Have them face the firing squad


Now that the military has been ordered to go after illegal loggers, soldiers should shoot down people they catch cutting down trees in forests.

No more ifs and buts about it: Illegal loggers should be shot on sight.

The masterminds should also be shot along with the people they ordered to cut down the trees.

That’s the only way to stop illegal logging.

*  *  *

At the rate trees are being cut down, our country will have no forests in a decade or two.

Forests provide sanctuary to wild animals and rare flowers and orchids, give people food, prevent soil erosion on the mountainside to prevent flooding in the valley and preserve the ecosystem.

Persons who indiscriminately cut down trees should be considered public enemies because they commit a crime against the majority of the population.

Illegal loggers are in the same category as persons who commit robbery, rape and murder.

And what should the military do to illegal loggers? Shoot them if they resist arrest!

*  *  *

President Noy has ordered the Armed Forces to take over the campaign against illegal loggers in Mindanao from the Anti-Illegal Logging Task Force (AILTF).

AILTF has failed to contain illegal logging in Mindanao as 25 of its civilian members were killed in less than two years.

Illegal loggers are well armed and shoot AILTF personnel who carry old and antiquated weapons.

I know AILTF personnel are under-armed because their chief, Renato “Boy” Miranda, former Philippine Marine commandant, is my friend.

Miranda told me two years ago that his men carried inferior weapons compared to illegal loggers who are armed with M-16 and M-14 rifles.

Miranda said he was shopping for weapons for his men.

Apparently, Miranda has not succeeded in finding weapons to match the firepower of illegal loggers because he told a reporter in an interview recently: “The other side has firepower.”

*  *  *

I don’t believe Miranda would be in cahoots with illegal logging as alleged by an official of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Isoceles Otero, a special assistant to then Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, reported that an AILTF agent in Surigao was collecting money from illegal loggers supposedly on Miranda’s orders.

If Miranda is receiving money from illegal loggers, why is he still poor?

*  *  *

I believe Otero knows the illegal loggers.

If so, why didn’t he recommend their arrest to Robredo then?

The DILG, which has supervision over the Philippine National Police and local government units, could have ordered the arrest of illegal loggers who include local officials and even members of Congress.

*  *  *

Sen. Joker Arroyo wants the court trying the suspects in the Maguindanao massacre to focus on the “big chiefs” instead of the “little Indians” to hasten the “trial of the century.”

The principal suspects are former Maguindanao Gov. Andal Ampatuan Sr., his sons Andal Jr., a former town mayor, and Zaldy, the former governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

There are 200 suspects in the massacre, most of whom were just followers.

Arroyo is right: If the big chiefs are convicted, their followers, who carried out their orders, will also get the ax.

The best punishment for these murderers who killed 58 people, mostly journalists, without mercy is to do what they did to their victims: Line them up against the wall and have firing squads mow them down.

That way, their crime will not be repeated.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    Mr. Tulfo calls for violent punishment against illegal loggers and the Maguindanao Massacre.  Good but why don’t you shoot them?  You own several high powered weapons and reputably a marksman.  So easy to say that, Mon.  The thing is the masterminds of the illegal logging are known to you.  Many of them are politicians and government officials.  Even in the Senate, there are a few like one family who controls Aurora Province for decades.

    • eirons1043

      Include the ancient Senator from Cagayan who owned daw eh very big lumber concession in Samar courtesy of the little girl, the warlord in Isabela who sued Padaca and almost all the politicians in Surigao, Agusan, the 2 Lanaos o kaya the entire ARMM. Aba eh 60 years ng natutulog sa pansitan ang lahat ng elected Presidents natin (kasama si Tuwid boy) dahil walang order sa PNP at AFP na tirahin ang mga iyan.

  • nti_boohaya

    Shoot the loggers on site?  It won’t work regardless of how may armed troops deployed unless the brains behind the illegal logging operations are put behind bars.  But then again you expect the local commanders, barangay chiefs, mayors, govs or congressmen to lift a finger?  Hehehe….keep on dreaming.  Visit their mansions and there you might find the finest logs turned into floors, ceilings, tables, etc. Pang gatong lang ng pulutan ni sir ang mga mahogany at narra.  Hangat walang nasasampolan na politician o opisyales, tuloy ang ligaya ng mga loggers na yan.

