120 farmers begin 350-km march vs. Aurora ecozone project


Senator Edgardo Angara (left) and Representative Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara

A Church-backed group of 120 peasants has mounted a 350-kilometer march to press demands that President Aquino review a 12,000-hectare economic zone rising in the remote coastal town of Casiguran in Aurora province that they say will drive them out of their homes and keep them impoverished.

The 18-day march by farmers, fishermen and indigenous Dumagats representing 3,000 families opposing the project of the politically influential Angara clan began on Saturday.

On Monday, the group reached Dinalungan town. It was poised to head Tuesday toward the Aurora capital of Baler, where security checkpoints had been set up following a clash on Nov. 24 between police and communist New Peoples Army guerrillas.

“They will undergo routine inspection and will be allowed to pass through when cleared,” Senior Supt. Teodorico Perez said, Aurora police director, said by telephone.

The march is being held as Congress considers a proposed P353-million budget next year for the Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (Apeco)—a grand design to develop one of the most impoverished regions in the country by promoting tourism and encouraging investments in aquamarine, agro-industrial enterprises, business outsourcing and financial services.

“They have crossed mountains, upland trails and earth roads,” said Fr. Joefran Talaban, who was marching with the protesters in what was billed as a “march for justice and matuwid na daan,” a reference to the President’s anticorruption program straight path.

“Their spirit is high,” Talaban said by telephone Monday.

The protesters, holding signs assailing the project and the Angara family, stopped at various points to rest, attend Mass and hold short programs explaining why they were opposing the project in the seaside municipality with a population of 23,000, Talaban said.

When they reach Metro Manila, the marchers said they would ask Mr. Aquino to stop the project.

Sen. Edgardo Angara and his son, Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara, sponsored the laws creating Apeco, which covers 12,923 ha in Casiguran and makes it the country’s first economic zone on the Pacific coast and the only transhipment port facing the east.

Church marching with poor

Then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed the Apeco law, Republic Act No. 9490, in June 2007. Operations started  in August 2008. RA 9490 was amended by RA 10083, which was not signed by Mr. Aquino and lapsed into law in 2010.

Senator Angara is running for Aurora governor next year to replace his sister, Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo, who is taking a shot at her nephew’s congressional seat; Representative Angara is aspiring to become a senator as a ruling Liberal Party candidate.

Talaban said the marchers were to celebrate Mass with Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle on Dec. 9, when they reach the capital.

“The Church is marching with the poor,” Talaban said.

The oldest marcher is Florentino Gaped, 75. He is asserting ownership of a piece of land in the 105-ha Sitio Reservacion that is reportedly being annexed to Apeco.

The youngest marcher is 8-year-old Banoy Bitigan, a Dumagat whose parents are defending their ancestral domain.

Two marchers have quit because of exhaustion, organizers said.

Talaban said after Baler, the marchers would proceed to San Luis and Maria Aurora towns in Aurora, Pantabangan and Cabanatuan and Gapan cities in Nueva Ecija, Bulacan and Metro Manila. They were to overnight in churches along the way.

Lives imperiled

The marchers said they undertook the protest after discussions with lawmakers and officials of the Department of Agrarian Reform since 2010 failed to stop the Apeco’s operations.

They said the project would displace residents, remove their sources of livelihood and disrupt their lives.

They said the development of the special economic zone had intruded into ancestral lands and led to the seizure of large tracts of prime agricultural land.

“For five years already, the lands and livelihoods of Casiguran’s poor have been put in peril by the Aurora ecozone,” Talaban, spokesperson for the group, said in a statement.

“Instead of rewarding Apeco with continued access to public money, our national government must instead hold it accountable for the legal violations that have consistently hounded its activities,” Talaban added.

The marchers intend to meet with the President to ask for a possible repeal or modification of the Apeco law. They also want zero funding for the project while the evaluation is ongoing.

Rehashed issues

Representative Angara said the marchers were raising “old issues which that were rehashed every time the budget of Apeco is discussed in Congress.”

Kent Avestruz, Apeco deputy administrator, downplayed the march, saying that most of the people in Casiguran supported the project and that the ancestral rights of the Dumagats were being respected.

“We admit that at the start, there was strong resistance against Apeco because they did not know what activities we would do. We started to explain to them how they can be integrated, and what we can do for them,” he said.

