Why PH did not become a UK colony


MT. PINATUBO’S lahar claimed half of the San Guillermo Church in Bacolor, but it continues to inspire the growth of the Catholic faith in the town. E.I. REYMOND T. OREJAS

BACOLOR, Pampanga—The Philippines did not become a British colony and credit is due, in part, to the loyalty of the Kapampangan, particularly of Bacolor town, to Spain and their bravery in battles.

The not-so-little known roles Bacolor played in the course of the country’s history are remembered every Oct. 8, when the town served as the capital of the Spanish colony 250 years ago.

Bacolor was thrust into the maelstrom because of Britain’s Seven Years’ War in Europe, according to Robby Tantingco, executive director of the Center for Kapampangan Studies.

“The British invaded Spanish colonies, including Manila in October 1762. The colony’s lieutenant governor, Simon de Anda y Salazar, transferred the seat of government to Bacolor, a town far enough from Manila to make it out of reach for British attack but not that far for Anda to stage a counterattack,” Tantingco said.

Anda chose Bacolor as base of the resistance movement because aside from geography, it was “home to the King of Spain’s most loyal and brave subjects,” Tantingco said.

He said historical records show King Charles II (1661-1700) lauding the Kapampangan for their “great fidelity in my service.”

Local Castillians

Fray Gaspar de San Agustin, in a 1751 document, wrote that the Kapampangan were the “Castilians of these islands.” “One Spaniard and three Pampangans are equal to four Spaniards,” the Augustinian friar said.

Felipe del Pan, a 19th century Spanish journalist, observed that the Kapampangan were “the loyal companions of our disgraces and our glories.”

Pampanga loyalty also became evident in the battlefield.

The General Evening Post in London, in an April 1763 article, reported that “a thousand Malays (Pampangos) … armed only with bows, arrows and lances, advanced up to the very muzzles of the English pieces” when the British attacked Intramuros amid a typhoon on Oct. 5, 1762.

THIS MARKER in Bacolor, Pampanga, honors Spanish Lieutenant Governor Simon de Anda, who transferred the seat of government from Manila to Bacolor in 1762. TONETTE OREJAS

“(The Pampangos) repeated their assaults and died like wild beasts, gnawing the bayonets. Had their skill and weapons been equal to their strength and ferocity, it would have cost the English dear,” the Post said.

“Many Kapampangan in the region, those from Bulacan, Zambales, other provinces helped Spain defend the colony. That’s why we are not British,” said Tantingco.

Anda obelisk

Some 10,000 troops from Anda encircled Manila and Cavite. When the Seven Years’ War was over in 1763, Spain claimed victory in the Philippines.

“Royal fiscal Francisco Leandro Viana, who was in Manila during the 20-month British Occupation, told King Charles III in 1765: ‘The English conquest of the Philippines was just an imagined one, as the English never owned any land beyond the range of the cannons in Manila,’” Tantingco said.

Local officials unveiled on Oct. 8 a 15-foot tall obelisk in memory of Anda. The obelisk stands in front of the town hall, which is across the former site of the Casa Real, the seat of the

provincial government.

The obelisk is a replica of an Anda monument on Bonifacio Drive in Manila. But the one in Manila, built in 1876, was supposedly inspired by an obelisk built in Bacolor in 1853, said historian Francis Musni, citing a report by the El Oriente, a Spanish magazine.

Musni said the Anda memorial in Bacolor was destroyed when Spanish forces burned the town in 1899 to flush out Filipino revolutionaries.

The town council passed a resolution renaming the town Villa de Bacolor, an honorific title the King of Spain gave to Bacolor in gratitude for its role in the British Occupation.

Bacolor Mayor Jomar Hizon said Mt. Pinatubo’s 1991 eruptions and lahar flows, which buried the town, except for the St. William the Hermit Church, delayed the planned recognition rites.

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  • FireEconomist

    This is actually a shame,we could have been a lot better under the Brits,at least they set up industries that is still a major source of income of their former colonies even after Independence India(Tea,Textile).Malaysia (Rubber and Tin mining),Singapore (Port Facilities)  The Spanish Incomienda system is the source of all major corruption in the Spanish world who only favors the rich and the well landed to have political connections thus causing wide income gap……curse the soul of that Anda 

    • DarkJustice

      I agree! Look at Spain now,they are now in economic downturn same as Greece! We shld have not working here in LOndon if we had only been a British colony before! :D

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/EHPTGFNOWEE257LHUWH4VFM22M yahoo-EHPTGFNOWEE257LHUWH4VFM22M

        I rather not let the Philippines be a colony of any country. I do not like the idea of not having my own identity. I can get influences from other countries, but be a second rate British wannabe? Never

      • AlexanderAmproz

        What about Clergy dancing with monster, 
        even with GMA or private armies, 
        among the world dirtiest

        thank’s a slave attitude….

        Limbo status coming from the church

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QSBNZB3TEKHJE5A74STZTTUHC4 ed0408

         Unfortunately during that time you only have 2 choices, you can either be a colony or history. The lest of all evils was the Brits as most of their colonies are progressive.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Spanish known to be the most disgusting thank’s of the Clergy,

        British merciless, and though,

        same as Dutch, a very small country with few soldier’s.

        Belgium, awful,
        French maybe the less evil, not so sure…

        Turk have the best reputation

        In Fact Colonialism is disgusting !!!

        But the Worst of all, US in the Philippines !

        Israel, no comment !

      • MnlaBoy

        India? lol. haha 

        Brits were also the most racist – racial segregation in the US, apartheid in South Africa, White-only Australia – whose colonies are they again? :P

      • MonMayuga

        I would not like my country to be a colony of whichever country, too. But did we have a chance then? None. 

      • MonMayuga

        And look at the former Spanish colonies in South and Central America. Most are banana republics, most were ravaged by greedy colonizers and most were plagued by political instability. Look what they did to the Incas and the Aztecs. They robbed them of their gold and massacred them. 

      • MnlaBoy

        Lol as if you can still see any natives in the US and Australia. Treatment of the natives isn’t particularly UK’s strongest point. They didn’t even bother mixing with them for the sake of racial purity – Any sizeable Anglo-mestizo country? :P

        PS. Argentina and Chile are first world countries and LatAm is also booming. 

    • MnlaBoy

      Not really. The Spanish Encomienda system created a lot of the industries we still enjoy today – agriculture like rice, sugar (Azucareras), tobacco (tabacaleras), etc. 

      Also, do not forget the Manila-Galleon Trade. Spain gave Las Filipinas access to the American and European markets. Contrary to the belief that Spaniards took everything – it actually enriched a lot of Filipino negociantes.

  • randyaltarejos

    It’s sad to hear that the Philippines wasn’t put under the domain of the British Crown. Otherwise, the Philippines could have been like one of the developed British territories in Asia. From what I learned from books, territories occupied by Britain were fully developed politically and economically. But those occupied by the Spanish Crown were mostly poor due to lootings made by the Spaniards. Spain had introduced the Catholic religion, while Britain introduced technology. A grim example is South America and the Philippines where poverty brought about by graft and corruption in government is visible. It is no wonder why most Latinos and Filipinos join the exodus abroad to improve their lives.

    • buttones

      Yes indeed, we should remember also the British, just a few million people at the time controlled half the world, and in fact leased a few desolate islands off the coast of China and turned those into one of the most powerful economies on the planet – Hong Kong.- There is a lot to be said for the British…………..

      • MonMayuga

        Yes, Sir. Rudyard Kipling proudly wrote about “dominions over palm and pine.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KAAEZZZL7OMMZ5K4KCFETADLSM jerome

    Sad to say its true every country that was held under British colony before are prospering right now. And even the habits that we have acquired under Spanish colonization is still evident up to now.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZUZ6CNBQMO5JRVKFCQRLBY744E RU

      You’re onto something here. While becoming independent was the goal to aspire to. We probably would have benefited from being influenced by the Brits. =)

      • buttones

        Very true- seems to me the British in their exodus at least left their ex-colonies with something, an extraordinary system of organization, law, and architectural legacy as well, and a language the world understands- the Spanish left us with nothing…..

  • rauloreto

    hence, the kapampangans are to blame for our measly condition with the spaniards. all british subjects progressed and all spanish colonies are so poor.  remember that even the united states was colonized by the british.

    • http://twitter.com/rcdlb Romaine

      This! I’m working in New Zealand right now, and it’s become a recurring joke with me and my friends that whenever I see anything here that is better than back at home, I always say “Dapat mga Briton na lang sumakop sa atin eh…”

  • rjimenez1226

    what an irritating reminder of our colonial servitude to the stupid Spaniards. Filipinos should only die for Filipinos.

    • buttones

      And maybe not to be named after a long dead foreign king as well….now THAT is irritating!

    • Guest

      “Filipinos should only die for Filipinos.” During the Japanese occupation many Filipinos collaborated.

  • rjimenez1226

    The Filipino mindset is still so retrograde. Why think the  British would even be a better master? Mga bobo talaga ang karamihan kaya hindi tayo umaasenso.

    • taongaba

      and why do you think otherwise?? masakit ka mag salita sa kapwa mo Filipino..

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2CXSAKSY3PCRQRSVZH4LOEO2RQ Marko

         Masakit man, pero totoo.

    • Jvris

      The colonial government can only do so much. It’s up to the people to build they’re own country. Last I heard the Americans revolted against the Brits because they were being taxed too much. There were British abuses in the American colonies. Grabe naman, mag move on na kayo. We should learn from all of these and if you want we can emulate their good traits and attitudes and stop blaming those people who made a choice to side with the Spanish in the past. 

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    d uso ang fiesta pag sa brits tayo

  • $23257130

    mga palaka, ang mga pilipino ang nagpahirap sa pilipinas. hindi dahil sa pagsakop yan ng espanol at briton nakadepende. after world war 2 isa sa pinakamayan ang pilipinas sa asya. kinurakot lang lahat ng mga pilipinong pulitiko. ppppppwwwweeeehhh kadiri.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

      ..mali, kinurakot ng mga Pilipinong pulitko at ang kanilang mga among swappang na mga dayuhang amerikano. mag research ko kung paano na kalbo ang kabundukan ng negros island. at baka magulat ka nasa pwet ng amerika ang mga troso napunta…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D3LDMMAKC6UDQLDVFP2DGSJBXY Jezzrel

    Ang mentality talaga ng mga Pinoy… tsk tsk tsk….mas mabuti pang walang nakasakop sa atin…

  • OFWs – symptom of sick economy

    i don’t know what to say. colonization has hurt the country bigtime especially in submissive, master and servant attitudes that has affected our full potential. i hope the writer did not want us to be british. Filipinos should be for Filipinos. not even religion.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      master and servant…..still today !

