Some lawmakers see RH Bill won’t be certified as urgent by Aquino



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MANILA, Philippines – Despite meeting with lawmakers on Monday, some members of the House of Representatives said it was unlikely that President Benigno Aquino III would certify the Reproductive Health Bill as urgent.

Iloilo Representative Janette Garin, co-author of House Bill 4244 or the RH Bill, told reporters in a text message that the measure “cannot be certified as urgent as it is not time bound. It has, however, been listed as a priority bill.”

House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II said that 182 of their members confirmed their attendance to the meeting with the President.

Aquino could be meeting with lawmakers to “simply urge Congress to vote. He won’t lobby for either a yes or no vote but he will press us to respect the parliamentary process, appeal to those engaged in procedural delays to desist, and get on with the vote,” said Akbayan Partylist Representative Walden Bello.

Cibac Partylist Representative Sherwin Tugna said the President’s move on the RH Bill could depend on their dialogue with him over lunch as well as the Catholic Church’s response to the substitute bill. “I believe that the President will urge the legislators to be present during the deliberations, so that at the very least the RH Bill will be deliberated and debated.”

The most recent development on HB 4244 was the acceptance of a substitute version for it last week and while many feel that the President could push for voting to take place within the day, Bello expressed uncertainty over finishing the period of amendments on Monday night.

“I think there will be resumption of the amendments process, though I’m not sure if we’ll be able to complete that this evening,” he said.

But the bill’s main proponent, Albay Representative Edcel Lagman, said that he remains confident that they can breeze through the period of individual amendments and pass the measure before they go on Christmas break.

To do this, Garin said that it was important that lawmakers reach and maintain a quorum—something which has become rare since they resumed session last November 5.

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  • boypalaban

    dali…kailangang kailangan na yan….pamasko para sa mga skwater, mga walang pamasahe, walang pang-tuition, walang pambili ng gatas, walang trabaho, walang pambili ng gamot, walang classroom,….para di kumalat ang AIDS, para di na dumami ang mga streetchildren…para wala nang aakyat sa jeep at mamimigay ng sobre…daming pakinabang pala ng Bill na ‘to…

    idadagdag ko na para sa mga proRH…para di na makaporma pa ang mga damaso, cbcp, pedophile, vatican, dark ages….

    hahahahaha…wala sa ayos na mga argumento…
    sige sugod…sambahin ang mga magnanakaw na pulitikong winalanghiya ang bayan!

    sige sisihin ang mahihirap at akusahan na malilibog samantalang di mapansin ang kamanyakan ng mga hinayupak na mga taga gobyerno!

    sige …urgent yan…para sa maagang pamasko sa mga dynasty epal kurakot mga di dinisiplinang mga pulitiko at opisyal ng gobyerno!

  • dodong1


    • boypalaban

      o yung sa mag-aaprove, hingi ka ng ipamumudmod na condom…may darating na supertyphoon…kailangan ng mga masasalanta yan…

  • Comelec Voter

    Sa America pag na admit ang 13 years na babae at nag complain ng abdominal pain, isa sa mga tanong ng Doctor ay “Are you sexually active?”. Kapag nag teenager na ang anak na babae, ang nanay dinadala ang anak sa doctor para mabigyan ng birth control pills o contraceptives. Kapag ang teenager na anak ay nabuntis, pwede syang magpunta sa clinic para magpa abort ng hindi alam ng nanay. These my fellow Filipinos are the scenarios that can happen once the Reproductive Health Bill is passed.

    We don’t need the RH bill. What we need are responsible parenthood programs, jobs for every Filipinos and morality. We don’t need politicians telling us what to do when in fact they are the ones who are immoral. Politicians are the ones who needed the contraceptives so we can control their breeds. If we do not control them, soon they will dominate the Philippines and a poor Juan Dela Cruz will have no future left anymore. 

    We don’t need to spend billions of pesos for contraceptives. Those money can be better allocated in providing livelihood to the Filipinos. What the Filipinos need right now are responsible Politicians who will not steal from our country. Leaders who doesn’t have vested interest when running for government office. Leaders who doesn’t intend to build a political dynasty. 

    Yes, we need change…a Change coming from within…we need to change our perspective in life. We need to change our beliefs that these politicians are the only leaders capable of leading us here. All of these politicians wanted to pass the RH bill because of vested interest. There will be extra funds that will be added in their pork barrel that they can steal once the RH bill is passed.

    My dear Fellow Filipinos, let us examine ourselves and think…is reproductive health the solution for us to have a brighter future? How will it benefit me? Do I want my 13 years old daughter or sister becoming sexually active? Do I want to bring her in a health center for contraceptives? Or would I rather teach her morality?

