Church wants to know who will vote for RH bill


Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes, chairman of the CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Family and Life ( photo)

A Catholic Church official on Monday called for nominal voting on the reproductive health (RH) bill in Congress for purposes of transparency as he urged the faithful to observe days of fasting and prayer to counter the impending passage of the measure.

Under nominal voting, each lawmaker will be allowed to explain his or her vote on the measure, which has been fiercely opposed by the Church.

Some Church leaders earlier warned pro-RH lawmakers of a backlash from Catholic voters in the May 2013 elections.

Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes, chairman of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said all believers were being called to discover the “weapons of prayer and fasting” in upholding the sanctity of life.

“Let us pray and fast in the following days so that our lawmakers will not pass the bill,” Reyes said  ahead of a meeting Monday in Malacañang between President Aquino and lawmakers supporting the passage of the family planning measure.

Church officials were expecting Mr. Aquino to push for a vote on the measure at the meeting. Reyes said Congress was expected yesterday to discuss the “substitute” RH bill and vote on it on the same day.

The bishop said he was demanding a nominal voting on the measure because it was necessary to uphold transparency.

“Let us demand from our congressmen, especially the leaders of Congress, that the voting be nominal, whenever a vote on a part or on the whole of the substitute RH bill is taken,” said Reyes.

He said it was the right of the people to know how their respective congressmen would vote on this important bill.

In August, many bishops were disappointed when lawmakers concluded the debate on the RH bill through a “viva voce” following a meeting with the President.

Over Radio Veritas Monday, Kidapawan Bishop Romulo de la Cruz said he personally carried out a “text blast” to friends and constituents urging them to fervently pray and perform acts of sacrifice to enlighten lawmakers to take the stand of the Church on the RH bill.

“Last night (Sunday) I sent text messages to many people and today I am sending again encouraging them to pray and sacrifice so that our congressmen will vote according to the stand of the CBCP,” De la Cruz said.

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  • Noel

    Now how can the Catholic Church deny she’s meddling in the state’s affairs?  What business do these bishops have to know who are voting for RH Bill ?

    • teekaye2

       You are right they have no rights in State Affairs at all.

  • stealth ice

    the bishops should just instead leave this issue to the congress. anyway this RH Bill will not force the couples to use it but just giving them an option. But if the bishops wants to use the elements of the RH Bills they are free to do it also.

  • Hey_Dudes

    The way and manner members of CBCP are acting with regard to this one crucial particular government  policy undertaking, it is as if they are willing to take up arms and lead a revolt if and when congress votes to approve it?

    We have never seen such aggressiveness on the part of the catholic church hierarchy till now. Are they suggesting only the catholic church must know how to treat the poor of this country and it’s their way no way at all?

    This is an organization that does not even pay taxes and yet – they act like they are not clergy members but GOD themselves? Should we be proud of these hypocrites?

    • dorothyanne88

      you probably are a moron that you can’t understand simple english that’s why you came out with your own convoluted views.

      • niap kcen

        out of 13 posts contained here, you’re the only one somehow agreeing indirectly with the article.. and you are bad-mouthing the blogger without giving your own argument or logic. are you offended because you are hypocritical or just cannot say anything sensible? getting tired of this sick farce follower of proRh giving only their innuendos..

      • Gil del Rosario

        Population explotion of our Poor sector benefits only the Catholic Church and our Politicians. We all know why.
        Now the Politicians are getting greedy and want to keep things for themselves , and the CBCP doesn’t agree.
        The CBCP and our Congress are the institutions that collect money for free. Both are tax-free, and all the money comes from the people.

      • teekaye2

         If you are going to call a persona moron and attack their understanding of english better get it right yourself . Should read ‘moron and you cant ‘stc or sutch a moron that you cant etct

      • JuanTamadachi

        well said..

  • oh_noh


  • maniniyot kho

    Bakit naman sobra  na ang pakikialam ng ating simbahan sa pagpapatakbo ng ating pamahalaan. Ibig narin lang nila sumali sa pulitika, magtayo na sila ng partido. Tawagin nilang Father, Mother, Sister,Brother Party List. Kawawa naman ang mga boboto na pabor sa RH Bill pakiramdam nila may demonyong nagmamasid sa kanila.

  • batangsulpok

    Dapat tanggalan ng tax exemption ang CBCP dahil sa pakikialam sa gobyerno, kung baga, may separation ang church and state.

  • BURADOR—Phil. Voice

    And WHY the church WANT to KNOW who will VOTE for RH bill——
    This METHOD is USED by a DICTATOR or a JUNTA—-
    This catholic DAMASSOS are BEHAVING like DICTATOR and JUNTA—

  • Carlos Santiago

    kung bawat lugar sa pilipinas may orphanage ang simbahan sa mga batang kalye, may moral right ang pag ayaw nila sa rh bill. pero wala. di hanggang salita lang, wala sa gawa…. follow what i say, not what i do. 

  • tamumd

    Screw these charlatans..they are not part of the government. They don’t even pay income taxes!!! Therefore they have NO business demanding the congress to divulge who vote for what! Let us all IGNORE them.

    • teekaye2

       Maybe if enough of their  flock boycotted the church and stayed away from Churches for a while they may bow to common sense and realise their views are irrelavent to what the majority of the population NEED and WANT

  • dante

    Perhaps the Catholic Church should firm up its argument and not to resort to threats.  Gone were the days when ‘friars’ calls the shuts in this country, the younger generation had already forgotten the ‘colonial mentality’  that their parents had passed on to them.   

  • Mark

    bottomline, is the church sees the passage of RH bill as the beginning of losing their power and control. Is this more important than looking at the bigger picture and making their devotees lives better?  Families (especially poor families) deserve to know their options and be entitled to such options and if they can manage the number of their kids, they can give them a better future.

    • Guest

       When I look in the streets, I wonder if the Church is really still that powerful. If you follow policy, it is all-telling that a ladlad party list group could attend election in 2010, that gays are allowed to join AFP since 2009. If you look closer, even in the Philippines there is some transformation going on (compared to other countries this is all in fetal stage, though).

  • ghe

    Too much meddling in the government is bad.

  • tonyoks

    “Let us pray and fast in the following days so that our lawmakers will not pass the bill,” Reyes said  ahead of a meeting Monday in Malacañang between President Aquino and lawmakers supporting the passage of the family planning measure.
    statements like this coming from these pedophiles shows how low and how irresponsible these “people of the clothe” really are…

  • monATmex

    this is what happens when men in women’s clothes decide for real women. this is the result when “fathers” second guess the dificulties of raising big families by real fathers.

