Congress ratifies final version of RH bill



A staff of the family planning organization of the philippines shows some ot the contraceptives they give to residents in some selected communities . INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – The Senate and the House of the Representatives on Wednesday night ratified the final version of the Reproductive Health bill that would provide government funding for contraceptives and sexuality classes in schools.

At the House, lawmakers ratified the measure via ayes and nays voting, and Speaker Belmonte declared the ayes have it.

To become a law, the reconciled report on the measure will be sent to President Benigno Aquino III for signing.

At the Senate, 11 senators  adopted the  bicameral committee report  on   the  bill   while five senators reiterated  their  vote  against  it.

The 11 senators were Pia Cayetano, Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, Joker Arroyo, Edgardo Angara, Franklin Drilon, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Teofisto Guingona III, Ferdinand “Bong-Bong” Marcos Jr., Loren Legarda, Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, and Sergio Osmeña III.

Osmeña was sick and could not vote on the bill when the Senate voted on it on third and final reading last Monday.

The five who reiterated their ‘no vote’ were Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile, Senate Pro Tempore Jose “Jinggoy Estrada, Majority Leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, and Senators Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and Gringo Honasan.

It was Senator Pia Cayetano, head of the Senate committee on health, and on women, who reported on the floor the outcome of the bicameral meeting held hours before the ratification.

Cayetano said the following salient features of the measure were approved in the bicam:

  • Any person will be allowed access to Reproductive Health and family planning services except minors unless they have the consent of their parents or guardians.  A minor, who is already a parent or one has had a miscarriage, would also be allowed access to RH services.
  • All public healthcare facilities are mandated under the measure to provide family planning method “without prejudice to   private healthcare facilities extending the same…”
  • The measure also required mandatory RH education to adolescents aged between 10 and 19 in all public school. The Department of Education will formulate the curriculum for public schools also “without prejudice to private schools adopting the same.”
  • Local government units, under the measure, will be “encouraged to comply with their mandate to provide healthcare service…with funding and other kind of assistance from the national government.
  • The measure also made it clear that it would not promote nor condone abortion.

“And finally for the curiosity and the pleasure of the body, the term ‘safe and satisfying sex was retained and this was further improved and it’s now read ‘responsible, consensual, safe and satisfying sex,” Cayetano said.

No senator objected when she moved to adopt the bicameral report.

But Enrile stood up and reiterated his no vote on the bill.

“Consistent with my remarks when I voted on third reading on this bill, I will register a negative vote on the committee report,” he said.

Sotto, Estrada and   Pimentel also stood up and reiterated their “no vote” on the measure.

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  • Jose


    P-Noy’s definitely going to sign this, so that’s history made.

    Freaking fantastic.  Thank God.

    • boldyak

      this is a man made law, and i am sure you don’t have to thank GOD for this…this law is all about worldly convenience for a person with a very low morality…GOD wants people to be more on spritual “things” and live with good moral standards…

      • Jose

        I thank God because I believe that in this case, good and reason has won over ignorance and stupidity.

        Feel free to disagree, with the knowledge that your opinion doesn’t particularly matter.

      • muddygoose

        Whose moral standards? Yours? So you speak for god now? Hmmm.

      • boytz

        Isn’t this “god’s will” too? I say god willed this bill to pass as he willed the bishops/priests to lose!!

      • Onel

        Moral standards are subjective. There is no hard and fast rule to determine what is moral to what’s not.

        And the RH Bill is not immoral. It’s your antiquated views which makes it, to your point of view, immoral. This is God’s will.

      • lone ranger

         Your religion is man-made as well just like any other religion in this world, Nothing against you just want to get your facts straight.

      • Observer_din

        sabi mo “GOD wants people to be more on spritual “things” and live with good moral standards…”

        eh kung sabihin mo kaya muna yan sa mga PARI at BISHITS??

