7 Marines killed, 21 wounded in Sulu clash—military


ZAMBOANGA CITY—Seven Marine soldiers were killed and 21 others were wounded during a fierce firefight with the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu early Thursday, the military said.

990AM in an initial report said two Marines were killed.

A source, who did not want to be identified for lack of authority to speak on the matter, provided the names of the slain soldiers but asked to delay publication pending notification of their next of kin.

Brigadier General Romeo Tanalgo, commander of the Marines in Sulu, confirmed the clash that occurred in the municipality of Patikul.

He said the clash, which erupted 4:30 a.m. in Barangay (village) Panglayahan, involved soldiers from the Marine Battalion Landing Team 11 and Abu Sayyaf gunmen.

Tanalgo said the Marines suffered only six injuries but would not provide details on how the firefight actually started.

Soldiers have been combing Sulu for weeks now in search of kidnap victims, among them a Malaysian gecko trader and a visiting Indian national.

Marine Corps vice commander Brigadier General Eugenio Clemen also declined to give details of the encounter.

“Only the Sulu Island commander is authorized to give information about the operation,” he said.

The source said the firefight was fierce and among those missing was one officer.

Lieutenant Colonel Randolph Cabangbang, spokesman of the Western Mindanao Command based here, confirmed the figure provided by the source.

Cabangbang said the Marine death toll rose after it was ascertained that five soldiers, reported as missing, were also killed.

“Among them a second lieutenant,” he said.

Cabangbang said based on reports reaching Westmincom, the Marines “were conducting maneuver operation since Wednesday night and at early dawn they hit a big camp of the Abu Sayyaf.”

He said the Abu Sayyaf gunmen were led by Radulan Sahiron alias Putol.

Cabangbang said four helicopters, two MG520s and two Hueys, and a Navy boat had been sent to Sulu to help extricate the 21 wounded soldiers.

“The bad weather in the area is hampering evacuation operations,” he said.

The Marines had been battling the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu and other areas of Mindanao for years now.

In 2007, the Marines suffered their most serious debacle when gunmen identified with the Abu Sayyaf beheaded and mutilated 14 soldiers in Basilan.

The Abu Sayyaf, a band of self-styled Islamists, shot to notoriety with its high-profile kidnappings and bomb attacks.

Despite the deaths of most of its senior leaders, the group persisted and was now being linked to the Indonesia-based Jemaah Islamiya.

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  • alfred sanchez

    dapat ubusin na ang mga muslim dyan sa mindanao, yang mga abu sayaf na yan protektado ng mga community at ginagawa panangga ang mga babae at bata para hindi sila mapatay, iisa lang naman bituka ng mga muslim

    • http://twitter.com/bigg_dawg big dawg

      alfred – the truth is, yang mga muslim na nagtitinda ng pirata ang financier ng mga ASG. mga muslim sa mindanao walang mga pera kaya di nila kaya magfinance. sila lng ginagawang sundalo

    • http://www.facebook.com/rove.flumming Rove Flumming

      @afred sanchez kung magsalita ka prang di ka Pilipino kung iisa ang bituka ng mga yan lalo karin Pinoy din mga yan TULAD MO.. so dont judge with stupid comments ok.

      • alfred sanchez

        hindi mo kase alam ang ideology ng mga muslim so ikaw ang wag mag judge,tumira ka muna sa mindanao or better yet tumira ka sa maharlika village, quiapo or baclaran para malaman mo ang true nature nila, and yes stupid ang comment ko pag nagsalita ako laban sa mga muslim pero pag anti government at anti catholic ay ok lang, sino mas stupid satin

      • http://twitter.com/PerryUtanis Perry Utanis

        Teka, linawin natin: alfred sanchez ba ang tunay na pangalan mo igan? ibig sabihin kristiano ka!! Ano bang alam mo sa kanilang ideology?? nabasa mo naba ang banal nilang libro at mga pasugo nila??,,d2 sa pinas iba ang kanilang nilalaban sa mga kristiano compara sa middle east,
        Dito sa bansa natin may kasamang pagkatulisan ang gawain… kidnap, rape  at magdemand ng pera bago pakawalaan ang biktima. baka naman hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mong Ideology nila alfred sanchez.Ang totoo maraming mababait na muslim karamihan mga kaibigan ko d2 sa middle east. Ang mga muslim d2 sa pinas dalawang klase lang muslim na mababait at muslim na hindi muslim kungdi mga tulisan, murderer, kidnaper, mga rapist, Kung iisipin wala naman dapat pag-awayan, kung matigil na mga gawain ng tulisan na pinoy.  

