Human rights situation in PH ‘good on paper, not so in real life’


Human rights violations continue without let-up even in the new, righteous Aquino administration, according to a farmer  who said he was abducted by the military in 2006.

“Killings, torture and illegal arrests continue,” said Raymond Manalo, a prosecution witness in the trial of two soldiers accused in the kidnapping of University of the Philippines students Karen Empeño and Sherlyn Cadapan.

Manalo, who spoke at a human rights forum at the Mandarin Oriental hotel Tuesday, repeated the testimony he gave at the court trial last September in which he said he witnessed Empeño and Cadapan being beaten and tortured by soldiers in a camp in Limay, Bataan, shortly after they disappeared in 2006.

Quezon Rep. Erin Tañada, an administration ally, quoted an observation that the human rights situation in the country “is good on paper, not so much in real life.”

“This, I am afraid, continues to be the situation now, with no successful prosecutions that we can attribute to the new laws that we toiled for so arduously,” Tañada told the forum organized by the European Union and the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) ahead of International Human Rights Day on Dec. 10.

“The systemic inability to enforce human rights laws is itself a betrayal of our government’s stated and consistent commitment to human rights, and is not something that we should be content with,” the congressman said.

“That would make us, at best, a fake adherent to human rights principles, and at worst, a pernicious perpetrator of human rights abuse,” he said.

Tañada said the human rights situation has improved under the Aquino administration but “there’s a lot more to improve.”Tarra Quismundo

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  • Pulis Na Pogi

    akala ko ba tuwid na?

  • ddano

    Just like everything else !

  • boybakal

    Human rights situation in PH ‘good on paper, not so in real life’….

    Good on Paper.   Well, everything is good in paper.
    Or in short, good publicity and good propaganda.

  • gregory robinson

    Finally the truth is reported that ENFORCEMENT is the biggest challenge for the Philippine govt. All these “so-called” laws and human rights issues are meaningless until the govt gets serious about training people and enforcing the existing laws. They can use lying propaganda all they want but in reality, corruption is still rampant here. 

  • truthvslies

    Exposed and punished those human right violators. The law should be applied to both state and non-state actors.

  • Tristanism

    Good in paper? Kelan ba natin ni-claim na good ang HR situation dito sa bayan nating to?

  • zeroko

    This is what we get electing Chinese in our government. We are a conquered nation. A nation of slaves. The people does not even know their rights and fight for it. Labor has been marginalized, made as casual employees with no rights. Our Supreme Court, the last bastion of justice is corrupted by Chinese Judges.

    Where will the Filipino go to seek justice? Nada. If we protest, the Chinese in our government will pit the protesters with it’s military and other law enforcers. Our Local Governance in the province has been penetrated by Chinese. He he he!! The China has taken up what the Germans has left, they study the local dialect prior to take over. These Chinese would mimic the traits and intricacies of the Filipinos before they participate in local election. With vast and unlimited resources, there is no way Filipinos can compete with them. They will undoubtedly win.

  • Hey_Dudes

    My personal take on this issue is about people taking responsibility more than government policy being defective.  We Filipinos know who we are. Many parts of our culture, mental attitude and lack of compassion get in the way of living in a humane way and here’s why.

    We have private armies maintain by those with money and assets to protect.  There are numerous riding in tandem gun for hires that continue wreaking havoc to victims the powerful wants eliminated. We have men and women in society who treat fellow citizens like dirt specially those who have more money, influence and power.  Without elaborating you know who these people are, they are known for saying “Kilala mo ba kung sino ako?” before they inflict their cruelty to others.

    No, this problem is not the fault of government – the fault is on us Filipinos.  When will we learn or better yet – is there hope of us Filipinos living together in peace?

