We need US help against China



China’s new policy to board and expel foreign ships entering waters it claims for its own but which are still the subject of dispute with other countries, including the Philippines, is tantamount to a declaration of war.

And if ever there is a shooting war in the South China Sea, since renamed by the Philippines as West Philippine Sea, we are no match to China.

China is an elephant; the Philippines is just an ant.

So what do we do about the threat?

This is something many Filipinos, especially the brave ones, will not accept: Seek the help of the United States.

Let’s face it, guys. Only a fellow superpower like the United States can stand up to China.

This means we have to allow the continuation of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) with all its defects.

* * *

Fighting China alone, in case a war breaks out between the Philippines and that military superpower, would be foolhardy.

We need help. Our country being a US colony in the past, I’m sure the United States will be more than willing to help us.

So let’s not exhibit false pride and say we don’t need the US because we do, if a pygmy like us fights a giant.

* * *

Marine Lt. Gen. Juancho Sabban, commander of the military’s Western Command based in Palawan province that oversees the West Philippine Sea, should not have made a comment that could worsen the already tense situation.

Said Sabban of China’s “board-and-expel” policy: “That cannot be. That’s a violation of the right of international passage. That’s too much. While we are exerting all peaceful means to resolve the territorial dispute, that is what they are doing.”

General Sabban, you are not the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Leave foreign policy to your Commander-in-Chief, President Aquino.

Your job is to carry out orders from higher authorities should an untoward incident take place between our country and China.

* * *

One of the President’s many headaches is our disagreement with China over Panatag Shoal and Kalayaan Island.

“What if China suddenly attacks our fleet in Panatag or Kalayaan?” a Malacañang insider quoted the President as telling some of his Cabinet members.

If you think the President can sleep well regarding our problem with China, then you don’t know the guy.

“He’s a deep thinker.  He worries a lot about many things, about the country, the economy,” said my Palace source.

So let’s stand four-square behind the President in whatever decision he makes on the China problem.

* * *

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin has urged retired Army Maj. Gen. Jovito Palparan, who is now a fugitive, to surrender and face the murder charges filed against him.

Gazmin said that by being a fugitive of the law, “Palparan is destroying the image of the Armed Forces, and not only the Army.”

Palparan has been charged with the disappearance of University of the Philippines students Karen Empeño and Sherly Cadapan in June 2006.

This may not sit well with many citizens, especially those who are human rights advocates, but Palparan is a hero to most soldiers.

To a soldier in the field, Palparan only did what the enemy was also doing to government troops and their sympathizers.

A tit-for-tat policy in dealing with the enemy is an unwritten code in warfare.

The only difference between Palparan and the other generals was that the latter were discreet about it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/be.way.5 Be Way

    Don’t do that.   It’ll even make the situation even more precarious.   Be patience.

  • jeffrey_01

    Put on your explosive belts and blow yourself in China and good luck.

  • rezli

    Mr Tulfo, the fundamental element of war tactics, you must have the basic instinct of jungle mentality, the principle is most basic, if you cannot fight them, scare them into submission…about your comment that china is elephant..? it is fight between tiger and elephant, if the tiger stand his ground, the elephant will crush him with his mass. but, if the tiger he conserves his mobility, he will finally kill  the elephant, who bleed from multitude of cuts, obviously the elephant is the china and the tiger is the philippines..

    • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

      …our motherland is a tiger? sheeesh, sana nga. pero c’mon, face the facts: china will kick our country’s a$$ if we go to war against them without help from another superpower(in this case, the u.s.). bagamat klarong klaro dehado tayo dyan, one thing is for sure: Filipinos will not go down without a fight kung magka gyera man at mapalaban tayo sa china.

      • rezli

        Read properly..what i’m saying is war tactics, kakayanin ba ng pinas ang china..? ano ang paraan paki paglaban? hindi ito ang tamang panahon para sabihin ko sayo, wag kang mag alala pag nagka giyera ituro ko sayo, yan ay, kung gusto mo. Si mon tulfo kung mag mura at mang lait, pag mag salita at di lang yan, black belt pa sa karate ( aikido ) ano ang nangyari sa kanya..? kaya may paraan lahat ang paki pag laban.

      • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

        …dude, i already got your point. pero i’m being realistic here, not idealistic. ano ang laban ng pinas sa isang bansa na technologically advanced ang military power with some nukes to boot? yeah tactics, that’ll definitely work: if, and only if, the playing field is equal. luma na yung david and goliath comparison. pero gaya nga ng sinabi ko(and by those lines you will, if you can, notice i’m willing to kick a $ $ for pinas), Filipinos will not go down without a fight kung mapalaban tayo sa china. only a moron will not get my point.

      • rezli

        that’s ok..handa mong i alay ang dugo mo sa bayan, isa kang madirigma kung ganoon..

      • kimo211

        Bro,,,  i  will  spare   some  $$$$$$$  to  pinas,,,para  makatulong sa  paglaban sa  mga  tsewkwa.

      • kimo211

        Tama  ka  kabayan,,,sa  kasalukuyan,,,ay  pagukulan  ng  ating  pamunuaan,,,ang  pagpapalakas  ng  ating  defense,,,magshare  ako  ng  some  haed  earn $$$$$  para  sa pinas  defense  ,,,medyo  hindi  na  100%  combat  ready ang  health  ko,,,kaya  some   financial  and  military  knowledge(military) ang  maaambag  ko  sa  inang  bayan…at  ang  comment  mo  sa  tulfo  brothers,,,ay  OK  lang,,,,paniniwala  mo  yon,,,   but  for  your   info,,,,tulfo  brothers was  raised by   an  officer and  gentlemen  father……at  ang  isa  sa  mga  tulfo  brother   ay  retired  from   US  Armed  Forces  (clinton  early  retirement  program),,,,salamat  sa  comment  mo  kabayan,,,pagpalain  ka  nawa….

  • patriot2008

    Don’t criticize General Juancho Sabban for doing what any sane and responsible commander would do and say after just finishing a tour of the troops in the West Philippine sea. You act so brave but don’t give justice to people like General Sabban who are really fighting the war. Reserve your insults for the Chinese and their collaborators here, will you?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      One thing I like about this Gen. Sabban is that he’s assertive.  We need Generals like him to protect our territories.

    • rezli

      General Sabban is a good tactician, i learned a lot from him..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SHJZR76LIZ3P6EC3DHL5RKXKAU Sargo

    “He’s a deep thinker.  He worries a lot about many things, about the country, the economy,” said my Palace source. 
    ??? playing video games

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      That’s the reason he cannot stop smoking.  Deep thinker.  Or deep smoker?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E2V7QUMFK3JR7GWHPUF7MNVIJQ Kudi

        you’ll have to find and read the scientific research out there that says smoking (NICOTINE) improves COGNITIVE THINKING.   another research says workers who smoke are more productive, can do the job more accurately,  stays focus on the job and are more articulate.  :-)

      • rezli

        plus of course coffee..

    • $18209031

      He needs a good woman to ease his insomnia. Marami naman dyan magaling mag masahe. Dios ko santisima. Even Raultoy and Maomaogook are willing to give a presidencial massage for free. 

  • opinyonlangpo

    That’s strange, Mon Tulfo going international. He should focus more on showbiz type gossips.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      For a change, Mon now goes variety after all the attacks against him on many local issues.  This time, he needs to show his patriotism even if he has Japanese blood; the race that invaded and abused us in WW2.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    We all know that we need America’s help.  But the question is would the US help us?  The US President even snubbed us by not passing by Manila for a visit not just once but twice.

    • rezli

      If you look at the pacific map, can you imagine how the pentagon feels if the philippines is controlled by china..?

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

        To feel is different from to act.  The Pentagon feels it but is not taking action.

      • rezli

        not this time, very sooonnn…

  • pulis

    Hindi na tayo dapat sakupin ng China dahil ang China ay nasa Palasyo na..Ang kulang na lang ay pansit  canton…

    • $18209031

      Moon cakes for you , Pulis , for mentioning that. 

  • okabato

     China is just bluffing, she knows what the consequence of such move will to do to her militarily and economically. If worse comes to worst China will be up against practically all her neighbors including Australia, India and the US. Russia is a player and will not side with the chinese. Let the chinese people enjoy their new found prosperity instead of warmongering.

    • rezli

      Let we see if china can handle 3 front of war simultaneously..

  • simondj

    why not ask those senators who remove the US military base in the Philippines,,, to go to the US and ask for help?

    • rezli

      Politics by nature is an unsafe business, if a politician concerns to much for his personal safety, perhaps it is more profitable for him to enter a less strenuous profession.

  • novaliches

    remember WW2,  even with US help Japan still kick our #ss, e mas malakas ang China ngayon kaysa japan noon.  pag-nag air raid or even just cognizant flight ang chinese sa manila, malamang bagsak ang stock market at real estate sa atin. 

  • Magi10271

    Remember the Vietnam war? Elephant vs. Ant?

    • rezli

      Psychological warfare is one of the potent weapon of all by the communist. we witness the american’s superior fire power during the late 1960 and 1970 in indochina, yet it lost to the vietnamese psychological warfare, the US later learned that its military technology was no match for the north vietnamese psychological weapon, in psychological warfare, the instrument of war come in many form. Instilling fear into the enemy is the common element of psychological weapon, propaganda is another, it is help mobilize the masses against the opponent, if we use effectively, propaganda can be an effective tool to demonize and dehumanize the enemy, in short, psychological weapon changes the midset of the combatant, as well as the populace, it make it easier to kill the enemy without hesitation..

      • $18209031

        Vietminh and Vietcongs were aided by Chinese Red Army advisers, weapons and    ammo . Trainloads of supplies cross the Sino Vietnam border  during the war.  The main supply train came from China  , without China these smelly gooks will not survive US bombings. 

        Ho Chi Minh was a close friend of Chairman Mao.  Mao gave him advise on guerilla tactics and strategic planning.  Ho was very thankful to Mao.  The reason why he got full support from the CHicoms. 

        Even Chicom antiaircraft gunners were manning missiles inside NVN  in the late 1960s and shot down many US planes. One report mentioned the CHicom gunners were so good they shot down the plane of US senator McCain. The reason McCain is so mad on China bec it got him down and caused his miserable fate in Haino Hilton.  Besides he already forgiven the NVA who bayoneted him during his capture. But he cannot forgive the Chinese gunner who got his bird down. 

        China  also sent in many construction battalions and repaired bridges and ammo depots and other defenses while the NVA were taking the fight into SVN. 

        Once the war ended the Vietgook s became arrogant and backstabbed China . Thus China had to taught them a lesson in 1979. 

      • rezli

        the vietnamese are special race, they are like a hard constrained spring, use force on it and it will coil and watch out when it does..

      • rezli

        chinese record show 1979 war fighting the vietnamese.. chinese,  60,0000.00 soldier dead, 15,000.00 wounded  3,000.00 captured, while vietnam 25,000.00 dead 10,000.00 wounded..


    China maybe an elephant while the Philippines is just a tiny mice but nature has its ways such that a Jumbo elephant is afraid of mice. Let China shouts to her own people about her greatness. The communist leaders needs it to stay in power but surely is trembling in fear to touch the Philippines. The trumpeted ship boarding is nothing but press release for the enjoyment of Chinese citizens only. It can not be enforced in international waters of free navigation. The smart mice is more scary than fat slow moving elephant.  

    • $18209031

      Mice are trapped and fed to snakes, kukuk? You are out of your mind, eat some more botchang kaldereta  and things will even be more clearer to you . 

  • TRMW

    Courage first, enough with the negative and cowardly talk. Its embarrassing. Government must support the military by making massive investments.  Mr. Aquino has already started this. Hopefully he will complete the job.  Setup Muslim regiments within AFP. AFP,  MILF and other Muslim fighters are battle hardened after decades of fighting each other now the time has come for them to fight side by side against a common enemy. I think together they will be formidable. Make an alliance with Japan. The Japanese are facing the same problems we are and they are also reaching out for allies. I think it’s a good fit. Japan is relaxing weapons exports. In a short time they can help modernized the AFP. In return Japan gains a valuable ally. And if war starts China will be threatened on two fronts.

    Don’t rely on America. They just completed two costly wars and have domestic problems. And America is far away. The threat is not immediate like it is for Japan and PHL. America can provide the intel but Japan and PHL should do the fighting. Give America a break this round.

    The person that said, “China will kick our a s s”.  Are you really that afraid of a China man. Really?? I’ve seen many china man they just don’t invoke fear in me. So your saying it’s ok for a thief to come into your house and steal your goods and rape your wife. Is it ok for someone to spit in your face and you do nothing. Is that  the kind of man you are? I pity you.

    • aeon888

      Well then, let’s do a quick comparison between China and our beloved Philippines:
      China has 1.336 Billion people VS 103 million Filipinos. Even in a fistfight, they can beat us to pulp. China is a superpower with Nuclear intercontinental missiles capable of reaching the Philippines. The Philippines has no anti-aircraft missiles. China has a 5th Generation Stealth fighter jet, we have the vintage tora-tora world war II relic. China now has an aircraft carrier, the Philippines has world war II boats. In fact, our Navy was not able to catch up with the fleeing Abu sayyaf bandits in 2000 because they have faster boats than the Philippine Navy. That was embarassing to say the least.

      For every single Filipino, there are 13 CHinese people in proportion to the respective population sizes of the two nations. So if we used your metaphor about a thief breaking into our house, Then China would be like 13 Fully-armed thieves with bullet-proof vests, high tech communications equipment, well-trained in combat VS you (Filipino) with a bolo. It may sound heroic but in reality, those 13 fully armed thieves will overpower you and steal your belongings. We are in essence outnumbered, outgunned and out-trained by them.

      • rezli

        tell china to start the war, then we will see..

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Did you remember one of the army coup against Cory ?

        Philippines Air Force wanted to bomb Malacagnan with
        two Vampire’s or Venom’s, the US send only one F16 to fly around,
        PAF run away at once, as only one F16 can engage against
        20 WW 2 air planes without any risque.

        Twenty five years ago, Switzerland bought plenty FA18
        (similar to six the second hand bought six month’s ago by RP)
        they are lining up for replacement !
        Maybe you can get them for a cheap price, 
        as they are obsolete and useless outside Air Police
        for commercials and private airplanes…..

        Ignorance could be paid at a dire price, Beware !

      • rezli

         that is 40 year ago.. i’ve been in the war for 20 year…ignorance is has no place when it come to war..

    • rezli

      they are idiot in my opinion…those who want to fight, must do everything , including to kill and be killed, we must not live in fear and insecurity.

    • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

      …you obviously did’nt read, or tried to understand, that person’s last line in his post: Filipinos will not go down without a fight. instead poor judgement took over you and made dumb rethoric, thus, negating your moronic assumptions from your own post.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Pilipino’s love to be losers,

      your Tulfo street’s toughie style comments it’s all but not wise,
      putting the country at risque of total destruction.

