Pangasinan governor tied to ‘jueteng’

Witness asks protection from Roxas, to hold press briefing at Crame Friday



Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino Jr. ( photo)

Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino Jr. has earned up to P900 million in protection money from “jueteng” operators in the province, said a town mayor who himself admitted to involvement in the illegal numbers racket.

The mayor, who described himself as Espino’s “trouble shooter,” has executed an affidavit detailing the proliferation of the underground lottery in Pangasinan.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer obtained his unsigned affidavit from the mayor’s camp, but he asked  not to be identified for security reasons.

The mayor has asked protection from Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas, who is set to hold a press briefing Friday morning at Camp Crame, national police headquarters in Quezon City, regarding the mayor’s revelations.

In his affidavit, written in Filipino, the mayor said Espino was the “big boss” of the gambling syndicate running jueteng operations in the province.

He claimed the governor has been receiving P10 million a month from the operators of the illegal numbers racket.

“I am voluntarily disclosing what I know to stop the illegal gambling operations in Pangasinan and the activities of our governor which are against the law,” the mayor said.

He said he was planning to use his testimony in the plunder case he would file against Espino “to make him answer for violating the law.”

According to the mayor, he had personal knowledge of Espino’s role in the operations of jueteng in the province since he himself had personally delivered the governor’s weekly take from jueteng.

He said Espino, a retired police officer, started receiving protection money from illegal gambling syndicates when he served as Pangasinan police director in 1988.

The mayor, also a retired policeman, said he came to know the governor through his brother who used to serve as Espino’s intelligence officer when he was still in the police service.

When he won a congressional seat in the province’s second district in 2001, Espino assigned him to collect P3 million a month from jueteng operators Romy Lahara and Lito Millora, the mayor said.

He said Lahara and Millora had given him P750,000 in cash every Saturday which he would then deposit in Espino’s personal account at a Security Bank branch in Dagupan City.

“If a month has more than four Saturdays, Espino would receive more than P3 million a month,” he said.

The mayor said Espino gained control of jueteng operations in the province when he was elected governor in 2007.

“(When he became governor), we decided to directly handle the operations of jueteng. Governor Espino had a direct control in the operations of jueteng and assigned himself  ‘Big Boss,’” he said.

“Jueteng operators had a direct communication with Espino and he himself run the entire operation.”

To help him manage the illegal numbers racket, Espino sought his help, the mayor said. Millora, Fernando “Boy Bata” Alimagno and Bong Cayabyab also helped them run the illegal numbers game.

But they were forced to temporarily stop the daily jueteng draws in the province when Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz appeared in a Senate inquiry in September 2010 and disclosed that the underground lottery had become rampant in Pangasinan.

During the Senate probe, Cruz identified the governor as among the local officials who had been operating jueteng in their areas.

In a previous interview with the Inquirer, Espino vehemently denied the allegations against him, dismissing Cruz’s revelation as “a big lie.”

But the mayor said the governor was able to revive the jueteng operations in Pangasinan through the help of Charlie “Atong” Ang, a gambling personality.

He said Alimagno introduced Ang to Espino last year. In a meeting at the Capitol Resort Hotel in Pangasinan, the mayor said Ang promised the governor P8 million in monthly protection money.

The mayor said Ang then put up jai alai operations in Pangasinan which they used to hide the jueteng draws.

“I was assigned to explain to the mayors the new systems of Atong Ang. We had a meeting wherein  Ang himself explained his operations to the mayor,” he said.

Jai alai cover

“Because of that meeting, we were able to revive the operations of illegal gambling in Pangasinan which continue until now. What we used to call jueteng is now known as jai alai.”

Two months before he died in a plane crash last August, then Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo ordered the administrative relief of the chiefs of police of Alcala and Santo Tomas towns for their failure to stop jueteng operations in their jurisdictions.

It is usually the poor who place bets in jueteng, which has become a multi-billion industry. The game is played mainly in Luzon.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said in 2010 that the annual collections of jueteng operators at the time had reached P30 billion.

Santiago said “the prime beneficiaries and ultimate protectors of jueteng” then were the interior secretary and the police chief.

Last September, Sen. Panfilo Lacson, a former Philippine National Police chief, said a regional director of the PNP, who protects operators of the illegal numbers racket, could receive between P2 million and P3 million a month.

Lacson said a PNP provincial director could get between P500,000 and P1.5 million a month.

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  • sugbu

    What’s the problem with jueteng ? RH bill is not immoral ( morality became obsolete)..other vices shouldn’t be, also ? Administration ! Just admit it ,that you just want a share of the booty !!!!

    • latino_boom

      And your point is? Yes to RH Bill and of course spread the wealth

  • Cathy Besa

    bagong pag-uusapan

  • dodong1

    mali yung napasukan kong negosyo….di ba puedeng mag franchise dito sa negosyong ito….he he he he he..ITULONG YANG MGA KURAKOT NA YAN SA MGA NASALANTA NG BAGYONG PABLO…MISKI DALAWANG BUWAN LANG NA KICKBACK GOV..

  • kevin

    Infected by ERAP….

  • Political Jaywalker

    Something’s terribly wrong with the picture when high profile figures are able to operate illegal numbers game for quite sometime. As if that is not worse enough no charges are ever filed despite tha fact that it has been years they have been exposed. What is even worst is seeing Atong Ang’s involvement an Erap era gambling lord still active in the illegal numbers game who when was arrested in the US, incarcerated, and deported but freely went about his illegal activities in the Philippines.

    • Seaflip

      Wouldnt it be nice for Ang to publish a no-holds-barred, tell-all book one of these years, if ever he decides to commit suicide?

  • filipinaskoh

    habang nagkakagulo sa congress sa RH bill, bulsa naman ng bulsa ito ng collection sa jueteng.

    Ano ba iyan? isilid iyan sa condom at hayaang ma-suffocate dun.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    si pnoy lang ang hindi alam na eto nga ang ulo ng jueteng sa pangasinan….o baka naman may mas alam pa si pnoy na handler naman nito gobernor na ito? naku mr. mayor sana tama ang ginawa mo na paglapit kay mar roxas dahil baka isang salita lang diyan ng handler ni gobernor ay tameme na yan at baka sa kankungan ka abutin at ng pamilya mo! goodluck sayo kung ang talaga intensyon mo ay maibulgar ang katotohanan at hindi para maghiganti lang!

    • arao_liwanag

      Sigurado kaba na hindi siya kabakas. Siya ang may hawak ng security. Kaya nga iniligpit si Robredo dahil baka pumalag.

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         kaya nga sinundan ko ng “o baka naman may mas alam pa si pnoy na handler naman nito gobernor na ito?”

        o baka rin naman yung nilapitan ni mayor ang handler din…….

  • Jimmy

    Freeze Espino’s bank account immediately and suspend him as governor …!!!! Better still put him in jail so that there will will be unhampered investigation by the NBI…!!!!

    • MrJoseRizal

      Jimmy, realistically mangyayari ba yan? zero chance… babayaran lang ni governor yan problem solved kagad. Bishops, media, judges, dilg, pnp, you name it

    • P1n0y_p0_ak0

      kung mangyayari na i freeze accounts nya, dapat pati si Mayor ma freeze ang account. si mayor ang collector nya eh. malamang mayaman na rin si mayor

  • jeffrey_01

    Now what???

  • Seaflip

    As long as we continue to have this cultural fascination for quick riches other than real hardwork, the numbers game will continue to thrive and prosper. Many many moons ago, we called this “daily double’ and evolving into a fancier “lottery” name but it’s the same wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Ironically it has remained to be the bread and butter for those that we elect in lofty positions down to your mamang pulis mandated to enforce rules.    

  • Luthmar

    This governor must be a billionaire by now, at the expense of the poor people.  He should be
    probed and charged.  Freeze all his bank accounts and assets.  Redistribute the money to the
    same very poor people that they took (and still does) advantage of.


    • Seaflip

      If he’s smart enough he should have a Swiss account by now and laundered money in the Cayman Islands. But heck, most local crooks with the exception of Ferdinand Marcos’ financial savvy and sophistication, like to hoard their illegal stash via domestic bank accounts.

  • arao_liwanag

    Kabakas dito ang Pulis at Miltar. Kung hindi man, sa laki ng Intelligence fund nila, na dapat nga e donate sa victima ng bagyo, bat di nila ito alam kung hindi sila kasabuat pati na ang Presidente.

  • Mabuhay

    cno kaya ang kakanta sa pampanga? alam namn ng buong bayan na jueteng lords ang mga pineda…..

