag sunog baga ka, para sa ikauunlad nang tobacco industry at BIR.

    • Ronilo Yap

      at least may dagdag kita ang gobyerno.

  • kulittwit

    Great job! Iba talaga kapag hindi corrupt ang presidente. Hindi umubra ang malaking pondong pang lagay ng mga cigarette companies.

    Yong mga kaklase kong sumusubok manigarilyo ay mahihrapan nang magpatuloy at hindi na mahuhulog sa bisyo dahil mas mahal na ang yosi.

    Keep it up PNoy!

    • superpilipinas

      Iba na lang subukan ng mga kaklase mo. he-he-he. malilibre na ang condom at ituturo pa sa klase. he-he-he. kahit katorse pwede.

      Courtesy of Aquino, Cayetano, Santiago, and Lagman.

      It’s “progress”.

      • jebgo23

         It is progress, kesa sa katorse na hindi alam ang paggamit ng condom

      • Crysis_III

        As early as 12 or 13 pwede na mabuntis ang bata.. Dapat na nilang malaman kung paano as early at that age, kaya ang sinasabi mong progress ay progress talaga. 

  • DarkJustice

    Ang pinakamagandang Pamasko po para sa mga Pilipino ay mawala lahat ng korupsyon sa gobyerno sa lahat ng ahensya!

  • superpilipinas

    He-he-he. Now we have a law to generate billions out of tobacco and alchohol. A law will also be signed to spend billions for condoms and condom education.

    But…we still do not have the law to prevent the government stealing and wasting.

    Without FOI, they just generated more money to steal and waste.

    He-he-he, that’s the “Modern” Filipino way.

  • Gilbert

    Anybody here watched “Lawless”?

    There is no way this Law will generate the proposed revenues simply because no one wants to buy expensive stuff – even if it’s legit.

    Just take a look at movie piracy. Why do you think the black market prospers?

    Now bootleg “sin” products and smuggling of the same are sure to  skyrocket. Never mind the violence that smugglers and gangs that operate the black markets often resort to.

    What a gift indeed.

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. The “black markets” have nothing to do with these laws. It’s those “black government officials” who do not enforce the existing laws against smuggling and piracy. They are on the take. He-he-he.

      How can a law be useful if no one enforces it?

      One exception. RH law. Let the fffkng season start. Condoms and condom training are free. He-he-he.

    • Max Nosugar

      Gilbert: Stop watching too much movies, its far from reality.

      • Gilbert

         If you had any knowledge of history. You would have an inkling of about that period in the US.

        Dude before you comment, please read your books and brush-up on your history. I did not expand about the premise of the film because the comment was meant for people with actual knowledge of historical events.

        And if you want a dose of reality, just look at the sidewalks and bask in the proliferation of pirated, smuggled and cloned goods. That is where people turn too once you restrict commodities with high demand – the underground economy.

        Stop typing in your iMac computers in Malacanang and start living in the real world.

      • Max Nosugar

        So how do you supposed its gonna work? Sell smuggled alcohol & cigar at the sidewalks like selling pirated dvds? Or convenience stores, distributors selling the “sin products” from the underground market without being caught?

        The general public will not go as low as the “underground” just to take advantage of these products since its very inconvenient. The point here is, it can definitely lower the rate of “sin products” sales though the proposed numbers may not be met. Still good, if you care, for the Filipinos. ;-)

      • Gilbert

         Dude, did you actually attend any of your classes?

        Underground economy is not a hole in the ground, you don’t have to go “underground” to avail of their products because the underground economy is in plain sight.

        If I have to spell it out for you, underground economy means businesses that do not pay taxes. And it is a reality that people resort to buying from the “underground” when they want and need to buy something at a cheaper price. Everyday I pass through the local market and I never get to use the sidewalk. Why? it is full of ambulant vendors peddling these goods. See? nobody’s hiding.

        Now it is this simple, underground economy = no taxes.

        Sin Tax logic, supposedly increased revenue from taxes.

    • tarikan

      You’re right…bootleg sin products. Start with lambanog/tuba then yosi made of minced papaya leaves. You get high at the same time for….free.

  • Banana Na

    magandang news ito, MR. PRESIDENT…importante talaga ang health care para sa lahat…rich or poor…too expensives talaga ang mga hospitals ng pilipinas, sa doctor fee palang ay 500 pesos na, alam ba nila ng kababayan natin na ang 500 pesos sa ibang bansa ay kasali na ang pagpatingin ng doctors at may medicines na for 2 months sa mga tao na may sakit…public at private hospitals…bihira ka lang makakakita na ang PRESIDENTE ng PILIPINAS ay MATINONG TAO….MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone…..

    • rosamistika16

      sana rin malaman ng presidente na ang mga hospitals either public or private are choosing patients. they prefer to accept patients with money and who can afford to pay hospital bills even if you are already dying by a disguise that they don’t have available beds or facilties for them.

      IT IS ONLY IN THE PHILS THAT HOSPITALS DO NOT ACCEPT PATIENTS IF YOU HAVE NO MONEY TO PAY FOR DEPOSIT! EVERYDAY PATIENTS ARE GIVEN THEIR BILL SUCH THAT IF YOU CANNOT PAY FOR IT THEY WILL STOP GIVING YOU MEDICATIONS AND FURTHER TEST EVEN IF IT IS BADLY REQUIRED! – Mr. President and Mr. Health Secretary, please pay attention on this as lots of hospitals especially private ones are doing this.  Please do some checking and surprise visits then ask patients how these hospitals treated them and you will find out shocking facts.

      This is a serious issue and hope that PDI will find time to investigate and raise this issue to the President, health secretary, etc. for their immediate action. 

    • akongednamzug

      Saan bang bansa yang sinasabi mo na 500 pesos lang ay kasali na ang pagpatingin sa doktor at may medicines pa for 2 months, at sabi mo pa public at private hospitals.

      • Banana Na

        di ka mapaka-paniwala, diba, pero, ito ay totoo, nasubukan ko rin, every health care, you have to pay health care fee per month, pero, kapag nagka-sakit ka, talaga very cheap ang babayaran mo sa doctor fee at may medicines ka pa ng 2 months, ako mismo ay nagulat…..   sa papa-tingin lang ng ngipin, basta cleaning ay 100 plus lang, bunot at pasta ng ngipin ay 100 plus lang ang babayaran mo per ngipin,syempre, iba na ang fee kapag bunot ng ngipin at papalitan ng isang new fake teeth …itong bansa ay nasa tabi lang ng pilipinas, i don’t want to specify the country…

  • Jef

    Elevate the quality of public health of our nation…just watch…elevate the quality but the medicine same expensive…

    • superpilipinas

      Look on the brighter side. Condoms and pills will be free. If one is sick, maybe sex can be the cure. It’s “progress”. 