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but…by the same token and premises proposed by the church, my fellow juan dela cruz and i would also like to know who are those lawmakers that vote against the RH.

    and for praying and fasting, especially fasting, millions of juan dela cruz have been fasting for years now due to the lacks of food on their table.  there is nothing new about fasting. juan dela cruz been there and done that. and praying did not provide food on the table. it was (h)is own blood sweat and tears that provided for his own sustenance. 

  • latino_boom

    They should know the separation between Church and State…I am a Catholic…but i see the Church has done nothing to help, educate nor reach-out to the People on Population control… a couple of minutes sermon will not be suffice to inform The people.

  • quirinomayer

    These bishops are going out of line in threatening to campaign against pro-RH Bill solons. Nowhere in the Scriptures did Christ and his disciples showed any interest or actual involvement  in government affairs. There is nothing there which says they opposed this or that government action  or policy. On the other hand, there are passages which point to them respecting the government and government functionaries.  Jesus himself said:
    “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and toGod the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21). St. Paul wrote: “Let every soul be subject to government authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists  the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring  judgment on themselves” (Romans 13:1-3). St. Peter:  “Therefore submit yourself to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake,whether to the king as supreme. Or to governors, as to those who are sent by  him for the punishment of evildoers and for the praise of those who do good” (I Peter 2:13, 14).

    This preoccupation of this bunch of modern-day Pharisees   with politics is entirely their own and does not proceed from God.

    • Alisto Juan

      Maybe these bishops and priests want to be God and acted to be above to others, well that’s their call. . 

  • Jona

    The catholicos need to keep their noses out of the government affairs. They are the very corrupt entities in the PI. The catholicos are a evil breed and need to be removed from the culture. The catholicos are stopping the important progress of the Phil people. 

    • Bong

      wow sociologist ka ba? or just simply idiotlogist!

  • indiosbravos2002

    “the bishop said he was demanding a nominal vote…”

    Magcongressman ka muna pader saka ka magdemand sa congress.

  • falovs2023

    Clergymen should act like one and stop bullying and let congress do their job preach it and if people don’t listen that’s it it is their will.

  • Peter

    This is too much, a plain, blatant abuse of Catholic Church power, they have the likes of Taliban in Afghanistan, they have no shame whatsoever, These  sex-starved CBCP  are so desperate that they go to the extent of bullying, threatening, and all evil tactics they could imagine just to stopped the passage of RH bill.. SHAME ON YOU CBCP!!!!!!

    • Guest

      The Taliban at least are out of the reach of the Philippines.

  • $37644997

    It could have been nice if some of their priests are not child molestors,rapist,having so much anomalies and etc. I would intend to follow their advise 100 %.I have so much doubt about them now even if they seem to be very good.

  • mabyrik

    If bishops can demand the government what to do, a clearly political intrusion, so the government can also demand the church to pay taxes. 

    The time is ripe to collect taxes from the church for it is the churchmen themselves who are removing the wall between the church and the state. If a regular juan earning a minimum wage is being taxed, why is bishop damaso, who lives in a gated castle on a sprawling and landscaped property exempted? It is downright ridiculous and unfair.  

    A lot of taxes is loss because the church is tax free. If taxes are collected from businesses, properties and all undertakings of the church, it will go all long in alleviating poverty. The taxes that can be collected from the church can be used in providing free services to people like education and health.

    The priests/bishops even if they are citizens of this republic are not free to demand what the ordinary citizens can from the government precisely because there is a prohibition in the constitution, the separation of the state and church.

    Let them pay taxes, then they are free to do so. As simple as that.

  • Alisto Juan

    I will also pray that your God will pray over your wisdom and hope that your followers will fast forever. . .  . pero sa totoo lang, duda ako kung may fasting talaga sa combento dahil ang daming pagkain pero karamihan sa mga pinoy sa langsangan ay walang makakain. .

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Intellectually_stupid

    I respect the Catholic Church’s, and other religion, stance on this bill but they should stay out on this issue. They can tell people what to do, they are entitled to their own opinion, but stay the fk away from women’s health issues. Why don’t the church clean up their own mess – pedophiles. There are hundreds of Pedo priests which the church protected – they stayed mum after they found out that some priests molested children. I fking hate the catholic leadership and its blatant hypocrisy. And the stupid politicians like Tito Sotto.. ugh.. uber stupid!

  • Gil del Rosario

    This meddling by the CBCP is beyond their work. .. How would the CBCP feel if the Government sent the Commission on Audit to audit church donations to subject them to tax ?

    • Bong

      magbasa ka muna ng batas natin para naman alam mo ang sasabihin mo…

      • Guest

         Do you know how to read?

    • teekaye2

      Stand up for democracy you voted for government to run the country not the outdated Catholic church

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    The Bishops of the CBCP, also in the spirit of transparency, should publish a list of their priests and other members who are homosexuals, pedophiles, womanizers, alcoholics, and drug users, together with the parish or locality to which they are assigned.  Through such a list, the Catholic laity, especially the parents and their children, will be well-informed and can thus take steps to protect themselves and their children from potential abuse and undue inlfuence.


    • teekaye2

       The Catholic church is causing more misery in the country if they persist in attacking contraception.GIVE WOMEN THE CHOICE of how many children they can afford to feed and cloth.PLEASE WAKE UP

    • $37644997

      Pedophiles in U>S> are all registered in many localities where they live but in Pinas is where they hide and seek shelters for themselves.

      • Guest

        You can say about the Vatican what you want, but if the Pope gives orders to do more, even the bishops here would move their backs.

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    The Philippines is the last bastion of Catholic conservatism and the Church is desperate to keep it that way by threathening legistors who will vote for the bill. But I think their stand is hopeless for the bill will be passed whether they like it or not. There are a lot of fair-minded people in congress who really believe that RH bill is a way forward to progress.

    Only corrupt legislators will vote against it because they thought God will forgive them for their sins if they will support the church. At the end, they only thinking about themselves.

  • brunogiordano

    “Last night (Sunday) I sent text messages to many people and today I am sending again encouraging them to pray and sacrifice so that our congressmen will vote according to the stand of the CBCP,” De la Cruz said.

