Santiago, Trillanes in ouster plot–Enrile



Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile: So be it. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

If President Aquino were involved in the plot to oust him in connection with the reproductive health (RH) and sin tax measures, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said Sunday he would respect the President’s decision.

Malacañang, however, said the President’s relationship with Enrile remained good and that an ouster move against the Senate President would only complicate Monday’s crucial vote on the RH bill.

In a radio interview, Enrile tagged Senators Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Antonio Trillanes IV as those leading the ouster move, but he voiced doubts the President had a hand in it.

“I don’t think the President has anything to do with it. Even if he does, I will respect his decision,” Enrile said in an interview over radio station dzBB.

He said he had good relations with the President, but couldn’t say the same thing of Mr. Aquino’s allies.

Enrile said the President was aware of his position on the RH and sin tax bills, and his involvement with the opposition United Nationalist Alliance, which was fielding its own senatorial candidates against the administration slate.

Ahead of Monday’s vote on second reading of the RH bill in the Senate, Santiago told the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Saturday that she expected Enrile to lose the Senate presidency in January or February because of his fierce opposition to the measure.

Quoting Trillanes and “certain VIPs” in Malacañang, Santiago said the executive department was “concerned” over Enrile’s opposition not only to the RH bill but also to the sin tax measure.

The President’s deputy spokesperson, Undersecretary Abigail Valte, said that so far, Mr. Aquino has “good relations” with Enrile.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, senior political adviser to the President, said it would not be prudent to mix up any ouster move with the crucial vote on the RH bill.

Enrile said Santiago and Trillanes were angry with him. “I’m at the disposal of the senators. I have no Torrens title to it (Senate presidency). If they have the numbers, they should just tell me,” he said.

Enrile challenged Santiago to file an ethics complaint against him for his decision to return her Christmas gift. He said Santiago’s gift did not carry a personal message and thought it was sent by mistake to his office.

“If she felt insulted, that’s her problem. She can file a complaint against me with the ethics committee. There’s nothing dishonorable about it. If one doesn’t want to be my friend why should I force myself on the person? Miriam did not vote for me as Senate President,” he said.

Santiago resented that Enrile returned her gift, saying this could be an offshoot of their differing positions on the RH bill.

Recalling their past working relationship, Enrile said he took Santiago in as his assistant while he was justice secretary because she had good academic record despite a “low grade” in the bar exams.

He said he had also accepted her membership in the Senate majority on Sen. Manuel Villar Jr.’s intercession.

Enrile said he  opposed Santiago’s confirmation as agrarian reform secretary during the Aquino administration because she failed to return the car of one Poch Trinidad, then vice president of  Philippine National Bank, when she was still a judge.

Originally posted: 6:16 pm | Sunday, December 16th, 2012

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  • EREC

    senators must show what is a democratic process is all about… it to the Pilipino people for this senated presidency. NOTHING PERSONALAN!

  • noypisiTED

    Please bear in mind that when you remove Sen. Enrile as senate prexy you’re doing him a favor. The “crotchety” senator is already wobbly and needs to slow down. The stresses of the position are taking a toll on his health. He has done his share of work for the nation for which we are grateful. However, if we look at the vista politicians wear its kinda odd for the PNoy administration to keep someone who bites the hand that feeds the mouth. Put somebody in the senate who will support the administration’s progressive agenda, besides, we can’t wait seeing Wanbol University alumnus Sen. Ongasis Sotto go too.

  • Jose Rizal

    Surely, Enrile, knows his game…

  • k

    sige,mirriam,pagsabungin mo si pnoy at enrile…lols

  • esther


  • graciano82

    You depend on disorderly behavior to subject enrile to the ethics committee but how about your arrogance during committee hearings are those not disorderly conduct too? You should be the very senator to be remanded to that committee so that your kind be punished or be removed since you’re a disgrace to the Filipino race

  • dorothyanne88

    ENRILE whether or not you be removed, you are already a champion in the eyes of these Antis even the Almighty has in His memory, your unbending stand to fight for His words. Never be swayed for that senate presidency is just a position in the gov’t but in God’s kingdom you are great

    • Jose

      Nice to see people have forgotten all about the roles JPE played in the Marcos administration atrocities.

    • markus32

      Don’t worry, history will be the judge.
      If not today, his ultimate “fear” will come true when he’s gone.

  • Facilitator1

    After reading this article, my impression is Senator Enrile is really annoyed and bitter about the possible senate coup. Furthermore, Senator Sotto’s comments , a close ally of Enrile, about the arduous task of reorganizing senate committees is a VILE THREAT/CHALLENGE with a hint of BRAVADO to the senate body; thus, making it more believable that Enrile is really offended/infuriated/displeased.

    But come to think about it, Enrile or any would-be Senate President is really POWERLESS if he/she is voted-out by his /her peers out of the Senate Presidency.  The Senate president is serving at the pleasure of his/her fellow senators and he/she can be removed anytime even with or without basis or reasons. PEACE

  • filipinaskoh


    This gentleman and this Lady are starting to wash their dirty linens in public. 

    Enrile, with what you just exposed about Mirriam having a low grade in “bar exam” it’s just you are both heading in a cauldron. I think Mirriam, if I’m not mistaken got a 77% or 78% that she cannot accept.

    • Rosauro


      • wawa2172

         75% ? Just kidding Senator Defensor. Somehow it is not the score in the bar exams that matters but how you make use of the professional license to be productive. Enrile and Miriam are bar passers and they rock the senate with good performance. Whose better? I guess both of them are good. They agree to disagree with each other. At least may hindi takot kay Manong sa senate sa katauhan in Miriam at ang napapuna niyang pinaka gwapong senandor si Trillanes. Trillanes however seems to be pa pogi lang, he is a pork big spender kahit nasa kulungan pa siya. How he did it, well that how good looking he is. A high maintenance senator. Malinis parang si Ping? Tanong lang saan parlor mga pware.,he he he.

      • batangpaslit

        ganhun bha? no wonder….hehehe

  • geminimind

    Both of you have become the “cat and mouse”in the senate chamber.If you have this type of quarrel,take it outside of the chamber and scratch each other.

  • lone ranger


  • Klepto

    Ang matandang Tsupaerong eto ay dapat mag resign na. Napaka patay gutom ang putang inang tao na to sa kapangyarihan.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    To my mind, the best thing that Mr. Sen. Enrile can and should do is to atone for his sins to the nation.  He should resign immediately as a senator, and spend the rest of his life planting trees. His son can do the watering.  Also for the rest of his life.

    • Facilitator1

      It’s good for the country that Sen Enrile et al are airing their dirty laundry to the public. The only possible positive outcome is for the VOTING PUBLIC to lose their respect/trust; therefore, Juan dela Cruz won’t vote for them to include their aspiring, would-be politician friends/relatives (collateral damage by affinity and consanguinity).

