New Chinese passports ‘counterproductive’–Indonesia


A Chinese man holds up a Chinese passport with details on a page that shows dashes which include the South China Sea as part of the Chinese territory outside a passport office in Beijing, China, Friday, Nov. 23, 2012. AP/Ng Han Guan

JAKARTA – Indonesia’s foreign minister said in an interview published on Thursday that new Chinese passports featuring a map laying claim to disputed islands were “counterproductive”.

Although it is not a claimant itself, Indonesia has mediated in the dispute between China and several members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), using its position as the bloc’s biggest economy as leverage.

It is also a major supplier of commodities to China, which is increasingly exploring mines and constructing smelters in Indonesia to fuel its economy.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, who has hopped between claimant nations this year over the issue, warned that the passports would worsen the already tense dispute and said Jakarta would convey its position to Beijing.

“These actions are counterproductive and will not help settle the disputes,” he said in an interview with the Jakarta Post daily.

“We perceive the Chinese move as disingenuous, like testing the water, to see its neighbours’ reactions,” he said.

He said ASEAN should concentrate on finalising a code of conduct as a first step to alleviate tensions over the issue.

“I hope that we, ASEAN and China can focus on dialogue,” he said.

Beijing has infuriated its southern neighbours with its increasingly vocal claim to vast swathes of the South China Sea, with Chinese maps showing a dotted line that runs almost to the Philippine and Malaysian coasts.

The new passports have angered claimants Vietnam and the Philippines, which have refused to stamp the new passports.

India has started stamping its own map onto visas for Chinese visitors as the passports also show the disputed border areas of Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as Chinese territory.

Beijing has attempted to downplay the diplomatic fallout from the recently introduced passports, with the foreign ministry arguing the maps were “not made to target any specific country”.

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  • Garo Ungaro

    china is going to self destruct…does not know to handle and behave like a super power…having a childish mindset…this kind of activities by china is counter productive and does not earn any international respect….

  • Lila

    now that the world knows what a rising China behaves it means we cannot allow them to keep rising..

  • rolandtr

    Indonesia seldom makes a comment on the West Philippine Sea dispute..This comment should be read by China as portent of things to come if it continues to ignore the sensibilities of the ASEAN claimant nations…

    • Marcos5

      Indonesian Government now realizing the true threat is from China not it’s own people.

      Illegal claim of  9 Dash Line of Prc covers the whole territories inside EEZ all the way to the coastlines of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines.

  • J

    ASEAN minus Cambodia would be nice.


    The countries with disputes should deny entry to anyone presenting this passport as it clearly violates their sovereignty. China…. the center of the Universe.

  • Bonggebongge

    Ayan miski ang tahimik dati na Indonesia nag sasalita na, na walang magandanag patutunguhan ang gawa na ito ng china maka pang isa lang pati passport drinowingan ng dottedline ng kagahamanana nila…ukininam…

  • Marcos5

    Indonesian Government now realizing the true threat is from China not it’s own people.

    Illegal claim of  9 Dash Line of Prc covers the whole territories inside
    EEZ all the way to the coastlines of Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam,
    Japan and the Philippines.

  • Maj Gen Luo Yuan

    I think it is only appropriate to all relevant countries to institute measures in receiving chinese visitors with the newly issued passports.  One measure is to post in the immigration counter that “NO CHINESE OR DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED ENTRY”

  • Pork_Republik

    That Chinese turd e-passport totally poked fun on the just recently concluded  ASEAN summit in Cambodia. China is throwing hints here and there for ASEAN to realize that it can’t be trusted, still most ASEAN states are still clueless about or it maybe they’re aware of it but just don’t do something about it because China got their collective balls in a vice.

    What China is showing to the world: 1.) ASEAN are not united 2.) China has ASEAN members balls in Davy Jone’s locker and 3.) ASEAN is irrelevant in the South China Sea dispute.

