In The Know: Only the Vatican and the Philippines


Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan stressed that HB No. 1799 would not allow a “no-fault divorce” similar to what is being implemented in Las Vegas. PHOTO FROM CONGRESS.GOV.PH

Apart from the Vatican, the Philippines is the only country in the world without a divorce law after Malta legalized divorce in 2011.

Months after the 15th Congress opened, the party-list group, Gabriela, refiled the controversial divorce bill, saying that legalizing divorce would give “married couples in irreparable marriages another legal remedy that they can resort to in addition to the country’s existing laws on legal separation and annulment.”

Gabriela has been pushing for a divorce law since the 13th Congress. Filed in the current Congress in August 2010, it remains pending at the House of Representatives.

In the bill’s explanatory note, Gabriela said that historically, divorce has been part of the Philippine legal system and was widely practiced by Muslims as well as ancestral tribes in Palawan, Nueva Vizcaya, the Cordilleras, the Visayas and Mindanao.

“Divorce was also available during the American period and during the Japanese occupation,” the refiled measure—renamed House Bill No. 1799 (An Act Introducing Divorce in the Philippines)—said. It said it was only after the New Civil Code took effect in August 1950 that divorce was disallowed under Philippine law.

The bill lists five grounds for filing a petition for divorce:

1. Petitioner has been separated de facto (in fact) from his or her spouse for at least five years at the time of the filing of the petition and reconciliation is highly improbable.

2. Petitioner has been legally separated from his or her spouse for at least two years at the time of the filing of the petition and reconciliation is highly improbable.

3. When the spouses suffer from irreconcilable differences that have caused the irreparable breakdown of the marriage.

4. When one or both spouses are psychologically incapacitated to comply with the essential marital obligations.

5. Any of the grounds for legal separation that has caused the irreparable breakdown of the marriage.

Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan stressed that HB No. 1799 would not allow a “no-fault divorce” similar to what is being implemented in Las Vegas.

“HB 1799 was carefully crafted to take into consideration Philippine values and traditions that give utmost importance to the way Filipinos appreciate the family as an institution,” she said. “It will not allow couples to get married today and get divorced tomorrow.” Inquirer Research

Source: Inquirer Archives, HB 1799

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  • eirons1043

    O sige na i file na yang Divorce Law as anyway iyang marriage eh kontrata lang na sobrang pinahiihirap ng mga Damaso at katoliko sarado.  Dapat talaga walang pilitan pag ayaw na. At pag may divorce ingat na ang pag-aasawa.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    As Hell keeper, they are enjoying to promote Hell for the population,
    it is what they are doing with excellency since Magellan !

  • AlexanderAmproz

    This show how backward the Philippines are thank’s of them, what a shame !

    • julymorning


    • antonioluna

      may mapapatid na ugat pag nabasa ng “grammar nazi” yung commnet mo… O_o

    • Jon Cruz

      Tagalugin na lang. Wala namang masama sa pananagalog.

  • Marlon

    the rest of the world has a divorce law. the rest of humanity could not be mistaken.

    it is time for the Philippines to wake up from Damaso fantasy and join the real world.

    • Barak_O

      that’s why the rest of the world shoot kids in schools

      • Bullet Train

        Good logic. Really good logic barak_O. Oops! Sarcasm intended

      • M102938

        Basturd? Hay nako. Nuff said.

      • Bob Couttie

         The rest of the world doesn’t and where it does happen its because guns are easily available.

      • Barak_O

        and the shooters have divorced parents and/or is a basturd

      • antonioluna

        huwaw, na-link mo yun… you’re so smart, teach us more, master…

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Have you been to Switzerland ?
        Every citizen used to have at home, provided by the Army,
        one of the most precise and powerful machine gun, with ammunition, almost no problems till now, except time to time suicide.
        Have also to say, the Swiss Army never killed any citizen,
        except very few by mistakes, hundred years ago.
        They had a civil war 150 years ago,about one hundred victims.
        The main leader was among the Red Cross father’s !
        Red Cross is borne in a Protestant Geneva
        Curiously the World less corrupt and most peaceful countries are Protestant, Northern Europe and Switzerland.
        Catholic Clergy was kick out, ironically, at Magellan time….

        Ampatuan’s and AFP have a long way to go.

        Those questions are education consequences, UP should wake up !

      • AlexanderAmproz

        In the Philippines,
        Yearly, more than one million are killed by starvation in a food basket !

        Child death rate before 5 years old is not only one of the world highest, but increasing, it’s an elites and church target.

