Philippine birth control fight not over—bishops



Jonas Bagas, executive director of the TLF Share Foundation, rebuffed the statement of Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes that the incidence of HIV was high among men who have sex with men (MSM) partly because they do not follow the Church’s strictures against same-sex intercourse. ( photo)

MANILA, Philippines—Philippine Catholic church leaders vowed Tuesday to overturn a birth control bill after lawmakers passed landmark legislation to make sex education and birth control more widely available.

The Senate and the House of Representatives approved the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill late Monday, putting it on course to be signed into law by President Benigno Aquino within a week, after its final wording has been decided.

Church leaders, however, pledged to continue their fight against the controversial bill, with an appeal to the Supreme Court and a campaign to oust its supporters in May’s general election.

Bishop Gabriel Reyes said a group of Catholic lawyers was preparing to challenge the legality of the bill in the Supreme Court as soon as it is signed into law.

“We will support that petition… in the Supreme Court against the RH bill,” said Reyes, head of the commission on family issues for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP).

He added that the Catholic Church would also continue to urge the nation of 100 million people – 80 percent of whom are Catholic – to ignore the provisions of the bill once it passes into law.

“We will tell Catholics, ‘Even if you are given free contraceptives, do not use them,’” he told reporters.

Reyes said Tuesday that it would be left up to each individual bishop to decide whether to urge their dioceses to vote against legislators who supported the bill.

He laid the blame for the bill’s passage at the feet of President Benigno Aquino, who he accused of using pressure and government funds to get the necessary votes in Congress.

“The struggle between the pro-RH and the anti-RH… was really the struggle of Malacañang (the presidential palace),” he said, warning that Aquino could become a “threat to democracy” with his domination of Congress.

CBCP secretary-general Monsignor Joselito Asis said that the RH bill was a “watershed” and would be followed by bills for the legalization of divorce, abortion, same-sex marriage and euthanasia.

He stressed that if that were the case, the Church would fight against those laws, too.

The Church had effectively blocked the passage of birth control legislation for over a decade, cowing legislators and presidents by mounting huge protests and threatening to turn the public against them.

However, the two houses of Congress, with the support of the Aquino administration, voted in favor of the bill after months of bitter debate, during which time some Churchmen even threatened to have Aquino excommunicated.

Proponents of the bill said it was necessary to bring down maternal death rates, which are among the highest in the region, help poor women avoid getting pregnant and even slow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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  • PowerToThePeople11

    Kasalanan ito ng mga Filipino.
    Kayo kasi eh.
    You still patronize the RCC (Roman Catholic Cult).
    Kaya hayan tuloy.
    Kahit kitang kita na nasisiraan na ng bait ang mga pari at obispo, hindi nila ito alam.
    They still think na hindi sila baliw, dahil tinatangkilik pa rin sila ng ilang mamamayan.

    • mang_empoy

      O sige sabihin mo yan sa mga katoliko ha. Isa-isahin mo, sabi mo naman “ilang mamamayan” lang ang tumatangkilik di ba? 

  • EREC

    ENOUGH……ENOUGH! this bishops are the one promoting and inducing abortion to our less matured women in society. This bishops the one promoting unwanted pregnancy and unresponsible parents in the society, they are promoting phidophiles, they are promoting molestation of minors, they promoting poverty and crimes in society……they are just after for money, property income. This bishops must be the one to be crucified because they are reprensenting ESKRIBAS & DAMASO’S.

  • EREC

    My fellow Catholics faithful today are in the HANDS OF BEAST & WOLFS that hiding in their glamorous and fancy clothings using the name Jesus Christ in their teachings to manipulate and make believe the people…..but in reality…… they are happy to see lawless society, full of crimes society that was done by unfavorished and poor people…….this Beast & Wolfs want Pilipinos always in the lives of POVERTY and IGNORANCE in order they will be the one to reign. They are the representaion of ESKRIBAS & DAMASO century ago. My fellow Catholics faithful our church needs REFORM!

