7 bishops lead anti-RH march; Tagle calls for unity


CHURCH POWER Bishops, priests and seminarians lock arms as they march to the House of Representatives on Wednesday to watch the vote on the reproductive health (RH) bill. The march was led by bishops, priests and anti-RH lawmakers. MARIANNE BERMUDEZ

Under the afternoon sun, a number of bishops marched on the House of Representatives with other red-clad opponents of the reproductive health (RH) bill and came face to face with the measure’s purple-clad supporters who were camping out at the south gate of the Batasang Pambansa.

The opponents of the RH bill, holding each other’s hands, had to march a few more meters to the north gate at the other end of the compound.

“Pass the RH bill,” the pro-RH group shouted in Filipino as opponents of the bill filed past them while holding hands and singing “Ave Maria.”

The prelates who joined the march were Archbishop Ramon Arguelles and Bishops Teodoro Bacani, Broderick Pabillo, Jesse Mercado, Honesto Ongtioco, Romulo de la Cruz, Gabriel Reyes and Msgr. Clemente Ignacio.

With them were Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, Palawan Rep. Dennis Socrates, Quirino Rep. Dakila Cua and Davao City Rep. Karlo Nograles.

The bill provides that the State will prioritize the needs of marginalized households when it comes to providing reproductive healthcare services and devices.

Before the march of thousands to the Batasang Pambansa complex, a Mass was held at noon yesterday at the St. Peter Parish church on Commonwealth Avenue.

Height of insult

Some 20 prelates led the Mass, which was attended by 22 anti-RH bill representatives and celebrated by Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes, chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life.

The church was packed with supporters all clad in red and sporting round stickers marked “Pass no bill” across the letters RH.

Msgr. Joselito Asis, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines secretary general, told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that the Mass was to ask for the intercession of the Virgin Mary on whose feast day the congressional vote for the RH bill fell.

“We need her intercession to totally scrap the bill. We do not agree with the measure. We have to give a chance to the unborn,” he said.

Asis quoted Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, who sent him a text message which said that Blessed Pope John Paul II had declared Dec. 12 the feast day of our Lady of Guadalupe. The text read, “It would be the height of insult to our Catholic faith to approve RH bill on this day of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

In his homily, Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles described the vote in the House as a “great battle.”

Praying for the Lady of Guadalupe’s intercession, the prelate said, “Great are the forces [set] loose to destroy our Filipino culture, eliminate our race from the face of the earth and destroy our religion.”

Pork barrel

He asked the faithful gathered in the church to pray hard for the country’s leaders. “Let us pray hard for our President and ask him, ‘Mr. President please do not dangle the pork barrel before our representatives.”

The prelate likewise addressed lawmakers and said: “My dear legislators, especially those who are not here today, we pray for you. Please do not sell your souls for P280 million. You are worth more than that. Your eternity is at stake and the eternity of so many others.”

He further said, “Dear legislators please do not legislate what is immoral … Do not say the fetus is not yet a human being … They are people. They are body and soul …. Do not be Herods.” The archbishop was referring to King Herod, who in Matthew’s Gospel, had innocent babies slaughtered.

At the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Makati City, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle urged lawmakers to listen to their bishops on the RH bill, saying Church prelates were speaking out of their duty as shepherds of their flock.

Tagle also appealed to all sides—Church people, lawmakers and the Aquino administration—not to let the heated debates on the RH bill cause hatred and irreparable divisions in the country.


Tagle’s homily

“We are speaking because we are also seeking the common good as pastors and as citizens. Our voices are the voices of spirituality and morality,” Tagle said in his homily during a Mass

Tagle said the bishops were admittedly not experts on economics, sociology or finance but they would like to contribute to the national dialogue on the RH bill by speaking about its spiritual or moral aspects.

“We are not pretending to be economists or sociologists. We are pastors of our flock. We want to contribu te to the spiritual and moral aspect of this very complicated issue,” Tagle said.

“I’m also appealing to everyone—Congress, the Senate, the administration, Church people—I know this has been a hotly debated issue and the discussions have really become emotional. Tagos na tagos sa puso at buto,” Tagle said.

“But I’m asking that as we stand by our beliefs, let us not lose our respect and love for each other … (for) decency, respect and above all charity. Whatever is the outcome, if we lose respect and love (for each other), we will remain wounded,” he said.

“That’s why I’m asking everyone to let love rule our hearts as we stand firm in our convictions and principles. To stand by one’s principles does not mean losing trust on those who hold different views,” he added.

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  • innit1

    Can someone demonstrate to the ignorant that condom does not abort fetus or the unborn???? 

    • $20722540

      being ignorant:  its not about the condom itself, its how they are used

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

        What do you mean how condom is used?  Put it in your dick.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_POBZSV5PGTGUS3YA2KR2NZI3HA Alex

        haha! perhaps he has other ways of using it.

      • wawangpenoy

        HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Noel you just made my day. HA HA HA HA
        Medyo may reservation lang ako sa reply mo kay goavan. Baka naman ipasok nyang pilit yung condom sa maliit na butas ng ano nya. Masakit talaga yun.

      • $20722540

        sorry literal ka kasi

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Check the seven Bishops who among them received white envelopes and Pajeros during the previous administration.


    >>>“It would be the height of insult to our Catholic faith to approve RH bill on this day of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”<<<

    IT is the MOTHER of all INSULTS to the INTELLIGENCE of the people of the PHILIPPINES not the approve the RH bill on this day or any other day.  Any day is the same as any other….24 hours.  All the rest is icing on the cake sa pagpapa-cute at pagpapa-kwela para pagkakitaan.

  • mangtom

    That’s how the cookie crumbles. One down, one to go-Senate vote. One win for the good guys, one loss for the bad guys. Prospect of hurdling the senate looks great. Too bad the gimmick of the cone heads did not work. They need to do some fixin’ of their faulty “machine”. 

  • Hey_Dudes

    So who’s faces are now adorned with easy over eggs?  These losers will be losers forever unless they mend their ways.  These clergy members do not belong in politics.  These individuals are not ‘ddaamb’ and yet – they continue with their estyuupid meddling in government.

    Sana mahiya na kayo.

    • julymorning


      • Hey_Dudes

        O nakalimot ka na naman uminom ng jewel cleaner mo?  Kaya malaking aberya na naman ang utak mong matagal ng luto sa droga.

      • Guest

        Wow, stay classy.

      • Ananymous07

        Nice. Stay classy!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    “But I’m asking that as we stand by our beliefs, let us not lose our respect and love for each other … (for) decency, respect and above all charity. Whatever is the outcome, if we lose respect and love (for each other), we will remain wounded,” he said.

    “That’s why I’m asking everyone to let love rule our hearts as we stand firm in our convictions and principles. To stand by one’s principles does not mean losing trust on those who hold
    different views,” he added. ”

    THIS is why, even though I disagree with him on this issue, I have massive respect for Chito Tagle.

  • bisdakis

    Padre Damaso in protest march. They do not wan’t to use condom! They really want to impregnate their girlfriends. hahahahaahah

    • julymorning



    SUGGESTED CAPTION to the photo above:  “Start spreading the news…..”

  • w33k3nd3r

    The photo looks like a shooting gallery. Wow!


    WALA ng MATINO pang gagalang sa mga naka-sayang puting ito sa pinakita nilang tahasang pangbabastos at pagbabale-wala sa propesyon na pinili nila……..ang pagiging alagad ng simabahan.  Ngayon gusto na ding maging alagad ng pamahalaan ng bayan kahit na FREE-LOADERS lamang ang mga TNL…hindi nagbabayad ng taxes na kontribusyon sa GASTUSIN ng bayan….gusto puro KABIG na lamang….kabig dito, kabig doon; hingi dito, hingi doon. Tapos, para masali sa KODAKAN, sawsaw-ng-kete-sawsaw sa LAHAT ng masawsawan…kaya dumadami ang bilang ng tao sa bayan.  ‘Musta na dyan “bisyap” Yalung?  Ilan na ba ngayon….4 na ba?  Or more pa?

  • John_Galt_II

    Kakatawa itsura ng mga ugok! Sigurado ang mga to either pedophile o may mga kabit.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • txtman


    • cato_the_younger

      You are pitiful txtman.

    • dickenhead

      palitan mo na nga yang keyboard mo father txtman may diperensya na ang capslock mo parang ikaw

    • mucho_cheapo

      Wala ka na bang alam kundi PITIFUL? Para kang basag na PLAKA.

  • latino_boom

    If they don’t want the RH Bill why not Tax them so the money that we gather from them can be use to the marginalized people…let the money collected from them build school, hospital and so on for the MASA…if they will do that I will said no to RH BILL otherwise they should know that there is separation of State and Church

  • To_Be_Continued

    CBCP Sec Gen Msgr. Joselito Asis: “We have to give a chance to the unborn.”

    Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle: “Our voices are the voices of spirituality and morality.”


    The church claims it speaks for the unborn. I hardly see anything they do for those born.
    If the church is the voice of morality, how come its schools (Ateneo, La Salle, San Beda, Assumption, Holy Spirit, etc. you name it…) cater mostly for the rich and the moneyed?

    Where is the “morality” of putting a tag price for administering sacraments, and socialize charges (first class, second class, third class) for baptism, wedding, blessing of the dead?

    Where is the church’s morality in protecting its own prelates who are involved in phedophilia, sexual abuse on sacristans and extramarital sex, and using church collections for personal (not religious related) use?

    What has the priests got to do with the use of condoms unless they too are its regular users? What has the church got to do with politics when they too are its regular recipients of bribes from politicians?

    Stop the empty talk. Re-start anew. Live by excample. Give to Ceasar what is for Ceasar. But if you enjoy feeling the pain of Brutus’ knife…go ahead.

    • lucidlynx

      Ang hindi alam ni Tagle na ang laws don’t have to be moral or spiritual. Dapat lang ang laws ay makatarungan para sa lahat. Akala ko ba matalino itong si Tagle.

