Victory defeated Pacquiao


It was, according to Juan Manuel Marquez, the “perfect punch”–at past the two minute mark in the sixth round, the Mexican “Dinamita (Dynamite)” exploded with a hard right that landed squarely on People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao’s jaw and sent him down the canvas face first.

Sportswriters would have a field day describing the scene of Pacquiao’s defeat, but a casual viewer would have sworn that the Saranggani congressman was a mugging victim by the way he laid face down inside the ring, like he was bludgeoned in the stomach.

It was a scene that millions of Filipino boxing fans dreaded to see, the one scene they know would happen someday in the back of their minds but never expected to happen so soon, even after a decade of dominance in the squared canvas ring.

Again, the hows and whys of Pacquiao’s stunning loss will be dissected by armchair and professional analysts in the days to come. Already fans and even his own mother have blamed Pacquiao’s defeat on his decision to switch from Catholicism to charismatic Christian groups.

Perhaps the best answer came from the man himself. As quoted by his wife Jinkee, whose despair was shown worldwide after seeing her husband fall, Pacquiao admitted to being a little over-confident prior to the match.

It was, ironically, the same state of mind that Pacquiao’s earlier conquest, Marco Antonio  Barrera found himself in back in 2003 when he  met the People’s Champ for the first time.

National pride notwithstanding, some Netizens even found the loss refreshing as they felt that it not only put Pacquiao back on solid ground but also served to distract from other pressing national issues like the ongoing rescue and relief operations of typhoon Pablo victims in Mindanao and other parts of the country.

Yet for others who don’t feel the same way, Pacquiao’s loss is no less disheartening. It’s not yet the end of the world unless one believes in the Mayan prediction that existence on Earth as we know it will end on Dec. 12, 2012.

We could only hope that as he consoles himself with his US $8 million prize and the millions more in pay-per-view revenue that Pacquiao shares some of his blessings with his fellow Filipinos who have experienced worse and are in fact clinging by the skin of their teeth after typhoon Pablo swept clean their homes and a good part of their lives.

Like the millions of Filipinos who are swamped by floods every year, Pacquiao finds consolation also in a country that would remain grateful to him for elevating their presence in the worldwide stage.

And like the rest of the Filipinos, Pacquiao will pick himself up and move on. The world doesn’t stop for both winners and losers.

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  • Marx Louis Wang

    I’d been reading Dec. 21, 2012 and not Dec. 12, and by the way, according to NASA, no such thing will exist.

  • PikonNaKami

    Pacquiao is a true Congressman. He fell asleep in the middle of the job.

    • ngidigop

      Nag snore pa nga raw.

      • dodong1

        punong puno ang laway sa bunganga…

    • Joseph Cagara

      lmao! nice one!

    • Karabukov

      Ha ha! That’s a knockout.

  • tata_boy

    magkano kaya ang kinita nina Chavit?

    • dodong1

      galit na galit umalis si chavit pagkatapos ng laban dahil milyones ang talo nya..

      • tonyoks

        kunyari lang yun…sa kabila pumusta si tsaabit….

      • dodong1

        oo nga ano…he he he he he

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Yahoo! Sports
     Juan Manuel Marquez using steroids..

    • virgoyap

       That’s what I also believe.

      • mfdo

         and then why is MP refusing for Olympic style drug tests ?? LOL ..

  • Janeth Molo

    I think according to the Mayan calendar, the world will end on December 21, not December 12, although I am still dubious about that, and nobody knows when the world ceases to exist.

  • joboni96

    lucky punch

    abetted by aggressive overconfident pakyaw

    panalo na siya sa 6th
    kinalimutan ang depensa

    dapat balik sa calculating mode
    tama na youthful carelessness

    panalo pa rin sa pera
    talo nga lang sa dangal
    dahil sa kapusukan

    after 1 month
    mri ulit
    to prepare for 5th

    establish mo na pacquioa boxing academy
    habang may pera pa
    to produce more pacquioas

    • mfdo

       lucky punch ? ah .. come on .. you are not a boxer .. every punch is about timing and luck .. if you say it was a lucky punch, then so does it, for every KO Pacman got, in his succceses .. Plain lucky .. LOL

      • joboni96

        watch 6th round again

      • lintangbedol

        to get knocked down twice is still a lucky punch. 

