Aquino won’t scrap Apeco, orders review


LET’S OPEN OUR MIND In a meeting with protesters, President Aquino talks with a Casiguran farmer who says he does not agree the concept of development behind the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority will lift him from poverty. At center is Justice Secretary Leila de Lima. MARIANNE BERMUDEZ

Meeting the protesters’ demands halfway, President Aquino on Monday ordered a review of the country’s first economic hub rising at the edge of the Pacific but rejected calls that he cut off funding and scrap the project altogether.

Some 120 farmers, fishermen and indigenous people (IP) were set to proceed to Malacañang on Tuesday in the final stretch of a 350-kilometer, 18-day march to dramatize their opposition to the project, but the President and his Cabinet officials instead went to San Jose Seminary at Ateneo de Manila University to listen to their concerns.

In a tense, emotional dialogue at the seminary gym, the President defended the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (Apeco) project, saying he believed the pet project of Sen. Edgardo Angara would benefit Central Luzon.

He, however, agreed to a review of the 12,923-hectare project, giving the National Economic Development Authority (Neda) a week to study whether it should be scrapped.

“Why don’t I set up a meeting with Neda? I’ll ask them when they will be ready; you present them all your views. I have just one request: let’s open our minds,” he said. He agreed to a proposal that residents of Casiguran should be represented in the meeting.

The President indicated that the Commission on Audit should also look into the project.

Mr. Aquino ordered the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) to “lend” a portion of the 110-ha prime agricultural land inside Aurora State College of Technology (Ascot) to indigenous people, until the commission decides to take it back for a concrete project.

The President directed the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to renew the stewardship contracts of IPs under the Integrated Social Forestry Program in Apeco-covered areas for 25 years once they expire in 2014.

In the end, the farmers, fisherfolk and IP who trekked from Casiguran to Manila on Nov. 24 emerged unsatisfied by the solutions offered by the President.

Their supporters, including Christian Monsod, bewailed that the President asked Apeco officials, including Malcolm Sarmiento, to be present at the dialogue.

Representatives of the marchers tearfully recounted what they said was a threat posed by the project to their livelihood. They asked the President to scratch the P350-million annual budget for the project and scrap it altogether.

The marchers representing 2,983 families have accused Apeco of seizing large tracts of prime agricultural lands and intruding into the ancestral lands of the Agtas without free, prior and informed consent, and displacing fisherfolk families with its construction of an airstrip.

They claimed that the law was passed without any consultation, and that Apeco was established without the approval of the Casiguran local government unit in violation of the Local Government Code.

Apeco was created through Republic Act No. 9490 in 2007, and was amended through RA 10083, which lapsed into law in 2010. These laws were sponsored by Senator Angara and his son, Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara, who is a senatorial candidate of the ruling Liberal Party in next year’s election.

Angara welcomes review

In a statement, Senator Angara welcomed the President’s actions.

“Our intentions for Apeco, and Aurora, have always been transparent: to help my province catch up with the economic and social development of the rest of Luzon,” he said.

“We agree with the President that Apeco and its funding cannot be stopped solely on the basis of these protests. There is a silent majority in Aurora who stand to gain from the employment, livelihood, investment and tourism that Apeco will help generate. While we address the issues of protesters, we cannot ignore the desire of the majority of Aurorans to see their province and their lives prosper.”

Mr. Aquino admitted that as a senator, he voted for the bill creating Apeco, viewing it as another means to boost livelihood opportunities in the region. He said there was no such seaport in the “whole Pacific side.”

Once the Neda has established the facts, only then could the government decide whether to push through with the project or at the least, discontinue the allocation for it, the President said.

“If it comes out that the economic assumptions are vague, then we go back to the House of Representatives and the Senate, and tell them: Let’s amend this law, or recall it,” he said.

“But then again, what if it’s right? Here, there is a chance. You remove this project, there is no chance … We really need to determine if this project is worthless before we cancel it,” he added.

Solutions don’t address problems

After listening to the President, Monsod rose to point out that his solutions were not exactly those being sought by the marchers.

“Their question is whether the economic zone is a valid and a good project. The solutions that we are hearing, while they sound good, do not address that basic premise. That’s why they’re asking for a thorough review of the concept itself of Apeco in that area,” Monsod said, drawing applause from the audience.

“We can’t find an economic justification for the project. As a matter of fact, the locators are not there yet. Even Senator Angara admitted that these locators have no feasibility studies,” he added.

Fr. Xavier Alpasa, executive director of Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan, asked the President to respond to allegations on the nonconsultation of the IPs and the “conversion of irrigated land”  the IPs had cultivated.

Mr. Aquino interrupted Alpasa before he could finish, and pressed him for details about the conversion of irrigated land.

“Irrigated land converted by who? Who is converting? Don’t make an accusation. What’s the fact,” said an annoyed Mr. Aquino. He then turned to one of the IP, and confirmed that they were still planting in the land.

Concept of development

As the exchanges grew more intense, a man from the ranks of the IP told the President that the “development he was speaking of” was different from “our concept of development,” to applause and hoots.

“Our brand of development is to enrich our land. That’s why we even banned one company from logging in San Ildefonso,” he said, referring to Industries Development Corp. which they said was paid P120 million by Apeco for logging rights. “Apeco has its own law. We have our law as IPs that was violated by Apeco.”

“If they suddenly start building structures that destroy the forest cover, then you tell me because we can cut off the funding,” Mr. Aquino said.

Another man from the IP group rose to ask the President if the enactment of a law concerning a small land without public approval and concurrence of local government unit didn’t amount to “land grabbing.”

“How come the law is still being implemented when there’s no consultation and concurrence?” he wondered. “Who is Ascot and who is Apeco?”

Apeco law stays


The President then turned to Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de los Reyes who explained that the irrigated rice land could not be converted for another purpose.

The President then asked: “Are you proposing that if there’s idle land, you should occupy and own it?” This elicited murmurs from the audience.

As the country’s CEO, Mr. Aquino said he had to execute and implement the law, including the Apeco law, for as long as it remained in effect.  With a report from Jeannette I. Andrade

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  • CPCook

    The APECO protesters were upset with the president because the president, after hearing their grievances, did not agree to the protester’s demands. This is the problem… the protesters sought an audience precisely to hasten a dialogue and that their grievances be heard. The protesters took it to mean that since the president heard them, then he ought to side with them. The law is the law. If they are against the law, then they should ask for its repeal from Congress. The protesters were further upset because they felt that their 350-km march was for nothing. If they feel that way, I hope that learned a lesson. A 350-km march does not improve one’s arguments. Sad to say, but most people who resort to such dramatization (reminds of Bayan/KMU/KMP/KSP) are those who do not have reason on their side. If the protesters think that the law was invalid, then they can raise this to the courts, not the president. Sad as their situation may be, it seems that the protesters do not have any leg to stand on.

    • motorcyclemama

       No need to add more. PNoy has to depend on the rule of law.

    • Geneva Frances C. Guyano

       They do have a leg to stand on. There were no ample opportunities to air their side. Given more time to speak and genuinely dialogue with the cabinet, they could have. But they were cut short by Aquino’s becoming apparent inclination towards APECO – while legal and human rights conflicts have not been resolved yet.

    • BellyNelly

      I agree. They protesters are grandstanding. They didn’t have to walk 350-km just to have a chat with the president. The president himself didn’t even have to show but he did because he cares enough to hear their cries, but the thing is, these farmers have no idea of what is actually happening and now that the president got the chance to talk, they wouldn’t even listen anymore because they’ve closed their minds to the idea that the land was actually grabbed from them when in fact it wasn’t.

      There are thousands more back in Casiguran that didn’t join the march because they actually like the project and they support it. 120 is too little if they’re all not for the project. So in my opinion, if the project is suddenly stopped completely, what about the people who are not part of the 120 marchers? Aren’t they entitled to what they want as well?

      So in conclusion, for me, I think that they should all just talk it out and collaborate. It’s much better if they just revise the project in such a way that they’re all happy. It’s way better than stopping the project completely cause when that happens, the money that has already been spent on the project would then be a complete waste. 

      • mon key

        APECO Troll!