      • 444mangyan888

        ang “katarungan para sa lahat” ay isa sa pinakaunang kahayagan ng kung ano ang ispirituwal at moral sa lipunan..!!
        kung si Cardinal Tagle ay matalino…?? kahit anong institusyun ang tanungin mo certified siya. Mukhang ikaw ang medyo kwestyunable ang antas ng katalinuhan.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D37WZ2JMEQUZR4QG74FRVXUJFQ John

      a hospital here in cebu run by nuns would rather see u dead than admit u without deposit.

      • To_Be_Continued

        Sorry my sour-graping blind friend, I dont need to go to Cebu. My insurance coverage is only good for Saint Lukes or Mount Sinai and the like.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PUW7UXRWMOUWUDZQMQODGNKJ6Q Read

    When it comes to these issues, protection of life and sanctity of marriage, the Church is very consistent on her stand. If you make a mockery out of this, the Church will endure with all these difficulties. This is nothing compared to the series of persecutions she suffered during the first 4 centuries of existence.              “Nay, we make progress by means of reverses; our griefs areour consolations; we lose Stephen to gain Paul, and Matthias replaces thetraitor Judas…”  Source: Church History by Laux, p 609

    • ohpuleeze

      Why don’t you read up on the Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis and all suffering and injustice caused by your beloved Catholic Church. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5TENDBNOVQRJEKFPV76D2N4XUM Socorro

    Just continue and keep up with your stand. The votation  held was only another moro-moro, the RH was already passed after Pinoy called for a meeting at Malacañan. Wag ng lokohin ang mga tao, mga liars kayo lahat at ang galing umarte. God will surely make a way, the devil’s advocates led by our president will surely not go unnoticed by God.We just have to wait and have faith for answers to our prayers. 

    • brunogiordano

      Tila sinagot na ang inyong mga dasal.


      Hindi TAMA ang hinihiling ninyo sa inyong mga dasal.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

      hwag mong idamay ang diyos,,astang alam mo ang gusto ng diyos,,ang alam mo yung gusto ng mga bading na pari at obispo..yan ang maliwanag…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5TENDBNOVQRJEKFPV76D2N4XUM Socorro

    Pinoy is a dictator at the highest level, getting what he wants no matter what. This has been proven in a lot of situations di ba? The Corona conviction, the APECO, this RH and others. He is truly controlling the three branches of govt and nobody is saying something. Hindi dahil popular, tama, hindi dahil maraming supporters tama. NO POPULARITY and STATISTICS can never make a wrong one right. 

    • lucidlynx

      Loko! Congress ang gumawa ng batas. At kung sang-ayon ang marami, puwede bang dictatory iyon? Ang dictatorship isang tao lang ang nasusunod, o isang junta na may ilang miyembro lang.

      Mag-aral ka muna ng political science bago mag comment. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D37WZ2JMEQUZR4QG74FRVXUJFQ John

      Well im not saying Pinoy is a dictator, but i believe this country needs a good dictator at its helms. kasi walang mangyayari sa atin kasi puro short term mga gov’t project. Mga tao umaasa sa anu ibibigay ng gov’t sa kanila. Lalo na ng crab mentality ng mga pinoy. Someone should point and stir this country towards progress and sustainability.

  • Padre Agaton

    ipagpatuloy ang laban at paninindigan. pro-life, pro-family, pro-god.

  • lucidlynx

    We elected the congressmen to make laws, so let them! Whether you agree with the law or not, you’ll have your chances in the next elections.

  • g219h

    How can these priests feed their flock because of overpopulation?

    How can these priests control their flock’s sex drive if they cannot control some of their own?

    Morality comes with reality, thereof practicality for human survival.


    • divictes

      It’s the other way around. It’s their flock that’s feeding them, true for all organized religion.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3HI6YQUEUWQT7J6YBSWSJFSINU Tan F

      Because its not their problem to feed, educate them. It’s the government’s mandate daw..

      • g219h

        Exactly. Then let the Govt pass the RH.

  • joerizal

    The church gave a chance to the unborn…pinanganak tuloy si Ampatuan . Dapat nilaglag na yan nung kuntil pa lang.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MLD4OKCRPD4PLQOEWMYBRELWG4 Cola

    PUSTAHAN tayo, ilan sa mga sumali sa PARADA ng mga nagkukunwari na mga iyan GUMAMIT na ng CONDOM at iyong iba mga PILLS.  ISA manalo SAMPO.  O, ano, tataya kayo?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

    mga maldita at baklitang pari……pakialaman nyo na lang ang mga dyowa nyo…..

  • brunogiordano

    Mahirap ng ipaglaban ang moral na OBSOLETE at PASSÉ na.(CARDINAL MARTINI).

    Kailangan makinig na ang VATICAN sa mga hinaing ng mga Progressive/Liberal Catholics at kay Cardinal MARTINI.

  • $37644997

    This is not about better luck next time,this is about how effective you are.Bind yourselves together for more oppositions and I’ll do my own for best results.RH bill into law is final.

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       hear! hear!

  • pej1972

    After RH BIll, push through the Religion Tax Bill!!!!

    • mucho_cheapo

      Way overdue in my opinion.

  • rjimenez1226

    God curses these priests whoa re trying to bring down the country with their Talebanesque tactics.  Huwag linlangin ang bayan at  huwagpigilan ang pagbuti ng kabuhaya ng bansang Pilipino..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXOWXSFICOTS2EABQMULUO7UTY Rommel Jason

    I can sense Cardinal Tagle’s stand from his homily. With the powerful CBCP, the Cardinal’s spokesperson, I know, was showing keen diplomacy.

    In fact, I donot see any mandate from Vatican to oppose the RH Bill. I believe it is a conscience discernment and for that we ahve Fr Bernas as proof, or he would have been rendered heretical or made to shut up.

    Cardinal Tagle is showing intelligence and tact. We do have a blessing in both Tagle and Aquino and for that I am very happy for the Philppines.

    • http://www.dafk.net/what/ Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      I do have enough love for these people not to hate them for their choice. I just wish they offer a better or at least, logical argument against RH.

      I will hear their calls, I will welcome their speeches, but I will rule right and wrong with my God given faculties and rational thinking.

  • bundee

    The battle has been fought, but the war is not over. Weather-weather lang. Parang ala Pacman-Marquez lang.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    At the end of the day, hypocrisy was defeated by rationality!

    Congratulations to all representatives for not succumbing to these meddlers and voted for the good of the country!

  • bundee

    Si Manny natalo kahit nag born-against sa kay  Manuel na katoliko.

  • webspiker

    A great show of dissent from the greatest hypocrites in society. Look at what they are wearing… middle eastern clothes and all of them are Far Eastern, haha.

    • Rigoberto_Tigdas

      Those are synthetic cotton fibers, made in China, taylored in Recto.

  • Jomex

    Victory for reason! Loss for superstition!

  • http://superemang.tumblr.com/ superemang

    “Our voices are the voices of spirituality and morality,”

    the first thing they do when one of them commits immorality is transfer the erring priest and sweep the problem under the rug. then if we’re lucky, the problem will haunt them years later.

  • Jay Ann

    Being called Damasos, was the very reason why the Roman Catholic Church had strongly opposed the teaching of Jose Rizal’s writings back then. Damaso represents the very evil and corrupt ways of the Church. Damasos of then are exactly the same to the Damasos of today. They may look different on the physical appearance, but their ways are strikingly alike. And as long as they keep on flirting and meddling with our political ways, I will always call them as such….PADRE DAMASO.
    Viva Rizal! Viva Filipinas! Viva Independencia! Viva RH Bill!

    • bundee

       Viva Independencia Filipina!

      • Rigoberto_Tigdas

        Bundee, we invite you to come and join our side. The future is bright now that RH bill is on the brink of becoming a law.

      • bundee

        Thanks. I stand for my values, so joining sides is impossible. Join hands, ok. But I am still weary of the impact to the youth and family and economy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=621659752 Francis Salmingo

        Rizal once said children are the hope of the future. Well, we just rekindled hope by passing RH Bill. Dapat ibaon na si Padre Damaso ngayong panahon. Ikulong ang  Padre Damasong rapist, molester at child abuser na kino cover-up nang mga lider nang simbahan.

  • 444mangyan888

    Wow..!!! there goes my beloved cardinal again. So far, the best, deepest, most convincing and most moving statements i’ve heard about the RH debate. With the depth of insight and the range of appeal to reason, he is again able to said in the simplest of words..!!!
    I thank GOD for blessing us with your person Cardinal. 
    Salamat po and GOD bless.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BJDHYTRF4O2EQF26RPUNC5NPUY Riza

    Science flies you to the moon.

    Religion flies you into buildings.

    • bundee

       Si superman flies din. Yong fly flies din, kahit minsan nakapatong sa e-ta ng kalabaw.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_H47CPJUE4QYKFUCKSUXK3LNBGI Allan

        ito ang gustong iwasan ng RH bill, yung mga lalaki at babaeng laging bukas ang fly. kung bukas lagi ang fly, dapat may proteksyon, either education or physical tulad ng condom or other contraceptive devices.

        kung may RH bill na tayo noon pa, sasabihin mo bang ganun karami ang mga biktima ni sendong at ni pablo? dahil kapos, ang mga nasa rural area eh sobra ang pagmamahalan. kahit hindi nila kayang buhayin, they depend on the “bahala na” philosophy which the friars taught us in the dark ages of our country’s history.

      • bundee

        Seriously, the opposite is true in my opinion. Contraceptive mentality leads to promiscuity esp overly relying on artificial help without developing the inner discipline.  Kung asawa mo malayo sa yo ng matagal at hot sya tapos nasanay at nawalan ng disiplina, ok lang kaya basta “safe” sya?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

        Hindi kaya pagkakamali ng church yan … kung bakit mali ang moral values ng mga tao? Whose primary obligation it is to develop inner discipline as you mentioned? Hindi kaya ang church? Dahil sa kakulangan ng inner discipline ng mga followers ng church … dumarating tayo sa punto na kailang gumawa ng law ang state para madisiplina ang mg followers ng church!!!

