No need for RH bill—Sotto



Since the proposed P56.8-billion budget of the Department of Health (DOH) for 2013 already includes allocations for family planning programs, there is no need to approve the reproductive health (RH) bill, argued Senate majority leader Vicente “Tito” Sotto III.

Sotto made this assertion during plenary debates on Tuesday night, saying the DOH already has about P21 billion in RH-related programs and purchases in the 2013 budget.

P2.5B on family health

Of this amount, the most prominent is the P2.5 billion for a program called “Family Health and Responsible Parenting (FHRP)” and P268 million for “Family Planning Operations and Infrastructure Programs (FPOIP).”

The FHRP, for example, includes items such as: Adolescent Health and Development Program Integration into Curriculum for private and public schools (P3.5 million); Reproduction of Family Planning Materials (P3 million); Family Planning Commodities (P245 million); Injectables (P91 million) IUD (P170 million); “No Scalpel” Vasectomy (P500,000); Bilateral Tubal Ligation Kits (P11 million) and Natural Family Planning Bundle Packs (P31 million).

National strategy

According to the senator, he has word that the DOH “has already come up with its implementing rules and regulations on the RH bill” even though Congress is still far from approving the controversial measure.

Sotto also said the DOH now had an administrative order on a national strategy for family planning where a key element is the “provision of affordable and accessible counseling, supplies, commodities and service of all safe and effective methods to couples desiring to space or limit family size.”

“Given these items that I mentioned, which are all related to the provisions of the RH bill, it seems to me that the RH bill is already being implemented by the DOH,” Sotto said in his interpellation.

RH without RA

The allocations indicate that the DOH is already doing its part in ensuring maternal health and the reduction of infant mortality sans the RH bill, he added.

“But once we approve a bill with provisions that are controversial, these could possibly offend some religious sectors. As I said, the best argument against the RH bill is the DOH itself because it is already doing the job and doing it well,” he added.

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  • Alex

    We have no need for a Senator like Sotto!

  • opinyonlangpo

    Its all there except the free condom and pills for the poorest of the poor. Scrap the RH bill and The budget for the proposed RH bill can be used for additional health benefits or other government projects. 

  • manuelcdiaz

    The Philippine Government is playing right into the hands of this sinister group called the Bilderberg Group the agenda of this group is to depopulate the world via this RH bill and mass vaccination.  One prominent member of this group is Henry Kissinger proponent of world population control.

    • mon key

      hahaha. . . conspiracy theory nanaman. pa utot nanaman. . . hahahaaha!

      • manuelcdiaz

        give me a plausible re-joinder rather than your idiotic pa-utot na man retort, maybe your skull is full of utot.

      • jameS

         Plausible rejoinder? Utot ka nga.

      • buttones

        The Bilderberg group do of course exist, but as it’s members being essentially from the capitalist block, what would be the benefit to them of a reduced population in the Philippines, capitalists need population for their markets, and also as fodder for the factories. On the other hand, if we arrive at a situation as in the PH where 30% of the nation are just sitting about doing nothing, but are a burden to a capitalist state, would this group get involved anyway, directly or indirectly? Or is coincidental that the Queen of Spain came to see us all recently, and is, by all accounts a fully paid up member and avid supporter of the Bilderberg lot? Personally I really don’t think this group are interested in the parochial law passing in third world countries like PH- I think it’s more to do with millennium goals so at least the current administration can say, in regard to reproduction health, infant mortality, the AIDS issue and a few more things- “We passed the Laws to address these problems, are we not clever, and worthy of applause?”

      • manuelcdiaz

        What you want to be applauded for the killing of the unborn? Look at Roe vs Wade 23 million babies murdered so far.Sure Bilderberg group are benevolent but with a sinister agenda depopulation of the world so they can control effectively and the Philippines is falling right into their trap.Poverty in the Philippines is not due to population  rather it is  due to mismanagement of resources by the oligarchs.