      • alfred sanchez

        yup usual line ng mga apologist that muslims who fight in the name of their religion is not a real muslim, so lahat pala ng mga muslim sa middle east hindi din tunay na muslim dahil nag eenforce sila ng sharia law, death penalty sa apostates, gay, at sinusupress nila ang right ng mga babae, or tama lang ang ginagawa nila dahil sabi nga sa koran dapat obedient ang mga babae at ibang religion or else….. dont use taqiya on me dude malalim ang kaalaman ko sa mga muslim and it doest mean kafir ako e my dhimitude status na ako

      • http://twitter.com/PerryUtanis Perry Utanis

        Kung ganon kaibigan Alfred Sanchez ikaw ay muslim pero ang ginamit mong pangalan ay pangalan kristiano. Hindi naman tau komocontra sa ibang religion ke mormon, sabatista, iglesia ni cristo o kaya muslim, ibang paniniwala nila kasi naman kahit ano pa pangaral mo para sumama sa inyong religion kung hindi cia naniniwala wala kang magagawa, hindi naman tau papatay ng tao para magbigay babala at sumama na mga karamihan.
        May mga reference book gaya ng  “origin of the koran” by Lewis Loflin, “islam reviewed” by M. Ali, ”between christ and mohammed’ by Gleason Archer, Robert Morey and William Welty, ay malaman natin ang doctrina ng Jihad.Hindi ko naman sinasabi basahin mo pero kung gusto mo basahin igan, mabuti naman. yon lan…    

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AP6ERSLKFNEU55YXHS7W4GFPNI nelson jr

      @ Alfred Sanchez.. (dapat ubusin na ang mga muslim sa mindanao,) di naman lahat ng muslim tulad ng abu sayaf.. taga dito din ako sa mindanao kaya alam ko ugali ng muslim,, sa tingin mo kung sabihin din na ubusin ang tulad nating kristyano, mabuti kay??? kaya wag ganyan..  di mo yata alam bakit magulo dito sa mindanao… ?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EFL2POG43WGN3JSPMJMTYCQK4E Badong Rev

    Modernization ng AFP saan na tagal na nating problema ang Abu Sayyaf bat di pa malipol yan.  sabi ng AFP 300 na lang katao sila bat hanggang ngayon nakaka patay pa rin ng mga kawawang sundalo natin. o baka mahina na ang AFP natin. 

  • Anonymous

    My sympathy to the families of those who died and those wounded. But, as I have said before, with the same automatic rifles, the one who shots first is likely to be the winner. Surprise is the best offense. While we are investigating the Military Generals here in Luzon, our Marines are being mowed down in Sulu. And one thing, those mountains in Sulu is heavily fortified by the rebels.Even Howitzers will not be able to destroy.

    I do not know if P-noy has the guts to fight the Muslim separatist. That group only knows the language of the barrel of the gun. If I were the President, I will bomb Bry. Paglayahan out of existence. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KAGAOIBHOROFBZW3ATJLXHKLQU MaR A

    Our poor soldiers live the harsh conditions and terrains on the frontlines with insufficient equipment and gears, and die by the hands of these bandits which were supposedly disintegrated years back.

    Meanwhile, their Generals (No idea how many) are somewhere in a cool and better place, smoking pipes, laughing and counting money they’ve stolen.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NRX2MPJLZGPXOYKRHDDFPZOKD4 M P

    Let’s pray for our soldiers and their families in their time of grief. Nobody wins in clashes like this. Peace efforts and programs for poverty alleviation in Mindanao have to be prioritized. Otherwise, these soldiers will just have died in vain.

