Sotto derails RH bicam meeting


Senate Majority Floor Leader Vicente Sotto III. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

The bicameral conference committee tasked with reconciling the Senate and House versions of the reproductive health (RH) bill suffered a setback Tuesday.

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III invoked several rules barring the bill’s principal sponsor, Sen. Pia Cayetano, from forming the Senate contingent to the bicameral conference committee and from holding the bicameral meeting.

Citing Rule 12 Section 35 of the Senate rules, Sotto said only Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile could appoint the seven senators who would comprise the chamber’s panel in the bicameral meeting.

Cayetano’s office has yet to provide Sotto clean copies of the RH bill that contain the amendments he introduced on Monday night.

In a 13-8 vote, senators approved the measure on Monday night.

Sotto said he wanted to read the clean copies of the Senate and House versions as, according to him, he intended to become a member of the bicameral panel.

But as Senate majority leader, it would be imprudent for him to leave his post inside the session hall and attend the 4:30 p.m. bicameral meeting that Cayetano called in the Senate Tuesday.

Some members of the House of Representatives, who were to participate in the bicameral meeting, were already in the Senate building before the afternoon session.

Sotto said the bicameral meeting was considered a committee hearing.

Senate rules also did not allow senators to hold hearings when there was a session. Otherwise, this could result in a lack of quorum, he explained.



Cayetano, however, said Senate “tradition” allowed the chairman of a committee the “privilege” of naming bicameral members instead of the Senate President.

“It is my prerogative to select the members. I don’t think there is anything wrong (with that). It is absurd and contrary to ask to delay a process which I would like to continue,” she said.

Cayetano would have wanted her brother, Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, and Senators Ferdinand Marcos III, Teofisto Guingona III, Francis Pangilinan, Panfilo Lacson and Sotto to join her in the chamber’s bicameral panel on the RH bill.

“Nothing prevents me from calling a bicam (meeting). I am offended that (I am) being imposed upon, not to call for a bicam. The House panel already agreed to hold it here (in the Senate),” she added.

The senator also said she was “offended” by Sotto’s apparent new “steps being taken to delay the process” of turning the RH bill into law.

Senate President Enrile said the tradition that Cayetano invoked was allowed only when no member objected to the bicameral lineup or its creation.

Enrile and Sotto are the Senate’s most vociferous opponents of the RH bill. Despite the numerous amendments they managed to include in the Senate version of the bill, they still voted “no” to its approval on second and third readings on Monday.

The two claimed the RH bill would promote promiscuity, result in an aging population supported by fewer younger people and merely accommodate the global birth control business.

Drilon’s suggestion


Sen. Franklin Drilon stood at one point and proposed that Cayetano be allowed to meet with House members in a “prebicameral” meeting.

“It would not be a bicameral conference, your honor,” Drilon assured Enrile.

Drilon also suggested that the bicameral conference be held this morning instead after senators shall have gone over the clean copies provided by the Senate and the House of Representatives.



As it is, the schedule set by RH sponsors for the bill’s road to ratification and signing into law in Malacañang was already delayed.

Cayetano and a bill’s sponsor, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, initially wanted the bicameral conference held Tuesday, the reconciled version’s ratification Wednesday and its submission for President Aquino’s signature so it could become law by Thursday.

If the bicameral panel begins its work only Wednesday, such a schedule will have to be revised.

Sotto immediately clarified that his objections were not another attempt to delay the bill’s transformation into law.

“If I were intent on doing that, the unfinished business for this day alone would already take us four days to take up, but I’m not insisting on that,” he told Cayetano before Enrile ordered an end to their bickering.

Senate coup?


Last week, Santiago warned that Enrile’s opposition toward the measure could lead to his “highly likely”  removal as Senate President between January and February next year.

Santiago added that Enrile’s move of returning the gifts that she and Cayetano gave the Senate President for Christmas was seen as an indication of the animosity borne out of their differing positions on the RH bill.

Santiago quoted Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, who had his own verbal tussle with Enrile over another issue, saying that Malacañang “has already been giving careful attention to (the) political contretemps” in the Senate and that the hostilities arising from the RH bill ran counter to “the flow of this present administration.”

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  • E Rigby

    I respect and admire Tito Sotto the artist.  But  I am growing to despise Tito Sotto the politician.   Delaying the implementation of the RH bill where he was on the losing side of the vote clearly shows his contempt for the decision of the majority of his colleagues in Congress.  There is no shame to be on the losing side of a vote.  There is shame though in being viewed as a sore loser. 

