Church hit for blaming AIDS increase on gays



Jonas Bagas, executive director of the TLF Share Foundation, rebuffed the statement of Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes that the incidence of HIV was high among men who have sex with men (MSM) partly because they do not follow the Church’s strictures against same-sex intercourse. ( photo)

A gay civil society group on Wednesday scored the Catholic Church for implying that gay sex was to blame for the steep rise in HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) cases in the country.

Jonas Bagas, executive director of the TLF Share Foundation, rebuffed the statement of Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes that the incidence of HIV was high among men who have sex with men (MSM) partly because they do not follow the Church’s strictures against same-sex intercourse.

Reyes is chairman of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP)-Episcopal Commission on Family and Life.

“Bishop Gabriel Reyes of CBCP is incorrect. It is not gay sex that spreads HIV, it is unprotected sex,” Bagas said in a statement.

Stigmatizing attitude

“The gay, bisexual and transgender community is vulnerable to HIV not because they are not following Catholic teachings. On the contrary, it is the stigmatizing attitudes and statements of the Catholic hierarchy that’s exposing them to HIV risk,” he added.

On Tuesday, Reyes defended the Catholic Church after former Health Secretary Alberto Romualdez said HIV cases in the country had increased because the Arroyo administration caved in to pressure from the Church and stopped distributing free condoms.

“With all due respect (to the gay community), HIV is increasing among homosexuals or men who have sex with men. I’m sure if they are having sex with men, they don’t follow the rules of the Church,” Reyes said in a forum in Intramuros, Manila.

“I’m sure they are using condoms. If you follow the Church, you will not be using condoms. This threat is among the highest,” he said.

However, Bagas said the Church hierarchy had “consistently undermined” the HIV response in the Philippines through its “rejection of evidence-based strategies that countries all over the world used to halt their HIV epidemics.”

“CBCP has caused more harm by resorting to homophobia to explain why there’s a growing HIV epidemic in the country. It is causing more injury by using the HIV epidemic to flog one of its favorite whipping boys, the gay, bisexual and transgender community, which is already suffering immeasurable pain and heartbreak due to the growing AIDS-related deaths within the community,” Bagas said.

Climate of ignorance

“Church-fueled stigma is contributing to the rise in HIV infection because it is promoting a climate of ignorance and silence. As a community, we do not see ourselves as victims of this epidemic,” he said.

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  • Jay

    You got owned Bishop Gabriel Reyes.Read the facts first before saying something.What does the rules of the church says regarding”Priest who abused kids”

    • Herbert David

       Tanga! walang kwenta comment mo!

      • Jay

        Pendeho…di kalang marunong magbasa..pano ka magbasa,right going left..wala pala kwenta binasa mo pa.

    • maximus commentus

       Jay, priests are humans like you and me. They are also bound to be tempted by the devil. It’s not just Catholic priests, there are lots of cases of rabbis, buddhist monks, and pastors who abuse kids, as well as regular people like you and me. They should all go to jail,

      BUT! It doesn’t mean that the religion is bad. Catholicism, just like the other religions is inherently good. God is good, Jesus is good. Most priests are good. You can’t judge an entire religion just because of a few bad apples.

      If you have a bad brother or cousin, I would not say that all of your relatives are bad. That’s being judgmental.

      • Martin C

        “BUT! It doesn’t mean that the religion is bad. Catholicism, just like the other religions is inherently good. God is good, Jesus is good. Most priests are good. You can’t judge an entire religion just because of a few bad apples” ?

        So you will say ” Atheists are nothing but miserable people who think that they are smarter than everyone else” Your judging Atheists with your comment. Also reading through some of your previous remarks it seem like YOU assume your smarter than everyone else.

        I would go as far to say your arrogant. Best you keep an open mind instead of defending the Church at every angle.

        No one is saying Catholics are bad. What they are saying is the Idiot priests who spread the lies about aids/ HIV, condoms being full of holes, if you dont follow their law you will go to hell bullshit!!!.

        So only Catholics who follow the church laws will go to heaven and everyone else will go to hell?

        Come on grow up and open your mind to other options and possibilities. The Church are not right. Your just another brainwashed cronnie. Start being a man / woman and learn to think for yourself. Not what the Church tell you to think.

      • maximus commentus

        I have an open mind, that’s why I understand my religion and its reason for not giving in to anything. If it just wants to gain more members and money, it’s so easy for it to just change its laws to accommodate homosexual acts and other immoralities as normal.

        But it is being true to its core. It doesn’t care about popular opinion. It’s not changing its laws because Jesus’ words are applicable until the end of time. I’m defending the Church because they are just telling the truth.

        So again, thank you, but open mind does not mean being liberal.

      • littlesoulxv

        keep it up maximus!  

      • maximus commentus

        Thanks. I’d like to.. but I only have a few minutes a week to do this. Sana marami sa ating conservatives ang vocal para hindi maghari sa media ang mga liberal at paniwalaan ng mga gullible na kabataan.

        Nagpapatalo na lang kasi tayo eh, para lang walang away. Akala tuloy nila, tama na sila.

      • UPLB-2008-3****

        It’s not changing its laws because Jesus’ words

        >> Then, prove *beyond reasonable doubt* that the church’s position is really what Jesus said, let alone prove *beyond reasonable doubt* that Jesus is some sort of God, if not the only God, or whatever, ang gulo, may pa-trinity trinity pa kasing nalalaman, Maybe you want to add that to the list of things to be proven *beyond reasonable doubt*. When you have done that, only we will then adopt your beliefs. Don’t force your belief on everyone if you don’t have significant evidence/reason to follow. And by significant, I mean, observable phenomena and scientific researches.

      • UrHONOR

        IN a religious setting, ONE is too MANY.  The rationalization, “sapagkat kami ay tao lamang” is bosh. Kahit na ano maaaring gawin, tapos ang sasabihin ay kami ay tao lamang.  Heaven and jell are pure speculations.  Life should not hinge on these places but on how well it is lived.  You don’t live your life because of Hn or Hl….you live it because you want to enjoy it. 
        Like cancer, one microscopic whit is TOO BIG.  It must be extricated. In religious organization where one is taught to be upright and seek excellence, a model, nay, teacher who is astray cancer….and if not excised, the whole organization is afflicted with it…from the very TOP to the very bottom, like it or not.

        No need to be DEFENSIIVE, as it is ALL there for ALL to know, see, hear, feel, and hear.  Sa halip na bubuin ang pagkakamali, pinagtatakpan pa!  SAPUL na umiilag pa!

  • ghe

    Hindi tama na isang sector lang ang sisisihin ng church. 

  • Guest

    Bakit niyo naman sisisihin ang simbahan eh hindi naman nakakabit sa kanila ang ari niyo? Ang turo ng simbahan ay ok lang maging bakla pero bawal ang fornication. Eh since di kayo mapigil sa pagsupsup sa ibang lalaki, yan ang napala niyo.

    • UrHONOR

      OO nga…buti na lang yong mga paders na nagsususupsup e wala pang napapala….o may napala na din?

      • maximus commentus

         UrHONOR, yung mga pader na sinasabi mo, mapaparusahan sa aksyon nila, gaya ng mga iba pang gumagawa ng sekswal na aksyon sa hindi naman nila asawa, ganon din ang mga bakla at tomboy na aktibo sa sekswal na relasyon.

      • UrHONOR

        MAPARUSAHAN man o hindi is not ours to know or see… one knows except through speculation.  The point is not to throw stones when you live in a glasshouse.

  • Pablo316

    The increase in HIV is mainly due to the increasing promiscuity of man which in turn is due to man’s rejection of God and godly living. This is not surprising and was foretold long ago in the Holy Scripture:

    ”But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.” (2 Timothy 3:1-5)

  • hustlergalore

    Priests, Bishops, Cardinals – use condoms please!


    • Herbert David

      Bakit hindi ikaw ang gumamit nng condoms

  • dennis

    If i reacted against Catholic Church´s views as an opposition to “RH Bill” this time,i want to defend them from the “Chariots of Fire” by giving all the blames unto them! First,WHY CATHOLIC CHURCH? Isn´t it too unfair to pinpoint our finger to Catholic Church? How about if our country were 95% other religion? Are we also nasty blaming them as the principle cause of AIDS?…How do we look a country WITHOUT KNOWING GOD?…AIDS is a desease,not a disgrace! And it´s much more dangerous to disgrace ourselves as a God believers by blaming religion!

  • Riza

    I still can’t wrap my head around this piece – it’s like a dispatch from the Dark Ages.
    Meanwhile, on Mars, the Curiousity rover begins exploration.

    • maximus commentus

       you’re not catholic, or you’re not a true catholic (one who studies and tries to understand the religion by learning from the religious) that’s why you can’t understand it.

      • Shinso

        You don’t need to be a catholic, a muslim, a buddist, a taoist, etc to know these thing, just do good to everything and everyone around you… If you know it is bad then do not do it, but if you know it is good then make the best of it…. 

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • napali808

    CBCP has always promoted ignorance, fear and silence among its ranks and members. They are no better than the thick-skinned, dumb, corrupt politicians. Both of these groups cause so much suffering and despair to the people. We should make sure that the RH bill won’t get derailed this time, because 14 yrs. is a long time. The passage of this bill is a step forward for our country. We should stay vigilant and assertive. I’m a catholic myself and sticking to my faith, but I don’t agree how the church is being run.

    • maximus commentus

      You’re not a true Catholic if you do not even understand why artificial birth control is against God’s law. It is against the very basis of Catholic belief and teachings which is to trust in God’s natural order of things when it comes to life creation.

      You’re what is known as “cafeteria catholic.” You only choose which teachings you want to believe. Thus you are not a true catholic. You were probably born as a Catholic, but you never studied your religion to understand it.