      • bundee

         We blame all to the friars which is not true. Bahala na is not spaniards’.  Parang si Pnoy, blame lahat kay GMA.

  • webspiker

    Diyos ko po naman, mababawasan na ang kita ng simbahan sa mga binyag, kumpil, wedding, at saka marriage annulment. Mababawasan ang mga taong magbibigay ng malaking income sa simbahan. Malaking pagkakasala ang RH Bill sa simbahan!! Ibagsak ang lahat ng Pinoy na ayaw mag-piggery sa dami ng anak.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

      got a good point.. =D

    • bundee

       Di bale mapunta naman sa tithings ng mga born-against. Ten percent po.

  • bundee

    The Pro-Life lost in Congress.  But the values will live on.  You cannot kill the value for life and morality by legislation.

  • Albert Einstien

    with 104 votes…the people can remove the EVIL by IMPEACHMENT already……!

    • Rigoberto_Tigdas

      You mean impeach Arroyo in Congress? Good idea!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

      Just accept that your side has lost and move on..

      Better yet, try to research more on your deuterium thing and present facts so that you might be able to convince.. perhaps the bishops.. hehehe

  • mangtom

    The seven bishops vs. the seven dwarfs. I side the seven dwarfs.

  • Magsasaka

    ang pitong demonyo este pitong damaso gusto lang ng pajero kaya nanggugulo.
    loko din itong si damaso tagle sabi ba naman we are pastors of our flock, ano sya born again hehehe

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • bundee

    Born-against on the loose.

  • bundee

    Naghahanap bago members ang mga protestante kasi kulang ang tithings nila.

  • bundee

    Pro-Life values live on.

  • $37644997

    RH bill is not about ZERO population,it’s all about Health issues and that includes the minds of the opposition.

    • bundee

       Isali mo na yong balls din.

  • Albert Einstien

    ·“ RISE my Philippines RISE “

    EVERY Filipino Family will be MULTI-millionaires by 2050( both muslim & christian brothers )

    your grandsons & granddaughters will be masters of the world

    NO Filipino will suffer SLAVERY in foreign land..

    PROTECT these resources with utmost PATRIOTISM…

    Why are we always in poverty & war?

    Why they dont want the archipelago to be UNITED?

    Why are we targeted for Population & de-population control ?

    Why is the Philippines targeted for brain-drain & intellectuals are pirated abroad?

    Why are we NOT allowed to have a POWERFUL ARMed FORCES ?

    Why are we having lunatic leaders & family of traitors as our champions & leaders?

    ANSWER : Foreign Interest/s manipulated us because PHILIPPINES is the RICHEST country in the WORLD”

    Literally philippines is a PARADISE in a land of GOLD blessed by GOD ( Gold,gas Oil & Deuterium )..

    “we the most evolved & intelligent human specie are walking literally in a land of gold


    An archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is categorized broadly into three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao. In addition the BENHAM Rise.. 250 km wide new territory. The Philippines’ rainforests and its extensive coastlines make it home to a diverse range of birds, plants, animals, and sea creatures. It is one of the ten most biologically megadiverse countires and is at or near the top in terms of biodiversity per unit area. Our beautiful islands are the envy of the world we are surrounded by soft white & pearly black beaches. Most of the mountainous islands are covered in tropical rainforest and volcanic in origin. The Apo Reef is the country’s largest contiguous coral reef system and the second-largest in the world. The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate and is usually hot and humid. There are three seasons: the hot dry season or summer the rainy season ; and the cool dry season . The perfect climate system in the Philippines makes its air and atmosphere free from man made pollution after the system of storms cleansed the territory during rainy season & disinfecting the land by exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays in hot dry season. This is the best country in world to live in if the insurgency problem caused by poverty is solved by the tapping of the nation’s resource thereby freeing the people from poverty.. Located within the Pacific Rim of Fire, the Philippine archipelago is hypothesized as having been formed 43 million years ago. Its 7,109 islands rest on top of underwater mountains formed by the outpourings of molten rocks from the earth’s interior, thus creating an ideal setting for mineral deposition. (After Wolfe, J.A., “Origin of the Philippines by Accumulation of Allochthons” in The Philippine Geologist July- September 1983 Issue, p.17) In the archipelago, resurgent volcanoes particularly provided access for rising gold-bearing solutions which cool to the geotherm of 300 degrees Celsius at about 400 m depth. At this point, the gold began to precipitate and epithermal gold deposits were formed over geologic time of 1.5 million years from the present time. (After Wolfe, J. A., in International Mineral Development Sourcebook, 1993)

    HUMAN resource..

    .we are the ONLY Country in the world ..who speaks 175 languages & dialects with literacy rate of 93.4% . Most speak fluent & write foreign languge like english , spanish,nihongo,arabic, mandarin,hindi, & malay than country of origin..some elderly can still speak latin…Average Filipino can at least speak 3 foreign language & 2 dialects..while the rest of the world can speak only english & their native tounge…the people are educated, fun loving, resilient, hospitable & industrious… in fact , currently the economy is heavily reliant on remittances which surpass foreign direct investment as a source of foreign currency. Therefore the more population more benefit for the economy. The Philippines need a HUGE population & Army if it intends to tap the resources otherwise foreign invasion can easily land on its shores & control can be had without a sweat.…as of now we are ALREADY NO.1 as BPO in the world, & our OFWS are loved by their employers..BPo is contributing $12 billion & OFWs are contributing $21 billion a year..that is why we have a FC reserve of $82 billion ang its GROWING HANDSOMELY…without them (OFW & BPO)….our ECONOMY should have collapsed already..our .POPULATION is the BACKBONE of the economy NOT the NOYNOYING & CREDIT GRABBING govt…When we begin to tap our resources we will recall ALL our OFWs & those who migrated to HELP build the country as the wealthest & strongest nation on earth…we need huge population to attain this dream & endeavor.

    MINERAL resource…..

    Initial Lode and placer GOLD DEPOSITS occur in most of the 73 out of 83 provinces in the Philippines.The ten provinces were not properly tested yet due to internal conflicts & war. The 1996 $2.1TRILLION value resource ( govt ) estimate based on conservative 10% ( $21 trillion total estimate ) maybe deficient and could double to $42 trillion or more of the actual resource.. . … such amount could catapult this country to first world status .. we could even buy americas $16 Trillion debt..Also, we have .$26.3-Trillion Oil Reserves ..Country’s Untapped Deposits Mostly In Spratlys Philippines News Agency April 25, 2012, MANILA, Philippines- The Philippines is “sitting on a mountain of gold,” with untapped hydrocarbon deposits estimated at $26.3 trillion, mostly found in the disputed Spratly chain of islands, more than enough to free the country from the shackles of poverty.Also if we are able to claim SABAH… It has the potential to produce 1 million barrels of oil a day,” “The estimated reserves from the present Sabah oilfields is 1.4 billion barrels of oil and 7.7 trillion scf of gas.” …Malaysia govt does not even give our sabahan brothers share of their on wealth ONLY PETRONAS ( govt corp ) which give sabah a PITIFUL royalty of 5%…That amount is even without considering the UNQUANTIFIABLE value today (maybe thousands of $ trillion ) of the resources that can be found in our new territory called the BENHAM rise a 250km wide domain which is perceived to contain very huge oil & gas deposits & the envy of world for we are the proud owner of the vast DEUTERIUM deposits with a 868 mile long find in Philippine trench. With these resources properly tapped we are bigger than america & arabia combined.. : .yet many potential mineral & natural reserves are still HIDDEN n our archpelago…

    BENHAM RISE new Philippine territory 250 km wide –GMA LEGACY!

    Despite its proximity to the archipelago, the plateau was previously not included in the territory of the Philippine Islands. On 8 April 2009 ( GMA govt. filed the claim to UN now we owned it.. eventually our history & after the political vendettas ….legislature might rename the benham rise to GMA rise to give honor to its finder/claimant .. ), the Republic of the Philippines lodged a partial territorial waters claim with the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in relation to the continental shelf in the region of Benham Rise. The UN has officially approved the claim in April 2012. The Philippines may soon be able to provide its own energy through Benham Rise, an underwater ridge to the east of Luzon which is believed to have mineral and gas deposits. The Philippines claim over Benham Rise is “very relevant” because scientific surveys indicate minerals and natural gas in the area. Solidified methane was found during mapping activities and the “probability is very high” there are oil deposits. There may be more natural gas than oil, and is considered better because it is cleaner. Benham Rise, which is bigger than Luzon, Samar, and Leyte combined, is being claimed solely by the Philippines

    GREATEST of them ALL- “ DEUTERIUM the Gift of Nature “-MARCOS LEGACY…!

    in ADDITION to the LEGACY of marcos like malampaya & other gas & oil fields…DEUTERIUM marcos legacy is the BEST …“ the Philippines trench has the LARGEST DEPOSIT of deuterium with 868 mile long 52 mile wide “If we allow production even for just a portion of this natural deposit… the Philippines will already become a first world country.. what more if we produce a quarter of it… Deuterium has several commercial and scientific uses today. It has become much more than the heavy water many countries sought after during World War II.Deuterium, a form of concentrated hydrogen, is used in the production of natural gas now utilized in Canada, America, Germany and Sweden, to provide fuel for cars, trucks , jet planes, & deuterium fuel for fusion reactors.”Deuterium can replace gasoline, (liquefied petroleum gas), (liquefied natural gas), Avgas, etc. in powering all types of internal combustion engines including maybe SPACE ships of the future & can be use in space explorations…. It does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in the water family. We can build electric nuclear plants in the middle of the URBAN cities of the world ! we will power & feed the world at the same time.Just imagine the philippines at the forefront of human evolution, science , technology & space exploration.The GOOD news is we have UNLIMITED deposit of it…it is self replenishing..!