  • virgoyap

    “not made to target any specific country”. 
    Except the Philippines which has several island in the Panatag shoal.

  • kalium

    Indonesia is always an ally of the Phils. Many Indonesian students are studying in the phils. before when I was still studying, one of them are even our fraternity Brod. The Filipinos like them because they are not arrogant and silent.

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

       Ambon, Indonesia search that in youtube! And if you are a Christian, don’t venture in that area or even if you are Muslim, you should be careful coz there are some Christians that are over vigilant!

  • Jimmy

    tarantado talaga yang yang mga komunistang intsik…!!!! 

  • Karabukov

    China does not want a “Code of Conduct”. In fact China’s conduct shows that the Chinese do not recognize that the disputes exist at all. A code of conduct in reference to disputed territories implies at the very least a “regional” agreement as a starting point towards tackling the territorial issues with its neighbors. That’s almost tantamount to “internationalizing” the disputes. They want no less than “bilateral” talks with each of their small neighbors, one on one. As their proxies on these forums proclaim, the only laws that apply are the laws they recognize.

  • $18209031

    What do you expect from a kayumangmang Indonesia nation like the Malayos and Kayumangmangs ? They are all one backstabbing culture to Chinese people in the past. China must tell these  kayus to take it or hit the road.

    • Le Commentor


    • Canoto

       hoi paulig china. pabaga ra ka dre sa pinas!

    • chingnarciso

      Segi my friend,birahin mo ang ang pakisaw saw mo.

  • ofwme2807

    China is inconsistent with its stance policies and actions towards the WPS and SCS teritorial disputes very insensitive ignorant childish provocative and arrogant…They knew that this will again cause further indifferences with the other claimant countries Philippines Vietnam Japan India and the others…And China keep announcing that they would like to talk with the claimant countries but her actions are clearly the opposite sending wrong signals about their real intention…They are willing to talk and negotiate but they keep saying the areas are indisputably China’s since the ancient times history so how can the talks begin if at the start their positon is not changing and their actions are again inconsistent…They knew it was coming the offensive action on the passports but still they do it…Anyway sooner China’s economy will fall and so with their ambition and claim to the disputed areas will likewise fail…

    • INQ_reader

      Agree 101%. China could not even give exact coordinates of those 9-dash lines. Also, it used to confusingly be called 11-dash lines.

      • Harry

        Let us not delude ourselves. The Chinese have sent up satellites that can measure latitudes and longitudes to a fraction of a second. 

      • INQ_reader

        What are they going to measure if there are just fictitious lines in the middle of the sea. You put the calesa in front of the kabayo.

        First of all, there should be a clear and stable basis to locate the 9-dash (previously 11-dash) lines. There should also be clear and stable basis how each end-point of those dash lines would connect (straight or continuous line). Right now, nada!!

  • florence457

    This is the fault of governments worldwide for entering to a trade to purchase china’s products although they knew from the start that these are inferior but the presence of a ready kickbacks okayed the agreement now they reaped what they sow. Greed for grease money made these countries subservient to ink the trade.

    Today China is a hideous behemoth gearing to test its might against any country

  • INQ_reader

    I hope China calculated well this move of theirs. It only increased their enemies. Now, India is added.

  • $18209031

    UNCLOG or ITLOG , these are the instruments of dirty nations out to legitimize their illgotten stay and occupation in the South China Sea. They refuse to recognize China’s sovereign right and national integrity and wanted to internationalize the whole issue.  They belittle every possible way Chinese authority bec they never respected CHina and Chinese people in the last 500 yrs.
      THese arrogant Kayus ( Indos under Dutch , Malayos under Brits, Brunei under the Brits , Vietcongs under the French and Kayumangmangs under the Kachilas) all carry the legacy of their whtie colonizers, thieves to the core and ugaling squatters in one accord. China must proceed to implement its Chinese maritime laws , not what these thieves want to manpulate .
    Take it or hit the high road.