    • morale_reform

      In all my capacity would convince as many people around me not to vote for this senator when he ran again…

    • hanep

      You just insulted  all the  true  and  genuine  artists  in  the Philippines. 

  • Nelson

    This old man Enrile is really a poor sport using no other than his lapdog the funny clown of the senate to throw a monkey wrench at the RH Bill. Rather than reconcile their differences in the bicam, the old man who should be setting a statesmanship example instead plays childish games to mess up the issue! 

    This “trick ” really manifests that crazy old man Enrile has reached the stage of senility. 

  • rpjwarrior

    Oust Enrile as Senate President now! The Sotto-Enrile tandem is becoming an embarrassment to Filipino people.

  • Garo Ungaro

    the last hurrah!…when power no matter what? can be use in any means…to delay a bill that has been approved by both the house and the senate…to unifiying the passage of the RH bill..the people will remember…the president is waiting for this bill to be in acted into the law of the land…just let go and we move on…this is a very clear example and a clear message to the filipino voters that showbiz/actors are not fit to be in congress and hold the public trust..they are entertainers.

  • AntiAko

    SOTTO can add “SORE LOSER” to his resume. Shame on him…

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • joe

    Imagine if all Filipinos has job.  Nobody can watch Eat Bulaga, the rating will go down.

    Anti RH wants Pinoys to make more uneducated children to watch Eat Bulaga.

  • The Overlord

    Sotto is pathetic. Sino ba ang mga gag*ng bumoto sa mas malaking gag* na to?

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but….sen sotto m.o. is so “clear and a present danger” to the constitution, and in great contrast to what is the constitution’s intent that afforded and have made him to be somewhat  lucky to get elected as a senator of this great nation.

    sen. sotto’s personal crusade against the RH manifested by (h)is recent delaying tactics to derail the peaceful and lawful functions of the phil. house of congress and its members to do their job surely display (h)is( sen. sotto) misunderstanding or lack thereof of knowledge on the inner workings of the legislative body.

    what a waste of juan dela cruz votes……for sen.sotto.

    • diamond_digger

       Well-said! Having given him the opportunity to prove himself as a legislator for which he has dismally failed, isn’t it time for the Filipino people to put an end to this waste of scarce government resources? Actors and entertainers should be relegated to the screen and or stage and not in the hallowed hallls of Congress. In 2013, the people should remember thosewho failed them in their trusts and expectations.

      those who

  • Dieserweg

    Good job!

  • diamond_digger

     Wow! A n0t-veiled attempt at courting the votes of the bishops and priests and their followers! This guy should now get back to doing what he is good at – acting! Not long ago, he unashamedly used some works and arguments as his.

  • aristeosj

    Since when did these 2 clowns(sotto,enrile) had the 
    benefit of the country in their hearts?they can not 
    even accept the majority decision of the institution
    they belong.

    now,they are making all sorts of ridiculous
    rationalizations to try to justify their untenable

  • diamond_digger

     Well-said! Having given him the opportunity to prove himself as a legislator for which he has dismally failed, isn’t it time for the Filipino people to put an end to this waste of scarce government resources? Actors and entertainers should be relegated to the screen and or stage and not in the hallowed hallls of Congress. In 2013, the people should remember thosewho failed them in their trusts and expectations.

    those who

  • diamond_digger

    Well-said! Having given him the opportunity to prove himself as a legislator for which he has dismally failed, isn’t it time for the Filipino people to put an end to this waste of scarce government resources? Actors and entertainers should be relegated to the screen and or stage and not in the hallowed hallls of Congress. In 2013, the people should remember thosewho failed them in their trusts and expectations.

    those who

  • mnlmad

    Umarya na naman ang unggoy!

  • Hey_Dudes

    Ladies and gentlemen, what we see here are individuals hellbent in massaging their egos at the expense of the Filipino people.  This is amazingly gridlock being advance by a senator who’s personal opposition to the bill passed by a majority is being held hostage?  The people through their representatives in congress had spoken but like other issues in our country prone to rib wracking, this is another game they are playing.

    This is turning into an intolerable situation something I think the Filipino people should not remain passive and hope things will ultimately turn for the better.  Fact is, for as long as these people are convince they have Cart  Blanche to do as they please,  our country unfortunately will not progress rapidly.