    • eirons1043

      Shoot the loggers on site? If done continuously it will work coz wala ng ma hire ang mga bossing ng Logging. In truth eh magtumba ka lang ng 10 bawat probinsiya in one month tigil ang logging illegal at legal dahil pareho lang iyan.

      • nti_boohaya

        Sige gawin mo yan baka maubos ang mga local politicians, pulis at kapwa nilang AFP.  Sabagay pati NPA e kasabwat din siguro jan.  Baka nga mag word dre.

  • archerfan

    tapang ni tulfing ah! pero malamang lang nagpapa-pansin at parinig lang sa mga illegal loggers ito para kausapin sya at maglagay. tapos nun sure na tahimik na sila tulfing.  eh bakit yung mga drug dealers tahimik lang sya? kasi may tong pats na.

    • Ping Gonzales

       archerfan baka ikaw ay isa sa tinirahan ni tulfo sa may katiwali an kaya todo birada ni tulfo dapat lang purihin ang ganitong taong mi tapang di tulad sa iyong nag alias

  • blainz

    I am against illegal logging and murder just like Tulfo, but here he exhibits a strange double standard…

    People who kill trees are to be shot on sight, while people who kill people will have the benefit of a trial, then shot. This would imply he values trees more than people.

    Tulfo isn’t the sort of person I would confuse with a green anarchist; I suppose he just didn’t think through this article well enough.

    • http://Yahoo.com/ Ragdeleafar

      There are some inconsistency and contradiction hence confusing since ‘military’ can be both or either loggers/killers: “People who kill trees are to be shot on sight, while peope who kill people will have the benefit of a trial, then shot”.
      Both who kill trees and who shot them are people, therefore same whom  people kill are people so which people are those people in question? Those who kill trees can counter attack & kill also those who are suppose/presume to be the killers. Downright confusing??? Thus it means to say only those killed are illegal loggers those who survived are hunters/killers???

  • victor1052

    The ampatuans must be tried in a sharia court as muslims have always insisted. Behead them! 

    • kismaytami

      LOLz! Kung sa muslim court yan ita-try, baka ma-congratulate pa yan ng judge sa dami ng mga non-muslims na pinapatay niya.

  • victor1052

    Andal jr. committed blasphemy by saying Allah was not sleeping when the massacre took place, and thus bears witness to his innocence. He must be stoned to death!

     There must be an arrangement with the saudis, the guardian of the muslim faith, to accept muslim criminals for administration of punishment as our government is so useless. Blood money must not be accepted especially when the crime involved raping pregnant victims. 

  • kismaytami

    Baka maubos ang mga government officials, police at kapwa nila sundalo kung gagawin yan ng AFP.

  • RS1007

    This is all part of the corrupt system. Many constituents go to politicians for assistance(medical, educational, wedding, baptism, funeral, fiesta, etc.) which the latter cannot refuse for fear of losing votes. Where do they get the money to give this loyal followers – Logging, gambling and worse robberies and kidnappings and worst, drugs. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

      Not true, if ever there’s assistance to the constituents it’s minimal.  The money they get from corruption are spent on their lavish lifestyle.

  • sacrebleau

    Isoceles Otero. . . . . ano ‘to, pinaglihi sa triangles? Obtuse Otero is better.

  • eirons1043

    Sir Mon I agree that only instant punishment will deter the illegal loggers.  Trouble is who are the legal loggers when in reality they are the same.  The only illegal loggers are the squatters in the mountains. Mon hindi lang sa lowlands me squatters sa bundok din madami small time nga lang ang putol ng puno pero ang buyer mga legal loggers at ito pa ang nagsusuply the power saw.