      • napali808

         You are dead wrong, maxi. I went to a catholic school at SBC from elem. till high school, but I have a mind of my own. I know when I am being manipulated and exploited. I don’t follow anybody blindly just because they’re cardinal, bishop or priest. I think nobody should. ” Serious catholic ”  here in NA use artificial birth control and i haven’t met that doesn’t. My mother use natural birth control and ended up with 9. It just doesn’t work.

      • concern_netizen

        I am just curious.  Is the Catholic Church telling us that God called them up to voice His opposition to contraceptives?  Or is this just their interpretation of God’s words?  I agree with the hierarchy and stuff, but boy, this is all there is to it.  Opinions and interpretations.  The Church may be wrong you know…

  • Spike

    Mga walang kwnetang Prayle  – the Catholic church in the philippines has too much influence !

  • filipinaskoh

    It is not only the homosexual as the source of spread of HIV but it is also very high among female prostitutes.

    If the CBCP will state that stop prostitution to stop the spread of HIV. You’re dreaming bishops! 
    Because the root cause of prostitution is poverty- poverty is very common to family who had many siblings. Para masuportahan ng mabilisan ang kanilang mga kapatid at magulang prostitution ang kinababagsakan.

    • maximus commentus

      While it’s true that prostitution can be attributed to poverty, poverty has nothing to do with being gay and homosexual AIDS transmission.

      Everyone knows that the catholic church as well as other religions help the poor and that they are very much against prostitution.

  • Jose

    Given that the Pope, only a few years back, stated that condoms only make AIDS worse, why exactly are we still listening to these guys on matters of science?

    • Jomex

      why indeed…well its the people who give these old men power, so let us cut that power…

      • maximus commentus

        No thank you. I’d rather keep my religion, have hope in life by trusting in Jesus and in God, than being a miserable atheist who only trust in scientific theories which are not the absolute truth in any way, that’s why they are called theories.

      • Jomex

        sure you can keep your religion! but you have to ask, is your god a product of your mind or is it real? is god like Santa for kids? sure science is not absolute and static, it keeps being upgraded like the iphone! it keeps on taking new information. with religion, we are stuck with the bible and ancient theology when humanity did not know anything about the germs, electricity, atoms and evolution! and you have a wrong understanding of theories! theories are not just conjectures and assumptions and unproven hypothesis! the scientific definition of a theory is a set of facts and proven hypothesis. so when you say theory of evolution, it is like saying facts of evolution. and for your information, atheists are not miserable people, maybe you are miserable and you are projecting yourself to us! atheists are same as everyone else except they dont make imaginary friends in their heads. you think Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are miserable atheists?

    • maximus commentus

       It’s not only the Pope who said that, he was supported by statistics:

      They were studying HIV cases in Africa:

      Since 1989, at least 4 billion condoms have been shipped to sub-Saharan
      African nations in the belief that they’d stem the spread of the

      So here’s the surprise: Condoms have never been shown to reduce HIV
      infection rates and AIDS deaths in general-population epidemics like
      those in sub-Saharan Africa. Paradoxically, the more condoms AIDS
      activists send to Africa, the more widespread the disease has become.

      • Shinso

        Just like to ask, if 4 million condoms are distributed since 1989 and it do not work to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, what could be the problem? does these or at least some of these condoms used properly? are there stats for every individual that they used it properly following every step on how to use condoms? i don’t want to relate it to religion, surely i’ll lose to you…

      • Jose

        Correlation is not causation, and successful AIDS reductions programmes in Africa have come with condoms are vital parts.

        It’s an old lie, and frankly spreading it leads to people dying.

  • filipinaskoh

    You cannot eliminate IMMORALITY in any society- kung sa inyo ngang mga PARI may mga IMMORAL and yet you are the teachers of MORALITY sa lipunan pa kaya na naglipana ang makasalanan. 

    Don’t expect all people to have a high regards for morality if you alone cannot practice it well – kung sa inyo ngang mga pari hindi 100% kayong lahat may Moralidad sa lipunan pa kaya.

    let us face the fact that IMMORALITY exist and it existed a long-long time ago and it cannot be stopped – AT LEAST STOPPED the DISEASE that goes with it. – kawawa din kasi ang mga infected – they sinned but let us not condemned them by saying – makasalan kayo dapat lang na magka AIDS kayo- The priests and bishops should be the one reaching out to this SECTOR Of our society that are LOST- hindi iyong “bagay sa inyong magka-aids kayo kasi makakati kayo”.

    WAKE UP CBCP DO YOUR DUTY AS PRELATE lead your people to righteousness and not condemning the sinners. 

    • Jomex

      Christianity’s claim to morality is ridiculous. If Christianity can make people moral, just look at the behavior of its pedophile priests and you know the answer.

      • littlesoulxv

        it was written in the book of revelation that 1/3 of the stars will fall from the sky… the stars describe in the book of revelations are priests, bishops and cardinals.  and what a terrible fall!  if only the FULL 3rd Secret of Fatima was revealed in the 1960’s as the Lady of Fatima requested and commanded the Church, it will be clearer to all (believers and unbelievers) as to what is happening today to the Church and humanity.  It is not too late for the Pope, the Church to reveal the Full 3rd Secret of Fatima.  
        Pray for priests, bishops and cardinals!  foolish right? do not wait for them to pray and warn you of the impending disasters because of our sins.  they are bringing millions of souls to Hell.  pain, suffering, death is nothing.  eternal damnation is something.pray for the Pope and all the bishops in the world to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Our Lady of Fatima commanded the Church to do it in 1929.  it did not.  world war ii happened.  continued disobedience of the church?  world war iii is just around the corner…

      • nathan

         you do not  know what you are saying my friend. the stars are fallen angels and not what you say about.

      • xrisp

        Brother, have some guidance from our authorities and do not just rely on your interpretation of the Scriptures. It’s dangerous!. Brother Nathan has just corrected you below.

    • maximus commentus

      They are not condemning the sinners, they are just pointing out that sin is the root cause of all these horrible diseases. And this is true, and truth hurts.

  • SojuSaki

    CBCP bishops…you are all so gay. You already lost your relevance centuries ago, present day people wants to listen to logic and reason not fiction.

    • maximus commentus

      Atheists are nothing but miserable people who think that they are smarter than everyone else. Can you explain what triggered the Big Bang?? What was there before it? No one knows, it is unknown, that’s why it makes sense that there is a God that started it all.

      • MULEN

        Out of topic. Bading ang pinag-usapan napunta sa Big Bang. BTW, what triggered the Big Bang? Just some nice, delicious foreplay.

      • maximus commentus

         Not out of topic. Sojusaki was implying that religion is nothing but fiction.

      • UrHONOR

        HA ha ha….baka naman BIG BADING ang ibig nyang palabasin!

      • UrHONOR

        >>>No one knows, it is unknown<<<  TAPOS, god started it all.  Pano mo nalaman yan?  KUNG no one knows, how come you know?  DEUS EX MACHINA.
        FYI, atheists or those of other persuasions are NOT MISERABLE people as you are taught to believe.  They are people like any other and could be a lot better than you of your JUDGING ilk.  Magpaliwanag ka ng kung anong ibig mong sabihin ng walang panghuhusga at nang makita kung gaano mo nalalaman ang ipinagtatanggol mo at hindi yong narinig mo lang sa iba na malamang ay hindi mo naiintindihan ang simula't dulo.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        “Atheists are nothing but miserable people who think that they are smarter than everyone else.”


        I beg to differ.

        I’ve friends who are atheists, and they are more like ‘enlightened’ and at peace than those that engage them in debates of religious nature.

        Of course there is thosethose who profess being an atheist only to provoke debate, in which case your premise does apply.

        Simply, the term miserable is a bit erroneous when generalizing.

      • UPLB-2008-3****

        Oh then, how about Agnostic Bill Gates of Microsoft? Oh then, who created God? And who created the one who created God? And then, who created the one who created the one who created God? And then, who created the one who created who created the one who created the one who created God? Repeat until infinity.

    • xrisp

      Just go on with your logic and reason and find out where you are headed – your salvation or destruction!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • taytay

      bakit nandito pa rin ang tanga na ito?

  • Jomex

    The Pope says that AIDS is bad, but condoms are worse. What kind of thinking is this?

    • maximus commentus

       The pope never said that AIDS is bad, even children can get AIDS from stepping on a needle. It’s homosexual sex acts and sex outside of marriage that are sinful according to the catholic church. Stop twisting facts just to persuade the gullible.

      • Jomex

        so the Pope thinks AIDS is good? everyone knows AIDS is bad, but to impose his church’s religious dogma by denying them the use of condoms, this is even worse. It is out of place. We need to protect ourselves.

      • xrisp

        Wow what a stance! Accept immoral homosexual acts and just protect oneself by using condoms.

  • Chloroform

    only people infected or carriers of AIDS/HIV can spread the disease. It can be transmitted sexually . It is logical that if you refrain from having sex you won’t get AIDS… the problem arises when people do not know they are carriers and continues to have multiple partners (the church teaches monogamy) or if they already know and continues to be sexually active. For those who knows, I would recommend they be charged with “attempted murder”.for every person they infected… for me, the government should do some police investigations to trace back from where the person got AIDS (they actually have done this in the past) and test everyone involved for the disease. they should also be aware which municipality has the most increase in AIDS infection as starting point…

    • Robert Orias

      we cannot do that because of the existing law (RA 8054) protecting the identity of the people living with HIV. HIV is not a killer disease these days, FYI. 

