Sotto admits RH bill close to being passed



“May God have mercy on their souls.”

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III made this statement as he played the “God’s mercy” card on reproductive health-bill advocates after Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago declared after last week’s period of amendments that there are enough pro-RH lawmakers to pass the contentious maternal health measure.

In a text message to the Inquirer, the staunch anti-RH lawmaker said the votes that kept “safe and satisfying sex” in the bill’s definition of reproductive health did not mean the measure’s passage was in the bag for its proponents.

He admitted, however, that bill is closer to being passed.

“The bill is being endorsed by proabortion groups. It will promote immorality among minors. Why do they want to do this?” Sotto said.

Sotto earlier said maternal and child care programs that the RH bill seeks to institutionalize are already being funded and implemented by the government through the Department of Health.

“All the things they want in the bill are all being done. Why do they want to make it a law? My final word will be ‘May God have mercy on their souls,’” Sotto said.

As to Santiago’s claim of victory once the RH bill is finally put to a vote, Sotto said “it’s difficult to say.”

“Senator Joker [Arroyo] is not with them. He is keeping his cards close to his chest. Now, why would we want to pass a law that half the country disapproves of?”

On Tuesday last week, all the changes to the bill that were objected to by sponsor Sen. Pia Cayetano and put to a vote were thumbed down by senators.

Santiago said the voting showed that the RH has a core of 11 senators that it could count on.

She also said the number could be more as Sen. Edgardo Angara was abroad on an official trip while Sen. Joker Arroyo was already out of the hall as the amendments were put to a vote late during the session.

“They do not want to accept the amendments. They want to keep it as a ‘safe and satisfying sex,’” Sotto said.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, an ally of President Aquino’s and a supporter of the RH bill, said the target to pass the measure was before Congress’ Christmas break.

The legislature goes on recess on Dec. 21.

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  • quirinomayer

    “May God have mercy on their souls.” 

    As usual, the words of  Sotto are not original hehehe. 

    But he is right about the bill being close to passing.

    • Guest

      I wouldn’t be sure about that. 4 hurdles are still to overcome (3rd reading house, 2nd and 3rd reading senate, and eventually, the SC – the signature of the president is just a formality).

  • nes911

    There’s a new word being circulated in tne net, “sottoism” which is synonimous to plagiarism. Sikat na si sotto ngayon.

  • felipe

    “NATATAOHAN” hehehe !!!!!

  • brunogiordano

    “The bill is being endorsed by proabortion groups. It will promote immorality among minors. Why do they want to do this?” Sotto said.

    Dahil makakabuti ito sa buong bayan.

    Ang magiging talunan lang ay ang mga OBISPO ng CBCP at mga taong tulad mo.

    Sabi nga ni cardinal Martini ang moral na sinusunod ng Vatican ngayon ay obsolete at passé na.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • zahraff

    The RH Bill will surely be approved, simply because it is the right thing to do. Just to reiterate the reminder to every lawmaker that there is no such thing as a catholic vote, and therefore must never be afraid of any threats from the so called “STUBBORNS!” It is everybody’s belief that a lawmaker that will be identified to be PRO-RH will be voted into office overwhelmingly come May 2013 elections, and those ANTI-RH supporters will be DUMPED into the rubbish! So, there is still time for the non-supporters (lawmakers) to change their minds to be a part of the winning side. This is just a friendly and practical advice to add to your election votes come May 2013 election.   

    • madallison

      People here have short memories, as evidenced by Enrile, Imelda, bongbong happily in power. The pro-RH legislators shouldn’t worry that people will not vote for them. No one will remember by May who voted for what this December.

  • wehd1nga

    “safe and satisfying sex” hmmm i wonder what is sen Pia’s definition of safe and satisfying sex, will there be a standard or a guideline or a manual on how to perform to attain “safe and satisfying sex” paano kung super liit ng manoy ni koya at di makabigay ng safe at satisfying sex kay ati makukulong kaya si koya, o baka naman balak nila mamigay ng libre Vibrator, pilikmata ng kambing, condom na may bigote, o baka naman may libre palagay ng bolitas ang DOH, sana mag imbento sila ng CONDOM  sa dila for a  safe and satisfying sex 

    • Jake Dionisio

      Get your head out of the gutter. If a husband forces a wife to have sex with him even though she doesn’t want to, is that “safe and satisfying”? If you get raped, is that “safe and satisfying”?

      If your wife should love you, I don’t think she’s going to care if “super liit ng manoy” mo.

    • batangsulpok

      Kahit malaki si manoy mo at di ka marunong ng technique ay di rin masisiyahan si Misis.

  • EOJ

    Mangongopyang sotto akala mo malilinlang mo ang tao? Ang RH ay hindi para sa abortion. 

  • kulittwit

    Using the name of God in vain. Sign of desperation.

  • brunogiordano

    “May God have mercy on their souls.”

    Ang YABANG talaga!!

    Feeling niya siya ang kakampi ng GOD at hindi tayo.

  • Jake Dionisio

    ““All the things they want in the bill are all being done. Why do they want to make it a law? My final word will be ‘May God have mercy on their souls,’” Sotto said.”

    … >.> So that it will be better enforced? What kind of a question is this?

    We already have jokers and idiots in the government, why do we elect them to higher positions like yours >.>

  • andrew lim

    Sotto’s logic about the pro-abortion groups goes something like this:

    VST and Co’s songs are played and listened to by drug addicts and womanizers. Why do they enjoy VST and Co’s music?