    • buttones

      True- and it would be better if we were not branded after a Spanish land grabber as well- Philip – not many nationals named after a despotic ruler is there–

      • Guest

         America, El Slvador, Bolivia are named by persons though.

      • buttones

        True, although I suspect that many Americans don’t even know Amerigo Vespucci anyway, they have a Columbus Day, he was the main man— odd but there you go. My point was, not many countries are named after people, and if they are those countries have not really done that well [Saudi an exception] and as regards el Salvador well, that just means the Savior [whoever he was] Bolivar is named after a guy who really didn’t like the Spanish at all, the Philippines is named after a guy we thought was brilliant, and we adopted his name and even now live with the brand. Filipino….

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U3PVRS6TXDXZLRGZET7XP3JUNE Dylan

        I have worked half of my life for the betterment of our community who call themselves Filipinos, but sometimes think I should shun calling myself filipino. Sa totoo lang ayokong tawagin na filipino.. Dahil Maharlika ako… Kung naging Maharlika sana tayo, eh di ang tawag sa atin ay mga Maharlikano?? Kano.. hindi pinoy..

  • kilabot

    why? because pinoys would rather have the country run by filipinos like hell. that wish is now reality. congrats to all.

    • buttones

      Credit to Mr Quezon for that one, well done, well he had his wish come true, pity he is not alive to see the mess he created- nor the appalling city named after him- it’s an urban sprawl…. thank you Mr Q, brilliant- congrats on that one….

  • joboni96

    mahina ang inquirer writer tonet na ito

    oo nga matatapang ang mga kabalen
    para sa mga kastila
    dahil una silang nakolonya
    noong napatay si tarik soliman

    pero ang treaty of paris noong 1763
    ang nagpatalsik sa mga briton dito
    pero naiwan ang mga ibang bombay

    malas talaga paris na iyan sa atin

    noong 1898
    ibinenta naman tayo ng talunang kastila sa katipunan
    sa imperyalistang u.s. for $20 million

    makasohan nga yan
    ng marecover ang $20 million na iyan

    ipapahamak na naman tayo ng mga collaborators

    pinapabalik ang imperyalistang u.s.
    para gerrahin mga intsik switik

    tayo na naman ang masisiraan
    habang sitting pretty ang imperyalista 1000’s of miles away

    mas mabuti ng mawala ang kalayaan islands
    pero hindi ang eez
    kaysa maulit ang pinsala ng ww2 sa bayan natin
    noong isinubo tayo ng imperyalista sa mga hapon
    na wala naman tayong away
    para protektahan ang $20 million investment ng u.s.

    pinaka mabuti
    magpalakas tayo ng depensa on our own
    with true allies, not u.s.
    to protect our kalayaan islands and eez

  • GlenMJacob

    It is not the spaniards that made the countries they colonize poor up to this time but rather the damasos that came with them. The damasos are also responsible for the fall of king Phillip of Spain when he was convince by the damasos to invade or conquer Britain during queen Elizabeth’s reign. The armada of king Phillip was defeated.

    • Guest

       It were the Opus dei though who made the economic mircale of Spain possible in the 1960s.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        More wrong than that, can’t be said !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQLFTBIJPDUKN3NJBAXRHX73BI BobetB

    Now we know who to blame the state of our nation today! The kapangpangans! They are brave but idots! Had I know this before I did not veote GLORIA AROYO! Stupid corrupt like the spaniards!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

      Que Horror!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IQLFTBIJPDUKN3NJBAXRHX73BI BobetB

    This news is a shame!

  • tonyoks

    but i sense something amiss with to’s sense of history.
    you see the philippines was up to the highest bidder that time. and the country who was most interested was the US who at that time was a very latecomer in world domination.The brits, their hands were already full while the rest of the european overlords doesnt really care, they already have their share….

    that bit of history in his article, well, a very poor picture of the kapampangan traits….

    • TotoyKalentong

      it wasn’t discussing that, it was discussing the time when the British occupied Manila as as a result of the Seven Years War.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

      the British occupation was in 1760s (that is why we have “bombays” here, they neverl left). Whereas the so called $20Million Dollars Spain got from the US for teh Philippines was in 1890s.

      while Kapampangans were seen as “traitors” (the Macabebes) for sending troops to defend Spain against Bonifacio’s Katipunan, there were actually other regions that sent Indios to Manila to defend Mother Spain—for example –the Ilonggos in Iloilo. And i think it is not fair to give that traits to Kapampangans alone…

      just a thought.

  • tra6Gpeche

    This part of the Philippine history tells me that we, Filipinos, especially the Kapampangans, are world class followers. I wish we could be world class leaders, instead!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/APVUWYOK6C2TWMHFLH2VJDWFBE Tobeb Giro

    kaya pala mahirap ang pilipinas. kagagawan ninyo. karamihan sa mga bansang nasakop ng britanya ay naging asensado. kaya pala tinawag na dugong aso at nakasuot ng bayong noong
    kapanahunan ng mga hapon, noong 2nd world, ipinagkanulo ang mga gerilyang pilipino sa mga sundalong hapones, bakero, durobo, arubo, arroyo.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    Now i know, while Diego and Garbiela Silang were fighting the Friars and were seeking help from the British, the Kapampangans are dying for Spain in repulsing the Ilokanos revolt. very interesting.

  • ApoNiLolo

    Tonnete, you’re a fine example of a colonial sycophant na nag bubuhat ng sariling bangko!

    Just because the Spaniards said these, naniwala ka at nag pa-uto pa.
    Any colonial master will say anything to his “indio” subject to gather sympathy and support, especially if danger of losing one’s territory was imminent.

    What do you think was the Gobernador Heneral’s speech to the “indios” and pinoy “guardia civil” when Dewey’s armada arrived in Manila Bay?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    Basta kuwento ng mapagmahal kong Lolo na ang Kastila ay bagla, at ang mga Pilipino ay isang alipin ng mga banyaga at mga pari ang nakakataas sa isang bayan at ang mga mayayaman ay hiwalay sa mga mahihirap lalo na pista sa bayan at may sayawan……Ito ay totoo dahil, hindi lang naman naabot niya ang mga kuwento nuong panahon bagkus naranasan niya rin ang paghahari ng pari. Kahit po ngayong ating maubserbahan ang simbahang Romano-Katoliko parin ang nag aasta na tayong mga Pilipino ay nasa panahon parin ng Kastila. Tama naman po yong nagpauso na Padre Damaso.

    Kaya pala ang simbahang Katoliko-Romano ay tahimik lang noong panahon ng panunungkulan ni Gloria Macapagal Arroyo dahil na bigyan ng mga sasakyan.

    Mas malakas pa ang sigaw ng Katoliko-Romano laban sa RB-Bill kaysa labanan ang Corruption sa pamahalaan nuon na siyang nagpapalubog sa bansa sa kumunoy ng kasalanan dahil sa gutom at kulang sa edukasyon, salat sa personal na gamit na nagbubunga ng kriminalidad at insurection, rebellion, extrimism. illigal drugs, victim of human trafficking.

  • jawaini

    sayang mas mabuti na lang sana kung naging british colony tayo…kaysa spanish..

    • basilionisisa

      oo nga, sana hindi tayo hangga ngayon superstitious, tamad, palaasa, at hawak sa leeg at bayag ng mga pari at obispo. sayang… ‘kasalanan’ pala ng mga kapampangan!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    Ang iniwan po sa ating isipan at practice ng mga Kastila sa hangang ngayon ….. ang mga Pilipino ay MAGING KATULONG…. tingnan niyo maraming pong kapwa ko(pagod narin) OFW, Pilipina na ang trabaho ay KATULONG(buti dollar sahod).

    Ngayon po ang senado may batas na niluluto na KASAMBAHAY BILL…… ano ba ito? hangang katulong nalang bang kaya ng mga Pilipino? Hindi ko po nabasa ang probisyon ng batas, kaya lang meron po ba ang domestic na katulong ay may required attainment na edukasyon na isinasaad ng KASAMBAHAY bill?

    Ang maging kasambahay ay isang marangal na trabaho subalit mas kaayaaya na i priority ang edukasyon.

    Sa probinsiya po lalo na sa lugar na hindi na inaabot ng kulog at kidlat ang mga magulang sa sabihin sa mga anak…”anak huwag kanang mag aral mag trabaho kanalang na katulong/kasambahay para matulungan mo mga kapatid mo at kukunin namin ang sahod mo bawat katapusan ng buwan (yon pala ang pera sinasakla at iniinom ng magulang)”….. ayun nagpakasarap si tatay at nanay tapos ang responsabilidad ipapasa sa panganay at sa susunod na anak….. ito po ang KULTURA na iniwan sa atin ng mga Kastila at ngayon naman pinapag tibay ng ating mga senador na isang trabaho na marangal na dapat gawain ng kunti na hindi dapat ng karamihang Pilipino.

    Ang punto ko po kahit maging isang kasambahay….kilangan ma encourage ng mambabatas munang magtapos ng pag aaral kahit High School with blue collar studies… para  hindi naman salat sa kaalaman o edukasyon. HUwag po nating gawing mangmang kapwa nating Pilipino dahil yan ginawa na sa atin ng mga Kastila Friar nuong panahon…ang competation po ngayon is global.

    • tukmoldinako

      parang ikaw ay misinform, ang kasambahay bill ay di sakop ang sinasabi mo, you are referring to OFW. Kasambahay refers to an applicable rules to nanies in the domestic sector, kagaya ng OFW na dapat tumatangap ng 400$, yung kasambahay na naninilbihan dito ay ginawan nila ng bill para magkaroon din ng karampatang sahod, at other benefits like sss, phil health, at anu pabang beneficio na natatanggap ng isang manggagawa. alam naman natin na ang kanilang sector ay napapabayaan. marami tayong kasambahay na inaalipusta at di binabayaran kung meron man baka kakarampot lamang. magkakaroon narin sila ng tamang vacation kada taon at ang dignidad nila ay tataas, hindi kaba natutuwa na may gobyerno na nakapagisip ng ikalulugod ng mga kasambahay. lol pananaw lang po

    • pepito gwaps

      Medyo tama ka dyan sa pakiusap mo na “huwag namang gawin mangmang ang mga Pilipino”. Kasi kung matoto ang marami sa atin ay wala ng boboto sa mga artista, sa mga gwapo at gwapa at mga bobong leader na nakaupo sa pwesto. Pag matalino na ang lahat sino ang tatanggap ng 100 pesos na sahod a day at sino na ang magpapauto sa mga middle class ng society natin. Mahirap na matanggap sa trabaho yong mga nag aral sa La Salle, ateneo atbp kasi marami na ang kikilalaning magaling. Ito lang masasabi ko sayo ” kapag ang tanga ay natuto ay humanda sila”

  • MonMayuga

    Had we been under the British, things could have been much different as they are now. We would have been a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, know how to play cricket, play football better, have a parliamentary form of government and not troubled by the problem of this contentious RH Bill.