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      The law creating APECO was fast-tracked by the Angara family. The sister Congresswoman along with the son and Senator father with the support of their cohorts in both houses of Congress were able to have the law creating APECO passed without any participation or consultation from the affected Indigenous Communities. In other words “Lutong Makaw”, I would not be surprised if most of the land within the boundaries of APECO are now titled in the name of the Angrara cronies.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Of course PNoy won’t scrap APECO. When PNoy asked NEDA to review the APECO project, he is merely buying time to pacify the Casiguran marchers. There’s clearly a conflict of interest here on the part of the president. On the one hand, PNoy supports APECO and pushed his allies in the senate to approve P353 million for APECO’s 2013 budget barely a fortnight ago. Contrary to what PNoy claims, he could actually recommend to his LP allies to slash the budget substantially as the senator from Cebu was suggesting while the project is on review. Instead, PNoy chose to honor his commitment to the Angaras. To be sure, PNoy did not just wake up one fine day deciding to throw his full weight behind Senator Angara’s dream city. There was a political tit-for-tat in the form of the younger Angara serving as a spokesperson for the administration during the impeachment trial. And of course, Senator Angara’s vote to convict Corona. Unfortunately for the Casiguran marchers who were granted an audience with the president, they have no goodies to barter with President Aquino. At least that’s how PNoy’s political calculations see it. PNoy may have accorded the visitors and guests with the usual pleasantries, with well rehearsed gestures of empathy to their plight, but he committed no moratorium on APECO. Coming from a clan that enslaved peasant farmers and deprived them of land for 55 long years, PNoy finds it weird to sympathize with the cause of the marginalized Casigurans and the other powerless little people who will driven out by APECO. When PNoy asks the Dumagats and Casigurans to keep an open mind, he only meant that they be prepared to be dislocated and disenfranchised. Soon. 

    • dgboy

       open up your mine and not your mouth. Kung aga Neda ka at may research ka na ginawa maniniwala pako sayo.

      • EdgarEdgar

        of course you’d say that. you’re not even a true Filipino. i’ve seen you many times in these forums making fun of us because you’re chinese. just like noynoy. you don’t mind seeing people of this land suffer, because you don’t consider them your own people.

    • Barak_O

      what would has the little girl done?

      • EdgarEdgar

        blame GMA has lost its magic. try something new. something like — why is Noynoy failing so miserably?

      • Romulus Fenandez

        what has the bald “GIRL” done?

  • John_Galt_II

    Medyo mahina talaga ang tuktok ng presidente. Lalo na dahil bumoto siya noong senatong pa siya para sa APECO. Kung talagang viable yan sana may mga businessman na nag invest doon. Hindi madedevelop ang lugar na yon dahil hindi madaling dumaan ang mga barko doon sa Lugar na yon ng Pacific Ocean. Ang mga barko hindi lang isa ang destination, karamihan sa maraming ports dahil marami silang cargamento na iba iba ang may ari. Kung sasadyain pumunta doon dahil lamang sa kaunting cargada ay mapapalaki ang gastos. Kaya ang mga locator doon (kung mayroon mang malakas ang loob) ay may tendency na mapamahal ang producto at hindi makaka pag compete. Lalong mahirap makarating ang suppliers doon dahil kung konti lang ang kanilang isu-supply tapos mahirap ang biyahe hindi na lang sila pupunta doon.
    Sino ba naman ang ayaw umunlad ang bayan? Pero humanap sila ng businessman na willing mag invest, wag ang pera ng Pilipino ang isugal nila. Kawalanghiyaan yan!

    • dgboy

       open up your mine and not your mouth. Kung aga Neda ka at may research ka na ginawa maniniwala pako sayo.

      • John_Galt_II

        If I have a “mine” I will definitely open it.

      • doncleo

         maski na gawa ng NEDA kung may halong pulitika palpak din..common sense lang naman labanan dito..inuuna ng mga Angara ang pamumulitika, pagpapayaman at magkontrol SA Aurora.

  • Ibongpipit

    It now appears that this confrontation could have been avoided if the Apeco project went through the legal operating procedures right from its initial stages.  This is another example of the arrogant exercise of legislative power.  It has become a part of the culture in Congress to legislate first  and then seeing  if the people will take it; fire and then aim as what they said during the GOP’s recent defeat in the US election.  This malpractice indicates ignoring the governed but only recognizing the right of the governor.    History always proved that a government of extraction always fail if it does not evolve towards inclusion.  Governance in free society must always manifest that undying fundamental respect of the dignity of everyone through a government by everyone and for everyone.

  • rickysgreyes

    There are too many ecozones in the country, some of which are underutilized. First and foremost is Subic and Clark. Look at the PEZA website, there are over a hundred plus ecozones.

    • baitcaster

      Those eco-zones already had their chance to succeed. Give Aurora a break. For most Aurorans, it is time for Aurora to come into the 21st century, by hook or by crook.

  • Ronald Diaz

    Hindi masama ang planong pag-unlad lalo na kung para sa kapakanan ng sambayanang pilipino. Pero ang nangyari ngayon laban sa Apeco at Casiguran farmers ay iba dahil pagnagkataon na maaprobahan ang proyekto kawawa yun mga lokal na mangingisda at magsasaka na maapektuhan mawawalan sila ng panghanap buhay nang dahil dito sa planong Freeport na ang makikinabang ay mga buwayang pulitiko at hindi mga karaniwang pilipinong magsasaka. Bakit di nalng hayaan ni PNOY na ibigay sa mga lokal na taga Casiguran ang lupa para may pang hanap-buhay sila total agricultural land naman eto? Bukod pa dun unti-unti nang maglalaho ang likas nating mga pinoy sa talento ng pagsasaka at pangingisda dahil dito. Marami na tayong Freeport Zone bakit di nalang ntin palawakin na sa halip na tanggalan hanap-buhay ang iba natin kababayan.

    Ang mga Angara lang ang makikinabang sa proyektong yan. PNOY sana dinggin mo ang tinatawag mo’ng “BOSS” na siyang nagluklok sa’yo at hindi yun iilan lang na ang pakay ay pansariling interes.

    Maawa ka sana sa mga lokal na magsasaka at mangingisda na siyang maaapektuhan ng APECO.

    • baitcaster

      Sigurado ka ba na lahat ng “BOSS” ni President Aquino ay pareho ang pagiisip sa pagiisip mo? Mas maraming tao sa Aurora gusto ang APECO. Kung hindi ka naninirahan doon hindi mo naiintindihan ito.

  • arao_liwanag

    The farmers of Aurora against the professional land grabbers. Isn’t Hacienda Luisita grabbed by the Cojuangco thru the use of legal system and Lawyers and Government power. The farmers are mismatch. But hold on, the farmers know the  have Sierra Madre to lean on, the forest will well come them with open arms and provide them with their new abode, after all they are his children he will always embrace them.

  • RealityCheckX

    Hah, the things Noy2 does to protect 1 vote in the “independent” senate! Is it not enough that Port Irene is the new smugglers’ haven?

  • tgomeziii

    An economic zone was created by law   (authored by father and son legislators….marshaled through the legislative process as in an old boys’ club…. in a scratch-my-back / I’ll-scratch-yours fashion…..and whose principal  and biggest  beneficiaries are themselves! )   without consultation and/or assistance, objection, approval/critique, without any  prior feasibility investigation by our  National Economic Development Authority (NEDA).   And the project involves the allocation of the peoples’ money !!!!    
    Christian Monsod’s concern:  “whether the economic zone is a valid and a good project……in that area…”  ought to have been addressed by and through NEDA before the first shovel of dirt was even dug.  That is prudence and common sense.

    An all-weather Philippine seaport facing the Pacific is indeed a valid concept  but “in that area” ?     Why not Infanta or Dingalan Bay in Quezon province   or why not Palanan Bay in Isabela?  

     Speaking of validity……How much skin do the Angaras have in the project?  What holdings have been acquired  by them before and after this project was “legislated?”  These are valid public concerns that require answers.  Wasn’t Senator Serge Osmena at the forefront of this inquiry?

    • baitcaster

      Why, indeed, a seaport “in that area”? Why, it’s a very unique area, you see. The San Ildefonso Peninsula stretches more than 20 kilometers  out in the ocean, creating an in-land sea which needs no dredging as it is already deep. It is in Casiguran where the peninsula joins the main land, and that is where the seaport is being built. No tsunami can breach that mountain range that stretches into the ocean. Thus the whole inland sea is protected from the assault of the Pacific. This unique situation is not found in the places you mention. It is a perfect typhoon hole for shipping.