    Tama, mag dasal kayo para siguradong pumasa ang RH bill. lahat ng inyong pinagdasal laban
    sa kagustuhan ng mga nakararaming tao ay hindi nagkaroon ng katuparan.

    Buti na lang di kayo natuto.

  • The Overlord

    Mag-fasting daw kayo oh, pero ang mga pari tuloy pa rin ang lamon at lantakan. Ayoko ngang mag-hunger strike. Kakain ako ng kakain because I can and I want to!

  • blainz

    A most blatant disregard of the separation of Church and State, coming on top of calls to protect Enrile’s Senate presidency. Perhaps the DFA can consider a diplomatic protest against the Vatican to embarass the Pope.

    The CBCP may brandish their threat of a backlash all they want, but the real backlash will be against them, as the Filipino majority’s weariness over their political intrusions will give way to more open, and public, displays of disgust, starting with louder calls to tax the church.


      To whom the Filipino majority are weary. To politicians or bishops ? Only a dumb can conclude that people can be weary on people of faith. The immorals are the one’s hated like crocodiles and politicians are associated with it.
      Faith in God is the guiding principles of humankind. Politicians like Mirriam the mouth is weiredos.

  • Vic

    Me, too.

  • carlbenedict

    :)  Why does the Catholic Church assume they know everything.  Lagi namang napapahiya.  Dati sabi nila “The Earth is flat” hindi naman pala.  

    Ngayon sinasabi nila, RH is bad, sino sila para guluhin ang mga nagaaral.                             

  • John_Galt_II

    Nanakot pa ang animal!

  • teekaye2

    Stand up for democracy you voted for government to run the country not the outdated Catholic church Why are all these posts flagged as inappropriate is the Catholic church controlling the press as well as trying to run the country

    • observer_din

      kala nila panahon pa ng mga kastila, hehehe

  • Bengatibo

    Lahat na lang pinakikialaman nang simbahang katoliko!!! Gusto niyo bang si Padre Damaso na manghimasok sa inyong buhay??? Magdasal na lang kayo sa ibang lugar, huwag na sa simbahan, maririnig niyo lang puro tungkol sa Pulitika!!!

  • Bengatibo

    Lahat na lang pinakikialaman nang simbahang katoliko!!! Gusto niyo bang si Padre Damaso na manghimasok sa inyong buhay??? Magdasal na lang kayo sa ibang lugar, huwag na sa simbahan, maririnig niyo lang puro tungkol sa Pulitika!!

  • Estee Muri

    RH Bill  is  for the benefit of a country like the Philippines. marami na pong  naghihirap at  halos hindi  na ma-pakain  ng  mga  parents  ang mga  anak  na  isang katerba. I have a questions  to the  Catholic bishop.  Sa mga PRIVATE  schools ninyo, do you   accept students who can not afford to pay such a  HIGH tuition that you  impose. Puro mayayaman lang  ang  tinatang-gap ninyo. Do you  accept the poor  school children up to High School?  Do you feed the poor  people and give them  foods for  every month para lang  maka-kain  ang mga pobre? Do you give them medicine  and  help them when the poor people are hospitalized? Yes, but  how many? Mabibilang lang po.!  It is not a sin if  one will prevent conception to happen. What is a sin if  there is already a   fetus in the woman’s  womb at saka  ipa-abort ito.But with  Condom! Tubal Ligation  or Vasectomy! What sins   are you talking about? Alin ang mas kasalanan, ang  iyong  maraming magnanakaw  dahil sa kawalan ? Please Catholic bishops, think your positions again.  Instead, preach to the people that they have to go back to God.Huwag maki-saw-saw sa politics.

    • observer_din


  • observer_din

    gusto kasi ng mga pari natural method na family planning, kaya nga karamihan sa kanila nagmamasturbate na lang, ung iba di knakaya nanre-rape ng mga prishioners nila… hehehe

  • just_anotherperson

    All who attended congress would be responsible if the RH Bill passes except for known pro-Life advocates.  Either they voted for it or helped maintain a quorum.

  • dickenhead

    mga padre magbayad muna kayo ng buwis bago kayo makisawsaw sa usapang makabubuti para sa bansa.

  • dante

    What moral authority has the Catholic Church to demand from government to reject RH Bill?  Consider the plight of homeless children, the rising number of juvinile delinquents, the rising immorality incidence that produces unwanted children, and sexually transmitted deseases.  Has the Catholic Church made a MAJOR move to help?   All this issues are rooted to the moral and spiritual state of the people, and not Political – in which the Church ‘should’ have  a mojor role. 

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • kulittwit

    Sanctity of life daw. Ano connect sa RH bill?

  • nti_boohaya

    Those who happen to agree with (or oppose for that matter) the bill will not get excommunicated by the church. Nothing against the church as I, too, attend mass, but if the bishops or priests are that serious, then why not get your anti-RH constituents and picket the offices or houses of your respective congressmen.  Kung majority ng parokyano ay sasama sa picketing e di oppose ang boto ng k(t)ongressman.  E kung kakaunti naman e di pro. Vox populi, vox dei.  Sa palagay ko kunti lang ang mag picket.  Isa na ako dun na hindi sisiput.  RH bill or not maglalandian din pa rin ang mga yan at magpapalaglag din tapos magsisimba pa rin.  Mabuti na lang kahit paano e ma educate mga tao bago pa mabuo o magpalaglag.

  • est

     catholic church mga walang kuwenta ang mga teaching ninyo, isa kayo na nag papapobre sa pilipinas

  • bgcorg

    I find the request of Bishop Reyes reasonable but the “usual suspects” are virulently and fiercely becoming personal instead of just sticking to the issue.  The issue is quite simple: if the lawmaker is voting according to “certain,” right and correct, INFORMED practical judgment in the here and now (I bet they have considered the pros and cons very well already), why the vicious howl against the Catholic Church in the Philippines?  Aren’t we all for transparency?  In critical questions and important issues after the process is through, it is customary for lawmakers to vote nominally and viva voce, explaining his or her vote.  No one, especially a public servant, voted by the people into office especially, has to hide behind the skirt of anonymity!  Why, what is “smelly” here? 

    Let us know how your conscience INFORMED you and face your constituency by letting them know that you really represented them! Otherwise, you will only strengthen further the suspicion that you succumbed to vested interests and power pressure. Either you are an independent constitutional institution or our democracy is altogether farcical and a big lie! Be real and true, gentlemen! Like St. Thomas More, the attitude of a public servant who is foremost a Christian, should be: “I am the king’s faithful servant, but God’s first.”