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but…..the jueteng has been intertwined in the social lives of millions of my fellow juan dela cruz for generations past.  the jueteng is one of the affordable form of chance to win some money originating from his neck of the wood without leaving his comfort zone that are available to (him) juan dela cruz.  

    it would take a stroke of luck to stop or removed totally away from juan dela cruz’ psyche of betting on chance. the jueteng is like an elixir of life for juan dela cruz. without (i)t, the hopes and dreams dies down.

    there are money to have in jueteng operation and betting.  so, why not the local and national govt. take over and manage the jueteng operation and make it legal like the lottery schemes that the govt. has its backing on it. the jueteng could be a new source of govt. revenue / taxes that can be use for local govt. to support their el-hi education and rural-health programs.. 

    our country’s casinos are ran by pagcor and are geared for high-rollers and well-heeled society. the poor juan dela cruz’ only way or access to the game of chance is the illegal jueteng or the legal “cock-fights” held on weekends and holidays. our country has many casinos, strip clubs, seedy bars, cock-fights and other vices in operation that are somewhat controlled by the govt.  so, why not make the jueteng legal and stop the “bad-guys” on making money for themselves only. the jueteng operators has become the source of local govt. corruptions. (t)hey operate the jueteng without paying taxes, permits or contributions to their community where their takes are coming from.

    it is only prudent or logical to make the jueteng operation legal in order to stop the participation to  corruption practice by the local govt. officials, and the lost govt.revenues or taxes from (i)t.

    if the govt. can not beat the “jueteng game of chance, might as well take over it to gain some revenues from it.

    • Seaflip

      Agree, Im still waiting to hear a good argument why local numbers game continues to be something that doesnt get government sanction when we have national lottery, casinos, etc. If it’s out in the open and properly regulated, they are additional revenues that can augment a local government’s income instead of shooting straight into a corrupt politicians’ pocket and used for all the wrong reasons.

    • farmerpo

       Jueteng currently is legalized in the form of Small Town Lottery. Guess who is benefiting from STL?. Same people running the jueteng except now they are covered by STL receipts. For every legal receipt, there are hundreds of haoshiao bets not issued a STL receipt just the usual tiny piece of paper that Mar Roxas got hold of ostensibly. That is the jueteng, the real jueteng. STL is just as much a cover for the operator as it is for the LGUs and national government officials tracking the jueteng lords. For more money of course, and may I add, not for government coffers, but for their own kitty.  

  • CheapJ

    What is the purpose of this mayor not revealing his name when in fact this article gave all the clues for Espino to figure it out who he is? Was the author aware of this? 

    • P1n0y_p0_ak0

      Mayor ng BUgallon malamang yan kasi dati silang magkadikit, ngayon magkaaway na at tinanggalan ng kita sa Jueteng

      • P1n0y_p0_ak0

        malapit na kasi election, ung anak ni Gov patatakbuhin na Mayor sa Bugallon at makakalaban ung anak ni Mayor…tsk tsk tsk.

      • Midori

        Taga dito ako pero hindi kandidato yung anak ng Mayor namin para sa pagka-Mayor. Pero yung anak ni Gov ang kakandidato sa pagka-Mayor kahit hindi sila taga dito.

      • P1n0y_p0_ak0

        bat naman Bugallon pa napili ni Gov para mag Mayor ang anak nya. di naman sila taga dyan.

      • P1n0y_p0_ak0

        Saka ung pulis na Intel dati ni Gov na kapatid ni Mayor, si Pat un

      • batotoy

         Sana huwag iboto yong anak ni Gob sa Bugallon. Talagang gusto mag hariaan sila sa buong Pangasinan na di naman puede. Buti pang iboto niyo ang susupurtahan ni Mayor. Magaling kaya si Mayor dyan sa Bugallon.

      • Midori

        Hindi po retired policeman yung Mayor namin dito katulad ng nabangit sa Article.

      • kimo211

        tama  ka  midori,,,hindi  siya  retired  policeman,,,isa  lang  ang  alam  kong mayor  ng  isang  town  sa  pangasinan ang  retired  policeman,,,,,medyo  maunlad  na   ang  town  na  ito,,,,

      • P1n0y_p0_ak0

        dating pulis na tinaggal


    parang ayaw ko na magtrabaho, mag jueteng na lang lol!

  • $14334231

    there were so many news regarding politicians and public offcials involved on jueteng….did we hear or see any result from their investigations?….nada, zilch, none….now this….again?….what will happen to espino?….nada, zilch, none……. what happened to puno, btw….tuloy pa rin ba ang imbestigasyon o ang kanyang kaligayahan sa jueteng????…..protektado nga ba talaga ni penoy?…..nagtatanong lang….

  • Seaflip

    We shoot ourselves in the foot everytime!  We elect people like these who perpetuate themselves in elective positions through our own passive tolerance of their corrupt practices, make money off us, use the same to buy our votes and worse, create a dynasty of the same people who keep screwing us endlessly.  We dont have to look far, they’re a dime-a-dozen who litter the whole 7100 islands of our country, including this governor.

    • Dion

      i agree with you seaflip.   sa tagalog, isipin na lang nating mga botante na sa tuwing boboto tayo ng isang pamilya sa ating local na municipalidad, ay sinusuportahan natin ang pamamayagpag ng sugal/jueteng sa ating mga lugar na kung saan ay ang mga mahihirap ang ginagatasan ang yung mga mayayaman at korupt lang ang tunay na nakikinabang. 

      kapag iisang partido, or pamilya ang nakaupo sa governor, mayor, congressman, councilor, brgy captain, ay mas mahirap mabunyag ang mga anumalyang nangyayari sa loob. mas madali nila itong maitatago since sila-sila rin ang nasa kapangyarihan at nagtatakipan.

      • Noel

        Ganyan ang mga Singson at iba’t ibang mga political dynasties.

    • Noel

      Take note that many retired police and military officers mostly Generals run for public office because of money.

      • Seaflip

        Paba-on is no longer a viable retirement option for these folks, so politics become the natural progression for our highly politicized police and military.  It is indeed sad that you rarely see politicians these days that we can typify in the mold of Jesse Robredo.  And I totally agree, most are there for the money and to peddle influence but not to protect our own interests as a public

    • rsanr

      Ngayon natin makikita ang karakas ni Mar Roxas bilang DILG chief, siguradong presidente siya sa 2016 kapag nalinis niya ang huweteng, you can say that it is next to impossible but it can be done by being diligent enough, persistent  and hard working like the late Sec. Robredo.

  • P1n0y_p0_ak0

    Malapit na kasi ang Eleksyon. si Gob patatakbuhin nyang Mayor ang kanyang anak sa bayan ni Mayor. Si Mayor naman patatakbuhin din nyang mayor ung kanyang anak….si mayor at si gob ay dating magkasangga. nag away ang mga ito dahil lang sa basketbol. magmula ng nag away sila, tinanggalan na ng kita sa jueteng si mayor. pati ung kapatid ni mayor na dating intelegence officer ni Gob, tinanggal din sa pwesto ni Gob.


       Mabuti nga ang nangyari. Mas makabubuti sa bayan.

      • P1n0y_p0_ak0

        sana maparusahan mga nagkasala. pati si mayor na yumaman din sa jueteng noong bata pa sya ni Gob

    • kimo211

      saan town  mayor  to   BRO?

  • Noel

    He’s not the only Governor involved in jueteng.  Pampanga Gov. Pineda’s husband Bong Pineda has been the jueteng lord for a very long time now.  Even celebrities and well known personalities like Gov. Vilma Santos of Batangas should be checked because jueteng is also rampant in Batangas.

    • batangsulpok

      Hindi lang sa jueteng kundi droga pa ang pinagkikitaan ng mga Gvoernors, diba diyan din  sa Pangasinan na-confiscate ang bilyon halaga ng gawaan ng shabu mga 2 yrs. ago na sangkot ang Police Director pero nawala ang balita?  Isa pa, talamak ang shabu sa atin lalo na sa amin sa Batangas pero wala rin aksiyon si Vilma kasi malalakas sila sa mga local officials at mga Pulis na walang inaatupag kundi magpayaman din.

    • farmerpo

       It was more than a month ago when Mar Roxas said to the PNP provincial director of Pampanga to get rid of jueteng or else….. to the face of Gov Pineda. So? E di or else.!!
      TAX JUETENG and that should do it. Stop it??? Sundut sa buwan..

  • Bayawak

    We, ordinary people in Pangasinan knew that jueting been existed in our province eversince.What’s the news there?di ba nalagayan ng tama ang Inquirer kaya ngayon lang nag balita tungkol dito.Ang lagayan nga abot hanggang national government,tanong nyo pa kay Chavit and the Arroyo’s.If the government have no will to get and prosecute this people,then you cannot ever,everrr,everrrrr stop jueting.