  • ryan andres

    Sottong, you are in the senate, not Wanbol U. Yung Escalera tactics mo eh hindi nababagay sa isang senador.

    Mahiya ka nga sa sarili mo, ‘namo ka!

  • tulisangmaginoo

    Even in defeat, this “thief” is a tough nut to crack!!!

  • BruinBearDad

    Can we just get rid of this imbecile?  Sotto really needs to go…

  • lucidlynx

    There’s no avoiding the bicameral meeting. You can only delay it. And Sotto’s action is very childish and irresponsible. He doesn’t deserve the title “Honorable”.

    The RH bill is already passed.

  • MarcyPulilan

    Sotto copying again a delaying tactic that has been used before. Kumita na yan Escalera!!

  • lennonpaul

    Ibang klase pagkatao nitong sotto.

  • felipe

    OBSTRUCTIONIST that is his service to the people & they will never forget this, his come-uppance will certainly catch up with him one way or another

  • Sargo

    I will vote Sotto 

    • marionics

      sige pero sa 2016 pa he he

  • lolo_Jose

    Umandar na naman ang kanipisan at ka abnoyan ng utak ni sotto..wala man lang ba
    sa miyembro ng pamilya niya na nagsabi sa kanya na hindi na tama at wala na sa
    wastong kaisipan ang pinag gagawa niya? Ito ba ang klase ng senador na igagalang
    mo? Nakakapanginig ka ng laman apo sa tutuo lang, ala eh kung andiyan lang ako
    nasampal na kita na tikom ang palad ko..Inang mahabagin anong pagkakasala ng
    mga pilipino at binigay ninyong parusa ang isang sotto sa amin?

    • pedronimo

       Ang sagot jan Lolo ay tignan mo na lang ang itsura ng mukha ni sotto. Wala kang makitang maski ka puringit na kabutihan,

  • pikloy

    A hopeless individual, no brain and yet trying hard but still don’t get it…uris…ano ga.   usbaw..aewan..

  • Joe Umali

    If the Senate Rules mandate that the Senate President is the only one authorized to appoint the members of the Bicameral Committee, then by all means replace the Senate President with somebody who will not obstruct the RH bill from becoming a law.  There are enough pro RH Bill supporters in the Senate to accomplish this and this should also shut up the good for nothing Sotto.

  • Joe Umali

    Please don’t ask Soto to leave the Senate.  We need a Court Jester, don’t we?

  • KapitanBagwis

    Sottomy, I hope the wrath of God be upon you for the rest of your life for sabotaging or hindering the clamor of the majority of Filipino people for the RH Bill to become a law.

    What pathetic man this monkey, resorting to technicalities to derail the bicam committee.

  • suburbanmother

    This guy is hopeless.

  • $23228448

    stupid is as stupid does

  • boomvilla

    g0 sotto go. ajejejejeje
    andaming napipikon o , go sotto

  • $15469930

    Sotto narrow minded…

  • divictes

    Promiscuity? Look who’s talking! ha ha ha…

  • $15469930

    Enrile using his power for personal gain…… He forgot the people who vote for him.

  • Darwin


    • hanep

      Darwin  that’s  creatively  hilarious !!!  

      Here’s  another  version.  Sooootttooopido !!!

    • Yobhtron

      Dang! That word must be put into the Webster dictionary asap!

  • lex

    dapat isinama na ang abortion sa panukala ng RH, pag approved na, retroactive ang implementation! i – abort na si sotto ! para tumahimik na siay dahil walang sense ang mga sinasabi niya! obvious naman na delaying tactics lang sayang ang pera ng taong sinasayang niya!


    eat BULAGA !,soar loser i guess, almost foolish to delay this RH.what else does he want ?

  • jay

    Aral na aral kay GMA si Sotopid.

  • Janch

    Sotto talks about promiscuity. Bakit hindi yung kapatid niyang may mga anak sa labas ang pangaralan niya? 

    • Bryan R. Balajadia


    • hanep

      The word  is  hypocrisy.

    • pedronimo

      The Sottos are the least qualified to pontificate on sex and morality. Vic is aptly called “Bossing” while his older brother is “BOBOsing”.

      • Yobhtron

        The best comment on the Sotto brothers.  

