US gunman was loner who didn’t feel pain – teacher



This 2005 photo provided by neighbor Barbara Frey and verified by Richard Novia, shows Adam Lanza. Authorities have identified Lanza as the gunman who killed his mother at their home and then opened fire Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, inside an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., killing 26 people, including 20 children, before killing himself. Novia was the school district’s former head of security and he advised the school technology club that Adam and his older brother belonged to. AP/Barbara Frey

SOUTHBURY, Connecticut – At Newtown High School, Adam Lanza had trouble relating to fellow students and teachers, but that was only part of his problem. He seemed not to feel physical or emotional pain in the same way as classmates.

Richard Novia was the school district’s head of security until 2008 and advised the school technology club that Adam and his older brother belonged to. He said Lanza clearly “had some disabilities.”

“If that boy would’ve burned himself, he would not have known it or felt it physically,” Novia told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “It was my job to pay close attention to that.”

Novia was responsible for monitoring students as they used soldering tools and other potentially dangerous electrical equipment. He recalled meeting with school guidance counselors, administrators and with the boy’s mother, Nancy Lanza, to understand his problems and find ways to ensure his safety.

But there were others crises only a mother could solve.

“He would have an episode, and she’d have to return or come to the high school and deal with it,” Novia said, describing how the young man would sometimes withdraw completely “from whatever he was supposed to be doing,” whether it was sitting in class or reading a book.

Adam Lanza “could take flight, which I think was the big issue, and it wasn’t a rebellious or defiant thing,” Novia said. “It was withdrawal.”

Authorities on Saturday continued a wide-ranging investigating into the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, trying to understand what led the young man to kill his mother in their home and then slaughter 26 children and adults at a Connecticut school before taking his own life. The children were ages 6 and 7.

Adam and his older brother, Ryan, in their teens had been members of the tech club, which offered students a chance to work on computers, videotape school events and produce public-access broadcasts.

It was popular among socially awkward students. But Adam, while clearly smart, had problems that went beyond an adolescent lack of social skills, Novia said.

“You had yourself a very scared young boy, who was very nervous around people he could trust or he refused to speak with,” Novia said.

The club provided a setting for students to build lasting friendships. But while other members were acquainted with Adam, none was close to him.

“Have you found his best friend? Have you found a friend?” Novia asked. “You’re not going to. He was a loner.”

Adam was not physically bullied, although he may have been teased, Novia said.

The club gave the boy a place where he could indulge his interest in computers. His anxieties appeared to ease somewhat, but they never disappeared. When people approached him in the hallways, he would press himself against the wall or walk in a different direction, clutching tight to his black briefcase.

“The behavior would be more like an 8-year-old who refuses to give up his teddy bear,” Novia said. “What you knew with Adam is it was a possession. It was not a possession to be put at risk.”

Even so, Novia said, his primary concern was that Adam might become a target for abuse by his fellow students, not that he might become a threat.

“Somewhere along in the last four years, there were significant changes that led to what has happened,” Novia said. “I could never have foreseen him doing that.”

Jim McDade, who lives a few houses from where Nancy Lanza was killed, said his family became acquainted with the two brothers and their mother because their children were about the same ages and rode the school bus together.

“There was certainly no indication of anything unusual that lets you think that a kid’s going to do something like that,” said McDade, who works in finance in New York City. “There was nothing that would indicate anything going on behind the scenes that would lead to this horrible mess.”

He recalled Adam Lanza as “a very bright kid.”

Olivia DeVivo was in Adam Lanza’s 10th grade English class.

“He was very different and very shy and didn’t make an effort to interact with anybody,” she said.

DeVivo said Lanza always carried a briefcase and wore his shirts buttoned up to the top button. She said he seemed bright but never really participated in class.

“Now looking back, it’s kind of like ‘OK, he had all these signs,’ but you can’t say every shy person would do something like this.”

