Lawmakers take up cudgels for Pacquiao, demand that Bieber apologize


Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao

Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao may have gotten over his stunning knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, but some of his colleagues are still not in the mood for levity, especially coming from singer Justin Bieber.

Seven members of the House of Representatives on Monday filed a resolution demanding a public apology from the Canadian pop star over “distasteful comments” he made following Pacquiao’s defeat.

If Bieber, 18, won’t apologize, the lawmakers want him declared “persona non grata” in the Philippines.

“As his colleagues in this august body, [we believe] it is incumbent upon us to demand an apology from Mr. Justin Bieber lest we declare him persona non grata,” read House Resolution No. 2962.

Led by Yacap party-list Rep. Carol Lopez, the representatives were incensed over pictures posted by Bieber, all mocking Pacquiao after he was knocked out cold by Marquez in the sixth round of their recent fight.

One meme superimposed an image of a falling Pacquiao just after Marquez connected with a short right hand, on a photograph of Michael Jackson doing his signature leaning dance move.

Another picture showed an unconscious Pacquiao being “consoled” by Simba, a character in the Disney animated movie “The Lion King.”

Lopez and her colleagues said there was nothing funny about Bieber’s meme, noting that the singer was “a clear supporter” of the undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., regarded as the world’s top pound-for-pound boxer. He once joined the American boxer in his ring walk.

“He has nothing to gain fighting Pacquiao. Floyd has never in his professional career lost a fight and Pacquiao lost his last two fights,” they quoted Bieber as saying.

In assailing Bieber, the congressmen brought up his concert in Manila earlier this year. They said the singer “obviously gained financially from the outcome of his concert in this beloved country of the Honorable Pacquiao.” Christian V. Esguerra

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  • $23228448

    and we,  the people of the Philippines demand these so called lawmakers apologize to the people  of the Philippines for wasting tax payers money, and for being idiots.

    • efriend

      Did any of the insensitive lawmakers apologize to the Filipino people for going to Las Vegas in spite of the calamity in Campostela Valley and Davao del Sur?

      • $23228448

        most of them should apologize for wasting oxygen period…

  • adolfo

     Dito magaling mga pinoys kung tayo’y naagrabyadio pipilitin nating humingi ang sumisira sa ating ng apology at i pa diaryo pa kung yong sinuntaok na photographer na pinagtulungan maski tumakbo na yong tao eh nag idolo pa naman ni pacman ano gagawin natin doon nag apologize ba sila buti si Roach na hindi sumontok nag apologized eh yong dlawa kasama na si baboy eh buboy pala

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • Ding

      Ang galing mo!

    • angie1875

      Nabigyan kasi sila ng expensive watches. Wala silang magawa, kaya patulan na lang lahat ng tabloid balita.

  • yagit123

    hoy, yung mga problema ng bayan ang asikasuhin ninyo. si pacquiao hindi nag reklamo. kayo puro dada…

  • archerfan

    dapat wag na pansinin si bieber kasi nag iingay lang yan kasi nakikita nya na palaos na sya.  walang pinag aralan yang bata na yan at mga hoodlum pa nag handle ng career nya so what can you expect diba. sa kabilang banda, itong mga tongresman ay wala sa lugar para magdemand ng apology dahil sila ang mas malaki kasalanan sa taong bayan.

  • jeffrey_01

    Bibier is funny.  Donkeyhole congressmen there’s more pressing issues at hand you madderpakkers of congressmen.

  • Isagani Gatmaitan

    Sinong nakaka awa? a man-child pied piper singing nonsense garbage, or…. infantile legislators who need pork barrels to goad them into activity now reacting to the man-child’s idiotic prattle…

    sagot:   we the taxpayers… wahhhh

  • Toni

    Nakakalungkot man isipin… these are the types of the so-called honourable congressmen we have

    • jeffrey_01

      honourable jackassses.

  • BruinBearDad

    Geez…Beiber is known already as an idiot.  And he has the right of free speech.  Congressmen:  there are more pressing issues than having to get an apology from that tool. Fix the country.  Give back the money you stole.  Put in jail all that have stolen and killed.  Stop the illegal logging and mining. Clean up the country! Dont fixate yoiurselves on a non-issue like Beiber..

  • Mali_Galig

    in some other culture, they call this people “sour pu$$ie”.


    ANG dami-daming problema ng bayan…pati ba naman yan ay pinag-aaksayahan?  The congress is FOR the people of the Philippines, not for a professional boxer, whoever and whatever he may be.

  • MrRead

    Those highly paid congress men had nothing better to do than ‘pee’ at the wrong tree. What a total waste of idiots in Congress! 