  • quirinomayer

    Finally, we are set free from the domination of Padre Damaso.  Long live the congressmen and senators who voted Padre Damaso out of our lives. Thanks to their guts we are now free from religious slavery.

    • sanjuan683


    • boldyak

      i am a little bit worried that you people are not for the morality of the people but you are just concern to dismantle the Catholic Church….are you instructed by your pastors to do this and have the catholics transfer to your denomination?…for  a lot of 10% ikapo …. we stand by our church leaders because they have the wisdom that you people don’t have..

      • Homer Guo

         wais kamo hindi wisdom

      • Observer_din

        wisdom. wow, saan ang wisdom ng pagiging backward magisip? hehehe


    anti RH bill are you still there?

    • sanjuan683

      Baka nag-iipon ng lakas kasama yun mga Damaso Obispo at Pari. Kasi mapapalaban na naman sila sa susunod na taon. Tatalakayin naman Divorce Bill sa Congress at Senate. Mabuhay ang RH Bill

    • boldyak

      we are still here, and we will ever be anti-RH..this bill is all about giving contraceptives….this is not about freedom to choose, since nobody is banned from using contraceptive, contraceptives are always available in the market…this bill is just to say to poor people “stop is a condom use it.”…as if poor people are not allowed to reproduce…intead of giving them work, just eliminate them…this the solution of this government…

      • muddygoose

        Even rich, highly educated people in developed countries are cutting on the number of children. If you give a poor person a decent job, and yet not give him or her the knowledge and the means to keep the size of his family reasonable, he will remain poor. I guess that is what you want.

      • Homer Guo

         kung ayaw mo gumamit ng contraceptive, di wag. choice mo yan. pero hayaan mo ang iba na mamili kung ano gusto nila. yan ang freedom to choose. mapipilit ka bang gumamit kung ayaw mo? wag mong sagkahan ang pag-iisip ng iba. respeto tawag dyan.

      • Observer_din

        hehehehe.. wala na kayo magagawa..

  • UPLB-2008-3****

    fade into irrelevancy … deym bishops!

  • antiscam


  • dokie

    nawala ang bilib ko kay pimentel, so young yet so “sinauna”, takot ka cbcp sir?

  • Marshall

    pirma na lang ng presidente ang kailangan para maging isang batas ang RH bill….WOW..sinagasaan ang Supreme Court…pinatalsik ang Chief Justice na ang akala nya ay kakayaninkayanin lang nya ang isang presidente na hinde nag-ambisyon para sa posisyon..ang basa nya,,,BUTAW ITO…WALANG BINATBAT….at ang presidente na walang binatbat ay sinuwag ang isang institusyon na ang pakiramdam ay sila ang naghaharing-uri sa Pilipinas…angSIMBAHANG KATOLIKO…pinagbantaan pa na iexcommunicate ng catholic church ang Presidente ng Pilipinas kung hinde susunod sa kanilang kagustuhan.,…harapang sinuwag sila at ang kagustuhan ng Presidente ng Pilipinas ang syang nasunod …DAPAT PANINDIGAN NG SIMBAHANG KATOLIKO  ANG KANILANGPAGBABANTA..I-EXCOMMUNICATE NILA ANG PANGULO NG REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS,,,KUNG HINDE NILA KAYANG GAWIN TUMAHIMIK NA LA NG SILA….

    • sanjuan683

      Unti-unti na nagiging born again si Pnoy. Ngayon lang ako bumilib sa kanya hindi naobra ang mga Damaso (mga obispo at pari)

    • Observer_din

      di nila magagawang i-excommunicate si Noynoy, malaki magbigay ng limos ang pamilya nila sa simbahan

  • blainz

    Quite an eventful year this has turned out to be: Corona impeachment, PCSO scam indictments, Abalos jailed, RH Law, Sin Tax, and topped off with a booming economy.

    With the FOI Law and possibly a divorce law to come, the country is fast catching up with the rest of the world in both citizen’s rights and transparency.

