Senate ratifies RH bill



MANILA, Philippines –  The controversial  Reproductive  Health  is now just  a step away from becoming a law after the Senate  ratified  the measure on  Wednesday.

Eleven senators  adopted the  bicameral committee report  on   the  bill   while five senators reiterated  their  vote  against  it.

The 11 senators were Pia Cayetano,  Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, Joker Arroyo, Edgardo Angara, Franklin Drilon, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Teofisto Guingona III, Ferdinand “Bong-Bong” Marcos Jr., Loren Legarda, Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, and Sergio Osmena III.

Osmena was sick and could not vote on the bill when the Senate  voted on it on third and final reading last Monday.

The five who reiterated their ‘no vote’ were Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile,  Senate Pro Tempore  Jose “Jinggoy Estrada, Majority Leader  Vicente “Tito” Sotto III, and Senators  Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III and  Gringo  Honasan.

It was  Senator  Pia Cayetano, head of the  Senate committee on health, and  on women , who reported  on the floor the  outcome of the bicameral meeting held hours before the ratification.

Cayetano said the  following salient  features of the measure were approved in the bicam:

  • Any person will be allowed access to Reproductive Health and  family planning services  except minors unless  they have the consent of their parents or guardians.  A minor , who is already a parent or one has had  a miscarriage, would also be allowed access to RH services.
  • All public healthcare facilities are mandated under the measure  to family planning method “without prejudice to   private healthcare facilities extending the same…”
  • The measure also required mandatory RH education  to  adolescents aged between  10 to 19 in all public school. The Department of Education will formulate the curriculum for public schools  also “without prejudice to private schools adopting the same.”
  • Local government units, under the measure, will be “encouraged to comply with their mandate to provide healthcare service…with funding and other kind of assistance from the national government.
  • The measure also made it clear that it would not promote nor condone abortion.

“And finally for the curiosity and the pleasure of the body, the term ‘safe and satisfying sex was retained and this  was further improved  and its now read ‘responsible, consensual, safe and satisfying sex,” Cayetano said.

No senator objected  when she moved to adopt the bicameral  report.

But Enrile stood up and reiterated his no vote on the bill.

“Consistent with my remarks when I voted on third reading on this bill, I will register a negative vote on the committee report,” he said.

Sotto, Estrada and   Pimentel also stood up and reiterated their “no vote” on the measure.

The House of Representatives is also expected to ratify the approved bicam report.

Once ratified by both chambers of Congress, the bill will now be transmitted to President Benigno Aquino  III for signature.

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  • brunogiordano

    The House is also expected to ratify the measure within the day.

    Walang SOTTO sa CONGRESS kaya ratify ito kaagad.

  • Pope

    As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I wish peace to both PRO and anti-RH folks.

    The country has decided. The people have spoken.

    It is time to heal the divisions of our nation.

    Though we may disagree on some issues, at the end of the day, we are all Filipinos.
    And there are more things that unite us than divide us.

    It is time to move forward. 

    • Cynthia

      Great stuff Pope! 

    • Homer Guo



    where are the anti-RH bill?

    • Guest

      And those congressmen, who are not members of LP but voted for the passage of RH bill were given P1 million each. May favoritism?

      • Homer Guo

         nakakolekta ka ba?

  • Tony B

    Welcome to the 20th century Philippines. After you have divorce I’ll welcome you to the 21st century.

  • tukmoldinako

    congrats sa mga PRo RH, talo kami, tanggap naman namin yun, sana mapabuti ang pilipinas at mabawasan ang pagdami ng populasyon at mabawasan din ang mahihirap, ha ha ha ha enjoy everyone.

  • Froi Vincenton

    Cayetano said the  following salient  features of the measure were approved in the bicam:

        “Any person will be allowed access to Reproductive Health and  family planning services  except minors unless  they have the consent of their parents or guardians.  A minor , who is already a parent or one has had  a miscarriage, would also be allowed access to RH services.”

    — ANY PERSON HAS ACCESS TO CONDOMS AND RH SERVICES IN THE PHILIPPINES, STUPID!!! Just try to visit a 7/11 store or a nearby medical clinic, Pia.

        “All public healthcare facilities are mandated under the measure  to family planning method “without prejudice to   private healthcare facilities extending the same…””

    — This political mandate is UTTERLY UNNECESSARY. All they need is impose existing laws.

        “The measure also required mandatory RH education  to  adolescents aged between  10 to 19 in all public school. The Department of Education will formulate the curriculum for public schools  also “without prejudice to private schools adopting the same.””


        “Local government units, under the measure, will be “encouraged to comply with their mandate to provide healthcare service…with funding and other kind of assistance from the national government.”