      • Max Nosugar

        @ superpilipinas: I like the way you think..! :-)

      • divictes

        Excellent prescription! But does one takes it before or after meals? 

  • WAJ

    And for those who who opposed the “Sin Tax Bill”, they don’t see the positive impact that will greatly enhance health as well as revenue it will generate for the country. Good job for the President and to all parties involved.  “MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS”

  • aristeosj

    I really welcome this one though i drink alcoholic
    another company that should be investigated in
    terms of the amount of tax(if any)that it pays is
    the Starbucks coffee company.I read from a 
    magazine abroad that Starbucks has a 5-star
    rating in dodging taxes it should responsibly
    pay their host government’

    If they are good in doing that in developed 
    countries,they must be excellent in hiding their 
    income in developing countries like ours.

    Paging the BIR…!!!

  • demonYOU

    pnoy ang best gift ay yung maibigay mo sa mga magsasaka ng hacienda luisita ang titulo ng mga lupa nila at ni singko ay wala sila babayaran! yan ang best gift at maraming pinoy ang matutuwa sayo!

    • Max Nosugar

      As if he owns it.

      • demonYOU

        You seems to be the only one who doesn’t know……

      • jurbinsky77

        Aang may-ari ng HLI ay mga Cojuangco. Nakapag-asawa ang isang Cojuangco ng isang Aquino.. Akala ng tao naging Aquino na iyon. Paano ang mga Lopa, Reyes,  

  • pedronimo

    The Sin Tax Law will be a boon to the E-Cigarette industry, especially tf smokers have the money to spend for a non-smoking smoke, an oxymoron.

    • Flow Sotelo

      Popular na item na ngayon yung mga vaporizers. Dami nang flavors ang available.

  • Your_King

    Aquino signs a piece of paper then parades it as if he’s the one who made it happen. Something good and hopefully something significant finally occurs during his Administration and he takes credit for it as if he’s done something tangible. All he did is smoke while someone gave him a quick 2-minute synopsis of the bill then signs it without reading it for himself. Being the President is a hard job but somehow Aquino is making it look real easy. And that’s not a compliment.

    • Max Nosugar

      @ Your_King: PNOY and his admin takes credit for it because THEY made it HAPPEN, youre missing the point here. Previous admininstrations didnt bother making it happen and looked what happened to our country back then, an OUSTED president bec of Jueteng Scandal, the Hello Garci Case? Compliments doesnt usually come from bitter people so I know where you’re coming from. Cheers!

      • Your_King

        Only time will tell the benefits of this law. For the sake of the Philippines hopefully it works out well. As for PNoy, my main point is that he essentially has this one accomplishment which you pointed out was not because of him but because of they, and now PNoy fans start talking big. A President is supposed to lead and work but he merely is a figure head that lives off of his popularity. The only thing I’m bitter about is that its been 3 years and his Admin has not done much except convince people that ousting government officials and attacking political enemies solves all the Philippines’ problems.

    • cato_the_younger

      Well, why didn’t Gloria make it happen then? And don’t fault him if he makes the job appear easy. What do you want him to do – go out in public and appear as if he is suffering from diarrhea?

      • Your_King

        That one thing is sure…Aquino doesn’t go out. He stays inside his comfortable Palace and gives speeches behind podiums. Rarely does he go out and visit the poor and see for himself the plight of poverty stricken Filipinos including those victims from typhoon ‘Pablo’.

    • Crysis_III

      hahaha Your_King kawawa ka walang naglike sa post mo.. Mabuti pa palitan mo yung name mo to Your_Beggar…

      • Your_King

        Many people don’t like to hear the truth…especially in the Philippines. It doesn’t mean we should all start telling lies.

    • tarikan

      Mas ok na si Abnoy ngayon kesa kay O’gag Erap nun. Si Erap hirap na hirap talaga no disguising. Kahit nag-e-speech si Pnoy sa wikang pambansa (more in Tagalog) merung sense naman kesa kay Erap puro pakengkoy laang. All bun no meat. May napanuod akong CNN interview about PH economy kay Pres. Erap on the sidelines of the APEC meeting. Naku namutla na ang pobre, one-liner ang mga sagot at laging lumilingon sa mga aides. Lisa Baron, the beautiful interviewer, almost always finishes Pres. Erap’s truncated answers. Tapos susunod pa sana si FPJ, whaaa Pinas nahin…dot na talaga.  

      • Your_King

        Kengkoy or Abnoy? It sucks that these are the Philippine’ choices.

  • leomar101

    It all boils down to money nothing else. 

  • boybakal

    Are Lambanog and Tuba included in the Six Tax Bill.
    If not, then there will be Lambanog and Tuba buying frenzy.
    Good income for Manunuba.


      Good point! They were unregulated.

    • Flow Sotelo

      Tingin ko hindi, sa amin kasi galon-galong Lambanog ang binibili pero walang tax. hehe. :)
      By the way, if you’re referring to Lambanog in English, please use the phrase: Filipino Vodka.

  • Edward Solilap

    This law wont benefit any tobacco peasant in Northern Luzon down to remote barangays in the entire Philippines. Only the smugglers and foreign manufacturers of cigarretes & alcohol can make a killing out of these unworthy sin tax bill. 

  • Dave Shelter

    Yep, a sin tax, guess what Filipinos? This is nothing more than the polititions taking more of your money for bigger salaries, nicer cars and bigger parties.  Suckers

  • mark1205

    I hope the customs could catch up with controls for smuggled alcohols and cigarettes. Even fake clothes and bags just seem to not bother them. Stricter laws for intellectual rights must also be crafted. But at the end of the day it all boils down to enforcement and the desire of ALL officials in government to make a difference and regain faith in them.

  • boybakal

    This Sin Tax Law mostly affects the Sunog Atay and Sunog Baga filipinos.
    Of course Pnoy is not affected by this Law though he is the Honorary President of Sunog Baga Fraternity.
    Pnoy can afford pack of cigarettes and imported wine,chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Because of the High Price of these commodities,
    Either most poor Pinoys will be miron in inuman for extra tagay paikot or go where there are smokers to inhale the second hand smoke.
    Or if none, most Pinoys will just go to Quiapo for smoke belching jeepneys.

    But most Pinoys are ingenious. They are creative, they can invent.
    Pinoys are moonshiners, so expect brisk sale of rubbing alcohol and agua oxinada.

    • tarikan

      Ang sobrang aangal dito sa sin tax law ay si O’gag Erap. Isang shot ng Blue Label ay baka P1K na. Yosi, baka bawasan nya na, 2 packs a day na laang. Ang sunod na gawan ng tax ay yung mga kabit. The more kabit you have the more taxes you pay. Kung hindi makapag-bayad i-public auction si kabit.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: Anong klaseng batas ba kasi ang SIN TAX na pang-regalo sa mga sugapa, alam mo?”