    • INQ415

      and look at the economy of former British colonies.

      • Guest


      • Marcos Broc

         I guess he is certain that the Philippines would be “successful” like Australia (that is: most natives murdered) or “successful” like Sri Lanka. Ouch. ALL COLONIALISM IS BAD. We in Spain have been suffering Roman Empire colonialism, French colonialism, German colonialism, and even Spanish nationalistic colonialism.

    • MnlaBoy

      Lol. I agree on the Catholicism part – It’s like Catholic Taliban, really. 

      But on Football – Real Madrid and FC Barcelona HELLO!? Blame that on the Yankees.

      • MonMayuga

        On football, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are good because of “foreigners” like Messi and Ronaldo, to mention just two. 

        But England was the birthplace of this beautiful game and they have powerhouses there like my favorite Man U. Then there is Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, etc.

        And I did not say we are better than them. I meant to say we could have been a better football playing nation and not insist on basketball where our players cannot hope to win against the much bigger players.

      • MnlaBoy

        Again, that’s the Yankees fault, not Spain. :P 

        If you want “full blooded Spaniards” check out the Spanish Football Team – World Cup champ?

        PS. Research on Paulino Alcantara – he’s a Fil-Hispano legend back from the Spanish era.

  • valsore

    Let’s not be flattered from the past, only learn from it.  Out future enemies will have superior naval and air power that that destroy thousands of our soldiers in one bomb if we are not prepared.

    • buttones

      There is no flattery intended, as regards your remarks regarding being prepared against one bomb killing soldiers, [ not civilians I assume] well that is so passé, so sixties, the ‘bomb’ you speak of is actually under wraps, current ‘warfare’ has gone a long way, we don’t drop bombs on people anymore, a country can be brought to heel by economic invasion, which is bloodless, Japan did not come to control the automotive industry of the world by dropping bombs, and the US didn’t get to control the IT industry either by dropping your bombs, it simply does not work like that anymore – going around the world just killing people with bombs doesn’t actually work any more….

      • Marcos Broc

        We are at war now in Spain and not a single bomb has been dropped. We’ve been sold to the evil unelected powers that rule our world (including the Philippines) without our consent. This is not even the Germans and the US invading but the powerful elite in those countries causing chaos and mayhem with the help of the media a corrupt banking system. Even you fell for the tricks of the media and the false impression given that the Spaniards, the Irish, the Icelanders, the Italians and the Greeks are lazy bastards who deserve what they are going through. Anybody coming to live to any of those countries (“to live” not as a tourist) will see how far fetched and evil-minded that is). But yes we will fight. We are not dying and I have a full-time 45 hour job, plus an additional job, and yes we still have first class public health system, that’s why the poor here are healthy and fit to work instead of dragging themselves in the streets. Here the unemployed can still buy themselves a cheap laptop and a cheap LCD TV, and this is not bad, that is great, because we have fought for this, and now they are trying to privatise everything (into companies of their property of course) with the excuse of  “excess public spending”. However the corrupt banking system, which is broke mostly through loans to big corporations and not to your regular guy, is getting 60,000 million euros of public money to re-capitalise themselves (JUST TO START WITH). Then the media goes and makes a 1 hour documentary about a Spanish airport which cost a ridiculous 25 million euros trying to convice us of privatising the health system… That’s all rubbish. Basura.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    we all could have been bloody buggers!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    sila ang nag laglag kay aguinaldo, sila rin ang mga collaborators at makapili pati ba naman ito sila pa rin.

    • INQ415

      sila din ang mga Macabebe…

  • $19750267

    taksyapu na…. muret..

  • OFWs – symptom of sick economy

    this article is almost unthinkable. but it was able to trigger nationalistic reactions.

    this is how powerful media is. so please use it responsibly.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WOJKEHU4WDIXWTVH527TZ4GVOY BlueHornet


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRLFHB4ZOMCNGDUJ2ZINRV7DAQ Juan

      before the british turnover of hongkong to china, the british let the locals manage their government during the early 90’s as negotiations on how hongkong will be governed by China, then corruptions became a big problem then they asked the british to supervised all their institution and it solve the problem. We should do the same just don’t asked them to meddle on defense contract they s@.k on that part.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_437FWJE2NVJDU63KN2K2LMIQVA aki_ni_barok

    Bakit lagi nating sinisisi ang iba sa paghihirap natin. Baka naman kasalanan talaga natin kung bakit tayo naghihirap. Bakit isisisi natin sa mga naganap nung 250 years ago pa? Siguro isa itong ugali na to na nagpapahirap satin.

    • dodong1

      papaano nabubuhay parin sa nakaraan kaya ayan wala pa ring asenso…tignan mo ang mga damaso paki alamero parin..kaya usad pagong lahat pati ang pag iisip ng mga ibang Pilipino….naipapasa ang masamang ugali generation to generation.Mga Politiko bulok parin ang pag iisip at sariling interests lang ang inaasikaso…IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES..

    • pepito gwaps

      Parehas may kasalanan. Parang may malikot na bata na nadulas dahil pinabayaan ni tatay na may langis sa sahig at sobrang tamad kasing linisin ang sahig…ganon din malilikot ang pinoy kaya tayo nadudulas at nagkaletse letse ang buhay at itong si tatay na gobyerno ay walang ginagawa para tayo ay hindi madulas…simple lang pero ganyan talaga ang nangyayari.

    • riccisan

      the problem is history repeats itself. and it will be the same over and over again. unless we stop bickering on pointing out the cause. so ano po ituturo natin, eh di past natin di ba? we learn from the past, do it correctly today, and hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_437FWJE2NVJDU63KN2K2LMIQVA aki_ni_barok

        I agree. Pero, hindi naman ata kasalanan ng sumakop satin ang kalagayan natin ngayon. Ang pinakacause kung iisipin ung attitude natin e.g. crab mentality, corruption, selfishness, greediness, etc. E lahat naman ata ng Pilipino matatalino at alam na mali un, kaso hindi magawang magbago kasi mahirap gawin ang tama. And anyway, anjan naman ang gobyerno at ang mga sumakop satin para sisihin.

  • pepito gwaps

    India also was under British rule and see how many people there are starving until today. During Spanish era, Kapangpangans had great loyalty to the Spanish govt but not to the First Phil. Republic led by Gen. Aguinaldo.

    • FireEconomist

      Yes they are poor because because they have small income per capita,but their advances in Sciences,Military and Medicine are far ahead even in some EU countries,and ther administration is at least better than US,India has space,nuclear and biotech programs that is envy of many eh tayo? FYI one of the world’s richest man is an Indian

      • Guest

         ” FYI one of the world’s richest man is an Indian”

        India has a much larger consumer pool than the Philippines.

      • pepito gwaps

        Worlds richest man last year is a Mexican but never change the status of poor mexicans…

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Indian taught the world how to count,
        almost since ever and still today,
        they have invented the “Zero”,
        eventually as important than the wheel !

        Bombay Tata Mathematic research Institute, a World leader.

        Greek and Latin are mostly coming from Sanskrit,

        European languages are Indo/European”

        Majapahit Empire who built Borobudur, 
        was Thailand/Malaysia/Indonesia/Papua New Guinea and 
        the Philippines, had Indian origins !

        Europe and South-East Asia have to be thankful to them for
        what do they brought to the Human Civilization.

        None countries can compete with some big civilization’s

        Give to Cesar, what belongs to Cesar

      • Guest

         “and ther administration is at least better than US,India has space,nuclear and biotech programs that is envy of many eh tayo?”

        Here, there is only high regard for showbiz. In India, the people are also showbiz crazy (Sharukh Khan is known by even every rural Indian) but they also have high regard for their scientists.

      • pepito gwaps

        Indonesia also is getting high tech in science and defence. Actually they have more than 15 F-16 and they are manufacturing their own fighter planes and missiles and they have R&D with SouthcKorea but the same as India many people there are jobless. Its a matter of priority of the country. I dont know what our country leaders prioritize most now a days.

      • Guest

        I didn’t mention that India (and Indonesia) is (are) without poor people. I just stated the difference of priority setting between Philippines and some other Asian countries.

        ” I dont know what our country leaders prioritize most now a days.”

        Here, they prioritize sportsmen, models (one politician even suggested to give beauty pageants cash awards, my goodness).

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRLFHB4ZOMCNGDUJ2ZINRV7DAQ Juan

      India lost all it’s economic progress when they gained independence. Ironically Pakistan region also separate from india and they went into long war with each other. oh yeah Indians sided with Hitler during WW2 so no Economic Allied help for them after 2nd world war then they sided with the USSR during the cold war.

  • INQ415

    These “loyal and most trusted subjects” are mostly comprised of the Macabebes, something the author did not emphasize. And ironically, the Kapampangans don’t consider Macabebes as Kapampangans. If you read the history of what happened to their Sultan, would you blame the Macabebes for what they did?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRLFHB4ZOMCNGDUJ2ZINRV7DAQ Juan

    Traitors. just saying the obvious.

    • INQ415

      Might be but give credit where its due. 

  • FireEconomist

    Argument here is simple,yes some British colonies end up in shambles but compare to Catholic/Hispanics colonies there is no success stories, Everyone went into a series military regime,corruption,leftist violence,terrible unemployment rate,economic upheavals etc even Spain itslef went into that and also currently Europe’s most bankrupt after Greece . 

    The answers lies in the system of colonization, The Spaniards who were terrible managers build fortifed cities surrounded by loyal catholic clerics and the areas they can’t control were given Encomienda or royal land in exchange for recognition of power. Thus making the Hacienda system was common in the Spanish world debilitating the poor who were never ablo to go beyond being farmers and laborers, While the enterprising British maximized their colonies economic potential by directly administering economic activities and giving importance to tax genarating activities that will contribute to her majesties treasuries improving productivity…

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRLFHB4ZOMCNGDUJ2ZINRV7DAQ Juan

      agree, if we were to choose whose the lesser evils, it’s the British, at least they have a lot of success stories hongkon, singapore, Canada,USA,Australia, New Zeland. Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of Africa. Even Egypt became the envy of the arab world before their revolution. . Spain right now is suffering from his own laziness.life is to short let’s not live in the past

      Don’t even think about the French and the Dutch they practically ransack the whole African continent and institutionalised tribal war in that region and upto the present day is consider to be a big problem to the cradel of life.

