SC senior justices attend flag rites while Chief Justice Sereno is away



Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio: Cheers

MANILA, Philippines—With Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno away on a four-day official trip to the United States, the Supreme Court magistrates who had boycotted the regular Monday flag-raising ceremony since she took office attended the rite.

Cheers greeted the six justices led by Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio when they appeared on the court grounds for the 8:30 a.m. flag-raising on Monday.

Aside from Carpio, Associate Justices Teresita Leonardo de Castro, Lucas Bersamin and Diosdado Peralta attended the ceremony for the first time since Sereno was appointed Chief Justice by President Aquino in August.

Also present were Associate Justices Martin Villarama and Arturo Brion, who had been attending the rites with Sereno.

Carpio, in an interview with reporters, downplayed the matter, saying they were there because this was the last flag rite for the year.

“I’ve attended more flag ceremonies than all of them. We will be attending every now and then,” he told reporters.

On the status of the justices under the leadership of Sereno, Carpio described it as “the same as in the past.”

“We fight each other in en banc [sessions] but we talk to each other [later],” he said, noting that “that’s the way it is” and that this has always been “healthy for the Supreme Court.”

Asked about the controversial administrative order Sereno unilaterally issued creating a sub-unit of the Office of the Court Administrator in Cebu City, Carpio told reporters to wait for the issuance of another resolution.

“The Constitution is very clear that the Supreme Court shall exercise administrative supervision over all courts. When the Constitution says it’s the Supreme Court, it’s the en banc… and the en banc acts by majority vote, each justice has one vote so that’s how we act.”

Carpio took the line of other senior justices led by De Castro who had asked Sereno to recall her order because she issued it without the consent of the full court.

A compromise had since been worked out by the court when it decided to create a committee to study the decentralization of the high court.

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    When the cat is away, the mouse will play.

  • pasaway008ako

    Puwee, wala akong karespe-respeto sa mga taong ito. Bakit hindi pa sila mag-resign para mapalitan sila ng matitinong fiscal!!!

    • where_I_stand


  • padrefaura

    Ganyan talaga yan. Pag wala na yung siraulo, saka lang lalabas ng bahay ang mga bata para maglaro.

  • mekeni62

    sampal na naman sa mukha ni Sereno ito. Kalaking insulto ano po?

  • tata_boy

    ito ba ang mga pamamarisan ng kabataan? puro kayo mga inutil. paano na ang inyong sinumpaang tungkulin? ang mahistrado ang isang dahilan kung bakit ganito ang kalagayan ng ating bansa.

  • opinyonlangpo

    No tension between senior justices and Sereno say Carpio. Liar. Its so hard for them to accept that they are so bitter for life because Sereno killed their dreams of reaching the top position. Their bitterness is above their respect for their country.

  • Fulpol

    The Firm guy is still firm.. 

    Sereno stole the position, Sereno should suffer.. from humiliation..

    Sereno the worst Chief Justice appointment ever.. aside from low score on psychiatric test, she destroyed tradition, seniority and compulsory (tradition) experienced on trial court…

    • eorlando

      To appoint a supreme court cheif justice is a prerogative of the President – no traditions, ifs and buts. It is in the constitution. If these justice divas could not follow and accept the constitution then they should quit. Bush appointed the current chief justice of the US from outside the supreme court. You do not hear any of this non-sense in the US. Justices grow up. The only reason they want to follow tradition is the tradition for them to have secret bank accounts. Shame!

    • Marshall


      • Fulpol

        the yellow cult asked Corona to quit because he was a midnight appointed CJ.. they impeached him instead when he tried to wrestle..

        Sereno should not accept the appointment because it violates the tradition… aside from her low psychiatric test result…

        the yellow hated GMA from appointing Corona… and now, they try to depend their beloved President BS Aquino III by destroying tradition in the Supreme Court..

        the appointment of Sereno is worse than the appointment of Corona.. PULPOL.