      • buttones

        Me? What me? You sought a retort you might respond to in a meaningful way, I was referring to the current administration seeking applause from the millennium goal setters- not only that, read what I said, if this Bill is passed, part of it is not a Law that says we HAVE to do anything at all…and what have legal rulings in the USA got to do with PH? That was about abortion of an unborn child within a certain term, abortion in PH is by Law only allowed to save the life of the mother- it will always be so, abortion in PH will never be ‘contraception’. This is not so unreasonable is it? In Ireland, a recent case saw both mother and baby die because “abortion is not allowed in Ireland” As a woman I do not agree with abortion as a practice of contraception, but I agree with contraception – it is irresponsible of people to bring children into the world to live a life of misery, that they cannot afford, they cannot take care of properly under the prevailing condition of our society. Yes, those conditions are the entire fault of governments, and oligarchs flourish their interests are solely driven by cash and power, but we’ve lived in a bloody democracy now for 67 years and ‘we’ let it happen- you can hardly blame them for taking a mean advantage.
        In the end if people want to breed irresponsibly that is their right, but at the moment our country cannot support it’s population at a level that might be considered ‘reasonable’ by any standard. Being involved myself at very local rural levels with poor families, an unwanted pregnancy is a nightmare, most women in my area simply cannot handle it, the men, I’m afraid to say don’t give hoot, and just strut around like roosters. It’s time women took charge of their own bodies, we were not put on this earth for the sole reason of breeding, we are not animals, and some women particularly the uneducated poor [ more government blame] need help, and in fact have voiced that out by survey results..

      • manuelcdiaz

        The Philippines Apes the United States.Second RH bill will open the floodgates for abortion. Who is going to protect the unborn?The RH bill do not categorically prohibit abortion but it state “women’s reproductive rights” what are these rights? Will the Philippine Supreme Court define this rights? ala Roe vs Wade?

      • buttones

        We ‘ape’ the US Judicial system? Wish to God we did, then our trials would not take half a lifetime.. Women’s productive rights are just that, to either re-produce or not, it’s their choice and theirs alone. The RH Bill is not solely about abortion anyway, it’s about contraception and I doubt, given legal parameters for abortion such as saving the life of the mother, instances of rape it would hardly open the gates to ‘legal’ abortion. The Law protects the unborn child- you can get 20 years in jail for aborting unborn children. The Roe vs. Wade case was a US case based on their Bill of Rights and amendments to the Constitution. Again I can’t see what this has to do with PH, in the end our Congress will, or not as the case might be, enact the Law, and in unambiguous fashion, clear words and meanings that will need no interpretation from the SC.

      • manuelcdiaz

        It was the US Supreme Court that created the women’s reproductive rights. Never found in the Us Constitution and in the bill of rights.The US Supreme Court created an arbitrary tri-simister to allow abortion but this open the flood gate to the partial birth abortion which is really murdering a fully developed baby. Do you want that to happen in the Philippines? Planned Parenthood one of the funder of this RH bill is the butcher of American babies.

      • buttones

        There are many dissenting opinions about this matter. Putting aside the issue of abortion, it is a proven fact that the availability of contraception reduces unwanted pregnancy, and abortions as well. The abortion rate in the US has actually declined. To focus on this one issue of the RH Bill and to dramatize it to a scenario that might end up in PH with fetus’s being ripped out of the wombs of mothers on demand is simply irrational. The issue here is about stopping conceiving, not about ‘murdering’ one day year old babies- As regards Senator Sotto and his comments, well they are his comments, to me his comments are utterly irrelevant, I never take the comments of the thespian crowd very seriously anyway, I find them silly, I have difficulty understanding him most times at best through his dramatic tearful rants. The Bill will be passed, or it won’t, it makes little difference to me…but to the 16 year girl outside of my gate it might, the age of consent in PH actually being 12 years old… there’s an issue these ‘actors’ ought to get their very white teeth into…
        This US ruling is nearly as old as I am by the way- the 30 year span has made no difference to what goes on here in PH

      • manuelcdiaz

        In 30 years 23 million babies murdered that is genocide of the innocent. Twleve year the age of consent are you kidding that is still statutory rape.

      • buttones

        “True, a lot of ‘innocents’ – mind you 300 million will die from hunger in that 30 years as well, and in those 30 years you and I will be in our dotage no doubt, Enrile will of course be still in the Senate, the GMA trial will still be groaning on, and the Apatuan one as well, the Rolling Stones will still be touring, unless of course the world ends just before Xmas, which would be a pity really ‘cos I’ve done all me shopping ….on ages of consent in PH, check it out, consensual sex between a twelve year old and another twelve year old is not rape. It’s off topic but just one of those odd things in PH, thank God they are decreasing the age of ‘responsibility’, a 15 year old kid responsible for none of his actions-? just imagine…
        Nice to chat with you- we hold different views on some things, not so unusual- people do……Eerie sunset tonight over the beach, I think we have a storm brewing……..