      What is the AFP experiment with high tech ?
      What do they learned fighting and raping innocent farmers,
      do they know to do something else ?

      Exactly the same happened to China at the time of the British colonization,
      Chinese only used to fight farmers armed with batuta and arrow’s.

      Philippines General’s deserved to be hang as traitors,
      that why the only one with some honor left kill himself few years ago….

      What’s going on with the Esperon and partners,
      already in their US residences paid with army budget ?

  • mel betron

    i dont know if there are presence of our military already in the disputed sea area and if it doesn’t have yet; well, put our military presence there so that, it will call a bigger international attention because nobody will allow China to start a war for grabbing a piece of land that is not belong to them.. And sanction by UN will start to force China out of the region…

  • TRMW

    Filipinos are ants??? That’s the kind of support you give your people? When adversity strikes your advise is to just throw your hands in the air and say, “oh well, we’re just ants”. Your embarrassing. You won’t even do the fighting if it starts. The least you can do is give support to the troops who will protect your freedom. Even if that support is just words. The men and women in uniform deserve that much from you. My god grow a pair of balls. It’s embarrassing for a man to  say such words.

    • rezli

      mga tambay lang yan sa mga kalye, kaya walang alam kung papaano lumaban..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NJ7X6KXS3RKJ3CGVF2KA3E5FIM gaylord

      you miss mr. tulfo’s point..for god’s sake he is just using “simile” here..and he is giving a brilliant advice that is laced with lots of COMMON SENSE..how will you fight a heavyweight of china with a flyweight like us? e di gumamit ka ng UTAK!! kumuha ka ng armas para maging patas..hindi ka naman siguro TANGA na sasabak na lang sa giyera na alam mo naman na wala kang kalaban laban..fight with brains, not fight with pure courage and guts with a lot more on the luck side..side story which happened to me when i was a small kid: a school bully who was 5 years older than i am harassed me in school..i got furious but i’m not that stupid enough to fight him which i know i will get beaten to a pulp, what i did is i approached an uncle which is his age and we both mauled the boy black and blue..until now that boy was still afraid of me (or respected me) for what i did to him.. 
      or maybe because i am bigger than him now (5’11” compared to him at maybe 5’7″)..

  • aeon888

    Ni hindi nga natin matalo at ma-ubos ang Abu sayyaf, paano na kung mismong China ang kalaban natin? Kahit nga suntukan pa lang eh buong Pilipinas na 103 million people VS boung China na 1.336 BILLION people, eh bugbog sarado na ang bawat mamayan nating Pinoy. Sa bawat isang Pinoy suntukan sa 13 katao ng China. LOL Tagilid na tayo.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

       Kahit noong panahon ni Limahong, 10 is to 1 na ang ratio pero takbo ng takbo si Limahong hanggang pinili nyang bumalik sa Tsina at harapin ang Ming Dynasty

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

    The Philippines sought for help and the US responded positively with a pivot.   This came as a  surprise to China, our neighbors and a lot of people who never really thought that the US will support the Philippines.  Any doubt of US support at this point will just create a bad impression on ourselves because only actual military action can erase any  remaining doubt, and any military action will most likely not be for a short war so let’s not push it.  To doubt at this stage is a sign of mistrust already and any person who feels such lack of trust will pause, have reservations in the relationship, and most likely lose trust in us also.  What we should do is to continue investing in our armed forces (as Tahir mentioned below and since we have not spent much on this for decades), modify fishing boats to build speed, withstand the impact of ramming and adapt to the hazards of fishing at the West Philippine Sea, and start doing something so we can rely less on China made products.

  • ryepim

    Pls ask the U.S. first if they will fight China for us. From what I have heard. Malaki raw utang ng U.S.A. sa CHINA. (Billions if not Trillions)….

  • Datukalun

    The best thing to do at the moment is use Vietnam and Japan strategy.When Chinese boat comes they just Ram them away and use fire hose even rotten eggs  to drive them away.If China uses fire power against us then they will be in big trouble .But as you see they cannot just push Vietnam  and Japan because they Ram Chinese vessels even Chinese maritime vessels.But what did we do our boats left our shoals.Or We need to invite Vietnam japan Indonesia vessel to help us Ram Chinese boats.Or invite third parties or UN vessels. Chinese are destroying our protective economic zones too.

    • Nagagalitna

      Problema Bro iisa nga lng maayos natin na barko eh ibubunggo mo pa paano na lng tayo kon masira yon gagamit ng balsa na may kanyon…hahaha.
      Antay tayo ng tamang oras ah may mga padating don’t worry maayos na ang pamunuan natin ngayon eh nawa tuloy tuloy na ito ang pag tibay ng military power natin.

      • Datukalun

        Yes its true we have few ships that are working but we only need 1 or 2 to do it as a symbol of our defiance to china just what vietnam and japan did.

  • facq2

    ang u s ay walang utang sa china, ang china ay nag invest sa u s, sa  pamamagitan ng pagbili ng mga BONDS. pero hindi lumapit ang u s sa china para mang-utang.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CH3UCUCHBZLY5WOGXOUDHCJHJE Edgardo

    Certainly Philippines will not start a war with formidable odds against China. If China starts and impose war on the Philippines we cannot do otherwise but fight, that is why we should acquire more military hardware and modernize the Armed Forces quickly, form tactical alliances with nations who have counter claim with China.Philippines should rely on our own capability, if the U. S. helps us, good, if not then we’re on our own.One thing is clear, we cannot allow China to intimidate us on our own territory.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       We will not start it but I hope the world will not tolerate it and the USA’s inaction is like losing it’s face. So I think China’s leaders are just making impressions.

      It’s our leaders’ fault. Depending on someone else military power is no good. We should do more on improving our military capability than tolerating corrupt politicians.

  • denzel_alfonso

    Boss TULF, si Claudine lang po ba ang kya nyo kaya ganyan kayong mag salita. You shouldn’t be in the press at all if you say things like that “we are just ants”. You should think like a MUJAHEDIN!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UKH7QYMAXLAMPIHBEPZ2R6VALE Mikhail

    Mr Tulfol doesn’t trust the Phil. Armed Forces ever since and has belittled its capability. How to deal with a potential enemy has been in the mind of our President all the way since this conflict began. We haven’t fired our first salvo of our arsenal and yet all you admonished is to seek help from uncle Sam. The AFP war materiel is a fact that we are wanting of and deserves all the help. UN, ASEAN and other leagues of nations are not blind. Lets just leave the foreign policy and conflict resolutions to them, if worse comes to worse, be on guard to fight for our territory. Don’t run to the US as what your column is pointing about. Akala ko ba may yagba ka Mr. Tulfol? Please, show your patriotic side Mr. Tulfol.  Every inch and square of our land and water intruded by the invaders is worth fighting for.  Show your true color Mr. Tulfol.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FFSZ7TIZZG47FYQFAZFIGYXKPM Pers

    The whole world have knew that China causes of problem. every country that has common boundary of China has a problem, from from japan to india these countries have a boundary conflict with china. ph. japan india vietnam are enough to defeat china.

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Mr Tulfo, china is not a military superpower, at least not yet, there is only one military superpower, that is the USA Military. China is a major military power, there is a clear distinction about it

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Correct !

      Today war’s are technology, not pedestrians.

  • jjammess

    We should buy fastcraft w/ torpedoes now and sink those chinese ships.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_N5Z7WY2SAGBHI6AA7PV2QIZP5A Renz Roger

      Mag invest nalang tayo sa laser technology dahil malapit na maging useless ang missile.

  • rey

    Mr. Ramon Tulfo by this article, you only showed us that you didn’t have any balls at all…kala ko matatapang kayong mga Tulfo (ang UTEN). Di pa nga ngsisimula ang giyera bahag na agad buntot mo. Ano ngayon kung malaki ang China? Di bulag ang buong mundo para di malaman ang nangyayari sa west philippine sea kaya di lang USA ang pedeng tumulong sa atin. Mabuti pa si Sabban may bayag ikaw wala… amfufu ka!

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Ang kilala lang kasi niya ang America. Buong Europe, Australia, at iba pa gustong tumulong sa atin.

  • boybakal

    Philippines to US, Help us against China.
    US to China….Help us in our debts.
    China to US, Don’t help the Philippines.

    Vietnam did not ask any help in fighting the French and Americans.
    Afghanistan did not ask help in a war against Russians.
    Israel is not asking any help in fighting the Arabs.
    Why we filipinos not even in a war will ask help from the US….for what.
    In short, filipinos are the coward people on earth.

    • UrHONOR

      DATI:  59,999,999 Pilipinos and 1 SOB.

      SUMUNOD: 85,999,999 Pilipinos and 1 beach.

      NGAYON naman, ano… 90,000,000 cobardes ba (kasama ka na doon)?

      • $18209031

        50 percent of that wants to leave the country and live in foreign countries and renounce their citizenships.

      • UrHONOR

        I’D even go and say 99%!

    • Malik62

       Filipinos are not cowards.  It’s the pathetic psycho in Malacanang who is making all these noises and ” threats” against a powerful nation.  He is putting the Philippines in harms way.   He is the greatest coward of all, hiding under the skirt of his mother and hiding behind the poor Filipino people.

      • TheMightyOne

        dude mukhang malaki galit mo kay panot ah? hahaha isa ka ba sa mga mapapakulong nya dahil corrupt ka?

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Stealing expert with a slave attitude

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

        mukhang nawalan ng kita itong si Malik62 mula ng umupo na si PNoy ah. Mahal na mahal nya si pandak! ahahaha

    • boldyak

      Filipinos, don’t even want to be trained in the military, majority want military training in school be taken out…no nationalism in most of Filipinos, they want others to fight for them…and who will fight for them????? Filipinos should fight the battle by themselves…if any help better for us, but don’t expect others to fight your war…

      • $18209031

        Pino men wants to look cool , be like black negroes in the way they talk and dress with baggy pants and all that black prison culture.  Be good at singing karaoke as a sign of manliness and being attractive to girls. 
        Gusto lang papogi sa damit at kakain sa labas kasama kanilang syotas.  Drive a new car and get monthly stipends from their working moms and dads from abroad. Once done with college they want to leave the country and go to America or what not.  And those who are left behind wanted to be govt employees where the people’s money can be corrupted. They want to be in positions of power and close to the peope’s money so they can get some into their pockets and wallets. 

    • Marx Louis Wang

       DON’T JUDGE! Don’t forget Gat Lapu-lapu! Asking for US help is only in the minds of Ramon Tulfo. Paranoid na siya after a fight with Raymart. Ikaw lang at nobody else can uplift yourself so please don’t belittle yourself, doing such is self-destructive.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      More wrong than that can’t be,

      The Russian and Chinese helped a lot the Vietnamese,

      US (Brzezinski) managed wisely to attract the Russian in Afghanistan,

      on purpose to help the guerilla, make them brook, punished them for Vietnam.

      Israel is fighting the Arabs by US procuration to destabilize Middle East to control oil.

      Philippines army money and shoes was turned into US real estate for the Generals….

      Corruption has a price !

      Philippines army is trained to fight peoples who don’t have weapons,

      killing and terrorizing innocents farmers…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OKJDLWBCG7F2BWI576VSWJ7UTE imran

    We need to have more allies… at the same time buy as some more time to modernize ourselves.


    WALA pang tumatalo sa mga kapatid nating MUSLIMS. lalo na sa Mindanao.

    Bakit hindi bigyan ng kapangyarihan o authority o representation ang mga MUSLIMS para harapin ang mga TNL na Tseks?  Maaaring magka-problema sa language…pero meron namang interpreters (yon nga lang kung salbahe ang interpreter, maraming matitigbasan ng ulo at maraming ding makakatikim ng bala na made in china) na makakatulong sa pag-uusap nila.  Napipiho ko na yong mga kapatid nating mga Muslims will just be too glad and proud to show to all and sundry how not be be cowed.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EAUJFSZPGZQJZ6NUMMY7XAN5RQ Jose

    Post #1

    AF Fan

    Group: Members
    Posts: 22
    Joined: 8-April 08
    From: abudhabi

    i’m thought that indonesia military power is most stronger in SEA..next order is thailand and singapore.i thnik southeastasia military power ranking (indonesian military power are 100 standards)1th indonesia (100)2th thailand(72) 3th singapore(65)4th vietnam(53)5th malaysia(45)6th burma(42)7th philippine(31)8th bangladesh(22)9th srianka(17)10th cambodia(15)11th nepal(9)12th brunei(6)13th laos (5)14th east timor(1) 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EAUJFSZPGZQJZ6NUMMY7XAN5RQ Jose

      Where is the standing of the Philippine military? In the outhouse!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EAUJFSZPGZQJZ6NUMMY7XAN5RQ Jose

    and Asia military power ranking top 15(China military power are 100 standards)1th china(100) 2th japan(86)3th india(79)4th southkorea(72)5th saudiarabia(61)6th iran(45)7th taiwan(36)8th Pakistan(31) 9th indonesia(25)10th UAE(23)————————————– asia best 1011th northkorea(20)12th syria(19)13th thailand(16)14th singapore(14)15th jordan(12)————————————– aisa best 15 limit This post has been edited by alkmarz: Apr 11 2008, 06:57 PM santoloco Apr 11 2008, 10:14 PMPost #2

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

    The Vietnamese recognizes the need for US help in this dispute because fighting will be at sea and not on land where locals become guerillas. They say that their fleet of submarines and ships are not enough to match those of China.   They say that going to war alone is not a question of courage anymore but facing the certainty  of legally losing more of their islands and the oil deposits to China because of a war.    Agawan ng isla nga ang mukhang pakay ng panghahamon ng Tsina kaya kelangan me kanyon sa Kalayaan at iba pang isla para madepensahan..

  • randyaltarejos

    What is the role of  ASEAN so that this bullying tactics by China can be resolved? High time for ASEAN members to boycott products made from the PROC.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

      HIstorically speaking, only Indonesia has the heart to fight a prolonged war.  The other countries mostly collaborated with Japan just after 1 or 2 battles only during WW2.  Even participating in a boycott might be too intimidating for them.  The allies we have now are the countries we can rely on.

    • seweldy

      PROC … do your police plan to just inderdict, board, search, turn back, sink just Philippine ,Vietnamese or Japanese vessels in the West Philippine Sea? Maybe you have the balls to do the same to USA, Australian or European flag bearing ships… Keep up your belligerent foreign policies 200 miles away from the Philippine economic exclusion zone.. PROC.. perhaps you are just testing the waters of the USA, Australia, Japan, Philippine mutual defense treaties…  you even claim a part of India on your passports…Do not thi India,Vietnam and Japan alone can defeat your navies air force and army

  • http://www.facebook.com/star.trek.353 Star Trek

    I support the government… I may not be a strong supporter of Pinoy… But I am a Filipino….  I will stand by to defend this Nation to the better end… VIva Viva sa Republica ng Philippinas……..

