SC justice urges Sereno to recall questioned order


Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno. AP

Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno has been asked by an associate justice to recall or amend her controversial administrative order that created a Judiciary Decentralized Office and allowed the reopening of a Regional Court Administration Office (RCAO) in Cebu City.

Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro said the AO had been objected to by the justices of the Supreme Court and this fact was not reflected in Sereno’s order.

Among other things, De Castro implied, Sereno’s order usurped the justices’ duty to administer all the courts and their personnel, and also undermined the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) whose job it is to assist the high tribunal in its administration.

The court administrator is Midas Marquez who, court insiders say, is not Sereno’s favorite person after he openly criticized her when she was an associate justice and had issued a dissenting opinion to the high court decision allowing former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to leave for abroad for medical treatment.

Stifling Marquez


One court insider told the Philippine Daily Inquirer  it was believed that Sereno’s order, which would curtail the OCA’s power at least in Region VII, was meant to stifle Marquez.

Sereno had designated Program Management Office head Geraldine Faith Econg as officer in charge of RCAO-7.

Sereno returned to work Thursday after a two-day absence due to the flu. But she was expected to leave early Thursday “to avoid a relapse,” SC public information chief Gleo Guerra said, quoting Sereno’s chief of staff Honey Oliveros.

Sereno skipped Tuesday’s en banc session where the justices reportedly had intended to confront her about the AO.

Sereno is set to leave for Melaka, Malaysia, Friday to lead the Philippine delegation to the 2nd Roundtable for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Chief Justices on Environmental Law and Enforcement until Dec. 10, according to the SC public information office.

This means Sereno will be home in time for the high court’s last en banc session for the year on Dec. 11. The tribunal will go on a Christmas break from Dec. 12 to Jan. 9.

In a Dec. 3 three-page memorandum to Sereno and the other associate justices that De Castro said she “regret(ted)” to write, she asserted that the Chief Justice’s issuance of Administrative Order No. 175-2012 “designating the head of the JDO in the seventh judicial region” on Nov. 27 that was “supposedly adopted” by the court en banc “did not reflect the court’s deliberation and the consensus of the justices opposing the reopening of RCAO-7” when it was tackled that day.

De Castro quoted Sereno as saying: “I will amend my administrative order,” after she heard about the “vehement objections of the justices.”

She stressed that the high court en banc did not reach a decision on the issue and “accepted the undertaking of the Chief Justice to amend” the AO “to address the foregoing adverse observations of the justices.” Christine O. Avendaño

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  • Fulpol

    Sereno is like her boss, BS Aquino III… rude and vindictive… what ugly traits of people holding top positions in the gov’t..

    • Ding

      and, her 2nd 9 years…at least, she wasn’t appointed at midnight…she underwent the normal JBC process, before final appointment.

      • Vincent Tuason

        normal process? the question is, is she normal? 

      • speaksoftlylove

        To emphasize your point, when a person is abnormal of course they prefer abnormal process and that holds true with PNoy and his Serena in the Supreme Court.

      • Bert

        di ba may issue on her psycho test rating?

      • Alfredo

         do you called it normal process kasi  dumaan sa jbc?and did you say midnight apoointy is not normal?if gloria didnot  appoint corona that time the judiciary will in big problem because there will be no head of supreme court in  constitution  it say there that the president can appoint if they are immediately vacant for special purposes sinasabi lang ni pnoy na its illegal pero may special power si gloria nuon para mag appoint because  kung hindi nya gagawin  magkakaroon ng rpoblema sa judiciary system hindi un sinabi ni pnoy na dapat sabihin nya sa taong bayan kung gusto nya ng fair

      • $29483279

        Sino naman ang inaasahan mong  maniwala sa putal-utal mong mensahe. Magtagalog ka na lang pinoy ka naman di ba?

      • Bert

        mensahe ko ay hindi putal-putal, but i believe alfredo…hehe

    • Nilo C

      Puro nalang Vindictive ang nasa Utak mo dahil kontra ka ngayon sa kasalukuyang pamahala-an. Tsekwa ka siguro kaya sabi mo Rude. Di ibalik mo si Madam mo Gloria.