      • manuelcdiaz

        To prevent abortion why not pass a law to sterilize irresponsible men.

      • buttones

        Why not indeed..

      • taga_ilog

        then you are transgressing a basic human right LOL

      • manuelcdiaz


      • taga_ilog

        UNBORN, you keep harping about it, you won’t even define what is an unborn. and you also keep harping about abortion which is not even allowed in our country, what particular passage of the bill that says, abortion is allowed? 

      • manuelcdiaz

        My concern is what really is women’s reproductive rights? And why the majority idiots in the Senate refuse to define when life starts.BTW if at this stage you do not know what unborn is you must be an idiot.

      • taga_ilog

        great maka diyos ka kasi hehehehe, idiot- remember, your nose is nearer to your mouth, you can’t even answer my question that’s why you resort to name calling, but the name you called is your own name, idiot

      • manuelcdiaz

        Why, is your nose far away from your mouth? you must be a freak.As I said again if at this stage in your life you still do not know what is an”unborn” you must be an idiot.Just look it up in a wEBSTER DICTIONARY OR GOOGLE WIKIPEDIA.

    • Luthmar

      What’s your point?  Is it good or bad for the Phil.

      • manuelcdiaz

        since when did foreign influence good to the Philippines? It is bad for the unborn. Murder of the unborn at will in the guise of Women’s reproductive rights. How about the rights to live of the unborn?

      • taga_ilog

        unborn meaning, there is already a fertilized ovum? if there is none, would that be considered as an unborn?

      • manuelcdiaz

        You contradict your own statement.

  • hedrianvic

    Against the welfare and well being of women itong si Sotto. Dahil ba kasi isang BAKLA itong si Tito Sotto? Isang BEKI?

    Di ba dapat nag resign na itong si Tito Sotto? Ba’t andyan pa sa Senado ang SYOKINg ito!!

  • filipinaskoh

    Sa dami kasi ng dak-dak mo, Sotto, kaya ang DOH ang gumagawa na ng kahit SIMPLENG kaparanan man lang para ma-solusyonan ang mga probleman kinakaharap ng mga kababaihan at ang matinding paglobo ng populasyon.

    But we still need the RHbill TO LEGALIZE the move of DOH and also to enhance it further and widen their scope or coverage.  MAHILIG KA KASI SA ILLEGAL kaya mo nasasabing kahit wag ng aprobahan.

    HAY! NAKU SOTTO! ung sariling mong batas sa plagiarism ay wag mong ihahintulad sa batas ng bansa. 

  • KapitanBagwis

    The Philippines have no need for a stupid, moron and plagiarist Sotto in the senate.

  • dodong1

    bobo talaga itong si toto na to..hindi pa ba siya natoto sa kanyang plagriasimo fiasco?? kailangan yatang lagyan ng duct tape ang bunganga nito…putak pa ng putak walang laman ang pinuputak….

  • mon key



  • gusm

    There is absolutely no reason to listen to anything that Sotto has to say. He is inept and fanatical with no interest in the future of this country at all. The average high school student in this country has a better grasp of reality than this man.

  • brunogiordano


  • mumbaki ak

    it is called institutionalization. even if say, he is totally correct with the allocations and that these match the budgets laid out in the bill, there is no guarantee that future governments will continue the DOH’s practice after Aquino. mahirap talaga pag noontime show ang kadalasang ginagawa tas senador pa.

    • blowcoldblowhot

      There is no guarantee also that the future government say after Aquino, will NOT repeal the law. 

  • nes911

    Lousy argument from a lousy man. Nanggugulo lng itong si sotto.

  • mangtom

    S-otot get lost.S-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lost.S-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lost.S-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lost.S-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lostS-otot get lost.


    ISKUL BUKOL, part II

  • Tolits Yap David

    Sen. Sotto is right. Only those who hardly have any experience in policy formulation and budgeting would say otherwise, So for those whose intellect is lacking on the matter kindly shut up as your real intent is becoming quite obvious.

    • magsasakasanayon

      your statement, “Sen. Sotto is right,” tells me that you are almost brain dead. “Almost,” because you can still use a keyboard.

  • CheapJ

    And no need for plagiarism. And we don’t need Sotto in the Senate.

  • tadasolo

    sotto arithmetic must be failing him miserably. the amounts allocated are not even enough to buy condoms for his own used. 

