Pangilinan says Corona chums making things hard for Sereno


Senator Francis Pangilinan. INQUIRER PHOTO

Senator Francis Pangilinan on Monday said magistrates associated with impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona were blocking the reforms being implemented by Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno in the judiciary.

Pangilinan said this was evidenced by the strong opposition to Sereno’s move creating a regional office in Cebu City in a bid to decentralize the judiciary.

Although he did not name anyone, Pangilinan said he was referring to “those who were associated with him (Corona) and have continued to resist reforms.”

“We support Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno’s efforts at decentralization, which I believe is the issue behind the latest controversy regarding Administrative Order No. 175-2012, or the reopening of the Regional Court Administration Office (RCAO) in Cebu City in Region VII,” said Pangilinan on the eve of the Supreme Court en banc meeting where Sereno is expected to finally face her fellow justices who had questioned the RCAO project which was not approved by the high court en banc.

The RCAO project, funded by the Asian Development Bank, underwent pilot testing in  2006 but failed, prompting the high court to scrap it during the transition period between Chief Justices Reynato Puno and Corona.

Sereno, however, revived the project “on her own” and issued the AO establishing the RCAO in Cebu City even if the procedure stipulates that this should be approved by the high court en banc, a source said.

Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-De Castro has written a letter to Sereno demanding a recall of her order because this was contrary to the results of the Nov. 27 en banc meeting where several justices opposed the move.

De Castro insisted that only the high court en banc and the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) could rule on the reopening of the Cebu office. The OCA is headed by Midas Marquez who served as Corona’s spokesperson.

De Castro was among the magistrates who have been cool to Sereno, who include Associate Justices Antonio Carpio, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Arturo Brion, Presbitero Velasco and Martin Villarama Jr. they have shown their displeasure at her appointment by snubbing the SC flag ceremony several times.

Welfare and benefits


In reviving the RCAO project, Sereno said RCAO Cebu would be for the welfare and benefit of judges in the Visayas who could now file leave applications and other benefits and process them there without having to go to the OCA office in Manila.

Sereno had also enumerated on the merits and desirability of having an RCAO in Cebu instead of having a centralized office.

Pangilinan agreed with Sereno, saying decentralization was the key to speeding up the resolution of court cases as mandated by the Constitution. “The concentration of powers in the national office has adversely affected the efficiency of our courts,”  he said.

But Sereno’s fellow justices objected to the Chief Justice’s move to revive the RCAO, saying this should have been approved by the high court en banc and were about to question her decision in last week’s en banc session.

But Sereno called in sick and  skipped the session, thus, averting a confrontation with her colleagues. She, however, attended the roundtable discussions of Asean chief justices on environmental law and enforcement in Malaysia.


Creation of regional courts


According to Pangilinan, Sereno’s move to decentralize the justice system was in keeping with the reforms initiated by former Chief Justices Hilario Davide Jr. and Puno who had also pushed for the creation of more regional courts to speed up the resolution of  pending cases.

“It was former Chief Justice Renato Corona who suspended the decentralization of courts during his term. I cannot help but ask if this controversy stems from the OCA  refusing to give up the powers it had enjoyed under former Chief Justice Renato Corona.  Why was it right then and wrong now?” said Pangilinan.

Pangilinan said the high court’s operations had become too centralized that “even the purchase of certain supplies and materials for the regional trial courts all throughout the country needed approval in Manila.”

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  • Ding

    Hindi ba magagawan ng paraan, in favor of decentralization, say creation of a law in the Senate towards that objective?

    • Bansot

      what are you talking about??? The Judiciary and the Congress ( both houses) are co equal branches of our government sytem under our Constitution

  • victorts

    Pangilinan in turn is making it hard for the Philippines by being a senator when others more qualified should be in his position.  His only claim to fame is being the husband of Sharon Cuneta.  As a lawyer, he was a virtual unknown.

  • Bansot

    OH NO, not again. It appears that “FINGER POINTING” has been an “SOP” for most administration officials ,that is they blame the previous administration for their failures. Senator, there is one simple reason why the Chief Justice failed to implement her reforms. that is….she never yet earned the respect and trust of her associate justices. In order to be a successful department head, one must not only be intelligent but must has the skills to gain the trust and cooperation of her subordinates and associates!!!

    • Nilo C

      Trust and respect??? O talagang likas na ng mga Pinoy ang magiging Utak Talangka???

      • Bansot

        ARE YOU ???

    • angie1875

      What were the achievements of Corona? Was he an intellectual giant? Wasn’t he just a midnight appointee of a fake president? He could not even mount an intelligent defense in his own impeachment trial…puro PALUSOT. 

      • Bansot

        The issue here is the failure of Sereno to implement reforms.. and our good Senator is blaming someone else for it. We are not discussing the achievement or culpability of Corona anymore, since he is already a part of history… that simple

    • $15469930

      Kailangan ifiring squad lahat ng hindi sumusunod sa Chief Justice .

      • Bansot

        So, where is the due process that we are talking about???

    • LabuyoB

      Bakit di kailangang iblame ang previous admin? Para magkalimutan na lang ba tayo sa ‘pagpapayaman ng iilan dyan at ni katiting sa dapat gagawin sa reporma ng judicatora ay wala? Talo ang taong bayan sa sinasabi mo kaya di naitutuwid ang pagkakamali dahil makalimutin ang pinoy! Sariwain parati at huwag talagang bigyan ng pakakataon na magkalimutan na lang tayo para walang perpetuation of crimes against the Filipino people!

  • bilango71

    Baka kailangang ang another impeachment!

    • Maldi2

       Dyan magaling si Panot, impeachment agad – di marunogn sumunod sa batas at proceso.  Mag file ka na agad at tingnan natin kung kakagatin pa ng matatalinong congress and impeachment na yan.

    • spring7wood

      Agree.  De Castro for sour graping and not attending flag ceremonies.

  • Honeymae

    Mr. Senator, hindi naman siguro problema ang arguments for decentrali_ation. Ang problema po, kahit Chief Justice ka, you have to follow the law in implementing these reforms. Bakit kailangang gumawa siya ng sarili niyang resolution without the SC En Banc’s approval and without the Court Administrator knowing it? HIndi naman komo Chief Justice ka, e, magagawa mo lahat ng gusto mo, kese hoda kung hindi alam ng SC En Banc? Yun po ang problema, hindi yung decentrali_ation. 

  • catmanjohn

    Flush Midas Marquez down the toilet like the POS that he is. This move to decentralize certain cases makes good sense in terms of efficiency and expediency, and the contrary would benefit those who would benefit from bribes and kick backs from mining and lumber interests that are heavily active in the south. How else did that baboy Corona acquire over 40 properties with a SC judges salary.

    • Maldi2

       The fact that Serena can’t do that is because Marquez is more smarter and intelligent than the Chief Justice.  Akalain mong nasa learning stage pa nga lang si Serena bilang isang Associate Justice eh bigla mong i-catapult sa punong mahistrado?  Yan ay isang malaking pagkakamali ng isang pangulong wala ring alam!  PWE!

      • catmanjohn

        Greed overrides intelligence with these guys. Midas Marquez intelligent??? more like a slimy drug pushing pimp whose got the SC ho’s drug addicted.

      • Maldi2

        Your statement does not correlate each other.  Greed is for money or power and not intelligence.  Use a more appropriate adverb.  Just recently Marquez submitted himself to drug testing, thus, you accusations are like of Simeon, a product of his imagination. Has you idol, Panot, heeded the challenge to have him undergo HIV testing?  hmnnnnn…kaya pala di pa nag-asawa yan ay baka meron..bwehehehehe!

      • tagalinis

        at ikaw, marunong? that will be the day, ha! ha! ha!

      • Maldi2

        Hoist maglinis ka nga at di ko ma gets ang tinutumbok mo.  Walang ka kwenta-kwenta mga pinagsasabi mo!

      • Darwin

        Maldi2 made a smart comment. correct too. so I’d say that Maldi2 is smart. smarter than you, obviously.

      • D_BystandeR

        Ano ka ba, genius? Ang taas mong magsalita? It looks like you’re one of the beneficiaries if the “status quo” is maintained. If that is what you want, forget any kind of reform to take place in the Supreme Court. But you have to be mentally honest with yourself. CJ Sereno is handpicked by the President to institute reforms in the judicial system. If CJ Sereno’s hands are tied up by the “bureaucracy ruling” how can you expect her to do her job. And you should understand that majority of the justices are “oldtimers” and are used to the term “business as usual” that is why many problems in the system are “unsolved” because the members of the “Old Boys Club” wants the status quo to govern and prevail. Just imagine, countless cases are piling up and gathering dusts because the “oldtimers” are used to the “I don’t care” attitude. It is the President’s dream to have a Supreme Court that is positively responsive to the needs of the people, that justice will be for everybody, rich and poor alike.

    • efffyoufools

      aquino has 11.3 USD and 500,000 euros deposited in 4 banks in the philippines that are not reflected in his SALN and everyone who knew about it is not interested to speak up like the way they didn’t show interest in finding out the truth re the confession of the person who they called the KOALA BEAR when he confessed that he was paid by aquino and binay’s election funders 1B pesos to rig the election in their favors that unfortunately declared them as the HOCUS PCOSed winners. 

      2. explain why midas marquez should be flushed down the toilet and tell us why you hate corona and his family so much that you post a stupid comment which makes me so angry that i want to curse you and wish for you to disappear from the world.

      • jamesgeorge

        Mukang imbento lang yang sinasabi mo, pag walang ebidensya, tumahimik ka na lang! Si Midas,dapat nag-resign na dahil yung idinedepensa nya eh,convicted, so kung me delikadesa sya resign na agad! Sagutin mo nga,paano nagkaroon ng ganung kadaming properties si corona? simple lang, highest bidder at bulungan ang istilo ni corona, pero di mo pa din matanggap ano?