    • mang_empoy

      The nerve of you to call us “my fellow catholics”!

      I think you are only pretending to be catholic. In the Church we can freely differ in opinion but even the most liberal minded among us will agree that never was it preached or taught by our priests that it is okay to have a lawless and crime-filled society.

      How can you call for reform if you yourself are spreading lies?

      • EREC

        Im a catholic but not the same when I was just a kid. Understand.

        Don’t you ever know that I suspect some Bishops & clergies has mental disorder? My proof most of their victims are innocent kids….they are phedophiles. You got my point. You are just afraid to offend them but me sorry, Im not same before. Im not saying lies….what all im saying is true. I prayed that priest will got married and have family and also, I prayed that roman-catholics will stop intruducing SAINTS in the Philippines from Vatican. Instead, focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ based on New Testament.

      • mang_empoy

        Erec, I agree with you that pedophilia is a mental and sexual disorder.
        Those who commit such act must be punished by law, priest or not.
        But what I’m telling you is please stop generalizing. Maybe there are some bad apples among the bishops and priests but to call all of them “beasts and wolves” would be unfair. You get my point? So you are catholic as you say. Maybe you really know some not-so-exmplar priests but never were we taught that lawlessness and crime are okay. 

      • EREC

        if they are not after for being Beast & Wolfs why they are not speak-out for this mental ans sexual disorder in their line. I knew some priest are good but they were together with rotten tomato in one basket. To tell you I have a cousin who is a priest but he feel shame to me and he avoiding to meet with me during my vacation there in the Philippines. I repeat I prayed that priest will got married and have family and Catholics will stop intruducing saints(not in context in New Testament) in the Philippines that only came from Vatican. Think also what is the economic contribution for how many decades is Roman-Catholic as a religious institution in the Philippines. Salamat po pagbigay ng pansin sa aking comment. Maligayang Pasko po saiyo… Im OFW in Saudi Arabia.

      • mang_empoy

        Merry Christmas din!

  • Ommm

    Bishops…next move we go for full abortion rights as in the USA…a women has a choice to decide…after that we will urge all victims of catholic child abuse in the Philippines to come forward…after that we will need to tear down your churches as they will be vacant…

    • mang_empoy

      Full abortion rights… tearing down churches… What malevolent desires you have!
      I assure you that long after your death, the Church will be still standing. Wanna bet?  

      • Homer Guo

         masama po tumaya. sugal po yan. wag po kayong mag bet. magagalit mga pari.

      • pej1972

        Nice one Homer hahahaha

      • ryan andres

        champion yung comeback hirit mo kay empoy kasmot ser! LOL

      • Stanley J

         Standing as a monument of horrors.  Soon trhe world will be able to say “free at last, free at last – from the tyranny of the VAT.

  • dikoy321

    IGNORE those Bishops/Church leaders who TALK nonsense and spread LIES !

    The Church has been there TOO LONG and yet the country NEVER Improved all these many decades !!

    P-Noy has shown us what he ACCOMPLISHED in just 2 yrs or so, and MORE GOOD NEWS to come !

    BLAME the Bishops and their CROOKED Ways !!!

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • dikoy321

    Of course there is RH Law in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and many Christian countries in Europe!

    In Germany, the people DECIDE what to do about the number of their children, their SEXUAL LIVES, not the Bishops !

    KALOKOHAN ng MGA Bishops, wag Pansinin !!!

    CHURCH must pay Taxes and give back to the PEOPLE the vast lands they HAVE stolen ALL THESE MANY YEARS !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • Stanley J

       the church is the biggest landholder in Italy and Ireland/  While elsewhere it uses lawyers and hundreds of corporations to avoid paying off the molested children.

  • akramgolteb

    100 Million people, dati 75M, 85M, 95M lang. Hindi ba ninyo nakikita na may problema. Ano hinihintay ninyo maging 500 million na ang 499 million Catholico at lahat dukha walang makain?

  • pej1972

    Desperation, they see the horizon that soon they will be irrelevant, just like in Europe where their majestic churches is just for tourist attraction. A reminder of who they are used to be.