  • buchibuchi

    WHO are the rest of the 7 congressmen besides Carol Lopez? You really think JB will apologize? That’s the name of the game, if you haven’t figured it out by now. Get over it!

  • ztefertilizerscam9

     Mga U L O L na comgressman ginagawa niyong showbiz ang congress.

  • theoklab

    Mga sipsip, mga mang uto. Dahil may nagpa uto-uto. Next move ng mga ito is to nominate Manny (alias Boy tulog) to run for president of the Philippines.

  • sowhatifimfilipino

    Waaaah. How embarrassing! This is the kind of lawmakers we have? 

  • Mortz C. Ortigoza

    Ganoon na ba ka cheap mga congressmen natin? Mas maraming urgent issues na dapat asikasohin niyo like the 60-40 business equity na biased sa Filipino, FOI, and others. Ano ba iyang Beiber na iyan? National issue ba iyan, my foot!

  • bilango71

    Para masabing productive gumawa ng useless resolution!

  • Babiker_Ahmed

    Aren’t we Filipinos doing the same to other boxers KOed by Pacquiao in the past? Come on congressmen…. Just look at the Facebook and see the mockery some Filipinos posts as distorted images of those who were defeated by Pacquiao in the past…

  • pokpok22

    Anong say mo??????? knockout eh tulog….weather weather lang talaga buhay.

  • pokpok22

    Masyadong pikon at matapobre itong mga mandarambong na mga congressmen na to. Eh anong magagawa nyo talagang bumagsak at knockout si paquiao. Noong si Margarito ang kanyang binugbog talaga namang pinagkalat ang kanyang bugbog saradong mukha at pagkatao.

  • Othello Dela Cruz

    He’s just a kid.

  • lucidlynx

    WTF?!!! There are other better things to deal with than ask for Justin Bieber’s apology. Who the hell this Justin Bieber is anyway to warrant asking for his apology? These congressmen are just giving this guy importance by doing this.

    So what if he comes to the country. Just ignore him. Period.

  • lucidlynx

    Dapat nga si Pacquiao pa and his corner mag-apologize for kicking that photographer and preventing him from doing his job.

  • Ben

    …what else do you want from an 18 year old minor? masyado kayong balat-sibuyas at mas immature pa yata oo…pati bata pinapatulan.

    • iron

      oh really…so 18 year olds cannot act maturely….that they are still innocent

      • jeffrey_01


  • Xezcente

    Everybody in the net is doing it. Look around. Normal lang talaga manlait. We did the same everytime Manny knocks someone out. The difference is, sikat si Bieber kaya binibigyan siya ng focus.

    • jeffrey_01

      mga EPAL na congressmen

  • summerfallwinterspringjr

    They have no sense of humor, no respect for freedom of speech, and they are nothing but silly lawmakers with big egos, wasting taxpayer dollars, so they can feel important.

    • jeffrey_01

      they’re donkeyholes, madderpakkers

  • Romy

    Pacquiao wants both worlds of boxing and politics. The comments were directed to Pacquiao as a boxer and not as an “honorable” member of the House. Can’t these intelligent colleagues make a distinction?

    • Ommm

       You called them “intelligent”..??

      • Romy

        That’s a sarcastic adjective.

      • Guest

         honorable then must be also meant sarcastic?

  • Jhon

    EPAL! EPAL! EPAL! EPAL! Magtrabaho kayo, mga bwusit!

  • wawa2172

    Well, di na dapat patulan pa nang mga congressman si Justin Beiber who was booed in his native Canada in his concert just recently. Like Manny, Justin is palaos na rin and its a matter of time na wala nang papansin sa spoiled brat na ito who showed his character when he left the country after his concert. Nag kapera na siya sa Pinas at nag pakita pa nang di magandang asal sa airport natin. Anyway, Manny and Justin are simply stars, kaya lang Justin opted to be just a singer while Manny did a multitasking. However, natalo man si Manny, marami din siyang natulungan na mga kababayan nating mahihirap. Make a choice though Manny, have a focus be a boxer or politician or showbiz or a pastor. Just pick one Manny and its going to be better for you.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    One more compelling reason to restore the death penalty and to expand the definition of heinous crimes to include utterly brainless and senseless acts. 
    And, always as an aggravating circumstance—being a Congressman, party-list or otherwise.

  • Jose

    Seriously, how pathetic is this?

  • Ommm

    What’s embarrassing is how our lawmakers disregard “freedom of speech” in order to protect the feelings of somebody in their old boys club….

    Who would have suspected Manny was such a sensitive guy?  He can take being a punching bag yet seems to have been beaten up by a wimpy little pop singer.   

