Senior justices attend SC flag rites without Sereno


The Supreme Court building in Manila. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – For the first time since the appointment of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno last August, senior justices of the Supreme Court attended this morning’s flag ceremony.

But Sereno herself was notably absent during the flag rites.

Present during Monday’s flag ceremony were Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, Associate Justices Teresita Leonardo De Castro, Lucas Bersamin and Diosdado Peralta.

When the justices went down to attend the flag ceremony, they were applauded by the employees.

Carpio said their attendance in the flag ceremony was not a coincidence that Sereno was absent.

When asked if they would attend again when Sereno returns, Carpio said, “We will be attending now and then.”

“But if you ask me how many times I have attended (the flag ceremony), I think I have attended more than anybody else,” Carpio told reporters.

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  • Philcruz

    Kids in robes.

  • elmersvd

    It’s quite funny in how a simple flag ceremony, you would have a sense of the state of the Supreme Court and as of the moment they are very childish. 

  • Kaka

    This is really unfortunate.

  • Ommm

    The old boys club is getting senile…

  • kilabot

    so there is unity in the sc after all. 
    whoever says there is envy, jealousy, backbiting, and acrimony in the sc is just imagining things.
    as you can read, everything is rosy over there. stop the intrigue now. 

    • Bert

      what unity are you talking about? They are in fact playing hide n seek…hehe

    • RomyLitz

      There is indeed unity when they mutinied.

  • Mark

    anong klaseng balita to? nakakatulong ba to sa unity at progreso ng pilipinas?  tsk tsk tsk.

  • tilamsik


  • boybakal

    Senior justices attend SC flag rites without Sereno…Sabi ko na nga ba Ningas Kugon lang tong si Sereno.
    Kunyari laging present sa flag ceremony, ngayon absent na.
    That is what we call Truancy….dapat ipatawag ang magulang niya to explain why.
    On the other hand, para naman mga bata tong mga justices…pati di pag attend at di pag attend ng Flag Ceremony, malaking balita.

    • Luthmar

      Why are you so quick in your judgement.  The article does not say why she is absent.
      Perhaps she is ill or she is attending a conference somewhere.

  • nuxun


  • arthur1410

    Are these the people that populate our SC? That is perhaps the main reason why our justice system sucks. Wow, kids in robes. sabi nga ni philcruz..

  • boi skater

    These justices ought to be ashamed of themselves for using
    the flag raising ceremony as a political tool. Politics is alive and strong in
    our ever corrupt supreme court. Even the employees are also into playing
    politics. How can we expect change in this country when the highest law-givers
    of the land can’t even get their acts together. Many of these senior justices
    are driven by their personal interests and that of their sponsors’.

    • Malik62

       The highest Justice of the land committed a grave illegal act by faking an en banc SC Resolution.  How can you support such Chief Justice?

      • D_BystandeR

        I observed the number of comments posted by you and I’m sure as hell that you are acting as mouthpiece representing the disgruntled and recalcitrant justices. If this is how they behave, knowing that they are GMA leftovers and majority of the SC employees who patronize the remnants of the discredited regime, we can never expect the SC to successfully undertake the reform agenda that is expected to be spearheaded by CJ Sereno. Look what happen! They are all ganging up on her like a “bunch of ‘kanto’ boys” whose primary goal and obsession is not for what is good for the country and people but they are only interested in advancing whatever they think is good for their own personal gains. Granting, for the sake of argument, that CJ Sereno can assume to become “a Superman in SC” but with the kind of people surrounding her whose cooperation to help her attain those expected goals in the SC is NIL, she cannot succeed. And more so, most of the people joining this forum are giving comments that tend to give premium to those people who make the work of CJ Sereno to succeed next to impossible. But it is worthwhile to note that there are also some few brave comments coming from individuals who are fired by the idealism that in the end the fight of “good against evil” will finally triumph to make this country a worthy place to live as envisioned by our foremost heroes who died for the principles of good government.

      • Bert

        Good againts evil kamo? Yan ang linya ng mga holier-than-thou self-righteous hypocrites. And like what Miriam have said, do you have the appointment paper or spa from God that you indeed represents the good?

        You don’t reform the SC with short-cuts, and the CJ should be the first to know how to follow simple protocols and procedure.

  • Fred

    This is another way of showing their dislike to the Chief Justice.
    Don’t anymore use the word “coincidence” as your excuse!
    Hanggang ngayon masama pa rin loob nyo na ni isa sa
    inyong mga senior justices ay di napili maging chief.

    • Bert

      no problem there, at least we are assured that we are having an INDEPENDENT SC, free from the dictates of Malacanang, despite owning the CJ…….good riddance….. 

  • jojoandrada

    So what does it gain them? WALA ! I’m trying not to think that our justices are so petty and juvenile that they are engaging in immature shenanigans to what???? Oust Sereno? HAHA ! These kids should … GROW UP!!!