  • Chloroform

    “He said there was no such seaport in the “whole Pacific side.””… probably the reason is that the area is way off the shipping lanes… looking at maps, the ships that could benefit from apeco would come from taiwan and japan ports and back. they have to go around the whole philippines to go to another asian port from apeco. I hope they have made arrangements with shipping companies before they made this very bold move…

  • gregory robinson

    What do politicians really do?  1. Start another career while in office; 2. Lots of campaigning for next election; 3. Travel the world in luxurious resorts with their families; 4. Setup foreign bank accounts outside the reach of Philippines; 5. Meet with the wealthy and powerful to pass their issues, while accepting numerous gifts of lands, money, businesses. Big salary for doing so little for the Philippine people.

  • Torero

    sabi ni Pnoy “sa demokrasya, ang hiling ng karamihan ay nasusunod”.  tama ka diyan Pnoy.  ang ibig sabihin lang ni Pnoy, kawawa ang mga indigenous people dahil kokonti lang sila.  Utak landlord kasi e.

  • Fulpol

    They claimed that the law was passed without any consultation, and that Apeco was established without the approval of the Casiguran local government unit in violation of the Local Government Code.————————————————

    the Angara’s are like thieves, stealing stuff to a private property and later cannot be charged of thievery because BS Aquino III says, they are owners of the property based on the law..

    BS Aquino III really understand how the Cojuangco family got away from distributing Hacienda Luisita to farmers after the agreement with Magsaysay has concluded..

    if BS Aquino III believed that their claim of Hacienda Luisita is legal, why can’t the Angara thinks the same? since the sneaking Angara passed a law that the subject of the law didn’t even know it…

    ignorance of the law is no excuse… sleeping while the law is being discussed is no excuse… they are really thieves if this is the arguments of the Angara…

  • Jhon

    The title of this article should have been:
    “Aquino wouldn’t dare offend the Angaras, fakes a review”

  • Pangasugan

    I think Mr. Aquino is right. It’s a law, and he must implement it. Consultation? Is that mechanism provided for in the constitution as requirement before the law is passed?

    • Jhon

      Not precisely.  I think that this is the kind of law that empowers, not compel, the executive to implement a project.  From what the President himself said (based on the article) he could delay implementation by ordering a review or suspending funding, or scrap the project altogether.  

  • m1600

    KAYO ANG BOSS KO! HEHEHE madaming naloko yang phrase na yan last election kaya ngayon WAG PALOKO SA ELEKSYON SA 2013 sa mga kapanalig ni Simeon.

  • m1600

    Its a law without public consultation and concurrence from the Local Government? pls clarify how it become a law. 

  • m1600

    Its a law without public consultation and concurrence from the Local Government? pls clarify how it become a law. 

  • m1600

    Its a law without public consultation and concurrence from the Local Government? pls clarify how it become a law. 

    • Francis81

       Sa Komunistang gobyerno ni Pweenoy wala ng batas batas.

  • m1600


  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    ayaw ni pnoy na umatras dahil baka sumama ang loob ng balimbing na angara at bitawan si pnoy! eh ano naman kung bitawan ka ng balimbing na yan!

  • Almighty Creator

    once a landlord always a landlord. so much for feeding the nation, farmers are not on Aquino’s list and so are the workers. Aquino like Gloria would always side in favor of his own class. those who are dreaming of real change under this government would have to burst their bubbles. Aquino is nothing but a lame copy cat of GMA except he throws millions of taxpayers money for his PR while GMA keeps them.  

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

    Ang Angara Family ang atat na atat sa APECO, kaya ang mga ari-arian ang gamitin nila, huwag ang pera nang taong bayan!!! Mga Ganid, President Pnoy… gumising ka !!!!

    • URDUJA

       your comment makes me remember the comelec officer murdered in Aurora …last july ithink…

  • georgebond

    Simple lang yan, ang tanong, ano ang benepisyong matatamo ng taga-roon? Employment daw? Eh, hindi naman mga empleyado ang mga katutubo at mangingisda at mga magsasaka? Sumatutal,Mr. President, tama ang sinabi mo na pag-aralan muna ng mabuti ang proyekto, at kung matuklasan na kapitalista lang ang makikinabang at masisira ang kalikasan na kabuhayan ng mga taga-roon, please lang, ibasura ang lahat ng plano jan!!!

    • baitcaster

      Anong benepisyo ang matatamo ng taga roon? Magkaroon lang ng tuloy-tuloy na koriente,  malaking bagay na yon. Gumanda ang mga daan, magkaroon ng mas magandang medical services, sumakay ng eroplano galing at papuntang Manila, di ba benepisyo sa mga tao yon? Lumakas ang turismo, tatayo ang mga hotel, di ba source ng trabaho para sa mga taga doon? Mag fishing guide at charter captains ang mga fisherfolk doon ang parukyano ay mga turista, di be makabubuti sa kanila yon? We brain storm and at the same time keep an open mind, di ba?

      • jamesgeorge

        Magandang mga plano yan Bro. pero pag implementasyon na, naiiwan ang mismong taga-roon sa pagunlad! Pag may airport na at mga hotel, di napwedeng dumikit at mangisda ang mga tagaroon at taga-ibang lugar na ang mga empleyado na nakinabang! Taga mo sa bato bro., kawawa ang mga katutubo at ang kalikasan ay tuluyan ng mawawasak sa ngalan ng pagunlad dahil numero unong nagtatapon ng kontaminadong tubig ang mga hotel at airport! Mag-brain storm kapa ng hanggat gusto mo pero bro. ang resulta hindi pa din maganda dahil sa loob lamang ng 5 hanggang 8 taon, polluted na ang dagat jan! Paano ang mangingisda?Sa teorya lang magaling ang mga plano ninyo dahil mismong DENR, corrupt!!! Ayusin mo muna ang mga tao duon,tapos mag-brainstorm ka ulit!

      • baitcaster

        There’s a plea for more creative thinking here. Ano na ba ang population ng Pilipinas ngayon, more than 100 million and counting? Sa liit ng territory natin, we can no longer afford the luxury of setting aside areas that are not affected by the effects of economic progress. They can do this in North America where there are vast tracts of land in proportion to their population that can be set aside for their national parks. You talk about the preservation of kalikasan. Some say that Aurora has been designated as a national preserve. But people just like you and I live in Aurora, in addition to the katutubos there. Everybody needs a good municipal water supply, continuous power, better roads, more and better medical facilities, recreational opportunities, more jobs. Hindi practical ang sinasabi mo. Alisin mo ang mga tao doon, all right, wala kang pollution. Negativo ang pagiisip mo. Huwag mong sabihing ang DENR ay corrupt, at maaring mali ka rin. With positive thinking and good planning, and support of officials like the DENR, we can coexist with nature and protect it for the good of all. In fact, that’s all we can do, because there are so many of us! People in the States are hypersensitive to pollution — we can start to do the same. Teach our children not to pollute, that’s a good start.

        Let me show you a good example of how people can coexist with nature and still live in comfort. Have you ever been to Virginia Beach, Virginia? Virginia Beach is a resort city on the Atlantic Ocean in the state of Virginia, USA. Like all the resort cities up and down the Atlantic seaboard, its beaches are lined with hotels so packed together it’s hard to find access to the beach through them. Your theory decrees that, because of the hotels the beaches and waters there will be as polluted as the Pasig River. Not so. Noooo. It is my pleasure to go there with surf rod and beach chair, cast into the surf and thrill to the strikes of blue fish, striped bass, sea trout, flounder, and puppy drum. Good eating, too, but you can only take home keepers. Despite the hotels and tourists the beaches and waters are not polluted at all, thanks to city management and the disinclination of the people to pollute. Don’t say that we Filipinos cannot be trusted to behave this way. If you do, please have more faith in our people.

      • jamesgeorge

        US laws and Philippine laws are poles apart bro.! What you’re saying is go for it without a care for what will happen!!! And don’t tell me I’m wrong with my perception of the DENR, all you have to do is look at the cut logs which rolled down the mountains and killed hundreds in the provinces!!! Yun pa lang preservation ng trees, complete failure na,ano pa kaya ang monitoring ng wastewater and toxic discharge? Bro., wag ka magagalit pero you live in a fantasy world right now,kaya nga sabi ko, ayusin muna yung DENR at yung ibang regulatory agencies at iimplement ang laws, baka sakali maniwala ako sa yo! Yes,I had been to Virginia but not on rest and recreation,so hindi ko nakita yung beach na sinasabi pero halos lahat ng beach dito, regulated at maayos kaya wag mo ikumpara yung DENR nila dito sa Pinas!
        Ang kapitalista, kumita lang, walang pakialam sa regulation yan!