On Saturday, a police car was parked in the driveway of the Stamford, Connecticut, home of Lanza’s father, Peter Lanza. An officer stopped reporters who tried to approach the house.

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  • kilabot

    same symptoms as noykapon. 
    lgbts on the other hand are extroverts, feel no pain, feel no shame, feel no danger.

    • angie1875

       Didn’t  his bashers keep saying he has too many KKK or kasama, kabarilan, kaibigan? And his bashers also say he attends too many parties?

  • Peter L

    He maybe the absurd kid but without much guns and ammunition to tinker with, he guy would not find it easy to gun down fellow students and teachers. Gun Control is what America needs. In each American is a cowboy mentality to flirt with guns. Look at their movies, you will always see the actors holding a gun to the delight of the viewing public. America will suffer for such lackadaisical attitude towards guns. Prevention is the best method not psychological post mortem analysis, interviews, reporting, etc. Gun control is an endless debate in the US and until they cease from such rhetorics the carnage will continue unabated. US politicians like to talk, talk and talk. Like dogs barking much without any bite.  

    • Love God

      very well said. Hope America realize the fact before its too late. If they continue to ignore the grave importance of gun control law then worse disasters than this is one could be seen in the days ahead.

  • Abdul Rashid

    If you know him that much why did you allow him to take hold of a gun and murder innocent lives? Satan is demanding more blood for his purpose. Satan gains strength in drawing blood from children. This Lanza may be under mind control sent by the Illuminati to that specific mission.
    You should learn more about the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA? 

  • regd

    We will always have people like this one among us. We not only have loners, we have brenda in congress, a habitual cheater in hospital, a rampaging mass murderers on trial we don’t even know when the trial starts etc…
    For as long as time pushes forward, we will be surrounded by practically every conceivable weirdos as possible and we just had to live smartly.

  • del pillar

    Well-to-do families as well as too poor often left their children on their own, meaning no parental guidance, remember what schools for are just secondary as a learning institutions, but proper parental education is left behind, why?, because of material things!!!!!!!

  • Reynaldo Medina

    I’m just wondering, how could a student bring in weapons inside the school perimeters without the security personnel knowing it, this is not the first incident of shooting/maiming/killing students inside their campus,WHY IS NOT SECURITY PROCEDURES IMPROVED/ENHANCED/UPGRADED. IF NOT MISTAKEN UNDER PRESIDENTS OBAMAS WATCH THIS IS THE SECOND INCIDENT, WOULD THEY (POLITICIANS)ACT NOW

  • ardong

    It’s a pity – Adam Lanuza is a victim too. Probably product of wrong paradigm imposed by no less than  his parents,  The child’s  inadequacy in coping-up  with social relationship as reported by Novia is indeed a reflection something is really wrong in the boy upbringing. Past incidents like this  one bears resemblance to typical childhood miseries, hang-ups, insecurities, rebellious character and absence of love are valid reasons where some psychologists  theorized – parents create a “monsters” from within their own children.

    • regd

      Who the heck is Adam Lanuza? 

      • rolando

        I think this is a Filipino kid Ardong instructed to buy bread from a nearby bakery… or maybe Ardong got confused as he was eating lansones while typing this… Hahaha

      • It’s Up To You

        a guy in ardong’s imaginary world called fantasy land.

