No end in sight to trial of century

Groups urge speedy justice



WHEN WILL JUSTICE BE SERVED? File photo taken on Nov. 25, 2009, shows police forensic officers trying to identify the bodies of dozens of victims of the worst political violence in the Philippines’ history. DENNIS JAY SANTOS/INQUIRER MINDANAO

Three years after the gruesome Maguindanao massacre, proceedings against the accused in what has been described as “the trial of the century” grind at a snail’s pace and have not even reached the  halfway mark.

Lawyer Harry Roque, who represents families of journalists killed in the massacre, said that 91 of the 194 suspects in the case had yet to be arrested.

“If this were like climbing a 100-story building, we would still be on the 20th floor,” Roque said in an interview.

Human Rights Watch on Thursday urged President Aquino to do more to break up  dozens of private armed groups in the wake of the country’s worst political massacre blamed on the powerful Ampatuan clan.

“Three years since the horrors of the Maguindanao massacre, the trial crawls along, half of the suspects remain at large, and the victims’ families still face threats,” Brad Adams, the New York-based rights group’s Asia director, said in a statement.

A Malacañang spokesperson, Ricky Carandang, said police had carried out raids against such groups, leading to some arrests.

Carandang cited an interior department report that showed only around 60 private armed groups remained, compared with 112 at the end of 2010.

“Of the 103 arrested suspects, only 81 have been arraigned. Those who have not been arraigned include former Gov. Zaldy Ampatuan,” Roque said, referring to the detained former head of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

The Maguindanao massacre on Nov. 23, 2009, left 58 people dead, including 32 media workers, the highest number of journalists killed in a single incident anywhere in the world.

They were part of a convoy traveling with the wife of Maguindanao Gov. Esmael Mangudadatu who was going to file her husband’s certificate of candidacy.

Mangudadatu’s wife was accompanied by women relatives and friends. They were all killed. Six other civilians who happened to be passing by were also murdered.

Familiar faces

Among those still at large is Datu Kanor Ampatuan, who allegedly led armed men in stopping the convoy of the victims and herding them to a hill where they were either gunned down or hacked to death and later buried in mass graves dug up by a backhoe.

Kanor is a first cousin and “best friend” of the primary suspect in the massacre, Mayor Andal Ampatuan Jr. He was also the “boss” of slain government witness Suwaib Upham, alias “Jesse.”

Roque said that only 120 witnesses, out of the total 520 listed prosecution and defense witnesses, had been presented in court. “So, we’re still at one-fourth in terms of the witnesses to be presented in the case.”

“Every time there’s a new suspect arrested, we have to present again our witnesses so that he could be identified. If you’ve attended the trial, you’d see that we’re presenting familiar faces. There’s no one new,” he said.

Roque said the prosecution also tried to convince Quezon City Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes to allow 30 major witnesses in the case to testify but only three of them were allowed to take the witness stand due to objections  from defense lawyers.


Second trial court

To hasten the trial, Roque urged the Supreme Court to assign another tribunal to hear the numerous petitions, motions, and countermotions filed by prosecution and defense lawyers.

“This is important so that Judge Reyes would be able to focus on the merits of the case and not be burdened by the numerous motions filed by defense lawyers,” Roque said.

He also urged the National Police Commission to rule with finality on the administrative cases filed against policemen involved in the massacre so that the Department of Justice could decide whom to retain in the list of accused.

“We need to trim down the number of accused because with 194 accused, we will not really finish this case,” Roque said.

“Even in the Nuremberg trials of Nazi officials, there were only 21 defendants although millions were killed in World War II,” he added.

Roque said that the number of accused could be trimmed down to just 35 “primary accused” to hasten the pace of the trial.

“If we don’t improve the current pace of the trial, we won’t finish this in 20 years. It’s going to take us longer,” he said.

Deeply disappointed

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), in a letter to President Aquino, said it was “deeply disappointed at your lack of meaningful action” on his campaign promise to address the problem of impunity.

The NUJP said the massacre trial was “moving with extraordinary slowness … a mockery that insults the memory of the dead and seriously questions the resolve of the authorities to see that justice is done.”

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, speaking to reporters after meeting with NUJP officials Thursday, blamed “dilatory tactics” of the defense panel for the slow proceedings.

“The problem is the penchant of the defense side to question the presentation of certain witnesses and file petitions in the appellate courts,” De Lima said.

“Considering the unique and unprecedented nature of this case, and the volume of the work still to be done, the speedy disposition of this case depends on the cooperation of all the parties involved,”  said Gleo Guerra, acting  Supreme Court public information chief.