    • Le Commentor


    • muddygoose

      You think just because you have Chinese blood, you are Chinese. Your ancestry means nothing to the Communist Party.

      • $18209031

        Your kulay kayumangging atay doesnt mean shzt to the pure Indo Malayos while you sing your Santo Papa religion. They will katay your azz for almosal and tanghalian kasama ang buong barangay at anak anakans. Convert back to Islam and  you will be a true kayumangging atay.

      • muddygoose

        Who said I care about being “kayumanggi”? Only the likes of you are caught up with such taxonomies. If you really do care, you should read more to understand how complex the notion of race is.

    • pololoy

      hoyyyyyy….!!! umuwi ka na sa tsina…!!!

      • $18209031

         Hoyyy, atay  !! Ang lapit lang ng Borneo lugar nang lolo at lola mo, mag plano ka na pabalik !!

    • chingnarciso

      segi my friend AFPako,banatan mong makisawsaw.

  • lanzthirteen

    Because China is not really serious about settling territorial disputes with us and the other countries, it’s just lip service…

  • $18209031

    Whtie thieves came to rape and pillage Asian lands in the last 500 yrs. And they are now pushing these Kayus to legitimize their claims  on sovereign Chinese territories ? These are nothing new to China, the ways of thievery and bullying is being replayed again and again . China will always be a victim by these thieves, be it from whtie Euros to Asian kayus. Maybe they are seeing China as the timid sick man of Asia in over the last 500 yrs.
    Tell you what, China will not back down on these new bully tactics , and will further ensure these Chinese waters are being consolidated and protected from further encroachments.

    • Le Commentor


    • Michael A

      troll. so China ang inapi pa sa lagay na ito? booo.

    • ano ikaw

       pathetic…do you really think China will even bother on what you think?
      China is using the Art of War tactics…its about time the other countries use the same for China to take a dose of its own medicine.

      • Michael A

        oo. kung pakawala siya ng China.

      • $18209031

         Your kulay kayumangging atay doesnt mean shzt to the pure Indo Malayos
        while you sing your Santo Papa religion. They will katay your azz for
        almosal and tanghalian kasama ang buong barangay at anak anakans.
        Convert back to Islam and  you will be a true kayumangging atay.

    • chingnarciso

      Wow!!! nagising ulit ang friend ko,good morning my friend,segi makisawsaw ka ulit…

  • ramelatilano

    chinese are vulgar liar…they just testing if claimnants country will not show resistant so that at they will just those countries accept the the map ha ha ha…pwe china

  • Le Commentor

    I asked some of my Chinese friends and colleagues before their thoughts on these island disputes:

    “We disagree with our government regarding this matter. Their acts are so selfish. It’s obviously that they have no proof that these islands are ours. And their too far from the mainland. Then why? It is just damaging us and anyone involve overall.”

    One of them said that there’s lots of individual that gets paid by their government to spread across people and corrupt them. I think we have lots in here..

    • pepito gwaps

      Hindi kaya natakot mabogbog yan ha.ha

  • maGGot_SOUP

    Another ComChi  Bullying tactics…!

  • Lits

    send our bancas to the disputed islands to interfere with the warship of china atleast we are not coward and  take what is belongs to us. we should be as brave as the vietnamese.

    • Harry

      The sea is rising due to global warming, let’s claim those islands before they go under.

    • patriot2008

      That is exactly what we have to do. Kahit magbuwis tayo ng buhay, dapat magpadala tayo ng mga mag dismantle ng rope nila sa Panatag Shoal

  • Lits

    ang kakapal ng mga purong chekwa na to, dito lang sa Pilipinas puro sila numero unong di nagbabayad ng tax, involved sa mga drugs at mga ilang monkey business, sabagay sa kanila na nga pala ang bansa natin dahil halos lahat ng negosyo sakop na nila bakit pa tayo pupunta ng spratly. pati isla natin gusto nila sa kanila pa rin. palayasin na ang mga negosyanteng intsik dito pabalikin sa china para mapunta sa govt nila ang kaswapangan nila sa pera ng magkaroon ng opportunities ang mga Filipino sa bansa natin di puro intsik na lang at sila ayala at ibang foreigners ang makinabang.