      • zeroko

        Lucky punch yuon. But all is past. Bilog ang bola. Sinalubong ni Paquiao ang suntok ni Marquez at malapitan which is double deadly. Iba ang suntok kung umaatras ang kalaban o malayo ang tinatarget. Dito, napakalapit. Lahat ng lakas ni Marquez, kasama na pati ang body weight niya, at pasalubong pa si Paquiao,  he he he, hindi na nakita ni Paquiao ang bitwin, tulog na siya ng mahimbing.

        Salpukan ang nangyari. No more ifs and buts. Talo kung talo Kung pagmamasdan mo ang replay, umangat pa nga si Paquiao. 

         Ang pangsabong na manok nga, mortally wounded na at nakatihaya, na kakalabit pa ang malakas na kalaban. Pag ang tari ng nakatihayang manok, sinalubong ng kalaban, at na tiempohan ang puso, d, patay! He he he.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V6JTYBZXUSXIDCD67ACZK7NUKM Joseph

    The Mayan calendar ends on Dec 21, not 12!

    Geez, if so many people can’t even get the date right, no wonder people can’t properly predict the end of the world. And I expected more from a journalist (who is always supposed to cross check facts).

    • tarikan

      Don’t bet your best marbles on some journalists. Some of them are grammatically challenged.  

    • tuldok

      wrong date! kakahiyia kayo mga writers sa PDI, kulang sa double check.

      ako nga pag hindi ako sigurado sa date, i just buy the day’s paper and check the date there!  :) :) :)

    • Karabukov

      At least they’ll be glad to wake up the next day still alive.

  • mfdo

    all went well, till you went .. “We could only hope that as he consoles himself with his US $8 million
    prize and the millions more in pay-per-view revenue that Pacquiao shares
    some of his blessings with his fellow Filipinos who have experienced
    worse and are in fact clinging by the skin of their teeth after typhoon
    Pablo swept clean their homes and a good part of their lives.” ..

    So if somebody wins, national style, must we share with the rest, who did nothing to contribute to the win ? so the rest, instead of earning a living working hard, look up to the boxer for hand out ??

    Sorry, am being a jerk here .. but couldn’t resist ..

  • PaengSaAmerika

    The losers are those who paid $60 or more on HBO Pay-per-View, those who ‘called in’ sick at work and the victims of typhoon Pablo, so as the whole nation. Bob Arum, the 81 year old dollar- salivating boxing promoter is always on the winning side. He got his millions… safely. And still so much ‘hungry’ to get more.

    Of all these miseries, we should still rally behind our hero. 

    • zeroko

      Correction. The real losers are the Billionaires who were with PNoy on his trip to Washington D.C. which timed it for the Bradley fight with Paquiao. They were in Las Vegas to “harvest” on their bets. Easy money, no sweat! Talo!

      Then again, the hordes of Congressmen lead by House Speaker Belmonte also went to Las Vegas to bet on Paquiao/Marquez fight. They too lost millions. He he he. They intend to use the winning money (suppose to be) in the coming 2013 election. Talo!

      But the biggest loser is Paquiao’s water boy, Singson and Atienza. They bet double on what they lost in Bradley. He he he. They lost.

      He he he! Bradley prepared himself because he has nothing to lost and all to gain. He wanted a break because he was poor and wants become rich, so the motivation was there. To win!

      Marquez is also highly motivated. He was after a vengeance because he thinks that he was robbed of the title twice. He too won. 

      But, win or lost, forbidding any permanent damage, Paquiao has earned billions of pesos in this fight. He he he. He can relax and count the money if he so desire. While millions of people are salivating on the money he earned for himself, he treats the money just like a number. He is filthy rich by all standard. He he he.

      He he he! No matter what sarcastic people says, he is unperturbed. With a luxury yacht, several sports car ,mansions, helicopter, what more can he ask? He he he. Guess what. He still miss something. He can not marry again………… he he he!

  • gerryjoaquin

    its a shame that the country considers the loss of pacman a bigger tragedy than the recent devastation and live lost from typhoon pablo. hundreds of filipinos will never go home at all. thousands more will have no house to go home to. poor pacman, despite being knocked out, he still will go home to his mansion with his millions of dollars. we will always be thankful that he has brought the country pride. nevertheless, we should not lose our focus. and to the monday morning quarterbacks who have fearlessly predicted a pacman victory via KO, they should not find any fault from pacquiao. he did his best. but marquez was the better and smarter boxer.

  • malek_abdul

    Marquez prepared so much for this fight. He just “harvested” the fruit of his labor. And as Pacquiao said…NO EXCUSES. Marquez was the better fighter this time.