    • Malik62

       Let BS Aquino X3 stand in the warfront alone. I love my country but this pathetic psycho is dragging the country into apocalypse!

      • TheMightyOne

        yeah just keep saying BS , youre one of the useless filipino for sure :) try to read some books on management… hindi mo pwedeng linisin ang pilipinas o ayusin sa loob nang 2 o apat na taon … kailangan sunod sunod na marunog na presidente ang umupo at hindi corrupt katulad nang bossing mo na si pandak!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CW375R72PNNPYQY3ZLDGZKTCU4 Anastacio

    If war break against China let Miriam Defensor Santiago think the strategy .. she wants the US Visiting Force to be out in the Philippines.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

       She seems to be the over-all leader of the Leftists today.   I was surprised to see Sen Santiago, Rep Walden Bello and Bayan Muna make a complete turn-around and become anti-China activists who  almost simultaneously protested the e-chinese visa in the news.

    • Nagagalitna

      Sira ulo yon Bro si Miriam wag mo na patulan…hehehe…para hindi ka din mabuang :-)

  • Malik62

    BS Aquino X3 is using this conflict with China, which he started in the first place, to cover up for the domestic mess that he created due to mismanagement, poor governance and corruption.

    • Nagagalitna

      Bro ang problema ng Pinas ay cancer na ito…pahanon pa ng lolo mo…so dont expect ng 1yr time ng bagong pangulo ay matupad mo na ang gusto mo.

      Tingnan mo yon kabuoan na resulta sa bansa natin hindi yong sarili mo lng iniisip mo.

      • TheMightyOne

        bro for sure yan si malik ay walang ginawa kung hindi mag antay na gobyerno ang tumulong sa kanya.. tnung mo si tito sotto baka alam nya ung ibig sbhn nang speech ni JFK hahaha….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4S7CCEZUDRLKQ4LDLVCSUJCXKE Xymann Dario

    instead of comparing ants vs.elephants,why don’t we just learn from the vietnam war?especially the tet offensive, joint US-ARVN military victory but a major propaganda victory for North Vietnam.

  • http://www.facebook.com/metz.ceprian Buknoy Bisaya

    nakiki saw saw ka naman mr tulfo, palaguain mo nalang yan negosyo mong AC DC

  • $20733759

    Never mind Santiago and the other leftists. When push comes to shove, the only alternative may be , is what Tulfo suggest, the Big Brother syndrome. Except that…. reality wise…will the US of A be willing to fight our own war?Not sure, not sure… just hoping.Otherwise, what is the alternative??A suicidal attempt ??

  • MnlaBoy

    Don’t expect too much from the US. China is more important to them.

  • joboni96

    isa na namang defeatist kolonisadong utak

    myth na sinusulong
    lalabanan natin intsik switik
    kaya kailangan ang imperyalistang u.s.

    tayo’y dedepensa lang sa ating kalayaan at eez
    max 300 nautical miles out

    hayaan mong magupakan ang
    hegemonistang intsik switik at
    imperyalistang u.s.
    hindi sa teritoryo natin

    kaya tuloy ang madaliang pagpapalakas sa depensa
    sa sariling sikap
    kasama mga kapitbahay natin

    talagang mahirap ito at
    malaking sakripisyo ang kailangan
    na dapat na nating gawin

    unang una alisin ang mga pilipino kunong
    defeatist kolonisadong utak

    na kumatok lang ang intsik switik
    gusto ng pabalikin at papasukin ang imperyalistang u.s.
    na malaki ng ginawang pinsala sa bayan natin
    mula pa 1898

    kuhanin natin ang pagsubok na ito
    para alpasan ang tanikalang tanso at
    hubugin ang maunlad na kapalaran natin

  • valsore

    We do need help fending off China.  But let’s each of us do what we can.  Let’s boycott Made In China products in every way possible.  A peso spent not on buying Made In China products is 40 cents less to the Chinese government who spends them on building up their Navy to harass us.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X5TS3UOIZ6COTUWQRBY5ONG5BE Vilma Amon

    2015 baby China is coming

  • LuwigVonMises

    philippines vs china = ant vs elephant,  U.S. vs china = tiger vs kitty cat. haha

    • $18209031

      US vs China =   A 114 yr old Superpower but too tied up with many wars as world policeman . NO more honey baby to sustain its operations had to borrow to keep its planes and ships going.  Too many enemies around the world. China on the other hand is the new kid in the block.  Doesnt have too many war toys but have debts.  Taking it s time to build its aging forces. Trying to defend its territories from little bullies backed by  White Superpower which is no big deal. China only sending Maritime Surveillance ships to test the waters while the real mackoy are far behind so as not to create a more warlike stance but ready anytime. Just playing around with Japland until their economy collapses.

      • LuwigVonMises

        so china is planning to make war with everyone to expand its already humongous territory. that is really dumb but china do have a reputation of being arrogantly stupid. from its great wall, to it forbidden city and now embracing a failed western philosophy communism. just one big mistake from china the and U.S and its allies will not hesitate to put it to the ground. china should learn to what happened to hitler’s germany. that is not something it wants for its nation.

      • freedom of navigation

        New kids on the block???? why is it your carrier is second hand? it’s like a used car na kakarag-karag… ha haha ha, funny argument. my first car was a used car i feel proud about it bcause i’m not conceited.
        Too tied up with many wars??? US can handle multiple confrontations because it has a lot of warships and any war weapons you ask for it. apart from that US has multitude of allies. hahahaha and making a lot more. have you heard of the most recent very fast jet fighter that can fly so real fast but has the ability to land like a helicopter. 
        Have debts? Sino ba ang namili ng namili ng bonds na hindi naman pinipilit? Playing around with Japlands? another funny thing. japanese made stuffs are known for durability, the world will not abandon japanese products. japanese made is a household customary. peace on earth merry christmas to you afpako disagree lang ako sa pinost mo pero hindi ako nagagalit. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KZF5TE7RCJJXEDQH4B6X3C47AI Carl

    The U.S. has a defense treaty with the Philippines and it honors its obligations. To not do so would do irreparable harm to its position worldwide. Its commitment to other alliances (e.g. NATO) would be called into question. U.S. guarantees would lose their value.

    The alternative to seeking U.S. support is to capitulate to the Chinese demands. This is something the U.S. also does not want because other nations in the neighborhood are watching. Those nations could move into China’s orbit in the absence of U.S. action, significantly reducing American influence in the region. Others, like Japan and Taiwan, will start building up their militaries, kicking off an arms race that will make Asia many times more dangerous (especially if nuclear weapons are involved). And that would be frowned on by the U.S. because it will affect trade. 

    I don’t see why we should be embarassed to turn to the U.S. for help. Western Europe certainly didn’t during the Cold War. We need an alliance like NATO (remember SEATO?), but I think that will only happen when the Chinese show more aggression and become just as feared as the Soviets.

    • dodong1

      Because of Pilipino PRIDE, a lot of Pilipinos cannot accept that they will need U.S. assistance when China start invading it’s territories. Philippines will not be able to defend it’s borders against the firepower of China..What’s ironic is when there is calamities the Philippine Government always seeks help or sometime even expect the U.S. to help, they even kick out the U.S. to have the bases in the country..

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       Do you go to a bigger bully if you’ve got something stolen from you or to police/court?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

         if there are only two evil alternatives, i would go to the lesser evil.

  • LuwigVonMises

    gazmin’s daughters should have been the one who were made a sex slave by palparan. so he would understand why we should put palparan in prison.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    Why US?

    Why not UN?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MXCOGX2AMFPHHBW7DPWHTP4X2Y Sangkula

      UN is just an office,a paper organization. No ships & planes. Just recently, they dialed 911 to asked the US led NATO to intervened in Libya.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SNOTPR3RQG5A5K5YIHHOKYWNAM Bagwis

    US will not help us, US & Chinas economic relation is in Top level.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SNOTPR3RQG5A5K5YIHHOKYWNAM Bagwis

    Why not ask help from Raymart Santiago..???

  • MonMayuga

    Against a foreign “enemy,” we Filipinos regardless of our political persuasions should stand united behind the President. We should not be seen as a divided nation by outsiders who would only exploit our differences for their own advantage.

    “United, we stand; divided, we fall,” as the watchword of the American Revolution states.

  • Olibo

    For sure if this dispute will escalate into armed conflict in the high seas,  majority of the Filipinos worldwide will support Pnoy’s govt. against this communist aggressor. US of all her hesitations to help  maybe forced to act in our favor to save face. But the worry is if they act too late, it will probably cost plenty of lives on our side. Ph should build its military capability now or never.
          In regard to Palparan why not ask Lacson’s assistance to locate his mate? That’s the senator’s expertise.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

      We should expect US to be late.  In WW1, i think only between 50,000-150,000 British soldiers remained alive (out of several millions who fought) when the US entered the war.  In WW2, it took 3 years to liberate the Philippines & to rescue the American POWs..  The nice thing about the US is that although it came late in those wars, it is the biggest factor that turned the tide in favor of the allies in both world wars.  You are correct that we should build our military capability, at least at a level sufficient enough for us to survive until help arrives.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Mang T, alam mo siguro kung gaano kalagim ang salitang giyera. Ipinalalabas mo lang na halata naman at hindi na kailangang pag-usapan pa. Please don’t write like a grade six pupil especially on the national news media. We cannot afford it and you know that so why think about it. 

  • garcia677

    Oh Tulfo, you usually  demean the americans in your column but today that we are faced with a giant to crush us then there you go crying for help from the butt of your morning jokes. Bakit Tulfo nawala bigla ang tapang mo? Binugbog ka lang ni raymart ay naging duwag ka na

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BXBYZ5EB467UVJRXK4IOM5BX4Y Todd

    The U.S. can’t help. The U.S. is in debt to China. China owns the U.S.. China can use the debt as a weapon against the U.S..  

    Proverbs 22:7King James Version (KJV)
    7 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender

    • rezli

      if war breakout, debt is nothing..

    • rinom

      war can change the equation.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    For Afghanistan, a small country of thirty millions poor peoples, 
    the NATO Frenchie’s needed 800 high tech helicopters without any result.

    Filipino Machismo won’t be enough to support the five second hand AFP helicopters…

    Do they are blind and dumb enough to forget of what happen in Vietnam war few years ago,

    to wish the same Holocaust destiny for the Juan de la Cruz and families,

    only one solution, the less evil, UNO

  • LabkoPinas

    The US realizes that even if China lent them a lot of money, China cannot exist without the market like the US. The US is just being diplomatic but it does not trust China. This was a position that they published as early during Cory Aquino’s presidency when those politicians in the Senate where trying to appease those communists by ending the bases agreements. It was the stupidest thing they did since they did not have the foresight of the hegemony that China had in mind.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Are you ready to offer the Philippines for Sino-American war game by procuration ?

    Tulfo is no more than a brainless street’s toughie to fool the foolish,

    as long it stay in THE INQUIRER, it’s fun…

  • boybakal

    One simple solution to that Shoal China and Philippines claim.
    Why not sell the shoal to the Chinese.
    Anyway, we have 7100 islands and most of them are uninhabited and not developed. Besides, it is within our archipelago.
    If Russia sold Alaska land area 663,267.26 sq.mile to the United States for $7,200,000 or about 2 cents an acre a very valuable real estate, why not this Islaw Palitaw lulubog lilitaw none of value batuhan.
    Sell, sell and sold.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      Not all territories were sold.  Most were grabbed or taken by force or war.  California, Arizona, Texas used to be Mexico’s but the Americans took them.  In China during the “Opium War”, foreign countries took a lot of territories while China was very weak and people addicted to opium forced on them by the foreigners.  I’m not here to defend China.  I’m just raising a point that even US was a land grabber at one time.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/MXCOGX2AMFPHHBW7DPWHTP4X2Y Sangkula

        Since you know your history well, you ought to mention PH also grabbed lands from the moros in Mindanao.

      • boybakal

        Christians grabbed the Lands of the Mangyans, Igorots, Ifugaos, Aetas and many more tribes who are now landless.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/BXBYZ5EB467UVJRXK4IOM5BX4Y Todd

        Texas separated from Mexico by war and then became an independent nation. And then was annexed by the U.S..


      Hey Boy ! mamulot ka nalang ng bakal sa relis ng tren at yon ang ebenta mo. Pati mga serena sa karagatan ng Pilipinas idadamay mo pa…… bakal boy !

    • Karabukov

      China will not buy what they say they already own.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

        di talaga nila bibilhin kasi kung ibebenta natin sa kanila at bilhin nila, ubos kayamanan nila sa laki ng halaga ng shoals na to!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

       boybakal, these shoals are no ordinary shoals. what’s beneath these shoals is what is important!

      OIL! which is based on recent estimates is second only to the oil reserves of saudi arabia!

      Now mag-isip ka na ngayon kung magkano mo ibebenta yang shoal na lulubog lilitaw sa mga chinese!


    Hey ! R. Tulfo are you stating facts or opinion out of your own coconut head ? This article is not news written by fact finding reporter. It is composed by a salivating come along bias opinion Donk of RT. What a despicable newsman.

  • http://twitter.com/jefftrebbher Herbert Curia












    • dodong1


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

       please, pakitagalog na lang.

    • cuckoo fookyu

      ANO KAMO??? idjot!!

  • PHtaxpayer

    US defending PH??  It’s like expecting a pedophile to babysit your children. 

  • BatangSingapore

    Gen. Sabban saludo ako sa iyo at ng iyong mga sundalo. Suportado ka  namin mga tunay na filipino.

  • boybakal

    Filipinos are not only Coward but Crazy people.
    Know why, China is only claiming only a shoal not even an island, na lulubog lilitaw if high tide and low tide.
    As if talagang fight to death.

    Whereas, most filipinos want the US to claim the Philippines as their state and everybody is agreeing YES YES AND YES!!!!
    Pilipinos talaka Sira na Ulo.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

      Kaw lang ang siraulo! Ang sinasabi mong shoal na lulubog lilitaw kung high or low tide ay hindi ordinary shoal. Ang nasa ilalalim ng shoal na ito ang kayamanan! Di mo ba alam ang estimated oil reserve na nasa ilalim ng shoal na to? Based on the recent estimate it’s second only to the oil reserves of saudi arabia!

      Ngayon naintindihan mo na kung bakit interesadong intesado ang mga chinese dyan sa sinasabing mong shoal na lulubog lilitaw kung high or low tide?

