Britain to allow gay marriages in churches



LONDON—Britain will announce plans next week to allow gay marriages in churches and other religious buildings, officials said Friday, although Prime Minister David Cameron insisted no faith group would be forced to hold them.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller will unveil ministers’ responses to a consultation earlier this year, which will propose that religious organisations should be able to ‘opt-in’ to hold same-sex weddings, according to a government source.

Amid strong opposition from the Church of England and Roman Catholics, however, as well as many members of Cameron’s Conservative party, Miller will stress that no religious groups will be forced to conduct gay weddings.

Speaking to reporters on a visit to a car factory, Cameron said: “I’m a massive supporter of marriage and I don’t want gay people to be excluded from a great institution.

“But let me be absolutely 100 percent clear, if there is any church or any synagogue or any mosque that doesn’t want to have a gay marriage it will not, absolutely must not, be forced to hold it.

“That is absolutely clear in the legislation.

“Also let me make clear, this is a free vote for members of Parliament but personally I will be supporting it.”

Gay couples have had the right to hold a civil partnership since 2004 but campaigners have pushed for full equality with heterosexual couples.

In its submission to the public consultation in June, the Church of England said legalizing gay marriage could force it out of its traditional role of conducting weddings on behalf of the state.

However the Quakers welcomed Friday’s news, saying they had been campaigning since 2009 for all marriages in Quaker meeting houses to be legally valid.

“We are waiting for the law to catch up,” said recording clerk Paul Parker, adding: “For Quakers, this is an issue of religious freedom and we don’t seek to impose this on others.”

A government spokesman said: “The government is committed to bringing equal civil marriage forward and the consultation results will be announced next week.

“We are very clear that religious organisations must be protected and that no religious organisation will be forced to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies.

“The European Convention on Human Rights guarantees freedom of religion and we will additionally bring in very strong legal locks to ensure the protection is watertight.”

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  • kilabot

    another one bites the dust. 
    the world agenda is to make the abnormal the new normal; 
    1) drugs; 
    2) same-sex marriage; 
    3) man-beast union; 
    4) prostitution; 
    5) pedophilia; 

    the agenda is being pushed around the world; 
    some countries have already legalized one or more of the agenda items; 
    the push is intensifying; targeting world leaders and people of influence; 
    obama, clinton and carter have fallen; the whole usa may fall soon; 

    everything will be redefined; 
    $sodomy becomes love; bestialisex is affection; 
    a junkie is chic; a prostitute is enterprising; 
    adopting the agenda is equated to progress, prosperity and advancement; 

    the idea is to make the world one big orgy; all people thinking, behaving and acting alike; 
    one world order; 
    there will be no more right nor wrong; there is only normal perversion; 

    time to choose which side you are on; fence-sitting not recommended. 

    No to perversion! 

    • Martin

      Are you talking about the religious priests here?

      • Padre Agaton

        ows! palusot ka naman. mas malaki ang datos o bilang ng hindi pari. yung mga briton, europeo at mga kano nga dumadayo pa sa pinas para mag hada pa ng mga bata sa atin.

        ginagawa lang palusot ang pagkakamali ng ilan sa simbahan para makumbinsi nila mga sarili nila. hahahaha!

      • Game Over

        Actually Joseph Ratzinger aka Benedict XVI (since 2005) instructed parishes in 1995 na HUWAG ISUMBONG SA PULIS ang mga rapist na pari. Huwag mo na i-deny, ang primary purpose ng simbahang katoliko ay para manggahasa ng mga bata, at maging support group ng mga rapist.

      • Padre Agaton

        ahahahaha! hapones ka noh?

        ikaw siguro si haka haka? o si kuro kuro?

        saan mo naman napulot yan? lumayo ka sa kabarkada mog nagso-solvent plis lang.

    • Simon Ward

      How did “man-beast union” or “bestialisex” make it on to your list? If a little ol’ lady in California wants to marry her dog, just laugh it off. If a shepherd on the windswept steppes of Outer Mongolia develops affection for one of his sheep, we’re told that goes back to the beginning of civilisation – though I personally doubt whether more than a handful of men have ever tried it in the history of our race.

      Other than that, where’s the evidence that “man-beast unions” are on the rise?

      • Padre Agaton

        maghintay ka. nag-iinit pa lang ang kasalang lalake sa lalake at babae sa babae eh.

        magsasawa din yan dahil ang libog walang kabusugan. kaya next na ang mga hayup.