    • zeroko

      The weakness lies in our national identity. We no longer exist as a nation, rather we are living by ourselves. We refuse to participate in upholding what is morally right.
       Our traits of “utang na loob” makes us subservient to the powers-in-be. And this is very very destructive. Lady Senator Miriam Santiago was right when she said, “We have an uneducated voters.” She further said the majority of the electorates votes people base on their good looks like movie actors and actresses and vote them to the most powerful positions of our government hoping that being a “Bida” in the movie will equate good governance.She said that in the Senate, we have Jess Lapid, Sotto, Ginggoy Estrada, and Revilla. He he he. The world of make believe has taken over the “stark reality.” Majority of the voters choose their candidates in the basis of popularity and nothing more. Worst, they sell their vote to the highest bidder.”It’s just unfortunate that we have lost our sense of morality which is prerequisite to nation building. In Bangkok, Thailand, a Buddhist majority, they kick their President off his office when he appeared in the T.V. on a 5 minute cook fest. In the Philippines, our tolerance or rather our stupidity, we would not even admonish our law makers from engaging in movies and T.V. programs while functioning as Senators. We as a nation has lost our sense of proportion, moral value, and we tolerate all kinds of corruption and inefficiency in our government. Take this example. Just 2 years ago, the former Senator of “Maguindanao” Migz Zubiri was heralding that Jetropa “green fuel” is a feasible project. He started by saying the Philippines has thousands and thousands of arable land available for Jetropa planting. And I consider these as a dastardly lie coming from a former Senator. There is no available land considering that we have landlord tenant problem nationwide. Yet, he was given 4 billion pesos to start the project.Few months ago, the Jetropa project was shelve because it was impractical. The project is competing against food production. So, who is now accountable for these loses? “Basta na ba natin kalilimutan ang laking perang nawala?”  

      I’m running as Independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. precisely because I smell foul in the operation of the LGU. He he he! A Mayor who earns a measly P15,600  in 2011 and prior years can afford to donate to every Barangay (143 all in all) a “Futon” Chinese made Van worth 1 million each, and placed his large picture in each of these Van? I have no support except my pocket, but I am undaunted. History was not made by the majority. No Sir, it is move by the eccentric people like me who fights the well entrench establishment no matter what. If I lose, I do not pity myself, instead, I pity the people who I could have served  Our governance is devoid of moral ascendancy, and going to the dogs.

      • Buknoy Bisaya

        good luck on your effort.  boteng and belmonte has a huge followership and machinery in QC…

    • Socorro

      But Dudes remember they are more responsible because they are in power, they are in the judiciary, in the executive and legislative, tayo you and I want a better country, yes we can do something in our own little way, but we need their help and they have more responsibilities than us. But let us not stop hoping. 

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Papogi lang ang lahat sa harap ng International Human Rights Community pero pag tumalikod na ay balik sa dati gawi! Ibahin man nila ang mga make up nila ay ganun pa din ang budhi at mga abusado pa rin!

  • Socorro

    At last somebody noticed, actually it is not only in human rights aspect even in our economic growth, it is only good in papers. The very same issues they used to be in the position now are still the same, worst pa nga kasi now they even lie noon yung totoo lumalabas. So who is worst the past or the present administration? Sa buong mundo nagsisinungaling sila.

    • zeroko

      Never trust a politician. Majority are all self-serving, more interested in perpetuating their power and wealth. 

      I admire their sense of logic and strategy. All you need is to attend one of the sessions in Batasan, and everytime one Representative speaks, his statement is so convincing. Then another will oppose his view, and then again, you will be sold to his idea. “Magagaling mangatuhiran ang mga mambabatas natin.” And they are very eloquent. They can sell the Quezon bridge to you without you noticing it. Marcos is one of the best extemporaneous speaker I have heard. Ang galing. One time, he spoke in the UN session hall without any “kodiko” or script, and the entire audience was aghast with his brilliant speech. He he he. Magagaling mambola ang mga yan…………..he he he!

      • Buknoy Bisaya

        agree…but were just all talk, complain etc…at the end of the still see this SOB’s with a Number 8 in their license plate.

  • $37644997

    Human Rights abusses are not easily done unless one makes the command.Like Marcos,Saddam Hussein,Osama Bin Laden,Bashar Assad,Pinochet,Ortega,Idi Amin,etc.

    • Buknoy Bisaya

      not everything can be attributed to somebody at the top. do you think, arroyo ordered the maguindanao massacre?

      the point is, he who has the money (not even necessarily have the power), can innitiate this killings against somebody they are against..

      don’t you agree?  high is the limit as far as licensed gun ownership is concerned here in our country…apart from the Unlicensed danao made ones.

      • $37644997

        Enourmous love poured down on one is troublesome.

