‘I just want Christmas, I don’t want to die’


First, he killed his mother.

Nancy Lanza’s body was found later at their home in Newtown—after the carnage at Sandy Hook Elementary School; after a quiet New England town in Connecticut was scarred forever by unthinkable tragedy; after a nation seemingly inured to violence found itself stunned by the slaughter of innocents.

Nobody knows why 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, why he then took her guns to the school and murdered 20 children and six adults.

But on Friday he drove his mother’s car through this 300-year-old town with its fine old churches and towering trees and arrived at a school full of the season’s joy. Somehow, he got past a security door to a place where children should have been safe from harm.

Hours after the massacre, there was still no clue to Lanza’s motives for the killings.

“Evil visited this community today,” State Gov. Dan Malloy said.

US President Barack Obama, wiping away tears and struggling to maintain his composure, said “our hearts are broken” for the victims of the shooting rampage and called for “meaningul action” to curb gun violence.

“We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years,” Obama said during a somber televised appearance in the White House briefing room just hours after the Newtown shooting, the fifth in the United States this year.

Gun control

Obama, who has responded to previous shooting massacres by citing the need for a national conversation about gun violence, again stopped short of calling for tougher gun-control laws, considered politically risky in a country known for its flourishing gun culture.

But little more than a month after his decisive reelection to a second term, he suggested that in the aftermath of Friday’s tragedy he might be open to considering a less cautious approach.

“As a country, we have been through this too many times,” Obama said, ticking off a list of recent shootings.

“And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics,” he said, in an apparent reference to the influence of the National Rifle Association, a powerful progun lobby, in Congress.

Obama ordered flags at federal buildings to be lowered to half-staff and he canceled an official trip to Maine scheduled for Wednesday.

But there was no word from the White House on when Obama might visit Connecticut to console grieving families.


No leadership

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who cochairs a coalition of mayors on gun-control policy, urged the Democratic president to tackle the issue despite likely opposition from Republicans who control the US House of Representatives.

“We have heard all the rhetoric before. What we have not seen is leadership—not from the White House and not from Congress. That must end today,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

Outside the White House gates, about 200 people rallied Friday evening in favor of gun restrictions. “No more lives shattered by gun violence,” read one placard.

A lovely day

In Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, Theodore Varga and other fourth-grade teachers were meeting; the glow remained from the previous night’s fourth-grade concert.

“It was a lovely day,” Varga said. “Everybody was joyful and cheerful. We were ending the week on a high note.”

And then, suddenly and unfathomably, gunshots rang out. “I can’t even remember how many,” he said.

The fourth-graders, the oldest kids in the school, were in specialty classes like gym and music. There was no lock on the meeting room door, so the teachers had to think about how to escape, knowing that their students were with other teachers.

Someone turned the loudspeaker on, so everyone could hear what was happening in the office.

“You could hear the hysteria that was going on,” Varga said. “Whoever did that saved a lot of people. Everyone in the school was listening to the terror that was transpiring.”

Gathered in another room for a 9:30 a.m. meeting were principal Dawn Hochsprung and school therapist Diane Day along with a school psychologist, other staff members and a parent. They were meeting to discuss a second-grader.

“We were there for about five minutes chatting, and we heard Pop! Pop!, Pop!” Day told The Wall Street Journal. “I went under the table.”

But Hochsprung and the psychologist leaped out of their seats and ran out of the room, Day recalled. “They didn’t think twice about confronting or seeing what was going on,” she said. Hochsprung was killed, and the psychologist was believed to have been killed as well.


A hero

A custodian ran around, warning people there was a gunman, Varga said.

“He said, ‘Guys! Get down! Hide!’” Varga said. “So he was actually a hero.”

Did he survive? The teacher did not know.

Police radios crackled with first word of the shooting at 9:36, according to the New York Post.

“Sandy Hook School. Caller is indicating she thinks there’s someone shooting in the building,” a Newtown dispatcher radioed, according to a tape posted on the paper’s website.

In a first-grade classroom, teacher Kaitlin Roig heard the shots. She immediately barricaded her 15 students into a tiny bathroom, sitting one of them on top of the toilet. She pulled a bookshelf across the door and locked it. She told the kids to be “absolutely quiet.”

“I said, ‘There are bad guys out there now. We need to wait for the good guys,”’ she told ABC News.

“The kids were being so good,” she said. “They asked, ‘Can we go see if anyone is out there?’ ‘I just want Christmas. I don’t want to die, I just want to have Christmas.’ I said, ‘You’re going to have Christmas and Hanukkah.’”

One student claimed to know karate. “It’s OK. I’ll lead the way out,” the student said.


Saving the children

In the gym, crying fourth-graders huddled in a corner. One of them was 10-year-old Philip Makris.

