2013 budget ‘xerox copy’ of Malacañang, says Sen. Arroyo




MANILA, Philippines – A “xerox copy’ of Malacanang and the House of Representatives’ version was how Senator Joker Arroyo described next year’s P2 trillion national budget passed  by the Senate Wednesday night.

“If you look at the budget as prepared by Malacanang, and the budget as approved by the House [of Representatives], and the budget we in the Senate [has] approved, all these three look alike as if they are xerox copies,” said Arroyo, who voted against its passage.

“Aren’t we expected to scrutinize and if need be, make changes thereon?”  he asked.

The Senate, voting 14-1, approved on third and final reading the 2013 budget Wednesday evening.

Arroyo said Congress has lost the power of the purse or the constitutional mandate to allocate the funds of the government to President Benigno Aquino, who he said has “greater powers” in next year’s budget compared to the previous year.

“Every President seeks to enlarge his powers in the budget. And over the years, every Congress feebly tries to rescind this executive encroachment but the legislature always loses out,” said the senator.

“For the 2013 budget, the President has more powers than in the 2012 budget. Congress has hopelessly lost its power of the purse,” he added.

The budget was also easily approved in just a short span of time compared to the controversial sin tax reform bill that was the subject of heated debates in plenary session,  Arroyo said.

“It took the Senate only five days of passive plenary deliberations, from sponsorship to period of amendments. In contrast, we spent two weeks of heated debates on the P40 billion sin tax measure,” he said.

Arroyo said that senators and congressmen were fearful of going against the budget set by Malacanang because “the President’s power to impound appropriations rightfully due legislators remains intact.”

Senator Edgardo Angara, in an interview after the budget was passed, said “there’s a grain of truth to what [Arroyo] is saying.”

“He can be right sometimes,” Angara said. “He’s [like] the boy who can say that the Emperor has no clothes,” he said referring to the children’s story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

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  • Albert Einstien

    XEROX COPIER….a MACHINE….not only that sir CREDIT grabber pa…parang china territory grabber at copier ng map ng PH….nasa DUGO lang yan…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

      Medyo taliwas lang nang kaunti sa panggagayang ginagawa mo…’yung scientist na sikat, original ang sa kaniya…ni hindi yata siya naniniwala sa kaluluwa, unless scientifically proven na mayroon nga nito.

      Iyong sa ‘yo hindi masasabing xerox copy…kahit paulit-ulit pa ang pag-proof read mo ang photocopy against the original, mali pa rin ang spelling…parang nangongopya lang, mali pa rin…kaya ayan, PH no longer stamps China’s e-passports, dahil gustong isama ang mga territoryong ipinaglalaban ni PNoy.

      • Albert Einstien

        sir dong basahin mo itong mabuti..

        CORY ADMINISTRATION ALLOWED CHINA intrusion in 1987 to our Kagitingan Reef then .. they are NOW CLAIMING the whole SCS.
        The Geology and Mineral Resources Ministry of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has estimated that the Spratly area holds oil and natural gas reserves of 17.7 billion tons (1.60 × 1010 kg), as compared to the 13 billion tons (1.17 × 1010 kg) held by Kuwait, placing it as the fourth largest reserve bed in the world. These large reserves assisted in intensifying the situation and propelled the territorial claims of the neighboring countries.
        In 1968, the Philippines stationed troops on three islands which had been claimed by the adventurer Tomas Cloma as part of Freedomland On 11 March 1976, the first major Philippine oil discovery occurred off the coast of Palawan, near the Spratly Islands territory. As of 2010, these oil fields accounted for fifteen percent of all petroleum consumed in the Philippines.The government has received a total of P228.45 billion from the Malampaya gas-to-power project off Palawan since the complex began producing natural gas commercially in 2002.
        OBSERVATION STATIONS & resource study experts February 1987, commissioned by the Chinese government, establishing five marine observation stations. China Nansha station is located in the “Kagitingan Reef” to the Filipino to china Fiery Cross Reef.