  • Maldi2

    Just like SC who is respecting the autonomy of Senate in its dealings, Pangilinan should shut his mouth up as SC has its own rules that not even the president can interfere.  Why so many politicians likes to meddle in the affairs of SC?  Naging bading na rin ba itong si Kiko gaya ni Panot?

  • agustin

    The godfather of the rugby boys is again talking,you better go back to news reporting at abs cbn where you can be useful, not in the senate where you have inspired the young one to commit criminality. take this advise Mr. Noted.

    • D_BystandeR

      There’s a saying, “Only fools don’t change their mind.” If Senator Kiko Pangilinan made a mistake before it is not fair for you to dismiss everything coming from him as scrap. You have to read “behind the lines” and you will find “wisdom” in what he is saying. I, for one, dislike the reaction of the members of “the Old Boys Club.” How can you expect CJ Sereno to reform and streamline the Supreme Court if the “old barkadas” of Corona is blocking her move? This is the height of perversion engaged by this “negative group” of justices and this can be interpreted as “abuse of power!” Just because they consider themselves beyond the “disciplinary powers” of the President that is why they are behaving like this? Just because it is hard for them to be “kicked out” from their seats and because they cannot be dismissed from their job except through impeachment that is why they formed a group to signify their defiance to the authority of the Chief Justice by hiding under the mantle of “judicial technicalities?” As justices of the Supreme Court they ought to be “role model” of good behavior and governance and not to become a “stumbling block” for any reform that Chief Justice Sereno envisions and wants to implement for the good of the system.

  • randyaltarejos

    Kaya di na talaga ang Pinas aasenso kasi masyado tayong emotional at vindictive. Kita mo na lang ito. Para bang si Sereno ang me kagagawan ng mga aberya ni Corona sa kanyang buhay. Mag isip isip nga tayo! Kung na impeach sya, kasalanan ba ni Sereno yun?

    • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

      Di ba vindictive din ang idolo mong bozo sa Malacanang? Magisip-isip ka nga din, pendejo?! Gutter pala ang gusto nyo eh, e di pati na down spout sa inyo na rin. Iyan ang Pilipinas na napala ‘nyo. Hoy, syanga pala hindi ako Tagalog!

      • randyaltarejos


  • Peter L

    Senator Pangilinan is humming the same tune the present dispensation has been humming since then – reforms under the disguise of dictatorship. The Chief Justice is going against the rule that the program has to pass through an en banc decision and not on her personal assessment alone. Senator Pangilinan may i ask you a question? Do the Senate President makes a law by himself without the concurrence of all the senators? Why do you always use the issue of “GMA and her allies at SC” whenever election is coming. It is an old tune and people are tired of it. I used to admire your antics then but now that the true intent of your friend in Malacanang has been deciphered – reform through vengeance. You are parroting it. With due respect, I losing faith in you as a barrister.

    • edvival

       Kiko should stick to his own turf. Ang dami-dami dpat atupagin sa Senado na hindi pa ma-isabatas. Moreover, like the Senate, the Supreme Court is a collegial body, where decisions are made by the majority. Also, like the Senate, our highest court is not immune to the realities and dynamics of power and corporate politics.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Supreme court is a Gangster nest, Danding C. showed it with maestria he has knowledges how to handle it with his stollen San Miguel stocks….

    • Spokesman2

      Malapit na kasi election, kaya kung ano ang gustong marining ng mga bulag yun ang linya niya.  Klarong namang mali yung ginawa ni Sereno ay pilit paring ginagawan ng rason na tama ng mga bulag.

  • Cerise David

    Noted, Mr Senator.

  • louie

    well, that’s expected for AJs who have lost there chance of being CJ. understandable. harhar

  • $15469930

    Lumalabas ang tunay na kulay ng Pilipino basta kalaban ka kahit tama ginagawa mo imamali ka .itong mga justice na ito ay dapat sibakin ng tayong bayan . Kung ito ay impossible gawin gamitin ang style ng riding in tandem isa isahin silang hangang mawala…….ito Lang ang ka tapat para sila ay ituwid ng pandas.

  • Matambaka

    Nagkamali si SereN0 sa kanyang lang yon…Nagdesisyon sya sa sarili nya na dapat ay “en banc”   ang desisyon…

    Tapos  nagkasakit  sya para di maka attend ng en banc session..pero andun pala sa MAlaysia pupunta…

    Ano yun? lol

  • Pedro

    We have to help CJ Sereno  in  instituting  reforms at  the SC. If  impeachment of  these   BULL HEADED  SC  justices blocking  every move of CJ Sereno at the SC  is  needed, all  the congressmen  and senators  supporting  the TUWID  NA  DAAN  of  President Noynoy should act NOW !  Hon. Congressmen Rodolfo Farinas, Niel Tupas and  Neptali  Gonzales. . . mukhang  kailangan  na  uli  kayo dito. . .TULUNGAN  NATIN  SI CJ  SERENO ,  WALISIN  ANG  MGA  BALAKID  SA REPORMA. . 

  • jojoandrada

    So in a nutshell, we have disgruntled justices who prefer the farming out of justice throughout the land remain at turtle’s pace just to spite an individual who happened not to belong to their clique. Tsk … tsk … tsk ….

  • rgf_md

    Huwag na natin pakialaman ang Supreme Court Mr Sharon Cuneta. Kaya nagkakagulo ang mga Justices dahil sa  politika. Natural me galamay pa si Corona dyan, eh hindi nyo inimpeached lahat eh. Di na sana dumami yan kung HINDI KA SANA NOTED NG NOTED noong bilanagn ng balota sa Senado noong 2010 Presendential Election. Balimbing!!!!!!!

  • Gary

    Mali si CJ Sereno, no if’s & but’s… eh kung nagpatawag kaya siya ng meeting together with other justices and convince them with her plans.. magkaroon ba ng problema??? wala hindi po ba??? Ang problema si Sereno mismo hind nya alam na she has no power to issue AO in this matter.. bakit hindi ba nya alam ang batas???? Mabuti pa ni Pangilinan, pagaralan nya uli ang batas nya ukol sa Juvenile Justice System dahil ang batad na ito ang naging salot ngayon sa lipunan

  • mekeni62

    Sereno knows the rules. If she herself as the CJ breaks them then she’s ripe for the whipping from her associates. She brought this to herself.

  • RyanE

    I guess the Ombudsman should start digging into the SALNs and bank accounts of these AJs associated with the ex-CJ. If there are anomalies, then impeachment cases can be filed against them. These AJs are becoming roadblocks to judicial reform and should be tossed out of the way if necessary.

    • diamond_digger

       Correct! Also, it’s quite perplexing that their objection is just because they wanted it approve by the SC en banc. It could therefore be assumed that when the matter was brought up to them for decision, they would have approved it anyway.

    • EdgarEdgar

      But that would be an even bigger problem for Sereno. She understated her 2011 SALN as reported just yesterday by PCIJ,org and GMA7.

      For more details, refer to GMA7’s article — “SC justices among highest paid govt officials in 2011″. Also available in PCIJ,org.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Life style check by supreme court Judges is an emergency, as Corona experiment show it.
    Beware ! Suprem court Justice are obviously the roots of the corruption in the Philippines

    • EdgarEdgar

      I agree. Except that lifestyle check may also end up getting Sereno in trouble. In a PCIJ,org  / GMA7 report that came out just yesterday, in fact just hours before Sen. Kiko spoke about his newfound love Sereno. The report details how Sereno and her peers have understated, misdeclared and undeclared assets in their 2011 SALNs. All impeachable, but that’s for another time. Long story short, Sereno refused to answer more questions when SALNs are a matter of public record.

      For more details, refer to GMA7’s article — “SC justices among highest paid govt officials in 2011″. Also available in PCIJ,org.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        It remember me Thomas Osmena declaring one or two millions pesos,
        mistaken the SLAN with his pocket money, but should consider,
        every Trapos are doing the same.

        For the moment, by hook or by crook, i will keep my trust with Sereno,
        and consider her as fresh air in the supreme court

  • Mamang Pulis

    Mabuti na lang at may kumokontra sa ‘bata’ ni mang simeon….kungdi wla rin pinag ka iba sa dati.

  • regd

    (Think very hard people what I’m saying)

  • Wowie Sg

    the issue here is that it should be approved by en banc, regardless of the senators’ take on the matter. this may be a very dangerous precedent if not corrected by the supreme court en banc. kaya namanpala inalis si Corona, para palitan ngtuta ni Abnoy!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Sereno could have handled matters differently. She could have faced the questions of her peers openly and directly instead of avoiding them on the pretense of illness. She could have answered questions from the press instead of letting Kiko Pangilinan speak on her behalf. She could have discussed the RCAO democratically during the en banc session and built consensus instead of doing things behind the back of the collegial body. She could have made her case for the revival of RCAO and administrative decentralization using the ADB’s study on the matter. Instead, her obvious evasion and unpalatable underhandedness are now construed as an attempt to stifle Midas Marquez — petty politics at its most destructive. Sereno is supposed to embody the impartial and blindfolded lady justice, but this incident only highlights her glaring inadequacies for the job. Baring her fangs and her true color this early on, we can rest assured that justice in this country for the next 18 years will be highly politicized and corrupted like never before. As early as now, it is better to disabuse ourselves of the notion that Sereno is here for judicial reform. And no, she was not anointed by God as she once divined.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Hey_Dudes

    The last bastion of justice and hope of Filipinos seemed to have developed brain disease.  Having coronary disease is bad enough but having cooked brains and little less of anything else bode ill for country and people.  If this high court cannot be counted upon in moving away from the ills of other government agencies and stand united, then what hope do we have as a people longing for real justice and reforms?