  • Summerspice

    You can never eradicate jueteng unless you go after the politicians and policemen involved and file a case and prosecute them.The president should make a tough stand against illegal gambling.I barely hear him talk about this problem.

  • indiosbravos2002

    How come Atong Ang is back. This guy was displaced already during Erap’s ouster. It looks he cut a deal with Arroyo. Sayang… Ngayon in charge na naman sya.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Mukhang seryoso si Roxas. Kudos Mr. palengke/jueteng buster

  • farmerpo

    Sabre rattling, when it comes to jueteng, is sour graping, asking for more money or to get even. Mr. Mar Roxas rattled his sword as soon as he was appointed DILG then, eerie silence . Money in jueteng is always a show stopper.  If this mayor is any where near accurate, he could have lost at least 50k a week easy. TAX jueteng and everybody will be happy except those on the take.  Only government people are on the take mind you. TAXING jueteng will kill the golden goose. So, whenever a government person of note (just a little or a lot) needs money (especially election times), just make some noise. Even a small firecracker will do. It will generate corresponding cash from the jueteng lords. Small noise maker, small cash, big noise maker, big cash… Juan, 3 35 ang malamang mamaya. Taya na.  

  • adolfo

    aaaaahangat nandito pa si Atong sa mundo dami ng dami ang illegal na sugal na iyan hoy vigilantes maawa na kayo sa pobreng pinoy ayusin nyo na ang atong ang salot iyang sa bansa

  • Jef

    Jueteng not only in Pangasinal lahat ng province in northern luzon….alam ng mga mayors at mga pulis yan talamak….pero paano sila manghuli eh sila nabibigyan ng protection money…shame on us….ngayon may news na lumabas stop agad yan kc HIGHLIGHTS na naman sa news pero pag lipas ng isang linggo or month….jan na naman yan sisibol na naman parang kabote….

  • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

    There goes another PMA graduate.
    Itong mga PMAyer na mga ito puro mandarambong talaga.
    Si Gen Espino, kinaiingitan ng kapwa niya PMAyer sapagkat malakas siya kumita.
    Model kurakot.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Dapat siguro ipasara na lang nag PMA! Yung mga dancing prisoners sa Cebu na lang ang ipalit natin sa PMA.

  • Anak Mahirap

    Gawin ng legal para makinabang naman ang mahihirap : escuela, social support, structural, etc.

  • ztefertilizerscam9


  • Spike

    Where there is Atong Ang there is Erap

  • yesyesyo

    Good start for anti-jueting drive. keep it up Sec. Roxas!

  • prangka

    Kumanta si Mayor kasi sapat na ang nakuha niyang shares. Star witness pa siya at protektado pa ng government. Ganda ng strategy, everyone involve in gambling will fall except him. 

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Ikaw magkano ang share mo?

  • Pedro


  • Marx Louis Wang

    Putsangina!!! Kandahirap kami ng kayod dito sa abroad, ito naman si Espino-kurakot ay kandasarap ng hakot!!!! Yayaaay! Dapat sa kanila firing-squad na para di na pamarisan. Yayaaayy!!!

    • Ariel CRUZ

      saan ka marlou?

      • Marx Louis Wang

         Bakit gusto mong malaman? Wala ring mangyayari dahil mahirap matunton ang pinagtratrabahuhan ko.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Napakayaman pala ng mga taga-Pangasinan!!! Ano sekreto niyo!!! dami niyong parang pang-taya!

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Ang lalaki ng kita nila, daig pa ang suweldo ng pangulo ng bansa.

  • dikoy321

    We laud this Mayor for taking heart and EXPOSING Pangasinan’s Governor as Jueteng BIG BOSS in the province !

    The Filipino Nation is GRATEFUL to this Pangasinan Mayor for coming out with this EXPOSE!

    We ask more Jueteng Operators and those involved in Jueteng to all take COURAGE and EXPOSE the CORRUPT left, right, front and back, all of them!

    This is GOOD for the People and the Nation !!!

    Good job Mr Mayor!  Good Job DILG Sec Mar Roxas!  Good Job PNP Chiefs Bartolome and Purisima!  

    GOOD JOB P-Noy !!!

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • kimo211

      OK  lang  lahat  ang  sinabi…pero   si  roxas,,,,  saling  pusa  lang  to….kong  si  Korina  OK  pa.

  • Maldi2

    Di kasalanan ni GMA to? Or baka kay Corona? Sino kaya masisi ni Panot nito ngayon?

    • LegalJustice

      E di ikaw.

      Bakit mo kaagad na sabi di kasalanan ni GMA binayaran kaba?

  • Nilo C

    Ano pa ang hinihintay nila. Mag “Life Style Check” ka-agad at tingnan ang mga “Bank Account”. Tutulog na naman sa “Pansitan” pag hindi nilamagawa yon.

    Yong sa Pyramid Scam freeze ka-agad ang mga pera. Baka ito hindi siguro dahil “Gobernador”.

  • nti_boohaya

    This news is as old as jueteng itself.  The personalities sitting in capitolio o municipio are the only ones changing.  Kaya nga halos nagpapatayan ang mga kandidato mula sk to barangay chairman to mayor to cong to gov dahil sa mga jueteng, illegal logging at illegal mining na yan. Di na po tayo magtataka kung walang nangyayari sa probe probe na yan dahil and principal ay mista mista, nag proprobe ay mista mista, mga nagpapatupad sana ng mga batas ay mista mista o di kaya kapitan o mayor o gov in waiting din sila.  Wala pa pong PD na naassign sa lalawigan na yan na hindi bilyonaryo.  Ang daming general na galing jan- active and retired.  Purisima is once a PD in that province kaya mga taong bayan mag petisyon na gawing legal ang jueteng na ya basta wag haloan ng droga.  Nagaaksaya lang panahon at pera sa pag iimbestiga

  • LegalJustice

    This will be a start of the exposition of the jueten lord.

    It will be like a Domino Effect  for sure a lot of people will now come forward.

    Jueten Lords are just the small fish – Who is the Godfather of the Jueteng Lord ?

    They need to catch that Big Fish.

    • kimo211

      godmother  yata   hindi  godfather.

  • batangsulpok

    Itong si Gov. Espino ay anak ni General Espino na Chief of Staff ng AFP noong martial law at siya lang ang unang Heneral na nakapagpatayo ng bahay sa Forbes Park kaya kurakot ang ama, kurakot din ang anak, mga naturingang Heneral at PMAers.

    • akongednamzug

      Bah bad yan puro heneral, dapat siguro isang obispo ang manungkulan bilang superitendent ng PMA ! ! ! 

  • Hey_Dudes

    Our country must really be forsaken what with individuals like this governor behaving in a way only a scoundrel would.  This is a person voted by citizens of that province to be their governor?  As governor, is involvement in jueteng assuming what has been reported is the truth, one of his responsibilities?

    If it is not, if this man is decent enough, he should excuse himself from the capitol while the justice department investigate the report.  For crying out loud wala na bang matinong government officials sa ating bansa?

  • Bengatibo

    Expose them!!! Jueteng is one of the root of corruption.

    • tony

      Do you REALLY think something constructive will ever come out of this? Have you forgotten the Marcoses and their cronies? They all stole BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of pesos and look where they are now. Bongbong is a senator, Imelda and Imee also hold elected positions; not sure about Irene though. They were kicked out the country 26 years and to this day not one of them has ever been indicted and convicted. Mahilig kasi ang Pinoy sa “BAHALA NA ANG DIYOS” kaya ayun PINABAYAAN NA NGA TAYO NG DIYOS!

  • kimo211

    sinong  matapat  na  mayor  yan,,,,oh   anong   town  sa  pagasinan,m,,,,para   maboto   uli  siya,,,,

    • boy_pogi

       hint: town mayor in hundred islands..governor wanabeeee

      • kimo211

        boy-pogi,,,  hindi  naman retired police ang  mayor  sa  hint  na  town   mo,,,isa  lang  town  sa  pagasinan   ang  alam  kong  mayor ay  retired police,,,maedyo  sikat  na  sa  pangasinan   ang  town  na  ito?

  • ApoLapullapu

    Gambling can be stopped only if people stop betting.  And the voters probably sold their votes to the governor who subsequently had to recover his money through jueteng.

  • angtangamo

    Just legalize it. Ang tagal tagal na nyan hindi pa rin mapigilan.


      They dont like to pay taxes bawas ang kita nila.

      • angtangamo

        But then they wont wont have to pay protection money… mas kikita sila. Also, if the operation is above board then there will be no problems about shakedowns, getting sued, arrested etc etc.