    • Stanley J

       those churches and the vaticn should be turned into a museums of horrors for 2000 years of the wests version of islam.If ther was a god, HE would long ago have sent a metor to turn the vatican into rubble.

      Imagine what would be found in their archives

  • Kamatis Tomato

    Why not just ask God to strike the proRH congressmen and senators with lightning to send the strong message that this bill is indeed against His will?

    • mang_empoy

      Masama maghangad ng masama sa kapwa. Mas lalong masama ang magdasal sa Diyos para sa kapahamakan o kamatayan ng kapwa.

      We are just Anti-RH, not demons. We differ in opinion sa mga Pro-RH pero hindi naman namin ipagdadasal na tamaan sila ng kidlat. Masama po iyon.

      • Kamatis Tomato

        Nakalimutan mo na ba ang sinabi ng isang obispo na yong baha sa Compostela na pumatay ng maraming tao ay dahil sa RH bill? Bakit ang mga inosenteng tao ang kailangang mamatay para patunayan na hindi gusto ng panginoon ang RH bill? Why not those responsible for passing the bill?  

      • EREC

        Hindi ko po yon nakakalimutan… isang stratehiya iyan ng mga Obispo at pari ng pananakot….hellooooo hindi na ako bata ano? Pati yong mga inosenting mahihirap na biktima ng kalamidad ginamit pang kasangkapan panakot at kinapital pa ang Diyos! Ito ang panlalamig ko sa mga lider katolikong simbahan…… mga mapanlinlang gamit ang salitang Diyos at Kristo.

      • sanjuan683

        hehehehe demokrasya tayo di ba kapag mas marami ang may gusto ng pro RH ay tanggapin ninyo na talunan kayo. Manahimik na kayo mga obispo at pari nakakasawa na mga mukha ninyo. Baka dumating ang panahon batuhin kayo ng bulok na kamatis. hahahahahahahe

      • Marshall

        well said.father,, pero sinasabi rin ninyo na evil ang pro RH bill ,,ANO BA TALAGA..o gusto nyo lang manghingi ng SUV ?

      • mang_empoy

        Hindi ako “father”. SUV na naman?! Matagal na resolved ang issue na yan ah!

      • Marshall

        malapit na bertdey ni Bishop Juan deDios Pueblos ,,atin syang batiin sumasaiyo  ang pagpapala ng pinakamakapangyarihan…HAPI BERTDEY PUEBLOS…HAPI BERTDEY PUEBLOS..SUV,,SUV…SUV….issue resolved ? yung pananahimik ng CBCP nung panahon ng panggagahasa sa karapatan ng mamamayan atr kaban ng bayan ng mag-asawang mandarambong GLORIA AT MIKE BUWAYA..issue resolved na rin ,father ? at ngayon  ang mga obispo nag ngangangawa at nagiingay na parang puta..tawagin pang evil ang mga pro RH..resolved issue na rin ,,FATHER ?

      • mang_empoy

        Pamilyar sa akin yang “Hapi bertdey Pueblos”… Narinig ko na dati yang kinakanta. Filipino Free Thinker? 

      • Magsasaka

         tama mang empoy resolved na iyan dahil ang tanga at gagong si jinggoy ungoy pa ang humingi ng pasensya sa mga pajero bishop na parang ibig sabihin sorry po at iniimbestagahan namin kayo at  wala pong masama sa paghingi nyo sa pekeng presidente ng pajero na ang perang ginamit sa pagbili nito ay galing sa kaban ng banyan.
        resolved na nga dahil nakapanloko na naman kayo at napalabas nyo na walang mali, pukang na talaga sa halip na hindi tayo nakapagmumura eh

      • EREC

        Lalong masama po yong MANAHIMIK at MAGBULAGBULAGAN sa katotohanan na pangyayari sa sociodad at ang katotohanan ay tinatakpan ng malaking kasinungalingan….ang KAILANGAN ay ang PAGTANGAP NG KATUTUHANAN at hindi na po IGNORANTE sa mga pangyayari at kaganapan NUON at sa KASALUKUYAN ang mga Pilipinong katoliko.