    The fallacy of numbers is often quoted in support of the rh bill, saying that the majority of Filipinos, even Catholics, favor the passage of the bill into LAW.  I do not doubt the number of surveys made; but I doubt the slant to elicit responses or the “representative population” taken in the surveys to be truly a valid sampling technique.  I never was a respondent of any survey, for example, and many others tell me that they, also, were not asked even once by any of formal surveys on the issue.  I also wonder whether members of parish organizations, youth and student groups were made part of such surveys.  Apparently, they were not!  I can’t buy the idea that the majority of Filipinos, especially women who are not avid members of ultra liberal women and gay groups, are vocal supporters of the rh bill.  Actually, opposition to the rh bill is pro-women whose rights from “marital rape” are already protected by existing laws. Responsibility is concomitant to any human act; the moral dimension of human acts are real indeed and cannot just be swept under the rug.  No matter our state of denial, when we are judged finally, we will face him who said: “he who listens to you, listens to me and to the one who sent me.”  Obedience and docility to the Ordinary, Universal, Consistent, Continuing teaching of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church requires the gift of faith, which we should all pray to be given to us.  Fasting, penance and prayer are ascetical practices known to man  even to pagans, Oriental and Mystical Religions.  Only the cynics, sycophants, skeptics, atheists and anti-clerics are rabidly raising a howl on the participation of the Church in public issues. In fairness, this is to politicize the issue, period!

    We cannot keep the Church away with meaningless, angry remarks on issues that concern the sanctity of life, especially today when many groups of people may have forgotten concern for the sick and the aged, mother and child, the very poor and downtrodden and only see their own enjoyment of a freedom that human laws are forever short of guaranteeing, especially when these laws contradict the Natural Law, basic human freedoms, and rights founded on right reason and the very nature of man.  All human beings have rights; but these rights end where the rights of others begin!  The unborn human have rights to the fullness of life, in the same way as those who were born and are now enjoying that gift of life from God.  We should not do unto others what we do not want them to do to us!  Man has no right to determine before, during or after sex (Blessed Pope John Paul II) who should live or not live; this power belongs only to the Creator, and the Author of life and death.  Man cannot arrogate to himself this divine right; he has to respect the natural order and beautiful design of creation in the reproductive cycle.  That is why the Church calls on married couples to abstain from sex during the fertile period of the woman, and exhorts them to make a little “sacrifice” by subjecting the lower stirrrings of the flesh to the imperatives of love, marital devotion, marital chastity, and sanctification in holy matrimony.  God does not allow us to be overcome by sin: he has already conquered sin and death.  “Remain in me,” he invites men and women today, as the branches to the vine, “for without me, you can do nothing.”

    That is why the Catholic Church is so relevant today, as the one remaining guardian of the truth written in the Scriptures, and the tradition handed down through the ages, to guide all men of good will to salvation.  She stands as “the Sign of Contradiction” today, as the Master was, in his time on earth, dividing men, members of households and kin, and echoes the message once said by the Savior of the world, “Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart.”  And, “he who listens to you, listens to me, and to the one who sent me.”

    NO to the rh bill.  No to its passing as a law that promotes artificial contraception and the suppression of human life.  “Reproductive Health” technically already smacks of mental dishonesty. Our people should not be unwilling subscribers to what it means for “insiders” in the movement to legalize contraception, abortion, divorce, same sex marriages, pre-marital sex, teen and “free” sex. Let us not open the floodgates to a culture that destroyed empires/dictatorships. We are Filipinos. Yes, to love, sacrifice, and sublimation to eternal values.  We should be proud of our past and cultural heritage and cherished values. No to the culture of death and false appreciation of the problem of poverty and corruption. Yes to consistent economic policies that admit of a healthy population “replacement rate.” Yes to economic management that recognizes that its priority is to bring its people to full human development in a regime of social justice and equal opportunities. Yes to impact programs of health for mother and infants, jobs, livelihood and productivity. Yes to more universal education “the great equalizer” in a climate of peace and order, free from dissidence and secession, to usher in development in remote areas. Yes to justice and peace. No to artificial contraception.

    • teekaye2

      Open your eyes look in the eyes of the Mothers of this country who are distraught trying to feed and cloth their children . Look at the sreets alive with young children begging for something to eat, do you not see how much better off  the women… would be if they could choose not to have as mny children

    • tamumd

      You are a hypocrite! This guy pretends to be genuinely concern for the sanctity of life but he turns around and was vociferously endorsing for the Recto’s version of the Sin Tax bill.Hahahaha….he doesn’t care if kids as young as 15 start smoking and slowly kill themselves with cigarette smoke. He doesn’t care if those poor men who could barely feed their families would literally burn their meager income for a few sticks of tobacco.He doesn’t care if those drunk men terrorize their own family and communities every time they gulp down bottles of alcohol. That religiosity is shallow and just for show. Quoting the bible..b…s. This guy is a HOAX!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • taytay

      edgardo mendoza salot ka demonyo. extreme terrorist

      • VindictivePanot

        taytay salot ka demonyo. extreme terrorist

    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • duke

    Complete separation of Church and Government… It is in the constitution. Parang wala ng respeto ang simbahan sa paggawa ng mga batas. They influence and coerce law making..para lang yung isang grupo ng religion sa Pinas, yung malaking simbahan along Commonwealth..kailangang ligawan ng pulitiko para isama sila sa mga iboboto ng kanilang mga kapatid (daw) sa pananampalataya para MANALO..(gets) hehe… Business talaga.

  • Tigas82

    let us pray in the following days so that our lawmakers will pass the
    bill. the bishop does not know that this bill can help those predator
    priests to practice safe sex. Hang on, i think it is also fair to ask
    the cbcp to name the priests who committed child sexual abuse,
    homosexuality and affairs for purposes of transparency

  • Jose

    There you go: let the vote proceed already.

    If it loses, then we can go to the elections and see which is stronger: the ‘Catholic vote’ or the ‘Rational vote’.

    • marionics

      sounds fair

  • JuanTamadachi

    “Church wants to know who will vote for RH bill” – This statement clearly a veiled threat aimed at our lawmakers to scare them to vote against the RH bill. 