  • boybakal

    Everybody was mocking at Pacquiao.
    Not only Beiber but most Filipinos. They even condemned him for changing his religion to Born Again.
    That’s why he lost due to lack of sleep doing Bible study and singing.
    Even in Mexico, Mexicans were making fun of Pacquiao.

    Paging Commissioner Brillantes kindly de list this  Yacap party-list Rep. Carol Lopez.
    She is more of a Pacquiao and Beiber fan than a Congressman.

  • woody

    mga tongressman na walang magawa. Bwit. Tumulong man lang kayo sa nasalanta ng bagyong pablo, mabuti pa….

  • Simon Ward

    This resolution is not so far removed from the call by Muslims to make it a crime to insult Mohammed, except Manny is not even a prophet. Its sponsors should be seriously embarrassed.

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    Hoy mga congressmen, huwag ninyong patulan ang bata!

    • iron

      why wouldnt them?

      • Hannah Blake

        ang tanong mo, why wouldnt them?

        Because it’s not their job! Hindi natin sila ihinalal sa pwesto na yan para yan lang ang gawin nila na di naman makakatulong o makakalutas sa problema ng bayan!

        Naintindihan mo na iron man?

      • DonQuixoteDeRizal

        Kasi kapag pumatol ka sa bata e bata na rin ang tingin sayo ng mga tao. Sabagay maraming bata sa congress.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Utak bulate talaga ang mga Tongressmen natin. Pati si Bieber pinapatulan. Mahiya kayo!

  • Olibo

    As the saying goes; ” Masarap pikonin ang pikon”.

  • rolandtr



    OT:  DONAIRE’s fighting style is a lot more exciting, sophisticated, snazzy and has a lot of pizzazz than Pacquiao.  His hooks are a delight to see just as his footwork.  This guy will certainly go places!

    Maybe it’s a good idea for Bieber to take on the Filipino Flash in the ring…Nonito’s with Nonitos right hand disabled :)

  • Hannah Blake

    Hoy mga gunggong na tongressmen! asikasuhin natin ang problema natin sa china! wag yang si Beiber! sino ba yan ha? mga inutil talaga kayo. Sayang talaga pera ng taongbayan sa mga kagaya nyong utak dilis!

  • coty

    “much ado about nothing”! 

  • i_am_filipino

    Canada and USA should ban these politician as well.

  • $20733759

    Ano bang sector ang may hawak dyan sa Yacap party na yan at tila napakahigpit naman yata ng akap sa kanilang idolo, tagos hangang bulsa siguro! One good reason why the Comelec commissioner is correct in weeding out undesirable party lists from congress.

  • batangsulpok

    Mga utak biya talaga itong mga Congressman na ito, bakit di nila pagtuunan ng pansin kung paano matulungan ang nasalanta ng bagyo at ang inaatupag ay si Pacquiao, dahil ba nabigyan sila ng mga relos?

    • Albin

      Natalo nga kasi sa pustahan.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


        masyadong sensitive, parang pigsa.

  • Hannah Blake

    Inquirer, please, Name the 7 congressmen!

  • jdelacruz13

    wala tayo magagawa mga tongressman eh kaya utak patatas … hay buhay bakit hindi kaya nila pansinin at ayusin na lang ang mga nangyayari sa ating bansa … hayzzz !!!

  • Albin

    Asar-talo ang mga kongresmen. Pati si Bieber pinapatulan. Mga natalo siguro sa pustahan. Gumawa din sila ng picture ni bieber at i-post din nila.

  • Guest

    With all due respect, but Pacquiao is not any saint or any sacrosanct personality. Not even the president is that. Or is there already an anti-Lese-majeste law stating that it is not even allowed to criticize  Pacquiao?

    There was a study that PH was the most emotional country. This is first hand proof that indeed it is. OA ng OA talaga ito mga congressmen.

  • jeffrey_01

    donkeyholes madderpakkers congressmen.

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Mukhang malaki ang nakuha ng mga Tonggressman na balato kay Mr. Money. Pustahan ginamit nyo nanaman ang pera ng bayan nong nanuod kayo kay Mr. Money

  • huseng_batute

    Grow up!

    Ginawa ng mga Pilipino yan sa lahat ng mga tinalo ni Pacman.  Including Mayweather na hindi pa nakakasagupa.   May umangal ba sa kanila?  Wala!

    Natalo si Pacquiao and its their turn.

  • imongredneck

    Leave the matter to Nanay Dionisia.  She can make that little f…. behave. 