“He said he heard a lot of loud noises and then screaming,” said his mother, Melissa Makris. “Then the gym teachers immediately gathered the children in a corner and kept them safe.”

Another girl who was in the gym recalled hearing “like, seven loud booms.”

“The gym teacher told us to go in a corner, so we all huddled and I kept hearing these booming noises,” the girl, who was not identified by name, told NBC News. “We all started—well, we didn’t scream; we started crying, so all the gym teachers told us to go into the office where no one could find us.”

An 8-year-old boy described how a teacher saved him.

“I saw some of the bullets going past the hall that I was right next to, and then a teacher pulled me into her classroom,” said the boy, who was not identified by CBSNews.com.

Robert Licata said his 6-year-old son was in class when the gunman burst in and shot the teacher. “That’s when my son grabbed a bunch of his friends and ran out the door,” he said. “He was very brave. He waited for his friends.”

He said the shooter didn’t utter a word.

“The shooting appears to have stopped,” the dispatcher radioed at 9:38 a.m., according to the Post. “There is silence at this time. The school is in lockdown.”

And at 9:46 a.m., an anguished voice from the school: “I’ve got bodies here. Need ambulances.”

Carefully, police searched room to room, removing children and staff from harm’s way. They found Adam Lanza, dead by his own hand after shooting up two classrooms; no officer fired a gun.



Student Brendan Murray told WABC-TV it was chaos in his classroom at first after he heard loud bangs and screaming. A police officer came in and asked, “Is he in here?” and then ran out. “Then our teacher, somebody, yelled, ‘Get to a safe place.’ Then we went to a closet in the gym and we sat there for a little while, and then the police were, like, knocking on the door and they were, like, ‘We’re evacuating people, we’re evacuating people,’ so we ran out.”

Children, warned to close their eyes so they could not see the product of Lanza’s labors, were led away from their school.

Parents rushed to the scene. Family members walked away from a firehouse that was being used as a staging area, some of them openly weeping. One man, wearing a T-shirt without a jacket, put his arms around a woman as they walked down the middle of the street, oblivious to everything around them.

Governor Malloy and other public officials came to the firehouse. So did clergymen like Monsignor Robert Weiss of Newtown’s St. Rose Roman Catholic Church. He watched as parents came to realize that they would never see their children alive again.

“All of them were hoping their child would be found OK. But when they gave out the actual death toll, they realized their child was gone,” Weiss said.

He recalled the reaction of the brother of one of the victims.

“They told a little boy it was his sister who passed on,” Weiss said. “The boy’s response was, ‘I’m not going to have anyone to play with.’”

 First posted 1:21 am | Sunday, December 16th, 2012

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    a prelude to gun confiscation and martial law. then FEMA camps. adios democracia.

    • Alajero

      ….the rights to bear arm is a constitutional rights of the americans…unlike some countries…US adheres to their constitution written in 1776…

  • speaksoftlylove

    Adam Lanza was sufferring from Asperger’s Syndrome, a high performing Autism. Now, everybody is aware how dangerous autism is.

    • pangitbudhiko

      so all pilipino should be aware of abnoy he maybe suffering from autism. His nephew is autistic it runs in the family

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

         ADHD ang sa nephew ni pnoy, hindi naman autism. katulad daw yun ng sakit ni john kennedy jr.

      • pangitbudhiko

        I don’t think so. If you will look closely at Joshua, he is really suffering from autism, he is a perfect picture of a (how old is he) of a kid suffering from autism, A kid who is suffering from ADHD will look very normal, unlike Joshua, he is a picture perfect of a kid who is suffering from asutism

      • pangitbudhiko

        “”Kris is also a mother. Joshua, who happens to be autistic, already has a wealth-managed fund ensured. The same as with Baby James, who already has an educational fund.””

        This a news article in a Pilipino newspaper “”PILIPINO AKO””” PUBLISHED LAST March 26, 2009.. So alam mo na ang tunay na kalagayan ni Joshua, next time hindi ka pasok ng Pasok….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    nut + gun = tragedy

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

    grabe, isang teacher owning 3 guns kasali na ang semi-automatic gun, parang nasa war zone ang US, malakas kasi ang NRA sa mga republicans at they can pressures every politician who opposes their objectives maging legal ang gun sa US…hirap din intindihin ang mga NRA at pro-gun politicians…talaga, malakas ang kikitain nila dahil different kinds of guns binebenta nila…sa mundo ito, dalawa ang pinaka-malakas kumita, yan, ang military weapons at drugs…habang legal at pwedeng bumili ng one or more guns ang isang gun owner, this is just keep on repeating…saan ang HUMAN RIGHTS ng mga victims?? 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      pag may pera ka kahit dito meron mga personalities na ang dameng barel!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OJWHBJLMWPTRUOZMN6JOMHLO2A Banana Na

