Vietnam won’t stamp controversial China passports


A Chinese man holds up a Chinese passport with details on a page that shows dashes which include the South China Sea as part of the Chinese territory outside a passport office in Beijing, China, Friday, Nov. 23, 2012. AP/Ng Han Guan

HANOI, Vietnam— Vietnamese authorities are refusing to stamp Chinese passports featuring a map that includes disputed islands in the South China Sea as Chinese territory. They are instead issuing visas on a separate piece of paper.

The head of the border guard command in the northern province of Quang Ninh bordering China said Monday that border guards have been instructed to issue stapled visas to Chinese people with such passports.

There is concern among Vietnamese authorities that by stamping visas in such passports the government would be indirectly recognizing Beijing’s claims to the disputed territory.

The Philippines has also protested the map on the Chinese passports, which incorporates most of the South China Sea as its territory.

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  • Boy Dalius


    As opposed to some primadona’s (in the forums) insinuations – why fight alone when you can fight with a pack who shares your common goals and interests? 

    Katangahan – sintanga nya.

  • stealth ice

    Good job Vietnam. Philippines should do the same also other than protesting.

  • ramelatilano

    Ok yan PHL do better by protesting at the same time required attached visas as vietnam did

  • bugoybanggers

    Tumapak at napakagaling na desisyon ang pinapakita ng VIETNAM. Kaya nga kahit mga Kano hanga sa VIETNAM dahil sa boo ang loob at may malakas na paninindigan, ANG PILIPINAS kaya? Puro nalang dakdak? Takot kasi mawawalan daw tayo ng mga potential TOURIST? Iyan na naman, PILIPINO gising na! Tanghali na! Bakit kasi naduduwag ang PILIPINO. Ano ba talaga, matalino ba ang mga PINOY o baka nagkukunwari lang? Iyan ang napala sa isang bansa na ayaw tumindig sa sarili, puro siksik sa US. Tama na, katayin na ang mentalidad ng pagkaTUTA. Magdesisyon tayo ayon sa karapatan ng BANSA hindi sa mga gabundok na DAHILAN.

    • JunPyo123

      Sa balitang ito, pareho tayo ng mithiin parekoy! Nawa’y matutuo ang Pinas sa ginawa ng Vietnam, kung hindi, gayahin na lang.

      • bugoybanggers

        Takot ang PILIPINAS dahil sa mga DH na nagtatrabaho sa bansa nila. ISA iyan sa mga balakid. PAPANO na ngayon? Wasak ang katanyagan ng PILIPINAS kung may mga alipin tayo sa bansa nila. Kawawang PILIPINAS, ITIGIL NA ANG PAGPAPADALA NG DH SA BANSANG SAKOP NG MGA TSEKWA!

    • GProf007

      In a way I agree with your post.

      The Philippine government and pinoys (individual citizens) must decide which must be a priority… economy (due to tourist) or sovereignty? Unfortunately, there are situations that you can’t have both.

      Vietnam showed na… mas mahalaga ang sovereignty nila.

      Several trips outside the country… nagugulat mga taga-ibang bansa na may “computers” at IT sa pilipinas… akala nila puro coconuts at beaches lang. I think it’s high-time that government stop pushing na puro coconuts lang tayo… ang daming ways na maging investment hub tayo.

      IT-wise… ang laki ng braindrain sa bansa… since other countries get our IT experts… our taxes are crazy high! Sino gusto mag-invest sa atin… given na ang taas… at the same time… wala naman nakikitang improvements roads (Sa Manila ang focus).

      Anyhow… I’m just ranting here… point is… the Philippines can do it. We can be an investment hub if only our own government and our people believe in that. We have the skills but not the opportunities to show them.I hope we start “selling” the Philippines not only as a land of coconuts and beaches (tourist destination) but also as a viable place to invest in from manufacturing to IT. Although to sell that then there should be supportive measures on law and tax breaks… as well as government support to push for such endeavors.



