‘Jueteng’ probe rocks alliance of LP, NPC


Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino Jr. Photo from pangasinan.gov.ph

With less than two months before the campaign for the 2013 midterm elections starts, cracks are already showing on the alliance between the Liberal Party (LP) and the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), and the shaker is the revival of an investigation into the illegal numbers racket “jueteng.”

Seismic activity began last week, with Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas of the LP launching an investigation against Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino, a senior NPC official.

But other politicians feel the tremor and they believe politics is generating the energy that causes the shaking.

Vice President Jejomar Binay’s nominally oppositionist United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) said Monday the fresh investigation could be an administration ploy to control vote-rich Pangasinan ahead of the elections.

Navotas Rep. Tobias Tiangco, UNA secretary general, said in a statement that the alliance supported any effort against jueteng but was suspicious about the timing of the disclosure of Espino’s involvement in jueteng.

“The 2013 election is just a few weeks away,” Tiangco said. “The administration and the administration party headed by the DILG (Department of the Interior and Local Government) secretary cannot escape suspicion that politics is one motivation for the sudden interest in jueteng in Pangasinan.”

The LP is fielding Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza against Espino in the gubernatorial race in Pangasinan. President Aquino carried Pangasinan in the 2010 presidential election with Braganza’s help.

Tiangco said securing victory for the administration’s candidate in Pangasinan in 2013 could translate into benefits in the province for Malacañang’s candidate in the presidential election in 2016.

LP members are expected to field Roxas in the 2016 race for Malacañang. The UNA’s Binay has said he’s running that race.

As for the NPC, former Rep. Mark Cojuangco of Pangasinan said the party would stand by Espino even if Roxas persisted in putting him in jail.

“Our alliance is with P-Noy (President Aquino). That alliance manifests itself as an alliance with the LP in the House of Representatives. Local politics are another matter,” said Cojuangco, son of NPC founder Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr.

“We await the evidence which will be presented by the DILG and see if it will prosper beyond the current hearsay. Without solid evidence, we will maintain our support and campaign for our candidate even if he is thrown in jail. As you know, you can be put in jail even if you have not yet been convicted,” Cojuangco said.

Valenzuela City Rep. Rex Gatchalian, the NPC spokesperson, said, “We believe that given the chance to present his side, [Espino] will be able to vindicate himself.”

Cojuangco said Espino had become a target of the LP because he was popular and that the vote-rich province was dominated by the NPC, whose members include 39 of Pangasinan’s 48 mayors. With a report from Tarra Quismundo

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GG4T5UNZ3P7SCHSRNJ7PF5JZMM Jimmy

    Pangasinan is dominatedby NPC officials and is also dominated by jueteng…!!! And with ATONG ANG operating in Pangasinan jueteng is very close behind…!!! Pangasinan people should immediately dump officials linked to jueteng so that the province can move on..!!!!

    • LucianoChing

      You dump officials linked to jueteng and those who will replace them will still allow jueteng to continue..This is Pangasinan…What we do instead,is vote for the most qualified…Unless Pres.Aquino will come out to declare the stoppage of jueteng and other vices,these will continue to exist,most especially when people feel that only selective places are singled out in its camapaign….
      Watch out what DILG,with Roxas at the helm,will do next in Pampanga….
      No wonder he lost the vice-presidency to Binay….He can easily be swayed….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/55XNXOYBNF6BG3EWOM5V4YMWXM Pedro


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Eh, ano ngayon kung politics?

  • farmerpo

    Pera pera lang po. Walang personalan. Taya pa. 13 25 kagabi.

    • antonioluna

      lol :D

  • EdgarEdgar

    Jueteng probe did not rock the alliance of LP and NPC. It only revealed the cracks in the fragile marriage of convenience long visible to those who knew the ulterior motive of Mar Roxas.

    • nardong_tutpik

      everyone has ulterior motives of winning the presidency.  the most important is the best and not corrupt wins the elections.  Binay is scared that Mar is moving to conquer Pangasinan for 2016 elections and removing a jueteng lord while at it.  funny he’s hitting two birds with one stone.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Pareho lang naman ang dalawa na yan na parang bagyo sendong at pablo, paminsan minsan ay sinasamahan ni ondoy! parang mga bagyo lang na mapaminsala sa bayan at sa taong bayan!

  • $14334231

    political motivation or not, jueteng is illegal….no question about it……

    • antonioluna

      the question is: paano kung KKK kasangkot? iimbestigahan pa ba?

  • catmanjohn

    Any Filipino who has dreams of hitting the jackpot, big or small, should play the PCSO games, and not the jueteng, for this racket just benefits the low life bums and seedy politicians. This distain should be encouraged by the media and any other means to break the backs of the jueteng syndicates. Whether this happens or not will reveal a great deal of the worthiness of the average Filipino gambler. 

  • jeffrey_01

    When the administration is after the illegal jueteng, the madderpakker Binay crow politics.  There are a lot of illegals in the Philippines and Makati too.  

    Illegal loggers how come nobody’s after them?  When disaster struck like Pablo, everybody blame the illegal loggers how about legal loggers.