  • Jaz

    Mga isip-batang huwes! Mga kids huwag tutularan.

  • Cano Manuel

    This is the reason I find it hard to trust the SC still. 

  • Antonio

    justices, GROW UP!

  • PCD_2012

    Look at the MENTALITY of SC’s EMPLOYEES they’re still living in the past!

    Instead of focusing in more important issues that will directly impact the Filipinos they rather resorted in nonsense politics!

    SENATE must call for an investigation on why the employees as well as some justices make the job of CJ difficult!  This scenario will continue till no government body will mediate in the middle and clears everything!

    I will support Sereno for bringing new set of SC Employees like any other organizations where the CEO has the power to get new staffs which he/she feels will help him/her to meet their organization’s goals!  CJ’s responsibility is a no joke she must have the full support of all the employees more than anyone else!

    • Malik62

       The Yellows by asking the Senate to investigate the Supreme Court obviously have no regard for separation of powers and independence of the three co-equal branches of government.  Well, BS Aquino X3 already controls the three branches of government that is why the Yellows are behaving as such!

      • PCD_2012

        It just shows that democracy still working in the country when your Senate has the balls to question the Gods of Padre Faura!  

        The people gave SC the chance to get its act together but several months later the issue still remains.

        GMA appointees thought that booting out Sereno is a good idea but never did they know that whatever happens Aquino will not choose someone from their lineup!

  • dsuarez113

    Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, Associate Justices Teresita Leonardo De Castro, Lucas Bersamin, Diosdado Peralta, and other justices and their followers who are boycotting CJ Sereno: people like you are the reason why this country is stuck in poverty. I’m not talking about your attendance or non-attendance in flag ceremonies, for this is a minor issue – but rather what this signifies: your concerted boycott and non-cooperation w/ the CJ.

    CJ Sereno’s mission to reform and modernize the Supreme Court from its
    present rotten state is a very difficult task. Thanks to your
    non-cooperation, it is now practically impossible. You must be very happy.

    Sereno was appointed CJ fair and square. Your apparent belief that seniority should be the major qualification for the CJ position shows how small and  unprofessional you are. Your small minds seem incapable of striving beyond your personal benefits – to what is good for the country.  Hopefully, in the future, karma will make you or your loved ones victims of the rotten justice system that you are perpetuating in this country.

    • Malik62

       That is a very strong message to BS Aquino X3 that he can’t appoint a psycho as Chief Justice who will cater to his whims and caprices on matters involving Hda. Luisita and other Yellow agenda.

    • popeyee

      Kiko, ikaw ba yan???

  • bryant85

    This character shown by these SC Justices is indicative of the antiquated dogma being raised as arguments as events unfold whereby it states that lawmakers are law breakers or the scalawags in robes. They knew the law by heart but the untold truth speaks that, they will never respect the law which they vowed to uphold, a paradox of the law as a profession and career.

  • RomyLitz

    It is statistically impossible that they only attended when the CJ isn’t around. The grit is still there. The expunging process of corrupt judges and justices must continue.

    • Marlon Joseph Laurel

      kaya dapat i-impeach silang lahat at palitan ng mga bagong justices para may pakinabang ang SC sa bayan. sa ngayon ang SC ay walang pakinabang, inutil lahat ng SC justices.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    The questions that logically follow are: 1.) Did they sing the national anthem completely?  2.)  With the correct lyrics?  3.)  And with the right melody?  Or, only that part which starts with “ang mamatay nang. . .”? 

  • acidicboy

    one year after they kicked corona out, where’s the promised reforms?  kahit “reforms” that serve the yellow army agenda wala eh.  talk about betting on the wrong horse.

    • Malik62

       There was indeed an obvious reform,  the Chief Justice faked an en banc resolution.  That is a reform for the worse.

  • RomyLitz

    Anyway 10 years from now, they wont be around to attend flag ceremony since they will be busy with their lost marbles.

    • Malik62

       Two years from now Sereno will no longer be the CJ, she will be at the basement of Makati Med.

      • RomyLitz

        CJ Sereno is not like your boss Atong. She will reign primus inter pares for 18 years.

      • Bert

        just make sure and pray she’s not going to brake down some plugs…hehe

    • violet55

      But RomyLitz, Sereno may lose her marbles ahead of the oldies in the SC with the way things are in the SC. She may not be able to handle it despite her constant communication with her “god”.

  • Malik62

    Sereno is not really wanted in the SC. How long can she bear the pain of being ostracized?  Given her unstable psychological  condition, it will not be long till she breaks down.

  • speedstream2

    Ah, the games people play make for an interesting world indeed.

  • EdgarEdgar

    If anything, the standing ovation the other associate justices got from the SC staff singles Sereno as the odd person out. Far from home, Sereno can only watch enviously while nursing her wounded pride.

  • Rovingmoron

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out.