  • nice_boy

    The issue is the false en banc resolution promulgated by Sereno.  Not the appropriateness of the creation of the RCAO, which only the SC en banc can decide.  Making false allegations seems to be the trait of this woman.  I wonder what will be stand on this of the newly appointed AJ Leonen who went after another AJ for plagerism.  

  • diamond_digger

    I just do not understand the logic used by those who opposed the AO creating the RCAO. They haven’t questioned the need nor the usefulness of the RCAO but their beef is on why was it not approved by the SC en banc. I hate to impute malice on this but, since the RCAO would take on the functions that otherwise would have been concentrated in the Head Office, is it not then the opportunity to get or partake of some largesse in the procurement of supplies and the opportunity to consolidate and or arrogate power by subjecting the judges and court employees to the rigors of going to Manila for important matters that may speed up the dispensation of justice in the countryside? Just asking. Otherwise, I believe the constitution also allows impeachment against any justice who may be found wanting in his performance of his obligation under the constitution.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Because it would be authoritative.

      May processo ang lahat. At dapat sumunod sa processo, para masabing legal.

      Ang ginawa ay ni CJS ay nag decide without the consensus of the body.

      As an analogy may 10 kayong magkakapatid na pinamanahan ng lote ng magulang nyo, pero iisang tao lang ang nag decide para sa lahat, without informing them or seeking agreement?

      Maganda (siguro) ang intent ng SC AO175-2012, pero wala sa processo.

      (They did decentralize it before, from what i gather, and it failed, somehow, only old people remember it)

    • EdgarEdgar

      I could almost agree with you. Except that Sereno never brought the revival of the RCAO and the case for administrative decentralization to the table during the en banc session. Instead, Sereno chose to talk to the justices one by one, lobbying them individually to allow RCAO’s revival. Some justices were warm to the idea, some were obviously not. So Sereno decided to go ahead with the plan without securing the necessary majority vote, doing it all behind the collegial body’s back. I pesonaly think Sereno should have used the ADB post-implementation analysis of the RCAO back in 2008 to buttress her argument. But she did not.

  • piggywig70

    Kiko Pangilanan is a certified brown-noser and opportunist. Sereno was caught red-handed in a fraudulent act. Instead of facing her peers, she pretended to be sick. Where were the good governance drumbeaters on this? They all kept quiet.

  • Spokesman2

    ” The RCAO project, funded by the Asian Development Bank, underwent pilot
    testing in  2006 but failed, prompting the high court to scrap it during
    the transition period between Chief Justices Reynato Puno and Corona.”

    Ano pa rason ni Sereno para i-revive yan kungdi bayad utang sa mga dati nyang amo.
    Napaka linaw na mali yung ginawa nya, pinipilit paring palabasing tama ng mga bulag.

    • Lila

       why not?

    • Ramil Abalon

      kung spokeman ka ni corona…yan ang pagkakamali  mo…kaming taga cebu, visayas at mindanao ay gusto rin namin ang decentralization…kung ay gusto mong tumagal sa pwesto mo dapat umalis ka dyan…dahil ina point ka lang ni corona..

      • Spokesman2

        dream on..

      • butch p

        spokesman woman yan k mama marquez lol

  • EC

    It is curious that the associate justices did not state any reason for their objection to the creation of RCAO. They just don’t want it. I wonder if reason has any role at all when they render their judicial decisions.

    • Spokesman2

      ” The RCAO project, funded by the Asian Development Bank, underwent pilot
      testing in  2006 but failed, prompting the high court to scrap it during
      the transition period between Chief Justices Reynato Puno and Corona.”

  • cry_freedom

    I agree with the good Senator and I have a suggestion to him. Let’s impeach these recalcitrant Justices.

    • EdgarEdgar

      I could almost agree with you. Except that a GMA 7 /  PCIJ, org report came out just yesterday detailing how Sereno and her peers have misdeclared, understated and undeclared assets in their 2011 SALNs. Impeachable alright. But Sereno blocked every attempt by the investigative journalist from knowing more. Sereno is anti-transparency according to the article.

      For more details, refer to GMA7’s article — “SC justices among highest paid govt officials in 2011″. Also available in PCIJ,org.

  • cry_freedom

    In reply to diamond_digger: That’s what I’ve been thinking too – arrogance out of love for power and money!

  • dudes

    Sana ang CJ hinde pinipili nang presidente naging tuta na kasi nang presidente ang CJ wala nang kredebilidad kahit sino man CJ

  • miiron

    kick Midas “Hudas” Marquez a** from  the SC!

  • Benjamin

    impeach ng sabay-sabay lahat ng mga alipores ni Pandakekok sa SC…

  • 12JEM

    Associate Justices Antonio Carpio, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Arturo Brion, Presbitero Velasco and Martin Villarama Jr.  and de Castro and Midas Marquez….THESE JUSTICES will continue to be OBNOXIOUS FIXTURES in the SC.

    • EdgarEdgar

      Not that I fully disagree with you, but if we were to ask those eight names, they would turn around and accuse Sereno of being an obnoxious new addition to SC. But the press enjoyed Sen. Kiko’s foray into the business of the judiciary. He and Sereno make a good couple.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Senator Kiko Pangilinan has a thing for meaty women. But since Sharon Cuneta’s showbiz career has been going downhill for sometime now, it’s time for Kiko to move on to another meaty woman. This time, it’s Chief Justice Sereno. The meaty lady justice is more in line with Kiko’s political career and better suited for Kiko according to his opportunistic calculations. Which is also why Kiko took on another full time job as Sereno’s spokesperson without resigning from the senate first. In fairness to Kiko, he did not go so far as to proclaim himself as being anointed by God. But when Kiko spoke about Sereno’s cloak and dagger petty politics in the high tribunal on Monday, Kiko deliberately avoided touching on a bigger subject. And that is the PCIJ report that came out earlier in the day, indicting Sereno for trying to cover up her own and her peer’s misdeclared, understated and undeclared assets in their 2011 SALNs. Unmistakably impeachable by the last precedent, but that’s for another time. When pressed for answer, Sereno insisted that she is above the law together with her peers and can only be questioned by the Ombudsman and not by the people or taxpayers.

    For more details, refer to GMA7’s article — “SC justices among highest paid govt officials in 2011″. Also available in PCIJ,org.

    • droccu

      You have a valid point there against Sereno worth exploring but….why the need for fat comments at women at that?! Totally unnecessary…

      • EdgarEdgar

        You’re right, totally unnecessary. Corrections made. Thanks droccu.

      • droccu

        Nice editing Edgar :-). There’s more than one way to skin a cat, baga. Good to know that there are still netizens like you open to constructive criticisms. Other pag napuna usually blast away back with invectives hiding behind the cloak of  on line anonymity. Kudos to you! Thanks also.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       Highest paid.

      Well they are one of the most learned, for one. (grasping straws at this one)

      • EdgarEdgar

        They ought to be highly paid, i don’t mind.

        But what stood out in the report is the arrogant manner through which Sereno tried to cover up her 2011 SALN and how she tried to silence the PCIJ,org journalist. But then again, Sereno has always been under the impression that she’s appointed by God as she once divined.

  • silvershade

    Where is the “matuwid na daan” of Pnoy?  I think Sereno and Pangilinan were lost or just seem to ignore it and take short-cut instead.  “Matuwid na daan” for me is following what the constitution says.  Unless if it means following what Pnoy says, that’s another story.

    • Constantine

      You got it all wrong. You must be a GMA lackey!

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        How can you deduce he’s a GMA lackey?

        Would the idea that one is against PNOY’s (mis)management necessarily dictate that one is for GMA?

        Is there a possibility that some people HATE THEM BOTH?

      • butch p

        if they hate them both guess they rather have erap back as president pathetic

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        again, how does the though process of not liking any of the last 2 presidents conclude that one must like the 3rd last president?

        how does one’s grey matter process such conclusion? is it limited to A or B, !A!B then its C?

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

        yes.  Coz they were not able to control their alipores. kanya-kanyang bataan.  diff masters, same corrupt politicians and businessmen

    • RyanE

      Hahaha.. you got it wrong my friend.. matuwid na daan is short-cut literally!.. joke only

      • beerhunters

        you got it right! Pythagoras said it so in his theorem on the right triangle, R squared=Y squared + X squared, thus R = square root of the sum of Y squared & X squared.

      • RyanE

        Great! Now we got the equation for “short-cut”..

      • RyanE

        No need to edit my friend, your previous presentation is correct. It is understood that it’s quite difficult to use superscripts and subscripts here.. cheers!

    • $20733759

      Let us ask, is there any constitutional or legal issue that needs the imprimatur of the Supreme Court as a whole? If there is none, then what is the whole ruckus all about? If there is, they should settle this conflict in the most civil and silent manner otherwise, the impression aired by the Senator would have a color of validity in the eyes and perception of the people thus, result  in a deminution of their respect for the institution.

  • 12JEM

    Justices who are anti-reforms should be treated like COCKROACHES. 

    • EdgarEdgar

      I agree. But Sereno was just indicted by a GMA7 / PCIJ,org report which just came out yesterday detailing how Sereno and her peers have misdeclared, understated and undeclared their assets in their 2011 SALNs. Sereno in fact was quoted as being anti-transparency.

      For more details, refer to GMA7’s article — “SC justices among highest paid govt officials in 2011″. Also available in PCIJ,org.