    WE NEED HUGE POPULATION to DEFEND & PROTECT these resources.. this is not a sotto or church argument…

    this is for LOVE of COUNTRY….NO to RH Bill..!!!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

      Enough of those fallacies! You’re just wasting space on this thread.

      Better yet, call txtman, boypalaban, fake jose rizal, and others of your kind, and have some beer, before the price will increase next year.. hehehe

  • bundee

    Viva Protestantes & Born-against !  Yeeeey !

  • http://www.semphi.com/ Andrew Chamberlain

    Question here. Why do we need to support ANTI-RH BILL? After reading HOUSE BILL NO. 5043
    I find no problem, as far as my understanding. In fact, the bill concentrates in helping people be productive. The only section in the bill that we have been tangled isSEC.  16.  Ideal  Family  Size. –  The  State  shall  assist  couples,  parents  andindividuals to achieve their desired family size within the context of responsible parenthoodfor sustainable development and encourage them to have two children as the ideal familysize. Attaining the ideal family size is neither mandatory nor compulsory. No punitive actionshall be imposed on parents having more than two children.I think we don’t have problem with this one because we are not controlled on our family ideal family size.Sooner or later, I think this bill will be approved but one thing keeps questioning me. Why does catholic does not support RH Bill? Follow me on twitter @chamberlainvii:twitter 

    • bundee

       Good Question.  You are a thinking brain.  The position of the Catholic Church has not been presented coherently and clearly across the masses and had been twisted by the born-against and ill-intentioned souls. Generally, there are good sections of the Bill which jibe with the Catholic principles.  But the methods might not. One principle is “The end does not justify the means.”

      • http://www.semphi.com/ Andrew Chamberlain

        Do we have any news regarding why the Catholic does not support the RH Bill? Please share link if you have. It would be better if it is an interview with Priest. Thanks. I also want to know their side. Follow me on twitter @twitter-553149464:disqus

      • bundee

         Just a humble suggestion: Contact Cardinal Tagle.  He is a humble soul with a keen mind for theological and moral persuasion.

      • http://www.semphi.com/ Andrew Chamberlain

        Thanks for the suggestion. Will find out how to contact him. :) 

      • bundee

         He has a Facebook, TV programs, Twitter (not sure)…

      • http://www.semphi.com/ Andrew Chamberlain

        We don’t have FB here in our office right now. It is being blocked. Will check later if he has fb. Hope that its official and not some scrappy fake account / page.

      • bundee

         Real Account:


      • Ramil Abalon

        ikaw ang tinatanong eh..turo mo si tagle ha ha ha

      • Ilihanboy

        why some catholic church leaders do not support the RH bill ? Simple Andrew – the bigger the population, the bigger the collection. According to some prelates, it is a matter of survival for the church. How true – with less people going to church, the lesser the income of the priests. So let us have more children and save the church from extinction 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

      99% of those who supported the RH bill are catholic … only those who follow blindly did not support it. GOD IS  NOT STUPID  TO FILL UP THE WORLD WITH PEOPLE WITH NO FOOD TO EAT!!!!

    • bundee

      Ignore those jerks. Continue with your noble search for the Truth of the struggle by the Church. They will have their karma sooner or later.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MZOKC6X7Q52Z4E5VLYNB7GF72Y Kaloy

    Magkakasubukan, ha. O, ano ngayon ang say ninyo? Rally pa kayo sa pakikialam ninyo.

    Mga damasong walang disiplina!

  • marionics

    after all is said and done…


    um loko na knock out kayo ngayon bwahahaha

  • jtpa

    Bakit ba ang simbahan nangingialam sa estado – nagbabayad ba kayo ng buwis?  Ang kakapal naman ng mukha nyo na idawit nyo ang pangalan ng diyos sa usapin ng RH bill.  Kahit na maipasa ang RH bill eh di sabihan nyo na lang ang mga tao nyo ang inyong paninniwala.  Hayaan nyong tao ang mamili kung ano ang gusto nilang gawin.  Hindi nyo dapat diktahan at supilin kung ano ang dapat gawin ng estado at ng mga tao.

    • bundee

       Di po naman dikta. Nangungutos lang naman, kayo naman.

  • rmichael2

    I wonder why they can’t be as visible as this at calamity stricken areas like in Davao.
    People are sick, dying, in misery, but these people are no where in sight.

    Yung kelangan talagang tulungan, di matulungan.

    Kung hindi nyo matulungan, pabayaan nyo na lang, mag desisyon ang mahihirap kung pano nila dapat patakbuhin ang buhay nila, para makaahon sa kahirapan.

    This bill is set to destroy families? Families are already being destroyed because of poverty and their miserable condition. Young people are engaging in early parenthood, teen pregnancies, abortion, because of lack of guidance from their ignorant parents, not to mention the risk of STDs.

    Wag po kayong magbulag bulagan. Our society is corrupted because of poor morals stemming from poverty.

    Time to pass this bill.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

      dapat dun sila naglalakad sa mindanao, where they can help the victims

    • litobetita

      What about the proponent of RH bill? Engaging in immorality….by having extended families…..yun ba yung tama? Families will be destroyed…yes. The only reason why people will have STDs is because of engaging sex with partners other than the wife. So enjoy our sex life now and have many partners as we want without fear of being punished by god for the immoral act? Thanks to RH Bill for that. People don’t learn a thing about the past……before, god created STDs to give us lesson to respect the righteousness and then we found the cure and continue with our evil ways. Then he gave us AIDS and now we are trying to find the cure and continue again our evil ways. The only antidote to this is simple….be loyal to your wife and your family. People are still competing with GOD, and we try to find ways to justify our means, disguising our evil intent and fabricating lies against the truth.   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

    Sovereign State is separate from the Church.. its in the Philippine Constitution.. They should not go beyond the line..

    • bundee

      Mag-aral ka muna ng konstitusyon mo. Separate. Divide. Plus. Minus.

  • bundee

    Pro-Lifers move on.  Congress has spoken.  Sabi nila: Dahil may RH Law na, yayaman na tayo. Yeeey.

  • eagleclaw101


    of Catholic Sacerdote, Padre, Madre Religiosa, Cura Parroquial and even
    sacristan are rallying to prevent the member of congress from getting the
    required number of votes to pass the Reproductive House Bill from happening. We
    are now visually reliving the dreaded Spanish colonial era of Padre Damaso; of
    what they want… they surely get, and what they don’t… they also get.

    • bundee

      Mag enroll ka sa Math tutorial para marunong ka mag separate and divide.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

        Alam mo … kalaban ng CHURCH ang math … LUGI ANG CHURCH dito sa RH bill … lol

  • bundee

    Malas: 12-12-12.   Sa RH talo.  Si Manny talo, tulog pa.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

      ikaw ata ung malas eh 

    • sanjuan683

      Tulog nga si Manny pero gising pa pagbibigay ng 10million sa biktima ng bagyo Pablo. Eh ikaw may naitulong ka ba puro ka tulog magbanat ka ng buto nang mapakinabangan ka ng kapwa mo. hehehehehehe

      • Ramil Abalon

        sana mangyari yan para matuwa ang mga tao doon peo kung press release lang matulog na lang…ha ha ha…muntik lang brad mamatay yan…magbibigay pa ba ng 10 million yan? sana..

  • iping2sison

    Kapit bisig ang mga alipores ni Damaso para labanan ang pagpasa ng RH bill. Subali’t ang kalagayan ng mga nasalanta ni Pablo ay kanilang iniwan. Marahil wala silang mapapala sa ating mga kababayan sa Compostela Valley dahil walang ganansya ang simbahan sa kanila.

    • Ramil Abalon

      yan naman talaga ang mga yan..ask them kung pumunta na sila doon???? walang masabi…ha ha ha 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

    I guess these religious personalities want to be the leaders.. their not respecting the state..

  • virgoyap

     “That’s why I’m asking everyone to let love rule our hearts as we stand
    firm in our convictions and principles. To stand by one’s principles
    does not mean losing trust on those who hold different views,” This is where I admire Cardinal Tagle. Amidst heated arguments he remains firm on what is the true essence of being a Christian.

    • John_Galt_II

      At kung napansin mo hindi siya sumama pumunta sa congreso. I don’t believe in religion and anything he says about it but I find him respectable.

  • batchmatters

    You know why the Bishops seem to have lost influence? It was because of lack of consistency. Now, they are calling for congressment not to sell their souls for pork barrel, when they were so quiet while their very own fellow bishops were then forging pact with the devil for much lower amount of a montero, courtesy of GMA. It is sad that the Bishops and other members of the clergy who remain faithful to the calling – and there are still many – are being rendered less effective by the hardly noble actuations of their fellow religious.

  • Albert Einstien

    the FAITHFUL should NOT wear YELLOW RIBBON anymore…..

    yellow RIBBON symbol number equivalent is 666…
    ( symbols are used for SUBLIMINAL mind control ).
    yellow ribbon isa symbol for WAR,DEATH, CHAOS, SUICIDES, DISASTER…it is a sign of hardship & negative feelings…negative feelings give power& strength to EVIL..

    write 6 on a piece of paper = 6

    at the back write 6 at the same spot of the first 6 = 6

    turn it to front and trace second 6 = 6

    VIOLA! = 666

    ribbon symbol –the MARK- the KEY

    Tie a yellow ribbon song…in biblical sense

    Bus driver, please look for me’ Cause I couldn’t bear to see what I might see I’m( DEVIL ) really still in prison, and my love ( zombies ) she holds the KEY A simple yellow ribbon’s what I need to set me FREE…!

    yellow ribbon summons & FREE the DEVIL…..!

    • BawalAngReklamador

      Brod, san mo kinopya ‘to..?