      • Chloroform

        thanks for the info. there are two RA 8054. how about “reckless sexual acts resulting to health risks” instead of murder. hehe. If someone is spreading the disease and the government can not know who is spreading it, then how can the government stop it? flooding the population with free condoms is not an assurance that whoever it is would use it….protecting the identity from who? surely not from the authorities, doctors, DOH.


    “Jonas Bagas, executive director of the TLF Share Foundation, rebuffed the statement of Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes that the incidence of HIV was high among men who have sex with men (MSM) partly because they do not follow the Church’s strictures against same-sex intercourse.” – Akala ko yung bading yung nasa picture. Yung “prominence” kasi nung dalawang tao sa caption vs. sa mismong picture implies that Jonas Bagas is the one in the picture, not Bishop Reyes. Hehe


    PAANO na yan GAY vs gay? :)


    >>>Bishop Gabriel Reyes that the incidence of HIV was high among men who have sex with men (MSM)<<<<

    SAMAKATUWID, taksang-taksang ang mga paring may HIV! (Kaya naman pala parating nakatawa sa litrato ang mga TNL, e, ligayang-ligaya sa mga pinaggagawa nila).


    That’s why some priests  prefer young boys because they’re perceived to be clean, free from STDs.

  • Riza

    To maximus commentus:

    You are one of these over-zealous “real” Catholics that are destroying our Church. The ones that are pointing fingers and telling people they should leave the Church because it will be better off and more faithful without them. I really doubt that’s what Christ would do. Aren’t those who are truly struggling and those who have difficulty with the Church’s teachings the ones who need the Sacraments the most?

    As for homosexuals – we are called to love them, and treat them as we would treat Jesus Christ himself. For what we do to the least of our brothers and sisters, is what we do unto Christ. Who in this world is considered to be lower than the homosexual? I do not expect the Church to not consider homosexual acts to not be sinful, but we should not promote the condemnation of those so afflicted. 

    So I must say I have to beg to differ. Abortion and homosexuality were both extant in the time of Christ, as were politics, and Jesus never advocated that we define ourselves by our political activism, and refused to do so himself. He never taught that we should target abortion or homosexuality for special attention, especially with ourselves having our own sins to contend with. The Church herself is still doing penance for her own recent scandals. And I put my faith in the truth of the promises of our Holy Father to correct those behaviors.

    • maximus commentus

      Riza, then with your reasoning… the entire Vatican, and apostles like St. Paul are destroying the church since they all have the same stand as me.

      Nobody’s condemning homosexuals, they are God’s children like me and you… that’s why I said its the the homosexual acts that are sinful, not the person. It’s also these acts that could give you HIV.

      Abortion is murder. If you don’t believe that, then you better talk to your priest and convince him that it’s not. It is automatically a mortal sin.

      Jesus and his apostles condemned homosexual acts in Romans 1:26–27, 1 Corinthians 6:9–10, and 1 Timothy 1:9–10, and  Jude 1:7,

      My stand on these issues is in accordance with the Catholic church’s teachings. If you have a problem with it, then you have a problem with the Catholic church, not with me.

      You better talk to a priest today and ask him why the church condemns these acts. You will be enlightened.

    • UrHONOR

      THE phenomenon has been since time immemorial and “faith in the truth of the promises of our Holy Father to correct those behaviors”.  The faith and promises failed horrendously as the situation gets stickier ….and more and more than ever before are being unearthed all over the earth of this dastardly act.  ONE….ONLY ONE is too many for this kind of unnatural behaviour, just as ONE and ONLY ONE bad apple spoils the whole bunch…or one minute, microscopic cancer cell destroys the one, whole, universal body.  It’s all a case of VERBA NON ACTA.

    • James

      Abortion and accomplice to abortion automatically merits an excommunication.

      If you truly love these people, then you tell them discreetly that what they are doing is wrong. You don’t tell them not because you condemn them but because you love “Christ” in them.

  • boinkie

    This is just propaganda from a medical point of view.

    Promiscuity spreads HIV, and certain sex practices found in the gay community are more likely to spread it than vaginal sex.

    Condoms? Supposedly Thailand is a success story because the government there has supported condom use since 1990, yet there are a million cases of HIV in that country…

    In comparison, the highest estimate in the Philippines that I could find is 18 000 “suspected” cases. Medically, it makes me wonder if it is the open sex industry in that country, or if the Philippine custom of “tuli” has protected us from the epidemic.

    the last report says the increase is in OFW and in the gay community. Yet we aren’t given facts on why. Are local gays (and young boys) at risk because of the sex tourism by HIV positive foreigners? Is HIV clustered among gays who “cruise” or does it extend to all gays? Are OFW at risk from IV drug use (in China, Iran, and Russia, IV drug use is behind the epidemic) or from working in the sex industry, or are some men turning to each other when women are not available, as in Muslim countries?

    As for condoms: do they work in a tropical country? Statistically they do not work in Africa.

    Catholic bashing will soon be a worldwide phenomenum because only the church and the Muslims oppose the culture of death being promoted by our American masters under President Obama.

    • mamer2

      Condoms would still work, even in Africa.

      The question is.., whether the Africans & others in Africa.., are always using these  condoms while engaging in sex…, particularly with partners other than their spouses.

  • LabuyoB

    Homosexuality is a psychological challenge but many people fail to see it that way. The person who has this orientation male and female alike must be given help just like how we approach those other challenges and disabilities there are in some people. There ought to be an intervention to this challenge as early as possible, as young as the person as possible.

    • MULEN

      What have you been smoking lately?

    • maximus commentus

      LabuyoB: I agree! It is a psychological condition. That’s why there are ex-gays (gays before, straight now). Gays are not hard-wired to be homosexuals.

      • paul_revere80

        Being gay is not a psychological issue. No medical society recognizes it as a medical nor a psychiatric condition. It was already taken out in the DSM decades ago. Gay conversion therapies are actually harmful to a person and no mental health organization supports it. Being gay is just another form of sexuality. One is born, straight or bisexual, etc etc and you cannot change it. If you are straight then there is no way that somebody could convert you in to becoming gay.

      • maximus commentus

        Really? I have a degree in biology and I’ve never come across textbooks teaching that you can be born gay.

        You are either born male or female. There is no such thing as a gay gene, the American Psychological Association even spent millions and years of research to prove that homosexuality was genetic, but they couldn’t find the gay gene that they were expecting to find.

        Straight people can become confused and think that they’re gay, that’s why some straight people have had gay relations in the past, but then reverted back to being straight. It’s nothing but psychological confusion/ conditioning that made them think that they’re gay. Being gay is not genetic, you cannot be born gay, just male or female.

      • paul_revere80

        Being male or female just pertains to your genetic sex. Sexual orientation is an entirely different thing. You can be born male but can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or even asexual. Although a ” gay gene” has never been discovered, it is accepted in the scientific community that sexual orientation is determined by a combination of genetic, environmental and hormonal factors and it is established early in life. It is not a choice. The american psychological association, the american psychiatric association removed homosexuality from its manual of mental illnesses back in the the 1970’s. Homosexuality is scientifically accepted as a normal variant of human sexuality. Most gay people are born from heterosexual parents, and Im sure you have met a lot of gay people out there, some you would not even think are gay. There is no evidence that abnormal parenting, traumatic childhood experiences or having dysfunctional families produce gay children.
        And by the way, homosexual behavior is not exclusive to homo sapiens. It is observed in many species of animals.

  • Paul

    “protected” or not protected, MSM still results to HIV/AIDS if one is infected.

  • Bengatibo

    It is always easy for the Catholic Church to blame others with the rise of HIV and AIDS so The church cannot be blamed on the condom issue!!! CBCP always blame someone, when it comes to RH Bill they would always blame somebody. They are perfect. They will always point a finger to somebody like the government, their favorite whipping boy!!!  

    • maximus commentus

      The church is just telling the truth.

      AIDS is usually caused by having sex outside of marriage (with prostitutes or having multiple partners), and/or by anal sex (gay sex). Immorality is the root cause of this disease.

      Billions of condoms have been given and are being given to Africa, but their HIV cases still continue to rise. Condom is not the solution, but avoiding sexual promiscuity.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         but then the solution of ‘avoiding sexual promiscuity’ is faulty.

        I’m sure some can, but i doubt ALL will.

        So the question of the spread of HIV will NEVER be address to those who abstain from sex.

        So how do we answer the the question asked about THOSE who are sexually promiscuous?

        So how do we solve the problem for faithful couples who wants to have sex, where one spouse got HIV from tainted blood transfusions during surgery?

        Simply, avoiding sex is one solution. But it will not solve all the problem related to sex or the spread of HIV.

      • paul_revere80

        Not true, the incidence of New HIV cases in africa has significantly decreased this past decade. This is because of education, which includes the use of condoms. Meanwhile, the philippines is one of the countries with rising HIV cases. The rate of condom use in the country is also very low. I agree that avoiding promiscuity helps to prevent it, but in reality that is really hard to achieve. We are living in modern times, sex happens randomly at times, so if you cant help it, just do it safely by using condoms.

  • mamer2

    The Catholic Church may be most probably RIGHT that  the increase of AIDS & HIVs is due to the apparent increase in Gay Sex.
    Another cause that could be looked into is the common use of hypodermic needles, a practice being done by “main-lining” drug addicts.

    But the Church may also be blamed for prohibiting the use &/or the more accessibility of condoms for the masses…, condoms being  considered/accepted as a very effective protection against STDs including AIDS & HIV.

  • Riza

    To maximus commentus:

    Who made you an expert on God or His ways? Can the Bible be infallible if its written by fallible humans? Who’s to say if your interpretations is the correct one?

    Romans 1:26-27
    Other Christians interpret the passage differently. They note that the persons involved in the orgy were former Christians, and were heterosexual. They are condemned because they went against their nature — their heterosexual orientation — and engaged in same-gender sexual behavior. By the same reasoning, lesbians and gays who went against their fundamental nature — their homosexual orientation — and engaged in opposite-gender sexual behavior would also be sinning.