    • carol

      Adam Lanza

  • ChangesNow

    Obviously, we realize politics will not change gun control laws overnight.  Even if policies changed with guns overnight acts like these could still happen.  As individuals we are fed up, and not powerless.  We can start making the following changes to help deter violent acts: (Any other ideas we can do as individuals to start making changes please voice.  Thank you!)
    1) For parents with a child/children that have unstable emotional backgrounds STOP teaching them to shoot guns, and having access to weapons.  The gunman’s mother was a lot of to blame for allowing her emotionally challenged son to have access her guns and to take him regularly to the shooting range..totally stupid and careless, and now look the outcome!  I know of other murder cases where the parent allowed their unstable child access to guns and shooting ranges.
    2) America is suffering more than ever with lost innocence.  Video games, movies and television have increasingly become more violent over the past few decades.  The exposure can desensitize people to thinking violence is “normal” and “acceptable” behavior.  Many killers are obsessed with a video game or movie, and it starts to become real to them (just like the emotionally troubled the killer at the Aurora theater was known to watch Batman over and over until he may have thought to be the Joker himself).  I urge parents to filter what your child or teen is exposed to, and guide them toward more wholesome experiences.  I don’t know any parent that’s eager for more violence to be released into society.  Most parents that I speak with are fed up of the garbage on television too.  I don’t even have cable anymore because of the lack of quality, morals, and garbage aired. 
    3) Hollywood is powerful, but is also hugely responsibly for exposing too much violence to be viewed..even if it is “make believe.”  It has been selling which is why they keep producing it.  Please make an individual change by NOT purchasing extreme violent products (such as movies like Natural Born of several movies known to be a catalyst to several different murders after its release).  So, let’s do what we have the power to do, and begin making a difference by NOT purchasing tickets or products of extreme violent entertainment.  Hollywood will make changes once the drops in ticket purchases at the box office start happening. 
    Thank you for those taking individual action for positive changes to our society!

    • LuwigVonMises

       so you want millions to become jobless because of a crime that you can’t prove it has to do with video games, t.v., or whatever that is. millions of crazy and normal kids are expose to violent t.v. and video games how come they don’t all go for a rampage. you accuse the mother of carelessness that this was all her fault. even though you don’t know the mother personally. they say the kid was bright so he could have found ways to get the guns where ever the mother could have hidden it……….. what this people should have done is to listen to their kid gave him all the attention he deserve. simply because they are still kids and they need all the guidance you could give them.

      • mamer2

        Can you prove that these video games and violent movies/tv-shows are NOT the reason why there is a marked increase in “senseless violence”…?

        The facts remain…, that senseless multi-victim violence had been on the rise ever since violent video-games and violent movies have correspondingly risen, through the past 30~40 years.

      • prodigality

        yes, Adolf Hitler no doubt enjoyed Grand Theft Auto terribly much.

        person stating the affirmative, not the negative, must prove it. ho well

      • LuwigVonMises

        and the ampatuan family also love to play counter strike online. and they love to watch batman movies.  haha.. maybe they do but to hell that this was the reason they massacred a bunch of people.

      • LuwigVonMises

        people don’t just kill other people and kill themselves simply because of a video game or t.v.. people are not that stupid. people do this things because they’ve been brain washed like the muslim terrorists, they have been abused as a kid like most criminals and that they have lost faith and compassion in humanity (in my opinion this is the case of adam), and other more complicated reason rather than some video games and tv. .. the last 30-40 have been a lot more violent than today it only seem to be more violent today because of media coverage.

    • kingsarimanok

      Oh yes, here in Cebu we have our favorite crazy poster boy in the name of Joavan Fernandez.  He is the adopted son of current Talisay City mayor Socrates Fernandez.  He’s been in the news many times accused of discharging his illegal firearms, threatening people and actually shooting at people. 

      He is a suspected drug user and definitely mentally unstable. He surely have resources and access to lethal weapons.

      He’s also been in jail more than once but the police authorities seem unable to prevent him from getting out.

      Joavan is the beneficiary of a loving father (a religious man with political power at the moment) who believes in salvation for this dangerous person.  Hopefully, crazy boy won’t end up getting “salvaged” by vigilantes or going postal and massacre innocent Cebuanos before getting locked-up permanently away from society.

  • joboni96

    sana’y mabahiran ng konting pilipino
    ang mga amerikano
    more caring for your fellowmen

    panatiliin natin ang pakikipag kapwa tao

    • KpTUL

       Seriously ? as if we dont have enough crimes o our own. Huwag namn po masyadong ta tangatanga ..