        ALL islands in the SPRATLYs are OWNED by the PHILIPPINES..by TITLE ….. different asian fishermen go there but there were no CLAIMANTS… it is ONLY SPAIN who made the EARLIEST claim of ALL the ISLANDS under PHILIPPINE TERRITORY……even before it was discovered & claimed by other countries. In 1606 the islands were Claimedby Spain as part of the Philippines . while the next discoverer 1710 ChineseChing dynasty claims two NORTHERN islands and builds a temple on North EastCay. in 1791 Visited by British Capt. Henry Spratly discovers MischiefReef…… But it is ONLY in 1987 after the OUSTER of marcos. ……time of CORY administration…… EMBOLDENED .GUANGDONG a province of china made theattempt to ADJUST their territory. The geographic coordinates were reported byGuangdong Provincial Government. In September 10 1987, the State of Council approved the request from Guangdong Provincial Government to adjust the area and coordinates of the Xuande Quandao (Amphitrite Group) and Qilianyu. Afteradjustment the geographic coordinates became: Latitude 15º43’- 17º00’N,Longitude112º10’- 112º54’E for Xuande Qundao; Latitude 16º55’ – 17º00’ N,Longitude 112º12’ – 112º21’ for Qilianyu. BUT ONLY now 2012…..china established a government for spratly & other island groups…… they call it Sansha…it has has equal administrative status to a prefecture-level city, and wascreated ONLY on 24 July 2012…. after the pnoy-trillanes backdoor secret negotiation with china ( started in april ) : )

        In early February 1988, the China Construction forces launched the construction of NO.74 ocean observatory on”Kagitingan Reef” . To guarantee the security of the establishment of the station site from 18 January to 14 March 1988, the South China Sea Fleet entered the Spratly Islands.
        then AFTER china established structures in SPRATLY ….cory INSTEAD of PROTESTING & sending the NAVY….she choose to go to her relatives in CHINA……” When President Cory came to Hongjian Village in 1988 she planted an araucaria tree (a genus of coniferous evergreen) to commemorate her visit. She also lighted incense at the altar of the Ancestral Temple of the Xu (Co) Clan. She was quoted as having remarked “I am the President, but I am also the daughter of Hongjian Village” ( news item )
        but VIETNAM protested fiercly while CORY visited & celebrated with her blood relatives at the time we are LOSING POSSESSION of our territories…..so RP now is in DILEMNA how can we KICK -OUT GIANT prc china in spratly…
        PNOY-TRILLANES secret deals with china is all in the news..after backdoor deals..china established govt on our islands in july 2012…NOW under PNOY again..e-passports of china now CLAIM our territory as their own..If only cory sent the AFP like what marcos did …CHINA now will not be claiming our territories…
        not only Cory-Pnoy tandem that we are losing territories in scs…..but EVEN RP’s MARCOS RECLAIM of SABAH which has potential to produce 1 million barrel of oil a day..was EXPOSED by NINOY AQUINO jr..( father of Pnoy ).. Ninoy is well known to be friends of Malaysian leaders like tunku Ismail Ibrahim & Sultan Iskandar ……..(In fact ,ninoy is a friend to malaysia EVEN during marcos time …on his clandestine with fake passports ( not heroic in fact that is a crime on itself ) return to RP sought the help of malaysians…in august 1983 ( route from Boston, via Los Angeles to Singapore met Tunku Ibrahim Ismail of Johor, then they proceeded to Johor met with other Malaysian leaders & with Sultan Iskandar …( wikipedia).

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    I guess if Malacanang has done its job quite well in preparation of the budget, then most likely it will pass through Congress with very minimal changes or even non at all. I think nothing’s unusual with this situation. Sen. Joker might just be griping or trying to be back in the limelight.

  • john mark santos

    It is ok to scrutinize but coming from Sen. Arroyo,  we all know there is always hidden agenda because Joker’s boss is ex-president Arroyo.

    I would rather say Joker is like a boy who does not want to lose his toys because her mom (GMA) told her to do so.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/A5CN52KKTWUHFZJZCWGMAIGZJM Gandalf

      di nga.

    • Albert Einstien

      WRONG FACTS….executive secretary si sen. joker ni  of coryAQUINO..

