Espino says earnings came from businesses


DAGUPAN CITY—Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino on Monday denied living on money from the illegal numbers racket “jueteng.”

“That is very unfair,” he said.

Espino, formerly the top police official in Pangasinan, said he was nursing a bruised ego and consoling a hurt family after being identified last week by a former political ally as the “big boss” of jueteng in the province.

That former ally, Bugallon Mayor Rodrigo Orduña, reported for work in his town on Monday under heavy security. He returned home on Friday night after filing plunder charges against Espino in the Office of the Ombudsman in Manila.

Espino said the charges were “politically motivated” and decried the airing of Orduña’s accusations in a news conference at the Philippine National Police  headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City, with Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II and PNP Director General Nicanor Bartolome on Friday.

“I should have been given a chance to answer the accusations first before these were announced to the whole world [by Roxas],” Espino said.

“I wasn’t treated fairly as an elected official. It was as if I was already convicted,” he said.

“I’m sad and a little stressed. My family is hurting because of what happened to me,” he said.

In a sworn affidavit he submitted to the Office of the Ombudsman, Orduña admitted to having served as Espino’s bagman since 2001 and charged that the governor had amassed up to P900 million in payoffs from operators of jueteng in Pangasinan.

A confessed jueteng operator from the province, Fernando “Boy Bata” Alimagno, submitted an affidavit to the Ombudsman, corroborating Orduña’s allegations.

Trucking, construction

Espino denied the charges, saying he had been operating trucking and construction businesses even before he became the Pangasinan police director in 1992.

He said that after retiring from the police service in 1998, he went into farming and poultry raising in Bugallon.

Espino denied any links to jueteng. After being linked to jueteng by Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz in 2010, Espino appeared at a Senate inquiry into the alleged involvement of public officials in the illegal game to deny the prelate’s accusation.

On Monday, he reiterated that he had always been against jueteng.

He said that when he was the police director, he and his staff shaved their heads to show their opposition to jueteng.

“For almost a year then, there were no jueteng operations in the province,” Espino said.

One of his officers at the time, he said, was Alan Purisima, now ranked deputy director general and appointed to become the next PNP chief.

Espino said there was no jueteng wherever he was assigned, including Angeles City in Pampanga, where he served as chief of the Metropolitan District Command.

They’re not close

Espino belied Orduña’s claim that they were close. He said it was Orduña’s brother Paterno, a retired police superintendent, who was “like a brother to me.”

He said he met Paterno Orduña when he was assigned to Camp Olivas in Pampanga, and they developed a deep friendship.

“I only met Ric (Mayor Orduña’s nickname) through Pat when I was assigned here,” Espino said.

“I won’t even recognize [Mayor Orduña’s] children if I saw them, because I really do not know them,” he said. “He is not really that close to me as he claimed.”

Orduña claimed that a quarrel over a basketball game between his son and Espino’s son led to his falling out with the governor.

On Monday, he said Espino’s denials were “just natural.”

If they meet, Orduña said, “I would tell him to stop lying.”

“He knows what I know and I know what he knows,” he said.

“I know I was involved [in jueteng] and I do not deny that I earned from [it], but not as much as he earned,” Orduña said.

No politics

Orduña, a new member of the ruling Liberal Party (LP), said politics had nothing to do with his disclosure, although he admitted that he consulted Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza before coming out against Espino.

Braganza is the LP’s gubernatorial candidate in Pangasinan. Local commentators have said that Orduña’s disclosures would benefit Braganza’s bid for the provincial capitol.

Orduña said he had been planning to expose jueteng operations in Pangasinan for some time and he had been talking to some groups about it.

Those groups offered support, but he decided to open up only after he had consulted Braganza.

“I found someone I could trust only now,” Orduña said. “It just so happened that we belong to the same political party.”

Asked if he had received threats since coming come, he replied in the negative. “But I anticipate that threats would soon come,” he said.

“They should deal only with me,” he added. “I am their enemy. They should not involve my family. I pray to God to protect my family.”

Orduña had also implicated in the scandal the husband of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Jose Miguel Arroyo, then Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno and the PNP chiefs during the previous administration.

He said Jose Miguel Arroyo, Puno and the police chiefs regularly received payoffs from jueteng operators, though he never saw them actually receiving money.

Orduna described Jose Miguel Arroyo, Puno and the PNP chief the “Three Kings” of jueteng during the Arroyo administration.

Hard evidence

On Monday, Malacañang said Orduña should back his allegations with hard evidence.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said the mayor would be asked to submit evidence to the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), which had opened an investigation into his disclosures.

“Obviously, there is no documentary evidence here. But if he has some oral evidence that can be supported, then that is something that the DILG will have to investigate,” Lacierda said.

He called on Orduña to disclose the other officials who took payoffs from jueteng operators and support his claims with evidence.

Only with hard evidence can the government make the charges against the accused stick, Lacierda said. With a report from TJ Burgonio in Manila

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  • esther


  • Flavio

    ‘Espino says earnings came from business’. businesses na peke at hindi tinatax !

    • suburbanmother

      monkey business

  • nti_boohaya

    Kung talagang sincere ang gobierno ni pnoy sa pagwawalis sa kowrahpshown e di umpisa kaagad silipin ang mga SALN at lifestyle ng mga nabubulgar sa ano mang illegal mapa jueteng, illegal loggin, ponzi scam o droga man- kaalyado o hindi.   Di ako abogado pero may probable cause na siguro laban kay Espino, mayor Co, at yung ibinulgar lang ni Tulfo na personalidad na sangkot sa illegal logging sa ComVal.  Kung walang kilos ng BIR dito o ombudsman e di tuloy ang ligaya sa bansa na where money talks, bullkaka walks.  And right now there are lot of them walking!