  • dmarkgonzales

    Hay Sotto ako naman talaga’y hanga sayo!.. Bakit hindi mo pa rin magets kung bakit pinu-push ang RH Bill.. FOR THE BASIC REASON OF INSTITUTIONALIZATION of the program.. Totoo na meron ng budget para dun ang DOH at iniiemplement na nila ito.. pero the problem is  since its only a DOH program, walang guarantee of perpetuity dahil kapag nagpalit na ng president at ayaw nya sa programa (anti RH), madali na nyang mapatigil.. pero kung ito ay batas, makakaasa ang buong Pilipinas na magiging matagalan itong programa..

    • blowcoldblowhot

      Following your argument, what make you think, the next government will NOT repeal the law?

  • mangtom

    Tolits Yap David=TOILets Yap David

  • suburbanmother

    Injectables (P91 million) IUD (P170 million); “No Scalpel” Vasectomy (P500,000); Bilateral Tubal Ligation Kits (P11 million)

    It’s interesting to note that only half a million is alloted for vasectomy while IUD and tubal ligation kits run in the millions. This is one sexist budget. Why should the women bear more of the burden of family planning? The last time I checked men are just as equally responsible in making babies.

  • blainz

    Using the DOH’s own initiative, no thanks to the vacillation of legislators, as an argument against the RH Bill. Senatroll Sotto’s stupidity strikes again.

    “But once we approve a bill with provisions that are controversial, these could possibly offend some religious sectors.”

    Philippine Constitution Article II, Section 6: The separation of Church and State shall be inviolable.

    Unethical na, unconstitutional pa.

  • Tonypogi

    It would be better for the senator to keep his mouth shut.    It just aggravates his image with the people. “No comment – no mistakes.”

  • lucidlynx

    Wala bang alam itong si Sotto? Kung naka-batas ang RH bill, then the DOH is compelled to spend that money to support the programs of the bill. Kung walang batas, puwedeng hindi gastusin ng DOH ang pondo. Ang tagal na niya sa gobiyerno hanggang ngayon hindi pa niya alam kung paano tumakbo ang gobiyerno.

    Kasalanan ito ng mga mangmang na botante na hindi marunong pumili ng opisyales sa araw ng botohan.

    Kaya kung bagsak ang bansa, walang ibang dapat sisishin kundi ang mamamayan at hindi ang nakaupo sa puwedsto, kasi tayo (kasama ako) ang nagluklok sa kanila sa puwesto.

  • JosengSisiw1

    So paano naman next year or year after that. As long as its not a law theres no guarantee that the next president will continue the program. Di mo ba alam yan Mr. Sotto?

  • brunogiordano


  • arthur1410

    Since when did sotto escalera speak with sense and with authority? every time S. escalera speaks, it emits foul odor, or even if the subject is serious, it smacks of comedy?
    Escalera, RH is needed to give more teeth and muscle in the government in its drive to reduce poverty and make this country more competitive.
    Just shut sotto. If you have nothing sensible things to say, keep quiet and stay in one corner. Nakakaalibadbad ang mga sinasabi mo. bwset ka talaga kahit kailan.     

  • browndarwinian

    ‘The cure for poverty has a name, in fact: it’s called the empowerment of
    women. If you give women some control over the rate at which they
    reproduce, if you give them some say, take them off the animal cycle of
    reproduction to which nature and some doctrine—religious doctrine
    condemns them, and then if you’ll throw in a handful of seeds perhaps
    and some credit, the floor of everything in that village, not just [reducing] poverty, but education, health, and optimism will increase. It doesn’t
    matter; try it in Bangladesh, try it in Bolivia, it works—works all the
    time. Name me one religion that stands for that, or ever has. Wherever
    you look in the world and you try to remove the shackles of ignorance
    and disease and stupidity from women, it is invariably the clericy that
    stands in the way, or in the case of—now, furthermore, if you are going
    to grant this to Catholic charities, say, which I would hope are doing a
    lot of work in Africa, if I was a member of a church that had preached
    that AIDS was not as bad as condoms, I’d be putting some conscience
    money into Africa too, I must say. But it won’t bring…it
    won’t bring back the millions of people who have died wretched deaths
    because of their teaching. That still goes on. I’d like to hear a word
    of apology from the religious about that, if it was on offer…’- Hitch

    No need for Sotto – RH now!

  • Hipon.pinas

    Little knowledge is a dangerous thing….