    To our lawmakers, do not be afraid and vote according to your respective consciences. Do not be afraid of the backlash from Catholic voters in the May 2013 elections, The so called “Catholic vote” is nothing but a “political myth,” (MDS)

    • marionics

      it’s no threat, it’s positive campaigning if you are pro rh hahaha

      • JuanTamadachi

        I hope most, if not all politicians, will view it this way and have the balls to pass the RH bill into law lol..

  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    Why does the Church behave that way, LET THE VOTING GO AHEAD !!!

  • andrew lim


    To all Congressmen in the House:  the anti-RH group is virtually the same as the pro-Corona supporters. They wear the same red colors, like in the Supreme Court. They invited Corona to speak at an anti-RH  forum in Cebu last Nov 16-17.

    In the same manner you impeached Corona, reject the red shirts and vote for the passage of the RH bill! 

  • Pulokoy


  • JoseMiguelCasuarino

    It is a threat, indeed… my friend Juan.  the Church is dictatorial….. and with threats!!!

  • BlueBaron

    I will go on prayer fasting for the bishops and priests to finally think clearly.

    • jadejones2012

      God will not listen to you.

      God will only listen to the priests and the cardinal.

  • Guest

    Would like to know: Number of Prayers for rh compared to number of prayers against it.

  • jadejones2012

    RH  bill will not be approved, because PNOY is already Cardinal Tagle’s  b i  t  c  h.

  • divictes

    Noodles na lang nga at Boy Bawang tapos magpa- fasting pa… Pass muna kami, Padir, puede?

    • Dennis



      • tukmoldinako


        baka mali ang iniisip mo, kesyo mahihirap gagamit ng condom hoy wagna, hindi masarap yon, he he he

        manalo man ang RH Bill, hindi mo parin mapipigilan ang pagdami ng tao, kasi nandun kaba palagi pag me magsisiping? baka dumami pa lalo yan, sa CHINA lang matagumpay yan kasi kumunista roon, pag sumobra ka ng isang anak , putol yang ari mo, kulong kapa at ikaw na ang papapakin sa pwet, alam mo yon.

        dekmorasya tayo at ano ang gagawin nila pag ang may asawa e gusto marami anak, sayang lang ang condom na yan , ikaw ba pupunta ka sa center para humingi ng condom?

        ang kailangan sa atin, ituro ang moralidad sa mga bata , dahil pag nawala yan, hala baka yung kapatid mong babae 11 years old  palang eh utusan kang  manghingi ng condom kasi me sex sessyon sila kasi pwede na sabi ng gobyerno, ha ha ha ha

        iiyak ka siguro, lalo na kung sa anak mo mangyari

  • jadejones2012

    I love it when the priests and the cardinals continue  f  u c  k  ing the filipino people.

  • monATmex

    this is what happens when men in women’s clothes decide for real women. this is the result when “fathers” second guess the dificulties of raising big families by real fathers.

  • jerome

    Such propaganda of the church to hold nominal voting, come election 2013 they will urge every catholic not to vote those who are pro RH bill. Such a shame that history is still repeating itself from the hay days of the past where the church is so powerful that whoever it deemed a threat will be expunge. I believe that this is where the separation of the church and the legislative should part ways the government should do what it deemed necessary to protect the country and the church should do what it is necessary to educate and not to enter into politics its people.

    • jadejones2012


      Why blame the church?

      Di ba umeepal pa nga si PNOY sa cebu during the Calungsod mass?

      • cleoan

        He was invited since the local government chipped in some “mola” to the cost of the preparation not to mention the piece of land where the shrine stands now. The church needed to involve the local government for the event to be successful, one manifestation that as long as it works for them (church) they can actually live in harmony with the government/state. I’d like to say vice-versa but then again the government can just opt to ignore the church.

  • Bengatibo

    Lahat na lang gustong malaman nang simbahang katoliko. Parang sa confessional ni Padre Damaso, lahat gustong malaman at gagamitin ito sa ating lipunan. We are back in ages of Jose Rizal. Labanan si Padre Damaso!!!!

    • boypalaban

      punta ka sa Intramuros andun yung idol mong si damaso celdran…sige magpakulong ulit kayo…daming boys sa bilibid…fafa….

  • jadejones2012

    Kung umeepal ang presidente sa mga Catholic Celebrations, then Filipinos have no right to complain why the church is meddling in state affairs.

    • CheapJ

      Ano ba ang naitulong mo sa mga mahihirap?  At ano ang nagawa ng sibahang katoliko sa lipunan?

      • boypalaban

        ako di ako katoliko pero alam ko ang mga ginagawa nila sa slum communities at sa mga OSY, etc…

        ikaw na umiidolo kay lagman at brenda na tagapagtanggol ng isa mo pang idolo na si thiefjustice corokot…ano ang naitulong mo na? o natulungan mo lang ang mga magnanakaw makapagnakaw ulit…

  • randyaltarejos

    A likely threat to those who will be in favor of the RH bill! The voters must learn to understand why there should be an RH bill in our country.Otherwise, the Philippines will be another Africa in the making.

    • jadejones2012

      The Filipinos deserve an ‘Africa’.

      With the way you elect morons to government positions like the presidency, do you honestly believe you deserve an “America”?

      • EC

        You must be a Gloria Arroyo loyalist. How far did she take our country with her nine year presidency, may I ask? And who do you want to be president right now, Mike Arroyo?

      • Dennis

        EC is there connection with GMA and the RH Bill?

      • EC

        jadejones2012 said the president is a moron. What that has got to do with RH Bill? And what does it say of the people who elected the president?

      • boypalaban

        lagman, the defender of corrupt GMA…and author of RH Bill…
        concern daw yang panginoon mo sa mahihirap…hahahahaha

      • CheapJ

        And who do you think is the one who deserves to be the president? Estrada was corrupt that he was replaced by an even more corrupt one.

  • jinx

    You look very gay, father.

    • Dennis


      • boypalaban


    • Dennis

      SIGURO 1 OUT OF 10 LANG ANG MACHONG PARE…… ANG 9 AY GAY NA GAY……………….. sa pagmumukha at pananalita. AMEN.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         pero yung 1 machong pare ang ‘bîtch’ ng 9 gay na pare



      • JuanTamadachi

        SANAMA BĮTCH, really? For real?

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        hmmm. diba nakalagay *joke*

      • JuanTamadachi

        H’mmm you obviously missed the drollery in my post which I thought was rather perspicuous, lucid, open and shut.. next time i will add the letters ‘lol’..