  • Fred

    Nagpa-palusot ka lang! Tapos na ang political career mo.

  • EdgarEdgar

    I doubt if Governor Espino’s earning are really from legit businesses. But with jueteng still thriving today like never before, Noynoy and his administration have no idea how to get Espino without shooting themselves on the foot. Jueteng is big money and big money needs big protection from big protectors all the way up to the palace. At least that’s what the whistleblower himself, Mayor Orduña, assumes as he clarified in last Friday’s press conference. Should the investigation go deeper, sooner or later someone among the KKK or even the presidential uncle will be implicated. If handled carelessly, even the sitting president himself might be dragged into the fray. Laws can be applied selectively by those in power but it has a way of backfiring or resulting in unintended consequences. That explains the sudden turnaround of the palace when spokesperson Edwin Lacierda in no uncertain terms distanced and dissociated the administration from the whistleblower Mayor Orduña on Monday. Leaving the whistleblower hanging out to dry.

    Any other courageous whistleblowers out there?

    • jeffrey_01

      The Arroyos benefited from jueteng too

      • EdgarEdgar

        Like what the presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said to the whistleblower: PROVE IT!

        And the whistleblower is now left hanging out to dry. Go figure.

      • jeffrey_01

        As Orduna said, they’re not stupid to leave any easy evidence.  
        With the PNP top brass involved, are you a jackass that it will be a cakewalk to get evidence?  

        The FBI should be paid to do this investigation.

      • EdgarEdgar


    • ozkid

      It’s hard to back up allegation without hard evidence that’s why this case can drag or might not see its day in court. 

  • farmerpo

    SALN, ITR then wheelchair in that order. Good luck.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Farming and poultry raising my #@$!

    • $14334231

      and he amassed millions with these kind of businesses?….who’s kidding who?????….

    • Nilo C

      PULIS?????? Tinatanong pa ba yon kung papano sila Yumaman. Kapal ng Mukha, Lakas ng Lo-ob at Impluwensiya yan ang Pinaka-Puhunan.

  • $14334231

    there will no concrete evidence that will come out of this except oral testimonies….payolas are always done without any trace of evidence that’s why none was ever indicted with jueteng….pineda is a well-known jueteng operator but nobody seems to care…espino knows this that’s why he will go scot-free..this includes all who received payolas from jueteng operators…..

  • Garo Ungaro

    the legal business trive in tanden with illegal business…if legal business fails. the illegal business will flourished…either way its a win win situation…”GOOD LUCK” with the investigations. power and money..matters…as long as the proceeds will be divided among the powerful…business as usual?

  • Kudi

    ihanda na wheelchair at ospital.

  • PutingAgila

     St. Luke Medical Center, prepare emergency room and a wheelchair for someone accused of JUETENG involvement!! 

  • LegalJustice

    The Ombudsman need to check his wealth thats for sure.

    Since FOI is now going  to be approved.

  • LegalJustice

    Remember : Paper Trail is not the only way to be able to catch these professional crooks.

    Remember: They only received Cold Cash in paper bag and These professional crooks are not born yesterday – thats why they are called professional crooks.

    • jeffrey_01

      They graduated from PMA.   They learned from the best.

  • kruger

    Me kasabihan:  “Bolahin mo ang lelong mong panot!”

  • adolfo

    sa pwesto mo sa PNP noong panahon na yon magpapalinis ka pa he he trucking & farming mag kakapital ka pa at mamumuhunan eh samantalang sa huweting dadating nalang ang bundle of wads mo kita ka na sa itaas Gov

  • suburbanmother

    This guy reminds me of Corona.

  • jeffrey_01

    Orduna should disclose how much he earned from jueteng being a courier.

    This will put some hint of truth to what’s he saying.  Is he honest enough to return the money from jueteng?

    If the numbers are true to how much Espino received from jueteng, this will matched to his wealth.

    • LucianoChing

      Naubos na sa sabong…wala na maisoli

  • Dynamic

    They made their money the easy way and called it a miracle.I don’t seem to understand why when some people say pangasinan,they are always inclined to say pangalatot.That’s what this man is.

  • Jimmy

    Hoy Espino, yang milyon milyon mong ari-arian ay galing sa negosyo…?????!!!!  Hindi lahat ng mga taga Pangasinan ay maloloko mo..!!!??  May nakatingin sa iyo sa araw at gabi na siyang puputol sa lahat ng iyong panloloko….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • victor1052

      You misunderstood what espino is trying to say. He meant EXTORTION from businesses or business establishments in pangasinan.

  • ozkid

    “I should have been given a chance to answer the accusations first
    before these were announced to the whole world [by Roxas],” Espino said.

    “I wasn’t treated fairly as an elected official. It was as if I was already convicted,” he said. 

    Welcome to the democratic world Gov. where there is freedom of speech. Just because you are a high ranking official doesn’t mean you are immune of any accusation as a matter of fact it’s the opposite. If all those allegation are not true then you can always come out clean.

    Because nobody can not twist the truth, but lies need a constant cover up to sound real.

  • Ommm

    The good thing is Filipinos are very bad liars because it isn’t in their nature to be deceitful …you can see right through them, as in this case…..

  • wawangpenoy

    Comm Henares. Paki audit na ang mga libro ni espino. E sa business daw lahat galing ang pera. i-tax agad at penalize sa under declaration or undeclared assets.  Mahina ang 100million na tax ang makukuha nyo dyan retroactive since bago daw sya maging gobernador. Papipisa ko ang pangatlong itlog ko kung yan nag-declare ng tamang income tax.