  • Blue_Crimson

    Drinking the Kool-Aid, Senator Scumbag Smegma Sotto?

  • Toni

    ” Now, why would we want to pass a law that half the country disapproves of?” 

    Half? Can do you prove this?

    ‘May God have mercy on their souls,’” Sotto said

    With you at the senate – may God have mercy on us!

    • gilbert

      wala lang, basta me magawa lang sila, kahit alam nilang lalabas ang katangahan nila,lalo na yang si sottonginamo!

  • John

     It’s ok for our politicians to pray, but not ok for their religious beliefs to rule the country because somebody is going to end up feeling discriminated against. It’s better to keep it neutral where everybody knows the government is not working in their interests – The unknown infidel

    • Jake Dionisio

      You can’t blame his nature. For all we know, even his beliefs are “copied”.

      • John

        Hahahahaha.. Thats a good one.. hahahahaa…..

  • AntonioPeYangIII

    Where’s the world’s smallest violin when you need it? 

  • Todd

    If the bill doesn’t work out. Can’t it be reversed?

    • kulittwit

       It will work. But to answer your question, an amendment or a new law could reverse it.

    • George Lapulapu

      if the reason of the law stops, the law itself stops….–nabasa ko somewhere..

  • Jhonny

    “May God have mercy on their souls.” Another case of sottoism

    • mabyrik

      I agree with you.. Correct me if I am wrong. I believe the first person who said “…and may God have mercy on your soul” was Raul Manglapus in his “Land of Bondage, Land of the free”.
      Well, we know who da King of Palgiarism is, so it’s not surprising anymore.

      • Simon Ward

        I can’t correct you because I don’t know, but that surely doesn’t sound right to me. I thought it came from the Bible, or at least as a standard closing statement in Britain and the US when a judge passes a death sentence, going back at least a hundred years, probably much more. If it’s really as recent as Raul Manglapus, I’d love to have that confirmed.

  • Emerald R. Ridao

    “It will promote immorality among minors.”

    This is their favorite argument: the notion that installing a condom vending machine in school locker rooms will encourage teens to have sex. In their denial, they do not realize that we need the condom vending machines because kids are ALREADY having sex. A priest simply has to look at the parents of children being baptized to realize that too many are still children themselves. Even one minor having a child is one too many.

    • VicenteBoticol

      Mr Ridao. There are more and more priests and bishops who are gay,homosexuals and pedophiles. read the news in CNN and BBC about Pedophilia cases in the USA,IRELAND and Australia where 6000 cases of pedophilia by the catholic clergy was recorded in a ten-year period.

      • Jake Dionisio

        Of course, they downplay it. How would it look if they’re the ones who are actually contributing to the rise of HIV?

  • mamer2

    “May God have mercy on their souls” (as if the speaker is without sin)
    The speaker of the above quote, further says that 
    “…half the country disapproves of” the RH. (then why is his group trying to postpone the voting)

    The continued BS-ing of this government official continues to amaze me.

  • Melvin Alfred Wong

    What a small, insignificant, impotent DICK…

  • VicenteBoticol

    Senator Tito Sotto is talking about MORALITY ? Bwa ha ha ha ! Ilan na kayang starlet and na TORJACK mo Senator? may the soul of Pepsi Paloma have mercy on your soul !

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Sotto, may GOD forgive your IGNORANCE

  • regd

    God do have infinite mercy, it’s sotto that does not! Forgiveness is never an issue to the Almighty, He gave that option to us. How do you expect to walk with God if you have a lot of excess baggages? I cannot envision a vengeful God who punishes people, it’s us punishing ourselves. 

    If sotto can just release that baggage (the RH bill) move forward and allow people the discretion to either let this be a curse or a blessing, it’s better for him than for us. We were given brains to function. Each one carry their own cross. He cannot dictate what is morally good or bad for us because neither does he (or me) live a morally upright life.

  • gilbert

    tangna mo sotto,wag mo isama si god sa mga kabuktutan nyo, makakuha ka lang ng simpatya, pati diyos isasama mo pa,uto!

  • Nilo C

    Sotto pati ang pangalan ng nasa ita-as ay ginagamit mo sa walang katuturan. Sino ka ba na magsabi niyan at hindi ka naman Pari o Obispo.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If this senator strongly feels he is in the company of evil men and women in his chosen profession, if he still have  enough decency left  in the body with kindred spirit in his soul, he will resign immediately to spare him from the jaws of dark evil and plague and his soul getting a one way pass to heaven?  Question is, which side of his face is talking and which side is made of 2 inches thick hide?

  • ever green

    and may God also have mercy on your soul……

    • wood68

       tito sotto has a soul?!

  • Jose

    For all the talk about the ‘Catholic vote’, I think we need to start a ‘rational vote’ to get people like Sotto out of the Senate.

  • SUMMER_OF_71

     A prelate of the Church has proclaimed the anger of the almighty as the direct cause of the massive loss of innocent lives in Mindanao.  In turn, its supporters have cited verses from the Holy Bible in complete agreement.  Now, a Senator utters a saying that is reserved for grave sinners who are about to be meted the severest punishment.  Have their arguments stooped down to this level?  These are terrible things to say.  I dread the thought that these people are praying for another disaster to happen in our country – should the RH Bill be approved – just to prove to us that they’re right.

  • parak_obama

    ‘May God have mercy on their souls,’” Sotto said.  senatong guada guarin sotto ano kaya sinabi ni pepsi paloma sayo bago ito malagutan ng hininga? sinabi din kaya niya ang mga katagang sinabi mo patungkol sa mga gumahasa at nagkait ng hustisya sa kanya? kamusta na nga pala si best friend mo alfredo big time drug lord tiongco na napakaraming buhay ang winasak? bago ka magbitaw ng salita tingin ka muna sa salamin senatong sotto .