      • Guest

         Just imagine, if the Greek had colonized as…

  • Guest

    The brave Pampangans and the brave Moros would make a powerful force. If you would not always degrade the Moros, these two groups combined could make a big stomach ache for the Chinese if they dared to set a square inch in Filipino territory. But that is wishful thinking only. Next topic please.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YZZLLTL5V37FGL3RSM6MJYXLEM Motore

    Kaya pala “sipsip” maski sa kapwa nila OFWs tawag sa kanila abroad.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRLFHB4ZOMCNGDUJ2ZINRV7DAQ Juan

    Diego Silang is also a traitor he was supported by the british. We do have a very confusing history.   Let just stick to lapu-lapu. 

    • Jianne Garcia

      He was not a traitor. He was asking the British for help because he wants to revolt against Spain. In fact, the British actually left him hanging in the middle. So you can say in a way that it was the British that betrayed Diego Silang.

  • charlie_oscar

    Now China wants Philippines as colony of slaves!

  • vince_bugaboo

    Whatever and whichever, as long as it’s not this present Philippines with its kind of government. That’s why most of us are striving to go somewhere else outside the country, isn’t it?

  • kimo211

    bakit  kaya ,,,hindi   trayo  pinansin  ng  mga  british  noon,,, austrialia n new zealand and  usa  naging  very  powerfull  and  indutious  countries,,,,spain  naman naman binigyan  tayo  ng  catholicism,,,  gaya  ng  lain  america  countries,,,,hayon  puro  catolico,,,,puro  hirap  naman  ang  inabot,,,  medyo  bumabangon  lang  ay  mexico  and  brazil,,,,,,bakjit  kay  hindi  tayo  pinansin  ng  mga  british…..? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NOMBBSLZPGCELF545RBCZMOWLA dante

    We are just fortunate that UK was not able to colonize the Philippines, or else, we never learned the spanish words and culture like:  Manana (mamaya na), siesta, and fiesta.   We are also fortunate that UK never colonize the Philippines, or else the high and mighty Spanish friars were not able to plunder large tracts of land from the poor and obedient indios, who choose to bow down to their gods in graven images that they call ‘Catholic-Christianism’… Hmmm, I think we desrve more than that…

    • GuestUzer

       lol .. i like your irony. But yeah Spain has done nothing good to this land. Ooops don’t start with fake christianity LOL.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BF5H55LKOP6PER55X5XNBUYICU ea

    If the Filipinos HAD sided with the British and kicked the Spanish out, the country would be MUCH better off. Rizal would not have been executed and the cancer that is Catholicism could have been contained before it ran amok and ruined the country as it is currently doing by obstructing the RH Bill. Sadly by the time we took control in 1898 Rizal had already been martyred and the tumor (Catholicism) had grown too large to be destroyed without killing the patient.   MODERN day Spain realizes the errors of prior times and has reduced the power of the Church will modernizing its laws to eliminated the antiquated vestiges of Canon law. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abdul-Rashid/100004367910013 Abdul Rashid

       You are very correct ea. I love your comment as most appropriate.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Hindi pa tao si Rizal noong 1700 years.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Sang-ayon din ako kay ea. Dahil sa ang mga British ang lulukob sa atin hanggang sa sumilang si Dr Jose Rizal, baka hindi maging bayani siya dahil hindi niya kailangang sulatin ang Noli Me Tangere at ang El Filibusterismo. Walang Kastilang Pare na katulad ni Padre Damaso ang magmamalupit at mang-aapi sa mga Indio (Filipino). Hindi ko lang alam kung magiging malupit at masama rin ang magiging turing ng mga Englishmen sa mga Pilipino o Indio. Baka din hindi magtayo ng Katipunan si Gat Andres Bonifacio dahil nga sa ang mga Englishmen ang sasakop sa bansang tinatawag nating Pilipinas sa kasalukuyan. At baka hindi Pilipinas ang magiging pangalan ng ating bayan! Baka ang maging pangalan ay Maynilad, Maharnilad o Kayumanggi. O maaring Britanya at ang mga tao ay tatawaging Britanyo! Have a great day, kabayan!

    • MnlaBoy

      Or probably like India? lol

  • kismaytami

    Nakakahiya talaga itong mga Pampangueno, from their ancestors to arroyo. Tama lang siguro ang parusa sa kanila ng Pinatubo.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BKMSJYJZOGDRLFTOBZRTBGW45Q China Crisis

      medyo utak biya ka. mas mahiya ka sa sarili mo dahil sa  mga pangangatwiran mo.

      • kismaytami

        Kawawa ka naman, pagkatapos mong magpa-alipin sa mga kastila at sa amo mong naka-wheelchair ang drama, eh sa mga tsekwa naman. Well, hindi naman kita masisisi kung ikaw pinanganak na utu-uto.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5UOZM4PWIDKO7G64HL3PPMXUTM Constantine

    Thank God we did not become a colony of the Brits. We would have become a SARDONIC people. Sardonic means SARCASTIC AND CYNICAL! That’s how you describe the Brits! Aside from being Bad Brits!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JN4J26VGRK2JMS53BS3AJFUQTI Martin C

      Constantine you have a bad experiance with a Brit? I,m a Brit. I,m neither sarcastic nor cynical. Dont tar us all with the same brush.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abdul-Rashid/100004367910013 Abdul Rashid

       Malaysia is a British colony and they are more disciplined that most Filipinos. In fact the island of Borneo only experiences robbery and hooliganism by Filipinos.

    • Jianne Garcia

      I have a British friend and she’s far from being sarcastic…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FAZCFFMOI2ZQP6MHHJGY545KYE Diosdado

    It would have been better had we been under the British.  Most British colonies eventually became economic tigers, while most Spanish colonies became economic laggards.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abdul-Rashid/100004367910013 Abdul Rashid

       I am withn you Diosdado. It was the Friars negative attitude that brought our economy down. With the British we would have been better of.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Excellent article, one or two good comment’s,
    all the other are such errant and childish, can’t be forgiven with an Wikipedia access.

    Philippines “Amazing fake text book’s”

    are an excuse for the Lazy

    illustrating perfectly the disaster of the World Worst Colonialism,
    mostly done by the friars till today,

    Spain and specially the US have heavy responsibility of the pity state of the Nation.

    To be ignorant is not a serious problem,

    it can be easy rectified by learning,

    but to believe the wrong are right and vis versa is a national tragedy.

    So sorry for my favorite Country and Peoples.

    Best regards from an History neophyte who love to learn.

    PS: for info, Spain was a failed state, with a strong emigration almost similar to RP, till the death of the US Puppet, Generalisimo Franco 1975, Caudillo de Espana por la Gracia de Dios,
    economic boom start after joining EC, before that,
    roughly, the main economic success was pilfering, raping, mass murders and slavery with abundant killings on a feudal style in their colony (Pissaro, Cortez, Clergy, etc.)

    Providing an example to follow for most of the Archipelago macho “elites”

    NB: Wikipedia is reliable for History, pls. consult it !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    Doesn’t matter who colonised the Philippines, filipinos would still be in the same situation they are now. Show me a strong catholic church and I’ll show you a poor country.
    The ruling elite do not want to open the country for investment as they do not want the competition. They want the monopoly.
    The politicians don’t want the poor to be educated, because maybe they might actually start using their brains and get rid of the telenova, celebrity, brain dead starry eyed fanaticism and vote with their head instead of believing what they see on television.

    Who was it that said before?? “better the country to be run like hell by filipinos than run like heaven by a foreigner..” Congratulations you got what you wished for.

    • Magsasaka

      i share some of your sentiments but not all, in 1969 pinas became second to japan as economic power in Asia that was because Pres. Garcia implemented the filipino first policy, foreigners came in to work not to invest, from there i can say that what we need is a policy that will protect our own economy.
      at the same time that Pres. Garcia was using Filipino First Policy  propaganda was going on in america because american businesses here in pinas were negatively affected by that policy he was being branded as communist, etc etc, he never got reelected.
      He was defeated by diosdado macapagal and as soon as he seated he reversed the policy then that begun our economic downfall.
      we don’t need foreigners to improve our economy, we need laws and policy that will protect our own.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

      Who was it that said before?? “better the country to be run like hell by filipinos than run like heaven by a foreigner..”
      Manuel L. Quezon ( If Im not mistaken)

    • riccisan

      Hi Albert, i taught phil. history before, and yes your analysis is right. The catholic church’s presence has messed up the country deeply. If Islam was the first one to come to our shores and spread quickly, malamang Muslim na tayo ngayon and we’ll have stronger ties with our neighbors like Malaysia and Indonesia. And less crime too, because of the Sharia Law.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Ganun ba yon? Kung nagkataon pala di sa atin ang Sabah kasi naka-lease (correct me if I’m wrong) daw ito sa British from the Sultan of Sulu noon. Malaysia is a colony. Dahil colony rin ng UK ang USA noon, USA will never side with us.

  • Jianne Garcia

    Sometimes I wonder what our country might have actually been if we were a British colony in the past… Would the level of corruption still be the same?

    One could only wonder….

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TEOXDWCP7O2ZBBIRGMGWBSHKOI Mao Mao Chamn

    Don’t worry Pampangos, once my motherland invades, occupies, and assimilates the whole Filipin Island, we will rename the country KALENTONG in honor of the chinese general during your revolution against Spain.  If the Indians from India are called “Bombay” by the Philippinos, it is only a fitting tribute to all brave Philippino Chinese who will side and show their loyalty to our motherland – China to rename the Filipin Islands, Kalentong Islands.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IV6QA7XSFRFUCITTIJQW7GOKXU Boyong

      We’ll see. I’ll personally see that i will cut each one of you into pieces and burn your corpses if ever if you ever make it here.

  • antiscam

    Actually it should BE BLAMED TO KAPAMPANGANS and NOT TO THEIR CREDIT that we were not a British colony. If we will look at our history, the Kapampangans usually ally themselves to the foreign conquerors rather than their countrymen. Look at the Rayadillos siding with the Spaniards during the time of the Katipuneros. Look at the Makapili’s betraying the guerillas during the American and Japanese occupation. The Rayadillos and Makapilis are all from Pampanga. Its no wonder almost all the other ethnic groups in Luzon call the Kapampangans “DUGONG ASO” (Dog’s Bloodline) because they are such a treacherous lot. One not go far than our recent president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (a true Cabalen) who by the way sided herself with the bloodhirsty Ampatuan Family of Maguindanao.

    If we look at all the former Spanish colonies now, almost all of them are poor countries, such as almost all of Central America and South America. On the other hand, if we look at the former British colonies today, all of them with the exception of India, Pakistan and Burma, are rich. These are Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, South Africa and so many more.