    • tata_boy

      kabayan, I second the motion, ang problema eh si Pnoy mukhang natutulog lang sa pansitan, dapat eh may priority ang kasong ito.

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        daming gustong pa prioritize kay Pnoy..ngayon eto naman ang gusto nyo priority… last week gusto nyo sa Mindanao priority..lahat nalang priority basta may nakitang bagong balita hahahaha

    • LucianoChing

      kung may pangatlo kang itlog,di ka tunay na lalake..useless ung BIR na sinasabi mo kasi si Gov.Espino,iba too…He is very intelligent and would not claim business earnings unless he didn’t pay the correct taxes…
      Ang pag contribute ng comments/ideas ay hindi biro.Think twice and wise coz here you hurt people concern with reckless comments…


    >>>Espino says earnings came from businesses<<<

    BUSINESS while Governor?  That's another major issue worth investigating thorughly.  Baka naman "Waiting" business (naghihintay ng ka-parte!)

  • Pedro

    Naku Sir, mas  lalo  kayong mababaon  sa  sinabi nyo  na  galing  sa  businesses  nyo  ang  kayamanan  nyo. . .  Iimbestigahan  kayo  ng  BIR  at  pabubuksan ang mga books  of account nyo Sir. . . mabibisto  rin  kung  nagbabayad  kayo  ng tax . . . HINDI  RIN  KAYO MAKAKALUSOT . . . wala. . .

  • VicenteBoticol

    My sister is married to a Municipal official in one of the town in Western Pangasinan. She has been telling me about the proliferatio of Jueteng in the province under Gov.Espino. She also knows about the luxurious lives of the espino family who roam around the province in luxurious SUVs and expensive cars……….all you have to do is go to the province and see for yourself….

    • suburbanmother

      Too bad there is no section here in PDI where netizens can post photos of these people living way beyond their means- driving sports cars, photos of their luxurious homes, vacation houses, etc…

  • doublecross

    matagal na etong issues…sana mapansin ng gov’t personnel na magbigyan ng magandang solusyon.

  • Paul

    gov espino, just answer, DID YOU RECEIVE MONEY FORM JUETENG?
    YES –
    NO – 

  • gmaisthebestpresident

    “Malacañang said Orduña should back his allegations with hard evidence” – oo nga! dapat eh magpakita siya ng Audited Financial Statement ng kanilang jueteng operation. ORs para sa mga nareceived na pera at Checks naman para sa mga nailabas na pera. Pwede din acknowledgment receipt na lang na pirmado ni Gob na nareceived niya yung monthly collection. dapat may paper trail talaga.

    • BawalAngReklamador

      TSK.TSK. Sinu namang TANGANG tao kabayan ang PIPIRMA sa papel/OR bago MAKUHA ang PARTE nyang pera na GALING sa ilegal?

      Subukan mo ng AKTUWAL na humingi ng RESIBO sa ORDINARYONG pulis na mangongotong sa kanto kung UUBRA ang iniisip mo?

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        sir yan din sana ang gusto kong itanong kay Mr. Lacierda.

  • bilango71

    very profitable yata ang business ni espino… bakit nag-governor pa’. I-devote na lang niya ang kanya energy sa business.

  • JuanTamadachi

    “Espino says earnings came from businesses.” – This claim by Espino is an open invitation for the B.I.R. (Comm. Kim Henares) to forthwith examine and/or audit Espino’s businesses to determine if his business concerns are indeed the money makers that he claims them to be and to a degree of profitability capable of  sustaining his lifestyle. Did they pay the right amount of taxes? 
    This is the best way I know of, of settling this issue..

  • PepingCo

    Expect more of this as we move closer to the 2013 elections. This is the cheapest way to mount a campaign – accuse your election rival with whatever mud you can dig of. You might even brand this as premature campaigning. Only in the Philippines!

  • eirons1043

    Lacierda said that Orduna should back up his charges with hard evidence. Does he wants as evidenced a moving camera of  Espino receiving the money from the operators on the balcony of his mansion on a bright sunny day? By this statement coming from the palace mouthpiece Espino is practically exonarated. The record shows that  Hard evidence as required by the Rules of Court does not apply to powerful government officials.  Common sense approached (sorry the Rules of Court does not allow common sense nga pala) is to check on his properties if it is proportionate on his official income.  If it comes from his business then it is a clear case of conflict of interest which is a no no in Public Service. The mere fact that he used the magic word “politically motivated” is already a banging red signal that Espino is in deep s..t.

    • mr

      Bobo naman yang si Lacierda baka meron din sya sawsaw sa jueteng kaya pinagtatanggol si Espino

  • joshmale2004

    I can’t recall but I think one of the convictions given to Erap was about jueteng and the basis was the affidavit of Chavit Singson without any hard evidence. Can any one confirm this? If this is the case, Orduna’s own personal testimony and with corroboration of the other witnesses, these should be enough to get a conviction even without hard evidences. Jueteng is purely cash transaction and no paper trail can be found.

    • mr

      Sira ka rin no, pag ikaw ang gagawa ng illegal eh idadawit mo ba pangalan ni Espino sa mga transaction, eh di gagamitin nya mga galamay nya. SI Atong Ang balik na naman sa sugal nya.

      • joshmale2004


  • joel genese

    Ang ebidensiya ay kung may jueteng sa nasasakupan. Pag mayroon jueteng, seguradong may basbas ang gov, mayor, pnp regional dir at pnp chief.

  • Noel

    totoo yan espina…jueteng business

  • Yesmie Asahib

    ganyan naman ang mga pulitiko..kapag nabisto, politically motivated..

  • kapayapaan_1900

    Hats off to the Philippine Military Academy!  Its graduates are so well trained that when they opt to go into business can be at par with the creme de la creme alumnus of the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania, USA.  