    There is value in doubt and the dark night of the soul. It is the thirsty who understands the value of the drink. It is the lost sheep who hears his master’s call, and rejoices.

    • maximus commentus

      Those “Other Christians” were not Catholics. If you’re Catholic, then you should not follow those “other Christians” because they have a different interpretation to suit their own agenda. The bible is the basis of the Catholic religion, so it is regarded as perfect. It is our belief that it is perfect and infallible because it was written under the guidance of the Holy Spirit which is also God Almighty.

      I never claimed to be an expert, I’m just relaying the Catholic teachings regarding these issues. As I have said earlier, your problem is not with me but with the church’s teachings. Talk to a priest. Anyway, Have a good day, and don’t hate me just because I’m defending the church and my faith.

      • Riza

        Yes and by just relaying the Catholic teachings regarding these issues – how do you know that this is correct? How do you know they are not Catholics? Maybe you’re the one who needs to a talk to a real Catholic priest. 
        You need to withhold judgment of brothers and sisters. For how we judge others will determine the manner in which we ourselves are judged.

      • maximus commentus

        I know because the catholic church did not accept that other interpretation, if they did, then that’s what they will be teaching now. It’s simple like 1+1=2.

        I also have a friend who’s a catholic priest.

        Anyway, I won’t argue with you anymore, I’m wasting my time because you won’t believe me anyway. Just talk to a priest and ask them about abortion and homosexual acts. Listen to what they will tell you. If you won’t believe them, then there’s nobody within the Catholic church that you will believe.

        You probably only believe in yourself and your own interpretation of things.

  • joshmale2004

    I don’t know if the Catholic church have the moral authority to blame male to male sex for the increased incidence of AIDS. The catholic church themselves have recently been marred by scandals involving their priests and their male constituents. Theirs is more immoral as these reported scandals involved minor males.But what about the unreported ones and those they have paid so they will not resort to case filings.

  • joshmale2004

    “I’m sure they are using condoms. If you follow the Church, you will not be using condoms. This threat is among the highest,” he said.   This should be clarified for those who read literally as they might think that AIDS increase is due to using condoms during sex and if they do not use condom during sex, they are safe. Hehehe.

  • bgcorg

    The Church is for everybody, sinner or saint.  But Bishop Reyes was not condemning gays as such.  He was just stating facts.  In the gay and OFW communities, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is rampant.  Sex within the marriage of one man and one woman, fidelity to the partner, not by promiscuity (even if condoms are used), is the best antidote to the spread of the disease.  Luckily, some progress to find a cure to it has been advertised and a drug appears to have been tested effective for its cure.  The Church is there to enlighten and adherence to her teaching, accepted with docility, normally should lead to the kingdom of the Father, no matter what the condition of the sinner is.  “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another,” Jesus reassures all, no matter what his gender orientation is.  The Church is the Church of all.  We should all be thankful to God.   . 

  • joshmale2004

    Medical experts say Condoms are safe if used properly. Catholic church says otherwise. So which advice we will believe?

    • justjarred

       ask mo ang kura paroko sa inyo kung nag-aral sya ng medisina para patunayan ang mga bintang nya

    • maximus commentus

      anybody”s advice but yours. The church never said that “condoms are not safe if used properly.” It just said that the distribution of condoms was never able to stop the spread of HIV in African countries.

      You are twisting the truth and inventing stuff.

      • elimsqui

        mali ka pare, sabi ng pari may butas daw ang condom at dun dumaan ang virus, nabasa mo yun?

      • joshmale2004

        I never quoted the church saying “condoms are not safe if used properly”. don’t put context in my mouth for something I did not say please. Your next sentence is not complete. In other news article yesterday, the church explained that HIV was never stopped by the distribution of condoms because condoms have very small holes that the HIV Virus can penetrate. This was what the Church said. So my point is, do we believe this Church theory or the Medical experts who are saying that condoms are proven safe if used properly.And on what medical grounds the church is basing its statement? So on this premise, don’t tell me I am twisting the truth because I am not. I am only stating a fact and that fact is the truth.

      • xrisp

        First of all one must realize that in the first place the Church does not approve use of contraceptives including this condom. What is plainly commented was that, on the use of condom, this is still not safe. You’re just blurring what was plainly implied. Nothing more, so dont stir any further issue on this. 

      • Edgardo Mendoza



    KUNG bakit kasi lahat na lang na maaaring pagka-kodakan, e, parating sinasawsawan ng mga TNl na ito na wala ng magawang iba.  Hindi yong mga naghihikahos sa mga malalayong lupalop ng bansa ang puntahan at tulungan sa halip na makisawsaw sa gawain ng mga taong ibang-iba sa napili nlang linya ng trabaho.  Bakit, may magagawa ba ang TNL na samahan na yan kung yong mga taong na sa liblib na lugar ay hindi sumunod sa kagustuhan nilang kaechosan?  “HUWAG…huwag ninyo gagawin yan!”  E, bakit kayong mga nakasayang-puti, e, ginagawa ninyo?  :HUWAG ninyo kaming gagayahin dahil IBA kami sa inyo”.

  • May_Baxasfa

    Are these gays really saying that the Church’s no-condom advocacy is to be blamed for the rise of AIDS instances among gays? Now, why would the Church advocate no-condom among gays? The Church’s no-condom advocacy has to do with issues of conception, which is a non-issue in gay relations.

    To even imply that the Church’s no-condom advocacy has contributed to the increase of AIDS among gays is to display a twisted mind perhaps fed by a twisted life.

  • RyanE

    I have read a news article before that even the Pope is amenable to the use of condoms as protection against the spread of HIV..

    • xrisp

      You are absolutely wrong. That’s not what he meant.

  • concern_netizen

    The  church is right.  They have the moral authority to condemn the gays and homosexuals and simply wash their hands on gay-related HIV because these gays already lost souls as far as they are concerned.  I just hope their discrimination extends to the thousands of gay priests who obviously feels at home wearing skirts (aminin…)

    The Government, on the other hand, is tasked to look after the concerns of the citizenry, both Christians and non-Christians.  Perhaps the church just have to do their job in educating their flocks whilst allowing the government to provide choices for Muslims, gays, separated couples, unmarrieds, and other “non-Christians” that never asked for Church to meddle on their moral affairs in the first place.  Condemn these Christian infidels to hell if you must, that’s your job.  But please allow the government to do its job as well.

    • kapatad

      The Catholic Church does not condemn the homosexuals, . they are against homosexual act. 

      • Jose

        Same bloody thing and you know it.

      • concern_netizen

        My apologies. Yeah, lets not condemn the criminals… its the criminal acts that should be admonished!?

      • paul_revere80

        whats wrong with “the homosexual act”? if it is done by two consenting individuals who really love each other how could it be wrong? besides anal sex is not exclusive to gay couples. A lot of married heterosexual couples engage in it as well. Anal sex is even observed in the animal kingdom.

  • VicenteBoticol

    The CBCP should conduct an in-house probe as to how many Bishops are GAY !. i know of at least five (5) active CBCP members who are homosexuals but too discreet in their sexual preferences. Of course we have so many priests who are pedophiles.

    • kapatad

      name it kung may proof ka sa accusation mo dito sa issue na ito. na may homosexual at phedophilia, napatunayan ba sa korte ang usapin, or haka-haka mo lamang. Think before you click.

    • emajega

      name them, tapos isama mo rin sa list mo mga pastor/ministro ng ibat-ibang relihiyon di lang mga katolikong pari/obispo. magagawa mo bang isama sa lista mo mga pastor/ministro nyo?

  • mousy

    Does the Church promote promiscuity? Then why blame the Church? For once naman sisihin niyo mga sarili niyo hindi yung lahat na may kasalanan pwera lang kayo.

  • txtman

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ANO DAW? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<









         MGA CONDOMS NINYO????????

    ANO KA, HILO???????




  • xrisp

    People are just intelligently blind. God allows many forms of sickness to befall man because of its sinfulness that man should realize that by continually defying God our life will be miserable and that man should realize that his only hope is not with man but only with his Creator. 

  • Mang Teban

    300 per cent increase of HIV cases according to official reports attributed to MSM.
    Men having sex with men is definitely a homosexual act.

    Why the outrage from the gay community over the statement of a Catholic bishop?
    I was expecting that the gay community would have reacted with alarm among their ranks of the 
    increase in HIV cases exponentially grown in such an alarming rate.

    But, the gay community leaders find someone to blame for the truth about MSM having this misdemeanor which, if their sexual urges cannot be controlled, the gays involved would have been careful enough not to get infection.

    It is a pity that some gays cover up for those who are already infected with the virus. Instead, they should act proactively how their members can be oriented that being gay is not immoral but indulging in gay sex is.

    Heterosexuals who remain single or unattached romantically with another person find ways to redirect their passions to make themselves better persons in simple ways that God has given 
    them gifts for them to contribute for the well-being of the community. 

    Thus, it is also possible that homosexuals can redirect their passions to better alternatives that can give them much fulfillment and recognition from society in general. We know of some gays who excel in performing arts or make huge steps to reform themselves and lead quiet lives.
    May the Lord of all mankind keep the gay community faithful and blessed!

    • Jose

      So, in your opinion, being gay is alright but they can’t actually do any of the acts that make them gay, and they should essentially live and die alone, without families or love.

      Go to hell, you disgusting bigot.  How you can still spout discriminatory garbage in this day and age is beyond me, and the world will be better off when the likes of you are gone.

