No word from Aquino on massacre of journalists


Philippine President Benigno Aquino III. AP

TAGAYTAY CITY—On the third anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre on Friday, President Aquino said nothing about that political violence that took the lives of 58 people, including 32 journalists.

Mr. Aquino instead touted his administration’s purported gains in the campaign against journalist killings, which continue to happen on his watch.

“In cases of media killings, for example, we in [the] government are demanding the apprehension of suspects and the filing of charges that stick, resulting in justice for all involved,” he said in a speech at a gathering of media executives here.

“In other cases of violence involving [journalists], we have taken affirmative and just action,” Mr. Aquino said, referring to a provincial governor suspended for attacking a broadcaster.

The President pointed to the need for an efficient justice system to deal with violence against journalists.

“More than anything, the protection of the rights of all–journalists included–relies on the fair and impartial dispensation of justice,” he said.

“We must have courts that are impartial and fair in the verdicts they hand down. If the courts demonstrate impunity at the top, then the lowest regional trial courts will follow suit. This is why I have been so focused on reforming our justice system,” he said.

While Mr. Aquino did not mention the Nov. 23, 2009, Maguindanao massacre specifically, he discussed two proposals that he said would “lead your industry to close ranks.”

The President was referring to the move to decriminalize libel and the proposed right of reply bill.

“Basic fairness should suggest that these proposals are not motivated merely by hostility to [the] media, but that there may be cases where people are genuinely and justifiably aggrieved,” he said.

“Instead of shutting the door, let us engage in respectful dialogue, so that we can reach a consensus that is fair to all concerned,” he said.

Mr. Aquino said the decriminalization of libel “should not be license to commit it.”

“With a [press] entrusted with greater responsibility and a greater awareness of the import of your work, you will better fulfill your mandate, and gain even more trust and renown from your audience,” he said.

The President has been under fire for his refusal to categorically support the freedom of information (FOI) bill, a measure he had promised to enact in stump speeches during the campaign for the presidential election in 2010.

Two years later, the bill remains stranded at the committee level in the House of Representatives.

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  • jadejones2012

    Buhay pa ba ang abnormal na ito?

    Akala ko patay na.

    Di pa ba kumalat ang kanser?

    • chingnarciso

      nakita mo ang sarili mo sa salamin na abnormal,baka may kanser kana..

  • palakasantayo

    Let him stay mum about this case. It did not happen in his administration and he should not comment other than what he is saying to safeguard and protect human rights.

  • opinyonlangpo

    It helps to know that some of the Ampatuans now belong to the Liberal Party.

  • jadejones2012

    Sana nasama ang kanyang kapatid na si Kris sa massacre.

    Tingnan natin kung ‘no word’ pa rin ang gag0ng ito.

    At bakit buhay pa pala ang sira ulong ito???

    Di pa ba kumalat ang kanser????

    • chingnarciso

      naku idinamay pa ang nanahimik na mga tao!!!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Indeed, many in the media are jealous mistresses.  But they are mistresses, first and nonetheless. Unfortunately for them, the President is a bachelor.

  • EdgarEdgar

    This should come as no surprise. Noynoy comes from a clan that does not value human life. Noynoy’s mother opened fire on unarmed and defenseless Luisita farmers who were peacefully picketing outside the palace. The Cojuangco clan did not mind depriving landless farmers of land for 55 years and still counting. 55 years could have done a lot to improve healthcare, education and the lives of so many Filipinos. Singapore improved their lot in 30 years and surpassed us thereafter. Noynoy himself did not mind casually watching the massacre of HK tourists, albeit foreigners, on widescreen television while having his nails done. When some parts of the country were on the path of a superstorm, Noynoy was partying in the capital with complete abandon. Now that the myth of Daang Matuwid has been debunked, let’s not even expect the Maguindanao Massacre to come to a closure within Noynoy’s presidency. For someone who claims to stand for reform, the 3rd anniversary of the bloody massacre did not even merit a mention in Noynoy’s speech. Instead, Noynoy chose to speak about killing the FOI bill, one of the killings the he masterminded.This president just doesn’t care about them.