Giving an update of the trial, Guerra said the trial judge had already held 264 hearing sessions and heard the testimonies of more than 100 witnesses so far.

She said that 35 lawyers, mostly public prosecutors, were actively prosecuting the case, as against 54 defense lawyers.

Hang the masterminds

Guerra said  307 motions and other matters had been filed or raised and that 204 of these had been resolved.

“As a result of these motions, 447 comments, oppositions, rejoinders and manifestations have been additionally filed. To date, the records of the case have reached 148 volumes,” she said.

In February, one of the accused, PO2 Hernani Decipulo, fell to his death at the detention center at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City, where the trial was being conducted. Several witnesses have also been killed.

Editha Tiamson told the Philippine Daily Inquirer Thursday during a break in the hearing held twice a week that she was extremely upset that here had been “zero conviction” in the case that took the life of her husband, Daniel Tiamson, a driver for UNTV.

“The masterminds are already there! These smaller people, those in lower ranks, were just linked and are just as afraid as we are,” Tiamson said.

“We’re fine with just having the masterminds, the Ampatuans, convicted,” she said.

“If we wait for all of them to be arrested and arraigned, how long will that take? Where will we be then?” Tiamson demanded, saying that might even take 200 years. With reports from Christine O. Avendaño, Jaymee T. Gamil and AFP

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  • pilosopo4

    These murderers should be sent to Manila Police’s District Mobile unit and be escorted one by one and along the way inside the MPD’s Mobile unit something will trigger them to grab the escorts gun and then….case closed. Kidding aside,  the Filipino people are waiting for the wheels of justice to rotate at full speed and provide closure to the families of the victims…each day of delay inflicts more wounds.

  • jinx

    Harry Roque magaling lang dumakdak, pero palagay ko mahinang abogado ito. Imbes na pagka-abalahan humakot ng ebidensiya, walang ginawa kundi manisi ng iba.  May gana pang humila ng napakaraming akusado, kulang naman sa puwersa. I-convict muna yang mga mastermind, o di kaya i-salvage, saka na mamroblema sa iba.

    • batangpaslit

      bakit di mo tulungan si Harry Roque. alam mo pala ang solution, eh?
      suggestion mo “convict”?
      eh, sino ba ang dapat mag convict ng maysala? si Harry ba?

      • jinx

         Paano ma-convict, pinapabagal na nga ng napakaraming testimonya, dadagdagan pa niya.  Dun siya mag-focus sa mga mastermind, hindi maghahagilap ng kung sino-sino pa. Minsan, pati si arroyo sinasama niya. Di ako kampi kay arroyo, pero sa kasong ito, kung isasali pa niya, lalong lalayo ang takbo ng kaso.  Pati offer ni Zaldy Ampatuan na tumestigo laban sa sariling kapatid at ama, nireject din niya. Kasi nga mayabang, akala mo napakagaling niya.

      • batangpaslit

        Bro, the nature of the crime is murder. Government prosecutors must handle the case, not/not the private counsel that assists the heirs of the victims.

        How could Harry reject the offer of Zaldy? It is not he who decides. It is the court that decides at the recommendation of the prosecution panel.

  • mangtom

    Why it is more fun (funny) in the Philppines: bulok and pure joke ang judicial system. 

  • filipinaskoh

    The supreme court must intervene in these very very slow pace proceedings. They must find a way on how to expedite the process. This should be a joint effort to solve this horrendous massacre. It was 3 LONG YEARS AGO.

    I know PNOY had already ordered judge Solis to speed up the trial. I BEG  the President to intervene once more to speed up the trial before the victims’ relatives become disillusioned and just accept a monetary settlement.

    The Defense lawyers it is their ” EVIL and MONEY DUTY” to DELAYED proceedings hanggang sa ang mga key witnesses ay mangamatay at mawalan na ng gana ang mga sumusuporta at sumusubaybay. That it will eventually end up in DISMISS due TO LACK OF EVIDENCE.

    To JUDGE SOLIS please have a heart for the VICTIMS not to the ACCUSED.

    To the Victims’ relatives be vigilant and do not despair – God never sleeps!