      • Lakan Dupil

         Mungkahi ko sa ‘yo EdgarEdgar..mag-file ka ng impeachment sa Lower House and patunayan ang ikanaiinit ng iyong ulo kay Sereno.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Without revealing too much detail, some people are already working on it. Nothing personal. Walang kinikilingan. Walang pinoprotektahan. Pawang katotohanan po lamang.

      • Lakan Dupil

         Actually ang detalye ay nasa PCIJ at bukas sa mga tao ang kanilang papers. Sa tingin mo bakit kaya nagpapatumpik-tumpik mag-initiate ng PCIJ sa pagsampa ng impeachment case laban sa Punong Mahistrado kung sa tingin nila sapat at totoo ang mga inilalabas nilang mga issue?

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

         ang daming congressmen dyan bakit kailangan pa ng ibang tao..if they have the same zealousness when they filed impeachment against corona then i believe in the matuwid na daan kaya lang namimili sila….pag kkk deadma na

  • Constantine

    The people’s watch organization should gather evidence against these Corona chums so that we can impeach all of them! 

    • EdgarEdgar

      If PCIJ,org qualifies as people’s watch org, you may have found your answer. The only problem is, Sereno also misdeclared her 2011 SALN as reported by GMA7 / PCIJ,org yesterday.

      For more details, refer to GMA7’s article — “SC justices among highest paid govt officials in 2011″. Also available in PCIJ,org.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         is that impeachable?

        (trick question) lol!

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    Perhaps he ought to focus in his branch of the government, lest they invite the executive and the judiciary to meddle in their own branch?

    Perhaps the o’l chums are not necessary chummy that way, and that their vast experience provides that they have learned their lessons before on some similar exercise (decentralization) where it failed, miserably.

    Yan naman ang gusto ng Bagong Administration, short-cut (walang en banc consensus), illegal (disregarding the TRO), at hilaw (filing cases even if evidence is weak, and would fail in court).

  • boybakal

    Pangilinan says Corona chums making things hard for Sereno….

    Wala man lang delicadeza tong si Kiko.
    Pati Supreme Court Justices, ginagawan ng INTRIGA. Ang babaw.
    Supreme Court Justices know what they are doing for they know the Law.

    • Russell Ariola

      Tama! Kuhang kuha mo ser. Tignan mo si Corona. Di nya alam ang pagkakaiba ng hidden undeclared wealth sa taxable income.

  • tata_boy

    panahon na para rebisahin ang mga SALN ng mga mahistrado, kung tutuusin, isa sila sa mga dahilan kung bakit ganito ang kalagayan ng ating bansa.

    • EdgarEdgar

      I agree. But Sereno also misdeclared her SALN 2011 according to this report yesterday. For more details, refer to GMA7’s article — “SC justices among highest paid govt officials in 2011″. Also available in PCIJ,org.

      • VindictivePanot

        yup, pero syempre, KKK yan… so no issue kay panot.

  • carlorocci

    IMHO what Associate Justice De Castro did is right. 

    “Sereno, however, revived the project “on her own” and issued the AO establishing the RCAO in Cebu City even if the procedure stipulates that this should be approved by the high court en banc, a source said.”   What CJ Sereno did is unbecoming of a Chief justice. This has nothing to do with who is the Chief Justice.

    Senatong Noted is out of his mind…….

    • Lakan Dupil

       What is right sa kay Justice De Castro?

      • jaygibi

        absolutely yes!

      • Lakan Dupil


      • Darwin

        read her memorandum and google it.

  • Russell Ariola

    Yan na nga po ang gawa ng mga kamay ni pandak. Majority pa rin ang mga Arroyo appointees sa Supreme Court.

    Ganun din majority ang mga pandak appointees na mga commissioners ( commission=hati o lagay ) sa Comelec.

    • Darwin

      teka, di ba yung PRC commissioner na nahuli sa bribery eh Pnoy appointee? and for the record, it is Sereno and company who outright refused to release copies of their SALN. Daang Matuwid my foot! papunta sa bangin kamo.

  • Bantay

    anong pinagsasabi ni Mr.Noted? making hard for Sereno?ang pina usapan dito na sumunod sa patakaran.bago ka mag issue ng admistrative order idaan muna sa en banc kahit sino pa ang CJ dyan.parang di naman to abogado.swerte lang kasi itong si Mr. Noted napangasawa lang si Sharon kung hindi nasa kangkongan yan!

  • wawa2172

    Kiko you are simply ignorant of RCAO. I guess you need to be rested in politics and enjoy life with Sharon. It is clear and simple RCAO was found to be a failure and it wasted the fund from ADB when it was implemented then. Now, if Sereno wants to revive the RCAO she must observed the rules, present proposals and discuss it other justices en banc. Kiko you are a non-practicing lawyer but a senator and you know that there are so called house rules in the senate. Sigi nga try to defy those rules and let us see what will your fellow senators do to you, tiyak gisa ka Mr. Noted. Isinali mo pa ang nanahimik nang si Corona, oh men, you are such a poor thinking senator. Ang dapat ayusin ni Sereno ay yung pamamalakad niya sa SC and she has all the assistants to advise her na mali ang ginawa niya. Hintayin mo na lamang Kiko ang pag haharap ni Sereno at mga justices with regards to RCAO issue. The majority with other Noy appointee will hear her reasons. If she erred then she can just correct it by withdrawing her approval in the opening of RCAO. Tapos Mr. Noted you are dismissed.

    • noyab

       si sharon ay parang balyena…sya na lang ang pagtuunan mo ng pansin kung paano maibabalik ang kanyang katawang tao….

  • VicenteBoticol

    Let Congress start Impeachment Proceedings for these callous and obstructionist SC Justices for betrayal of the constitution.It is quite obvious that all those bypassed SC Justices were insulted and miffed by the appointment of CJ Sereno. The Philippines do not need Onion-skinned magistrates. They should follow Convicted CJ Corona to the dustbin of oblivion !

    • KpTUL

      Yeah and you should be the lead counsel for the prosecutor. Do you think you can just initiate impeachment proceedings that easily ? Let alone 10 or so justices to be impeached ? Stop polishing your stP**dity vis-a-vis naivete online. Nakakahiya ka. Bob*bob* mo !

    • Palku Kha

      isama mo na i impeach si Sereno kasi gumagawa siya ng illegal.labag sa constittution ang pinagagawa nya! namimili ka eh! idiot! stupid! mana ka kay MALAS may hangin sa ULO!!! nyahahaha!!!!

      • noyab

         di mukhang chief justice si sereno…..di kc maganda eh…..

    • Darwin


    • VindictivePanot

      Mawalang galang na po, Vicente, nais ko lang sabihin na napaka tanga mo.  Huwag mo sanang masamain, pero putangina mo din po pala.

      • Magsasaka

         hala may taong nakakawala na imburnal ang bunganga hehehe, hulihin dalhin sa mental hehehe

      • VindictivePanot

        wala ka nang ibang pangontra? hahaha mag aral ka munang magbasa.

  • VicenteBoticol

    Ang BAKLA na si CA Midas Marquez…gusto pa yatang mkipagbalikan kay Convicted CJ Corona. Tapos na ang Honeymoon Atty. Midas Marquez……DARNAAAAAA  !  !  !

    • jaygibi

      tanggal na si corona moron! ang issue dito ay ang unauthorized AO ni sereno.. kung unauthorized, ito ay unconstitutional.. napakaliwanag diba?

  • KpTUL

    It is always like that wherever you go. The chums of GMA make it difficult for anti GMA. The chums of PNoy make it hard for pro-GMA. In life these things happen. The question is, how would you steer the events to go to your side. What Panglinan should do is to ask his chums to impeach all SC justices and replace them with their chums. Get over it ! stop being a cry baby !  In the Philippines, everyone is immoral !

    • noyab

       kiko tapos ng term mo kaya manahimik ka muna or ma exercise kayo ng asawa mong balyena….

    • Darwin

      Carpio is a Corona chum? hahaha! you don’t have a clue do you? you just parrot whatever yellow donkey kissing media writers like the PDi writes.

  • virgoyap

    It’s crystal clear that the arroyo/corona spirit is still hovering the Supreme Court till this day.

    • noyab

       magbigay ka naman ng valid reason…puro kabobohan ang alam mo…

    • VindictivePanot

      of course, si GMA na naman! nyeknyeknyek

  • Manolo Villareal

    It’s a relief that Pnoy did this in the SC.  Had Pnoy done this in the military, where a less senior officer and an outsider would become the chief of staff, it would be disastrous.  The president should have appointed the most senior Justice Carpio and waited for his retirement, then and at the same time float the name of Sereno as the potential replacement that no one else inside would aspire to become the chief anymore.

  • LabuyoB

    Pabor sa Visayas at Mindanao ang judicial decentralization na ilalagay sa Cebu! Malaking tulong ito sa 3/4 na populasyon ng Pilipinas na nasa mga nabanggit na lugar! Bubuwag din ito sa imperyalismo ng Manila Supreme Court. Madecongest nito ang mga patung patong na mga kaso na hinahawakan ng Manila Imperial Supreme Court. Mas mapapabilis ang resolution ng mga kaso. Kung bakit nagpapatuloy ang kawalan ng hustisya at dumarami ang mga krimen dahil sa inefficient dispensation of justice. It’s just timely with the battle cry of the present government of “matuwid na landas” that fresh air must enter into the structures and systems of the old, outdated, outmoded, Jurassic present dispensation of justice. Kaya mga kababayan lalo na sa Visayas at Mindanao magpetition kayo na mangyari ang ganitong reporma sa judicatora kayo ang higit na makikinabang nito.

    • Darwin

      ‘tard tactic. distract with motherhood statements empty of actual facts.