      Remember the Visconde Massacre. Either the accused Webb was guilty or not, the fact remains Webb’s family POLITICAL future is forever compromise beyond repair. PEACE

      • Rene

        ” The Great Blackmailer” ang hudas na to…ang dami palang alam na anomaliya, saka lang ilalabas pag me kumontra sa kanya. Pinapakita lang niya na hindi para sa bayan ang ginagawa niya kundi para sa sarili…marami pa tong alam na anomaliya ng mga kasamahan niya pero hindi niya eto ipapalabas dahil armas niya eto sa pananakot sa kokontra sa kanya…that’s how he works to stay in power…
        show more

    • efriend

      Even if the President is involved or not involved does not matter anymore, just LEAVE!  The Filipino people know your record. Bye. Bye.

  • Rosauro

    This is what Enrile gets after his superb performance in the impeachment case of Corona.

  • Facilitator1

    Parang BOKSING. Noon si Senators Enrile vs Trillanes. Ngayon naman si Sen Santiago. Sino kaya ang next opponent ni Sen Enrile?

    Boksingero siguro nga si Sen Enrile. Parating ‘below the belt’ ang bitaw na suntok. Ganito ba ang style nya sa debate, instead na merits of the dispute/case he uses insults/contemptuous remarks. Ay, buhay…PEACE

  • Dag Erickson

    Most Filipinos today using the computer doesn’t know or experienced MARTIAL LAW.  You just don’t know how the minions of Marcos make a loan at the Philippine National Bank called character loan.  When the money is gone they make a loan again, no problem.  This is the reason why Marcos wants to retire but they told him – NO!  When Marcos left, the national treasury is very clean. The police and the armed forces have no uniforms that they themselves look like NPA rebels. All public employees don’t get paid for months. Our family didn’t eat for days.
        Then you see that the bigwigs whoever works for them enjoy a far better life.  Enrile is one of them. The untouchables.  I don’t know if those money loaned by the Marcos cronies were paid. I need some answers. 

    • Jose Rizal

      Kumita na si Noynoy niyan…pati mga communistang Akbayan…ibibenta na naman…panis na yan….

      • Luthmar

        Bakit sobra na yata yung obsession mo sa presidente.  Palagi mong sinasabi na
        “kumita na si Noynoy niyan.”  Ano yung pinagkakitaan nya?  Ikaw ba ang nagha-hatid nung sinsabi mo na “pinagkakitaan”?

        It’s a shame that you chose to call yourself Jose Rizal.  It is very disrespectful to our beloved hero.  You never wrote anything constructive or objective if you want to criticise.  You keep on just maligning the president.  If you have solutions to our country’s woes, be part of the solution and not the problem.
        God bless you my friend.

    • Luthmar

      No, it hasn’t been paid.  We are still paying for that debts.  GMA made it even a much
      bigger debt. So, we will never get out of our indebtedness.  Thank God for the weak
      dollars, Pnoy’s administration has been paying our country’s debts.

  • concernedofw02

    ouch..!!…is this the profit of having a good administration?…dahil sa wala ng makikitang mali sa PRESIDENTE na pwedeng tirahin ng mga SENATORS like before?…eto ng mga sanators na to ang nagbabangayan, at ang pangit pa ay, halos personal na ang kasama sa bangayan…ano ba yan?…eto talaga ang problema pag trapo ang mga naka-upo…pati mga old records nila ay hinahalungkat na..!!…what is today is today, what happen before is done….manong JPE, and Miriam, umalis na lang kaya kayong dalawa…kahit sayang…pero kung ganyan na lang din ang mga asal nyo, na wala na kayong ginagaw kung di, magbabangayan..umalis na lang kayo sa pwesto po… 

  • Albert Einstien

    this is the best tme for jpe to go and resurrect in the near future like the phoenix… a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor…….lol

  • Mauli Champ


  • $18209031

    Estilong Enrile, mag pa preemptive ang mga announcements nya . The same old style he brought with him during his last days under Mr Marcos. He knew the Marcos forces were aware of his coup plot and he was about to be arrested. And he had his Plan B which was to announce his breakaway at Camp Crame.

    Enrile, time to leave the halls of power and face the consequences of your actions during the Martial Law years. You are hiding under the mantle of the law to avoid prosecution.

  • Jose Rizal

    Kung kina Miriam, Drilon, Anggara, Lacson, osmena at iba pa ang ipapalit…wag na… kay Enrile na lang…
    Hahahahahaha!  Oink oink oink!

  • Mattino2011

    Arte mo Manong…retire ka na kasi…

  • im_earth

    DRAMA! kung magresign cya ibebentang nya pa rin ky PNOY. nagpress release pa ng ganito keso may coup. tsismisan ng kapitbahay ang style mo naman… sa SENADO ka. wag kang epal.

    • Cliff Mac

      hoy bisaya tumigil ka. yung i ginawa mong e. ano ba yan

      • im_earth

         ano daw?

  • Daniel

    This bickering of our political leaders will certainly etch an indelible dent in the consciousness of the voting pubic. The benchmark of their profession creates an impression that both political luminaries are not truly statesmen, “only TRAPOs”.

    The country needs new leaders!

  • Mickey Hiss

    If Miriam allies with Trillanes, it will be like one person making a pact with the devil except we wouldn’t know which is which. 

    • speaksoftlylove

      Agree to the max!

  • $18209031

    Pusasan na ninyo yan si Enrile and he needs to face for his crimes against Pino Nation during the martial law years. Mga abuses of power nya pati yang si Ramos Chief of the Phil Constabulary, the Paramilitary Police that carried out massive arrest and torture with impunity. They were the implementors of the dictatorship.

    • Jose Rizal

      Kumita na ng malaki si Noynoy at Akabayan niyan…
      Ibibenta ba uli?

  • Jose Rizal

    RH Bill will be passed soon in 2 houses, not because of its merits, but because we really don’t have real Senate/Congress…everything is beholden to the sloth man in the palace…for a QUID-PRO-QUO considerations.
    Look at what happened here…the lowest of its kind…
    Where’s that PRINCIPLED ARGUMENT?  No, it won’t happen under Noynoy’s admin…FOR OBVIOUS REASONS…a sign that it really is “TUWAD NA DAAN”.
    Magtext na kay Abad, at magSIPSIP na kay Noynoy, para AYOS ANG BOTOBOTO.  Sino pa ba ngayon ang may prinsipiyo?
    Hahahahahahaha!  Don’t blame the Catholic Church for it.  The sloth man has mastered it.

    • Islander

       You are ignoring the fact that the RH Bill has overwhelming support of the Filipino people.  The president whom you accused as a sloth is the only Philippine president who moves fast enough to get this bill passed in Congress despite the opposition of old, virgin bishops.