    • Ramil Abalon

      So to speak man…who who speak the word evil…easily concluded he one of them…if you are point a finger to others and three finger back to you means you are also an evil…ha ha ha  disguise ka pa..

    • mamer2

      What you are “saying, here”…,
      is this what they taught you in “witchery” …?

    • antonioluna

      No more drugs to this man…

    • mucho_cheapo

      Please take your Meds.

  • Jerry Lynch

    You bishops make me embarrassed to be Catholic. This tiny country is already over-populated and you want to stop EDUCATING people? What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Jv.Balilis Jv Balilis

       Then, as a catholic I am also embarrassed to know that you are a catholic. Catholic church is the one who helped us during the time dictatorship and that church you insulted  plays a very important role in molding our society. if wala ang church na tumutuligsa sa gobyerno baka marami ng mga anti-life na batas ang naipasa..
      The TRUTH is your the one who is truly symbolizes HYPOCRISY

      • http://twitter.com/shidennis Dennis Shi

        dictatorship or conspiracy??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=621659752 Francis Salmingo

    Rizal once said children are the hope of the future. Well, we just rekindled hope by passing RH Bill. Dapat ibaon na si Padre Damaso ngayong panahon. Ikulong ang  Padre Damasong rapist, molester at child abuser na kino cover-up nang mga lider nang simbahan.

    • dorothyanne88

      Nonsense, you used children as premise to hope but why do you limit their birth. Does it never cross your mind that the seed of life killed by condom and pills during copulation if only unabused would be borne to be greater than your idol Rizal?

      Who knows, it maybe a gamble but it’s a reality if of course you use common sense not nonsense

      • Tonypogi

         What you said is pure hallucination.

      • mamer2

        The Lord Jesus has commanded to “Cut it Off” …, 
        if it be a cause to commit sin.

  • kwapong654



  • napali808

    “Great are the forces [set] loose to destroy our Filipino culture,
    eliminate our race from the face of the earth and destroy our religion.” Arguelles, these are all garble to us because we know you’re just a Drama Queen and a hypocrite. You and the other cone heads belong to the dark side; we know that for sure. Anyways, God has spoken for the RH bill because it’s right for the people. You guys could go home now to your mansions and should pay taxes. Stop free loading from the people.

  • tilamsik

    kung nagmarcha pa ang mga “religious” na ito papuntang Compostella para tumulong… mas ok pa… baka sakaling mamulat ang mga mata sa katotohanan….  mga takot kasi maputikan

    • spider69

      alam mo ba kung ano ang mga kinakain ng mga pari at obispo kahit na holy week.

  • KpTUL

    Hypocrites !
    It is time for the government to tax the church. They have been receiving a lot of income and they do not want to pay a fair share of tax. Many of these self-righteous people are amassing money for personal benefits under their white cloaks. Welcome, modern day Pharisees !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AND7MQ5FERICDOIAUW56RYT45A tower_of_power

    The church has failed miserably in its basic obligation … that is to instill into its followers the teachings of GOD … because of this very failure, the state has no other recourse but to make laws … kaya yan … RH bill!!!


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JKS7Y3WBUOJPOMTYPCRXSKW7KM Franzeline Perdubal

    You have freedom to believe in whatever you want. That is guaranteed by this country’s constitution.

    Balato na lang Mr Edcel Lagman. Mukhang malaki laki din kikitain mo dyan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Jv.Balilis Jv Balilis

       tama barato nga

  • bloodmaster

    Church Leaders to PNOY – ‘Mr. President please do not dangle the pork barrel before our representatives.” – It is all the same. Pork Barrel for Congressmen who support RH Bill and Pajeros given to Bishops by PCSO using gambling money in order for Prelate to keep quiet and support President Arroyo during her term. A lesson from the Holy Bible – Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

    • mamer2

      @bloodmaster –
      You have accused P’Noy of bribery.
      Do you have proof on this….?
      Remember…Matt 7:01 “Do not judge…”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    The power of the PORK HAS IT!
    Merry PORKY Christmas!

  • bundee

    Gusto kong lumipat ng relihiyon.  Ano ba ang maganda?

    • spider69

      Basta maniwala ka sa Diyos. Wag mong pansinin ang mga pari at Obispo.

      • bundee

         Ano nga?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

      correct.. no one can tell which is right or wrong.. as long as its for God alone, Jesus Christ as your only Savior, and live your life with the guidance of the Holy Spirit..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SSIOG2PG33MAOXOJM2YBHBPYNM Ariel CRUZ

      Punta ka sa kapilya ng INC at magtanong ka.

    • ed_nique

      ask pacquiao!!!  LOL

  • mamer2

    The Almighty GOD has answered our prayers.
    HE let the House pass the RH-Bill easily.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jv.Balilis Jv Balilis

     unsay trip nmo? Haha dili mana sya accused ky totoo man yan. .Do you think hindi magmamadali ipasa ng 1 mambabatas ang batas kung wala kapalit? whether you like it or not that’s the reality of the Philippine Government. .Wala kang kakamping kogresista kong hindi ka galanti sa pork barrel. .HIPOCRITE

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jv.Balilis Jv Balilis

     unsay trip nmo? Haha dili mana sya accused ky totoo man yan. .Do you
    think hindi magmamadali ipasa ng 1 mambabatas ang batas kung wala
    kapalit? whether you like it or not that’s the reality of the Philippine
    Government. .Wala kang kakamping kogresista kong hindi ka galanti sa
    pork barrel. .HIPOCRITE

  • tekateka

    These Bishops are just making clowns of themselves… nakakahiya!!!!!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Just the presence of Abad’s shiny head is enough to signal “pork barrel to yes, sorry to no”.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    GlorIa (Devil) Gift to Mitsubishop and Safari
     Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

    • http://www.facebook.com/gerry.mendez.923 Gerry Mendez

       thats the bishops morality for you. remember the P30,000 gift given by pres. arroyo at the height of the clamor for her to resign?

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        I will contribute for their Kabaong hehehe

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      If they die due to exhaustion, what will you contribute, me i will contribute for a casket hehehehe

  • ztefertilizerscam9



    http://wwwdotyoutubedotcom/watch?v=n0PacXNClUQ(change the dot)

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    Just keep the fire burning…even if the PORKs are roasted and for due distribution.
    Merry Christmas!

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    The Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of convictions, trials and investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse crimes committed by Catholic priests and members of Roman Catholic orders against children as young as 3 years old with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Sige mag martsa ka hanggang gusto nyo, kung gusto nyo replicate nyo yun death march para mabawasan ang mga damaso

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Priest who had sex with boys now tells how to smuggle ivory

    National Geographic‘s new issue exposes the ivory business, which has been hiding in plain sight since a worldwide trade ban was enacted in 1989. And a major player in the magazine’s story is a priest in the Philippines whom I wrote about in 2005 when investigating another global-trafficking phenomenon — the Catholic Church’s movement of sexual abuse suspects across international borders to escape justice.

    The priest, Monsignor Cristobal Garcia, is now quoted as explaining how to smuggle ivory into the United States: “Wrap it in old, stinky underwear and pour ketchup on it.” And if an icon won’t fit in a suitcase? Here’s how National Geographic‘s Bryan Christy summarizes Garcia’s advice: “I might get a certificate from the National Museum of the Philippines declaring my image to be antique, or I could get a carver to issue a paper declaring it to be imitation or alter the carving date to before the ivory ban.”

    Garcia also made provocative comments when I interviewed him about why he fled the U.S. in 1985. He admitted having sex with altar boys and supplying them with drugs

    • Maldi2

       Hoist ztefertilizerscam9, pang siyam ka na ah?  Ilan ba talaga kayong mga clones ni Carandang, Lamierda, et. al?  LOL!

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        at ikaw eh uto uto at alipin ng mga damaso

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

    If they really dont want that bill to pass, sana ipagdarasal n lng nila, at magdasal in ng iba pang bagay na makatutulong sa iba, kesa sayangin ang oras sa paglalakad kung saan2

  • jan_piter

    Isa sa pinakamalaking nagmamay-ari ng lupa sa Pilipinas ay ang CBCP na yata, (kung di man pinakamalaki, ) pero di pa ako nakarining man o nakabasa na nagbigay cla kahit man lang isang metro quadrado sa mga urban poor ng libre. Doon kung saan kami dati binili ang lupa (sa isang nangangailangang mamayan)  KUNWARI gawing sementero daw, dahil pari naniwala, kuya mura talaga. E sinong local gov’t ba naman ang papayag magkakaroon ng sementryo with 6kms radius sa downtown. Kaya ginawang paaralan. Sa isa naman donated ng tao, pinatituluhan, ginawa ring paaralan. Kaya dapat mag-ingat talaga ang mga Pope sa pag appoint ng kung sino-sino gawing de rangong pari,., dahil dami ng demonyong nakapasok sa simbahang.

  • serapious

    Filipinos, we are all noble freedom loving people..There must be RH law, Sexuality law, Spirituality law, complementary to our constitution to uphold GOD IS LOVE IS SPIRIT… IN CIA ALLAH… The Truth about sex is a mortal sin, but badly needed, ayon kay rizal masamang/masarap na kailangan, kailangan ngunit masama parin na dapat ituwid  na ayon sa banal na panahon…as the criucifixion of our lord Jesus Adams the Christ…a COS crime of sacrifice for our redemption, but still a crime the reason on the third day our Father corrected it… We are all sinners but all true saints…Thou shall not have strange god before ME, for all of You and Is ME. That matter “I AM WHO I AM”  is a particle to all of You and ME are ONE…(peter higgs proved.scientist) as for GloriaPnoyCorazon “ipa sa Diyos natin ang Bayang Pilipinas” for our national repentance/acceptance of the already given Love and Forgiveness of our Father through our lord jesus..12-12-12-13 our glorious millinnium had started for GOD IS LOVE glorious Republic of the Philippines and Global Peace…  lolo seraph…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin

    hay CBCP…(Corrupt Bishop Corporation of the Philippines)… tanong lng po…. BAT ANG MAHAL  NG TUITION NG MGA PAARALAN N PINAPATAKBO NG MGA PARI……..?

