Economy bright, but not Filipino lives—SWS survey


More Filipinos are optimistic about the economy in the coming year but the number of those who expect their lives to get better in the next 12 months has declined, the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed.

In the survey, 31 percent of respondents said the economy would improve in the next 12 months, while 14 percent said it would get worse, resulting in a “very high” net score of  plus 17.

The net score marked an improvement from May’s figure of a “high” plus 8 (28 percent optimistic minus 20 percent pessimistic).

According to SWS, seven of the last 10 surveys showed a “very high” net economic optimism.

The survey involving face-to-face interviews with  1,200 adult respondents nationwide was conducted from Aug. 24 to 27.  It also asked the respondents how their personal living conditions go in the next 12 months.

SWS found 34 percent saying they expected positive changes in the quality of their life while 7 percent said otherwise, for a “high” net score of  plus 27 percent, down from “very high” plus 30 percent (38 percent optimistic minus 8 percent pessimistic) in May.

Asked about the quality of their life over the past 12 months, 21 percent said it had improved (gainers) while 28 percent said it had worsened, for a net score (gainers minus losers) of  minus 8 percentage points, slightly better than the previous figure of  minus 9 percent.

Net personal optimism dropped from  plus 39 to plus 30 in Luzon areas outside the metropolis, from  plus 37 to plus 36 in Metro Manila and from  plus 18 to plus 17 in the Visayas. It only increased in Mindanao from plus 20 to  plus 22.

By socioeconomic class, personal optimism decreased in Classes ABC (from plus 34 to plus 32), Class D (from plus 32 to plus 28) and Class E (from plus 24 to plus 20).

On the other hand, net economic optimism rose in all socioeconomic classes and across all areas in the country.

Net economic optimism increased from plus 14 to plus 23 in Luzon areas outside Metro Manila, from plus 11  to plus 20 in Metro Manila, from minus 3 to plus 10 in Visayas and from plus 7 to plus 11 in Mindanao.

By socioeconomic group, net economic optimism jumped 28 points from 0 in Classes  ABC. It also improved in Class D from plus 11 to plus 18 and in Class E from plus 3 to plus 11.  Ana Roa, Inquirer Research

Originally posted: 8:43 pm | Monday, December 3rd, 2012

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  • EdgarEdgar

    This is rather curious timing for the release of this latest SWS survey result. In a way, SWS is attempting to rationalize why the economic gains are not felt by ordinary Filipinos despite the country’s 7.1% GDP growth for Q3. More importantly, this survey brings to the fore the long-standing problem of inequitable distribution of wealth in our society. Even as the economy continues to chug along at higher GDP, there are more and more Filipinos left behind. And therein lies the disconnect between the macroeconomic gains that are largely unfelt by the microeconomic lives of vast majority of Filipino households. Positive and rosy state propaganda alone cannot fundamentally address hunger and poverty. Nor will next year’s economic stimulus in the form of massive election spending. While consumer sentiment and confidence are important, real economic progress can only be felt by real tangible results. 

    • Andrei Mendoza

      here we go again…

      maski na sabihin mo pang 40% ang itinaas ng GDP growth natin, there still be filipinos left behind, yun yung mga tamad at ayaw kumilos, yun yung mga pala-asa sa gobyerno at numero unong nasa kalye para mag-welga.

      it is no longer a “macroeconomic” issues, nasa katawan na ng pinoy ang problema, even the riches countries, problema nila yung mga bum nila.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Thanks for reading my post. You appear to be out of touch with reality. 40% GDP growth? LOL!

      • Andrei Mendoza

        taena, magbasa ka nga muna ng posts ko at intindihin mo.

      • EdgarEdgar

        I did. you made no sense at all. 40% GDP? LOL!

      • Andrei Mendoza

        hindi mo pala naintindihan ang 40%, taena maski gawin mo pang 100% GDP growth yan. lols

      • EdgarEdgar

        40% GDP? LOL!

      • Jose

        Having just read Edgar’s reply to you, I’m just going to say good luck, and may you not lose too many braincells in this argument.

      • $20722540

        do you have data to support your claim? re: about nasa katakana na ng pinoy ang problem…a pure sweeping statement with no basis.