  • Nelson

    Johnny Ponce Enrile, let’s get this straight. The plan to replace you cannot be branded as a “coup.” Your imagination is too wild, maybe its a hangover over of the many coups that you plotted with Gringo Honasan against Cory. You are now seeing the ghosts of the past. Serves you right! It will haunt you forever.

    A coup is staged by the military to overthrow a legitimate government and replace it with another body. You know this definition very well because you have been the architect of so many plans to overthrow the legitimate government! You are not the government of the Republic of the Philippines now, isn’t it? You are a mere president of the senate who can be replaced anytime when the majority of the senators no longer have confidence in you. So, Sir Johnnie, the short of it is you no longer have their confidence. Plain and simple!

    So, carry the shame of one who will be booted out by his peers. Why? . . . . Simple. You carry too much baggage! No matter how many books you write exalting yourself . . . . you will carry the stigma of martial law till the next many generations of your family. You cannot rewrite history. Prepare your exit address!

    • $18209031

      Pusasan na yan. Dapat si Miriam and Trillanes ang mag join forces to resurrect his crimes swept under the rag for a long time. We all know he is hiding for dear life to stay in power so his dark underbelly is hidden from public scrutiny.
      Remove him from postion of power and start the ball rolling. Mahihina naman itong ibang politicians dyan. Takot kasi sila sa kay warlord Enrile. Maybe it s only Trillanes and Miriam who can start the ball rolling.

      • sam_aquino

         you finally made sense… : )

      • BatangSingapore

        takot mga politiko kay enrile? wala na sa pwesto mga tropa nya.

        kamo mas matalino si enrile kesa sa mga politikong sinasabi nyo, kya sila takot sa una.

  • Homer Guo

    pag usapang coup, walang tatalo ke enrile. patented nya yan sa pinas harhar

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    BETTER to STEP DOWN and KEEP your DIGNITY if you HAVE—-

    • speaksoftlylove

      Isn’t it funny that you are talking about “keeping JPE’s dignity” when you are leading the blogs here maligning Enrile because of his Martial Law Regime role? You even concluded that Enrile has “no known accomplishment” in caps lock so what’s “keeping dignity” are you talking about pinhead? Burtahin m o sarili mo, moron!

      • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

        spitfire——TRUTH always HURT—–Pero si MANONG ang commander in chief ni marcos,—para MA-KEEP nya ang POWER —BUMALIGTAD siya nung Nag-sisimula na ang PEOPLE POWER–
        Iyan si MANONG ENRILE—BALIGTARAN.–Kung sino ang SIKAT BALIGTAN na siya doon——
        RH bill na MATUTULUNGAN ang DUKHANG PILIPINO. KONTRA pa din siya—-

    • Luthmar

      Yes, he does.  The martial law during the Marcos regime.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Anyone who is decent enough to know he or she is at the center of a brewing storm will use better judgement  rather than doing nothing and just wait for the harm to come.  What Mr. Enrile is saying is,  he isn’t going to volunteer leaving his position unless the efforts to kick him out begins to unfold?  Something like this do not just happen without collateral damage.  Obviously, Mr. Enrile is depending on his supporters to fight his ouster and in the process riles up the citizens already sick and tired of their childish games.

    Give it up peacefully Mr. Enrile and show the Filipino people some decency for a change.

    • Jose Rizal

      You will replace him with Miriam? Drilon? Osmena? Angara?….Trillanes? Oink-oink Drolon?
      Never mind!

      • $18209031

        The man had blood on his hands. Ultimately he will face his dark underbelly. HE is on borrowed time once he leaves power.

      • boldyak

        di kasuhan kung may ebidensya?….ang issue dito ay ang pakiki alam ng executive sa legislative hindi lang pakialam coerced pa…kahit sino man nakaupo sa senate presidency hindi dapat ganito na pwersahan na susunod sa executive ang senate…

      • Hey_Dudes

        Tama nga naman itong si boldyak.  Biru mu noon panahon ni mangdarambong queen Gloria, ni minsan hindi ito nakialam kaninu man? Hindi ba tama ito boldyak?

    • speaksoftlylove

      Maiba tayo, magkamaganak ba si Santiago at Henares? Aba’y pareho pala ang ugali nila ano, parehong balasubas?. Ayaw magsoli ng hiram na kotse, ang galing, elibs na ako sa mga idol mo.

  • Fulpol

    Enrile always strikes back… he never runs out of ammunition..

    Enrile always challenges his opponent: “sige maglabasan tayo ng mga baho”.. Trillanes, can we hear you again?

    even FVR won’t accept his challenge..

    • $18209031

      Tama ka, kanya kanyang takpanan mga ito. SI Honasan ay may alam dyan sa mga nangyari.Siya ang lapit kay Enrile. THey will bring them to their graves.

  • Spike

    Coup detats ?  Gringo and I wrote the manual for it said  Enrile

    • Luthmar

      If I may, I’d like to correct your spelling.  It is Coup d’état, not “coup detats.”  Thank you.

      • batangpaslit

        baka the writer wants to write kukurukuko in plural terms kaya meron “s”

  • speaksoftlylove

    Ano ba talaga ang totoo, Manong? Hanggang ngayon ba hindi pa rin sinoli ni Santiago yong kotse na hindi sa kanya? Ang kapal din naman, kotseng hiram lang di pa maisoli milyomilyon naman ang bonus na pork galing kay PNoy. Wala palang pinagiba itong si Santiago kay Henares ano? Parehong palang balasubas, ayaw isoli ang hindi naman  sa kanila.

    • Joy Lynn

      Hello???   lumang issue na yan ang di sinauli na kotse… nabulok na nga eh…at ginawa na ng tanzan. so ‘wag ng ungkatin yan.  

      • batangpaslit

        hehehe…nabenta na ba ng por kilo

    • Luthmar

      Excuse me, bakit si Pinoy ang pinagbibitangan mo ng “milyonmilyon na bonus na pork
      barrel galing kay Pinoy.”   Santiago has been in GMA’s camp, for the longest time.  Pnoy is in his only 3rd year of presidency.  So, sino ang nagbigay ng “milyonmilyon na bonus na pork barrel.”   Pag-isipan lang pong mabuti ang sasabihin bago magbitaw ng salita.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    salamat at masisibak na tuta ni carnival tagle OFWs daw ang production ng pilipinas kaya kailangan mag parami pilipino ibig sabihin mag pakatulong at maging tsimuy at tsimay nalang ang pinoy ganyan kawalangya ang SIMBAHAN KATOLIKO type mo sa youtube mayor lito atienza aborzionist nasan naba A.K47 ko at tatadtarin ko salot na DAMASO” mga terrorista”

  • ben311

    amoy lupang ito dapat nag gagarden na lang…pati buhay ng kabataan ay ginugulo pa, busit !

