Bishop seeks prayers for Enrile


Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. SENATE POOL PHOTO

A Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) official on Saturday appealed to the faithful to pray for Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile in the wake of reports he may be ousted from his post for opposing the reproductive health (RH) bill.

Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Family and Life, urged Catholics to pray for Enrile to keep his job so the RH bill would not pass in the Senate.

He noted that President Aquino would be meeting with the lawmakers on Monday on the RH bill, which the Catholic Church vehemently opposes since it promotes the use of artificial contraception.

“The President once again (is) calling the congressmen and women to a luncheon meeting. He will push for a vote on the RH bill,” Castro said.

“We have also received a report of moves to oust Senator Enrile as Senate President because of (his) opposition to the RH bill,” he added.

“We beg you to pray (to) Our Lord through Our Lady to thwart all their plans. O Mary, save our country from danger. We are yours. Help us in this hour of need,” he said.

Earlier, Enrile said RH bill proponents in the Senate could not force a vote on the measure since some senators were still proposing amendments to the bill.

The Senate President mentioned Sen. Pia Cayetano, in particular, saying she could not force a vote unless the majority of senators sided with her.

But senators close to Enrile downplayed reports of a Senate coup in the making supposedly as a result of Enrile’s perceived moves to block the RH bill.

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, himself staunchly anti-RH, said there were RH bill advocates in the Senate, who nonetheless remained supportive of Enrile’s leadership.

Sen. Gregorio Honasan also expressed doubt there would be a Senate coup at this time, saying the senators were too preoccupied with priority bills on the Aquino administration’s legislative agenda.

Both, however, acknowledged they would probably be among the last to know if a coup was indeed in the offing because of their closeness to Enrile.

Sen. Francis Pangilinan, a member of Liberal Party (LP) headed by President Aquino, denied the existence of a plot to oust Enrile.

“No such thing as far as I’m concerned,” Pangilinan said in a text message to the Inquirer.

Enrile and Honasan are stalwarts of the United Nationalist Alliance that is fielding candidates against the LP-led coalition in 2013.

Sotto ran as an independent in 2010.

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  • Prince Neps

    Enrile is untouchable. But nothing lasts forever. So Enrile might not be untouchable after all. :)

    • kulittwit

       Walang untouchable sa senado. Enrile has only 4 solid votes in the senate – honasan, arroyo, estrada, and himself.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If the catholic church hierarchy in the country is not serious in adhering to the separation of state and church doctrine, of it hellbent in meddling no matter what, the next best thing for the state to do is tax the church.  The church cannot have it both ways – that of meddling but not contributing to the state to finance what the church command the state to do?

  • 1mainstream2

    sounded like enrile is dying and needed the prayers…

    • indiosbravos2002

      Sa dami ng kasalanan nya ng msrtial law,i doubt if prayers can help him.

  • Constantine

    We will pray for the removal of Enrile as President of the Senate. The catholic church is trying to be still relevant but sad to say, they have been overtaken by times.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Its about time the senate has a change of guard.

  • Constantine

    Despite the stem cell, Enrile is already old and he cannot think deeply and fairly nowadays! And he easily gets peeved like a 10 year old boy! He should have been retired by now!

    • jeffrey_01

      Stem cell is unethical and how come Catholic church is not condenming it?

      Self serving too.

  • Anqui

    I wish that the Catholic Church focused their business in the Church, and not being Apolitical.   The RH Bill is the concern of National Governing ..overly populated Fourth World country  makes governance impossible, because of very limited financial resources to provide BASIC SERVICES  to the people.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Too late, they are already affected by corruption gangrene,

      the body has to be cut into pieces.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    “Bishop Praying for Enrile”

    I feel like to vomit in the Pajero’s

    • joshua kings

      there is nothing wrong with praying for somebody else…it is a catholic virtue and teaching, in obedience to the teachings of the catholic church….if you want, we catholics could also pray for you.  just say so with your requests/specific intentions.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        My sister is already uselessly praying for me,

        God don’t need any advises, influences or ceremonial liturgy from dwarf,

        he know what he has to do, to damned the failed and corrupt churches

        and politicians, but he had forgotten the Archipelago since Magellan.

      • Bruno Batikobra

        i don’t need your prayer dude. why not just pray for aquino to die? you all go out there in the open and declare to the world your prayer that all the enemies of the catholic church die. do that and make the world better.

      • Ronilo Yap

        Talaga? magdadasal kayo para sa ibang tao? nagbabasa ka ba ng bibliya or nakikinig ka lang sa pari niyo.

  • mabyrik

    Kick him out. Now!!! He is the icon of what a senator should not be!!! 

    He is the patriarch of a senatoriable Jackie who must NOT BE VOTED in the coming 2013 election.

    As the patriarch and as the senate president, he again will use his power as SP to make his son win in that election.

    DO NOT FORGET, johnny is the also the patriarch of DAGDAG-BAWAS and Pimentel was the first victim. He institutionalized cheating in election and GMA used that system as model in connivance with “Hello Garci” in cheating FPJ in 2004 election. With his vast experience in DAGDAG-BAWAS, there is a very grave danger that jackie enrile, the most notorious bully during ML may win in 2013 and that will be very dangerous.

    Enrile’s support of RH is a mere incidental only. The most compelling reason for enrile’s ouster now is his penchant in using his immense power in bullying his way in all his wishes. He had done that in the past and he will do it again. An old dog can’t be changed overnight. He will remain as that same dog forever.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • mad_as_Hamlet

    The CBCP actually mean, “If we do not believe in Sen. Enrile, who will?  Even his son does not.”

    But on second thought, I really wouldn’t mind people praying for Sen. Enrile surviving another ambush, even if for real this time. For as long as it happens.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • joshua kings

      and you must be a communist….lol.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • NoWorryBHappy

    Mr Enrile said that if he does not believe in his son, who will ?
    Well, at least he knows the country doesn’t believe in his son.
    Oftentimes, these are words that come from remorseful parents who bring up
    their kids not even spoiled, but rotten. And the Catholic Church wants
    the country to pray for him ? For what ? So that parents will imitate him
    and bring up their kids rotten, too ? DUH !

  • Flavio

    enrile to the bishops : ‘gusto ko happy kayo’.  bweseeet….

  • randyaltarejos

    The RH bill is really intended to the irresponsible and undisciplined couples who should be given the chance to have the right number of children that they could have in a lifetime. In these trying times, responsible parenthood is so important for couples to adopt because having more children, without providing them the necessary basic needs like education, food, clothing, shelter, etc. is the most criminal act that any parent can commit in a given society. Therefore, it is only timely and right that the RH bill will be enacted into law to give couples the information that they need in planning their families. As a matter of awareness, parents who have more children are expected to suffer the burden of how to raise them in a country whose majority of population is already impoverished. In the Philippines, those who have less in life have more children to raise. And that is dangerous because parents who can’t feed their hungry children can become criminals before the law and the eyes of God.

    • joshua kings

      is that all you cared for, not to send your children to public schools, thus you opted to have less number of children?  that is so pathetic, kabayan…  and i pity you….

      • boyod

        pity first yourself for knowing nothing, isang buknoy na alipin ng mga pare 

      • randyaltarejos

        You’re not reading the context of the comment. Did I mention anything about sending my kids to public schools? You could have read the unedited or wrong comment. What I was trying to say is that to have the less number of children means less burdens on the couple or parents. Unless you’re a millionaire, go ahead and plant more seeds.

      • Ronilo Yap

        OO na, mayaman ka na, kaya mo ang madaming anak. paano kalusugan ng asawa mo? 

  • joeybg

    so, nakikita na ninyo ang mga tunay na Ugali ng mga taong nagpapanggap na alagad ng Diyos…. ang mga sumusuporta sa kanila ang kanilang pinagdarasal….. 

  • AlexanderAmproz

    The Clergy will educate sweetly his grand children’s, 
    he can trust them, they are expert in that,
    question of trust.

  • joshua kings

    edcel lagman says not to fear the catholics, for there the catholic vote is few…well, edcel, you may be right; ; but i say, what you should fear of is the God of the catholics, who will judge the living and the dead….
    go on, edcel lagman, to your ‘strawing’ (sa tagalog ‘sipsiping’) of the present administration…..isa ka namang hunyango, talaga; nung si gloria ang nakaupo, dun ka sumisipsip; ngayon naman, kay pnoy….
    you’re so pathetic, edcel lagman….

    • totan

      just asking joshua, why is our God not punishing the Talibans who are more criminal than edcel lagman?

    • boyod

      anong GOD of the catholics, BLASPHEMY! GOD, THE FATHER IS GOD OF ALL, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. joshua wga mong ma isali-sali ang AMA natin sa kalokohan ng mga taong nakasaya at naka sumbrero na kung titigan mo ay parang sungay. mangisay ka iho

    • Bruno Batikobra

      the god of the catholics are made of stone, woods, ceramics, etc. who would fear them? geez… once you read The Bible, you’ll know you are being string-up.

    • Ronilo Yap

      Do not be afraid of the Gods of the Catholics. Nasa cross yan nakapako, yong iba di makalad kaya nilalagay sa cariton at pinoprosesyon. Kahit sundutin mo pa ilong non, ganun at ganun pa rin position non..


    ANAK ZA POTE, mga kantanod talaga ‘tong mga naka-sayang puti’t helmet na ‘to…..pati yong alam-na-alam na ng lahat na nagpahirap at naging pabigat sa mamamayan ay pagdarasal basta’t huwag lang silang lumabas na mga basang sisiw sa kanilang mga TNL na mga kabig.  Ganun na ganun din ang ginawa kay pands noon na may pa-pray-over-pray-over pa, yon pala magpapalimos lang ng mga SUV at ganun na ganun din ang ginawa kay Boy Faura, para yong mga kaso laban sa mga TNL na mga naka-sayang puti ay mabigyan ng konting “kutos”.  Tapos nang lumabas na yong mga manok nilang hinimas-himas ay mga talunan at lulugo-lugo, biglang pihit at lipat na naman sa iba….kung saan mamamantikaan ang kanilang mga gilid, doon sila pipihit. Akala ko pa naman ay may makikitaang delicadeza sa mga TNL na ito na wala na sa mga pulitekero na na sa pwesto…..yon pala ganun din kundi mas masahol pa. Noon, bira-ng-bira kay PNoy, ngayon naman ay halos himurin ang bahayn ni PNoy para ma-linya sila sa POWER and AUTHORITY na siyang pinakaka-asam-asam nila na pina-iiral sa Vatican sa pamamagitan ng mga titulo at mga pwestong walang katuturan sa mamamayan… at para sa kani-kanilang kapakanan lamang.  WHAT a bunch of RELIGIOUS CARPETBAGGERS in the cast of pharisees.  Kadiri to the Nth degree.

    • Ronilo Yap

      Ang sabihin mo may Pay-Per-Pray na.. Ang lakas na pagkakakitaan non.. Alam nang mga pari na mas marami ang gustong maligtas sa araw nang paghuhukom, eh lahat tayo guilty sa kasalanan, opportunity yon para sa kanila.