  • Fulpol

    just few months as Chief Justice, it was already manifested on her behavior about her psychological condition..

    what would they expect for 18 years? defiance of the collegial body, arrogance, boastfulness of position…

    • Ding

      Let’s see first her first 9 years…

  • eirons1043

    What is wrong with decentralization of administrative duties if it will solve the usual red tape in the SC? Those by-passed justices are the ones showing their immaturity for being selfish or turf conscious. Anyway it is the MTC / RTC Judges and practicing lawyers call coz they are the ones affected.

    • Fulpol

      that’s a vindictive act against Midas Marquez… very just Chief Justice?

    • rasayc

      your comment shows either your ignorance or defiance to the system and rule of law.  

    • Lakan Dupil

      Good comment. Decentralize the system! Bigyan ng kapangyarihan ang mga taga Visayas at mga taga Mindanao. Utak imperyalista ang nangingibabaw sa ilang by-passed justices.

      • Bert

        no problem there, but sereno should not do all her tricks while people are not watching and on the eve of typhoon pablo…

    • EdgarEdgar

      Exactly. Nothing wrong with decentralization. In fact, ADB came out with an initial analysis of the sponsored project covering the first six months of its implementation. She could have used the same to make her case in the en banc session. If Sereno really had a strong case to make, coupled with her courtroom skills she could have discussed this openly with her peers and won them over. But for going behind their backs and acting unilaterally, Sereno only has herself to blame for her underhanded approach and lack of transparency. I don´t suppose God anointed her to pull a fast one on the collegial body of SC.

  • Hot

    At last the Inquirer ran this story which was already the subject of much reactions at the other two dailies – The Tribune and The Manila Times who broke this story two days ago. Prang gusto ko nang maniwalang yellow paper ang Inquirer

    • EdgarEdgar

      PDI has very good reasons to suppress this story. The PDI owners Prietos and Pangilinans have cases pending in the Supreme Court. Indeed, you’re right to point out that the Tribune and Manila Times came out with these details days ago.

      Businessmen and newspapermen also have their conflicts of interests.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        That or the editor, and the staff journalists assigned to this beat simply did not do their jobs well.

  • Barak_O

    just fire that gay marquez

    all they can do is whine for nothing

    • $29483279

       Akala ko wala na sa SC court ang dalahirang Midaz na ito? Hanggang ngayon nakasipsip pa sa buto ni Corona. Oh overlasting love ni taray sa BF niya. Walang delicadeza.

    • Bert

      inday barak, sereno can’t even do that….not even your whining, sweetheart…..hehe

      • Barak_O

        aren’t you one of them thief midnight fans?

        how’s he doin’

        and how’s your a s s? healed?

        keep your a s s safe baby

      • Bert

        ikaw inday ha, you’re naughty….my a s s is as beautiful as it can be, i wonder why are you so interested about it…..i don’t say nasty words on a sweet but tough girl like you, inday…..have a happy safe a s s day, sweetheart…..hehe

  • EdgarEdgar

    She can run but she cannot hide. Not for long. And not inside Noynoy’s skirt. Sooner or later, the stinks gonna come out. And that’s what happened when Sereno tried her hands anew at politicking.

    Because of petty politics, Sereno devoted so much of her time and energy on stifling Midas Marquez. The courtjester Midas Marquez is not exactly blameless. Had Midas Marquez accepted the advances of our gay president a long time ago, none of this would have happened. The stifling of Midas Marquez may just turn out to be our gay president’s sadomasochistic foreplay before the big thrust. Or, it may well be just a naked attempt of revenge from a jilted ugly bald gay bachelor. Either way, Sereno squandered the opportunity to make a valid case for administrative decentralization. ADB will not be pleased with this latest development. The road to perdition is often paved with good intentions only to be ruined by pettiness and vindictiveness. Sereno, who is supposed to embody the impartial and blindfolded lady jutice, has failed justice again. With Sereno baring her fangs and her true color this early on, we can rest assured that justice in this country for the next 18 years will be highly politicized and corrupted like never before.