  • Anonymous

    Our Soldiers are the bravest and the best they are only ill-equipped tsk tsk tsk… but knowing those limitations they are still there doing what they’re called to do.

    I will not promote war or violence, but there are people (or better call them bandits) out there looking for one.  With that, we better equipped our high-spirited soldiers at least with better armaments and gears than the enemies.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K2RI3LJVGNNED3XPMG7HVMIIO4 Herbert

    That’s the result of 9 years of GMA’s corrupt governance. Poor soldiers, their lives were being thrown off while their generals and the terrorists enjoys GMA’s pampering then…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maximo-Gonzaga/100001525090153 Maximo Gonzaga

    What a PITY to our Armed forces of the Philippines Mr. President!Even a small band of rugtags terrorist Abu Sayyap and NPA, our forces still outwitted Mr. President!How much more if million of chinese soldiers occupy spratly?Could we engage their high technology firepower with our outdated weaponry for which one of the highlighted issue mentioned in the recent SONA? hmmmmm!!

    • Juan Dalandan

      Contrary to popular beliefs, the Abu Sayyaf is not a band of untrained fighters. They are adequately trained and armed to engage in guerilla warfare, plus they have the advantage of knowing the terrain.  As in any counterinsurgency campaign, the Abu Sayyaf cannot be defeated by purely military strategy.  Even if our soldiers kill all its current members, new members will rise unless the root cause of the insurgency is addressed.

  • Juan Dalandan

    On thy graves shall fall tears of a grateful nation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brando-Pascual/100002132017262 Brando Pascual

    I feel so sad about this news. I grieve the death of the 7 marines and sympathize with the wounded.

    We have better equipment than what any of the rebel and terrorist groups may have.  What we lack, I was told by a soldier-friend, is pinpoint intelligence, meaning you can pinpoint exactly where the enemies are. If the soldiers have this, they can plan a perfect assault on the enemy position. The absence of this will force the government forces to locate them through reconnaissance or probing patrols thus the soldiers are highly exposed to ambuscades by the enemy. And there is almost no antidote to ambuscades.  My friend further said its is difficult to obtain intelligence on the Abu Sayyaf in communities where almost all the residents there are their relatives. But money talks. Money, a lot of money can buy good intelligence even in Muslim communities.  Remember Osama Binladen. He was killed by US forces because of pinpoint intelligence.  He was sold and the US bought him.  The Philippine marine corps, the army, the air force don’t have much money for intelligence.   

    May God bless the marines who died for country and people!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PPSHX2WQDC664ASRV6X2K5EVEQ Mind Lumayag

      To Brando Pascual, 100% akong naniniwala sa mga binanggit mo, na karamihan ng mamamayan sa komunidad at karatig bundok ay kamag anak ng Abu Sayaff. And also your right in saying that money can really buy good intelligence. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PPSHX2WQDC664ASRV6X2K5EVEQ Mind Lumayag

    ang totoo madaling ubusin yan, ang problema ay yung politika. Mga local official sa lugar na yon puro walang bayag para tulungan ang militar. Maraming local officials sa Sulu at Basilan ang tuluyang nakikisama na lang at gumagamit ng Abu Sayaff para sa politkal na pangagailangan.

  • Anonymous

    Alfred naman ..Dahan dahan lang sir..masyado mo nilalahat ang mga Muslim. Alam mo kaya ang ibig sabihin ng Muslim? O talagang mangmang ka at wala kang pakialam sa ibang Muslim? Di mangyayaring maubus ang mga Muslim sa Mindanao, dahil duwag at inutil ang mga Philippines Marines. Kung sa bakbakan walang wala sa mga Abu Sayaff specially sa mga matatapang na Tausog. Subok na ang mga Tausog, mula pa sa Kastila, Kano, Hapon at sundalong pinoy di pa sumusuko sa geyera. Kaya hindi geyera ang sulution. Bigyan mo ng trabaho at kabuhayan, baka magbago.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/T5GOBUSFFFNEP2PFKHHBGT3PPY juan

    Sad day, condolence to the family of our fallen soldiers. 