    • Karabkatab

      It’s about time that PMA get its new name… Phil. Millionaires Academy…

      • mr

        Pamantasan Mangungurakot Academy

  • jeffrey_01

    No legal business can make you that rich quick.

  • Karabkatab

    “Espino, formerly the top police official in Pangasinan…” Kaya naman pala… No further comment your honor.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Expain it clearly, Mr Espino. Give all the names of your businesses where your alleged jueteng money came from. Just remember that jueteng is also business. Only that that business is illegal in the Philippines!

  • Roger

    ang lahat ng sinasabi ni orduna laban kay espino ay totoo maliban laman sa dahilan ng kanilang paghihiwalay. kaya lamang kumanta si orduna ay dahil nagka onsehan sa partehan sa pera ng jueting. mas malaki kc binibigay ni atong ang kay espino kesa kay orduna. gusto kasi ni orduna parehas ang partehan kaso syempre mas malaki kay espino dahil sya ang gobernador. alam lahat ng mga tao yan sa pangasinan kaya wag na mag imbento ng kwento na kesyo sa baketball kaya nag away si espino at orduna. 

    • jeffrey_01

      that’s more likely the reason of the rift.  Tama ka.

  • Allan

    busines pala ha? eh di lahat yan naka-declare sa SALN? just check the SALN and that’s the end of it? dapat umabot sa 900M +/- 100M ang assets nya na naka-declare.

  • tilamsik

    Are mayors and governors not submitting SALN’s?  Its a good tool but apparently not applied consistently.  Kakasawa na drama ng mga kawatan.  In the end sila pa ang api.  Pero mas nakakasawa ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno, mambabatas at kapulisan.  Kung naipapatupad ang batas e di sana walang kawatan.  Malamang ito magkakasakit din at maoospital.

    • jeffrey_01

      they never have a motto ‘take your loot and run away while you’re ahead’.  They want more and maybe all.

  • PepingCo

    Baka pwede naman itanong ni DILG Sec Mar Roxas kay Orduna ito: Ang tagal na kayong nakikinabang sa jueteng payola, bakit ngayon ka lang nagsumbong? Anyare?

    • eric

       baka nagkasamaan ng loob dahil sa hatian. sounds familiar?

  • iping2sison

    Ever since military men entered politics in Pangasinan, violence started. Until now, there is no justice for the killings of the Arcinue couple of Lingayen. Anto la natan, Pangasinan?

    • jeffrey_01

      The most corrupt government officials are from the military and PMA grads.

  • basilionisisa

    easy to prove, Governor: just show them your Income Tac Returns and SALN! pag wala dyan, hindi galing sa business.

  • lex

    You call espino’s reasons as money laundering, of course he used the millions of payola to buy legitimate assets, co-mingled finances should provide cover for the operations. dapat yan tignan ang mga assets noon, how he acquired them, income from them. baka naman takot ang administrasyon? eto na at sinimulan lang ilipit ang mga involved! katulad ng mayor ng katabing bayan. ikulong na yang si espino o kung hindi naman gayain niya ang kapwa niyan general na nag suicide! 

  • mr

    What business does corrupt retired general has, monkey or jueteng business. Show
    your SALSALN to prove you are not jueteng lord since you were a PNP general

  • noelpogi

    Espino ano combination ang lumabas kahapon.  Me taya ako e. LOL

  • pikloy

    Well said Espino, now is the time for the BIR to check him out as he admits he is making good on his business.

  • Crisanto

    Negosyo daw. Hehehehe!

  • Crisanto


  • jonas c

    daming lumalabas na scandals pag election ah! ahhaha! 


  • Dynamic

    Friends we meet,relatives we share but in business that man don’t care.Here are some fast track businesses that we know off:Illegal gambling,illegal logging,illegal drugs,plundering then we have small scale jai alai,cock fighting etc.

  • Magsasaka

    nagkamali ng galaw si mayor, parang hindi nya alam ang nangyari kay robredo ang nag iisang anti-jueteng na nasa gobyerno dati, pinalabas na namatay sa aksidente ng sindikatong nakaupo sa gobyerno.

  • lee1222

    Espino’s businesses daw:

    Farming and poultry raising – nag-aalaga ng mga “hayop” na magbibigay sa kanya ng datung
    Trucking – para maayos at walang sablay ang paghahakot ng salapi
    Construction – paggawa ng imprastraktura para paglagyan ng nakamal na pera

    At dahil magaling siyang negosyante, paperless ang operations niya. Tax-free pa. Kaya tiba-tiba ang kawawang mama. Ayun, naka-Hummer lang naman sa Pangasinan.

    Kaya para nyo nang awa, lubayan nyo na siya!

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Espino will have a very bright future if he becomes a movie actor. Pang-Famas ang acting niya ngayon pa lang.

  • whyinthisworld

    Let’s not waste our time on espino, jail him now. That’s the best remedy to eliminate corrupt government officials by putting them inside the jail with company of cobra and black mamba. Isama natin yon lahat ng cohorts in gloria at mike. Kaya lang baka maubusan ng kamandag yon mga ahas sa dami nila.

    • Alex


  • BawalAngReklamador

    Baka nagkamali lang sya ng PALUSOT.. Baka REGALO sa kasal nya ang TALAGANG sasabihin nya.. tsk.tsk.tsk.

  • Markov Chain

    A basketball game between sons exposed the illegal activities, I’m sure both of them receive money from jueteng. The other is probably much closer to the mob bosses so the other one was able to do this without fear. Blood is thicker than water. Lol. But money is more powerful than politics. Jueteng lords rule our land.