      • UrHONOR

        “sa araw nang paghuhukom” —-KWENTONG KUTSERO ni Damaso.  Tunay na pagkakakitaan, lalong-lalo na sa mga bulag at nagbubulagbulagan…sa mga binge at nagbibingebingehan.

  • Rae_E

    This reflects how rotten this bishop & CBCP are. Never mind if Enrile was the executioner of Martial Law responsible for thousands of human right abuses, destabilized gov’t. w/ repeated coups, sucked up the nation’s resources & entrenched himself perpetually in power so he’ll never be held accountable for his past sins. CBCP should pray for Enrile to repent for the sufferings he’s done to us. But no, the only prayers they know are how to remain in power. These false prophets who enable these unconcionable trapos are the reason why this nation is miserably poor – morally, spirtually & materially.

  • divictes

    Prayers? Try exorcism.

  • boyod


  • totan

    Fr. Castro, please enlighten me.  I cannot understand why we have to pray to GOD that Enrile will    not be ousted from his post.  What I thought is that if GOD is really AGAINST RH BILL, He has the power to block its passage.  This is no need for a prayer.

    Or GOD has respect for the separation between the Church and the State, that is why it is not meddling in the affairs of the govt.

  • blainz

    The CBCP has lost their senses. After giving the thumbs up on a teen vampire movie, now they endorse the Senate Presidency of Martial Law’s architect? Contraceptives are now more immoral than murder and oppression?

    I can’t complain too much though; supporting Enrile simply makes the church’s influence in the country all the weaker. Expect the more sensible Catholics to further regard their own clergy with indifference, if not outright disgust.

    If the CBCP wants to intrude this much into politics, they better start paying taxes.

    • Ronilo Yap

      Yes, only vatican benefited from all those abuloys.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If any representative of the catholic church can present evidence/proof of GOD having come down on earth and meeting Philippine clergy and presented with a tablet similar to  that of Moises stating;  it is GOD’s will that R H bill now the subject of legislative work is not, should not and forever will not become a law of the land, then and only then perhaps will the CBCP will be justified in their meddling ways.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Moses living in the XI BC was illiterate as the Hebrew discovered
      writing in the VI BC, five hundreds years later,
      became monotheist on the second century BC.

      Hebrew where errant Bedouin in the desert, no art, no architecture, no writing,
      nothing left and can be check for the period before they became settler’s.

      For Jesus no proof either, but the important thing are his messages,
      becoming law in Europe, protecting well the poor, nobody left on the side walk, 
      opposite in the Philippines where nothing is Christian in the society attitudes,
      except a strange liturgy smelling dark abusive and oppressive Feudal ages.

      The Bible, particularly the old Testament, has some Historical and Archeological problems, (without to take in considerations the amorality of the text who is a call for violences, unacceptable in a modern world)
      nothing match with the reality, should read Herodote or check with archeologist’s,
      strangely every proof vanished thiner than air.

      Thank’s of the Greek’s, Roman’s, Egyptian’s, Babylonian’s and some others,
      plus archeology this period is well known, 90% of the bible is not accurate…..

      This is normal for stories told mouth to hear during centuries,
      the text’s where changed many times, translated from the original Aramean into Greek, Latin and finally thank’s Luther, translated in common languages.
      Often translations are changing some significations, as not everything can be translated,
      as don’t have equivalent form of sentences, syntax and words changing from one language to an other.

      Maybe, one day we will have some more informations,
      meanwhile, may i suggest you to be cautious ?

  • Bengatibo

    C’este la vie!!! If Enrile needs to be ousted as Senate President, so be it!!! He is puppet to Catholic Church just to get his son be elected as senator. Enough of the delaying tactics and end of debates. Let them vote para magka-alaman na. I am surprised that PNoy does not impose his political will and certify  the RH Bill as urgent. Pinapabayaan munang mag-away-away,which is dividing the country!!! If it is pass ok, if it is not pass then so be it. At least nagbotohan na!!! The taong bayan is waiting to see the results of the vote!!! Babalik ang respeto sa Simbahan Katoliko pag tinigilan nila ang pakikialam sa ating pulitika!!! Mag-isip -isip muna sila. A lot of Cathics are turned off because of their meddling with politics!!!!

  • Aris Kalayaan

    Do the CBCP, like Enrile, viewed the Filipino people more of a commodity?

  • randyaltarejos

    Perhaps, the RH bill must also include a provision, when enacted into law, to castrate husbands who cannot control their libidinal desire, which is the reason why the country’s population continues to grow unabated.

  • abbaj

    so??? maraming ipinapatay via asso (arrest search and seizure order) yang si mr. martial law. kumukuha lang simpatiya yang si mr. martial law para ma elect si jackie “anido” enrile para hindi matapos ang pandarambong nila sa cagayan. so mga bizness-shop magpabola kayo. o gusto uli nyo ng mga suv? maniniwala ba ang mga tao na pro-life si enrile eh ang dumi ng taong yan? si enrile pro-life? sinong lolokohin nya hahahaha! hindi lahat ng tao sa pinas bobo!

  • Bruno Batikobra

    pagano pa rin? praying to madonna, the lady? the mother of tammuz? the wife of nimrod? you guys in the church really believe madonna and tammuz can alter things? geez…


    This is no different from the order by Cardinal Innitzer to all Austrian churches to fly the swastika flag, ring bells and pray for Hitler in honor of the latter’s birthday. 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Panzer Pope can do the trick

  • $23257130

    mabuhay si senator enrile.

    ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan!

    • juancrossofthe

      i do not understand other Filipinos.. this type of politician/person should have been put in jail for a long time. He is the No. 1 balimbing of all times . and just riding whoever is in power… DO NOT VOTE ANOTHER ENRILE… Make it this is the last of them and they can be investigated for there wrong doings starting during the martial law… Marcos should have succeeded to eliminate him …..

    • mucho_cheapo

      You’ve got to be kidding me.

  • Rizalina Rizal

    The Catholic Church is supporting bloodthirsty, deceitful (He is very good at deceiving his enemies and the Filipino people more than anybody else.) and big-time kurakot Enrile? It also shows that the Catholic Church is self-serving- just like those kurakots in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.

    The Catholic priests must tell their constituents not to vote or support a kurakot, mentally and physically lazy and deceitful political candidate- not just not to support the RH bill. Hindi dapat sila makialam sa politics? So what. The Iglesia ni Cristo and the other religious organizations are pushing their constituents who to vote for or support this coming elections. If they keep trying to be puritan, siguradong lalo silang mahuhuli sa biyahe.

  • John

    Until now I still don’t understand why Filipinos keep electing this guy.  During EDSA I, Enrile admitted that the 1972 assassination attempt on him that killed his driver was stage-managed. That event was used as the pretext for triggering martial law.  Does nobody care about that poor driver?  Enrile was clearly involved in planning that event in particular and in fooling the people that martial law was necessary.  Why was he not made to answer for the crime and was instead elevated to one of the highest positions in the land? Why is the church asking people to pray for him just because he supports their agenda?  Just asking.

  • Rolly257

    Enrile, Marcos, Binay, Erap. Sotto, Gloria and the Carholic Church are marked for ignominy. Mga pahirap sila sa bayan.

    • mucho_cheapo


  • Klepto

    Pray him a misa requiem.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Should do a package deal with Imelda, relative’s and friends…lol

      • mucho_cheapo

        Ha-ha. Puede siguro. Isama na rin natin si Sotto, Honasan, Revilla. Yung mga engot sa Senado

  • Rizalina Rizal

    Free vasectomy must be promoted by our government and the business communities as one way to control our population. It has more benefits than ligation or any other birth control method.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      This should be done to the Priest’s at first, to take away the balls will be safer,
      as the Vatican cannon rules turning them into perverted.

  • John

    A friend once told me the real reason the church opposes the rh bill is that it wants more poor people added to the population.  The poor, he says, is the main source of church money because they are the ones who keep going to church to pray due to their economic situation.  They give what small amount they have as tithes but because of their sheet number, these small amounts add up to millions every month – tax free.  Which also begs the question that if the church is not paying any tax, what gives it the right to meddle in governmental affairs.

    • Abdul Rashid

       More births, more baptism, more baptism means more money for Vatican the whorish church. Bottom line ? Its all about money.

    • jogo4

      Agree ako sa iyo,kasi ayaw nilang makabangon ang Pinas sa kahirapan baka wala ng masyadong mag-simba na mahihhirap para mag-donate, di tulad sa Amerika at Europe wala masyadong nag-sisimba dahil mayayaman ang mga tao…at ang turo sa tao na mag dasal sa tao (Inang Maria) kaysa direkta sa sa Amang Diyos….“We beg you to pray (to) Our Lord through Our Lady to thwart all their plans. O Mary, save our country from danger. We are yours. Help us in this hour of need,” he said.

    • George Lapulapu

      i dont think that is their main reason.

      they are simply out of touch, clueless, and still think that all roads led to Rome.

  • just_anotherperson

    Senator Sotto at Enrile.  Mga tao na hindi mo akalain na magiging matibay na supporter ng RH Bill.  Mabuhay po kayong dalawa.

    Kung ang tao ay hindi pwede magbago ay hindi ako susuporta sa inyo.  Pero tulad ko, nag-bago kayo.

    Maraming salamat sa pagdepensa ninyo sa katotohanan.

    • Noel

      Pagdepensa sa katotohanan o pagdepensa sa mga ipokritong Pari at Obispo?  Ang katotohanan ay lumulobo ang populasyon ng Pilipinas at patuloy na dumarami ang mga anak na kulang sa pagkain, tirahan, kalusugan at edukasyon.  Anong alam ng mga Pari eh wala silang mga pamilya at anak.  Di nila alam kung paano magpatakbo ng isang pamilya.  Ang alam lang nila ay buntisan ang mga babae at makipagrelasyon sa mga kapwa lalaki.

      • just_anotherperson

        Hindi ba kayo tao at walang makasalanan sa hanay ninyo? Kung ganoon ay sa inyo na ako sasama dahil puro kayo santo baka mahawa ako.

        Maghanap ka ng responsableng magulang na nagugutom ang anak. Hindi kasalanan ng Diyos o ng Simbahan ang kagutuman sa mundo.

  • $14334231

    heto na po sila!!!!!…ang kanilang homily?…..sasabihin…IBOTO NINYO SI JACK ENRILE!!!!….hay naku…..baka mas maganda kesa mitsu-bisyo ang ibinibigay ni manong juan sa mga “obese-po”….dahil juan din lang ang pangalan mo…ba’t di mo na lang IBIGAY ang pork barrel mo kay tukayo mo… JUAN DE LA CRUZ!!!!!!…..maisuli man, maski konti,  ang kinamkam mo noong martial law….

  • juancrossofthe

    when i read this article “PRAY FOR ENRILE” .. i thought he is near death… and i was thinking ..GOOD ! !  God has taken one of the bad ******* and makes the air fresher to breath in the Philippines and the CHURCH is giving him his last sacrament… lol

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Will have some worms to go fishing…lol

  • divictes

    The Bishops still don’t get it, JPE is using them to get Jackie a seat in the senate and their rabid bias to RH is making them blind to JPE’s real intention. JPE does’nt care about Catholics, his martial law record has shown that.