    Fellow Netizens, let’s pass this message to our fellow Filipinos. Thank you…

    • UPLB-2008-3****

      “Do I want my 13 years old daughter or sister becoming sexually active?”The thing is, you should discuss that with your child. List the pros and cons (if any) of being sexually active and let him/her decide. You should be good enough on your upbringing so that he/she will realize what should be the best decision, right?

      • Comelec Voter

        That is why it is best to teach your children morality…What is moral and immoral.  Teach them values instead of making contraceptives available everywhere.  Our taxpayer’s money can be best used in building classrooms and providing livelihood projects to the people instead of wasting them on contraceptives.  

      • UPLB-2008-3****

        “What is moral and immoral”.

        Define ‘values”, “moral” and “immoral”. How did you come up with those, or rather, how did we come up with such?

        “Teach them values instead of making contraceptives available everywhere.”Di talaga gets. Kung ang gusto mong definition ng morality  ay nainculcate sa bata (notwithstanding if it’s correct or not), kahit malunod man siya sa contraceptives diyan, di niya gagamitin yan.

        “Our taxpayer’s money can be best used in building classrooms and providing livelihood…”Oh God, inis na inis na ako dito. Anyway, simple lang, prevention of bringing unwanted and “unsupportable” children in this world would bring to less spending on healthcare costs of the government, and this can be translated to saved funds and then you can use that do the building of classrooms bla bla you specified.If we do not make contraceptives available to everyone especially the poor who keeps on breeding like rabbits when in fact they cannot sustain their brood properly and thus in the end they become a burden to society (hey, don’t expect the government to provide for their sustenance, mag-ipon muna sila notwithstanding ang kahirapan ng buhay sa Pinas, bago mag-anak, hindi yong bahala na si batman), we have this vicious cycle mostly seen in depressed areas.

      • boypalaban

         ang mahihirap ba ang SANHI o BIKTIMA ng kahirapan?

      • UPLB-2008-3****

        Both. Some are only sanhi, some are only biktima, and some are both. Not really a binary one.

        Now, to uplift their lives – they must do their part – no child-bearing until they can support them physically, emotionally, psychologically and specially – FINANCIALLY. Now, alam naman nating di mapigilan ang kalibugan kahit ilang libong taon nang nagdadadakdak ang roman catholic church laban dito (which is hyprocrisy, given that there are a lot of popes which are sexually addicts, there is at least one that celebrated an orgy in the vatican ) … so contraceptives the band-aid solution.

        At ulit lang, RH bill is NOT THE ONLY. It should be along/parallel to other changes in our society in the form of relevant laws, non-corrupt politicians, etc.

    • Marlon

      kainin mo yang MORALITY mo!!!

      maraming mga PARI at LAY LEADER ang KURAKOT at IMMORAL.

      anong klaseng MORALIDAD ng SIMBAHANG KATOLIKO yang pinagsasabi mo!!!???

      katoliko ako at maraming katulad ko na sawang sawa na sa ka-IPOKRITOHAN ng mga LIDER ng SIMBAHAN. kayo ang mga ANAY sa BAHAY NG PANGINOON.


      • Comelec Voter

        Mr. Marlon, it is very obvious that you don’t understand what I wrote or posted.  I’m not a Church Leader or a Priest.  I am an ordinary citizen of the Philippines.  I never mentioned anything about Church in my postings.  I don’t know where you are getting your points and hatred.  If you have a problem with the Priests and Lay brothers, confront them.  Go to your local church and voice out your hatred.  If you don’t, then give up your religion.  What is the point of being a Catholic if you hated their leaders.  

      • tukmoldinako

        hindi naman mga pari ang usapan dito , pamilya natin, example yung kapatid mong batang babae, dahil narinig nya rin approved na ang RH Bill, magpapaalam naman sayo, magpapahingi panga sayo ng kondom sa baranggay hall kasi nahihiya, Kuya hingi mo naman ako ng condom may session lang kami mamaya, 11 years old palang ha, anong magagawa mo, sasaguti ka, e me kondom naman tsaka pwede na daw sabi ng gobyerno, morality anu yun, pok pok nato tol, kahit ayaw mo, darating ka sa bahay nyo, ayun yung bata mung kapatid ginugudtaym ng barkada, eh kuya me kondom naman kaiming gamit anong masama don, gusto mo sumbong kita sa gobyerno , he he  he he, isang araw kakainin mo mga isinulat mo, mangyayari yan sa mga kapatid mong  babae  he he he he

      • boypalaban

        wala akong pakialam sa morality  ng mga pari o lay leader…di ako katoliko!

        ang isyu ay ang pangungurakot ng mga hinayupak na pulitiko na balak na namang mang-uto sa mga nagpapa-uto…

        di ko na concern mga damaso…concern ko mabura mga walanghiyang pulitiko at opisyal ng gobyerno!