    It’s really hard to fight the Abu Sayyaf because the communities in Basilan and Sulu are their supporters, they know every troop movement and provide sanctuary to these bandits. If there are arm encounters they would even fight side by side with the bandits, that’s why a group of 20-30 bandits can turn into hundreds in a matter of minutes. Soldier’s in the frontline will attest to that….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PPSHX2WQDC664ASRV6X2K5EVEQ Mind Lumayag

    7 ang patay sa marines, eh ilan naman kaya sa Abu Sayaff? wala bang napatay na kalaban? Pambihira yan kung ganon. Baka nasabihan agad ang kalaban kaya nakapag handa ng ambush. Imposibleng malagasan ng 7 ang marines kung alam na may naka abang. Isa pa halos lahat ng local na mamamayan sa Sulo at Basilan lalo na sa karatig bundok nito ay puro informer at asset ng Abu Sayaff. Ito ay puro bayaran para sa mga impormasyon na kanilang naibibigay sa mga Abu Sayaff. Panong mananalo ang gobyerno sa ganyang kalagayan. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NMHHQ754OOQICERUQS7CYV6FP4 frances

    What a waste of life :-(

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PPSHX2WQDC664ASRV6X2K5EVEQ Mind Lumayag

    I offer my prayers to the fallen soldiers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NMHHQ754OOQICERUQS7CYV6FP4 frances

    And then after a few minutes of firefight or ambush, ASG will hide their guns and claim latter that are just civilians and farmers as well.Tsktsktsk!

  • Nico Montinola

    what kind of reporting is this? where are the details? Is this a democracy or not? We need to know how many soldiers were involved, what was the mission and how come many were killed? It doesn’t take long to text the next of kin of those KIA or wounded so to use the excuse of a news blackout doesn’t hold water. As taxpayers, we need to know how our taxpayer funds are spent. We hear of many things like combat soldiers getting inferior or defective equipment and weapons while Generals become millionaires. What about US assistance? Are they there and how are they helping us? Do Filipino’s know that the founder of Abu Sayaff was a former Mujahidin who fought in Afghanistan in the 1980’s? The Americans were arming and financing some of these groups then, taught them what they know which they are practicing on our citizens and soldiers today!  

  • Anonymous

    Dapat sugpuin ang mga bandido na yan. Nadadamay na pati mga mababait na muslim. Bakit ba naman kasi magagalit ibang pinoy if the U.S. will train our soldier.

  • Anonymous

    Dapat pulbusin na mga bandido na yan nadadamay na pati mga mababait na muslim. Our military need more training and equipment. Kung bakit naman kasi galit ang ibang pinoy when US give some help to our soldiers.

  • warfreak

    Pumuputok din ba ang mga baril ng Marines natin? Baka umedo ang mga bala o kaya kalawangin na ang firing pins.  Kawawa naman ang mga sundalo natin. Hindi ba nagiguilty ang mga Milyonaryong Generals dito?

  • Anonymous

    sorry to hear about our fallen soldiers. grabe talaga mga casualties of war, kawawa. hindi ba capable ang AFP gumawa ng mga special forces designed to eliminate these types of threats? tapos total news block out para hindi nila alam ang next move. i dont think the abus are still fighting for a cause, they’re ordinary criminals with high powered weapons. dapat na sila lipulin.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PIOZFM3W2KDNC5FJXIGLXL4G6Y Christina Sanchez

    eh mga putatangina nyang mga yan . ang gobyerno din ang sumusuporta dyan sa mga hindut na mga bandidong yan . rebelde , sundalo , politiko – iisa lang yang mga bwaka ng mga animal na yan . dapt dyan d na pinapakialaman . mamatay nalang silang lahat . . . pati ikaw . tarantarado . . . ! . . .

  • http://twitter.com/boymatiao isko daya

    This is too bad. Our military once more is caught on the miserable situation. I wonder what kind of intelligence gathering is being done in the area or they lack the skill to execute such. Anti-terrorist fights needs good and reliable data gathering and appropriate technology or instruments to spot these thugs.

    I guess, Noynoy, the son of Ninoy, can chop a little his CCT, now planned for P39B from P17B (unbelievable! I suspect some jobbery all along its implementation.), and purchase arms and military equipments to give the soldiers capability in combating terrorism and rebellion.