  • Benjamin


  • gudwil2all

    pustahan wala kayo sa first flag ceremony of next year

  • Marshall

    tangna umatend lang sa flag ceremony NEWS na ? pwede ba kahit anong gawin sa SC hwag nyo nang ibalita ? PURO LANG WENTA …..

  • Ramon Mayuga

    Also present (at the flag ceremony) were Associate Justices Martin Villarama and Arturo Brion, who had been attending the rites with Sereno.
    Yes, Associate Justice Brion. Why not he was the top of this class where another associate justice named Antonio Carpio belonged.

    One cans see the difference when it comes to reason and emotion.

  • $15469930

    Kapit as patalim Itong mga justices an Ito takot lahat mag resign , Kung ayaw ninyo sa bagong Chief Justice mag resign kayo ,para kayong mga Takot mawalan ng trabaho. Maraming mas magaling sa inyo akala nyo”

  • regd

    Why would I respect them for what they did now, they weren’t last time with the flag?

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Hoy imbis na magmukmuk kayo sa inggit magtrabaho na lang kayo. Mahigit isang bundok na katulad sa smoky mountain na ang nakabinbin sa harap nyo at padami pa ng padami ang dapat nyong gawin.
    P.S. Pwede ba paki una nyo yong issue ng Political Dynasty baka sa year 4015 pa nyo gagawin. 

  • mad_as_Hamlet

     The newswriter is just a d_vil for sowing intrigue.  She even missed reporting instead on the most basic and most relevant information as far as that flag ceremony attended by the Justices is concerned.  Any responsible and intelligent reporter ought not to have left the reader in the dark about the following:  

    1.)  Did those Justice sing the national anthem completely?
    2.)  With the correct lyrics?
    3.)  And with the right melody?

    Or, did they sing only that part—- “Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo,” and rather loudly and with feelings, too?  Never mind who among them sang it the loudest.

  • Eric

    “SC senior justices attend flag rites while Chief Justice Sereno is away”

    This simply shows their immaturity, disrespect to authority, and selfishness. It’s good that they were not chosen, they don’t deserve to lead. 

  • EdgarEdgar

    If anything, the standing ovation and cheer that the associate justices were accorded with by the SC staff during the flag ceremony is a clear indication that Sereno is the odd person out. This may not sit well with Sereno who is faraway from home and could only watch enviously while nursing her wounded pride. At 52, Sereno has amply demonstrated that she still has a long way to go in learning how to rise above her own pettiness and transcend interpersonal differences. Call it baptism of fire or rite of passage or what you will, we could only hope that Sereno learned her lesson well in the RCAO fiasco. More than anything, Sereno should be grateful to her peers who afforded her a face-saving measure to finesse herself out of the embarrassing situation she placed herself in. The Chief Justice may be the first among her peers, but she is by no means above and superior to them. To succeed in her purported judicial reform, Sereno has to realize that she cannot operate as a Chief Justice in a vacuum while disregarding the group dynamics of a collegial body. For no man or woman is an island.

    May God save Sereno from herself.

  • Fred

    Looks like it was a deliberate move. Hindi pa be kayo makapag move on?
    Mag file na lang kayo ng early retirement!
    Buti nalang wala ni isa sa inyo kinuhang chief. Childish!

  • Goyong

    your dishonorable. so unprofessional, sayang lang ang pinuhunan ng bayan sa inyo. wag lang sana kayo pamarisan ng mga kabataan. amateurish, improper, unprincipled, unethical. why not resign then?

  • Fulpol

    those Justices are purists, traditionalists and emotional sound individuals…

    Sereno is like Erap.. Erap was removed from office because the elite group and the so called intelligent educated Pilipinos hated him.. Sereno induced unnecessary hatred in Supreme Court..

    the only option for Sereno is to resign or just wait those Justices to retire or get impeached by her ally in Congress, Senate and Malacanang..