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    First, death penalty must be reimpose in our country Mr Tulfo, then the shooting of illegal logger could start. But i agree with you 100%

    • Diepor

      O it would be nice to be so simple minded.  

      • El_Gran_Capitan

        An article in saudi arabia makinig ka diepor:

        Saudi beheads two for murderBy AFP | AFP – Tue, Nov 27, 2012EmailPrintRELATED CONTENTView PhotoSaudi security personnel patrol near Riyadh, 2006. Saudi authorities beheaded two …Saudi authorities on Tuesday beheaded two nationals for murder, including one who stabbed his wife to death and burned her corpse, the interior ministry said.Ali Mohammed Mahrazi was convicted of stabbing his wife Hunayna Khabrani repeatedly before he “poured kerosene on her body and set it on fire until it was charred,” the ministry said in a statement carried by SPA state news agency.He then cleared the traces of his crime and complained to police that his wife has disappeared, but a probe revealed that he was the culprit, it said.He was beheaded by the sword in the southwestern city of Jizan.In another case, Ahmed Mahmud al-Yazidi was beheaded in the city of Mecca over shooting dead another man, Ayed Awad al-Yazidi.The beheadings bring to 72 the number of people executed so far this year in the ultra-conservative kingdom, where 79 people were put to death in 2011, according to Amnesty International.Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under its strict version of sharia, or Islamic law.

      • Diepor

        And your point ? I am glad I dont live in a place with sharia law. It must be the most woman hating and cruel system in the world.

  • randyaltarejos

    I just hope the massacre case of the century will not go down the drain. I couldn’t imagine how the judge could finish scrutinizing the minute details of each case and prosecute each suspect to the fullest extent of the law. Otherwise, their lawyers will cry foul as they were not given due process. If all the suspects, including the masterminds, are tried in courts, how long will it take for each of them to be convicted of the crime? 10 years? 20 years? Or 30 years. at most?

  • randyaltarejos

    I agree. Mr. Tulfo is right in saying that the illegal loggers caught in the act of cutting trees in areas restricted for tree cutting, should be shot on site. In this way, those who will attempt to do the same next time will be aware of the fates that will befall them.

    • observer1356

      I believe you missed the target. That’s the same shortsightedness of Tulfo to shoot down those caught cutting down trees. 

      Or is Tulfo trying to condition the mind of the public to go after the “little indians” so he can  provide a cover to the real operators of illegal logging who are the real big chiefs in this illegal practice? 

      On the Maguindanao massacre, Tulfo agrees with Sen Arroyo,  to focus on the “big chiefs” instead of the “little Indians”.

      So the treatment should be the same. The brains and operators behind illegal logging are no less than murderers who masterminded and ordered the massacre. They are the ones to be gunned down first – before their lieutenants and capos.

      Now, why does Tulfo sound different in treating both crimes ?

      Uhmmmm.. maybe, because Miranda is Tulfo’s friend, as he so brags about.

      I almost believe that Tulfo’s column got back true to its meaning – almost … It’s still OFF TARGET.

    • Diepor

      And what would that mean? The loggers will arm even better , become more violent and do anything not to get caught alive. think longer than the tip of your nose.

      • randyaltarejos

        It appears to me you’re in favor of illegal logging. I would like to think that you had not been submerged in a worst flood in your existence. Instead, you’re injecting in the minds of illegal loggers to use more advanced weapons to fight the government. Are you disguising as a law-abiding citizen when, in fact, you’re not. I just hope you’re not engaged in illegal logging yourself.

      • Diepor

        simple mind. Everything is so balck&white for you.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/36O4ZGE5JY24XE4XQOXBM6O4WE Klepto

    Pabayaan mo na Mon. Mas maganda tingnan yong daan-daan na patay lumulutang sa tubig pagkatapos ng baha at landslide. Kasunod nito siyempre ang typhoid fever epidemic, sakit na dala ng mga daga, basura na kumakalat, bahay na lubog sa putik, at pagkalat ng maraming dumi. Ooooh, saka yong pagkasira ng mga pananim, pagmahal ng mga pagkain, at pagkasira ng infrastructures kagaya ng mga kalsada at tulay. Mas maganda yon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/E422KEFIWEQBOVJ54ALRSBJB24 JACK

    I don’t believe Miranda would be in cahoots with illegal logging as alleged by an official of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)….I also don’t believe Mon that you are on the payroll of some interesting persons..be it politicians or shady characters…oppppsssss, bakit humahaba ang ilong ko..???