    • foreignerph

      In Europe and the US, the catholic priests have the worst track record in massive child sex. I bet the Holy Perversions don’t count, just like meddling in state affairs and blackmailing pro RH voters. This retarded attitude (or may I say agenda?) will keep your country dumb, corrupt and poor forever.

  • $37644997

    No wonder we have a lot of calamities caused by this – such magnitude.

    • Martin

      How does that work, then?
      mr beardy in the sky presses some buttons?

      • $37644997

        The law of cause and effect does apply to each and evryone of us.Things don’t just happen but they do happen for a reason.To make things simpler,it is a punishment not only on the individual basis but becomes a planetary karma and accountability.For this reason,natural disasters as you call it are not actually natural but man made because of bad karma.

      • Padre Agaton

        isang eksampol ng “cause and effect”. mataas na bilang ng hiv.

        hilig kasi sa laman sa laman. 

      • foreignerph


  • nakawan

    I don’t get this. If no religions or churches will be forced to do this, and none of them seem to want to do it, why have this law in the first place?

    • akongednamzug

      You can resort to civil wedding, you need not have a church wedding to benefit from the law.

      • foreignerph

        That’s correct. In the UK as well as in all other Western European countries, church marriage doesn’t count at all. The civil wedding is *the* wedding and whatever people do in their spare time as a hobby is their private business.

    • Martin

      There are 10 times more gay clergy than you think, there are HUGE closets in churchs, donchaknow! One pope was famous for holding gay orgies in the Vatican palaces.

      • Padre Agaton

        asan statistic mo? wala! wala! akusayon lang! eh yung mga may hiv infected dahil sa men having sex with men? meron statistic di ba? 

      • ian martinez

        Gay women can also be married in churches

      • nakawan

        so you’re saying British priests should now be allowed church weddings? still don’t get the logic bro


    GUD NEW ito sa mga ‘DINGS!  Si Peter at Paul ay, sa wakas, magiging PeterPaul na din… at si Mary at Jane, magiging MadyJane na din….at si May and Palmer……magiging MaryPalmer na din!  SWELL!

  • AlexanderAmproz

    In developed countries,

    peoples are responsible enough to let them to decide what do they want for themselves
    same right’s same law, with equal chances,
    it’s a basic republican principe for democracy,
    you like it or not. Your duty is to respect other peoples way of life or thinking,otherwise it’s a Fascist or Communist “System” not allowed to think and decide for yourself !

    It remember me, Andreas Bonifacio, Mabini, Leon Kilat, Jose Rizal and some other,
    scarifying their life for a Freedom Republic, treacherously diverted and not yet achieved,
    Juan de la Cruz is even worst, no money no Food, but also, No more Fish, No more Forests = Floods

    More tolerances are needed to pacify the country,

    intolerances are used for “divide to rule” strategy, favoring land grabbers.
    Without any risk, it can be said, all the county territories where stollen from the Natives
    on a US Far-West style, by genocide, recently and before.

    but nobody want a Peaceful Philippines,

    No Gay Wedding, no Divorce, no Abortion, no Justice, no Safety, no Food, no Water, no Health-care, no School, only Fake text Books and Shabu, Rebel’s !
    Who are afraid of society progress leading to changes for a fair and balanced society ?

    Who are fighting for the “Status Quo” favoring them ?

    Elites bidden with the Clergy by same interest, squeeze to steal and abuse,

    one and only one solution(same in Saudi, North Korea),
    keep the country as backward and ignorant as possible,
    with twisted moral values, the conservative one,
    refusing any evolutions, an barbaric attitude.

    A maximum of two thousands rich families and two hundreds filthy rich !

    For one hundred millions others, the Future is to suffer to satisfy
    their greeds and unlimited abuses,

    till the country is totally pilfered, destroyed, to last drop of blood.

    —————————–BEWARE EASY TO BE ABUSED ! ! ! ————————————————-

  • Philcruz

    Why don’t gays put up their own religion and their own churches? Then they can do whatever they want. That’s how most other religions and churches developed on this planet.

    • Padre Agaton

      Iglesia ni Sodom at Gomorrah?

      Saksi ni Adam at Steve?

      Ang Dating Organ? (nagpa sex tranplant sa thailand) hahahaha!

      • Game Over

        Pwede naman. Tutal, imbento lang naman lahat ng mga diyos at simbahan na yan no?

  • virgoyap

    “Baliw” is the Cebuano for being cursed to any relationship that is not in accordance with the norms of the society. Let’s see if this will happen in England or to any “couples” living together abnormally.

    • Game Over

      “Baliw” is also the term for those who hallucinate about non-existent deities.