    LISA: “Papatungan ng presyo hanggang alapaap bilang buwis ang binibili mong sigarilyo’t alak para mabawasan ang pagka-sugapa mo sa bisyo, o, getz mo?”

    CION: “Korek ka r’yan, ‘day. Siempre, ang mabibili na lamang ng sandaang-piso mo eh ‘sang boteng beer at ‘sang stick na yosi na lamang, wala ng ‘sang platitong mani, o, ‘di ba? Kaya ITIGIL mo na ‘yang bisyo mo at bumili ka ng 2 kilong bigas, dali !!!” 

    • Crysis_III


    • Flow Sotelo


  • $17848434

    More opportunities for the PNP, politicians, BIR and BOC!

  • yesyesyo

    The best is yet to come from PNoy. More power!

  • rickysgreyes

    Kudos to Congress. Kudos to Pnoy. Let us start 2013 by amending the economic provisions of the Constitution, while Pnoy is still President. This would help liberalize the economy and address poverty.

  • Brown Ice

    go go go PNOY! do not be bothered by LOSER supporters of LOSER presidential candidates!!!

    • superpilipinas

      Yes. Go…go…go.

      1. Divorce. (US and Europe)
      2. Same Sex Marriage (US and Europe)
      3. Abortion (US and Europe)
      4. Marijuana (Washington-US, Colorado-US, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain)
      5. Incest (Some states in US, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal)
      6. Assisted suicide (Oregon-US, Belgium, Netherlands)

      Many Filipinos admire US and European countries. 

      or lets make it even better than them…..supported by government funding.

      Many Filipinos want this so called “progress”.


      • Bisdak_kaayo

        Ang Pilipinas 
        1. Walang Divorce Law
        2. Walang Same sex marraige law
        3. Walang Abortion law
        4. Walang Marijuana Allowed Law

        Pero bakit ang mga Pari,
        1. nakakabuntis ng marami.
        2. nangmomolestya ng mga bata.
        3. ginawang boyfriend ang mga altar boys at sakristan.

        The absence of these laws did not curtail immorality in the church.


      • tra6Gpeche

        Kabayan, masakit ang mga sinasabi mo subalit pawang katotohanan.  Sa aking kinaroroonan ay may isang mabait na Pari subalit natuklasan na minolestiya niya ang mga bata nuong mga nakaraang panahon…Ngayon ay kawawa siya dahil natanggal siya sa pagka Pari. Nawala din ang pension niya. 

      • superpilipinas

        He-he-he. Kasi mga pari na alanganin yun bago pumasok sa seminaryo.

        Ang pari may mga nabuntis, namolestya, at iba pa. pero ang gubyerno at ang masamang bata, he he-he, na rape ang buong bansa!

        so you agree to have those laws because your excuse are the priests while not minding the effect on the general public. ? he-he-he.

      • acidicboy

         can you name which state and what provision in the Netherlands’, Spain’s, and Portugal’s laws do they said they accept incest? 

        bearing false witness… the Lord is sooooo not happy with you right now.

      • superpilipinas

        All you have to do is google it. Sayang naman ang computer mo (or tablet).

        The Lord is so happy with free condoms in the Philippines!

    • boybakal

       Bat kaya to Go Go Pnoy lang….daming likes, wala naman substance ang sinabi.
      Ang babaw na talaga ang utak ng mga Pilipino…hollow pulos ulo.

      • superpilipinas

        kasi ang utak nakatakip ng condom. he-he-he. overdose ng pills.

    • antonioluna

      Tuwang-tuwang napapa-utot sa galak ang mga yellow zombies oh!

  • Fulpol

    Mr. Aquino said the law was a victory against the powerful tobacco lobby and would provide extra funds for better healthcare and facilities.

    pork barrel is more powerful, BS Aquino III….

    who can beat pork barrel?

  • billy31

    ang Pinoy gagawa ng sarili nilang alak. Magaling dyan ang Pinoy….gawain sa Saudi iyan.

  • boybakal

    2 laws, 2 gifts for Filipinos….

    I agree, it is 2 laws, 2 Gifts to Filipinos not yet.
    Remember it is only a Law, we don’t know the effect yet if it is really what Pnoy and the Legislators are envisioning to be.
    It might be Good or Bust.
    Until we feel the effect, then it is time to celebrate.
    For the meantime, let’s hope for the best.

  • Fulpol

    Enrile is smiling…. 

    I like they way you boogie…

    • carlorocci

      Not boogie, he dances chacha. He wants to amend the cons, because of his acquired properties in Sta. Ana, Cagayan, only the economic provision of the cons. Specially the acquisition of property by foreign investors….

  • boybakal

    The only good I can see in this Sin Tax Law is….mababawasan ang Sunog Baga.
    Sa mahal ng sigarilyo, wala ng pambili para humithit.

    Sa isang banda, baka naman dumami ang mga Bakla.
    Sa mahal ng sigarilyo, baka buhay na tabako ang hithitin.

    • Albin

      korek ka dyan. pag dumami ang bakla, naka ready na si penoy sa same sex marriage law.

    • billy gunner

       yun yata ang nasa ulo ng presidente nang ito’y pumirma! ang saya saya!

  • Crysis_III

    Kung si Arroyo nag focus lang sa pagpa improve ng bansa, matagal na sana itong napasa. Na busy kasi sa pambubulsa kaya walang naipasang magandang batas. Tsk tsk..

    • Flow Sotelo

      Haha. Like!

  • John TWT

    So how about the FOI? Mas importante ito kaysa RH kung tutuusin.
    Takot ba ang admin na ‘to at sasambulat ang mga kalansay sa kanilang closet?

    • superpilipinas

      Obvious naman. At kung ipapasa nila ang FOI, sigurado yung version na maraming butas! he-he-he.

  • Fulpol

    2 laws… sound tulo-s…

    may tulo talaga.. at pang-regalo pa…

  • turbogirl9

    BAYAD NA KASI………..

  • JasminCubacub

    The President said he signed the “sin tax” law, projected to generate P33.96 billion in revenue in the first year of implementation, to help liberate “more Filipinos from the vices of smoking and drinking.”   Does PNOY have any sense of logic? What does he really aim at the passage of this SIN TAX? High Revenues or  Liberation from Vices? If he plans to liberate the people from Vices, then he can’t aspire for high revenues to generate from the vices.

  • denky31





    • Flow Sotelo

      What law, do you suggest, can stop corruption or can stop corrupt practices?

      • Lakan Kildap

        just enforce the laws that already exist. and prosecute those who commit offenses.

      • superpilipinas

        he-he-he. definitely not RH and Sin Tax Laws. Those actually encourage corruption, not only of politicians. but also of minors. he-he-he.

