PNP official explains why PH won’t have similar attack



Don’t worry, Filipinos are a happy people and it’s unlikely that the massacre that occurred on a US school campus would happen in the Philippines.

So said the head of the Philippine National Police office issuing gun permits.

At a news briefing Monday, Chief Supt. Raul Petrasanta, head of the PNP Firearms and Explosives Office (FEO), said he believed the Filipinos’ positive outlook in life would rule out the possibility of something like the Connecticut elementary school carnage happening in this country.

“I don’t think such an incident would happen here,” Petrasanta said. “We are a happy people compared to other countries, where the lifestyle of their citizens is stressful.”

“Maybe because their standard of living is so stressful that the Americans forget to laugh. Here, our people have many diversions to help them forget their problems.”

Petrasanta said the Filipinos’ religiosity would also help control individuals beset with personal problems.

He, however, admitted that much had to be done to ensure only “responsible individuals” were given licenses to carry firearms.

He said the PNP had been supporting the pending “firearms bill” in the Senate which would introduce stricter rules on gun ownership.

The proposed legislation would impose harsher penalties for illegal possession of firearms and require separate permits for guns and gun owners, Petrasanta said.

“Under the proposed bill, we will issue licenses for the firearms and licenses to their owners. It’s like owning a car and having a driver’s license,” he said.

He said the FEO would also require individuals applying for firearms licenses to submit proofs of billing to help authorities establish their identity.

However, Petrasanta acknowledged that having  stricter gun control was not an assurance that a licensed gun owner would not use his firearm to go on a rampage and kill people.

“That’s why we are looking for ways to make gun owners more responsible,” he said.

At present, those who want to own and carry a gun should be at least 21 years old and a Filipino citizen. They must also pass neuropsychiatric exams in PNP-accredited clinics.

“We also analyze the source of livelihood and lifestyle of gun owners, especially those who own high-powered guns,” Petrasanta said. “I think we are doing enough to ensure that we give gun licenses only to responsible gun owners.”

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  • pepengkabayo

    “PNP official explains why PH won’t have similar attack…Filipinos are a happy people and it’s unlikely that the massacre that occurred on a US school campus would happen in the Philippines”

    Knock on wood.

  • tony

    I have a question for Supt. Petrasanta, in case something similar to the Connecticut massacre DOES happen in the Phils, is he willing to commit to suicide if only to preserve his honor?

    • WeAry_Bat

       I would rather he be demoted to serve as security guard in a public school for 10 years.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    In the Philippines the real dangers are out numbers,  Ampatuan’s, Durano’s and al, PNP, AFP, natives mass murders, death squad, snatchers, tourists bus ridding in Luneta, elites Children’s, politicians children’s under drogues are as dangerous than the parents, stray bullet, etc.

    Avoid to be a journalist or a poor representing 98 % of the population,

    the authorities are the real danger…

  • dave

    Please explain Maguindanao massacre…

  • jeffrey_01

    Its more massacres in the Philippines.

  • themask celestial

    Ph has smaller scales massacares kung susumahin talo pa ang dami sa massacre sa connecticut. Sana, this PNP personnel just shut up his mouth.  

  • Hfxwst

    Remember the bus full of Chinese tourists and the excuses that followed? It will be the same if a school is attacked. Filipinos are world class excuse makers.

  • arao_liwanag

    Two times Hacienda Luisita Masacres, Mendiola bridge masacres( 1 under Marcos  more or less 5 students died and one under Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, more than 20 farmers slaughtered at the gates of Malacanang) Plaza Miranda Massacre, Escalante massacre, The Massacre of the Chinesse tourist, The Maguindanao masacre,The shooting of Co, the killings of Lumads,, and  ( very recently ) the shooting of couple in Isabela. Who said it wont happen in the Philppines?

    The difference is:  In the US, the perpetrators are mostly mentally ill. In the Philippines, the perpetrators were either police or military paid for by the victims taxes. They were not ill which would have qualify them to be to be prosecuted for capital crimes because they are criminal as they are. 


    The massacre of the children maybe be far fetch to happen in the Philippines, because the massacre occurs more on the political rivalries.  It is better to start disarming the Politicians and Philippines will be a safer place to live.

  • dickenhead

    it’s some members of the PNP who should be given a thorough neuro-psychiatric exam. When they get drunk or perceived they are “agrabyado’ they pull out their guns & let go 

  • Summerspice

    Yes,it’s not a similar attack.But Petrasanta should remember what happened to the Chinese tourists who were taken as hostages and some of them died!

  • wilfel

    Is he crazy ? Saying things can’t happen in the Philippines because you need a license to have a gun. What about those unlicensed firearms in the hands of the goons or criminal elements. What happen to those get killed by the riding in tandem. Are those license firearm ? Hope Chief Supt Petrasanta knows what he is talking about. Check your facts before opening your mouth next time Chief or Chef ?