  • regd

    E ano pala dapat sabihin nya? Alangang sabihin nya ang totoo? Mas maigi pag magsinungaling siya, siguradong may boboto pa sa kanya. Ganyan kabobo mga botante.

  • JACK

    walang patutunguhan ‘tong kasong ‘to…or this is a stern test to PNOY’s matuwid na daan…

  • Lad

    alam naman ng mga autoridad kung gaano kahusay manghuwad ang mga pulitikong involved sa huweteng . . . alam nila kung paano gawin ang kalokohan nila ng walang hard evidences, so they say . . . mahirap patunayan pero hindi ba ang tao mismo na buhay at nagpapatunay kung ano ayon sa kanyang detalyadong salaysay ay sapat na katibayan para kasuhan sila?? hustisya minsan ay hindi “fair, just and humane” . . .

  • Accountant Tax

    why is jueteng still there, and who are the protectors.
    audit the business. 

  • Homer Guo

    yeah right, from jueteng business har har

  • sam_aquino

    it’s a case of the accuser saying, “you did so” & the accused replying, “i did not”…  there’s simple solution to solve the case, or at least minimize the time spent & save some taxpayers’ money…

    why not let these two people go through the “lie detector test” & see who is lying or NOT???  lie detector tests may not be admissible in court, but at least we can start digging from there…

    hello, NBI!!!

  • Mario

    What a load of CRAP Mr. Espino and tell it to the marines.

  • marivon

    The obvious thing is one of them is telling a big big lie. I wonder who that is?

  • Stephen

    Espino says earnings came from businesses……. com’on…900mil profit? First, this should come from a dirty business. 2nd kung totoo man yung clean business mo, have you paid your taxes? BIR time to check…. Anyway, so tired of hearing “it’s politically motivated”… get a good lawyer and good luck to you…

    • popeyee

      900m is what the whistle blower said. So the accuser has to proved that the accused is indeed having this 900m in his closet..

      • nardong_tutpik

        900M na yan kasi kumita pa yung pera sa mga investments over 10 years.  At 20% annual compounding rate do-doble pera every 4 years… so kahit 200M lang yan 10 years ago, nasa 1B na ngayon yan.  LOL

  • Midori

    “They’re not close”. Talaga lang po Governor? So paano po kayo napadpad dito sa Bugallon? Ano pong ginagawa niyo dito at pati anak nyo ay pinagkakandidato niyo sa pagka-Mayor eh di naman po kayo taga dito!? 
    “Trucking, construction” At kung sirain niyo ang bundok namin dito para pagkunan ng mga bato at buhangin parang sa inyong “Business” parang sa inyo na ang Bugallon. Ano pong gagawin niyo kapag naflash-flood kami dito? Sa kalikasan pa lang wala na po kayong malasakit sa mga tao pa po kayang taga-dito!?

  • iping2sison

    Hamon sa BIR, usisain ang sinasabing mga business ni Gov. Espino. Ikumpara ang kanyang mga SALNs mula noong nasa militar pa siya. Makikita doon ang mga milagro sa buhay.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    ready niyo na wheelchair…another Amalayer

  • De_Vera

    He likes to give away 5,000 pesos to anyone he fancies…lalo na sa mga karaoke parties (to win the favor of his constituents, papogi points ba) of course  i t’s always easy to give away money that’s not hard earned…

  • wakats

    I believe orduna’s allegations that the “Three Kingkongs” have benefited tremendously from jueteng payola – everybody from Luzon knows that in order for jueteng to prosper, payoffs to authorities are necessary.  An example on record is erap’s plunder case.

    I also believe that those accused in the media were not accorded due process since their sides were not reported when first published.

    I finally believe that the only evidence on hand are direct testimonies of the players in jueteng and no definitive/hard evidence that could firmly stand in a criminal proceedings.

    The ending is as predictable as the sun sets at dusk.   

  • Ramon Mayuga

    “… earnings come from businesses,” said Espino. 

    He has a poultry farm where his chickens lay “golden eggs,” which made him multimillionaire, or even billionaire overnight. 

    Tell that to the marines, Governor.

  • eric

    sige nga, kung talagang sa business galing yan, please present a copy of your income tax return and a SALN from your businesses. payag ka naman sigurong magpa-lifestyle check di ba? 

    • adamson11

      Ano sino swerte kayo? Sagot ni gov…

  • popeyee

    Di kaya maging Ador Mawanay na naman itong si Mayor? Kung di pa sila nag-away dahil sa basketball di pa siya puputak…

  • Albert Einstien

    jueteng & drug lords  are the constituents of our politicians…..what a shame!

    • nardong_tutpik

      They are the politicians themselves.  Simula lang sa raket na negosyo hanggang sa sila na mismo tatakbo sa pulitika to consolidate their power and further protect their lucrative yet illegal business.

      • adamson11

        Also reason why many of our polician, former militar and their siblings are having a house haven in USA and elsewhere…

  • Bisdak69


  • ADD

    Malaki ang chance na involved nga si Espino dito, dati p lng chief of police ito sa pangasinan. So matagal ng nakinabang sa kickback sa jueteng ang pamilya nito, front lng ung business kuno nya. Nasan ang NPA, nakinabang din ata sila dito?

  • Dag Erickson

    He must explain his HongKong account. The money in a sack his hoodlums are depositing in a designated spot in Binondo, Manila banking underground. After the deposit, Binondo will text a code to HongKong and it will appear as a dollar deposit in his account.  It sounds that Malacanang is half committed into investigating this guy.  Espino need to sign a weaver for the Philippine government to investigate his Philippine dollar account and his accounts anywhere in the world including HongKong. The government pretends not to know how to investigate. tsk, tsk, tsk.  In the end, I have a feeling that they will claim the Mayor accuser have no proof. I wonder if the Mayor was given immunity from suit before his expose.