    Let us not dream of attaining peace and economic recovery by allowing these terrorists and scumbags do their criminal activities. Peace talk is ideal but if combat is necessary and effective to gain peace then it should be given priority.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, siguro expert ka. san ka na train? sa online gaming? baril barilan sa internet cafe? o sa kakanood ng pelikula?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TQJCMRBUJ6FVQRKXEOOKN5ZZNU Poly

    Bakit di na lang gumamit nang drone o randomly paputukan nang howitzer ung lokasyon nang abu sayaf. Dapat ipadala nila ung mga milyonaryong general na sharp shooter para head shoot agad, tulad nung isang general kaso patay na.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_A53TJTYYGGVH52ZXPMJBC22UVI neng

    I give my condolence to the family of these soldiers ( them dead and them wounded), kung hinde siguro kinurakot ang pera na para sa kagamitan ng mga sundalo, baka nanalo ang mga sundalo natin. 

    I appeal to Ninoy, to grant our soldiers these;

    1. Free education to all the children of our soldiers; they give so much, yet receive so little.
    2. Automatic increase of salaries for soldiers deployed in battles against the Abu Sayyaps and the NPA’s.

    3. “Special personal accident insurance coverage for 500 thousand (in case of death) and from 100 to 400 thousand (in case of accidents incurred during the mission (from GSIS perhaps) ” , while they are in missions against the Abu’s and the NPA’s. These missions are too risky. The coverage will give these soldiers the assurance that their families will be taken cared of. These in turn will give our soldiers the confidence and the zeal to fight the battle. The premium must be shouldered by the AFP, it can well afford it, magkano na lang yung premium kung ihahambing sa kinukurakot ng mga general. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/pinstallers Pinoy Installers

    “Cabangbang said four helicopters, two MG520s and two Hueys, and a Navy
    boat had been sent to Sulu to help extricate the 21 wounded soldiers.”

    It could have been better if the Marines send attack troops to replenish and continue the engagement.  Sayang yung pag kakataon. Pwede naman me laman yung copter and then remove the wounded.  What are these Abu Sayafs are  but a small time armed bandits.  Source of income nila ang Kidnapping. 

    Ano ba ang ang ginagawa ng mga sundalo dito sa Manila.  Bakit hindi sila mabigyan ng tour of duty sa Sulu?.  Bakit hindi natin bigwasan ng malakas na dagok yang Abu Sayaf sa SULU para tumahimik.  Overkill yung deployment ng security sa SONA while a combing operation in SULU has only a handful of Soldiers?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wong-Fei-Hong/100002527307006 Wong Fei Hong

    May I help you???—->CHINA

  • Anonymous

     a waste of precious lives. my condolences to the bereaved families.

    taps to the fallen heroes.

  • Anonymous

    i hate this news especially that the victims are soldiers. it is waste of lives to important people. maybe it is time for the entire military command to change strategy and put all soldiers to a better training. i think the way we train our soldiers are far  behind the reality. okay, we have the PMA graduates who had the good training but would it be better if rigid training is conducted before these guys are sent for hunting? enlisted personnel must also undergo the same training. 6 months is not enough. you see the outcome, lives are being squandered .poor family of tthese soldiers. wake up officers!!!! do not be complacent!!!

  • Anonymous

    if you don’t know the territory -it is still hard to battle. why can’t they know that? just like the Spanish and Americans.they didn’t really penetrate the whole Mindanao region. tayo pa kaya?? na kulang sa support?

  • Karl Busa

    This is a big slap and a shame to our armed forces… Upgrades to military should be prioritized and generals should stop making business of the war

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YJ4D2FUCXZQLOHU6NO2T2HGKHQ ramnol81

    RIP to the fallen Marines! RESPECT! Semper Fi

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YJ4D2FUCXZQLOHU6NO2T2HGKHQ ramnol81

    Guys…please respect our dead Marines. These guys gave their life so we can live and sleep peaceful at night. Lets wait for the official report. Lets not speculate and disrespect these guardians.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha! whatever tactics you are applying you will not succeed in Sulu. You must read moro history and learn a lesson from the past. It is in Patikul where the decendant of you called Juramintados are situated and where Gen. Baustista alongwith 30 of his officers and men got killed.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, moro history has more treachery and cowardice… not to mention stupidity. They killed Gen. Bautista not in a fair gunfight but through treachery. Lets just wait for the situation to stabilize there and see how many Abu sayyaf pigs are killed… Invite kita kumain ng baboy. Masarap pag inihaw o kaya lechon…hahahaha!