  • Karabkatab

    “So, if you look at it, our (tobacco) farmers—there are 50,000 farmers—are supposed to be sharing a pot of P10 billion.”.. HOW? How will a poor tobacco farmer benefit from this imaginary pot?  Baka you mean, the traders…

    • buttones

      I suspect there are not 50,000 tobacco ‘farmers’ at all, maybe 50,000 farm laborers tilling the soil of maybe a dozen owners- but that’s about it….

  • Allan

    Ona pointed out that the new law would discourage smoking in the country while injecting P146.7 billion into the country’s public health sector.

    how can you have “injection” kung wala namang naninigarilyo? ang sabi nga, you cannot have your cake and eat it, too.

    the most important bill is FOI – walang sinabi ang RH bill at Sin Tax bill dito. with the FOI, corruption would be curbed. wala nang palusutan kung magkano ang gastos sa bawat project ng congressman or senator. don’t you agree?

    • Flow Sotelo

      “how can you have “injection” kung wala namang naninigarilyo?” – Allan, the Philippines is the TOP Smoking Country in Southeast Asia as of Aug 2012. FYI.

    • superpilipinas

      Kaso walang pera sa FOI bill. Sa RH at Sin Tax, maraming makukurakot. Obvious naman na self-serving interest ng mga lawmaker yan.

  • del pillar


    • carlorocci

      Yun nga po ang purpose ng batas mapamahal ang mga sigarilyo at beer……Para hindi na makabili ang mga mahihirap na nagkakasakit dahil sa paninigarilyo at ng gugulpi ng asawa kapag lasshhinnnnnggg…

  • Janch

    Hay! Mga politicians talaga oo.  Ngiting aso pag may picture taking na.

    FOI bill naman.  Sigurado magkakaisa ang mga pilipino sa pagsuporta sa FOI bill, promise.

    • Adam_d_langgam

      Kabayan, maniwala Lang ako ke Simeon d’retard kung maipasa ang foi at anti-dynasty bills. Pero walang Plano si noytard para sa dalawang bills na noong si Gloria ang nakaupo eh Hindi gum alas dahil nilimliman daw ng mga Alaga ni Gloria. Hindi mapasa ang bill na to dahil ang mga inhaling ni Gloria ladling pinatataba ni abnoy

    • vinzerx

      I honestly think they’re sharing genuine smiles. Yes, they cross swords in discussing the bill, but at the end of the day, they all sleep soundly in warm beds and have no fear of trying to find where to get the money for their next meal.

  • Lakan Kildap

    sigarilyo ang libangan ng maraming Pilipino. yung mayaman, gaya ni Hacendero Noynoy, di naman mararamdaman yang taas ng presyo. yung mahirap ang lalong maghihirap.

    gusto mong mabawasan ang paninigarilyo Mr. President, gawin mong halimbawa ang sarili mo. Tumigil ka na sa kayoyosi.

    O kaya kung ayaw mong tumigil, gumawa ka ng ad campaign. Parang ganito “pag nanigarilyo kayo, ganito ang magiging utak ninyo.” Siguradong titigil manigarilyo ang marami.

  • Jack

    2 laws, 2 gifts for FilipinosMr. Michael Lim Ubac, nasaan yon pangalawang batas na regalo ni pnoy?

    • ApoLapullapu

      Tama. Nasaan nga yong isang batas?  Mali yata ang title nang story, ah.

  • superpilipinas

    he-he-he. malaking regalo sa mga kurakot yan.

    ang regalo sana sa atin ay FOI bill. pero ang niregaluhan nila ang mga mangungurakot ng kita sa Sin Tax bill.

    Modus Operandi ng gubyerno.

    Tulad ng RH, malaking kumisyon sa libreng condom. he-he-he.

  • ApoLapullapu

    Another source of “revenue” for crooked BIR Examiners.

  • superpilipinas

    he-he-he. magiging mahal na ang sigarilyo at alak. ano na ang magiging bisyo ng ating mga kabataan???


    libre ang condom at condom education, eh di party! JS Prom to JS Orgy. 

    yan ang iakauunlad ng Pilipinas at ikabubuti ng ating mga kabataan. dose anyos pa lang turuan na natin.

    • acidicboy

       madumi sobra ng isip mo… siguro mga anak mo sumasali sa mga orgy. ikaw kaya ang organizer?

      • superpilipinas

        he-he-he. mga anak ko anti-pre-marital sex. la kong problema. sorry na lang kayo dyan sa Pinas. gusto nyo ng RH. he-he-he.

        Merry Free Condom and a Happy New Sex Partner.

      • Abraham Arjuna

        your stupidity is too high.

      • Gene

         wag mo na kayang gamitin ang salitang pilipinas sa alyas mo at masasama ka sa sinasabi mong sorry na lang kaming mga nasa pilipinas

  • amado_guerero

    Great Job Mr. President…I salute you and the sanators and congressman who voted yes on this bill….

  • 100345roselia

    Until now I can not understand you Abnoy, i.e., you signed into law the “sin taxes” but you
    continue to smoke.  Your secretary of health talks about the ill effects of smoking but you are
    a chained smoker.   How is that Abnoy?  “You can’t share something which you don’t have”, so
    to speak.  Iyon smoking mo ba ay “matuwid na daan” or “baluktot na daan.” 

    • Benjamin

      hinde ka nga naninigarilyo..magnanakaw,,mandaraya at sinungaling ka naman ungas ka talaga…may matuwid na daan ka pang sinasabi..himurin mo ang kuyukot ng idol mong PANDAKEKOK…ULOL !!!

    • JohnDoeGB

       Irony of ironies ika nga.

    • tuldok

      chained smoker? bakit, nakagapos si presidente habang nagyoyosi?

    • pangitbudhiko

      yung kasabihan, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, ABNOY’S HEAD OR BRAIN IS NOT SYNCHRONIZE. tHAT IS THE EFFECT OF TO MUCH SMOKE IN THE BRAIN. i HAVE SAID BEFORE ABNOY SHOULD SEEK MEDICAL HELP, hE (ABNOY) should go to the States or Canada to be place in a ‘HYPERBARIC OXYGEN CHAMBER. ABNOY NEEDS THIS THERAPY “””BIG TIME”””” HE IS LOSING IT.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Science tells us that our brain is composed of left and right parts which perceives separate sensory information and then controls separate functions of our body. But PNoy’s brain is different in that on the left side, there is nothing right and on the right side, there is nothing left.

      • Ragdeleafar

        Right empty???

    • huseng_batute

      Outlawed na ba ang paninigarilyo with the Sin Tax Bill?

    • Homer Guo

       chained smoker si pnoy? as in habang naninigarilyo naka-chain?


    9 years of the corrupt arroyo regime failed on this.

    Only two years of PNoy and it is done!!