  • D_BystandeR

    The ridiculous snail pace of this trial dubbed as the “trial of the century” is fast becoming a monumental  evidence to what we call a mockery of justice. The suggestion of the wife of a UNTV driver, Editha Tiamson whose husband, Daniel, was one of the 58 massacre victims that to hasten the proceedings even to the extent of convicting first the masterminds – the Ampatuans – never mind the small ones they can be tried later for they were just following “orders from the top,” would be enough for her rather than expecting the entire proceedings to finish until the last suspect is brought to trial would, in the more practical assessment of lawyer Harry Roque, counsel for the massacre victims, be 20 years! Some of the more desperate observers would even say 200 years! In our popular saying, “Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo,” would more or less fittingly sum up the futility of the present development as against its practicality. 

  • Guest

    Bulok na Hustisya = Bulok na Bayan.

  • boybakal

    Trial of the Century….It is just living to its name.
    We have waited for millennium why not century.

  • joerizal

    Ipa-pardon lang naman yan ng susunod na Presidente, bakit pa kayo magtitiyaga?

  • Guest

    Instead of “trial of the century” out should read “trial lasting a century”.

  • EdgarEdgar

    This is what happens when politics trumps over the pursuit of justice. The family of the massacre victims would like justice to be served as soon as possible. Noynoy and his administration however have another agenda in mind. To boost the trumped-up charges of electoral sabotage against GMA, Noynoy and the DOJ will inevitably grant concessions and strike compromises. In the end, some criminals may get away with their involvement in the massacre. All in order to satisfy Noynoy’s vengeful bloodthirst which is just too insatiable.

  • Commentator

    Maybe the jury system would work well in this kind of cases just like in western countries. If there are say for example 12 jurors, the prosecution and the defense will be maybe embarrassed to delay the proceedings because there are so many people watching you, unlike with only one judge who others say can be bribe. If there will be an amendment to the constitution, the jury system could be one for big cases. For small cases, like small claims, one judge is enough.

    • scconcern

      Definetly jury system works for the following reason (from expirience as jury):
      1. Trial is democratic not elitist, controlled and manipulated by a bias lawyers not the pluralistic professions/skilled persons. Also, unanimous judgement by group of person is real “beyond reasonable doubt”.
      2. Judgement is based not only in written law but infused with common sense, morallity, emotions, multiple ideal/opinion, logic and more important unanimous in judgement.
      3. Less suseptible to biases, corruption and conspiracy/brokering among lawyers.
      4. Accused is placed on remand center where trials is held, same building.
      5. Once trial start, it is continious and jury are held incuominicado. Jury will be force to work hard to finish the case, to be with the family soon. Posponement is minimize/taboo which will oppose.
      6. Lawyer are task as representative of accused and plaintiff; presiding judge is task to administer, moderate and to sentence.
      7. Witness who withdraw can/is charge with perjury. Once a witness, it is hard to withdraw/backout.
      8. Compasion comes only after judgement.
      9. Young lawyer has fair playing field to compete with other lawyers, they don’t need connection from old/entrench lawyers, especially with relatives sitting as judge or holding high position in the DOJ

  • cogito728sum

    Thirty-five prosecution and fifty-four defense counsels, whew, that’s a lot of cooks to be in a hot kitchen at the same time.  By the time they’re done fanning themselves, the broth is already stale if not totally
    evaporated.  Not even in the Nuremberg Trial were there such a multitude of lawyers to prosecute and defend each and every accused.  Indeed and again, only in the Philippines.

  • scconcern

    Since our court system is elitist, the responsiblity is 100% on the judge. He alone can speed up the case, unless he is lazy faire person or corruptiblle, bias and conspirator to benefit himself.

  • Your_King

    Why is it that this trial which is about the massacre of over 50-60 lives has no end in sight yet the Aquino Administration is so quick to throw together cases against fpgma and have her jailed within days?? This does not make sense.

    • filipinaskoh

      Cases were already been filed against the Ampatuan  and their cohorts – total of 103 arrested and 81 arraigned. Initially 25 counts of murder were filed against Ampatuan Jr then another 15 were added. They were already in jail but not yet in prison because they are not yet convicted. Gloria was very-very lucky she has her hospital arrest when supposed to be she should be in jail too same with the ampatuans.

      Conviction is no longer under the power of the Executive branch that is under the judiciary.

      They were arrested about two or three weeks after the crime- the first was Ampatuan Jr.

      PWEDE BA INTINDIHIN MO ANG BINABASA MO AT NG WAG MONG SISIHIN SI PNOY- ANG TANUNGIN MO BAKIT NANGYARI IYON SA PANAHON NI GMA. Anong kapangyarihan ang ibinigay nya sa Ampatuan para gawin iyon ng basta-basta.

