Roxas, Binay just can’t swap peace signs


Vice President Jejomar Binay and Interior Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas II. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—For a moment there, the two top contenders for the presidency in 2016 almost exchanged greetings of peace.

Vice President Jejomar Binay and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas on Saturday found themselves seated just a few steps away from each other at the Thanksgiving Mass for Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle in San Fernando de Dilao Parish Church in Paco, Manila.

Binay was seated at the right end of the front pew together with President Aquino and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile.

Roxas was seated at the leftmost end of the second pew, with President Aquino’s sisters, Maria Elena “Ballsy” Aquino-Cruz and Victoria Elisa “Viel” Aquino-Dee, and Viel’s husband, Richard.

But when the Rite of Peace came, their eyes didn’t meet.

Roxas said he greeted the Vice President’s wife, former Makati Mayor Elenita Binay, and just “wished” his political adversary “peace.”

“Our eyes didn’t meet. Although I shook hands and [exchanged] ‘peace be with you’ with [Mrs. Binay]. So, even if our eyes didn’t meet during the Mass, I still wish him peace,” Roxas said.

Binay swore to God that he did not see Roxas.

“Before God and man, I can tell you without blinking my eyes that I didn’t see him. Sorry, but I didn’t see him and I just greeted Noynoy’s (President Aquino’s nickname) security guard at the back,” Binay said.

“I also waved to Ballsy and Viel,” he added.

Binay and Roxas are considered the top contenders for the presidency in 2016. They slugged it out for the vice presidency in 2010. Binay won, but Roxas is questioning his victory in the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

In September, Binay complained that Roxas’ wife, broadcaster Korina Sanchez, was alluding to him when she spoke on her radio show about “dark, little, evil spirits” eyeing the post of secretary of the interior.

Sanchez was at Saturday’s Mass. Roxas’ mother, papal awardee Judy Araneta-Roxas, was also there together with the widow of the late Sen. Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo.

Binay came to the Mass with his wife and his son, current Makati Mayor Junjun Binay. Roxas arrived with President Aquino and Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim.

The Archdiocese of Manila also invited Speaker Feliciano Belmonte of the House of Representatives and Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, but they were unable to attend.

First posted 8:01 pm | Saturday, December 1st, 2012

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  • Simoun Magaalahas

     dark, little, evil spirits and Mr. Palengke parehas trapo ng gobyerno….

    • Ramil Abalon

      pag si roxas less trapo less evil no to dynasty….pag si binay   trapo na dynasty & evil  pa

  • Guest

    Binay and Roxas are running on the same platform — to perpetuate themselves in power.

    Wala namang pagkakaiba.

    • EOJ

       Perpetuate in power is more on the part of Binay. He has his son as incumbent makati mayor, daughter as incumbent congresswoman and both are running  for reelection. another daughter is running for senator. As for roxas, he has no family member running or incumbent.

      • Ramil Abalon

        tama…saludo..ako akong narinig na may kapatid at anak yan sa gobyerno kaya walang dapat bigyan ng pabor…

        pag si binay baka apo nyan  he ha ha ha national comission chair na kahit high school pa lang…ha ha ha baka asawa yan ay tatakbo na namang senador ha ha ha  

  • tonito

    Misa itong pasasalamat para kay Cardinal Tagle, bakit kailangang haluan ng isyung pampulitika.

  • $23257130

    mabuhay si president binay!

    ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan.

    • noel

      ang tunay na corrupt ng bayan

    • EOJ

       Tunay na haligi ng political dynasty.

    • mabyrik

      Yes-the heir apparent of GMA!!!

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

      Another trapo with self-serving interests!

    • abbaj

      binay ang kurakot na mabini lawyer, babaero, kurakot sa makati, at mahilig sa wangwang. kapit tuko sina enrile kay binay para hindi maputol ang pangungulimbat at pag to troso sa cagayan. binay + enrile sige iboto nyo mga tanga at tamad mahilig umasa sa isang kilong bigas at sardinas.

    • Ramil Abalon

      mabuhay ang mga magnanakaw sa makati ha ha ha….mabuhay si roxas…

  • speedstream2

    The plastics sector may be kind of reeling from the growing ban on plastic bags, but doesn’t ‘plastikan’ appear to be very much alive?

  • boybakal

    Binay swore to God that he did not see Roxas….