    • boldyak

      he is fighting for the independence of the Legislative Body, na binabalewala ng president nyo

  • Pulokoy

    Bitter politicians making a noise LOL 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZF4OTGY4BREFE42RXP7FZJKFY Ding

    Nag-iisa lang yata siya against the rest of the voting senators…kakaiba talaga ang gusto niyang ipaglaban ngayon…may kinalaman kaya ang apelyido dito?

    • Pulokoy

       He did install GMA to presidency right lol ?? if you remember the ERAP trial, hehehe sobra sigurong sisi sya ngayon kung bakit sya na – link sa arroyo

      • popeyee

        No one install Arroyo as president after Erap’s fall but by the fact that GMA was the vice president during that time…kahit sino ang vice president during that time siya ang hahalili sa napatalsik na si Erap..

      • boldyak

        sensya ka na sa kanila, hindi nag-iisip….

  • denky31




    • boldyak

      he is fighting for the independence of the Legislative Body, na binabalewala ng president nyo.

  • Crysis_III

    Pati tong Senator na eto dapat ibasura kasi sobrang ingay..

  • Albert Einstien

    mga YELLOW ZOMBIES na naka mcbook HINDI matanggap ang KATOTOHANAN…wa-EPEK ang mga MEDIA SPINS nyo…pati sa 7.1% baloney…..lol

  • ArmchairGeek

    The politically correct term nowadays is SINOTTO

  • EdgarEdgar

    As always, the prescient elder statesman with his astute observation. Joker Arroyo may be the lone voice in the wilderness, but his warnings better be heeded. When sh*t finally hits the fan , our gay president Noynoy will not have much cover to run for. Thanks for exposing the raw naked ugliness of our boy emperor Senator Arroyo.

  • ramelatilano

    kala wala na yan…dyan pa rin pala ha ha ha..  ano masasabi nya kaya doon sa scam….ha ha ha..hoy tanda…tumulong ka na lang sa ika uunlad ng bayan…upang bumango naman ang apelyido mo…

    • boldyak

      at paano uunlad ang bayan?….magkaroon ng rubber stamp legislative?…ingta ka sa paglalakad baka maapakan mo utak mo…

  • Micashan

    The 7.1% number is very encouraging. However, as NEDA’s Balisacan stressed, for PH to eradicate poverty, a rate of 6.7% annual rate for a successive 15 years is necessary.

    Of course the 7.1% doesn’t change things overnight for the class C,D,E.

    It took a long while to get to this economic hell hole. Getting out of it isn’t a joyride either.

  • kilabot

    it takes a joker to expose a serious truth.
    this is proof of total subjugation of congress by noykapon.
    without a doubt, the congress is the red district of government giving pleasures to the executive.

    • Pulokoy

       serious truth ?? seriously ?? he was the only one objecting

      • popeyee

        Siya lang kasi ang hindi takot na kumontra…

  • blainz

    What exactly is the substance of Joker’s complaint? That the budget was passed quickly?

    I would understand his grievance if the vote went 10-5 or closer, but he’s a lone dissenter who didn’t give a clear reason for the dissent. “The President has more powers…” What specific powers are new or expanded? The power to pass a budget without wasting time?

    “…the President’s power to impound appropriations rightfully due legislators remains intact.” Isn’t this true of all Presidents, including Gloria? Was Joker complaining of it then? If the executive prepares the budget well and a majority of senators approve of it, is the Senate supposed to engage in debate for debate’s sake? Haven’t they wasted enough time already?

    For someone who has criticized the administration as a “student council”, Joker certainly behaves like a petulant student left in the schoolyard with no one to play with. What a joke.

    • Maldi2

       That’s pretentious.  You know very well Joker’s message and that is the Congress is becoming like a rubber stamp to Malacanang.

      • blainz

        The RH and FOI bills are certainly rubber-stamping their way into law.

      • Ronald

        Becaaaause Pork Barrel. Mahirap na mapag initan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Nuti na lang may senador na tulad ni joker – hindi nasisindak sa gusto ng palasyo.
    Actually, the main jobs of congressmen and senators – are not to enact laws, but:
    – deliberate, scrutinize the national budget
    – vote on the bills.

    Hayahay ang pork barrel ng bumoto ng yes.

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    kawawa naman si joker, mawawalan ng pork barrel kasi kumontra sa may autism…ayaw na ayaw naman talaga niya na may kumokontra sa kanya….

