Stop looting, President orders PNP



President Benigno Aquino III has ordered the Philippine National Police to stop the looting in areas devastated by Typhoon “Pablo,” even as Malacañang cheered the rescue of four survivors.

“The PNP has been instructed by the President through (Interior) Secretary Mar Roxas to prevent any more incidents of looting,” Abigail Valte, deputy presidential spokesperson, told government-run dzRB on Sunday.

After food provisions took long to arrive, desperate residents looted shops in search of food in Cateel, one of the towns in Davao Oriental.

Roxas said some policemen had been deployed to secure food warehouses and homes from looters. He said he had received “unverified information” that residents looted a warehouse of the National Food Authority in Compostela Valley.

With the search and rescue operations stabilizing, policemen could now focus on securing warehouses and abandoned homes from possible looting, he said.

“We want to ensure that the storages of food are secured so that the distribution of relief good will be orderly, and the homes and abandoned structures are safe from stealing,” he said in an interview by phone. He doubted that the looting could go out of hand.

Valte admitted that the looting may be an offshoot of the difficulty by government officials in bringing in relief supplies in some areas.

“We need to… speed up to open access to those areas, and to make sure that the looting incidents do not happen anymore,” she said. TJ Burgonio

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  • catmanjohn

    There is an old mariners saying, “the sea will find all your mistakes…”. In this case, Nature has found all the errors and weaknesses of the Philippine government. After the storm, not even a typhoon, Sendong killed over a thousand people last year, you would think that the Federal government and local governors would have set up some emergency response plans to disasters such as this one, but obviously did not. Furthermore, Mike Arroyos ill purchased helicopters could be used for supplying food and water to victims of the storm, but are probably sitting idle, due to incompetence and fear of flying such crappy machines. The politicians, like Arroyo, the governors, and even President Aquino are being  exposed as colossal failures by the forces of Nature. These people are fighting for their lives, fending off starvation by looting for food, NOT TV sets and DVD players!!!  The victims of the incompetent politicians are now being blamed for all their negligence and sins.

  • tata_boy

    ito ang patunay na pulos inutil ang mga nasa pamahalaan, gutom na ang mga tao at kailangan nila ng makakain, saan kaya ito mang-gagaling? mga senatong at tongressmen, nasaan iyong mga pork barrel ninyo?

    • sigena

      yan si GMA na naman sisihin ni inutil pnoy

    • chingnarciso

      natalo na sa pusta nila kay pakyaw…at yong natira ay pinang casino na nila..

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

    double intendere on the headlines, perhaps?


  • Socorro

    What are the Bangsamoro, MILF and MNLF doing now? Why are they not helping the govt. to alleviate the problems of Mindanao. Di ba sila naman ang makikinabang ng yaman ng Mindanao because of the peace process? And look at what the people there are doing? Mali na nga ang nangyari sa kanila mali pa ang ginagawang pagnanakaw? Who would help them now/  

    • ed_nique

      these areas that were most damaged by the typhoon are christian areas … and NPA infested

    • Marcial72

       Karamihan kasi sa mga nasalanta ay mga Krsitiano kaya hindi tumulong ang Bagsamoro MILF.  Sa totoo lang kahit mga kapatid nilang Muslim ayaw din nilang tulungan, ang gusto lang ng mga lider nila ay magpayaman.

  • disqus_F7NxgCOapC

    Hoping that people of Mindanao learned that incedenced, because long time they are sleeping. They witness of rampant distructions of our enviroments by minings, logging but no actions have doing. All of them are liable for this tragedy… Wake Up Mindanaoans!!!!

  • zeroko

    He he he! Looting happens when situation goes out of control. How can you tell a person to stop looting amidst famine? Worst, there is a significant drop on food supply because of the drought that hits America in the early month of this year. Millions of agricultural crops were lost.  And secondly, America has it’s own economic problem, the fiscal cliff. Come to think of it, is prediction of Dec. 21, 2012 about to happen? Just hope that this is not a precursor of what is about to happen. If our government does not move fast, there will be mass starvation. 

    This is the best time for our spoiled politicians to share their loots. Same goes to the Judiciary. They should give away their “Judicial development funds” which runs into billions of pesos, which are only use to fatten their purse. Otherwise, this will bring down our government, mind you. 

    It would be the best time for the MILF  and MNLF to show that they can manage Mindanao by themselves. God helps our people!