  • Albin

    Bakit ba nakikialam ang Senado sa problemang pang-SC lang? Bawal ‘yan. Unahin na lang ni Kiko ang walang katapusang pagtaba ni Mega.

    • basyong

      hindi lang tumaba sumobra pa sa isang dabiana.hehehehe

    • VindictivePanot

      hahaha :D

    • PAZ


  • LegalJustice

    Like what I have been saying before when CJ Sereno was selected as a CJ I can see  the cohort of Mr. Corona will make it hard for CJ Sereno to implement her reform.

    For one Mr. Midas Marquez is still working there plus the other Magistrates now including Mr. Carpio will make her life difficult they will do anything to give Sereno a hardtime.

    But I hope these Cohort Magistrates and Mr. Marquez will do the right thing for who they are really giving a hardtime is Filipino Citizen yon ay ang taong bayan at yan ang maging  kalaban nila hindi si CJ Sereno.

    They need to clean out The Supreme Court ( Magistrates ) like I said the rats are still working there they need to be exterminated for they will cause havoc to the Justice System.

    Well Impeachment is the only remedy to clean out The Supreme Court for nothing will ever change if they are not totally exterminated.

    • basyong

      clean the SC like put all the justices picked by panot abnoy only? is that what you want. in uti l kang t ang a

    • VindictivePanot

      lilinisin ba talaga or para mailagay ang KKK ni Panot?

  • $23257130

    grave talaga sa paninisi at pagtuturo ang administrasyon na ito at mga dilaw pero 5-10 daliri nakaturo dapat sa kanila. mga sarili niyo sisihin niyo sa kapalpakan niyo. ppppppppwwweeeehhhh kadiri

  • Mark

    Masyadong Slant nman itong mag sulat si GIL , parang apelyedo nya na ka hirap bigkasin.ehe ehe ehe

  • Fulpol

    The RCAO project, funded by the Asian Development Bank, underwent pilot testing in  2006 but failed, prompting the high court to scrap it during the transition period between Chief Justices Reynato Puno and Corona.

    failure pala….

    anong klaseng pag-iisip meron itong si Pangilinan at Sereno…

  • Copernicus99

    If indeed proper procedure dictates that the SC en banc should approve the revival of the RCAO project, then CJ Sereno should abide by the same. She does not wield absolute power in the SC.  Besides, since pilot testing of this project failed in 2006, it should not be revived hastily. Otherwise, more money (which ADB is effectively lending to the SC) will just be wasted. Decentralization of the administrative functions of the SC has become necessary, but this project will not succeed if it is based on a flawed model. Also, the person appointed to run this office must also be one of high integrity and competence. There appears to be strong objection to CJ Sereno’s designee to head the RCAO.

  • Fulpol

    Sereno, however, revived the project “on her own” and issued the AO establishing the RCAO in Cebu City even if the procedure stipulates that this should be approved by the high court en banc, a source said.

    Sereno is arrogant and rude.. di nalalayo sa kanyang boss…

  • Fulpol

    De Castro insisted that only the high court en banc and the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) could rule on the reopening of the Cebu office. The OCA is headed by Midas Marquez who served as Corona’s spokesperson.

    pinag-iinitan pala ni Sereno si Midas… vindictive din itong si Sereno… psychologically ill talaga..

  • godsofgamblers

    Sereno’s fellow justices objected to the Chief Justice’s move to revive the RCAO, saying this should have been approved by the high court en banc.

    ibig sabihin ni pangilinan, ok lang ang ginawa ni sereno kahit hindi dumaan sa en banc. ok lang kahit illegal basta kasangga, wala pala kayong pagkaiba sa dating nakaupo. buwisit ka pangilinan…

    kahit maganda man ang motibo nito, dapat pa rin idaan sa naayon sa batas. ok?

  • Fulpol

    According to Pangilinan, Sereno’s move to decentralize the justice system was in keeping with the reforms initiated by former Chief Justices Hilario Davide Jr. and Puno who had also pushed for the creation of more regional courts to speed up the resolution of  pending cases.

    ang kulit ni Pangilinan, parang si Sharon Cuneta na pinag-iinitan ang Twitter bashers niya…

    failure nga yung pilot testing…

  • Fulpol

    Pangilinan said the high court’s operations had become too centralized that “even the purchase of certain supplies and materials for the regional trial courts all throughout the country needed approval in Manila.”

    napakaliit na agency, tapos ide-devolve mo pa…. ang bobo naman..

    kung sino man ang nagpasa ng batas sa mga devolution ng mga agencies, ang bobo… stupid talaga..

    tapos ilalabas na naman nila ang kanilang katangahan sa napakaliit na ahensya…

  • tilamsik

    Why is power being centralized?  Lagay lagay lang yan lols…  

  • tilamsik

    Centralization is the mother of corruption

  • Fulpol

    decentralization ng Supreme Court…. ang bobo… laking gastos niyan.. additional expenses..

    napakaliit na ahensya tapos ide-devolve mo… ang bobo.. ang tanga…

    aminin mo na kasi Sereno, vindictive ka rin gaya ng boss mong si BS Aquino III… kung yung boss mo galit kay Corona, ikaw naman galit kay Midas..

    • VindictivePanot

      very true.

  • basyong

    kiko matatapos na ang term mo at ang ginagawa mo e pulos himod at halik wet pu kay abnoy.pag wala ka na bilang senatong kahit kagawad ng barangay diyan sa quezon city hindi ka na mananalo

    • boldyak

      gawing cabinet secretary kasi…

  • maximus_meridius

    Nag aanalyze ka ba ng malalim Vovo Pangilinan?  Ang issue dito ay ang UNILATERAL decision ng tanga at mayabang na appointee ni Abnoy na si Sereno.  Hindi dinaan sa en banc session!  Ang vovo at ogag mo.  Di ka bagay o qualified maging senador.  Dapat sayo mag tinda na lang ng gulay sa palengke o mag pasada ng tricycle.  Ogag!

  • Mark

    A Supreme Court Chief Justice accused of faking a resolution? Tpos pinag tatanggol pa ng Senador na wala nman sa puder? tsk. tsk. tsk.  ano na ba itong nangyayari sa pinas?

    • wakats

      Mark, CJ Serreno did not fake a resolution – she issued an AO allegedly “on her own” without the consent of the SC en bank – clearly a matter of procedure and not of any laws of the land.

  • edwin525

    We kicked presidents and we are always capable of churning the executive.. but seriously there’s much more problem in the legislative and judiciary. Judicial and legislative are the hardest to reform.. close to impossible.

  • pabulaka

    Let’s start another round of impeachment if somebody or more bodies violated the Constitution to speed up the needed reforms in the Judiciary.

    • boldyak

      yeah, let’s start with Sereno…she’s unfit to lead…and three months passed she committed mistakes by not following the supreme court rules….

  • Ces

    how come that a simple citizen like me understands that the issue here is not the purpose of establishing the RCAO in Cebu City but a question of procedure? I don’t understand why a senator like the lawyer himself Hon. Pangilinan will comment like this. He is a senator of all and for all,..supposedly unifying NOT dividing us.

    • KpTUL

       He is not a good Hon. you think he is. He is an oppotunist like the rest of those crows. Remember the , “Noted”. Now the wind changed so he is there too. They are of the same kinds.

    • Ciano

      Senador at Abogado pa naman..Bobo! alam nya na illegal ok lang sa kanya..sige,..dila ka ng dila sa wetpu ni Noynoy.una mong pambayad yan kasi malapit ka ng maging isang Cabinet member.syempre..utang na loob! Mr.Noted…

  • maximus_meridius

    Noted! Ang katangahan mo.

  • joerizal

    It just shows Sereno is not fit for the job. She does not follow procedure and certainly couldn’t lead. The Senate should keep it’s nose off of the High Court’s business.

  • Colokoy

    Wla ka tlaga pangilinan

  • Darwin

    obviously Sereneo delayed being confronted so that her political patrons can now come to her rescue. She did a criminal act of falsification. And as usual with the yellow crowd, they will distract the issue by issuing misleading statements. In the first place, is Carpio a chum of Corona? I don’t think so. Doon pa lang, sablay na si Kiko matsing.

    • VindictivePanot

      good observation.

  • Darwin

    you mean PCIJ does not believe in the truth of its articles? so ano ito, libel?

  • Darwin

    as a lawyer, he’s a laughingstock.

  • Hey_Dudes

    WOW what an incredible transformation.  Philstar succeeded in cleaning it’s forum site and now the same garbage spewers Philstar kept from posting are now doing the same here in what used to be a great forum.  I hope the moderators are keeping close watch.

    • VindictivePanot


  • Alfred

    How can we expect a good justice system if our justices at the higher court does not CHANGE to IMPROVE. It simply noticeable that most of them have personal interest and not to serve the public.

    • John_Cruz

      Those filibusters should be impeached one-by-one until they are all replaced!!! They are against progress and reforms in the Judiciary.

      • boldyak

        yeah, we should impeach Sereno, she doesn’t know what is enbanc decision…..

    • boldyak

      how can we expect a good justice system when CJ does’n’t follow rules?

  • Mang Teban

    Sen. Kiko Pangilinan:
    Back off internal matters within the Judiciary. Remember the doctrine of co-equal branch of government? None of your business to meddle. You only made a fool of yourself. Do not insinuate again that the former and impeached chief justice has something to do with your imagined scenario that pro-Corona justices are against decentralization. Do your job as a senator not as a gossip commentator.

  • johnnie r

    NOTED… Mr Senator!!!


    baka pakana yan ni small lady….