  • speedstream2

    And here we are again: expose, denials, probe, renewed campaign, everybody hems and haws, more probes, more denials. After about two or so, the expose goes stale, everybody looks elsewhere, jueteng is still in business, life goes on.

  • jejflores

    This we know is real but what happens next? Failure to prosecute will only encourage others to try because they might believe they are truly above the law. 

  • dennis

    This is the reason i want all SALN and BIR records of every candidate for 2013 election to be open to the public as their clearance for every election!…See,what the filipinos will recieve rewards at the end?…..And this is also the reason why i want all Mayors who won in their own respective town…to be ASSIGN and practice their Mayoral Office at some other places like for example,you won a Mayor of Dagupan City,then you will be assign to Lucena City.
    1) This will cut connections…bribes involving protection.
    2) This will cut graft and corruption…”palakasan system”
    3) It will discourage local Treasurer or Auditor to spend money not unless otherwise needed for a project being implemented for infrastructures,road construction,etc.
    As i have said,Mayors will serve or work like an Ambassador of the Philipines working in different countries around the world. Just a comparison.
    Kasalanan din naman nating mga filipino! We want improvement but HOW? We are very tolerable people pagdating sa ganitong bagay! At the end,kanya-kanyang tanggi kapag nahuli! Just my 2 cents of opinion!
    Kahit sinong Presidente or 10 man ang Presidente ng Pilipinas na ang layunin eh “Daang Matuwid” para sa bayan…BUT KUNG PALAGING BALUKTOT ANG LAYUNIN eh kawawa naman ang bayan natin!

    • ern

      You are wrong! Money makes the world go round….kahit san mo sila dalhin. Cut the offenders into pieces…yan lang ang solusyon.

      • dennis

        That´s why i gave ideas to cut illegalities and other sources of illegal activities eh? Hindi mo ba ma-gets? The point here is jueteng is illegal! Money makes the world go round…BUT IT MUST BE IN LEGAL WAYS!

      • dennis

        Kung ikaw ang Mayor sa isang bayan ng Pangasinan at i-assign kitang Mayor sa Bulacan? Magagawa mo ba ang gumawa ng ilegal sa bayan na hindi mo kilala? Magagawa ba ng mga taong “sipsip” ang magpalakas saýo?Natural,bilang Mayor,gagawin mo ang nararapat,di ba?…Ano,mangungurakot ka?…Eh di may nagsumbong saýo sa taas!…YUN ANG POINT!

  • batotoy

    Totoo naman na walang ginawa sila para mawala ang jueteng sa Pangasinan. Lantaran talaga. Nagtataka nga ako kung bakit may jueteng pa sa Pangasinan.

  • Mattino2011


  • pepito gwaps

    Madali lang solusyunan yang jueting. Hulihin at ikulong ng 3 taon yong mga tumataya plus multa ng 20K o iwan ko na lang kung me tumaya pa dyan.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Iwan mo na lang o Ewan mo na lang.  Paano yung mag addict?

    • k

      sa bansang korap tulad ng bansa nyo,akala mo lang madali pero mahirap pala.bakit?sinong huhuli sa tagataya at nagpapataya?yung chairman,pulis or tanod?paano nila huhuliin kung sila naman ang lalagayan.kung governor nga,tumatanggap yung chairman,tanod at pulis pa?halimbawa,may matinong chairman,tanod or pulis,sa laki ng organisasyon na yun,maglalakas loob bang humuli ng kababaryo na nagpapataya or tumataya kung bantaan syang itutumba ng gov,police chief

      • pepito gwaps

        Ireshuffle ang mga pulis at mga official nito. Kung hindi pd so NBI na ang gagawa para walang masaBi. Pag walang reshuffle, magkakaroon talaga ng toleration. Ika nga pag tumagal sa isang lugar nagkakalomot.

  • peach black

    taga Pangasinan ako at maniwala kayo. . . walang patutunguhan ito. 

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Meron patutunguhan… sa presinto (SANA!).

  • agaylaya

    Kung walang jueteng, maraming mga politico (a.k.a.political families)  ang mawawalan ng budget. Si jueteng lord marami syang hawak na congressman, mayors at mga kapitan. Sa Pangasinan, nagkataon na ang jueteng lord ay ang Gobernador mismo. Hindi na sana siya storbohin kaso kalaban sya ng LP na ang kandidato for governor ay si Nani Braganza.Hindi malinaw kung may backer na Jueteng lord si Braganza but it is known na sya ay suportado ni dating Pangulo Ramos na tiyuhin niya.   

    Kung talagang sincere ang Pinoy administration sa “Matuwid na Daan”  pugsahin nila once
    and for all  ang jueteng and ALL forms of  gambling sa buong bansa. Yung selective
    campaign against jueteng run by LP political opponents is a pre cursor  to replacing them with their own LP friendly Jueteng lords.

    In reality, ang local elections ay battle of  jueteng lords. Sila yung malakas magpalabas ng
    pera pambili ng boto, pangasolina, pambayad sa media, pambayad sa mga volunteers.
    Yun ay investment nila. Kung nanalo yung manok nilang politico, syempre tatlong
    taon na hawak nila ang jueteng. Karamihan sa mga jueteng operators ay sila rin
    ang may ari or may control sa mga contractors ng daan, tulay at kung anu ano
    pang mga contracts with the government.  May mga jueteng operators na involved din sa
    big time na drugs, prostitution, car napping, at kidnapping. Pang cahflow lang
    nila yung jueteng.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Mga kabit mawawalan din ng sustento.

    • watchdoglang

      Everything said in here is very true. There is just too much money involved that is why the Pinoy administration is down playing the issue. Pampanga jueteng is another thing. Last time I heard the Mayor of Mabalacat gets 1 million a month and that was over three years  ago. I believe it is one of the main reason that mayor never wants to leave his post as a mayor for nearly 20 years. One other reason the jueteng will not go away is due to the argument that many will lose jobs if jueteng stops. In my opinion it is best to legalize jueteng so the government could benefit and increase its revenue instead of very few individuals only like governors, mayors, police chiefs. 

  • batotoy

    Dapat ng hindi manalo sa darating na election, Pati sa Bugallon na hindi naman nila bayan, pinapatakbo ang kanyang anak pagkaMayor. di naman sila taga roon. May anak din siya Mayor sa isang bayan sa Pangasinan. Baka pagdating ng panahon lahat ng mga kamag anak niya lalaban sa mayor sa buong bayan ng Pangasinan.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Money talks! Kapag nabigyan na ng tig-lilimang libo ang botante, tapos kinabukasan.

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         ang galante mo naman limang libo! ang presyuhan isang ninoy lang nagkabentahan na! ano palagay mo sa pinoy class A?

    • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

       nasa botante talaga ang pag-asa


    sorry pero kulang na tayo sa kulungan.better tali parang aso ang pupusta tapos ikulong sa doghouse mga financer masmatipid yun

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Politic business as usual, a country run by the worst criminals drowning the Country,
    destroying peoples future for criminal self interests.

  • watchdoglang

    The Pinoy administration does not have the will to stop jueteng. So, jueteng will not stop end of story.

    • ern

      It is not a question of whether you have the will or not. The church have failed in their ministry dahil imbes na mangaral sila sa tao e nakisawsaw na sila sa politika.

      If you are president of a generally corrupt people, voted upon by a majority of corrupt people, what can you do? Run after those who put you in office? So do not be surprised kung nasisingle-out ang mga hindi kakampi….that’s the way it is. In the long run, maaayos din yan…. it is not easy…. it can span several administrations. What is important is to start weeding the undesirables out. Gantihan na lang…mauubos din silang lahat.

      Didn’t you know that hueteng money is trickling down into the church?

  • Rap88

    What’s new? Believable and true for an illegal activities worth millions to flourish needs the connivance of the local gov’t and probably with the blessing of people under the Pnoy administration. 

  • Tony M

    COMMON knowledge naman na jueteng province ang Pangasinan. Kaya nga puro retired police generals/officers ang tumatakbo dyan kasi alam nila kalakaran ng jueteng. Retired na sila pero gusto pa din nila matuloy ang kita nila sa jueteng kaya tatakbo na lang para tuloy pa din ang milyones pag nanalo.  Public Service? That’s a big B.S. for these ex-generals.

  • wawangpenoy




    • m1600



    • batotoy

       Hayup ka rin pala ano? bakit idadamay mo pa buong Pilipinas, Bakit di ka na lang maghuramentado at ikaw na gumawa,

    • duviz7533

      ano ka ba?pinadala na nga ng china si ATONG ANG. malapit ng malaos si pineda,pati hweteng hahawakan na din ng china.