    When jueteng was rampant somebody said it has to stop.  This are controlled by politicians nobody really give it a freaking care.  The illegal game continues, when the administration is after the illegals, Binay call it politics.  How about the PAGCOR investigation?  If the FBI didnt uncover it nobody cares.

    Donkeyhole Binay when is the time to investigate illegal jueteng?

  • Pongkam

    By ridding Pangasinan of jueteng, the gov’t is just doing it’s job, and linking it to politics by the party mates of the accused instead of waiting for the outcome of the investigation reflects the kind of candidates that we have in 2013. These politicians are not after what’s best for our country and it’s people, but them winning at all cost. A bright future is now rising with Pres. Pnoy at the helm, it is felt, it is seen, it is very real and is here NOW! Let’s not waste this by electing TRAPOS, Conscienseless politicians, candidates whose loyalty is not to it’s constituents but for themselves and their cohorts with MONEY and more MONEY coupled with the hunger for Power as their motivation.

    VOTE Wisely this 2013…

  • nice_boy

    Why only the Governor?  What about the mayors, the chiefs of Police?  Without them conspiring the governor cannot do it alone.  Let’s go upward.  Someone in the DILG must also be involved. Because only one man is targeted, political motivation is a reasonable conclusion.

    • nardong_tutpik

      hit the head and the whole organization crumbles temporarily, but it’s good enough for the LP to wipe them all out in Pangasinan this coming elections and hopefully the new batch of politicos there will be less corrupt.

  • wawangpenoy

    GOOD LUCK PHILIPPINES!!!! Hope springs eternal indeed.

    with the kind of goverment officials we have, is there really hope for a change? let’s look at this very objectively. from the current crops of politicians, they’re all crooks. their sons and daughters are now in universities all over the world. (as you can see, they can’t even stomach to educate their kids here in the philippines because they know that all around them would be kids of other thieves).

    even with the best of intentions for their kids, after school, they would groom them to be their successors and teach them the ropes of the trade. at the end of the day, these mal-educated kids will become crooks also. so, where’s the hope for change?



  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAU43R25CAHGNYPHE6HLAM3V6Y Benjamin

    hearsay pa rin ang testimony  ng mayor ? sagad na sa kawalanghiyaan tong mga pulitikong ito..palibhasa lahat kayo nakikinabang….

  • generalproblem

    alam nyo dapat nyo para mahinto ang hueting sa pinas dapat nyo munang patayin ang lahat ng politiko. saan ba kumukuha ang mga yan ng pera sa election, panuhol sa mga tao, palibing, pabinyag at kung ano ano pa.

    • Francis81

      Unahin si Pweenoy ang Lord of Lords at King of Kings ng jueteng!

  • DennisApolinario

    Hindi kailangan ang timing in any investigation of wrongdoing or corruption. Pag may mabigat na ebidensya dapat apurahin. Ang mga umaalma ay iyong mga maaapektuhan at mga protektor ng jueteng. Sino ba ang number one jueteng lord sa bansa, di ba si Bong Pineda na asawa ni Gov. Lilia Pineda ng Pampanga na sya namang kumareng-buo ni GMA? Itong si Espino malamang kaalyado rin ni GMA dahil nung panahon ni GMA, hindi naman natigil ang jueteng kundi lumago pa. Sigudong marami ring masasagasaan sa mga kaalyado ni PNoy pero kung talagang sinsero sya sa pagbasura sa jueteng, dapat ituloy nya ang imbestigasyong ito sa lalong madaling panahon.

    • Francis81

       Yan nga ang problema sa gobyerno ni Pweenoy inuna pa ang praise relase sa media kesa maghanap ng ebidensiya para madiin yung inaakusahan.

  • nti_boohaya

    “Our alliance is with P-Noy (President Aquino). That alliance manifests itself as an alliance with the LP in the House of Representatives. Local politics are another matter,” said Cojuangco, son of NPC founder Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr.  Nice one cuz!  The subliminal or “between the lines”  message as I read it is this:  The good times continues to roll regardless of what Roxas says since the cousin is not all that vigorous in his fight against jueteng.  Locals are extremely loyal to the leaders that make the efforts to physically set foot in their own places.  But if this is the way Roxas sets foot, then wish you luck.  Baka mapadalhan lang ng bayong kada linggo ay ear-to-ear smiles na. 
    Roxas and his chief PNP can probe Espino, et al. till kingdom come but like the others before this jueteng bombshell, it will end up under the big blue sky- unless, Pnoy makes it one of his priorities!

    • Malik62

       Danding Cojuangco true to his mafiosi culture takes very good care of his local politicians, this attack against an NPC member Espino to advance the interest of an LP candidate Braganza will not go well with Danding.

  • Rolly257

    Bawat kaluskus, kinakabahan si Binay…panay kasi inom ng kape………..ng bayan.

    • Edward Castro

      ano ba talaga stand ni binay sa issue ng corruption?  bakit ayaw nya mag commit kung ano paninindigan nya sa mga hot issues’.. laging play safe at pa pogi lang sa media release..