    — Doesn’t the DILG have the power to do this???!!!

        “The measure also made it clear that it would not promote nor condone abortion.”



    Ok. I may strongly disagree with many of Sotto’s political views and sincerely held beliefs (SINCE I AM AN ATHEIST), including his alleged plagiarism, but he’s doing a great job in trying to delay the passage of the immoral, anti-rights, impractical, evil RH bill…

    • PogiNaCutePa


    • Bernie

      Atheists do not believe in ANY mythical creatures, including, but not limited to, god(s), the devil, demons, fairies, angels, spirits.

    • Jane Tan

      1) They have access but surveys done say that most can’t afford (I know, its lame).

      2) The only other family planning in our law that I’ve heard of is when you’re applying for a marriage license, and not everyone who is having sex is getting married.

      3) True. But our stupid politicians are too stupid to admit that they need educating. Look at the 3 who failed at reading the instructions on the usage of a birth-control pill. Clearly, this mandate should not be limited to minors.

      4) Hmmm… true. Guess it needs enforcing.

      5) ? Why? Its true.

  • Homer Guo

    yung 3 itlog talaga naman… kung ano gawin ng tandang ginagaya… when enrile stood up to reiterate his no vote, abay gaya gaya puto maya din yung 3……

  • Betz Chui

    Peace everyone…tama na ang tira ng tira,,,,batas na yan. Kasama na yan sa 2013 budget…kahit anong iyak o kaya tili ang gawin…its done.  Let us be united and focus on other things…FOI bill naman, kaya; hehehe. FOI will have difficulty passing sa lower house…malakas yata ang resistance dyan…same with anti dynasty…

    • Tnosce

      May budget na ang election 2013. Kaltas sa sweldo ninyo.

  • arlein

    Malinaw dito kung sino ang pinagsi-silbihan at inspirasyon ng 3 yan sa trabaho nila. Si Enrile at hindi taong bayan.

    Huwag nyo ng hayaan makapasok pa sa posisyon kahit sino sa kanila, lalo na yung anak ni Manong, na si Jackie Enrile (aka BERDUGO).

    Huwag nyo ng iboto ulit kahit sino pa sa kanila,

  • arlein

    Imbis na FOI Bill, and dapat na isunod tutukan ay ang Ampatuan Massacre. Magimprove man lang ang credibility ng Pilipinas sa social justice at safety.

    Mas marami pa ang maglalakas loob mag-umpisa ng kumpanya dito at lalago rin ang turism. 

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but….the five senators that reiterated their negative votes, how i wish their  convictions to their personal beliefs are put for the good use and betterment for governance; and stamping out corruption within the national govt., and to help legislates some form of restrictions to political dynasty as prescribed  by the constitution.

    maybe i asked too much this time…in re. to the aforesaid 5 senator’s track records?????

    • Jane Tan

      As if those 5 don’t have their respective faults.

    • Tnosce

      One word ” DEMOCRACY ” at work.

  • Tnosce

    Retiro na si Maria Clara sino na ang bagong simbulo ng isang Filipina ? 

    • calipso_2100

      Si Pia.

  • calipso_2100

    “The measure also required mandatory RH education  to  adolescents aged between  10 to 19 in all public school. ” 

    This is sad.  At the least parents should be allowed not to enroll their children to RH educ and be given instead a different subject.

    • Tnosce

      Hope these young children are mature enough to understand the subject matter. Would they abolish the mandatory family planning classes given to couples before applying for  their marriage license ? 

      • Jane Tan

        Those classes are usually rubbish. I know of many couples who, despite one of them (usually the male) being jobless and have no savings, still decided to go through with the wedding even after these family planning classes.

        Hopefully, with the funding, there will be better family planning education that is available for all.

  • freaksmoker

    Greetings to all the bloggers and PDI. This is my last post and it is quite long so my request to the admin is not to delete if only to inform our unsuspecting people of the truth. After this post, you can ban me for all time. I have no bad blood with the pro RH supporters because I know for a fact that just like majority of mankind, the truth is hidden by the elite powers from them, spearheaded by the UN. This post may not only earn the ire of this government but moreso, ” the powers that be” for all I care. I believe it is my duty to reveal the truh in my own small way before the curtain falls.

    Third world countries toe the line what has been espoused by the powers that be that “population control” (etched the word control in your minds) is for the beneficial development of mankind and preservation of global dwindling resources. They always repeatedly mentioned the word “global change” for the better. In truth and in fact, they fear change because change involves people’s awakening and realization of what is the truth. That is why elite governments are hiding facts as to what is happening on earth and what will happen in the near future. This fear is what I call the “Herod Syndrome” repeating itself. Herod ordered the slaughter of the innocents not because one of them will become a king and grab his throne but rather it is a fear that people will be awakened by this messiah and an awakened subjects are hard to “control.”