      • Jezzrel

        sus, bulag ka malamang eh, dami kayang tamad sa pilipinas, lalo na yong mga umaasa lang sa mga relatives nilang OFW…

      • $20722540

        another sweeping statement 

      • Andrei Mendoza

        taena, tutuo naman yan, ofw din ako, at sang-damak-damak na filipino dito na ganyan ang problema. laging daing ng filipino dito, hindi pa dumadating ang padala sa bahay nila eh sang-katerbang utang na ang babayaran nila.

      • $20722540

        wag kang magmura bawal yan dito.

      • Andrei Mendoza

        oh please….. malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw.. don’t turn a blind eye to a very obvious problem. maski na daanin mo pa sa statistic data, working population vs workers.

  • bryant85

    These paid writers of gloria and critics of pnoy like tiglao and doronilla will never in their lives accept that pnoy’s administration is so far the best. Whatever cool reports whether local or foreign alluding to the bright outlook of our economy, they shall twist it for negation.

    How pathetic are all of you” he he he” will you always be that way till 2016

    • $20722540

      its about time this pnoynoy administration should take responsibility of what is happening in this country…eg data shows they are doing good but has no impact on the common tao. so i think it is you and this admin that is pathetic.

    • buttones

      Firstly, if you are going to use the Presidents nickname, it’s P.Noy, it’s not pnoy, that’s just a general term for all of us or half of us the rest being pinay. As regards being paid hacks for GMA to post ‘negative’ comments about Aquino, that’s just silly, remarkable as it might seem to you many people don’t fall in either camp. Many of us are bored to the back teeth being ruled by dynastical families anyway and simply do not blindly follow, mesmerized by trite aphorisms, [Aquino’s straight path] nor are we dazzled by bright primary colors either- we just say it as we see it, remembering that most of us live in the real world of PH with it’s awful problems- I do know of any President that ever did- since Quezon rather decided it was a very good idea to live in hell ruled by these dynastical lot- so forgive dissenters to your opinion…and don’t call them ‘pathetic’ we have no need of your pity….

    • Jezzrel

      Typical yellow fanatics… kung me critics against your/their boss, sasabihing bayaran ang mga nag kokomento…matagal na naming tanggap na umaangat ang ekonomiya natin simula pa noong panahon ni GMA, iyon nga lang walang pagbabago sa mga presyo ng pangunahing bilihin at mga services mula noon hanggang ngayon…di niyo matanggap iyan???Gusto niyo icredit lang sa amo niyo.. sige icredit niyo, di rin naman niya maibaba ang mga presyo ng bilihin to commensurate ang pag angat ng ekonomiya natin…

  • monses

    How can you say the economy is doing well?Have you done a survey regarding the situation of minimum wage earner?How about the prices of commodities like rice and sugar,high prices of gasoline,LPG ,electricity,toll rates and too much taxes.The main reason why we have seen an increase in consumer spending is that we have too much dollar remittances courtesy of  OFW’s which consequently leads to higher dollar reserves.Economy is good when there are more investors coming and our export exceeds our import.Better bridge the gap between the poor and the rich,eliminate corruption and improve the delivery of social services.Do not make pilipinos gullible.

    • Andrei Mendoza

      bridging the gap between rich and poor is like building a bridge between palawan to manila. you will not see the economy growth to fix all the problems you mentioned overnight, even china has to wait for nearly 4 decades and still many of their population are under poverty.

      • Jezzrel

        What palawan to manila, only? No it should be from Sabah to Manila man….

    • $20722540

      you don’t need to conduct a survey to get an insight about the items you mentioned. i’m sure there are secondary data available but never release to the public or you may have to do your own research.  many are saying that our economy is consumption driven (due to $Billions sent by OFW) rather than investment driven the latter is sustainable.  the reality is the poor is getting poorer and the rich getting richer, nice.  this is the legacy the pnoynoy administration will be very proud of.

  • Josemakabayan

    You know when the surveys are sprouting every time, that elections are forthcoming . This is a given fact in our country, and whoever commissioned this wants to get an early advantage to the voters mind!!!!!!