  • EdgarEdgar

    Looting is inevitable especially when relief and rescue operations are not carried out well. Sendong was Noynoy´s Katrina. Pablo is Noynoy´s Katrina 2.0. At the rate Noynoy is failing miserably with his disaster response, there will be more Katrinas with even more devastating aftermath because of this administration´s unpreparedness. But then again, we all know Noynoy came to office unprepared and clueless. If blame must be assigned, it should be placed squarely on those who were too overwhelmed by grief over Cory´s passing and ended up voting for the lesser candidate for president.

    • BawalAngReklamador

      WALANG ibang DAPAT sisihin dito kabayan kundi ang mga RESIDENTE sa nasabing mga lugar.. Kung makikita mo ang PINSALA sa lugar, ito’y DAHILAN ng LABIS na pagbaha ng tubig na MAY kasamang PUTIK na nagpapatunay na KALBO na ang mga bundok.. 

      SILANG mga naroroon ang NARARAPAT (sana) na NAGING mga pulis, para magbantay ng kalikasan doon.. Pero MAS pinili nila ang ABUSUHIN at MAGBULAG-BULAGAN sa mga ABUSADO kaya nangyari ang SAKUNANG ito..

      • EdgarEdgar

        Whew! Thanks for taking the time for the post. Many big words in bold letters. In short, blame the victims for being victims. I heard you loud and clear. But I just don’t agree.

    • Malik62

       When Sendong hit CDO BS Aquino X3 was partying with Valerie.  When Pablo hit Mindanao BS was partying with Katrina.

  • KenKhoy

    oh i thought pnoy ordered both houses to stop looting which i think  is more appropriate

  • KenKhoy

    pnoy to desperate filipino souls……stop looting……..  

    desperate filipino souls to government leaders….. stop looting also..


  • rodben

    Very sample mga kabayan, I think if the MULTI-BILLION PESO international donations will reach correctly to the real victims of Pablo NO REASON THESE PEOPLE ARE LOOTING FOR FOODS ,  OR MAYBE THE LOOTERS ARE NOT THE REAL VICTIMS?

  • Cola

    STOP the Police from looting the coffers of the PNP and the money of the Poor Filipino People.  The order should start at the doorsteps of the PNP.  PNOY naman, hindi mo ba alam ito?

  • garcia677

    Also Mr. President instruct PNP to abide by your previous order on the use of Plate Nos. The PNP as models and enforcers of your order are the one’s breaking it by having PNP plate nos. in their private cars. What do these officers of the PNP want to inform the public Mr, President> That they can have the luxury of driving to be kings of the road despite your stern warning, That they can defy your lawful order to showboat to the public that you’re not their boss but their ownselves

    Remove them sir, since they smear and put to ignominy  the institution of the PNP

  • Fulpol

    they are dying in hunger.. idiot!

  • Fulpol

    sa halip na mamigay kahit kaunti para maibsan ang gutom, inuuna pa ang masterlist para wala daw umuulit at organisado…


  • disqusted0fu

     but what if the PNP themselves are looting? then who else is going to stop the looters?

    if the government was well prepared for this and the relief came on time and they had enough supply, it could have prevented looting.  but since everything is the opposite, now one problem leads to another. and guess what solution they will come up with for this… find someone or something to blame again. easy as that.

  • PAZ

    Ang alam ko na magaling sa pag handle ng rrlief goods ay ang RED CROSS. Dapat kasi bawat barangay ,doon mismo sa barangay hall merong listahan ng bawat isang family. Ilalagay sa lugar na di maaabot ng baha. Kaya pag may kalamidad nadyan na ang listahan ng pangalan ng isang family. kasi pag nagkakagulo na merong nakakadoble at meron namang nauubusan.

  • Jose Rizal

    When the situation CAN NOT BE CONTROLLED, THEN CHAOS WOULD HAPPEN.  And one of the manifestation is LOOTING.
    President is doing the MOUTHFUL, AGAIN, without OVERSEEING AND CONTROLLING THE SITUATION, directly or otherwise, as a president.  This is a sign of being a sloth president.  And the news stated that “EU lauds the balding 5-yr old president for the IMPROVED disaster handling”….Hahahaha! Really?

  • Jose Rizal

    Wow, biglang CENSORED NA NGAYON ang mga post ko!
    Effective ba? I mean nakatanggap na ba ng tawag ang INQ galing sa Malacanan?

  • Lord_patawad

    title said: “Stop looting, President orders PNP”

     – ang dating sa akin, ang mga PNP ang nagnanakaw. pinapa hinto lang ni pnoy. 

    • Jose Rizal

      Pasensiya na OVERWHELM lang parati si Noynoy…nasaan na ba?  Nagtatago na naman ba…nilagnat kaya…?