    Merry Christmas!

    • speaksoftlylove

      “sadomasochistic foreplay before the big trust?”

      Whoa… I like that, it’s good stuff, roflol!

      Ikaw noy ha, aminin.

  • Joseph Aquino

    How can you hitch your faith on Midas, he administered the WB-funded project and spent all of the loaned money but do you see any improvement in the courts? Even his personal disbursements were unaccounted for.

    Are you willing to pay for the ADB loan despite the fact that you can fix the cause of the faiure in the first system test run?

    Why not another systems test?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      ummm. no.

  • sigena

    pag travel abroad nawala ang flu lalo pag puro shopping gamit tax payers money. hayop talaga

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      ikaw ang hayop. di ka marunong magbasa. saan mo nakita yung “shopping” sa news?

  • phantomofhope

    bastos tong si sereno eh! may diperensya ata utak

  • Patrick Bryan Tesoro

    What she did was something really hard to justify as an action of a chief justie, and hide with derailing arguments.

  • Benjamin

    matay pa rin sa inggit ang mga alipores ni pandakekok sa SC…at buhay pa rin ang malditang  inday midas,,kapal ng mukha..ayaw pang magresign at sumunod sa jowa nyang Coronakot…

    • silvershade

      Midas has nothing to do with the issue.  It’s Sereno’s incompetence and ignorance and pinag-uusapan dito.  Ang labo mo!

    • Palku Kha

      ingot! stupido! ang pinag usapan dito ang tamang proseso.illegal yan pinagagawa ni MALAS! may hangin ka rin sa ulo kagaya nya!!!

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    si lola marilou sereno kase eh, akala lahat ng bagay pwedeng idaan sa chika, lahat pwedeng kembutin tapos ayos na. tuloy, nasira sha dito. akala nya kase sha na ang dyosa ng bayan. nung niligawan nya yung ibang mga justices para sa RCAO, tinutulan na nga sha. klarong-klaro. si lola marilou sereno lang naman ang hindi makaintindi eh. pati nga yung dapat kaalyado nya na si tonyo carpio, medyo nainis din sa kanya. sabihin na nating medyo bitter si ka-tonyo carpio, pero mali talaga yung ginawa ni lola marilou sereno. tuloy, patago-tago na lang sha ngayon. ang masama pa niyan, habang naglalakabay si lola marilous sereno sa Malaysia at Tate sa susunod na linggo, bitbit-bitbit niya ang kanyang anak na babae. lahat ng gastos, sa kaban ng bayan ulit kukunin. kaya kayong mga OFW na nasa Malaysia at Tate, kunan nyo ng litrato si lola marilou sereno kasama ng anak niya at ipost sa facebook. mabubuking at mabubuking din si lola mariou sereno. hindi lahat ng bagay madadaan sa chika, sa kwentong becky. fekfek mo lola.

    • Francis81

       Baliw na nga ang pekeng presidente tapos pati punong mahistrado baliw rin, ano na kaya ang mangyayari sa Pinas?

  • RyanE

    Hehehe.. some old-timers in the SC are still sore and cannot move on. Remember PNoy installed Sereno as CJ precisely to reform the judiciary. Resistance to change is a normal attribute of human beings, but for the sake of reforming a very inefficient judiciary, these old-timers should give way, or better yet.. resign!

    • basyong

      hehehe that s not the point here mr ryan e sirano made of big illegal act that constitutes her to resign if she has any delicadeza.she made the supreme court as her licking a ss to satisfy the abnoy goverment.forget the past we are dealing with the present and she should cut and cut cleanly  like the words of the famous senator who told marcos to resign.

    • silvershade

      Kasing-bobo ka rin pala ni Sereno.

      • RyanE

        Hehehe.. kawawang supporter ni ex-CJ Corona, hanggang ngayon nagmamaktol pa rin..