  • Albert Einstien

    lol…NOBODY now believed in surveys & propaganda….even the figures by noynoying are WINDOW DRESSED……just compare prices of everything from 7/2010 & 12/2012….you will SEE that ALL prices of goods & services are SKYROCKETING during pnoy time…the same ALSO with CRIMINALITY & 30%  UNEMPLOYMENT…that is why there is an exodus of MILLIONS & MILLIONS yearly  of OFW & migrants…they are HOPELESS & trying to escape the unbearable HARDSHIP & POVERTY due to INCOMPETENT governance…. what a shame the FC they remit is the ONLY thing that is saving the economy from collapsing…yet the pnoy govt is taking credit for it FACT they should be blame in the first place…why the people are trying to get out of the country as FAST as thay can…so sad reality

    • Jose

      General warning: please don’t take anything Albert says at face value.  He’s been corrected on several of his statistics before, but has continued spouting them regardless.

      For instance, no legitimate source has unemployment anywhere NEAR 30% (actual figures are near 7%), and Albert’s terrible at economics in general.

      Just FYI.

      • $20722540

        the 30% unemployment rate is based on a survey conducted by SWS…gov’t figures is around 22%…getting worse man!!! 

      • Jose

        Sources or STFU.

        And make sure it’s a source that doesn’t count people not looking for work as unemployed, please.  Most international sources do not.

      • Jezzrel

        So if a jobless person is not looking for work, what can you say about it? Can we count them in???

      • Jose

        Some measurements do, some do not.  IIRC, international metrics mostly do.

      • VindictivePanot

        Ginoong Jose, baka lang po hindi nyo nabasa ang aking sagot sa itaas, nais ko lamang ulitin dito na Putangina nyo po.

      • Jose

        Dapat di nagsasalita ang mga walang sinasabi.

        At ang mga bobo.

      • $20722540

        who cares?  i will leave it to the gov’t and sws to define what is unemployed to them…so they can compare apple to apple

      • Jose

        Good for you.

      • Albert Einstien

        BRAINLESS yellow zombie as alwaysTRYING HARD to get noticed…

      • Jezzrel

        what can you expect with a yellow fanatic? LOL…

      • Jose

        Barado ka lang, loser.

      • buttones

        I don’t think that’s quite true regarding your comments on unemployment- in October the Union Bank of Switzerland wondered out loud in a position paper about the way the Aquino government calculate unemployment, and suggested “there is a probability that the system of counting is a smokescreen to hide the real numbers of jobless which could bloat five times the current figure at seven percent as of July 2012” . They don’t understand the ’fuzzy math’ of how NSO calculate unemployment, and neither do I quite frankly- The NSO only count as unemployed those without a job who are looking for one- the ones that gave up looking for one reason or another are not taken into account. My personal experience of a rural area is that out of about three hundred families, those over fifteen [NSO yardstick] and under sixty with a ‘proper job’ I can count on my fingers and toes.

        There was also a survey done after this report [forgot to record that one] that came up with a figure of 29% ‘unemployed’ – definition being the people don’t have a ‘job’..
        The other thing, albeit off topic is the calculation of inflation, when that is announce next time I’ll post my views on that because no way can it be 3 or 4%.

      • Jose

        The NSO calculation methods are in line with those of the global community, who might know a thing or two.  The likes of the World Bank have their numbers at 7%, for instance.  Not counting people who are not working but not looking for work is standard practice.

        Lastly, price hikes are due in part to inflation, though alot of that is down to oil price hikes.

      • buttones

        By the way, just a question for you because I really don’t know, are OFW’s recorded as being employed? And are part of this 7%?

        And on the issue of oil, what are your opinions about the USA becoming the largest producer of oil using the fracking method? I know Canada is turning it’s once pristine environment into a cesspool, but what happens when the USA does not have to rely on the despots of the ME? What will happen then ?

      • buttones

        Another ‘fact’, the method of calculating unemployment was changed [ I forget which month] in 2005. In July 2004 the rate was 11.7% , in July 2005 it was down to 7.7%. Remarkably enough the GDP for 2004 was 1.9% and the GDP for 2005 was 1.4% – That means that as GDP declines so does unemployment? How does that work? Smoke and mirrors?

      • Jose

        …what?  GDP growth for 2004 was 6.7%, and it was 4.78% in 2005.  It should also be noted that 2004 was an election year, which spikes GDP growth.

        No idea what change in unemployment methods you’re referring to.