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        ahahaha, perhaps everybody did.

        i beg pardon, often times I loose the context of the train of thought on threads posted far apart.

      • JuanTamadachi

        ha hah hah nope.. hubba good one..

      • JuanTamadachi

        Hey mon ami, no harm done. No need to apologize.. btw, I enjoy reading your posts.. que pase un buen dia..

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        awww. shucks.

        Your handle (name) seems familiar too. Have a great evening…

      • boypalaban


  • Dennis



    • boypalaban


  • Edward Solilap

    Oh no Catholic Church again!!! the church officials want to be politician too why don’t they pray to clear their mind and manage the church budget so they wont keep on barking every sunday asking for alm from unfortunate citizen whom they want to shield from RH Bill.

  • labcu

    tinapa at konting sinangag na pagkain sa hapag kainan fasting pa kung magkasakit sila tutulungan nyo ba sila father o isisi na naman sa gobyerno?

  • bacsann

    how come the Pro-RH here pronounce and utter an uncivilized words??? what do u feel? neither the state nor the church has the power over the couples to do natural and artificial family planning the bill is coercion on freedom…how come population???? how about exploitation and market control in economic system?? How come we seemingly dictates the poor in their love making??? what if i’m an ordinary fishermen and i want 12 children???? what if i’m a businessman and i want 12 children??? who between us have the rights to have such children??? what the RH Bill says????

    • ethicsingov

      Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
      Martin Luther King, Jr.


      • bacsann

         sometimes we are programmed by our egoistic reasons and economic worries of which we try to depopulating the earth…how come?????

  • bacsann

    how come Pro-RH here utter and pronounce an uncivilized words??? what do u feel??? neither the state nor the church has the power of over the couple’s decision. RH Bill is coercion to freedom…why population??? how about exploitation and market control in economic system??? what if i’m an ordinary fisherman and i want 12 children? then what if i’m a businessman and likewise i want 12 children? who between us have the rights if RH Bill is pass???? how come we dictate the poor in their lovemaking???? How come we seemingly know the struggle of the poor and offer RH Bill for them????

    • OverseasFilipinoContractWorker

       true, it is infiltration of the state on the right of freedom, choice and privacy of the populace. what they should regulate is the way they handle the economy! palibahasa etong Pangulong to, underachiever, ni walang award, honor, medalya, accomplishment, recognition na nagawa all through out his legislative career. nagmamarunong! Sya lang ang Pangulong bopols. Buti pa si Erap may awards back then as Mayor, Senator, and VP. esi Noy kapon? nganga!

      • akongednamzug

        Mr. 360 degrees, yung unang-una mong sentence ano ba ibig mong sabihin, lalong-lalo na yung INFILTRATION ! ! !

    • boypalaban

       marami dito nagmamarunong na kesyo concern daw sila sa poor…pero di sila concern kung inuuto sila ng mga kurakot na pulitiko at opisyal ng gobyerno…at lahat ng sisi ay sa mahihirap…na kailangan kontrolin…pero ang kanilang pagkaganid di pwedeng pakialaman…


    >>>Antipolo Bishop Gabriel Reyes, chairman of the Episcopal Commission onFamily and Life of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), said all believers were being called to discover the “weapons of prayer and fasting” in upholding the sanctity of life<<<

    GANUN naman pala, e, bakit nababahala pa ang nga TNL na nakasayang puti na yan, e, may WEAPONS naman pala sila na magagamit sa gusto nilang mangyari?  O, tulad na din ng dati nitong ginagawa, na salita-ng-salita, e, hindi naman naniwala sa kanilang pinagsasabi…. at puro hamba at pananakot lang ang ginagawa.  Parang mga batang munti na kapag natatalo sa laro, magmamaktol at mananakot ng, "ISUSUMBONG KO KAYO SA NANAY KO!"

  • ever green

    magdasal na lang ang mga pari….huwag na manakot pa kesyo may backlash sa darating na election. Kung effective ang dasal nila at pakikinggan sila ng Diyos, e di hindi maipapasa ang RH bill. 


      Ang weapon n g RH proponents ay santambak na pera for promotion campaign. Ang weapon ng Anti RH ay dasal. Kaya siguro hindi maipasa pasa ang RH bill kasi money is root of evil……. weeeeeee >>>>>>>>>> good typhoon days on RH week of P.Noy.

  • CheapJ

    And we want to know who are those who will vote against RH bill. They should not be elected again.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    The Church’s call for “transparency” regarding the voting by the Houses of Representatives on the RH Bill is I think  trivial as far as the public is concerned, and the ordinary citizen will have no serious objections to it.   But it cannot be gainsaid that how the lower house will actually vote is a matter for them to decide in accordance with their rules.

    But whatever the motives are behind the Church’s call for nominal voting, such a call itself calls for a look at how the Church looks at “transparency,” especially in relation to the misconduct of its priests, and which the public definitely has a legitimate interest in because the Church is a “public  figure”  in our country’s affairs.

    In that context, here’s an excerpt from “Beyond Belief” (copyright 2010, David Yallop, author of “In God’s Name”).

    “According to John Paul II and many of his bishops, “modern society” is to blame for the epidemic of sexual abuse by priests, monks, brothers and nuns of victims ranging from young boys and girls to handicapped adolescents, religious and laywomen.  But “modern society” is a catch-all phrase which means everything and nothing.  In fact, the problem of  priestly sexual abuse goes back to the second century.  When Karol Wojtyla was elected Pope in October 1978, alongside the financial corruption of the Vatican Bank, was the equally rampant moral corruption of sexual abuse within the priesthood.  Over the previous 1,800 years the “secret system” had evolved that had not eliminated the problem of sexual abuse but covered it up. Its efficiency can be gauged from the fact that before the Gauthe case in 1985/86 public allegations of sexual abuse by priests were very rare.  The exposure of a priest either in criminal or civil proceedings was simply unheard of.

    The Roman Catholic Church looked after its own, and offending clerics could not be brought  before civil courts unless special permission was obtained to do so.  The system was one that clearly had the approval of Pope John Paul II.  In 1981, after 24 years’ deliberation, the current Code of Canon Law was published and among the many changes from the previous 1917 Code, Law119 covering the need for special permission was removed. It was a decision that many of the Catholic hierarchy have since bitterly regretted   In less than two years, the floodgates had been opened.  Within a decade the cost of sexual abuse to the Roman Catholic Church at every level was devastating.  In the United States alone, since 1984 the financial cost in legal fees and awards to the sexually abused is in excess of 6 Billion Dollars (US).