    To begin with let me just cite that this explanation does not consider religion, prophecy, or whatever in particular but a convergence of all those factors. Skeptics and critis despise the Mayan pagans but they cannot deny the fact that these pagans is a far more advanced civilization than the modern civilization. Those who maligned the Mayan calendar do not understand that it is not a simple calendar but an astronomical device to map the position not only all stellar bodies but more importantly, our galaxy (Milky Way) as regards the Dark Rift (black hole). The word Dark Rift is an original term by the Mayans translated in English term. The Mayans know 4,000 years ago that a black hole is the center of our galaxy while modern astrophysicists in NASA only found this out and confirmed it 6 years ago. We are lucky that the Mayans warned us yet the elite powers that be never learn all because of the greed of “control.” Note that the Mayans never mentioned end of the world but their calendar ends abruptly in 12/21/12. The reason is that on this particular date earth enters the Dark Rift and exits ten years latter. In the Dark Rift time and space changes from one dimension to three dimensions as succintly explained by Albert Einstyein, the first modern day scientist who believe in black holes and what can they do. Hence, time cannot be measured in our own ordinaryt means. In fact, time has slightly changed. Astronomers added the 13th zodiac sign (Ophiucus) simply because the moon no longer shines on it’s usual place during change of seasons. Airports are starting to change their landing signs because the poles shift to 40 miles permanently. On this period the Mayans predicted galactic upheaval, purification, renewal, and rebirth. This also strangely coincides with seven year “trial and tribulation period” and “Rupture” described in the Bible. The Mayans tells us that “when the four corners of the earth sits in the Dark Rift, it is then when a galactic portal opens and souls will be harvested.”

    But is the harvest literal? My answer is no. The Universe is one consciousness and it includes you and me. In other words, whatever you do is in consonance with this universal consciousness, no matter whoever you are. We already learned from scientist that black holes not only creates but also destroys life. It exerts a gravitational plane like a CD disc and holds all heavenly
    bodies in the Milky Way from falling adrift and gobbled up by other
    galaxies. Pause for a moment and consider your own body a miniature galaxy. It is because as I have said the whole universal consciousness includes you. This is why the Bible teaches us that “God resides on you own individual body. Your body is the temple of God. Universal consciousness is termed as God, Alah, Kukulcan or whatever religion you believe. Thjis is why the black hole breaths to reform or recycle the soilar system including you and this is done by reforming our DNAs. This is a complex term but I will cite the website that you can find evidence of this miracles. What will happen starting 12/21/12 is a reformation of our DNAs and the advent of a new and awakened civilization, independent and totally in control of it’s own self. This is what the the powers that be hides from mankind. This is the reason why they are controlling mankind’s population because they can no longer control a new and awakened civilization for those who will survive the seven year trial and tribulation period described by the Bible. And ultimate, after the ten year period from 12/’21/12 when earth exits the Dark Rift and face the universe, a totally transformed earth populated by a new civilization with improved consciousness will face the universal glory.

    Critics will again malign this post as a movie plot. But movie plots are produced from consultations with astronomers, engineers, astrophysicists, and the like,some of whom are NASA people. There are two leading scientific studies made by scientists assempble to sudy the upcoming 12/21/12 phenomenon, all over the globe. The two leading studies are Project Camelot and Project Horizon. This studies publish videos of the evidence they gathered as regards 12/21/12. Evidence are under your noses. Take note of Horizon Project and don’t die wondering.

    Happy new year, hopefully we will still have one.

    • antiscam

       What a lengthy rubbish. You really should be banned after this nonsense…

  • antiscam


  • RyanE

    Congratulations to all senators who voted for the RH bill! Congratulations to all pro-RH for their unwavering support!

    The passage of the RH bill is a great victory for the nation as a whole!

    • Tnosce

      Baka ang ibig mong sabihin as a whore.

      • Homer Guo

        mali yan… you are putting words into somebody else’s mouth… wala sa turo ng simbahan yan di ba?

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • Tnosce

      E di dapat ang Bill na itinaguyod nila sa kongresso ang pagsuot ng pantalon yung may siper at may kandado.

      • Homer Guo

         ok ka lang?!

  • Tnosce

    Waste of time lang ang RH Bill na ito. Knowing the Pinoys di uso sa kanila and supot.

  • Guest

    Biruin mo si Sec. Mar Roxas pala nakatutuok lagi sa HOR to make sure na
    papasa ang RH. Naku humanda ka sa buwelta ng Simbahang Katolika.