    • coty

      A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little want of knowledge is also a dangerous thing.
      — Samuel Butler

  • kilabot

    rhbill is nothing more than exploitation of women and lgbts by big business.

    which of the following will help alleviate poverty?
     1) give free artificial birth control contraceptives (aka 17B rh bill) to control population growth;
     2) use of natural birth control techniques (aka hit-n-run) to control population growth;
     3) encourage people to practice a life of celibacy (aka monsignor-fast) to control population growth;
     4) practice lgbt lifestyle (aka anal_izing): 25% increase in hiv/aids cases, negative pop growth;
     5) perpetual implementation of the cct (aka eternal-beggar) program;
     6) train the poor acquire skills and livelihood (aka sow-n-reap) using rh + cct budget (>17B total);

    the rhbill is like the grave, it’s never satisfied;

    No to rhbill.

  • hustlergalore

    If that is so sotto, no need for cybercrime law.


  • krizzibarra

    it’s really good to see that the buffoon sottocopier is back in the news. he’s always good for a few laughs.

  • $15469930

    Narrow minded pala itong si soto……..dapat ay ang mga voters ang kanyang susundin at hindi ang sarili niyang kapakanan…Sa susunod wala ng boboto sa iyo..

  • jinx

    Know what? I don’t need to read about Sotto’s inane remarks. I just go down straight to the postings and click “like” for brilliant comments, in this case PRO-RH comments.

  • dickenhead

    i really can’t wait to kick this nincompoop out of the senate,

  • EOJ

    No need for copier sotto in the senate. 

  • nizgoda

    pagod na kasi siya sa plagiarism issues. pag wala nang debate sa RH bill wala na rin plagiarism issue. 

  • Jack Phalaphitac

    Laughable. So this bill, when pass into law, might offend some religious sector? Pass this bill into law and let us all offend that religious sector. Displeasing  them is much lesser a problem  than leaving the citizen of this country with no working reproductive health law. Not that they don’t have no reproductive value but that religious sector has been insulting the Filipino people with annoying presumptuousness since the time of Rizal. And talking about annoyance, this senator takes the cake for outstanding stupidity. Unsurpassed.  

    • Gene

       So it’s clear now, Sotto just don’t want to offend some religious sector.  That’s his main reason for creating so much problems for himself.  Brilliant!

      • ricardo alberto

         what religious sector? when did a rapist ever think of god and religion? it’s not religion, it’s only reelection.

  • Fulpol

    BS Aquino III and DOH have the same strategy with China… 

    • disqusted0fu

       which is? bully your way in to get what you want???

  • disqusted0fu

    if thats the case, this bill is probably just being used as one of those “diversions” by the administration. just so people would have something to talk about and forget how the cost of living in the Philippines has become so darn hard to reach.

    • ricardo alberto

       this is totally pointless. the government doesn’t need to divert people’s attention. there is so much good news to report, it really doesn’t need this controversy if the only intention is to smokescreen problems.

  • Facile1

    The advocates of the RH Bill make the unspoken assumption that the government has the RIGHT to control population growth.

    The government may have the POWER to control population growth — through guns, prisons and taxes — but do they have the RIGHT?

    Population growth becomes a problem when corrupt governments believe in enriching themselves.

    Population growth becomes a problem when candidates for public office have to buy votes to win an election.

    Population growth becomes a problem when public servants have to answer to the people.

    The ruling elite has a vested interest in keeping the Filipino people poor, ignorant and corrupt — especially in a democratic form of government. If one can keep a citizen poor, he will sell his vote. If one can keep a citizen ignorant, he won’t fight for his rights. And if one can corrupt a citizen (who is also a public servant), he can make you very rich.

    BUT when there are just more of the POOR and the IGNORANT than there are of the CORRUPT, then population growth becomes a problem.

    Someone will profit from the passage of the RH Bill. But let us not pretend it will be the Filipino people.

    • ricardo alberto

       yes, the government has the right. and it is for the filipino people.

      • Facile1

        Please support your statements.

  • regd

    If only sotto uses his upper head instead of the one below, I might agree with him?

    • Hein S

      Both are Small.

  • ricardo alberto

    we need the RH bill, if only for good to triumph against evil.