    I believe Binay that he did not see Roxas.
    As they say, unlike poles attract and like poles repel.
    Binay and Roxas are both dark, so they cannot see each other or maybe Binay saw Roxas as his shadow.
    Alam nyo naman ang maiitim pag pumasok ng simbahan kumukulog at kidlat parang may masamang espirito.

    • Loggnat

       ‘ Alam nyo naman ang maiitim pag pumasok ng simbahan kumukulog at kidlat parang may masamang espirito. ‘ /// First, they dehumanized them. Then they demonized them, after that it will be acceptable to do away with them. It’s been done to the Jews in Europe, the American Indians in North America, the Muslims and Croatian by Serbia and vice-versa in the broken up Yugoslavia.  And last but not the least, the Tutsis by the ruling tribe Hutus in Rwanda. I know it’s just a joke but it is always taken as facts by others who are prejudiced and raises them to the next level. A joke should be taken as it is, a joke. Those who will interpret them as truth and a vindication of their prejudices and hatred to another human being who are different from him and whom he considers as inferior due to his skin color should be corrected and not taken seriously.

  • Platypus09

    If these two are running head to head in a presidential election, I would vote for Roxas.

    Though I should think that there should be other strong potential candidates who will run for office, but that is not going to happen with our MULTIPLE party system and our tolerance to
    family dynasties.

    These are the issues that other countries had envisioned when they created their democratic
    processes, thus two-party system has become their political structure which has been doing more benefits than disasters.

    Thus, if I have another strong choice other than these two, I will vote neither one of them.

  • cantonese

    Must be the name calling of Roxas’s wife. I don’t hear any apology on that insult. Naturally, the wound is not heal yet. Sus naman Ka Indo.. Mag bate na kayo, malapit nang matapos ang mundo.

    I will vote for Binay for president .

    • noel

      ubos ang pera ng bayan kay binay

      • abbaj

        tama ka leon. sa sobrang dupang nyang si binay ubos ang pondo ng sss, gsis, pagcor, pcso. at ngayon magkakampi pa sila ng dati niyang isunusukang si martial administrator enrile patay tayo lalo. ang kaso iboboto ng ng mga tamad na iskwater yang mandarambong na yan.we need to move heaven and earth para di ma elect ang ganid na binay sampu ng kayang dynasty.

      • $20733759

        Kasabihan nga sa salitang banyaga …”birds of the same feather”. Di pwedeng maiba pa ano,tunay na napatUNAyan na !

      • fiveoclock

        ubos din sigurado ang pera ng PAG-IBIG fund.

    • Ramil Abalon

      ha ha ha bahala ka bay….basta ako sa hindi magnanakaw….ha ha ha

  • Jay

    Ngayon palang wala na kayong imikan pano pa kaya pag malapit na ang election.Just swallow youre PRIDE chicken..

  • blainz

    “Before God and man, I can tell you without blinking my eyes that I didn’t see him.”

    Must be hard for a dark, little, evil spirit to see in church.

    But really, invoking God on matters politically bifocal, in a thanksgiving mass of all occasions, is in very poor taste.

    • chingnarciso

      What words do you expect to come out from the mouth of the little dark dwarf evil.Sure he will  invoke god to justify that he did not see Roxas. [he is to short to see mar]. Marami segurong mga matatangkad  na tao doon sa loob ng simbahan,kaya hindi nya nakita si Mar. only sarcastic remarks…forgive…and peace…

  • Loggnat

    The Philippines can find and field better candidates for presidency than those two, I hope. It will again be a choice for lesser evil, one who will not hurt and set back all the gains from the last president, and from a new trapo family against an old trapo family. The real choice is for the next president to take the country to the next level and not stagnate or worst regress back from all its progress.

    • ngidigop

      As the saying goes between two evils choose the lesser one, but don’t forget the one you are going to choose  is still an EVIL

      • Loggnat

        I don’t believe there is a politician in the world that can be classified as a ‘saint’. So a lesser evil will do or better yet a normal human being who is compassionate and intelligent that will put the people’s well being above everything. Above the political party he belongs to and even above wealth obtained due to corrupt and unlawful methods while serving the people in a government position.

      • ngidigop

        You’re right in my recollection I haven’t heard a politician who was canonized and became a SAINT
        ,  The word “dirty, corrupt” are always associated with politician, and this is not only  in the Philippines.

    • eirons1043

      Don’t worry Sir Lagnat tyak me 3d choice na hindi UNA or LP kaya lang eh labo na manalo unless back up by INC and most religious sect. Sa probinsya kasi partido ang hari dahil sa mga Warlord/Dynasty.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    There’s no other choice so it’s better not to choose and participate!