    • jadejones2012

      Bullseye, EdgarEdgar.

      NoyNoy grew up in the company of slaves which his family owns.

      His mother unrepentantly massacred defenseless farmers in Mendiola.

      This guy does not value life, unless it is a blood relative of his.

      Halang ang bituka ng demonyong ito.

      This man is the devil incarnate.

      • JK1000

        “Bullseye”  Idiot !   Have you experiece your dad being imprisoned for so many years and killed by Marcos people? NO ! 

      • EdgarEdgar

        The Martial Law period was ironically the best years of Noynoy’s life. With daddy in detention, Noynoy was free to be true to himself and to act out his fairy fantasies with childhood sweetheart Eulalio Diaz III. The visits to Fort Bonifacio were particularly pleasurable for Noynoy because he had to be thoroughly frisked, body searched and sometimes even cavity-checked by male military police at the point of entry. But Noynoy’s gay & happy days would abruptly come to an end as daddy was released for a heart surgery in the US. Life in the leafy suburb of Boston was particularly difficult for Noynoy. Always dreaming of becoming a national hero, the late Ninoy simply could not accept nature’s design for his homosexual son. Until the last moment of his life, Ninoy never reconciled with nature, nor Noynoy with his father’s ultimate wish.

      • jadejones2012


      • chingnarciso

        tumawa pa,talagang sira na ata ng ulo…

      • jadejones2012

        Porke bat pinatay ang tatay ng abnoy, ay pwede na siyang mag-may-ari ng mga alipin para pag trabaho-in sa hacienda?

        At ano ang ginawa niya ng pinapatay ng kanyang nanay ang mga magsasaka sa Mendiola?

        Kung demonyo si Marcos, mas demonyo si NoyNoy at ang kanyang angkan.

      • chingnarciso

        idinamay pati mga angkan…

      • PAZ

        Cool ka lang Jadejones. Ang taong mapagmalabis dahil nasa posisyon ay may Karmang darating sa kanya. Ang Diyos ang nakakaalam ng lahat . Noong panahon ni Marcos walang ginawa si Ninoy at mga kasama kundi mag rally. Halos buwan buwan may rally. hanggang sa nag Martial law na nga. Sinira ng Mga tao ni Aquino ang reputasyon ni Marcos. Sa ibang bansa halimaw ang pagkakakilala kay Marcos. PERO IGINANTI NG DIYOS SI MARCOS. HABANGBUHAY NA SIRA IMAGE NI MARCOS SA BUONG MUNDO. SO, SINIRA NYO KAPWA NYO BIBIGYAN KO KAYO NG SPECIAL CHILD SA PAMILYA NYO. HABANG BUHAY NA NILANG KASAMA ANG SPECIAL CHILD. MAY MATA ANG LANGIT.KAYA COOL LANG AKO. ANG DIYOS MASAKIT DING GUMANTI.

      • chingnarciso

        idinamay pa ang patay,talagang ma itim ang budhi ng tao na ito…

  • dennis

    Sumulat kayo sa International Bar Association or International Association for Journalist para madinig kayo!…Take my advise.

  • dennis

    Today is an International Day against Impunity…Alam nyo yan mga journalist? You have all the resources and connections!….Then MOVE!

  • JK1000

    Kasi filipino gusto sila lagi pansin,EPAL lagi.Sabi Instik, ” Filipino lagi gusto sila pansin lahat bagay para feeling importante”

  • noypisiTED

    We all share the outrage on the Maguindanao Massacre where Filipino journalists were among those murdered by the Ampatuans. PNoy intentionally didn’t mention about the massacre case since it’s sub judice. It just shows he respects the proceedings that are going on in the court that’s currently hearing the case. Kudos to the president.

    • jadejones2012

      Sorry, ikaw na lang yata ang fan ni NoyNoy.