  • Barak_O

    another reason why party lists should be abolished

    • $20733759

      Exactly! Can you please prepare – Netizen Resolution No.1- urging the Comelec to conduct an immediate and impartial investigation into the actions, actuations, composition  of the Yakap Party,including its designated representative in Congress in relation to  the subject resolution which has generated overwhelming condemnation from the netizens at-large…

  • tilamsik

    “august body” … nak ng teteng… suriin nyo nga mga sarili nyo.. wait siguro kayo ng regalo kay pacman no… ang lalalim 

  • welee1

    Bakit ba ginagawa pang national issue yan, ganyan talaga pag winner ka puro praises, winsome loose some ika nga, it’s just an act of a child a spoiled one at that. Baka tinatawan lang tayo ng batang yan, Grow up all you party people…move on. Enough of child like grandstanding, Si Manny nga nagpatawad e cila pa, para ba makabawi sa regalo.

  • janz

    although I am not a  fan of manny, I do acknowledge the fact that he is the closest heroic icon we have in this country right now. majority of the Filipino people are such huge fans, and apparently these 7 house reps are among them. 
    by reacting to this juvenile issue with a house resolution, you are just proving yourselves to be as IMMATURE as bieber himself. you are also proving yourselves to be UNWORTHY of the positions you are holding right now. this is an issue that concerns manny alone, how he takes the criticism  is his. the government is NOT, should NOT and MUST NOT be involved. if you as a fan is offended by it, go post it on your private tweeter and facebook accounts. but please leave the congress out of it. 

  • RyanE

    I guess these “honorable” congressmen would have better things to do than that. Balat sibuyas ika nga. I remember before that an American actress, after shooting a movie in Manila, commented that there were lots of cockroaches, was declared persona non grata.. tsk.tsk

  • tonyoks

    napuyat lang si pakyut noon kasi naglamay pa sa “bible study” nya. kaya doon na lang sa ring tinuloy ang tulog.

    as to these “Kongrismen” na walang magawa…

    magsama sama na kau ng idolo nyo, wag nyo lang gawing “tulugan” ang opisina na at taumbayan ang nagpapasahod sa inyo…

    babaw ng kaligayahn nyo,pati si bieber pinapatulan nyo….

  • maximus_meridius

    Stupid congressmen!  Pati ba naman yung mga showbiz personalities pinapatulan nyo?  Dapat sana dyan na lang sa congress pumunta si Adam Lanza at nag pakawala ng bala para matodas tong mga walang ka kwenta kwentang congressmen nato kasali na dyan ang mga basurang party-lists.

  • w4d

    LOL….I saw altered pictures of Mayweather and Bieber in compromised positions all over the internet. I’m sure Bieber fans are upset too (Bieber probably loved them…LOL), but politicians will never come to their aid to demand apology…Super sensitive, pikon, talo…

  • speedstream2

    Surely there’s more pressing and important matters deserving of the attention of our honorable and hardworking lawmakers.

    • buttones

      Apparently, evidently this is not actually the case…..

  • francis

    Gentlemen, let’s stop this nonsense!  Huway patulan and lahat ng issue. Di’ nga ito pinatulan ni Pacquiao.  Tnx

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    get a life! do something productive for the country!!!..

  • Mamang Pulis

    naka nam po ta talaga oo—pati si ku pa l  bieber pinapatos pa ng mga po ta…

    si bugoy manny—nag pa kumbaba na eto mga kulang sa lime light


    mga pota ng ena kayo mga ha yup!  yun mga nasalanta ang atupagin nyo mga ta ran ta do kayo minu minuto!

    sinasayang nyo ang pera namin!

  • superlucky2

    Dapat unahin muna ng mga Tongressman yung issue na sinipa ni Fernandez yung journalist na kumuha ng picture ng tumumba si Pacquioa. Si Fernandez yung assistant trainor ni Pacquioa kitang-kitang sa mga picture na sinipa ni Fernandez si Bello, yung sport journalist na nag cover ng fight ni Pacquioa last week. Yung dapat ang unahin nyo mga TONGRESSMEN.

  • Feel It

    This is a sad day for Philippine politics.  Filing a House Resolution asking that a minor apologize for  lawfully expressing his opinion in cyberspace. As opposed to Manny Pacquiao’s world-class achievements in the ring, this action by some legislators is immature, shameful and puts Filipinos in a bad light.    

    • Janch

      Correct.  Nagsasayang pa ng oras at pinatulan ang trash talk ng walang utak na pop star.  Oh, And I think Bieber is already 18.  Pero isip bata pa rin.

  • pangittalagaako

    papalakas lang kay pacquiao mga congressman na ito…they needed funds for the upcoming election..siyempre alam nila madaming datung si pacman kaya kahit ano gagawin just to uplift pacmans moral…they should accept the fact that pacman is too much pre-occupied with so many things and boxing became number 2 in his priorities…

    If pacman will continue doing politics and show business his failure in boxing will lead to lost…financially and fame…


  • Night

    what great use of congress time…… sh17 heads

    • ColinFernando00

      Our taxes go to paying idiots.