    • ztefertilizerscam9

      Dapat magbayad ng Tax ang simbahan..

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      para ma-invest nila sa malalaking kumpana

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Separation of church and state Padre Damaso’s

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FKE56ZWNI2XKEVVLZQGRWG7WBI BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    This Catholic institutions MAKE Pilipino polticians STUPID—
    As a MATTER of FACTS, the majority POLITICIAN are well EDUCATED—

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T42Q37DX5BRWJ5NRYTBC2DXUAU Jols – batman Robin


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4WQGPLG3TSXCVZ5GRSZW5Q35NE Danny

    dapat siguro ikondena muna ng mga obispo ang mga ginawa ng kasamahan nilang pari na pangmumulestya sa mga kabataan,bago nila ikondena ang mga mambabatas na nagsusulong ng rh bill.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCKH3N4FG7KNJ2GE64RCGBBWPU Hello

      tru dat. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IS6KI2U7EDZS6D2Q7MZ3Z6CAME Lila

     let people have a choice.. church leaders should stop meddling with peoples choice! church leaders have their time for a very long time to convince people in churches for many years yet people are not listening and more problems to the government of population. look at the street kids, old people in the streets, young people on criminal activities, slums, etc.. the church is not effective and NOW the government is doing what it can to alleviate all our lives by giving people choice but these so called church leaders are calling themselves righteous.. where are the church leaders when corruption was everywhere in Arroyo’s time? they were busy asking gifts!! these hypocrites are like the wolf in sheep cloth people should use their HEADS!! we are not in medieval times anymore! why? is the earth the center of solar system still??

  • john_constantine

    I always found the “intercession” thing ridiculous.

    • ricomambo

      yeah… the way I see it, parang influence lobbying ang dating. how bizarre… even in spiritual matters, kelangan mo ng padrino.

  • Albert Einstien

    evil wins…..but 104 votes is enough to impeach the devil within our midst!

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      evil lost because 104 are not enough to overcome good

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XQBSAEPPVY7ISIV6PBWSF5V3CE Ako

       Huh!!!! Asan asan…. yung bang mga nakaputi… yung naka kapit bisig????!!!….

  • indiosbravos2002

    Yesterdays results showed that the Catholic vote is a myth. Napahiya mga pari. Just because they went to congress to demand their anti-RH STAND, did not mean the congressmen were going to let them bully their way in. In fact, I think the congressmen were irked that the priests and bishops tried to throw their weight around ng wala sa ayos and that backfired on the antiRH people. The congressmen showed that it was their turf and no one can dictate them bishop or no bishop.

  • acidicboy

    if one passes over and in the afterlife is surrounded by hypo critical
    and ig norant bigots who have no qualms of saying things like hundreds
    of innocent lives perished because of the rh bill… is that person in
    heaven or he ll?   

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCKH3N4FG7KNJ2GE64RCGBBWPU Hello

    Hindi takot makabuntis ‘tong mga to. Mga lalaki din kasi gusto nila. Hehehe

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      Bawal yan 

  • noypisiTED

    This nonentity is a devout catholic. Only that I don’t know if I will
    pass as one if we go by the criteria set by the Divine One up there. But
    the way these bishops behave I’m beginning to get truly incensed.
    These prelates bamboozled its flock to get down on its knees and pray.
    But despite the summoning of the heavenly attention what happened? The
    bill got passed on 2nd reading. The 3rd and last reading is just a
    formality to complete the legislative mesh. What I’m concerned about is
    the way prayers are used vainly. When a typhoon approaches communities
    are herded to the altar and just the same, towns got flattened in no
    time. Now the RH bill, despite the thinning of the rosary beads and
    litany of prayers the bill got through the legislative mill. Now, can these bishops blame why people are having second thoughts on the efficacy of prayers?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCKH3N4FG7KNJ2GE64RCGBBWPU Hello

      “towns got flattened in no time. ”
      -tingin ko tao lang din ang sisihin dito. illegal logging global warming etc.

  • marionics

    talo na sa gma
    talo na sa corona
    talo pa sa rh
    god loves you

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • Lumad01

      Ang lupit mo naman hina hina lang puso mo.hak hak hak hak.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    May bagong messiah na kasi…nasa palasyo tabi ng ilog pasig…si Noynoy ang bagong Quiboloy…ginagayuma ng PORK,ang mga cong galing ni Santa Abad Claus…text na!
    Basahin niyo lang ang mga comment sa baba…halata…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IGLQQ2TTZF3BAWUHUWLFWVPZDE Vladymir

    ang dami ,7 bishops,7 magnificent bigoted bishops

  • lets_go_sago

    the state has the responsibility to help its citizens when the same church fails its responsibilities to teach morals on their followers. thats the irony of it all!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    Merry Christmas!
    We are happy being Catholics…wala kasing ENFORCED OBLIGATED 10% TITHE….
    Papasok kami sa simbahan namin, pwede magbigay o di magbigay…sa amin kasi may 3 uri na WEALTH ang pwede mong ialay, i.e. TIME, TALENT, TREASURE…sa iba, daig pa ang withholding tax sa laki…
    Bato-bato sa langit ang tamaan wag magalit…ginagawang negosyo…

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z6C3VQETO4WZDF27LRWB2M743U Teng

      Hindi lahat ng Protestante o Evangelicals ay nagpapraktis ng tithing! Hasty generalization ka.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCKH3N4FG7KNJ2GE64RCGBBWPU Hello

    Bakit nawawala na ang mga dokumento sa Arsobispado de Manila tungkol sa pangmomolestya ng mga pari sa mga mamamayan noong panahon ng Espanyol?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

      Halatang galit ka sa mga Catholics…
      Lugi na kasi ng 10% so kailangang man-recruit, di ba?
      Hahahahaha!  May alam ako na kaso ng rape pero ang ni-rape yong kinasuhan, sa mga documentong sinumiti ng babaeng na-rape ng pinaka-pinuno nito, ay pinapanigan ng korte na wala siyang kasalanan sa bintang at ang mga ebidensiya ay nagpapatunay na ni-rape nga siya.  Pero ang nang-rape ay di nakulong, kasi ang ni-rape nga yong hinabla…dapat sana ang ni-rape ay mag-file ng kaso, kaya lang may malaking consideration yata na binigay kaya tumahimik na lang….
      Bato-bato sa langit ang 10% tithe at mga kabalbalan ng mga anti-Catholics sana ay wag magalit.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2GBJ7WJRPXK2V5L253IHB7SOU Infinity

        nakalimutan n nya yata na galit si rizal sa mga prayle..

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

        Hindi sa mga prayle kundi sa mga “nang-aabusong prayle”…dahil may mga matitinong prayle na naisulat at binigyang halaga sa fictional books ni JP Rizal na sina Gomez, Burgos at Zamora (GomBorza)…basahin mo ang mga libro ni Rizal ng maayos,ha.  Marami nang TANGANG Pinoy (pati pampanguluhan napasuakn na ng katangahan), dadagdag ka pa.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NGO6KOQ4ERPEFI54MC6DDEJR2Y john

        hirap kasi sa mga taong ganyan ang pag-iisip, nilalahat ang kasalanan ng isa. kapag may nagkamaling pari, ang tingin nila lahat na ng pari ganoon na.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/SCKH3N4FG7KNJ2GE64RCGBBWPU Hello

        Nililimitahan nila kaming mga researchers sa pag aaral ng kasaysayan

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WYZ64AR6K2SAUUELPWKBU6X7LM john

    Let’s all face the fact, the Catholic Church has failed to Cathecize the Filipino nation, as to how one must righteously live through the eyes of our Lord.

    Its’ now a battle of population that must be remmedied the soonest time possible, as it has greatfully affected our society, this law is just a remedy or cure to the current problem that have gone out of control from which the bishops doesnt greatly acknowledge. it’s a battle that they have lost, but may i say to our dear Bishops, this is one mere battle, the next can still be won, only if you will focus more on cathecizing and by bringing the people back to the church. maybe the catholic church can be more creative and not just stay by the old way and be content with it, the lord gave us the gifts of wisdom and knowledge, maybe it’s about time to become more creative to entice the people back to the church.

    This is merely a Wake-up Call.

    Maybe its about time that our dear priests, start going to our public schools and start Catechizing.