  • regie

    r.a. 3019 section 3 subsection h

  • tra6Gpeche

    Akala ko ba ay uumpisahang alisin ni Mr Mar Roxas ang pesteng jueteng na ito! Mr. Roxas, ano ba ang dahilan at takot kayo sa mga jueteng lords? Baka naman, nakikinabang din kayo, sir!

    • Aureo

      In the provinces, jueteng payoff is no longer news. Everybody knows the mayor, the police and the governor gets his share. No amount of Daang Matuwid mantra can eradicate jueteng!

      • tra6Gpeche

        If that is so, then let’s all forget the talk about jueteng especially if the Filipinos are gullible enough to support this sort of gambling! One thing good about this jueteng is nobody is getting killed or die of hunger yet!

  • regie

    mar ayan ta[usin mo ang inumpisahan ni robledo…pati yang atong ang na yan matagal ng limatik sa lipunan…if you can prosecute this people , the presidency will not be denied to you….

  • cantonese

    Itong si Atong Ang , The godfather ng Jueteng ay bakit kahit hindi naka upo sa politica ay bakit napaka lakas sa itaas? Ay ka Indo, patas naman ninyo tignan si Atong Ang at si Pineda at wag lang kay Bong ang titig.

  • w4d

    Usual “suspects” pop out, pero wala pa rin….LOL

  • m1600

    Atong ANG OPERATE JAI ALAI in Cagayan Free Port yaan ang ginagamit nila FRONT sa pag bola ng Weteng sa Panlgasinan, Quezon Province, bONDOC PENISULA , Albay, cATANDUANES Samar and some part of Visayas and Mindanao very rampant yan. Pero ano ang magagawa nyo? Sabi ni Simeon ” HUWETENG IS NOT MY PRIORITY” MEANING SIMEON AQUINO COJUANCO IS THE NO. ONE PROTECTOR OF JUETENG!

    Si Bartolome ayaw pang mag retire kasi hindi pa nakakabawi sa binayad nya sa mga amuyong ni Simeon para makuha ang pnp Chief makabawi lang siya sa lagay sa jueteng.


  • $26606290

    Pulis kasi. Sinong huhuli? Bayaran lahat. Lacson! Nagmamalinis ka ha.

  • tutuy batu

    kilala ko yang millora na yan taga san carlos city pangasinan, sa may roxas blvd. tapat ng sepnas school saka pangasinan state university, sikat yan sa nagpapajueteng

  • tata_boy

    kailangang balasahin na ang mga tauhan sa AMLA, paanong nakakalusot ang mga transaction na ito? Pnoy huwag ka namang matulog sa pansitan.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Ilang mayors ba meron sa distrito ni Gov?

    At ilan dito ang henchmen ni Gov?

    Para mo na rin sinabi ang pangalan ng mayor, PDI? at bali wala na yung hiling nya na ‘asked not to be identified…’

    noh ba yan.

  • k

    kung walang magagawa si mar roxas sa jueteng habang DILG sec sya,wala tayong maasahan sa kanya sa 2016.

  • ever green

    how can law enforcers solve a crime if the law enforcers themselves are the criminals???? catch 22……????

  • m1600

    simeon cojuanco aquino” JUETENG IS NOT MY PRIORITY!”

  • carlorocci

    Hindi naman ito sekreto pa….Halos lahat ng Gobernors, Mayors pati na rin barangay Chairman may patong sa illegal gambling….Dito na lang sa Metro Manila ehhh, rampant pati na sakla, pag may nakita kang naglalamay sa patay sigurado may saklaan…..Sa Caloocan City kahit walang lamay sa patay may saklaan sa kalye…..Saan ka pa?

    • m1600

       Php. 500,000,000.00 ANG KOLEKSYON NG MGA YAN SA JUETENG. 
      Pag walang Permit to Operate (PTO) walang makakapag patakbo ng jueteng sa area na hawak ng mga salot na NPA.

  • Infinity

    lagi nman ganito, may lumalabas ng sangkot, wla nman nangyayari.

  • m1600

     Php. 500,000,000.00 ANG KOLEKSYON NG MGA YAN SA JUETENG yearly. 
    Pag walang Permit to Operate (PTO) walang makakapag patakbo ng jueteng sa area na hawak ng mga salot na NPA.

    • Magsasaka

       isama mo na rin yong mga pagnanakaw ng AFP general at EURO general na hanggang ngayon ay nangyayari pa din

      • m1600

        pati ikaw isama na din nakikinabang kadin sa patong ng mga salot na NPA na kakosa mo .LOL.

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         rabusa ikaw na ba yan o si ligot?

      • m1600

        KAWAWANG MGA tao ito mukang mga drug addict ang members ng CPP/NPA kaya mga salot talaga dapat kayo ang sisihin kung bakit nagkakaganito ang pilipinas kasi maski aso ang kandidato pag eleksyon basta may patong sa PTC at PTW susoportahon ninyo hahahaha. wala kayong pinagkaiba sa mga mandrambong sa gobyerno magsamasama ng mga salot na NPA at yung mga pinagsasabi nyo na mga euro generals tsutsuba … pareparehas lang kayong mga mgnanakaw.

      • Magsasaka

        ikaw si reyes ano, hindi sya totoong namatay kunwari lang nagpakamatay para makaiwas sa mga ninakaw hehehe
        kung totoo yan sinasabi mo, barya barya lang ang nakukuha ng mga tagakaliwa sa kinakamal ng mga tagakanan kaya ayan sige magpropaganda ka pa hehehe

      • m1600

        KAWAWANG MGA tao ito mukang mga drug addict ang members ng CPP/NPA kaya mga salot talaga dapat kayo ang sisihin kung bakit nagkakaganito ang pilipinas kasi maski aso ang kandidato pag eleksyon basta may patong sa PTC at PTW susoportahon ninyo hahahaha. wala kayong pinagkaiba sa mga mandrambong sa gobyerno magsamasama ng mga salot na NPA at yung mga pinagsasabi nyo na mga euro generals tsutsuba … pareparehas lang kayong mga mgnanakaw. sI Simeon ang big boss ninyo JUETETENG IS NOT MY PRIORITY” HAHAHA .. komonistang gobyerno ni simeion. LOL


      • Magsasaka

        magaling ka sa branding magtinda ka ng mga branded mabili ngayon yon.
        galit na galit ka sa kanila dahil totoo ang kasabihan na galit ang magnanakaw sa kapwa magnanakaw nyahahahaha
        teka baka mamaya hindi na NPA itawag mo sa akin baka mossad naman o kaya oppa gangnam style o kaya secret service hehehe

      • m1600

        NGAYON MO LANG BA nalaman na galit na galit na sa mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno pati na sa mga kakosa mo na NPA ang taong bayan. LOL.

      • Magsasaka

        ikaw taong bayan?baka taong bayag hehehe, magnanakaw ka kasi kaya galit ka sa kapwa mo hehehe

      • m1600


      • Magsasaka

        galit na galit ang magnanakaw sa kapwa nya hahaha

      • m1600

        HAHAHA… mag aral kA kung estudyante ka pa wah kang ekeke sa mga salot na NPA . para makapgtrabaho ka wag kang maingit sa amin na mga yumaman dahil sa PAGSISIKAP HINDi kaparehas ng mga salot na NPA na padala ng padala ng collection letter sa farm ko. nadale na sila di nila alam naka CCTV sila pag nag pupunta sa farm .
        Pag mayaman kana kaparehas ko FORE TUNNER O MONTERO ang service mamimili lang ako …hahaha. MANIGAS KA SA INGIT ! WALANG MANGYAYARI sa ka suporta mo sa mg salot na NPA. LOL.

      • Magsasaka

        ngek, ikaw mayaman baka mayabang hehehe, yon lang ang mayroon ka yabang, farm ba kamo utot mo, sige mayaman ka na sa hangin nyahahahaha

      • m1600

        ahaha mamatay ka sa ingit wala kanang pag asa sa buhay mo habambuhay ka na nangl MANIGAS KA NALANG SA GUTOM sa kakasuporta mo sa mga NPA MO.

      • Magsasaka

        kung kakaingitan ang pagkaMANGMANG mo pwede pa hehehe

      • m1600

        HEHEHE tameme ka diba kaya nagkakaganito ang pilipinas dahil maski ASO ang kandidato basta may PTC at PTW supotado ng mga jeteng lord at CPP/NPA. LOL.

      • Magsasaka

        sisihin mo ang mga mangmang na katulad mo hehehe

      • duviz7533

        kasama sa job description ng mga generals yan…..general services ng hweteng..ha,ha,ha

    • duviz7533

      pare ko,you hit the head of the nail,thumbs up,talagang tama ka diyan.