  • antiscam

    Pacquiao’s generous christmas gifts to his colleagues must have urged these solons to return the favor. Plain sucking up (pasipsip). Quite stupid…

  • generalproblem

    no need bawi na lang kayo gawa na lang din kayo ng mga caricatures ni justin. anyway malakas si justin sa mga bading jejjee

  • Mario

    Honourable Pacquiao !!! What a patronizing and condescending comments, shame on you !!!


    Why don’t these so called intelligent congressman file a motion to have the Batangas Bishop expelled also for his remarks comparing President Aquino to the mass shooter in the US just because the President will sign the RH Bill?  Isn’t our President also important?

  • Menyet

    You cannot satisfied everybody remember that. If Manny won the fight, some people will be happy some are not. If you lost the fight some will try to dig your own grave yard. But in every fight somebody lost and somebody win.

  • gilbert

    hoy, mga letse kayo,huwag nyo patulan ang bata, huwag nyo igaya sa inyo na mga bulbuling pulitiko, akala nyo malilinis kayo, naregaluhan lang kayo ng relo, akala nyo panginoon nyo na si pacman, talagang pac-U kayo!

    • Mario

       Good on ya Mate, Good on ya !!!

  • sam_aquino

    just like you, Rep. Carol Lopez & the 6 dwarves (pacman fanatics), bibe is a mayweather fanatic…  he can say & do what he wants as he is an american & you cannot impose your will to others…

    demand apology??? for what???

    declare him “personal non grata” & BAN HIM to enter the philippine soil… issue closed, ok???

    now, YOU all get BACK to WORK!!!  DARN!!!

  • Lito G

    wtf???? eto ba trabaho ng mga congressman natin??? kapal ng mukha nyo kumukuha kayo ng 60M piso pork barrel tapos yan lang gagawin nyo mga letse kayo! nagpapapaicture lang kayo kay pakyaw para makabalato kayo mga bwiset! kung ayaw nyo mapintasan yang amo-amohan nyo eh sabihin nyo na iwanan na ang pulitika at pagkanta at bawasan ang pagpuyat sa sobrang pray over unless may ambisyon syang maging pastor. if pacquiao will concentrate on his boxing then he will be a great boxer again!

  • mfdo

    so the senators were elected by the people do to what ? sue Justin Beiber and declare him Persona Non-Grata ? haha .. yes, it is FUN in the Philippines – top people are busy aggressively acting against kids .. !!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • disqusted0fu

    they have got to be kidding! of all the problems of our nation, they are going to put their attention on lousy comments of an 18 year old hollywood celebrity??? showbiz government!

    • buttones

      Well there’s no business like show business, Hollywood, Bollywood and the House of representatives of the Republic of the Philippines… that order…..

  • eric

    mga congressman natin tlaga… patulan ba naman pati ang batang babae.

  • Stephen

    Com’on lawmakers…. you gotta be kidding me. You have more important things to deal with rather than making this a big issue. I sense there is something fishy here. Sip-sip lang kayo ni manny para mabigyan kayo ng pamasko. Get over it-mukhang kayo ang mga bata. LOL

    • sam_aquino

      baka di nakasama sa unang naregaluhan ng technomarine, asa pa sa pasko…


    • Bruffie

      Exactly… wife is a Filipina, but I have to say that there are much more important issues in the Philippines than being hyper-sensitive about some celebrity comments. Congress involved? Gimme a break. Get off your sensitive butts and go and sort out the corruption at the Airport!!

      • sam_aquino

        mr. bruffie,

        thanks for your comments, but corruption in the airport is NOT the issue here…  we would appreciate if you just let us pinoys deal with our problems…  except of course if you were a taxpayer yourself, : )…


      • ColinFernando00

        I appreciate that this guy notices our nation’s flaws.

        What this honest gentleman was saying, like Adam Carolla, was that WE HAVE TO GET OUR SH** TOGETHER.

        The mention of “sorting out our airports” is just a metaphor. It means that we have more pressing matters on hand.

      • Edward

        well said…

      • buttones

        The reason we are so sensitive, and jingohistic is because we are basically insecure… the reason we grasp at Manny’s success is because we are insecure, the reason we grasp at some Filipina/ Mexican songstress’ success is because we are insecure, the reason we run after every inane Guinness Book of Record is because we are insecure…the reason the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines is throwing it’s collective rattle out of it’s pram because naughty things were said about a sporting PH celebrity is because they are insecure or, of course trying to be in favor of the rather insecure voters that actually vote for them…

    • buttones

      Sad thing is, they are not ‘kidding’ at all- they are actually serious, and there lies the appalling sadness of it all….