Avestruz said the ecozone had projects for farmers and fisherfolk. He said the groundbreaking for an ice plant and cold storage facility for them was held recently.

By the first quarter of 2013, a housing project for residents affected by the construction of the airport is expected to be in place, he added.

Avestruz warned that if the development was stopped, many people would lose livelihood opportunities, considering that many investors had expressed interest in the area.

Environmental concerns

Protest organizers said that residents of Casiguran were unlikely to reap the benefits of development, pointing out that the natives did not have the necessary skills required in the new undertakings.

“We, the farmers, fisherfolk and IPs of Casiguran have had enough of Apeco’s endless dangers to our future,” said fisherman Marlon Angara. “We are walking to stop Apeco’s seizing of lands but we are also walking to show President Aquino that we are one with him in his commitment to ensuring good governance and social justice.”

The marchers are supported by the National Secretariat for Social Action of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, Association of Major Religious Superiors, the peasant federation Pakisama, the Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance, Sulong Carper and AR (agrarian reform) Now!

The Apeco project has been mired in controversy. In October 2011, a petition was filed asking the Supreme Court to declare the law creating it as unconstitutional.

Urban planner Felino Palafox has also filed a complaint in the Office of the Ombudsman against the Angaras for allegedly pushing the project despite environmental concerns.

He said the area, doormat to several dozen storms blasting the country from the Pacific annually, was prone to flooding and soil liquefaction.

Sen. Edgardo Angara in turn has sued Palafox for libel.

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  • joe__bloggs

    “Senator Angara is running for Aurora governor… to replace his sister, Gov. Bellaflor Angara-Castillo, who is taking a shot at her nephew’s congressional seat; Rep Angara is aspiring to become a senator…”
     This article failed to mention:

    Arturo Angara (brother), mayor. Karen Angara (niece, daughter of Arturo) councilor

    Baka naman meron pa?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

    ECOZONES , brings knowledge based job skills, and has proven to be effective in attracting other businesses to support the ecosytem. Eastwood City, Subic as an example. and with all due respect to the farmers, their kids will now have a chance to get good jobs in their own province. As the article said , the farmers are already improverished. With higher wages at ecozones, they can raise farm prices to benefit themselves. 
    We need these ECOZONES all over the country so that the job creation can be distributed and no longer concentrated in Manila. 

    • Guest

      But you see, the ecozone they are proposing would not bring development because the farmers, fisherfolk, and ethnic groups of Casiguran are left behind. Do you even know how many laws this creation of APECO violated? It didn’t have approval from the local gov’t of Casiguran(a violation of RA 7160) and the APECO law itself. It is also a clear violation of the CARPer and Indigenous Peoples Rights Acts. 

      There can never be development if people don’t get their basic rights.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

        Im not into laws, what I know is that ecozones brings jobs, busineses, progress .
        Is the entire Aurora population marching or even 3%? There are vested interests as always. Just dump the elected officials responsible for this. There is an election  coming in 2013.  If there is only farming and fishing in Aurora then it will forever remain improverish.  Aurora will get what it deserves

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SQMXRFXTYDJKICGNRTI42GPHA MarkB

        farming and fishing isnt impoverishment. you are set for life, unlike minimum wage earners, thats financial dependence and instability esp in resorts that have seasonal revenue. WE HAVE TO GET RID OF THE NOTION THAT FISHING AND FARMING IS LABOR FOR THE IMPOVERISHED. stop using your city standards and accept other ways of life as equal to your own

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

        This is what the article said . read it again.”A Church-backed group of 120 peasants has mounted a 350-kilometer march to press demands that President Aquino review a 12,000-hectare economic zone rising in the remote coastal town of Casiguran in Aurora province that they say will drive them out of their homes and keep them impoverished”.  So if you know your english the farmers and fishermen are already improverished . Do you know any sane Middle Class farmer and fisherman making a good living marching 350KM? Go ahead name one.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

        The farmers, fisherfolks and ethnic groups sons and daughters will surely benefit. Surely there is a lot of land left for farming and fishing after the ecozone is established. 