  • Chloroform

    This is one of the difference between a Japanese and a Filipino. We are amazed at their discipline when they were struck by earthquake and tsunami. We sure have a long way to go… it would have been more humane to open the warehouse though?

    • Malik62

       If this happened in Japan their PM could have committed hara-kiri already.  Here the President partied and watched a concert.

  • Your_King

    President Aquino doing what he does best, nothing. Maybe if he would do more to help the victims they wouldn’t have to resort to looting. Its not right to steal and loot at the same time its also hard to really reprimand these people when many have lost everything, including many who lost loved ones. As time goes on, these people in these damaged areas will be forgotten by Aquino. He’s not doing enough now to help them and as the past has shown time will only make it less and less. Poor victims! 

    • Malik62

      While the nation is in state of calamity and survivors in Mindanao are dying from hunger and diseases, BS Aquino X3 and Mar Roxas  watched Elton John’s concert last Dec. 8. How insensitive.

      • buttones

        I don’t think that the nation in a state of ‘mourning’ for Manny’s loss, and grown men crying in the streets of our nation like little school girls was appropriate, nor sensitive either in the face of this catastrophic event – but there you go…

      • Your_King

        Very true! He enjoyed Elton John at the air-conditioned Araneta while victims slept outside in the dirt hungry and starving. He stayed longer at the concert than he did at the damaged areas. How terribly sad for the suffering victims of Typhoon ‘Pablo’.

  • Jose Rizal

    Noong di magtally o malaki ang deperensiya ng death toll stats nagalit at patumpik-tumpik si Noynoy sa pagdeklara ng “State of Calamity”.  Ang declaration kasing yan ang magpapaluwag ng pondo para sa relief operation.  Ngayon, dahil di pa rin tapos ang paglista ng mga indigents ng DSWD (by the way dapat meron na silang database ng mga indigents in that area noon pa).
    ATRASADO parati…tuloy si presidenting walang alam at karanasan DI ALAM papaano magdecision.  Buti pa pati RELIEF SERVICES NG DSWD ipapa-PPP na lang.  Kikita pa ang mga oligarchs na takam-na-takam sa ganyang concessions.
    Hahahahaha!  Ganito sila sa Pinas…Juan wag ka nang mangmang at magpabola.

  • buttones

    Were not, are not the PNP aware that looting is illegal and a bad thing? It take the president to tell them so?

  • Garo Ungaro

    the government must act fast before…a lot of people will die not from (pablo) but from hunger, desease, and crimes due to the slow, relief operations…the coordinations from the national to the regional and local..appears having confusion airlift, transport of food, medical, clothing and maintaing the daily needs short term…long term later…it appears the victims are on their own…to survive….

    • Crysis_III

      grabe siguro yung pinsala kaya di na makayanan ng mga tao doon.

  • kruger

    Yeah, right!

    While at it, try to stop “loteng” also……

    • Crysis_III

      napinsala rin siguro yung mga bahay ng mga pulis kaya undermanned ang PNP…

  • Malik62

    This seems to be the first time that massive looting happened in a disaster area.  This is very symptomatic of BS Aquino X3’s government inefficiency and failure. When  disaster his Real, Quezon brought by typhoon Yoyong in 2004, PGMA cancelled all her appointments, braved strong winds and drenching rains and personally went to Real to supervise the relief operations. She mobilized AFP, PNP and Coast Guard helicopters to bring supplies, food and medicine to Real. Now why can’t BS do that?

    • chingnarciso

      cos Mike Arroyo and his siblings are using all the helecopters..only jokes..peace be with you..

  • Malik62

     BS Aquino X3 went to New Bataan, Comval had some pictures taken and left.  He only stayed for 10 minutes. That night he wnt back to Manila and partied at the Fort.

  • Marcial72

    Valte admitted that the looting may be an offshoot of the difficulty
    by government officials in bringing in relief supplies in some areas.

    “We need to… speed up to open access to those areas, and to make sure that the looting incidents do not happen anymore,”

    Andaming helicopters naka tambay diyan a, at maayos naman yung panahon, bakit hindi gamitin?

    • buttones

      Quote ”“We need to… speed up to open access to those areas, and to make sure that the looting incidents do not happen anymore,”- Well, doh! Wonderful logic from the lips of Valte, I am in awe, it’s a brilliant repost – she says it best when she nothing at all….[in my opinion]

    • Crysis_III

      grabe siguro yung gutom doon no.. kaya may looting na..