  • Marshall

    wala namang masama sa posts ni Bieber..nakakatawa nga eh…..

  • summerfallwinterspringjr

    Actually Rep. Carol Lopez and her sheep should apologize to Justin for their foolish behavior.  And Manny should tell them to quit behaving like children.  

  • Allan

    ano ang mali sa sinabi ni bieber? wala! tulad ng kaso ni clare danes when she said marumi ang maynila. the people in the government of manila were in big time denial.

    ang quezon city nga, napakarumi rin. at ang LTO natin, bakit hindi hinuhuli ang mga smoke-belcher? nakita nyo na ba ang mga bagong separator na inilagay ng mmda ngayon sa commonwealth? dati kulay dilaw at itim yun pero ngayon, kulay itim na lang. bakit? dahil sa mga sasakyan na ang usok ay sing-itim ng budhi ng mga jeepney at bus operator na hindi mini-maintain ang kanilang fleet. daig pa ng usok na galing sa mga ito ang ang epekto ng sigarilyo pero hindi ko alam kung bakit tinotolerate. isa pang malaki ang contribusyon sa pollution ay ang mga motorsiklo/tricycle. ipupusta ko ang isang b*y*g ko, kahit kunan ng reading ang particles sa ere, mapupuno ang instrumento ng SOOT. pwe!!! nakasagap ako ng maitim na usok.

    • ColinFernando00

      Yes! Someone who remembers Claire Danes. Sobrang sensitive talaga ng Pinoy, no?

  • Abdul Rashid

    Beiber is evil for being gay. He/she should keep her/his mouth shut.

  • tabingbakod

    Oh please, make them shut up before international media get this. Bieber is a joke. He is a walking punchline. For congress to waste a second on him is an embarassment.

    • noyab

      and besides we have nothing to be proud of….tulog…eh    naghihilik pa….ha ha ha

  • $2931613

    TAMA YAN!  declare that Bieber persona non-grata.. hindi na to pwede, he just insulted the most influential person of our country.. our NATIONAL TREASURE!! kayong mga nagcomment na mali ang mga congressman, mag-isip nga muna kayo kung tunay ba kayong mga Pilipino… i wonder how would Americans feel if we made fun of John F. Kennedy’s assassination!  Tinagalog nga lang ang quote, nagalit na

    • buttones

      Manny has been assassinated? OMG I didn’t know that!
      Manny losing a boxing match- President Kennedy getting assassinated – can’t quite see the similarity….By the way I think the singer is actually Canadian? That’s that big country north of the USA….. 

    • John Sobrepeña

      Seryoso ka? WHO CARES if Bieber is persona non grata here? I’m sure he doesn’t care. Masyado kayong balat sibuyas. Its a free world – Bieber has as much right to say what he wants about Pacquiao, just the same way we have the right to have our own opinions about anything, including the Kennedy assassination.

      Ganon ba tayo ka pikon? Just a little joking galit na galit na tayo? Wow. Relax, Manny lost… plenty of people enjoy that fact. Not everybody is a Pacquiao fan. Its normal. Ano kala nyo, 100% ng mundo kampi kay Manny? 

      Talo si Pacquiao. You can’t win everything. And even though I hate Bieber just as much as anybody – this is just the price you pay for stardom. 

      Also – did you just say Pacquiao is our “National Treasure”? HAHAHA. I mean sure its great he is a great fighter and will be remembered forever as one of the greatest ever in the history of boxing… and yes he “put the Philippines on the pedestal for the world to see”. But think about this for a moment and see if you can get this through your skull – Do you really think the world LOVES the Philippines now just because of one man that knows how to punch? HAHA. If that’s all we have to offer the world then that kinda sucks.

      There is more to the Philippines than just Manny Pacquiao. He is just a human. Great fighter, terrible politician, and has been paid billions of well deserved Pesos. Im sure he can take a joke once in a while. 

  • sam_aquino

    di siguro nabigyan ng technomarine mga lawmakers na ito, kaya asa pa sa pasko…  tsk, tsk…

  • jeetkaido

    Ano ba tong mga congressmen na to, ang daming problema sa pinas, pinag-aaksayahan yong mga personal ng ibang tao. Mga bwsit, sayang pinapasweldo sa inyo. Problema na ni Pacquiao yan, kaya nyang kumuha magbayad ng private lawyer nya kung gusto nyang mag-reklamo.  Nakakahiya mga mentality ng mga pulitiko ng pinas. Bakit ba binuboto ang mga ito?  Wala na bang mapag pilian gaya ng dati, yong mga d kampanilya tinatawag noong araw? 