    • Arnello Novicio


    • vin reyes

      saktong sakto Janch..nice one..

  • bgcorg

    There is independence between the three co-equal branches of government.  As long as a senator acts on conviction about doing something good for the people, under God, why give too much credit on the Executive.  Democracy should not be seen as a blind submission to a despotic power.  Otherwise it is not democracy.

  • walangutak

    Pinanindigan lang ni Sotto ang kanyang papel bilang isa sa mga eskalera brothers na ginampanan niya sa isang pelikula, yan naman kasi ang tunay na takbo ng kanyang isip at katauhan, makasarili.

  • unokritiko

    The major problem here is not the senate but the group of senators who has a mafia minded
    controlling the office. Remove enrile and this people will be like a sitting dogs in the senate floor more that lapid’s character.

  • concern_netizen

    Sotto may be right this time.  The bicameral meeting must be done according to rules.  The RH bill is almost done, let us give some room for the pro-RH so we can start the healing process.

    • pedronimo

       With Sotto, there is no healing but only wounding and pain.

  • MaRita E.

    But I think he is right this time that one cannot hold a Bicameral Meeting during Senate session time. So it is just correct that they schedule it this morning. Anyway, there is enough time to pass it, if they finish the Bicameral report before session today ar 3 pm. They can approve it later today. Then it will be sent to Malacanang for the President’s signature and then it will be published and become a law.

    • Jane Tan

      He is right. No doubt. But what Pia stated as “tradition” was something they used to do and already did.

      Of course, Sotto is just showing the entire world that he only follows the rules to the letter when it benefits him.

  • jonas c

    Look people! look at the person you voted! ahahahha loooooook!!! 

  • pedronimo

    Ayan na naman si Sotto ang pinakamagaling na tangang senador ng Pilipinas. Makita mo lang ang mukha niya , talo na ang bayang Pilipinas. His face speaks for what his brain is.

    • pinoy917


    • kamandag

      Si Sotto at si Enrile ay komukontra ng labis kasi naghihintay sila ng malaking SUHOL mula sa mga somusuporta sa bill . Mukhang pera ang dalawang ito lalo na ang bubong Sotto Escalera !

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    I like this dog, Sotto. Rabid. 
    It’s cold up there in Baguio this time of the year. 
    Wanna go there?

  • hanep

    Nang –  aasar lang  talaga  si Tito  Sen.

  • pinoy917

    Sotto is the man!  The  guy who think he thinks like Kennedy and talks like Kennedy… sa tagalog nga lang. 

    • Magsasaka

       huwag mo naman pababain masyado ang pagkatao ni JFK

      • acaldejr

        OO nga!  Ha ha…Sotto is a real big joke!  Sa senado pa.

  • joel

    These two senators had given their numerous amendments to the Bill hoping they would agree with the amended version and vote yes,but still they voted NO. But why? just to delay the process, this bill had already languished in congress for almost 13years then comes this bicameral issue which would only take a day to finish reconciling the versions. Please give this bill a chance to be passed soonest. This is good for the Philippines! 

    • indiosbravos2002

      Thats funny. They had a lot of amendments inserted but still voted no. They should have just voted on the freakng bill the first time around. That should have earned the Senate Months to discuss other priority bills.

  • 1voxPopuli

    comedian talaga tong si Sotto! never fails to make us laugh.

  • MNLFoodcritic

    I really hope years from now when my grandchildren study history, Senator Sotto will not be taken seriously and be viewed as a big joke.

    • roninblade

      He is already viewed as a big (sad) joke.

    • MikeSmith8828

      Ninny Sotto will not even be mentioned in history.

  • Pascal C

    Will all of these Senators please stop this childish behaviour. They have been elected to make laws. Do Your Job. There are many other bills that are important that need to be read.

    • acaldejr

      You tell that sa nagmamagaling mong Senador na si Sotto.

      • Pascal C

        Haha. I cannot, because even though I am a permanent resident, I don’t have a vote :). 

  • jseesus

    bunutin nating isa isa ang balbas nito. baba at taas para matauhan.. tapos ibitin patiwarik….hahaa..

  • jojoandrada

    Maybe we should put in an insertion in the RH bill about the need to castrate rapists and sex offenders …. RIGHT? Wachu think guys? Softdrinks ??? Anyone ???

    • Yobhtron

      Let’s drink to that with a refreshing cool Pepsi.