      • boybakal

         Tama ka dami Langis, langis ng Niyog.
         Kung maraming langis, noon pa minina ng America, noong mahina pa ang Tsina.
         Talagang ikaw ang sira ulo, para ka ring si Islaw, lulubog lilitaw pag may buwan, may sumpong.
        Ganyan ka parang shoal….daming mina ng langis, baka langis ng baboy.

      • boybakal

         Tunggak, papaano mo mamimina yang shoal ay batuhan.
        Kahit pa high tech ang barena, magkakabungal bungal katulad ng ipen sa titigas ng bato.
        Ang minimina yon deep sea na malambot at maputik na buhangin di batuhan.
        Saan mo nakuha yan figure mo na malaki pa sa Saudi ang oil reserves.
        Kung may utak ka ang Saudi Disyerto, buhangin di BATUHAN.

  • kagbalete

    If you think the US will help us in with regards to our territorial disputes with the PROC, you have got to be dreaming.  The US which is economically bankrupt needs to borrow from China to fund its economy.  Chances are the US has already sold us out in exchange for more borrowing from China.  At this time  the US already owes China more than 1 TRILLION DOLLARS …..

  • stealth ice

    let china spend all their $s in improving their naval capabilities. I truely believe we can bring them to their knees. all we need are small vessels as size as speedboat then load it with tons of explosives and ramp it simultaneously over to chinese naval vessels. lets see who will suffer more. concentrate all our military assets at the West Phil. Sea. anyway china is in no way to launch nuclear missiles on us neither they can attack our mainland.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-J-Townsend/100003945426141 Craig J. Townsend

    are dreaming and in a fantasy world. China holds a significant amount of US
    debt. If the US went to war with China all they would have to do is sell US
    debt for pennies on the dollar and plunge the US into a depression bigger then
    the one in the 1930’s. The best thing to do is to do what the Leader of the One
    Federation has recommended, humiliate china for acting like a 19th century
    English or American Admiral and using gunboat diplomacy in service of an
    imperialistic economic fallacy and then recommend that the entire region can be
    developed by everyone peacefully with all of the nation’s creating a
    con-Federation of Asian oil producing nations. Each nation gets an equal stake
    in the new company. each has jurisdiction in their waters, yet the common commodity
    produced goes to help each and all equally. In a world market it doesn’t matter
    who owns the commodity, all that matters is that it is produced and sold, made
    available to all. Right now China is operating under the same economic fallacy
    that made Japan invade China to acquire resources. All Japan had to do was
    trade for them and war could have been averted. War is a waste of valuable


    wants oil and the Philippines needs infrastructure and everything else as well
    as many more higher paying jobs. China would profit more by buying Philippine
    oil and then selling the nation everything she needs to develop. Each nation then
    profits. Wake up China, you adopted more free market economics and prospered
    over the last 20eeyars, yet now you turn your back on that and return to the 19th
    century! I thought you were supposed to be the smart ones? Mao got an F in
    economics, why go back to the ideas of the  ignoramus of the class?

    • AlexanderAmproz

      You are absolutely correct !

      Don’t blame the Chinese too much,
      they are only trying to imitate the US gunboat policy 
      ( Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, Syria among others )

    • cuckoo fookyu

      yes!!!! read victor corpuz assassin’s mace.

  • $14334231

    pagkatapos n’yong palayasin ang mga kanuto dito, hihingi kayo ng tulong????…..kay estrada kayo humingi ng tulong at sa mga kasama n’yang labing isang disipulos..yeah, keep on dreaming!!!!….

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Naive ka ba Mon o talaga normal lang yan sa yo? una, ang VFA ay hindi kasunduan na defense treaty o military treaty na tulad ng NATO….visiting nga lang di ba……at isa pa, hindi mo pa rin ba makuha ang ibig sabihin ng US sa mga statements nila ng nakaraan? hindi tulad yan ng away magkapatid laban sa ibang magkapatid……ano ba ang mentality mo nasa cold war pa rin ba kahit na ang pawis mo sandamakmak na sa init!

  • Datukalun

    Yes I agree w/ you.We need US help.

  • Fulpol

    US won’t meddle… US won’t help if China and Philippines confined their battle in the disputed territory..

    only Vietnam in South East Asia has the capability, bravery and experience to face China.. if Vietnam needs US support, US will immediately send support.. 

    but if Philippines ask for help, it will only receive little..

    • cuckoo fookyu

      the flipnose are a far cry compared to the VC. the VCs are tough and brave, the flipnose are a bunch of wimps. flipnose need to be bribed to move. flipnose will run to uncle sam with their tails between their legs then star kissing uncle sam’s buttocks. to prove, they have an idiot, impotent wimp for a president!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      While the Vietnamese are battle tested having been colonized by French and attacked by the US, the Filipinos are not push overs.  Let’s not question about a country’s military capability but the people’s patriotism. 

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Philippines army is train in land grabbing,

    raping, torturing and killing innocents farmers and student’s

    Only train to kill Pinoy’s and smuggling, don’t have skill for fighting,

    don’t have any military skill,

    don’t have material supply as the money was stollen by disgruntled General’s,

    Chinese army is an other story,

    Philippines is at high risk at the first blow….

    Why to have a useless expensive army terrorizing the poorest at the service of the filthy rich !

    AFP could have some hope by selling Shabu

    to Chinese military and get death penalty, a sardonic laugh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,

  • anu12345

    Yes, the bravest Pinoys will fight for their country while the rich, specially those who enriched themselves in dubious ways, can relax somewhere else while the war is ongoing. And in the unlikely event that the Pinoys defeat the Chinese, those rich people will come back again to continue their ‘pillaging’ again.

    • cuckoo fookyu

      the bravest what???? eh sangkatutak kayong mga duwag!!! yung ngang mga lumalampastangan nga sa batas kalsada hindi niyo mapagsabihan, ano pa isang dambuhalang manlulupig. isa kayong bansa ng mga DUWAG at puro salita lang. DUWAG!!!!!

      • anu12345

        Ako ba ang kausap mo o high ka pa sa drug?

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Nagbabasa kaya ng Holy Bible si Mon Tulping?”

    LISA: “Pa’nong magbabasa ng Biblia si Tulping eh, Kristiano ba ‘yon?”

    CION: “Si Haring David (PHL) nu’ng bata pa siya eh LUMABAN sa higanteng si Goliath (TSINA) at napatay niya ang higante sa pamamagitan lamang ng isang tirador. Alam mo ba ‘yon, Tulping?” 

  • indiosbravos2002

    The US will not help. They will lose more if they interfere directly with the conflict. Remember that the US ecnomy revolves arund their trade with China while Philippine trade with the US is miniscule. US needs China to create its products and run its industry. US, on the otherhand, has little need for us

    • Ramil Abalon

      ha ha ha yan ang mali mo…it not means buisness…but means natural resources…at marami tayo nya…ayaw hayaan ng US yan dahil pag napunta sa china yan malaki ang mawala sa knila ha ha ha

      • cuckoo fookyu

        anong natural resources??? langis??? saan??? may nakita na ba??? gunggong!!! natural resources niyo mga atchay at chimoy at mga utuuto tulad mo!!!

      • indiosbravos2002

        What natursl resources. We’ve been pillaged already by the americans and the japanese. You are a 100 years old late. Our biggest export right now is manpower

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JJQWTLMZH3NNIE2IJ46AOZAXAE Hannah Blake

       dyan ka mali. Kung babagsak ang US, bagsak din ang china. Ikaw na din nagsabi na ang trade ng china revolves around the US. Now kung wala ng US na ka-trade ang china, what will happen? They need each other. It takes two to tango, right! Di pwede mangyari ang gusto ng china because a lot of commerce from all over the world passes thru the west philippine sea. di papayag ang US at ibang superpowers na basta na lang maglagay ang china ng checkpoint sa lugar na yan.


    >>>China’s new policy to board and expel foreign ships entering waters it claims for its own but which are still the subject of dispute with other countries, including the Philippines, is tantamount to a declaration of war.<<<

    ANG yabang, ano, Mon?  Pakitaan mo nga ng AIKIDO mo para matauhan yang mga TNL na Tseks na yan….sampolan mo ng ilang best moves mo para mataranta at masindak ang mga singkit na yan na mahilig sa tikoy at belekoy. Paandaran mo ng ilang mga galaw mo na mahirap makita dahil sa bilis.  Tiyak yon, pag nakita ka, mag-babalot at uuwi kaagad! 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Mil/100002160424509 Fred Mil

      anong aikido, eh si claudine lang nga kayang patamaan yan nung binugbog sya ni raymart eh

      • tebu3

        Kayo ba naman ang ma head lock iwan ko lang kahing gaano ka kagaling sa aikido wala magagawa tapos ikaw pa ang hinahawakan ng guard imbis na si reymart. Dati yabang ni raymart pasunod sunod pa kay tulfo pero ng malaman na kapatid pala siya ng tulfo brother nawala ang yabang. 

      • UrHONOR

        KAYA naman DAW nagkaganun, e, hindi naman DAW siya pumapatol sa walang alam sa martail arts….kaya pinagbigyan na lamang nya.  Jentolmen daw kasi siya! :)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

         Mali.  Ang ibig niyang sabihin AIKO-DO.  AIKO MELENDEZ.

    • tebu3

       Kahit sinong magaling sa Aikido pag na headlock ka at mawala ka sa tamang position tapos hawakan ka pa sa kamay ng guard imbis na si reymart iwan ko lang kong magagamit mo ang aikido.

  • eirons1043

    Sir Mon, abducting female activist students and a son of a patriotic journalist never to be seen again is not engaging in war but simply criminal many times over and that is Jovito Palparan and his minions who are still in the active service. It is a mystery why the officers and men under Palparan were not charged coz Palparan cannot do it alone. As to the disputed shoals and islets I have been adovocating to fund thousands fishermen squatters in the shorelines of Bataan, Zambales and Pangasinan to invade the areas as the chinese might be ashame or responsible to the United Nations to attack unarmed fishermen. It is admitted that our soldiers are like sitting ducks there.

    • Ramil Abalon

      maaring tama si mon t…..si palparan ay sakit sa ulo ng mga aktibista ay human rights violator sa side ng makakaliwa pero si palparan ay defender ng sundalo at yaong mga na violate ang human rights ng mga NPA, bayan muna , kmu, karapatan, acto at iba…ang mga na violate na human rights ng mga makakaliwa na yan ay hindi lang na me media dhil wala silang malawak na grupo gaya ng bayan muna, karapatan, kmu, anak pawis, lfs at iba pa…tama lang na tago muna si palparan…

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        yes, indeed, Palparan is a kriminal. Naaalaala ko yung slogan namin sa U.P dati: ang magmahal sa bayan, lagot kay Palparan. Kung totoong walang kasalanan si PalpaRUN, lumabas siya. tungkol sa HRV ng Kaliwa na sinasabi mo, maaaari ,kang magsampa ng kaso sa Korte at maglatag ka o kayo ng factual na ebidernsya para mapatunayan.

    • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

      Indeed, very nice anaysis!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

    Tama, pila na lahat para tsumupa sa uten ng mga kano. Sa unahan ng pila ang mga pulitiko natin.

  • ikulong

    walang tulong na maaasahan sa usa. duwag si obama.

    • cuckoo fookyu

      mas duwag kayo kasi parati kayo sumbong sa mga kano. kala niyo naman sasaklolohan kayo. mga utuuto!!!

  • ben311

    puno na ng chinese ang pinas ano pa ang inaalala nyo.

  • basilionisisa

    Nothing is wrong with Marine Lt. Gen. Juancho Sabban, commander of the military’s Western
    Command based in Palawan province that oversees the West Philippine Sea. Don’t be too harsh on him, Mr Tulfo (although I understand your concern).

    Like many Filipinos serious in defending our sovereignty, he was just expressing his frustration on China’s provocation, just exercising his freedom of expression (and frustration!).

    I’m even glad that someone in the government is vocal about the issue (unlike the deafening silence in Congress).

    Sabban’s brave disposition and good understanding of his job and function should be commended. I feel safe with the likes of him.

    MABUHAY ka Marine Lt. Gen. Juancho Sabban!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Fred-Mil/100002160424509 Fred Mil

    nananaginip kayo kung akala nyo tutulong sa atin ang Amerika!!! nung World War II nanghingi rin sa atin ng tulong. pagkatapos ng gyera, isa sa unang ginawa ng US eh magpasa ng batas na hindi i recognize ang serbisyo ng Pinoy na lumaban sa gyera.

    hanngang ngayon ang WW2 veterans natin namamatay nalang lahat marami parin di naka kuha ng benepisyo!!!!

  • basilionisisa

    Since this is the first column to comment on this issue I’m sure politicians will be reading this. I’m taking this opportunity (Thanks, Mr Tulfo), to call the attention of Congress to think and make preparations and readiness in case the issue gets bigger than it already is.

    Senators Enrile, Santiago, Drilon et al: could you please take a break from bickering on the never-ending-RH Bill, and think and talk about this China issue, instead? Many people would like to hear your position on this.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WC2VPZRJETRO5KOU4VOZCJXEDY Tamarindwalk

    It took us a long time to get the U.S. bases out of the country.  Let’s not open the door for them to come back!

    • LuwigVonMises

       but if you were to chose between the U.S and communist Chinese to coming here. it think you will prefer the U.S instead.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

         Dapat bigyang-diin na noong panahon ni Mao Tse Tung, mula noong itatag ang People’s Republic of China noong 1949, hindi naman inangkin ng Tsina ang Bajo de Masinloc. Hindi rin nila ito pinupuntahan noon. Inangkin lang at pinuntahan ng Tsina ang Bajo de Masinloc nang maging lantad na kapitalista na ang sistemang ekonomiko nila sa mga nakaraang taon. Dahil kapitalista na ang Tsina, kailangan nito ng mas maraming petrolyo na magagamit sa pagpapatakbo ng mga industriya. Sa ilalim ng kapitalismo, tubo o profit lang ang iniisip ng mga negosyante at mga nasa gobyerno. Dahil sa kagustuhang lalong magpayaman, sinisimulan na ng Tsina ang pag-angkin sa mga malalapit na pulo o teritoryo na posibleng may petrolyo.

      • LuwigVonMises

        capitalism don’t say that you invade other country or break the law. here you are again talking about something you don’t understand.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Capitalism is a profit-motive system kaya natural na ang pang-aangkin ng teritoryo ng ibs. Maaaring para gawing kolonya nito o dahil sa likas na yaman nito gaya ng langis ie yung ginawa ng US sa Iraq Afghanistan Libya at etc. I understand what I’m talking about. You? China a Communist?