  • tower_of_power

    Why is SOTTO so afraid of the minors being corrupted? Hindi ba yan ginagawa ng EAT BULAGA … corrupt the minds of the minors?

    • Jake Dionisio

      Hmm… What I’m wondering is if those minors even know what they are organizing against… because, if they do, isn’t that the same as corrupting their minds to things they are not to experience at that age?

  • RyanE

    Likewise, Sen. Sotto should also do some soul searching and reflections on what he and his brother did to the late starlet Pepsi Paloma. This plagiarist is pretending to be protecting the unborn yet he could be liable for the suicide of the young woman, thus ending her life and career prematurely. Just like the CBCP, this senator also smacks of too much hypocrisy.

  • EOJ

    Mga obispo hindi nyo ba pinagdasal ang alagad nyong si manny???? hayun na KO!

    • virgoyap

       Di mo ba alam na born again na si Manny?

      • EOJ

        Ginagamit pa rin sya ng mga obispo sa anti Rh campaign nila. Manyy is their poster boy.

  • virgoyap

    I think it’s you Sotto that God may have mercy on your soul because of your anti-RH stand. You are against mothers to be educated concerning reproductive health. You are against women to have enough wholesome knowledge about how to have children in accordance with their choice.

  • Hein S

    Sotto, the LYING THIEF, is at it again.

    God have Mercy on your Brain.

  • blainz

    Stop using God to justify your utter lack of reasoned argument against the RH Bill.

    “May God have mercy on their souls.”

    Did you tell this to Vic, Joey, and Ritchie when they raped Pepsi Paloma?

    Spare us the sanctimonious bullsh*t you ignorant buffoon. The legislature exists to serve the will of the majority in a democratic country, it is not a pulpit to preach upon mindless sheep.

    Get the RH bill to the vote and accept the result, win or lose. You’ve wasted enough time.

    Senator, you should be ashamed that Pacquiao, who never had your privileged upbringing, shows far more grace in an embarassing loss than you do in an impending one. I hope a poor woman with 12 kids knocks you out on the senate floor.

  • alienpatriot

    It is noble for the senator to admit the existence of someone higher than himself. It is less noble to pretend to be God’s personal envoy here on earth. Nonetheless I am willing to afford Sotto some well-earned titles that have a divine bearing.
    His title of “Supreme arrogant being” is well-deserved and emanates from his willingness to ignore the possibility that other people may have religious reasons for arriving at conclusions that differ from his. There can be few acts that any human is capable of that can compare with claiming to have God on one’s side in terms of arrogance. While Sotto may not be the first (various officials of the German Nazi party had many of Sotto’s ideas 75 years ago, for example), he does stand out in modern Pinoy politics for his unwillingness to apologise for his misdeeds.
    The title of “hypocrite-in-chief” is also well-deserved. This award is based on a great number of acts on his part. Just as it takes multiple acts and miracles before sainthood may be conferred upon any person, an award of this nature must represent a willingness on the part of the recipient to behave hypocritically as a pattern of behaviour.

  • madallison

    What’s the big deal, Sotto? Artificial contraceptives are being sold in every pharmacy, mini-stop, they’re easily bought by the ones who can afford it. Why are you complaining only now when they want to make it available for the poor? You are anti-poor! If you really think it corrupts minors and is dangerous to women’s health, why haven’t you been protesting outside every Mercury drugstore decades ago? HYPOCRITE!!!!!!! May God have mercy on your soul for depriving all these poor women of the means to take care of their health and causing 11 women to die everyday! You will be the one to burn in hell for their deaths! How can you sleep at night??? Resign now, you are the bane of every woman’s existence! ( Google it if you don’t know what that means)!!!

    • Edwin Edwin

      Beware, the good Senator might copy what you’ve said and twist it the other way around….

  • KuyaDikongMakabayan

    iskul bukol talaga to si tito-half of the country daw di approve sa rh bill…ikaw lang un eh hahahaha! as well, dont use the name of God in vain mr sot to. who are you to say ‘God bless their soul”…? you are being judgemental, uto. alam mo ba paano pagtingin ng Diyos sa rh bill? are the doctrines you catholic hordes profess, infallible? 
    ayaw nyo ng satisfying sex? hehehehe, para nga walang ambiguity…descriptive lang naman yang phrase na yan, ano ka ba. 

  • EREC

    Im tired with this Sottocopy..! We are mislead by this Senator Sottocopy.!

    What pro-abortion he is talking about????? HB 4244 is for PROTECTION and a Bill of Choice for good. Even I, im against abortion…. but its clear to that HB4244 was not endorsing abortion. I will only agree for abortion in case of life and death of a mother, rape victim but needs court or government medical endorsement.

    This HB4244 is for just choosen couples or less fortunate couple in our society that needs the support of government. PASS THE HB4244! OR SENATE EQUIVALENT!!

  • EREC

    “All the things they want in the bill are all being done. Why do they want to make it a law? My final word will be ‘May God have mercy on their souls,’” Sotto said.



    Mag isip kanga, Sottocopy! PASS THE HB4244.

  • calixto909

    Anyway Sotto it’s pleasing to their ears to have our country be branded as the of safe and satisfying sex. ha ha ha ha. What a name to call a country established through sweat and blood by our forbears. These intelligent politicians who bragged to be so, mutated our dear country to shame to become a butt of jokes. PHILIPPINES THE LAND OF SAFE AND SATISFYING SEX.