      • buttones

        Thank you for that, you are correct- on the other issue “The National Statistics Office (NSO) adopts a formula which started in April 2005” That was a quote from the Tribune regarding the article on UBS confusion regarding unemployment rates…clearly Switzerland, who are hardly laggards when it come to understanding economics and statistics, don’t follow the same formulae as the rest of us, and I suspect the WB statistics are fed by the information that governments give them- I have little grasp of economics, apart from the obvious personal one, income in expenditure out, a bit Dickensian I know but it works for me- I know my asset to debt ration is about 1,000,000:1 , it must be hard to figure out a country’s situation..

        On the unemployment, I find it hard to grasp that somebody who is unemployed, and is not looking for a job is actually not unemployed at all-

        The other issue of inflation, is as you say led to a certain degree by the price of oil- again, being very parochial in this matter, and monitoring my budget [a habit from being desperately poor] I find the basket of basic items from last year to this year has actually gone up by about 15%. So when government announces , maybe, a 3 or 4% increase you can imagine my surprise.

      • Jose

        Re: I’m not aware of the official rationale for not counting unemployed who aren’t looking for work, but AFAIK it’s to account for people such as housewives.

        As for the oil rises, basically oil prices pretty much affect all prices, due to transport costs.  Not really sure what methods they use for measuring inflation though.

      • Jezzrel

        Really? But how true what he says? Can you counter his ‘FACTS’? The truth of the matter is, we the ordinary Filipinos still feel the hardship in life, basic commodities prices are still skyrocketing. Criminality still rising, etc.. etc…unemployment still rises…

      • Jose

        I have, in the other comments.  He’s been called out in the past as well on his interpretation of OFW statistics.

        As for the rest of it, ‘skyrocketing prices’ are down in large part to oil price increases.  The Philippines can’t actually do too much about that.  I’ll need statistics on criminality rising.

      • VindictivePanot

        mawalang galang na po ginoo, pero hindi po ako sumasang-ayon sa inyong labis at bulag na pagmamahal sa dilaw.  Huwag nyo po sanang masamain at ikagalit, ngunit gusto ko lang pong ipahiwatig sa inyo na Putangina nyo pong hindot po kayo.

      • Jose

        No actual arguments,boring insults, etc.

        Hullo troll.

  • Guest

    I’ve always been cautious about these numbers. My general advise is not to overplay or downplay them to much.

    If this survey is correct and most Filipinos do not feel the gains, I am reminded of the time during the Marcos era when the North Superhighway and South Superhighway were under construction (as they were called in those days). The huge amount of money required to build those two toll roads shored up the country’s GDP in the 70s. As to whether it trickled down to most Filipinos, the impact may not be immediately felt. Or it may not have benefited most Filipinos as much as initially thought.

  • Riza

    I know what charts and indicators mean, but I judge the economy by my own wallet.

    • marionics

      hahaha i’m with you there

  • boymanok

    sabi ni noynoying pila-pila na raw ang gustong mag invest sa bansa ….sayang nabawasan ng isa, si amalilio ng aman futures 

  • regd

    If you believe your life will improve or not, you are right!

  • Miggs

    The magic of upgrading the lives of the people doesnt happen overnight; Napaka impatient naman ng SWS to comment on this issue; konting lakas ng ekonomiya akala ba naman e magbabago kaagad ang buhay ng sambayanan. I think the government should disband this SWS…this is a worthless organization and doesnt help the society in promoting jobs. Rather complaints a lot even to the smallest despicable questions and answers. Laking tsismoso talaga Oo.

    • carlcid

      SWS is only the messenger. It is up to the authorities to look for solutions. SWS would be remiss if it sugar-coats its interpretation of information that it gathers. The Philippines has had very decent growth for the past decade. Yes, even under the previous administration. To a large part, it is due to increasing OFW remittances and the ascendance of the BPO industry. This isn’t a recent phenomenon, and it is good to capitalize on it. But if this administration wants to make a difference, it must focus on the inequities of the system and on the social structure which is severely tilted in favor of the ruling classes. The previous administration was criticized for over-reliance on debunked “trickle down” economic policies. That is not enough. Even in India and China, which have enjoyed solid growth for a longer period than we have, growth has not provided the solution to minimizing poverty. Social barriers need to be broken, rural development needs to be addressed and political and economic opportunities need to be opened up outside the major urban areas and to the greater majority.