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    If this is true, then it’s sad. Madam Chief Justice should take the extended arm of the other justices. Friend or foe, skipping the flag ceremony just when everybody else is there does not make her look good. Time to pick herself up, dust off and move on. She will still be around long after the others are gone. Time to stand up and be counted Madam. Don’t let us down.

  • Albin

    Wala na talagang magyayari kay Sereno. Katatapos lang ng kapalpakn niyang order na na-overrule ng enbanc.

  • Guest

    Wawa naman you hija. Don’t be tampo na. Don’t make padyak padyak your legs na. No more tantrums na hija. Be a good girl na hija. Come na. Join us downstairs na hija. Sige na. If you join us hija, I promise you hija, I will buy you your favorite kwekwek across the street. Sige na hija. Come down na hija. Don’t be like that na hija. Now na hija.

  • Philcruz

    These other SC Justices are a malevolent scheming lot. Who is their Chief of Malevolence?

    • Gerald Abueva

      pareho lang sila dre. di mo ba napanood yung kay jessica soho, pati pala si CJ Sereno questionable din yung 2011 SALN niya. Si Corona Chief of Malevolence, si Sereno Chief of Malignancy. Dapat someone from the outside ang hinirang bilang CJ. yan tuloy, nagkanda leche leche.

  • Gerald Abueva

    puerile president + immature chief justice + lying senate president = dysfunctional gov’t

  • RomyLitz

    All of these toddler’s attitudes are part of the Seven Dwarf’s Appointees rock the boat baby move.

    • Bert

      Thank the 7 Dwarf’s appointees for maintaining the INDEPENDENCE of the Judiciary. Congress is already a RUBBER STAMP. 

      • indiosbravos2002

        Are you out of your mind? They are not independent kaya nga 7 dwarves kasi loyalty sa main dwarf na si GMA. Hahaha. Di mo na naman nagets no.

  • Marlon Joseph Laurel

    mga mamamayan dapat magfile ng impeachment cases labn sa lahat ng mga SC justices sa pagtataksil sa bayan. lahat sila dapat patalsikin para maging matino ang SC natin at dapat palitan ng mga bagong justices.

    • RomyLitz

      Agree 100% except CJ Sereno and Justice Leonen. The rest are your favorites actually.

    • Francis81

       Pano maging matino ang Korte Suprema e ang namumuno mismo hindi matino ang utak. Pag pinalitan mo ng bagong mga justice tiyak puro may topak yung ilalagay ni Pweenoy diyan!

  • jacinto

    Antonio Carpio and his gang acting as if they are  the good guys reminds me of an old sticker that read  – my lawyer can beat your lawyer ‘ , nowadays given the kind of lawyers and justices and judges like Carpio, De Lima, even Sereno  it should read   ‘ my corrupt lawyer will beat your corrupt lawyer ‘  or even this ‘ my corrupt appellate court  justice will beat your corrupt trial judge ” 

  • nti_boohaya

    Grow up and provide the SC a little bit more dignity.  Spare us from your in-house battles and resolve whatever personal or professional issues you have within the confines of the SC not through the media.  The public can’t do much about your differences but when petty  things like who’s in the flag ceremony or not reaches the front page, then the more the people lose faith in the SC as a whole and the more they don’t respect the laws of the land.  God forbids, people will take matters intor their hands. Lolo’t lola gusto niyo ng kapeng mainit at matamis?

  • zeroko


    Pati ang FASAP (Flight Attendant and Stewards of Philippine Airlines) who won after 12 years, ni over turn pa ng  mga kumag in spite of having brought down the verdict that the decision in favor of FASAP is final and executory.

  • disqusted0fu

    after what Sereno has done, making a fake resolution on the RCAO, being boycotted during flag ceremony should be the least of  her worries. they should be talking about impeachment here. who in their right state of mind would fake a resolution of the SC anyway? did she really think she can get away with that?

  • Karabukov

    It is my impression that the Supreme Court of the Philippines has the lowest public approval rating in all of the nation’s history and I don’t need a survey to think that.

  • mulanay

    AJ Antonio Carpio’s behavior after Sereno’s appointment as CJ only confirms suspicions that he really coveted the top post being held by the unlamented Rene Corona. 

  • doublecross

    carpio, the masterof blending notions!

  • Hey_Dudes

    This certainly do not bode well insofar at this institution is concerned.  Something like this where men and women in the high court acting like spoiled brats should the last thing and bastion Filipinos should be privy to.

    If this is the way some of these foooolees will continue plying their trade, pressure must be applied by anyone who could herd them in a room and don’t let anyone out until they resolve their differences.  This is not about them but the people of the country looking for their undivided attention and service.

    Kung ayaw nilang magkasundo, mag-resign na lang ang ayaw mag-cooperate sa isa’t-isa.

  • tata_boy

    ang mga mahistrado ang isang dahilan kung bakit ganito ang kalagayan ng ating bansa, isunod na ninyo ang mga senatong, tongressmen, militar at ang mga nasa executive branch ng pamahalaan.

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