    What a difference good governance makes. Let’s hope 2013 turns out just as productive.

  • Benjamin

    ang tangi ko lang na masasabi……ASTIG ANG PRESIDENTE KO   !!!!!!!!

  • Andrei Mendoza

    tsk..tsk..tsk.. mukhang mauubusan na ang mga damaso ng mga batang momolestiyahin ah! hahahahaha

    • Observer_din

      tama pa sir, iyon talaga ang malaking fear nila, tatanda ang populasyon hence kokonti ang mga batang momolestiyahin nila… hehehe

  • Hein S

    Bwahaha LOOZER bishops.

    LYING got you Nowhere.

  • boldyak

    The measure also required mandatory RH education to adolescents aged between 10 and 19 in all public school. The Department of Education will formulate the curriculum for public schools also “without prejudice to private schools adopting the same.”…this is for sure unconstitional….bwahahahaha

    • muddygoose

      Care to explain why?

    • Onel

      Will you please cite the pertinent provisions of the Constitution that would render the said provision unconstitutional? Because I am ready to bash your head with my thick and heavy Constitutional Law books.

      • tamumd


      • Observer_din

        relax boss, di lang niya naiintindihan sarili niya, ganun talaga pag talunan , minsan nawawala sa sarili.. baka nakalimutan nya kumain, baka gutom lang,..

  • George Lapulapu

    Free at last free at last. thank God free  at last.

    Now, let’s move on.. TAX ALL CHURCHES!!!

  • Dieserweg

    “This is your hour when darkness reigns” (Luke 22:52).

    • Jose

      “Waaaaah!!! Waaaaaahhh!!!” – Anti-RH advocates

    • Observer_din

      yan na naman,nananakot na naman kayo, di pa ba kayo nahihiya nyan, wala na naniniwala sa inyo..

      • Dieserweg

        I just posted brod/sis what I thought was relevant. Di po nananakot. And it is not right to say walang naniniwala sa amin, at hindi dapat ikahiya ang pinaglalaban mong sa tingin mo ay tama. Even if the majority in the Philippines disagree. Katulad mo rin marami rin akong friends on the other side of the debate, pero ganon eh, iba-iba tayo ng pananaw eh. Di po ba?

  • floroy

    these people here gloating because of their victory over the anti-rh are not considering the lessons drawn from experiences of countries abroad who adopted ‘rh’ policies for their population. these countries whose civilization was built on christian foundations are now suffering from negative  population growth and graying demographics as a direct result of their push to control population for the sake of practicality and economic growth. they are now being pushed aside slowly by a segment of their population with a faith far less tolerating than what they once held. So sorry for these countries, so sorry for the phils. Magsaya kayo hanggat gusto niyo, pero kawawa ang mga susunod na generasyon kung magkakataon. such stupidity!

  • Homer Guo

    for once, masasabi ko ito: for all that he isn’t, the president is right on this one.clap! clap!

  • speaksoftlylove

    These bragging clueless RH pinheads do not really understand what universal consciousness is and what is in store in a very near future. Universal consciousness tells us that everything in this universe and that includes our galaxy in whatever form of matter, is living in harmony to each other. In fact, any bacteria has DNA and therefore developing and living including a virus. How much more for a fertilized egg? DNA is a divine manifestation and this is a fact proven not only by predictions of lost civilizations, prophets, the Bible, but also scientific findings. RH bill therefore aims to prevent this change or universal manifestation and that is, from creating, reforming, and ultimately purifying mankind.

    Thanks to these RH proponents, you just hasten the destruction of this planet. Instead of purification, you just hasten the destruction of mankind. You will reap what you sow and the future will unleash the Wrath of Universal Consciousness. Delete this blog if you must, as soon as possible.