  • GProf007

    Credit to the Vietnamese government for having the conviction to prioritize their sovereignty. Militarily they can’t compare with China and yes this might affect their economy as well… but even with those possible repercussions they still decided to NOT stamp the passports. Now that takes a lot of courage!

    I hope the DFA and the Philippine government learn from Vietnam… Vietnam still processed the passports issued visas on a separate piece of paper (not playing by China’s rules)… since the DFA will still be processing passports… why not do what Vietnam did… or an alternative to that… at least be consistent with everything… if we’re protesting their act then follow-it-up with other types of protest. If we will stamp their passports… it’ll basically say that we agree with their map. You can’ say you disagree (note verbal) then stamp their passport showing the area as theirs… just shows that we’re afraid… and that there are things more important that our sovereignty.

    I hope the Philippine government will also learn from Vietnam regarding “convictions”. We can’t simply be bold in talks (when we are in meetings or press briefings) but also back up everything we say by the deeds (acts).

  • kigol

    Vietnam and India made a good move……pinas dada lang…

  • $18209031

    Refuse entry of Vietgooks into China and stamp the Nine Dash Line of No Return on their passports if they want to enter. Same with the Hindi businessmen coming and going out of HK , Shanghai, Macau, Shenzhen, etc. Let these little turds know that China is serious.

    • Edwin Edwin

      bumanat na naman itong ugok na tsekwa na nagtatago sa alias na AFPako. Uminom ka na lang ng gatas na may melamine na binibigay ng gobyerno mo!!!

    • henrynguyen

       Calm down AFPako! Let’s see: Vietnamese also charges 25 US$/new stamped sheet of Chinese illegal map, that will give them an extra 40 millions US$ per year for greeting 1.6 millions Chinese guests. Thanks China ! Meanwhile, less than 200,000 Vietnamese travelers visiting China per year and if you refuse their entries, some Chinese guides will sneak them in across the 800 kilometers border for a 5 US$ fee. Pretty deal !

  • divictes

    Those are real balls, not fake ones imported from China that hung on our officials.

    • Guest

       The immigration staff here is good enough in harassing the own fellow kababayan. That;s the sad truth.

  • bugoybanggers

    Takot ang PILIPINAS dahil sa mga DH na nagtatrabaho sa bansa nila. ISA iyan sa mga balakid. PAPANO na ngayon? Wasak ang katanyagan ng PILIPINAS kung may mga alipin tayo sa bansa nila. Kawawang PILIPINAS, ITIGIL NA ANG PAGPAPADALA NG DH SA BANSANG SAKOP NG MGA TSEKWA! Iyan, marami na naman ang kokontra kasi wala ngang trabaho sa PINAS. Di bale na daw bastusin at pahiyain ang bansa basta may maipalamun lang sa mga HIKAUS na mga 90%ng PILIPINO. ARAY KO ANG SAKIT!

  • JEO

    Phil must follow too!

    Stop being too matatakutin?

    The Phils must take risk if the rewards are worth to take!

  • Pablo Juan

    Here’s a suggestion, we can also use a stamp to stamp passports with the spartlys and scarborough shoals!

  • Reynaldo Quijada

    Our country should design a separate stamp for China passports like a question mark with it which means under protest.

  • Eddie Son

    I admire Vietnam for such a fierce and patriotic act. The Philippines must do something as appropriate as this to reject recognition to China’s claims.

    • Guest

       ” The Philippines must do something as appropriate as this to reject recognition to China’s claims.”

      The only thing PNoy did was shouting for the US like a cry baby. That’s the Philippines. Hanggang sa emosyong OA lang.

  • Riz Manas

    The Philippine Government must follow  Vietnam! This is a ground for impeachment for any government officials including the President “as traitors” for accepting and allowing China Passport with Philippine territory on it.   

    • bugoybanggers

      Larga, kakasa ako diyan. Sapol talaga!

    • Riz Manas

       Thanks for the likes!

  • regd

    Why not for every new chinese passport that enters our territory just stamp X on the disputed map? A BOLD black ink would be good.