    • Seaflip

      Im with yah!

    • Cano Manuel

      That is barbaric! go back in time to the stone ages.

      • jojoandrada

        Engot … i-google mo nga … pepsi paloma. Tapos manahimik ka na.

  • wgd82

     Rule 12 Section 35 of the Senate rules vs “tradition”

  • Yobhtron

    Umeksena na naman si Senatong kupal Sottohan.  Mga kabayan huwag mo natin iboto ang hunghang na senatong na eto.

  • boi skater

    Sotto’s delaying tactics are getting tiresome. He is wasting the people’s time and money.

  • Leonardo

    TO BE FRANK; there are unseen forces beyond Senator Sotto’s attitude toward RH Bill. matagal na deliveration di natapos ang mga pagpuna ni sotto. nag-salita na ang nakararami sa senado, ito pa si sotto, marami pang hinihingi at ayaw mapasimulan ang bicameral meeting. ang tigas naman ni senador sotto – sino ba ang mayhawak sa kaniya at kaninong UTAK ang gumagana?

  • Notnot123

    Ang talangka ng hahatak ng nasa taas, hindi diretso pag lumakad laging pataligilid, pag tinaas ang dalawang kamay kala mo surender na yun pala mangsisipit pa = Wow!!! Pwedeng modelo ng Talangka itong si Tito Sotto.

    PS  My apologies to the talangka, ang talangka masarap iulam, eto nakakasuka.

  • melanioamarillo

    nagpa survey daw si  tito sen, sotto ang lumabas  mas marami sa audience ng eat bulaga ay die-hard catholics katoliko sarado  that when the RH bill is approved lili it ang kanyang  manono od siempre  konti kita

    • Dell B Quiambao

       Actually, let us be a bit passionate and understand the cause being fought for by the priests. It is business. The church income has been continuously dwindling since their flocks started avoiding church weddings. Now the priests are thinking about the income on baptisms. So, let us understand the plight of the priests!! Are there anybody in the present time who is not thinking of PROFIT ??  LOOK AT  Senate Copier Soto, he is now hell bent and crazily chasing support of the catholic priests. Sobrang garapal na PLASTIC SENATOR !!

      • Jane Tan

        Maybe they promised to donate to him a photocopy machine and a lackey to operate it

  • Rae_E

    Someone should start a Facebook campaign for GMA-7 to drop that idiotic show “Eat Bulaga” which gave this clown & his ilk (Revilla, Lapid, Estrada) the media mileage to be voted in the Senate. Thanks ABS-CBN, GMA & TV-5 for dumbing down Pinoys w/ your trashy shows. Shows & Filipinos where more intelligent prior to the advent of Sotto’s “Iskul Bukul”!

    • Andre Mitchell

      right now, its a sin to be a learned filipino.
      try starting an intellectual discourse, the common pinoy will respond with “nosebleed”.
      those 3 bukols made being dumb so fashionable.

  • napali808

    This should be a lesson to us voters to never vote a comedian/actor again. Sotto, Lapid, Revilla, Estrada…they all enter politics because there’s lots of money to be had and they could fake it if elected. These guys are also street wise so they could slime their way right out of a hole. These guys have also something in common. They are always on the side of the church, cause they know these bishops have their grip on their flocks. Time has changed these hypocrite bishops have lost credibility and respect among the faithfuls. It’s interesting to see what those guys gonna do next…hang around with Enrile the seasoned slime ball. 

    • Jane Tan

      You’d think the public learned their lesson after they voted Erap into office.

      • Seaflip

        Isnt this amazing how we never learn from our past, we got screwed, imprisoned, marginalized by the same people that we chose to lead us again! 

      • Jane Tan

        Some of us do but the masses never learn. After Pacquiao got elected, I pretty much gave-up.

        None of the Presidents I voted for ever got elected.

  • Jane Tan

    I’m just wondering when Sotto and Enrile will reach a new low and start calling repeated breaks, spending hours taking a crap just to delay sessions.

  • dickenhead

    my barber is more deserving to be a senator than this s____bag!

    • Seaflip

      ‘Be glad to vote for your barber to replace a serial clown.