  • EdgarEdgar

    Okay. Sereno’s petty politics and unpalatable underhandedness may be to blame here. But in fairness to Sereno, she doesn’t hate Midas Marquez. She is merely avenging her president at the pleasure of the president. If only Midas Marquez knew how much Noynoy loves him. A few months after Grace Li decided to be just friends with our gay president, here’s an excerpt of her interview:

    Grace Li tells all . . .

    Media:  What’s the funniest experience you had with Noy?
    Grace:  At first, I thought he was just tired, so I made him take lots of vitamins.
    Media:  Then what happened?
    Grace:  After a month’s vitamins, he still couldn’t get it up.  
    Media:  Then what?
    Grace:  Then my mom advised me to make him eat lots of korean ginseng and he did.
    Media:  And that did the trick?
    Grace:  Still he couldn’t seem to get it up.  And then Midas appeared on TV, lo and behold!
    Media:  Midas?
    Grace:  Yes, Midas the court jester.  As it turns out, Noy and I are both into guys.  
    Media:  But why do you still hang out together, knowing he’s not the man of your dreams?
    Grace:  Knowing he’s gay and all, that’s when we got even closer.  We could talk all day.

    • pabulaka

      I like your comedic style; you made me cry!!!

      • EdgarEdgar

        Sorry for the grief. I told you not keep your hopes up.

  • DennisApolinario

    Dapat naman talaga sinibak na si Midas. Imbes na maging impartial, nag-abogado pa at naging spokesman ni Corona. Itong si De Castro, alipores din ni GMA ito kaya expected nang kokontra ito. Kasi noon, nagkakaisa sila nila Corona at iba pang GMA-appointed justices sa paglalabas ng mga pro-GMA na desisyon at pagkunsinti sa mga kapalpakan ni GMA. Payagan ba namang magdagdag ng distrito sa Bicol para lang i-accommodate si Dato kahit labag sa Constitution tapos in-accredit pa si Mikey bilang representante ng mga security guards kahit wala namang koneksyon sa mga security guards. Dapat talaga masibak na ang mga pro-GMA na justices sa SC para maging maayos ang hudikatura sa bansang ito. Habang nandyan ang mga kumag na yan di susulong ang pag-unlad ng bansa.

    • silvershade

      Bobo lang talaga ang idol mong si Sereno, akala nya kasing-bobo nya ang ibang justices.

    • agustin

       sige ipagtanggol mo ang pagiging diktador ni cheap justice sira’no.

  • kilabot

    if sereno recalls her order she will be criticized for incompetence; 
    if she does not recall the order she will be criticized as dictatorial and fraudulent; 
    if she resigns she will be praised and held in high esteem; 
    it doesn’t need sickness nor tears to make the choice.

  • les21reago

    This is an OBVIOUS indication that the SC needs persuasive REFORMS…The SC needs more of SERENO…The SC Club and justices self ego are acting more like a political party…The AO meant to STIFLE Midas M their cahoots as their THEME subject and NOT the beneficial purpose of said AO as SERENO proclaimed.
    While there are more pressing needs at their desk, they are SNIFFING at Sereno…Too difficult pulling a herd that is ADAMANT even if it meant to drinking water.

    • adobongkuko

      True. the OCA itself should work on declogging the 600K caseloads of the trial courts. Dami dapat gawin di ba.

      • Bert

        No problem there, but as the CHIEF JUSTICE, she is expected to follow the law.

    • silvershade

      Kaya nga collegial, ang hina mo naman! Hindi ego ang pinapairal dito, but the proper procedure.  Diktador ka ata ah?

    • damiranda126

      the SC needs more of Sereno?  Will you get out of this country at ng mabawasan ang mga tangang katulad mo!  masyado na kayong marami.

  • ArmchairGeek

    It’s a collegial body and unless forces impeach all of them but two, you just have to deal with what the majority decides is best and proper. 

  • speaksoftlylove

    This is a case of taking advantage of opportunity but what a despicable advantage. When the public was glued to the tragedy that befell on the people of Mindanao, here comes Sereno doing “kabulastugan” in her domain. Sereno’s fake Administrative Order was included in the deliberation of the latest en banc session of the SC but Sereno suddenly got sick, really? It appears that she pleaded with Justices De Castro and Brion not to recall her bogus order dahil “nakakahiya” but the justices turned her down that is why she call in sick. I smell another Chief Justice sitting in a wheelchair in the near future, wanna bet?