  • jga94

    Nice one Vietnam! Maybe we can follow suit…

  • OFWs – symptom of sick economy

    we made a protest right, even india did not like it…great job vietnam. 

  • Albert Einstien

    buti pa india at vietnam..magaling si pnoy TANGA-GAPIN ang e-passport…naku naman!

  • Lila

     I think the Philippines should do the same with Vietnam..

  • Jay

    Buti pa ng Vietnam hindi agad pumayag samantala ang DFA says they would honor the Chinese E-passports.hindi man lang ata nagisip kung ano ang dapat gawin.

    • bugoybanggers

      Takot dahil sa mga DH.

  • SignTheWaiverNow

    Much better if we do not allow Chinese citizens to enter the PHL showing that fake passport…..

  • Dog

    stamp them in their faces not on passports.. and deport them right away!

  • RyanE

    Vietnamese has once again shown their great patriotism. They have fought the French, Americans, Chinese in both land and sea. Even when they suffered so much during those wars yet they never bow down to their enemies. Now Vietnam is again showing us how to deal with this Chinese big bully. PHL government should emulate Vietnam and try to show even a bit of its balls, if any.

    • tarikan

      Sobra na kasing dami ng bakla sa Pinas. These baklas permeates all sectors, public and private. I’m afraid they are now in the majority. Just look around, in a group of say ten young Filipino males you could identify at least six homo. A tv program or a movie won’t be complete without these 3rd sex and to cup it another bakla is the direk. 

      • Palparan

        Sinabi mo pa… presidente pa lang, numero unong bakla sa Pilipinas!

      • tolelot

        nangdamay ka pa

  • right_is_might

    This is an exemplary move by Vietnam. Review your own move Philippines, to honor these new Chinese e-passports is giving up your lawful claim.

  • regd

    Photocopy 4R size map with china and Philippines in it, stamp visa then staple on every chinese passports. A taste of their own medicine.

    Problem solved. 

  • parak_obama

    ang vietnam at india umaaksyon hindi tulad ng gobyerno natin na puro press release at dakdak lang i o honor din pala mga passport na may mapa ng TERITORYO NATIN. caps lock ko na baka sakali may nagbabasa mga comments dito na ubod ng manhid na tiga palayo at dfa.

  • maGGot_SOUP

    Deport this ComChi tourist and dont let them stay in our country!

  • monses

    Our goverment should follow india and vietnam.Make visa on a separate paper with our map printed on it.Accepting new chinese passport means conceding what is rightfully ours.

  • George

    Keep these freeloaders out!

  • i_am_filipino

    ASEAN must be united. Vietnam won’t stamp it , why not Philippines where we urged ASEAN to unite. ACT NOW GOVERNMENT. OURS IS OURS!!!!

  • i_am_filipino

    Philippine government is just too soft. I guess some government top officials received some huge bribe from the CHinese government hidden in other names.

    • Guest

       Others here call this softness “democratic way”.

    • bugoybanggers

      Pusong MAMON ika nga. Puro daldal.

  • Carmencita Lopez

    why not print a map of RP with SABAH as part of RP in all our passports. take back Sabah.

    • Jezzrel

      Huwag po tayong umasa sa ngayon hanggat mga kaibigan ng mga malaysians ang mga nakaupo sa malakanyang.. mag antay na lang po tayo ng isang darating… 4 na taon nalang po ang pag aantay natin…

    • Guest

      That is the best way to deepen the split in ASEAN and the best way to have an ally of China just next door. Are you kidding? That would be the worst chess move, the gov could ever do.

      Some here really don’t use the common sense.