    • w33k3nd3r

      So heterosexuals are in no risk of getting HIV, as I gather from your statements, sir. Why not call it Gay Immunodeficiency Virus instead, then? Why did the scientists who discovered it called it HUMAN immunodeficiency virus, sir?

  • w33k3nd3r

    Everytime the CBCP opens their mouths, something stup|d comes out.

  • newname

    sobrang kababuyan ang ginagawa na ng mga tao kaya yan na ang resulta AIDS. At saka ang mga palabas, billboard, mga magasin, at marami pang babasahin na maging active ang mga tao sa tawag ng laman. Dapat maging busy at ifocus ang mga makabuluhang bagay at maging totoo sa inyong mga asawa para maiwas sa mga ganito.

  • Albin

    Tama naman sinabi ni bishop reyes. talagang dadami hiv/ aids dahil sa gay sex.

    • generalproblem

      masyado na kasi nating ina aacept ang kabaklaan sa society natin or sa ating religion. meron ba kayong alam na baklang muslim sa atin? mukhang wala dahil matagal na silang napugutan ng ulo. accepted naman ng simbahan ang bakla ang di accept ang ginagawa nila na kabaklaan sa kalsada sa tv, sa radio at kung saan man. minsan nakakasuaka na din eh yung gawi nila

  • Albin

    Ang lesson, kung ayaw nyong lumaganap ang hiv/ aids, huwag chumukchak sa di mo legal na asawa.

    • myHumbleOpinion12

      Mismo! May it be a straight or same-sex couple. The key words are abstinence and monogamy. Abstinence should be always practice by single persons and monogamy is a must for every couple.

  • emajega

    Hindi naman masama ang maging gay, ang masama ay kapag ang gay ay nakipag sex na sa  kapwa gay o lalaki talagang bawal yan sa mata ng Diyos. 

    kahit ilang condom pa ang gamitin ng mga bading sa pakikipagsex sa kapwa lalaki magkaka Aids pa rin ang mga yan. pwede ba naman sumubo ang mga yan na may balot na condom? kakain ba sila ng kendi na may balot? 

    • generalproblem

      hehehe mas matindi pala talaga ang mga bading kasi mukhang mas safe yung sa tomboy kasi pompyang lang yun.

      • Populovich

        Hindi rin dahil may oral sex din sila.  As far as sex is not God ordained such as in marriage or union between man and woman, all sex are not safe…to eternal damnation.  Believe it or not.

  • Fred Y

    no condom, you die. church doesn’t care.

    • Populovich

      No condom is good for the roman catholic church, more death more income.  More babies more income (pabinyag, kumpil, kasal, certificates, etc),  more people more collections.  Practical.

      • boypalaban

         ayusin mo muna idea mo…sali-saliwa…
        epekto yan ng condom overdose…
        pa-puwet ka ulit o isubo mo kargada ng paborito mong damaso..

      • Populovich

        puro basura ang utak mo, kaya pati mga sinasabi mo puro papunta sa puwet. basura ang lumalabas sa puwet at kung lumalabas ang basura mo sa bunganga mo malaki ang problema mo sa buhay.  

    • boypalaban

      galing ng logic mo…condom overdose yan…kain ka pa ng condom…

  • EdgarEdgar

    I disagree with the church that homosexuality is behind the rise of AIDS.

    I must agree however that too much gay pride can kill, which is what’s happening to our gay president Noynoy and the misfortune his gay pride brought upon this country since he assumed the position and let his men work behind his back. Noynoy is not a good model for the youth of this country.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


      the first sentence/paragraph was good, it was a straight premise which led us to think this was a serious opinion.

      then boom, 2nd paragraph broaches on PNoy, and the men working on his back.

      i must admit, you caught me by surprise there.

      *slow claps*

      well played, sir, well played.

      • EdgarEdgar


  • Arnell Santi Bamba

    Catholic Chruch –  the most hypocrite institution in the world !

    • Torero

       it takes one hypocrite to know a hypocrite

    • boypalaban

      bakit di ka ba ginamitan ng condom?

  • tekateka

    The Bible said to Kill the Gays..

    • Ryu Amakusa

      where? prove it.

  • kilabot

    instead of washing their hands from responsibility, perverts should wash their anus clean; 
    it is best to re-educate these perverts to free them from perverted biology; 
    try this: 

    human anatomy hides the anus deep between the buttocks; 
    it is hidden because it is one of the dirtiest human part used for vowel movement; 
    not supposed to be used other than its intended purpose, as passageway of human waste; 
    anus is not a reproductive sex organ, either. not designed for that; 
    what one gets when using it for sex is orga$m of germs; 
    foolishly, lgbts defy nature and in their perverted lu$t misuse the hole; 
    treating it like a hidden treasure to be expropriated instead of to keep away from; 
    so they caress, kiss, put makeup and then penetrates; 
    calling it love; deadly love; 
    this love spreads hiv/aids; 25% more and faster; 
    many famous people have become victims of this love. all dead; 
    rockhudson, liberace, fredmercury, to name a few; 
    so you see, one thing good about this perversion is it is self-liquidating; no need for rhbill. 

    No to rhbill; 
    No to same-sex marriage; 
    No to man-beast union. 

  • IamUniqueAndSingular

    the great bishop should not blame or finger pointing no one for such crisis….
    Be responsible..whether you are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, or straight.

  • DaniloD2D

    Homosexuality – is a fact of life, and no “teachings of the Church” can ever avoid this reality (not even within her walls).  Neither is the former Health Secretary encouraging it.  What the latter advocates is a preventive measure against HIV – or, as correctly said, protected sex.  So, what’s wrong with that?  But I expect the dear Bishop to react the way he does.  Unyielding in her campaign opposing the RH Bill (and, in particular, the use of the dreaded condom), the Church questions a simple method, recommended by a doctor of medicine, and directly connects the same to her preachings – when what we’re talking about is only the prevention of a disease.  In the process, such attitude seemingly betrays too a lack of understanding and compassion, if not disdain, for these individuals.  Isn’t my Church for everyone?

  • kilabot

    can anything civil comes from a gay society?
    No to rhbill;
    No to same-sex marriage;
    No to man-beast union.

  • generalproblem

    hehehe nagalit ang mga beki…

    • boypalaban

      lalo silang magiging masigasig mag-distribute ng mga condom..

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw

    mga beki: punta kayo sa tuwad na daan, dami condom dun. Mga bwiset….

  • Torero

    ewan ko ba naman itong mga bakla at pro-RH, sinisisi ang problema ng HIV at population explosion sa simbahan. panay pasa ng sisi, hindi tingnan ang mga sarili. ang alam ko hindi nagtuturo ang simbahan ng  irresponsibility.  IT IS OUR FREE WILL that makes or breaks us, not the Church.  Church always tells us not to fall into temptation and yet we do.  tapos sisisihin natin simbahan for not doing enough.  not doing enough?  they’re doing the preaching already for centuries!!!  it is our weakness that should be blamed!

  • disqusted0fu

    this is basically a potshot towards our president.

    look how Aquino can influence people… now even some bishops take potshots and engage in the blame game.

  • Jomex

    the LGBT community are decent people too, stop vilifying them. to bishops: stop intruding into the sex lives of people.

    • xrisp

      Why insist on you own perception – the Church is not vilifying them. It is the immoral homosexual act that is being condemned. Understand it plain and simple.

      • Jomex

        you’re funny! calling homosexual acts as immoral is vilifying my friend. besides who gave the bishops and priests the right to decide what is immoral? having titles as bishops and priests or doing good works alone do not entitle them to moralize on lives of people.

      • xrisp

        You’re funnier.” immoral homosexual acts” as I said is different from what you said as ” homosexual acts as immoral. ”    hahaha pinapaikotikot mo pa usapan. 

      • Jomex

        please like this post if you think immoral homosexual acts and homosexual acts as immoral are basically the same.

      • xrisp

        Nananaginip ka pa ata brod eh. Gising ka muna bago tayo magusap.

    • boypalaban

      paano sila nag-ka HIV?  dahil ba sa blood transfusion?
      at nung nagka HIV…bakit sinisi ang iba?

      bakit nga pala napapadalas ang pagdistribute ninyong mga beki ng mga condom sa mga rally ng mga proRH?

  • NoWorryBHappy

    “With all due respect (to the gay community), HIV is increasing among
    homosexuals or men who have sex with men. I’m sure if they are having
    sex with men, they don’t follow the rules of the Church,” Reyes said in a
    forum in Intramuros, Manila.
    I have gay friends, neighbors and relatives.
    They are decent and law abiding citizens.
    They pay their taxes and cause nobody any harm or trouble.
    Reyes’ remarks are VERY irresponsible, judgmental and encourages violence against people.
    Why blame a group of people ? In Africa, perhaps a million men and women have died and are infected with HIV. What now, he is doing God’s work by encouraging viiolence against people who probably don’t even know his God ? What about the non-Christians ? WTF are the rules of the Church to them ? A miserable redneck, hypocrite and bigot like Mr Reyes should not walk blindly on the grounds of Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City. I dare him to point his fingers to the closeted members of the clergy who hide under white priests’ robes. If he is true to his own words, I dare him declare publicly that corrupt politicians and their corrupt families deserve the death penalty. These corrupt politicians are the true criminals and the true menace to society. They deprive the common people of their rightful opportunities to grow. They donate  stolen money to the Church. And what does the Church say about them ? They are God’s children ? Them and Reyes deserve the wrath of God.

    • napali808

      This hypocrite, bigoted Reyes should resign as a bishop in fact all of them should. You’re so right cause this is exactly what’s happening in our country. The bishops and the corrupt politicians are feeding of each others like a bunch of wolves. The bishops/priests should learn humility and compassion from Buddhist monks.