  • alex_diaz2014

    The title of the article says it all, the PNP must stop looting! (not stop the looting)

    • omangat

      I was thinking the same. There goes PDI again with misleading headline.

      • buttones

        Is it misleading? The President said the PNP should stop looting, he did not say they should stop THE looting . Velly little Inglish, but even I know there is one hell of a difference! OMG!

      • alex_diaz2014

        Either misleading or accidentally revealing the truth…

  • buttones

    “President orders PNP to stop looting.“ It’s ‘Stop THE looting’ for God’s sake! It sounds like the PNP are looting! OMG and we know our English….

  • kapitanvic1

    Stop looting, President orders PNP.
    Something is so wrong with this headline. Should be-

  • dikoy321

    Policemen MUST be prohibited from using their mobile phones during work, except when on lunch break!

    That’s what we are allowed to do here in Germany!

    Policemen MUST watch their surroundings and STAY  A L E R T  all the time!

  • nparvus1202

    O mga taga PNP huwag na raw kayong magnakaw.

  • ruben_bush

    yung mga biktima ng bagyo ang nagugutom at napilitang magloot.  sana the pnp should also stop the rich people from looting.  eh kahit di gutom, nakaw pa ren ng nakaw—the pnp should look sa conreso, daming buwayang magnanakaw!!!!

  • Jon

    Kahit namamatay na kayo sa gutom, hintayin ninyo ang gobyerno.
    Intindihin ninyo na may katagalan talaga sila kaya kuko nyo na lang muna ang kainin ninyo.

  • gerp

    imagine if we have no government in the Philippines… this is one of the things that will happen to us. Looting…barbarism…chaos among men… the strong and brave will live… the weak will suffer.  But everyone will be living in difficulty…always on guard while asleep…do not know when another man will take what they already have…if we all think that an angel will govern our country…will the people may become more abusive, are they have no contentment, will be ask for more…the angel will be over run by these people… now we have a men like us…who is leading our country…the leader can be corrupt while the people is so corrupt as well…same thing.

  • chingnarciso

    Who are the looters? the PNP or the hungry people? THe headline says  Stop Looting,the President ordered the PNP…Just because you are hungry,that means you can loot your neighbor? Why not follow Japan when they have disasters like the tsunami,I cannot even read a single news that it says that somebody loot the stores or warehouses cos they are hungry,zero not even a single paragraph on the news..I applaud the Japanese people and Japanese government for being honest and sincere to each other..

  • gerp

    sometime when in great frustrations…some thoughts will be all become negative…they blame the people around them…they blame the Government…the church…their leaders…and even their dogs… but they forgot to consider to think about the source of their frustrations, their anger, therir feelings… what’s within?… why do we blame the rescuer who come a seconds late…if we turn the table around… what will you feel if you are the rescuer and you feel that you are not capable to rescue any person, and the person to be rescued is within your reach? and what will you feel if the person to be rescued did not chose to get help?…and ignored you?… grabe na ito ah…mga nauto ng Edsa Dos magsitigil nga kayo dyan…panay reklamo eh mga uto uto naman kayo!

  • boybakal

    Stop looting, President orders PNP….

    Masyado naman OA tong si Pnoy. Exaggerated.
    Anong Looting ang pinagsasabi mo. Wala na ngang natira, all flat, stop looting ka pa.
    Ang Kinukuha ng tao, mga yerong, kahoy sa mga tinumbang mga bahay.
    Ang tawag doon SALVAGING….HINDI LOOTING.

  • oyakloluagm

    Hanep sa HEADLINE  akala mo tuloy PNP ang nag loot… sino man nagsulat nito magbagong buhay ka na …hindi ka journalist… 

  • noyab

    ang bagal mo kasi Panot…tigilan mo na nag PSP mo…

  • Jose Mateo S. Boza

    After reading the headline, I honestly thought (and hoped) that the article was going to be about the President telling the police to stop taking bribe money. I guess that isn’t going to happen, what with the holidays right around the corner . . . 

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Easier to ask PNP to be Virgin….

    A scorpion nature is to byte, a PNP is to take advantage, can’t resist to kill,
    a serious training, Justice and ethics problem

  • maxi_pilosopo

    ahahahahaha…muntik na me mabulunan sa kakatawa….totoong totoo yung dating….pulis tumigil na raw ng mga pagnanakaw…?? / kasama narin siguro yung pangongotong ahahaha….dapat manghuli na lang kau ng mga kriminal ahahaha

  • anu12345

    Like the others, I thought some members of PNP were caught looting. Not far-fetched though

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