  • LucianoChing

    Are these our Honorable Senators?Some act like babies crying coz somebody snatch their candies…Parang away kalye din pala mga may masters,doctorate and the like…Kung nakakita ka na ng away ng mga bading(w/out profiling) mas masahol pa pala mga kagalanggalang na senadores…..

  • Rene

    ” The Great Blackmailer” ang hudas na to…ang dami palang alam na anomaliya, saka lang ilalabas pag me kumontra sa kanya. Pinapakita lang niya na hindi para sa bayan ang ginagawa niya kundi para sa sarili…marami pa tong alam na anomaliya ng mga kasamahan niya pero hindi niya eto ipapalabas dahil armas niya eto sa pananakot sa kokontra sa kanya…that’s how he works to stay in power…

  • Cliff Mac

    Mabuhay si Manong Johnny Enrile. Tubong Cagayan pinakamatalinong senador sa Pilipinas. Si Miriam pasang awa lang s bar exam hehehehehe

    • JK1000

      Ikaw sira ulo, siguro ikaw yumaman din sa politika. Sabi Instik, ” Kapag ang tao di alam labas sa bibig niya, siya lagi malas sa buhay o kaya siya wala kuwenta tao dahil di gamit utak niya”

    • felipe

      toping a bar, board & what have  u exams is not a measure of a person’s ability to serve….there are intelligent/genuises who had the chance to lead but in the end are failures. u dont have to look far & wide, there are many examples locally….

    • batangpaslit

      Ikaw Cliff, ano ang accomplishment mo? CM Recto did not pass the Bar too.
      PFM #1, ano ang nangyari? Mali yata assumption mo.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Mag resign ka na lang lakay at agahan mo din ang retirement sa politics. Huwag mo na din ipagdikdikan ang anak mo na kakabit na ng pangalan ni alfie anido!

  • chingnarciso

    Demolition Derby na ang nangyayari..More fun in the Philippines…I could see the cans of worms are  being open..segi buksan na ninyong lahat ng mga kabulukan ninyo, para ma amoy ni Juan dela Cruz..

  • sugbu

    Mag civil war na lang kaya kayo diyan…ng dahil sa RH bill….basta ako suporta sa Anti RH.

  • Fred

    Mukhang heto na ang simula ng pagtatapos ng political career ng mga Enrile’s.
    Support anti-dynasty movement. We will see the effect in next year’s election and onwards to 2016.
    Movement Against Dynasty (MAD), start the ball rolling!

  • Islander

    Don’t act as if you are a martyr.  Read Disqus each time your name is mentioned in the papers and know the true sentiments of the Filipino people. Resign from humanity.

  • basilionisisa

    how ungentlemanly is Sen Enrile at his age, walang ka-statesmanship, nawawalan ng respectability and class ang kanyang position as Senate President! lumalabas isa-isa ang bulok niya, his jealosy and vindictiveness. sayang, natatabunan ang ilang ‘mahusay’ nyang nagawa.

  • neilabarca

    Kailangan ng mamahinga si Manong Jonny sa politika.  Halos 5 dekada na ito sa kapangyarihan at politika.    Bukod sa RH Bill at iba pang mga maka-demokratikong panukalang batas na BINUBURO ni MANONG ENRILE sa Senado, PADRINO siya ng mga lumang politiko sa lokal.  Mahusay na politioko,  gusto niya “MASAYA daw TAYO” ??? 

    AMA siya ng mga PADRINO sa lokal na politika sa buong kapuluan,   pati ang inaakusahang WETENG LORD ng PANGASINAN na si GOVERNOR ESPINO at iba pang politiko sa NORTE,  partikular sa  CAGAYAN ay bata-bata niya….

    Umaasa ang marami na hindi na aabot sa 2013 Midterm election si Manong Jonny…,     

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Ang baliw at mangmang against the gurang. Kikita yan sa PPV.

  • ManongOsang



    Enrile, how did you jump from a middle class young attorney to become ONE OF THE WEALTHIEST & MOST POWERFUL Filipino in 20 years of Marcos???

    Miriam Santiago, How did you.. living in a simple house in CUBAO, QUEZON CITY & married to a Policeman ALL of a sudden BUILD a 50 MILLION PESO CUSTOM BUILT Home in LA VISTA Quezon city ????? From a Senators salary & a Policeman’s salary ???


    • mikeyspetshow

      It seems u got wrong info about miriam, she is not married to a policeman nor living in la vista,
      Miriam had worked as legal consultant in US with high salary coz she has doctorate degree in law,

  • JK1000

    Makapal mukha nito tao ito, siya noon lagi COUP DE E’TAT ngayon siya galit pa. Sabi Instik, ” Kapag tao marami kasalanan sa mundo, siya para aso nagbabantay sa kanya kalaban”  Bakit siya di pa alis sa politika, hintay anak niya maging senador para may proteksyon.

  • Islander

    Enrile is using the term “coup” when referring to the change of the leadership in the Senate.  That is just by force of habit.  A “coup” is a violent and illegal military takeover of the government that he and his ilk are fond of doing.  The change that is happening in the Senate is NOT a coup; it is constitutional and is democracy at its finest — the ability to change leaders when trust is gone.

  • Bengatibo

    It’s time for a change in leadership in the Senate.

    • tilamsik

      Its time to change most senators, in fact.

  • PhoenixPoliticalParty

    Personally,  I don’t think neither Sen.Santiago nor Sen.Trillanes could get sufficient support,  acting only on their own, to oust the incumbent Senate President.  However,  if it is true that they have Malacanang support, then the threat could be serious.  Also, in my humble opinion, there should be new blood as Senate President.  Not Sen.Trillanes, though, who is a newcomer.  I think Senator Chiz Escudero would do the job better.   He has, I believe, no party affiliation, hugely popular, and is a credible personality with the administration.  His only drawback, politically, is that he separated from his wife.

    • felipe

      not of his own liking I supposed…..

    • Loggnat

      Why would a separation with his wife be a drawback? Those who are in the Senate with mistresses in every region are worst than one who is separated due to irreconcilable difference. I think Escudero will be best for the country if he is re-elected and becomes the Senate President bringing in new ideas and perspective on how and where the country should head to. Another plus is he has a beautiful girlfriend according to rumors that she is some actress named Heart – something. .:).

  • catmanjohn

    Mr. Enrile.. just GO! your departure would be like a fresh breeze through a roomful of soiled and stale air of corruption. Let the People breathe again. Let us remember you well, so do not overstay your visit. 

  • opinyonlangpo

    A stroke of a master politician, might not be perfect but he is good at what he does best – survival and untouchable. Admirable. 