  • joeybg

    Ang kapal talaga ng mga mukha ng mga Kawatan, mahiya kayo sa sarili ninyo, ang mga pinakakain ay galing sa Nakaw…….

  • Andy

    A  gentleman politician is as rare as an apple tree in the philippines.Peenoy is the worst of them all,when he refused to shake hands with Gebo Teodoro his very own cousin,not just once but everytime Gebo offered his hand to him–Peenoy just turned and looked the other way ..that was during last presidential debate  before national tv broadcast. It was the height of Peenoy’s arrogance before the filipino tv audience and nobody took notice of..Mar Roxas used to be the darling of the media and the filipino masses and was destined to become the next president, untill Peenoy came up out of mediocrity right after Cory’s death, and then took the thunderbolts away from Mar’s and the presidency with it.Between Roxas and Binay it’s going to be a toss-up, because both have the money and resources,but it will be the hocus-PCOS machine has the final say of the outcome..Mar Roxas is the less darker and not so little maligno between the two, choosing him as the lesser evil is not bad at all.

    • Francis81

       Dami kasing mga bading diyan sa LP kaya mga masusungit at matataray!

      • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

        Francis your name calling won’t lead you anywhere! 

    • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

      I already warned you guys, watch – Serge Osmena. Mas madamng pera yan. Much more than the stolen loot of Binay. Jojo Binay is nobody. He knows that! 

  • boybakal

    Binay swore to God that He DID NOT SEE ROXAS.

    I agree with Binay.
    Actually, it was Roxas who did not see Binay.
    Why? Because Binay is a little dark maligno.
    For sure, if Corina is with Roxas, She can see Binay. Corina is a paranormal who can see a Maligno that a normal person cannot see.

    • virgoyap

       Ha ha ha ha! Labi pod ka!!!

  • Qwxyz

    when the Rite of Peace came…Binay swore to God and man he did not see Roxas, but waved to Ballsy and Viel..

    hah!! magkakatabi sina Sec. Mar at itong mga kapatid ni Pnoy, ang tangkad ni Sec. kontra kina Ballsy at Viel pero di nakita.

  • ben311

    roxas mahina ang personality. wish ko lang si binay ang sunog.

    • Mike Henry French

       mahina talaga…he’s gay…ask his high school classmates

  • Bert

    A good display of PURE Political FAKES….

    • Francis81

       Bakit nagsimba pa sila kung ayaw naman pala nilang makipag peace? Mga peke nga!

  • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

    Why bother about Binay, who is he anyway?

    • noel

      maligno yan means living in darkness, ubos pera ng pinas yan…plantalya lang nya yng makati

  • cali

    di raw niya nakita kasi MADILIM!

    • virgoyap

      He he he he! Joke only!!!!

  • Mike Henry French

    haha…ang bakla nga naman…pati ba naman eto gawin pang issue? Sa the Buzz na lang nyo i kwento or sa Balitang K ng “wife” mo kuno…you’re so cheap Gay Roxas

    • Francis81

       Si Mareng Mar willing yang mag “kiss and make-up.”

  • Joboni 96

    llamado si vinay in 2016

    specially kung astang investment banker
    pa rin si mar

    kaya lang
    mapupuno rin gobyerno ng mga binay
    at lahat ng project may b
    tulad sa makati

    ibabanat ni mar
    b aluktot tulad sa makati
    tuloy ang tuwid na daan
    naman sa kanya

  • Marcial72

    Alam kasi ni Binay na may pinaplano si Mar Roxas na ipa impeach siya ng sa ganun ma disqualify siya sa pagtakbo sa 2016.

  • joshua kings

    tingin ko kailangang magpatingin sa mata si veep…naikta raw niya si ballsy and viel na katabi ni mar, pero sumumpa pa na di niya nakita si secretary…altho moreno si secretary, eh ulikba naman si veep, hehehe…
    balewala yung tinanggap ninyong komunyon sa misa kung ganyan kayo mag-aaasta.

  • JudgeJuanDeLaCruz

    Don’t bother about Binay and Mar for the 2016 presidential elections. Focus on Serge Osmena, he will be the next president! Watch him! 