        ibig ko sabihn, kung legal ang pag-bili ng guns sa US ay lalo nila e-strict ang law nila at security sa community nila, walang kalaban-laban ang mga binabaril ng mga suspects nito sa community nila at walang check=points…kung sa pilipinas ay mas mahigpit pa rin ang security ng mga schools na may maraming guards na nagbabantay compares sa US na legal ang pag-carry ng guns…di naman eto sinasabi na kung mayaman ka ay mas maraming guns na pwede mong bilhin, maski mahirap ka ay makaka-bili ka rin, ang daming incidents na nangyayari ito sa US, saan HUMAN RIGHTS para sa mga victims?? US GOVERNMENT always say na may mga human rights abuses ang ibang government sa mga tao nila, pero sa US, ang mga politicians din nila ang nag-aapproved legal to carry a gun or semi-automatic rifles…di nag-lalayo ang abuses ng US at sa ibang bansa….

  • speaksoftlylove

    Kidding aside, it’s written in the Bible, more particularly the Revelation, that a lot of people will lose their minds before the end of times. The end of Mayan calendar is barely a week away. While the Mayans did not explicitly stated that it will be the end of the world, they expressly said that the earth has only five life cycles composing of 5,200 years each. We are in the fifth cycle which ends in /12/21/12, what a relief! What is sure to happen are the scientific findings and studies conducted by NASA and several known scientists which studies included Polar Shift and these are:

    1. NASA lately discovered that the center of the universe is a huge black hole. The gravitational pull of the black hole is called a plain known as Dark Rift.

    2. On 12/21/12 our galaxy which is the Milky Way will be passing through the Dark Rift where the gravitational pull is strongest thus there will be galactic alignment. It is on this stage that the strongest solar activity or solar storm will occur. Obviously this is the stage where storms, volcanic activity, earthquake and whatever natural calamity will be strongest.

    3.The Mayans with all their ancient knowledge knows and predicted these to happen at exactly the appointed day that is, 12/21/12.

    4. Every first day of the Mayans life cycle will start with a colossal earth devastation which they termed as growing pains. These was repeated in each of the life cycles which included our life cycle. If we will have a six earth life cycle remains to be seen.

    Whatever happens, Merry Christmas and good luck to all my friends and foes alike. See you in the next life cycle, hopefully.

    • batangpaslit

      yes…the Scriptures prophesied that the end of world, the Earth, will be destroyed by Fire,
      no longer Flood.
      the earth’s core is likewise hollow with burning embers

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      The Bible says “no one knows the exact time (end of the world)” but the signs are surely here… but to say the exact time is not according to the Word. The most important thing is being sure we will meet in the afterlife. that is sure in the Bible if we accept our salvation given to us by God on the first Christmas completed in Easter 33 years later.

    • peach black

      this is hilarious. you’ve watched too many Hollywood movies.

      • speaksoftlylove

        You bet. I reckoned that it was you who played the shrewd cuckold russian billionaire who fell into the sea in the movie 2012, correct? Masarap ba ang iniiputan?

      • speaksoftlylove

        Kulang ka lang sa research, palibhasa puro telenobela hilig mo. Paminsanminsan manood ka sa National Discovery or Natural Geographic channels. Google Galactic alignment, solar storm, and evidence of abrupt Polar Shift 5,200 years ago and you will find that these are not movie plots but scientific facts. What is mind boggling ios that the Mayans were able to opredict this to happen. Lstely the three luinar eclipses and two solar eclipses that happened already in the this year were also predicted by the Mayans, pinocchio.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

      Spitfire Bro,  I  am sure  I ‘ll  see  your  fantastic  posts again after 12/21/12.

      And  oh yes,  Merry  Christmas to you  too. And most  importantly,
      Happy  New  Year, hopefully.   

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QHGUJ3OJZAOIMBYYWTABNV2EEM Ai

      ” a lot of people will lose their minds ” hahaha..and looks like you’re already one of them.

  • batangpaslit

    sabi ng America, ang bansang Pilipinas ang hazardous country. meron pa silang advisory na huwag mag bakasyon sa bansa.
    ‘yon pala, sila ang bansang hazardous.
    the latest shooting of innocent school age children attest to what i just stated.

    • Alajero

      …batangpaslit…you are so proccupied of yourself…that you forgot to sympathize to the family of the victims….well you always thought it’s all about you…the truth is US cares about the welfare of people in general..any cautionary alerts re:  the country is not unwarranted…me and you know the facts first hand….