    • Noel

      If people know that it’s his son running for senator, this notorious killer son would lose.  The problem is JPE may instruct his campaign staff to deceive the voters by not saying it’s his son running.

  • Abdul Rashid

    Pati na ang sinbahng katololiko ay nakisawsaw na rin sa maling gawain ni Enrile. What this hoodlum bishops should do is to ask Enrile that he may repent for his past crimes. Faking ambush, human rights violations during MSARCIAL LAW and for crafting MARTIAL LAW himself. I see the Catholic church as a prostitute making love to Enrile for money or favor.

    • Noel

      Ano pa nga ba?  Pero ang laging sagot ng mga ipokritiong Pari ay ginagawa nila ito para sa tao at Diyos.

  • Noel

    Pray for Enrile if he’s dying not because he’s anti-RH.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Wish him long life and sufferances. 

    He deserve to pay a dear price before to  go in the History bin.

    Basura na basura….

  • 56del_11

    CBCP hayaan nyo nang mag Senate coup at nang masipa na si enrile. bakit ba labag kau sa RH bill dahil kapag mas madami populasyon mas madami papabinyag, kasal,kumpil, at mamamatay,etc.,syempre mas malaki kita ng simbahan, eh pano naman ang pinas, lalo naghihirap ang buhay 

  • tolits31

    bakit tong mga pari,,nakikialam pa sa senado,,masyado ng mayabang tong si enrile,,pabayaan na ninyo maalis yan,,LUMAKI NA NAMAN ANG ULO…matanda na yan kaya dapat ng palitan..

    • mucho_cheapo

      Actually it’s time for him to go. He’s SENILE.

  • wawa2172

    What is our concern if Enrile is ousted as senate prexy. He have already served as such for a long time now since pahahon pa yata ni GMA. Well, Pork Drillon is just waiting for the seat that need to be replaced because he is to fat for it. The Bishop should not be afraid of the vote for RH bill. We are in a democratic country and that is the job of the senate to vote for the measure kahit pinatatagal pa nang mga anti-RH ito. Will RH change the course of population in this country? That I doubt because many Filipinos wants to have sex without contraceptives dahil nakakabawas daw nang pag kalalaki. Nonetheless it is the unwanted pregnancy, over population and  health care lalo na sa mga babae na gusto lang anakan at anakan nang mga asawa. Responsible parenthood could only be attained if we have means to plan the number of children in the family. Hindi madali mag palaki, mag pakain at mag paaral nang napakaraming anak. This country is mired with poverty at alam ito nang ating mga obispo. Natural methods of planning the family that the church wants to its flick should only be considered as one method of family planning. Dapat mayroon pang ibang alternative and the RH Bill will provides the other methods with the help of the government.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.

    GlorIa Gift to Mitsubishop and Safari 

    Butuan City Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, who received a Mitsubishi Montero, Bontoc-Lagawe Bishop Rodolfo Beltran (Nissan Pathfinder), Abra Bishop Leopoldo Jaucian (Mitsubishi Strada), Cotabato Archbishop Orlando Quevedo (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace), Basilan Bishop Martin Jumoad (Mitsubishi Strada), Zamboanga Archbishop Romulo Valles (Toyota Grandia Hi-Ace); and Nueva Segovia Archbishop Ernesto Salgado (Isuzu Crosswind).

  • andrew lim

    I find it funny that the Catholic hierarchy is only too willing to ally itself with extreme right wing politicians like Enrile, Honasan, Tatad et al just to achieve its anti-RH objectives. As if it was saying, ” Di baleng corrupt and oppressive basta anti-RH!”

    If Hitler were alive today, they would probably invite him as a guest speaker, too in their anti-RH rallies. Hitler was vehemently anti-contraception.  

  • virgo57

    Itong mga hipokritong obispo ay nagpumilit maharang ang RH bill at ang pinakamasaklap ang hudas na senate president ang ginawa nilang instrumento. Kaya hindi makausod ang Pnas dahilan sa baluktot na doktrina ng Romano Katoliko.

  • bryant85

    I doff my hat to enrile on the issue of RH Bill for as one frequently notes, he’s a flaming hot anti, but on the issue that he be booted out of the senate presidency well, that’s part of the political rough and tumble melodrama that’s expected and accepted by each senator, so if he  loses the nod of he majority then he must go.

    To me the RH Bill is a satanic law and the proponents are the devil’s advocates 

    • buttones

      Survey indicates over 70% of this nation support this Bill, which means 70% of us are the devil’s advocates? Wow!

    • George Lapulapu

      ..the way pro-RH bill demonized those who wants choices is actually the reason why they have a hard time convincing others to support their cause.

      ..for how can you support someone who condemn the devil in a far devilish way?

      ..try again. the RH Bill debate does not only reveal where we are in this choice, but how we conduct ourselves. sadly, you are giving anti-RH a bad name the ay you demonized others whod do not share your self righeousness..

      ..i thank you..

  • Bystander

    What’s is new with CBCP! Lagi naming nakikisawsaw yan sa pulitika, parang ipinananakot nila sa mga tao ang relihiyon na para bang sila lang ang pinapakinggan ng diyos.

    Wala rin sila talagang paggalang sa Constitution concerning the separation of the church and the state! 

  • Hannah Blake

    What? Pray for Enrile? Wow naman Bishop! Do not take the name of  the Lord thy God in vain! Do you really practice what you preach?

    • Adam_d_langgam

      pray also for the bishops – baka sakaling matauhan

  • No Mind

    The move of the Academians silencing Senator Barabas is only one way of crippling down one pillar of the false religion as mentioned in the book of the Apocalypse! Maybe this one is the next, beheading the head of the serpent. Once the head of the snake is cut, the entire body dies!  

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    They may be able to maneuver the Senate because it is a small political body but for RH lobby to be able to maneuver millions of Filipinos, that is not possible!!!

  • $37644997

    To CBCP pray for someone who doesn’t know how to pray and pray for yourselves instead.

  • virgo57

    The CBCP heirarchy is enjoying so much privileges that they even interfere in political affair and imposed tempo as they pleases. True to its doctrine, they are like spectators who placed their bets of gladiators of their choice and seemingly they tapped Enrile to vocalise their opposition of the RH bill.The CBCP has no demarcation between church and state distinction and it is high time that the government will impose TAX to this sect. Being too passive by the previous administrations was gravely abused and the time for a change is now. Enough for kaplastikan at pakikibagay sa Mga hipokritong CBCP whom some of them have their own illicit families.

  • Sinugba

    The Philippine Catholic Church wants most filipino families to wallow in poverty and do not want to uplift their economic condition. They need them to feel hopeless in material want and in their desire to better themselves so that they will seek solace to the Church. Padre Damaso mentality. If the Church continues to act like this it may find itself irrelevant in the future.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    liezl (daughter of amalia fuentes) left showbiz kasi ni-rape ni jackie enrile (son of juan ponce enrile, same guy that supposedly killed alfie anido).

    • batangsulpok

      Si Enrile ang DND Secretary kaya lahat ng kaso ni Jackie ay nawala.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Catholic sex abuse cases
    The Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of convictions, trials and investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse crimes committed by Catholic priests and members of Roman Catholic orders against children as young as 3 years old with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.[1][2][3] These cases included anal sex, and oral penetration, and there have been criminal prosecutions of the abusers and civil lawsuits against the church’s dioceses and parishes. Many of the cases span several decades and are brought forward years after the abuse occurred. Cases have also been brought against members of the Catholic hierarchy who did not report sex abuse allegations to the legal authorities. It has been shown they deliberately moved sexually abusive priests to other parishes where the abuse sometimes continued.[4] This has led to a number of fraud cases where the Church has been accused of misleading victims by deliberately relocating priests accused of abuse instead of removing them from their positions.[5] 

  • otire

    Halatang ayaw nang maniwala sa prayer nyo. Kaya gagamitin nyo na naman ang taong bayan.

  • Philcruz

    There, you see? Enrile’s trick is already working. He has succeeded in getting this over-excited over-acting Fr. Melvin Castro to implore for prayers for him. This ol’ man is smart, really smart. And this priest played right into Enrile’s game. Duhh…

    • napali808

      We all know that Enrile is a user and these dumb bishops are just dancing to his tune.

  • No Mind

    Pray kayo ng pray. Kayo lang mga pari ang kumakain ng tama. kaming mga inutil na hampas lupa dito walang malamon. ganyan ba katanga ang dyos nyo?

    • noel

      mahilig ng drama enrile na yan…ganun yung martial law – pinipeki o drama ang lahat na circumtancia..

  • inca

    Maybe that prayer may turn adverse and enlighten JPE to support instead the RH bill which is a better outcome…thanks Father Castro.

    • mucho_cheapo

      Puede rin. Alam naman natin na si Enrile ay parang Kawayan…he swings with the breeze kung alam niyang tagilid siya. He was able to stay in politics for soo long by swaying to the breeze when pertinent issues are relevant.

  • Tausog51

    As long as the teachings and dogmas of the Church are promoted, bishops and priests will support the leadership of Sen. Enrile, even if this guy was the chief implementor of Martial Law in connivance with Marcos.

  • RyanE

    CBCP once again is peddling lies. Businesses run by the RC church should be taxed, the bishops to pay taxes too like any ordinary pinoys, and by then I will not object to their criticism or meddling in government affairs.

    These bishops will do anything just to oppose the passing of the RH bill, by supporting a plagiarist lying thief senator, praying for an old lying martial law ex-administrator, and recommending to the youth to watch a movie about vampires and werewolves.


  • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

    Who cares about these bishops!

    • buttones

      Bishops ..[I assume]

    • George Lapulapu

      ..Jack Enrile?

  • bugoybanggers

    Ipasara na ninyo ang CATHOLIC CHURCH, puro kayo daldal at dak dak. Simple lang naman di ba? Mag organisa kayo ng milyong katao sa buong MM at doon kayo sa ANDA CIRCLE malapit sa CBCP headquarter. Puro kayo paninira dahil hanggang diyan lang ba ang alam ninyong gawin? Yayahin ninyo ang mga taga eskwater o lahat ng mga patay gutom na mga PAMILYANG palabuy labuy sa MM at pakainin lang para dumalo sa RALLY ninyo. O nananawagan ako sa mga KALABAN ng KATOLIKO. Larga na, wag puro daldal. Pwedeng itapat ninyo sa PASKO para may tama at tumbok na tumbok! Suportado kayo ng inyong paniniwala! Mag banat naman kayo ng buto! Yung mga nag aakusa sa mga MANIAKIS at SEX OFFENDER na mga PARI, ilabas na ninyo ang inyong pagmumukha at isigaw ninyo ang dapat. Magsunog na rin kayo ng mga REBOLTO o kahit ang MANILA CATHEDRAL sunugin na ninyo! Wasakin na ninyo ang KATOLIKO para wala na kayong problema, mag rebolusyun kayo ayun sa inyong paniniwala at wag maging DUWAG! Di ba problema ninyo ang mga KATOLIKO! Sige na! Abante na!