    You have a long battle ahead of you, it’s time to get out of your comfort zones and start getting out there where the real battle could be won.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NGO6KOQ4ERPEFI54MC6DDEJR2Y john

       tama! meron pa bang Student Catholic Action? yan ang mga katulong ng simbahan sa pagtuturo ng katekismo sa mga public school. mabuti pa ang mga born again Christians, sila na ngayon ang nagbibigay ng bible exposition sa mga public school.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Tagle should rein in his flock. He said he is going to minimize meddling in government affairs, obviously he is the same as the rest. The spiritual and moral aspects of the law can be preached in the church and their numerous radio stations. He should know that majority of those who voted for the RH BIll are catholics.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

      Ikaw naman oh, pinapalito mo na naman ang sarili mo (nag-English ka pa)…ang botohan lang naman ay PRAYERS or PORK, and the verdict is (sa 2nd reading) “THE PORK HAS IT”…wag mo na masyadong ibaling sa iba ang topic…

      • opinyonlangpo

        Although I can’t tune in to your sense of humor, your statement is vague. And sorry I can’t speak your language fluently, hopefully after a couple of years more.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

        Yeah, I know…

      • Lumad01

        Inggit ka lang kasi wala kang pork.daing lang sa iyo.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/XQBSAEPPVY7ISIV6PBWSF5V3CE Ako

         Kuya jose… naleleto ako sa iyo! Parang ang banal ng dating ng naunang komento mo… pero ang komento mo naman kay “opinyonlangpo” ay nangiinsulto!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

      Ikaw lang naman nagsasabi niyan…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CVAWULFP26HOBKPTPEXKUGXUUQ Ricky

    Magbayad muna kayo ng tax bago kayo makialam sa usapin ng gobyerno. Kapalmuks!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7US4SIEZOJLP4A3BQLYYDY6UWQ Kim

    Mat. 7:15 …damit tupa, datapuwa’t sa loob ay mga lobong maninila..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DKHID3EEHTG27U5JXRIIUVKXQA Jose Rizal

    Kung nasa Pinas lang ako, sasama akong mag-martsa with the Bishops…
    Sa mga kababayan kong may malasakit sa buhay na regalo sa atin…sumali tayo ayon sa ating PUSO (yong pinaka-sentro ng ating pagkatao) at MGA INFORMED CONSCIENCE, ayon sa aral at ipinapakita sa atin ng Mahal Na Birheng Maria, na tahimik na sinusunod ang utos ng Diyos, kahit na napakasama ng pamumuno ng Emperio Romano noong unang panahon, na kahit ipinapapatay ang BATANG MESSIAH dahil sa takot na masapawan.
    Ang kahirapan ay nagdudulot ng kalitohan…wag naman sanang ang mga batang isisilang pa lamang ay maaapektuhan, dahil sa takot dahil sa kahirapan.
    Ipagtanggol natin ang ating DIGNIDAD bilang tao.  Ang kahirapan ay temporary lamang, kung marunong tayong magbigayan, magtulungan sa pamamagitan ng pag-sponsor ng isang batang dukha para makatapos sa Kolehiyo, akapin ang isang dalagitang nabuntis na itaguyod ang batang nasa sinapupunan.  Maraming paraan para ang batang isisilang ay mabigyang dignidad.  Marami sa ating mga Filipino-Chinese community ang nagspo-sponsors ng scholarship to include board & lodging…Marami tag-ibang bansa na Philanthropo na tumutulong sa atin.  Mga may kaya  sa buhay na handang dumamay.  Ang RH Bill ay isang pangungutya sa mahirap na sangol…hinahaluan lang ng kunwaring sex education na matagal nang ginagawa sa ibang private na eskwelahan.
    Alalahanin natin ang mga inocenting sanggol na pinatay sa kapanahunan ni Herodes…sana ang pag-alay nila ng buhay ay hindi masasayang nitong Kapaskuhan…
    Mahal ng Diyos ang mga mahihirap…sana maging instrumento tayo ng Diyos para madama nila ito.
    Maligayang Pasko’t sanay magka-isa tayo sa puso, isip at diwa na ipagtanggol ang batang Jesus na pinili na masilang na mahirap para bigyang dignidad ang BUHAY.
    Magkaisa po tayo!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XQBSAEPPVY7ISIV6PBWSF5V3CE Ako

       kuya jose, paki basa uli kung meron “abortion” na binabanggit sa bill.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza

      AY”” TANGA”

    • ricomambo

      herod had those innocent babies executed not for population control reasons.

  • bosesprobinsyano

    Democracy at work. Ang gandang  pakinggan na di lang sa sermon  , lumalabas sila at lumalaban. Sana  dadami pa ang mga  influential people  na makialam sa  policy making body natin para  mga bills  ma fully and comprehensively studied and passed. We hope  that same zeal will be given to many other important bills such as sin tax bill,  and that these people and more people  will  present alternative solutions/bills and  lobby to congress what good social justice/social services legislation   tulad ng pagreporma  sa health system, solution sa squatters, poverty, corruption and INNEFICIENCY sa sytem natin. May mga bagay na we need to focus too tulad ng health which can be given solution like use the  reduce govt consultants, city and town councilors and SK chairmen, under/assistant secretaries, and  use the savings for   health programs.   Can  have a law reducing  municipal and city councilors,  under and assistant secretaries and consultants and divert the salary/funds   for doctors and nurses?  Can we regulate pork barrel para focus ang legislators in crafting good laws   and their decision could not be unduly influenced?  Kailan may funding and peoples representatives sa mga councils  and bid committees? How will the people exercise  peoples initiative if there is no funding and they are not even aware of it? May the Church controlled ad owned prestigious schools   come up with best legislation  for Congress to adopt or  through peoples initiative?  Church leaders and their allies,  as Filipino citizens, like all of us,  can present  alternative bills, or propose to amend laws and lobby for  or against a bill. All of us can do, we can  march to Congress. Sana lang  bigyan din na pansin ang ibang importanteng bagay  like health nga at   pork barrel , at lahat na nakasira sa sistema natin. They can lobby for funding for peoples initiative . They can request prestigious school owned by the church to craft good laws. The state, the media and the church, have great power and great responsibility (right? spider man?).

  • Bengatibo

    Tagle calls for unity??? Baka disunity!!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615433204 Dlanor Noredlac

    He further said, “Dear legislators please do not legislate what is immoral … Do not say the fetus is not yet a human being … They are people. They are body and soul …. Do not be Herods.” The archbishop was referring to King Herod, who in Matthew’s Gospel, had innocent babies slaughtered.——–wow ha..ur talking about immorality. Pkicheck nmn muna ang bakuran nyo bago kayo mgsisigaw ng immorality,,,

    • xrisp

      Ikaw di ka ba nangangaral kahit makasalanan ka din?

      • ricomambo

        well, at least he may be a realistic and honest sinner who pays taxes. hehehe.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

      Saan ba parte ng RH bill ang nagsabi that it is allowed to kill a fetus? These priests are distorting the facts!

      Is using a condom or contraceptive killing a fetus? Kung di nagmeet and sperm at ang egg at walang fertilization, wala pang life. Ngayon bakit fetus na agad sinasabi ng mga gunggong na mga pareng ito?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joan-Abad/100001595415319 Joan Abad

     Kung ang RH Bill ay para mabawasan ang mga taong walang respeto sa kapwa … baka pumabor pa ako dito.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

       That is one of the aims of the RH bill! Don’t you know?

      If you have fewer children, then you can feed and educate them properly. Tamang asal maituturo ng magulang and hopefully, mabawasan ang mga taong walang respeto in the future!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joan-Abad/100001595415319 Joan Abad

    Thank you for flagging my comment as inappropriate automatically.


    I for 1 am tired of priest in politics, fells like  wolves in sheeps clothing,they too have rotten eggs ,better to see to your ranks 1st so we do not get spiritually demoralized when we have priest who molest children

  • garyvdd

    well.. this is another reason why the catholic church in the philippines is losing members. the only concern of the church officials is for their flocks not to diminish furthermore; it’s money that members contribute that they are after. many priests do not have compassion for the poor. thay become priests so they will have comfortable life. they aim to be rich. they are more of a sinner than many of their flocks.
    the catholic church has become a very powerful force that even the politicians cowered and would not go against her, for fear of losing votes. the result is that the country is the only catholic nation without a divorce law. even italy, spain and rome have divorce law. filipinos are forced to live on denial; couples who are not in love anymore and who are bickering and physically & psychologically hurting each other are still living under the same roof, albeit separate beds. it is the ‘ hipocrito’ trait of the filipinos handed down by the bloody spaniards.
    i may not see our country free from the shackles of the obtrusive church and the psyche of the hated colonizers.

    • ricomambo

      absolutely agree. they say that protesting is freedom of expression given to citizens… well as responsible citizens,  we should tax them as well for meddling in state affairs.

  • ruben_bush

    Mahiyahiya naman kayong mga Mutsi-bishops!!!” Por’ket di na kayo makahingi ng mga Pajero at bayong bayong na pera mula kay GMA, eh gusto niyo ngayon manggulo????  

  • Malik62

    Tagle is a good communicator but has no balls.  It seems he does not want to rock the boat so as not to compromise his friendship with BS Aquino X3.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T5EQG5T54JC6TQOOKJSCU6MQJQ Diego

    These catholic hypocrites are bullshitting. Who are you to decide what we want for our family’s future and welfare?

  • http://twitter.com/Olibo2 Olibo

    Do not drag virgin Mary to scrap this RH Bll. Huwag na kayong humanap ng damay. Umuwi na kayo sa kumbento, baka mapagkamalan pang PARADA ng mga BADING at PAEDOPHILE ang martsang iyan.Sa kembot lang ng inyong balakang turn-off na ang mga tao. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XQBSAEPPVY7ISIV6PBWSF5V3CE Ako

     Sa totoo lang… ang simbahang katoliko ay isa sa mga NAKINABANG sa martial law!  Tumulong ang simbahan kay Tita Cory kasi nakita nila na maraming Pilipino ang naniwala at sumuporta kay tita Cory. Politiko din and simbahan at balimbing pa – kung nasan ang tao – nandun din DAW sila…

    • mang_empoy

      Okey ka lang? Nakinabang ang Simbahan sa martial law?? Eh napakaraming pari, madre at seminarista ang hinuli, na-torture at yung iba pinatay ng mga sundalo ni Macoy.