  • regd

    Nag-aaway mga kapwa beki! 
    Mga becky sa loob palusot ayaw raw. mga becky sa labas – hala bira! Maloloka aki!

    • boypalaban

       hahahaha…dito lang sa forum daming nag-aalburuto na….

  • Populovich

    HIV is the scourge to same-sex marriage, homosexuality and its supporter, the roman catholic church.  This church  never become a good mentor of things good in the sight of God.  Is Bishop Reyes saying that HIV is on the rise because men having sex with men are not following church rules?  What is that church rule to have safe sex between men, wow.  Is this how low they church sink into depravity.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • mangtom

    w33k3nd3rCollapseEverytime the CBCP opens their mouths, something stup|d comes out.Sagut: reminds me of a dimwit named S-otot.

    • boypalaban

      na hurt ka ba?
      iresponsable man ang statement ng idol mong obispo…na hurt ka sa katotohanan na ang gaya mong beki ay may malaki ring pagkukulang…sisi…sisi…sisi…kapag nagkatulo….

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • boypalaban


    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • CyberPinoy

    One of the reason we need to pass RH BILL as soon as posible. We should not listen to pathetic clergyman and their reasoning, trabaho po  gobyerno ang pagbibigay ng means sa mga tao para makapag plano ng pamilya at karapatan ng tao ang mamili kung gusto nila magplano ng pamilya o hindi basta ang gobyerno ay magbibigay ng paraan kung gusto magplano ng pamilaya.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • boypalaban


    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • graciano82

    Why blame the catholic church or any other denominations that outlaw or condemn sexual perversion. The teaching in the bible is so lucid that even a grade pupil can understand, it plainly give emphasis to perverted sex affairs like homosexuality, phedophilia, lesbianism as acts that are immoral thus these kind of people can’t enter the pearly gates of Heaven.

    These perverted people should even be grateful because there are priest of God who are very vocal to say that what they’re doing is a sin.and this should be a fair warning for them to reform but in lieu of gratitude these workers of God are even criticized with left and right trash words.

    Perverts read the Bible please and stop blaming these workers of God because it’s their job to proclaim God’s word to teach all of us who believe in one supreme being. In like manner, the gov’t musn’t blame too the bishops of the catholic for the rise of HIV victims due to their opposition of the distribution of condom which led to its stoppage of circulation during the Arroyo administration.

    The Gov’t is merely looking for someone in the haystack to be fall guys to their dereliction of duty. and the bishops were the chosen needle because of their vocal opposition to condoms.

    • brunogiordano

      “perverts read the Bible please and stop blaming these workers of God because it’s their job to proclaim God’s”

      Maraming Bible readers at bible quoting parrots ay mga SCAMMERS na nanloloko ng mga SUCKERS.

  • RealityCheckX

    Oh c’mon, let’s face facts. The highest incidence of HIV here are among self-admitted homosexuals (1%), not among drug users (0.2%) or female prostitutes (0.1%). The last learned safe sex 30 years ago and never looked back. That’s why normal heterosexual males have been spared so far (except for those who lived in Frisco or sailors visiting the fleshpots of Africa).

    Look at Thailand, freely distributing condoms and yet the scourge spread from homosexuals to injectable drug users to prostitutes to the general population.  More than half a million have already died since 1984. What’s the diff? Those millions of European and US “males” who wanted to lap up their share of “ladyboys”.

    Same situation in Singapore: high tourist numbers except that prostitution is legal and their only religion is money.. Higher HIV prevalence rate than even the freewheeling French. and irreligious, to boot. But you wouldn’t know it from the suppressed local and foreign media that believe the Lee dynasty can do no wrong.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met many wonderfully creative professionals who swing that way but they live in terror of two things: undiagnosed HIV and fleeting love. The bishop is right, folks.  The Church does not condone homosexuality. Neither do pious Muslims.

    Lesson of the day: abstinence before marriage is the only surefire way to avoid getting girls pregnant. At least that’s what scientific studies among US at-risk (colored) prepubescent girls have demonstrated. And if you really love her, you’ll stay monogamous after marriage.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • denky31

    Gov’t officials of DOH. kindly do your job to the tee. Look for other alternative solutions to our health problems using your expertise as doctors who studied the abc’s of medicine,

    Using the catholic bishops as your punching bag to the increase of HIV victims mainly due to their opposition to the use of condoms is unbecoming conduct alluded to a faultfinder.

    If you can’t do your job wisely then might as well resign and let others repair the damage you had done to the country by way of criticisms fired from abroad on the HIV Issue.

    It was Gloria through her order that stopped momentarily the circulation of free condoms so she should be the rightful person to caught your ire and indignation as the wielder of the axe and not the bishops who voiced out their divine opposition for they’re only being true to their vocations as priest of God.

    In blaming them DOH, you didn’t call the kettle black but white.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • boypalaban


    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Guest

    With all due respect to homosexuals, statistics show, mas mataas yung dami ng mga baklang may HIV… moral of the story, gay sex = aids!

    • ApoNiLolo

      Statistic also shows that Africa has the highest concentration of HIV/AIDS infected individuals. Does that mean there are a lot of gays in Africa, particularly South Africa?

      Conclusion: Ignorance and narrow mindedness are some of your better qualities! >: D

      • alex_diaz2014

        a gayman commenting on my comment, ewwwww

      • ApoNiLolo

        Nope. A heterosexual with a capacity to understand “equality”, looking down at an ignorant bigot! >: D

      • alex_diaz2014

        sus sabi mo lang yan… aminin mo na at wag mong ikahiya, dapat proud ka sa pagkabakla mo kung naniniwala ka sa article at sa mga comments mo!

      • ApoNiLolo

        Bahala ka kung anong isipin mo. Pero ang totoo at pinatunayan ng sinulat at ng pag bura ng pangalan mo ang pagiging IGNORANTE, MAKITID ANG PAG-IISIP at ang PAGKA-IPOKRITO mo! >: D

      • alex_diaz2014

        haha obvious naman sa pananalita mo… in fact, i can picture soxie topacio speaking hahaha…

      • ApoNiLolo

        hehe… that’s because Soxie Topacio is well educated and cultured. Nakikita naman ang antas ng dunong ng isang tao by the way they express themselves. In your case, it’s obvious you’re just full of BS and pretension. >: D

        Ad hominem attack doesn’t bother me. It’s employed by those who are less and needy in talent and brains. >: D

      • alex_diaz2014

        Saka siempre privilege mo na rin… gaya ng sinabi ko, di naman ako talaga pumapatol sa bading… ikaw yung una! Congrats ha.

      • alex_diaz2014

        Seriously, congratulations!

    • ApoNiLolo

      Why all of a sudden change your  handle from “just_and_equitable” to “Guest”? Did you realize “just_and_equitable” contradicts the senseless comment you just made? >: D

      It goes to show, “hypocrisy” is another bonus point in your favor. >: D

  • Platypus09

    The church does not teach proper sex education and safe sex to any one.

    Everybody knows that that is the church position on same-sex behavior. That might not be true but they might not change either. Leave it the way they say it.

    The government and public schools should do that. They, including teachers in public schools, should teach children at young age on how to protect themselves.

    Then, parents should explain why they should use condoms, leaving the church off the hook. The church has no responsibility to teach children how to do safe sex, no way.

    • Bruno Batikobra

      it is not the role of the church to teach sex education. the role of the church is to collect from their followers with the false promise of salvation in exchange for the cash. the catholic church is the biggest scam machine in the universe.

      • Platypus09

        Your response is way off topic.

        You should know what the church can do by now.

        I would assume that at least you are an adolescent, if not an adult who knows what the Catholic church can and can’t do.

        Stop blaming the church for the rise of AIDS cases. That is being imbecile.

        Don’t be a fool. Think sensibly.

  • Bruno Batikobra

    ayaw pa umamin. man-to-man sex promotes HIV-Aids! ituloy lang ninyo, pasasasaan ba at mauubos rin kayo. additional documented 3000 potential carriers for this year alone. mas marami pa ang undocumented. whew! bakit ayaw pa tigilan kase ang kabaklaan? ‘pag nadale ng aids, magiging anti-aids advocate… hehehe… today is too late for some people already. don’t take the road they took, or someday could be the today for you.

  • artz555

    In the US and other countries who succeeded in stemming down the rapid spread of AIDS, there was massive information drive conducted from schools to mass media to inform the public about this dreadful disease in the early 1980’s when there was no cure in sight yet. The government  also recommended monogamous relationship, abstinence, restraint or the safety of  masturbation 

    If people should have sex with other people whether they know them or not ( except if it’s their spouses ), it was highly recommended that people ( straight or homosexual ) use protection, which is mainly the condom. For men who do not like to use condom, female condoms ( which is just a bigger condom that goes inside the vagina ) and which just came out only a few years ago, is the best alternative. The PH government might try to use both kinds of condoms in it’s RH program.

    Anyhow, the program seemed to be successful in the US because the rate of infection of AIDS is down a lot. People would credit the massive information drive on the public first, and secondly, the regular use of protection, which is mainly the condom, helped in this success, plus of course the noticed restraint among the public with less casual and/or group sex.

    Hence, who ever may have stopped the widespread use of the condoms in PH may somehow be blamed for the rapid increase of Aids in PH now, whether it was Pres Arroyo or indirectly the Church. We can leave this to those who knew what really happened. But, if there was no massive information drive  made yet  by the government, this should be done ASAP.

  • Bilasa

    ang alam ko maraming gay in robes …. so inaamin din ng mga pari na kasama sila sa pag lago ng HIV?

    • Platypus09

      Again, stop blaming the priests for the proliferation of AIDS among Pinoy gays.

      You are blaming them with no documented and recorded evidence. You are just being unfair to them.