    The knowledgeable Lagman and the arrogant Santiago bequeathed unto the Filipino people, a never to be forgiven legacy.

  • garcia677

    Sotto, whatever the result  is come judgment day Dec 12, favorable or not, God had seen you work in his behalf. People as we, believers observed had been mocking you even in your sleep, nonetheless be strong and shun away displeasure, because in God’s heart all who work for Him shall be rewarded a fair share of His Kingdom. Mabuhay ka Sotto at ang mga kasama mo

    • stealth ice

      you will be rewarded for best comedian actor when you go back to showbiz. your reward will be in showbiz. all the best.

    • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

      Hahahaha! People laugh at your funny idol because he always does not know what he’s talking about! Hahahaha! Mahusay lang si Iskul Bukol mag amerikana at mag make up pero walang laman ang kukote!

  • napali808

    Sotto should have stayed with being a comedian, but his ego got the better of him. So… he ran for pubic office and became a senator. May God have mercy on him for he knows not what he does.

  • Paliwaweng

    Sotto, you try to use your brain once in a while. Please do not always assume that people have the same ‘intelligence’ that you have…, it was proven that they have more.

  • Paliwaweng

    “may god have mercy on their souls”, kinopya mo na naman!!!

  • Concerned Citizen

     snail-paced reform

  • Mark

    Vox populi, vox Dei!

    May god have mercy on him instead.

  • stealth ice

    lets put it on score card. CBCP State
    as sotto admits RHBill is about to be passed. 0 1
    manny pacquiao lose. 0 1
    catholic church leader involved in ivory smuggler. 0 1

  • stealth ice

    CBCP are losing its grip already.
    time to stay away from state affair my dear CBCP and focus on the immorality within your rank.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Jose

    sotto your career is dead! how much money did the catholic priests gave to you and your allies who are anti-RH. ordinary jose is now angry and understood the impact of too much people in their every day lives. because you want that only you will enjoy a good life and not the ordinary jose. let us fight for passing the population control law. do you know that so many filipinas even to the extent of selling their bodies in foreign countries to help feed their families and contributed to the phil economic growth. is this the growth that we wanted. 10 to 20 years from now, we can slowly enjoy good lives if we will pass the population control law…

  • Albert Einstien

    ·“ RISE my Philippines RISE “

    EVERY Filipino Family will be MULTI-millionaires by 2050( both muslim & christian brothers )

    your grandsons & granddaughters will be masters of the world

    NO Filipino will suffer SLAVERY in foreign land..

    PROTECT these resources with utmost PATRIOTISM…

    Why are we always in poverty & war?

    Why they dont want the archipelago to be UNITED?

    Why are we targeted for Population & de-population control ?

    Why is the Philippines targeted for brain-drain & intellectuals are pirated abroad?

    Why are we NOT allowed to have a POWERFUL ARMed FORCES ?

    Why are we having lunatic leaders & family of traitors as our champions & leaders?

    ANSWER : Foreign Interest/s manipulated us because PHILIPPINES is the RICHEST country in the WORLD

    ” Literally philippines is a PARADISE in a land of GOLD blessed by GOD ( Gold,gas Oil & Deuterium ).. “

    we the most evolved & intelligent human specie are walking literally in a land of gold


    An archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is categorized broadly into three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao. In addition the BENHAM Rise.. 250 km wide new territory. The Philippines’ rainforests and its extensive coastlines make it home to a diverse range of birds, plants, animals, and sea creatures. It is one of the ten most biologically megadiverse countires and is at or near the top in terms of biodiversity per unit area. Our beautiful islands are the envy of the world we are surrounded by soft white & pearly black beaches. Most of the mountainous islands are covered in tropical rainforest and volcanic in origin. The Apo Reef is the country’s largest contiguous coral reef system and the second-largest in the world. The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate and is usually hot and humid. There are three seasons: the hot dry season or summer the rainy season ; and the cool dry season . The perfect climate system in the Philippines makes its air and atmosphere free from man made pollution after the system of storms cleansed the territory during rainy season & disinfecting the land by exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays in hot dry season. This is the best country in world to live in if the insurgency problem caused by poverty is solved by the tapping of the nation’s resource thereby freeing the people from poverty.. Located within the Pacific Rim of Fire, the Philippine archipelago is hypothesized as having been formed 43 million years ago. Its 7,109 islands rest on top of underwater mountains formed by the outpourings of molten rocks from the earth’s interior, thus creating an ideal setting for mineral deposition. (After Wolfe, J.A., “Origin of the Philippines by Accumulation of Allochthons” in The Philippine Geologist July- September 1983 Issue, p.17) In the archipelago, resurgent volcanoes particularly provided access for rising gold-bearing solutions which cool to the geotherm of 300 degrees Celsius at about 400 m depth. At this point, the gold began to precipitate and epithermal gold deposits were formed over geologic time of 1.5 million years from the present time. (After Wolfe, J. A., in International Mineral Development Sourcebook, 1993)