    • lucidlynx

      At saka yung baril na ginamit sa Connecticut shooting lisensyado sa magulang nung gunman.

    • Summerspice

       I strongly agree with you.

  • $17848434

    Meet the Ampatuan family and the Chinese tourists in Luneta, among the more recent incidents!

  • $14523613

    The Ampatuans do not only possess licensed guns but they are also licensed to kill!!!

    • lucidlynx

      Tama. Nangyari nga sa Maguindanao. Ano ba ang pinag-sasabi nitong opisyal ng PNP? Hibang yata.

  • Dynamic

    A very presumptous idea.They should go out there in the open to protect and to serve the public.Looks to me that they love to stay in air conditioned area.

  • lucidlynx


  • arao_liwanag

    Here in the U S ang school, movie houses, at shopping mall ay sinasakay kasi walang Bantay (security guard), In the Philippine there are gaurds everywhere, ang state security personel ( Mga Police at Militar ), ay sila rin ang bantay sa WETING at SMUGGLING. Sila rin ang sumalakay madalas sa kanilang dapat bantayan( ang taong bayan). 

    Sa Pilipinas maraming bantay salakay, sa US walang bantay kaya sinasalakay.

  • Pablo Juan

    EDSA is stressful, there are a lot of homicidal drivers, specially bus drivers.

  • boybakal

    Agree….but there are plenty of Riding in Tandem roaming around, looking for target to kill.
    It’s scary out there in the streets of Manila at karatig pook.

  • Ommm

    Yes it couldn’t happen here….this is exactly why most people moved to Newtown in the first place…they thought it was safe.


  • divictes

    Don’t bet on it. You were caught with your pants down when a police officer hijacked a tourist bus and ultimately strafed its passengers.

  • Summerspice

    It’s scary there in Manila.I was held at gun point by two motorcycle riding holduppers.Petrasanta doesnt  know what he is talking about.What an irresponsible statement!

  • otoling

    Kagagohan ang sinasabi ni Petrasanta.  Ang killer ay walang aring baril; ang Nanay ng killer ang mey mga baril.  He lives with his Mom.

  • otoling

    Mas stressful na stressful ang buhay sa dito sa Pinas dahil hikahus na hikahus na hirap-na-hirap ang mga tao bukod sa madumi ang mga paligid, puno ng eskwaters ang lahat ng mga sulok na delikadong mga lugar, matrapik at walang lalakaran na mga sidewalks, gabi at araw tambak ang magnanakaw sa kalsada’t sidewalks, maraming swindlers and scams, lumalagong fake at hinde safe na pagkain, maraming politikong magnanakaw ng pera ng bayan atbp. atbp. 

    Kung ganyan ang buhay natin palagi – hinde ba stressful yan?

  • $23257130

    naku ha, sobrang presscon naman yan. as if. sa pilipinas ang dali dali lang bumili ng baril at mag amok sa kanto araw araw may ganyan. tignan niyo lang sa new years mga nagpapaputok ng baril. ppppwwweeehhh kayo pnp. kadiri

  • Guest

    Manila also thought for many years that China would never be a threat… Now the PNP says, that incident like in Connecticut will never happen here. Never say never. That’s the (sad) reality.

  • Raul

    Sa Pilipinas pag nag masaker d nagpapakamaty ang saralin. Buhay at guinagatasan ng mga Pulis. Ampatuan, Visconde masaker, etc..etc..

  • Olibo

    Agree. Because: 1. gun and ammo are expensive in the Philippines 2. Paltik (home-made) may jam after few shots 3. Guns are used mainly in robbery/holdup where you only need few ammos to become realistic. 4.Similar attack can happen to demand work related issues, like the cop-hostages taker who killed Chinese tourists. 5.MASSACRE using gun similar in the US can happen only for political reason like the Ampatuans,  and this crime committed not by a loner or a deranged person but by the so-called leaders of the country.

  • Hannah Blake

    The more reason why it could also happen in the Philippines dahil sa kabobohan ng mga pulis na tulad ni Petrasanta!

    Ah alam ko na. Ayaw nyang magkaroon ng total gun ban baka kasi mawawalan na ng kita ang gunggong na to bilang chief ng gun licensing.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Just like it will never happen a bus full of tourists get hijacked, become hostages and be killed, Or that a warlord of a prominent political family kill 50 men women and children in the US?

  • regd

    It’s only possible if you remove the ampatuans and the abu sayyaf out of the equation!

  • Magsasaka

    yes we rarely have an attack inside school but families being massacred by drug addict, thieves are rampant, political killing is rampant  plus who will believe an assessment done by a criminal syndicate such as PNP.