    • bugoybanggers

      Malabo yan Girl ang tungkol sa SABAH, mismo nga maraming taga MINDANAO ang gustong magpasakop sa MALAYSIA. Kahit mag bahay bahay kayo sa JOLO at Tawi-Tawi marami ang gusto na mapasama ang MINDANAO sa kabuuhan ng MALAYSIA hindi lang sa RELIGION at KULTURA kung hindi mayaman ang SABAH. Ang maganda pa, ang pamamalakad ng Kuala Lampur Government ay AYOS at hindi TUTA ng kahit kaninong BANSA lalo na US.Mismo kayo lang na taga LUZON ang gustong mapaINYO ang SABAH. Kita mo naman, PALAWAN sakop parin sa LUZON. Ginawa pa ninyong Region-IVB baka kung may SABAH, gagawa na naman kayo ng REGION-IVC, wow swapang nga naman kayong taga LUZON. Kami nga nagsisisi na kung bakit LUZON pa ang naging KABISERA ng PILIPINAS. Mag isip kayo GIRL!

  • staad

    dami kasi nasa payrol ng mga intsik dito sa pinas.
    kaya walang aksyon, panay reklamo lang.

    buti pa vietnam merong balls, dito sa pinas panay mga taksil. buwsit.

  • Jezzrel

    Yan ang Vietnam, me balls… maganda nga kung totally di nila papasukin ang mga me ganong passport..

    • arpeelazaro

      may balls talaga ang Vietnam. they beat the americans, remember?

      • Jezzrel

        Not only the americans, I think even the French. Some of my French friends tells me that they are savage & brave…

  • sam_aquino

    file an objection letter to the chinese embassy & let them know that Philippines is not recognizing their passport… we will NOT accept anyone using the same passport to enter our country…

    immediately DEPORT chinese with our maps in their passport…  they should be sent back to where they came from… 

    that’s the way to do it…  we already have more than enough of them in our country…  

    based on their actions lately, they should not be treated as tourists any longer, for all we know, they might be settling in for occupation… 

    we should all be aware of them spies from now onwards…

  • zombie77

    Ganun din dapat ang gawin natin sa mga pumapasok galing Tsina. Hindi sila papasukin kung hindi nila palitan ang kanilang passport.

  • Mita

    Just do it too DFA!!

  • Guest

    Confirms my observation: Emotional Pinoys, but zero acting. Vietnamese are not that emotional but they concentrate their energy in actions. See the difference… Actions speak louder than emotions and words.

    • Mita

      who cares about your biased opinion?

      • Guest

         Obviously, more users care about my post than your non-essential one.

    • Jezzrel

      Pinoys, especially in government… all NATO.. puro dada… na parang bakla…

  • Ronald Diaz

    What a nice move by Vietnamese authorities.. they have guts to show to the Chinese people.

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Ayan ang vietnam may balls ang pinoy may presyo!

    • Handiong

      Vietnam nga ang may presyo. They charge Chinese nationals US$25 for a visa stamp.

      • kalikasanipagtanggol

         hehehe laliman mo pa ang pag-intindi baka sakali makuha mo!

      • Banana Mango

        Handiong is a Chinese kaya di nya naiintindihan ang salita ng Filipino.

  • Jef

    Ang isang mali ay di pweding itama sa isang mali….we do it in democratic way…

    • Guest

       Democratic way = acting as a coward

      • bugoybanggers

        Iyan ang DEMOKRASYA, walang ipin, ngat ngat ng ngat ngat wala namang kagat.

  • henrynguyen

    Congrats to the Philippines for your courage of hosting the forthcoming Dec. 12,2012 meeting with Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. You may also send a strong push-back to China by issuing a similar stamped entry permit for a fee to all Chinese citizens. Vietnam charges 25 US$, the Philippines should feel free to charge whatever is appropriate to take care of the materials and labor involved.
    Remember that a successful reconciled agreement between non-Chinese claimants will open doors for more global support, already growing awaiting for real concrete action.


    Just lodge a diplomatic protest and escalate the issue to international body of boundaries what ever. Acting alone by separate piece of visa paper will not do the trick. It like a childs play.

    • Handiong

      In the field of diplomacy, it is not uncommon to resort to symbolic protests. Vietnam issues visas to Chinese nationals on separate pieces of paper. India issues to Chinese nationals  visas with a map of India that includes territories in China that India claims. 