  • malaguena1940

    Tama at hindi lang illegal loggers and dapat barilan. Pati na yuong kumukurako sa govierno dapat barilin din para naman gumihawa ang Filipinas. Lahat nang nakagaw nang matinding katiwalihan dapat barilin din.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VMKG62GKTHYK5YBNIXIFFICURM Juan

    Maniwala kayo kay Miranda??? wala silang firepower na panlaban sa illegar logger, ay nasa military siya? O baka naman mahihina talaga ipinagamit sa task force niya para palabasin di niya kaya ang mga illegar loggers. Ikaw naman Tulfo, ngayon ba’t sa tingin ay mahirap pa rin si Miranda ay hindi na sangkot sa illegar logging?  Marami nga diyan akala mo walang-wala yon pala maraming pera at mayaman. Yong iba kunwari nakikipaglaban sa droga o sa illegal at nangangampanya pa sa pagsugpo nito pero siya pala ang mastermind…. palabas lang.

  • virgoyap

    The fact that illegal loggers are armed with sophisticated weapons means something else. They are ready to fight if authorities pursue them. So what are they waiting for?

  • madam01

    ask mo si GOB, pati sina Paje, RED, PENRO at CENRO, kilala nila kung sino-sino illegal loggers sa buong pilipinas…at paki-check nyo na din mga mansion ng mga yan, solid hardwood mula kisame hanggang sahig, and by the way, when I say check kailangan mo ng court order dahil d ka makakapasok sa subidivisions ng mga yan

  • malek_abdul

    “Have them face the firing squad” – Okay sana ito kaya lang anjan palagi nakabantay si Etta Rosales. Ikaw pa ang makasuhan ng human rights kuno.

  • joboni96

    ‘Miranda has not succeeded in finding weapons to match the firepower’

    sa dami nakokolekta mula sa mga criminal
    idaan sa gunsmith for repairs
    tapos ibigay sa mga forest rangers

    kaysa nakatengga sa mga korte
    at madedekwat lang

  • $14334231

    shouldn’t we start with the “tutti de capos”,  who are elected officials?….the illegal loggers only follow the orders from above…..you kill the roots, the branches dies……

  • pubringjuandelacruz

    it would be much better if the bodies of these illegal loggers would be fertilizers. it maybe harsh as it sounds but you may want to include their entire family.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Illegal loggers’ protector sa congress(lower at upper)? were you born yesterday? ang iba diyan sa mga protectors na yan mga hukluban na!

  • Diepor

    I guess the author of this story is writing in a ironic way, everybody knows that it doesnt help to face violence with more violence.For instance, crime rates in the USA are higher than the UK and Europe, despite the USA having the death penalty and the others not. Likewise, drug crime rates in South East Asia are very high, despite the death penalty existing for many drug offences.

    The reason for this lack of correlation between punishments and crime rates is simple: most offenders don’t actually think that much about the penalties for their crimes. They rarely actually consider what happens to them if they are apprehended, and the threat of apprehension is a far greater concern to them. A typical offender is far more likely to think “am I going to get caught for this”, as opposed to “what happens if I do get caught for this”. The actual penalty rarely factors into their thinking, which is why increased penalties mean very little to them.