  • malek_abdul

    I myself can attest that the incumbent PNP Chief in the past has been receiving payola from Jueteng. My vehicle was rented by top PNP officials to carry police escorts and collect jueteng money from various towns and provinces in the north. I’ve met Romy Lahara (Jueteng Lord) and late Governor Armand Sanchez (Jueteng Operator) of Batangas and PNP Chief Arturo Lumibao (Protector) and a lot of PNP officials ranks LT Col and Colonels, majors and even ordinary police officers. Although personally I have no knowledge of Espina’s involvement mostly the money collected were delivered in a town of Pangasinan. I saw bagmen of mayors, provincial and municipal police chiefs collect their protection money from Romy Lahara every Friday. Even barangay captains have their share of the payola. The jueteng operation is controlled  in 3 phases, Local/Provincial, Regional and National. I don’t know who are those in the national levels. All of these I witnessed during my less than a month stint with the Jueteng operations before I quit.

    • adamson11

      Bro pwede ka star witness!! Yun lang delikado buhay mo… dito na lang sa feedback page he3…

      • malek_abdul

        Kaya nga dito na lang ako nagpost ng nalalaman ko kasi napanuod ko sa mga imbestigasyon sa senado maski nag-uumapaw na ang mga ebidensya ng mga testigo wala pa rin nangyari. Wala rin nakasuhan. Nagulat nga ako nung biglang ma-promote si Lumibao from ISAFP chief to PNP Chief. That was the time of GMA. Pero Bay marami talaga pera sa jueteng araw araw 10 sako ng pera ang kinakarga sa sasakyan ko. Hindi pa kasali ang mga coins puro mga tig 500 at 1,000 peso bills. Nakatakot din kasi mga kasama ko puro mga AWOL na pulis.

  • gisingpinoy12

    I think this was the military guy that caught Kumander Dante way back 70,s?

  • adamson11

    Frankly I believe the mayor more as it is really very rare that we find people in this land to rat an ally unless its true!!! If they were adversaries its quite normal that he will be lying about a political opponent. But my issues why do they always bloated the number when for instance he is taking a million instead of tens of millions, as long as he is on the take he is corrupt, this was instance when corona were being accused with bloated numbers he almost got away because it was hard to believe he hide those big numbers although he did hide his wealth but in hundreds of million but in tens only!!!

  • Danny Bravo

    sa  aming  bayan  ang  origin  ng  huweteng,,,  yan  pa  hindi  makikilala  halos  lahat  ng  emplyado  ng  huweteng  alam  kung  sino  yan  itinatanggi  pa,,,  ang  mahirap  sa  gobyerno  ng  pilipinas  tinatanggal  lang  sa  puwesto  ang  mga  ganito   ,,,ako  man  ang  magkaroon  ng puesto  sa  gobyerno  bago  ako  mabisto  marami  na  akong  naitabi,,,,ano  bang  kuwenta  ng  posisyon  sa  gobyerno  kung  wala  ka  namang  pera,,,,hindi  yan  magpapakahirap  ng  pagkandidato  kung  hindi  yan  kikita  ng  malaki,,,,,paikutan  lang,,,,,,kung  gusto  mong  maging  bilyonaryo maging  pulitiko  ka !  ,,,tama  o  tama  !!  walang  mali !!!!!!!!!

  • Rosauro

    Do life style check on police officers and you will see many of them are happy with their extravagance in life.  Espino was a police officer before he became a politician.

  • Ugly Bunny

    “That is very unfair,” he said.

    Very unfair indeed. Time to be transparent and shut us off. Show off your SALN.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    check his last SALN and do life style check and all his bank account transaction..and also get ready another wheelchair.

    • RomyLitz

      You are always quicker to the draw !! Congrats !!

  • Danny Bravo

    ang  pamankin  ko  isa  lang  coronel  ang  asawa  public  teacher  4  ang  anak  lahat  nagaaral  sa  college,,,,ang  bahay  ,,mansyon,,,ang  lupain  ang  dami,,,  iba-ibang  modelo  ang  sasakyan,,,  kung  matino  ang  trabaho  mo  ikaw  ba  ay  magkakaroon  ng  ganitong  ari-arian  sa  klase  ng  iyong  trabaho ?  ano  bang  klase  at  gaano  bang  kayaman  ang  phil.govt.  para  makapagpasahod  ng  malaking  halaga  sa  wala  namang  silbing  mamayan,,,,,,,,,,sabagay  patay  nga  nasuweldo  pa  at  naboto ,,,dooms  day  is  very  close  you  needs  to  surprise,,,let  we  see  your  power  if  this  are  working

  • sl1

    If the  gov’t really mean business put the governor and other officials involve in jail right away and don’t let them escape with so many alibi …the witness have spoken( a very credible one) the DOJ should act right away and do what is necessary asap!


    Wheelchair, anyone?

    • Ugly Bunny

      Pa-reserve isa, wait ko lang if matutuon sa akin ung issue. Pag hindi cancel ko na order ko, pag oo padeliver sa St. Luke’s Hospital.

      – Amado Espino

    • RomyLitz

      Since the deliveries were done without receipts or acknowledgement, as the lords of jueteng eschew such formalities, how can the investigators produce evidences “beyond reasonable doubt” ? The judge always instinctively favor the production of hard evidences since these jueteng lords cleverly maintain the word of honor system in delivering and receiving billions of pesos.