    • tukmoldinako

      i believed you, what we need is responsible parenthood, talk to the children what is the meaning of a good family life n not RH Bill.

      This RH bill will open the mind of children to be open in sex, and when parent intervene they could always answer, condom is approved by government, or what do you care which will be very hard to accept by parents when morality is lost.

  • kilabot

    urgent or not doesn’t matter;
    if certified urgent, rhbill will suffer quick death;
    otherwise, a slower death. like lgbts infected with hiv/aids disease;
    25% more of them, anal_yzing each other in wanton desire;
    perverts all. treading the path that leads to self-destruction;
    perhaps desirable for population control.

    as cancer is to a stubborn smoker, aids is to an anal_yzer;

    No to rhbill;
    No to same-sex marriage;
    No to man-beast union.

  • Marlon


  • Albin

    Ang dapat i-publish ay yung specific portions of the bill na kontra ang simbahan, at ang explanations ng boith sides on these.

  • Le Commentor

    Kung ang mga dukha nating kababayan ay walang tamang kaalaman sa pagaanak at pagiging responsable magulang o walang pambili ng contraceptives, dumadami sila at tumataas ang bilang ng mga dukha sa bansa. Ano mga apekto nito sa bansa o karaniwang Pilipino?

    1. Bumababa at naaapektuhan ang ekonomiya.
    2. Tumataas ang bilang ng squatters lalo na sa mga syudad.
    3. Dumadami ang population lalo sa mga syudad.
    4. Napupuno ang mga imbakan ng basura lalo sa syudad, kaya napakakalat kahit saan.
    5. Polusyon (Tubig, Hangin, Ingay, at iba pa.)
    6. Tumataas ang Krimen dahil walang mapagkunan ng sapat na pera para buhayin ang pamilya.
    7. Lalong bumababa ang Turismo ng bansa.

    Sino ang naaapektuhan? Ikaw, ako, tayong mga Pilipino. Lalong lalo na ang anak/mga anak mo.
    Kung magagawan ng gobyerno o ng simbahan na mabigyan ng trabaho at tamang edukasyon ang lahat ng mahihirap, bakit hindi nalang nila gawin o magtulungan? Nakakasawa na, puro boka walan namang gawa.

  • Comelec Voter

    If people wants to engage in sex, let them purchase their own contraceptives.  Why should they burden the tax payers to satisfy their sexual needs.  They need to be responsible for their actions.  People clamoring for the RH Bill should evaluate it first.

    • Hein S

      Evaluate the poor slum woman who has 12 children she cannot feed.

      Where will she get money for contrceptives when her Drunk husband wants sex?

      • disqusted0fu

        if the government focuses on providing these people with proper education and offering them employment instead of just contraceptives, maybe they wouldnt have these problems to begin with.

  • mangtom

    Comelec VoterCollapseIf people wants to engage in sex, let them purchase their own contraceptives.  Why should they burden the tax payers to satisfy their sexual needs.Sagut: Kung magsalita kayong katoliko, parang kayo lang ang nagbabayad ng tax. You have to remember that not all people, taxpayers, too, subscribe to your ignorant beliefs. So if we want our tax money spent for condoms for the poor, wala kayong pakialam. Do not tell the government not to spend MY tax based on your crazy ideas. Huwag kang makialam, pera ko yan. Keep out of my business. Gets mo? Put this in your tiny gray matter: don’t talk as if only katolico pays taxes. Yong ngang simbahan ninyo, hindi nagbabayad sa malaking investments nila, gusto pa ng mga CBCP mafiosi makialam sa palakad ng gobierno-kapal mukha. Are you intelligent enough to understand my point?

  • Hein S

    The Brave ITALIAN Lawmakers gave the people Universal RH in 1970.

    Be not afraid of the catholic IMAMS.

    PH is not a Theocracy like IRAN.

  • disqusted0fu

    he may not certify it as urgent but he is definitely putting pressure on the lawmakers and making clear what he wants by voicing out what his stance on the matter is. and you, as a lawmaker, knowing what this president is capable of and that he has an unnatural and unethical way of thinking, would be somehow scared not to give him what he wishes for, even if it means that what you have to give is not fully efficient.

  • Your_King

    Aquino’s certification of urgency is pointless. Right now he’s just coasting along and riding on his popularity as a celebrity being the son of national heroes and the brother of the queen of media. He hasn’t done much since taking office except reaffirming his hatred of fpgma. 

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


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