    • kalikasanipagtanggol

      Yes ecozones bring jobs, but six month contract jobs and after that they’ll let you go….you have to re-apply again with different name just to continue working otherwise you have to look for another job outside ecozone.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

        ECOZONES bring knowledge skills and not just the manufacturing labor types. You should see the signing bonuses of the BPO centers , their problem is how to retain their employees form leaving. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SQMXRFXTYDJKICGNRTI42GPHA MarkB

      you know the displaced from subic are still begging on the highways until now right? and wow, you think they can work as a waiter or cashier WHILE farming and fishing? ridiculous! these marchers are not after money or power, they are after what is being taken away from them. they dont want wages they want the land that they have owned for generations, wages are nothing compared to land that brings them their basic needs. they have the greatest claim to these lands due to IPRA law

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

        You are missing the point. The ECOZONE , farming and fishing can co exist, this just brings more options on the table. The seas will still be there for fishing , the lands will still be there for farming except those designated for the ECOZONE. You dont think the entire Aurora Province is converted to an ECOZONE right? right.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

        I have been to Subic several times, and have not yet seen any beggars in the highways. Go ahead, try to visit Subic and see for yourself.

    • http://www.facebook.com/vanessa.vergara.3158652 Vanessa Vergara

      There are lots of studies though that show that ecozones, if anything, exacerbate existing social inequalities. The technical knowledge needed for jobs inside ecozones typically discriminate against locals who know how to farm and fish, but are unfamiliar with working as call center agents or hotel staff. Even if they are not beaten out of newly available jobs by more specially trained workers from outside, they will have to deal with bad job security and low wages, in a place where they once owned lands and were their own bosses. Also, it might be difficult to benefit from raised farm prices if there’s a building where your farm used to be. Studies on ecozones both in the Philippines and in other countries show that, while profit can come for companies that invest in ecozones, it is at the expense of the locals and (especially if ecozones are built in badly needed agricultural lands and rich forests, as in Aurora) of national progress. I don’t really know how something can do all that and still be considered ‘development.’  

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_47AS3MXEHKUW6IEMD5W3CCDWKQ gary

        This is progress. Farming and fishing need not be in competition with ECOZONES. This brings options on the table for the future generations of Aurora Province. 

  • zeroko

    ECOZONE in Aurora is just a facade. It’s fake! The Angara’s were just interested with harvesting the logs and sell it in NCR.  A seaman friend of mine told me that several dozen ships are plying the Aurora province bringing illegal logs to pier 2, unloading the cargoes in the wee hour of 2 am when the coast guard were not around. He said, the smuggling of illegal logs just stopped after PNoy declared a log ban of all source. This is one reason why that Congressman Angara, so active in the Corona’s case was able to built a 80 million pesos mansion which could have come, from illegal logging.

    Besides, these are hard times. Few foreign businesses would even think of outsourcing their business to the 3rd world like us. On factor that discourage foreign investment is due to very expensive cost of operating a business. Our electric rate is next to Japan. Who would be crazy enough to come here without taking a big risk? He hehe. ECOZONE cono! He he he. In fact, Infanta, Quezon has already have  a similar project. Unfortunately, the highway going direct to Infanta, Quezon has not improved all these years. The project is literally abandoned. Why invest again in another “White elephant” which after spending billions of pesos, the project will be discontinued? The Angaras are just aiming to strike it big.

    He he he. Do you still trust the Angaras? Senator Angara has built a very big “political dynasty.” Bastusan na! And Senator Angara is very much involve with the cyber-crime with libel to curtail our freedom of speech, then he authored the bill that the electorate should subsidize the political parties. He he he. Such a crazy bills from a “Respectable kono” Senator.

  • zeroko

    Besides, why did the Angara’s embark in illegally cutting centuries old logs when the go signal of converting it into an ECOZONE has not yet been approved? 12,000 hectares of illegally cut logs is a lot of money. This politicians will really would not stop cheating the people in all kinds of fake projects just to make money. Why cut obliterate these forest. There is already a bill to protect the indigenous people, why of all crazy ideas did the Angaras devastate the habitat of the Mangyans. Lintik talaga dumali itong mga Filipino-Chinese katulad ni Angara. Wala silang awa sa mga “Katutubo.” 

    Another Filipino-Chinese, the one involved the 3 billion scum in Mindanao, the Mayor of Digos has committed “ethnic cleansing.” He sterilized the women of the indigenous tribe who where already has problem surviving because their habitat were irrevocably dessimated by illegal logging and mining. The ultimate goal of these Filipino-Chinese is complete takeover of our native land if they are not in it already.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KDW7OIKNWM6CIGBAMRC7G7PDE4 Goyong

    Baka kailangan din natin ng PCGG of sort, na hahabol at bawiin ang mga nakaw na yaman ng mga politiko. Kunwari tutulong para i-angat ang mga mahirap, ang bayan. Lintik, sarili lang nila ang umaangat ah… sumosobra na mga ito. Cge, iboto nyo pa ang mga yan at nang gumapang na tayong lahat sa sobrang greed ng mga yan. . .