      • Anonymous

        Sound of frustration. Hahaha! lika ikaw na lang ang kakatain ko at ipapakain sa aso.

      • Anonymous

        wag kang magalit muslim boy!  malapit na ramadan… di ba tinuro ni  propeta mohamad ghandi na maging mabait? Invite na lang kita sa relihiyon namin. At least dto makatikim ka pa ng masarap na iinihaw na baboy. Di mo na kailangan magtiis ng gutom at uhaw sa ramadan at at least dto sa amin ay mapa-tuli ka… supot kasi ang mga muslim eh…hahahahaha!

      • Anonymous

        Hahahaha…. magbago ka na salim my friend… saan bang sa inyo? Punta ako dyan… Pwede ka ring pumunta dto sa amin. Dto ako sa taguig sa FTI… Malapit lang ata tayo kung sa maharlika ka ngayon…

      • Anonymous

        Yabang nyo, tapos hahamun pa kayo sa china. abu sayyaf lang di nyo na kaya, mga Pilipino gunggong.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks to that, gunggong ka pala! Tanga! hahahaha! Lets eat pork my friend…hahahaha!

    • DarkJustice

      Tama ka! KAsi nagtraydor sila kay bautista,nagkunwaring mag peace talk pero inambush nila ang mga ito? Katapangan ba itong tinatawag mo? Kristyano ako at may dugong Muslim  mula sa mga lolo ko pero hindi kami traydor na tulad mga pekeng muslim na katulad mo!!!!At ilan beses na din akong napaaway sa Quiapo ng mga muslim pero ano nangyari,nagulpi ko lang sila!!! Huwag mong sirain ang totoong Muslim na may respeto sa kapwa tao!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YJ4D2FUCXZQLOHU6NO2T2HGKHQ ramnol81

    it seems…it was an ambushed. I hope walang kinalaman dito yung mga MILF-LOST Command

  • Anonymous

    sabi ng AFP mga 300 lang daw ang ASG at mainly based in sulu pero bakit nahihirapan ang AFP na lipulin ang mga ito? Ito ba ay parang budget ng dpwh na kailangan i-justify nila kahit ang proyekto ay hindi kailangan para lang ma-maintain o itaas pa ang budget nila? napakarami na nalalagas na sundalo diyan sa sulu at puro hangin lang ng kayabangan ang madidinig mo sa mga opisyales ng AFP pero yung mga ordinaryo kasundaluhan ang mga nagsasakripisyo.

  • Anonymous

    Mali ang balita dito da Inquirer, 21 ang patay na marines at 15 ang sugatan.

    • Anonymous

      yan ang sound of frustration… hahahaha! salim11, magbago ka na. Malapit na ramadan. Pero bobo din kayo ano? Naniniwala pa rin kayo sa ramadan? Turo lang yan ni mohamad ghandi… balita ko bakla yung taong yun… Dto ka na lang sa amin. Lipat ka na sa Salbahista… hahahahaha!

  • http://twitter.com/LarcetMyre Larcet Myre

    My condolences to our soldiers. At the same time, shouldn’t the ASG have been eradicated by now? How many battalions are there in the ASG areas? 