  • RomyLitz

    The Aquino government have all the awesome arsenal to investigate the wealth and assets of Espino. Among the agencies that the gov’t can easily summon are as follows : BIR’s TAX record of Espino. SALN of Espino, Bureau of Lands’s list of big title holders, Bank accounts of Espino, cars and other vehicle registrations at the LTO, assets of his children…etc and etc. This can be finished within one weekif they do it in perfect concerted effort !!

  • tonto_ka

    Espino just show your income tax return so that you will be VINDICATED…there are already two witnesses against you…if you can not show your ITR it means the ACCUSATION is TRUE rigHT ESPINO???

  • opinyonlangpo

    What about Orduna, he is guilty like the rest or maybe worst and he admitted it. If Roxas is really impartial and sincere then he should immediately put this mayor to jail but . . . .

  • Pepe Smith

    Roxas is behind all this, probably because he want to be in the limelight again. Protecting an admitted jueteng operator/jueteng bribe money benefactor is the same as protecting the primary accused.

    • pilipino

      The law (RA 6981 aka Witness Protection, Security and Benefit Act that became law sometime in 1991) requires the State to protect those who apply and are qualified to be state witnesses.

      Roxas is just implementing the law with no fear nor favor, unlike during Erap’s time when the state witness about jueteng like Chavit Singson, etc. were harassed and threatened with death.

      Your accusations against Roxas is misplaced.

      But of course I would understand if you’re in Binay’s camp where almost everything is done for political ends.

    • mapicchu

       why you hitting on roxas? dahil wala kang isyu against him?

      • antonioluna

        oo nga naman… dapat si GMA lang!

  • Rommel Fajardo

    The BIR should step in.

  • dikoy321

                            Espino denied the charges, saying he had been operating trucking and
                            construction businesses even before he became the Pangasinan police
                            director in 1992.

                            He said that after retiring from the police service in 1998, he went into
                            farming and poultry raising in Bugallon.

    Espino is LYING !

    After retirement, even if he has P2 of P5 Million retirement funds, that’s not ENOUGH to become very rich from only FARMING/TRUCKING businesses!

    Was he CORRUPT as PNP Chief in his province?  WHERE did he get the MILLIONS to do FARMING/TRUCKING from?

    Commissioner Henares, please do a LIFESTYLE CHECK on Gov Espino!

    Others who KNOW how Espino became rich should come forward and EXPOSE the governor !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • SAN

    B.I.R records would probably show how much this corrupt official is lying.
    Any person from Pangasinan knows how wide spread jueteng is in this province….
    HULI ! ! !

  • KenKhoy

    hindi ko alam anong motibo mo mayor, pero pareho pala kayo na mga anak ng jueteng diba……. nanaginip karin ba

  • Horst Manure

    Another one bites the dust, get out the gold plate wheel chair

  • Pedro


    1st –  Those charges against me are all lies ! Hogwash ! Politically  motivated and instigated
    by my  political enemies  who are perennial losers in elections !!

    2nd –  Those  charges against me are part of  a  demolition job against me. You know those           charges  are rehash of previous charges which have been dismissed already by the           Ombudsman.

    3rd –  I will answer  those charges  in due time and I assure you,  my  good name which has          been besmirch  by my political  enemies will be cleared. .
      ST. LUKES !  DALI !


    • pasaway008ako

      Sige pa, asbar pa!!!

  • totokalel

    Atik ra kini! mao ra gihapon gawas niani! pangilad sa katawhan mao ang ilaha!!!

    • antonioluna

      pisting yawa, palubot sa imo!

  • Juan

    Espino, MAGNANAKAW KA AT NAGPAPAKAIN KA NG NAKAW SA PAMILYA MO! Hindi ka na ba nahiya sa sarili mo? 

  • ofwme2807

    Gov. Espino his family’s wealth and earnings come from businesses, so you’re a businessman now more than a dedicated, respected honest and incorruptible governor???..Mr. Espino di pa ba sapat ang yaman nyo ngaun para mgpatuloy ka pa as Governor of Pangasinan.???..This is a clear case of enriching former general who later became the governor of the province..Its the easiest way to become rich and powerful in the Philippines, to have businesses and at the same time governor of the provinces…Same formulas for elected officials senators, congressmen and governors, vice governors, mayors…hay buhay in the Philippines…Mr. Espino do a General Reyes please…

  • ofwme2807

    sawang sawa na kami sa usual denials of all accused corrupt government officials…hindi naman mga tanga at mangmang ang taong bayan para hanapan ng direct evidences paper trails ng illegal moneys actual receipt of money, maraming layers na tao bago makarating yan sa puno dulo mastermind at syempre cash transactions ang payola hindi dadaan yan sa bangko para may deposit slip…dapat baguhin ang batas yun ang butas ng batas na ginagamit ng mga corrupt government officials kasabwat na ang mga pulis law enforcers pati justice department officials and prosecutors…all are happy in win win situation so bakit ka lalabas at magsasalita??Pnoy get these corrupt people in the government and charge them in court….

  • captainramius

    Of course sa business galing lahat na pera na yan… a similar statement coming from a popular political family in manila … who are filthy rich in no time at all and use this financial power base to propel themselves to the political limelight… they talk now of integrity and justice… pwe !!

    The simple formula of corruption in the Philippines in the case of jueteng.. is when it exist in a province … for years and years… everybody from the barangay, the vice mayor, the mayor the city counsilors… the police chiefs.. the provincial commander .. the governor ( of course ) and congressman are part of the regular payola .

    Sama sama sila lahat…. not all money in local govt comes from pork barrel  ( of congressman ) or the usual percentage in projects… most comes from illegal gambling.

    Lahat ata na tao sa Pinas alam na ang racket na ito ng nakaupo sa pwesto… so tumahimik na kayo ( mga corrupt )  may life turn its wheel and teach you a lesson someday.