  • regd

    I enjoy “the Church is marching with the poor” statement. The factual divide amused me! It is spot on ‘oil and water’ flowing irony! Makes perfect sense especially when you equate the actual status of the church which is = rich! 

    For once the rich and poor actually march.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KDW7OIKNWM6CIGBAMRC7G7PDE4 Goyong

    We need real leaders. Not liars. Not crocs. We need leaders with high moral principles and professional standards. Wag na yung opportunist !

  • renrensibulo

    The CBCP has been in a really bad place recently.. They’ve always kind of been in the wrong side when it comes to intellectual debates, so the fact that they support the farmers here, kind of makes me want to withdraw my support. I’ve always been a Christian, but I don’t really trust them after everything they’re pulling off right now..

  • jonescup

    The very notion that the Church is supporting this thrust seems rather shady. The moral high ground they seem to be taking is rather ludicrous, seeing as the Church as an institution has shown itself to be highly corrupt and perverted. They are no longer able to grasp what is truly for the betterment of these impoverished people, let alone society in general. I think that it is time for the CBCP to realize that these are simply battles that show their lack of foresight.

    • GuRamoy

      shady? alam mo feeling elitista ka na staff eh. you argue on issues and not use ad hominems just to pretend that you have an argument against the other side. eh me moral high ground pala si EDJA? 

      • jonescup


  • SuyaMelk

    Palafox is a tool. Where there is money, there he goes. He isn’t even respected among his peers as a urban planner. 

  • timberlakers

    APECO has attempted so many times to have dialogues with these same local farmers but they keep saying no. I guess it’s hard to negotiate with someone who has already made up their mind… hirap yan pag may pera pera na,

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WSV2SIMDOFGKU2R7IPTG3DI4I4 Dan

    >during one of their protests, I saw shady individuals, like volunteers, seeding the farmers with notes of what they should say. a lot of the things they said were pretty much ignored by most of the locals because they all know the truth. these farmers are being coerced to make their stories worse than they already do.<

  • abbytangco

    I think that these people are either looking for some more money or are simply impatient. The fact of the matter is that a housing plan for the displaced residents is already in place. This has been mentioned time and time again. THEY WILL HAVE A HOME. Everyone wants a quick win without even considering the fact that things of true quality take time.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SQMXRFXTYDJKICGNRTI42GPHA MarkB

      these people dont want to be relocated from lands that have been theirs for decades. dont you see the violence of involuntary displacement. isnt the forceful altering of the marginalized way of life immoral? THEY ALREADY HAVE HOMES!

  • GothamGeneral

    I have been taking a close look on this subject, and I noticed that all the whines and moans of the Indigenous people and the deisplaced residents have been noted. The people from APECO have actually created plans to help them in this transition in so many different ways. I actually don’t understand what they want to accomplish by marching themselves to near death exhaustion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/simoun.magaalahas.10 Simoun Magaalahas

    Kaya hindi umaasenso ang lugar ng aurora dahil sa mga kagaya ng mga Angara, pinulitika na tapos kinamkam pa lahat ng hindi dapat, kawawa ang mga taong mahihirap sa Aurora, mahirap lalong naghihirap hindi ko sila masisisi kaya yung iba ay nag rebelde laban sa gobyerno dahil ang gobyerno na dapat mangangalaga sa kanila ay silang nagpapahirap sa kanila kagaya ng mga Buhayang Angara. Monopolyo nila halos ang lugar nila. hindi dapat iboto ang mga taong iyan nakakahiyang mga politiko..