    The Kapampangans should be proud of their cuisine (really delicious) and their entrepreneurial industry(they are very rich and enterprising people). But as to their loyalties,history will tell us it is shameful and nothing to be proud of.

    • Maj Gen Luo Yuan

      I think you’ve missed the Macabebes scouts who used the “water curing” method to extract false confession from the revolutionaries during the Philippine American War.  Furthermore, Gloria Arroyo sold off our territories to the Chinese by allowing them to explore unilaterally the Bajo de Masinloc area of its natural gas underneath .

      • antiscam

         yes you are correct I forgot to mention the notoriety of the Macabebes. They had served the Spanish colonial masters at the very beginning as their most loyal and fanatic mercenaries. All the Macabebes are Kapampangans.The Macabebes killed and murdered so many Ilocanos and Tagalogs back then.

  • antiscam

    One more thing, Kapampangans can be credited for having produced so many beautiful women due to their intermingling with so many foreign bloodlines especially the Chinese (Pampanga sheltered the group of Chinese pirates headed by Limahong), American (Clark Air Base is located in Pampanga) and of course the Spanish (Kapampangans were the mercenaries of the Spanish regime during the colonial period.) Pampanga can always take pride on this, but to their loyalty to the Filipino people, they should be ashamed. The lesson here is never elect a President coming from Pampanga. They will sell our country to the highest foreign bidder due to their dubious loyalty and love of money to fund their ostentations (for Kapampangans are also known to be ostentatious or HAMBOG).

    • AngMandarambong

      What about Noynoy Aquino? The Aquinos are also kampampangans.

      • antiscam

         Hacienda Luisita maybe located in the Kapampangan area of Tarlac but that does not mean that the Aquinos are Kapampangans. Pnoy is a mixture of Chinese and Filipino. The Chinese comes from the Cojuangcos and Filipino bloodline come from the Aquino and Sumulong which are predominantly Tagalogs. If theere may be a Kapampangan blood in Pnoy’s it is negligible and overwhelmed by the Chinese and Tagalogs.

      • Bonggebongge


      • AngMandarambong

        Tanga! Look it up.

      • adriel0104

        tanga ka rin!utak renren ka.

      • antiscam

        were not a British colony. If we will look at our history, the
        Kapampangans usually ally themselves to the foreign conquerors rather
        than their countrymen. Look at the Rayadillos siding with the Spaniards
        during the time of the Katipuneros. Look at the Makapili’s betraying the
        guerillas during the American and Japanese occupation. The Rayadillos
        and Makapilis are all from Pampanga. Its no wonder almost all the other
        ethnic groups in Luzon call the Kapampangans “DUGONG ASO” (Dog’s
        Bloodline) because they are such a treacherous lot. One not go far than
        our recent president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (a true Cabalen) who by the
        way sided herself with the bloodhirsty Ampatuan Family of Maguindanao.

        If we look at all the former Spanish colonies now, almost all of them
        are poor countries, such as almost all of Central America and South
        America. On the other hand, if we look at the former British colonies
        today, all of them with the exception of India, Pakistan and Burma, are
        rich. These are USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia,
        Brunei, South Africa and so many more.

        The Kapampangans should be proud of their cuisine (really delicious)
        and their entrepreneurial industry(they are very rich and enterprising
        people). But as to their loyalties,history will tell us it is shameful
        and nothing to be proud of.

      • Akosirizal

         well said!

      • MonMayuga

        Are they not from Tarlac province? They may speak Kapampangan like some people in Nuevas Ecija and  Vizcaya speak Ilocano but does that necessarily make the Aquinos Kapampangans?

    • Maj Gen Luo Yuan

      True.  I have been with other workers here in the States who came from Sta. Rita, Guagua, Angeles City, and San Fernando.  I was wary of them before because I have been hearing about their being “wily” and “treacherous”.  Until these bad traits of the kapampangans came into surface when two of them put a Caviteno (a “Tagalog” as they put it) into harm’s way by inventing stories and eventually his Armenian American boss lost his trust on this Caviteno.  And very true too that most of them are “hambog”.  I think the Kapampangans distrust with the Tagalogs stemmed from the intense animosity that existed during the pre-Spanish period when the “lakans” or “rajas” drove them off from “maynilad”

      • antiscam

         VERY TRUE INDEED. I myself have heard so many stories and have had some bad experiences with these Proud Kapampangans. They are truly “DUGONG ASO”. (Treacherously loyal like a dog to anyone tey view as powerful, influential and moneyed.)

  • riccisan

    Sayang, sana British colony na lang tayo, you know why??? para dito tumira si Mr. Bean :p

  • sinagbayan

    Hindi ito dapat ipagbunyi. Ang ating mga kababayang Kapampangan ay ginamit lamang ng mga Katsila para mapatuloy nila ang kanilang pag-alipin sa buong kapuluang Pilipinas.

    Why do we always celebrate events that show how we were used by foreign powers against other foreign powers. I am from Leyte and I really hate the Leyte Landing Celebrations every October as it shows that we never, as Filipinos, fought for ourselves, we always fought BECAUSE of other more powerful countries.

    Ipagdiwang natin ang mga kaganapang nagpapakitang ipinaglaban natin ang ating kasarinlan PARA SA ATING SARILI at hindi dahil para mapanatili ang pag-alipin ng ibang bansa sa atin.


  • Francis Israel

    We should not be proud of this, if anything, it’s a disgrace that we hold ourselves proud with supporting the Spanish during these times.

  • hormel delata

    Sayang, hindi tuloy tayo part ng commonwealth of nations. Dami sana benefits!

  • PHtaxpayer

    Who cares if it was the British, Americans, French or Dutch?  They were all colonial masters who raped and pillaged Asia for their own benefit and selfish interests.  Useless to argue who is the better amo.  Good thing we had revolutionaries and political leaders who recognized the value of nationalism and independence because up to this very day, there are some misguided pinoys who still wish we were under the US government.

  • $18209031

    Dios ko , pinag bulatik lang kayo sa mga Kastilas . Whichever way it was, these were the years of darkness in Pinas. These dirty foreign invaders came to rape the people and land of its greatness. Mga mangmangs, tapusin na ninyo ang utak dilis and start being yourselves

    Hanggat ngayon hindi nga makafield na tamang national team na Kayumangmang lahat ng players. Mga Azkals ay made up of foreign born mutts of white -Pino men. Dios ko Naman, glory be to the white people pa rin pala , kung wala hindi kayo mananalo . Younghusbands and the rest of them are built for soccer. Tayo ay waterboys lang at benchboys.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3MB2CVA5SYEE4HZYUVLCMAQS4Y reginaldo

    Kaya naman pala more than 300 years tayo naghirap dahil sa mga Kababayan Ni Arroyo!!!!!!

    • Jvris

      wow ang galing naman namin.

  • antiscam

    Kapampangans are also known to be very “MALUHO” or keeping up with the Joneses. Lavish Lifestyle that forces them to become very enterepreneurial, adventurous, bold,shrewd, wily and treacherous in pursuit of wealth to fund the LIFESTYLE.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3MB2CVA5SYEE4HZYUVLCMAQS4Y reginaldo

    Malamang pag nagka Giyera ang China at Pinas sa China kakampi ang kapangpangan!!!!

  • antiscam

    One more thing, Kapampangans can be credited for having produced so many
    beautiful women due to their intermingling with so many foreign
    bloodlines especially the Chinese (Pampanga sheltered the group of
    Chinese pirates headed by Limahong), American (Clark Air Base is located
    in Pampanga) and of course the Spanish (Kapampangans were the
    mercenaries of the Spanish regime during the colonial period.) Pampanga
    can always take pride on this, but to their loyalty to the Filipino
    people, they should be ashamed. The lesson here is never elect a
    President coming from Pampanga. They will sell our country to the
    highest foreign bidder due to their dubious loyalty and love of money to
    fund their ostentations (for Kapampangans are also known to be
    ostentatious or MALUHO & HAMBOG).

    • Frankfreud27

      sinabi mo pa bro!

    • RobertoMagtuytoy

      It’s on their Blood..ito ang tribung may suot na BAYONG lagi sa ulo at handang ipagkanulo ang kapwa nila PINOY para sa sarili nilang kapakanan.  Totoo ito kahit saan lupalop ka ng mundo mag OFW.

      • eirons1043

        hehehe Mr. Toy, ingat ka hwag kang dadaan sa kahit anong lugar sa Pampanga kasi ang mga me suot ng bayong duon hindi na nagtuturo kundi barilin ka  agad.

    • GuestUzer

       Di ako kapampangan pero wag naman ganyan kabayan. Yung maluho at hambog nasa tao yan, kahit anong lahi me mga taong ganon. Me kakilala akong kapampangan at kasama ko sa trabaho noon sobrang kunat at di naman hambog. Siguro me na experience ka lang na isa sa kanila na hambog kaya nilalahat mo na. Ang na experience ko naman sa iilan sa kanila na nakasama ko sa work eh me pagka “a  $  $  kisser” sila but then again di naman siguro lahat.

    • akoombulator

      eto pa 2 kapampangan na nakasama ko sa bahay parehong mga dogyot hindi naglilinis ng bahay lalo na sa kusina ikakalat lang yung nagtalsikan na mantika sa dingding ng kusina linis na ang tawag sa kanila nun mga dogyot mga kapampangan

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

      Right, they have the most number of prostitutes too.

      • adriel0104

        headed by Gloria Arroyo!

    • eirons1043

      mr. scam- akala ko nuon never elect an ilocano (marcos) kasi ayaw ng umalis sa puwesto.  Ngayon ba kasama na kapampangan dahil ke Gloria na ayaw ding umalis sa pwesto kung makakalusot?

      • antiscam

        eirons1043, I never said never elect an Ilocano. Only “Never Elect a
        Kapampangan”. Ilocanos have a mixed record in history. Marcos may have
        given the Ilocanos bad press but historically they also had a very
        substantial contribution to our country. They were the first to revolt
        against colonial Spain with leaders such as Diego Silang and Gabriela
        Silang. There are many other examples which I have forgotten at this time. Sadly for Kapampangans I cannot remember any heroic deeds for the cause of our country. Only heroic deeds for the cause of the foreign colonial masters which is fully illustrated in the article here and so many other betrayals-Macabebes, Rayadillos, Makapili, etc

  • msmakabayan

    On hindsight, we would have been better off as a British colony because all their colonies became very progressive.

    • Akosirizal

       so true!