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Perhaps what sotto means is, WE DON’T NEED SOTTO IN THE SENATE”

  • denky31

    I salute you this time sotto for you actualized  the teachings of the bible as I discern your thoughts but on the issue of plagiarism, your best weapon is to keep mum and let the river runs its course. RH Bill is a satanic brainchild injected into the weak minds of people not guided by the holy spirit.

    The RH Bill defies in black and white the words of God on the 6th day of creation as He instructed His creatures to multiply and fill the earth so the program of the RH Bill to depopulate our country is a frontal collision to His word.

    Our only weapon now is to pray to God to put wisdom on the head of these proponents so that they can finally understand that what they’re doing is wrong.

    • Hein S


      Sotto failed all 3.

  • dikoy321

    No need for Sotto !!!

    In the Senate or anywhere !!!

    Mga Kababayan, IBAGSAK si Sotto at si JPE sa Senado!

    Forward Womens’ and Childrens’ Rights!

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • mnlmad

    Ang religion hindi dapat sinasama sa mga political decisions.

  • Hein S

    No need for LYING THIEF

  • tower_of_power

    If we look at it from the stand point of the CHURCH … the BUSINESS sector … the POLITICIANS … THE MORE PEOPLE THERE IS … THE BETTER FOR ALL OF THEM!!!



  • johnllander

    No need for sotto as senator!

  • artz555

    The Senator and his staffers should realize that the same people in DOH and others, are working on the same system and  regime wherein many believe, has not been that effective in the implementation of family planning program in PH for years, if not decades now. This is happening, some people believe, because the current system, do not have the teeth or the desired force of the law, such that those whose who are against the family planning goals now, could easy sabotage the system, or parts of the system ( whether it’s the  conservatives and the know-it-all’s, the Church, or foreign interests ) and render the whole system weak, or ineffective. 

    What will guarantee the people, in which majority of them favor the passage of an RH in Congress (even now when there is already a supposed to be program on family program that is being implemented) that something different will suddenly happen , when the people charged with the implementation of the program, would again be subjected to the same obstacles of inefficiency, and ineffectiveness that has characterized  the old system, even if they come up with different rules and regulations, without the force of the law.
    If Congress cannot address these concerns, there is still a need for an applicable or appropriate RH Law, that should be enacted by Congress, with the passage of an appropriate RH bill.

  • boshog

    Sotto is this your own pronouncement or a copy.  Just close your mouth, you have no credibility.

  • blowcoldblowhot

    The poor as the target of population control is
    the polite term for depopulation. Dr. Henry Kissinger wrote in National
    Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974, that “depopulation should be the
    highest priority of US foreign policy. The title of the memo was “Implications
    of world wide population growth for US security & overseas interests. According
    to this memo Kissinger’s rationale for pushing for depopulation had to do with
    the US economy. It would “require large and increasing amounts of minerals from
    abroad, especially from less-developed countries.” “Wherever a lessening of
    population can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy
    becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of US.

    • artz555

      If people think that the goals of the revised RH bill just happens to to run parallel to some US interests, so be it. But most pro RH advocates believe that this bill is one of most important steps the PH government can do solve it’s perennial probblems of poverty and hunger, not to mention unemployment, most  specially the poor and marginalized sections of society.

      And majority of the Filipino  people surveyed favor the passage of an RH bill in Congress, having known the evils of over population right in their localities. 

  • John

    Ang mga may kelangan lang ng RH Bill ay yung mga gustong kumapal ang bulsa. Mahiya naman kayo muka nyo kumakapal eh!

  • ma_ri_fe

    Let’s pray also for those who push RH bill

    “Lord, patawarin nyo po sila sapagkat di nila alam ang
    kanilang ginagawa”

    Papanalangin ko na din na tamaan naman kayo ng konsensya!

  • Oliver

    bakit pa ba ipapasa yang RH na yan kung ngayon pa lang ang dami ng kontrobersiya nyan? bibigyang daan nyo na naman ang panibagong source ng korapsyon

  • ma_ri_fe

    Let me share with you a Short Prayer for Life I have read on Facebook:
    Almighty God and Father, King of the Universe, Creator of Life, we implore You to enlighten our country’s leaders and legislators to reject the RH Bill and all anti-life legislation. We pray in Jesus name. Mama Mary our beloved Mother, pray for us. Blessed John Paul III, defender of life, pray for us.

  • Fabian Pilapil

    NO NEED OF RH BILL–>it’s just a redundancy of existing programs. binibilog lang ng mga RH bill advocates na yan ang mga ulo nyo!

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