    • Robin

      Ah, the face of religious fanaticism. How quaint. 

  • buttones

    If people want to pray for Enrile so God allows him to keep his post, fine- I think that’s trivial, and I for one have better things to do with my time. I mean at what level of society are these bishops aiming at? Praying for some guys job?
    Enrile holds a point of view, others hold a different view and I might add that over 70% of this nation actually support the Bill. It is extraordinary that people who really know little about the actual effects of unwanted pregnancies, should take it upon themselves to promote unlimited breeding- Catholic priests know nothing about relationships between men and women, children and their parents, they live a cloistered, secure world. It is rather unfortunate that any slowing down of the expansion of our population will have an adverse effect on the coffers of the Church- well they will just have to deal with that. These Bishops are becoming very irritating… the so called keepers of morality in this country, looking around me I think they have failed completely. Praying to save some guy’s job?

    • mucho_cheapo

      Some priests know a lot about relationaship between men and women. Maraming Pari ang nakakabuntis at nagkakaanak pero tinatago ng Simbahan. But their area of expertise is Pedophilia. Mahilig sila sa mga young cute Boys. Bunch of Hypocrites!

  • Maitum

    We need your prayers more for the coming superstorm to spare us, not for the RH Bill. 

  • mangtom

    Sana hindi lang ang pagtigil niyang senate president ang dasal ng mga mitsubishops. Dapat ipagdasal siya para mapatawad siya ng kanyang pagpatay ng maraming tao noong may martial law at ganon din ang anak niyang murderer.

  • kinutil


    • George Lapulapu

      ask Apollo Quiboloy becuase Quiboly said he is the anointed son fo God and Quiboloy is the way to the father… LOL

  • George Lapulapu

    Bishop seeks prayers for Enrile:

    Meaning –Bishop seeks faithful to rally behind Senatariable Jack Enrile

    CBCP and Anti-RH Bill, come out with your support to Jackie Enrile and let us see how the electorates will vote.

  • bgcorg

    It is doubtful whether the much publicized acceptance of as many as 70% of Filipinos for artificial contraception is really correct (?!).  There is consensus that poverty and corruption should be licked, the sooner, the better; but the statistics of majority of Filipinos, even Catholics, favoring the LEGISLATION of the rh bill is another matter.  Legislators should cultivate an informed, certain and correct conscience by docility to the teachings of the Natural Law and should remove barriers of ignorance against objective, morally consistent NORMS and even risk unpopularity if needed, so that the light of truth may shine and illumine all those in darkness.  In the end it is not popularity which is important here.  Considering that the Church is insisting all men to see the light of truth, moral bases may not be jettisoned and endanger right reason, morality and defence of what is truly good, true and beautiful in the Filipino. Listening is more a virtue than belligerent and vociferous nonsense.

    No to the rh bill.  Christians are challenged by their faith and fidelity to the gospel to resist the forces of evil.  The devil goes around the world no end, roaring like a lion, seeking someone to devour.  Current developments tell us that it is not necessary to adopt artificial contraception and suppress human births to be able to achieve economic growth.  The testimonies of analysts and news organizations, both international and local, credit our resilience today to our young and vibrant workers.  We should not ignore what God may be telling us in many and various ways today to be docile to his will.  NO TO THE RH BILL!

    • ThePattern

      ikaw dapat bendisyunan

    • Hein S

      Sorry, but BUDDHA and ALLAH do not agree.

  • Drake Relucio

    kapal niyo CBCP. Mind your own business. Mga hypocrite. Liars. 

    • Francis81

       Mas hipocrito si Pweenoy. Kakasipsip niya lang sa mga obispo tapos pagtalikod tulak kaagad ang RH Bill.

  • virgoyap

    “He noted that President Aquino would be meeting with the lawmakers on
    Monday on the RH bill, which the Catholic Church vehemently opposes…” This is a sweeping statement by the media. It’s not the ENTIRE Catholic Church who vehemently opposes the RH bill it’s only a portion of it especially the hierarchy. I myself is a Catholic but I’m pro RH and I’m not alone we are the majority of the Catholic Church who are pro RH including the President himself. Who said so that we are not part of God’s People?

    • Robin

      In the article, they referred to the Catholic CHURCH, not Catholics in general. The official stance of the Catholic Church is that they oppose the RH Bill, whether or not the majority of church goers actually agree to this. It was not a sweeping statement. A sweeping statement would be more along the lines of “All Catholics are against the RH BIll”, which we both know are false.

      • Gia1234

        I am with virgoyap on this. The church is the people, Robin. If you say the catholic church is against RH bill, that is a sweeping statement alluding to all the followers of catholicism as against it. The more correct phrase to use would have been “….. the RH bill, which some leaders of the Catholic Church in the Philippines vehemently opposes”. Let us not forget that in Italy, home of the Vatican, women have access to reproductive health information and contraception. 

      • AlexanderAmproz

        In Italy you have also divorce and abortion,
        and this is only common sense,
        they need years to understood it, thank’s of the Vatican Clergy….
        Italy can’t afford to be Europe backward on those welfare development questions.

        Remote and backward regions need more time,
        this is normal.
        Even in Europe, places outside of trade routes alike
        some mountains, Island’s, remote country side or
        former isolated communist countries(mostly Poland)
        changing on a slower pace, nothing is more casual
        in the world history.
        Have a look in the Philippines, changes are faster in Manila.
        Few years ago I was used to stay with natives in Mindanao
        wearing J string’s, carrying spears, bows and arrows.
        On those places, no roads, electricity, radios or TV,
        almost no informations reaching them.
        Igurot’s, Ifugao’s, Apao’s, Kalinga’s, Aeta’s, Bajao’s, Tausug’s, where in advence to the Manobo’s.
        Manila is late to HK, London, Geneva or New York,
        it can’t be another way !

        Among the most wonderful peoples i meet where Native’s,
        atrocious victim’s of some super rich land grabber’s and mining.

        Everything are mostly “Educations” questions,
        with fake text books, Philippines is heading in the wrong direction,
        the remoteness direction on purpose to avoid any changes
        to protect stollen assets of the “elites” and Clergy, their partners.

        Ready to lie or kill for that !

      • bugoybanggers

        Robin, kulang ka sa kaalaman, mag tour ka sa mga bansang KATOLIKO wag lang sa PILIPINAS. Wag mong ilahat ang mga KATOLIKO, maraming KATOLIKO na kunyari KATOLIKO. Tandaan mo iyan, media press release lang natataranta ka na? Sa tingin mo marunong magDASAL ang karamihan sa mga KATOLIKO?

      • NYPinoy

        Robin did not understand the meaning of the word “church”, while Virgoyap showed sophisticated understanding.  “Church” means the people of faith.  It is not the building or the bishops.  That is why Virgoyap cited himself as a member of the church and claimed that their position is in the majority.  He also differentiated the “church” from the “hierarchy”.  Sharp.

    • Nueva

       eh d c padre damaso tama ba hahaah

  • ApoNiLolo

    “(CBCP) official on Saturday appealed to the faithful to pray for Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile in the wake of reports he… ”

    Akala ko inatake sa puso o natigok na! Sayang… >: D

    • Hein S


    • pelang

       har-har-har! apo ni lolo, yon din ang aking akala.

  • Joboni 96

    namumulitika pa rin si padre damaso
    kahit may separation of state and church na

    i tax na ang simbahan
    kung patuloy pa rin yan

    lalo na pag export ng perang pilipino
    sa vatican

  • EdgarEdgar

    Huh? Can we just pray for Enrile’s soonest demise instead? And his son’s defeat next year?

    That would be preying for two birds with one stone.

    • mucho_cheapo

      Agree. The sooner, the better.

    • Jose

      That might be the first post of yours I’ve ever agreed with.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Enrile is the one person who can unite this country against him.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    They pray for Pajero’s and envelopes and got them,
    now they are praying for Enrile,

    Do they will got him ?

    Who know’s, God…

  • Adolfo Badiola

    Now that the bishops have joined in the fray, the other senators should now make it a priority to oust Enrile. Just to show these bishops who’s the boss.

  • Camilo_Cienfuegos

    …the bishops request to pray for enrile to let him retain the presidency of the senate???
    …why not also request to pray, to let jackie enrile becomes a senator????
    ….why not also request to pray to have the cbcp transferred in cagayan???

    …..why not also request to pray to re-impose the martial law????

    • white scorpion

      …..why not also request to pray that the priest do their job EFFICIENTLY, much MORE..EFFECTIVELY. or, the other way around.

  • Ganymede

    Grabe! These bisops would even side with the trapos as long as they do what the bishops told them to do. The bishops didn’t even bother if the person they sided are trully good or bad. It’s like i scratch your back you scratch mine. The bishops are so passionate on their fight against RH bill but not so with corruption in this country.

    • white scorpion

      ‘kala kasi nila panahon pa ng kastila. naghahariharian.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • bugoybanggers

      Mahal na mahal kita Ed, sama ka na sa akin. kailangan na kita. Maluwag sa amin, pwede tayong mag BBQ oras oras. hahahahhaa!

    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • bugoybanggers

      Mahal na mahal kita Ed, sama ka na sa akin. kailangan na kita. Maluwag sa amin, pwede tayong mag BBQ oras oras. hahahahhaa!

    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Ganymede

    Kala ko ba confident ang mga anti-RH na mananalo sa botohan.. pero bakit halos magkandarapa sila at di malaman kung ano gagawin sa mga panahong ito…

  • white scorpion

    i don’t mean any disrespect sa kaparian. PLEEEEEASE, state matters yun. PLEEEEEEASE mind your own business. kung kayo nga ANNNNNNNNNNG LAKI ng pagkukulang niyo sa church matters. oh, i get it. para MAPAGTAGPAN ang pagkukulang niyo. nililigaw niyo ang tao sa state matter.
    one piece of ADVICE. kumandidato na lang kayo. tignan na lang natin ang galing niyo. ni ayaw niyo magbayad ng TAX. gusto niyo pa kayo ang masunod. di niyo naman kayang pakainin ang mga bata sa lansangan. mahusay lang kayo MAG-SOLICIT ng donation. parang makakaliwa kayo. nagpapagulo sa bayan……

  • Mang Teban

    Why all this fuss about a priest asking for prayers from Catholics?
    Is it wrong for anyone to pray for Enrile who Fr. Melvin Castro thinks is bound to be ousted as Senate President?

    Is prayer now banned as an act of support?
    I think that these morons who complain a lot about priests, bishops, and the Catholic Church are out of order already.
    With a knee-jerk reaction to a call for prayer, some criticize the Church for meddling to State affairs? Seriously?

    You should be worried that the president can dictate anything he wants from the senators. That is meddling in the affairs of another branch of our government. Shouldn’t that be co-equal, arms-length treatment of each branch? Now, what say you, you hypocrites! 