      • baitcaster

        Pare, we are having this discussion because we want to improve our country. When you travel, do so with an observant mind, and think about what you can bring back with you to help your country. OFWs and those Filipinos who have resided for a length of time in other countries bring back with them more than dollars or lapads or other currencies. They also bring back valuable ideas to help their country.

             Bashing the DENR or other public officials is rhetoric. It is an old song sung by many commenters in this forum. It is common generalizing. It adds nothing new and meaningful to our discussion of the issues in Aurora. I have shown you how it is entirely possible to have shoulder to shoulder hotels and crowded beaches and still satisfactorily control pollution. Our Norfolk International Airport lies alongside a lake that is our municipal water supply, and there is no pollution at all.

        In Boracay they are holding pollution at bay. Same thing at El Nido, that famous resort in Palawan. Hotels and tourism in those places are a continued success. The DENR there must be OK guys to you. But our issue of introducing hotels and tourism in Aurora to help the people does not meet with your approval, because to you the DENR people there are crooks. Dito nagpapatunay na baluktot ang pagiisip mo. Nagsasalita ka para may masabi ka lang. I planted 20,000 G Melina trees under the strict supervisiion of the DENR, including the rigid licensing and documentation of my chain saw. Never in my dealings with them was I ever approached to grease my way with any form of bribery.

        Pare, you have such a low regard for the people of Aurora that, in your opinion, they are incapable of even starting to think of attaining these things for themselves. In your way of thinking, it is a hopeless situation. Right from the start, talo na tayo. That is a negative, dead-ended attitude. We will not accomplish anything if we think that way.

      • jamesgeorge

        Bro,I’m not in the habit of bashing the DENR!!! I speak the truth! From actual experience and from what’s happening all over the country, with mines small and large-scale destroying rivers,flora and fauna, the DENR is not up to the job! Bro,I suggest you research surigao mines,benguet mines and many others! I’m on your side which is I want a fully developed infrastucture for our country but the fact that the APECO law was not presented to the natives of the area is already highly suspicious! The Angaras are the only ones who will benefit in this project if the people are not protected and assured of what they will get… Research bro, research and you will know what is the DENR!

      • baitcaster

        Forgive me, Bro, I cannot be as objective as you are because there is a place in Aurora I call home. I am all for the improvement of Aurora, crooked officials or not. I am still trying, but I don’t think I can find many people who live there speaking up in the internet, for the reason that the internet may not yet be readily available there, a situation that will surely improve once Apeco succeeds.

             I think we have said all we want. Let me end this discussion on this note. Good luck to you and God bless our freedom to speak (and the Internet)!

      • jamesgeorge

        Good luck to you too Bro. Freedom to speak what we want is what I cherished most!

  • WeAry_Bat

     The road to inferno is, was and often paved with good intentions.

  • louie

    i was able to catch on tv the talks by the president and the marchers. atty monsod was right when he said the president sounds an haciendero. he wasn’t able to connect to the indigenous people who came there to speak with him. he looks annoyed for the most part of the discussion. well, an haciendero will always be an haciendero. this is what we get when politicos will always come from the elite. they don’t understand those who till the land.

  • Iver Liwanag

    The problem is, what is legal can also be UNethical. But even before we go to that, I already question the VALIDITY of the APECO law because it did not go through proper processes such as FPIC (Free, Prior, and Informed Consent) of the people of Casiguran.
    Of course they didn’t receive the FPIC. Only those pushed to desperation would walks hundreds of kilometers for weeks just to get their point across.

    But not just that. There’s a violation of the IPRA law, and the CARPER law when there’s a forced relocation of the people.

    And for what do we trade their land – their source of livelihood that they can pass for generations to come? A minimum-wage, contractual, benefit-less job? And after they’ve reached retirement? How will they provide for themselves.

    There’s a difference between LIVELIHOOD (keyword: life), and JOB.

    PNoy is clearly siding with the APECO. I don’t know if he has been deluded with the notion that progress is marked by concrete buildings, but that’s not the kind of progress that main stakeholders – the people of Casiguran – want for themselves and their future.

    • baitcaster

      I don’t think the people of Casiguran will be awed by some new concrete buildings. But they will certainly appreciate better roads, better medical care, a more dependable power source, the services of an airport and a seaport, alternative sources of livelihood, all of which are inherent in the creation of a responsible Apeco.

  • Camillo

    If it’s true that no consultations were done, then the APECO law should be challenged in court.

  • ArmchairGeek

    Perhaps, as CEO, he can execute and implement Republic Act No. 8749 or the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 for as long as it remained in effect. 

  • BellyNelly

    The protesters are grandstanding. They didn’t have to walk 350-km just to have a chat with the president. The president himself didn’t even have to show but he did because he cares enough to hear their cries, but the thing is, these farmers have no idea of what is actually happening and now that the president got the chance to talk, they wouldn’t even listen anymore because they’ve closed their minds.
    There are thousands more back in Casiguran that didn’t join the march because they actually like the project and they support it. 120 is too little if they’re all not for the project. So in my opinion, if the project is suddenly stopped completely, what about the people who are not part of the 120 marchers? Aren’t they entitled to what they want as well?
    So in conclusion, for me, I think that they should all just talk it out and collaborate. It’s much better if they just revise the project in such a way that they’re all happy. It’s way better than stopping the project completely cause when that happens, the money that has already been spent on the project would then be a complete waste. 

    • baitcaster

      You’re absolutely right, BellyNelly!!

  • MJaltarejos

    Call it what you will, pero para sakin lang talagang kailangan yung review kasi sayang lang yung project kung ibabasura lang.. masiyado na itong matagal at napag gastusan para bigla lang itigil..  malaki ang maitutulong nito sa economy natin kung magawa ‘to ng tama, so gawin nalang natin ng tama..

  • RicoSwavey

    mahirap mang husga kung ano ang mga intensyon ng ating pangulo, pero sakin lang tama naman ginawa niya. kailangan pa talaga ng oras para pag isipan kung ano gagawin, mahirap naman yung biglaan ang pagbabago, at hindi ganun ka dali gumawa agad ng desisyon. di naman ata majikero ang pangulo natin diba?

    • baitcaster

      Tama ka rin, dre.

  • jonjonc

    kung tuwang tuwa kayo kay bayani na nagawan niya ng paraan na mawala ang mga vendors at mga skwater sa mga lansangan ng kamaynilaan bakit purkit hindi kayo taga casiguran eh para na kayo agad sa mga informal settlers dun? hindi ba’t ganun din sila? naghahanap buhay lang? irerelocate naman sila eh. may mga housing projects pa nga eh. pati mabibigyan parin naman sila ng livelihood, gumagawa lang sila ng space para magkaron tayo ng development. kung naiinggit kayo sa mga bansang tulad ng japan singapore hongkong at iba pa, ito na nga ang inooffer ng gobyerno biglang aayaw pa kayo. di naman nila dinadaan sa rahas ah. sakin lang ah. para sakin lang ‘to

    • baitcaster

      Alright lang, pare. Sangayun tayo doon sa sinabi mo. Open-minded ka. Kung tumulad ang iba sa iyo, malulutas natin to.

  • noypisiTED

    Why this nation lags behind in current development and stuck in the quagmire is because a lot of its people still wallow in bygone paradigm. Like these folks many of them were hand-to-mouth informal settlers. They’re only after their own selfish selves. Can they not think over and above themselves, silly. They could not disengage themselves from dimwittedness brought about by, forgive this nonentity’s gall, idiocy, since presumably a lot of this protesters lack proper education and with that foresight to see that this world is an ever changing dynamo. The development presented by APECO isn’t really for them but for their children and grandchildren. It’s time to wake up from deep slumber the APECO law was meant to bring change to a world other than the usual hard toil which many of these protesters have long been exposed to. Come on, it’s time to extricate these people from their “comfort” zone which if one would really think about it isn’t really comfortable.

    • Janella Yecyec

      I don’t think you understand how important farming is to them. It’s their source of livelihood for generations over generations and though it is hard work, they feed their stomachs off it. Helps our agricultural production too.

      Don’t call it idiocy..Though what you suggest does express the essential factor of this as for development, but its just too cruel to be grabbed off land and struggle with starting a new source of livelihood and this APECO law just  may just enslave them, and leave them homeless.