  • efriend

    Fire the Governor. Fire the PNP Police Director. Confiscate assets and JAIL them!

    • Seaflip

      Let’s do it, you lead the way, I’ll be behind you  :-).

  • franklyn flores

    isama nyo pati yung gov ng pampanga

  • Roger

    baka naman hindi na nahahatian ng tama si mayor kaya kumanta na? kulang kc ang mga taong binananggit nya involve sa weting? parang mga kapanalig lng ni espino ang sinabi. bakit hindi mo isa isahin ang lahat ng involve para magla alaman na. halimbawa sa dist 4>. lahat ng mayor involve. hanggang nayon nga ang nawawalang weting lord na si roland villegas ay involve sa pagkawala nya ay mga grupo mo mayor… 

  • kapayapaan_1900

    Jesse Robredo is a rarity!  And rare indeed are the people of Naga City who sided with the late Secretary in his fight against JUETENG.  God bless the people of Naga City!  You showed the world the scourge is no match if you have the will.  May your tribe increase”!

    • agaylaya

      Yes, indeed, Secretary Robredo was a rarity. Kung hindi namatay sa plane crash baka sa ibang paraan mailiminate siya ng mga juetengeros. Si PNoy at Roxas ginagamit lang yang jueteng to control the coming local elections. Ang proof dyan ay yung selective “prosecution” ng mga kalaban na politico gaya ni Gov. Espino na kalaban nila sa politica. Gusto lang nilang mapalitan si Espino ng LP friendly jueteng lord. Sa jueteng yata ang pinangagalingan ng campaign funds. Kung talagang seryoso sila sa matuwid na daan dapat pugsahin nila sa buong Pilipinas yang jueteng. Otherwise, questionable ang motives ng jueteng expose na yan. 

      • marcos_hitler_diktador_tuta

        owwws? Si Espino, panahon pa ni Gloria ay tied to jueteng na. Ang bishop pa ng Lingayen ang unang nagsabi niyan.

  • marivon

    Gaano kaya karami yung 900 million? Kapal mo Gov. At si mayor, kulang ba ang komisyon at kumanta ka na?

    • koaks2

      kahit sintunado at least kumanta

  • Jack

    legalized jueteng para matapos na ang problema kaya lang mga politiko dito sa atin  ‘will never kill the goose that lays the golden eggs”

  • duviz7533

    election is just around the corner,mud slinging game is about to kick off.hinintay muna na maka 900 million bago iexpose.may nagulangan sa hatian.baka congressional hearing na naman ito another waste of taxpayers money.juan de la cruz kailan ka nila kaaawaan.

  • dacuycoy

    Moral of the story:  Legalise jueteng operration so that the funds gets into public socio-economic programs: kung ang mga rich ay pwedeng magsugal sa casino, natural pwede rin tayong mga poor sa jueteng.  Sa ganitong pamamaraan, hindi mapupunta ang jueteng proceeds sa bulsa ng mga politikal leaders lang.

    Meanwhile, prosecute  Governor Espino of his involvement, let him clear himself in court quickly, as quick as  the empeachment of Corona . Di kakasya ang denials niya amidst sa detailed elaborations of the mayor complainant + Bishop  Oscar Cruz testimony.  

    • koaks2

      very true indeed, dacuycoy

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    parang si erap at sabit lang yan nung magkaka-onsehan na ay ikinanta na! marami talaga ganyan sa atin na parehong tuso kaya ang katusuhan nila ang nagpapahamak sa kanila!

    • batangpaslit


  • zom

    Pustahan wala din mangyayari diyan hahaha! Maguindanao massacre nga di mahatulan, yan pa kaya?

    • koaks2

      korek ka dyan zom

    • batangpaslit

      you can say it again..

  • johnlordphilip

    Investigate all who are involved, Atong Ang, the police, the mayors, the barangay captains. Confiscate all their assets and JAIL them. Atong Ang should have remained in JAIL for all his HIGH CRIMES before.

  • Leo Calo

    Jueteng na naman..?? 

  • jeetkaido

    Nagkadayaan na naman sa hati ( parang si chavit/erap). Siguragong maraming bank acount din yang si Espino at si Mayor. Maski honest officer ka, siguradong masisilaw ka sa kinang at laki ng perang yan. Gawing legal na lang ang jueting na yan para makinabang ang govt natin, hindi mga gambling lord, total di naman kayang pigilan maski sinong maging pangulo sa pinas. Di mapipigilan yan dahil yan lang ang pag-asa ng mga mahihirap baka sakali swertehin. Wala talagang control dyan. Yang notoryos na Ang na yan kayang kaya nyang paikutan mga gnid na pulitiko at mga hneral. 

    • batangpaslit

      malamang…nagka lamangan sa partida

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Kamukha ng dating diktador na si Ferdinand Marcos.
    Bakit maraming politikong gumagaya sa buhok ni Ferdinand Marcos ?
    Hindi dahil kahawig mo si Marcos ay lantaran ka na ring mangurakot.
    Ay, Apo. Ania ka mettenen.
    Pagarup mu nga dambel amin dagita tattau iti Pangasinan ?

  • Night

    bwakenang ena 900 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • batangpaslit

      hingi ka nang balato…

      • Night

        putres oo nga eh… gusto ko maging protektor din hehehe

  • Magsasaka

    ayan lumalabas na ang totoong pangyayari sa pagkamatay ni robredo ang nag iisang taong nasa gobyerno na ayaw sa jueteng.

    • m1600


      • Magsasaka

        kaya pala ang hina ng pik up mo MANGMANG KA

      • antonioluna

        oo tsismosa talaga ako.

  • Ursula Llamas

     Nakaka bad trip! Ano kaya feeling ng mga anak nya? Yung tipong alam nila nag ang pinagkakain nila ay galing sa masama? hay!

    • Jessie

      Hay uso pa ba yan? Kapalan na lang ng mukha ang pamilya nyan, nag buhay hari ang mga iyon sa pera na kinokolekta ng Ama nila galing sa jueting,
      Pero di ba may kasabihan tayo lahat ay may katapusan
      Antay lang tayo ng Karma.
      God Knows when

    • joel genese

      Hindi naman direktang galing sa jueteng ang ipapakain nila sa pamilya nila. Yung pera galing jueteng, ipapatayo nila ng business, ibibili ng farm o ano ano pa. at yung kikitain nun ang siyang pangkain ng pamilya.

      • batangpaslit

        investments eh…

  • les21reago

    BILIB si Mon Tulfo dito kay Espino.

  • foreignerph

    Utterly disgusting but a trial (if ever) will take 30 years and the people will still vote for him.

  • JACK

    another retired police officer who benefited from his contacts in the gambling world while still in uniform…tsk…tsk…tsk…if I’m not mistaken, isa na namang bugok na graduate ng PMA itong si Espino.

  • JACK

    galing din pala sa NARCOM itong Espino na ito…sigurado nagpayaman din ito doon in kapalit ng libu-libong buhay na sinisira ng droga…pweee!

  • m1600

    maliit lang ang 900 M since 198o’s ang mga  salot na mga NPA 500,000,000.00 kada taon ang patong nation wide sa jueteng..lahat nakikinabang jan from PNP BOSS GOV , CONG , HANGANG SA PRESIDNTE. 

    • batangpaslit


  • Son

    dapat yun mga kagaya mo binabalatan ng buhay! ang kapal ng bwakanang mukha mo!

  • Josh

    bakit ngayon lang ibinunyag yan? dahil ba na tatakbo ka din na governor?

  • 12JEM

    Baka maging credible na presidential contender itong si Roxas kapag naipakulong niya ang mga katulad ni Governor Espina.

    Pero iyang si Roxas, sabi nga ng mga taga-Panay,  MALAMBOT IYAN. 

    • Shakatak Sha

      aaaayyy!!!!…may ganun?!?

    • batangpaslit

      alin ang malambot, Bro? be specific…ang kuan or ang kuan

  • akongednamzug

    Magiging kapani-paniwala ito, kung ang nasabing mayor ay iaabuloy ang perang parti niya sa mga nasalanta ng bagyong Pablo. kahit di na lahat, kahit kapiranggot lang. 

  • iping2sison

    Anto la natan, Pangasinan?  Ed say gobernador manaya so acauley ed jueteng ditan. Osto so imbaga nen Archbishop dela Cruz balet aga manisya ira may senadores tan anggapo so asumpalan imay imbestigasyon. Pangalatoks maguman itayo et unaliguas say baley ya anggapo tay jueteng. Lingoanan yo si Espino.