    • ApoNiLolo

      Hinay hinay lang, Mang Steve. Puso nyo. Baka mamaya sa inyo i-alay ang dasal na yan. Sige ka… kayo rin. : )

    • jr18496

      Most of the filipinos  thinks like you Mr. teban that is why your country is screwed up big time!!!  Brain washed by the catholic church. Pray for a corrupt public official so he could stay in Office?  Wow!! what a brain !!!

  • Jose

    Well, the Catholic Church has always preached that the meek shall inherit the Earth, and that the lowest in society, such as beggars and prostitutes, are the greatest of us. 

    I didn’t think the CBCP would go so far and become prostitutes themselves, being willing to get into bed with anyone for their own benefit!  Such great Christians… *Wipes tear from eye*

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if Hitler came back to life in the Philippines and opposed the RH Bill, the CBCP would start urging us to pray for him in a flash.

  • vir_a

     It’s high time to change the senate leadership so that important bills can move on. The senate has become a bottleneck for the passage of bills that have impact on the lives of all citizens.

  • opinyonlangpo

    People change. Sometimes people that represents morality and ethics side with the devil in certain instances to suit their specific interest. Anyway God is good and forgiving as long as someone, even how much bad he was, will side with the good at the end. The martial law oppression  and suppression will soon become a myth for Enrile and now the catholic church look up to him to single-handedly block the RH Bill in the senate. If ever their prayers will be answered to retain him as senate president, Enrile will soon be push for sainthood and canonization. So much for the catholic church.

  • Andrei Mendoza

    Dear god, Allah, Vishnu, Thor, Apollo, Krishna, Mictlantecuhtli, Nerbuz, Atachugu and those who I forgot to mention.

     Please take Enrile now, including his entire family.


  • mangtom

    Jose said:I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if Hitler came back to life in the Philippines and opposed the RH Bill, the CBCP would start urging us to pray for him in a flash.

    Sagut: not only that, the CBCP would highly recommend the sainthood of Adolf Hitler once Hitler changed his stance and opposed the RH bill. Then we will have the GREAT names in world history S-otot, Enrile and Hitler as anti-RH bill. What a crazy world we live in.

  • Olibo

    I can see a desperate and retirable man like Enrile.Pahinga na po kayo Tata Juan. Hayaan ninyo na sa mga batang politikong malawak ang pananaw ang pagsulong ng RH BILL. Take a rest.

  • Malik62

    Big lobby money of pharma companies are involved here. The senators badly need the money since many of them are running for re-election in the 2013 elections.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Sorry, but your school and knowledge’s are very cheap.

  • bugoybanggers

    Bakit kayo natataranta, sa tingin ba ninyo ang mga KATOLIKO ay talagang KATOLIKO? Bakit alam ba ninyo ang saloobin ng mga KATOLIKO? Nagdadasal pa ba ang karamihan sa mga KATOLIKO? O bakit kayo nag rereact! Pumasyal o mag TOUR kayo sa mga bansa na kamo KATOLIKO at mag obserba kayo hindi puro PILIPINAS. Ang Katoliko sa PILIPINAS ay maluwag pa sa sinturon ni SATANAS. Malaya! Pwede mong gawin ang gusto mo, hindi na kailangang sundin mo si PADRE o MADRE dahil DEMOKRASYA! O ano ngayon sa RH BILL, takot na di maaprobahan? Bakit sino ba ang gumagawa ng BATA, mga KATOLIKO lang ba? Lahat ng tao may responsabilidad sa BANSA, eh ano ngayon kung gagamitan ko si MISIS o si KABET o si LABLAB ng proteksyon pangKALIKASAN? Naninilip ba si PADRE o si SENADOR? Aba, naman, marami masyadong pusong mamon dito. Forum lang ito, parang video game..laro laro lang ng OPINYON. Hayaaan na kasi ninyo sila basta GAME ka lang!

  • $25214711

    Berdugo ng Martial law yan.

  • noypisiTED

    Sanamagan, what’s prayer got to do with man’s political tug-o-war? Can this CBCP priest not realize that he’s making a mockery of prayers thereby losing its power? Why? If Enrile is finally ousted, and mostly likely he would, what would people think, that prayers despite tsunamis of them had not made nary a dent? Then less and less people believe in the strength of prayers and its uniquely special purpose. This is one of the reasons why Catholic ranks are diminishing the past years and is sure to continue if this clerical meddling in civilian affairs continue. That’s why the better this priest could do is shy away from Cezar’s favorite game – politics and just devote his time and energies in the ministering of the Divine sacraments.

    • Hein S

      Even the Pope would not dare meddle in Italian politics.

      Here, lowly bishops are more popish than the pope.

  • Luthmar

    Yes, pray for Enrile, the way those bishops held novenas to pray for R. Corona and see what happens.  Sure, I will pray for Enrile that he gets booted out of the Senate presidency.

  • boybakal

    “Bishop seeks prayers for Enrile….to keep his job so the RH bill would not pass in the Senate.”

    As Enrile is old and sickly, I would rather pray for his longer life and good health than pray for not being ousted as Senate President.
    He might not finish his Term in this World than his term as Senate President.
    I pray for Enrile’s health and long life.

  • agustin

    Why the Catholic Church is asking the people to pray for Enrile? Do the Catholic Church already forgot the Marcos era of martial law ? Enrile is the chief implementer of martial law, human rights abuses, the jailer of Pnoy’s father,and demolisher of the Dupaya’s Cagayan province.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • ruben_bush

    yes they should pray for Enrile because for sure his soul will go to hell as he was part of the marcos dictatorship. he was the martial law administrator that killed, tortured, imprisoned thousands of people.  the church hierarchy should also pray for their souls as they also “blessed” and “condoned” this situation.  enrile is a fascist that should be punished for his crimes against the people during martial law.  he was also the mastermind behind the many coup d’etats that was aimed to destabilise the cory aquino government.  he was behind Gringo’s RAM who murdered labor leader Rolando Olalia, and youth leader Lean Alejandro. However hard he tries to change history, he will be forever remembered as a fascist tyrant. Even the church cannot distort this fact.

  • jga94

    The CBCP is praying/siding with the likes of Enrile…how ironic…

  • Facile1

    For those of you who overstate the power of the Roman Catholic Church, please note the following:

    1. The Catholic Church is NOT against Family Planning. The Catholic Church is against the use of oral contraceptives in Family Planning and the use of State power to control population growth.

    2. The Catholic Church, unlike Islam, does not advocate the violent overthrow of governments. Therefore, its only recourse is to work within the existing Constitution and the Bill of Rights that may limit the abuse of State power. Not all countries have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. The Philippines is one of the lucky few.

    3. When Marcos set aside the 1936 Constitution, he eliminated all legitimate avenues for non-violent dissent. Marcos was able to promulgate presidential decrees without challenge from anyone — including the Roman Catholic Church. There can be NO Catholic vote if there can be NO FREE ELECTIONS.

    4. Lastly, though one might argue that the Catholic Religious are under the constraint of their vows of obedience to vote according to the wishes of their Superiors, this is definitely FALSE for the Catholic laity.

    Regardless of the position of the Roman Catholic Church on the RH Bill, exposing HEALTHY Filipino women (albeit the “poorest of the poor”) to the UNNECESSARY risks (however small) of oral contraceptives when free, safer and healthier alternatives exist shows CONTEMPT.

    The RH Bill has only contempt for the Filipino woman.
    The RH Bill has only contempt for her social status.
    The RH Bill has only contempt for her religious convictions.
    The RH Bill has only contempt for her constitutional rights.

    BUT most of all, the RH Bill has only contempt for her healthy female body.

    Vote ‘NO’ to this contemptuous — and contemptible — RH bill.

    • jeffrey_01

      Speak for yourself when your stomach is full.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Your point of view fit for starving slaves, 
      as the starving have no forces for rebellion,
      to busy to look for food in emergency.

      Starvation is probably the oldest war machine
      and power tool.

      In Europe, every single small town had one day
      or an other ultra violent uprisings,
      to kick out abusers, otherwise they will be on the same state 
      of decrepitude as the Archipelago…..

    • Peter

      Facile 1 – you will SURELY go to heaven for defying RH bill and you’ll be rewarded with 70 virgins (virgins because they are all ugly) in a land overflowing with milk and honey ( see to it you will not have diarrhea and diabites)

      • tamumd your sense of humor Peter! I hope Facile1 sure don’t have lactose intolerance or else he will have diarrhea for eternity. That would suck! His behind would be as raw as hell forever….lol

      • abner

         that must be peter’s

  • Don Sonjay


  • boybakal

    Our senators are full of lies and deceit.
    They are misleading the people.
    Just like this Reproductive Health Bill, the name reproduction implies propagation and yet they want to prevent procreation and kill the newborn.

    Just like this Sin Tax…they say it is bad for health yet they will be earning more revenue using this Sin.
    Our legislators are not only Liars and Deceitful or just plain stupid or hypocrisy.

    • abner

       I 100% agree…   as pnoy the leader of bandwagon…

  • Hein S

    Do not be afraid of the catholic IMAMS.

    We are not a Theocracy like IRAN.


  • jeffrey_01

    He should be ousted for atrocities not only of being on anti RH bill.  The church should look at the over all sin of Enrile not selectively.  The church should have condemned him along time ago. 

    I guess the Catholic Chuch can be bought.

    • Noel

      Instead, the church (Catholic Church) conspired with Enrile to oust Marcos.

      • abner

         eh pati naman po taong bayan nakipag conspire kina enrile…whats the point?

      • jeffrey_01

        Enrile has no choice.  People embraced the lesser evil.

    • Leonard

       You guess? Bishops got Pajero from walang hiyang Arroyo. Then they prayed for Arroyo. Now these idiots are looking for Enrile for some money because Enrile believe in praying. What a joke.

      • abner

         dapat ka din pong ipagdasal.

  • boybakal

    Bishop seeks prayers for Enrile….I thought awhile Enrile is gravely ill and is given the last rite of anointing the sick.

  • jeffrey_01

    keep on screwing.

  • Broton

    I will only pray for Enrile when he is about to die . . . because the truth the gate of hell is waiting for him. And I want him to be there!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Safer to give him Hell at once down there,

      to be sure he will enjoy it,
      but anyways he will never pay enough
      for all the crimes and dirty tricks he has done.

      Damages done by loggers are at least X 10 the value of the harvest,
      in case all his asset will be sequestered, they are peanut’s aside the misery,
      land slidings, soil erosion, seas life suffocated by the mud, etc.

      The forest need one thousand years to produce one centimeter of fertile soil,
      the millions of gutum na gutum and hopeless will remember him for ever.

      In case hi assets value are, let say 5 billions $
      the damages are at least 20 billions $

      For useless sufferances and killing’s,
      how many centuries of jail ?