  • ben987654321

    i can’t see how staying spanish was “better off”. heck we don;t even speak their language now, we even speak that of the brits, plus that medieval spanish clerical mentality is still much influencing our backward and narrow-minded bishops and priests

  • ben987654321

    isn’t a famous jueteng lord a kapampangan too?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OHOD5EA75DBBUH53UKLRXRK764 Mang Teban

    Reading the comments so far in this thread, I can only surmise that we are still living in the past and cannot seem to shed off that finger-pointing habit to fellow Filipinos. I hope that Filipinos can move on and look at the past more as lessons to learn for the future.

    It is completely pointless to label a class of people as betrayers or heroes, depending which side one is coming from. It will be more productive for all Filipinos from different regional ancestries to contribute to the building of a positive mental attitude that should create for us a unified national character though coming from diverse influences, local and foreign.

    Our destiny comes from the will of our Lord God to nurture Filipinos as such a gifted group of people. Those gifts we now possess were derived from various origins brought about by migration of our ancestors and by colonization of foreign dominions. 

    Yet,it would be a cause for another lengthy and, maybe circuitous, debate if we are to discuss which foreign country influenced Filipinos most because we should admit that there is really not one country that dominated our national psyche today. Probably the average Filipino person is made up of at least five distinct influences from his or her ancestral roots. However, it is also my sincere belief that Filipinos are a chosen race  We have proven to excel in what we do. We have shown to the world what a gathering of multitudes coming in peace and prayer can do against a tyrant sending his army. We love to imitate artists and end up being better than the original. We may have differences of opinions and demonstrate hopelessness in reconciliation but our hearts melt at the slightest encounter with others who need compassion. Let us increase our faith in ourselves and work for a single purpose for this country – to have a stronger bond  of communal spirit with our brothers and sisters within our neighborhood.

    • just_anotherperson

      Tama ka Mang Teban.  It is not just by coincidence that the Philippines became the largest Catholic nation in Asia.

      Siya nga pala.  Listen to Radio Maria Philippines.  I know you will enjoy listening to it.

      • MonMayuga

        It was. Ferdinand Magellan wanted to go to the Moluccas in search of spices but poor navigation led him to the Philippines.

      • just_anotherperson

        Let us not revise history. He wanted to go to the spice islands but did not know exactly how to get there. Kaya nga he is a pioneer. No one else has done it using the pacific route.

  • edmanuel

    There will always be heroes and villains, honest and liars, hardworking and indolent, and others of contrasting virtues and vices from any country, province, and cultural group – even bloodline.  To label any one group or region as having monopoly of people of certain character, as is being done in this thread, is quite unfair.

  • oh_noh

    sana nga mga bitoy na lang ang sumakop satin… sigurado may disiplina ang mga tao at progresibo ang bansa natin ngayon!

    • Jvris

      wow kailangan pa natin na manggaling sa ibang lahi ang disiplina.

      • oh_noh


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HUE7BZXUJ7I5AFIBEPSIBONAHA Alfred A

    Never in my history class this war was mentioned. Amazing.. had the British won, we might be learning a different history of the Philippines. Maybe we will be called Elizabethnes and not Philippines…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

    What a shame. Kapampangans should have used their weapons and aim them to the useless Spaniards.
    If we look closely, former English colonies are way better off than Latin colonies. Philippines for example is the only sick man of Asia. Most Latin American nations are also in deep $hiT just like Philippines.

    • thenewpulahan

       Pre, hindi na. Magbasa basa ka naman

  • jseesus

    mga kapampangan saksakang ng yabang, may barkada ako dati na kapampangan siya mismo nagsabi kahit wala daw makain basta meron magarang damit at alahas na ididisplay ok na yun. at gusto lagi isuot mga PX goods galing subic. wala naman sinabi. saka may pagka traidor nga ang mga lahi na yan. mga tuso at ganid. sila mismo umaamin sa kayabangan nila. puro porma wala naman sinabi….pweeeeeeeeeee.

  • Dave Harper

    oh, it’s actually Bacolor’s fault!

  • t4mb4y_22

    I too appreciate the things that Spain has to offer especially their language. But, I have the thinking to the point that what if Great Britain wholly conquered the Philippines in 1762? I do see that the economy that we will have is one prosperous and people are disciplined. They will create jobs and everything, but there is a catch, how about the colonies that they had in Africa and the Indian sub-continent? What happened to them? The real fact is based on the country’s people itself. hard-working, dedication and respect. That’s the most important thing.

  • pugadlawin

    Spain kept the Philippines ignorant. UK could have been a lesser evil……

    No thanks to Pampanga… the land of traitors such as the Macabebe Scouts.

    Look at the landed Spanish mestizos who have no connection to the natives who toil their lands.

    Lasting legacy: SPAIN gave us a religion that most of us do not even comprehend.
    But we need to move on.. but let us not forget the lesson. Trusting those from Pampanga would be foolish

  • Horst Manure

    Great civilizations last about 200 yrs Rome, british, USA  their time has come and gone this area is on the verge of being the next  one…don’t blow it look back and see what the others did wrong and watch USSA and see why they are tanking. 

  • Bjdc

    Lots of former British colonies are very progressive now, what if…well, does it means that it’s Kapampangan’s fault then, and until now?

  • DannyGane

     most likely…

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    If choosing among evils, I’d choose Japan. Why? Japan as we all know is the richest in Asia or one of the richest, their politicians do harakiri if they put shame on their country, their discipline was tested during calamities esp. last year’s earthquake followed by tsunami and we never heard or see riots, they lined up in hours, sometimes days to get their ration……We would’ve been better nation and better people with humility……UK, US or any european countries even in Canada turn the power off for 24 hours and you’ll see chaos, riots, lootings everywhere!

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Ask Manchurian  or Korean what do they think about Japanese colonialism ?

      Dutch are among the less corrupt country, 
      with one of the best standard of life quality, the world most socially concerned,

      ask Indonesian opinions.

      Any kind of colonialism are Disgusting.

      Filipino have to learn, without fake text book’s and religions,

      to stand on their own feet,

      help your self, God will help you, there is no free lunch…

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         That is why in the beginning of my comment I said “If choosing among evils”

        When do you think filipinos will learn? you should also add wikipedia, google as the informations (not necessarily facts) are available in a click of a mouse….there are more religions now and still counting so what are you going to do convince them to throw away their holy book and join you in your advocacy? Oh by the way, I worked with dutch people before and majority of them are comparable to hitler!

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Went in Holland more than hundred times, since the sixties,
        even 4 weeks ago in Amsterdam,
        a peaceful and beautiful city, very relaxing,never observed what you are saying

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Japanese’s did such awful thinks in Korea,
        Manchurian, reality is always far away from any imagination.
        Human where used for the most terrible
        medical, bacteriological, viral, surgery, chemical, experiment.

        Terror and discipline was the rule,
        easy to judge it, while sitting in a comfortable armchair front of your computer in  your living with a drink and merienda.

        Not sure their is one less evil, but when injecting religion, it last longer !

    • BIGButo

      not true

      • kalikasanipagtanggol


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

    I prefer driving at the left side of the road too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isaganilla-Gella/100003610474613 Isaganilla Gella


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isaganilla-Gella/100003610474613 Isaganilla Gella


  • antiscam

    To the Author of this Article TONETTE OREJAS: I can infer from your article that you are a Kapampangan. I’m sorry to tell you that your view of history is skewed and your pride is misplaced. Instead of glorifying the Kapampangans, you have just exposed their treachery for the the whole world to know. I really believe that if ever a war with China and the Philippines will erupt, i can bet by bottom peso that all the Kapampangans will side with those godless Chinese from the Middle Kingdom!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QTVMMV3EWVYIFKLY4M5EYFAQB4 CN

    Kapampangans are traitors and have disgusting personalities; mayabang, maluho, and malandi. Don’t marry a Kapampangan.

    • Shadows1

       I had a Kapampangan girlfriend before from one of the famous clans there. Delicious. haha

  • AlexanderAmproz

    If you don’t know where you come from,
    you don’t know where to go !

    If you don’t know who you are,
    you don’t know what to do !

    On that purpose, in 1900-1910,

    everything not a colonial heritage was definitely erased and burned by the US,
    Arthur McArthur was excellent in that.
    Spanish did the opposite, they study it !

    To erased the memory, Philippines was liberated of about 40% of the population,
    this has a name, Genocide !

    On that purpose, in 1945

    Philippines where liberated of the Pearl of Asia(Manila) and it’s inhabitants,

    as well with most of the Cities of the Country,

    clean up of most of the literate and educated population,

    burned all the libraries’ as no readers left…

    Book’s are bad for slaves.

    Douglas McArthur was far better than his father in the demolition and liberation job,

    ironically, one of the most famous “HERO”

    Poor Filipino’s left rootless in with collaborators, Clergy and “elites”

    Natives Culture’s are very interesting’s, could be proud about,
    even some invented their own writing’s and had a strong identity.

    Who know about it ?

    Spanish, US and European Museum’s….

    In the Philippines, an absolute ignorance left !

    On my point of view, 

    this explain partially Philippines Feudal backwardness.

    Do I am WRONG ?

    • anu12345

       Do I am WRONG ?  Yes.

      I can see that you hate the Americans, don’t you?

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Didn’t yet fall so low,

        Not at all, I hate what they did,

        should I hate and blame German because of Hitler ?

        Sorry, it’s the opposite, i love them as i don’t mistake Government and Peoples,

        look at the Philippines how do they suffer and still suffering because most of the leaders are rotten and shameful.
        since ever, the “elites” and Clergy are responsible, not the victim’s.

        I am not as short minded and uneducated to be able to make such a short judgment

        May I suggest you to read some Noam Chomsky book’s, MIT linguist Professor, it could be a eyes opener done by a world famous American
        NB: Some some elites are close friends and will share my point of view,
        most are rotten, not at all !

    • BIGButo

      Yes you are very wrong

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Did your school where bigger than my shoes ?

    • lucidlynx

      I can’t say you’re wrong (or right) because I could not understand what you wrote.

  • lorenzo gobillo

    “The General Evening Post in London, in an April 1763 article, reported
    that “a thousand Malays (Pampangos) … armed only with bows, arrows and
    lances, advanced up to the very muzzles of the English pieces” when the
    British attacked Intramuros amid a typhoon on Oct. 5, 1762″ – Hoy Robby Tantingco, executive director of the Center for Kapampangan Studies, huwag mong gawin kaming tanga!!! A thousand Malays ginawa mong Pampangos sa Intramuros pa man naganap…Hahaha! pati kaming mga Tagalog gusto mong gawing tanga… Utuin mo na lang ang mga kabalen mo pati kami isasama mo pa sa kagaguhan mo…bwahahaha!… ang pagtuunan mo ng pansin ang paghuhudas at pagkakanulo ng Kapampangang Macabebe sa pagkakadakip ni Aguinaldo sa Palanan. Kaya nga binansagan ni Aguinaldo na mga Dugong Aso ang Kapampangan dahil sa pinakamataas na kahayupang ginawa ng mga Kapampangan… Isa pang magandang talakayin mo Robby Tantingco kung bakit napakasama ng pagtingin ng mga Pilipino sa pag-uugali ng mga Kapampangan. (Hindi naman Pilipino ang mga Kapamapangan…ASO NGA) BWAHAHAHAH!