  • carlcid

    The Philippines cannot keep relying on “trickle down” in order to improve the lives of its citizens. The playing field must be leveled, giving more opportunities to the have-nots. Not by way of dole-outs, but by improving health, education, infrastructure, livelihood and viable employment opportunities. There must be structural change because, with the elite classes having a stranglehold on political and economic power, all opportunities for advancement will be cornered by the elite and only the crumbs will fall to the majority. That is not the way for a nation to progress.   

  • regd

    Everyone’s life will improve if you want it to be. Stop looking outside!

  • pololoy

    “Economy bright, but not Filipino lives—SWS survey”….

    why? because they measure the economy in terms of the amount the country (the government and the private sector) spend..

    and not in terms of how much the citizens’ real earnings are and their purchasing capacity … that’s why, it is just an illusion when talking about economies going up or going down… 

    it is like, the economy is going up because the country is spending more.. and the economy is going down because the country is spending less..

    a country’s economy might look like it’s riding high… but, we do not know the factors that’s driving big spending… for all we know, spending might be because we are borrowing more…

    so, it might be prudent to reserve our applause until and unless the real earnings and the purchasing power of the people improve..

  • disqusted0fu

    who do they conduct these surveys to? and where do the people base their answers? if they base it on reports, im not surprised why they think the economy will be good. the president doesnt want any bad news remember? but true results show when asked about their lives, they know its not going to get brighter any time soon because majority have not experienced beneficial change for the past 3 years, they already know what to expect for the coming year/s.

  • Andy

    In order to improve the poor filipino lives, is to provide them a decent income through employment.Manufacturing economy provides more job opportunities to most people, compared to service economy which the philippines is more dependent.Philippine Government economists are more focus on the service economy, mostly on BPO and tourism. They just neglected to encourage investors to invest in manufacturing, the real driving force of a strong economy. This is just a of matter of balancing both service and the manufacturing economy in order to provide jobs and decent income to most filipinos that would result to the improvement to the lives of the poor filipino masses.

  • Rosauro


    Ok let’s be frugal in
    the way we are praising ourselves. It is true that this economic performance is
    unprecedented. What our nation and its people want to hear is what strategy our
    government has if any, in trickling our new found wealth or to put it bluntly,
    to let the wealth flow slowly in a thin stream fashion but surely flowing into
    the suffering poor population who could hardly put foods on the table three
    times a day while the rich are becoming super rich. So can we please strive
    harder to maintain the ongoing performance humbly? We recognize that this
    incumbent government administration is indeed doing unparalleled management of
    our economy, which no administrations did in the past under world economic melt
    down, but please do it silently and deeper into uplifting the living standard
    of the poorest of the poor. We want to limit the exporting of our women as
    maids so we can walk on the streets of every country with our heads up. Ross   

  • tra6Gpeche

    Good news…  that Filipinos are optimistic about the economy in the coming year.  On the other hand, those who expect their lives to get better in the same coming year declined. How could this be? Their answer does not make sense to me. SWS survey should have asked these Filipinos why.

  • Rosauro


    Among the many
    problems besetting or I may say harassing or troubling our country continually is
    the scheme or system of employing a person and then terminating that person
    after six months of work giving the person a choice of accepting a new six
    month extension; and yet after the extension of the another six months, the
    person is once more have a choice of another extension of six months. The
    person has to survive because he has to feed his family. This is outrageous of
    the worst kind! As we look around us, the employers are mostly Chinese business
    establishments. They are the people who I may call pseudo Filipinos who married
    our women in order to enjoy the benefits of being in the retail business. In
    the past, they were lobbying in congress to pass bills for this kind of system
    or scheme. Why our lawmakers cannot recognize this kind of injustice against
    our own people perpetrated by these pseudo Filipinos?

    • KenKhoy

      totoo yan bro…..mga insik ang laong dumiin sa atin para di tayo maka-usad

  • amado_guerero

    This is great news indeed!!! Great JOB!!! Mr. President!!!

    • Maldi2

       HA? at HA?

      • amado_guerero

        Hahahahahaha talaga…onwards to triump!!!