        Philippines is one of the best trigger happy country, did you are blind and death ?
        Maybe you never went out of your barrio, staying inside the priest’s robes, this is a valid excuse to be blind.
        I traveled 60 countries and never observed such a criminogenic society like the Philippines, one of the World most violent.
        I never visit Columbia, but it was probably similar till they jailed half of the Parliament few years ago.
        President relatives and inherit colonial Trapos caught for corruption death squad’s, extra judicial killing, Tortures land grabbing among others, so similar to the Philippines Clergy Paradise sickness !

      • Barak_O


        your english is difficult

      • Jenny

        The bill’s  primary objective is to protect women from Emotional, Psychological, & Physical Torture from their lawful partner. So, my point is why are you so scared if this is implemented? It is a protection against abuse by either sex & for those who needed it.. If you are happily married why bother, no fuss! Filipino People…Wake Up!!! get real and make a bold step for enlightenment and Pilipinas come on we need to march towards PROSPERITY!!!!

  • Garo Ungaro

    they should just make sure the safety net for the children are in place…the husband and wife can do us they please base on the rules on divorce…but if they will put the burden on the society then its not fair…?

  • JX Peron

    Bravo, Gabriela! Walk the talk, please! 

  • julymorning


  • Barak_O

    kung pwede nang maghiwalay ang mag asawa

    pwede na ring mag asawa ang mga bakla at tomboy

    kung ayaw sa bakla at tomboy, pwede ring sa kabayo at aso

    paano na lang kung ang kabayo o aso ay mangayaw na rin?

    may rights din ba sila makipagdivorce? paano naman ang reproductive health ng mga hayop?

    may rights din dapat sila kailan nila putukan ang kanilang partners

    • louie

      it’s disrespect to level certain group of people to animals just because you object to their causes.

      • Crusader

        I think he was referring to our lawmakers. So to you Barak_O, please do not level our lawmakers to animals just because you object to their causes. You are totally disrespecting the animals. They have rights too you know.

      • louie

        though he is referring to the lawmakers having low morality, he’s still pertaining to same sex marriage just above marriage of animals.

      • Barak_O

        it takes two opposite sexes to marry

        marrying same sexes defies logic and reason

        if same sex couples want to live together, fine let them be

        but they can never be married

        you can call it any other term you want

        but it won’t and never be the of the same status as marriage

        and such is not far with marrying a human and animal

      • louie

        i give your opinion much respect until the last part of it. wow! who are you to compare people with animals? just because people have different preference and view than you, doesn’t mean they deserve your insult. So much for preaching respect to “marriage” then insulting others just to prove your point.

      • Barak_O

        i’m not preaching

        i’m just restating known life principles

        in the animal kingdom, class mamalia

        human sperm + human egg = human embryo

        human sperm + human sperm == (read: is equivalent) human sperm + elephant egg

        either side is not meant to be, why try?

      • louie

        people, like animals, mate to procreate. but we’re humans. people marry and mate not only to procreate or satisfy urges, people make LOVE. there are emotions invested. so what can you say about couples who can’t have children? can you still say they are not meant and don’t waste on trying?

      • Barak_O

        ahh, where is the love?

        couples in this context should mean man and woman

        they can try harder to have children

        but no dice for man to man ‘lovers’

      • louie

        well, what can i tell to someone who has already boxed his understanding? nothing.

    • kangsongdaeguk

      okay, so nakakapagsulat, nakakabasa ng legally binding documents ang mga kabayo at aso. erhmahgerd, go back to kindergarten please.

      • Barak_O


        saan mo nabasa na dapat nakapagsulat at nakapagbasa ang mga nag aasawa? ang kailangan lang ay tinitigasan at nag iinit

        ang kasal para kay tigang senador pia ay license para kumant0t

        mapatao, bakla, tomboy, baboy, kambing pwede

        may batas kung kailan magpaputok o hinde

        ganon din kung ayaw na magkant0tan

        gets bobs?

      • M102938

        Ang pinag-uusapan dito kasal – kasi ang prerequisite ng diborsyo ay kasal. May batas na ngayon sa pakikipagtalik? Talaga? Sige nga, dahil sa ang talino mo, paki-cite. Otherwise, tumahimik ka na lang dahil nagkakalat ka, sa totoo lang.

        PS. Kakatawa ka naman. Ang limitado ng konsepto mo ng kasal – babae at lalaki lang. Says the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, pakipasok din sa kokote mo na ang kasal dito sa lipunan natin ay isang civil ceremony at hindi religious – otherwise wala ng pirmahan!