    • Observer_din

      LUPIT, GALING.. nakikita mo buong universe pero ang problema ng mga iresponsableng magulang, mga batang hamog, mga rugby boys sa kalsada ng pilipinas di mo nakikita. Iyon ba para sa iyo magandang harmony? hehe

      • speaksoftlylove

        Quit fooling yourself and make your own research. The evidence and facts are under your nose, they are spread all over the internet. Unlike ten years ago governments and NASA have the luxury of suppressing these facts but with the advent of advanced technology and devices more particularly sonar, GPS, advance telescopes, etc they can no longer hidde the truth because independent organizations, top scientists, engineers and astrophysicists, etc have conducted their own studies and published their results to the public. Quit blogging and watching telenobelas and for once be serious. Don’t ask me for the links because it is prohibited in this forum. But just to disabuse your minds here are the facts as a result of their studies:

        1. They found out evidence of Polar Shifts that occurred on earth three times already. Such evidence were unearthed from a mountain in Alaska and also in Australia where they discovered that it has occurred at exactly the same time and it was abrupt. They found out that in one receding glacier off Alaska green plants appeared which has been from for a thousand of years;

        2. They discovered coral reefs in the top of the mountain in Nevada, USA and carbon dated the same to the last Polar Shift. Why would coral reef be in a mountain in Navada?

        3. Latest amazing proof is the discovery of a whole sunken continent 600 feet under the Antartic Sea. It is 6,000 square miles in area and it is a frozen tropical forest. A lot of scientists from all over the globe are still there at this moment studying the Polar Shift as it will occur in the coming days;

        4. Last year the Norwegian government embarked in an 18 month porogram to buy an island in the meditteranian sea, excavated a cave which they built a seed vault, and then stuffed it with three million kinds of seeds and they are now inviting other governments to deposit their seeds in this vault. Why would Norway do this if they are not aware of what is coming?

        5. Russians where the first ones to discover and enhance the power of pyramids. They know that it is a conduit or channel of galactic energy. Pictures show that the Russian built huge pyramids made of PBCs all over their country and near oil wells which they found out to produce an increase of 25% productivity. They even enhanced granite slabs inside the pyramids and use these to build their jails on the theory that prisoners will change their behavior for good and it was proven. By the way, pyramids are strewn all over the globe. The latest discovery is in Bosnia where a mountain that was thought to be so for a thousand years but using advanced technology, they found out that it was a pyramid and they are now digging it. You can search for the picture;

        6. What about the US, are they aware of this up coming polar shift and the purpose of the pyramids. Of course they are. They have their own study in Alaska more than ten years ago;

        7. Finally, what about the Chinese, are they aware of this? Of course, they are, yon pa mahuhuli? Do you really think that the Chinese are interested in the West Philippine Sea just for oil alone? West Philippine sea is where the deepest part of earth can be found. Scientific studies prove that vortices are similar to pyramids. It is where the galactic energy enters an covers the earth like the energy that produces the magnetosphere which protects the earth.

        Now, study. rather that take comfort in ridiculing or maligning other blogs.

      • tamumd

        Oh Lord….some deranged person got out of the shrink hospital. Hahahahaha. You cannot cite sources of your b..s coz there’s no reputable source that even say anywhere close to what you just enumerated. They’re outlandish claims. Only little kids would fall for all those garbage. Even your prediction 5 days ago that the RH bill is “kaput, dead..till Kingdom come” didn’t materialize. hahahahaha. How are we suppose to believe your b..s?

    • Hein S

      “Too many people” is destroying the planet.

      Just look at our Dirty rivers.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Polar Shift is a given. It occurs every 5,200 years just like what the baktun of the Mayan calendar is saying 4,000 years ago. Every mayan “baktun” or age starts with destruction, reformation, and then purification. This is not prophecy because this occur in galactic cycles which were studied and observed by the Mayans. Ironically 12/21/12 is the start of another age that is, the age of Aquarius in our modern day astronomy. And, the energy emanates from the center of our galaxy which is a black hole. But the design of energy itself emanates from universal consciousness. Whatever you call it, whether what religion you belong, and no matter how you pray, it will happen. Why the Mayans know this 4,000 years ago when modern scientists only confirmed it more than five years ago is just mind boggling.