      • VindictivePanot

        hindi po maalis sa akin ang pagka habag sa inyo.  Unti-unti na kayong nagiging baliw na tanga po.  Sabagay pwede pa pong magamot ang pagka baliw, pero yung labis na katangahan nyo po sana may matuklasang gamot sa makabagong medisina.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Sir, wala pong ibubungang mabuti ang galit …. weeeeeee….. bye >>>>>>>>

    • VindictivePanot

      mawalang galang na po sa inyo ginoo, nais ko lang pong sabihin na napaka Tanga nyo po.

      • amado_guerero

        Hahahahahahaha kung tanga ako ano ka na???mas masahol ka pa sa demonyo…nagpapagamit ka sa kanila…

      • VindictivePanot

        Bakit ka natatawa?
        Ay, ipagpaumanhin nyo po, nawaglit sa aking isipan na napaka Tanga nyo nga pala.

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw

     That’s the reality. Filipinos are getting poorer by the day. They don’t see and feel the bright propaganda of the PweeNoy Gov’t. That 7.1% growth are just statistics and numbers.

  • Torero

    “Economy bright, but not Filipino lives—SWS survey” –> di ba ito ang laging binabato nina Pnoy sa GMA admin na maganda nga ekonomiya, wala naman nakakaramdam.  E kayo rin pala e.  pinababa pa nga ng Pnoy admin ang Foreign direct investments dahil nag-focus lang sila sa paglikom ng buwis at pagtitipid (na hindi naman nagbibigay ng tunay na trabaho sa taumbayan)

  • Your_King

    The economy is bright because of Filipinos abroad aka OFW’s remittances. Locally, the PI life remains poor. Which is why people are leaving the country to find work outside the country. Aquino hasn’t done nearly enough to improve unemployment in the country which is why unemployment remains terrible.

  • Padre Agaton

    kaparehong datos at karanasan nuong rehimeng arroyo at kasalukuyang pamahalaan…mataas na gdp ngunit di maramadaman ng karaniwang mamayan at mga maralita.

    sa kondom aasenso tayo. mababawasan ang maralita sa lunsod pero dadami ang bakla. yan ang progreso.

  • Datuitum

    As long as the Philippine economy is under the control of the chinoys, we just can not expect that there’s much trickle down effect to those people at the buttom. Most of them chinoys are engage in smuggling and tax evasion. If they don’t pay tax, the government just can’t provide basic services to the people.

    • syaoransangel

      kastila. hapon. amerikano ang may kasalanan sa kahirapan ng mga pilipino nung dati. tsinoy naman ngayon. e kung humarap kaya tayo sa salamin at hindi dun sa willieng willie para makita natin ang talagang sanhi ng kahirapan?

  • Marc Avila

    alam ko na ang mga pari ay maka Dios . bakit pinagdadasal ang demonyong enrile .masyadong nakikialam sa pulitiko ang mga pari kaya dapat lang na magbayad sila ng buwis sa gobierno.

  • Padre Agaton

    tanggalin ang “contractualization” sa batas upang ang mga obrero ay makakawala sa pagkakagapos ng mga kapitalistang patuloy ang pagyaman.

    bigyan ng garantiya at sapat na proteksyon ng batas ang mga karaniwang manggagawa at hindi ang mga kapitalista ng maramdaman ng bansa ang mga datos na ipinaghihiyawan ng rehimeng aquino.

  • siegfeil

    Dito nagpapakita di patas ang pag distribute nang kayamanan or resources kung tawagin. Ang mga mayayaman na nag rerepresenta nang iilan at mga Chinese Filipinos na may may ari nang mga higanteng corporation ang siempre nag dadala nang ekonimiya natin. Si mang Pandoy siempre di mararamdaman yan sa taas nang bilihinnng mga commodities dito tulad nang pagkain, gamot,bahay… etc. Isang halimbawa lang kung 1=1 ang basis ang basurero sa Amerika nakakain nang macdo sa meals nila dito si basurerong pinoy naku hindi sigurado. Sana itigil na ang malawakang corruption galing sa pork barrel at mamonitor nang tama ang mga presyo nang commodities.   