  • Marshall

    si JIHAN na lang gawing CHIEF JUSTICE ..este Chup-Chup Justice pala..para mas exciting……

  • Homer Guo

    bitter pa rin tong mga judge na to dahil di sila napili. walang respeto grabe. 

  • symonwho

    These SC justices are child-like. Kaya din pabago-bago decisions nila. While they are in the SC, i don’t expect there will be reforms.

  • Fulpol

    the notion of Sereno about the Supreme Court is like an ordinary gov’t department.. since she is the head, chief, she can decide by her own… she was appointed by BS Aquino III as Justice 2 years ago, yet she still ignorant about the process, rule and procedure in the Supreme Court..

    is she only good in attending flag ceremony? as Carpio says, we work even if we don;t attend flag ceremonies.. indeed..

    since Sereno is out, Carpio et al opted to attend the flag ceremony.. they simply tell to SC employees, we are one just less one irrelevant being..

    they felt again the relevance of working as a team…

    • kailapaig

      Mahirap makipag laro sa mga bwaya tulad sa basketball. Lalo na pag yang bwaya bulsa lang ang nasa isip. Kawawa naman yung mga tao na nag bayad para manood ng fair na labanan.

  • dikoy321

    Voice from Germany:

    With due respect, 1 Million could cheer, but 1 Million could ERR as well!

    CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno was appointed by P-Noy, not anyone else.

    So, what’s the problem, if not those who COULD NOT handle the same NOR accept it with humility!

    The Philippines need Judicial REFORMS, so WHY NOTwork on the same with HASTE, Justice delayed, being Justice DENIED?

    GO TO WORK AND DO YOUR JOBS CORRECTLY PLS., the Philippines is our ONLY Homeland!

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • Bright

    I think its time to decentralize some of the powers of the high court. If the constitution prohibits it, then open it for amendment and debate. 

    Place competent people in these satellite offices. We need to make haste in resolving cases. 

  • Padre Damaso

    This only shows how bitter they are still. If they cannot respect the current CJ – who was appointed by the President, a President that was elected by the majority of the Filipinos, then they also do not respect the Filipino people. If they cannot respect the people then they should resign instead of clinging to the power given to them by the people.

  • wawa2172

    Well flag ceremony is simply important to government workers. Attending it shows the patriotism of one. It does not mean that if you are not attending then you are less patriot. I know of many people in the government who are not able to or seldom attend the flag ceremony but are very productive and not wasting government money by not doing there job well. Again my wife is one, she cannot wake up early monday morning because he have to make sure that all her  students exams, thesis and lab reports are returned to them. She even entertained some of her students at home after sunday morning mass and give advises with regards to their research paper. Thanks that mother in law, who is now retired and widow stay with us. She wake up early to prepare our breakfast with our housemaid. Somehow, it is good that the old timer magistrate are attending the SC flag ceremony and reciting the panunumpa nang tauhan nang gobyerno. Mas masam naman siguro kung wala si Sereno ay wala pa rin the supreme court.

  • Guest

    8:30 AM? that’s too late. Children go to school with flag-raising ceremony earlier than that time. Why can’t the justices do the same? or Why can’t the Supreme Court do the same?

  • manmed

    What a bunch of hypocrites. Talagang napakalakas ng ingit! Nalampasan kasi

  • KapitanBagwis

    Sour graping justices. Envy and jealousy eating their heart out.


    I was personally rooting for carpio as the CJ after corona. I thought he was a great mind.

    Now, with this childish attitude, his real character is exposed. His ego is bigger than his intellect. He could have been another corona if he was appointed CJ.

    God speed Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno.


    hypocrites and kapalmuks.

  • ben g

    Supreme court justices should attend flag raising in short pants, white socks, pig tails for women justices and with lollipops in hand.  You’re a disgrace!