      • batangpaslit

        Mr Jewelry Man, is my statement contratry to sympathizing with the death of innocent kids?
        Read out what I wrote. Do not read in your prejudices.
        If indeed you have a heart for innocent children, why didn’t you condemn the war acts of America against the innocent children and nursing mothers in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Iraq?
        Did these countries I named did harm against America?
        I stand by my statment that America have no right to condemn the Philippines as a hazardous country when it is America who must be “preoccupied” with in examining of their undoing against innocent people around the globe.
        Cautionary alert?
        Then, America, must alert the international community of nations not to enroll their kids in American schools….hehehe

      • Alajero

        …you are so bile and you made it sound that american soldiers killed innocent mothers and children…you failed to mention that the callous monsters that america is fighting…are the ones who use children and nursing mothers to shield themselves while shooting at the americans…you see what you see…because your eyes are covered with hatred…please reevaluate your prejudices before you see mind…for every one american villain…there are six american heroes who will take the fall for the victims…but,you will not see that…

      • batangpaslit

        Bro…let us have a proper perspective.

        One, who invaded who? Did Iraq invaded U.S.A.?
        Two, who fooled the world that Iraq have Weapons of Mass Destruction?
        Three, how many nations were deceived by U.S.A. about the false and deceptive plan of U.S.A. against Iraq?
        Four, the invaded country have no Air Force to defend, have no missiles to defend, have no Naval carriers to carry assault, Iraq have no allies to protect themselves from the false assault of U.S.A., Great Britain, and Australia. What do you think they shoud do to defend themsellves from the weapons of mass destruction against your nation, U.S.A..?
        Think, Bro, who provoked the war in foreign countries.
        If America is undergoing difficult times such as this…they are reaping what they sow.

      • Alajero

        …thanks for your sympathy…we mourn for the dead of pablo…and the victims of the newtown shooting…and i am not in the mood for any other political discussion other than that…no matter how twisted your arguments…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

      Apo, isang insidente ito na maaaring nakakatakot pero hindi naman ibig sabihin ang buong bansa nila hazardous… wala pa ngang linaw kung bakit nagwala yung killer. hindi ibig sabihin lahat ng amerkano e killer na… kung paanong sa atin marming rebelde hindi ibig sabihin kahit saan may rebelde… gets mo? 



      • batangpaslit

        Hannah…I read you.
        Your repartee, however, is not what I meant.
        What I am saying, is: America has no right to condemn the old homeland as a hazardous country when their own country is far more hazardous.
        In fact, America, had been waging war against sovereign nations who never did them wrong.
        They bombed Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. They falsely accused Iraq and fooled the world that Iraq have Weapons of Mass Destruction.
        Innocent children and nursing mothers in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Iraq were killed.
        America is now reaping what they sow.
        America is now experiencing how it is to loss innocent children. They are not killed killed by Iraqis or the Vietnamese. They are killed by their own people.
        Poetic justice is sweeping America…

    • niceguy60

      Maybe this could be considered accident that is waiting to happen.

      I don’t think Americans condemn the Philippines when they gave advisory to their citizens. As was said its an advisory to be carefull in going to hot spots area of the world. Filipinos do that too. Like banning OFWs to go to war thorn areas. Heck they even put a stamp on the passport where it is not acceptable to travel for a obvious reasons.

  • Froi Vincenton

    You stupid flips! Don’t talk about gun control in America when we have one of the highest gun-related crimes and deaths despite our VERY STRICT gun control laws and confiscation. Guns don’t kill. It’s stupid and demented people who kill!

    • batangpaslit

      My position, Froi, since the adults stationed in schools were not issued with firearms, they became easy pray.
      If they were armed, the shooting may occur, but, the shooter must have been stopped after firing the first shot

    • ardong

      It’s not true you have strict gun control laws, otherwise such tragedy will not happened – another episode of psychopath murdering innocent students left and right. It is the STUPID and twisted mentality of American culture, the savagery of joy killing which undeniably represent a dead culture. Gun control in your country is just big legal farce.

      • gregory robinson

        BINGO, gun control and violence is only political propaganda. They are too cowardly to do anything.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

      Yeah Froi. As strict  as  going to  Wal – Mart  and  buying  a 12  gauge shot  – gun.

      Google it and find out  how many mass murders  were committed so far
      in  the US.  And see how strict  gun  laws  are in  America.

      Remember Arizona ? Where Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was
      shot through the head and scores of other people were killed ?
      Some dense lawmaker introduced a bill and made into law which
      says anybody can carry a concealed weapon for ” protection .”

      Yup. Anywhere you like. Like a saloon or a bar.
      You know, like in the old Wild West days of
      the OK Corral or Tombstone. Remember the Earps
      and the Clantons ?

      It looks like stupidity points at  your direction.  
      Do a little bit of research first before you open your  big mouth.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

      That’s true too.  But those demented  people  would have to get a  hold
      of the guns  first. Makes sense ?