      • Barak_O

        sa totoo lang, mali ka

        kasal ay lalaki + babae

        civil or simbahan

        otherwise, ang kasal para sa yo ay parehas lang ng bumili ng sasakyan

      • antonioluna

        paano napasok ang kantutan dito?

      • kangsongdaeguk

        M102938 already answered for me. NGA NGA!!!

  • bgcorg

    The family is the basic unit of society.  As such, all efforts by government and by legislators should strengthen it, rather than find legislative “reasons” to weaken it.  Legislators have not done enough and that dangerous trend with the openning of the legalization of rh was just the beginning of the attack on marriage as an institution and the Filipino family. 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Look at the Pity morbid state of the country, it’s the result of the Laws and applications.
      Are you blind enough to consider it as a success instead a disaster ?

  • kapatad

    Sige mga GABRIELA, sirain na ninyo lahat. Bahal akayo sa buhay ninyo.

  • Mark Philip Wu

    Eto nanaman lalabas ang mga tao na sasabihin “Divorce will weaken the family”. Anong family ang sinasabi nyo, yung family na saan si Dolphy nagkaroon ng 17 na anak sa 6 na iba ibang babae at kahit isang beses hindi kinasal? Ang family na kinasal at hiniwalay si Kris Aquino ng ilang beses? Kilig na kilig kayo sa wedding ni Carmina and Zoren. E hindi ba nag-hiwalay din si Carmina? Sa mga senator natin, ilan ang hiwalay sa asawa nila? 

    Sabihin mo sakin hindi naghihiwalay ang mga tao pag walang divorce, tska mo sabihin sakin na ipagbawal to. Kung naghihiwalay parin ang mga tao kahit meron or walang divorce, ano pang bisa na ipagbawal to?

    • UrHONOR

      MATAGAL na nga dapat itong divorce na ito sa ating lipunan.  Solusyon sa problema.  Lusot sa gusot. Turo ng mga damasing, walang kalasan para hawak nila sa leeg ang mga nagpapaksal sa kanila ng habang buhay.  Para kang pumasok sa lungga na walang labasan…. sakaling may nagkamali sa pagdidisisyon.  Ayaw ng divorce, pero OK ang marriage annulment na ganun din ang suma tutal.  Marriage Annulment-kung wala  kang padrrino aabutin ka ng siyam-siyam…..may apo na ang apo mo, hindi pa matatapos.  At, TNL, ang gastos-gastos.  Pero sa mga damasing, kwartang tumataginting!

      • demonYOU

         Bugok ka pala kung may divorce eh di napadalas ang pagpapakasal ng mga magpapakasal uli dahil kung hindi magdi divorce eh di konti magpapakasal…

      • UrHONOR

        Siyanga nga naman, demon YOU!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer


    • Horhe

      end of the world na

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


      • antonioluna


      • poltergeist_fuhrer


      • antonioluna

        you honestly believe that sh*t?

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


      • Edgardo Mendoza


      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        terrorista???mamatay tao ba???BOY ABUNDA ikaw ba yan???talo mo pa ang bakla na sobrang hilig sa tisismis…


    • antonioluna

      tawagin na si Mang jose!

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    wala na talaga kayo magawa mga satanista kayo…naghahasik ng lagim…

    after divorce, what is next???

    same sex marriage???



    sinimulan lang ninyo sa RH…mga animal kayo!!!mga satanista!!!

    • antonioluna

      Tuwing sasapit nag dilim, Naghahasik na ng lagim
      Ang mga kaaway Ng ating tagapagligtas
      Lahat sila’y nagsisilabas…

      Tulong! Tulong! Saklolo Kailangan ko ng tulong mo!

      Mang Jose, Mang Jose Ang superhero na pwedeng arkilahin

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


      • Edgardo Mendoza


      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        kung dyablo si tagle, ano ka na lang????at saan ka ba???tanyag ka ba???nirerespeto???hahaha…ingit lang yan tsong….maligo ka muna baklita ka

  • wilfel

    Go for it. Its about time that the country need this law. If not, there will also be a lot of broken families since there will be a lot of mistresses. Why not legalized it. Don’t let the Catholic Church say anything about it. Even Italy where the Vatican stand there is Divorce in Italy and Spain where our Catholicism come from had Divorce so why not the Philippines. Ask the Catholic Church why is it that there are many priests have children out of wedlock too.

  • Julio Ibon

    Ang hirap sa maraming Pinoy eh kokontra kaagad o sasang-ayun hindi pa nababasa ang laman ng batas na yan. Title pa lang ng batas ay kay dami nang nasabi. SAbi nga ng isang senador I don;t judge the bill by its title, in the same manner don;t judge the book by its cover.