  • gregory robinson

    Congrats to Indonesia for taking the same stand as the Philippines and others. Hope other coiuntries speak out against China too. It totally disrespectful, arrogant, and a slap in the face.

  • Mang Teban

    Inch by inch, our country, the Philippines is gaining ground on the dispute over the islets and shoals that China is realizing, meter by meter, that their bullying is not gaining sympathy from any country in the world except its slave, Cambodia.

    Terima kasih banyak, Indonesia. 

  • AJ Giorgio

    grabe ang balitang ito.. isipin mo yan.. yang idea na yan ay galing sa iisang tao lang.. nag agree lang at pinayagan ng mga officials nila na ilagay sa passports nila..
    sino kaya naka-isip nyan.. siguro isang mataas na official ng China.. pero since alam naman natin na iba talaga mag-isip ang mga chinese.. baka galing lang yan sa isang estudyante o janitor sa city hall..

  • i_am_filipino


  • w33k3nd3r

    You wanna see our reaction China? Here: FUC|< YOU!

  • sang lay

    May Intensity 13 Earthquake will strike Beijing, 3-Gorges Dam and Shanghai!
    Sana now na!!!

  • Thao

    Philippines, should not, under any circumstances agree to diretcly stamp on the chinese passport pages when they visit the phillippines. I hope Philippines is doing what Vietnam has been doing. Stamping visa, entry exit stamps on a separate paper that can be inserted into the passport.
     That way, we don’t stamp directly to the map on the Chinese passport.

    • Teddy

      What difference does it make to stamp the visa on a separate document? If the bearer has no other legal travel documents and we dont recognise their new epassport as legal, then they should be refused entry. That’s a strong statement that has impact.

      • Marx Louis Wang

         It is hard to blame the their citizens and besides in a communist country, majority of the peoples voice is not heard. So if we refused them entry and we still have diplomatic relations with them that would not be acceptable. From older news I think we are already doing what Vietnam did.

  • Lonewolf

    This only shows the contempt China holds for her neighbors. With its new found economic strength it is now acting like the neighborhood bully. Funny how our homegrown leftist groups are suddenly quiet over all this.

  • dikoy321

    Do Leftist groups have balls or “bayag”?
    WHY are they so SILENT?

    BOYCOTT China products !

    Forward Philippines !!!

  • jjammess

    It’s time for Japan,India, Vietnam, philippines, usa and Europe to boycott Chinese products.

    • Blue01

      lol..chinese products? sila lang manufacturer pero ang may ari talaga ng produkto ay japan, USa at Europe. Para mo na ring sinabing i-boykott nila ang produkto nila.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    So China downplayed, huh??? Simply put, they ignored the sentiments of their Asian neighbors, a gesture of wholesale arrogance, insensitivity and the option to provoke more tension. China you will regret this.

  • Felipe Torres

    Indonesia says, “We perceive the Chinese move as disingenuous, like testing the water, to see its neighbours’ reactions,” 

    Disingenuous, my foot.  Again, China is showing it is nothing but a bully flexing its muscles and claiming what it never really had in the first place.

    Nasaan na kayo mga kababayan naming Pilipino communists. Halatang halata na kung sino ang nagpapakain sa inyo.  Ang tawag dapat sa inyo ay mga traydor sa inang bayan

  • kipbuts

    No comment ang mga CPP-NPA-NDF when it comes to China. Anti-US imperialism lang talaga sila. Malamang na kasabwat pa ng Tsina ang mga iyan.  

  • cherry


     this is none of your business, back off.

     you are inciting hatred all the time.

    and take advantages of conflicts.