    • Jarred Pulido

      Mar will have my vote :)

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Tommy

    Malamang talo na talaga ang Simbahang Katoliko sa usaping ito kaya tanggapin na lang.

    Malakas ang hatak ng diyablo.  Dinala nya sa ituktok ng burol ang mga pulitiko at ipinakita sa mga ito ang lahat ng yaman ng mundo at ipinangakong ibibigay ang lahat ng ito pumayag lang sila sa kagustuhan nya.

    Mapanlinlang ang diyablo,  mapag-balatkayo at mandaraya.  Ibibigay nya ang lahat ng yaman ng mundo sa isa o grupo ng mga tao siyempre may kapalit at hindi basta-basta kapalit at hindi ito nawawala at namamatay ito ay!!!…. dororuuuum.. KALULUWA.

    Hindi kuntento ang diyablo sa mga kaluluwa lang ng mga pulitiko siyempre kelangan may maakay din sila.

    Tanggapin na lang ang bill na iyan wala na tayong magawa dyan.   Ipagdiinan na lang sa mga Misa at ibang venue(simbahan, Catholic school) ang tunay na issue at ipagpatuloy na lang ng mga Kaparian ang pagtuturo ng tamang aral para kahit papaano ay hindi maakay lahat ng diyablo    ang mga kaluluwa.

  • Tnosce

    Huwag mag aalala sa RH Bill na yan hanggang lang yan sa Metro-Manila sa Red district lang yan. Hindi sakop ang Autonomous Region of Mindanao marami pang mabubuting tao sa Pinas.

    • sked482

      Huli ka na sa balita pare. ARMM already enacted their own version of the RH Bill, a week before the national government did. Just search the news.


      ARMM goes ahead, passes own RH law.
      Inquirer December 17, 2012

      DAVAO CITY—Without too much ado, and way ahead of the Philippine Congress which is still locked up in a long-drawn debate, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) approved its version of reproductive health (RH) care for its citizens on Monday.

      Known as the Reproductive Health Care Act of 2012 for the ARMM, Muslim Mindanao Autonomy Act No. 2921 seeks to protect the rights and welfare of women and children, by not only requiring the autonomous government to carry out programs on family planning and ensure that information about these programs are available to the poor, but also by providing funds to carry out these programs.

      ARMM Gov. Mujiv Hataman on Monday signed the new law, which was passed by the ARMM regional legislative assembly on Dec. 13.

      The ARMM Act No. 2921 guarantees freedom of information not only on natural but also on artificial family planning methods, respect freedom of choice and beliefs in achieving reproductive health rights.

      It requires local governments to hire skilled midwives, targeting to achieve a minimum ratio of one fulltime skilled birth attendant for every 150 deliveries per year. It also requires each province and city to establish or upgrade at least one hospital per province, with adequate and qualified personnel, equipment and supplies to provide emergency obstetric and neonatal care.


      • Tnosce

        Galing ng ARMM  Act No 2921 ang susi ay ” Respect freedom of choice and BELIEFS ” in achieving REPRODUCTIVE  health rights 

    • Homer Guo

       meron na rin daw rh bill equivalent sa armm ha… news kahapon dito sa pdi

  • Tnosce

    Free wedding and free family planning education, free healthcare, free catastrophic assistance sound good. 

  • Tnosce

    Free wedding, free family planning, free healthcare, everything free now who will pay for these free services ? 

  • Jarred Pulido

    A lot of BITTER LOSER are online tonight.

    • Darren

      Pansin ko nga sir. 

    • lalacuison

      Agree…Sana magmove on nalang sila or at least bigyan nalang nila ng chance…wala na e. “Majority” na ang nagsalita..

  • Darren

    Panalo ito ng buong bansa natin. Tska dapat di na nakikiaalam yung mga religious group kasi imbes na pagsamahin nila ang nation at magpromote ng peace, sila pa naninimuno sa kaguluhan. Di nila magets na pagiging responsible ang gusto ng RH bill plus para di na maghirap ang mga pinoy masyado. Oh well! Congrats sa mga PRO

  • lalacuison

    Finally! Isang signature nalang and law na din ito… Im really glad na na settle na nila ito. Unang una, since poverty pa din ang prob ng bansa natin…so, kung macocontrol natin ang population, sapat ang supply ng support ang mabibigay satin..

  • T_O_S_H_I_O

    Kahirapan ang dahilan kung bakit madaming crime dito sa atin, Hold ups, murder, pagnanakaw and etc. Hahayaan ba natin iyon? Sige magparami tayo nang maging criminal na ang majority sa tin.  

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