         Ni wala na ngang Maoist ang nasa govt nila e (tinanggal kasi). Kapitalista na ang sistema nila yun din ang dahilan kung bakit naghihirap ang sambayanang Chino dahil yung dating communal owned land/factories ay naging pribadong muli. Kaya hindi malabong magkaroon uli ng isang rebolusyon sa China.  “They still call themselves communist” kung gagamitan natin ito ng lohikal na halimbawa para na rin nating sinabing kulay pula talaga ang kulay ng Red Sea dahil Red Sea ang tawg don?  “the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property” – Karl Marx, kaya pala may private owned factories sa China gaya ng Apple at Uniliver?at saka po ang Communism ayon sa Sociology lesson namin ay isang stateless at classless na lipunan, ganon po ba ang China?

      • LuwigVonMises

        well tell me about an invention that wasn’t created through private ownership. a market that is govern through less regulations is a market that produces the the best goods and products. the market works though demand and supply. there must be balance between demand and supply without it the market will simply collapse businesses will be close and the people will be out of work and there will be famine and chaos. and your so called government, what ever it is democracy or communism can’t do a thing about it. because the government don’t create jobs unless it is a government job. the government don’t make the food you eat everyday, the cars you ride in, the computers you use, the house you live in, and so on. and the taxes that we pay the government are the income that we the people get from the market. didn’t i tell you to listen to ron paul, or maybe to lugwid von mises or freidrik hayek (the so called school of austrian economics). listen to them and read their books, so you will understand.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Well, Workers ang  gumagawa nun not Capitalism tama po ba? ang mga manggagawa ang nagpapakain sa mga kapitalista, kung walang labor walang kapital (money man o equipment) cge nga pagalawin nga ng kapitalista ang industriya kung walang labor? Samantalang marami ng instances at experiences na ang mga collective ng workers ay successful na nakapalakad ng mga pabrika at industriya. Ang kapital, FYI, galing yan surplus value na derived sa products ng labor ng mga manggagawa at hindi kailanman iniluwa lang ito ng mga kapitalista. Yang ganansyang yan na galing sa mga manggagawa ay siyang binabayd nman sa landlord na may-ari ng lupa sa pabrika, sa maintenance at pambili ng equipment at pambayad sa mga bangko na siya namang ginagawang money-capital at dun kinukuha ang pinapasahod sa mga workers. Tama po ba? para sagutin ang tanong  ninyo: ung First Lung Cancer Vaccine na naimbento hindi gamit ang capitalism. :) Hindi mo sinagot ang tanong ,ko paano naging komunista ang China kung may private-owned companies ito ie, Apple nor Uniliver?

      • LuwigVonMises

        workers work because they want capital(income) why else do they want to work? unless you are a dictator and use force to make them work. i don’t know about china but for sure it have change a lot from its strict communist policies but still call itself communist today so go ask them yourself i’m certain they know about communism better than you will ever do. the first lung cancer vaccine is that the best you can come up with. that’s like nothing to compared to the millions invented through capitalism. capitalism is really more about freedom it is not about greed or taking advantage of people. i think you are still young and that there are a lot of things you need to learn. and i know when you will understand the idea of freedom you will understand all this things.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Freedom in a capitalist society is nothing more than privileges extended to the workers and it was never freely given to them, they took it by force. During the early years of capitalism’s dominance, only the propertied class can vote. Universal suffrage for men only came after many failed workers’ uprisings later. And for what? So the workers can “freely” vote for the next representative of the bourgeois class to oppress them? While it is true that the struggle for liberty was first carried out by the bourgeois class against the tyranny of feudalism, history is also replete with cases of the bourgeoisie using the same tyranny to suppress the workers and their struggle for social emancipation. I may be young, but I am not the one who is ignorant and naive in thinking that capitalism is not about greed and exploitation. The surplus value that was derived from the labor of the workers is the basis of that exploitation. This surplus value, appropriated from the workers by the capitalists, will be used to pay the landlord, for the maintenance and procurement of machinery, and to pay the banks. This money-capital from the banks will be again borrowed by capitalists and will be again used to exploit the workers. The wealth that labor created are the ones used to exploit and oppress them. There are so many examples of capitalist exploitation, but I think this is the most important one.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Workers must work because they have to. They must work in order for them and their families to survive and for him to work the next day and today’s wages are not even enough to sustain a family, much more to use it as capital. As for China, the Chinese Communist Party claimed that they are merely letting capitalism grow naturally under their leadership. They call it “market socialism” or “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. They argued that China’s productive forces (workforce, technology, production implements, etc.) are still backward and are not compatible with socialism. They argued that capitalism can be permitted under the guidance of the Communist Party and as long as the “commanding heights” of the economy such as the banks and the major and important industries are still under their control and ownership and as long as political power still belongs to the “proletariat”. Although I disagree with this view, their theory is not without basis in actual revolutionary experience and practice. During Lenin’s time, they had the NEP (New Economic Policy) which helped them recover after a devastating civil war with the White armies that destroyed much of their economy. During Mao’s time, capitalism and state capitalism was permitted but not as extensive as today.

        I think one of your problem is that you have a misguided faith in capitalism.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. 

        -Abraham Lincoln
        I think you should understand more ang mga isinulat ng taong binanggit mo.

      • LuwigVonMises

        whatever. don’t just conclude everything through an opinion. and were’nt you suppose to be a communist fanatic why do you use abraham lincoln’s quotations he is a capitalist you stupid girl. people work because they want capital. and without capital i don’t think they want to work at all unless you were a dictator and you force them to. labor and capital complement each other that’s it….. i don’t already know what we are talking about because this got nothing to do about capitalism or communism.

      • LuwigVonMises

        governments makes wars not capitalism. you must learn to separate the two because they are totally different.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Capitalism nor Communism is nt a form of government it is socio-economic, not political. Ano po bang sistema ng gubyerno na sinasabi ninyo? di bat Capitalism? Capitalism is scourge to  mankind and it is doomed (see, World Financial crisis)

      • LuwigVonMises

        corporatism is what cause the financial crisis which is illegal. it is when government and corporations are collaborating for personal gain.(the government should not favor or give special treatment to a corporation over the other the government simply should stay away from the market, it only role is to punish those who break the law.)

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Capitalism is the private ownership of the means of social production. It is the rule of the bourgeoisie, the ones who owned capital and who uses such capital to exploit the workers. Whether or not this capitalism is a laissez faire or government-regulated capitalism is irrelevant, it is still capitalism. The government is not something that is above society and which holds a neutral and mediating stand in class conflict, it is a class tool of the ruling class in a society filled with class conflict. A class tool to suppress the working class and other classes, a class tool to legalize their exploitation and control, and a class tool to ensure the efficiency of such exploitation. You talk of “corporatism” as if it is something that is alien to capitalism or even antithetical to capitalism, it is not.
        Capitalism is scrouge to mankind.


      You are completely correct..the U.S of A. is not one to be friends with..they cannot be trusted to react to aggression from anyone!
      Why not try to strengthen being allied to the other ASEAN nations(bar Cambodia..!)and India..many governments of whom have voiced displeasure with recent moves by China to(less-than-subtly) claim many parts of the West Pilipinas Sea.
      The government of the USA is very keen to regain a foot-hold in this land again..and in doing so gain political influence over the way Pilipinos live(and die).
      keep the communist Chinese and the greedy USA OUT of Pilipinas!!!

  • Philcruz

    I agree with Mon Tulfo on this one.

    Let us not fool ourselves. False pride. Foolhardy nationalism is not true nationalism. Every nation needs to have allies. The whole planet is built upon networks upon networks of military and economic allies, aggrupations, coalitions and associations. Even the mightiest military power, the US, had and has allies. Same with Russia, Britain, Canada, etc…and China, too.

    All these thundering chest-beating roars that we don’t need and should not rely on the US for support is a lot of false pride. Pure bravado.

    • arao_liwanag

      Ako yong nag like sa pagka WEAKLING MO. SUPOT!

  • arao_liwanag

    Tulfo huwag kang tanga! Sa lahat ng gulo sa mundo dika pa tinulungan ng kano. Ang Pilipinas ang tumulong sa kanila: Laban sa Espanya; Laban sa Hapon; Laban sa North Korea; At laban sa Vietnam. Ang Pilipnas nga nilusob, inagawan ng laya, kinolonya, at binigyan ng huwad na kalayaan. Ginamit lang si Aguinaldo laban sa kastila at ginamit ang Filipino sa sa ng digmaang pakikialam nila sa Asya batay sa doktrina na: Let ASIAN FIGHT ASIAN.

    Akala ko pa naman malam ka ng History. Magbasa ka uli para naman hindi mukhang tanga. O kaya tutukan muna lang ang mga domestic issue: Corruption; Pulis and Military scalawags; Misbehavior ng mga Celebs(kuno), pulitiko, at mayayaman (kuno) na nasisigasigaan.

    • cuckoo fookyu

      bakit hindi isabak ang tulfo brother sa china. di ba matapang yang mga ungas na yan? nagulpi naman! BWAHAHAHA!!! pulfo, SUGOD NA!!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    “What if China suddenly attacks our fleet in Panatag or Kalayaan?”

    Fleet? What fleet? Are you kidding me?

    • arao_liwanag

      Puro lang kayo haka-haka. Dito sa sa Tati, sabi ni Leon Paneta kung di ka nagbabasa, ang America ay di papatol sa small rock quarrel. Nagtatawanan lang dito ang mga expert at think-thank na nag a advice sa foreign policy ng gobierno, at naka televised pa sa C-PAN.

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       yun ba yung sa pantalon sa harapan? may fleet…….LOL

  • kilabot

    1) usa is still the best ally the ph could have. what’s the alternative: russia, china, india, arabs, europeans? in fact, usa is still the best country of the world, all things considered;
    2) if war breaks out against china, politicians will be first to leave and go to usa; noykapon included;
    3) military leaders like sabban have gotten the noykapon trait. tongue is faster than the brain;
    4) noykapon a deep-thinker? about what, not so sure. if he comes up with a pinhead decision on china, he can always go to usa and leave the trouble behind;
    5) palparan and the communists are both human rights violators; npa sparrows kill soldiers they perceived guilty, while palpy’s group kill those they think are planning to kill them. who kills who first is the name of the killing game.

    • $18209031

      Pnoy needs a young sexy woman to give him a relaxing good night . Ang dami dyan Dios Ko Santa Maria…..

  • wehd1nga

    RUSIA, CHINA, NORTH KOREA kept their silence during George W. Bush Presidency they know for a fact George W Bush and the Republicans wont think twice hitting back when push comes to shove.

  • Garo Ungaro

    the reason why china is pursuing this south china sea/west philippines sea dispute …it’s not the islands around the area…its what beneath the sea..OIL and NATURAL GAS,,deposit that believe to be big than saudi arabis oil deposit…china will take it by hook or by crook..this is better than buying oil from the middle east..so their forcing they way to get the oil/gas in that region…they will not stop tell they start drilling it will be protected by their new military might…it will happen because they know nobody can stop them …except japan…the US will play their game too…at the expense of the small nations around the disputed area…when super power plays get out of their way?…US will sell the small nations to china…with their agreement regarding the issue watch…?

    • AlexanderAmproz


      It’s a famous Latin writing on an Amsterdam building,

      it’s mean, a wise man do not urinate against the wind.

      For every poor countries rich in natural resources there are tragedies.

      Afghanistan war has nothing to do with 9/11
      Afghanistan is not only a strategic location,
      but, apparently the world biggest Coltan, Lithium, Iron and Coper deposit’s.

      Ruanda genocide was “organized” for Coltan, 
      an essential rare earth for space and new technologies.

      The only target of Iraq war(supported by Arroyo and General Palparan)
      was oil reserves, some are ready for any kind of scam for that.

      There is also an other say, “An informed man has the value of two”

  • cuckoo fookyu

    tulfo, you’re a bird. go fly!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VS5EYSP4FPOTVQCJZ24NRE6Z2M Edgardo Mendoza


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z2NBEWQKXUK26RZG6YPT4HYDXM lanz

    oo nga naman mr tulfo, ano bang tulong ang aasahan mo sa kano e collaboration with the chinese ang gagawin nyan to exploit whetever resource ang nasa south china sea. in the first place, di ba nai assert na ng china ang ownership nila sa dsputed territory by issuing a new chinese passport which shows na kanila ang teritoryo. and besides, superior ang intel network ng US para hindi nila malaman since time immemorial ang gagawin ng china na i claim ang lahat ng teritorio sa south china sea e bakit hindi nila pinigil, ano ka ba naman, kumbaga sa naagawan ng lupa, naka pag patayo na ng mansyon ang kapitbahay mo saka kapa nag claim na sayo pala un lupa? wake up, we cant do anything about it, bakit hindi natin kc ginaya ang taiwan, alam nilang may threat ang china pero pinalakas nila ang military nila. e tayo anong ginagwa natin, puro pulitika, kadupangan at pag aartista ang inasikaso, kaya all we have to do … sit back, relex and enjoy MADE IN CHINA!!!!

  • Horst Manure

    USSA want a war with any one and China is the pick.

     USSA owes China billions and if the US fed’s stopped all Government spending it would take 63 yrs to clear the debt, other countries are also at risk including Australia of a Chinese take over..
     Only saving grace is China is going down the toilet as well however a nice war will take the pressure of both governments  USSA is heading for another civil war only this time it will be the civilians against the Army, DHS FEMA etc so a war will help both governments…

    • AlexanderAmproz

      In 1917, at the time of the Russian Revolution,
      government change and write of foreign debts,
      finally reimbursed about 1% few years ago to
      be able to join the world economy….
      very convenient and tempting for the US to do something similar,
      to keep the world leadership.
      Be confident, none countries will go to the US
      to fetch what do they own to them.

      Chinese army is a Dwarf compare to America one.

      Beware with your US $ account !

      In the eighties, Burma change their currency over night
      leaving everybody naked, this was the purpose of the Government Gang.

    • parengtony

      check you arithmetic

  • AlexanderAmproz

    General Charles de Gaulle said,

    “Countries have no friends, only interest”

    Beware Philippines, it’s all what i can say to my friends.

  • doncleo

    Vietnam fought against China and lost but kept her dignity and pride as a people.. Maski na naman hindi tayo lumaban sa China hindi na natin mababawi yan kaya lang sira naman ang katayuan natin sa international community..makikilala ang mga Pilipiono na lahi ng duwag at mawawala ang respeto sa atin…Kung binabastos na tayo panahon na para pumalag…Dapat sa Presidente magaling hu,awak ng crisis situation.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NENWLOBMBGQSWPAIA5ORWO3M2Y Andy

    Military affairs are best managed by the Men in Uniform so the idea that the storm brewing between RP and CPC be dealt with by the DFA and the president is a joke. Politicians are best for election campaign but armed conflicts are best handled by Men in Uniforms. If shooting war erupts, politicians are nowhere to be found since words are no match for guns and bullets let alone bombs. Politicians run ahead of the populace while the Men in Uniform are left alone to fight the aggressor. Peace cannot be achieved without a show of force and eradication of the aggressor.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NENWLOBMBGQSWPAIA5ORWO3M2Y Andy

    Ramon Tulfo, stick with your televised lambasting of the movie world and let the big boys deal with mature and sensitive issues.