        As to your comment that too many people is destroying the planet, I will agree as to the spiritual aspect. I hasten to add however, that the belief that global warming is caused by people’s behavior of polluting our atmosphere is baseless. The truth is, that and you can research on this (type project camelot on your browser for the proof) global warming is interplanetary. As the concerned scientist jokingly said, “there are no smoke belchers and SUVs on those planets as far as he knows but they are heating up at least four times than earth. If the rate of global warming happened to earth like those planets then there will be no living thing left.” The only reason why earth is heating up slower than the rest of the planets of the solar system is the magnetosphere – the earth’s protection, All the planets in our solar system, with no exemptions are heating up as a result of the monstrous gravitational pull of the black hole. Initially, scientists believed that it is caused by the sun’s erratic solar storms but this is debunked by the fact that Pluto is traveling away from the sun yet it is heating up four times in ten years. One thing is certain, the energy that makes these things happen comes from the black hole and is part and parcel of the milky way’s transformation. Believe it or not.

    • tamumd

      Hahahahaha..whaow! ‘DNA is a divine manifestation and was predicted by lost civilization, prophets, the Bible? Really? What lost civilization and prophets and book in the Bible that talks about double-stranded alpha helix made up of bases and sugars? FYI not all viruses have DNA. lol Don’t be ridiculous. Your freaking ignorance and b…s is showing.

      Hasten the destruction of the planet? If anything the RH bill would help slow down the destruction of our planet. Less people would be polluting our waterways. Less people would be exploiting our forest and seas. Less people means less carbon footprints. And who are you to tell people to delete what they wrote? You don’t own PDI. lol Geeez.

    • ruthless13

       You sound like you’re from a different universe.

  • Your_King

    The RH bill is nothing more than population control to help Aquino do even less work than he already is. At the end, if this bill does good he will take credit and if it does bad he will blame the Senate and House of Rep.

    • Observer_din

      TAMA NA, TALO NA HIHIRIT PA… hehehehe

      • Your_King

         At least we can both agree regarding NoyNoy’s ‘noynoying’

    • Onel

      You might be skipping on your anti-depression medications. Any impact the bill will have to the population will be felt within 5 to 10 years, or way after PNoy ends his term.

      • Your_King

        So PNoy messes around now to act like he is doing something then let the 10 to 20 years later generation clean up his mess.

      • Onel

        Well I am pretty sure it won’t be messy since it will decrease dependency on the government. We don’t want freeloaders. And this is beyond population control. This is about having an informed choice. It’s people with mentality like yours which will keep this country in a mess.


    Finally, the Philippines are moving into the Twenty-first Century and out of the dark ages of the church.  Separation of church and State is the only way to run a government that is run by the people, for the people and not mired in superstition.

  • INQ_reader

    Tapos ang boksing…talo na naman si Pacquiao.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Talo ang mga Damaso…

  • Jef

    Thank you very much RH Bill maging batas na rin,….to make the long story short Philippines babangon na rin sa wakas for almost a decades….anti RH bill shut up alam namin your intention  para makakuha ng boto this coming election pero kabaliktaran you gain nothing, like the bishops nanghihikayat ng mga tao para mag against sa RH Bill but they were failed ….SHAME ON YOU….

  • wetwidewild

    “Reproductive Health bill that would provide government funding for contraceptives and sexuality classes in schools.”

    don’t forget to eat something before sex.
    we need an eating bill.

    • tamumd

      Bad suggestion! lol You might get indigestion coz that blood that would be needed by your gastrointestinal system digesting the food you just ate would be channeled to your reproductive organs, muscles, pulmonary and cardiovascular systems! can eat afterwards! lol

      • wetwidewild

         is it part of sexuality education ?
         channel your blood from brain to reproductive organ ?
         that explains why Filipinos have big balls.