      Majority of the filipinos want to see PNOY die soon of cancer

      • jga94

        Really…personally, how many Filipinos do you know?I know Filipinos to be generally kind-hearted….I am sure majority of them do not want anybody to die of cancer….not even the thieving Arroyo….I wouldn’t say I am a fan of PNoy….but he is miles better than his predecessor….

      • jadejones2012

        Why would anybody want Arroyo to die of cancer, eh hindi naman siya naninigarilyo at abusado sa katawan.

        Suntok sa buwan ang magka-cancer siya.

        Pero si nicotine-addict NoyNoy, I’m sure, bulate na lang ang hindi nakapagpirma ng consent para magka-cancer ang sira ulo.

        You will be surprised how many Filipinos want to see NoyNoy die of cancer, Lung Cancer, in particular!

      • jga94

        I think YOU would be surprised at how many Filipinos want PNoy to have good health…kawawa ka naman…you are so full of hate…kaya nga nagkakamassacre ng katulad sa Mguindanao massacre because of hate…

      • jadejones2012

        Bakit, nagpa survey ka ba kung ilan ang gustong mabuhay si PNOY, at ilan ang gustong mamatay???

      • jga94

        Bakit…ikaw may survey ka rin?If I remember correctly in the last SWS survey, PNoy still had a high satisfaction rate…

      • chingnarciso

        aba may pa survey pa ang baliw…

      • chingnarciso

        seguro,ikaw ang isa na nasa bilibid na gumagamit ng wi-fi..

      • chingnarciso

        kahit masama ang tao,ay hindi ko ipinagdarasal na mamatay…

  • jga94

    PNoy’s silence on the massacre is deafening….like it’s not important…sad…

  • vince_bugaboo

    PDI editorial has reported that LP is fielding 9 Ampatuans for various elective positions, and UNA, not to be outdone, has 34 Ampatuans of its own to join the fray (elections). Imagine the POWER, CONNECTIONS and “PERSUASIONS” they’ll hold and wield and utilize if–even if only half of them win–they get ensconced in various, albeit local,  government positions? The bottom line here is CONNECTIONS, and no matter who becomes the next president and from what party he comes from, the fact that several Ampatuans are affiliated with both parties is a clear sign of danger that this Ampatuan case will probably be resolved–to the detriment of the prosecution (families)–by means of “scratching one another’s back.” Combine this with the undeniable fact that the high-paid lawyers of the Ampatuans et al are clearly hired simply to procrastinate and disrupt the court proceedings. They are playing for time–until after the results of the next elections, and then…GAPANGAN na!

    This scenario is not impossible. In fact, it is nakakatakot isiping it could happen because we are in the Philippines where anything is possible. Ang totoo, una, bakit nangyari ang karumaldumal na crime na ‘yon? Pangalawa, maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na ang mga Ampatuan ang guamwa ng krimen, bakit hangga ngayon, tatlong taon na ang nakaraan wala pa ring development   na maliwanag tunkol sa kaso??

    That Aquino is playing the proverbial monkey doesn’t allay our frustrations regarding this case, does it?

  • jadejones2012

    Filipinos, let us all pray that PNOY will die soon, probably of lung cancer.

    Then, his silence on the Maguindanao massacre will be justifiable.

    • chingnarciso

      karma is on you my friend..ikaw na lang ang magdasal ng ganyan,dahil hindi ko maisikmura ang sinasabi mo….

      • jadejones2012

        Di mo masikmura, kasi there is a very big chance na magka-lung cancer nga ang idol mong nicotine-addict na sira ulo.

        Ayaw mong isipin na mamamatay siya sa cancer, kahit most likely he will, soon.

        Accepted na ito ng taong bayan.

        Ako pa ngayon ang masama.

  • boybakal

    Be patient, ayaw nating ng Lutong Makaw.
    Masyado kayong mainipin, parang jay walking lang ang kaso.
    Kayong mga pilipino, pag nakapila sa tanggapan ng gobyerno, reklamo sa bagal.
    Ito pa kayang kasong ito na ang daming pinatay.
    Look at the Jews holocaust, hanggang ngayon nagiimbesitiga pa at hinuhuli ang mga may kagagawan.
    Be patient kabayan, sabi nga ng bisaya hinay hinay lang pulido naman.
    Parang kayo ang namatayan. Hanggat nakakulong ang mga Ampatuan, one step na yan.