  • DonkeyKong1

    Yang APECO naman matagal ng kinakausap ang mga local na farmers,its just that they keep saying no. Sa tingin ko mahirap na talagang kausapin ang mga tao na nakapagdecide na. tsktsk

  • CPCook

    It is a pity that there farmers, probably encouraged by non-productive priests, are wasting their energy for selfish interests.  While it is easy to acknowledge that they are not financially well-off and probably not thoroughly schooled, it is sad that priests who are supposed to be well-educated lack the intellectual acumen to provide legitimate, legal, economic reasons for their cause. Whether APECO negatively impacts them is noted but policy makers take into account bigger constituencies. Would it be so bad that if companies setup shops in APECO and employs hundreds, if not thousands? It may be the case that this has not happened yet, but without APECO, this will guarantee that it will never happen. Instead of wasting their time marching, how about provide a counter proposal so the public may have an informed opinion? Until such time when they are able to provide a better alternative, changing anything about APECO will negatively impact the country. It will show that we cannot hold anything still, and that is bad. At any rate, I hope that priests educate themselves so that they do not inadvertently side with something unreasonable, expensive, and harmful to society in general.

    • GuRamoy

      boss, dahil “they are not financially well-off and probably not thoroughly schooled” na kagaya mo and hindi sila feeling elitista na gaya mo rin kaya unfounded na kaagad yung ni raise nila na issue. galing ng argument ng staff ni EDJA.

      • jonescup


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SQMXRFXTYDJKICGNRTI42GPHA MarkB

      those hundreds of jobs you are talking about? the plan is to take from the indigenous and locale, people at the margins that dont have any idea how to work in a plantation or hotel.  They already have means of living off the land. you cant argue job creation anymore because there is no need for it if you are employing individuals who were raised to farm and fish and have been living well enough with their livelihood. ang abogado ba gagawin mong doctor? a farmer and a janitor have equal worth but they cannot do each others jobs as well as the other can, more importantly, they dont want to. it doesnt give them the sense of pride that tilling the land or conquering the sea does, stripping them of their traditional labor destroys their traditional identity

    • http://www.facebook.com/geneva.guyano Geneva Frances C. Guyano

      Mr. CPCook, the marchers, the clergy supporting them and the groups supporting them can provide LEGITIMATE REASONS for the cause.

      – Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (RA 8435): The project displaces the fisherfolk – who by the way has privilege to work on the first 15 km of municipal waters – who have not been given viable relocation settlements and livelihood alternatives
      – Indigenous People’s Rights Act (RA 8371): It did not obtain the FREE, PRIOR and INFORMED consent of Agtas/Dumagats whose ancestral lands were to be covered by the said law.
      – CARPer Law (RA 9700): APECO covers prime 300 ha of irrigated agricultural lands, which is
      supposed to be used for agricultural purpose and not for anything else
      (non-negotiable under the CARPER law)
      – Local Government Code (RA 7160): APECO puts itself beyond the jurisdiction of local (and national gov’t)

      – APECO has failed to comply with procedures: no feasibility studies, impact forecasts, development plans and clearances to make sure it will stand on a secure ground; moreover the lack of comprehensive plan undermines the rosy notion that it will rake heaps of income
      – It rests on a disaster-prone area (prone to flooding, landslide, typhoons), which is not very ideal for an economic hub

      In short, APECO stands on shaky legal and economic grounds.This is not to mention that its proponents have done numerous human rights violations to those who opposed it.

  • AriannaDraws

    For what i see, the catholic church has always been supportive to them from the start… i just dont know what happened, they started to turn their back from this….

  • GuRamoy

    Busy ngayon kaka defend mga staff ni EDJA. magtrabaho naman kayo, me plenary pa ang budget mamaya.

  • BonnieBailey9

    From the early start,i saw some people feeding the local farmers of what would they say, pero a lot things they’ve said was just ignored by the locals kasi they what’s the truth. i dont know but these farmers are being somehow coerced to make stories worst than then know and what they say.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SQMXRFXTYDJKICGNRTI42GPHA MarkB

      whats worse than being stripped of your land and livelihood and forced into a twisted form of ‘modernization’ framed by elites? Isnt the violation of the right to land and life the coercion here?

  • GuRamoy

    galing naman ng staff ni EDJA. “Whether APECO negatively impacts them is noted but policy makers take into account bigger constituencies. Would it be so bad that if companies setup shops in APECO and employs hundreds, if not thousands?” Kawawa nmn noted lang pala yung negative impact sa kanila. yan ba ang feeling elite mag isip? Ah, dahil me mag set up na companies and me employment na mangyayari ok lang na iviolate ng mga Angara ang karapatan ng maliliit. Try to argue naman na hindi isang pilit na elitista. Alam mo magaling dyan si EDJA kaya nga ng tumakbo as Vice-Pres. ni Erap ginawang Edong nickname nya para di magmukhang elitist. If you do not know that dahil di ka pa botante na ask your senior staff.