      • Cobra

        si Cory ang nag appoint kay Ampatuan to start with,kaya after so many years in power after Cory nagkasungay at very powerful,so lahat ng presidents from Cory kailangan ang tulong ni ampatuan whether they like it or not,ganon kalakas ang mga ampatuan sa mindanao,ask the locals even in davao city hindi pinakikialaman ni duterte mga ampatuan,where they occupy a whole block complete with their own mosque.Kung baga ampatuan is like bin laden to the yanks in afghanistan when the russians where there,they are used to do their dirty work

      • Your_King

        I understand what i am reading…do you? It says no end in sight to trial of the century, its actually the title. If you are ok with what is going then that is your prerogative. However, for all the other filipinos and those affected by the massacre who had family, friends, and colleague who perished this is just taking too long. Aquino and the Executive branch has a big say on what happens. Just like with FPGMA. Its just with issues concerning her, things move fast and for all other issues including the massacre things move slow.

  • patriotic_act

    due process is the culprit here my fellow countrymen..

    we embraced democracy and the things that we enjoy so much will be same thing that bad people will take advantage at.. 

    I wont be surprised if this case will be dismissed as witnesses will be killed or will die a natural death and family victims’ complainants will stop attending hearings and will just become less and less significant with the media and will inevitably die a natural death..

    Democracy is a double edged blade.. it cuts both when its sharp and it wont too if it lose that sharpness..


  • johnygo

    why not start the trial? , why wait for all the accused to be caught first.? start the trial of the accused 30 by 30 . para matapos na agad , yun nahuli trial ne agad. 

  • boybakal

    Let’s be patient.
    This is not about murder of one person, it is mass murder.
    As long as the perpetrators are in jail and being tried, that is good enough.
    You want speedy disposition, then it might be defense victory.
    The law of justice might be slow but sure and patience brings favorable result.

    • jeffrey_01

      That is worst, it should have finished by now.  Try who are custody right now.

    • filipinaskoh

      REMEMBER they are not in prison but in jail. Not yet convicted. If they have to serve their sentence kahit ang buhay nila ay 300 years hindi pa rin sila makakalabas dahil ang murder counts nila ay umaabot na sa more than 50.

      Because they are not yet convicted, once the relatives of the  victims loses hope and no more key witnesses to witness because they were already been killed,  it could end up in DISMISSAL. lalo na kung ka allied nila ang susunod na presidente- the case will die natural death. But if convicted it is impossible for the next presidentsss to pardon them because of the “number of counts of murder” 

  • jeffrey_01

    S T O P   A L L  P O L I T I C A L  D Y N A S T I E S. 

    Priority of the Filipino people first. Philippine law and constitution forbids the Ampatuan from running for government positions.

  • Karl Bryant

    Bullshit philippines politics. when are we going to see progress? The country is in really bad shape now because of corrupt officials. They should all put in jail and start all over again. They are now reach anyway, name a politician who does not have a mansion because of stealing money from govt (with exemption of pacquio of course). well, all filipinos are now suffering ….30% are now working overseas leaving their love ones at home…..(this is really sad). what kind of life is that. Better to sell philippines to china, or anyone interested. I am willing to give up my philippines as citizenship. I am tired.

  • AmpJr

    As always money talks in the Philippines!!! And rotten people with evil mind will thrive…Where is justice???Ask the judges running the show!!!!Baka natapalan ng pera….

    • Karl Bryant


  • $20722540

    justice delayed is justice denied!  why not create a special court for this massacre and to have a continuous trial everyday or maybe 3x per week.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Justice delayed justice denied.

  • Noel

    Since salvaging is popular these days, why not salvage these Ampatuans to save the government money and hasten the justice ?

    • batangpaslit

      sino ang babayad sa trigerman?

      • Noel

         Ang gobyerno.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      Then it is true that the circle will never end.

      Since if the if what remains of the Ampatuans, having some of their clan summarily executed, CAN prescribe to the same ‘justice’ that have claimed their kin. … And so, they hire other killers to kill the people in gov’t, the witnesses, and the Mangandadatu’s.

      Then the same cycle repeat itself.

    • ever green

      suggestion – saan ba nakakulong mga iyan??? kunwari nasunog ung compound…presto….litson lahat……

  • LabkoPinas

    That is the problem with justice in the Philippines.  It is faster to have someone killed then to charge them in court even if they are caught doing the act that they are charged for. If the government does not act on this eventually the people will take the law into their own hands.