    HUMAN resource…

    we are the ONLY Country in the world ..who speaks 175 languages & dialects with literacy rate of 93.4% . Most speak fluent & write foreign languge like english , spanish,nihongo,arabic, mandarin,hindi, & malay than country of origin..some elderly can still speak latin…Average Filipino can at least speak 3 foreign language & 2 dialects..while the rest of the world can speak only english & their native tounge…the people are educated, fun loving, resilient, hospitable & industrious… in fact , currently the economy is heavily reliant on remittances which surpass foreign direct investment as a source of foreign currency. Therefore the more population more benefit for the economy. The Philippines need a HUGE population & Army if it intends to tap the resources otherwise foreign invasion can easily land on its shores & control can be had without a sweat.…as of now we are ALREADY NO.1 as BPO in the world, & our OFWS are loved by their employers..BPo is contributing $12 billion & OFWs are contributing $21 billion a year..that is why we have a FC reserve of $82 billion ang its GROWING HANDSOMELY…without them (OFW & BPO)….our ECONOMY should have collapsed already..our .POPULATION is the BACKBONE of the economy NOT the NOYNOYING & CREDIT GRABBING govt…When we begin to tap our resources we will recall ALL our OFWs & those who migrated to HELP build the country as the wealthest & strongest nation on earth…we need huge population to attain this dream & endeavor

    .MINERAL resource…..

    Initial Lode and placer GOLD DEPOSITS occur in most of the 73 out of 83 provinces in the Philippines.The ten provinces were not properly tested yet due to internal conflicts & war. The 1996 $2.1TRILLION value resource estimate based on conservative 10% ( $21 trillion total estimate ) maybe deficient and could double to $42 trillion or more of the actual resource.. . … such amount could catapult this country to first world status .. we could even buy americas $16 Trillion debt..Also, we have .$26.3-Trillion Oil Reserves ..Country’s Untapped Deposits Mostly In Spratlys Philippines News Agency April 25, 2012, MANILA, Philippines- The Philippines is “sitting on a mountain of gold,” with untapped hydrocarbon deposits estimated at $26.3 trillion, mostly found in the disputed Spratly chain of islands, more than enough to free the country from the shackles of poverty.Also if we are able to claim SABAH… It has the potential to produce 1 million barrels of oil a day,” “The estimated reserves from the present Sabah oilfields is 1.4 billion barrels of oil and 7.7 trillion scf of gas.” …Malaysia govt does not even give our sabahan brothers share of their on wealth ONLY PETRONAS ( govt corp ) which give sabah a PITIFUL royalty of 5%…That amount is even without considering the UNQUANTIFIABLE value today (maybe thousands of $ trillion ) of the resources that can be found in our new territory called the BENHAM rise a 250km wide domain which is perceived to contain very huge oil & gas deposits & the envy of world for we are the proud owner of the vast DEUTERIUM deposits with a 868 mile long find in Philippine trench. With these resources properly tapped we are bigger than america & arabia combined.. : .yet many potential mineral & natural reserves are still HIDDEN n our archpelago…

    BENHAM RISE new Philippine territory 250 km wide –GMA LEGACY!

    Despite its proximity to the archipelago, the plateau was previously not included in the territory of the Philippine Islands. On 8 April 2009 ( GMA govt. filed the claim to UN now we owned it.. eventually our history & after the political vendettas ….legislature might rename the benham rise to GMA rise to give honor to its finder/claimant .. ), the Republic of the Philippines lodged a partial territorial waters claim with the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in relation to the continental shelf in the region of Benham Rise. The UN has officially approved the claim in April 2012. The Philippines may soon be able to provide its own energy through Benham Rise, an underwater ridge to the east of Luzon which is believed to have mineral and gas deposits. The Philippines claim over Benham Rise is “very relevant” because scientific surveys indicate minerals and natural gas in the area. Solidified methane was found during mapping activities and the “probability is very high” there are oil deposits. There may be more natural gas than oil, and is considered better because it is cleaner. Benham Rise, which is bigger than Luzon, Samar, and Leyte combined, is being claimed solely by the PhilippinesGREATEST of them ALL- “ DEUTERIUM the Gift of Nature “-


    in ADDITION to the LEGACY of marcos like malampaya & other gas & oil fields…DEUTERIUM marcos legacy is the BEST …“ the Philippines trench has the LARGEST DEPOSIT of deuterium with 868 mile long 52 mile wide “If we allow production even for just a portion of this natural deposit… the Philippines will already become a first world country.. what more if we produce a quarter of it… Deuterium has several commercial and scientific uses today. It has become much more than the heavy water many countries sought after during World War II.Deuterium, a form of concentrated hydrogen, is used in the production of natural gas now utilized in Canada, America, Germany and Sweden, to provide fuel for cars, trucks , jet planes, & deuterium fuel for fusion reactors.”Deuterium can replace gasoline, (liquefied petroleum gas), (liquefied natural gas), Avgas, etc. in powering all types of internal combustion engines including maybe SPACE ships of the future & can be use in space explorations…. It does not emit pollutants or any harmful carbon monoxide and does not cause any environmental problems because it is in the water family. We can build electric nuclear plants in the middle of the URBAN cities of the world ! we will power & feed the world at the same time.Just imagine the philippines at the forefront of human evolution, science , technology & space exploration.

    The GOOD news is we have UNLIMITED deposit of it…it is self replenishing..!

    WE NEED HUGE POPULATION to DEFEND & PROTECT these resources.. this is not a sotto or church argument…

    this is for LOVE of COUNTRY….NO to RH Bill..!!!

    • RyanE

      Hmm.. there you go again with that deuterium thing when you cannot even give me the horsepower rating of the pump you will be needing to extract it.. another scam in the making indeed!

    • panhase

       Eine schöne Geschichte Herr Einstein.
      Maybe you should already start to build your space ship.