  • simonibarra27

    Knocked out by Pastors..!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/ramon.seeker Ramon Seeker

      knock out the drank and womanizer priest too

  • tarikan

    From now on I think no more PACQUIAO, tingi-tingi na laang.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XTXAV2X3EGKHW7N4L35WY2S6HM JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

    Pacquiao has long stopped being a boxer. He is now a congressman, a pastor, a conceited person. He is has long been a part time boxer as evidenced by his poor performance in the past years. I don’t want to add insult to injury but he wasn’t focused on the sport anymore.

    He already made tons of money. He can happily retire but not the way he has been throwing away money. May ubos din yan!

    • zeroko

      Respect naman diyan! Talo na ang Champion natin, “you are practically rubbing salt to his wounds.” This is not the appropriate time to insult him. He does not deserve it! Kung billionaire na siya, he is entitled to it. So what’s the fuse? Gusto mo, suntukan na lang kayo. he he he. Joke lang.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/CB5PSZ2PRJ2363FHAKFHCQ2UE4 Ces

         in some points of judgejuandelacruz, i do agree. Our Champ has sooooo many things to attend to;  tv shows, politics, concerts,etc not counting personal and family affairs…which may have contributed to a lesser focus to his sports. i hope though some comments are hurting and sound insulting, lets be objective enough that there are bits of truth in them. May our champ Manny Pacquiao come up into choosing a certain field where he can give himself totally…and may what God has given him finds its true worth.

    • zeroko

      Talo kung talo. Nakita mo naman na “Lucky punch” ang nangyari. Swerte lang si Marquez. Paquiao was already on the “kill.” Gusto niyang patumbahin si Marquez, kasalanan ba niya kung sa halip na tumumba si Marquez, siya ang na “Knock out.”

      Relax lang. Sa boxing, bilog ang bola. Marami na akong experience sa “street fighting.”  Apat na ribs ko, bale. Wala kang mararandaman, me anomang sakit pag tinamaan ka sa panga. Ang tuhod mo, tumitiklop na lang, at ang pakirandam mo ay na anesthesia ka. All your sense is deaden dahil ang utak mo ay nakalog. 

      Ganyan lang yan. Ang mahalaga ay ang tiwala niya sa kanyang boxing skill at dapat, may re bout. Dapat, may 5ft fight. He he he. Hindi yata duwag si Paquiao. 

      • Alejandro Canda

        dapat hindi na sya bumangon muli at tuluyan nang humimlay. pacquiao laos na magpasarap na lang sya sa pera nya.

  • http://akoaysalbahe.wordpress.com/ apollo

    not dec 12, but dec 21.

  • charlie_oscar

    The Mexican navy has sent an armada of 7 ships to the disputed Spratlys – laying a formal claim to the gas rich island chain – as “payment-in-full” for the defeat of filipino boxer and congressman Manny Pacquiao –  This is the headline in the Mexican news this morning.

  • zeroko

    Mantakin mo, he shed tears not for himself but for bringing down the expectation of  his people. This guy is outstanding by all standard. He is a real politician who is more concern for his people compared to our hordes of Filipino-Chinese politicians who are just there to commit graft and corruption. Mga inutil to the cause of the Filipino people.

    • Alejandro Canda

      i disagree. pacquiao is no real politician. maniwala ka bang luha yan ng taong matino. luha yan ng buaya. pacquiao is dumb useless politician. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XWH5SD6XPM3XKND6PJQQ32ZRAU Mabuhay

    Mali ang figure…..$25million ang kinita ni Pacman….$6million plus si Marquez…..
    Kung ganyan kalaki ang kikitain ko, kahit matulog ako sa canvass ng isang buwan ok lang……

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    Manny Pacquiao refused to give money to his mother who wants to go to Rome for the Calungsod sainthood because he said he got no money. But the pastors are getting unlimited funds from Manny Pacquiao.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CAWLT6SE3IC36RTDVRUIDWO364 Dag Erickson

    the first round, i give it a draw. second to the fifth, Pacquiao dominated the fight. The sixth,  he also dominated but he made the wrong move and Marquez  is on the right position on the right  timing.  Idol Manny have this nasty habit of dropping his arms. You look at the fight again. Marquez on the other hand is always careful and always his fists are on guard on his chin.  Idol Manny is to finish him off in the coming rounds but Marquez just got lucky.

  • jgl41456

    Laos na si Manny kaya wag na siay magambisyon tumakbo for a higher position in politics at wag na siya sumama kina Binay. Erap at Enrile di maganda mga background ng mga yan!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RL37HV32DKYDK7ACEKAKYDY634 Torero

    for an ordinary boxing fan, nobody loves a loser.  

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