    • Green_Latern

      Sorry to say Senator Arroyo is one of few senator (including Lacson) that didn’t spend any sigle centavo of their pork barrel. Please check before you criticize….

      • jurbinsky77

        lol..forgive his ignorance, please.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Where was this Joker when GMA and coterie in congress did nothing to pass a budget opting instead to operate government using the old budget?  This was done not just once but for the full 9 years of this crook reigning as queen and mother of all iisskams perpetrated on the Filipino people?

    Now that this practice of letting national budget lapsed has been corrected, this Joker, not used to things done properly, seems to be complaining?

    Pag bad ka lagot ka?  Seems to me this campaign motto of yours Mr. Joker described you correctly.

    • popeyee

      Halos lahat ng nakaupong senador at congressmen ngayon ay nakupo din noong panahon ni Arroyo..Kung hindi sila ang nakaupo ngayon, maaaring asawa o kapatid o kabit o anak nila, etc., etc. ang mga nakaupo… 

  • Handiong

    I’m more comfortable putting the national budget in the hands of an honest President rather than in the jaws of 200+ insatiable crocodiles.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      kaso, wala tayong honest president.

  • Le Commentor

    If all budgets are the same across these years, then why is the current government making much   growth and savings? Have we already loaned from international bodies? If no, what the hell? 

    I am not against anybody, just asking..

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

      wala nga growth.

    • popeyee

      What savings? Kasi ayaw gumastos kaya may savings & to look good as if walang nako-corrupt..

  • kulittwit

    9 years of the corrupt arroyo regime – no approved national budget resulting in massive corruption.

    2 years of PNoy – 2 national budgets approved and signed on time.

  • jamesgeorge

    Senator Joker Arroyo, Please wag ka ng magsalita at kumutya ke Noynoy, bistado ka na ng taumbayan! Nung panahon nung kamag-anak mong Gloria Arroyo na duhapang sa pera, wala kang ginawa!!! Please lang ituloy mo lang ang pagtanda mo at mag-amoy lupa at umalis ka sa senado, sasaya ang sambayanan!!! please lang, marami ka ng perwisyo sa bayan!!!

    • intsikbeho

      kamag anak nga ba talaga ni GMA si joker arroyo? kasi pansin ko nga napaka epal kontra bida bigla netong si joker simula ng Pnoy na presidente

      • muddygoose

        Wala naman ata silang blood relations. Ang tingin ko si Joker ay isang taong di willing tumanggap ng pagkakamali. Instrumental kasi siya sa pagpapatalsik kay Erap at pagpapaupo kay Gloria, so he’s standing by decisions he made during those times, even though these decisions have been found questionable. 

        Another thing is that he probably feels the need to stay close to GMA in fear of reprisal from the Erap camp.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DFW5PTIGTXNRUX44FLV6LI5USM Bantay

    yan ang Senador,may tapang,may panindigan.nag sabi ng totoo.di ka gaya ng iba PORK BARREL lang ang hinahangad.takot manindigan baka di mabigyan ng PORK BARREL.long live Sen.Joker Arroyo!!!

  • http://twitter.com/nadgesm nadgesm

    Joker ka talaga joker! =))

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw

    Mas mahirap kung may xerox copy yung nasa palasyo ng Malacanang….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LGTIDKIIQ4MDI22S4GDJL4CDAM Robert

    marami kc takot mawalan ng pork barrel. ito ang mkabagong imahe ng diktadurya, ang kokontra wala tanggap pork barrel.

  • WeAry_Bat

    Joke joke joke…

  • disqusted0fu

    and this could be one of the main reasons why Aquino made it clear to everyone that no one should oppose him because he will try to pin them down. now majority is scared to even question him, which makes everything he wants easier for him to get. if only his wants involve the betterment of the country…

  • lolobabes

    I would have probably agreed with joker if he also criticized Gloria arroyo for reenacting her budget for 3 consecutive years.  Joker has become a big joke, “pag bad ka lagot ka” is a joke… ahihihihi

  • muddygoose

    He’s right, but the question is who is at fault? 

    If you want the legislature to be fully independent, then it should not include people who care more about their pork than how they might serve the country through legislative activities. We need better people in congress and the senate.