      • Buknoy Bisaya


  • Paulino Belga

    Violation of human rights are not committed only by the government.  Other groups that have the power, authority and obligation to protect and uphold public interest are some of the worst human rights violators of the country.  Simple things like using vehicles that emit pollutants are actually violating the rights of the people to breath clean air.  This is even worse that the violations committed by people in the government because the latter affects only few people.  The pollution of our air affects practically everybody from men, women, children, the healthy, the sick, the rich,the poor, etc.  Reckless driving is also a violation of human rights because the people’s rights to safety is violated.  There are many other simple things that go unnoticed even if these things have wasted so many lives already.

  • zeroko

    As we write our comment right now, there is no let-up in the massacre of our indigenous people by the military. Our military which is suppose to protect us from foreign and local threat has violated their role. Instead, they allow themselves to act as hired killers of foreign mining firms who has problems removing the indigenous people who are fighting to retain their ancestral land.
    All it takes is to brand these indigenous people as NPA, then Bang! The victim is dead. This is the problem right now in the Angara’s country (Aurora Province). The Angara clan has devastated 12,000 hectares of prime forest, a habitat of Mangyan tribes. The plan is to convert the entire area into an ECO-Zone. The problem is, the Angara’s are lying. What they were after is harvesting illegal logs, load in medium size ships, and unload it in Pier 2 at 2 am in the morning while the Coast Guard are not looking. These illegally cut logs are supervised by military people in civilian cloths, and after loading these logs, these military men would travel all the way to Pier 2 to meet these illegal cargoes. He he he. No wonder, Congressman Angara, the son of Senator Angara, the Prominent lawyer against former CJ Corona can well afford to built a multi-million mansion from his measly P38,000/mo salary. He he he. Fantastic? No! A seaman who is member of the ship’s crew was the one who narrated the story. This was his first hand experience.

    How can an August member of the Chamber concoct the idea of an ECO-ZONE in Aurora province! There is a similar project which is already 15 years old and still not operating. The INFANTA, Quezon project is unfinished up to this time. The project is suppose to build a Container Port to accommodates shipments coming from the Pacific area instead of going around  Luzon to reach our local piers. These containers where suppose to be landed in Infanta, Quezon, then transport it to Metro Manila by via Antipolo highway. He he he. The project is laying idle up to this time and seems to have been forgotten. So why open another port in Aurora? 

    In short, the Angara’s were just after the illegal logging by justifying opening an ECO-ZONE. Nice gimmick from a former U.P. Dean. So, it does not follow that just because you have all the credentials to qualify you as a Senator equates to good governance. We have to check his moral ascendancy to govern. Gloria, a Georgetown University?s Class of 1968, classmate of former U.S. President Clinton has done worst in governance in spite of her credential. He he he. 

    • Buknoy Bisaya

      “there is no let-up in the massacre of our indigenous people by the military”

  • virgoyap

    I can hardly find a possibility that human rights in this country will improve. I’m just thinking that if during this administration, Aquino with all his sincerity finds it hard to improve our human rights condition how much more if he will be succeeded by somebody with questionable records? 

  • $23257130

    abnoy, berdugo.ppppwwweeeeehhhh kadiri

  • dennis

    The problem is in HUMAN itself! It is easy to commit wrong than to be aware of knowing things about what is right and wrong in his/her doings! If we draw a horizontal line and consider it as a “Human Rights” then there are 2 kinds types of Human we can see:

    1) Inhuman Rights
    2) Human unrighteousness
    …Anyone that falls above and below the line was controlled by his “Self Awareness” and this is either “Alam mo?”…or “Hindi mo alam?” and the worst of all is “Alam mo but you are paid enough or under someone´s command to do things na hindi tama!”

  • disqusted0fu

    this is how it is in this administration! its not just in human rights situation but in life situation per se. they try to make the situation look good in paper, tv or whatever media platform there is but in real life, its actually not. its either that, or they just get people’s attention on different sorts of issues that are completely irrelevant to what they dont want people to see and realize. the Aquino administration is a master of disguise, but in reality, they are the master of disgust!

  • Your_King

    Everything can be easily made to look good on paper because you can just pay the people who write and take these surveys and give these reports. But in reality upon further inspection if you really look into the next layer it is very easy to see that Philippine life for the masses is not so good except maybe those people who are part of Aquino’s KKK.

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