  • DarkJustice

    Kapag nababasa ba ito ng mga GENERALS sa AFP ay naiisip ba nila yung mga milyon-milyong kinukurakot nila na malaking tulong sana sa mga sundalong ito?? Pede ding gamitin ang pondong nakurakot para maubos ang mga AbuSayyaf.Maliit lamang ang Jolo,Sulu kung tutuusin,bakit hindi kaya ng AFP tapusin ang mga ito? Katangahan ba ng mga Generals sa AFP ito o sadyang wala silang pakiaalam dahil mas busy sila kung paano mangurakot at sumipsip sa mga pulitiko!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4OZ2GQYK3BNTBMZIRB6Q6X2XUA Raf

    Inakala noon nang Muslim sa Mindanao na kapatid ang mga Pilipino galing Visayas at Luzon kaya ngayon sila na ang naging squatter sa kanilang lupa at naghihirap. Eto siguro ang pulot dulo kung bakit kahit civillian na Muslim ay ganun na lang ang kanilang suporta sa mga rebelde lalo na kapag kalaban ay sundalo. Kung hindi sana pinabayaan ang mga Muslim at naging pantay ang pagtingin sa kanila, hindi sana magkakaganito sa Mindanao.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4OZ2GQYK3BNTBMZIRB6Q6X2XUA Raf

    naggulpi ng muslim sabay bawi na respeto sa totoong muslim, ayus ah….

  • abmatibay


  • abmatibay



    • Anonymous

      asg 300 based in sulu only
      AFP 250,000 (tama ba)
      PNP in sulu
      CAFGU in sulu

      sulu very small island hostile but not the same as afghanistan and pakistan……..why the US forces are there in mindanao if afp is capable of defeating asg, milf and npa? forget about milf and npa….just asg………how many battalions of soldiers are there in sulu with technological and sophisticated military equipment from us forces? why afp still suffer heavy casualties from around 70 asg bandits during this encounter?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXXX34GENWEVP6IWIELN2M2HPY Ed

        Mr. Andoy Barrios, walang mga gamit ang mga sundalung Noypi. he.. he.. Sa isang squad nila baka isa lang may night vision equipment at bulag pa.. Sorry to say this but it is the truth………..  Baka yung combat boots nila kung meron man.. ang swelas ay butas pa.. Puro pa pogi points lang  lahat pag AFP day sa Camp Aguinaldo.. my two cents opinion…

      • Anonymous

        baka kasi yung pondo ng mga ordinaryo sundalo ay pinambili ng louis vuitton na sapatos at bag ng mga opisyales ng afp at pati ng mga asawa nila……..na modernized yung lifestyle nung mga opisyales pero ang afp atrasado pa rin…….sad but it’s true………..yung mga ordinaryo sundalo pinapain sa mga alanganin……

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_MXXX34GENWEVP6IWIELN2M2HPY Ed

        Mr. Andoy Barrios, TUMPAK ka .. Ang mga sundalung Noypi lalu na yung mga mababang Rangko : private, corporal at sargeant… Sila ang mga Tinaguriang ” KAWAWANG COWBOY”  he.. he… May Baril Wala Bala… May Bota Swelas ay BUTAS PA…

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Wacky-Jabber/100000339298471 Wacky Jabber

        Those @#$%&* ASG do not wear name tags.  Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    Our deepest condolences to the families of our brave soldiers.

  • abmatibay

    Our condolences to the families of those brave soldiers…May the Lord bless you all of great abundance.

  • Anonymous

    Ano kaya ang pakiramdam ngayon ng mga animal na heneral gaya nina Garcia, Villanueva, Esperon, Ligot, Ebdane etc etc etc na nagnakaw sa pondo ng AFP/PNP  dito sa pagkamatay ng mga sundalo natin sa Mindanao? Ito ang mga dapat na mapugutan ng ulo eh!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rcibasco Roberto Ibasco

     asg? o?

  • Anonymous

    Meron pa pala Abu Sayyaf??? Akala ko kasi inubos na sila ng kano. Kaya nga pumasa ang VFA sa senado dahil DAW para masugpo ang mga Abu Sayyaf na madalas mag-kidnap. Bale wala pala ang VFA.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4GJKFBR5HLARVHJIKJPTNCQQO4 Borgz

    More inferior training and weapons? Inutile leadership? what must be the glaring cause of heavy casualties?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4GJKFBR5HLARVHJIKJPTNCQQO4 Borgz

    Mr P-Noy trim down the flabs in your armed forces. Reduce the number of GENERALS. Some aircraft carriers in some countries are commanded only by CAPTAINS/COLONELS. These war equipment are manned by thousands of men.  Skeleton brigades or wings or fleet in the AFP are commanded by Generals including their Deputies. Chaplains, Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses become general too. At the end of the day these people end up “general cleaning” the AFP coffers!