  • charlie_oscar

    I am ashamed how this tragedy demonstrates to the World how far America’s culture has fallen. Every time this happens, we argue the same points on gun control – mental health – school security and so on… YET we do nothing of substance to try to change the factors that make this kind of tragedy possible!  How can we put the horses back in the barn after 300 years? – (meaning there are so many guns available in America…there is enough in circulation for every person – 300M to have one.)  We have to start somewhere and assault rifles and high-capacity magazines is a start. Regardless, we as a species – not about nationality so much…need to take a real look at where we are heading…On a global scale…it does not look good for the next 200 years.

    • Froi Vincenton

      Hey stupid moron, mind your country first before spouting more stupid gibberish about America’s alleged gun culture… Do you even know we have very strict gun control laws? Do you even know we have one of the highest gun-related crime rates in the world?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZRP5HHLNZE2MUHK4Y5LLQLBYM Hannah

        this kind of temper get this done… do we need to call each other names?

      • niceguy60

        Absolutely no. Calling names is the thing that could start the use of lethal weapons.

        I also agree that guns don’t kill people. But people’s mind sometimes go nuts. If guns can be easily found in the house, a deranged person who got hold of it has high probability of using it especially if he got angry.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Wow a psychologist. What makes you so sure about what you are saying?

      • gregory robinson

        Gun control is NOT the answer because hateful, violent people will use anything they can get, guns, knives, bolos, bats, home made bombs, even cars.

    • gregory robinson

      Charlie, I’m also ashamed how much America has fallen in their culture and morality. The right to bear arms actually is needed more and more as our corrupt governments around the world and in the U.S. are becoming more and more militaristic. Citizens need arms to protect themselves from the government. I’m sure there will be much more violence in the future due to cowardly governments.

      • charlie_oscar

        Greg…There is really no such thing as a “government” there is simply fellow citizens who WORK for the government of the people. Anytime an employee of the people steps out of line…Or beyond the mandate we give them, we have to duty to smack them back into check.

  • rickysgreyes

    What ever happened to that Dad of a bully who pointed a gun at a student’s face right here in Makati? It happened in an exclusive school and wad witnessed by a lot of teachers and personnel of the school, I think early this year. Why is he not in jail? Is it because he is rich? PNoy, send this guy to jail before we encounter a tragedy similar to the one in Connecticut. People should not be allowed to bring firearms to schools.

  • Froi Vincenton

    The media has been reporting that the police found 2 handguns at the scene of the crime.  However, The law in CT states that one must be 21 years of age or older to own a handgun.  Fox News and others mainstream media outlets have reported that the alleged shooter is 20 years of age.  This being the case, there is already a gun control statue on the books which (in theory) should have prevented this massacre from happening.  Regardless, within minutes of the shooting the gun grabbers were already calling for the death of the 2nd Amendment and blaming the gun its self for this horrific crime.  These authoritarians are trying to use this incident to say that we need to outlaw guns and suggesting that if we do we will then be able to get them off the street.  But, wait a second… the gun used in this crime IS ALREADY ILLEGAL (minors are not allowed to possess a handgun in either NJ or CT) The fact that the gun supposedly used in this horrific crime IS ALREADY ILLEGAL points out the governments inability to prevent incidents like this from happening by drafting new laws.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

      Looks like you  didn’t bother reading the  news  report. The guns used  by
      the shooter in CT  are all owned by  his mother  or  father.  The guns
      were  LEGAL   but  the  son  who is unstable  was able  to  get the them.

      It’s  a fact that  there  more than 200 million guns of  different lethal  calibers
      in circulation in America.  Three of those guns  ended up  in  the hands  of 
      that shooter. More than  200  million guns  in a  population  of  about  300.
      Give or take.

      Tell me Troi,  what are the odds going against  those 20 innocent young lives
      in CT  ?? Can you do the math ?

  • OneDelaX

    “i just want christmas”.
    “i’m not going to have anyone to play with”.

                 this is heart wrenching.

  • carlorocci

    20 innocent children died………What a very sad day? Hope this kind of senseless killing will not happen here……..

    • ohpuleeze

      Or anywhere else again.

  • julieboy

    I don’t even know this people but what just happened in Connecticut, USA has shocked me and made me emotional.How a person 20 years old kill his own mother and kill 26 people,20 were little kids,it unimaginably and mind boggling that this can happen.That 20 year old who did the shooting must have had a horrible childhood growing up to develop so much hate for mankind.Its so hard to explain,only God knows why it happens.May all this people who died rest in peace,in the arms of the Lord.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

    US of America should revisit their security measure. It’s time to employ human not just machine as security to their line of defense. Electronic locks and other gadget can not prevent a determine human but human does. They can employ a lot of security guards and that’s another solution to their unemployment problem.

    • niceguy60

      Gun toting security guards just like in Philippine banks and malls? Hmmmm I don’t know. Those guards could go mad as well. But you’re right. Retuning jobless soldiers could be employed as security personnel.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Returning soldiers that most of them has PTSD?