  • dennis

    Sa Pilipinas,mas madaling pumatay ng tao kesa ma-solve ang kaso!…Yan lang ang masasabi ko.Tama lang ang sinabi ko noon na “Kahit ang massacre eh mangyari sa gitna ng Rizal Memorial Football Stadium with 30,000 spectators (witnesses) HINDI PA RIN MASO-SOLVE ANG KASO!”…Pero pumatay ka ng isang mataas ang katungkulan sa Gobyerno,KAHIT SA ISANG ISKINITA LANG MANGYARI…SIGURADONG SINTENSIYADO KA NA KAHIT WALANG WARRANT OF ARREST!…..Sensya na sa matatamaan pero yan ang tutoo!

  • Rambo


  • edwin

    For a country who is corrupt, you will not expect justice! Money talks and buys justice in the
    Philippines. For the victims, I suggest that you should form a vigilante group to wipe out the Ampatuans. That is the only means you can attain justice,

  • Hey_Dudes

    Well, if all the Gung Ho impatient critics in the country can all agree that one way of dispensing quicker sentencing of this particular case  favorable to the kins of the murdered victims is to temporarily suspend some provisions of the constitution and declaring martial law, everyone can expect quicker and deadlier sentencing of these Ampatuan rascals something difficult accomplishing in a democratic system of government.  I bet if martial law is in effect, this will only take a day to decide and perhaps 30 minutes for the firing squad to get rid of these iiiskammbags.  What say you?

  • Alajero

    …i hope AQUINO does not blame GMA for this inadequacy…is it just because…the admin does not have enough competent prosecutors to move it forward…or, more like a security issue for the prosecution side…
    …i would think the admin is inadequate in providing security to the prosecution, investigators, and witnesses…
    …and this is an obvious lack of resolve in the AQUINO admin…

    • Hey_Dudes

      I think you’re barking at the wrong tree.  Give it a rest.

      • Alajero

        …dude..i lost your point…what do you mean?

      • Hey_Dudes

        Do you have solid proof Benigno Cojuangco Aquino III do not have resolve in this particular matter or other cases languishing in various courts?  Why blame him when there is so much blame you can place – that is if you are not showing bias against this administration, on the part of Ampatuans phalanx of high paid lawyers led by the Fortun brothers etc. etc.  Blame democracy while you are at it.

      • Alajero

        …from what you said…that means the prosecution is spite the full backing of admin resources…or incompetent
        …the admin should provide competent prosecutors and investigators to keep it going…and security to protect this teams well being…
        …no one in their right mine should expose themselves to naked danger in the pursuit of this case…
        …the admin should its job to make it happen…no excuses…
        ….the AQUINO admin just annexed the SC by ousting CORONA…so, what would be the excuse this time???

      • Hey_Dudes

         If you think the task is that easy and it only takes the president of a country to strike the wand and everything will turn to magic to your pleasure, why not go to the palace and tell this sitting president you can do a better job at it? Aquino annexed the SC by ousting a corrupt member of the bench?  I think you have been eating too much chicken feet it shows by how you think!

      • Alajero

        …dude…i am just pointing out that you are making excuses for the president…the most powerful person in the land…with full control of gov’t resources…and here you are and de lima complaining…the ampatuans are putting up a credible defense…why, do you just expect them to give up without a fight?…where is the sense in that?…AQUINO could have easily blame CORONA, if he did not oust him…so, question is still the same—-what is the EXCUSE this time???

      • Hey_Dudes

        So now you think if Corona the corrupt CJ of the equally corrupt GMA  was not removed from the SC, Ampatuan would have been sentenced already?  Kulang ka ba sa vitamins your brain seem to be all over the place or are you truly envious of this president?  Matindi ba ang ingit mo pati tuloy bagal ng hustisya sa bansa kasalanan niya? Kulang ka lang sa tulog.

      • Alajero

        …nop…it’s not going to make any difference, because it all depend on how you built the case using motivated prosecutors…not the cautious and endangered ones that are currently in place..
        …why do you plead impotence?…when the issue is…the AQUINO admin…does not have the sex drive to do it…

      • Ben Tampadong

        Hey Dude , don’t make it bad.
        We don’t need to blame democracy here,  if we will just have an open mind and compare our justice system with another country, say US , where we pattern our democracy , do you think we will get the same outcome?

        We are not putting all the blame to this administration but we must be true to ourselves and admit that Pnoy’s government is incompetent. They obviously failed on their promise on delivering justice.