        As OFW po, kung walang protection ang Misses ko sa inutan, siguro sa bawat taon kong pagbabakasyon nasa 18 na siguro ang anak ngayon…na kahit may kataasan ang sahod hindi kakayanin unless maging  Juetenglord, gamblinglord, smugglinglord, druglord at iba pa pong illegallord or magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan. 

        Masama po rin sa aking mga mata at kalooban na pag bakasyon ko mas maraming pulubing bata nasa lansangan na dapat nasa paaralan, at masakit din po sa aking kalooban na napakabata pa buntis nawalang kabuhayan at kaalaman sa pag aruga ng anak, masakit din po sa aking mata tingnan na sa ilalim ng tulay naninirahan ang mga pamilyang kalimitan maraming mga anak at gusgusin na dapat nasa maayos na bahay may kuwarto, sala, kusina at palikuran….ang puso ko ay nagdurugo habang ang mga kaparian at obispo ay nasa palasyo ng kaginhawahan ng pamumuhay at pinapaasa lang ang mga kapwa ko katoliko sa kawalan… sa tungo sa KA IGNORANTEHAN.

    • buttones

      So do it- ask God to send his bolts, let us see what happens, I’ve got some awful news for you my dear, it’s terrible – it’s simply is not going to happen….

    • Stanley J

       the only lightning strike that will happen – sri I hve to say this – is what will happen to the stomaches of the church leadership as the bill is passed.   HOpe they arent smoking a cig when it happens – the gas can explode

  • Benjamin

    mukhang komedyante itong obispo na ito kamukha ni Mr. Bean…

    • Rene

      yung isa parang si babalu…

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    “The struggle between the pro-RH and the anti-RH… was really the struggle
    of Malacañang (the presidential palace),” he said, warning that Aquino
    could become a “threat to democracy” with his domination of Congress.”

    No, it was the people who wanted RH.

    “We will tell Catholics, ‘Even if you are given free contraceptives, do not use them,’” he told reporters.

    You think your catholics don’t already use contraceptives?

    • Stanley J

       the church believes its own propaganda. 

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


        Funny, the fundamental memberships revolves around ‘blind’ faith. Unquestionable, irrefutable.

        Reasonable thinking seems to have very little effect in it.

  • mang_empoy

    Kamatis, opinyon lang yon ng isang obispo, hindi ng Simbahan.

    Kailanman hindi hinangad ng Diyos ang kamatayan ninuman lalo na ang mga taong inosente.

    Pro-RH bill ka diba? No problem, opinion mo yan. Pati yung mga responsible for passing the bill, yun ang gusto nila eh. Wala naman dapat maghangad na mamatay ang kapwa dahil iba ang opinion nya.

  • Carl

    Instead of trying to reduce the number of people in the Philippines, how about the government try to increase the amount of FDI?

    And isn’t there better use for the money that’s going to be spent subsidizing the sexual activities of the indolent? How about more ships for the coast guard? How much is the government losing to smuggling? Our steel industry is teetering on the brink of collapse because of the cheap steel that’s being smuggled into the country. Christ, this country knows its priorities! 

    • Stanley J

       more children more poverty.  Overpopualtion is a threat to everyone.  Part of the reason that Japan entered WWII was because it didnt have the natural resources and food supplies for a large population on a small Island nation.

      Second reason – they thought their Emperor was a god or god like demi god.

      We all know what it took to end that monstrosity.

  • Homer Guo

    me sumusunod pa ba sa paring katoliko?

  • dickenhead

    dear father bean do you really think that catholics are like zombies that will just do whatever you like them to do? you & the other priests & bishops like you are one of the many reasons why the catholics church are losing their flock

  • Ramon Mayuga

    Kahit naman walang RH Bill ay ginagawa ring ng maraming mamamayan ang mga paraang ipinagbabawal ng simbahang Katoliko. Kahit anong pagbabawal ng simbahang ito ay marami pa ring gumagawa ng sa tingin nila ay laban sa kagandahang asal . Kahit nga mga alagad ng simbahan mismo ay sumusuway sa kanilang utos dahil nangingibabaw ang kanilang kamunduhang pagnanasa. 