    In 1984 the first “clergy malpractice” lawsuit in the United States by an adult woman was instigated by a Los Angeles lawyer on behalf of Rita Milla.  More than two decades of stunning revelations of sexual abuse were ushered in by one of the forgotten victims.  Like so many victims, Rita Milla was first abused by his priest while taking her confession.  Father Santiago Tamayo reached through the flimsy screen of the confessional and caressed the breasts of Rita Milla, who was sixteen and planning to become a nun.   Over the next two years he systematically set about seducing Rita.  On that first occasion he told here in the confessional that he had a secret  and as she leaned forward he opened the screen and kissed her.  By the time she was eighteen in 1979 after being repeatedly advised by the priest  “GOD WANTS YOU TO DO ALL YOU CAN TO KEEP HIS PRIESTS HAPPY. . . .IT IS YOUR DUTY”,  Rita and her confessor were having regular sexual intercourse. 

    Father Tamayo then began to put pressure on the younger woman to make his fellow priests at St.Philomena Church in Los Angeles happy too.  First one, then a second, then a third.  Eventually, Rita was making seven priests “happy”.  None of them took any precautions and in 1980 she became pregnant.

    Father Tamayo persuaded her to go to the Philippines to hide her pregnancy.  Her parents remained unaware and were told that she was going abroad to “study medicine”.  The group of priests gave her $450 to last seven months and told her to leave the baby in Manila.  Rita was critically ill during childbirth and nearly died of eclampsia, convulsions occurring at the end of pregnancy as a result of blood poisoning.  Her family discovered the truth and brought Rita and her baby back to Los Angeles.  This happened after Bishop Abaya in the Philippines had undertaken to give her financial assistance, not merely to cover her travelling expenses but towards the upkeep and education of the baby.  When that aid failed to materialise, Rita went to Bishop Ward in her Californian Diocese. Who was also unable to help.  It was only then that Rita and her mother filed the landmark clergy malpractice suit.  They sought to establish paternity, sue the priest and the Church for civil conspiracy, for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, deceit and “to protect other young women from the pain and suffering caused by priests who abused their position of trust.

    The case was dismissed by the courts who cited a one-year statutory time limitation.  When attorney Gloria Allred called a press conference in 1984 to draw attention to the case it transpired that all seven priests had vanished.  Far from following the precise steps ordered by the Vatican in such cases, the Los Angeles archdiocese had ordered all of them to leave the country and to stay abroad until further notice.  It would be  1991 before the role of the archdiocese was made public by a guilt-sricken and remorseful Father Tamayo.  Letters also confirmed that the archdiocese had regularly sent money not to Rita but to her abusers hiding in the Philippines.In August 2003 Rita’s baby, now the twenty-year old Jacqueline Milla, finally learned that her father was Valentine Tugade, one of the seven priests who had had sex with her mother.  This was confirmed by a court-ordered paternity test.  Tamayo, the man who had manipulated the sixteen-year-old Rita, publicly apologised to her in 1991 and admitted his role in the affair.  Nonetheless, the only financial compensation that Rita has ever received was a $20,000 trust fund set up by the Los Angeles Church in 1988 for her daughter and this was done only after Rita had finally agreed to drop a slander action against a bishop.  The Church lawyer insisted that the fund was not an admission of liability but “an act of benevolence for the child.”

  • Jaz

    “Let us pray and fast in the following days so that our lawmakers will
    not pass the bill,” Reyes said  ahead of a meeting Monday in Malacañang
    between President Aquino and lawmakers supporting the passage of the
    family planning measure.

    – Tama po yan idaan ninyo sa dasal, pero pag naipasa yang RH bill at di sinagot ang dasal nyo, ibig sabihin yan ang kalooban ng Diyos.At huwag nyo sanang pagbalingan yung mga bumoto dyan.Huwag kayong vindictive, hindi itinuro ng Diyos yan.

    • OverseasFilipinoContractWorker

      kapag naipasa yan, ibig sabihin yun ang kaloobang ng tao at ng mga demonyong gumawa ng kontra-dasal tulad mo!

      • Jaz

        Sa uri ng pananalita mo ikaw ang lumalabas na DEMONYO. Kaya di dapat sikolohista2005 pangalan mo kundi satanista666.

      • akongednamzug

        Sang-ayon ako sa iyo. Kung baga ako ay isang judge sa Pilipinas Got Talent, ang sasabihin ko sa iyo, IT’S A BIG YES FOR ME ! ! !

  • kilabot

    why be scared of showing off? congs should not be afraid to show which side they will support. if they’re convinced something is good then they should be proud to show how goes their votes;
    the problem is that ph electorates are ignorant, immature and illiterates. including the congs; 
    they sell their votes for a bowl of soup. a barrel of pork in the case of congs;
    that’s why they are secretive about their choices;

    pro-rh congs cannot justify their votes other than nodding towards noykapon as provider of everything they long for;
    ignorant that the pied piper from malacañang leads a path to perversion;

    the rhbill is like the pro-rh congs, looks safe but actually treacherous.

    No to rhbill;
    No to same-sex marriage;
    No to man-beast union.

  • GMMTC11

    Kung makikita ko lang sana ang mga pari, madre at iba pa diyan na tutol sa RH Bill na katulad ni Mother Theresa sa pagtutulong at pag aaruga sa mga tao, e di tutol na rin  ako sa RH Bill ang problema hanggang bibig lang ang mga ito. Tingnan mo naman ang mga sasakyan ang gagara e yong mga mahihirap sa tabi ng daan di man lang mapansin. Pag may gigibaing bahay sa squatters area di man lang tumutulong na makapagbigay ng moral support, papaano ka maniwala sa mga yan. Kung totoong may panginoon paano mo sasabihing yon ang gusto niya tutulan ang RH Bill, di mas magaling pa pala sila sa  panginoon. 

    • OverseasFilipinoContractWorker

       tanga, kung malalaman mo lang kung saan manggagaling ang pondo ng RH Bill na sinasabi mo baka magbago pananaw mo by 360 degrees. Bopols ka? Its the Economy engot! ang argumento mo ay puro subjective. isa ka sa mga mediocre Pinoy tulad ng Bopols mong Pangulo!