      • ARIKUTIK

        If China, Vietnam and India acts like a child drawing maps in little piece of paper, are we suppose to immitate ? If one acts like a mickey mouse are we suppose to become mickey mouse too ? Absolutely Not ! we should not take part in fhools games. Let us act as mature, honorable men of courage. Lodge a diplomatic protest. Entice the entire world to take a look at the Chinese mapped passport.  

      • Guest


      • Janch

        It’s not a fools game.  Those maps show a country’s territorial claim.  Stamping on a chinese visa shows acknowledgement and acquiescence to these claims.  Refusing to stamp the chinese visa is a diplomatic way of protesting.  As for lodging diplomatic protests, Philippines and other affected countries have been doing that if you’ve followed the news. 
        Philippines should do well to follow the Vietnamese example.

      • Handiong

        No, it’s not child’s play. How would you feel if you saw a map of China that included the Island of Luzon? Whether it’s the Panatag Shoal or the Island of Luzon that was on the map, the effect should be the same, one of outrage. I don’t know about you.

    • Guest

      You call it child’s play. Here comes out the false pride Filipino. When caught of being the coward, then he engages in name calling towards others.

  • arpeelazaro

    With all their economic power and military might, why does the Chinese leadership insist on bullying the little guys? For the oil in the region? They dont need it. Panatag Shoal wont even make a dent in their finances and their territory. Why embarrass themselves internationally? I hope the next Chinese president will have a change of heart.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • bugoybanggers

      Huwag kang managalog BOY, sa SINGAPORE ka na kaya, mag INTSIK ka na lang.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • LabkoPinas

    The Philippines should follow Vietnam’s example and not stamp that erroneous chinese passport. Don’t buy anything made in China !

  • Opel

    rather than stamping on the passport they can pee on it.

  • Yxon

    Even with the help and backing of China in the making of what is now the (united) Vietnam, it has  the boldness to assert it sovereignty.  We ( the affected nations in Spratley) should be united and should emulate what Vietnam had done.  Even tho we are the smaller nations, it would make a dent in China’s image, attitude and industry.  There was one incident i had read, that China fishermen were fired upon and chased out when they try to fish in the waters in Samoa. We shoud stop believing in what China is saying. We could just reflect of the previous happenings.  They keep on muzzling us even in our own Asean turf, but now they issued this new passport.  What a deceitful country.  And they have the temerity to call us rude.  
    Let us stop patronizing all China products which are all very low quality and contaminated, starting from the lowly hairpins, plastic toys, maling, candles.  

  • ah_ok_fine12

    thats good to know that vietnam, my asian country pa na matapang na humindi sa china.. nice one!

  • ricky

    VIetnam = With BALLS!
    Philippines = With fishBALLS!

    • bugoybanggers

      Nakakatawa ka BOY, isama mo na rin ang kwik-kwik, ang pambansang recycled food ng PILIPINO. Nilagang itlog na hindi naibenta kagabi.

  • JuanTamadachi

    Vietnam’s tough stance on this matter is no doubt, borne out by their experiences in battling and winning over superior foreign forces. First they brought their colonial masters, the French, to their knees by routing them in the battle of Dien Bien Phu; and second they battled the mighty Americans till they grew weary of the long war that raged from 1955 to 1975 and quit..

    • Concerned Citizen

       Vietnam has been a colony of various empires and dynasties from China for more than 1,000 years.  They knew what it is like to be a colony under China that they even prefer to ally themselves with America even though we see the Vietnam war as hell already.  They knew the consequence if they won’t take a stand against China — more pain to make sure they will stay on the ground and never recover.

    • bugoybanggers

      Tama nga naman, kasi alam ng VIETNAM ang hirap at pang bababoy ng mananakop na dayuhan sa bansa nila. Ang PILIPINAS, pinahihirapan na, ginuguyo na ng mga DAYUHAN sipsip parin, paTUTA ng paTUTA. Magising ka na PINOY! Ayan na ang mga TSEKWA, baka ganon na naman?