  • felipe

    u can say that again but the “die is cast”

  • felipe

    “who cares” !!!!!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • abner

       wish mo lang yan ka nga pala….sister..hahaha

    • URDUJA

       hindi alqeda ung mafia dati ang strong ang ties sa kanila. i google mo. mafia and vatican

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • abner

       kaya po unsafe ang metro manila….ay dahil sa idol  ka po nila…ganun po kasimple yon…isa kang taliban..haha

  • tonyoks

    kung sa mga mabiktima na lang kaya ng bagyong pablo ituon  ang panalangin nila…
    4 na kardinal, 50+ na obispos, at 1 milyong nauto, aba, marami rami na ring dasal yun…
    plus yung mga trapong nagkumahog maka-ipon ng pogi points….syempre kasama din sila sa bilang…

    “O Mary, save our country from danger. We are yours. Help us in this hour of need,” he said.”

    Danger from you, priest and religious, trapos and dynaties…

    • abner

       i wonder anu anu kaya ang relihiyon nio…at bakit kaya di nio masabi ang relihiyon nio??? … di ba kayo proud si relihiyon nio??? ikinahihiya mo ba ang relihiyon mo??haha

      • tonyoks

        alam mo adlib kung sasabihin ko sa yo ang relihiyon ko ikaw lang ang mapapahiya. 
        at sang ayon ako sa sinulat mong “ikinahihiya mo ba ang relihiyon mo”?

        dahil hindi lang sa ikinnahihiya ko ang relihiyon ko, kundi kinasusuklaman pa…

        ano, gusto mo pang malaman?

  • Noel

    Bishops pray for Enrile.  We pray for the Bishops.

  • albayislands


    • abner

       eh mukhang ikaw ang devil eh..

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Bishop’s supporting Devil’s is only business as usual since ever,

      this is the purpose of religion’s !

  • Simplify1

    Countires in the the middle east are so messed up because people in those countries decided that their state policies should be driven along the lines of their religous beliefs…. gusto rin ba nating maging ganun? 

    • Leonard

       I agree!. If both side are praying hard, who will win? Kaya napakaming tamad dahil umaasa sa dasal.

      • abner

         naku sa linya po ng sinabi mo eh di ka nagdarasal..simulan mo na po at baka lalo pang mapariwara ang iyong katinuan…hehe

    • URDUJA

      ba pwedeng kasuhan si enrile at sotto ng betrayal of public trust. Since
      inuuna niya relihyon ksa kapakanan ng bayan

  • Joe

    ipagdasal na lang sana ng mga obispo yung mga kaluluwa ng mga taong hindi na nakita at mga pamilya ng lahat ng mga naging biktima ni enrile at ng kanyang martial law.

  • lt53

    i pray for truth, justice and retribution for the filipino people, some bishops are off tangent

  • browndarwinian

    “Prayer: How to do nothing and still think you’re helping.”

  • NYPinoy

    If I were to offer a prayer to Enrile, it is not for RH but for his sins and crimes during the Martial Law.

    • abner

       malamang hindi po ganyan..kundi papalitan siya bilang senate pres…dahil malaki ang commisyon ni pnoy sa us…bibigyan ng mga siempre isang grant kapalit naman eh matagalang pagbili ng condom kaya kayang kaya mag grant….tuwang tuwa naman si pinoy….

  • anu12345

    ” RH bill, which the Catholic Church vehemently opposes since it promotes the use of artificial contraception”

    If the church really doesn’t care about the increase in population, then they should let the priests marry. So, there will be less sins committed by them. For now, I heard stories about some priests fathering children. Would be nice if they are allowed to raise a family in a proper and/or lawful way.

    I don’t really understand why the church opposes artificial and approves the natural method. Both have the same purpose. And both cheat what the supposed teaching in the bible say. In both, the sperm and the egg cells are ‘usually’ gone to waste. I said ‘usually’ because either method fails sometimes.

    Like I said before, RH law or not, pagkagat ng dilim, ewan ko lang kung hindi magpang-abot ang mga couple. Kaya wa-epek pa rin. Ginagawa nilang sensational ang isang trivial na subject.

  • George

    Berdugo ng martial law, dagdag bawas senator, now ally of the catholic church. They will embrace satan for the sake of their “faith”. 

    • batangsulpok

      Ibig sabihin ay doble kara ang simbahang katoliko.

    • abner

      hindi lang po ngaun naging ally ng simbahan si JPE nuon din pong panahon ng edsa, palibhasa promoter ka ng mga pharmasuetica na taga ibang bansa na nagcocoment dito kaya hindi mo alam history ng pilipinas..hahaha

      • jeffrey_01

        we were at EDSA and during martial law.  we know people disappeared, jailed or salvage.

  • Guest

    This shows, in the Philippines, even the biggest culprits can get away, as long as you have the right stance, the CBCP stance.

    • rjimenez1226

      Indeed, the  corrupt Catholic church is trying to undermine the chance of Filipinos to develop their country.  It  is is certainly an evil cloaked in the guise of religiosity. The people should learn to see through this evil trap laid by this satanic religion.

      • abner

         anu po ba ang relihiyon mo??? malamang relihiyon mo ang corrupt..di bale nag susumasahod ang mga namumuno nio kahit wala na makain sa kabibigay sa simbahan nio ang mga miembro….

  • rjimenez1226

    I pray that Enrile pay for his sins to the Filipino people and that the Catholic Church be  exposed for its evil design on the Filipino people.

  • felipe

    pray  for what ??? 

    • Klepto

      Pray for Misa Requiem

    • jeffrey_01

      pray for the devil of martial law.

  • dodong1

    ipagdadasal ng mga damaso’s na patawarin na si enrile sa mga kasalanan niya kasama ang kanyang anak na si JPE..sumisipsip ang mga damaso..kaya dapat lang IPASA NA ANG RH BILL…

    • abner

       isama na po ang iyong kapatawaran.

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    If you don’t like the RH Bill, then you better promote a better solution to our population explosion problem and to lessen poverty in our country.  Ang mahirap sa mga taong against sa RH Bill ay pero sila daldal against the bill pero wala naman silang maipakita na better solution.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Hindi aangat ang Pilipinas kung ganito tayo palagi.

    • abner

      eto po ang better solution ko.., sa halip na condom ang ipamigay,, bigyan po ng pera ang mga bata na sa unang pagkakataon ay nagkaroon ng medal ng sa ganun gawin na pong trabaho ang pag aaral ng mga napapabayaang mag aaral.

      • jeffrey_01

        how many are they?

  • rudy_boy

    I won’t be
    surprise, if they will also ask for prayer….

    If the devil
    vocally opposed the RH Bill.

    • jeffrey_01

      They’re praying for the devil now who is opposed of the RH bill.

  • ma_ri_fe

    Let’s pray also for those who push RH bill

    “Lord, patawarin nyo po sila sapagkat di nila alam ang kanilang ginagawa”

    Papanalangin ko na din na tamaan naman kayo ng konsensya!

  • Kris

    Wag kayong mabahala Sen. Enrile, ang pumapanig sa mabute ay hindi pinapabayaan ng Diyos. YES TO LIFE! NOT TO RH BILL!

    • jeffrey_01

      A life of poverty, miseries and malnourish.

      • Kris

        a life that is peaceful, a life with conscience and morality and a life that we will never regret in the future =)

      • Kiam

         Walang RH bill ngayon…moral at peaceful ka ba ngayon?

      • Kris

        yes =) because I’m fighting for lives which is God wants me to. God is with me so I’m peaceful that’s it =)

      • tamumd

        Only crazy people believe god is speaking to them. Maybe you need to see a shrink. lol

  • tarikan

    I think the CBCP is just sowing intrigue so that senate president Enrile would muster enough sympathy thereby increasing support for the anti-RH Bill. Tsk, tsk mga tsismoso din pala.

  • AlexanderAmproz


    when I look at JPE,
    their is something in his behavior remembering Giulio Andreotti,
    the Italian politician who was 35 times President,
    Prime Minister or Minister,
    “Senator for life” since 91
    His nick name is  ” DIVO  GIULIO ” by allusion to Emperor Julius Caesar
    there is a famous movie on his life
    “IL DIVO” who won Cannes Film Festival in 2008

    Quite recently he was convicted 24 Years jail term to have been “The Capo di Tutti Capo”
    in short, Italy Mafia Supreme leader, well connected with the Vatican
    and some Catholic Group, a Fascist Leader and writer during WW 2

    In Italy they don’t jail convict older than 85 or 90 years old, 
    Senate President in 2006 at 90 years old, today he is 94 and still counting

    On some aspect there are also many similarities in between
    Italy/Vatican and Philippines/Vatican relations

    • jeffrey_01

      A chip from the old bock.

  • brownies *

    mismo mga obispo ang problema…puro tawag ng panalangin pero wala na man sa mga gawa nila…. nagtatamasa sa karangyaan at corruption samantalang ang masa nagkakandahirap …

  • Albin

    Kapag nakapasa ang RH Bill, isusunod agad ni penoy ang same sex marriage, divorce at abortion para maging legal din.

  • Anna

    tama po yan..prayers ang pinakamabisang panlaban sa mga taong puro pansariling interes lamang ang iniintindi..hayaang ang karma na lang ang tumapos sa mga pro-RH na yan

  • ruiznelli

    too late, too little PADRE DAMASOS!!

  • Ruby Castillo

    Ano yan pag sagabal sa plano nyo papatalsikin nyo? Aquino Administration tuwid na landas nga ang gusto nyo pero landas nyo lang kaya lahat ng haharang sa gusto nyo sasagasaan nyo para dere-derecho lang kayo sa plano nyo! ipagdadasal na lang din namin kayo kilabutan naman sana kayo!

  • mulanay

    This cleric Melvin Castro and his ilk are panicking. They are resorting to unfounded rumors. Even Pnoy won’t attempt to support a move to oust Enrile because it would be politically counterproductive and would only backfire against the ruling coalition.

  • ztefertilizerscam9

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.

     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal.

    • URDUJA

      ngayon ko lang nalaman ito

  • Riza

    Enrile has nothing to be afraid of. He is doing the right thing and many Filipinos are with him. We don’t need that RH Bill

    • napali808

       Your name should be Riza Gago’ng. I bet you voted also for the 3 stooges ( sotto, lapid and revilla ) and asiong tanga.

  • Paolo Hernandez

    Ako ay isang Katoliko: Kayong mga Padre Damaso, Kung pwede tumahimik kayo! Mga epokreto kayong mga pari! Kaya maraming mga babae ang bibubuntis ninyo kasi di kayo marunong magcondom! Ginagamit pa ninyo ang diyos para pagtakpan ang inyong mga kasalanan! Anu ba ang nagawa ninyo na mabuti para sa mga pamilyang pinoy na may 10 ang anak? Epektibo BA ang natural planing niyo? Kayo nga na mga pari, di marunong gumamit ng natural method of family planning!

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      SINO BA SI DAMASO???na lagi tinatapon na image sa mga anti
      si DAMASO ay isang pari who cant live with his VOW
      NOW….who are these catholics but PRO RH???
      SO NGAUN, sino ang mga DAMASOS????SINO PA KUNDI ITONG MGA HIPOKRITONG MGA KATOLIKO saying they are catholics but opposes the teachings of their religion…
      MGA PRO RH>>>NAKAKASUKA….LAHAT PAGBABABALATKAYO….akala mo hindi sila mga damaso…hahaah

  • Kris

    I’m not a Catholic but I would like to join with your prayers. It’s not a matter of religion but of morality and conscience. I’m fighting for life and I know this is what God wants also.