      • Denis Chanco

         lets all have kids that we cannot afford to support—yes no to rh bill..who cares how they grow up, or will be eating from the trash–the catholic church says so..

      • boypalaban

        pag may nabanggit ka na pangalan ng pari o obispo na nagsabi na magyarian hanggang mamatay kahit wala nang makain, magiging proRH na ako….o sino?

      • GMMTC11

        tanga na kung tanga na hala pakainin na lang natin ng basura ang mga bata at lagyan ng palamuti ng squatters area buong bansa. napakabobo mong tao na sunod ng sunod sa mga bagay na wala kang kaalam alam kung totoo o hindi. mang mang na katulad mo ang mga humihila pababa sa bansang ito.

      • Jep E.

        haha sorry natawa lang ako sa 360 degrees… hahaha. :P if umikot ka ng 360 degrees, saan ka nakaharap pagkatapos?

      • akongednamzug

        Yan ang mahirap sa mga taong nagpapanggap na matalino. Gagamit ng mga salita na hindi naman naiintindihan ang ibig sabihin. Siguro tagahanga ito ni Michael Jordan.

  • Bewareiftheworldagreeswithyou

    We pray for those who are suffering from deadly diseases that they may also be focused on by our governement instead of free condoms.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       I pray the government focuses equally on BOTH those 1) who are now suffering, and 2) those that it can help to PREVENT it from occurring in the first place.

  • Bewareiftheworldagreeswithyou

    We were poor, and we were happy. Now that I have money, happiness went down. Rich or poor, big family or small….doesn’ t really matter. It’s our values that matter 

  • iping2sison

    I will vote for the RH bill if included if to be voted by the entire Filipino people. 

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Irrational. Why don’t these Damasos ask first those congressmen who are against the RH bill if they have discovered the weapons of fasting and prayers? Far-fetched, but I do hope they have, for they surely are running out of rational defense for their indefensible position. Think about that ‘backlash from Catholic voters’ threat. No thinking congressmen should worry  about that backlash. Remember Juan Flavier. Well, talking about backlash, there could  be a huge adverse public reaction come election time against  those anti-RH congressmen if they continue  to kowtow  to these Damasos. The backlash should also be directed against the ‘baklas’ in kimono outfits trying to dip their hands on mundane matters they fancy. That’s quite rational.   

  • Accountant Tax


  • bugoybanggers

    Naku naman! Ang dapat ipagdasal ninyo na TAMAAN ng MATINDING KALAMIDAD ANG PILIPINAS para agad 50% LAGAS sa population. Kaysa kontra kayo ng kontra sa RH Bill. Sa kasalukuyan ay talagang punong puno na ang PILIPINAS parang LRT na kailangan mag BAWAS na! Sige, SUPER BAGYO, TSUNAMI, BULKAN, GYERA, IPEDEMIA…pasok na kayo sa PILIPINAS. Marami na kasing m=nagmamagaling kesyo nakakakain ng 3x a day. Hindi man lang nag isip na SASABOG na ang BANSA sa SIKSIKANG MAMAMAYAN! Magbawas na tayo kahit masakit mang isipin kaysa lahat magsasakripisyo! Larga, ipusta na ninyo ang 50MILLION para kay haring KAMATAYAN.

    • Magsasaka

       tinatanong ni rene badinggarcia kung nakabili ka na daw ng condom ihanda mo na raw ang wetpaks mo nyahahaha

    • boypalaban

      saan saang parte ka na ng pilipinas napunta para sabihin mong sasabog na populasyon?

      wag kang magmarunong kung sablay ang kaalaman mo…

      buong pilipinas nalibot ko na at alam ko na sa maynila lang nagsisiksikan ang mga tao…

      punta ka kahit sa rizal na tabi lang ng maynila…tingnan mo kung malapit na magpatayan ang mga tao dahil lang sa espasyo…

      tingnan mo rin kung di pa nagsisiksikan mga perang ninanakaw ng mga pulitiko bago ka magsabi ng ganyang komento…

  • vir_a

    When congressmen and senators vote for the passage and approval of the bill, it means their prayers are heard and granted.

  • Stephen

    Bishop Reyes… can you please make a request to pray first for those erring priest? Fathering a child, pedophiles, taking advantage of the weak, etc….. before praying for the RH bill…

  • Jomex

    why use text messages when you can use prayer, at malaman natin kung totoo ang effect ng prayer.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • boypalaban



    • Edgardo Mendoza

      thanks boypalaban”’

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • boypalaban



  • akongednamzug

    May natatagong karunungan itong si Bishop Reyes na hinihiling ang nominal voting ng RH Bill. Ang palusot niya ay para daw transparent. Mantakin mo kung ikaw ay isang kongresista na sumasangayon sa RH Bill, magiisip ka pa ng magandang rason kung bakit ka sang-ayon sa RH Bill samantalang kung ikaw ay ayaw sa RH Bill, napakadali sasabihin mo lang ay AKO AY HINDI SANG-AYON SA RH BILL, SAPAGKAT YAN AY LABAG SA KAUTUSAN NG KATOLIKONG SIMBAHAN NA AKING KINABIBILANGAN ! ! ! 

  • Hein S

    Do not be afraid of the catholic IMAMS.
    PH is not a Theocracy like IRAN.

    The Majority Prevails.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • mangtom

    iping2sisonCollapseI will vote for the RH bill if included if to be voted by the entire Filipino people. Sagut: hoy, iping2sison: do you even realize how dumb your statement is? Appaently, not.

  • bacsann

     Senator Pia Cayetano, said that the government has a role in ensuring
    “pleasurable sex” for women, and led an effort to strike down an
    amendment deleting such language from the bill.(Government must ensure pleasurable sex for women: Philippines senator

    by Adam Cassandra

    Tue Dec 04, 2012 12:24)Ang landi nito??? jejejejeje what a funny bill…this is a solution for the gutom kababayan???? jejejejeje

  • disqusted0fu

    this is getting harder and harder for these lawmakers! there is pressure from the president and pressure from the church. if you go against the anti RH bill people, you may lose some likeability and popularity as well as some votes on the upcoming elections. if you go against the pro RH bill, which includes the president, you may lose your pork barrel for the years to come… which one has a heavier weight???

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Guest

    And the people want to know how many children you molested, dear clergy?

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