      • Albert Einstien

        Danke Bruder Träumer machen Geschichte

      • panhase

        You got your grammar wrong, like in really wrong.
        That´s the problem if one does not speak the language and just relies on an internet translator.

      • Albert Einstien

        em still 4th fx language….maybe in due time…be patient…correct it i will be glad..if you are really fluent……

      • panhase

        How should i correct it, your post does not make any sense. Maybe you can tell me in english what you were trying to say so I can translate it for you. What are you trying to say when u declare it´s your 4th foreign language? Your post does not even show a basic understanding of the german language. But as you said “in due time” meaning you will start in due time to learn? By the way if you would like you can respond to me also in french or latin (or tagalog). See, over here in Europe it´s normal that people do speak more than just 1 foreign language.

      • Albert Einstien

        I’m more than willing to be your student if you are really fluent… communication makes us human…….lol

      • panhase

        You are a clown. Your post does not make any sense like in nonsense.
        I am living more than 30 years here in Germany, pls tell me what u wanted to say in greman and I will translate it for u teenage boy.
        But hurry up, because I am going to prepare my dinner now.
        See there is a 7 hour difference between Philippines and Germany.

      • Albert Einstien

        lol… 30 years ….. i can do that in 6 months……..sir relic…. Es ist wirklich schwer, Deutsch zu lernen  : > )

      • panhase

         I can understand that a young person as you are wants to show off, but what you are doing is in fact telling a lot about yourself.
        But back to language. Try it for yourself, type something in Englich into an internet translator to have it translated into Tagalog. You will see that many times the translation is akward, one can feel that it is not done by someone who really speaks the languge. And that is even more the case with a laguage like Greman that has a more complicated garmmar than for example English (just the different articles in declinations). That´s why the last post where you did try some German is still not good, but at least one can get the meaning. It really shows that there is no knowledge behind that attempt to write in foreign tongue. So take the kind advice of an older man and do not present yourself like this to the world. Maybe just sit back a little bit before going all out. There are really lot of Filipinos who know different European languages and they will instantly recognize you for what you are.
        It´s really a kind advice and you should take it as such.

      • Albert Einstien

        we may differ in our stand in RH issue but rest assured sir knowledge is what i seek, OFWs are my champions & my heroes…their sacrifices for their families & nation  is much appreciated…it seems you are one my heroes…salute not only for your superior german grammar but for being  a filipino hero…… merry christmas….. : > )

      • panhase

         Einfach eine große Klappe zu besitzen bedeutet noch lange nicht daß man recht hat. Und dummes zeug schreiben zeugt auch nicht von Klugheit.
        Aus deinem ersten Versuch in deutsch zu schreiben geht eindeutig hervor, daß du nicht einmal ein kleines bißchen von dieser Sprache verstehts.  Du solltest dir immer vor Augen halten, daß es Leute gibt die diese Sprache verstahen und sprechen.
        Also laß demnächst deinen dummen Stolz dort wo er hingehört, nämlich in deinem Allerwertesten.

      • Albert Einstien

        Ich weiß, Sprache ist nicht Weisheit, sondern für die Kommunikation, sehr gut … Glückwünsche

    • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

      Looks like you’re stoned, dude!

    • JosengSisiw1

      You forgot that its not only number that counts, you need healthy and well educated population too and that we will never achieve in our current situation now. A lot of dumb and sick populace will not be able to harness all that you have wrtten here if any of it s true.

  • Rene

     showingto Pabillo, had it not come to your observation and discernment that pakyaw’s loss via a KO, is your god’s way of showing  his wrath to those who are against the RH bill? whay sayeth you now Pabillo?

  • filipinaskoh

    “May God have mercy on their souls.” Sotto
    Whose soul, Sotto? 
    Yah, of course- God will have mercy on you!

  • JosengSisiw1

    SOTTOs view of the world is as medieval and as narrow as those of the Phil. priests. As a senator he should instead look on how to help save the souls of the children living in poverty and should help educate the parents of these children on how to have a safe and satisfying sex without guilt by using contraceptives that most of the sexually starved priests are against of. He can portray himself as a champion of the righteous now but in his past he should not deny that he used CONDOMS to have safe sex. I will bet my remaining Durex on it.

  • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

    “It will promote immorality among minors,” said Sotto, the joking clown of the senate.

    What was the basis of his above statement? As usual, he makes unintelligent assumptions again! 

    Is the RH Bill per se pro-abortion? What is the relation of immorality with the RH Bill? Would those movie idols be more immoral when the RH becomes law?