    • Magsasaka

       takot sa mga damaso si pandakekak eh kasi naman ang mga damaso mahilig mamblackmail dahil alam nila ang mga krimen ni pandakekak

  • Mark

    nice one mr. president.. maghihirap na rin ang mga naninigarilyo!! mag ipon na kayo ng pambili nyo ng yosi at alak.. para matustusan ang mga bisyo nyo!

    • superpilipinas

      o kaya mag-ipon ng libreng condom courtesy of RH. he-he-he.

      • frudo

        di ka na naka move on sa condom,  move on na naisa batas na yun ,  halatang biiter ka pa nyan eh

  • Mark

    yun mga contra dyan siguradong sakit sa bulsa ang matatamo nyo.. manigarilyo pa kayo at ng lalo kayo maghirap

    • superpilipinas

      hindi na bulsa ang sasakit. dahil sa libreng condom, iba na ang sasakit…..hala bira!

      • samuel

        lol Magsex na lang kayo kay sa manigarilyo, sa sex libre pa ang Condom, sa sigarilyo butas bulsa mo…

  • Mattino2011

    Patawa tawa..Malay moy pag january patalsikin ka na .manong ..haha

  • Myko Ocampo

    The header says 2 laws, 2 gifts. Er… where’s the other law?

    • Mattino2011

      The desapparecidos I guess , he also signed that

    • LJ1200

       What do you expect with the Inquirer? Wrong spellings and confusing titles. 

  • Mananandata69

    what is the other law?

  • bornite

    making money out of common people’s only libangan…susunod niyan tax para sa pork, etc…puro dagdag tax na lang naiisip..pati contribution sa sss, pagibig tinaxan din..di man lang makaisip ng paraan para magka work mga tao…tsk,tsk..sino makikinabang diyan sa tax na yan kundi sila ring mga tumatangap ng PORK BARREL! Tsk,tsk..sino niloloko niyo???

    • pangitbudhiko

      Ang kanyang “”MATUWID NA DAAN””” slogan meron nakakabit sa bandang hulihan”””””PAHIRAPAN ANG TAONG BAYAN””””

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      Di ka ba natatakot sa health mo due to your libangan pagdating ng mahabang panahon?

    • Ragdeleafar

      Tax na rin sa sidewalk vendors at mamimili tatangkilik dahil magkasakit  sila sa lansangan, makalanghap ng toxic gas pollutants, pwede pa maksidente vendors at mamimili. Kung nasa loob ba sila ng gusali ay mas safe sila, solve pa ang traffic at bawas sa garbage sa lansangan ng metro manila ! You hit many birds on one stone  called TAX!!! 
      Gift to the poor dahil may health care daw and maybe good place to sell goods kaya lang added burden to the buyers dahil tataas price due to tax and rentals for market construction and maintenance, etc di bali na in the name of TAX  and rich dahil less traffic na ??? Tuwid ang Daan bawas patintero mga tumatawid at sasakyan sa lansangan, YOU SEE the effect correct ka dyan!


    Panibagong dagok sa masang Pilipino. Ang alak at sigarilyo ng mayayaman ay smuggled.

    • huseng_batute

      Basic need ba ang alak at sigarilyo? 

      Maghihirap ba lalo ang masa kapag tumigil sila sa paninigarilyo at pag-inom?

      • bornite

        THE TIMING IS INDEED PERFECT…Lams naman ng lahat pag pasko may inuman lalo na siempre may mga gatherings mga matatanda. Tapos san pupunta yang additional tax na yan? 

      • huseng_batute

        Haler?  Bumili ka ng sigarilyo o kaya alak hora mismo.
        Report mo dito kung gaano kalaki ang itinaas sa presyo.

        Syempre po gagawa pa ng implementing rules and regulations ang BIR tungkol sa pagkolekta ng bagong buwis.  It will take time before you actually feel the price increase at the cash register. 

      • cute79

        hindi,sa ktunayan maging healthy pa sila at maiipon pa nila ang budget para sa alak at yosi.

      • frudo

        tatay ko kamamatay lang dahil sa sigarilyo kaya ok lang yan para marami na tumigil sa paninigarilyo 

    • Homer Guo

       dagukan ang mga adik sa alak at sigarilyo

    • cute79

      sa ibang bansa mas mahal pa ang alak at sigarilyo kesa pinas.

  • pangitbudhiko

    alam ko pagsinabi ko na meron akong Christmass gift sa iyo, ako ang  magbibigay ng regalo, yung sinabi ni abnoy, malaking kabaligtaran, imbes siya ang magbigay ng regalo sa mamamayan  itinaas pa niya ang presyo ng sigarilyo, wow, what is abnoy thinking, to raise money thru tobacco taxes,  okay si abnoy talagang pahirap sa bayan,

    • Gene

       Oo nga, maghihirap ang bayan pag hindi na nakayanan bumili ng sigarilyo at alak ang mamamayan.  Kawawa naman ang me mga bisyong yosi at alak baka magkasakit sila.  Pahirap nga.  Whew, what a negative belief.  Sana yung magandang benepisyo and tingnan natin.

    • shallabhe Escupolo

      ka bobo mo

      • pangitbudhiko

        please kung gusto mong saguing ang aking comment give your comment without resorting to name calling, It may comeback to you a thousand fold, Fair warning, Very Bad for your health

      • Crysis_III

        “It may comeback to you a thousand fold, Fair warning, Very Bad for your health” —-  You are right—-just like you call the president Abnoy it already came back to you and you’re abno too…hahaha 

      • pangitbudhiko

        Isa ka pa, wag kang humirit bad for your health. Abnoy  is just showing how bad he really is, Now if you are one  of the yellow followers of abnoy, defend your idol, don’t give a comment about how I write my comment about your Idol “”ABNOY” BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. If you call me names just like a few of the Pinoy bloggers here they know what will happen to them, I don’t stop calling them names and much worse, I also include all their families until “you” STOP as I said bad for your health, I have access to the internet 24/7 in my house

      • pangitbudhiko

        And I can really be very very bad, so refrained from calling me any names, stick to the issues, and will go from there. You start calling me names I will not stop from returning your name calling giving you a fair warning, “”comprende””””

      • Crysis_III

        i am just 490 miles from you abnoy…come out… meet my gang…

      • pangitbudhiko

        so you are somewhere in Rochester New York or Maine or Michigan, and meet my gang, I don’t need anybody to beat you Up..Mere debauche.

      • Crysis_III

        im just across the border. do you want me to cross for you? You are close to lake ontario ha? a mere 6 hour drive… come out…

      • pangitbudhiko

        My condo is over looking  Lake Ontario, a 30 minute drive from Buffalo, that’s why I said meet me at 6 a,m, at the buffalo Hockey Arena on Saymour road in Buffalo, cancel your MMA clas you will not comeback after you meet me you are going to be a paraplegic.