  • boomvilla

    magnanakaw pala ng kotse ito si miriam

  • felipe

    Christmas na Christmas nagbibilad kayo ng dumi ninyo and yet u profess to be “CHRISTIANS” ay naku ang mga oficiales nga naman natin …!!!!!!

  • zahraff

    A friendly advice to Senate President Enrile, it’s better you must do a GRACEFUL EXIT before your adversaries put an end to your illustrious career. Don’t wait for that to happen. It’s just a matter of time, because whether you like it or not your days are numbered. Your ANTI-RH stand is just so disturbing and unacceptable that a brilliant lawyer like you refuses to comprehend that FERTILIZATION results from the union of a male sperm and a female ova, and CONTRACEPTION of whatever method prevents FERTILIZATION, and the argument therefore says that “NO UNION TOOK PLACE” that will result as the innocent unborn that the PRO-RH will kill. Besides, the RH BILL which is very sure to be passed overwhelmingly is not MANDATORY – you avail of it when you want it, if you don’t like then you don’t use it. It’s very plain and simple, and being so against the RH-BILL goes to show that you are just plain STUBBORN. You better RETIRE or RESIGN ASAP and change your attitude for the better, and you will be glad you did for the benefit of the Filipino people. 

    • Malik62

       The original plan of BS Aquino X3 and his KKKKs was to wait until JPE’s term expires on June 30, 2013 since they cannot antagonize him considering the secrets he holds about the 2010 canvassing.  But greed and egos overcame BS and his KKKKs that they want him out now before the RH Bill reaches the Senate.  The greed and bloated egos of BS and his KKKKs will be the cause of their downfall.  The Greeks call it HUBRIS.

  • EdgarEdgar

    To be sure, there’s always more than what meets the eye. Enrile may be facing new threats, but he’s not entirely without options. Enrile may claim that he and the president enjoy a good working relationship, but there’s no telling what’s really in the hearts of men. The senate presidency is not exactly an easy job to handle given that the senate is teeming and overflowing with excess ego. From Senator Santiago’s interview a month or two ago, there are no takers yet which is why Enrile is still the senate president. But given today’s headline of jueteng revelation, Enrile can get back at the administration by looking into who are receiving jueteng payola in Noynoy’s administration today. Having former DILG Puno summoned will be enough to keep the Noynoy’s allies at bay and make Noynoy think twice for some time. But let’s get one thing straight, I will still not vote for Jackie Enrile.

  • mulanay

    Go, Johnny go! Go give Miriam hell! Please tell the public what you knew about her husband, who once worked at the Bureau of Customs. Don’t be shy, we’re behind you, even if we’re pro-RH.

    • ApoLapullapu

      When the dirt under the Customs and Immigrations rugs are swept out, Miriam will keep quiet.

  • dikoy321

    Going against this very important RH Bill that is targeted to improve the lives of the Filipinos in the country is VALIED REASON to kick Enrile out of the Senate Presidency!

    Enrile also favors political Dynasties, a GMA supporter and backer of Sotto’s PLAGIARISM acts!

    Out with Enrile!

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • albayislands

      and don’t forget, enrile and his boss marcos were the architect of martial law…dictatorship government during their time in power…. 

  • Fulpol

    he was praised during Corona’s impeachment…

    now, he was despised because of his stand on RH Bill and sin tax bill…

    the mob of Malacanang will crush anybody who will block their pathway… including the person who used to brought them delicious cakes…

  • Islander

    I think he needs a vacation, a facelift, and a good quality lotion.  He looks dead in the photo.  

  • Hein S

    Senile Enrile, even your son is PRO RH.

  • Loggnat

    Old man Enrile is still the hardcore dirty, will do anything politician of the Marcos time. Those mudslinging at Sen. Santiago are just a warning, like some kind of shot in the bow to let Miriam know that he (Enrile) has dirt on her. If push comes to shove, Enrile will deliver everything in his bag of dirty tricks to Miriam as he did in an earlier skirmish with Trillanes. The people of the Philippines should start sending these relics of the the Marcos’es regime to the pasture by voting them and their family out of the Philippine politics.

    • ApoLapullapu

      Could we have  had our democratic space if Enrile did not part with Marcos?

      • Loggnat

        Was he thinking about the giving the Philippines its democratic space or saving himself from the inevitable downfall of the regime? Or is he also thinking of not losing all the gains he accumulated during the martial law and maybe thinking of  opportunities to wrench power from what he perceived as a weak leader (Cory Aquino) as shown in multiple coup attempts by his prodigy Honasan during the Cory presidency? His one action of siding with the enemies of Marcos does not erase the long service and the misdeeds he did during the martial law. Nor does it erased the other rumored illegal devastation of the environment for money when he is in power after the martial law.

      • Islander

         Speculative.  Nobody knows.  What are sure are these:

        a. Marcos would have to fall anyway.  All dictators do, sooner or later.

        b. Enrile would have been a Marcos barbecue if the people of EDSA did not save his a$$.

        c.  Enrile never planned to give democratic space.  He was overtaken by events.  His plan was a military junta headed by him.

  • Rovingmoron

    Why can’t Enrile give a chance to the younger senators, especially Trillanes? Anyway, Miriam is going to the ICC sooner. That’s the problem with those who had overstayed in power for a long time. They don’t want to give it up and give others a chance to lead.

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

       tanggalin nila si enrile pero wag nman palitan ng kumunista

  • Marcela

    “Enrile said he took Santiago in as his assistant while he was justice secretary because she had good academic record despite a “low grade” in the bar exams”.
    “Enrile said he opposed Santiago’s confirmation as agrarian reform secretary during the Aquino administration because she failed to return the car of one Poch Trinidad, then vice president of Philippine National Bank, when she was still a judge”. 

    Hala! labasan na ng baho si Enrile at Santiago. This is becoming very interesting indeed! Santiago for sure will not take this lightly. This is a fight of 2 persons with bloated egos. Bring it on! 

    • ApoLapullapu

      Santiago’s stint in Immigration may also be revisited.  Actually, she is just a Media Creation.  She impresses Media with her witty quotable lines.

      • batangpaslit

        So, expose that “media creation”. Problema, intriga lang kayo. Spill the beans, Bro.

    • Seaflip

      Yeah, this is getting interesting, let them mix it up and we’ll see what filth and stench come out of this Christmas frolic.

    • batangpaslit

      Bakit baho?
      Tinago ba ni Mirriam ang mababa niang rating sa Bar?
      Hindi naman sinagot ni Mirriam ang Bar exams. She rewrote how the question ought to be framed.
      Si Claro M Recto, bagsak sa Bar
      Nang nag exams si Recto, he wrote the 1935 Constitution of the Philippines
      Inggit ka lang dahil wala kang na accomplish.

    • Malik62

       Sooner and not later, JPE will reveal everything he knows about BS Aquino X3. Bring it on!