  • buttones

    Listen Tulfo, you are really beginning to annoy me, your garbled syntax is irritating to a point I can hardly understand what it is you are trying to say, barking on about ants and elephants, pygmies and giants, just say what you want to say, drop all the trite aphorisms . You say the US is our savior, or could be , but I should remind you it was decided long ago that we, as a nation rather decided we go it alone and would rather be ruled like hell by Filipinos than heaven by the USA, And you, and I also Tulfo, live with that -and so it was written……… You say we should stand behind the President and accept any decision he makes- why? The boy has never made a decision in his life, he is just a simple child, where you at Tulfo?

    • Carlos Santiago

      just because you are anti pnoy, you will throw away common sense and die. what a fool. by the way, where were you when pnoy stood up alone against the chinese’ tyrannical designs on the west philippine sea through its parrot cambodia at the recent apec summit? can’t make any decision, huh?

      • buttones

        I’m a Filipina, I am not anti Pinoy, the fact that some other Filipino has discovered a pencil, and half a grasp of English, does not warrant him to express his parochial views, something I might add that he is paid to do, a paid hack- I am not , I serve no master- Tulfo does, he is just a paid hack that is all and his opinions are hardly worth the mention, the guy cannot even put a sentence together that makes any sense, syntax is lost, it’s just the ramblings of some guy who thinks his opinions are of some worth, well in my opinion they are not- childish drivel if you ask me…and even now you speak of parrots, and the subject rattles on about elephants and ants, what is this obsession you people have with the animal kingdom?

      • Carlos Santiago

        now a monkey has become into being. talk no evil, see no ..,hear no ……after bad mouthing pnoy in her original text. 

      • buttones

        Well we’ve had, elephants and ants, why not monkeys – and can we just settle something regarding your ‘pnoy’ or Pnoy- it is an informal word for Filipinos, the word P.Noy is a nickname made up by Aquino, [a very clever play on words, I’m sure you will agree] So when people write ’pnoy’ I have no idea what they refer to….if it’s Aquino then people should write P.Noy, Aquino or Mr. President.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Are you really a girl ? Seems like beautiful in thoughs but where is the picture… tsk…tsk…tsk…. Sort of mysterious image. Anyweis, the subject ‘Ship boarding’ is nothing but just press release in China newspaper for the enjoyment of Chinese of course. There is nothing official statement from China govt., maybe because they can not do it. Say for example > A USA rubber boat drop anchor nearby Scarborough Shoal and say Hi ! to Chinese guards, will they call in Chinese warship to tow away a boat. They can not because the Chinese will be trembling in fear at the sight of PH navy nearby. Tulfo’s opinion is like Donkey’s brain but your are smart Filipina worthy of timing around. Are you new in this neighborhood ? Never seen here before. Tulfo is a Donk !

      • buttones

        I wonder sometimes if China announce these sorts of things just to get PH all excited and jumping around like a cat on a hot tin roof. Firstly all vessels have legal right to pass through countries’ economic zones unhindered, China signed UNCLOS, ok they maybe saying now “Well we didn’t really understand the document ‘cos it was written in English” or some other lame excuse, but they did actually put their crayon, paintbrush or whatever Chinese people use to sign documents with. The US did not. The article suggests we need help, to do what? We need what sort of help, diplomatic, military help from the USA? Firstly the USA has no interest in UNCLOS whatsoever so how can they get involved in something they don’t support? We have an arrangement with the US regarding military support, they also give us boats to defend our coasts. It’s a now the case that all the Senators [-and we know who they are- who voted to throw the USA out of PH, on the basis I assume we didn’t need their help or presence, because we could stand on our own feet] are left with egg on their faces…
        Yes, I’m a girl, [ or lady if you prefer] – the reason I comment here is because the ‘yellow top’ PStar won’t let me back on since they changed their site…

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FS7QEIH3GBQJLC3FIJ2PHY3LFY mind_flex

         ganon mo pala laitin si MT Ate eh, bakit nagsasayang ka ng oras mong magbasa nire at makisawsaw pa sa opinyon niya?

      • buttones

        I try to read everything, I don’t think it’s good to only read things one likes- or agrees with, otherwise I’d waste my time just saying “I agree”- Tulfo is saying we should ‘seek help’ from the USA, in what form? They cannot be seen to interfere directly, it’s a territorial dispute between the SE nations and China, if the USN were still here, it might have acted as a deterrent- but the Senators at the time threw them out on the basis we didn’t need them and could handle everything on our own—I don’t know what Tulfo’s stand is on that matter, but his comment on ’false pride’ at least fits.

        Marine Lt. Gen. Juancho Sabban, was also berated for ‘interfering’ with PH Foreign policy, yet at the same time Tulfo is happy to interfere in US Foreign policy by saying “Our country being a US colony in the past, I’m sure the United States will be more than willing to help us.”

        I agree with his comments re VFA, I don’t agree that Aquino is a ’deep thinker’- ….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VANATVKERB2VVIVPGFI2BOPFEY Jeff

    That is possible only (maybe or maybe not) if the philippine senate will kneel and beg to the U.S. congress for thier support…that`s if they kneel and beg, you know what I mean? 

  • dipadadaig

    Ayos, Sir Tulfo! Magkakulay tayo ngayon dahil sa opinyon mo sa itaas….ewan ko lang sa mga susunod na araw!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HAPQVQNMOOCNHB54ONDGD2KSRE esther


  • boshog

    We are too proud a nation, but we don’t have the requisite strength for us to be reckoned with.  Those who claim that the US is an unbearable ally should look at other option, like China being the occupants of our country. Those anti american factions would favor this option I suppose because is the chinese in the Philippines is the reason for our economic stature. However, when the american bases were in the Philippines, our economy did not suffer and more important, we were not bullied.  The Chinese were never boldly treading the Philippine Sea.
    I guess our pride can be bullied.  

  • boybakal

    To stop this nonsense.
    Why not ask China for Help and not US.
    If China helped US, maybe they can help us. We have too many Chinese in the country and our President is a Chinese.
    Our country’s economy is controlled by Chinese, Lucio Tan et al.

    Why be an enemy of China where we can be the Best Friend with China.
    Besides, we are nothing compared to China.
    China is now our Uncle and Big Brother.
    No More  Uncle Sam but Uncle Mao.

    • Carlos Santiago

      give uncle mao what he wants including our souls and he will no longer bother us. good thinking!

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AUVZQYX3IUO7R2PEZRDS6ZDFUA RamBoDan

        Thers’s a saying “if we cant defeat them joined them” during the marcos era, we heavily rely on US, we should have built our defense capabilities with the expense on base rentals…anyways whatever we can get on Benham rise, if it will be developed we should acquire all the AFP needs to defend outside and internal treats of the country…ants can eat the elephant if were so many, together we will…deafeat the enemy.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

      Are you afraid that all Chinese  business will go down to drain if the shooting war erupt and hatred of Filipinos will divert to un loyal Chinese in this country? Help persuade  China to stop their bullying to small country like the Philippines!

    • boyod

      what help are we going to expect from tito mao when even at the start they are harassing us, saan na ba yung pagiisip mo o baka wala ka talagang isip. brand-new pa yung utak mo, kaya lang made in china – disposable at hindi pa nagamit kahit minsan

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LY2B6FRILBKCZQJIOXQ7QG4CKU Joe

      mag isa kang humimod sa pwet ng mga intsik mo!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQRDASE2HXIZ6R4QQ7LETHJTS4 Arvin

      Ikaw lang ang gusto kasi bayaran ka? noon pa yan….huwag compare ang tsinoy natin sa communistang insik na uncle mo…..dahil they have mix pilipino blood….sila rin ayaw as china dahil most of the corrupt in china are public officials….they are just diverting the issue of corruption of high official in china…pati ikaw..

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Dapat bigyang-diin na noong panahon ni Mao Tse Tung, mula noong itatag ang People’s Republic of China noong 1949, hindi naman inangkin ng Tsina ang Bajo de Masinloc. Hindi rin nila ito pinupuntahan noon. Inangkin lang at pinuntahan ng Tsina ang Bajo de Masinloc nang maging lantad na kapitalista na ang sistemang ekonomiko nila sa mga nakaraang taon. Dahil kapitalista na ang Tsina, kailangan nito ng mas maraming petrolyo na magagamit sa pagpapatakbo ng mga industriya. Sa ilalim ng kapitalismo, tubo o profit lang ang iniisip ng mga negosyante at mga nasa gobyerno. Dahil sa kagustuhang lalong magpayaman, sinisimulan na ng Tsina ang pag-angkin sa mga malalapit na pulo o teritoryo na posibleng may petrolyo.

        Everheard of China’s economic reform? Ni wala na ngang Maoist ang nasa govt nila e (tinanggal kasi). Kapitalista na ang sistema nila yun din ang dahilan kung bakit naghihirap ang sambayanang Chino dahil yung dating communal owned land/factories ay naging pribadong muli. Kaya hindi malabong magkaroon uli ng isang rebolusyon sa China.  “They still call themselves communist” kung gagamitan natin ito ng lohikal na halimbawa para na rin nating sinabing kulay pula talaga ang kulay ng Red Sea dahil Red Sea ang tawg don? 
         “the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property” – Karl Marx, kaya pala may private owned factories sa China gaya ng Apple at Uniliver?at saka po ang Communism ayon sa Sociology lesson namin ay isang stateless at classless na lipunan, ganon po ba ang China? AYON LANG SA NAPAG-ARALAN KO. :)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

         Mas marami pang namatay dahil sa kaka-eksperimento ni Mao Zedong kesa sa namatay sa Tsina noong WW2.  Eto ung panahon na stateless at classless ang lipunan noong 1959-1962.  Hindi na kelangan maulit ang ganito sa kasaysayan ng tao.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        mas madaming namatay nong sinalakay ng U.S ang Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vietnam and too many to mention, para sa langis este democracy pala. Hindi na dapat maulit ang ganong karumaldumal na bagay sa kasaysayan ng tao. Pero baka, may mga bulag kasing tao na gaya mo e. :)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

         Umabot ba ng 18milliom-42million yan?   Ikaw ata ang bulag?  Mukha ka tuloy uto-uto

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        oo naman, alam mo ba yung Native American Holoclaust? pumatay sila ng 100 million native american. O yung balanggiga massacre, pinatay ng U.S trooops yung mga tao kahit bata sa Samar ofcourse para sa “democracy”. Siyempre, bayani pa rin ang U.S para sayo. :)

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

         Exaggerated figures mo.  Paano ka papaniwalaan  nyan?

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        pwede ka namang gumamit ng gugel e para mapatunayan. at besides, hindi naman ako umaasang paniniwalaan ng gaya mong ang tingin sa U.S ay bayani. lols

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

         Wala sa google ganun kadami.  Kunwari ka pa na anti-US e yung kasamahan mo nagfile sa Kongreso sa abrogation sa alyansa ng Pilipinas sa ibang bansa naman (hindi na sa US).  Lumabas na ang totoo na ang pakay nyo ay alisin ang depensa ng Pilipinas para ipalamon sa China. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/brigido.domingo.7 Brigido Domingo

    Magising na bayang Pilipinas at ang sambayanang Pilipino! Wala ng ibang makakatulong pa sa sigalot na kinasasangkutan natin sa West Philippine Sea, KUNDI ang ESTADOS UNIDOS AT MGA KAKAMPING MGA BANSA. Kanino pa ba tayo LALAPIT? PRC is a brute tiger in ASIA, among ASEAN members ONLY! 

    • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

      Baka bumangon si Bonifacio at habulin ka ng itak. Hehe.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LY2B6FRILBKCZQJIOXQ7QG4CKU Joe

    kasalanan yan ng mga bwakang inang senador na bumoto para patalsikin ang mga base ng amerikano, o ngayon kanino tayo lalapit e di sa mga amerikano pa rin? puro mga patriyatikong pulpol ang mga matatandang pulitiko natin. hindi na napapanahon ang mga ganyan. kaya ang mga katulad ni enrile at iba pang matatandang pulitiko dapat nang patalsikin sa pwesto.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DNGCX6ZGXSLEJKGKAI2HFLUMNA war

       Tama ka dyan bro, Tandaan nyo Kasama dyan Si Joseph Estrada, Teofisto Guingona Jr, Sotero
      Laurel II, Ernesto Maceda Jr, Orlando Mercado, Aquilino Pimentel Jr,
      Rene Saguisag, Jovito Salonga, Wigberto Tañada, Victor Ziga, at ang current
      Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Agapito “Butz” Aquino.

      Ngayon hihingi tayo ng tulong samantalang nuon, di nila inasikaso ang pagpapalakas ng AFP!!!!!!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004462953000 Carlo Lacanilao

        So presence of US military bases was/is/will be a deterrent to foreign aggression? Remember WWII? Did it deter the Japanese from attacking us?

      • http://twitter.com/dibs_on_tweet Dennis

         good question….kung nandito pa kaya ang military base ng USA, do you think guguluhin tayo ng tsina ngayon….

        besides, it was WW2, giyera ng mundo….one way or another, mai-involve tayo….

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQRDASE2HXIZ6R4QQ7LETHJTS4 Arvin

        Guys, you are correct……if the US base is still in the Philippines now. Surely walang advance move ang China sa West Phil Sea…….tingnan mo itong mga anti US base mga pangalan binanggit mo ay insakto …..they are hypocrites they are all have diplomat entry visa sa US, infact most of them have properties in the US and they studied advance schooling/studies in the US, their children are sent to US for schooling at iba pa….doon sila nagpapagamot sa mga sakit nila….

        Tingnan mo mga leftist bayan at iba pang activista…..they are also hypocrites pati ibang bloggers dito..kunwari anti US pero mga gamit, pati relatives, member of the family ay naninirahan or working in US…

        Kaya hindi ko binuto sila…….The reasons that if the US base still remain in PHL are the rampant of prostitute will not end….tingnan ninyo kahit walang US bases ang daming Prosti….

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Una sa lahat, kung nagbabasa ang bawat isa sa atin ng ating kasaysayan, hindi tayo tinulungan ng mga Amerikano na magkaroon ng kasarinlan. Nagkainteres din sila sa yaman ng bansa natin kaya napadpad sila rito. Kung susuriing mabuti, noong panahon pagtapos ng pagkakasakop sa atin ng Espanyol, nagpapalawak noon ng imperyo ang Amerika (Tingnan ang mga libro nina Teodoro Agoncillo, “A short history of the Filipino people,” Renato Constantino “A Past Revisited”; “The Continuing Past”; at “Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino”.