      • tamumd

        NO it’s not part of sexuality education. It’s based on my knowledge of physiology. Increasing blood supply to your reproductive organs doesn’t make your balls big! Geez. What an idiot. lol

  • wetwidewild

    I am 80 years old. I want to have a free sexuality education. Do I have to go back to school ?

    • tamumd

      NO you don’t need it anymore not unless you would be cavorting with teenagers. If you stay with people your age, rest assured you would not make them pregnant.That if you can even manage to sustain an erection for more than 5 minutes. Or else I suggest you just pray your rosary instead. I think you would feel better doing that. Hahahahahaha

    • ruthless13

       No, you’re too old and dumb.

  • filipinaskoh

    Thanks to all the senators and the Congressmen/women who made it possible to enact and ratify the 14 year old RHbill.

    The final version is much more better now!

    • wetwidewild

       thanks for what ? free sexuality demonstration ?

  • batangsulpok

    Yan mg senador na ayaw sa RH bill ay dapat hindi na iboto o ibalik uli sa puwesto lalo na sina Enrile, Sotto, Estrada at Honasan dahil puro pangsarili lang ang iniisip nila, bale wala sa kanila kung maghirap ang maraming Pilipino, basta sila ay nagtatamasa sa kayamanang nakurakot.

  • tamumd

    Whew….finally, it’s done deal. I was worried I would never see this day ever happening. Thanks to all lawmakers of both houses who worked tirelessly to pass this important legislation. Now we can move on..and work on the FOI bill.

  • E Rigby

    Kudos to P-Noy and to the senators and congressmen who supported the RH bill.  It took a lot of courage and political will for them to stand up to the Catholic Church. This proves that it does take leadership and will to get the difficult things done.  Congratulations again! 

  • wetwidewild

    free funding for birth control ? yes.
    free sexuality 101 ? no.

    the more you talk about sexuality, the more reproduction you will get.

  • timberlakers

    actually in favor ako dun sa sex education. yung mga nabanggit na age ay yun yung age na curious sila. dapat mawarningan na sila sa mga negative effects nun.  

  • Katrine

    congratulations to everyone na behind this to be passed. Lalo na sa mga babaeng senators natin na pinaglaban talaga yung rights ng mga babae.

    • miiimiiiiiing

      ….oo, lalo na kina miriam, loren and pia….miiiimmmiinng!

  • miiimiiiiiing

    ….maganda rin ang RH BIll lalo na sa maternal/child care natin…Thank you sa senators/congressman na bumoto in favor sa bill na ito….miiimmmiiing!

  • John Michael

    At last! isang pirma nalang law na din ito. Masaya ang mga pinoy niyan kasi nakikita nila na magiging beneficial talaga ang rhbill. Maging responsible na din tayo at sana sundin natin yung sinet nila for us parang maging effective ang rhbill. God Bless you all. Happy holidays!

  • disqusted0fu

    Congratulations! the Aquino admin just created more means of corruption, now under the guise of contraceptives.

  • Buenaventura

    Congratulations to the wise, intelligent & prudent legislators who voted against the RH bill.  The Filipinos are not happy (if you really mean happy) with this.  For the wise, intelligent & prudent, they see the evil that this bill will inflict on our Filipino people.  There is some good in the bill but because of its ill provisions, the bill should have been rejected, even in the final form.  The title Reproductive Health just tells you that there is harm in it.  We don’t need the RH bill to be responsible.  What helps men (I include women) responsible is formation.  God has indeed been blessing us but some persons have wasted some of these.  In any case, may we all have a blessed Christmas & a fruitful 2013!

    P. S. The bill does not promote abortion but it will promote chemical contraceptives all of which are abortifacient.  We have before our very eyes a contradictory bill.  What happened to the wisdom, intelligence & prudence of some men (I include women)?

  • Edgardo Mendoza


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