  • $18209031

    RIP to the little ones.

    Names and ages of the 26 people gunned down at a Connecticut elementary school Friday in the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history:

    Charlotte Bacon, 6Daniel Barden, 7Rachel Davino, 29Olivia Engel, 6Josephine Gay, 7Ana Marquez-Greene, 6Dylan Hockley, 6Dawn Hochsprung, 47Madeleine Hsu, 6Catherine Hubbard, 6Chase Kowalski, 7Jesse Lewis, 6James Mattioli, 6Grace McDonnell, 7Anne Marie Murphy, 52Emilie Parker, 6Jack Pinto, 6Noah Pozner, 6Caroline Previdi, 6Jessica Rekos, 6Avielle Richman, 6Lauren Rousseau, 30Mary Sherlach, 56Victoria Soto,27Benjamin Wheeler, 6Allison Wyatt, 6

    • tilney

      Communist chinese like do not know the civil on how to treat incident like this.. you should not publish names if these are correct?

  • gregory robinson

    Guns don’t kill. People kill. Until the cowardly politcians in the United States and around the world start looking at the society they are creating with their policies, and how it affects people, then violence will increase world wide, but mostly in the United States, which Obama has already divided.

    • regd

      You probably mean ‘guns don’t kill, people with guns kill people’. 
      An armed person will conquer an unarmed person with consistent regularity.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Idiot! What if lets just say that the killer used a knife. Why always blame it on the object….

      • regd

        YOU ARE DUMBER THAN A BOX OF ROCKS! Since when can a knife not be considered as a deadly weapon? If a person is armed with a knife against an unarmed person, who wins? 

        Before you answer that, when did I ‘always blame it on the object’? I blame the people behind the object YOU STUPID IMBECILE!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        See, a person like you with guns is dangerous.. You are full of hatred and you seem to hate the world. Is that how your parents raise you? I think you are the imbecile, you react violently.

      • Tamakana


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_APVOOWFOYEHTUWLLGXG3SDRTUE Rory Cruz

        BURN. Haha

      • niceguy60

        Actually even karate could kill. But it’s the man who is capable of going berserk. If there is no gun around, it woul probably delay the mass killing. At least the officers could arrive on the scene to lessen the carnage.

      • boypalaban

        utak pulbura, punta ka dito sa pilipinas…
        ilabas mo yang mga pinagmamalaki mong baril…
        hahahaha tingnan ko kung marunong ka ngang humawak niyan…
        baka water gun lang kaya mo…
        tsupi…tulog ka na…feeling matapang…

  • Chameleon08

    Growing evil incidents in the US because of uncontrolled gun ownership is telling. Many lunatics and drug addicts can readily buy one. And it is unbelievable how a woman, a teacher, could own three, yes, three guns at a time. She was not into hunting or shooting hobby unlike the Philippine president. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

      Where did you get your Facts? The shooter is not a gun owner. Idiot! Who told you that gun ownership is uncontrolled here? The shooter did not buy any gun. Please read the facts first before commenting non sense here.

      A woman? Are you a sexist? Even a woman can own firearms here. You know the mother of the shooter that she is not a hunter or shooter? My gulay where did you get your informations.

      • niceguy60

        One US local TV in the area reported all the guns are legally acquired with license by the mother. I’m one viewer that subscribes on Satellite broadcast. Unless the TV is wrong I also don’t have the facts. This shocking new can be seen around the world.

        I guess the only facts we can all agree is there are dozens of dead people who died of gunshot wounds.

        Very sad news. Let’s hope this don’t happen again.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Another BRAGGER. Who cares if you have satellite broadcast? Almost all household here in the US has dish.

        There are two types of broadcasting here. One is Liberal and one is Conservative. Liberals reports for political gain like this issue, they blame it on the firearm.

        Conservative broadcasting focus on the recovery and healing of those affected and not political gains.


      • boypalaban

         brgagger ba yung sa mga supermarket…nagbabalot ng mga pinamili?
        lahat pala sa US may dish…e dishwasher at saka dishwashing liquid meron din?
        ano sabi ng satellite tungkol sa 12-21-2012?

  • regd

    The mad shooter probably think the world really will end on December 21? Pure madness!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

      Thats probably what you think because you are an IDIOT>>>>

      • boypalaban

        dami mo nang posts dito ah..
        musta ka na idiot?
        baril na ba ang isinusubo mo ngayon?
        mas masarap ba kapag baril ang ipinuputok sa bunganga mo at hindi kargada ng iba?