    • patriot2008

      Wrong!!!!!!! China is inciting hatred of everybody, now even Indonesia. China deserves hatred of Japan, India, Tibet, Philippines, Vietnam, US, Brunei, Malaysia. Soon everyone in the world will hate China.

  • cherry

    nothing wrong to have a map on the passport.

    the nine-dashed line is there on the map since 1947, no objections, done through peaceful and lawful ways, meet all international standards to claim territory.

    if the process of declare nine-dashed line in question, all the borders on the earth would have to be redrawn.

    • LabkoPinas

       China and its subjugated people who think that their is nothing wrong with claimng the waters far from its land borders and that touching the land borders of other nations will always try to justify their hegemony just as Hitler tried to justify its invasion of Poland and Austria. To the Vietnamese and  Filipinos, stop buying anything Made In China.

  • abbaj

    casino, satur, mariano, sison, masa, you SOBs say something to china!

  • Spike

    spread AIDS to China send our whores and gay men there and let it start like a wildfire

  • patriot2008

    Of course it is disingenous. That is Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategy by the Chinese. Sneaky way to test the reactions of ASEAN countries. Interacting with China is like sleeping with a snake. Tayo dito sa Asya, parang may ahas na katabi na biglang tutuklaw. 

  • chingnarciso

    banat my friend saw sawan mo sila,don’t forget the egg foo yang,siopao and flied lies,sorry fried rice pala..

    • $18209031

      Huwag kalimutan ang botchang asado natin at igado sa mga panahon ng amihan . At huwag kalimutan mag hugas ng kamay baka magka hepatitis naman atay natin ?

  • $18209031

    Yang mga Atay Kayumangmang ay hindi nagbabayad ng buhis !Dios Ko Santisima.  Patatapos na ang 2012. Pagpanahon na ng magbabayad  ay  tatakas at lalayas kaagad at gagawa ng alibi . Yang mga kunsabo ninyo at kamag anakan  sa BIR gawing magik lang   ang tax returns.Mga bibig mga to ay chupapa lang sa Puti  at pweeet ng hapones at kung sinung makabigay ng tamang bayad.  HOy, mag bayad kayo ng buhis ,para mapatunayan ninyo na tutuong dugong atay  kayumangmang kayo.

    • Isaganilla Gella

      kahit utak talangka ito si ”AFPako” pero may point ka ngayon sa  mga kawatan ng BUWIS  mga  Intsik ang  nagtuturo sa mga ahente ng BIR mag MAGIC ”TAWAG  DYAN ECONOMIC SABOTAGE”’Pasalamat ka sa mga ninuno mo na napadpad dito sa bansang Pilipinas .dahil kong ganyan ang asal mo doo sa China tyak ko nkasama kang I-MASSACRE SA TIANAMEN SQUARE”DAHIL TIPONG TRAIDOR KA” KONG BUHAY LANG ANG MGA NINUNO MO KALIWA -KANAN ANG SAMPAL ANG AABUTIN MO!!Dahil tumigas ang mga buto mo mula sa mga kayumangmang na tinatawag mo”at naloloko ng mga dugong mongloid” di’y mo alintana na nkayapak ka sa Bansang Pilipinas…”

      • $18209031

         Atay kayumangmangs, akala naman mga ugok na to hindi sila dapat magbabayad ng buhis kasi sila ng mag aari ng Pinas. Pinag sariling sawsawan nila ang BIR pati mga tauhan dyan ay kanilang mga kunsabo.  Ginawang sariling piggybank. ANg mga intisk ay bayad ng bayad ng buhis pero itong mga kawatan sa BIR ay kawat ng kawat rin . Dios Ko Santisima, kung gusto mong magik  magpasipsip ka sa mga atay kayumangmangs. Magikin nila yan ng wala oras.