    • boldyak

      huh? another “COW”..haha

  • Drachir Metal

    I think it is clear here that the decision can only be approved en bac .Howver, SEReno approved it on her own. That is the issue. Nag coconclude lng si Pangilinan dito and more importantly, bakit sya nakikialam sa judiciary? Separation of powers diba?


      tama ka richard  di ba issue dito en banc bat nahirapan sila hirap sila makaintindi ng en banc  at saka Separation of powers

    • Jose

      First to five paragraph pa nga lang nabasa ko nawalan na ko ng gana. nag basa na lang ako ng comments mas fair pa and I agree on this one. In fairness dun sa Supreme court Justices  and the office itself sana pinagalan ng lang nya kung sino yun justices mahirap naman ang tingin sa buong Supreme court bias din.

    • hagulgol

      Sereno submitted it to the en banc which showed she followed the process. She was naive when she thought that the other justices would approved it as a matter of course. But what is the reason for their not giving their approval. That is the bigger question.

      • boldyak

        what ever it is, there is a process to follow and Sereno didn’t follow the rules….wag na ibahin ang issue, magresearch, the establishment of RCAO is a pilot project and was running for three years and SC found that it is a failure…they scrap it and made a relsolution that only an en banc session can reopen it…yon ang issue…

      • Bert

        Good alibi but still an alibi. But the bigger issue remains that of a CHIEF JUSTICE herself NOT FOLLOWING the law/procedures, and on a senator infringing on the supposed separation of powers between the judiciary and legislative with his uncalled for remarks.

  • Daniel

    Too many cooks spoil the broth, too many crooks defy reforms. 

    • Darwin

      yup. sereno chief crook.

  • Mario

    Pangilinan kapareho mo si Sereno Engot di alam ginagawa bira ng bira. nag de decide ng sarili niya di kasama ang ibang justices of the Supreme Court( En banc). Di mo ba alam si Sereno na  inappoint ni Pnoy bilang Supreme Court Justice ay di Qualified at  Si Leonen ay di rin qualified bilang isang justice ng korte suprema. Si Pnoy diktador kahit sino pinipilit niyang ipuesto.Dapat mong isipin inmpeached niyo si Corona dail di niyo kaalyado. Si Corona ay di Kawatan,magaling ,matalino at qualified bilang chief justice bakit niyo inimpeached?  dahil ba sa 70 million each?

  • 711sense

    Really Senator Pangilinan? are you saying that it is ok to stiffle and ramrod every Associate Justice of the Supreme Court so that CJ Sereno can get her wishes? Being a CJ is not a license for her to deny the right of the other Justices by not going to the en banc and do things her own way.  As a Senator, you swore to follow the law as well as rules and regulations. By backing CJ Sereno, you have lied to the people by not doing what you swore to follow and uphold. If the story is true, she should be sanctioned by the en banc and ordered her to recall her order. Respect is earned, she she should respect her fellow Justices if she wants them to respect her.


    Ang issue dito ay kailangan EN BANC young decision. Hindi naman ito dictadorya ano?

    Kiko who? Asked my kapitbahay. Wala naman daw qualification yan eh, yong lang asawa ni sharon. hihihi.



  • tower_of_power

    The government has all the power … if for the good of the country … by all means use it!!! Dig up everything about those who oppose … and bring them to appropriate courts if warranted!!!


    • boldyak

      The rebels have good intentions for the country, shall we support them?….another comment of a “politically un-educated”…haha

      • Zach Marcus

        why not……akala mo ba na di ka rebelde sa paningin nila….taksil pa nga ang tingin ng mga rebelde sa isang katulad mo…….

      • tower_of_power

        Yan ang malakingproblema sa bansa natin … palagi nal;ang politica …. puro compromises ang ginagawa sa senado at congresso. We have laws to follow … ginagawa ba ng rebels yan?

    • Bert

      then mag MARTIAL LAW ka na lang or gawin mong DIKTADOR ang presidente….

      • tower_of_power

        Diktador ang presidente kung nauutusan niya ang Congreso at Senado … kung BIR, Customs, Police at kung ano ano pang mga agencies na sakop niya … that does make him a dictator?

    • alegreelizah

      what good are talking about…for penoy’s good? kung makasip-sip etong si mr. noted, vacuum talaga e.

  • ArmchairGeek


  • Cecilio

    The Office of the Court Administrator does not hear regular cases, it only investigates, refers or recommends administrative sanctions against employees and judges of the judicial branch of the RP. When it was decided that the RCAO VII project be stopped, there was I suppose a good reason it was so decided, and the way I understood it, it was an en banc decision. I hope the good senator will be fair enough not to peddle gossip which are good for tabloid readings. In this case, there is a clear consensus made before that the project be stopped and for that to be changed, it must be decided by the body who had made the decision. It is well to note that there is no inclination of preference from the other justices on the issue of reopening the RCAO, they just questioned the power of the CJ to unilaterally decide the matter on her own, which according to them violates their rule. The embarrassment caused by this episode to our legal history will be tempered with if our good senator, who himself is a lawyer will stop his theatrical antics. Nakakahiya tuloy. Mr. Noted, please let us stop taking notes of your deeds!

  • repapips

    wala naman problema sa RCAO. ang problema mang kiko : tama ba ang proseso?
    kung lahat ng gusto nyo na iniisip nyo ay para sa bayan, kelangan ng proseso. kungdi, para na kayong si marcos. walang pinagkaiba.

    mag-isip ka munsa kiko. kaya pala hindi ka manalong konsehal sa quezon city eh. ganyan ka mag isip. mag-asawa ng sikat para manalo. hindi po maganda ang shortcut. dapat “tuwid na daan” sa tamang proseso.

    • boldyak

      korek, may proseso ang lahat…walang short cuts…

  • georgebond

    Yung impeachment ni Corona must not end kasi sina De Castro,Brion,Villarama et al, eh kakosa ni Corona sa kabulastugan! Yan ang mga mahistrado na puro pansarili lang ang inaatupag at gutom sa kapangyarihan! Gustong gusto ng mga yan na maging Chief Justice para tuloy ang extortion para yung desisyon na malaki ang bayad sa kanila eh tuloy-tuloy lang! Hapi hapi ulit! Bulungan kung magkano ang tatanggapin tulad nung PAL case at Webb case! At marami pang iba! Ang tanong? Paano naging justices yang mga yan? Yan eh mga alipores ni Gloria o kaya mga sumipsip at kunwaring malinis para ma-appoint ni Noynoy! Hindi rin infallible ang appointment process ni Pnoy! Meron ding nakakalusot!

    • Darwin

      yellowtard speaks.

      • philhumanist

        gmatard replies…

    • VindictivePanot

      wow, you yellow zombies amaze me… si GMA na naman?!?

    • lostRunes

      “Bulungan kung magkano ang tatanggapin tulad nung PAL case at Webb case ”

      FYI, Corona voted to convict Webb while Carpio and Sereno voted to absolve Webb. Research and think before you post. Naghahalatang IMBENTO kasi mga sinasabi niyo katulad ni little lady, 45 properties etc etc…


      ang layo ng explanation mo sir, utak yellow submarine ka.. alam mo b yun.. pweh! hindot!

    • Ciano

      napakabobo mong tanga! ang layo sa comment mo.ang pinag usapan dito ay ILLEGAL sa pag issue nya ng AO.hirap talaga pag bobo ang tao na katulad mo! IDIOT!!!

      • georgebond

        Uy,lumabas agad ang edukasyon at upbringing mo, sa Payatas ba? Buti may nagagamit kang computer? Spell squatter in tagalog?

  • boldyak

    Senator Kiko, wag mo sirain ang pagtingin ko sa iyo, ang maling proseso ay hindi dapat suportahan, good intentions are not enough to justify wrong acts…abogado ka di ba?….bakit may nakukulong?…dahil lumalabag sa mga alintuntunin ng society….simple…ang mali ay mali at never na maging tama ang mali kahit anong rason…otherwise scrap na natin ang batas….basihan na lang natin ang kanya-kanyang magandang intentions…para pa sa ano kung bakit nasa senate ka kung ang mga batas natin ay pede naman pala balewalain dahil sa magandang intention ng iba?…para lang ba sa pork barrel?…NOTED na sa akin ang pagtanggol mo sa maling gawa….and NOTE this…i have crossed out your name in my list of good senators…

  • Bert

    Nagsalita na naman si Mr. Sharon Cuneta a.ka. MR. NOTED. Hindi naman issue dito whether the decentralization is right or worng, in fact, I myself is agreeable to this move. The issue here is the SHORT-CUTS and not following the proper procedures by the CHIEF JUSTICE herself.

  • Jon

    Anong pakialam mo diyan Kiki(o)?
    Abogado ka pa naman pero di mo yata gets yung separation of powers sa Constitution.
    Atupagin mo na lang yung mga utos ng amo mo sa Senado para di halata yung pageepal mo na wala sa lugar.

  • speedstream2

    Is the chief justice bereft of powers?. If hardball is the name of the game, then perhaps so be it.

    • Bert

      unfortunately for you and for her, there are 7 more hardball justices to checkmate the shortcut…..

  • Jose Oliveros


  • Darwin

    at the very least, he sounds smarter than you.

  • Darwin

    the constitution is not “bureaucratic ruling”. she did a criminal act of falsification. that is your chief justice idol sereno. palsipikador.

  • Darwin

    go ahead and help her. you will be conspirators to a palsipikador.

  • Darwin

    as per PCIJ article, its the CJ who blanket refused to disclose her SALN. start with her.