      May pagkabalimbing ang pagkakaunawa mo sa history ng Pilipinas.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XQBSAEPPVY7ISIV6PBWSF5V3CE Ako

    Naku ha…. ngayon mo sinasabi yan kasi panalo na ang RH bill. Bakit hindi mo isinigaw yan nung buhay pa si Cory!?!?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YAB42FXZYNCU3ODZNRCDRDTGAY MORE HUMAN

     bakit puro lalaki nakaputi yang mga nagmamarcha… eh… mukhang sa kabutihan ng kababaehan ang RH bill

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

    a wake up call for the catholic church not to meddle in state affairs or suffer furthe embarrasment, what it is doing is “that was”, what is happening now is for “the present & years to come”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


    • mhertz

      nagpapagamot kana ba ng pagka autistic mo? wla kana yatang ibang alam na ma-i comment..paulit-ulit…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3EWAM33FLS7BQEFYPE4MCIY3ZQ DANIEL

    what comes to my mind seeing them wearing cassock,marching on the streets makes me wonder is this their uniform when they are on protest?because almost all of the priest i have observed they don’t wear anymore cassock inside the church or when officiating a mass.ang babastos ng mga paring ito.kung nagmamartsa sa daan naka sotana para paalam na pari sila ngunit kung nagmimisa di nagsusuot.ang sagwa tingnan parang walang halfslip lalo na pagmanipis ang suot kitangkita ang pantalon.yan ang mga paring walang respito sa kabanalan ng misa.mga hipokreto.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F3MQCMLOZ2KRHSIYGCJ7FSO2DQ Juan


  • rinom

    anti RH din ako pero hindi ko gusto ang larawan na nakikita ko. the church should preach the gospel and not about the RH bill. if they preach the gospel fully well, maybe our congressmen will listen.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/F3MQCMLOZ2KRHSIYGCJ7FSO2DQ Juan

      Agree, yun naman diba you can really tell yung simbahan got some hidden agenda. Alam mo ba ang populasyun ng donators ng mahihirap vs mayayaman sa bansa? mas malaki nakukuha ng simabahan sa mga mahihirap. Padre Damaso syndrome

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GPL7JTEFHXNUGBYHUO5ZELW27E rattle

    I think the title of this article should be: 7 sissies lead anti-rh march

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • where_I_stand

    The voice of Cardinal Tagle is pastoral.
    If he is totally convince about the evil of RH Bill, he would fiercely attack the supporters of RH Bill with prophetic condemnation. But he is a true and good pastor. I salute him.

    • TGM _ERICK

      I am of the opinion that Bishop de Tagle is an open advocate of No to RH Bill for as a good follower and leader of the Church he should  but secretly he supports some of the fundamentals of RH Bill.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/F3MQCMLOZ2KRHSIYGCJ7FSO2DQ Juan


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SRLWUTE6TYKA332DDUG5E2YGUQ Sandiego

    Frustrated men in pajamas. Sucks to be a priest. Brotherhood of pedophiles, never worked in their lives, real men with real problems don’t respect them, denying themselves the grace of being  married to someone tangible instead they say they are married to God. How weird and demented is that concept. I wonder if God knows he is married to millions of priests and nuns. Feel sorry for God.  What if he wanted a divorce from such lunatics. It’s unnatural to be a priest. They have sick and demented view of reality. Strange men in pajamas.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AYITA5V33GYZSLC3G37UCVNTKA Ben

    Cruz said there was a knockdown but not a knockout and “That means a good number of our lawmakers still have a good conscience and conviction,” he added.
    …and so, congressmen will and should follow what is really being asked of by their conscience.not because of the presence of the people wearing robes..give JUSTICE, EQUAL treatment to the POOR by giving them information, as rich people knows this and even used condoms in their affairs and services only available to those with money.. to plan their family and help them to level the playing field…… by passing the RH bill. The 50,000 people who attended the rally is just a drop of water in a bucket of 100 million people and with almost 50% to 70% living in poverty line and rising….

    This is not about religion, nor abortion which is not RH but the QUALITY of life of most Filipinos who have no means to get any services but just pray to God that they should not get pregnant from last night fling with someone or their husband, this is is about the future of the next generation…..its about time we implement family planning. It is not easy to raise a child, add two its still fine, but more than 4 and higher when you can`t afford to give a descent life for each kid will condemn them to a life of poverty and being dependent on others for alms… and it is not fair at all to raise them in poverty due to ignorance and unprotected sex by their parents who will have to do a back breaking work just to make ends meet of their large family for their moments of desire and worse become an OFW breaking even more the close knit of the family, damaging kids for life due to lack of guidance from either parents. Someday, these children will rebel one way or another against their parents, against the government or church and even the society as a whole and question why do they have to eat once or twice only a day in order that the whole family will be able to eat…no brainer for their parents and government who needs to implement RH..and those who are anti RH probably their lives are comfortable enough already….and failed to see the consequences of too many children by a farmer or just a street sweeper`s meager income. Give these poor people a break do not decide how to run their lives to give them a fighting chance to survive in this era of climate change and the technicality of living in the future….

    Pass the RH bill and succeed in giving each child the life we do not want them to suffer from…and that is poverty.


    Separation of church and State and this is one of the best examples of why.  Thank you bishops for showing us that you do not care about the people, just yourself.  And don’t say God made you do it.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/simoun.magaalahas.10 Simoun Magaalahas

    Pari : Maliligtas ang mga Pro life at mapupunta sa kapahamakan ang mga bumoto sa RH bill….

    Liberal Party Congressman : father eto po ang gift ko sa inyo konti lang ito. ” Pajero”

    Pari : huwag kang mag alala nakikita ng diyos ang mga tinutulong mo at ginagawa…

  • akramgolteb

    How gay can this article picture get, wearing dresses & walking arm in arm. Akala ko Ladlad Partylist sila.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

    “Oh, my Jesus forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell and bring all souls to heaven especially those in most need of your divine mercy.”

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NV25ZPWMBDYFXEYR3AWQ43ZS5E Hein S

      Sorry, BUDDHA and ALLAH do not agree.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        This is a Catholic prayer recited after every decade of the rosary. Para ito sa lahat kahit na sa mga nag disagree. Kasama ka na rin Hein S. Ganyan ang Catholic Church.

      • taga_ilog


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

      “Oh, my Jesus forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell and
      bring all souls to heaven especially those PRIESTS who are in most need of your divine

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NV25ZPWMBDYFXEYR3AWQ43ZS5E Hein S

    The MAJORITY has Spoken.

    All you GayLords in Skirts should SHUT UP.

  • Datu Suki

    enough garbage from the church. The Philippines needs this bill. Ang mga pare naman, the more kids the more for them. They should concentrate of cleaning up the bad image of the church.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • kilawon(the return)

    i see demons in an angels clothing! tsk

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      Nakita mo pa lang. Wag mong hintayin na makapasok ang totoong Demon sa katawan mo. Hind madali ang pag exorcise at baka lalapit ka pa rin sa mga pari.

  • Copernicus99

    Why are the Catholic bishops so threatened by the passage of the RH bill? Is it because there are so many non-practicing Catholics in the country who no longer listen to them? The Catholic clergy should spend their time and resources educating and influencing their flock rather than meddling in national politics. Need the Catholic Church be reminded that we are no longer living in medieval times, and separation between Church and State now exists? Why has the Catholic Church become so insecure? 

    • Jane Tan

      It is against their outdated beliefs. And, if allowed to pass, will show the world that the CBCP in the Philippines does not control the government.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    By marching and participating in an anti-RH rally…, 
    WHAT has these Bishops proven…?

    It just show that their prayers were overshadowed by the prayers of the pro-RH.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    The Catholic Church is not insecure, nor
    should it be reminded that the ‘middle ages’ are long gone.

    These points should be brought up with the bishops…,
    and not to the Catholic Church.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NGNJN677R6HABULRKUCIK4XEOE Jack Jones

    may nakita na ba kayong feeding program ng mga church para sa mga gutom na bata? o kinanlong man lang pag may kalamidad? nakapadlock ang church sa ganyang pagkakataon. TAMA NA SA QUANTITY, QUALITY OF LIFE NAMAN ANG DAPAT PAGTUUNAN NG PANSIN. gamitin naman natin ang utak natin hindi puro pakinig ng sermon nila na wala nang logic. DOG EAT DOG NA ANG BUHAY DITO SA ATIN, SUBHUMAN CONDITION NA ANG IBA, OK PA DIN MANGANAK NG MADAMI, pwe! 

    OK lang sa mga corrupt politician, kahit 70 ang anak, madali lang sa kanila ang pera.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

      Your statement is a blatant ignorance on the charitable missions of the catholic church.  Try mo naman mag research bago ka magpahayag. I-research mo ang mga charitable missions ng Catholic Church, i.e Mother Theresa and many more. Kung gusto mo ng local, i-research mo kung ano ang nagawa ng Catholic Church during the flash flood of Ormoc in 1991. Nagtayo ng village ang RCC ng libre for all victims regardless of what religion the recipient belong. Also in Guinsaugon landslide at marami pang iba. Worldwide yan.

      The eyes can’t see where the mind is closed.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

         ” i-research mo kung ano ang nagawa ng Catholic Church during the flash flood of Ormoc in 1991″

        Nag search ako at mukhang totoo naman sinabi mo. Pero mukha din n yung 1991 charitable mission ang huli nilang nagawa. hahaha

      • mhertz

        kc yun lang din ang sine-search mo..haha

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

        ok give me a link kung marunong ka. Syempre keyword sa search ay “Charitable missions of the church in the philippines” di ba?

      • mhertz

        most likely each parishes have outreach program, you can go and check what are their outreach program. You can also check with Archdiocese official websites like rcamdotorg/charitable-institutions,cebuarchdiocesedotorg/directory/orphanages-homes/. Gawad Kalinga etc… So there are also charitable institutions which are carried out by different Catholic organizations and have a priest as adviser example of this is Couples for Christ-Gawad Kalinga..You can also search List of Catholic Charities in the Philippines.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NYOKKWJDJKP6HLLGJ7TVFKQVPI Rene

        Paki share naman ang grupo nyo about your charitable missions.

  • mhertz

    mabuhay ang mga anti-Catholics!!! bayaan nio di natutulog ang Diyos..di naman yan sili na aanghang agad….On the other hand , in  liberated countries sex becomes casual with multiple sexual partners maybe because of ready availability of contraception, abortion and no commitment too. And  there is a  divorce anyway it will just depend on who will take advantage or  dis-advantage.  But it is more fun in the Philippines cause contraceptives will be provided by the government for free. Sex lovers will have a feast everyday. Sorry for us taxpayers we will obliged to pay for your pleasures. Next time booze and others that could make you irresponsible but pleasureable will be free by the government. Vote for them in the election.

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