  • kilabot

    this is perversion at its best. killing innocents is no big deal; 
    a pervert is by nature corrupt and destructive; 
    a perverted nature destroys and wipes out communities; look at pablo’s deeds due to perversion; 
    a perverted person is one who violates the laws of nature and becomes destructive; 
    look at lgbts and analysex and bestialisex and hiv/aids; 25% more victims and increasing; 
    rhbill is a perversion; it will kill innocents; 

    No to perversion; 
    No to rhbill. 

    • niceguy60

      In a perfect world that is correct. But we live in a not so perfect world. Still I don’t like guns floating around accessible so easily.

      I bet one would argue had there been a gun inside the classroom, the principal could have fought back that could have resulted in 5 dead instead of 26.

      Again I don’t get it. What is it in guns that people out there in a peaceful country of the USA would need it. In lawless country where there are ongoing insurgency that maybe justifiable.

      Ok low powered guns for sports purpose could be fine to own. But assault rifles and automatic guns? I believe only cops, soldiers and law enforcers should be licensed to use them.

      The issue of pro gun control and anti seems to be no brainer in this tragedy. There’s got to be a solution. Otherwise this thing will repeat all over again.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        In a perfect world that is correct. But we live in a not so perfect world. Still I don’t like guns floating around accessible so easily.  GUNS DONT FLOAT.I bet one would argue had there been a gun inside the classroom, the principal could have fought back that could have resulted in 5 dead instead of 26.Again I don’t get it. What is it in guns that people out there in a peaceful country of the USA would need it. In lawless country where there are ongoing insurgency that maybe justifiable.WHO TOLD YOU THAT ITS PEACEFUL HERE IN THE US?Ok low powered guns for sports purpose could be fine to own. But assault rifles and automatic guns? I believe only cops, soldiers and law enforcers should be licensed to use them.THERE WAS NO AUTOMATIC WEAPONS USED IN THIS INCIDENT.The issue of pro gun control and anti seems to be no brainer in this tragedy. There’s got to be a solution. Otherwise this thing will repeat all over again.READ THE FACTS FIRST.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YH7YGN366YDKWAR32ZH4BSQPFM Pat

    My heart goes out to all of you in connecticut….as a dad of 7 and 10y.o.  this is just heartbreaking. STOP GUN VIOLENCE! NO TO GUN.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

      Idiot! Dont be emotional. People kill people not gun. Does a firearm has a brain of its own?

      • rudyroks

         Moron!Do you think that guy can kill that many children and adults in a matter of minutes with a knife.”People kill people not gun”,what a pathetic excuse.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

        Ooooops !!   Awat na  Crisanto  at  Rudyroks.  Baka  mag barilan
        pa  kayo  nyan !!

        Remember  ” people kill people not  guns. ”

        LOL !!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Just talking wala away basta civilized at wala nagmumura. Hanep!

      • boypalaban

        idiot ba hindi pagmumura sa kontekstong pilipino?
        angas mo ano bang pinagmamalaki mo ha?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Have you read the news in China?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Yan  sige mura! Thats why there’s no asenso dyan sa Pinas lahat kayo magagaling magbunganga. Read all the facts before posting here nagmumukha kayo wala pinag aralan.

      • boypalaban

        maganda may katabi kang siraulo na may hawak na baril…

      • niceguy60

        The people that had gun sometimes go haywire. Jut like this one.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/DC6NG5LRTD3HOCQPAYFQ53NWIY Crisanto

        Are you a psychologist? Have you known the reason why this person killed several kids?

      • boypalaban

        walang utak yang firearm…gaya mo…

  • just_anotherperson

    Disorder in society is the result of disorder in the family.- St Angela Merici

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JH24YU6S56AUNMVOM626AOQHCI Patrick

      also a disorder family is the result of a disorder society. -me

  • lennonpaul

    this is really tragic and totally incomprehensible.. poor little young ones..

  • regd

    Criminals on a mad rampage will find other worthless ways to vent their hate. I’m neither a pro or anti-gun advocate but I will hasten to say however depressing it may seem that this happen on rare occasions. A man drunk can go berzerk with a bolo and go on a frenzy killing. So, are we going to ban bolos the next time around? Or a plane crashes, are we going to ban airlines? A driver kills a pedestrian, are we going to ban automobiles? 

    • iduniq

      If I lived in a wild wild west community then owning a gun probably is a must.  But in a community where the authorities has the capability to ensure law and order, I would rather ask the autorities to do their job well and own a gun.  Consider this, 2 person who are furious at each other in an enclosed space, if they have no weapon, it may take some time before a fatal result will happen and a third party (relatively safe) can step in before that can happen.  But each having a knife, the probability and speed of a fatal result will be much higher, then how much more with each having a gun. Yes a deranged man can kill even without a gun but the speed/ease of killing is more when using a gun.  And I would emphasize on the ease of killing because I think the psychological effect of close contact (blood splatters) and exerting effort is far different than firing a gun from a distance.