    • Jack

      malamang ds sereno ay dating tauhan ni gma, kasi alam na niya magdahilan na siya ay may sakit na “intentional flu” tuwing tatanungin siya ng kanyang mga colleagues niya sa SC. at kailangan ni sereno mag-abroad para siya ay maka-recuperate at hindi ma-relapse sa kanyang sakit na “intentional flu”.

    • Malik62

       She and her patron in Malacanang will not be sitting on a wheelchair in the furture.  They will be lying down on a stretcher wearing straigh jackets.

  • adobongkuko

    and the SC Justice was named.

  • wakats

    The subdued and unobtrusive protests of many associate justices over serreno’s unilateral issuance of an AO contrary to the thinking of the majority, resemble a huge dark clouds slowly gaining strength and could very well become a “perfect storm” bringing disunity and animosity to the once united and formidable citadel of justice.

    Cooler heads are needed to prevent the about-face of Pablo 2.

  • Maldi2

    Don’t be too cruel guys against Serena.   She has 18 years more to learn! bwehehehehehe!

    • RomyLitz

      CJ Sereno is just cutting the political tentacles of Sexy Midas, now still under the influence of alcohol he imbibed  called “Corona Brandy”. RCAO is to dilute the Administrative power of Sexy Midas where right now he has the support of the Seven (7) Dwarf’s Appointees.

      • Malik62

         The rationalization of the Yellow Zombies is just beyond sane reason.  Well, what do you expect from these Yellow zombies whos very Yellow boss is insane.

    • Benjamin Brillantes

      ibig mong sabihin, 18 years na eh sakripisyo ang bayan…hindi school ang SC

  • IbigMongSabihin

    ibig nitong sabihin sa amateurism ni sereno ay talagang wala siyang K sa pwesto. Go, Sereno, Go, Go Go Out ka na. Pero kasalanan ba ni sereno kung hindi marunong magkilatis ang presidente kasi public knowledge naman na personal na nilakad ng presidente para si sereno ang maging CJ. hay, presidenteng walang K ang result ay selection ng walang K ring CJ. no wonder walang magandang nangyayari sa pilipinas ngayon.  

  • Allan

    maraming decision ang sc na ngayon are being questioned. this could be one of them. also, the article gives us a hint why this didn’t push through during puno’s/corona’s time – this curtails marquez’ clout, becoming unfavorable to gma and allies. now that sereno is making the playing field level, we hear a lot of complaints from the boys?

  • Guest

    akala nila solo ng chief justice ang desisyon… 

  • RomyLitz

    What CJ Sereno was doing was to speed up the benefits of the judges who are residents in Mindanao and Visayas. Considering the snail and political speed by the OCA of the Supreme Court under political pedigree Sexy Midas, that RCAO is long overdue. The test pilot decision was made when the ascendancy of both Sexy Midas and Atong were unquestionably in dictatorial atmosphere due primarily from  the unswerving support of 7 Dwarf’s Appointees !!

    • Bert

      and thanks to these 7 Dwarf’s Appointees for maintaining the independence of the SC and not turning it into a MALACANANG RUBBER STAMP……

      and yes, midas is sexy, ask edgar2 why…hehe

      • ramsor

        indeed,..soon it will become that rubberstamp that you named.

    • Palku Kha

      hindi pwede yan kung isang tao lang ang mag desisyon.kailangan pag botohan yan.kailaangan may en banc session.bobo ka ba?anong gusto mo sa supreme court may isang diktador?kahit benefits sa mga Judges yan kailangan idaan sa tamang proseso…kaya illegal yan.idiot!…stupid!….may tama ka rin kagaya ni MALAS!!!

    • Malik62

       Ad hominem. Stick to the issue rather than attacking Midas Marquez. The fact is Sereno committed an illegal act by faking an en banc resolution.