      • Crysis_III

        i know.. i have your ip address.. gotcha… 

      • pangitbudhiko

        may pa “”gotcha gotcha ka pa, I’m here already, where are you

      • Crysis_III

        coming… im closer…

      • pangitbudhiko

        talagang wala kang binatbat, at ang sarap magpangap, use your gps para hindi maligaw, and address ng First Niagara arena,  1 seymour H knox plaza, bugok, ang sarasp magpangap

      • pangitbudhiko

        kanina pa ako dito ng ala sais ng Umaga, ang yabang mo wala ka naman binatbat “””””””””tres arrogant, tout de meme vous ne prouves rein””””

      • Crysis_III

        hindi ka naman sumipot gaybird… pumunta nalang kami sa Niagara…

      • pangitbudhiko

        allez vous baisant vous etes un un gars est est le jour en revant. and go fcuk yourself, you and your dreams.

      • pangitbudhiko

        okay you went to niagara falls which side American side or the Canadian side,  did you see any  any ship on the niagara lake? and what is it called if you saw one

      • pangitbudhiko

        okay which side of the Niagara fall did you go, did you see a ship, and what is it called, and where do you board the boat the american side or the canadian side answer all those question may be I will beleive you, maybe!!!! that your in the states

      • pangitbudhiko

        did you cross a bridge to go to the canadian side, if there’s  a bridge what is it called, you are a great pretender, I will meet you on board my Escalade I saw one Escalade that was park infront of StarBuck and its black and its all niger occupant at around 10 a.m.

      • pangitbudhiko

        putangina mo at hindut ka wala kang binatbat, kaputaputahan ka ng ina mo

      • pangitbudhiko

        stop pretending, just answer all my question  to you may beleive you

      • pangitbudhiko

        Sino ang gagaguhin mo, yung Dapat na usapan natin ay nasa Niagara na nga, tapos sasabihin mo, nagpunta na lang kami sa Niagara. Ang hirap ng nagsisinungaling.

      • pangitbudhiko

        your really dreaming, probably you dont even know where 490 miles off Toronto, Looser

      • pangitbudhiko

        ”’YOUR CALL”’

      • Crysis_III

        come out, come out…. wherever you are….

      • pangitbudhiko

        is that the best you can make or do, dude, your way off my league, try again

      • Crysis_III

        cross the border and meet my gang…gaybird…

      • pangitbudhiko

        “””cross the border and meet my gang ang gaybird”””, eh ikaw ang tumatawag ng saklolo, ngayon sino ang bakla, dude, say something  that is significant, “””meet my gang””” GO UP NORTH i WILL MEET YOU AT Buffalo, At the Sabre, Hockey Arena, anytime.

      • Crysis_III

        gusto  mo ba one on one? no problem… what time tomorrow? i will cancel my MMA class tomorrow…..

      • pangitbudhiko

        6 a.m. at Buffalo Hockey Arena Dec. 22,  okay one on one, cancel your MMA class becuase you will not come back on that class anymore aft
        er you meet me, a # 1 Saymour H. Knox II, Buffalo. if your wandering that is the Sabre Hockey arena, Mere debuache

      • Crysis_III

        ok sure….. i will be driving a black Escalade.. meet me there…

      • pangitbudhiko

        what I will give you is a black and blue body, that’s what you getting and going home

      • pangitbudhiko

        you start it!, tatapusin kita, pa come out, come out ka pa, start it,, its your call.

      • Crysis_III

        1 degree C.. hmm ang lamig…. sa amin 42 F… may flurries na pala diyan? Bakit ka nandyan, nag self-exile ka ba?

      • pangitbudhiko

        vous le commencez, vous baisant d’une chiene. that’s french for you

      • Crysis_III

        Canucks ka pala ha? hmmm.. no wonder abnoy ka…


    Ten years down the road… which individual with a Spanish surname… will end up with all these billions of pesos?

  • pcosmachine

    This sin tax bill forgot to include taxing “extra services” provided by GROs, massage therapists and prostitutes to their clients along with alcohol and cigarettes.

  • $37644997

    Do you consider this a gift?A gift is something for everyone to enjoy,specially the children.

    • egt

      Why? Does the children smoke? The Children will be happier with this.

    • Homer Guo

       all non-smokers and kids will enjoy this gift for sure.

      • Simon Ward

        For the hell of it, I asked my 8-year-old son whether he is happy that the tax on cigarettes is going up, and I swear there was no response whatsoever. He just carried on watching Phineas and Ferb.

      • frudo

        because your son is ignorant and know nothing about taxes

      • jpmd88

         wtf dude?

      • frudo

        buti nlang di ako smoker di rin ako lasengo kaya gift nga sakin yan

    • jpmd88

       ur handle befits your responses.

  • Tommy

    You know you are screwed when your government’s idea of a “gift” is to impose additional burden on the people through additional taxes! This is a “gift” that I would never hesitate to send back!

    • Rodolfo Sabater

       You know you’re screwed when your world is shrinking because of rising costs of  sustaining vices and difficulty of stopping them

      • Tommy

        What made you think poor people with drinking and smoking vices would stop with rising prices of alcohol and tobacco? Poor drug addicts still buy expensive shabu, don’t they? How would they do it? Well, by stealing from you and me, that’s how! 

    • Homer Guo

       sa mga hindi adik sa sigarilyo at alak gift ito.

  • dxdaistar

    tanong tayo sa mga OFW sa Saudi. magaling daw sila gumawa ng alak doon.

    • frudo

      madali lang talaga kaso nga tiisin mo ang lasa heheheh

      • dxdaistar

        mapag-aralan cgro yan para sumarap ang lasa…hehehe

  • אדריאן יפה

    Wow. Ambilis pirmahan ang Sin Tax Law. Pero ang RH Bill & F.O.I. Bill, di pa. :-/ 

    • Melenggay Laranery

       talagang mauuna yang pirmahan dahil lalaki ang madudukot ng mga politiko sa kaban ng bayan. The more money the government can earn…the more intense the corruption. You guys has been fooled over and over and yet you don’t learn. SA laki ng kinikita ng gobyerno eh nakikita ba ninyo? Susme eh kaliwa at kanan ang corruption sa news…lalo na sa news ng GMA 7, – Imbistigador, Reporter’s Notebook and Eyewitness. Sawang sawa na ako.

  • Leo Calo

    Yari si PNoy nyan, mababawasan na ang paninigarilyo nya…

  • AllinLawisFair

    Mabuhay to the Filipino leader who has the determination to stand up to cigarette and liquor producers like Lucio Tan and company.

    Long Live President Aquino!

  • I_Kibot

    The President said he signed the “sin tax” law, projected to generate
    P33.96 billion in revenue in the first year of implementation, to help
    liberate “more Filipinos from the vices of smoking and drinking.” 