  • Jose

    Whenever I see Sen. Enrile, I’m reminded that I really should check out the Walking Dead series.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Pro-China senators are after controlling the whole senate obviously.

    • Seaflip

      It’s a thought, send all in congress and senate to re-education camps.

  • Garo Ungaro

    Enrile knew it. he will hold on to power until his son is elected or in place…he knew, what will happens if nobody is there to protect his interest?…sometimes, even if u have the money…still u need the power…this 2 POWER and MONEY is the only means of surviving the future…?

  • nes911

    Parang mga bata o mga ulianin na ang ating mga senators. Sayang lng ang pasweldo ng taong bayan sa kanila.

  • Benjamin

    isinoli raw ni JPE ang xmas gifts na bigay nila  PIA at Mirriam sa kanya..side effects na yata ng black sheep embryo stem cell na nasa sistema na ng katawan ni tatang….

  • boybakal

    This has been a old, rehash issue.
    What is the big deal if he is replaced, he is still a Senator.
    If Enrile is ousted, that’s fine. Senate President is a Rotation Job.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      I don’t even see this as news worthy.  Certainly it won’t affect the lives of the Filipino people.

  • mekeni62

    must be JPEs second childhood tantrums.

  • antiscam


    • Malik62

       Same with Ninoy Aquino who had many of his political enemies in Tarlac murdered.

  • $14334231

    enrile is a man who knows nothing but power and greed….that is his legacy to his family…his jack is already following his footsteps…even his white son-in-law had already followed his footsteps too…..not a tear from my eye for you, johnny, if you lose your senate prresidency… 

  • mekeni62

    more fun in the Senate courtesy of these clowns. a merrier xmas indeed.

  • VicenteBoticol

    Johnny Ponce Enrile…….BERDUGO ni DIKTADOR Ferdinand Marcos sa panahon ng MARTIAL LAW !

  • zom

    Di ba si ENRILE daw illegal logger sa cagayan? hahaha

  • George

    i wish this “amoy lupa” dead asap.

    • Malik62

       The Yellowtards are attacking JPE rabidly ergo BS Aquino X3 himself wants JPE out.

  • zom

    Nagsisisi ako bakit ko binoto yan. Masyado ako naakit sa “GUSTO KO HAPPY KA” hahahaha!

    • blainz

      Please DON’T EVER vote for the son, the one with the killer personality.

      Baka “GUSTO KO HAPATAY KA” ang mangyari dyan.

      • zom

        roger that!

  • kilabot

    at least miriam has made her intentions very clear; 
    as for matahari trillones, true to his character just hiding and waiting quietly for the kill. he will be the first to take advantage of the spoils from the fallen prey. after all, he’s got a taste for luxurious living at the people’s expense. 

  • FelixSoriano

    Mabuhay ka Mr. Senate President! 

  • bryant85

    quoting Trillanes and certain vip’s in malacanang Santiago said etc. .  This statement of Santiago affirms the aged reasoning that indeed she is an evil schemer using every tricks in her sleeve as the  wielding axe to chop down anyone who goes against her evil will like the passage of the RH Bill.

    In this particular issue, Santiago used precisely the words of Trillanes and unnamed people as her ground to assume that Pnoy has an ace to grind against Enrile anent the RH Bill and the Sin tax bill. To me such imaginative mind of Santiago spells her demeanor as  a person to be highly dangerous which may lead to other greater damage that she’ll infused to the country if she be tolerated to stay in the political arena. I’m already scared of her for in my mind as based on her past unbecoming tantrums and belying statements thus making her a person with no palabra de honor, Santiago is near the brink of becoming a schizophrenic.  

    She is assumptive in her ground that malacanang isn’t pleased with the leadership of Enrile, which only proves that she isn’t conscientious and knowledgeable as she used to project after all for assumption in law isn’t accepted as a ground.

    • rhan duke

      define evil. rh bill should be passed now. thanks MDS for slaying the CBCP monster!

  • melbakit

    si enrile na madumi at pailalim lumaro. once a tuso, always a tuso. 

  • Tyler Go

    Enrile should just go home and spend siesta time on his rocking chair — that will make us happy.

  • joshua kings

    senator, it’s ‘toots’ trinidad, not ‘poch’ trinidad, and he was executive vice president, not just a vice president.

    • Allan

      this was the writer’s mistake, not enrile’s.

  • blainz

    What a prima donna this Martial Law relic is!

    If he’s willing to yield the senate presidency, then resign and let the rest of the senators figure their places out. Puros pakipot, kapit-tuko naman sa pwesto. Kung sino-sino pa idadamay sa kadramahan. The sooner the country is rid of this old fascist, the better.

    • boldyak

      at tuloy tuloy na sa diktadorya ang pinas…walang nag hahadlang sa kahit anong gusto ng malakanyang….

  • Komen To

    I really doubt the intention of this John when he went against Ferdie. Is it really because Ferdie was bad or he was already dying? Coz if Ferdie was bad, why wait until he was dying before going against the old man? I hope the people in the Philippines will not easily forget their past. As blainz said, the sooner the better…

  • Marshall

    ano kaya at nagkaroon ng one night stand si Mirriam at nataon na on heat si  Mirriam  at nabuntis ito …ano kaya ang magiging hitsura ng kanilang magiging anak,,malamang magiging kamukha ni Binay…naku talagang nakakatakot na ito..katapusan na nga yata ng mundo….

    • boldyak

      mag-aaway muna sila, si JPE ayaw ng may condom, pinapasuot siya ni Miriam ayaw…kaya ang nangyari away pa rin sila tungkol sa RH Bill…hahaha

  • Jose Rizal

    I waited for the time that Sen. Enrile will be ousted.  Obviously, it has the blessing of pope Noynoy.
    Enrile has stored a lot of reliable info on his enemies…and I bet the man has no qualms on releasing it…INFORMATION is everything…that’s why pope Noynoy is way too careful.  Even if PORKY DRILON, and the rest of the gang is salivating on the senate presidency.
    Come on pope Noynoy, where’s you balls…or do you have one.  Binay wil surely be the beneficiary of it.

    • Marx Louis Wang


    • lagalag

      I think Noynoy has a big balls than yours.

      • Albin

        big balls – yes. but small brain.

      • Allan

        small brain? presidente naman!

      • boldyak

        and therefore you agree that we have a president that has a small brain….haha

  • yonoh


  • w33k3nd3r

    Merry Christmas, Scrooge! Hehehe

  • Malik62

    BS Aquino X3 is treading on very volatile ground here. JPE has several cards under his sleeve on the irregularities of the 2010 canvassing that if revealed will put the legitimacy of BS into question.  However, Enrile was also a culprit by proclaiming BS as the winner in 2010 despite the irregularities and inaccuracies of the PCOS machines.  But, given JPE’s tendency to make a dying man’s confession when cornered, he might reveal what he knows.