  • Crusader

    From the words of Mike Huckabee in his commentary “Where is God”, we are ushering God out of our society slowly. First with the RH bill, then the Divorce bill. Surely according to the good book, people will become more evil in the end times.

    • Mark Philip Wu

      You mean to tell me, there are no more christians in countries with divorce and contraception? Na people everywhere are all so evil? Such exaggeration. The US has abortion and gay marriage in certain areas. Yet, see how many christians are in the country. Can you tell me that these things are wiping out religious people?

    • CarlosC

      So following your line, those who support RH Bill and Divorce, are evil???? Are you a moron or what?

    • Andrei Mendoza

      oh.. I just hope you marry an evil man or woman, who will beat you to death everyday for no reason, empty your savings, get home drunk, will bring home another f ck buddy in front of you, will abuse you endlessly and while it is happening to you, I hope the senate will never pass the divorce bill so that you will suffer for the rest of your life!  hahahaha

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Very sad, You are Obviously so right,
        but it kept the mafioso Clergy Blind almost since ever.

        May I ad, 

        What a pity nightmare example for Children’s of fighting parents !
        It’s a psychological Hell drama for them, with not calculable tragic consequences !

        To keep such families is highly destructive for the country, the colonial Clergy traditional target ! 

        What a disgusting shame !

        Do the country will go one day out of those impregnated dirty hands ?

  • Gibo

    Usually the members of Gabriella and Activist are drop outs of UP Diliman or they are second courser. Since they were not able to finish the courses they wanted, they let loose by doing this things. I hope they are not going to bring us down with them. I do not think that Grabriella and other Activitst have the same thoughts as the majority of the Filipino people. They do not deserve a seat in Congress. Abolish Party List! It is a mistake!

    I toiled and studied really well in UP Diliman to get where I am. I am good citizen of the Philippines and brings bacon to our home country. But I can still see other people who will bring Philippines down to where we came from! I never really supported activism in UP Diliman because I know that is not the way to progress. Activism in UP Diliman came from students who are drop outs and have lost hope of making a mark in the University. These same people are parading in our government. PNOY please look back from time to time. Look forward and bring the good values of the Filipino people. We are unique. Let us keep it that way!

    • Renan Galang

      excellent sweeping generalization there. let me make another one. “I thought UP graduates had excellent discourse skills. Yours are unimaginably terrible.”

    • George Lapulapu

      ….you miserably missed so many things during your university days, like — objectivity. know one or ten activist who dropped out, you concluded all activists are drop outs. You must be sleeping in your Philo 1.

      ..and what do you mean “..are parading in our government?” or look back in time…

      ..please, wag ka magkalat dito…

    • AlexanderAmproz

      My Dear Gibo,

      World wide University had also produced the worst.
      Arroyo, Palparan, Enrile, etc., sadly, most of the Philippines leaders are among other bastard’s(nicely speaking)
      May I remember you Churchill, among many others was a school drop out !
      In Germany, one of the most successful  and advance country, 3 out 5 Leaders never went to University.
      I have no doubt you where a brilliant student, but your comment is seriously stupid !
      Common sense is not a question of study, Philippines is stepping on the head since Magellan, abused by the Clergy on purpose to rape the country for the King’s and Pope’s.
      Alike Jose Rizal, Leonardo Co or any good one, are killed, the Trashes, most of the chosen Leaders doing killing and looting are respected !
      This is a Colonial Church Victory !

      No to Divorce is one way among others to keep the Population struggling.

      Gabriella and Bayan Muna are improvement Leaders and Hero for a basic inexistent Justice. With Gawag Kalinga, they are among the country only real Christian’s !

      NB: Your twisted point of view is similar to an Arroyo trash, a disaster !
      PS: You should be an ARROYO and MARCOS’S favorite, ready to run for election ?

      • Andrei Mendoza

        tagalugin mo na lang, dami mong sablay.

      • antonioluna

        ay, hindi mo naintindihan? gamit ka dictionary.

      • Andrei Mendoza

        lols, isa ka pa, hindi mo ba nakikita? 

      • Jon Cruz

        Tama! Mali-mali ang syntax.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        agree with you, I am very bad
        for grammar and syntax
        promise you to tray to improve, 
        but not ready to hire a translator as
        the purpose is not literature, but politics

      • Crysis_III

        E google tranlate mo nalang. Ang pakay dito is about the argument not the syntax or grammar…

    • demonYOU

       Parang bumagsak ka sa entrance ng UP kaya ganyan ka siguro ka-bitter! you pretend to be Gibo pero dapat ang alias mo ay BIGO!