  • boldyak

    now the congressmen and senators are not doing their jobs….they just pass anything waht malacanang want them  to pass…Legislative is now a rubber stamp which cost us billions…

  • ben987654321

    wala na lang mahirit itong matandang laos na senator na ito. i guess he has to conjure some issue to be in the media again. wonder why he didn’t rant the same thing during the evil dwarf’s incumbency. oh i get it!! they both have the same surname.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Is Angara saying that everyone in the Senate just signed the bill for fear of being accused of not having read it at all?

    In the tale the Emperor’s new clothes, the child blurted out that the Emperor (who was duped into wearing an invisible robe) was not wearing anything because he did not know that everyone else pretended that they saw the clothes. Only stupid people cannot see the robe (claimed the cheats), so everyone who did not see the clothes did not say anything for fear of being called a stupid.

    The 3-trillion budget was broken down into 4,788 pages of plans and allocations. Most people in the Senate either do not know how to read, bored, or simply do not know anything.

  • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

    Sayang, hindi nabanggit ni Arroyo kung ano ang objections niya dun sa budget. That would have made things clearer.

  • calixto909

    lolo arroyo you’re the boy who cried wolf. ha ha ha ha. . senility seems to be catching up lolo why not retire before you be laughed at

  • garcia677

    Arroyo do you think by your article you can draw sympathy from the public. .omg wake up majority of the filipinos are sold na sold kay pnoy beause he’s doing excellently

    • AlejandrinoY

      Amen! Well said.

  • OFW Reader

    Tanggalin ang bulok na kamatis para ‘di na mahawa ang iba.

  • florence457

    Senator Arroyo, you were voted into office simply because your slogan “kung bad ka lagot ka” mesmerize the voters including me, however it’s now disgusting that you reneged on that pledge coz a simple budget deliverance approved by the majority exudes dismay from you.

    If Pnoy shall corrupt the funds of the budget then run after him but crying just for a trivial matter indicates that you’re off tangent from your ascribed role in the senate as protector of funds. Needless to say but you had already outgrow your usefulness.

  • Ronald Diaz

     Sen. Arroyo —‘pag bad ka lagot ka’ ikaw ngayon ang lagot sa amin dahil wla kang ginawang mabuti para sa bayan kundi batikos ka nang batikos wala ka namn silbi.. nakaupo ka lang sa senado na isang baboy na palamunin..tumahimik ka nalang at mag-isip kung ano ang pweded mo’ng gawin para mapakinabangan ka… isa ka rin alagang baboy ni GMA.

  • opinyonlangpo

    Easily approved means the budget is sensible and not because the president just wants it. Sometimes it happens that a criticism is misplaced.

  • adriel0104

    ano bang gusto mo?galing kay gloria ang budget?Dementad na kasi ang matandang ito.

    • m1600

      just askin bakit mga kapalpakan ng present admin kay Goya pa sinisisi ?

  • Josemakabayan

    Does it mean a rubber stamp senate and congress ????? If it is so how easy it would be for the president to have an anti dynasty law and FOI law passed by both houses ????? How come it isn’t so ???? Is it a case of I’ll scratch your back, and you’ll scratch mine ?????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_44QGTQXFYHNVPNMX453LWBPMXM Opel

    just shut up and wear a neck brace joker. it was even worst during the time of GMA outright suhulan at kickback considerasyon sa budget. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/metz.ceprian Buknoy Bisaya

    well they’re all busy for the next years election. they can’t afford to loose support from a popular president…

    hope his budget goes to a well meaning direction though

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4TAVWORPN7SRWAB35UDHWRHKKY Joe

    Joker Arroyo and Joma Sison….If you were not born yesterday (and don’t know anything about it),  mag-research ka.  Older folks must know and I believe they remember something about this relationship for sure.  I don’t have any conclusion.  Be your own judge.  Don’t ask me.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TP6YY66XPT63YFGHDKYTMIO4CM Daniel

    …..Senator Edgardo Angara said “there’s a grain of truth to what Senator Arroyo is saying”……..

    Therefore, the entire crate of what the “Old Senator” is saying was full of lies! What a joke!

    No wonder, his name is Joker.

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