    Well, yes, to generate and its ok.. but to liberate ay malabo ata yan. 

    • frudo

      may effect yun lam mo kung bakit nandito ako sa isang bansa na napakamahal ng sigarilyo at marami na tumigil sa paninigarilyo  taon taon nababawasan ng ilang porsyento ang mga naninigarilyo 

    • jpmd88

       How would you know? do you have a crystal ball that can see the future and determine the actual failure of this law? geez.. why is crab mentality and pessimism so ingrained in our culture??
      It is so easy for people to say that something will fail because that is usually the most easy way out of an argument.  Those that strive to be optimistic and ideal are always treading the lonely path.

  • Melenggay Laranery

    Susme – eh dagdag sa mga kukurakutin ng mga politiko…ewwww.

  • maximus_meridius

    Abnoy is really fucked-up.  Now, only the rich and the upper class are allowed to smoke and drink. Napaka hayup talaga neto.

    • frudo

      oklang yun para yung mahihirap sa imbes pambili nila ng sigarilyo at alak  ibili nalang nila ng pagkain or gatas ng napakarami nila anak  

    • jpmd88

       ayaw mo yun? mauunang mauubos ang mga mayamang lumalaklak at sumisinghot ng mga sin products na eto!

  • Ragdeleafar

    Law Of Gravity! Whomever goes up for CORRUPTION  must go down six feet underground! Meaning DEATH by all means! Ibalik and death penalty!

    • frudo

      ok para ikaw ang unang isalang para sample, gusto mo

  • Ragdeleafar

    Dadami pa kamo kabit dahil sa RH Bill!

  • joshmale2004

    Well, it’s a burden that I think majority can accept.My brand just increased its price to almost P80.00 per pack 2 days ago. On the spot I quit smoking thinking how I can spend my P80.00 for other worthwhile things.The new law will make you think twice before you engage the habit and makes you think if you have the budget. Besides, we have the cheapest cigars in the world that even minors can have easy access and can afford to buy. 

    • buttones

      Yes the cheapest cigars on earth, and, as my dear husband says, the worst as well he tells me, [I am no smoker] that the finest cigars [I love the smell] are hand rolled on the thighs of Cuban cuties? Is this true?

      • joshmale2004

        Well, it is correct that finest cigars come from Cuba. But whether they are hand rolled on the thighs of Cuban cuties, that one I am not aware of. Personally, I don’t believe it. Hahaha.

      • buttones

        My husband says you should go to Havana, he says it is true…. The finest cigars in the world are not hand rolled on a wooden plank! They are hand rolled on the thighs of Cuban ladies, [Cuban ladies have big thighs by the way] Not like us Filipinas- well, most of us …….or some . And how did your last day on earth go? Seems the Mayan lot got it wrong?

      • huseng_batute

         The Mayans didn’t get it wrong.  They never said the world was ending today.

      • buttones

        Well that’s a relief! OMG! I can now rest easy…Mind you, between you and me, I thought it a load of bovine manure anyway……..

      • frudo

        i agree

  • Ragdeleafar

    Inhale all the smoke through your nose to its fullest better use also your mouth and see for yourself that there isn’t smoke anymore around for all those body parts are located between the ears, never mind that gray matter makes a slight use of it for it’s not required while smoking but rather use it for financial & business matter planning.

  • Your_King

    Boasts about the good news but forgets and ignores the bad ones. Typical Aquino. Hopefully the Sin Tax bill really helps the country but only time will tell if the generated funds are used properly by the Philippine government. Its just sad that Aquino is all bragging about this, which is not entirely bad but issues about high unemployment and high rate of smuggling and victims of natural disasters all get ignored and neglected. It would best if Aquino mention the good but really focus his energy and time on fixing the bad.

  • Homer Guo

    mukhang masaya si enrile sa signing… mukha namang like nya talaga hndi lang sin tax bill pati na rin rh bill kaso nabubulungan ng cbcp

  • buttones

    Extraordinary, the president is openly supporting, and encouraging the sale of booze and tobacco, and at the same time he has the gall to say the increase in tax of these products that he openly supports is going to go to the Health Service that has to deal with the after effects of the things he openly supports? What is the logic in that?
    Maybe government should introduce some sort of program to try to wean people off tobacco-? Education, banning all advertising, banning all branding of names, banning smoking in all public and government places, subsidizing tobacco farmers to grow other crops. Yes I do realize that there are actually no tobacco farmers at all- they own no land, neither do banana farmers, coconut farmers either..

  • IshmaelM

    Although I’m in favor of a large tax for cigarettes and alcohol, I’m wondering what is the logic of increasing the tax rate by 4 percent annually forever? Or is the 4 percent an increase in a fixed tax, e.g. 20 Peso, that will be increased by 4 percent every year to keep up with inflation.

  • Baracudat

    Gift for your love ones kasi di ka mamatay agad pag di ka na makabili ng sigarilyo dahil sa taas ng presyo at may pandagdag ka na pambili ng pagkain para sa pamilya mo.

  • boybakal

    “I repeat, finally—a law that will serve as an
    “Early Christmas Gift for millions of Filipinos,” President Aquino

    Early Christmas Gifts for Million Filipinos?….No, Regalo ninyo yan sa sarili ninyo, sa inyong mga politiko. Kayo ang makikinabang.

    How could that be Christmas Gift, e tataas ang presyo ng sigarilyo, alak beyond the means of the poor.
    Lahat na lang sinupil…anti poor…jueteng sigarilyo, alak….ano pa ang matitirang konting kaligayahan….Jackol na lang.

    • Roman

      Tol kung ‘Poor’ ka, tigilan mo na ang paninigarilyo, jueteng at alak. maghanap ka ng trabaho. Para di ka tamaan ng bagong batas na to…

      tapos kumain ka mabuti para malamanan naman ang utak mo kesa magpulot ka ng nalalaman mo sa inuman session mo.

      • boybakal

         Boss, di ako naninigarilyo ever since, di ako umiinom red wine lang, di ako nagjuejueteng, casino lang at lalong lalo na di ko kailangan maghanap ng trabaho, mataas ang posisyo ko sa trabaho.

        Pangalawa, salad, T bone steak, minsan Sirloin ang dinner ko, kaya malaman ang utak ko.
        Ang laman ng utak ko malalim di tulad mo utak bulalo, pulos ulo ng buto.

        Di ako poor…media media lang….ang sinasabi ko ay para sa mga poor nating kababayan…ubos ang kanilang kaligayahan sa bagong batas na yan.
        Yan ang Punto….ungas….tol tol ka pa, anong akala mo sa aking istambay.

    • frudo

      ang totoo lahat ng gagawin ng gobyerno kokontra ka tama ba or mali ako

      • boybakal

         Hindi ako komokontra…nagpapahayag lang ng saloobin.
        You should see the two sides of the coin…because equal ang paggawa.
        That’s why, it is tossed up.