  • mario

    Pnoy is right in not choosing these senior justices to be the chief justice. Lumitaw din ang mga katarantaduhan nila

  • CheapJ

    If the justices resent the appointment of CJ Sereno, all they have to do is resign and give way to new blood. Let’s be honest that among the three branches of the government, it is the judiciary that is the most laggard as far as reforms are concerned. 

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Mapa Carpio mapa Sereno mapa Corona, parepareho lang naman silang may tinatago. Siniwalat na ng GMA News TV yung tinatago nilang yaman na hindi naman pala nailabas sa 2011 SALN. Basta pag taguan ng yaman, pag-iingat ng sariling kapakanan, kampi-kampihan pa rin silang lahat. Mantakin nyo, nanggaling pa kay Sereno mismo na hindi raw isisiwalat ng SC justices ang kanilang ibang yaman. Basahin nyo sa “Gods of Faura” o igoogle nyo. Kala ko pa naman magbabago na nung hinirang si Chief Justice Sereno. Di rin naman pala sya malinis. Niloloko lang ang sambayanang Pilipino.


       Hindi po tinatago. The first official act of CJ sereno was to release SALN which all the justices followed the next day.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Mawalang galang na po. Hindi ko po sinabing tinatago. Maraming katanungan po ang lumabas sa SALN 2011 ni CJ Sereno at ng kanyang mga kasamahan. Sana mabasa nyo po yung “Gods of Faura”. Marami pong naungkat na di makatotohanan sa SALN 2011 ni CJ Sereno at ng kanyang mga kasamahan.

      • Kalapok

         ayos ayosin mo naman yang pinagsasabi mo. di mo ba nabasa sinulat mo “tinatago” atapos right away sasabihin mong di mo sinasabing tinatago??? ano ka ba, abogado? pakilagay nga atty. title mo.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Atty. Weder2x at your service.

  • $20722540

    sereno daw is in Washington, DC and will make a courtesy call to CJ Roberts…alam niya kaya that the cj he going to receive recently signed an illegal and spurious resolution?  nakakhiya

  • jurbinsky77

    Parang mga bata!

  • duhconsul

    Eto na naman tong Inquirer! Sensationalizing again!

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “Eto na naman tong Inquirer! Sensationalizing again!”

      honga no!

  • anu12345

    Now, they’re funny!


    Mabuti na lang hindi na appoint yong mga seniors. Nag a asal bata ulit.

  • mabyrik

    This bad attitude of SC justices proves that Pnoy is correct in ignoring carpio and other justices as the new CJ. They are not only emotionally immature, they have a childish attitude not fit for a SC justice.No wonder, our justice system is one of the worst. . 

    THat is just flag raising ceremony but it speaks a thousand words and their action also speaks a thousand in describing them-Spoiled Brat!!

    I wonder, how they would pen a judgement when they do not like the face of a litigant or a complainant? Well, for the answer, go back to my paragraph and throw up when you read the decision.

  • jpmd88

    Petulant is the exact word for their behavior

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Yes, just like the head of the Executive!!!

      Mga spoiled kayong lahat.

      But then, when ‘session’ starts, I don’t care about your personal squabbles and feelings about one another. I expect you to do your jobs with regards to the law and nothing else.

  • kulittwit

    Second childhood na ang mga seniors.

    Ano yan taguan!?

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. whatever, your honors just reform the inefficient judiciary and work for the greater good.

  • andy bonifacio

    to the grandchildren of carpio and the other justices, call your lolo and lolas to play with you and your friends, mukha lang silang matatanda pero they think the way you do. watch out lang baka umiyak pag natalo

  • Qwxyz

    kapag tumatanda na ang tao ay talagang babalik sa pagiging isip bata ulit.

  • disqusted0fu

    with the said mental instability of Sereno, im not sure if she can handle being left out and somehow being ganged up on in her own department.

  • Your_King

    Aquino’s pick of Sereno has created more dissension in the Supreme Court. They don’t seem to agree on anything and don’t seem to like the new CJ. Aquino’s decision has slowed down progress in the SC.

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