  • Jose Rizal

    Who would want to listen to Mr. Senator Cuneta?
    What he stated above is tantamount to saying: “Those perceived to be Corona chums have NO BRAINS nor PRINCIPLE, that they decided to block the it…because I HAVE EXPERIENCE TO THAT, TOO, WHEN MY WIFE DICTATES ME WHAT TO DO…”

  • alegreelizah

    Bago makialam sa SC dapat si Pangilinan ayusin niya muna yung pinagagagawa niyang kapalpakan sa bayan. Tingnan mo nga ang ginawa mo sa mga bata? ginawa mong mga criminal. Paano ka nga ba pumasa sa bar ha? sabagay kung hindi kay Korina palaboy ka lang daw sa UP kaya ka kinuha ng abs noon naawa si korina sayo  tapos ilang beses kumandidato sa QC laging talo so naisip mong ligawan si sharon para sumikat ka at boom! naging senador ka bigla, tapos naging “mr. noted” ka ni PGMA noon kaya ayon lalong lumakas ang kapit mo. nang kumandidato ang dilawan penoy, palibhasa ginawang scapegoat si gloria sa walang kwentang administrasyon niya nakisali rin siya at binato at nilait-lait din si gloria…hahaha! user talaga itong bugok a senador na ito….ngayon nakikialam naman sa SC gusto yatang maging justice din e pasang awa lang naman sa UP ito.  

  • LegalJustice

    The Rats need to be exterminated or nothing will happen in The Supreme Court – for these Cohort Magistrates thats now including Mr. Carpio and Mr. Midas Marquez who  is still there working causing hardship to the reform and Justice System.

    Filipino People is the one who will be suffering on this ordeal.

    Congress and Senate should do something about this situation – don’t just ignore it and a do wait and see attitude.

  • beer_leader

    Noted mr Senatong Kiko Matsing ! Noted ang kabobohan mo ! nag shortcut nga si cj na bawal sa batas ng supreme court  tapos isisisi mo sa ibang corrupt din na justices? atupagin mo pano maibasura yung batas na ginawa mo na Pumerwisyo sa taumbayan  kagagawan ng mga alaga mong mga Menor de Edad na Kriminal.

  • tarikan

    What is the rationale for the Renato Corona led SC to not approve the Cebu based RCAO? Hmm you know what, those hundreds of judges applying for leave or following up on their bonuses in central Manila could be sources of good things for Tita Mids and RC and the rest of the gang. Trickle up economics ika nga from the provincial judges to the bossings in Manila.  

  • Aldwin Jig

    gawin mo na lang trabaho mo kiko at pagandahin mo pa..wag ka na makisawsaw sa supreme court..di mo na sakop yun..lumalaki tuloy butas ng ilong mo..

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Corona should have been hang as a traitor !

    • Ann Rum

      Sereno should have been sent to a mental Institution! lols

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Look around yourself,
        extreme poverty everywhere,
        children death at every street corners,
        on that point, Philippines is among the World worst.

        This is the result of a corrupt Justice,
        then everything going down the drain.

        Corona deserved to be hang as a mass murders leader !

        Other Justice partners, life time jail, assets sequestered.

        Who is protecting the lovely Ampatuan’s or Danding Cojuangco interest ?

      • beatmanny

        sino po ang mga pinapatay ni corona? taga hacienda luisita siguro sya.. aay si noynoy pala yun hehe sorry

      • leomar101

         Yan na nga ba ang resulta sa isang CJ na bumagsak sa psycho test. ang nag appoint ay may deperensya sa utak ang ina appoint ay may sira rin. It was already a bad omen when she said “God is the one who appoint her” hahaha. toink!

    • leomar101

       Speaking of tunay na traitor, eh  si Trillantes yon at yong nag-utos sa kanya na maging  back channel negotiator  sa china conflict. Sila ang dapat bitayin.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        This is not the article subject !


    Sige Ituwid nyo yung mga baluktot na pamamaraan! tingnan natin kung di yan bumalik sayo kiko! nkkawalang gana ka sa senado ! 

    • Francis81

       Dalawa na ang anak ni Kiko sa mestiza niyang staff na naging GF niya.

      • Jack

        pina-subcontract na ba niya ang pangdagdag ng anak?

  • Fred

    The old foggies don’t want the RCAO to succeed this time as the credit will definitely go to CJ Sereno. Kasi, kasi, kasi nuong panahon nila nuong 2006 ay palpak ang pilot testing ng RCAO. Magiging obvious na ang Corona chums ay palpak.

  • Seroquel55

    Is Pangilinan plain ignorant, a lousy lawyer or is making a news spin?  The issue here is that Sereno faked an SC en banc resolution.  This is not an issue of  chums and foes. Indeed Paniglinan tows the line of reasoning of the Yellow government to make everything personal and blame even their ineptness, failures and irregularities to GMA.

  • malek_abdul

    OCA is under Midas who is a staunch ally of the impeached midnight appointee Corona. The actions and opposition for the creation or RCAO from some of the Asscoiate Justices and of the OCA only proves that bureaucracy and red tape are still a common practice in the Supreme Court.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Is this still PDI forum or is it the old Philstar where majority of it’s posters can no longer post and are doing the scavenging duties in this once great open forum?

    • beatmanny

      im pretty sure i was here when pdi forum started and since day 1 majority of the posters here are aquino attack dogs who have no sense in their brain

    • Adam_d_langgam

      Hehe he. . We were here before “thieves” soiled the pages of this still great forum. You showed up with a stolen user name. Dapat kasama mo si plagiarist sotto. Can’t even think of a user name. Anyways, Pogi is long gone. Banished by the weaklings and lackeys of the other paper. Welcome ka pa din to post your inanities..

  • PepingCo

    And matuwid na daan ay pagsunod sa mga alituntunin ng SC. Sino ngayon ang nasa baluktot na pamamaraan?

  • Ann Rum

    Kiko P. is a Blind Worshiper of Penoy Aquino 

  • Edik Dolotina

    MOVE ON PANGILINAN. Corona and your imagined associates of Corona has nothing to do with Sereno’s faking an AO.

  • nparvus1202

    Napakabobo namang abogago nitong si Pangitlinan. Nasa constitution en banc ang mag-aaprove ng resolution hindi ang CJ. Kaya nga may constitution at majority vote para hindi ma-abuse ang power ng CJ tapos kahit anong gawin ng CJ kahit fake ok lang kasi si Mr. A.B. Noy ang nag-appoint. Kaabnoyan na yan.

  • Pio Gante

    there should be subordinate offices of the oca in the regions which would streamline admin matters of the court,  although her intentions might have been probably good, the unilateral reactivation of the defunct rcao7 by new cj without the court’s en banc approval speaks well of herself- na dumidiskarte ng mag-isa kahit bara-bara ang tirada.

    at para naman kay kiko, huwag ka nang um-epal at mangialam dyan, hayaan mo na lang na si sereno ang umayos ng gusot na ginawa niya dahil pwede naman silang magkasundo na gawin ang isang mabuting adhikain basta sama-sama together.

  • prangka

    Hoy Kiko, huwag mo ng pakialaman ang internal problem ng SC. Kung nagbabasa ka ng pahayagan may mali ginawa si Sereno. Hindi sapat ang may magandang intention, kailangan din ay nasa lugar. You should know that being a lawyer.

    • beatmanny

      Kiko is a noynoy supporter who still believes in tuwid na daan and im sure you know that they do not respect any kind of process that may impede to their so-called good intentions. 

  • Your_King

    Making excuses and placing the blame on others. Pangilinan is taking a page from the Aquino playbook. Well to clarify Aquino’s playbook is only 1 page and its all about talking, making excuses, and blaming others.

    • MannyKingfisher

      What does President Aquino to do with this issue knucklehead, may I ask?

      • beatmanny

        punasan mo ang t@e ni noynoy sa bibig mo. napakatang@ mo kung sinasabi mong walang kinalaman si panot dito. 

      • Your_King

        Aquino is the one who appointed Sereno numbskull. Now his peoples are complaining and blaming others for her lack of achievement.

  • dikoy321

    A TOO CENTRALIZED SC Administration benefits the CORRUPT and SLOWS the dispensation of Justice!

    Justice DELAYED is Justice DENIED !

    CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno is on the right TRACK !

    Sen. Pangilinan CORRECTLY identified the problem and got the BULL by the Horns !

    Even if it goes against an en banc SC decision, CJ Sereno ought to MOVE in that direction of REFORMS, for the Filipino citizens, the Nation!

    Anyone against REFORMS is for Corruption, DELAYED JUSTICE dispensation !

    Unclog the Courts and make Judges work more TOWARDS CORRECT/PROPER Dispensation of Justice, instead of run around for office supplies or Annual Leave application/approval from Imperial Manila!

    GO GO GO SC CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno !

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      200 % correct, nothing to ad

  • joboni96

    hindi naman basta basta maalis ang cabal ni corona

    siguro secure web-centric management ng mga korte
    makakatulong din

    with the right logging system
    mabubuking pa mga katarantaduhan

    • white scorpion

      buti ganyan ang ginawa ni prez aquino. sa 16 years ni cj sereno. mauuna nang lahat magretire. thru time, mawawala na rin ang influence ni impeached corona at ni pandakekok. 

  • Pio Gante

    ok na sana kung di nagpahalatang taga-bohol si nang lourdes.

    ija ija, ajo ajo

  • MannyKingfisher

    You know by centralizatio0n ot the operations in Manila the kickbacks are also centralized. That means the corrupt former cj and his sidekick Midas have all the control of the transactions of the judiciary in Manila and guess what, your guess is as good as mine.

  • tower_of_power

    We are a free country … Sen Pangilinan and his friends can express their views … this is very encouraging! Keep it up Mr. Senator … THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW!!!

    • maximus_meridius

      Yes.  You are right. We are a free country.  On that note, Kiko Pangilinan is free to express his stupidity.  In the same manner that you are expressing yours.

      • tower_of_power

        That is the reason why you are here … lol!!!