        What I am saying is my opinion… are not bound by what I say.
        Hindi lahat ng ginagawa ng gobyerno, tama, may mali din. Because they are in power and authority, they can do whatever they want.

        As a citizen, iparating mo ang gusto mo….that is freedom….democracy….everybody has a say.

    • jpmd88

       what a laugh trip!

  • buttones

    Wanna real legal high? Live in MM , take a deep breath,…..

  • juniorjuan

    I will not be surprised if the crime rate goes up, some people that couldn’t even afford to buy the cheap cigarettes and alcohol before wouldn’t be able to afford it now, they are already poor and they just got poorer. I’ll pray for those students that will become an instant target to sustain the future criminal’s addiction. “Sin Tax” equates to “Blood Tax”, the gov’t and the smugglers celebrates at the same time, the real losers here are the poor people because majority of smokers are unemployed.  

    • buttones

       , a majority of smokers are unemployed? I don’t think that is true, in fact I know a guy who is an avid advocate of smoking and has a very good job- he is the President of ROP – that’s not bad for a smoker is it?

    • frudo

      kung di na nila kaya bumili ng sigarilyo at alak dahil di na nila kaya tigil na nila yun, mahirap ka nga magbibisyo pa kaya lalo ka nagiging mahirap yun ang dahilan

    • kartuthero

      kung cant afford magyosinpde naman mag katol!

  • boybakal

    The problem with us is….we don’t have diversified knowledge.
    We don’t have sociologists that study society, filipino society in particular poor filipinos.

    Just like this Sin Tax Bill, enacted without studying the effects to people in particular society.
    We don’t have Sociologists that study very small social relationships involving only
    a few people (such as the family)
    Nor deal with issues revolving around social class,poverty, gender, race and ethnicity, or religion.

    Lahat na lang politiko
    .Basta na lang gumagawa ng batas ng walang pag aaral.
    Tsambahan or Bahala na Bill…let’s see the effect Bill.

    • frudo

      paano mo nman nalaman na di nila yan pinagaralan? marami dinadaanan yan bago yan maging batas,, 

    • jpmd88

       since when did sociologists dictate what is good for the country or not?  The tobacco lobby is alive in this forum!

  • GilArellano

    this measure is anti poor…corrupt government officials don’t care..they could consume unlimited amount alcohol no matter how much the price…they could use the peoples money…

    • Angel Divera

      If you are poor, why waste money on these things? It makes you more poorer. Think!

      • GilArellano

        i agree with you 100% Angel and i wish there are 50% filipino populace like you…you know who we are and how we are…

      • kartuthero

        wala ng more…poorer na nga eh!?

    • jpmd88

       really? that’s your argument? I think you should step back and think really hard for a moment in order to get the smoke and alcohol out of your head before you start using big words such as “anti-poor”

      Any person that says this law is anti-poor is humming the tobacco lobby’s tune.

      • GilArellano

        i don’t smoke and really hate smokers,i drink a can of bear probably once a month .the price of these commodities will not hamper people from smoking/drinking,this measure is to generate money for the senators/congressmen so they can have their pork barrel .i agree with the comments written above.

  • Tnosce

    Tax Revenue, may collection na naman ang gobyerno. Money makes the world go round huwag lang ninyo e charge ang mga balikbayan sa pasahe. Election year 2013 sa Pinas ayaw nila magisa sa kamatis at sa sibuyas they want to ” Have Fun In The Philippines ” ngayon summer. 


    9 years of the corrupt arroyo regime failed on this one.

    Only two years of PNoy and it is done!!

  • Ragdeleafar

    “The President said he signed the “sin tax” law, projected to generate P33.96 billion in revenue in the first year of implementation, to help liberate “more Filipinos from the vices of smoking and drinking.”

    Meaning despite increase of taxes the people the poor and rich will continue to buy and commit the same ‘SIN’ of smoking and drinking thus yet generate P33.96 billion in revenue! What a good way of taxation  under disguise of curbing vices but really only to finance the needed fund by government and for them to spend for who knows where these taxes go?

    If really to stop vices for good, then why not padlock all Manufacturer’s of the subject vices  and make ‘smoking and drinking’ illegal thus like dangerous drugs prohibited! Then and only then the law will be equal to all!

  • Ragdeleafar

    Karamihan sa mga poor & middle class mamamayan di naman mga addict to the point na maghihirap sila sa mild ‘smoking and drinking’. The the poor consumes only in restraint or moderation, yan lang ang paraan nila para to lessen the tension of their everyday’s work, pampalipas oras, libangan, ng kalam ng sikmura habang abala sa day to day activities, pampagana sa iba after long days work kasama mahal sa buhay konti kasiyahan with matching konteng kantahan. Its already the tradition, custom and practice ng poor, middle class in every home ‘KARAOKE” and ganitong eksena may moderate drinks and little cigarettes for those who want kahit nga kung ano na lang ang pagsasaluhan , kwentuhan, tawanan, basta may kantahan pag birthdays, holidays for any occasion??? Then increase the tax that when times comes beyond their reach, cannot be reach na??? Baka kung ano na gawing libangan ng manga yan kayo din?…. Solve one problem creates many more problems????

  • jurbinsky77

    If the branded liquor becomes prohibitively expensive, we can switch to “tuba”.

    When I was younger, I had a chance to go to the Bicol Region. My friends and I bought a plastic gallon of the coconut sap from a road side convenience store. We didn’t have to travel that night because we were just a few kilometers from our destination. My first comment was. “this is vinegar”. One in the group told me that what we were drinking is not fresh tuba but maybe a couple of days old already. But I have to admit, that “vinegar” tasted better than smirnofff or “quarto cantos”. I felt high in spirit and I asked for another gallon. The effect I get from tuba is better than what I get from Napoleon Courvoiseur or  from any single malt. Then the last pour from the gallon really made my experience unforgettable, together with the liquid was a definitely dead house lizard, a “butiki”. It really gave me a good laugh. But I did not vomit or puke, I know not, I am a man.

  • PAZ

    Doon sa nagiisip na titigil sa paninigarilyo at paginom ng alak dahil tumaas ang presyo e, nagkakamali kayo. kung gusto mo na healthy ang mga Filipino di ipasara ang mga pabrika wag mag import ng sigarilyo. Sana wag ng magpaligoy ligoy sabihin na lang na kailangan ng gobyerno ng pera. Wag ng utuin ang mga tao. sabihin ang totoo na ang dahilan ng sin tax bill ay PERA, KWARTA at SALAPI.

  • Practicalandconcerned

    Health is wealth…is it really so bad to do the right thing…and for the people who dont get it and thinks why would we make more money if we want the people to stop these vices…Ding, ding ding! we dont really want the money, we just dont want to keep spending for these fools who get sick

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