    Tingnan natin ang mga pari na may mga anak, may mga kabit o di kaya ay nag momolestiya ng mga bata. Sila na nagpapalaganap ng mag Aral ni Hesukristo ay sila itong sumusuway sa nais nilang ipatupad.

    Kaya ba sila tumututol sa RH Bill ay dahil nais nilang dumami ang mga anak ng mga pari?

  • Rene

    “However, the two houses of Congress, with the support of the Aquino administration, voted in favor of the bill after months of bitter debate, during which time some Churchmen even threatened to have Aquino excommunicated. “…
    Bakit di na lang i-excommunicate nilla lahat ng congressmen na bumoto pabor sa RH bill? ano puro pananakot na lang? wala na kayong mga pangil mga bishop kayo, unti unti ng nawawalan kayo ng mga tao sa simbahan ninyo…magbago na kayo wala ng naniniwala sa inyo?

    • syaoransangel

      ssshh! ikaw naman. naghahanapbuhay lang ang mga pari. hehe

    • Stanley J

       Every clear thinking catholic in he world should be proud to be excommunicated.  It might also ensure your place in heaven.

  • joshmale2004


  • w33k3nd3r

    Lumayas na nga kayo’ng mga pari sa bansa namin! Ang kukulit nyo! Kita nyo namang pinasa na eh nag aalburoto pa kayo eh hindi naman kayo galing dito a, baon lang kayo ng dayuhan–we were already around and happy before you came and enslaved us. FYI, we are no longer and will never be again your slaves. You’re clergy men not legislators so SHUT THE HE|| UP!!!

  • Sandiego

    Church leaders are clowns. Never worked a day in their celibate pathetic lives. Their ideology is dead. These priests are pathetic men that can’t rely on themselves to survive. Weak men that ask for handouts from people. Priests are nothing but anchors on society. Don’t rely on the church or its clowns. Rely on yourselves.

  • boomvilla


    • mad_as_Hamlet

      If that is what you need the condoms for, then there’s only one place where you can get it. You can only get it at the CBCP.  The Catholic Bishops Condom Plant.

    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Benjamin

    pansin ko lang yung mga pari kapag tumatanda na at yung iba napopromote nagigiging Obispo humahaba ang mga BABA ? nagiging magkakamukha na sila,,,anong kababalaghan kaya ang nakapaloob dito ? nasa style kaya nila ng PAGSUBO ….ng kanilang pagkain ?..o baka naman sa PAGHIGOP ,,,ng sabaw ? ito ang misteryong tanging ang kaparian lamang sa Pilipinas lamang ang makakapagbigay linaw….

    • mang_empoy

      Nagpasaring ka pa. Gawain mo siguro yan.

  • boomvilla


  • malek_abdul

    “He laid the blame for the bill’s passage at the feet of President
    Benigno Aquino, who he accused of using pressure and government funds to
    get the necessary votes in Congress.” Kung makapag-comment naman itong obispo na ito akala mo nagbabayad sila ng tax. Libre nga sila sa tax.

    Isa pa sinasabi ni Mr. Gabriel Reyas na hindi pa tapos ang laban samantalang ung isang obispo sa Batangas sabi niya “Lets move on”. Ano ba talaga ang stand niyo? Kung kayong mga naturingang obispo hindi magkasundo sa mga pananaw paano niyo mapapasunod ang mga parishioners nyo? The people thru their representatives has spoken…igalang naman ninyo. You already have done your part even threatening the lawmakers for a zero catholic vote pero wala ring nangyari. Ang magagawa niyo na po ist to make sure that the law will not be abused and the provisions in it are followed diligently.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    “Philippine Catholic church leaders vowed Tuesday to overturn a birth control bill . . . .”