  • J

    The move may increase the efficiency of the judiciary. I think it is a right move to remove some administrative work for officers in Manila.

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    It will take TIME to CHANGE the people’s mentality on Environment/Ecology!  Many LONG YEARS and a lots of Bags of Rice, before young Children could discern RIGHT from WRONG!

    We NEVER GIVE UP !  Make them AWARE about Corruption and the NEGATIVE things it brings!

    It took time before German kids got familiarized/aware of the side effects of NO RECYCLING.. Environmental ABUSE, UNCONTROLLED Waste DISPOSAL!  Germany NOW is Number ONE on these Topics!

    It will also take TIME for CJ Sereno to hammer-in her Reforms in the Judiciary!  But we who want SPEEDY JUSTICE Ought to SUPPORT P-Noy and the CJ because it is US who suffer the most, we the Common TAO!

    Slow Justice KILLS: LIVES, HOPES, Spirits, Prayers, DREAMS & ASPIRATIONS !!!

    Only the COrrupt & the Mighty will WANT such, giving her (GMA is one) and him (ex-FG and Mikey) a respite from exposes on their past ABUSES!  Expose them all and hail them to Courts to face the music!

    GO GO GO for REFORMS CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno!

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • txtman




    • maximus_meridius

      Ang dami mo sinasabi.  You talk too much.  The issue here is that of smart-ass Sereno not following procedure!  And who cares if your views come from Germany?

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Did your school was smaller than my shoes ?

    • caseydean

      Corruption happens when people start violating the law.


      And they have started the project years ago, during the term of Corona.

      The issue here is that Sereno released a fake resolution claiming to be an en-banc decision of the SC, when no such decision is made.

      Sereno should be grateful to other justices for their graciousness in simply revoking the fake resolution.

      They should have called for her impeachment for violating the consitution and unethical practice of releasing fake resolution.

      Philippines will go forward without your views dikoy, so just stay there in Germany.

      Philippines does not need idiot like you

  • txtman













    TSK! TSK! TSK!






















    • beatmanny

      puro t@e ang bibig ng mga noynoy/sereno supporters saksakan ng bobo mga reason nila

  • $20722540

    this pangilinan (buti na lang napangsawa mo si sharon) supporting an ILLEGAL resolution signed by the cj of the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines appointed by the president of the Republic of the Philippines.  with this senator and cj, we will soon be a banana republic…

    • carol

      si pangitlinan haay naku, daldal lang yaan, wala namang nagawa sa bayan. newscaster sa abs cbn ang experience niya. ito ang senator na hindi ko nakita man lang na ngumiti, puro simangot kungdi kay sharon hindi mananalo.

      • justconcern2020

        big as his nose hole and  same to his as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • joe__bloggs

    “Pangilinan agreed with Sereno, saying decentralization was the key to speeding up the resolution of court cases as mandated by the Constitution. “The concentration of powers in the national office has adversely affected the efficiency of our courts,” he said. ”

    To extend his reasoning a bit further, is Sen Pangilinan now in favour of a decentralised legislature, too. A devolution of power to the three main, general geographical regions – Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao.  

    So can we expect him to sponsor a bill for the creation of a Legislature for each of those areas – to bring democracy closer to home for their constituents rather than imposed from Manila by a heavily centralised system.

    As the saying goes … walk the walk and not just talk the talk …

  • WAJ

    E, kong ang mga Associate Justices ay nakikisama at nakikinig pa rin sa na impeached, e wala na talagang pagbabago. Dapat umiwas sila at ang asikasuhin ang nararapat na pagbabago ng hustisya. Ito lang ang hiling ko sa kanila. Salamat po 

    • beatmanny

      sumabog ang pwet ng nanay mo. binabab*y na ang SC ng anghel ni Aquino na si Sereno at patuloy na nilalabag ang proseso pero nagbubulagbulagan ka pa din. 

      • WAJ

        Stupid ka pala. Huwag ka ng sasagot sa reply ko. Mapapahiya ka lang…


  • Vincent Tuason

    has the good senator forgotten that the SC is a collegial body?  Although the CJ is the “first among equals” still, she has to consider that the court acts as a single body.
    I thought Pangilinan was a lawyer? what happened? 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      If it is a single body, jailed all of them with Corona for the next 20 Years !

      For Sereno, wait and see, no hurry at the moment.

  • JV Velarde

    If the act was proven to be inefficient & detrimental to the judiciary’s welfare, the resistance would have been justifiable. We should be thankful because we have a new CJ who is trying her very best to provide the necessary solutions to reform the judiciary by thinking out of the box. 

    Those in the resistance should bear in mind that the problems the judiciary is facing currently just can’t be solved by the same frame of thought it was first created. 

    • beatmanny

      ang problema ay hindi sinunod ni sereno ang proseso. napakahirap bang intindihin yun?

  • gikiness


    • caseydean

      Are you referring to Sen. Pangilinan – ang taga boto ni GMA?

      Kiko Pangilinan is no. 1 supporter of GMA when He is appointed to the JBC.

      AS long as Sharon is campaigning for Kiko, Kiko will remain in the government

  • Jhon

    Instead of attributing ulterior motives to the justices, Senator Pangilinan should first clarify whether CJ Sereno actually violated a SC procedure.  If she did, then there is really reason to recall her decision.  Also, CJ Sereno’s reason for reviving the RCAO sounds a bit shallow to me.  How exactly will it make filing of leaves easier?  In the current set-up, do judges have to actually go to Manila to file their leaves?  Doesn’t the court use mail, email or fax?

    • beatmanny

      anything to ascribe sinister motives against gma and her friend corona and his gangs is more reasonable to these noytards in pdi 

  • caseydean


    Bako po nag ka amnesya na kayo, when you are a member of JBC, you voted in favor of all the justices that are sitting right now.

    You voted for Renato Corona when he was appointed by GMA.

    In their SC resolution yesterday, it was very clear: ALL JUSTICES SUPPORT THE DECENTRALIZATION OF THE SC.

    It already started when Corona was the CJ, but it was postponed because of protests coming from the judges and court officials.

    They are still finding ways HOW TO IMPLEMENT CORRECTLY THE PROJECT.

    Ang problem po ay nag-release si Justice Sereno ng so-called resolution of the SC en-banc, when the SC enbanc has not even discussed the issue yet.

    Hindi po ba Sen. Pangilinan, you critized the former CJ of violating the consitution for issuing an MO on the PAL case without concurrence from the other justices?


    Well, you are a former GMA lackey na ngayon ay Pnoy’s attack dog.

  • fabchair1

    Well Mr. Senator let me inform you that the decentralization envisioned for the RCAO has nothing to do with the speedy resolution of cases since it will only involve minor administrative functions. Better get your facts straight first before making dumb assertions like that. 
    And to drag the former CJ in this controversy again is childish. It doesn’t bolster your point, it just shows how biased you are and how you’ll do anything to kowtow to the powers that be.

    Oh well, we expect as much from you, you are and will always be a douche bag anyway. 

  • disqusted0fu

    and the blaming goes on… what else is new? Sereno obviously didnt follow the due process, thats the bottom line. stop making excuses. but then again, in this Aquino administration, i guess due processes does not exist, thats why they have to come up with excuses and find other people to blame.

    • georgebond

      Due process? Lahat ng proposal ni Sereno kinokontra ng corrupt na barkadahan,ng mga taksil sa sinumpaang tungkulin,mga mahistradong galit ke Noynoy at sa Chief Justice Sereno dahil na-bypassed! Due process daw? Impeachment ang dapat sa mga extortionists!

      • justconcern2020

        gong gong ;ang ang d magagalit sa stupido na pamamalakad,,,,

      • georgebond

        Ayun,lumabas din kung anong klaseng upbringing meron ka! Lumaki ka sa iskwater’s area! Yang name-calling revealed who you really are! Anyway, excused ka kasi yun ang nakasanayan mo! Sige,maghanap ka na ng relief goods! At relocation site. Bayaran mo na din yung pag-gamit mo ng computer sa internet cafe! Wag kang mandadaya sa oras ha! Kilala ka na jan!

      • justconcern2020

        your Pres. as will your sen.kikoy cuneta,dont deserve a slight dose of respect , from his disrespectful doj sec,who bobble her mouth,and down to typical the notorious attack dog ombudsman kutchinta who is stubborn lapdog of PNOT ,and many more  i mean not all in fairness to some few that functioning mentally-normal,yes name-calling because it is very fit to their profile,and now your kikoy sen.Look who”s talking????a showbiz wife the 3rd kind husband that don’t understand the procedural processes of JUDICIARY,,and if that is you do you mind to ask cris to till the public for once and for all that she had been already cured by her TULO??? she admitted that in the live TV…and now this?? your low mentally scored  Cj? what can we expect,a crook in the  crooked wang wang hi-way..your ignoramus,,,,,wake-up…

      • Abdul Rashid

         There is a thing called clean judicial process. If well taken into consideration, goals are better achieved. Sereno must exercise prudence in the exercise of her power.

      • jamesgeorge

        Aminin mo man o hinde, walang clean judicial process pag polluted ang mga mahistrado! Sa history ng SC, itong set na to na madikit ke Corona at gloria, ang isinusuka ng sambayanan!!! Kilala sa flip-flopping ang mga ito basta me high bidder sa desisiyon nila!

  • justconcern2020

    kikoy cuneta better share your power to sub-senator,,,gonggong!!!!!

  • superlucky2

    Yes, Kiko Pangilinan, is a political butterfly, dati sipsip ki GMA, ngayung ki Abnoy Aquino naman. Si Pangilian ay mahinang tao. nanalo lang sya kasi ginamit si Sharon Cuneta. 

  • agustin


  • calixto909


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