        Ikalawa, hindi naman talaga tumutulong ang Amerika sa atin. Lahat ng tulong nila ay pawang mga utang at patung-patong ang interes. (Tingnan ninyo ang Reality of Aid 2000 – 2010). Nagpapamudmod sila ng utang na salapi para maisalba ang ekonomiya nilang naghihingalo na rin (Cf. economyincrisis(DOT)org/

        Ikatlo, yaong tinatawag natin na tulong militar ay hindi naman talaga tulong din — ito ay isang estratehikong pagpapadala ng puwersa para matugaygayan ang galaw ng mga “kaaway” at “kakampi” ng Estados Unidos dito sa Timog Silangan at Asya Sentral (foxnews(DOT)com/scitech/2012/01/05/is-air-forces-x-37b-robot-space-plane-spying-on-china/

        Tandaan natin ang lumang mga eroplano nila, barkong pandigma, at iba pang gamit o armas ay pawang “surplus” nila o hindi na magagamit, reretokehin at saka ipagbibili sa mga bansang walang kakayanang magmanupakturya ng sarili nilang armamento.Dahil kilala na isang malaking war technology complex ang Amerika, kumikita sila nang husto sa paggawa ng armas pandigma at sa pakikidigma mismo. Hindi ba kayo nagtataka kung bakit patuloy ang digmaang sinusuong ng US sa iba’t ibang bansa sa Gitnang Silangan? Dahil sa pamamagitan nito, maaari nilang maipalit ang gobyernong maaaring maging “papet” nila para makuha nang buo ang merkado, hilaw na materyales at impluwensiyahan ang sistemang politikal, sosyal at ekonomikal ng mga bansang iyon.

        Ikaapat, ang tinatamasa mong edukasyon ngayon, maging ang sinasabi mong kalayaan sa teknolohiyang yaring Kano, ang sabi mo, ay pawang bunga ng militansiya at madugong pakikihamok ng mga bayani natin noon at ngayon.Ikalima, hindi totoong walang nagagawa ang mga militante. Marami silang nagawa — Una, napalaya nila ang Pilipinas mula sa Espanyol bago angkinin ng Amerika ang tagumpay ng mga Pinoy na nakakubkob noon sa Maynila, partikular sa sentro ng kapangyarihang Kastila noon.Sila rin ang nakihamok para magkaroon tayo ng kalayaang gamitin ang sarili nating wika — Bisaya man o Tagalog o Ilokano man — na mahigpit na ipinagbabawal noon ng mga Amerikano.

        Baka naman sabihin ninyo na “noon ‘yon.” Hindi ba ninyo nalalaman na patuloy ang ginagawang pag-eespiya sa atin sa teknolohiya man o sa kahit saanmang larangan ng ating buhay panlipunan ng gobyerno ng US? Hindi mo man nararamdaman, patuloy nilang iniimpluwensiyahan ang mga desisyon natin sa pamamagitan ng kanilang kultura (cultural hegemony) at lakas pang-ekonomiya para patuloy tayong umasa sa kanila.Sa totoo lang, kaya ng Pilipinas na magsarili. Kaya lang, ang mismong pagiisip ng nasa poder o may kapangyarihan ay kaisipang palasuko sa makapangyarihan. 

        AT SAKA KAPAG SINABING “DEFEND SOVEREIGNTY” walang eksepsyon, U.S man o China. Anong essence ng pagdefend ng sovereignty kung pahihintulutan mo naman ang isa para makapanghimasok?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZMENDPTAWYUCU73XPC2LT3QOFM annalyn


      • http://twitter.com/dibs_on_tweet Dennis

        typical commie….

        ano ka, gusto mo ibigay ng USA lahat para sau (sa atin)…natural meron silang sariling interes….in global politics, it’s all about alliances and self serving interest….kelangan natin, gulang totoy—kung makikinabang sila sa atin, siguraduin natin na sisipsipin din natin ang dugo nila — in fact that’s what we are doing now, nagtatrabaho ang kapwa natin pinoy sa USA then pinapadala nila pera sa Pinas para ibili ng ng mga chinese junks…do you think gusto mg kano ‘to..hindi uy, guston nga nila, na ang pera na kinikita mo sa US eh dun mo gastusin para makatulong sa economy nila….kaya totoy, bago ka mang husga at mamuna ng dumi ng iba, siguraduin mong malinis ka rin… your comment is half truth and self serving.

        bw, between the 2 evils, mas pipiliin ko ang USA kesa Tsina…

        one more thing, kung anuman tayo ngayon kasalanan natin ‘to….ala kasalanan ang US o Tsina dito.

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Id rather die, fighting kaysa mamili sa U.S o China. duh!

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        tungkol sa comment ko may mga link yan na maaaring magpatunay. Paano mo naman nasabing commie ako? dahil sa comment ko? tapos na po ang Mc Carthy Era na “if you walked like a duck, then you are a duck”

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        Hayaan mong bhagian kita ng isang kwento: Aesop Fable, tungkol sa USA at KABAYO… Isang araw sinira ni Usa ang damuhang kinakainan ng Kabayo. Sa sobrang galit ni Kabayo, humingi siya ng tulong sa Tao. Sabi ni Tao: “sige tulungan kita. Pero sa isang kundisyon. Itatali ko muna ang lubid na ito sa leeg mo” at doon nag-umpisa ang pagkaalipin ng kabayo. :)
        Ang nangyayari ngayon ay walang iba kundi salpukan ng dalawang malaking bato(U.S at China) na walang ibang kaawa-awa o maiipit kundi ang Pilipinas dahil pareho lang sila ng interes– dominasyon at pagtapak sa soberanmya ng iba para umangat magkaiba lang ng paraan– ang isa ay tahasang panlulupig at ang isa ay kunwariang pagtulong- t hindi po pagtulong ang ginagawa ng U.S andito sila para panatilihing neo-kolonya nila ang Pilipinas at hindi po sadyang pagtulong iyon. Dahil ang lahat ng ginagawa nila ay utang at patung-patong ang interes. Nagpapamudmod talaga sila ng utang para maisalba nila ang ekonomiya nilang naghihingalo na rin. At hindi ba kayo nakahahalata na gusto talaga ng U.S na magkagiyuera? dahil don nakasalalay ang ekonomiya nila, pagbebenta ng armas?at napakaironic, naagawa nilang “tumulong” sa ibang bansa pero sarili nilang mamamayang gumagapang ngayon sa kahirapan ay hindi?pero wag sana nating tingnan ang nangyayarng ito bilang labanan ng bansa sa bansa, dahil ito ay laban ng uri sa uri (class struggle) uring pinagsasamantalahan (Manggagawa) at nananamantala (Kapitalista) kung kanino aanib o kakampi ay wag sanang tingnan s lahing kinabibilangan, dahil ang labang ito ay pandaigdigan o internasyunal. As far as I am concern pinagsasamantalahan din ng KAPITALISTANG GUBYERNO NG CHINA ang mamamayan nito esp. Workers and peasants.

      • billy31

         mas lalo pang dumami, pati mga beke dami naging prosti na rin. tama huwag iboto ang mga trapo na yan!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

        these are the guys w/o foresight…..common sense? definitely nothing.!!!!!

  • No Mind

    Stop creating wars! Philippines has huge undeveloped areas able to sustain its population! If demonic China wants it, lets just give it to them and let God punish these gluttons. Do not sacrifice our population to suffer from war. What we need is a good government and not an additional territory! Focus on the construction of International Airports, discipline and educate people, and presto, heaven on earth shall be knocking at your doors!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DNGCX6ZGXSLEJKGKAI2HFLUMNA war

       Are you a filipino???????? I bet your ancestors are angry at you and disown you as one of their own!!!!!!!

      Even we are out numbered or inferior in arms, we should not let them get a piece of our land or seas!!!!!!!!

      Dont you have any sense of Patriotism!!!!!!!

      • pulis

        Huwag nyong asahan ang ating mga lider na puro balimbing..Ihanda  ang mga sumpak at balisong at sumigaw ng sulong mga putyong, attack mga paltak!

      • AlexanderAmproz

        My Goodness, you are an irresponsible  “Macho”

        May I suppose,

        your religion will give you the stomach to be turned into cannon flesh ?

        In case you love your Country, your country need you alive,

        dead you are useless dust !

        Anyways the country is sadly already own and run by Chinese’s trapos.

        Mainland Chinese’s can’t be worst than the colonial Puppet’s
        you already have, or the Sino-Spanish Clergy, US and Japanese already experimented.

        Only for few hundreds happy few “elites” it would be a big change,
        for 100 millions peoples it could be an improvement, who knows ?

        Shabu business = Death penalty at once

        Corruption could be also Death Penalty in few weeks, it depend,
        at least a swift Justice, not a flourishing delayed and denied one.

  • melanioamarillo

    For a senior citizen like me, if it is war so let it be. What I can suggest are few words, Let us re-educate our soldiers,, that they are not going to war only to die for our country. To war if we must but let it be known to all of us, particularly our soldiers that it is more honorable to kill the enemy for our country.   If what we are thinking is let the US fight for us,hoi! chutzpah!

  • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil


  • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

    Tama lang na ipaglaban natin ang ating sovereignty at territorial integrity, pero kailangan tayong matutong palakasin ang sariling kakayahang ipagtanggol ang sarili at hindi umasa sa ibang makapangyarihang bansa na kung tutuusin–at kung huhusgahan sa kasaysayan–ay mas masahol pa sa mga ekspansyunistang Intsik. Mas mainam pa rin sa akin na gamitin natin ang diplomasya sa usaping ito at maging mahinahon. Just my opinion.

  • melanioamarillo

    I am sorry, I can feel all Filipinos want the US to fight for us. I can still recall a US defense official who is based in Hawaii who said the US government would not just jump into the fray we have to consider the interest of the United States of America.  Anf for America to go in a shooting war with China over tiny uninhabited  islands, purely .. insane..

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQRDASE2HXIZ6R4QQ7LETHJTS4 Arvin

      @dipadadaig:disqus  Mel Amarillo, I like your thoughts but was felt short….why? the US announcement this year by Pres. Obama himself to pivot in Asia presences because of what you wrote ” Tiny uninhabited Island” is NOT insane move……….PLEASE READ AND RESEARCH MORE….this tiny island is reach in Oil by Billions of Tons….you can refer to US defense report and Australia research about the entire West Phil Sea…..plus millions of marine migratory species that live in the ref.
      China need the entire West Phil Sea…..to maintain in power and to supply foods with their billions of people to feed for the next couple of years…..China emerging industrial is counterproductive now -a days…… Land has been transform to manufacturing plants, building etc…leaving the north side (colder area) uninhabited for humans and farms….unless they will do something…saan sila kukuha  ng pagkain sa billion gutom na tao? saan sila bibili ng oil if they are dependent on Russia…..and middle east…

      Malaking pakinabang sana ito ng Pilipinas kung ito ang inuna ng mga presidente noon pati si PGMA wlang ginawa kurakot lang..pati defense natin kulang…..

      dapat tulungan natin ang pangulo………….hindi niya kaya ito….dapat lahat tayo magkaisa….Im from Visayas really concern on this development…

      • what_is_going_on

        That doesn’t mean anything. There maybe “Oil by Billions of Tons,” but has all the studies confirmed that? All that I’ve read is that there “could” be a large source of oil and natural gas in that region. Do you really think that the US will come to the Philippines defense on unproven data? For that matter, the economic ties between the US and China are very deep. For the US to fight China and jeopardize their economies is highly unlikely. Too much money is at stake…that would be like the US going to war with Japan over Okinawa. The US doesn’t care about “millions of marine migratory species that live in the ref.” Please research the Bikini Atoll where the US military between 1946 to 1958 tested and detonated over 23 nuclear devices and until to this day its still not safe for habitat. Also, if that is a major concern, then why is the Philippines considering to explore those same reef areas? What happens to the reef habitat with an oil spill? 

  • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

    Magpapanggap lang ang Estados Unidos na tumutulong o tutulong pero hindi maasahan ang anumang totoong tulong sa Estados Unidos. Tandaan na ang mayorya ng mga utang ng Amerika ay inutang sa Tsina: kapag bumagsak ang Tsina, bagsak din ang USA at vice-versa. Magkakabit ang interes ng Tsina at Estados Unidos kahit na nga sa mata ng publiko ay nagpapanggap silang magkaaway.

    • wakats

      Gem, pag bumagsak ang china, bagsak din ang utang ng USA hehe 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

       Pareho kayo ng pananaw ng 50cent trolls

      • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

        so? your point is? na ikaw ang tama at bayani ang U.S? Hahaha! pareho lang naman kayo nung mga pro-China e.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YPJJAFEGV66DQ6JLUR7HKOYJUQ TR

    you kicked us(USA) out of your country years ago. Now only when you need protection and help  again you want us back. Be careful of what you wished for.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UR6AKMU2J2D4GOPDU4QMRZDB7Q felipe

      pamana ni estrada at kanyang barkada, kung hindi ba kawalan ng matinong isip ang pagpapaalis ng mga kano….isip seguro pelikula na papugi lang kaunti ayos na. f….k !!!!!

  • what_is_going_on

    Too late! The corrupt politicians and the money hungry military men stole money that should have gone into the AFP modernization program years ago. Instead of country, these greedy fools lined their pockets with money and now you are running to the US for help. Good Luck! Should have thought about that a long time ago. Very, very bad management and foresight on the leaders of the Philippines. 

  • melanioamarillo

    Call it tomfoolery. But ever wonder why and how China become so progressive and rich and able to feed and shelter its billion citizens and even lend money to rich country like the US.? If we could recall some 40 or so years ago China, strictly imposed its own version of the Reproductive Health Bill:”THE ONE CHILD POLICY”  The policy was strictly implemented that violations were dealt with very severly.  And voila! Manong Horacio! where and what is China now?They want to lick us. They look at the Philippines and even Vietnam as no bigger that roaches that can easily be heaped into a frying pan and be offered like special Chinese delicacy in the local resto…

  • melanioamarillo

    RH BILL in China? Oh ya..”THE ONE CHILD POLICY” in effect since some 40 years ago.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GVANQHP6VJ2MSGAJB46GUUNISE Jozz

    If one thinks he’s an ant then he will think and behave like an ant. We should not think that our country is an ant. Yes we are smaller in terms of area and military power but that doesnt mean we can’t be stronger. (Remember that the first incursion here of a Magellan was repulsed by Lapu-lapu). Too much reliance on another power without us strengthening our military assets only places us at the whim of the other power. The alliance with them is good but it will be better if it’s an alliance of strength and this can only happen if we also also have modern military assets like antiship missiles, fighter planes, missile boats, SAMs, UAV’s, ATM’s, tanks, etc.for defense (and offense if need be).