  • CPCook

    The writer of this article has like a mob wife’s – he criticizes going through the process of a democratic institutions and yet wants to achieve results of a dictatorial regime.  If PNoy said something about the live case, the same writer would accuse him of trying to influence the judiciary. Having said that, it would be great if the report was quite strict in actually just reporting facts without any slants. (Maybe the writer does not know any better or maybe Inquirer is just another tabloid newspaper.  Either way validates PNoy’s comments about the need to professionalize Philippine media.) Anyway, the trial of Maguindanao massacre is now under jurisdiction of the court. While the trial is nowhere its conclusion, the real question is, is anybody sitting on the case? Based on other reports, it appears that the defense has raised hundreds of motions that had to be cleared before the actual trial.  Truth is, while the process is very slow, this is democracy and the wheels of justice is definitely tilted for the accused. Just as an example, from the first day of the impeachment trial, it was clear that Corona did not declare some of his assets, and yet, the country was better off going through the lengthy process to ensure that all the rights of the accused were preserved. Yet we are better off because of it since everybody knows that former CJ Corona actually misrepresented his SALN, and therefore, fully deserved to be ejected out of the Supreme Court. Same goes for former Pres Arroyo… many people are convinced that she and her family stole from the government, but we need to go through the process. My sympathies to the families of the victims, but justice is not served if the process, no matter how slow, is not properly executed.

    • PAZ

      Ako ang walang paniwala dito kay presidente. Ang alam lang kasuhan ay yung mga kalaban pero pag mga kakampi kahit mga corrupt okey lang sa kanya. Mabagal ang proseso sa demokrasya. Di totoo ang bilis napatalsik ni Corona.Pag kaibigan kahit corrupt okey kay Pres. NOYNOY. KAYA DI NA AKO NANINIWALA SA TAONG YAN.

  • jga94

    I know about separation of the different branches of govt…hence PNoy cannot and should not directly interfere with the case….I think the SC can take additional steps to hasten the case (like the suggestion of Atty Roque of an added sala just to hear the numerous motions)….the DOJ can also help (I am not a lawyer though so I would not know the merits of suggestions) maybe thru their suggestion to just focus on the principal accused….I am sure a lot of the families of the victims would be willing to do that….

    Because this is such a big story….hindi pwedeng status quo lang….

    • jadejones2012


      Pero kung kay GMA, ang ingay ng sira ulo, kahit nasa korte na ang kaso.

      Dapat nang mamatay si PNOY, so there will be a very good excuse for his deafening silence on the Maguindanao Massacre.

      We pray na sana cancer.

      • chingnarciso

        Wow,ang ganda naman ang kalooban mo…

      • jga94

        I pray that you receive love in your life so you won’t be so full of hate….what happened in your childhood ba?

  • jadejones2012

    To the ABnoy fans, what’s the big fuss about PNOY dying soon?

    Accepted na ito ng mga Filipino na most likely, he will die of cancer.

    Kayo lang yata ang ‘in denial’.

    We just pray that it will be soon.

    Insulto kasi sa family ng Maguindanao Massacre victims.

    Ang ingay niya pag si GMA, pero kung sa massacre case, sobrang tahimik.

    At least kung patay na siya because of Lung Cancer, there is a good excuse why he is silent.

    • boybakal

      Pnoy is only obsessed of two persons…GMA and Corona, kumukulo ika nga ang dugo pag nababanggit o nakikita.
      And he massacre them mentally.

    • Balahura

      Hindi bagay sa mukha mo ang pinagsasabi mo, i think lalaki ka palitan mo ng pic ng dating FG ang makapal na mukha mo!

  • agustin

    No words from Pnoy about massacre of journalist, because Ampatuans supported his candidacy. it was Ampatuans who give Pnoy the idea to charge GMA of electoral sabotage. 9 Ampatuans are running under the LP banners.

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