  • Jun2x

    The real facts is,this mother chute PNP chief have no idea what his trying to implement. They only trying to be strict on legal responsible civilian owning a firearm not on the criminals on our society, do first your job to protect people of Philippines specially those in need na kababyan nating mahihirap and show more good achievements rather than chechat publicity.  Ganito nalang kaya payag akong ma dis-arm or e balik ang firearm ko sa gobyerno kung sila rin na pulis wala rin baril. Para patas ang laban. Obedient Civilian without firearm Versus Criminals with firearm. So ganun din sa Pulis without firearm versus NPA with Artillery. Lets see…..? 

  • Magsasaka

    Pesantra is a moron, less than 1 percent of registered guns were used in a crime the rest were loose firearms or guns sold by AFP or PNP to privated armies and criminal syndicates.

  • Barak_O

    it won’t happen on kids

    but it happened on hongkong tourists

    • Geronimo Dogup

       Yeah, it happened to Hongkong tourist by a supposed PROTECTOR.

      • Barak_O

        yeah, so tell that to raul

  • tra6Gpeche

    I will have to agree with Chief Supt. Raul Petrasanta. In general, Filipinos kill or murder Filipinos due to extreme hunger and politics, local or national!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Ano pinagsasabi mo Chief eh normal na nga ang patayan sa pilipinas at hindi sinasanto ang mga bata…..hindi ba may dalawang bata na pinagsasaksak ng isang lango sa droga? huwag ka magsalita na hindi mangyayari dahil nangyayari na yan……maraming mga fundamentalists ang mga nagtatago lang ng totoong kulay at naghihintay lang siguro ng tamang panahon… ngayon mga agitator lang yan at kumukuha ng mga kakampi kaya eto ang mga bantayan niyo dahil mga delikado ito…..hindi ba nandiyan na ang ASG atbp at hindi malayo madagdagan pa yan!

  • Hardy Shultz

    I have a license gun,and yes I’m happy man,,however compare the selling price of the guns here in our country its x3 the amount ..Say a colt 1911 would cost 500USD while here in PH it cost a whopping 70kphp plus 6kphp for the license and another 9kphp for the permit ,, Licensing is not a major issue but persons owning guns and laws are the big ones,,not to mention the price,,hehehehehe

  • Summerspice

     Petrasanta should read all the comments here.

  • jonas c

    Mahal ang bala kaya di mangyayari yan! ahhahaha

  • boybakal

    I agree with Petrasanta.
    Not too many will be killed by guns. But many will be killed by saksak like balisong, mas masakit.

  • disqusted0fu

     Here, our people have many diversions to help them forget their problems.” – this is the problem. we dont solve our problems, we just create diversions to forget them. and this is exactly what the Aquino administration is doing thats why problems of the nation are not solved, they are just forgotten because of the different diversions that the administration are creating.

  • Homer Guo

    ke isa o maraming bata ang masaktan o mamatay, pareho lang. wag sanang kumpyansa ang mga awtoridad natin. siguraduhin na hindi nga sasapitin ng isa man o maraming bata ang nangyari sa US.

  • jolly_baby

    This is a challenge, dahil sa sinabing di mang yayari… may ma cha challenge dyan at masabing mali kayo… tsk..

  • Pio Gante

    you’re full of bullshìt mr. petrasanta, having a positive outlook in life isn’t exactly an assurance that someone owning a legal or illegally acquired weapon  won’t snap in a jiffy., and what in the hėll makes you think that life in philippines is not that really stressful? probably you’re happy behind you’re desk while signing permits but outside there are millions who don’t enjoy their existence.

  • Raph Garcia

    Have we forgotten about Ampatuan? It might not be kids but it still is the biggest media massacre in history

  • Edward Telan

    Before anything else, we Filipinos are not imdividuals that exist in a vacum but are individuals that belong to a social group. We get our identity from the group.
    We are aware that our actions reflect on our group and therefore serve as deterrent to our actions that will bring shame to th group. Also, uniquely Filipino, Our society provides a strong safety net and emotional nourishment to its members which acts as a safety valve.

    • Pio Gante

      sir, de-kahon ang nasabi mo, kumbaga pang textbook, sa iyo ba nakuha ni petr ang idea niya? kasi it’s also too far from reality.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Are you kidding ?
      It’s the absolute opposite, a failed state with fake text books and Clergy.
      The country is a none sense abuses destruction by greedy criminal leaders.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    In Mindanao, guns could be useless, chain saw are more efficient for terror !
    PNP and AFP are there to be sure the job is well done…

    No craziness limits its already Cultural !

  • ADD

    Sana meron sa atin nito, pero sa congress sya mamaril, mas madami mas maganda, mas uunlad ang bayan.

  • antonioluna

    kayo naman oh, siempre may magagalit pag negative ang ilalabas ng media, kaya dapat positive lagi ang irereport.  mahirap na, baka masabon pa…

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