      Most of the time, we like to play blame games and we are not good in taking responsibilities of our own wrong doings.

      That is another shame.

      • Bilasa

        calm down … i’m not blaming them. i just retorted a simple fact that was thrown by them. i have friends who are seminarians and they are gay. although they are not typical gays that the good priest describes. in fact they are cool, and decent persons. i don’t need to show proof, they are everywhere. but for CBCP to blame gays is outright hilarious.

        now, run back to CBCP, and tell them they are wrong, and unfair to blame gays. shame is defined as a painful meaning of humiliation.

        for the moral guardians to blame – outright – gays; shows how poorly they present proof and evidence.

      • Platypus09

        Church position is church position.

        They blamed gays’ promiscuous unprotected male-male sex in the proliferation of HIV in the country.

        They were saying that gays should know what they are doing.

        For one thing, gay sex is prohibited in any religion, not just Catholicism.

        Secondly, if they resort to unprotected gay sex, then that is their choice, even if they are risking of contracting the blood-borne and sex-related diseases. Having AIDS is something they have to blame themselves if they were not careful.

      • Bilasa

        again … as you have stated: “Church position is church position” ; and as i have stated “inaamin din ng mga pari na kasama sila sa pag lago ng HIV.”

        kasi nga meron din mga gays sa mga hanay nila. hindi ka ba nagbabasa? ang dami kayang sodomy cases na-file sa mga ranks nila.

        so it’s wrong to just blame the gays. it’s wrong to even tag anyone. i don’t support the RH Bill, but its people like you and CBCP that’s making it far more unrealistic.

        your stance is too dogmatic. no, even dogmatic. it’s your kind of reasoning that nobody listens to religion. it’s to … old.

  • ApoNiLolo

    Accepting a person as gay and yet condemning his/her sexual preference as immoral is hypocritical and full of double-standard.

    Part of being gay is to cohabit with a same-sex partner. You can’t accept their individuality and at the same time disallow their emotional needs. They are not like priests who accepted celibacy as part of their vocation yet some (a lot?) satisfies their emotional urges secretly!

    To the church: either you accept them for what they are, or reject them totally! No ifs, no buts!

  • AtoZ

    Ang AIDS or HIV ay self inflicted. Nagkaroon  nun kasi ginusto makipag sex, ginusto maging bakla o ginusto mag droga. Bakit parati na lang may gustong sisihin? Mapasimbahan o Gobyerno walang kasalanan kung mag ka AIDS kayo.

    Hindi ginawa ang Tax na binabayaran ng mga mamamayan para ipangtustos sa may mga AIDS o   HIV.

    Hindi rin problema ng simbahan ang AIDS. 

    Kung ang lahat ng tao sumusunod sa Constitution o 10 Commandments o kahit anong mabuting turo ng relihiyon di sana walang problema.

    Ang akala kasi ng iba lahat alam na nila. 

    Tayo ang may responsibilidad sa buhay natin. Huwag natin iasa sa iba. 

  • John

    What is this accepting the TRUTH and reality, actually most of this Bishop and Priest are GAYS and Homo’s so they should preach in the Pulpit that people should not follow them because they have AIDS.

    • Platypus09

      That is so psychotic thinking.

      You don’t make sense.

      Your argument is way off line.

    • UrHONOR

      I am not certain about MOST, but MANY, I am sure of.

  • dummier

    Nung huling balik ko sa Philippines, bat sobrang dumadami ang bading gaya ng pag dami rin ng motors sa lansangan at ngayon gaya na rin ng paglaki ng HIV cases?
    Nakakahawa kaya?
    Alam ko me mapipikon, nagtatanong lang naman.  Sobrang laki ng difference kasi.

    • Platypus09

      You are right.

      There has to be a predominant reason why this phenomenon, the rise of gay males in the Philippines nowadays compared to decades ago, is happening in our society.

      And the University of the Philippines, supposedly the premier university of the nation, is not seeing this an alarming trend?

      I could only wonder why.

      What happened to our experts in Sociology and related disciplines with PhDs and medical doctors? What did they find in their research studies? Are they actually studying or doing their jobs as research experts? Or they just don’t care either like any body else.

      Studying social phenomena might pave the way to the exploration of possible ways to minimize or eradicate the causes.

      • resortman

        And the Church…….?? the flock have scattered….yet the sheperds are in their comfortable lairs..riding Montero’s….

      • Platypus09

        Monteros? Old news of the past.

        I don’t see our priest using a Montero.

        Get your facts straight.

  • jenny lim

    Simple lang. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah!

    • Jomex

      Remember Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah? two angels came to visit Lot. when the crowd outside wanted to rape the angels, God told Lot to offer his two daughters instead.

      Also, Lot daughters performed sex with Lot: incest!! the best part is, none of these are ever true. thats the bible for you.

      • resortman

        Inconsistencies….God never told Lot to offer his daughters instead, it was Lot in his own judgement for to honor visitors during that time is sacred…
        Lot’s daughters get him drunk to have sex with him in so as to have an offspring for generations to come…
        Thats how the Bible is written, its an open tells about the sins of the past, even the disciples does not cover is there for you to expound on…
        Arguing about the Bible itself is a mystery..imagine a compilation of 66 books written by numerous authors in different locations and languages…and yet centuries after you still mention it? And others still fight for it? Is it not a mystery in itself?

    • myHumbleOpinion12

      Just because it’s in the Bible does not make it true. The Bible can’t be infallible when it’s written by fallible humans.

  • yvonne

    What else! Homosexuality is a CURSE! Same sex unions = EVIL!!!

  • Thomas Aquinas

    Promiscuity is the main cause of the spread of AIDS. 

    • Platypus09

      That is a given.

      Our next challenge is how to convince the people to reduce promiscuity and reduce the spread of AIDS in our country.

      We cannot just continue seeing these people getting sick day by day and dying at an young age.

      Something has to be done to revert this trend down according to what is acceptable in our culture.


    MARAMING bading sa PH dahil it is tolerated by the madlang-people….they see POWER and INFLUENCE among the badings that they even LOOK UP TO THEM,  thereby give the wrong signals to the youngsters who then consider them as role models, esp those seen the the idiot box and cinemas.  Dito na mismo sa DISQUS forum, napakaraming bading that could be gleaned  through the way the talk and the way they reason out…FROM THE HEART.

    • Platypus09

      Sometimes we have to look at how good our Filipino fathers (not the priests) raise their sons.

      Do they know how to raise their sons to stay heterosexuals and continue the purpose
      of males in our society and proliferation of the human species?

      Are they good in teaching their sons at the very young age on how to follow their

      Are they comfortable talking about male genitalias to growing boys? Do they teach
      them the role of males in our families, our communities and in the proliferation of human species?

      Girls are comfortable talking about bearing children with mothers.

      Do our young boys comfortable talking about their roles as sperm donors in reproduction with their fathers?

      Or do our boys just listen to their mothers on female talks at the very young age because fathers were not around, especially as OFWs, when kids start wonder and explore their roles and sexual organs at the age of two to five years, the formative years?

      Lots of fathers don’t know how to discuss these things or not comfortable talking about these things with their young boys. But we need to do research to know more about it.

      Maybe a research study can be done on our young boys how good their fathers are discussing manhood at very early age and see what they think. Their answers might surprise many.

      • resortman

        Galing mo mag generalize, platypus ka nga…what about us, the millions of OFW fathers working our a@@es out far away from home because of home town poverty…how do you think we can do that? We live in a modern world where institutions are instilled to do their jobs…we cannot in our own knowledge and cognitive skills do everything…
        What are you suggesting working fathers do?..can you be more concise?

      • Platypus09

        Your decision is your call.

        But your children will face the repercussions of your decisions.

        I am just saying what I see in our society.

    • UrHONOR

      ANG layo-layo ng sinabi mo….sa Quiapo ang usapan, nasa valenzuela ka!  Try again!

  • mangtom

    Why blame the catholic church or any other denominations that outlaw or condemn sexual perversion.Sagut: Sabi ng Bible, not exact quote: Let those of you who are sinless cast the first stone. Ang ibig sabihin nito yong mga child molesters, pedophiles and rapists (di ba yan ang sinabi mong sexual perversion?) na pari or cone heads should first clean up their backyard before criticizing their neighbor’s filthy backyard. Ang mahirap sa inyong mga manglolokong kaparian, nakangiti pa kayo kung sinasabi ninyo sa publico na kasalanan ang ganito ganyan samantalang kayo naman ang araw araw breaking those homilies day in day out. Wala kayong kredibilidad kahit sa fifth grader. Nowadays it is common to read in the papers about ordinary priests or even bishops who “fuc# their floc#” in the US, Ireland, Germany, Philippines etc, etc.This story is taken from a news release not too long ago. This couple had a young boy and became very good friends to their local pari. Their friendship reached a point na yong couple invited this priest to their home for dinner ever weekend. Naging malapit itong pari at ang anak nilang yong boy. After dinner, the priest would suggest that he and the boy go to his bedroom so that he can pray for him before he sleeps. Well, itong mag-asawa payag naman sila kasi matagal na nilang kakilala itong priest. This bedroom prayer routine went on every time the priest had dinner with this family. Later, it became known to the parents of this young boy na instead na ipinagprapray niya yong inocenteng bata, he molested him each time. I SWEAR UNDER A STACK OF BIBLES THAT THIS STORY WAS PUBLISHED IN A VERY RESPECTABLE DAILY.
    Ganyan po ang mga pari na dapat kilalanin natin na “guardians of our morality”. 

    Kung meron kayong young children, boy or girl, let this be a warning to you. Don’t trust those lecherous and lascivious priests for they can ruin and devastate your children’s lives the rest of their lives. How do I know this? Many victims, male and female, interviewed decades after they were victimized swear that they were ruined emotionally and psychiatric help were not helpful. These cases resulted in the Catholic churches spending BILLIONS of church funds for restitution of these unfortunate victims. Need I say more?