  • droccu

    Sereno should be more careful. SC insiders (including assoc justices) whom she think as her allies might be setting her up to fail or be embarrassed…..just to spite her or indirectly her benefactor Pnoy…

    • ramsor

      Yep she should be careful considering that is a dellitante and has the least qualification for the SC highest post

    • Malik62

       She did this thing to herself.  She “faked” an en banc resolution.  This is not the fault of the justices or any SC insider.  If she does not to be embarrassed then she just have to do things right.

  • Jack

    it seems that sereno is following the steps of gma. she is sick with “intentional flu” everytime her colleagues would like to question her. to recuperate from her illness, she needs to go abroad so that she won’t have a relapse. ang galing mo aling sereno!

  • Bantay

    dapat hinarang sa airport ng mga BI para di makalabas.nag sakit sakitan kasi gumawa ng illegal…incompetent appoint by incompetent!!!

    • Felix Alcantara

      Precisely! An incompetent person would likely appoint another incompetent person. The Constitution is clear: The Supreme Court shall have administrative supervision over all courts and the personnel thereof. Simply, CJ Sereno is not the Supreme Court but all the Justices, from Sereno down to Leonen. 

  • ramsor

    Clearly, CJ Sereno is doing an alibi or doing something aside from a sudden bout of flu to a trip overseas, instead of personally appearing before  her colleagues on the questioned issue.  May i ask reader who knows the law if the CJ did an impeachable act?

    • Malik62

      That’s what happens if a fake HOCUS PCOS president appoints a psycho like him.

  • ramsor

    The news on this first appeared in Daily Tribune about three or  four days ago.

  • Malik62

    Christine Avendaño is not telling the story truthfully.  The truth is Sereno “faked” an en banc resolution and that is gravely illegal.  It’s not even an administrative order. When Sereno’s hand was caught in the cookie jar she went around the offices of the justices begging them if she could withdraw the fake en banc resolution that she issued. Now she is avoiding confrontation by again faking that she ha a flu and that she has to leave for Malaysia. 

    • Edward

      agree. This reporter Christine Avendaño is twisting the facts and distorting the real story of the RCAO issue with the SC. 

      Before this issue was published in pdi yesterday it was already circulated by the Manila Times and later was picked up by other media outlets like Manila standard, interaksyon and gmanewstv. Interaksyon website showed a copy of the memo of Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo de Castro with recollection of events occurred during the SC en banc deliberation of RCAO..

    • msmakabayan

      Nakita niyo na kung anong klaseng diyaryo itong Inquirer???

  • Seroquel55

    I give CJ Sereno the  benefit of the doubt when she said that she did what she did in good faith.  She may have issued that order in good faith because she was not aware of SC’s rule that such an order recquires an en banc resolution.  In order words she is incompetent.

    • Edward

      as the dictum says ignorance of the law excuses no one…eh CJ ng Kataastasang Hukuman..bakit nagkaganoon?

      • Darwin

        correct. of all the people to be ignorant of the law, it should not be the highest lawyer of the land.

  • Your_King

    Division within the SC. How terrible! Even worse, it seems this has something to do with fpgma still. Sereno is definitely acting like an Aquino appointee by attacking anything fpgma. It would be better for the SC to actually do some real good for the country and resolve some real issues instead of trying to chase the past and continue this political war between Aquino and GMA. This does our country no good. The CJ and the entire SC should be better than this. 

  • msmakabayan

    Using a FAKE Resolution is already a crime by itself. This is clearly “betrayal of public trust”. She does not deserve to stay a second more as  Chief Justice of our land! And if Noynoy defends this crime, he should be banished too!

  • patawad

    So true, it should have been a massive shame and she cannot have that required ‘moral ascendancy’ to lead the Supreme Court, nor any organization.  What good faith was she talking about, para lang sa bob 0 na tang A pa yang palusot na yan.