    • tamumd

      “I am not catholic” liar! The catholic church is the only christian church in the philippines that is against this bill. So go ahead..lokohin mo ang lelang mong panot!

      • Kris

        ows? kahit anong christian church tanungin mo ayaw ng RH Bill..don;t make your self believe on your lies =)

      • tamumd

        If you already lied about yourself not being a catholic..why would we believe your other questionable claims? Did you watch the debate last year about the RH bill…those protestants and Born Again churches, INK all support the RH bill. Only the archaic-minded catholic bishops are against it. That’s the fact.

  • sl1

    Let’s put the RH bill to a vote for once in for all to know if majority of the senators who are the representative of the people will approve it. Why is the church is afraid about this?  Fr. Melvin Castro, if you believe in God and God is in your side there is nothing to worry as the will of God will always prevail …it seem you are doubting the power of God!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      God forgive !

  • ma_ri_fe

    Let me share with you a Short Prayer for Life I have read on Facebook:

    Almighty God and Father, King of the Universe, Creator of Life, we implore You to enlighten our country’s leaders and legislators to reject the RH Bill and all anti-life legislation. We pray in Jesus name. Mama Mary our beloved Mother, pray for us. Blessed John Paul III, defender of life, pray for us.

    • wilfel

      Are you willing to support those kids living and begging in the street. This is what happen when you believe the Catholic Church. As for the Catholic Church, why are they losing a lot of believer to the Born again Christian Church because the Catholic Church believes that they are still in the 15th Century. Wake up Catholics,don’t just believe what the priests told you but look for the future for the Catholic Church will not help you if you are in need. What the Church need in you is to give as much as you can so you will be treated nice by them.

      • ma_ri_fe

        if this bill will be passed, you think they were able to eat? makakain ba nila ang mga contraceptives na ipapamudmod sa kanila? you think they can have a better life? spend taxpayers’ money sa mga pograma totoong makaktulong sa kanila 

      • tamumd

        Only stupid fools like you would think that pills and condoms could be eaten. But you bet their lives would get better as these poor families won’t have to ration the little earnings they make everyday to 10 or 15 mouths. Instead it would be divided among just a few mouths. That would translate to better fed children and the possibility that they could be sent to school because there are not so many of them. The government is already doing the conditional cash transfer to help them.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        No need to be Einstein to agree with you,

        a basic common sense should be enough,

        but almost inexistent in this Friars Paradise.

        Oh, my Goodness ! ! !

        What a Disaster ! ! !

      • politics201138


        “Believe in the Catholic Church?”…as you say.

        “Losing people to Born-again Christian church?”…as you say.

        A religion that was founded by God like Catholic religion will always survive, Wilfel. So eat your heart out.

        Catholic doctrine holds true since time immemorial, in the present, and forever.

        Only people change.

        And for your information Wilfel, Catholic church are just caretakers of what every serious Catholics donate to the church voluntarily for the glory of GOD. So don’t spew that crap of yours that “..Catholic church need is for you to give as much as you can so you will be treated nice by them.”

        Wilfel, hear me out! VOLUNTARY DONATION from serious Catholics.

        But I am not surprised if you spew so much hatred with Catholic religion. It is becoming common nowadays of some people and group of people around the world to destroy a religion of God especially Catholic religion to forward their own agenda. Heard about “The Book of Revelation?” If not, start exercising your eyes and start reading it and hopefully you be given the grace of God, to be able to discern what was written in it and hopefully, you will be enlighten of what is to come if not stop thru the mercy of heaven.

        If I may ask, what agenda are you forwarding to the people of the Philippines who believe in Catholic religion to the point that you make your comment public thru this public forum?…You’re hoping somehow that someone, somewhere you will be able to persuade a mind to change it views and be against Catholic religion?

      • AlexanderAmproz

        As developed Countries are ignorant’s,

        they run aways from Churches and Cathedral’s,
        Convent’s are almost empty and abandoned,

        but almost everybody are happy about it.  lol

    • politics201138


      In addition:

      May God, Holy Jesus, Mother Mary, and Holy Spirit never abandon the Philippines and let the good forces win for the good of the country.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Philippines are abandoned since Magellan….

        Looking at the country sad History since then, no doubt about !

  • tower_of_power

    From the standpoint of the CHURCH and the POLITICIANS, the more people there is the better for them. More people going to church means more money … same with politicians … more people means more voters … the more voters the easier for them to cheat … kaya dumarami ang mga squatters!!!

    Dapat malaman ng mga Filipino na mas maraming tao … mas mahihirap ang buhay >>> mahirap maghanap ng trabaho >>>> mahal ang lahat magmula tubig … electricity, galonggong dahil nga sa supply and demand.



    • Kris

      kahit ipasa mo ang rh bill di mo pa rinsila mapipigilan mag-anak..tingin mo masosyolusyonan talaga nyan ang problema? magdudulot lang yan ng panibagong problema

      • tamumd

        Of course it’s  never the intent of the RH bill to do away with having children all together. It is designed so that couples who want to space childbearing using either NFP methods or artificial methods…that they’re available.

  • shane oy

    I would pray for the enlightenment of the church officials, so that they may see the light of truth.

  • Paolo Hernandez

    I am a Catholic and I support RH Bill! Di epektebo ang natural planning para tugunan ang lumalaking population ng Pilipinas. Sabi ng mga pari, we are not animals and we can control our urges. Sagot ko, bakit ang mga pari may nabubuntis na mga babae? Meaning, they are animals because they can’t control their urges! And now they are talking about MoRALITY?

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      ganito ang tinatawag na NOMINAL catholic…katoliko lang sa pangalan…pero sa pagsunod sa kautusan ng kanyang religion, WALA!!!…


  • Jhonny

    Nah, I’ll never pray for that human dinosaur.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      y u shud pray when u r not prayerful…look at your comments…dinosaur? is it a prayerful man??

      • Jhonny

        of chors! I never pray for corrupt, pea-size brains like your employer (Enrile I presume). Don’t waste your time defending that idiot. Get a life 

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        you get a life…u have a life with many pretensions…pity

      • Jhonny

        yeah I have a life and that is to bash and trash political idiots. don’t salivate w/ envy, ok? you’re a complete loser… 

      • poltergeist_fuhrer


  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    ganito ang tinatawag na NOMINAL catholic…katoliko lang sa pangalan…pero sa pagsunod sa kautusan ng kanyang religion, WALA!!!…

    if u cant follow your belief,



    • Joe

      damaso? e di yung mga obispo.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ikaw, damaso rin…haha

  • Mark

    ok… so what are we after for this RH Bill…unwanted pregnancies…blah blah.
    Maging makatotohanan sana tao at mag isip ng may malalim na pananaw.
    1. Ano ang mangyayari after the enactment of RH Bill…mag distribute ng condom, magpatali etc. para hindi mabuntis at mag sex na lang ng mag sex ang mga nyakis. Alam nyo ba lumaki ako sa slum area at nung panahon ni Marcos ay ginawa na yan. Kumonti ba ang mga Pilipino hindi naman di ba. Yung mga condom na ginamit ng mga nyakis ayun nagkalat sa kalsada at pinag lalaruan ng mga bata.
    2. Paano masisigurado na gagamtin ng mga nyakis ang condom, eh kadalasan ang unwanted pregnancies eh nangyayari pag lasing ang mga nyakis..bakit kamo eh lasing eh.. hindi alam ang ginagawa at pag ayaw makipag sex ng asawa eh sinasaktan yung babae…kaya ayun unwanted pregnancies.
    3. Saan kukuha ng mga condom, pills etc. para maibigay sa mga nyakis di ba gagastusan ng gobyerno kasi mag papautang ang WB-IMF para pambili ng mga crap na ito. Sinong magbabayad sino…sino.. naitanong nyo ba ha mga nyakis

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      mga meniac kasi parekoy…

      kalibugan na lang sa buhay, gusto LIBRE pa…

      ang pambili ng condom galing sa taxes…ipamimigay sa mga pilipino na malilibog…

      ano na tayo…

  • Denis Chanco

    Get him out

  • Fabian Pilapil

    NO NEED OF RH BILL–>it’s just a redundancy of existing programs. binibilog lang ng mga RH bill advocates na yan ang mga ulo nyo!

  • tukmoldinako

    it is just right to control population in the Philippines, but morality should not be lost. parang ganito, approved na RH Bill, may budget na sa condom at lahat ng klaseng pang pigil sa pagbubuntis , alam na ng kabattaan na legal na ito,  kaya sasabihin ng kapatid mong 14 years old palang, kuya pahingi ka naman ng condom sa center mag se sex lang kami ng boyfriend ko , he he he

    okay na na wala ng ipinagbabawal eh. pwede na kahit saan kahit menor de edad me condom naman eh at hindi na bawal sabi ng gobyerno sagutin ka ng nakababata mong kapatid na babae.

    so morality will be abused. lol that is RH bill approved, he he he

    • sl1

      You present the issue in a very easy and very bias manner which is not really the case! Be fair and honest so we can see both sides.

      • tukmoldinako

        what is fair and honest ? lol mine is simple…..

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        that will be the reality na ayaw ninyong tingnan…kagaya dito sa america…u can hear moms telling to their daughters going to party…”DO NOT FORGET YOUR CONDOM”

  • jonas c

    e kung singilan ko kayo ng tax mga lintik kayo! 

  • My

    Yes, we should all pray for God to call Enrile home ASAP.

  • TwiggyRamirez

    “Bishop seeks prayers for Enrile”

    …hahaha! taena, akala ko natigok na si Enrile. sayang…

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      kaisipan ito ng isang satanista….at sa 9 na nag like…hahah

  • lex

    Ito talagang mga BISHOPS, showbiz na showbiz na ang dating. Strategy lang yan ni ENRILE para mapag-usapan sya. For the benefit of Jackie Enrile, di ba?. Si JPE pa! Alam ni Mang JUAN na majority ay Katoliko kaya sa majority sya ah. Tumagal pa ba yan sa puwesto kung di BALIMBING!

  • mangtom

    poltergeist_fuhrerCollapseSINO BA SI DAMASO???Ang sagut: hanggang ngayon hindi mo alam kung sino si DAMN-ASO? The answer: look no further: IKAW.

  • Nagagalitna

    Hahaha…ngayon ko lng nalaman na mga Bobo at tanga din pala ang mga Pari sarili lng ang iniintindi…
    Hindi tatalab ang dasal sa mga taong may masamang hangarin na kabutihan ng bayan…

  • Hein S

    HAHAHA, for a while kala ko PATAY na si Enrile.

  • mapicchu

    why do these bishops always side with the wrong side? cant they even think straight anymore? where is their sense of right and wrong? where have all their morals gone? sayang lang prayers for an inveterate liar

    • reymuel

      and who are you to say what is right and what is wrong? 