  • Lakan Kildap

    we elect the officials we deserve. I think.

  • Luis Antonio Sereno

    The lawmakers are doing it to defend the dignity of the Filipino people! Banning Bieber is just right. That kid is ingrate!!!   

    • panhase

       What, defending the dignity of Filipino people?
      They are making a laughing stock of the Philippines.

    • Facilitator1

      I respectfully disagree. PHL Congress or rather, the PHILIPPINES, as a nation, will be seen as a country of SORE LOSERS versus defending our honor and pride. PEACE…


      • citizenH

        Pride ?  Pacquiao can defend himself, he doesn’t need brown nosed congressmen to do that for him.  Ph pride should come in the form of a strong nation where corruption is non-existent, the country is not as dirty as it is today even the airport is a national shame.  Work on things that are important, not trying to defend a millionaire boxer.  Filipinos need to grow up and be more mature.

    • ColinFernando00

      Wow Pacquiao represents the Philippines and the Filipinos? Don’t make me laugh. Boxing is just a form of entertainment.

      You want to honor REAL people, honor the soldiers who stake their lives in maintaining peace, missionaries who do fieldwork, and the hardworkers who suffer for their families abroad. 

      Sobrang babaw talaga ng Pilipino ngayon.

    • noyab

      he is just telling the truth unlike us who are a race of liers like you gung gong

    • citizenH

      you are stupid.  That’s NOT how you defend filipino integrity.  How can the PH have integrity with Congressmen like that.  That’s the problem.  Grow up and walk like a man instead of a monkey.

  • buttones

    With all the problems we have, the endless poverty, the destruction of our environment, the violence on our streets, killings every day, the corruption, and our Lawmakers are getting ‘irked’ by the comments of some songster? Manny just brushed if off, an irrelevance, it is of no matter to him, the subject- This is a dismal illustration of the qualities of some of the Lawmakers, childish, and jingoistic, for the love of Mary when will these people try and get some sort of priority together that effects us all, and at the same time for themselves garner together some sort of a resemblance of what is called a life?

    • citizenH

      Just throw them out of office, they are useless.  The country needs competent people to run it, not those despotic idiots who are only concerned about their pockets.

  • ben311

    yan ang nakukuha sa regalong mga relos…busit

    • jeffrey_01

      boycott TechMarine watches. 

  • Talahib

    Philippines is now being raped by China…more than thousand people died because of Pablo and thousands need help…and these congressmen are there, walang katuturang issue ang ipinagda dadakdak  !!!

  • freedom of navigation

    Unahin dapat na pagtuunan ng pansin ang ilang malalaking problema ng ating bansa. Katulad ng:
    1. Ang walang makain na mga mamamamayan, gumawa tayo ng programa at maglikha ng grupo ng mga volunteers.
    2. Ang mabigyan ng health insurance ang may mga emergency patient at walang kakayahang mamamayan.
    3.Ang pagmimina ng ginto, bakal o tanso huwag ipagkatiwala sa mga banyagang hindi mapapagkatiwalaan.
    4.Ang batayang mabuti 24/7 ang mga illegal loggers.
    5.Ang batayang mabuti 24/7 ang mga pekeng goods.
    5, Bantayan natin ang langis at gas sa ating karagatan sa pamamagitan ng pagbili ng 5,000 speedboats na babalahan ng mga missiles o grenade launchers. Ewan lang pag hindi nakaramdam ng nerbiyos ang mga lalalapit diyan kahit namalalaking barko pa.

  • c7cinbox

    madam congresswoman, can you please name itgong mga kasama mong “colleagues” na gustong ipa-declare na persona non-grata itong si bieber? baka ikaw lang naman ang may gusto dahil kapit tuko u kay pacman . . . .  pag ganito ang klase ng mga mambabatas mo eh, walang kaduda-duda na sa kangkungan talaga tayo pupulutin . . . . .  anong party list ba ito belong ?


    Really? Pablo’s wrath has killed more than a thousand Filipinos and has costed 24B pesos in damages and you’re talking about this? Do not stoop down to a conceited teen star’s level and focus on more important matters. I bet your stupid faces won’t even be near Manny if he happens to lose all the riches he has now so stop kowtowing.

  • ColinFernando00

    Don’t apologize Beiber. My countrymen need to learn how to take a joke once in a while and focus on more pressing matters than some entertainment issues.

    Our congressmen can be such drama queens.

    Grabe mga Pilipino, pikon. Ang babaw pa.

  • ApoNiLolo

    Can’t these congressmen think of a more constructive thing to do other than wanting an insignificant teen idol declared a persona-non-grata!