  • indiosbravos2002

    I see alot of politics happening in the SC. Whatever happened to the SC returning to its “quiet” yet respectable pre-Corona era. Where orders and decisions are debated upon, revised if needed and not leaked until its final ( to avoid flip-flopping incidents). Where the head of the SC might be questioned, overturned but not publicly. News like this is not helping the SC. After Corona ravaged the judiciary with his drama, some of the GMA appointed justices (including Carpio) are still playing hookie . This is the quality of justices that GMA brought to the highest court. And what does De Castro thinks she’ll get from this expose… destroy Sereno’s reputation, moolah, favors, a new CJ… come on! Sereno’s stint will be longer that the her 7 detractors combined. These associate justices + Midas “bading” Marquez are trying to destroy Sereno’s reputation by painting a bad picture of her in public but what they’ve accomplished is simply showed tht Corona is not the only bad egg in the SC. Maybe its a good thing that the SC justices showed their colors as early as now and maybe we can sit down on another impeachment trial after the elections.

    • nparvus1202

       Kung anu-ano pa pinagsasasabi mong GMA appointed justices eh hindi naman sila ang gumawa ng fake at illegal kundi ang appointed ni ABNoy na si Sirano.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Are you sure its FAKE and ILLEGAL or are you just assuming? Note that even the associate justices were careful not to use these words.

    • Bert

      No one’s “destroying” Sereno’s reputation in this case. With this flipflops, she’s doing it by herself. The destruction is self-induced.

  • indiosbravos2002

    I dont even know why Midas is still in the SC. Coronakot’s trial showed that the judiciary needed reforms. Ambagal bagal ng cases, bulok facilities, funds were missing, and the leadership just seemd to sat down on issues plaguing the judiciary. Midas, being the court admin, was the heart of it all. Now, Sereno is trying to make changes that make sense and yet she is being blocked. This is expected. However, the judiciary cannot afford to postpone any more reforms or else justice will forever be delayed. Obviously, there is still need to clean up shop and weed out some hoodlums in the SC.

    • Bert

      You can reform but you don’t do short-cuts.

      • indiosbravos2002

        But thats how reform is. Introduce process mprovements. Find short cuts. Cut the fat. Make it lean. Take off unnecessary processes. Reinvent the wheel if need be.

        Dont tell me you like the current state of the judiciary? Because at the state its in, its more corrupt than cngress and more inefficient than the executive.

      • Bert

        Find short cuts? Maybe, but make sure you don’t do it while no one is watching, or much better, make sure you don’t get caught, or else you play sick and fly to Malaysia…hehe

  • indiosbravos2002

    If its true that Sereno’s action is to curtail Midas Marquez’s influence as court administrator, then I dont any reason why he could just be sent to the mailroom. The gay guy is simply not helpng the judiciary after being too closely associated with Coronakot. Sobrang kapal, di pa nagresign nong nafire boyfriend nya.

    • Bert

      What can be more kapal than this fiasco?

  • agustin

    Dictator begets dictator, cheap justice sera’no should be impeached for ignorance of the law.

  • johnnie r

    …us lesser mortals would be charged with falsification of public documents if we had done what she did…

  • zeroko

    D, amend or abolish! What’s the problem? Nobody is infallible. Kahit na nga si Gloria, daming pagkakamali, sino pa ba si Sereno. She should not take it personal. Instead, she should praise her colloquies because they are merely doing their duty. 

    Let’s go forward, no more finger pointing. he he he. 

  • dikoy321

    GO GO GO CJ Ma. Lourdes Sereno!!!

    If REFORMS will, in the long run, redound to the benefit of the Filipino Nation, simply IGNORE protests and push for POSITIVE CHANGES!!!

    GMA’s scandals beat Marcos’ record in so short a time, and even former CJ Corona and other GMA appointees vouched for her!

    Corona hid Millions and got covered by many, including GMA-appointed justices who kept mum!

    Marquez must go, definitely, for a NEW SC Administration !!!  Kick him out !!!

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • Ciano

      may hangin din pala ulo mo kagaya kay MALAS.kahit illegal pwede sa iyo! nag sakit sakitan na nga siya para maka iwas sa kakahiyan.mag sama kayo may mga sayad ang ulo!!!