    • El_Gran_Capitan

      Maybe so, but it will reduce evil doer if not eliminate them. eye for an eye, do you think merely by reforming them will be enough, what a S2PD nonsense

    • buttones

      I think this is true- a penalty will not deter a crime, in fact the vast majority of us do not commit crimes because of a penalty- we don’t because we are not ‘criminals’. Criminals are a breed apart and should be treated as such. This age old problem of PH destroying 93% of it’s primordial timberland since the end of the 19th century, and 60% of it’s mangrove protection since the 1960’s has always had the blessing of some level of government, mainly LGU’s, and a few hot shots in high office. Nobody during this time even thought about transplanting as we destroyed, timber is a renewable resource, governments have embarked on re foresting, all never met the targets, there is basically no real interest. Philippine mahogany or more properly Luan [it is not a mahogany] was a source of the plywood industry, this is only 15% of what it was twenty years ago, nobody thought to plant as they clear cut so in 20/25 years another harvest was ready, this is a government investment, no private entity will wait for twenty years for a return.
      Government speaks of mass tree planting on what is basically sterile soil, the forest cover that provided nutritional benefit to that soil went years ago, it’s basically dead, unless you want to introduce weed trees such as Ipel Ipel, or even Neem, these are not hardwoods and have little commercial value. The whole political concern of reforesting is actually born out of the deaths of people from landslides, not from the point of view that it is a good thing to do and might bring economic benefit to PH…

  • rjimenez1226

    If Tulfo is to help he should identify all the  Congressmen  and senators who have become rich because of illegal logging.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Have already two big fish for you, Enrile and Consunji

  • amapangarap

    beat the crap out of raymart first, maybe then i’ll believe all this tough talk from you…

    • etnarolfawa

      anong klaseng utak mayroon ka imbes na tumulong ka eh nageentriga ka pa……..

      • amapangarap

        lol. ano naman akala mo, pag nag-comment ka dito eh nakakatulong ka na? babanat ka lang, sablay pa.

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidgem Dave A Doroja

    your right Mr joker arroyo, that is why criminals of today’s are not scared for they have the human rights and no good jail to keep them aside, as what we have been intrigue’s, for so many criminals in this world, why not just line them up to the wall and shoot them, for you know? we just keep on feeding, nourishing them, and when they came out of that penitentiary  they will have to do the same for they don’t have the face to do for a better job?, why we don’t follow one step from former late Mr Marcos, and this is the one thing that he did is right for those who commit mistakes and crimes.. we need total level for all crimes…

    • boypalaban

      ok sana kung mga kriminal lang ang pinapapatay ni diktador…kaso pati napagsususpetsahang kalaban niya o threat sa kanya ini-eliminate…

  • pilosopo4

    Another way is let the MPD Mobile unit escort the accused for a short ride in Manila and there is something sinister in the mobile patrol unit that will make the accused grab the gun of one of the escorts and somehow he will either “commit suicide” or try to escape and as usual the escorts are known marksmen and will shoot the accused right between the yes..now Justice is served so they say..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VPSXDLCQEZGZDJSX32G7PYHNCI Noel

    If I were to choose among the illegal businesses, I would pick drugs the last.  I pick jueteng, illegal logging, prostitution over drugs.  

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XRBL2POVCTRMCRC75N7JC7AOK4 kurakding

    Why not go to those who sell lumber and put them to jail.  We all know that if there’s no buyer, logging won’t be a good business.  The problem is mahina talaga ang mga nasa gobierno or they are one of those who push logging so they can make something.

    Please include those who make charcoal big time.  They are cutting mangroves left and right. It is easy to catch them – just inspect all stores and you will see that they are selling those.  Fine and confiscate then give them a warning for closure. That’s the only way to do this and if caught while in transport – let those who carry and in their position be responsible. Impound their car and sell to highest bidder and if a citizen / a whistle blower etc.  give them some reward of P20K.

    I am sure in  few weeks these will stop. Any route they take not being apprehended by the authority, they should be fired suspended immediately for 1 year (first offense) second offense – terminate.  

    We will ultimately see our environment back to better place to live… In GUAM, coconuts just fall and grow  and chickens go freely – abundant of fish etc.  we can do that too.