    • boldyak

      baka naman alam ni enrile kung sino talaga pumatay kay Ninoy…walang comment si JPE hanggang sa ngayo kung sino talaga at alam natin na may alam sya…

  • Francis81

    Itong si Pweenoy at mga senador na pabor sa RH Bill magbarilan na lang kaya kayo para mabawasan ang populasyon ng Pilipinas.  Yun ang gusto niyo di ba?

    • Darwin

      Tsismoso. Kumain ka na lang ng condom. Meron jan durian flavor.

  • Francis81

     Narinig mo ba ang latest tsismax sa senado?  Si Trillanes at Mirriam mag-un  na daw!  Sila na!

  • Francis81

     Sana more pa! Mag bukingan na sila!

  • Jose Rizal

    Master kasi ni Noynoy ang population control, pills, condoms and sex education.  Biro mo sa kadami-dami nang na-link sa kanya, di siya nagkaroon ng anak…
    Nakapagtataka, nakapagtataka…di ka ba napapagod, o di kaya’y nagsasawa…
    Kino-Control ba and daloy ng yaman, o, talagang may problema…
    Hahahahahahaha!  Tuloy naging instant panginoon siya ng passage ng “RH Bill”
    Hahahahahahaha!  Masakit na nakakatawang katotohanan!

  • dodong1


  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • Darwin

      Magdyowa ata yung 2 kuluban. Ak ak ak ak!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Albin

    who can say no to penoy?
    – not congress who is hungry for pork barrel and campaign support
    – not sereno, of course, who is a kkk
    – not abscbn, not the ayalas, or cojuangcos
    – not the military, the favored generals control them
    – now, not even the senate…
    – that leaves the cbcp as the only opposition.

    • k

      cbcp will always be the opposition because there will be no more pajeros…

    • Prince

  • Darwin

    Inuunahan ni Enrile ng press release para di na matuloy. Para namang problema at malaking kawalan kung mapalitan sya. Hahaha. FYI, Senile Enrile, on the contrary, your expulsion would be good riddance. You’ll do us a service actually, because through it, matutupad mo na ang pinangako mo sa amin noong kampanya: ANG GUSTO KO, HAPPY KA – Senile Enrile.

    • boldyak

      at matutupad din ang gagawin ni Pnoy…kahit ano man yon wala nang hadlang sa tuwid na daan tungo sa kung ewan saan…hahaha

  • KpTUL

    just suck it up enrile . you are just the senate president. u dont decide the law. u dont own the senate. just resign ! You might be familoira of martial law but it doesnt work here. Youre old already and ur hands are stained with too much blood. Just retire and seek atonement.

  • Allan

    ang problema natin, alam ng marumi pero ibinoboto pa rin. ang mga mahihirap, mabigyan lang ng 300-500 pag halalan na, nawawala ang dignidad. ibinebenta ang kinabukasan ng mga anak at ng bansa. kailan kaya matatapos ito?

    • boldyak

      condoms na lang pamigay nyo…hahaha

    • Rene

      huwag nating sisihin yung mga botante, karamihan sa kanila di naman binoto ang blackmailer na to eh, iisa lang bomoto dyan eh, si garci…

  • Jose Rizal

    Ang TOTOO, INIS na si Noynoy kay Enrile…takot lang na mabuking….MAY BAHO’NG TINATAGO, kasi.

    • Rene

      Kung merong tinatagong baho etong tandang blackmailer na to sana noong eleksyon pa niya nilabas katulad ke villar, sana ginamit na niya noong impeachment ni corona kasi halata namang pilit niyang pinagtatanggol si korona noon kaya lang mas marami ang hahatol na guilty si korona, kaya sumabay na lang siya sa agos, ganyan yang pinatatangol mong tao, isang dakilang “amalayer” at blackmailer…sana noon pa me condom na ng na “abort” ka…

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal.

    • Jose Rizal

      Talaga, gawan mo na ng pelikula para kumita.
      Pakitanong din kay Noynoy bakit ayaw niyang palitan kahit ayaw na niya kay Enrile.
      Takot ba?

      • MOTO

        yan ang sagot mo? haha…ganyan kababa ang pag iisip mo….

    • boldyak

      sigurado ka jan?…bakit di mo pakulong? at nang makatulong ka sa bayan, otherwise black propaganda lang sinasabi mo…

  • droccu

    “Enrile…. took Santiago in as assistant…despite a “low grade” in the bar exams”; he  opposed Santiago’s confirmation as secretary because she failed to return the car of one Poch Trinidad when she was still a judge…..”.
    OUCH!…Fighting words (sundot pa lang) from an old politician who apparently has the goods on all significant politicians…Let’s see if Miriam bites back.. :-)

    • Shokboy Belacho

      it excites me how Mirriam retaliates to this revelations.

  • samuel

    Social Media weakening the Political power of Enrile Everything he hid in the past slowly coming out in the present trough fast dissemination of his wrong deeds, like power tripping against the election officer of Cagayan, His Stance with RH – Bill relating OFW as export commodities and his rule of creating district in Cam Sur for Arroyo’s son. His true colors spread like a virus because of social Media.

  • SG0609

     go rh bill…hayaan nyo yang mga baklang bishops na yan puro sila dakdak wala namang alternatibo na ibinibigay pwe.

  • Your_King

    Enrile should be smart enough to know that by opposing Aquino on any issue will result in being ousted or being attacked in some way. Corona was impeached. The media was and is attacked. And now your days as Senate President are numbered. No one is allowed to oppose Aquino in his government.

    • Jose Rizal

      He’s already opposing on the SIN TAX (that favoured Danding’s buisness) and the RH Bill, remember? Kaya nga ang lakas ng loob ni Traydor na Trillanes at iba pa, para isang sutsot lang ni Pnot, yari na si Enrile…

    • sinful_lustful69

      meron bang bago dyan sa tinatalakay nyo, maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw, weather weather lang yan

  • Bert

    I think Enrile knows a lot of things about Pnoy and that is why Enrile appears indispensable as Senate President. Clearly, Enrile is holding an ACE CARD vs the president that many ordinary Pinoys do not know.

    • Benjamin

      Clearly kamo..bigay ka nga ng sampol ng ACE CARD  na sinasabi mo na hinde alam ng mga ordinaryong tao..CLEARLY  KA PA,,,UNGAS !!!

      • Jose Rizal

        Inis na si Panot sa kanya, ba’t ayaw pang sisantihin?
        Yan ang ebidensiya…
        Kaya CLEARLY! 
        CLEARLY, the yellow zombies cannot feel anything…cannot read in between the lines…CLUELESS!