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Their “Pajero” are on auto-pilote mode,

      no need to care where it is going as long the car nose knows

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • reymuel

      Youre stooping too low Edgardo. I bet you do not know what you are talking about.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        iglesia ni kulafu yan parekoy

    • Noel

      Medyo matalas ang pagbatikos mo pards.  Buti pang ipaliwanag mo na nang dumating sa Pilipinas ang mga Kastila para tayo sakupin; ang isang kamay ay hawak ang Krus at ang kabilang kamay naman ay espada.  Alam na agad ng mga tao kung ano ang ibig sabihin.

    • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Rain

    RH Bill again

  • ed0408

    I will support RH Bill if those who support it will sign a contract to feed and cloth the street children. RH Bill supporters are big hypocrites, they have their own agenda. They don’t care the poor people. 

    • Noel

      On the contrary, anti-RH Bill groups led by the Catholic Church are the hypocrites.  Most Catholics including some Bishops and Priests (silently) are in favor of it.  In the US, recent survey and statistics show a huge drop in population during the economic recession.  This is in contrast to the Phl that despite the very poor economic conditions of the majority, population continues to grow.  Why?  Because the Americans are given the choice to control their families.  They have the resources to limit their children when the economy is down.

    • cleoan

      I will support the anti-RH Bill movement if the Church pledges at least 20% of its collection money (audited by independent accounting firm) to feeding and clothing the street children. At least with tax money (after cuts to curropt officials) i can still see its use (government hospitals, public schools, etc)

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    What kind of prayer, if the prayer is change of heart, i agree, otherwise, forget it or pray for his early retirement


     Will the Roman Catholic Church feed the hungry?

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      sa pagkakaalam ko mas marami ang orphanages run by the church compared to government run orphanages….mag research ka naman bago mo yan sabihin…at kung hindi, wala ka ng pagkakaiba kay boy abunda…

      boy, ikaw ba yan???

  • dickenhead

    just goes to show how hypocrite the church is they will pray for crooks, thieves, rapists, murderers, pedophiles, ad nauseam if it suits their taste. should we allow these stupid priests and bishops to dictate upon us?

  • zeroko

    Sobra namang O.A. ang mga Bishop natin. Kung may RH, export natin ang mga fetus sa mga Chinese. They like eating roasted human fetus. They will eat anything that moves. He he he. Kung ang “butetang dagat” nakakain nila, na puno ng lason, ano pa ang hindi nilang kayang kainin? He he he. Siguro, may sikmura pa sila sa “Red Tide”.

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      this statement is an admission they PRO RH ARE ALSO IN FAVOR OF ABORTION…


    • Jezzrel

      Di makatao, di maka Dios ang yellow fanatics na to…


    What’s going on? Catholic Bishops calling for prayers so that Enrile can retain his senate seat?That same Enrile who caused thousands of tortures and deaths to the Filipino people during the Marcos dictatorial years? Are they out of their minds????????? 

    • doncleo

       Ang sarap talaga pag-untugin mga ulo nitong obispo natin..bakit hindi sabihin sa mga katoliko na ipagdasal ang mga nabiktima noong Martial Law na kasama si Enrile sa paninikil ng karapatan ng tao.? ngayon dahil lang matatanggal sa pwesto sa Senado ay nakikiusap sya na ipagdasal ang demonyong ito.. mga pari pweeehhh!!!pweeehh!!!pweeehhh!!!!

  • albertop

    Mabuti pa asikasuhin ng mga bishops ang kanilang hanay…maraming pasaway! Masyadong nakikialam sa politika.. Magbigay naman kayo ng taxes sa lahat ng mga kinikita nyo galing sa maraming mahihirap at lalong maghihirap na mga kababayan..

  • warpiglets

    lang yah kayong mga pro RH tanungin ko nga kayo kung kayo gusto nyo ba ng naka condom pag nakikipag iyutan kayo? wag kayong hipokrito.. hahahaha..

    • tukmoldinako

      Tama ka walang gagamit nyan, kaya lumalabas habol sa budget yan at gastos na naman na walang pupuntahan kundi sa bulsa ng mga swapang. Mabuti pa, isama na lang sa educasyon ng mga bata ang tamang pagpapamilya. he he he he

      • tilamsik

        ayaw din ng mga bishop ng naka condom? 

  • Sanchez Mira

    Hello my friends lets keep those religious issues away in this RH bill and lets learn from the worlds top two Most Populated Countries how they were able to turn their number 1 problem POPULATION into economic boom as of now..AT ONE POINT BOTH CHINA AND INDIA WAS ABLE TO CONTROL THEIR POPULATION…(China-one child POLICY, in India govt worked so hard thru education that boy or girl please stop with one or two children) that is why these two countries who faced problems like our beloved country are now able to be the worlds top bets in economy..Its time for us to control our population..

  • Magsasaka

    mga obispo damaso ipagdasal nyo na lang ang mga kapariang bading na bumibiktima sa mga minor de edad nating kabataan, ipagdasal nyo sa raul cabonce na kusang sumuko sa batas, ipagdasal nyo si jesse mercado na huwag nya nang ulitin ang tangka nyang pagnanakaw sa pondo para sa mga biktima ng kalamidad lalo na ngayon na nandito si pablo, ipagdasal nyo ang mga kapwa nyo damaso na humingi ng tawad sa sambayanang pilipino dahil sa pagtangap nila ng pajero pero dahil ang diyos nyo ay pera tiyak walang mangyayari sa mga dasal nyo

    • poltergeist_fuhrer

      damaso ka rin ba???

      • Magsasaka

        bakit mo alam hehehe

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        kaya pala

      • Magsasaka

        ikaw naman wala na akong ginawa kung hindi ihayag ang mga karumal dumal na gawain ng mga damaso tapos pagkakamalan mo pa akong damaso hehehe

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        tingnan mo rin sarili mo…

      • Magsasaka

        sarili ko ba pinag uusapan nyahahaha

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        oo ba

  • dantec

    Why pray to Mary when Jesus clearly said that he is the way,,,and no one comes to the Father but through Him..Never found a verse that said no one comes to Jesus but through Mary..The blind cannot lead another blind.

    • Jezzrel

      eh katoliko nga eh.. bago ka makarating ke Lord Jesus, dadaan ka raw muna ke mother Mary, bago ka naman makarating sa Ama, kailangan mong dumaan ke Lord Jesus…

      Ganyan ang faith ng katoliko…nagtaka ka pa…

  • Stephen

    I will celebrate if Enrile is out. Sick and tired of old politicians… same old dirty tricks-nothing to do with RH bill. Give way to younger breeds. Time to rest E….lol

  • cleoan

    I am a Catholic but enough is enough. Respect church-state separation. Pray all you want for people you like and support but to publish it on a national paper that you are doing so, please… You are projecting Enrile as a saint here just because he is sticking to his anti-RH Bill stand, something that works for the church. If it is something contra to any church belief, I believe you will even support that “move” to oust him.

    On a different note, the way this piece is written is tantamount to suggesting that that lunch meeting called by PNoy is connected to the supposed “move” to oust Enrile. Would Malacanang publish the occurence of such meeting if indeed PNoy is calling for Enrile’s ouster?

  • John TWT

    Hypocrisy at work once again…

  • Donardo Cuago


  • virgoyap

    Don’t you know that Enrile has also a secret ambition to become Blessed Juan Ponce Enrile? The Bishops will surely beatify him even while he is still alive.

  • Kim


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Alexa Villavicencio

    Alexa Villavicencio
    AB Sociology, UST

    To our respectable lawmakers , Please vote on the RH bill with our RIGHT, TRUE and MORAL CONSCIENCE grounded on man’s relationship with God

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Jezzrel

    Naku, eto na naman tayo sa RH na eto.. Bat kokontrolin ang populasyon natin, hayaan niyong dumami para mas maraming OFW..LOL.. (pra mas tumaas ekonomiya natin)

    Di RH bill ang kailangan natin, ang kailangan natin ay DISIPLINA, RESPETO at EDUKASYON, syempre pag me disiplina tayo sa sarili natin, siguradong nandiyan at kasama na iyong takot natin sa Diyos…

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Blessed Juan Ponce Enrile’s old dirty political trickery needs to stop. Give the new breeds a chance, you’re doing more harm than good.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • jeffrey_01

    Bunch of oxymorons.  Deal with the devil.

  • jeffrey_01

    Provide countrywide electric power and no more brownouts.  Free tv sets for all families and make all tv networks signals available globally from north to south.

    These will keep couples from screwing when its so dark and no entertainment or news to watch at night. 

  • gudwil2all

    there are more basic things people should pray for melvin
    food, shelter, clothing and education
    johnny just serves his and your own interests

  • AlexanderAmproz

    A Gang of predators supposed to help, abusing the powerless, killing in case of need…

  • rjimenez1226

    Ang mga obispo ng Pilipinas ang talagang mga  demonyo ng bayan. Sila ang papahamak sa bansang Pilipinas sa kanilng corruptrion  at katabaan.

  • TonTon

    its jUAN’S tactic. one way of gathering votes for his son, who is aiming for a seat in the senate.
    he needs to project a good image to the church. tsk tsk! clever? :))

  • Hfxwst

    The constitution specifies the separation of Church and State.  If you are an elected official, and your judgement is clouded by theology, then you must be removed – or else it is terribly unfair to those who do not share your beliefs.  Imagine the outcry from Catholics if Islam were being imposed in the same way we must endure the catholic doctrine. 

    There can be no freedom of religion until freedom from it is assured.

  • Taiko_Kauna

    puro guni-guni na lang ang nasa utak ng mga obispo. Attend to your flock, you wolves in sheep’s clothing!

    • NinjaMan

       what do you think they are doing?

  • Garote

    Well, it will be interesting to know who amongst the senators who will oust Enrile as the Senate President. It’s better we know this early who are the Luciferian-herodic senators who are pro-RH bill, and we will junk them for good. Who don’t need evil doers in the senate anyway.

  • Rionelle Deluvio

    To our respectable lawmakers, please vote on the RH Bill with our RIGHT, TRUE and MORAL CONSCIENCE grounded on man’s relationship with God.

    Rio Deluvio
    University of Santo Tomas

  • nicolle

     To our respectable lawmakers, please vote on the RH Bill with our RIGHT,
    TRUE and MORAL CONSCIENCE grounded on man’s relationship with God.

    De Guzman, Alexandra Nicolle S.
    University of Santo Tomas

  • benise

     To our respectable lawmakers, please vote on the RH Bill with our RIGHT,
    TRUE and MORAL CONSCIENCE grounded on man’s relationship with God.
    Benise Madamba
    University of Santo Tomas 

  • dreadz

    Why not the CBCP gather all thier flocks and pray to god to end hunger and poverty in our country.Anyway they are the representatives of god here aren’t they? For sure nothing will happen.cause you’re praying to nothing upthere.

  • etomacq

    RH Bill.. isang negosyo. Condom at Contraceptives suppliers tiba tiba. Bilyon bilyon Piso kikitain ng mga suppliers… Syempre may KOREAN ang mga Gov’t. officials dyan… as in “magkano komisyon KOREAN???”

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