  • Albert Einstien

    RP s targeted for DEPOPULATION & POPULATION control…!their MAIN REASON :targeted populated countries may easily become threats to world peaceThe list of recommendations made in the Conference of the Milbank Memorial Fund include:”It is important that specific and widespread propaganda be directed to developing an interest in the health and welfare of children rather than in large families for their own sake. Such education would also involve propaganda in favor of controlled fertility as an integral part of a public health program. It is important to develop a native leadership( PRO -RH politicians, academecian & media personalities ) that will acquire new values rapidly and serve as a medium for their diffusion. To this end native political leaders, civil servants, and native middle classes are needed.”” we are targeted for depopulation & population control….DONT KILL our UNBORN LEADERS “RH POLITICIANS are TRAITORS, BRAINLESS, NO VISION at alll….their selfish impaired vision is how to get elected …NOT how the COUNTRY will BECOME GREAT… that is why ..we are still what we are …world slaves .. that is what they want you to believed become a SLAVE forever…….our present & past generation are SLAVES but we have a GREAT CHANCE that ..succeeding generations WILL be MASTERS of the WORLD……we have so much riches…more than enough EVEN to FEED the WORLD……all we have to do is to MULTIPLY , become a strong nation with huge army & population…& preserve the resources for the near future……what we ONLY need are VISIONARY patriotic filipino blood LEADERS…!TRAITORS please read this…MOST countries are desperate to PRESERVE their want to depopulate us.. while the WORLD is desperate for POPULATION increase…RUSSIA : declared that women choosing to have a second child would receive 250,000 rubles, nearly $11,000.CHINA : The China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) — a think tank affiliated with the Chinese government — has recommended that China gradually phase in a two-child policy over the next three years, and then cease all birth limits in the year 2020, according to a China Daily report.SINGAPORE : Desperate in trying to increase population.. Singapore’s ‘baby bonus’ packages which included financial incentives to encourage couples to have two or more children. Parents were given a tax relief for having a third child. However, by the 1990s there was only a 1.6% growth in population which was still not high enough. To try to encourage couples to have children, married couples who had children before the age of 28 were offered a 7000 pounds tax break. Several additional measures included government-sponsored matchmaking efforts through a Social Development Unit. Its aim was to ‘romance Singapore’. A month-long festival in the Valentine’s period was introduced to try to bring people together.ITALY: The Italian government offers a one-time payment of 1,000 euros (£685) to couples who have a second child.Late last year a proposal that mooted paying women not to have abortions gained popular support in Parliament. SPAIN: the government introduced a national family policy but there is still a belief that family creation is a private matter. However, Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been urging companies to set up child care facilities and promoting long-term employment over short-term contracts.Fully funded maternity leave can last for 16 weeks, and unpaid leave of three years is available, but only about one-third of Spanish mothers take up maternity benefits. FRANCE : It has some of the most extensive state-funded child care in Europe. Mothers can take 16 weeks paid maternity leave for the first child, rising to 26 weeks for the third child. There is also a total of 26 months parental leave.Last year, the government pledged more money for families with three children in an effort to encourage working women to have more babies. Child care facilities are subsidised by the government. Younger children are entitled to full-day childcare (crèches). For children aged two to three there are pre-school programmes for which families pay on a sliding scale.POLAND: The Polish parliament has passed legislation to pay women for each new child they have, in an effort to boost the country’s falling population.Under the scheme every woman will receive a one-off payment of 1,000 zlotys (258 euros; £177) – for each child she has. Women from poorer families will receive double that amount. The population has actually decreased by close to half a million in the last six years. But some women’s groups say payments are a quick fix and will not address the long-term trendGERMANY: Germany has long had one of the lowest birth rates in the European Union and one of the highest proportions of childless women. According to EU statistics from 2005, 30% of German women have not had children. Demographers say Germany’s problem has probably been made worse because it has been ignored for so longThe government offers 14 weeks maternity leave plus parental leave of up to 36 months, with the level of pay depending on a number of factors. One of the biggest problems is a real lack of child care places. According to government figures, only one in five children under three get a place in day care. Not only do they close at lunch time, but the fees are incredibly high. Another problem for working parents is that traditionally, the school day ends at 1pm.The government has now lifted the birth rate to the top of the political agenda. In January, it adopted a bill to give tax breaks to families. It has also floated the idea of eliminating fees for kindergarten.UK : New mothers currently get six months’ paid leave and the option of six months further unpaid leave. The first six weeks are at 90% of pay and the next 20 at £102.80 per week. New fathers are allowed two weeks’ paid leave at a maximum £102.80 a week. The government offers free early education places. Children from the age of four get free part-time places at nurseries – some three year olds also get places.Parents of children under the age of six have the right to ask their employers for more flexible working hours.SWEDEN & NORWAY : Nordic governments employ a range of policies designed to help couples have more children. These governments have a long history of social policies aimed at helping people balance their work and family life. This is part of what is known as the “Nordic model”.In Sweden, each parent is entitled to 18 months leave, which is paid for by the government. Public day care is heavily subsidised and flexible work schedules are common – women with children of pre-school age are entitled to reduce their working hours. Women’s participation in the work force is high. In Norway, mothers are entitled to 12 months off work with 80% pay or 10 months with full pay. Fathers are entitled to take almost all of that leave instead of the mother. Fathers must take at least four weeks leave or else those weeks will be lost for both parents. The leave is financed through taxes, so employers don’t lose out.JAPAN:lack-babies-could-mean-extinction of -japanese -people “Japan will be more likely to prioritize healthcare than international security,” Brad Glosserman and Tomoko Tsunada wrote in Foreign Policy Magazine. “Older societies are typically more risk-averse, and Japanese — ‘reluctant realists’ at the best of times — will be increasingly unwilling to put their most precious resource, their young, in harm’s way,” ( thanks to various contributors figures lifted & culled from different sources )

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza



    Why would you pass a bill that half the country is against.  Because it is not your place to tell half the world how they should handle their lives.  Do you not get it Sotto?  We all stand before God alone.  Your attempts to prove your worthiness to God is your license to take away basic rights of all Filipinos.   Live your own life and let others live theirs.  Shame on you and may God forgive you when its your turn.

  • Darwin

    I wonder what god Sotto is referring to. Just so many gods out there… drug lords, gambling lords, jueteng lords.