    Bakit ang ilan sa atin ganyan? We like to poke fun of other nationalities but if its our turn, in this case, not pinoys per se but an individual, immediately they take arms and declare war to who ever “disparage” Pacman, as if the culprit insulted the whole nation!

    Widen your perspective para hindi kayo basta na pipikon sa isang walang katuturang isyung katulad nito!

  • Pepe Smith

    Typical of our congress, do something popular rather than do their job. Tangna nyo talaga.

  • captainramius

    Do these clowns got nothing better to do in Congress…. Hoy pumonta nga kayo doon sa Davao Oriental and console some family there rather than making some idiotic statements like that….kasalanan ni Pacquiao yan na tulog sa las Vegas di pa naman bed time nya 

  • ebj

    Tsk tsk, all emotions less brains!  

  • captainramius

    Kasama kayo doon pumonta sa Vegas para manoond ng fight ano ?

    Question absent ba din kayo palagi sa congress ?

    Bakit kayo pumonta para lang manood ng boxsing di ba dapat nag donate na lang kayo ng pera nyo ( o namin pala  ) para doon sa victims ng Pablo ?

    Can you answer  pls honorable congressmen ?

    Pwe kayo lahat !!

    • julymorning



      • jgl41456

        Huh.. tumigil ka na kasi ikaw ang nagmumukhang bakla na walang pinagaralan. Ang dami diyang bakla na matitino di katulad mo na di matanggap sarili niya na bakla siya!

  • noyab

    justin was just telling the truth…..unlike you mga liers kayo….

  • Ai

    OA naman ang mga tongressman na mga ito…freedom of speech mga iho.

  • Your_King

    This is how pointless the Philippine government has become. There are major issues with the RH bill, Sin Tax, FOI, not to mention the billions of damages from ‘Pablo’ and the thousands and thousands of victims yet what they go after and work for is an apology from a borderline girlie pop singer from Canada???

  • Jim De Garman

    mga congressman na bopols..bieber is just exercising his freedom of expression.

    • jgl41456

      Yes you are correct everyone is free to express his opinion on the defeat of Pacquiao including Mr.. Bieber! Back off congressmen who just want some publicity.

  • Noredlac

    ano ba yan??????

  • joe

    Are they really serious?  What a hoard of brainless zombies.

  • wanglee

    Kasalanan ni pacquiao yan,kasi priority nya ang amen amen at politics, ayaw na mag training. kaya pinatulog sya ni Marquez.Ang sport na nagbigay sa kanya ng yaman at pangalan pinabayaan nya.May obligasyon si Paquiao sa tao na ibigay ang 100 percent nya sa ring dahil ang mga tao ang sumuporta sa kanya.Sana may pangalan na sya sa mundo sinira ng politics at amen amen na yan.

  • citizenH

    Unvelievable !  Those lawmakers should spend more time working on matters that are meaningful to the Philippines such as job creation and others.  Besides, Pacquiao is a public figure,  as such, he is open to criticism, ridicule just like everyone else.  People make fun of Obama, G. Bush, even the queen England without having to be pronounced “persona non-grata to a third world, dirty country like the Philippines. Justin doesn’t owe anyone an apology.  Those lawmakers can bend over and kiss it goodbye, it won’t happen.  If those corrupt lawmakers really want respectability for the philippines and their countrymen, what they need to do is build a strong society like Singapore, Japan or even Malaysia, then, people will start looking at PH through a different prism.  Lawmakers in PH somehow always find time for non-sense to call for a meeting like the incident with Dr Ko and the sex video.  Please.   STOP IT.

  • Copernicus99

    The party list system in Congress really needs to be abolished.

  • Guest

     The Philippines should ban these congressmen from the Congress…. for good.

  • citizenH

    Well said.  Thanks for the comment.

  • henry21

    waste of people’s money….  anyone can express his joy and sadness… dun sya masaya e bakit ba pinapakialaman ng magaling na congressmen?  may nag post nga sa facebook inaalaska si Marquez dahil mas malaki pa rin daw ang nauwing kwarta ni Manny kahit natalo…. itong tongressmen na ito mga SIPSIP kay Manny gusto lang makabalato ng kwarta!

  • markuz29

    This is one of those moments that im so embarrassed to have a lawmaker who think this way… anyways most of the time im embarrassed with them anyway. im never proud for most of congress. 

    • RalphGordon


  • batoph

    “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me”

  • Albin

    tsk, tsk. 2 days na ang post na ito, wala pa ding pumabor sa panukala ni cong carol lopez.
    Score up to this time: 162 – 0.

  • ebj

    Bieber would probably laugh his head off if hears about this, maybe not so much on the possible ban but on the fact that our lawmakers are actually wasting time and energy on such petty matters.  

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