    • Facilitator1

      Kabayan: Our good senator is either PIG-HEADED or SORE LOSER. He just don’t know when to quit. Maybe, he gets his kicks or satisfy his perverted pleasure by antagonizing the very same people he sworn to serve. PEACE…

  • Seaflip

    We have elected all sorts of colorful personalities in both our congress and senate: serial womanizers, serial coup plotters, serial thieves, serial murderers, serial liars, serial money launderers, and Tito Sotto is in a league of his own, he’s your serial clown, LOL!!

    • Andre Mitchell

      clicked the like button on this one! funniest post yet!


      How about serial Abnoy who grins like a dog with out reason. Only the dripping saliva is missing to complete a vission of horror.

  • akimaxx

    Ang tapang talaga ni Sotto, palaban dahil the whole Catholic church is at his back. Huling baraha nila itong si Sotto.

    Kapag naipasa ang RH Bill ang susunod na gagawin, CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

    Damasos are bullying our lawmakers, sowing fear to our nation during Christmas season and so on. 

    The real Jesus preaches LOVE not FEAR or don’t bully one another. I wonder who their god is.

    • Don Dee

      Actually, ayos yang tumawag ng civil disobedience ang Cathlic Church ng lalong maipamukha sa mga hunghang na ito na wala na silang kapangyarihan. No one listens anymore to this church who protected pedophile priests! This chuch who accepted SUV bribes from a cheater/corrupt/fake president! I dare the RCC to call for civil disobedience. I DOUBLE DARE THESE MFCKRS.

    • Michael

      kapal talaga ng unggoy na yan. lakas ng loob kasi hanggang 2016 pa termino nyo. i pity the church there staunch supporter is an arrogant unethical idiot

  • Amboy123

    This idiot clown is using delaying tactics. Naggugulo na lang.  Talo kasi sa RH bill.

  • XG1972

    Desperado na itong Unggoy na ito…

  • Ramil Abalon

    All scenarious are already..there…at this point of time…sino ang sa tingin natin ang nag papahirap sa bayan????????  NPA, MILF, ABU SAYAF?????? HINDI…KUNDI ANG SIMBHANG KATOLIKO…….IBAGSAK ANG MGA PARE, OBISPO NA YAN…….

  • nelson quijano

    Let us not support the RH bill because there are elements in this law that are against the will of God.  

    • Jane Tan

      Using your argument – let us not support the Philippines because there are elements in this country that are against the will of God

    • Seaflip


    • justjarred

       Umm, diba Vox Populi Vox Dei? Since ang mga senador ay binoto ng mga mamamayan sila din ang boses ng mga tao.

      • pelang

         e, si bongbong marcos? bumaligtad sa last minute. himirit pa,e.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Hmmmm… mukhang na antala ang dating mo, hijo. Tapos na ang rally! >: D

    • Rex

       ano daw?

    • aardman

      Nelson, this is God speaking.  You are wrong.

  • virgo57

    Tito Sotto is portraying an image that he has an intellects to tackle RH bill issue. Obviously, he is a superlative arrogant with negative zero I.Q. and mouthpiece of the JPE the destabilizer of the Philippines democracy. These bunch of idiots knows nothing but porma and political positioning even aligning with GMA remnants for survival purposes. Mga kapal muks.

    • Patrick Bryan Tesoro

      Sotto is half of Enrile while Enrile is half of Miriam.

      • KIBOR

        That will be an honor for sotto if you say sotto is half of enrile…  he’s a dumb@ss

  • virgoyap

    The bill has already been passed the single thing that Sotto could do is to expedite its passing instead of trying to dilly-dallying it.

  • Maitum

    The war is over. It will create more negative reaction for you which is not good for a politician. Just let go and prepare for another big fight. There are some in the offing. That’s for sure.

  • $25995786

    enrile sotto sore losers so i did not capitalize their 1st letter of their surname they lost my respect

  • Bjdc

    s-ottot, a disgrace to the Filipino people!

  • maxbrowsing

    yan ang napapala ng pinas sa kaBOBOto ng artista…si sotto kaba…bakit kasi bobo ka…si manong ka ba ..bakit..kasi mahilig kang kumampi sa bobo….BOBOOOM

  • antonioluna

    mukhang hudas lang ah…

  • Kiam

    inamin na ba ng anak niya na pills ang gamit nito?