    • buttones

      I agree with your sentiment but it is a bit idealistic, your comment has too much common sense to be actually workable. We in PH have little regard for ‘common sense’ .
      It is true, mangrove is being destroyed for firewood and for fish pens as well, I live on the edge of a mangrove and spend my days wading about following the noise of chopping, and taking photographs, and presenting them to the local authority, with little effect, the guy doing this has better connections than I can dream of so he as a ’license’ . As regards lumber, and where it came from and how it is marked and how it can be tracked, we have no such system- a bit of wood is basically a bit of wood……

      • Adam_d_langgam

        The real “buttons”? The pogi is dead and long gone. Permanently banished by the moderator of the weak-kneed yellow paper of the belmontes. Glad to see another refugee. Yahoo “Ana” where are you? If you still scan the pages of this paper, my greetings to you both ……. Have a safe and joyous holidays. For the time being, let’s continue to exchange pleasantries with those who don’t agree with us. Mas maganda ang minds pag me disagreements.

      • buttones

        Yes the one and only! Can’t get back on to ‘other’ paper, can’t even re-register- anyway the Inquirer is a bit more balanced- this illegal logging is STILL going on despite the EO of Aquino, one day I swear to God the only trees left will be in peoples gardens…Tulfo wants to shoot illegal loggers on the spot, I’m an active environmentalist myself but that’s a bit over the top- at least prove them guilty in a Law Court and THEN shoot ‘em, I’m sure a lot of politicians would offer there services to do this just to liven up the gun club nights.. Nice to hear from you- greeting to you also [and pogi if he’s around…]

      • Adam_d_langgam

        Glad to see you around. Enjoying my “refugee” status. No need to worry about banned words.

  • garyvdd

     i will be surprised if the government can really go after the illegal loggers. many top politicians from mindanao are known loggers, illegal or otherwise, such as datumanong, antonino, plaza, zubiri, chiongbian, etc..these people are the ones who perpetually occupying the house of representatives and are members of dynasties.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    Forests also provide sanctuary to rebels….

    i-legalize mo n lang lahat ng logging para lahat meron at pag nakalbo yan sama-sama n lang malunod ang mga tao..titigas ng ulo e..ang lagay ngayon e yung mga nagp-process lang ng plywood at lumber ang kumikita…alam nman nila n galing s illegal yan pero binibili pa rin nila..d b pwede isali s sin-tax yang lumber n yan?

  • Alejandro Canda

    Focus should also be made on those patronizing illegally cut trees especially forest products and if these buyers are government employees or officials, they should be immediately meted dismissal from service aside from imposing criminal liability for possessing illegally cut logs. I know of one presiding judge of the Regional Trial Court of  southern Zamboanga del Norte who bought hard wood known as yakal which were cut in the forest of a municipality within the territorial jurisdiction of his court. He used these illegal products  for the trusses of his house built for his mistress  in the municipality where his court is located just about 4 kilometers away from the court building. these illegal products were transported by  vehicles owned by the province of Zamboanga del Norte and escorted by police officers.

  • kilabot

    under noykapon stopping the destruction of our forests is just wishful thinking.
    noykapon may project himself as strong-willed but when it comes to protecting his own health by quitting cigarettes he is a sissy.
    you can’t expect somebody who is negligent about his own health to give attention to the well-being of forests.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_UWISP2YXGDQ7K2SIX2GI37B2EI Darwin

    TULFO: An Irresponsible Journalist

  • resortman

    Ginagaya lang ni Mon Tulfo style ni Duterte…shoot them and bring their heads to Mon wrapped in plastic and frozen…be original naman Mon, your a plagiarist!!  hahaha….

  • boypalaban

    “Illegal loggers are in the same category as persons who commit robbery, rape and murder.

    And what should the military do to illegal loggers? Shoot them if they resist arrest”

    boploks pa rin tulfo hanggang ngayon…may opisyal ba na uutusan ang tauhan niya na barilin siya?


  • Guest

    “Now that the military has been ordered to go after illegal loggers,
    soldiers should shoot down people they catch cutting down trees in

    No more ifs and buts about it: Illegal loggers should be shot on sight.

    The masterminds should also be shot along with the people they ordered to cut down the trees.