    • baitcaster

      Dre, bilib ako sa sinasabi mo, open-minded ang pagiisip mo.

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    To Mr President mas paniwalaan mo ang mga mamayan kaysa sa isang pulitiko na kagya ni Angara na pansariling interest lang ang hinahangad ang kikita lang sa proyekto na iyan ay ang mga kapitalista at mga pulitiko na kagaya nila.

  • iping2sison

    “The President then turned to Agrarian Reform Secretary Virgilio de los
    Reyes who explained that the irrigated rice land could not be converted
    for another purpose”. Here in Bulacan, traversed by NLEX and a new by-pass road, irrigated rice lands have been bought by real-estate developers. The lands where Camella Baliwag, SM Baliwag and the other adjacent housing projects stands were previously irrigated rice lands.  The NO CONVERSION POLICY is a farce. Likewise these establishments have no regards to the environment as they do not have water treatment facilities.

    • Josemakabayan

      His agrarian reform secretary told him that irrigated rice land could not be converted for another purpose, meaning that farmers are right in pressing for their demand to scrap the apeco, and yet the president ignored the law and said PAGAARALAN PA!!! What is there to study when it is very clear that the project is against the law and illegal Perse ??l

  • brentcom


  • julymorning


  • Jose Rizal

    Straight form the horse’s mouth…HINDI ALAM NI NOYNOY PAANO MAGING PRESIDENTE…reading in-between-the-lines of what he UTTERED….

  • Jose Rizal

    Straight form the horse’s mouth…HINDI ALAM NI NOYNOY PAANO MAGING PRESIDENTE…reading in-between-the-lines of what he UTTERED….

    • sakinlang

      Dre, please pagbigyan mo naman ang iba! Okay lang na mahaba at marami ang posts mo pero wag namang paulit-ulit. Para kang sirang CD, sirang CD, sirang CD, sirang CD!!!!

      • Jose Rizal

        Pasensiya na dre, di kasi ako MCBoy ni Carandang kasi nag-bugdown ang laptop ko…pupugak-pugak (ani BS Aquino).
        Posting error lang po!
        Hahahahaha!  Salamat!

      • mon key

        iedit mo sana extra posts mo, like idelete mo.

  • tower_of_power

    Nandyan na yan … sayang na ang billiones na nagastos sa project … pagaralan nalang ulit ng govt kung papano ma maximize ang paggamit ng project na yan … hindi ba kailangan idecongest ang Manila ports? Hindi kaya magandamg alternate etong lugar na ito … ngayong meron ng magandang daanan papunta dyan?

    • Bluetiful Cusi

      please check the map… strategically, no trader will dock on the pacific side unless you enjoy the slashing of typhoons. aurora is known to have the most number of typhoons received before any provinces in the country…. if i am australia, i prefer bicol. if i were japan and taiwan, i prefer appari (enrile na nauna).

  • Jose Rizal

    Sabi ko na sa inyo may “Jesus Christ” complex yan si Panot dahil sa kaso niya.
    Sayang lang ang pagmamartsa niyo, at pagpapahirap, para lang maipakita na totoo ang NAG-AAPOY na crusada niyo.  Sa bandang HULI, BINUHUSAN lang ng TUBIG NA MABAHO GALING SA ILOG PASIG AT IHI ni Panot (at sa backdrop may TUBBY SEXYTARY OF INJUSTICE PA).  Mantakin mo, bolahin lang kayo ng GENERALIZATION na, “LET’S OPEN OUR MINDS”, samantalang sa KANYA SARADO NA PARA KKKay ANGARA…
    Hahahahahahahaha!  It’s more Noynoying FUN in the Philippines!

    • Josh

      May God forgive you for using His name referencing to a complex…

      • Jose Rizal

        That’s between me and my God, don’t you think?
        Provoking words to make the lazy man in the palace feel that he didn’t get the presidency without having to live as a real president and not a king.

  • phantomofhope

    what multinational companies will relocate to Aurora if Subic is better? in your dreams Angara!

  • iduniq

    If this project is really projected to bring improvement to lives of the majority in the area (and it’s a BIG if), then the government shoud just ignore this vocal majority by proceeding with the project and doing what is right (relocating the affected and providing alternative lielihood).  Soon after the results will prove this vocal minority wrong.

  • LuwigVonMises

    listen to your people Mr. president. listen to them its that simple. 

  • Simoun Magaalahas

    Maraming ways para madevelop ang APECO na hindi kakain ng malaking lugar at sisira ng agricultura, Kaya iyan ginagawa nila Angara para mabenta nila ang lupa na tubong lugaw at pabor sa kanila ang pagtayo dito dahil sila ang unang makikinabang sa proyekto na ito..” HUWAG NILANG SABIHIN NA TAONG BAYAN ANG MAKIKINABANG NITO “.

  • Vincent Tuason

    Pangulong Aquino, makinig ka sa mga katutubo at magsasaka!

    Hindi natin kailangan ng freeport, ang kailangan natin ay mga bukid na matatamnan ng palay at lupang pwedeng laguan ng gulay.I respeto natin ang karapatan ng mga katutubo at magbubukid.

    • Francis81

      Kung may taga si Sonny Angara diyan siempre hindi pdeng hindi mag remit kay Pweenoy yan.

  • janperryeugenio

    dapat tanggalin ang ang mga ANGARA at ang kanilang POLITICAL DYNASTY!!!

  • janperryeugenio

    greedy ANGARA!!!

  • Francis81

    Siempre pinakiusapan na ni Sonny Angara isang KKKKK si Pweenoy kaya ayos na yan. Kawawang mga magsasaka ang layo pa ng nilakad wala namang nangyari.

  • Willie Albior Montana Aligato

    ang daming comment… di ba for review pa?

  • antonioluna

    Yellow zombies… UNITE!!!

  • antonioluna

    batas? anong batas eh pnoy administration tayo! isang sutsot, Hubad!

  • Jose Rizal

    Matagal na kasing issue yan…ngayon lang lumaki kasi may NAGMARTSA ng pagkalayo-layo…KAYA ANG PRESIDENTENG TAMAD AT TANGA’Y NABULAGA.  IPAPA-REVIEW ULIT.  Bago pa man naging batas yan,dapat mayroon ng BALANSE’T MASUSI NA’ PAG-AARAL.  Ngayon, kasi TAMAD at WALANG ALAM, I-BRIEF NA NAMAN SA KANYA ULIT, pero sa palagay ko KKK at KKKonsesiyon para sa retirement ni Angara lang ang PAPABORAN NG TANGA…TANGA EH…kaya MANINIWALA LANG SA KKK at KKKamping Angara.
    Hahahahaha!  Wala kang maaasahan sa TANGA, KKKaya nga may KKK di ba?
    O, Magpapabola pa ba kayo. Wag nang tatanga-tanga kasi tanga na nga ang napili niyong presidente…ano na lang tayo?

    • baitcaster

      Sa mga nabasa kong sinulat mo, smart pa rin si Aquino sa yo.

  • Leo Cruz

    Ang pamilya ng tatay ko ay mga magsasaka. Yung ibang mga uncle ko naiwan sa bukid at nagbungkal ng lupa hanggang mamatay sila. Ang tatay ko ay pumunta sa Maynila, nag aral sa MIT, at naging inhiniyero.

    Sa mga taga Casiguran, habang buhay na lang ba tayong mag bubungkal ng lupa? Ngayon, pag nilagyan ng internet yang mga bukid na yan, puwedeng maging hub ng “knowledge industry” like a BPO. Yung mga bata na nag aral sa mga unibersidad ng Central Luzon, hindi na dapat pumunta ng Maynila para mag hanap ng trabaho. Or, hindi na kailangang iwanan ang mga mahal sa buhay para mag abroad dahil dyan na lang sa Apeco mag ta trabaho.

    Nag upgrade ang Globe telecoms ng cellsite nila at yung excess backhaul capacity ay puwedeng ilagay sa APECO.  Meron nang 1 Mbps link sa Apeco at puwedeng i increase ang capacity anytime.

    It takes a while to develop an infrastructure. Clark and Subic were lucky because the telco network was intact when the Americans left. But for APECO, it’s gonna take a while.

    Salamat po.

    • Jose Rizal

      Kwentong kutsero bro!
      Non-sense…not even a response to the issue.  Mcboy ka ba?  Sabihin mo naman kay Carandang maghire ng mga matitino.