  • beer_leader

    kung ang kakampi ba naman ng anti -rh ay katulad nitong aroganteng senatong herodes sotto at yung si senatong alfie anido enrile pati si tongressman rodriguez na mabababa o halos wala ng kredibilidad,.at ang mga corrupt bishops and corrupt priests or cbcp na imbes ipagdasal ang mga nasalanta ng bagyong pablo ay inutusan ang mga tao na ipagdasal si pacquiao sa laban niya, mahirap ngang idepensa ang stand nila

  • Jose

    Kind of random, but I’d like Sotto to get into heaven so JFK and his brother can beat his plagiarizing face up.

  • louie

    this year is not his year. not only he become a national laughing stock but also become anti-development. that’s already a double whammy for him. Though i respect his opinion, it’s also my opinion that he’s reasons doesn’t give any answer to the problems the bill wants to accomplish. The funny thing here, most of the senators who doesn’t want the bill (the bill empowers women to have a choice, to decide on the number of kids or a chance to properly space birth), are male. They are even laughing on the phrase “safe and satisfying sex” but it only wants to provide women a right to have a say on the intercourse between married people. Don’t they want their wives to have a say on their sex lives?

    • Jake Dionisio

      Why do you think Article 334 of the Revised Penal Code still goes unchecked?

      1) They are male.
      2) They are senators.

      • louie

        well, this is one reason why i would highly consider voting for women senatoriables. just watching some of the male senators in the senate do their blabbing and tactics makes me appalled. though i’m not saying that females are less likely to have blunders. I just hope this article can be scrapped and be replaced by a more appropriate law by the rightful senators next congress. (sadly, those male senators i am referring to are still there in the senate halls until 2016).

  • dickenhead

    since we the taxpayers  are paying the salary of this stupid honorable senator sotto we must make sure that his employment will be terminated this coming election same with all those pols who supports the bishops & the priests

  • ma_ri_fe

    The closer this bill is being passed the closer we get in danger. Lord, hope that you wake up the mind of our senators and legislators

  • John

    “May God have mercy on their souls.” Espacially on Pia and Miriam. Sagad na sa buto ang kawalang hiyaan nyo!

  • Irish

    This shows that our government are being blinded by power and money that are promised to them. I will surely not vote for these politicians in this coming election. 

  • Fabian Pilapil

    cge pag naipatupad yan paglaruan na natin ang mga batas natin, yung nakakatawa sa pandinig, yung pagkakatuwaan ng mga Pilipino. San ka nakakita na pati kapritsohan ng mga tao sa sex eh gagastusan ng tax ng mamamayan. Magagaling talaga kayong mga politiko kayo oo puro lang kayo papogi, paganda at pasipsip sa mga botante. Magtrabaho kayo ng naaayon sa responsibilidad nyo! ibasura yang RH bill na yan!

    • glenn padilla

      the family is the building block of the society. it is but necessary for the government to promote the welfare of the filipino family through education.

  • Sophie

    This RH Bill will only promote the Juan Tamad attitude. Simpleng pagtawid pa nga lang sa tamabng tawiran hindi sinusunod yan pa kayang pagkontrol sa paggawa ng anak? Bat nyo ipanggagatos sa mga irresponsableng tao ang binabayad naming tax? Pinaghirapan namin mapupunta lang sa mga di marunong mag-isip ng para sa kinabukasan nila at siguradong mapupunta lang din sa pagpapasarap ng mga buwayang pulitiko na yan

  • Darwin

    Pacquiao lost and he is anti RH. If we are to follow that bishop’s logic, then it must have been God’s wrath he lost to Marquez.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • mangtom

    The fear of the anti-RH sector that passage of the bill will cause having sex left and right especially among the poor is unfounded. Sa tingin ba ninyo sa poor people walang isip at common sense? Mas matitino pa sila kay sa inyong anti-RH pushers. The benefit of the RH bill will go mostly to the poor because now they have access to free family planning assistance from the government, compared to the irrelevant CBCP na walang magawa kung hindi daldal lang ng daldal-no concrete help. 

  • mangtom

    Thank God, this errant S-otot is finally beginning to make sense. Slow lang siya mentally, but that is another story. It would help if he discontinued associating with the CBCP and Enrile who poison his mind. Madali lang siya bolahin kasi mahina ang kaisipan. “Pitiful”, to quote txtman(woman). Yan malinis, walang plagiarism.

  • mangtom

    Isang komento: Yung mga naniniwala sa mga rosary, santo at kahit ano pa, magrosary na kayo non-stop at hilakan o kagatin ninyo yong rosary, magdasal kayo kay Guadalup, Kalungsod o kung sino-sinong gusto ninyong hingian ng tulong para huwag niyong sisisihin ang sila kung talo kayo sa RH botohan. Huwag na natin ulitin yong pagkatalo ni Manny-marami sa inyo ang nagsasabi na wala siyang rosary, nagpalit ng religion at kung ano ano pang dahilan.Huwag na kayong matulog at magrosary at magdasal kayo. Sa aking lang, kung gusto ninyong malaman, ako ay nagdadasal DERECHO sa Dios ko kasi sabi ng Ten Commandments,yong first commandment ay, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Hindi ako dumadaan sa mga “fixers” na santo o pari. Kung ano yong “will” ng Dios ko, yon. Tanggapin ko. Kung talo ang pro-RH bill, kasama na ako, then I will extend a congratulatory hand to whoever wants to accept it. I won’t lay the blame on saints or priests kasi I went Directly to my God. 

    Will the anti-sector try to dig out someone or something to blame if they end up the loser? You can’t say I did not give you a fair warning: Ulitin ko, magrosary na kayo NON-STOP para hindi ninyo sisisihin ang rosary kung hindi natupad yong prayer ninyo.

  • Hein S

    GO RH!

    The Majority want it!!!

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