      • niceguy60

        Totally agree.

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Even the thought of having twenty more little angels in heaven won’t ease the pain the love ones of these little children are feeling right now. My prayers to them all. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/grace.pinlac Grace Pinlac

    Can’t help my tears from falling while reading this….what if my child was one among the victims…seems unbearable to me…my prayers to them all…

  • joboni96

    r i p   to the victims

    sana’y ganito rin media exposure
    ng mga batang biktima ng
    u.s. imperialist drones

    r i p    din sa mga inyo

  • Maitum

    I am inviting the catholic bishops to pray with us. This is more tragic than killed by condoms.

  • Pitbulldog

    The US is being run by Democrats, a party without balls, more concerned about how their party would survive and cling to power rather than take painful, concrete measures that would be good to their country in the long run.  They are more concened with populist issues like gay marriage, abortion rights, morning pills, etc.  I hope Americans will finally realize this not the real party that they need.  Kick them out…

  • speaksoftlylove

    I just can’t comprehend why that person in the White House became emotional in his press conference, talking about the lives and future of those children snapped in seconds when in reality one of his campaign advertisements is in full support of abortion. Isn’t abortion a form of mass murder? He is a poor actor, indeed.

    • RiverHorse

      why you can’t comprehend? kasi bobo ka. plain and simple.

  • speaksoftlylove

    A lot of bloggers here ridiculed my post as regards 12/21/12. Just to disabuse your minds folks, our galaxy which is the milky has already entered the galactic plain known as the Dark Rift in 2002 where the massive gravitational pull is strongest and here are the facts (google it):

    1. The earth started to wobble in in 2002, hence the climate change, this is a fact. It will take 20 years before the earth passes the galactic plain. On 12/21/12 the earth is halfway inside the Dark Rift;

    2. The result of such wobble caused the abrupt and rapid climate change; There is no truth to the theory that climate change is caused by mankind because climate change is universal insofar as our galaxy is concerned. In fact, Venus and Mercury is heating up four times than earth that is why they are more luminous these days.

    3. Earthquakes and volcanic activity become a usual occurrence and more intense. In fact, they are happening in places where there are no earthquake faults;

    4. A recent prestigious study by scientists found evidence of abrupt polar shift in the mountains in Alaska. In fact, at the foot of where the glacier receded they found frozen green plants. They proceeded to Australia and found similar evidence at exactly the same time and that is 5,200 years ago.

    5. NASA of course will not publish all these facts for obvious reasons;

    6. What is mind boggling is that the Mayans predicted that it will occur this year. Believe it or not and make your own research.

    • speaksoftlylove


      I forgot to add that the most stunning proof of abrupt Pole Shift is the discovery of thriving tropical forest under the Antartic Ice. Using GPS, sonar, and other advanced technologies, they discovered literally 600 miles of tropical forest a hundred miles below the Antartica, which brings into mind that the fabled Atlantis where advanced people once lived is not a myth after all.

      • tamumd

        Oh my goodness..some deranged, “the sky is falling” alarmist is on the loose. Just listening to your ridiculous b..s : “thriving tropical forest under the Antartic ice”…what the heck. Hahahahahahaha. I guess if people can believe that an old bearded man is watching us from behind the clouds….a tropical forest burried 600 miles below the Antartic is not far-fetched. lol

      • RiverHorse

        abrupt polar shift? no such thing. it’s gradual and, from all accounts, now overdue. if the world ends tomorrow, it ends. BIG F*CKING DEAL!

      • speaksoftlylove

        Just like your dumbasses robots. you know nothing about the Mayans. They never predicted the end of the world. In fact, what they described is a series of unfortunate events starting from increased volcanic activitity, climate change,floods,polar shift and culminates in the hitting of earth by fire possibly a comet or asteroid in a seven year period starting from 12/21/12 until the earth exits the Dark Rift. This seven year period is exactly what the Bible is talking about the 7 year tribulation period trumpeted by horses of doom. you morons. And the drama does not end. After the earth exits the Dark Rift starts the war for survival for those who still live because of famine, popularly known as Armageddon. Pslibahasa riverhorse o seahorse ka lang kaya di mo alam yong mga kabayo na sinulat sa bibiliysa. unggoy!

      • RiverHorse

        like i said, BIG F*CKING DEAL. if the world ends, it ends. wala tayong magagawa. bopol!

      • magsasakasanayon

        you forgot to mention the fairies and the ogres, dumba$$. LOL

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KAAEZZZL7OMMZ5K4KCFETADLSM jerome

    Heartless…children should not be exposed to such violence. Schools and other establishment who’s main purpose are for children should be well guarded nowadays. To those who lost their precious love ones our heartfelt condolence and support. Even I can not comprehend the mind of the shooter for doing this to kids.

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