  • rodben

    Noong Mayo nasa Portugal ako na sinasabing damay sa European crises doon walang masyadong matataas na building at walang malaking shopping mall compared sa Pinas pero construction laborer naka- Toyota at ang taxi doon ay BMW SAMATALANG SA PINAS ENGR. PUMIPILA SA SAKAYAN NG JEEP, then on the nxt month sa France na naman ako isang maliit na bayan walang shopping mall at mga condominium pero mga laborer naka-LEXUS HABANG NAMIMINGWIT NG PANG ULAM SA TABING DAGAT pero economic growth ng mga bansang ito ay FLAT ayon sa news ika nga NO GROWTH ANG EKONOMIYA, at last month lang sa Singapore ako sa MGA FASTFOOD MGA MAY EDAD NG PINOY SERVICE CREW..pero economic growth ng Singapore ay BELOW 3% lang ayon sa balita TOTOO KYA ANG COMPUTATIONS NG GROWTH NG PINAS KASI 26YRS NA PALAGING GANYAN ANG BALITA PERO BUHAY MANGGAGAWA STILL HOPELESS

  • mekeni62

    we do not need these surveys to see what the real situation is. it was never better.

    • buttones

      Exactly, the fact that 25% of the nation do not even have a toilet, is a definite improvement, the fact that HIV cases are spiraling out of control, the fact that 5 million kids are in employment, and all the rest of it. I seem to recall during the last administration 60% did not have a toilet and at least 15 million kids were employed in the cane fields- and at least hall the nation had contracted HIV as well yes . We are definitely making progress….

      • basyong

        kadami dami mong excuses toilet pa ang hinahangad mo kung toilet lang napakami nating mga ilog pagkain po at trabaho ang kailangan hndi toilet yang HIV naman walang kinalaman sa ekonomiya kundi sakit sa katawan ng bawat hayok sa laman.hehehehehe

      • mekeni62

        rise in unemployment,rise in number of the hungry poor,rise in prices of commodities.If you call these definite improvement then you must be living in neverland. You mentioned about child labor in canefields.They must have worked at hacienda luisita. Out of topic but you mentioned about HIV. You must be aware that the Philippines is among the seven countries were HIV is still on the rise. If again you would call this an improvement then you are absolutely right. May percentage-percentage ka pa. Saan mo nakuha iyang statistics mo? Your fruitful imagination serves you right.

      • buttones

        I was being sarcastic I was bordering on satire- read between the lines for the love of Mary will you….

      • ARIKUTIK

        Most of the people are hungry and malnourish because of low salary and unemployment but P.Noy administration is splashing around great achievements through Surveys. Let P.Noy eat surveys for his own delight.

  • Jack

    ano ba naman ang tanong ng survey na ito! siyempre, lahat ng taong tatanungin mo ay sasagutin na gaganda ang buhay nila sa susunod na 12 buwan. dapat ang tanong nila ay kung matutulungan sila ng ating gobyerno para mapaganda ang buhay nila sa susunod na taon 

  • jeffrey_01

    Only Political Dynasties & corrupt politicians reap the economic upsides. 
    Overseas Filipinos still suffers from maltreatments from employers just to send those precious dollars to artificially shoreup the economy of the Philippines.  They high taxes for the government officials lousy services. 

  • basyong

    aanhin mo ang mga papel na nagsasabing maganda na ang ekonimiya pero ang mga tao gutom pa rin at walang trabaho? mag isp isip naman sana ang gobyerno na hindi tamang bolahin kuno na meron na umasa sa isang palpak na balita.mas mainam na umasa ang lahat na wala pa ring makain kaysa sa umasa ng isang kalokohan

  • riccisan

    I dont care what crap these surveys are telling, nakakainis ngayon dahil nag taasaan ang bilihin at yung palitan ng peso vs dollar eh ang baba, at tataas daw ang kuryente sa 1st qtr 2013 :(

  • Psiitoon Charoenkrung

    If the gains in the economic growth is poorly manage then surely it will not affect on the lower level income people.  The government should see to it that with the economic growth and with companies raking high profits, the workers should get better salaries and social benefits.  The minimum wage law should be increased.  Thailand pushed for 300 baht daily minimum wage that is around 450 pesos.  It was being done by decreasing the taxes of the companies that follow the minimum wage law.

  • tadasolo

    In Beverly Hills California where most of the rich in live, a survey was done to check their happiness and results were similar to the Philippines

  • Josemakabayan

    What a shame !!!! When survey results is saying good things about the governments performance it will explain it further to make the story more flowery and nice to hear, but when the survey is going against the governments efforts, it remains like that, just numbers, without the hows and whys ?????

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