      • Benjamin


      • Bert

        Benjie, Lolo Johny will only spell his ace card against Pnoy kung tuluyan na syang lalaglagin as senate pres, hence, Pnoy cannot afford to pull the trigger against Lolo Johny. Puro pa cute muna sila ngayon. In the meantime, while this show is still on a climax stage, kayong mga sagnu, should just sit back and relax…hehe

      • Benjamin


      • Bert

        Benjie, sagot ko sa inyo yong post ni jose sa baba (tamad lang akong mag cut n paste, hehe)….at di ka pa galit nyan ha? Pag ako’y galit, di pa rin kita tatawaging UNGAS….sagnu na lang…..hehe

  • ruben_bush

    ayan na….. lahat na nang nakaraan, hinukay na ni JPE.  Ano kaya hukayin din yung nakaraan ni JPE??? Mas madaming kasalanan sa sambayanan yan si JPE.  Martial law administrator na kay raming tinorture, pinatay, at kinulong.  Noong panahon ni Cory, mastermind ng mga coup d’etat na puminsala sa bayan na lalo lamang nakatulong sa paglala at pagbagsak ng ekonomiya. kahit ano pang gawin ni JPE, di niya mababago ang kasaysayan.  mas titignan siya bilang kontra-bida at masama.  kaya’t dapat manahimik na lang siya at malapit na ang araw niya na managot kay san pedro.  hanggang gate lang siya…di siya papapasukin sa langit.  one way tiket sa impyerno ang ibibigay sa kanya!!!!

    • Jose Rizal

      Di mo mapatumba si Enrile sa ganyang kababaw’ng style.

  • Benjamin

    Enrile reminds me of DArtagnan and The Three Musketeers. Enrile as DArtagnan and the three musketeers played by Honasan. Jinggoy and Plagiarist Sotto. They are all for one and one for all but what makes the big difference is that they are the devils in disguise. Mga sipsip Kay Enrile ang 3 Ito at walang sariling desisyon kundi pangungunahan NI Enrile. Dispose Enrile as Senate Pres. and the 3 mices will likewise follow.

    • Nilo C

      Sinabi mo pa igan.

    • boldyak

      at paano ang ibang senators na walang sariling desisyon at sunod sunuran sa Malakanyang?

  • Talahib

    Mr. Enrile authored human violations from the Marcos era down to several succeeding presidents..Godfather of many Insurgent Leaders silhouetted as lawmakers…

    • eleexer

      at least, hindi siya godmother… hehehe

  • Rene

    nagkamali daw ang staff ni enrile na sinauli yung tinapay na regalo ni mirriam, hindi daw dahil sa rh bill, eh yung ke pia na sinauli din nagkamali din ba ang staff niya? hay manong ikaw na…ikaw na ang “the great amalayer” at “the great blackmailer”

  • eleexer

    LOL… Miriam, the fiery madam senator, a “low-grade” barrister? :D

  • eleexer

    babaw naman kasi… ginamit pang xmas… para bang nang-uuto ng kendi… :D

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • boybakal

    When Pnoy became a President, all the Honorable High Offices lost their integrity.
    GMA former President, Corona and the Supreme Court and Enrile and Senate Presidency.
    They were in the Pedestal as if God and Goddess.

    Simula ng bastusin ni Pnoy at harap harapang hiyain, wala ng respeto ang mga tao.
    Bastosan at its lowest order.

    • sakinlang

      Hindi na siguro kailangan pang bastusin yung mga personalidad na binanggit mo kasi lahat naman sila bastos na dati. Rerespetuhin pa ba sila, e kung sila nga di nila nirerespeto ang sarili nila, di ba?
      Bastusan at its lowest order? Ano yan, hubo na ang salawal? LOL!

  • Spike

    Trillanes is a neophyte wannabe who shouldn’t be given more power.  That guy is all ego and hot air but zero accomplishments

    • allyson_yan

      for a neophyte, he possesses the character of a genuine public servant. and definitely, that says it all.

    • peter_payper

      woi hindi ah. kung accomplishments din lang, angas nyang si idol! kita ko nakapagpasa na sya ng 28 batas! bukod pa dun sa mahigit may 700 panukalang batas na nga rin yata sya. ewan ko lang kung di pa matatawag na accomplishment yan dre. lupet nyang si trillanes noh..idol na idol!

  • Jake Austria

    Trillanes! you’re the man, you’ll have my vote!

  • allyson_yan

    santiago and trillanes surely know what they are doing. that’s for sure. Enrile out of the Senate Presidency is best for everyone.

  • joereyes

    Enrile should have been ousted a long time ago. Yes, he’s intelligent but he’s not worthy of the position.

  • peter_payper

    eh si manong johnny naman kase, isa ring matigas ang bungo. hehe aantayin pa talagang lahat e magsipalag sa kanya.. kumbaga e hindi makuha sa tingin! kunat. LOL

  • damoeto

    As secretary of Defense during marcos regime, he knows who was the mastermine of the Aquino assasination. That is the reson why PInoy is not getting him out of the senete president yet. That is the biggest secret Enrile is keeping as his ace in the hole. Kapagsumabog yun marami ang madadamay.

  • Noel

    jpe pahinga na..matanda na kayo…kulang2 paba yung pera mo….may magaling pa sayo…kawawa ang bansa natin kon nan dyan pa kayo…

  • Vic

    Why Is JPE keep on pinpointing senators behind the ouster plot as if these senators are committing crimes. That’s just politics, sir, and and to get rid you is a good one.

  • Beguine

    Enrile does not even know he’s not wanted anymore.

    He’s ignoring all the signs because he wants to be in politics
    till his last dying day.

    Anyway, that last dying day can be any day now.

  • Agata Baltazar

    hindi naman maganda na mamersonal.. kung binigyan ka ng regalo at ayaw mo, e di ibigay mo na lang sa iba.. pero yung ibabalik mo pa..hindi naman magandang gawain yun…

  • Aleksander Boleslaw

    Enrile is too old. He’s taking things personally although they shouldnt be. He should by all  means, be replaced. 

  • David Fabian

    ang init init pala sa senado ngayon kahit malamig ang hangin na dulot ng pasko! pabor ako na mapaalis si sotto at enrile! si sotto hindi na sya nahiya at talagang nagmamalaki pa sa ginawa nyang plagiarism! si enrile.. matanda na sya andami pa nyang kasinungalingan n sinasabi.. at talagang inimmortalized nya through his memoir. 

  • Jing Oreta

    Enrile’s time is up. 

  • Roxanne

    malaking bagay ang respeto sa isa’t isa especially pag mataas ang katungkulan mo.  dapat maayos ang pamamalakad mo para makuha mo ang suporta ng iyong mga kasamahan. 

  • Sophia Castro

    nakakaoffend naman yung pagbabalik ni senator enrile ng mga regalo… pero parang ang loser loser nya….

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