    This could spell doom to the RH project.  
    These churchmen have vowed to overturn it. 
    And,  just like their vow of chastity, they really mean it and will die for it. 
    RH supporters,  I join you as you all tremble in fear.

  • artz555

    With due respect to everyone, the Bishop should recall what Jesus has said, as follows, ‘ Give to Caesar what Caesar is due, and give to God what God is due ‘,  whether it’s taxes, or the freedom of the government to do what it believes is good for it’s people ‘. In a way, Jesus in this statement, just proclaimed for the first time the modern principle of ‘ Separation of Church and State ‘.

    The CBCP’s continuing statements just proves to everyone how lasting the influence of Padre Damaso and the cruel 350 years of Spanish colonial rule. The Churches in the US or Europe, being not as strong as the PH church and CBCP, would never interfere in the internal affairs of their governments. If the Bishops still continue to follow Padre Damaso’s wicked ways and proceed to interfere in this modern times, it maybe time to remind them of the  ‘ Separation of Church and State ‘ provision provided for in the PH Constitution. 

    And if people still in insists in crossing the line, it might be prudent to follow some other people’s advise to somehow start prosecuting those guilty of willfully violating this ‘ Separation of Church and State ‘ provision in the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

  • noypisiTED

    Bishop in case you don’t know it let me share this aged-old saying, One must learn to accept defeat with grace. By the way you act you’re dragging the catholic church to further disrepute and turns off a lot of catholic faithfuls like this nonentity such that I’m thinking of severing my ties with my religion and join another denomination if these prelates continue on their stubbornness and unreasonable behavior.

  • taxj

     Doesn’t bishops ever wonder why rich and educated Catholics have lesser children? No wonder, they are out of touch with reality! They think we are still in the dark ages of the Spanish era where Padre Damaso holds sway.

    • Stanley J

      Almost every catholic I know – lots of them only have 1 -3 children.  this insanity by the church is simply digging its own grave.

      it will go to its grave Unwept, Unsung and seen as the monster of the west which is so similar to Islamic extremism.

      (ps one of the problems re a palestinian state is that Arabs have many children and Israel is afraid of the population pressure down the road.)

  • Luthmar

    What will it take for the church, the bishops, etc. to stop meddling in politics?  They still
    don’t get it and they ain’t quitting.  They should pray for those who perish in the storm and
    for the betterment of the victims.  They are hungry, homeless, cold and sick.  The church should send the priests brigade to help out.

    • ryan andres

      The bishops said there’s no way they can traverse the storm-battered areas.

      Not without an SUV…

  • ryan andres

    Ignorance is the best friend the church has ever had, next to the devil himself.

    • Stanley J

       And lets be clear about your great statement – poor people are more apt to go to church as it is the only “hope” they have in the world.

      More minds to control and more minds to corrupt, to say nothing of the sex starved priests who are prob salivating over success in stopping birth control

  • Your_King

    Aquino is dangling Reps’ pork barrel in front of them. In fact, he is giving subtle warnings against those who may choose to oppose his political desires and wishes. Thus, any fight that is oppose Aquino has essential lost before it has begun. Good luck trying to oppose arrogant Aquino.

    • J M

       arrogant? HE HAS OPENED HIS EYES. He is tired of the poverty the country has. and the reputation the philippines has compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. If the RH BILL WAS PASSED ten years ago, I’m sure families in the philippines are more educated as to how they can plan their lives, instead of having ten babies and not have enough income to support their families.

  • disqusted0fu

    the church’s mentality is never say die… while Aquino’s mentality is…. still questionable. one thing for sure, its going to be a tough battle for the church to stop the passage of this bill into a law because from the looks of it, Aquino seems determined to pass this bill and have it added to his very few “accomplishments” in his term.

  • J M

    the bishops of the philippines are the real devil in this case. How can they not see the positive side of the RH BILL and they say it threatens freedom of religion in the country/???? What about the Filipinos who are not Catholic. dumbasses who don’t have anything else better to do

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