      • Kalapok

         we have crimes but not like these.

      • prodigality

        yes, we just massacre 57 journalists at a time. our mental illnesses are of a different sort.

      • joboni96

        bilyones ang prinoprotektahan

        war zone pa

      • joboni96


        di pa gutom yan a

    • $2931613

      you are right.. kaya natatawa talaga ako sa ibang mga tao jan who look for uncle sam for support.. haay.. when do we ever learn..  dapat natuto na tayo sa WWII.. when we were invaded by japan, sa halip na tulungan tayo ng mga amerikano.. sila pa ngayon ang sumira sa bansa natin and heavily bombed our existing infrastructures.. kung na-invade tayo ng japan, baka mas may disiplina na tayo ngayon

      • joboni96

        sana’y di na maulit
        ang pag gamit sa atin
        sa imperyalistang interes

        palakasin ang depensa

      • Freudian Fernandez

        what is imperialist jobonis96?

      • joboni96

        google mo freud

    • Freudian Fernandez

      no please…

  • tarikan

    How come this troubled kid (how old is he, 20?) had access to guns, I presume, in his home? The mother (divorced) should know the tale tell sign of his son and should have secured the firearms in their home. Now, she was the first victim. 

  • LuwigVonMises

    there must be some careful studies to be done with this kid and the others who committed this crimes. to prevent this things from happening instead of gun control which for sure will never work……….this people killed not for money, fame, or anythings else but because of hatred to humanity that they are a part of. compassion and understanding is what we need specially at times we start to lose hope because without it. what else is going to prevent us from killing each other.


    He was bullied by big bad kids in school and at home thats why he killed mother and little children. Everyone has its own strength to errupt. Spank the bullies …..

  • Noel

    Beware of loners.

  • kingsarimanok

    Schools that don’t have campus police units or armed security guards should be required to have at least one staff with a concealed firearm (licensed and with gun safety training) on duty on class days.

    This coward would have felt pain when someone shot back at him…

    • Mike Henry French


  • generalproblem

    ok lang sa mga kano yan marami talaagng baliw sa kanila especially yung mga lalaki na gusto mag asawa ng lalaki at babae na gusto mag asawa ng babae. sa tingin mo ba dipa sila baliw hehehhe. ang matindi pati sa pinas marami na din baliw. ang matinding baliw sa lahat sa pinas ay ang gobyerno mantakin mo bibigyan ka ng condom bago ka makipag iyutan at pag dika nabigyan at nakabuntis ka siguro pwede mo sila sisihin

  • riccisan

    Susme,wag na tayo magturuan, tignan natin sa salamin kung sino ang tunay na baliw-tignan niyo gastusin niyo buwan2.kuryente, tubig, telepono, matrikula, bahay, SSS, BIR, internet, ewan ko lang. magtataas pa daw sa 2013. u can shoot me now para mabilis kaysa sa dahan2 tayong pinapatay.(ok just a rant, but my heart goes to the victims)

  • Daniel Gubalane

    Pano yan? loner pa naman ako…

    • Son

      patay na…dapat sayo hinuhuli na ng lespu!

      • Daniel Gubalane

        Haha! Funny!

        I think the Adam has a deep reason why he did that. But whatever the reason he has, it is still a very sad event.

      • Son

        I definitely agree with you daniel gubalane. We should pray for those kids. 

      • Daniel Gubalane

        Okay… or we can put the victims who are still alive in counseling. I’m sure they are suffering from the trauma.

      • Joseph Edgar Agustin Alla

        can we or could we… hinde we can

      • Daniel Gubalane

        @facebook-1627907791:disqus  , ‘we can’ is correct because I am not referring to those who died.

      • Joseph Edgar Agustin Alla

        he had.. kasi patay na

    • Joseph Edgar Agustin Alla

      pakamatay ka na rin… hehehe

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