    By 2014, people will be tired of Jojo and Mar Roxas. These two will lose steam before 2014. In Tagalog, magsasawa ang tao sa kanila bago mag 2014 maslalo na kay Binay. Parang marathon yan. Look at Romney he campaigned for 6 years for the US presidency while Obama only in the last 4 months. Jojo can follow the Obama model. Masyadong trigger happy si Binay, araw-araw nag de-daydream!

  • Filipinos

    nag pang abot ang mga hudas….

  • efriend

    Tabloid trash. This type of showbiz intrigue should not be extracted from the Holy Mass by this journalist.  The quality of journalism that we have now is low low low.

    • Loggnat

       I agree with you 100% that this article is a tabloid trash and should be not allowed in serious news section of PD Inquirer.

  • Ilving Tabios Zamora

    That is crazy!  What’s so wrong with shaking each others hand and wishing well to one another? Very childish of them both. 

  • PAZ

    Kung sa susunod na Presidential election ang manalo ay si Binay, parang Aquino din ang nakaupo. Kasi kaalyado ng mga Aquino si Binay. Kung ang manalo ay si Roxas, tao rin ng mga Aquino yan. SO, MULA KAY Mrs. Aquino, Ramos Arroyo at Noynoy puro kaalyado ng mga Aquino ang umupong Presidente. Si Estrada lang ang hindi, kaya napatalsik. Kaya sa eleksyon ang pagpipilian lang ng mga tao ay 2 kaalyado ng mga Aquino. kaya nga ang vice Pres. ay si Binay kasi loyalist ni Cory yan. kaya pag yan ang naging Pres. Wagi rin ang mga Aquino. MAG BINAY KA AQUINO DIN YAN, MAG ROXAS KA AQUINO DIN. WALANG CHOICE ANG MGA FILIPINO. PWEDE NA RIN SI BINAY.

    • Allan

      wrong. binay is allied to jose cojuangco, not aquino. would you like jose cojuangco to lord it over again tulad ng time ni cory? jose cojuangco may be the most corrupt aquino in the clan.

  • PAZ

    Wala na bang ibang kandidato? Ang gusto kong mag Pres. ay si Gordon, Ralph Recto, pwede din si Binay , Hagedorn yung masisipag. Sabi ng iba mga corrupt. Pag ang iboboto nyo ay di corrupt wala kayong maiboboto. Dahil sa Pilipinas pag ikaw ay pulitiko na nasa pwesto ang tawag sa yo ay BUWAYA O CORRUPT. SA PILIPINAS KUNG GUSTO MONG MATAWAG NA MAGNANAKAW , MAGPULITIKO KA. SANA YUNG MASIPAG AT MAY MATALINONG UTAK.

    • Noel

      proven na yan c binay masipag at matalino sa coruption kasi hindi pa na impeach..

  • tata_boy

    mas di ko mapagkakatiwalaan si Binay kumpara kay Roxas.

  • boybakal

    Roxas, Binay just can’t swap peace signs….

    Maybe it was not caught on Camera the “Peace be with You” sign between Binay and Mar.
    Maybe their eyes met and blinked and Binay whispered” I love You” and ” I love you Too”answered Mar.
    Church is a very public and sacred place to show their feelings and affections to each other as public figure.
    Let’s respect their stolen moments.
    As they say…JUST READ THEIR LIPS.

  • wawa2172

    at least Mar say peace be with you to Elenita but Nognog Binay lied to God that he did not see Mar…ganon na ba siya ka pandak at bulag pa? He did not have to swear dahil ilang oras din siya sa misa. Well Mar and Binay should no longer run for Presidency because by then matatanda na sila yata? Give the chance to younger leaders who could think much better for the good of the country. Both of them can now be considered as tradpol though Mar has been more with the cabinet than as politician. Both are cronies of Noy, with the president having that problem kung sino ang ilalaglag. After 2013 the political landscape will change with Noy becoming lame duck soon before his term ends on 2016. Noy usefulness among politician is the pork barrel but it will become a powerless tool as soon as it will as Binay and Roxas slug it out. The very purpose of Noy is to endorse any of them but as to winning is concern si Nognog ang may lamang sa Masa. Di pa nga lang lumalabas ang katiwalian ng mga Binay. 

  • karen

    they may don’t have clean hearts

  • Noel

    Because one is much taller than the other.

  • disqusted0fu

    with the names mentioned above, it just shows that there are some bad spirits lurking in the church.

  • Jon

    Forgive and forget na To.
    Mahirap kalabanin ang susunod na Presidente.

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