  • GuRamoy

    galing naman ng staff ni EDJA. “Whether APECO negatively impacts them is noted but policy makers take into account bigger constituencies. Would it be so bad that if companies setup shops in APECO and employs hundreds, if not thousands?” Kawawa nmn noted lang pala yung negative impact sa kanila. yan ba ang feeling elite mag isip? Ah, dahil me mag set up na companies and me employment na mangyayari ok lang na iviolate ng mga Angara ang karapatan ng maliliit. Try to argue naman na hindi isang pilit na elitista. Alam mo magaling dyan si EDJA kaya nga ng tumakbo as Vice-Pres. ni Erap ginawang Edong nickname nya para di magmukhang elitist. If you do not know that dahil di ka pa botante na ask your senior staff.

  • Guest

    manggagamit lang ang Palafox kung saan merong pera eh ni hindi nga sya nirerespeto ng mga nasa paligid nya bilang urban planner. ewan ko lang ha???Labo nya???

  • Guest

    Para sakin nman feeling ko nasa maling posisyon at side ang katolikong simabahan dito.Ako christian nako simula bata pa lang pero ang gulo lang na matapos at habang tumatakbo ang balita na yan ewan ko na hindi ko na alam kung saan pa ako maniniwala o maniniwala ba ako mismo sa simbahang katoliko.

    • GuRamoy

      oh oh delilah. inenglis mo lang sinabi mo as aka AriannaDraws
      For what i see, the catholic church has always been supportive to them from the start… i just dont know what happened, they started to turn their back from this….alam mo boss, yung catholic church walang stand as a church dyan kaya wag mong isama buong simbahan. assuming na buong prelatura ng infanta ang me position still di namn kailangan gamit ang hasty generalization mo. mag isip ka namn ng argument tackling the issues and hindi yung nililihis mo. if you have good arguments in favor of apeco then argue with all your might without using fallacies. alam mo nalalaman kung me magandang argumento ang isang tao if one sticks to the issues at hand. i might believe your arguments for after all it is my duty to follow my intellect to whatever conclusions it may lead.

  • Erarara

    Eto namang APECO maraming beses ng nakipagusap sa mga lokal ng mambubukid pero parati lang silang sumasagot ng hindi. at hindi ko din malaman kung bakit,pero sa tingin ko lang eh mahirap na talagang kausapin ang taong nakapagdesisyon na at syempre pag nahaluaan na ng pera.

  • GuRamoy

    Nasaan na mga staff ni EDJA? Bakit kayo huminto? 15 minutes na yung lapse ng pag comment ng isang staff. Kailangan masundan. Pakiusap lang, argue namn kayo based on issues and avoid using fallacies. Kakahiya namn yung pagiging feeling elitist nyo eh. Baka masabi ng mga nagbabasa dito na di nakapag aral and mahihirap di naayon sa sa pagiging elitista nyo mga argumento nyo.

    • kikomonkey

      onga!! eh sir ikaw kaninong staff ka?para kanino ka naman nagtratrabaho?hehehe

      • GuRamoy

        pssst…comment ka ng comment dito hinahanap ka ni mam. yung briefer mo raw.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3TOJXQFGSQ3FOYEFFIPYQYOZRA Gilbert

    ‘The proof is in the pudding’, ‘ika nga: decades of Angara rule and yet Aurora is still POOR, its forest resources exploited by illegal loggers in cahoots w/ the DENR and some corrupt local officials. I should know, I was there dozens of times in the mid to late 90s, as an NGO worker; no wonder the Catholic church is supporting the march.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UFM433MFNM7VSP3C5NCIUAPNRE AJ

      What else do you expect from gold old-fashioned traditional politics? Those feudal lords keeping everyone underdeveloped run the country like it’s still Mediaeval Europe.

  • m1ghtym0use


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SQMXRFXTYDJKICGNRTI42GPHA MarkB

      politics is not just talked about but performed. this is a display of how their bodies will endure all that they can take to fight for their land. It is also the current and future result of this unjust development, alienated labor and struggling with bare life conditions. read into the performance of the march and see how beautiful and horrifying it is at the same time

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UFM433MFNM7VSP3C5NCIUAPNRE AJ

      If they took the bus then people will think they’re tourists or jobseekers. Marching is the method they selected to have people see care about their cause. You’ve gotta give it to these people, they’re that determined to get their message across. :)

  • Guest

    :| These farmers, fisherfolk, and indigenous people were to be “relocated” to a place, but the place they were proposing was not a viable option because it was considered productive land. So san sila ilalagay ngayon?