    • Geneva Guyano

      Maraming paraan ng pag-unlad – hindi lamang ito sa paraang tinutukoy po ninyo (pagpapatayo ng BPO o pagkakaroon ng knowledge industry), maaari rin namang sa pamamagitan ng pagpapalakas sa ating sektor na agrikultural. Marahil, para sa Casiguran – na isang rice granary para sa kabuuan ng Aurora, hindi ito ang pinakamainam na ipatupad, na siya ring hinaing ng mga nagmartsa mula sa Casiguran. :)

    • antonioluna

      malamang may imaginary friend ka din…

    • Bluetiful Cusi

      you only covered one aspect… there is nothing wrong with starting from scratch as far as re-planning the whole area, it’s not a joke to lose 12K HA property to one name…. get the people and IP involved. consult locals…. IP rules are older than the present rules because these are the true owners of the land…. get a real environmental planner, they know there are 6 important aspects to consider to truly solve the development of the area… HERITAGE is a major consideration. Remember, it is a national park! the less you touch, the better you are with the people…. The challenge should be how to make it productive without altering the area towards infrastructure….yang communications you cited, invest in a domestic satellite para wireless lahat… there are already 7 major hospitals globally using alternative medicine, be one of the suppliers!… it could still be a center for study — choose this area to house ALL botanical life found in the Philippines!… ban vehicles, use horses! scouting or jungle survival conventions…puro kasi nagmamadaling magpasobra ng pera d naman maisasama sa hukay yan.

  • mon key

    The size of APECO – 12,923-hectare project – boggles the mind. This economic zone was legislated in 2007, and lapsed into law in 2010, and until now – 2012 – it does not have a single locator in mind. such a waste of funds and land. the ANGARApal talaga nang mga tao nag set up nang ecozone na to! saan na ang mga TROLLs na  bayad nang APECO at mga  AngaRa? 

  • Sinugba

    Why would the government poured billions of pesos and displace these hapless people for an organization that will only benefit the Angaras? Being a taxpayer, why should I pay taxes if the government will just waste it in these kind of white elephant that will only make billionaires of one influential political family?

    Mr. Aquino, please be reminded of your pronouncements of “daang matuwid”. It is time to open ones eyes and stop pleasing these political clan.

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw

     abNoy will never open his mindless mind to those IP’s. He’s stubborn. APECO of KKK Angara’s project will proceed as planned. It’s Tuwad na Daan at its finest…

  • joboni96

    mabuhay ka pres noy

    for meeting the farmers
    c/o your ateneo support group

    magiging successful ang
    angara pera edgardo zone kung

    aalisin ang mga angara sa board at
    maglagay 30% representing the small people
    the rest professionals not linked to angaras

  • nparvus1202

    Pag-aaralan na naman ni Mr. A.B.Noy? Wala na bang ginawa yan kundi mag-aral? At saka hindi naman ito botohan na idadahilan eh majority. Kahit isang milyon pa yan kapag may mamatay na isa, hindi dapat ituloy. Pero knowing ABNoy and KKKs, papatayin lahat masunod lang gusto. Remember Mendiola massacre? Luisita massacre? 

  • antonioluna

    Ang lupit talaga ng mga yellow zombies!

  • Albert Einstien

    HUWAD na DAAN……………parang yun case ng pagcor naguiat…rereviewhin daw..tapos bigla sinabi ng PALSYO…industry practice….

    doj, people, & CONGRESS should READ the FREEH REPORT submitted to gaming compliance committee….and charge current PAGCOR OFFICERS of INDIRECT BRIBERY…..kung talagang hindi HUWADna DAAN…in the alleged INTERNATIONAL BRIBERY…in FACT by their ADMISSION that money & perks received from okada group an INDUSTRY PRACTICE ” is already INDIRECT BRIBERY( receiving gaming (pang-SUGAL ) & shopping money..doj..should .just secure an autenticated copy of the freeh report ( it’s in the internet ..the WORLD knows already pero govt NAGBUBULAGBULAGAN.) to the gaming compliance committee..the alleged report contain the following;”nSeptember 23, 2010: In an e-mail to Ms. Lai, with a copy to Mr. Okada, Mr. Shoji requests that a credit of US 5,000 be extended to each person now staying at the Villa for shopping and gaming(PANG-SUGAL ), up to a total of US 50,000. According to Mr. Shoji’s email, the funds are to be advanced by Wynn Macau and charged to the Universal City Ledger account”

    APECO review….tsk tsk

  • Bluetiful Cusi

    Utang na loob, PNoy, aralin mo naman ang zonal value ng Pilipinas!!!!! Aurora has been declared a NATIONAL PARK! Napaka obvious naman nyo, igagaya ba yan sa Luisita? I visited Aurora in the late 80s, wondering why there were no smooth road to drive through.  A Guerero friend, favorite adversary of the Angaras, says it discourages development and encourages it to remain a National Park…sadly, greed found green.

    • Jose Rizal

      Yon na nga,eh.  Di ba dapat ROAD muna bago construction of any ECONOMIC ZONES (kasi papaano yong logistical efficiency di ba)…klaro na na para lang sa PENSION ni Angara…para sa EARLY RETIREMENT…
      Matagal na kasi siyang Senador, kung lalaban ng PAREHAS, NAPAGTANTO NIYA WALA DING NANGYAYARI…MAG-COMMISSION NA LANG…

  • Albert Einstien

    SCRAP APECO! protect the farmers…

  • malek_abdul

    Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (Apeco) project should be named ANGARA PACIFIC ECONOMIC ZONE AND FREEPORT AUTHORITY because majority of its board of directors comprises the AngaraPAL clan!. How can the IPs understand the real purpose of the project if there were no public consultations? Maybe this project generates jobs and improve livelihood and boost tourism but more often than not IPs are really misplaced, ignored and abandoned by such projects due to lack of skills as the main reason. How can you employ a farmer or kaingero to be an office clerk, mechanic or driver, operator or even security guard if he doesn’t have the skills? I’ve seen a lot of IPs ejected from their land and paid a very meager amount by mining industries. They were not even hired by the mining firms because of lack of skills.

    • John_Cruz

      The mining firms should provide training to those IPs who are trainable and hire them!

    • noyab


  • Socorro

    I watched it live in a TV coverage and I saw how Pinoy  resented and showed his irritation to the peole of Casiguran. He was arrogant, stopping and blocking them while they express their sentiments. He said that the folks were close minded, ” sarado ang isip” but he is also close minded. I can feel how the Casiguran folks felt as I saw how Pinoy talked to them. he is not sincere and I’m sure this APECO will push thru irregardless of the people, then we jhave to be ready for natural catastrophe there.

    • noyab


    • Vincent Tuason

      yeah, that is not the way you treat your constituents. regardless if he is having a bad day or not. 

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       Ano ang aasahan mo sa isang tao na galing sa panginoon maylupa? papogi lang ang pagharap niya sa mga taga casiguran pero ang sagot ay nakaukit na sa bato!

  • Jannica

    What’s the use of your so-called ‘development’ if many people lost their means of livelihood??? This administration just don’t care at all: SCIENCE, CULTURE, ARTS and now, our own ETHNIC HISTORY. What can you expect from a president who came from an elitist family?? 

  • noyab


  • noyab


  • bantaybulee

    Until there is no court order to Cease and Desist, APECO will continue to operate to the best of their ability. And if there is no support from the government, decision from the President, and a solid case against them, then there is no reason to stop APECO, or any institution that provides service. 

    What the protesters need to do is to trust the process, and to work within it. Don’t grandstand. Don’t make Facebook Pages. Don’t require your students to share certain things on social media to propagate your causes. It will only create a much greater confusion, and it will not solve your problem. 

    Their best solution is to wait for the NEDA to review APECO, and then start from there. If it fails the NEDA review, then the anti’s have just cause to ask APECO to stop operating. But if it does pass the NEDA review, then the best way is to simply support the government. All that PNoy is asking, is accept reasonable doubt. It’s the right of any accused. 

    Stay calm. Have faith. 

  • TonTon

    wala na ba silang maisip na project maliban dyan sa APECO???