    That’s the only way to stop illegal logging.”

    Why not asking to shoot all the crocodiles in the senate and house of representatives?

  • onward

    si tulfo wala man lang sinasabi tungkol sa phil china row and i wonder why!

  • onward

    si tulfo wala man lang sinasabi tungkol sa phil china and i wonder why!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_U62PHGMKO4RK7BLMC4ACA4EG5A EREC

    CLIMATE CHANGE CANNOT BE STOP, ITS PART OF THE AGED CYCLE OF THE EARTH…. in ourside of the planet, we can do something by planting more trees and reduce cutting trees and reduce urbanization by limiting population growth. Pass the RH Bill (couples have choice the number of family)
    Human spices is the NUMBER ONE contributor of climate change and each product make it speedy to be happened.
    The smoke that produces by diesel engines is not the big contributors because it can absorved by the trees or plants…but the most dangerous are the different gases produced by smokeless gasoline engines that emitted different kind of gas that cannot absorbed by trees and plants.
    Exploration of Natural Gas(inform of hard ice) in part of Russia is dangerous and damaging activity to ecology as per scientest studies… it will imbalance the ecology.

    • Luthmar

      Erec,  can you write in Tagalog?  I think mas mabuti kung Tagalog na lang.  Consider:  “——–CANNOT BE STOP, ITS PART……”  should be CANNOT BE STOPPED,  IT IS….
      “Human spices”,…..for human species., “absorved”, absorbed.   “scientest”,  scientist Hope you won’t mind if I corrected your English.   Sorry

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5STEU22AD7YRHQSB6RE56ZDSYA J

    Karamihan sa mga lumber at hardware ay pag-aari ng mga chinese-pinoys. Sila ang ang dapat imbestigahan kung saan at kung sino ang kanilang source. Kung walang bibili walang puputol ng mga punu na ganyan karami. Ibalik ang capital punishment at isama ang mga illegal loggers. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2YAYHPL4WJCO4FGRTUY56DUSNU maria

    Hahahaha! Trigger happy Mon. Ingat baka ma sampal ka na naman!

  • Luthmar

    Better yet, shoot to kill na lang.  The only way these criminal illegal loggers will learn.

  • zeroko

    He he he! Why not shot first Senator Angara and his family and relatives. They have been engage on illegal logging. I have a seaman friend who can attest that dozens of ships are loaded with illegal logs from Aurora Province escorted by military until the logs are loaded on board and the same military escort supervise the unloading of the logs at pier 2   at the wee hours of 2 am when Coast Guards are not around and bribe money change hands.. 

    Fortunately, the activity according the the seaman has cease operation after PNoy declare a complete log ban. This activity has been going on for years. Some of these illegal logs are transported in Infanta, Quezon where the logs are processed while on board the ship and arrives as lumber. Almost everyday, six heavy duty vehicles, 24 wheel cargo trucks ply the Infanta,Quezon road at night passing by the check point of PNP, MILITARY, and DENR. This too has been going on for years. Just check the newspaper. There were so many complaints on these illegal activities but to no avail. It just falls on deaf ears. Most likely, the Angara’s has something to do with this. Lots of Narra ang gemelina lumber and furnitures abounds in those place.

  • zeroko

    Real, Quezon is also a dumping or holding area of processed illegal lumbers.

  • mutalag69

    Mr.Tulfo, baka maubos ang mga pulitiko kung isasakatuparan ang kagustuhan mo,LOL
    To tell you honestly people who engage with this business are very influential and have links even to the office of the president.Political will is needed to combat this illegal activity.Yung utos na iyan sa mga militar,consuelo de bobo lang yan sa mga mamamayan,press release ika nga!

  • riccisan

    i wrote this on my blog earlier (themanwhoownedthephils dot blogspot dot com) na patayin ang mga illegal loggers at ang kanilang families. kasi pinagpapasahan yan from generation to generation, lalo na yung mga nagsusunog ng bundok para may mapagtaniman, grabe, baka wala na tayong sariwang hangin na maamoy.

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