  • Bob Couttie

    The refusal to make divorce legal is simply subservience to a foreigner, a German, who rules a foreign country. Even during the Spanish period divorce was allowed, indeed one of the earliest examples of a Filipino signature is on a divorce document. Making it legal doesn’t make it mandatory.


    GREAT move, Luz Ilagan!

  • Albin

    Not because the rest of the world have divorce, we should follow. Only if the vatican allows it, then let us discuss.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Vatican is just a beautiful antiques museum since 1500 years with a frozen thinking
      Only the most advance country alike Philippines believe them as leaders.
      Developed countries are backwards isn’ ‘it ?
      Didn’t have you observed Philippines is stepping on the head ?
      Nice, innocent and system victims peoples are jailed, World most disgusting becoming adorned and country leaders, alike Marcos or Arroyo known for tortures, killings on purpose to loot the country. Even Marcos is considered by most a corrupt killer and by the gullible an “National Hero” .
      Choosing a corrupt drunkard womanizer as President to be a country Symbol…

      Yes, the World is wrong and Philippines are all-right, are you suggesting ?

      Showed by example, among the richest and most gifted turned into the poorest by a rapist Clergy, since 450 Years !
      Oh my God, I am speechless by this kind of wisdom !

    • kismaytami

      Ilang kamay ba ni papa damaso ang nakahawak sa bayag mo? Hindi ka makapag-desisyon nang hindi niya hinihila ang bayag mo.

    • Crysis_III

      na adik ka yata sa kahihithit mo sa puwet ng mga Obispo kaya ganyan ka magdepensa sa kanila. 

      • Shaque Quesha

        halata aman kung kanino ka kampon?

      • Crysis_III

        Ok lang kesa naman pareho sa iyo nagpapanggap na malinis pero mabaho naman. hahaha. 


      FYI Vatican never sanctioned divorce stipulations in any country like the US. They just chosed to remain silent.

      So why seek Vatican’s thumbs up for the Philippines’ ?

  • Jezzrel

    Sa Old Testament ng Bible, ‘allowed’ ang divorced, pero nong dumating ang Panginoon Hesus, di na raw puwede….So papano? Ok lang kung wala, ok lang din kung meron…Magdebate kayo hanggang gusto niyo…

    • Bisdak_kaayo

      So hayaan nalang nating mamatay sa BUGBOG ang WIFE dahil hindi siya pwede makipag hiwalay sa kanyang HUSBAND na tarantado?

      • Crysis_III

        Ok lang kung magpabugbog si Jezzrel sa tarantadong Husband. hehehe.

    • PhoenixPoliticalParty

      Hindi ako sumasang-ayon na sa Lumang Tipan ay pinapayagan ang paksa, o ang paghiwalayin ang mag-asawa.  At ang alam ko, ang sabi ni Jesus,  naparito siya hindi upang ipasa walang bisa ang Batas,  kung hindi upang pagtibayin ito.

      Hindi rin naman sa bilang masusukat kung ang isang bagay ay tama o mali.  Sabihin na nating dalawang bansa lamang ang mabibilang na walang hiwalayan,  at ang lahat na bansa ay may batas na nagpapahintulot dito.   Hindi nangangahulugan na ang dalawang bansa na ito ay siyang mali,  at ang natitira ang siyang tama.

  • dennis

    “It is the Religion that controls everyone´s view why we have suffer difficulties in making Bills into a Law!”…..Maybe if we are not 95% Catholic Christian or other religion as well,things might look different for our country?I want to ask our Lawmakers with one question: “When you enter in a Congress House or Senate House,..Are you a Lawmaker or a kind of Religious Pastor who are almost influenced by your Religion?”….Have you ever had in your mind that you are making a Law for a country and not a Law for only one person?

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Shaque Quesha

    All people who attack religion is called “religious”. Wala kayong pinagkaiba sa pinatatamaan nyo. :)

  • Crysis_III

    Vatican is not even a country…. Only the Philippines…What the freak…


    This is a dare for Pres. Aquino if he would really stand up to his promises. This is a simple case of women’s human and judicial rights. These “morality” champions who doesn’t care about battered women and domestic spousal abuse, look down on legal separation and divorce as evil.

    And for those know-it-all anti-divorce religious blabbermouths, don’t you know that there are more than a thousand ordained RC priests in the US and Europe who were married and had children before being ordained? Yeah truth hurts. And the RC church doctrine in the US is supposed to be the same in our own country, right?

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