  • basyong

    bakit naman pipiliin lang ang pangasinan e di ba common knowledge sa buong bansa na bawat governor,tongresmen,mayor ang mga me hawak ng jueteng in collusion with chief of police in the province.eka nga kung maglalabas din lang kayo ng isa e isama na ninyo lahat dahil lahat ang mga yan kaya gustong maging gobernador para mahawakan ang jueteng.

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe..tumpak. selective investigation ha

  • Marshall

    malamang to nagkaonsehan kaya nagkalaglagan na…si Atong Ang hawak na ng mga Enriles kaya namamayagpag..

  • Renz Roger

    Gawing ligal nalang ang jueteng para makapag launch din tayo ng balistic missile kay sa mapunta rin lang naman yan sa bulsa ng iba makatulong pa yan para lumakas depensa ng bansa natin.

    • batangpaslit

      sana nga…

  • randyaltarejos

    So much money to send hired assassins to kill whistle-blowers and those who will get in his way.

    • batangpaslit

      isa pa yan…sino ang tataya ng buhay eh hindi naman for life ang presidente. nasipa nga si Erap for espousing the legalization of Jueteng

  • joboni96

    concentrate on drugs
    that destroys the pilipino youth
    but enriches intsik switiks

    let the masa have their jueteng
    while the rich have their casinos

    just make jueteng disbursements transparent
    to the lgu officials, police, ngo’s, churches etc
    by legalizing it

    legalized jueteng can be an effective
    resource generator for local development
    and development for the masa

    ang pangit lang dyan
    if the receivers do not share sa tao
    kahit sa mga gro man lang sa mga bars

    better para sa mga makabuluhang proyekto

    • batangpaslit

      problema nga kasi J…pag na legalize ang Jueteng, wala na silang matanggap ang mga Congressman, mga Mayors, mga pulis
      so, paano ma legalize

      • joboni96

        legalize mo
        may allowance pa rin sila

        pero transparent at
        nag tatax na jueteng

        parang mga representation allowance
        sa private sector
        na inaabuso rin

  • joerizal

    Ang tanong diyan e sino ang hindi involved sa jueteng? Yung mismong mga tao na dapat pumigil sa jueteng ang pasimuno at protector nito. Nagbubulag-bulagan ang pamahalaan at takot harapin ang salot na ito.

    • batangpaslit

      Dr Rizal…paano mapigil ang Jueteng eh ang tao mismo ang nag suporta?
      Eh, ang Jueteng, long before your grandfather was born, may sugal na?

      • joerizal

        Oo nga. Dapat aminin natin na hindi na ito mawawawala. Kung ili-legalize ito, baka mas may pag-asa pang ma-kontrol at maalis sa kamay ng mga kakaunti ang pagdaloy ng pera. Kahit anong solusyon na isipin natin ay may balakid pero hindi dapat sarado ang isip natin sa pag-legalize at pag-regulate nito. Hindi umubra yung small-town lottery kasi peke iyon at hindi maka-relate ang mga tao. Dapat tawagin na Jueteng ang jueteng na papatakbuhin ng gubyerno.

  • kilabot

    another ex-pma’er on the take. nothing’s new.

    • Esther Caballero

      i deem it so unfair to generalize na kapag pmaer e, no wonder, kung bakit nagagawa yan. the Academy has never thought acts of corruption in training the cadets. and a cadet will only stay for 4  years within the portals of the Academy. after that, the graduate officer is on his own…far from the guidance of the Academy. why blame the Academy? 

      • generalproblem

        agree ako dyan. ang problema majority ng nag graduate dyan eh magnanakaw o kaya pasaway. ang dapat siguro gawin ng pma alisin sa rooster ang mga alumni na magnanakaw at pasaway

      • batangpaslit

        mga ungas kasi ang mga false accusers…akala mo, sila ay walang mga kasalanan.


    I am hoping that Roxas besides having a mayor as direct witness will have direct evidence thru bank accounts to indict the Governor and send a message once and for all that illegal activities are not acceptable

  • Shakatak Sha

    ngayon lang nila alam yan… na ang mga politiko (Mayor, governor, Congressman at yung provincial commander) ay sangkot sa illigal na pasugalan at minsan sa droga.

  • Mangku Kulam

    Kasuhan at Ikulong na yan! Para mabawasan ang mga Demonyo dito sa Pilipinas!

    • batangpaslit

      kulamin mo kaya…hehehe

  • Aly Diego

    He should have been suspended long time ago when Archbishop Cruz testify against him.

  • dequis

    Wala palang binatbat sa pasibaan sa pera ang mga bosing ng Aman Futures sa governor na ito eh, sa kanya mag isa lang siya 900million na. Mga Bosing ng Aman 12billion nga madami naman sila. kasi nga daw sabi ni kilabot PMAer kaya magaling — magnakaw.

    • batangpaslit

      ang Aman naman, Tsong, lokohan. ang Jueteng, walang pilitan sa pusta. dinadaya lang sa bayaran ng dividends

  • blainz

    If the evidence is substantial, place the governor under preventive suspension immediately. He can still use his office to bully other potential witnesses.

    When will news like this come up against the Pinedas? They’re not just protectors of jueteng operators, they’re the jueteng operators. Heck, I won’t be surprised if they’re one of the folks paying Espino.

  • CyberPinoy

    ipako na yan sa krus pag napatunayang totoo.

    • batangpaslit

      hehehe…hindi nga na pin down ang Pampanga king and queen na public knowledge na

  • Antonio

    nothing new… for sure this governor would say the same story that this is politically motivated.. i don’t see him going to jail just like other crook politicians… even if the evidence is substantial, he could use all the legal maneuvers with all his money and with the help of battery of lawyers… as i see it, nothing will happen as soon as the story dies..

    • agaylaya

      Ito ba ay nationwide campaign or selective expose lang?

      Whoever controls jueteng, controls local politics. Kung ito ay selective expose ng jueteng malamang na gumagawa lang ng strategy si Pnoy at Roxas kung paano macontrol ang local elections. Gusto lang nilang palitan si Gov. Espino ng LP friendly jueteng lord. Nagmumula kasi sa jueteng ang malaking campaign funds. Yang ginawa nila kay Espino parang warning sa lahat ng mga jueteng lords at operators. Ngayon na nila inilalabas ang “terms of reference” para sa jueteng operations for the next three
      years.. Toe the line or else be exposed and be replaced … Kung talagang
      seryoso sila sa matuwid na daan, dapat nationwide ang pagpapatigil sa jueteng.
      Hindi yang selective expose.

      Ang mga tao alam nila na dyan sa jueteng kumikita ng malaki ang mga local politicians (political families) at pulis. This is one of the reasons kaya pinagbibili nila ang kanilang boto dahil pakirandam nila dyan lang sila nakakabawi.

      • batangpaslit

        galing….galing na analysis. am in concurrence of what you opined here

  • Stephen

    I’m just curious how powerful is Mr. Roxas role in the gov’t in this situation…. I hope there will be no white wash & special treatments…. we’re waiting…

  • Timothy Te-Co

    Ang tunay na kasagutan diyan sa anak ng jueteng na yan e…kung walang tataya sa sugal na yan e di walang ganyan. Ang nakakabanas diyan e yung mga mahihirap pa ang mahilig magsitaya dyan, hirap na ngang kumita e inuuna pa ang sugal tulad din ng problema sa drugs, karamihan sa drug users e yung mahihirap pa, kala mo kung maraming extra na pera para sa luho puro ka-abnormalan.

    • batangpaslit

      tumpak…ang taong bayan lamang ang talagang maka pigil

  • Pulokoy

    jueteng should just be legalized, money will go to government instead  for a few

    • Ugly Bunny

      That is an option but giving in to this vice will send a very good message to gambling/drug lords.

    • batangpaslit

      Oi, Jhun, tatlo na tayo ni Wakats na ganyan ang paniwala—legalize jueteng.
      Pero siempre pag legal na ang jueteng, wala kang kita si Congressman, si Governornor, si Mayor, at kung sino-sino pa.
      Kaya nasipa si Erap eh dahil ang gusto ni Erap ma legalize ang Jueteng.

  • virgoyap

    Finally the truth came out. Archbishop Cruz’ revelation was true and not a big lie. It’s time now for Secretary Roxas to prosecute this illegal multimillion venture and make those culprits answerable. Walang tayo-tayohan at walang sino-sino man

    • Francis81

      Totoo naman talaga yung mga sinabi ni Arch. Oscar Cruz.  Kaya nung sinabi niyang si Pweenoy ang hari ng jueteng at si Usec. Rico Puno ang bagman niya TOTOO YUN!