  • Daniel

    As civil societies around the world decay, the decadence of morality follows. Where does this trend lead us to? It is very disgusting! Depraved minds always deny the “truth”. The evil ways of men will surely meet horrible consequences.

    • foreignerph

      “As civil societies around the world decay, the decadence of morality follows. Where does this trend lead us to?”

      Certainly not to extreme poverty, corruption structurally embedded in society and having to break apart families for years by sending them out as the janitors of the world.

  • EC

    This is enlightenment! In case any bigot questions my orientation, I am straight through and through and I won’t tolerate any gay or bi laying his hands on me. But I don’t object to having them forming relationships with each other, and the law recognizing such a relationship. What harm to society could possibly be done if two people, regardless of their gender, agree to be responsible for each other? Of course, they have to be discreet with their affections, just like heterosexual couples.

    • $37644997

      Blainz has a scientific explanation for this.

    • Padre Agaton

      siguro wala kang nanay at parehong tatay? o parehong nanay at walang tatay?

      • EC

        This is how the minds of simple “moralists” work:
        Legalize divorce and every married couple will divorce.Legalize abortion and every pregnant woman will get abortion.Pass the RH Bill and everybody will use condom.Legalize civil union and every male will marry another male and female another female.

        There is no point arguing with these people.

      • Padre Agaton

        ok na yung maging “simple mind” kumpara sa isang free thinker na gagawin kang “corrupted mind”.

        kelan naman kasi naging hindi anomalya ang maging mag-asawa ang parehong lalake o babae? aber! me nakita ka bang parehong baklang kalabaw o parehong tomboy na kambing at naging mag-asawa?

        iba talaga mag-isip ang tao. mabuti pa ang maraming hayup alam ang kalikasan nila. hahahaha!

  • ian martinez

    Religions thrive on “jam tomorow”, “heavenly salvation” and disasters. It is all fantasy, power and money, getting naive people into their buildings. Why not stop the hypocrisy and allow mariages in churches? many many many more clergy than you think are gay

    • URDUJA

       well what you said is true… religions are sometimes and even most of the times all about money and power. But that does’nt mean the bible is all but a product of imagination and of money and power. I hope that you’ll not confuse the Bible with religion, and read it more than hear the voice of the churches..good morning to you.

  • Louie Imperial

    Balls of fire from heavens just like what happen to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Meinsideout Ako

      We are now on liberal views chapter, conservative had its time for centuries. Accept the fact…

    • foreignerph

      Where you there, in Sodom and Gomorrah since you sound so certain of it? Did you even read that old fairy tale in the book, or did you get it second hand from a priest?
      If you’d read the story, you would know those 2 cities were punished for their lack of hospitality towards travelers/foreigners.

      Apart from that, the book was written 2,500 years ago by some contemporary critics of Jewish society. I hope for them they made a good living from the copyright but it isn’t relevant any more for nowadays society. Abraham was asked to kill his only son for the pleasure of a very cruel god. I bet that shouldn’t the standard too any more by now.

  • Martin

    Most wars are caused by religion, and don’t mention paedophilia, corruption, greed of organised religions. This English legal ruling just stops the hypocrisy, lies and keeps a section of the community content.

    • Padre Agaton

      sinong ipokrito? yung katawang lalake na nagpi-feeling babae? katawang babae nagpi-feeling lalake? 

      oo nga pala in nga pala mag out ngayon. freedom nga pala palusot ngayon diyan at makukuntento lang diyan yung mga lgbt. maingay na minorya na lab na lab ng freedom lovers at free (condom) thinkers kuno. 

      ano naman kayang susunod na ihihirit netong mga to? 

      • Game Over

        Syempre retarded ka kasi naniniwala ka sa diyos diyos e hindi naman totoo yun. Luhuran mo na lang pari mo

      • Padre Agaton

        pasensiya na at mukhang pumutok ang butse mo. payo lang ha, sa susunod sundin ang doh. mag kondom.

        wag nang hintayin ang rh bill. nasa pinakamalapit mong 7-11 o mini-stop lang yan.

        me pambayad ka sa papa. pambili wala ka?

      • Game Over

        Luhuran mo na nga lang si father. Di ba yun naman yung gawain sa simbahan?

      • Padre Agaton

        wala na bang bago? ganyan talaga pag parang buko. tubig ang laman.

      • Game Over

        Ganyan talaga pag puro na tamod ng pari yung laman ng utak.

  • joseph bautista

    Next time they can marry their dog as long as they love each other!


    signs of times…

  • blainz

    Following Pabillo’s logic, this means the Philippines can now export typhoons to the UK.