    RIGHTS and LAWS have been violated. There’s nothing wrong with development as long as no one is left behind, and as long as their rights are recognized.

  • Guest

    To each his own. At least that’s how the Angarapal father and son see it. If JPE can have his little fiefdom and little port city in the northeastern part of Luzon, so should the Angarapals. Father and son, highly educated and all, yet the Angarapals have failed to improve the lives of the poor folks in Aurora. Sonny Boy however has done very well for himself acquiring a house in Bel-Air Makati and quite a stash in the bank.Quite inexplicably so as one close relative hastens to add. Even that little Singaporean scammer did not hurt our Sonny Boy much. It’s rather ironic how the elder Angarapal, who is promoting the author of a critically acclaimed book enttiled “How Nations Fail”, is failing this nation. After him, his son too will fail this nation again. The Angarapals, father and son, failing this nation through and through. That’s what they teach you at Harvard. 

  • GatasNgCow

    Andami ng galit sa palafox anu ba meron ujan?mangagamit siguro yan kaya andaming galit jan.

  • SuyaMelk

    sa tingin ko namn kinausap at sinubukan na ng APECO na makipagugnayan sa mga lokal meron lang sigurong mas importanteng paniniwala kaya hirap din sila makipagnegotiate pero ang mahirap nyan eh kung pera pera na

  • annabananarama

    pakiramdam ko ang apeco maayos namang kinausap ung mga farmers baka lang merong ibang sumusuhol sa kanila kaya hindi makapagdecide ng para sa kanila. I dont want to be rude pero kung pera kasi ang inooffer sa kanila malamang babaliktad din sila o hindi din sila makaka-oo para sa gusto nila.

    • http://twitter.com/elroyrendor Elroy Rendor

      Well ano bang makukuha kasi ng farmers dito? Maging janitor o iba pang blue-collared jobs? Sa tingin mo ba hindi rude na mawawalan ng kultura ang mga taong ito dahil nawala ang lupang matagal nilang pinaghawakan? Awagan ka kaya ng lupa nang maunawaan mo kung anong ibig sabihin ng rude.

  • http://www.google.com/ EdmunDantes

    To all you detractors: 

    I will say to you, rude as it may seem, `My brother, you sacrifice greatly to pride; you may be above others, but above you there is God.

  • igo_rot

    I think this march protest is with backing of NPA. NPA knows that once the place is commercialized and progress they cannot get anymore revolution tax from farmers and fishermen. Their control on the place will vanish.

    I say, go with the development of the place where the local people will surely benifit.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2SQMXRFXTYDJKICGNRTI42GPHA MarkB

      no such thing, theres been no NPA contact with them whatsoever. locals wont benefit if they will result to working as janitors and cleaning ladies. this is eliminating their natural livelihood, culture, and tradition to be paid minimum wage? remember, money is below land to the indigenous

    • http://twitter.com/elroyrendor Elroy Rendor

      Surely benefit? Paano, aber? Industriyalisasyon? Ganiyan lang ba ang paraan para umunlad ang Pilipinas? Baka nakakalimutan ninyong hindi natin mararating ang rice self sufficiency kung wala ang mga magsasaka. Edi mag-import? Iyon ba sa tingin ninyo ang pinakamagandang paraan ngayong ang pangit ng pandaigdigang merkado.

      Magbasa muna kayo tungkol sa isyu nang malaman ninyong hindi ito backed ng NPA.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UFM433MFNM7VSP3C5NCIUAPNRE AJ

      True, the NPA does impose their ‘revolutionary tax’ on the people and your logic seems sound, however please produce evidence that the anti-APECO movement is backed by the NPA. 

      Developing an area does not simply mean erecting an entire economic zone and displacing the indigenous people in the process. There will be development resulting from it, but there remains the question of whether it is the local people whose land was taken away or the few politicians with vested interests who will benefit. Large-scale development without consideration for progress amongst the grassroots and marginalised sectors simply widens the gap because only the wealthy benefit at the increasing expense of the poor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/arnoldlindlau Arnold Lau

    Aba’y, ang dali-dali mangurakot o magnakaw ng pera. Kung pera lang ang habol ng mga ito e kakausapin pa si Noynoy? Kung tamad lang sila e magmamartsa ng lampas 2 linggo?