  • Banana Mango

    Philippines should follow the Vietnam lead and do the same. We have to take a stand and protest strongly.

  • Banana Mango

    For those who are in favor of Chinese product boycott, lets set up a site where we can communicate, exchange and publish our ideas. I am with you.

    • 7Rodel77

      The website of the US Pinoys for Good Governance –  uspggdotorg. Instead of the word “dot”, replace with the proper punctuation mark.

      • Banana Mango

        Thanks for the info. This is US Pinoys, I am here in Philippines. You know we might not be in the same page.

  • Pham Van Vuong

    Chinese are all dogs or big bullies or bouble-faced . We always need to take precautions them.

  • sam_aquino

    if we have already lodged a protest, we have to let the chinese embassy know that we are NOT going to accept any chinese nationals coming in with the same passport…

    best way to deal with their action is to DEPORT all
    chinese tourist from now onwards…  we do NOT need anymore of them in our country… 

    just how can you let someone enter your home who has already taken
    part of your property, illegally???  would you still treat them as
    “guests”??? how can we so sure that that “guest” is NOT going
    to steal anything from you the moment he leaves???

    for all we know, they could be “spies” disguised as “guests”…

    a thief will always be a thief…  a spy will always be a spy…  we should never trust anymore of their kind…

  • pinoypower

    Good counter-attacks by Vietnam and India! We should do something similar. Stamping our official immigration seal is like affixing our seal of approval to everything that is inside the Chinese passport which is an official document also.

  • Kuki Buencamino

    I hope PNoy has the balls to do something similar. Better yet, i-tax ng malaki ang china products. We’re a big market for chinese products. Less imports would hurt them.

  • EREC

    Ito ang gawin ng Pilipinas not to stamp on this new passport the entry & exit but instead provide a certificate by custom and that certificate show the stamp with the initial of custom officer showing the time.

    Talagang makupad ang mga tauhan ng Presidente at mabagal gumalaw ang utak….. no anticipation plan for whatever be happen….. we are in a hot seat with communist china, why not broaden the immagination of scenario of the President cabinet and must put in alarm the congress and senate to ready and prepare for immediate power to be use by the President in case of worst.

  • malek_abdul

    Philippines can also stamp visa for Chinese nationals visiting the country on separate forms. Its a common practice in some countries and its acceptable worldwide. By not stamping on the Chinese passports the Philippines can declare its protests against the bully China.

  • virgoyap

    How about us? What are we doing to the Chinese passports? Stamping them means an approval of the boundaries of China which includes the disputed West Philippines seas. 

    • Jose

      No, no it simple doesn;t, at least not by any actual legal standard.

  • EREC

    Also, the Aquino administration must be aware of communist china spying within our country, key installations, government offices and agencies transactions…… Pilipinos must not rely on this chinese nationals specially if they are member of communist party of china….

    We must put in mind that there are two chinese……..common chinese(poor & have no access in communist government)  & communist chinese who are member of communist party of china.

  • joboni96

    gayahin natin mga vietnamese

    tinalo ang u.s. imperialist
    tinalo rin ang hegemonistang intsik switik

    matoto tayo sa kanila ng
    astig na paninindigan
    tungo sa tagumpay

    hindi ang malamyang mga collaborators

  • VerticalPropulsion


    • juanpedro de jose


  • Fred

    OK lang manggaya sa Vietnam.
    May katwiran sila.
    Boykot red china products!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Nutting Moore

    Ang mga Pinoy, gobyerno man o hindi, magaling sa dakdak.. mahilig magreklamo at magreact pero kulang sa aksyon at paninindigan.. kaya tayo minamaliit ng ibang bansa!

  • Meow Ming

    Stamp them in their forehead and when the ink starts to fade, they should come back and have them re-stamp again. :P

    • patriot2008

      Better yet, brand their forehead. So they will never forget that Panatag belongs to the Philippines

  • cru03thik

    stamp it using cheap chinese ink para ilang days lang burado na.

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