      • nardong_tutpik

        naghihintay syang magkamali ang administration bago bumira.  ang problema so far mas mahusay lumaro ang LP. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JYJ7XBX7RV7GBR4JIDET5XNTN4 Rizalina Rizal

    Why they murdered the Infanta Mayor? To scare the Bugallon Mayor. Espino is a bloodthirsty jueteng lord. Call it psychological warfare.

    • th1nktwice

      Infanta mayor was pro-Espino. are you even from Pangasinan? think twice!

  • dong666

    Lahat ng NPC Hndi n iiboto sa pangasinan kc mga lord mga yan

  • neilabarca

    Ang pinakamaganda sanang ginawa ng UNA at ni VP Binay ay kinundina nito,  DUMISTANSYA, kinastigo at ITINATWA nito si Governor Espino ng Pangasinan.  

    Kung tinanggal sana sa NPC at UNA  si Gov Espino bilang pinakamagandang POLITICAL LINE baka marami pa ang humanga at bumilib kay Binay, Cojuangco at sa UNA.

    Marami ang naniniwala na ang forefront, ang nangunguna sa labanan vs  WETENG at IMMORALIDAD ay ang grupo nila Bishop Cruz…at segunda lang ang politika.  

    Isang malaking POLITICAL BLUNDER ang pagsuporta at pagkunsinti ng UNA, BInay at Cojuangco kay Governor Espino.Baka ang maging impresyon ng mamamayan,  ay NAPAPARTIHAN at NAAAMBUNAN ng WETENG MONEY si Binay,  bilang pandagdag sa CAMPAIGN FUNDS sa kanyang mga anak sa 2013 election..??

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GCEF6KCUDHYFWYMNXJOAHIWSWI sam

      kaya ito c binay bilib talaga ako sa kanya noon. pero kung anong paghanga ko sa kanya noon ganun din ang pagkamuhi ko sa kanya ngaun..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/62CI2HE2V5JOZ7AGFRQSW44RGQ Juan

    walang mangyayari sa kasong yan…kasi kahit DILG kasabwat sa operasyon ng jueteng sa Pangasinan. Paimbestigahan din ang DILG – Pangasinan… Lahat sila may parte sa perang iyan. “manisia kayod siak ta taga-Pangasinan ak met!”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    We rather see the break up of LP and NPC than giving up to the wishes of the NPC hierarchy to lay off on Gov Espino. Go ahead Secretary MAr Roxas. Let the chips fall where they maybe. It;s your job to carry on the :Daang Matuwid” campaign of President Pnoy! 

    • antonioluna

      typical senseless yellow zombie…

    • Francis81

       E bakit walan ginawa si Mar Roxas sa jueteng sa Pampanga kundi dumakdak lang? Dahil ba pinigilan siya ni Pweenoy dahil campaign contributor ni Pweenoy ang mga Pineda?

  • Albert Einstien

    sino ang KKK protektor ng jueteng ngayon..ilabas nyo na pangalan nya….lol…!

  • antonioluna

    naks, diyan magaling and yellow!  maghanap ng butas na ikasisira ng kalaban para laging mukhang malinis sila…  ay, oo nga pala, si GMA may kasalanan nyan! 

  • Malik62

    The Liberal Party is not a solid monolithic party, there are many factions within the party as shown before in the Drilon-Atienza rift.   Now Mar Roxas besides not having full control of LP would once and a while make moves as if he is THE Liberal Party. Roxas would recklessly sacrifice party lines for his own selfish and narrow interests.

  • AmpJr

    Kapal naman ng mukha ni Governor Espino..It is a well known fact that he is on the jueteng money take..Meron pa rin mga mayor ng Pangasinan na tumatanggap ng jueteng money..Dapat ilabas na rin ang mga pangalan..

  • rauloreto

    barangay officials know very well details on jueteng in their area, make jueteng a reason for their removal and jueteng will suddenly stop. Coordination wtih the police and the barangay with both officials liable for the proliferation of jueteng will stop jueteng, as of now only the police officials are removed but transferred from their post.  The two should be removed from office where jueteng was found to be operating and jueteg will stop.

  • Your_King

    Any ally of President Aquino is safe from any ‘jueteng’ probes. We’ve seen time and time again from Puno to Padaca to members of the Aquino team who were caught with illegal firearms that being under the Aquino banner shields you from attacks and puts you above the law. Not right but that’s what it is.

    • Malik62

      Besides being on take from jueteng money, Padaca also chanelled government resources to the NPA in Isabela.

      • Your_King

        Yet with all this, Aquino appoints her as Comelec and allows her to travel abroad to the US despite having cases of corruptions against. Blatant double standards by Aquino.

  • doublecross

    espino, popular…..THAT’S A JOKE!

    • th1nktwice

      Are you even from Pangasinan??

  • elgeepee

    Why not do the same in Pampanga? Kawawa kababayan natin mahirap dito. 

  • Malik62

    Mar Roxas lost the VP race in Pangasinan, this is pure vendetta.

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