  • Anonymous

    My heartfelt condolences to the families of those unfortunate soldiers who perished in Patikul.  May God Bless you and grant you the strength in this your hour of need.  Those soldiers went to there death so that we may be at peace and free from harm.  They died like all brave soldiers do, without question nor an ounce of dismay.  We should all worship their sacrifice.  LEST WE FORGET! 

  • Anonymous

    We have been hearing a lot about operations against the Abus and strangely enough, they still remain a potent force in Sulu!  The big question here is the will to put an end to the problem.  Somehow, the government had been playing mind games with the situation, like if the MILF interferes with operation of the AFP, the government backs off to accommodate the wishes of the MILF!  It is very clear and the government people knew this that the MILF is coddling the Abus and even reported to have members belonging to the MILF serving as  Abus commanders.  The mentallity of the government should change to honestly put an end to this problem.  If it continues to play footsies to the MILF, the Abu Sayyaf will remain a problematic force to contend with.  Please do not play with the lives of our soldiers!

  • Anonymous

    hindi hihinto yang mga Abu na yan kasi suportado ng mga mayayamang kapatid nila sa Indo, Malaysia at Singapore then me galing pa sa middle east. In the name of religion nakikipagsabwatan sila, to fight the aggressor or the unbelievers of Islam so sa south ng Pinas ang mindanao ang demarcation line ng Christian at Islam. Sa border naman ng Thailand at Malaysia ang labananan  ng mga Buddhist at Islam. Sa India at lalo na sa Mumbai ganon din Hindu Vs Pakistan terrorists ang labanan naman. Sa Israel at sa Europe ganon din. Naku walang humpay kaya naman sa Norway me namaril na kc feeling nya malapit na maging islam ang buong europe. Ang maganda sa kanila ay nagtutulungan in the name of religion kaya naman hindi malupig,,, Condolence sa mga bayaning sundalo natin sila ay biktima lang ng malawakang pagkilos ng mga M sa buong mundo..

  • http://twitter.com/PerryUtanis Perry Utanis

    Kung tutuusin dapat ang camp Aguinaldo ilipat na sa Mindanao at karamihan puersa ng AFP ay sa Mindanao na kung bakit ba ang mga campo na yan ay nasa Metro Manila? Ang gera na walang katapusan ay naroroon sa parteng Mindanao.Gumawa narin Military Airport at Navy Base doon palakihin at idevelop narin maayos ang Military Industrial Complex. Secodary nalang campo dito sa metro manila at parteng Luzon.Magtayo narin ng Naval Academy, Boot Camp, Army Stackage at Military Hospital.Puede kaya mangyari ito??

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J4WK4GQJ4HMNJTAOOBKOOYF7JM jeff

      Hindi mangyayari kasi ang suggestion mo is ubsord

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Steffen/100001137426171 Bill Steffen

      correct sir!

    • Anonymous

      Maganda po ang idea ninyo pero mga armchair generals papayag ba sila? Delikado baka mapatay sila ng Abu Sayyaf. Walang dilihensiyang malaki doon. Walang golf course, 5 star hotels, chicks na magaganda, casino etc etc etc. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Steffen/100001137426171 Bill Steffen

    I am  an  American ,retired  U.S. Army, marrried to  a  Filipina.  I  live  in  Manila.. It  is  not  the  AFP losing !  It  is  the  gutless Politicians here  that  are  losing.  Just  the  same in America. Until  the  politicians decide  to  quit  pandering  for  votes  it  will continue till  the  end  of  time.  America  can’t  win  wars  because  the  govt  won’t  let  them,  not  because  the  troops  lack  the  will to  win.  I am  surprised  to  hear  of  U.S.  troops  in  the Phils  because  the  president  of  the  U.S.  is  a  muslim  Sympathyizer.  ” BLESSED  ARE  THE  PEACEMAKERS”   steffen.bill@yahoo.com

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