      • Joseph Aquino

        Sino iyong Pweenoy? Sinabi ba ni Arch Cruz na si Rico Puno at si Pres Aquino ang operators ng jueteng sa Pangasinan?

        Wala pa nga ang mg Aquino ay may Pineda na sa Pampanga na may kontrol sa jueteng sa Central Luzon. Kaibigan ng dating Pangulo at iniluluklok ng mga taong bayan sa poder. Nasaan ang Arsobispo o ang Obispo ng Pampanga.

        Ito bang si Arch Cruz ay nag-ingay na bago pa lumuklok ang Pangulong Aquino? Sa panahon ni Gloria Arroyo, bihira yata ang jueteng, kasi hindi gaanong nalalathala sa pahayagan. Baka naman ang jueteng ay lumalago kapag ang walang “gratis et amore” na SUV sa mga pare, obispo, atbp.

      • virgoyap

        He he he si Francis talaga….

  • Fred

    Tong si Gov Espino pala ay dating pulis. May kalalgyan ka ngayon.
    Tapos na ang political career mo at may kulong ka pa. Kung sino man kamag-anak mo ang tatakbo ay mukhang mahihirapang manalo dahil sa kagagawan mo. Nandamay ka pa.

    Tignan natin kung ano ang gagawin ng bagong chief pnp sa kanyang mga pulis.

    • batangpaslit

      Fred, nang 1988 pa daw nagsimula, nang provincial commander pa lang si Gov.
      Tanong, sino ba Presidente ng Pilipinas nang 1988?
      Sino ang Regional Director, sino ang Chief, Phil Constabulary noon?
      Sino ba ang Congressman at Governor ng Probinsiyang Pangasinan nang mga panahong ‘yon.
      Do you think, the provincial commander could operate without clearance from his higher ups?

      • kismaytami

        Tsekwang dilaw ba yung sinasabi mong presidente?

  • wakats

    What else is new?  When money talks, everybody listens and eventually transforms the authorities into “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and do no evil”

    Jueteng has been proven time and again to be very resilient and would not go away despite all-out drives.  It may hybernate a little but always stage a comeback.

    The most effective thing to combat jueteng is to legalize it, and make money for the governments.

  • batangpaslit

    Bro….dalawa na tayo sa panukala mo. Noon pa…since the mid 80s, nang na involve ako sa imbestigasyon ng jueteng, ‘yang sinabi mo ang nakita kong solusyon sa problema. Legalize para lahat makinabang

    • Joseph Aquino

      I believe in your idea of legalization of jueteng.

      Why can the rich and the privileged enjoy the amenities of legalized casinos? If the head of the GOCC Pagcor can waste that much money on trivial or graft-laden things, then let the poor continue to dream and get excited from time to time.

  • batangpaslit

    1988 – Provincial Director
    those years, who were the Regional Director, the Congressman, the Governor, the Chief PNP, the Department Head, and the President?

  • Romulus Fenandez

    LP ba si ESPINO o UNA?

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       NPC siya pero alyado ng LP pero bago matapos ang term ni pnoy sigurado mag-UUNAHAN ang mga yan para maging alyado ng UNA o kaya magpa UNA na rin!

  • Romulus Fenandez

    Kasi di yan nag LP kaya nabulgar! Subukan nyo nga isa LP gov. o mayor, tingnan natin!

  • tower_of_power

    Dapat sa mg situation na ganito … ifreeze agad ang mga bank accounts … palagi nalang nahuhuli kaya nawawala ang kaperahan na dapat masagap ng govt.


  • Marcial72

    Demolition job to kay Espino para umangat ang pambato ng LP na si Braganza.  Kung LP tong si Espino hindi lalabas ang ganitong kwento.

  • go88

    I wonder isn’t the governor tulko’s friends list?

  • charles

    Wow, and daming pera ni gov. Espino ha….share ka naman… what’s the government gonna do with him? I hope he’s not with the LP..or else he’d be left alone again…

  • Your_King

    If people want to know if the governor will be convicted or punished for ‘jueteng’ if this ties are true…you only need to know the ‘yes or no’ answer to one question.Is he part of Aquino’s KKK? If the answer is ‘yes’ he is part of Aquino’s KKK then ‘no’ he will not be convicted nor punished. But if the answer is ‘no’ he is not part of Aquino’s KKK then ‘yes’ he will be punished.

    • Joseph Aquino

      You should be a judge in the corrupt courts.

      By the way, is there anyone belonging to your so-called KKK who has been indicted and got scot-free? Please name one person at least.

      • Your_King

        That’s the big issue. Aquino’s KKK are so protected that they don’t even get indicted. They actually are scot-free to begin with.

  • xmb458

    Nalambat din sa wakas ang animal na magnanakaw na Espino na ito. Hayop talaga… pati ang presidente ay ginagago niya. Pati ang boss niyang si Fidel Ramos ay binaboy din niya. Pinagsabihan na siya mismo na itigil na niya ang kahayupan nito pero sige pa rin siya!

  • Joseph Aquino

    Espino has been effectively destroying (further) honor of his lineage. I am not sure how close is his blood relationship with Gen Romeo Espino. I believe he is also related to Pres Fidel Ramos.

  • kismaytami

    Kung yung jueteng lords nga ng Pampanga wala pa ring nangyayari hanggang ngayon, ito pa kaya?

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Is it a Century discovery should be published in a Science Magazine ?

  • LucianoChing

    Unless the Ombudsman can find documentary evidence to support the testimony of Mayor Ordona and Boy Bata,it will be very hard to pin down the Gov.If there is no paper trail even AMLAC and Sec.Roxas testimonies combine, will not stand a chance of convincing the Ombudsman to convict the Gov….”Beyond reasonable doubt” is an essence of DEMOCRAZY and to me this exposee is just a a ploy to distract the Gov. in his quest for a 3rd term…It is a demolition job to offset the perceived weak chance of his opponent to win the governorship….
    This strategy will also be done in Pampanga……A case of plunder where the plundered funds came from different walks of people is not a winning case…E kung ung kasong plunder of gov’t. funds di pa manalo,what more of this kind?

    • DamayDamayLang

      documentary evidence?… duh…

      In my personal opinion, I don’t see the competence of the court in the Philippines to convict these kinds of people… look at the Maguindanao case…

      • LucianoChing

        The Maguindanao case is murder.Testimonial evidence will suffice.In the case of plunder,you need documentary evidence to convict like the case of Erap where documents showed that he has a Muslim foundation with millions of funds and the bank account exposed by the bank itself.

      • DamayDamayLang

        Yes, that is a point. You have the “needed evidence” for that Maguindanao case, but until now, no decision yet…
        So, how incompetent the courts in the Philippines are?

         So, for this case…even you have your documentary evidence, I don’t think so… Personally, I don’t trust the competency of the court in this country… sorry…

  • Sippho

    oh ha!!!…me kumanta na ng “Anak ng Jueteng naman kayo”..Sana me mangyaring maganda na this time..Sana di puro satsat lng ni Mar Roxas na linisin ang LGU…Tungo sa daang matuwid sana ang sundin..Sana…sana…sana

  • m1600

    pag sinabi ng presidente itigil ang jueteng tigil yan pero ito ang sinabi ng si SIMEON ” JUETENG IS NOT MY PRIORITY”

  • m1600

    kolektor na yan ng JUETENG panahon pa ni Cory hangang ngayon kay Simeon Bag man pa din siya.

  • enteng

    Ikulong na yan! Ang dami pa niyang palusot. Totoo ang bintang sa kanya mula pa kay Bishop Cruz noon. Hindi na nakapagtataka na siya anf Jueteng Lord.

  • adolfo

    Alam ko na ang palusot nito na complete denial at politically motivated at kung makasuhan man next mong makita siya naka wheel chair na he he only in the phil

  • Rap88

    News ba yan? new ba yan?

  • dukaponte

    Parang seryoso itong si Mar Roxas. Kasi dito sa cebu meron din illegal number games. Ngayon, inuumpisahan na ang paghuli. Marami na rin ang nahuhuli. Pag nilinis iyan ni Mar, boto ako sa kanya. At saka iyon din ang paraan para mawalan ng source of money ang mga tiwaling politiko ngayong eleksyon.

  • Guest

    Gusto ng LP na lumakas ang partido, gustong mapalakas lalo na sa local level. Kaso walang naniniwala sa partidong yan, wala silang tiwala kay Mar Roxas.

  • Guest

    Si Alaminos City Mayor Braganza ang bet ng LP sa Pangasinan. Pangalan pa lang mukhang wala ng ibubuga kay Espino.

  • Guest

    Kahit na noong congressman si Braganza, wala rin siyang nagawa sa district niya. Puro lang siya tanggap ng payola sa jueteng.

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