    • Platypus09

      That was the past. You have to move on.

      Most of the priests nowadays are very cautious not to hurt any individuals, young boys or girls.

      Priests have learned their lessons and are bound to keep away from things they used to get away with easily.

      Because of the way the Pope condemned their sexual promiscuity and irresponsible
      and sinful sexual escapades in the past, priests already know better to change for good.

      I think we need to trust the priests back.

      Nowadays, kids can tell you if they are being abused. Kids now are vocal and expressive, not like what kids used to be.

      So, priests are not protected any more. They also know better to prevent such incidents to happen.

      Parents must ask their children regularly if priests touch them inappropriately and should be reported right away.

  • mangtom

    Thomas AquinasCollapsePromiscuity is the main cause of the spread of AIDS. Sagut: absolutely false, wrong, untrue, fallacious not backed up by scientific proof and downright lie. UNPROTECTED SEX is the main cause of AIDS. You need aid to reduce incidence of AIDS.

  • mangtom

    Platypus09: That is precisely why we need the RH bill. It provides sex education to our grade school children. But you know what? The priests say that the role of educating the children on matters of sex belongs to the parents. Partly true. Let me ask you this question: Would you let your son or daughter take driving lessons with a person who has ten driving violation tickets or someone certified by an agency government or non-government that this person has been trained to give driving lessons? Same thing. The priests say no to sex ed as provided by the RH Bill. Kasi kung sinabi ng priests or CBCP, who can oppose that? They are the ONLY people who know. Nobody else. Crap!!!

    Pass the RH Bill.

    • Platypus09

      Not all priests have bad sexual behaviors in the past. That is a given.

      We don’t need RH bill for parents to teach their children on sex and sex-related diseases.

      Parents should go ahead teach their children on these things without RH Bill any time, any day.

      I do have a driving speeding ticket because I was in a hurry. It does not mean that I am completely a bad driver.

      It made me think though that there are road rules to follow at all times. It made me very cautious.

      • ApoNiLolo

        “We don’t need RH bill for parents to teach their children on sex and sex-related diseases.”

        This statement does not concur with your observation in response to UrHonor’s comment below. >: D

        Consistency is the key to show truthfullness in ones conviction. If not, then one defends an argument just for the sake of one upmanship.

  • just_anotherperson

    The gay community should blame the DOH and the WHO for releasing “false” data that MSM is the cause of 85% of new cases of HIV.

    Media is also to blame for printing this “false” data.

    MSMs have no fault.  Absolutely none!

  • mangtom

    Platypus09CollapseThat was the past. You have to move on.Sagut kay PlatyPUSSY 09: don’t give me that crap. Are you telling me that this Filipino jerk cone head who was recently kicked out of the US for molesting two boys and then charged with ivory smuggling, that was one or two months ago, is past? Do you mean we should talk about  pervert acts of priests that happened ten onlyminutes ago? I may be crazy but I am not dumb-gets mo. You are completely out of your mind, my friend. What did this arsebishop claim? He said he was induced to commit the rape on these two boys by the boys. And then he was promoted in the church hierarchy when he got back in Cebu. What a crazy world of CBCP!!!Am I condemning the whole whole priesthood? I AM NOT. There is one respectable and honorable priest that I can pick out of the HOODS (hoodlum-priesthood): he is no other than FATHER PANLILIO. When the “little girl” in Malacanang  distributed bags full of cash to a bunch of priests during her “reign”, all the recipient priests GLEEFULLY accepted the loot, except one: Father Panlilio. What is the standing of Father Panlilio with the CBCP? Not good. He is not one of the boys. Ostracized siya. He was the good apple among the bunch of rotten applies. I take my hat off to you FATHER PANLILIO. You have the guts to stand up against what is wrong. Hinid ka mukhang pera. I wish I could say the same about your colleagues.

    • Platypus09

      You are just being bitter about what happened to the other exonerated priests.

      Like I said, don’t judge other priests for what a few of them had done to some children.

      Generalizing them is unfair to them.

      Most of the priests are loving, God-fearing, religious people.

      You have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      If you see them molest children, then report then so they could be arrested.

      What is difficult for that to understand?

      Stop being judgmental to those good priests. It is not fair for them to be judged of the things that bad apples had done.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • mangtom

    I do have a driving speeding ticket because I was in a hurry. It does not mean that I am completely a bad driver.Sagut: I am glad you got a ticket and you learned a lesson. But please read my text again: I did not say ONE violation. I am not denigrating anybody including the uneducated parents. Are you saying here that the kids should rely more on the parents lacking education on sex training than those trained by the government to dispense sex education to our youngsters? Many youngsters have the notion that the first sexual encounter won’t get the girl pregnant. And once the girl is convinced by the boy, then both enjoy the sex thinking that it is safe to do so. Eight to nine months later, lo and behold, the love child is born!!! The minors with no training for a decent job are faced with raising a human being. What are the chances of this newborn to get a decent life if the parents are just of puberty age? What would you do if you were the parent of one of these kids? Well, maybe you are well off, but many times this is the scenario in the not-so-well off neighborhoods.Pass the RH bill

  • myHumbleOpinion12

    People judge what they don’t understand and even worse what a religion tells them to. I am heterosexual, but believe that human beings, regardless of sexual orientation, should have the same rights and opportunities to live a loving and productive life, just like the rest of us.

    For people who believe for whatever reason that homosexuality is sordid and disgusting: liaisons in toilet blocks, prostitution and the like, you haven’t considered that straight people indulge in the same way? You are misguided if you don’t realise that. There are far more sexual crimes and sordid behaviour from the straight community than the gay community.

    In the end, peace must prevail. Surely love is more important than who is being loved. Sex is only a small part of our lives; companionship, friendship and love are lasting ideals that transcend any belief about sexual orientation.

    • joshmale2004

      Are you aware of Sodom and Gommorah.

      • Randy Villanueva

        I know this story. I love fairy tales.

    • napali808

       Peace, love and compassion are things that the CBCP bishops should be preaching, unfortunately; that does not happen there. If Mr. Reyes said that publicly here in NA, there will be a huge uproar and he will get it left right front and centre from everybody including the media. In PH the bishops use fear to control politicians and their members. They should learn how to be spiritual from Buddhist monks then love and compassion come naturally. Peace brother.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • napali808

     Peace, love and compassion are things that the CBCP bishops should be
    preaching, unfortunately; that does not happen there. If Mr. Reyes said
    that publicly here in NA, there will be a huge uproar and he will get it
    left right front and centre from everybody including the media. In PH
    the bishops use fear to control politicians and their members. They
    should learn how to be spiritual from Buddhist monks then love and
    compassion come naturally.

  • Banana Na

    yan ang mali sa simbahan, you are accusing GAY sa pagka-increase ng AIDS sa pilipinas…di muna nila inalam bakit ba nag-increase ang AIDS sa pilipinas at bakit…maybe, some of them cames from GAYS PEOPLES there is others reason also bakit dumami ang AIDS sa pilipinas..

  • $8278216

    Mabuti nga ng mabawasan ang mga eyan sa mundo.

  • Jun

    Sino naman ang matutuwa kung ang mga naturingang tagapagturo ng salita ng Diyos ay sasabihin “Kaya nasalanta ang mga dinaanan ng bagyong Pablo – maraming namatay, maraming nasugatan, maraming nawala, maraming nasirang ariarian ay sa kadahilanan na nagwarning na ang Diyos para sa pagpasa ng RH Bill. Na nagagalit ang Diyos dahil sa kagustuhan ng nakakakarami na maipasa ang RH Bill.” Hindi ba isang pananakot ito na gagamitin pa ang Diyos para maisulong ang gusto. Ang masama ay ipinapakilala nila ang Diyos na makapaminsala, magalitin, pumapatay na Diyos? Kaya nga ganito ang bayan natin dahil hindi nila ipinakilala ang Diyos na Siya ay mabuting Ama, mapagmahal, mapagtiis at matuwid na Amang Diyos. Kayo bang mga magulang gusto niyo bang patayin na lang ang inyong anak o putulan siya ng paa para lang matuto o para sumunod sa gusto mo? Kung ganun na lang ang pagkilala natin sa Diyos na para matuto tayo – kailangan tayong parusahan muna, patayin ang ibang walang muwang para lang matuto. . . hindi nga natin Siya matutunang mahalin. Kung alam mo at nararamdaman mo ang pagmamahal ng Tatay mo sa kahit anong situwasyon.. na kahit nakagawa ka ng kasalanan ramadam mo pa rin ang kanyang pagmamahal, hindi ka ba magagalak na maipakita mo rin siyang mahal mo rin siya… gustohin mo nang gawin o sundin ang kalooban Niya… hindi mo na kailangan utusan ka… aalamin mo ang makakapagpasaya sa Kanya at gawin mo ito na may pagmamahal.  Kung ganito ang pananaw natin sa buhay, hindi natin kailangan ang batas para tayo maging matuwid.  Pagmamahal sa Diyos na umaapaw papunta sa kapwa tao kasama ng lahat Niyang nilikha ang kailangan natin.  Kilalanin natin si Jesus para makilala natin din Ang  Ama… at pag nakilala natin ang Diyos sa pamamgitan ni Jesus, dadaloy ang buhay na ito sa atin. Si Jesus ang susi ng lahat.  

    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • efriend

    The PHL still needs activists like the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in San Francisco.  They will burn an effigy of Gabriel Reyes outside the Antipolo Church while he is celebrating mass OR they will receive holy communion while dressed as nuns.  Watch!

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