  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    Think of it: it’s now year 2012 and we seldom use postage stamps to send our mails and messages, even women now use condoms but here we are- ethnic tensions are still prevalent among many, Tagalogs still feel superior to their fellow islanders and stereotypes still abound and we communicate them openly as if stupidity is a monopoly of many Filipinos.   
    Obviously of Chinese descent, Robby Tantingco is a scholar of Kapampangan studies and culture. What he says of the Kapampangan he says it professionally as facts that happened in the past, and his judgment is never meant to elevate one group at the expense of the other ethnic groups. To violently react of the facts and of his professional views is uncalled for, while exhibiting immaturity for many despite all those years.
    With such persistent narrow mental attitude, I often wonder how much longer can we shape the future to reap the respect of the civilized world.  Mr. Tantingco deserves respect for his works in propagating a specific culture, not our scorn.  I wonder too if Lope K. Santos was meted a similar reception in his time by non- Tagalogs.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Fake text book’s, poor food,

      leaded blood and the Clergy have done irreversible damages

      on the common sense of the collective unconsciousness.

      The one not affected went abroad for hope, so sad

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        a bitter and clouded thought with the propensity to brood and stoop.chin up, will you!

      • AlexanderAmproz

        only speaking of facts about leaded blood,
        it’s more than a very serious hidden problem,
        blocking brain development by children’s, as well
        as the lack of nutriment to built the brain before ten years old !

        A real, more than real Tragedy, not kidding !

    • lucidlynx

      Women don’t use condoms. :)

      Anyway, my definition of Filipino is one who is very familiar with the culture regardless of his/her ethnicity and have an easier time adjusting and adapting when they decide to live in the Philippines. And of course, at least be able to understand Filipino (Tagalog). And this is not a jibe against those from the south so don’t start on it. 

      • BIGButo

        Yes women do use condoms

      • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

        fair enough, point taken!

        i don’t believe you! even cow elephants use femidom, and for good reason too. :-)

  • lucidlynx

    How can  you find it noble to have turned away the British by being loyal to another foreign colonizer?

    • batangpaslit

      perhaps, Britain is the lesser evil, vis a vis Spain, Japan, and U.S.A., countries that oppressed and abused the Filipinos

  • $20722540

    sayang sana under pa tayo ng british monarchy and commonwealth…wow si QE ang anting head of state.

    • batangpaslit

      To a point, I agree
      Canada is very prgressive—the country is still connected to the Queen through the presence of the Governor General, the Lt Gov General, and Commssioners
      in Canada, If you lost your job after nine months, you have no fear of getting hungry.
      Unemployed workers get monthly check from Employment Insurance until the worker could find another job
      the EI office would send the unemployed worker for retraining, all expenses paid, including baby sitting, car amortization, clothing allowance, groceries, etc.
      i know
      because i lived there for 20 years
      my pension check in dollars follows me whereever I go

  • rjimenez1226

    i think the writer is  the ignoble idiot. The reason why Filipinos  have not progressed is that they are basically idiots being played by one  foreign master after another.   Filipinos should only die for their own countrymen and  not  for  Spaniard or British interest.

    • batangpaslit

      i concur…neither U.S. intersts

  • http://www.facebook.com/bing.mendoza Bing Mendoza

    Hehehe….I don’t see the point of this article: loyalty to one colonizer to another? What about loyalty to your own people? One thing: former British colonies are now more prosperous than Spanish ones ( look at the banana republics in South America ). Makes you think: ” what if….”
    We could have been what Singapore is now…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Klein-Mo/1764894963 Klein Mo

      I agree… And Tonette Orejas does not even realize this.

    • batangpaslit

      there is some point too, Bing…it exposed the collective attitude of the Kapampangan that in general terms, they cannot be trusted

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    If the Fernao da Magalhaes did not come to the RP in 1521 and later, then the Philippines would be open to any Wetern colonisation  during that time and/or the Arabs who were already in Asia and the Pacific would have converted  our country into Islam like Indonesia before the Dutch came.

    Again, ff the Spaniards did not come on time, the Philippines would have been a Muslim country.

    Minneapolis, Mn

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Philippines was already muslim.

      What the problem ?

      Can’t be more fundamentalist’s than the today sera ulu

      nailing themselves on the cross !

      Life is better by far in Malaysia than RP,

      never hear pedophiliac story, in RP it’s an disgusting industry…

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, the wife of Eddie Calderon is a Muslim woman….he himself admitted it in one of his writings somewhere

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Human beings are a Planet cancer, lead by religions and politics,

        some places, alike Philippines, are worst than others,

        up to you to open your eyes and

        ask why ?

    • batangpaslit

      you are opposed to a Muslim country?
      but in one of your articles you admitted that you are married to a European woman who is a Muslim?
      are you a Roman Catholic from Latin America?
      if your handle is your true name, your family is from south of U.S.A.
      you are married to a Muslim woman, did your Muslim wife read your comment?

  • eirons1043

    So it is true that the kapampangans are always loyal to their captors instead of their patriotic countrymen. That’s why history is a buzz with kapampangan traitors- nadamay tuloy lahat ng kapampangan. Also I would like to emphasize that we are the only country Spain colonized for 300 years who cannot speak their language coz the spanish friars and governors refuse to teach us. On the other hand South America from Mexico down to Chile are all spanish speaking countries with their native language intact. And though they are called banana republic they easily throw out despotic rulers and no known family dynasty last in contrast to Pinas.

    • Jvris

      always loyal? One of the first revolts in the archipelago was in Pampanga in 1585. So much hatred for Kapampangans.

  • Shadows1

    The same Kapampangans, particularly from Macabebe, who helped the American colonizers capture Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo after receiving P2 from the Americans. It’s why after the end of the Philippine-American wars, the Macabebes, or the Kapampngan as a whole, were synonymous with treachery. They have history after all.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

      BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR HISTORICAL FACTS BEFORE RANTING ABOUT THE MACABEBE-KAPANGPANGANS, Obviously, there is a strong anti-Kapampangan sentiment in this country. This prejudice probably began with the Macabebes defending the Spaniards against Gen. Aguinaldo’s revolutionary army, and then helping the Americans capture Gen. Aguinaldo himself. The Tagalogs took it hard, never forgot it, and never forgave us for it. THE REAL TRAITORS IN THE CAPTURE OF AGUIINALDO WERE NOT MACABEBES BUT TWO (2) DEFECTORS FROM AGUILNALDO’S OWN ARMY, A TAGALOG AND A ILOCANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Just to remind you  the founders of the resistance movement against the Japanese in World War II were Kapampangans, 

  • Shadows1

    The Kapampangans were loyal to their Spanish masters, but when the Spaniards were defeated by the Americans, the Kapampangans quickly shifter their loyalty to the Americans and the Macabeebe Scout, pretending to be Aguinaldo’s reinforcement, captured Gen. Aguinaldo in Palanan after being paid P2 each by their new American rulers. So even during the Philippine-American war, the Filipino revolutionary, those led by Macario Sacay and other Filipino revolutionaries who fought the American colonizers, were fighting fellow Filipinos, thanks to the Kapampangans.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/W4PASVEPXMLGOAWKRM3BMZ3NEE Felix L

    all ex colonial nations have the same identity problems they are basically losers who need leadership unfortunately the spanish colonisers were never leaders themselves and today are a bankrupt nation so just look what they left behind in their ex colonies…….

    • GlenMJacob

      I disagree. Look at US of A, Hong Kong (not a nation), Singapore. What is different is the Damasos (I hope you know what I mean).

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    to eirons1043 and all. I wrote an article regarding why the language of Don Miguel de Cervantes did not become the lingua franca of the Philippines. It is in the march, 2012 issue of somosprimoscom, a hispanic magazine. You have to select the category the philippines to download my article

  • Eddie AAA Calderon

    Also my first article on the same hispanic magazine regarding the legacy of the Spanish language in a particular province in the Rp is also in that magazine, september, 2011 which is my first article under the category philippines.

  • antiscam

    eirons1043, I never said never elect an Ilocano. Only “Never Elect a
    Kapampangan”. Ilocanos have a mixed record in history. Marcos may have
    given the Ilocanos bad press but historically they also had a very
    substantial contribution to our country. They were the first to revolt
    against colonial Spain with leaders such as Diego Silang and Gabriela
    There are many other examples which I have forgotten at this time.
    Sadly for Kapampangans I cannot remember any heroic deeds for the cause
    of our country. Only heroic deeds for the cause of the foreign colonial
    masters which is fully illustrated in the article here and so many other
    betrayals-Macabebes, Rayadillos, Makapili, etc

    • Jvris

      “Do not cry, Pepito, show to these people that you are brave. It is an honor to die for one’s country. Not everybody has that chance.” – Jose Abad Santos
      Pampanga – one of the 8 rays of sun in the Philippine flag

      Hukbalahap – founded by Luis Taruc

      I think the most infamous betrayal of all time was by General Aguinaldo who had Bonifacio and Luna killed.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

      Inquirer correspondent and article writer Tonette Orejas article about Tarik Soliman, the first Filipino to die defending the country (a fact that nobody knows), which landed on the front page for two consecutive days.then i will give some historical facts of the heroics of the Kampangangan from  Robby Tantingco, Tarik Soliman ( a macabebe kapangpangan) in 1571 did not merely challenge Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. With characteristic Kapampangan braggadocio he told the Spanish conquistador, “I’d never be your friend, never! Even if lightning strikes me, even if it cuts my body in half, and even if my women leave me!” Then, instead of going down the stairs, he leaped out of the window and waved at the crowd outside. The Kapampangans were among the first to stage rebellions against the Spaniards in the 1500s and 1600s Pampanga was one of the first provinces to join the revolution against Spain in 1896.
      The founders of the resistance movement against the Japanese in World War II were Kapampangans,

      Hope this Historical evidence will open your mind and attitude towards Kampangpangan.

      And Lastly, no matter how you will put it Marcos is far worse than GMA, thus the saying the Ilocanos are good servant but Bad masters is somewhat applicable to Marcos

  • batangpaslit

    you can say it again

  • batangpaslit

    Nations who had been under the British influence are economically well off and stable, e.g., Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, even U.S.A. and Canada; as opposed to countries oppressed by Spain like the Philippines and the entire Latin America, except Brazil.