  • oraman

    pag aaralan pa…ok e di tanungin kaya si Sen Serge Osmena…

  • $20722540

    ngayon damage control na ang mga angara.  nabuko na sila kong ano-ano ang ginagawa nila para pagkakitaan ang probinsiya.  kaya gusto nila meron senador, gobernador, congressman galing sa isang famila lamang ni edong…ano pa kaya ang kanyanag mga pinsan, kaibigan..omg ang mga politikong ito pareho-pareho lang sila

  • $20722540

    magiisip yan si angara para balikan din yan si osmena…pareho pareho lang yan na mga meron vested interest

  • zeroko

    Waste of billions of money. Runway pala ang gagawin ng mga Angara. My gush@antonioluna2:disqus 
     Nabubulok na ang at hindi pa tapos na Freeport sa Infanta, Quezon, eto naman. Isang damukal na, ay, hindi ko alam kung anong klaseng gobyerno tayo. Nagtatapon lang ng pera. 

    Sa Angara country, 900 million pesos na ang ginastos, yet, it does not commensurate to the development. WALA!

    Si PNoy Chinese, si Angara Chinese din. O, nakita na ninyo. These alien race should not have been voted in our Philippine Government. The are just there to squander “people’s money.”

  • zeroko

    Puro simula, wala naman nangyayari. 340 KILOMETERS APECO project against Infanta, Quezon project which is 80 kilometers from Manila via Infanta Road direct Antipolo, direct Manila. What a crazy project. Puro simula, puro daang balubaluktot. H he he. Joke lang……….

  • zeroko

    What is is Government Aviation Office (CAAP) doing. That planned airport is waste of money. Besides, it is too close to the mountain ranges. There surely be a bit of danger taking off and landing in a turbulent area. Ay naku! Dapat, e audit kung ano ang pinagkagastusan sa already spend 900 million pesos. 

    The problem here is that , the 13 thousand forest has already been destroyed by illegal logging. Kumita na ang mga Angara at ang syndicate sa undertaking na ito. This is what the ethnic people are complaining. Their habitat was devastated, and in addition, they say, so many none government organization, people who are directly affected were not consulted. Sayang itong former U.P. Dean, swwitik pala. Nirirail road ang project. He by-pass the public consultation and proceed with the process. O, ano ngayon, mr. angara(s). Buking kayo!

  • wawa2172

    Pnoy won’t scrap the APECO project. He owes the Angara’s gratitude big time. It must be recalled that Pnoy have to scrap his appointments and travel as far as Baler to convince Edong to vote for the ouster of Corona. Noy was successful in convincing him but of course with concession. The result of APECO review in its implementation and funding will be minimal or none if ever. Noy owe Edong,,,,big time.

    • Billy Mosende

      is that bad?

  • arao_liwanag

    Gusto yan ni Noynoy kasi lihim siyang isa sa pinakamalaking makikinabang diyan, kung di man magmamayari nyan. Ganyan ang nangyari sa Bacon-Maanito Geothermal Plant sa Abay-Sorsogon Boundary na tinatanuran ng Miltar (Libre sa gastos sa security). Ang Familyang Lopez ANG NAKA PRENTE, PERO SI NOY NOY ANG PINAKAMALAKI ANG INTERST. ABANGAN PAGDINA SIYA PRESIDENTE LALABAS NA ANG KATOTOHANAN. CHAIRMAN O MEMBER NG BOARD DOON, CHAIRMAN O MEMBER NG BOARD DITO. KABIKABILA KASOSYO SIYA. COURTESY OF TUWID NA DAAN. Good luck Pilipinas. Ang swerte me mo sa mga racketeer na anak lalo na itong mga Atenista na walang alam kundi ATEN ITO ATEN TO ITS, meaning ATENEO and NOYNOY Gang Partnership.

  • baitcaster

    I wonder how many of our responders reside in Aurora, especially in the area of Dinalungan and Casiguran.  I live in the States most of the year, but I consider that area my second home, and I visit there every year. That area has been characterized as “typhoon lashed,” a major reason given why the Apeco will not succeed there. My question is, what part of the Philippines is not “typhoon lashed”? In truth, typhoons are a part of our lives in the Philippines, and we learn how to cope with them. Those rice and corn farmers and coconut growers and fisherfolk, whose livelihood is the most susceptible to typhoons, marched hundreds of kilometers to Manila to fight for that way of life, for their farming and fishing, which shows that typhoons are not so big a factor in the scheme of life there, and should not pose a deterrent to the success of Apeco.

         What good is an airport to the area? Isn’t the Philippines promoting tourism? Shouldn’t that part of Luzon get its own share of tourists, too? An airport in Casiguran will bring the tourists in, to enjoy the mountains and the beaches, and the seafood — yum! And the fisherfolk can fly their catch out to reap the better prices for their fish in cities like Santiago in Isabela, where they fetch  more than three times the “tarifa,” which is the price limit on their catch imposed by local authorities.

         Why shouldn’t a seaport be located there? Because “there” is right there on the east coast of Luzon, right on the Pacific where you jump off for China, Japan, and the rest of the world. And if you haven’t been there, you haven’t seen the San Ildefonso Peninsula, beautifully awesome, which stretches more than twenty kilometers like a finger, or an appendix, from mainland Luzon, a range of mountains that enfolds a deep inland sea. Where the peninsula attaches to the mainland, in Casiguran, is where the seaport is being built. San Ildefonso protects this inland sea from the onslaught of the Pacific, and provides the perfect typhoon hole for shipping.

         Together with the progress of Apeco comes the improvement of roads, which will aid tourism and help distribute the shipping that enters the port. When I first got there in the mid 1990s the so-called national highway from Baler to Casiguran was rocks, and potholes that sometimes had to be forded because they were that big. Since work on the Apeco started, there has been substantial improvement on that highway. There has been widening, and creation of scenic stretches. One hopes that when things go forward, the highway will resemble the one in Sta Fe, which connects Nueva Vizcaya to Isabela.

        And, be reminded, there is supposed to be a vast natural gas rich undersea territory just off of this very coast of Luzon, an area that will soon be legally ours, and which our country will soon begin to exploit. If that comes about, we will already have an airport and a seaport there ready to handle the economic boom that will surely come to the people in this area.

         These can well be some of the reasons why President Aquino asks for things to be re-examined. It happened in Isabela  when the Magat Dam was built.  A lot of Ifugao farmers were displaced. We can imagine the hue and cry, the passions and anguish that were stirred because it was also a katutubo issue. But they were successfully relocated in a barangay now called Wigan in Cordon, Isabela, where they continue to enjoy their livelihood of rice farming, using their terracing skills to cultivate formerly unused hilly land.  Apeco should do as well for the affected folks in Casiguran. That area in the main island of Luzon has long been neglected, and is long due for an economic boom.

    • Jose Rizal

      Paraiso para sa retirement ni Angara yata ang tinutukoy mo…

      • Billy Mosende

        is that bad?

      • baitcaster

        Kung malutas lang ang problema ng mga apektadong mamayan, paraiso para sa lahat doon. Kagandahan nyan, puwedeng lutasin yan. Kung umunlad ang tourism doon dahil sa pagbubukas ng Apeco, yong mga fisherfolk hindi lang huhuli ng isda para ipagbili ng presyong tarifa. Magiging fishing guides at fishing charter sila, at tiyak na maraming mag sportsfishing doon, sa kadamidaming nahuhuli doon, tulad ng blue marlin, sailfish, mahi-mahi, lapu-lapu, tuna, at maraming iba pa. Alam ko, ako’y taga roon. A little positive thinking and all this is within reach.

      • baitcaster

        Joe, paraiso ni Angara ay paraiso din ng pangkaraniwang tao doon.  How else can you bring progress to the area? Magkaroon lang ng koriente 24/7 ay laking tuwa na namin doon. Sa ngayon dalawang diesel generators lang sa Casiguran ang source ng power. Nirarasyon ang koriente namin. Nabubulok ang isda at hindi magamit ang freezer. Saka lang tuloy ang koriente kung me laban si Pakyaw. Hopefully Apeco will get that area connected to the Luzon power grid. That is surely good for the area, don’t you agree? Right now most of the people I know are eagerly anticipating the completion of Apeco and the promise of better things to come.

  • rodben

    This is another CORRUPTION grabbing land from the native Pinoys, wasting tax payers money the exchange of big commissions same like those some gov’t project in the fast left unfinish maybe the fund were spend from nowhere by these Chinese officials in the gov’t…SANA MAGING  MATALINO NA MGA PINOY THIS COMING ELECTIONS..REMEMBER NO PINOY IN CHINESE GOV’T.

  • joerizal

    Open naman ang mind ni PNoy kaso walang laman.