    • Padre Agaton

      o baka ibig mong sabihin at nahihiya ka lang…dapat gawin din yan sa simbahan sa pinas?

      nagtuturo ka pa eh.

      • blainz

        If the Catholic Church allows it here, then priests should feel free to marry…

        … their altar boys.

        Once they turn 18, of course. We wouldn’t want the church to condone child molestation now, do we?

        Thanks for asking.

      • Padre Agaton

        obyus ka na malas ka pa. hindi mangyayari yan.

        child molestation! hahahaha! punta ka sa olongapo at hanapin mo ang preda na pinamamahalaan ng columban priest na si fr. shay cullen at alamin mo sa kanya ang datos lahi ng pinakamaraming bilang ng child molester sa pinas at wag lang magulat kung mula sa europa at amerika! ilan kaya ang pari?

        asa ka pa.

      • blainz

        “child molestation! hahahaha!”

        You’re starting to make me believe you’re a real priest. Congratulations Father.

        Earlier this year, Cardinal (then Archbishop) Tagle has already confirmed sex offense complaints against priests here are rising. Another Archbishop has said “200 cases” in a BBC interview in 2002. Then you had Monsignor Garcia.

        “…si fr. shay cullen at alamin mo sa kanya ang datos…”

        You really think the Catholic Church is addressing this issue transparently?


        at 2:45  “Ayaw sabihin ng CBCP kung ilang pari na ang dumaan sa theraping ito…”

        at 6:30  Question: “If the church has an offender in its ranks, will it have them prosecuted, even if he’s a member of the church?”

        Priest#1 answers: “…I have to admit, HINDE”

        Priest#2 answers: “I-ha-hush-hush… yung pari could go on…”

        I know nothing will change your opinion Padre Agaton, but you should also know are not going to change facts.

        Keep treating child molestation as a laughing matter Father, you’re making the church look real good.

      • Padre Agaton

        bakit? me magpapakabago din ba sa iyong pilipit na pag-iisip na pari lang ang may kakayahan na gumawa ng pangmo-molestiya?

        ikalawa, itinanggi ba ng simbahan na wala siyang pagkukulang?

        ikaw lang naman ang “malayo ang tingin, wala namang tinatanaw”.

        eto lang yan. galit at inggit. isang tubig na malamig lang yan. uminom ka. hala!

      • blainz

        Very weak palusot defense. An institution that arrogates moral authority has no business pointing to other offenders to exculpate itself from its own criminal conduct.

        “… itinanggi ba ng simbahan na wala siyang pagkukulang?”

        You might want to read or watch Priest#2’s reply above again.

        It need not be told to a priest, or someone bold enough to style himself as one, that a penchant for name-calling, insinuations, irrelevant asides, and petty insults betrays your true character, regardless of whatever religious conviction you profess.

      • Padre Agaton

        wow! ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang priest#2 pala ang buong simbahan.

        pakarakter karakter ka pa. kailangan nyong batuhin ng sarili nyong bato dahil sa labis na pang-iinsulto nyo sa simbahan. balikan mo ang una mong sinulat.

        ulitin ko lang…priest#2 na pala ang buong simbahan. hahahaha!

      • blainz

        “…ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang priest#2 pala ang buong simbahan.”

        You obviously didn’t watch the video.

        at 3:47 …wala pa ring paring nakukulong dahil sa pedophilia…

        That’s not possible if the church wasn’t involved in extensive coverups.

        “balikan mo ang una mong sinulat.”  So I take it you found “Following Pabillo’s logic, this means the Philippines can now export typhoons to the UK.” offensive.

        Now following your logic, “…ngayon ko lang nalaman na si Pabillo pala ang buong simbahan.”

        Also, the clergy is not taking a vote on what they think of pedophilia, as the church is not a democracy. Priests willing to be frank before the media will have to do. Conduct your own poll if you want.

        If you such low regard for the importance of character, then you should at least remove “Padre” from your name, lest other people mistake you as speaking on behalf of the church.

      • Padre Agaton

        ows! andami ngang sinabing pag amin sa pagkukulang ng simbahan at ng iilang pari pero pinili mo yung hush-hush eh.

        yung gusto mo lang madinig ang ipinipilit mo dahil sa kimkim mong inngit at galit. saka kung gusto mo ng datos, bakit di ikaw ang mag survey?

        ano naman ang akala mo sa mga pari di marunong mangatwiran at lulunukin na lang lahat ng panlalait nyo sa simbahan?

        sobrang swerte nyo naman.

        oo nga pala, opisyal ba yung sinabi ni bp. pabillo?