  • patriot2008

    China is now reaping the hatred it deserves. No matter how much their propagandists shout, China is now gaining more and more hatred because of their own actions. Mabuti na nakikilala ng buong mundo kung sino ang mga Intsik na ito. Akala nila intelihente sila, pero makitid pala ang utak. Gaya ng sinabi ng isang manunulat, “autistic” daw ang foreign policy ng China. Hindi maintindihan na mayroong ibang mga bansa at lahi sa mundo. Akala nila sila lang ang importante. Kaya nagugulat sila kapag may reaction ang ibang bansa sa pag aangkin ng mga teritoryo ng ibang bansa sa mapa ng passport nila. Baka kailangan ilagay ang China sa rehabilitation sa mental ward kasi problem child na autistic ito pala. 

    • lourda

       Very true, kahit dito sa Europe ganyan din ang sinasabi nila tungkol sa politburo ng China.

  • avmphil

    AFPakoHiding behind your “tribe” in the cluster of Binondo clearly smacks the stupidity and depraved attitude against the very people who housed the likes of you FILTH for centuries. You show your evil color at the dead heat of day and it’s revolting and stinks.

    • $18209031

      Nandito ako sa Bisayas, philgook, bakit mo ilagay ako dyan sa Luzon hindi ko yan lugar. The world doesnt revolve around Luzon. We are big here in Bisayas at Mindanao, hindi kami mandurukot at racist sa kapwa mga intsik , kaibigan namin sila.

  • CheapJ

    It is now my habit to check where the item that I am buying was made. If it is made in China, I simply drop it off, so are products from Cambodia.

    • gay

       because you are cheap J.

  • gay

     PH needs to learn how to use her own diplomatic tool to communicate with China.

     If DFA can’t do that, just dissolve it.

     It seems that the government is run by students.

  • linda way

    Bravo Indonesia for ALL your help in uniting the Asean!!

  • Noel

    Now, other Asian neighbors are speaking up.  China’s latest action was not only unproductive but provocative.  Indonesia knows how it was to hate the Chinese.  Decades ago, there were anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia.

    • $18209031

      Those were thugs and thieves taking the opportunity to steal and destroy. Remember the blacks and hispanics of Los Angeles Riot in 1992 ?  Even if the issue was between White cops and Black man, the mob ‘s anger went viral and targeted easy targets like Korean town in south LA. 

      A few thugs plus opportunists  was all there was to it. Indo Chinese were mechants so they were easy targets for mob anger.

  • Karabukov

    Unlike Cambodia, Indonesia has clearly taken the side of its smaller and weaker neighbors against the Chinese giant. They must have decided that they might as well make their position clear from the start, that its interests lie not in the appeasement of an unbenevolent  China who will never give something for nothing but in taking up the cudgels in behalf of its neighbors whom it sees as having parallel interests in the stability of this part of the region and its waters. The Indonesians have a history of uneasy relations with China and with its Chinese population since the time of Sukarno so this is no big surprise, but their vocal admonition to the Chinese on the passport issue – though couched in diplomatic language and apparent neutrality – is, and they are making it clear that their political interest is with their neighbors and that it trumps their economic interest in China.

  • Datukalun

    Remember how China took TIBET they took it step by step just like what they are doing in the Philippine West Sea..Lets learn from it.What We do is we ram their boats do what they do give them their own medicine.That is why they cannot move against Vietnam and Japan when China Ram their boat they to Ram their boat.We cannot treat China in Christian way they are not Christian they dont know what Christianity means they only know how to grab.Unless We show them that We are willing to face them equally they will not respect it.We cannot baby baby them.Anyway they cannot just aytack us and give reason to US to be involve.


    China passport is not for ASEAN only but used for the entire community of nations. Let the Chinese present their passport for stamping of the whole world. If the entire world agree to visa stamp then why should we complain. Let China brandise around her laughfable passport. Let us hear how the world will laugh. As for PH, do not do anything about it. China mapped passport will take care of her own foolishness.

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