  • rodben

    Where is the CHR NOW? This issue is also a Human rights violations , during  Marcos time , Estrada, and Gloria they are very noisy  but time of Cory and Noy2 very silent is their any politicians favored by this commission or  funded by the BIGTIME CHINESE? Just asking…

    • Jose Rizal

      Akbayan ang CHR ngayon…identified with Ninoy…and are the opportunistic communist who enjoyed quid-pro-quo relationship with Panot Aquino.
      Hahahahahahaha!  Masaya sa “Tuwad na Daan”.

  • Klepto

    This man is talking to deaf ears. The only way that he could get heard is to make a much louder noise, and nothing is more audible than the sound of AK47.

    • baitcaster

      Kasama ka ba sa mga “‘Kaibigan sa Labas”? Paminsanminsan me enkuwentro, baka kasama ka.

  • Klepto

    Maganda sana ang objective: Mabigyan ng kabuhayan ang mga tao.
    Pero alam naman natin na ang mag eenjoy nito ay mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno. Ang mga parasitiko at walang silbi na mga pulitiko lang ang yayaman.
    Kaya hwag aatras! Iinitin nyo ang mga bakal na araro at gawing itak!

    • baitcaster

      Hindi natin alam yon. Rhetoric yang sinasabi mo. Kadaling sabihin yan, kahit di ka magisip.

  • Isaganilla Gella

    Kong ang interest sa mga nakakarami at di apektado ang agricultural land bakit hindi”KASO BKA SA INTREST LANG NG MGA KAWATAN ”wag na lang po Mr. President…”sa Aurora kaya mabagal din ang development ni’y kalsada nga sa FARM TO MARKET di mapaayos”4X 4 ang sasakyan mo bago ka mkarating sa kabayanan”LUNGGA DIN NG MGA BABOY RAMO ANG MATAGAL NA NAMUMUNO SA LUGAR NA YAN”

    • baitcaster

      It’s true I find it necessary to drive a 4-wheel-drive in Aurora. Building Farm to Market roads is ever an on-going thing there. “Lungga ng  baboy ramo” sa “lugar na yan” might even hold some truth. Pero marami tayong mamamayan doon (sa “lugar na yan”) na nagpapalaki ng mga anak at mabuti ang kalooban, na hindi rin kakaiba sa pangangailangan, at hangad din umunlad sa buhay. I am absolutely certain that President Aquino listens to these people and will surely give them a break.

  • jga94

    I have been to Aurora and it’s beautiful there but it is so isolated and hard to access…I have always thought that an airport would be a useful addition to the province (if not here maybe in a nearby province).

    Accdg to Monsod: Their question is whether the economic zone is a valid and a good project.
    Papaano kung good project nga siya but it was found out that indeed the rights of the IP and legitimate farmers were not respected….what happens to the money already spent for it.

    • baitcaster

      What has been accomplished is already a good start for the improvement of life there. I am referring to the work done on  the national highway from Baler to Casiguran. If Apeco is stopped, then the airport and the seaport, work on which has already started, become white elephants, and people cannot make “billions” out of non-profitable white elephants, no matter what some of our responders say. If it is stopped, Aurora will stay 50 years behind where other places like Isabela are today.

           So the case for an open mind. Giving justice to the farmers and fisherfolk is doable. The airport can be a great extension of the “farm to market road.” If one gets sick one can fly out for medical help. Hopefully, Apeco benefits will include upgrading of the  hospital in Casiguran, or another can be built in Dinalungan. Right now when people get gravely sick they are taken to Cabanatuan City or Manila. The Catholic church, always sensitive to the plight of the people, should not push for a repeal of Apeco because it holds great promise for the upliftment of life there, but should work on the resettlement of the affected farmers and fisherfolk.

      • jamesgeorge

        Resettling people is not easy and should be the first move by a provision of billions to make it viable or feasible and acceptable but let me ask you, Did they do this most important thing before any forest clearing operations? The answer is a big NO!!! Simula pa lang wala na silang malasakit sa tao,kitang kita na ang pera sa mga mata nila!

      • baitcaster

        We talk in parallel, that’s the problem. A conversation is an exchange of ideas and should stay that way. Haven’t I always said in this forum that the affected people should be given justice first, that they should be resettled and compensated? Obviously, if this is not done, then don’t proceed with APECO. So what’s your problem with this simplest of ideas? But it is still an ongoing thing. In other words, they’re still working on it. It is doable, meaning it can be accomplished. Hindi pa luto ang pinakbet. I am repeating myself here, so you will understand. Look at the katutubong Ifugaos who were relocated and are now doing well, when the Magat Dam flooded their homes and ricefields in Isabela. Obviously you are not a resident of Aurora, so you cannot feel for the majority of the people there. Puro ka bomba nang bomba sa mga ganid sa pera, na aawa na tuloy ako sa kanila.

    • baitcaster

      Aurora the beautiful. I fall asleep to the white noise of the surf, and wake up to a glorious sunrise over San Ildefonso Peninsula. It is a cool February morning. With my point-and-shoot, I walk the untrammeled beach waiting to take a picture of the rainbow that plants a pot of gold on the water off the beach and bombards the mountain with another. When the rainbow fades, leaving me with an enormous feeling of satisfaction, it’s time to watch the boats come in from a night of fishing. They work the rich waters of Simbahan Bay, and fish, to eat with my rice, is available from them right there and then, fresh as can be.

           Pristine is that area at this moment. But I can see crowded beaches, and hotels rising on the beach.  If I were a selfish man, I wouldn’t breathe a word of this paradise and keep it all for myself. But the people need good roads, a better power source, better medical care, and an alternate way of living to catch up to the 21st century. Keeping an open mind is thinking about these things. It’s thinking about the big picture, but making sure that all affected persons are treated justly.

  • charles

    If IDC is allowed to log the forests around APECO, then you guysand girls  in Aurora should prepare for another typhoon Pablo-like onslaught of flooding, and mayhem…

  • Malik62

    Fr, James Gascon, SJ posted in his FB that he has unliked P-Noy page saying walang kwentang presidente, bully and  he does not know how to listen. The Jesuit Scholastics (mostly Yellows) are talking about BS Aquino X3 they call him an a$$$hle.

  • jamesgeorge

    There’s no point in discussing the pros and cons of the Apeco law after it was enacted into law!!! The fact remains that if there was no prior consultation with the people in the locality, then this law must be repealed! As President of the nation, Pres. Aquino must focus if the people opposed to it was given the opportunity to be heard! If this is a “fast break law” rammed by the Angaras on the nation, then we have to start again with the most basic fundamental right of the natives to present their side in congress. Otherwise, we’re a nation run by capitalists with profits as sole motivation. Millions of people were not aware of this law and to tell them to keep an open mind, is just one more way of insulting them! You are displacing hordes of people and taking away their means of livelihood and yet, they weren’t even heard and given a chance to contradict? My God, we’re either communists or totalitarian,take your pick!

    • baitcaster

      “Hordes of people”???

  • jamesgeorge

    In order for us to truly understand and grasp the APECO law and its effects on the residents and natives of the province plus the general welfare of the public and natural resources, we should put ourselves on the precarious situation of the fishermen and natives, otherwise, we will bulldozed and neglect the plight of people in the area! Yes, development and infrastructure equals progress but, that doesn’t mean that depriving fisherfolk and natives of their inherent right to benefit from the land should not be  assured and that’s when the pros and cons of this project should be weighed and extensive public consultation should be done! As it is, the lawmakers spearheaded by the Angaras failed to conduct proper public consultations! So, the APECO LAW may be economically sound and good for the country,but  that is not the issue here anymore but the process by which it was railroaded!

  • jamesgeorge

    As the exchanges grew more intense, a man from the ranks of the IP told the President that the “development he was speaking of” was different from “our concept of development,” to applause and hoots.

    “Our brand of development is to enrich our land. That’s why we even banned one company from logging in San Ildefonso,” he said, referring to Industries Development Corp. which they said was paid P120 million by Apeco for logging rights. “Apeco has its own law. We have our law as IPs that was violated by Apeco.”
    “If they suddenly start building structures that destroy the forest cover, then you tell me because we can cut off the funding,” Mr. Aquino said.
    This exchange of ideas from the IP and the President was significant! It showed what’s really going on in the forest of this province!!! If this is true, then, I don’t think any of the supporters of this law would vote yes to APECO!!!

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