      • blainz

        reply back on top

      • Game Over

        Ilang bata na ba ang na-rape nitong Fr. Shay Cullen mo?

      • Padre Agaton

        ahahahay! etong mga tanong na kahit si kasmot mapapakamot! hahahaha!

  • regd

    When opposite sex copulate they produce a child. When same sex copulate they produce a virus.

    • $37644997

      O atoms,cells,electrons of this form of mine is also the same in you but when messed up,you become a candidate 6 feet under the ground.

    • ian martinez

      You have never been to Angeles city, obviously

  • LuwigVonMises

    so when are we going to follow suit. after 20 years? if the government should only learn to listen to their people and not to the church or anyone else. this should have been legalize already.

  • blainz

    @Padre Agaton, since the column is already too narrow below.

    “andami ngang sinabing pag amin sa pagkukulang ng simbahan at ng iilang pari pero pinili mo yung hush-hush eh.”

    Haha. Notice that I managed to change your tune. Facts can do that. Here’s what you said earlier:
    “… fr. shay cullen at alamin mo sa kanya ang datos lahi ng pinakamaraming bilang ng child molester sa pinas at wag lang magulat kung mula sa europa at amerika!”

    You have moved from an evasion claiming the pedophiles are foreigners to conceding that the church has a pedophile problem, and that they’re admitting it.

    Some of the clergy admit to the problem alright. And they stop there.

    The problem is they’re not informing the public who and where the pedophile priests are, that’s the “hush-hush” the priest was talking about. And there has been no prosecution. To repeat what the video has recorded at 3:47: ” …wala pa ring paring nakukulong dahil sa pedophilia…”

    Now, are you going to admit that the Catholic Church has not been forthcoming with the identities and whereabouts of their pedophile priests? And that they have not been willing to have these priests arrested and prosecuted as non-clergy pedophiles have?

    If you deny these, then name at least 200 of the sex offending clergymen from 2002 to the present, and the name of any priest here jailed for pedophilia. Ask your Fr. Shay Cullen for help. Best of luck.

    • Padre Agaton

      ikaw ang ang di nagbabasa at selective ukol sa pagkukulang ng simbahan. ang barya ay may dalawang mukha pero ipinipilit mo ang gusto lang madinig at mabasa dahil wala kang ideya ukol sa preda at kay fr. shay cullen.

      ukol sa pagkakakulong o pagpaparusa sa mga paring pedopilia, pinatatagal mo lang ang pagngingitngit mo at napapaghalata ang galit mo. para sumaya ka, anumang krimen ay may katumbas na kaparusahan ng batas at nagkakaroon na yan ng kaganapan. lumingon ka muna sa malayo at uminom ng tubig na malamig.

      ngayon naman, pumumta ka ng gapo at hanapin ang preda ng malaman mong hindi monopolyo ng mga pari ang pedopilya. madami sa kanila, nakabalik na sa kanilang mga bansa ng hindi din naparusahan.

      quits? nakakalungkot. may tinititigan at meron tinitignan. hahahaha!

      para patas at medyo mahimasmasan ka eto. basa! http://www_preda_org/en/news/fr-shays-articles/the-great-and-the-good-defenders-of-children/

      • blainz

        You just went back to your weak palusot “the church is not the only one with pedophiles” and your ad hominems.

        As I have said before: “An institution that arrogates moral authority has no business pointing to other offenders to exculpate itself from its own criminal conduct.”

        “anumang krimen ay may katumbas na kaparusahan ng batas at nagkakaroon na yan ng kaganapan”

        You will not get the identities and whereabouts of any pedophile priests from Fr, Cullen. That you can point to pedophiles in his rehab facility yet not name one priest incarcerated for pedophilia despite admissions from the church itself that it has a pedophile problem speaks volumes as to how unaccountable before the law the church is.

        Anyone count the number of insults and insinuations you’ve said to me and the number of insults and insinuations I’ve said to you. They can also see who has pointed to facts and who is trying to defelect the argument by pointing at non-clergy pedophiles. They can come to their own conclusion on who is nanggagalaiti at nagagalit.

        You can quit if you want. I have nothing more to gain – intellectual, moral, or comic relief – from you.

    • Martin

      you are a very angry woman or man, Blainz, I would like,to remind you that the title of the article is about gay marriages in churches

  • Padre Agaton

    hahaha! biglang na akong block pero yung may mga nagmumura at bastos na salita tuloy lang.

    emailmo blains…send ko sagot sa yo! hahaha

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