    • http://twitter.com/elroyrendor Elroy Rendor


  • Rico La Vina

    Many people have been saying that the march is backed by the NPA- that is false. Many of the Anti-APECO people are from Ateneo de Manila University which is not an NPA-friendly place. Stop spreading lies. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/EFDAH5IKP2SI53YSSFJM4NNIZI Chester

    For me, hindi tama yung pag march nila ng ganyan kalayo. Meron naman sigurong ibang paraan. Tas pag may nagkasakit, mabeblame lang sa kalaban nila. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/geneva.guyano Geneva Frances C. Guyano

       There are medical personnel going with them to aid them if any sickness befalls anyone of the marchers. They went here prepared, more than anyone can imagine.

      • cactusjax

        Oh, so that’s why many people have fainted and have fallen sick just in the first day alone. There’s only so much medical personnel can do, and these inane antics just do these people harm.

      • http://twitter.com/elroyrendor Elroy Rendor

        The massive landgrabbing and human rights violation did more harm and have scarred these people for more than a year now. If not for this walk, would you even know that this thing happened to these people.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UFM433MFNM7VSP3C5NCIUAPNRE AJ

        ‘Inane antics?’ Pick a less condescending term to describe the lengths  people go to trying to fight for their rights.

  • Patuboom

    It would be better siguro if they are more than 120 people

  • Datukalun

    Sounds like the development wants to be stop by the leftist. Deception it appears that they were doing this for the natives sake but actually some parties don not want Casuguran to be develop to put the People still from being urbanized.This is My opinion.Specially the CPP/NPA don not want their lair to be develop so they can always keep the poor on their side that keeps this country backwards.Wow marching for 2 weeks how about marching for 1 month against CHINA for occupying our seas and islands or for occupying Tibet/Uyghur and Mongolia etc.where people burning themselves to death for occupying their land.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UFM433MFNM7VSP3C5NCIUAPNRE AJ

      First off, where is your proof that this is backed by leftists? You are entitled to your opinion, but please support it with valid information. Criticising them for marching for two weeks and raising an entirely different issue that isn’t germane to the discussion and is counterproductive.

      Second, fix your punctuation and please use some spaces. It makes you look like you just spammed this discussion board in favour of APECO’s backers.

      • Datukalun

        Well yo sound very intellectual person.Just think why should after spending millions of pesos or even billions then waste it away for nothing.Who will benefit it? And if progress will succeed in Quezon the leftist specially the NPA will lost their grip in the province and will help establish stability and jobs for so many again then nothing.And there will be development.We suffered under the MILF/MNLF and the NPA rebellion that gave us no choice but to left our land both in Mindanao and our relatives in part of Quezon and Bicol region and are squeezing our families now here in Manila.And who among those that rallies that supported them but never supported any rallies against China’s occupation of our seas and Island’s….

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/UFM433MFNM7VSP3C5NCIUAPNRE AJ

        You do not see that while the diplomatic row with the People’s Republic of China is an important issue as pertains our national Sovereignty, it is not the point of this article and its comment thread. Yes, the New People’s Army has wreaked havoc on the countryside but do you think this is any better? It’s cosmetic development.

        Again, I challenge you to provide evidence that the New People’s Army is backing the opposition movement. Also, please summarise your above statement into the main point of your argument it’s too disorganised.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4BQB66EG37747RKP2GAJT24TSU Ace Paolo

    Nakakaawa naman yung mga nagkokomento ng negatibo patungkol sa mga nagmamartsa na NPA raw. At kung talagang tama ang mga katwiran niyo, bakit ayaw niyong isapubliko ang inyong pagkatao at hindi nagtatago jan sa mga pangalang iyan. Natatakot ba kayong mabunyag na kasabwat/alagad kayo ng mga taong maimpluwensya at patuloy na sumisira sa kinabukasan at kapaligiran ng mga taga-Casiguran?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Jaring/100001072073145 Simon Jaring

    assuming the airport was finished,,, the question is, who will go over there to ride an airplane. does the metro manila people will go there to ride an airplane to go abroad? or the people in bulacan, rizal, cavite and laguna will go there to ride an airplane? impossible to happen in the next 50 years.

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