  • zeroko

    Baka naman ang ibig niyang sabihin ay “Monkey Business.” Sana, lumabas na ang FOI or Freedom of Information. Ang RH sa tingin ko ay diversionary tactic lang para hindi ma pansin na ang FOI ay higit na mahalaga para sa “Tuwid na daan.”

    Matagal nang binansagan ang mga politiko na gumagamit ng “Culture of Denial.”

  • pasaway008ako

    Bakit lumalabas ngayon na ang whistle blower ang magdepensa sa kanyang sinasabi? Saan naman siya kukuha ng ibedensya? May mali dito a. Dapat iyong akusado ang dapat na magpatunay na ang paratang sa kanya ay mali. Si Espino sinabi niya na galing sa business niya ang kanyang pera, puwes, ipakita niya ang kanyang dokumento na galing nga sa business ang kanyang pera. May business ba siya na kikita ng ilang milyong peso sa isang  buwan? Iyong business niya na sinasabi niya ay hindi iyon ang klaseng kikita ng ilang milyong peso sa isang buwan! 

    • anu12345

       “Bakit lumalabas ngayon na ang whistle blower ang magdepensa sa kanyang
      sinasabi? Saan naman siya kukuha ng ibedensya? May mali dito a. Dapat
      iyong akusado ang dapat na magpatunay na ang paratang sa kanya ay mali.”

      Papayag ka ba na may mag-akusa sa iyo na ikaw ay isang magnanakaw pagkatapos ‘tapos ikaw ang magpapatunay na hindi? Imposible yata iyon. Tatanungin mo muna siempre, ano ang ebidensya niya? At saka mo pabubulaanan ang ebidensya.

  • Camilo_Cienfuegos

    okey lang kung ang pag-yaman niya ay galing sa legitimate business….

    madam BIR commissioner – can you please check if this guy or his business is paying the right taxes….

  • julieboy

    I will be sure as the sun rises tomorrow,nothing will come out of this revelation.Sa awa ng dyos we have so many of this and nothing concrete has ever come out of it.Jueteng is part of the filipino culture,call it whatever name it will be there.Sad to say.

    • jeffrey_01

      Sad to say indeed.  The top government officials are MAFIA, the regional capo Espino and Orduna are using politics to get the top CAPO.  Look at the 3 CAPOS are all in top government positions and connections. Just wonder why jueteng never dies.  

      Newspaper media are corrupt as well.  Nobody dares to publish or investigate the jueteng like they investigate the lowly drug addict, food handlers and kotong MMDAs.  

      Investigative reporters has no guts because they knew these corrupt politicians will not hesitate to murder the poor journalists.

      Most media and tv networks are controlled by politicians and political dynasties.  

      We, poor pinoys just keep typing in this comment threads and we know nothing will change. We pinoys will continue to play the ‘JUETENG’ and make the mafia richer.

      The change is on us, but then again we, the ordinary Pinoy, can be bribed.  That’s our fault.

      The cycle will continue noboby to blame.

  • Noel

    Yes, he earned his money from businesses…illegal businesses.

  • sam

    hanggang colonel lng c espino. naging general siya upon retiring (promoted 1 rank)

  • Your_King

    Hurry join Aquino’s KKK to avoid anymore attacks and to avoid convictions. Its a known fact that Aquino KKK members are protected from the law.

  • anu12345

    When a government official is accused of illegal acts, the perceived probability of his being guilty is 99.99999999999%. Malakas siguro ang wheelchair business sa atin.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    ST.LOOT need another wheelchair for Espino.

  • elgeepee

    Bakit hindi isama ang mga protectors ng jueteng ng Pampanga. from barangay captains hanggang mayor at Governor. Kasama mga pulis.diba yan ang findings ni Roxas

  • wawa2172

    I guess as a mayor Orduna seems to have political objective. He consulted Braganza first who is running of gubernatorial position this coming election before accusing Espino as jueteng lord. It is something of a lord of jueteng accusing another lord? He is just to clever because he admitted to be involved in jueteng but claimed that his earning smaller than Espino. Really mayor? will you allow the investigator to open your bank accounts too? Did you declare your earnings from jueteng in your SALN, did you pay taxes to the BIR and worse your business is illegal and you are the town mayor. He maybe a whistle blower but his protection should only for his life but not his position as government official. Ang pangit, lumantad lang si mayor dahil nag kaalitan lang sila ni Espino at nag akusa na jueteng lord si governor while he is too. He just beat the governor who happened to be a former police officer into draw. Hay nako bali talaga ang daan nang mga politiko natin. Baka si PNoy din jueteng lord dahil di matigil ang jueting sa Pinas…joke only Noy please deny that you are a protector of the number game. Di kasi mapuksa at pang gipit lang sa mga political enemies.

  • ben311

    BIR may trabaho na naman kayo…wag kayo tutulogtulog  

  • droccu

    Evidence?  Look at his SALN and BIR declarations/forms…SC Chief Justice nga natanggal through these means Governor pa….

  • doublecross

    hwag ng palabasin ng bansa yan…..corrupt!

  • mapicchu

    obvious ba palusot ka espino?  how can you afford to make your family eat money from illegal means? ireredy na ba ang wheelchair? nakareserve ka na ba sa st lukes?

  • antonioluna

    tsk tsk, yan ang napapala ng hindi KKK…

  • PAZ

    Baka bago matapos ang term ni Presidente Noynoy nakakulong ng lahat ang di kapartido at mga kalaban nya sa pulitika. kung kakasuhan yang mga tumatanggap ng pera sa jueteng , lahatin nila e, tila may pinipili. sabi nga bakit yung mga di kapartido?

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