    • $20722540

      backward Philippines!!! ang dapat.  if a CJ of Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines can signed an illegal resolution any judge in the court system can also an illegal resolution. so what kind reforms are talking about…signing illegal resolutions is part of the reform agenda…even those lame brain can’t follow that. duh!

  • regd

    So what? CJ Sereno is just rattling the animal cages where the gma minions and her disoriented puppets resides! She is unlike these bunch of sissies who are programmed sheep that shamelessly hovers like a helicopter on corrupt people who openly discharges their waste (most especially the midget and her cohorts) everytime the administration holds these useless parasites accountable for corrupt practices!

    • lex

      eh ikaw ? di lang minion , abomination pa ng sira ulong presidente abnoy!

  • alienpatriot

    The SC needs an imdepemdemt court administrator. One wonders how this can be achieved Marquez made it clear that he saw his role as political and supportive of GMA/Corona. Can anyvody be appointed who will just do their job?

    • indiosbravos2002

      Marquez needs to go.

      • alienpatriot

        I am inclined to agree. The problem is that, in most countries, he would have just resigned. His sense of honesty and propriety would tell him that staying on would be shameful. Thus we see a problem with Pinoy politics and government. Marquez sees himself as a politician instead of a public servant. His tribal attachment to Corona is undimmed.
        The Philippines has a set of democratic structures that depend on a sense of fair play and leaders that do not share that sense. The facade is fine. What is behind the facade is getting stronger but is still quite weak. Until people like Marquez are made to feel ashamed of themselves a problem will remain.

  • nparvus1202

    Sino kaya ang gumawa ng illegal at culpable violation of the constitution, di ba ang ABNoy appointee na si Sirano? Hanggang ngayon si GMA pa rin ang dinadahilan nyo. Kaya hindi kayo umuusad eh, puro paatras ang utak nyo.

  • gudwil2all

    you want her to follow tradition
    when you guys cannot even show up for a flag ceremony

  • lex

    pag nagkamali may dahilan! wala kasalana! saan ka pa only in the philippines, bakit kung taimtim na nagdadasal public at paiyak iyak pa pagkakatiwalaan na? mahilig kayo sa melodrama ! kaya ang pilipinas parang horror comedy courtesy of abnoy anf the kkk! magdusa tayong lahat!

  • Rotel Solo

    I totally support Chief Justice Sereno’s policy of “dignified silence”, and I totally disdain the sour-graping attitude of the justices passed-over by the appoinment as CJ of Sereno by the authority of P-Noy.

    • $20722540

      does it mean you also agreed to the illegal resolution she signed?  an illegal resolution signed by the CJ of the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines appointed by the President of the Republic of the Philippines just a few months ago.  If your answer yes, then the Republic of the Philippines is a banana republic owned by same owners of old nay and gap…hahahaaa!!!!

    • Vincent Tuason

      I wish Madame Sereno, success in all her endeavors, along with prayers that the CJ may also find in her heart to consider her the sentiments of her peers, considering that the SC is a collegial body. Had it been the executive, I would understand, but no. 

    • Bantay

      may hangin din ang ulo mo! mana ka rin kay MALAS.dapat sa inyo dalhin sa mental hospital.gusto nyo pala illegal! hoy! stupido! idiot!!!

  • dinadaga

    kahit noong bagong upo si Pnoy may konting sabit din. Itama na lang at ayusin para everybody happy. Sana naman ay kung gaano naayos ni Leonen ang MILF ay gayundin ang gawin niya sa SC.

  • Boodie

    Hocus Pocus. Will the Pork work well  with the SC Justices? The President to the rescue.

  • blainz

    So this is what’s it all about; office politics, starting with the Office of the Court Administrator. Why hasn’t this Corona lackey been removed from his post? Malakas talaga ang kapit.

    Note to CJ Sereno: just because he’s no longer in office doesn’t mean your predecessor has lost influence among your co-workers. Strings are being pulled behind your back.

    • indiosbravos2002


  • joboni96

    ‘Stifling Marquez’

    dapat lang yan
    sa atty corona hackster

    pero passe na mga regional offices
    sa internet time

    nagsasayang lang ng government resources
    ang level na iyan

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