  • MG

    Enrile and his minion Sotto should be man enough to accept the vice of the majority. Stop the crap gentlemen your honors. Lets move on to more important things. And may God have mercy on your souls.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • taytay

      satanas ka edgardo mendoza

  • malek_abdul

    Nagpapa-importante lang si Sotto palibhasa  bugbog siya sa “Plagiarism” case kaya gusto niyang bumawi at i-delay ang bicameral conference para hindi mapirmahan ni Pnoy ngayon taon ang RH Bill. Kapal talaga ng mukha ni Sotto!!!

  • indiosbravos2002

    I doubt if Sotto can stand Pia Cayetano on a 1 to 1 debate.

  • indiosbravos2002

    His actions now will have irrepairable repercussions on his political bid in 2016. Auwerte nya kung maboto pa syang councilor uli ng QC.

  • Jason Cruz

    Sen Sotto, tutoo ba ikaw daw ang pinakabobong senador sa ngayon,  daldal ng daldal wala namang laman.    

    • ofwme2807

      oo nga bobo talaga yan at naging majority floorleader pa??oh my gollywow ang senate si sotto majority leader at nagtetechnical pa ngaun delaying the RH bill???bakit mahaharang mo ba yan tito escalera??

  • ofwme2807

    si sotto ngdrama pa sa speech sa senado ginamit pa yung namatay na anak at sinisi sa ano contraceptives???kagagawan mo yan kata_gahan yan of all…ngaun ang drama is to delay bicameral conference ano ba gusto mo tito escalera candy???wag ka ng pa-importante alam naman ng lahat ng Pilipino katayuan mo as senator??God forgive us for electing this clown in the Senate and doing majority floorleadership??? 

  • pangitbudhiko

    sabi ni sotto na gusto niyang mabasa muna, ang tanong pagnabasa ba niya maiintindihan niya kaya yung binasa niya

  • Romeo

    Ha, isang bobong Sotto lang ang nag derail ng bicam meeting, bakit pumayag ang matatalinong senators…akoy nagtataka.

  • dangerzone1234

    ang taong bobo kahit anong gawin mo bobo pa rin

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • pangitbudhiko

      tignan mo ang larawan ni sotto, mukhang si “”HUDAS”, dito sa Canada meron akong nakitang lalaki na meron sungay, tinanong ko yung lalaki kung ito ba ay nakakabit na sa kanyang nuo sagot sa akin ay OO, kung gusto ni sotto, Magpunta siya sa Toronto at palalagyan ko siya ng “””SUNGAY” kamukha na niya si   ””LUCIFER””

      • RONNIE858

        totoo ka diyan, panget na Hudas ang itsura niya.

  • Mike Henry French

    bobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mango ka……..

  • athenapallas

    mang-asar na lang talaga ang kayang papelin sa buhay ng hunghang na Sotto de Bobo na ito. sayang ang tax payers’ money na isinusweldo sa ‘yo! pinakamalakas pa naman gumastos ito ng pork barrel, nauubos sa mga hilig nya sa magarbong suits at travels abroad nila ng asawa at mga anak nya ‘puro first class flights pa at swanky hotels sa Europe. we must educate the uneducated and poor voters na nabobola nito thru eat bulaga na hindi na dapat iboto pa itong bobong ito sa kahit anong posisyon sa gobyerno. 

  • diamond

    Kahit hindi na ninyo iboto si Sotto, naisahan na niya kayo. Mayaman na iyan, may dollar account na iyan sigurado. Kita naman ninyo ang mga nagliliyab na diamonds ni Madam Helen.

    • hustlergalore

      diyan ba napunta yung fpj campaign funds? nagtatanong lang po.

  • Kaloy

    Ganito ba talaga kakapal ang mukha ni Sotto. Kulobot na ang mukha niya sa sampal na comments ng taumbayan sa kabobohan niya.

    Tungkol naman sa recent blunders ni Enrile, nagayon ko lang napapansin na nakahahawa pala ang kabobohan at katangahan. Si Manong kasi sama nang sama kay Tito Sotto lately.

  • hustlergalore

    Sotto said he wanted to read the clean copies of the Senate and House versions as, according to him, he intended to become a member of the bicameral panel.

    – tito sotto believes he is the human great wall of china, defender of the catholic church and its fallacious morality. LOL

  • Hein S


  • aardman

    Kailangan talaga ng Charter Change:  Ipagbawalan na mangandidato ang bobo.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Pepe Alas

    Senator Sotto is an enigma. I wonder how the Catholic Church deals with him, especially since he’s a Freemason.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


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