    • Jianne Garcia

      It’s not that I’m siding with Spain, but many people in here tend to forget that Italy at some point in history was also a Spanish colony… Look at them right now.

    • MonMayuga

      Brazil was a Portuguese colony.

  • Mike Henry French

    hays…we can just tell it now with a deep sigh…had we been permanently made a commonwealth of UK like Australia or a Commonwealth under America like Puerto Rico and Guam, we must be having a great life here…

    we fell down the drain simply because of politics in the past

    • boybakal

       We were once Commonwealth of the US. But the US disowned the Philippines for the filipinos are good on nothing.
      Look at the blacks, they contributed much on athletics, singing, dancing etc etc, filipinos none.
      Besides, when a filipino climbs the coconut tree, the americans cannot distinguish if one is a monkey or a filipino.
      That’s the story of pilipino commonwealth….we became a country of nonsense and no common wealth nation.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        Till 1970, American where among the most racists,
        with South Africa toward the colored peoples,
        Martin Luther King assassination was in the sixties,
        the today attitudes toward the Muslim’s going to be very similar as
        what happen with the Jews in the 30…..

        As a colony under master’s control with an hidden agenda for the non initiated.
        Shabu, fake text book’s, acacia’s school’s, an feudal Clergy and elites,
        organized starvation’s, struggling for survival, dividing to rule,
        no access to knowledges, or twisted, etc.

        An organized slavery, the country is totally out of Pinoy’s hands,

        exporting food while many are starving,
        for children’s survival, mother’s abroad as janitor,
        millions of jobless, 5 month’s contracts,
        permanently destabilized, driven in hopelessness 
        to avoid any changes on purpose to protect the happy few,
        thank’s the Clergy interests going in the same direction,
        keeping privileges…
        an endless list victimizing the masses and middle class, Chinese or not

  • boybakal

    We did not become UK colony because we became US colony.
    Between UK and US, of course, it is better to be with the US.
    Even US did not want UK as their master, they became independent.

    It is not about being a colony of UK or US, it is about us, filipinos as a race and people.
    We filipinos have no leadership abilities, we just follow and obey, that’s why we had Spain, America, Japan as our masters.
    We are servants, we are servants of the world, that is our race, a contribution to the society of the world.
    As Confucius said, whether you are a janitor, garbage collector, domestic helpers…that is your role and place in a society because if there is none of the above, there will be no servants and janitors, everybody will be master and no one will work.
     And to add, we are also wetpu cleaners of the whites.

    • mhertz

      muntik akong na dali sa wetpu para lang english..lol

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IZS723M7OQL5GJ43IEJMJUDDIY hanep

      We have a self  – hating pinoy  here, folks ! 

    • http://imjinah.blogspot.com/ imjinah

      We were occupied by the UK for a very brief period but actually that’s only within Manila. The rest of the Spanish-colonized parts of present-day Philippines (does not mean the entire contemporary country really was colonized as well) were still under Spanish control. However I am unsure whether we should consider the UK invasion as direct colonization or just an occupation.

    • princeipeazul

       I don’t think so. Filipinos have the ability to lead it’s just that they don’t know how to follow their leaders.

    • MonMayuga

      Boybakal, Sir,

      I beg to disagree with your premise as stated in the first sentence.

      It was in October 1762 when the British tried to invade as, as stated in this report.
      The Americans came only in 1898, 136 years later. 

      There may be some parallelism there because the British waged war against Spain by attacking the latter’s colonies, the Philippines for one.

      The US also attacked Spanish colonies like Cuba and the Philippines, too.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BFVHG62YMHHA7AIMGDCXTNKJJI The Truth

    Maybe, the writer should also include on why the Kapampangan’s help the Spaniards. What was promise to them? Is that the reason why in the Philippine rebellion against Spain, the Kapampangan’s are silent. Did they also help Spain against Filipino rebels?

    Hope not all, but one character trait I encountered on most Kapampangan’s are
    back-stabber and selfish breed. So, be very careful in dealing with

    • boybakal

       You are a DISTORTED TRUTH.
      Whether one is a Kapampangan or not, He is a Pilipino.
      You TRAITOR !!!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

        do you know for a fact that Tagalog, Ilocanos, Visayans and Bicolanos also supported the colonizer ….youre the one with a distorted brain with a chinese attitude

      • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

        Spain united all these former tribes into one nation. Before Spain arrived, there was no Philippines to speak of. The Tagalog was a different nation. The Bicolanos viewed the Ilocanos as foreigners, and vice versa. Many Visayan tribes were at perpetual war against each other. All this changed when Spain conquered these tribes. They ceased to become tribesmen and in the process became FILIPINO, whether you like it or not. Expand your thinking. Don’t always accept hook, line, and stinker what has been taught to you in school.

      • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

        Filipino, not Pilipino.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EDXEVEFHW2ZT5VWHDWBNM6XGE4 RyanE

    Hmm.. so it was the Kapampangan’s fault then why we are in these mess. Compare British colonies (Singapore, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Brunei, US) with Spanish colonies (Mexico, Cuba, Central and South Americas, Philippines) and you will find the great differences. Most former colonies of Spain is wallowing in poverty, graft and corruption, and the never-ending meddling of the RC church in governance.

    Just recently, we have another Kapampangan who ruled over us for 9 years and this resulted to us now ranking at the bottom among ASEAN.

    • Jvris

      who voted for that Kapampangan anyway?

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Will like to be a fly 

    to observe Ambeth Ocampo,

    when he will discover all those comments,

    did he will laugh for days or cry of hopelessness in front such ignorances ?

    Philippines history teachings is in scrambles….

  • princeipeazul

    RyanE’s opinion is so illogical and lacks proper judgment.

    Mr. RyanE whoever you are, you have forgotten to mention India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as former British Colonies. Now, I ask you, how’s their economy going?

    It’s so ABSURD and UNFAIR to Spain to say that it’s their fault why the Philippines and Latin America are in mess right now. It’s the people’s fault, of course! Can’t you realize we Filipinos almost made it when we used to be one of the richest in Asia in the 60’s and 70’s? But what’s happening now? Spain has nothing to do with the Philippine poverty and corruption. It’s the people’s and the country’s not standing by its own feet, always depending on the ‘left overs’ of the developed countries like US and Japan, and letting them take our natural resources in a very cheap price and afterwards they sell us the finish product in a very expensive ones.We Filipinos are the problem. We could have been doing well. I hope someday we will be totally independent to US and to any developed country. I know we can make it again.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Spain, Italy, Greece are the most corrupt European countries.
      Spain was the only one using a twisted religion as a power to dominate their colonies,
      known for that !
      But agree with you, the today elites have an unqualified attitude destroying peoples and the country to satisfy their unlimited greed and abuses, 
      masses are victimized on that purpose.

      • princeipeazul

        Even if Spain is one of the most corrupt in Europe, it has nothing to do with the corruption in our country. Let’s just leave them in peace.

    • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

      Buen dicho, Príncipe. Siempre debemos difundir la verdad contra estos malvados.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    Thanks Bacolorians but NO thanks as the Brits seems know better about country building and not country resource smuggling. Spain mainly needed us for their spices needs and gold & silver. Then came the Prelates who overstayed and pscho-ed the Bacolorians and the rest of the country except the Muslim areas.
    Spain is famous of maňana habit, mid-day nap… and left us a poor city management style… poor drainage system and most of all corruption. They treated Pinoys like pigs, called us tonto, bobo, indio, punieta… then finally sold the Philippines as their territory for US20M to the Americans who perhaps gotten their ways more from Spain than Britain.
    From my point of view Spain and Americans fh uck with our lives for more than 300 years combine.
    Anyway, what was done can not be undone and only Pinoys can take care of Pinoys.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Your post is excellent, but there is no Silver in the Philippines.

      One silver loaded galleon from Acapulco(Mexico)
      was swap in Manila against two galleon of Gold,

      innocence, ignorance have a dire price…
      This was the Clergy job…, keep peoples as ignorant as possible !

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

        Ty sa compliments pero meron tayong silver sir. Hindi sila tumagal sa Baguio kung hindi sa gold and silver ores.

    • Diepor

      And they even forced there religion on us.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    Hoy Lorenzo Gobilillo kung di ka naniniwala magpakita ka nang historical data mo kesa dada kana dada, At isa TAGALOG AT isang Ilocano ang promotor na nasa sarili army ni aguinaldo ang utak sa pagkahuli sa kanya….. ANG BABAW MO kung ugali mo ganyan na parang  dugong chinese mas gugustuhin kuna mging dugong aso…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    Kung makapag generalize ka wagas, hahahah feeling ko isa kapangpangan ang nag paiyak sa yo hahahahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    I’ll bet on the opposite, because your criticizing kapangpangans based on  your little information about them

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    Pampanga the Land of traitors, check mo historical evidence nang kapangpangan bago ka mag post dyan

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/NOMBBSLZPGCELF545RBCZMOWLA dante

      Oh … kapampangans?  you mean, Gloria Arroyo?  (just askin..) :-) 
      show more

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    Are you sure that the prostitutes are  kaPangpangan? As far as Im concern there are also several prostitutes in quezon city, manila, makati, other cities, other provinces etc……. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    mas kawawa kanaman mmagpapauto nalang kay erap pa

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    why ask help from another colonizer at what price?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    ang naglaglag kay aguilnaldo ay isang tagalog at isang ilocano, check munga history mo

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

    better read first what really happened to the sultan of Macabebe, and the traitorous act of an ilocano and a tagalog who are the mastermind in killing aguinaldo

    • Shadows1

       You really should check your facts. Aguinaldo died of old age in 1964.

      • Jvris

        oo nga he died of old age. And well sino nga ba yung Presidente na nagbalik ng June 12 as our independence day in honor of the “first president”

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/II6FSRSZMU5KAKC3BPWTMYPV44 Richard

        I stand corrected, nonetheless it was not the Macabebe Kampangans should be label as traitors for the capture of Aguinaldo

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/NOMBBSLZPGCELF545RBCZMOWLA dante

        Oh … kapampangans?  you mean, Gloria Arroyo?  (just askin..) :-) 


    nakakatawa kayo mga kabayan, pinag tatalunan nyo kung mas okey kung British colony tayo at sinisisi nyo mga kapampangan dahil tumulong sila ke Anda..nakakatawa talaga..antatalino nyo pero puro kayo gago…pilit nyong dinidivide ang mga tao sa inyong mga komento..me mapupuloty ba kayo nyang maganda?…

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