    • boldyak

      masayadong high tech na ang nasa isip mo samantala ang mga pinoy ayaw nga ng military training lamang sa college….ano gagawin mo sa mga gamit kung walang gagamit?…unahain muna ang patriotism sa bawat pinoy na halos wala na ngayon…that is the best weapon….alam ng china na walang paki kalimitan sa mga pinoy…kaya they are doing what they are doing…most important is concern of leaders in leading the people…not people leading the leaders…leaders should lead not follow…wtf

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IS6KI2U7EDZS6D2Q7MZ3Z6CAME Lila

     then i guess freedom of navigation is no freedom at all.. the question now is.. what should we do about it?

  • Lorebea Tamparong

    Hindi pa nga ganap na superpower itong China katulad ng US naging malaki na ang ulo…Kung anong liit at singkit ng kanilang mga mata ay siyang laki ng kanilang kayabangan at kahayupan…Makining kayong mga sira-ulong intsik sa CHINA…babagsak at lalagapak kayo simbilis ng inyong pag-usbong….tandaan nyo yan!!!…dahil di kayo marunong rumispeto ng karapatan ng maliliit…Lahat na malilit na bansang ito ay magsasanib pwersa para sa isang layunin at hindi nyo sila mapipigilan…Maging mas makapangyarihan sila kaysa inyo…At ang araw na yan ay malapit nang dumating…!!! TO ALL SOUTHEAST ASIAN NATIONS AND OTHER COUNTRIES WHO SEEK PEACE IN THE DISPUTED ISLANDS CLAIM BY THIS RUTHLESS CHINESE GOVERNMENT, LETS FORGE AN ALLIANCE!!! TOGETHER,,, WE WILL BRING DOWN OUR COMMON ENEMY!!! SHAME ON YOU CHINESE PEOPLE!!!

    • http://twitter.com/gemaramil Karlos Aramil

      wag sana nating tingnan ang nangyayarng ito bilang labanan ng bansa sa bansa, dahil ito ay laban ng uri sa uri (class struggle) uring pinagsasamantalahan (Manggagawa) at nananamantala (Kapitalista) kung kanino aanib o kakampi ay wag sanang tingnan s lahing kinabibilangan, dahil ang labang ito ay pandaigdigan o internasyunal. As far as I am concern, pinagsasamantalahan din ng KAPITALISTANG gubyerno ng China ang mamamayan nito esp. Workers and peasants.

      • boldyak


      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUFRGRCCA5JXOLKEVCJQ3FBW3Y Concerned Citizen

         Ayaw lang nila isipin na hindi kaaway ang China kaya hindi daw labanan eto ng bansa sa bansa

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZMENDPTAWYUCU73XPC2LT3QOFM annalyn

        I like your point of view, kabayan!

  • wakats

    I disagree with Mon when he said, in part, “And if ever there is a shooting war in the South China Sea, since renamed by the PH as West Philippines Sea.”

    AO 29 covers only portions of the South China Sea particularly of waters around, within and adjacent to the Kalayaan Island Group in the Spratly Archipelago and to Panatag Shoal near Zambales , all within the 200-mile (370-km) EEZ of the Philippines.  The official mapping of the WPS is yet to be disclosed officially.

    I fully agree with Mon, however, that we have no match militarily with china but we have Mutual Defense Treaty with the US and strong backing from Australia and Japan.  China is not foolish to board and expel PH ships on the disputed WPS and risks international condemnation and possible confrontation with the US…  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G2UFL7BAIFFUU6TIW4FFAPTVV4 Ghost

    Oh no Mon Tulfo.. In a situation such as this (i.e. when you are being bullied by a really strong bully), of course you cannot fight the bully, but then you dont seek the help of another strong bully, either. Because in either case, we will just be perpetuating the system of bullyism, pagalingan na lang ng kakamping bully.

    You seek the help of the whole community. This is the most civil and decent thing to do.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZMENDPTAWYUCU73XPC2LT3QOFM annalyn

    Seek help sa mas bully. Analogy. eh? Pagsinabing defend sovereignty, wala dapat pinipili. U.S man o China!

  • Doug L.

    Don’t expect too much help from U.S. We borrow money from China every year because our politicians spend more than the tax revenue. The more we borrow from China, the less likely the President of the United States is to go to war against China. He may ask China to resolve this peacefully, but I don’t think he will bring any military forces to help back up the Philippines.

  • Arcsolo

    … allow the continuation of VFA with all its defects? you’re practical but clearly misguided. it may be a short term solution, but it will still bring a lot of problems in our community (especially prostitution).

    i agree we need the USA but not in terms with VFA. we really should review our mutual defense treaty with them. only when mutual benefits are established should we accept a defense pact with US.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    The US has now instructed India to deal with China.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XKNJSBHI7OJOQYL3XO2WYR44PQ Abu

    Nice article.We really need the help of the US of A.
    Let’s accept the truth that we have no match against the idiot china power.
    It’s high time for us Filipinos to be awake of the real situation.

    India is going to South China sea as an introductory threat to the chinese regime.

  • seweldy

    PROC … do your police plan to just inderdict, board, search, turn back, sink just Philippine ,Vietnamese or Japanese vessels in the West Philippine Sea? Maybe you have the balls to do the same to USA, Australian or European flag bearing ships… Keep up your belligerent foreign policies 200 miles away from the Philippine economic exclusion zone.. PROC.. perhaps you are just testing the waters of the USA, Australia, Japan, Philippine mutual defense treaties…  you even claim a part of India on your passports… India,Vietnam and Japan alone can defeat your navies air force and army.

  • seweldy

    Reply to Randy…. Cambodia hosted this years Asean meetings controlled by the PROC….Every year a different Asean member country gets to host the talks. The PROC lean on Cambodia to not bring up the Spratly island dispute. Perhaps the Philippines, Vietnam or a friendlier country will host next years meetings. If it is the PROC’s turn to host the Asean talks … the bullying will continue

  • tigercharlie

    Please do not forget the past…during world war II…the US abandon the islands (PH) along with their soldiers for they know that they can not depend it…main land US is 9,000 miles away while the enemy is only in our door steps. They protect Australia but not us…we will be in the mercy of our fate.

    Let our good Generals device plan now how we will protect & depend our country…nobody will help us

    • TeabagDeluxe

      Get your facts straight. If America really did abandon us, why did they go back and liberate the country from the Japanese?

      In military tactics, there is something called strategic retreat. In other words, “live to fight another day”. Which is what the Americans did.

  • tigercharlie

    The third anti Christ is now on our midst…China will surely start the war…this early… plan…huwag kayong tutulog tulog sa pansitan…pag nagsimula na ang putukan…meron ka ng tatakbuhan….

  • troufes

    You fools will now regret the day you evicted the american forces from Subic bay and Clark air base in 1991 then now come crying and beg them to come back.

  • zeroko

    Tulfo, you are right. Let’s invite the Americans to our shore to protect us. Further more, let us allow them to build dozens of military base here. The closer their base to China, the more the Chinese will think twice bullying its neighbors.

    One advantage of opening our country to the Americans is the rental of the base. Second, it will promote more businesses. During the Clark and Subic days, many motels and hotels, and subdivisions sprouted out like mushrooms. There is also the dollar exchange. It’s no joke. ,American base is a multi-billion dollar business. Let’s be practical. America is itching for a fight with China, and we can not escape the effect, so the best way is invite the Americans here. Besides, if the Chinese dares to accept the challenge, the Americans has almost perfected the Iron dome, the anti-missile missile. So, no worry. And if there is an all out hostility, one hydrogen bomb dropped in China would poison not only the Chinese but also other Asian nations. So, whether we participate or not, the effect of an all out war will be the same, “Radioactive poisoning.”

    However, the very road block in inviting the Americans is our Chinese Dominated Government. See how they drag their foot on the “Freedom of INformation Bill”, the “Reproductive Health Bill”, the “Divorce Bill” and other important legislation?  These Chinese does not really care about nation building. All they care is their personal benefit. Better to drop a DDT inside their session hall so we can rid their kind, “Joke lang ito, mga singkit”, he he he. Self serving ang mga singkit. Kung baga, “transactional democracy” ang Legislators natin. Kung walang lagay na “soft pork barrel”, wala ring papasa na bill katulad ng RH bill. He he he. Mga ulot. Pagkatapos ninyong um-absent ng ilang buwan, bigla nalang kayong pupunta sa session hall tapos gagawa kayo ng “Previlege speech.” Hayop! Pati RH bill, hindi umu-usad. Ang gusto ng tao is “result oriented” na mga mambabatas. Pro or Con, vote na kayo. Hindi itong nagpapalaki lang kayo ng puwit sa kauupo. Go for it. Do something. Eleksyon nanaman, ano ang sasabihin ninyo sa mga kaakibat ninyo, “vote for me?” Before the upgrade of Salary; “Standardization Bill of 2012″, in prior years, the salary of an ordinary Congressman and Senators is only 38 thousand pesos. Equal to a senior “Call Center employee”. Eh, bakit kung gumastos kayo tuwing halalan, hundreds of millions ang ginagastos ninyo? Hindi yan ay malaking katibayan na magnanakao kayo at babawiin ninyo uli ang ginastos ninyo tuwing halalan? He he he. P38 thousand pesos is chicken feed, but wait, the other factor is their upkeeping. Each Congressman is entitled to 38 million pesos for his office and personnel, travel expenses (Domestic/Foreign),  allowances, Representation allowances, bonuses, incentive pay, extra and high end vehicles, gasoline allowances, and of course, allowances of not less than 4 young and budding Secretaries, with a high end Condo, a personal vehicle and driver, and etc. Remember, these 4 secretaries are considered “Ghost Secretaries” because they never appear in the office. They just get their allowances, and is collected by their drivers for them. He heh e. Hayop! , 

  • zeroko

    He he he. Speaking of budding Secretaries that never appear in the Congressman office. Why was all of a sudden, Chiz and Pimentel annul their marriage? He he he. Animal instinct?

    • manuelcdiaz

      Chiz and Pimentel ay na singitan as the Tagalog would say.

  • selfdiscipline

    Now, Philippines needs US military assistance…WHAT A JOKE !. It was Joseph Estrada and other Senators who voted the for the removal of US Military Base. Puro kasi yabang ang mga politian at hindi nagiisip kung kayang natin protektahan ang ating bansa.


  • maypakialamtayo

    sec. gazmin, yung mga wanted na npa di nyo hihinging sumuko na rin?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IS6KI2U7EDZS6D2Q7MZ3Z6CAME Lila

    there’s no such thing anymore as Philippines, US alliance versus China..  U.S wants China to prosper so as not to sink U.S economy together with Europe.. The Philippines and other nations affected of the Chinese aggression is alone in this fight as Obama has no intention of going to WAR in case one of its allies will go head to head with China.. Have U.S put fold a strong statement of commitment to us? No. The Philippines should realize by now that we are alone and must think beyond today is we must to grow as the rest of the nations which is sadly simply means.. accept and learn from the experience

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZXCKSVMZPDCG5G4PRM2UZUZPPA Mark

    China is a superpower but not invincible.  This was proven to be true by the ferocious Vietnamese during the Sino-Vietnam War.  Even America retreated with their tails between their legs during the US-Vietnam War.  What the Philippines must do is forge for an ASEAN unification.  China is obviously blocking that idea by using  the West Philippine Sea issue.  An EU like structure in the region minus China is like EU vs Russia in Europe.  Russia has lost its influence in that region as a result.  China would want to avoid that as much as possible by dividing the ASEAN countries because it believes it will prosper more with a non solid ASEAN block.  

    China is already worried about India and Pakistan which are both Nuclear powers.  Do you think they like the idea of an economic superpower such an ASEAN Union?  Already their population is aging while the 3 most populous of the ASEAN countries are young and vibrant (PHL, Vietnam and Indonesia)

    The US is doing its part by also awakening another regional giant — Myanmar/Burma, the largest country in Indochina.  There is simply no other choice but a consistent regional block.  Cambodia must cooperate for its own good because it has more to gain from ASEAN than from China.  It’s just so happen that this country is controlled by a dictator which is unfortunately obviously corrupt.

    • manuelcdiaz

      The Americans retreated and abandoned South Vietnam because it was no longer relevant to the United States interest in South East Asia.   

  • seweldy

    The USA is doing well not taking sides in public with the Spratly Island dispute. Using quiet behind the door diplomacy, not showing our cards…the americans are establishing a naval base in Australia… pivoting 60% of our navy to the Pacific in the future. Also just recently our President travel to Burma on a goodwill trip. All the USA needs to is supply the Philippines with modest military help …re-affirm our mutual defense treaties with our Allies. The PROC is the laughingstock of the West Philippine Sea in terms of digging its own grave in diplomacy. Quiet behind the door diplomacy with India is a good strategic move for the USA … the more friends we have the better containing China… All our Asean block friends need to do now is wait for the PROC to do something stupid.

  • selfdiscipline

    China will not flex its military muscle on our islands if we still have the US base. It was Joseph Estrada who initiated and voted for the removal of the American base. Puro tapang lang ang taong ito at walang plano sa seguridad ng bansa at may balak pang maging Mayor ng Manila. Ngayon di malaman ng gobierno  kung paano masusugpo ang mga intsik. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SMW2OJOAE7WOPLTC534M2BBUC4 Bartolome

    “Lupang hinirang,
    Duyan ka ng magiting,
    Sa manlulupig
    Di ka pasisiil. ”

    Dapat isapuso natin ang linyang ito lalot nagbabantang manakop ang mga intsik..

  • To_Be_Continued

    No less than Sun Tzu said: Strike your enemy from its weakest point. Many see China only from its military strength. But wise strategists see that China’s military strength comes from its vibrant economy–the real source of its military power (and military collapse).

    What does that tell us? We dont have to engage China in sabre rattling, nor actual conflict. We have no military strength to speak of. But if we, united as a bullied nation, boycott China products, we are hitting Goliath’s source of strength that dangles high that extra-large sword and shield that China uses to scare us, Japan, and Vietnam. 

    Boycotting China-made products will fuel economic problems that will surely affect its economic and military vital signs…perhaps boycott wil bring China back closer to its cultural revolution era (without us firing a single shot) marked by poliyical and social upheaval.

    China maybe Asia’s tiger. But let us not forget that tigers can be trained to bend down on its knees…

  • poppy52

    The US has consistently worked to strengthen the Philippines since 1936 when MacArthor was sent to the Philippines.  This is still our mission today.  Fighting a nuclear power is not an option for anyone.  Since the US was kicked out of the Philippines, the Philippines no longer is protected under our nuclear umbrella.  The Philippines needs to grow up and learn to get along with all countries.

  • manuelcdiaz

    What you kicked out the US bases during the time of Cory now you are begging for US assistance! Where are the nationalist now?

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