        Upaw na yung buhok sa bumbunan ng mahal na pangulo, hindi pa rin kikilos itong kasong ito. Bakit? Wala naman siyang ginawang impresibo para gumulong ang katarungan sa ating hukuman eh, me bago ba? Nag-talaga lang naman siya ng Kalihim ng Hukuman na magaling lang magpa-interbyu, kulang naman sa gawa. Mabilis lang kumilos ang batas sa mga naging katunggali niya , pero sa mga mahihirap at mahihinang biktima gaya nito, walang pag-asa.

        Itaga mo ‘to sa bato. Patay na tayo parehas walang mangyayari sa kasong ito. Diyan mo makikilala kung anung kapabilidad ng lider na binoto mo, sa mga sitwasyong kailangang tapakan ang isang malaking tao gaya ng Ampatuan.

  • joerizal

    Imagine kung isa sa mga tinakpan ng dahon ng saging eh tatay o kapatid mo. Ano ang mararamdaman mo pag nabasa mong hindi kayang tapusin ang kaso? Eh di tapusing niyo na ang mga Ampatuan.

    • eirons1043

      Tama ka joe at isama mo na lahat ang miyembro ng SC, CA, Sandiganbayan.

  • mangTASYO

    Only three years have passed, we still have to wait for another 97 years to open the Sealed Verdict thus completing 1 century…remember your honor, this is “TRIAL OF THE CENTURY”.

    Unfortunately, Sigfreid Fortun (et al), is making a fortune for delaying justice.

    Truly, the true judgment will be on the Day of Reckoning – where objection is overruled. 


    • rosamistika16

      I admired the fortun brothers for being smart and intelligent but i am so desperate that their cleverness and intelligence could be quantified and priced. They could have just accepted civil cases but not criminal cases like ampatuans for they could still earn much.

      nakakatulog pa kaya etong mga abogago ng mga ampatuan or they are seriously working to defend their client for the sake of money?

      • mangTASYO

        Kay Fortun, nais kong malaman
        Ano ang lasa ng pera ni Ampatuan
        Anak, asawa mo ba ay nasasarapan
        Salapi ng halimaw ay nasa inyong tiyan

        Sa gabi ng pagtulog, kayo ba’y nagdarasal
        Nawa’y maipanalo ang mga pusakal
        Walang kasingsama, sintulad na halimaw
        Kahit kamatayan di sapat ipataw

        Fortun, Fortun ba’t di mo gamitin
        Talas ng isip sa mabuting mithiin
        Paglingkod sa bayan ay iyong isipin
        Dukhang biktima ay iyong sagipin

        Sa halip ipagtanggol taong naapi
        Pinili mo ang mang-aapi dahil sa salapi
        Sa kislap ng kinang, di makatanggi
        Tulad ni Ampatuan ikaw man ay guilty

        Luha at dugo walang awang bumuhos
        Sa gitna ng hiyaw sa kuko ng diablos
        Naisip mo ba at iyong natalos
        Mga pinatay ng walang lunos

        Sadya bang ika’y wala ng budhi
        Sa Ampatuan walang konting muhi
        Kaya ka nag-aral ay iyong minithi
        Buhay, kaluluwa may tumbas na salapi

  • Noel

    Let’s take the case of the younger Ampatuan.  The case is still at the lower court.  There are hundreds of motions filed by his lawyers to delay the decision.  Then, it goes up to the Court of Appeals.  The highly paid lawyers would again file motions and petitions to delay the case.  Finally, it’s elevated to Supreme Court that takes time to decide.  Even if there’s already a decision, the accused could still file for motion of reconsideration.  By that time, the accused would be 70 years old that can no longer be jailed and can be pardoned due to his age.  Solution:  Eliminate him now !

  • Cobra

    Cory appointed ampatuan as amguindanao oic,from then on his family became the most powerful clan in magindanao that’s why they can do these crimes,years from now it will be hataman who will be doing his worst to the people of mindanao after being appointed by abnoy.

    • Hey_Dudes

       The late Corazon  Cojuangco Aquino may have been responsible on Ampatuan’s being in-charge of that region however, who do you think armed him to the teeth and protected him from the courts just so GMA’s opponents will get 0 votes in their bailiwick?  Do you know or do you care at all?

    • regd

      Wrong and misleading! A simple google on the ampatuan history will set you on the actual history. Cory replaced all sitting elected official including andal ampatuan SENIOR. The ampatuans solidifed it’s grief on power through a close friendship with gloria arroyo.

      Are you a college graduate? Why is your history so screwed up?

  • wvillaro822

    Sobrang tagal, anong klaseng korte mayroon tayo?- inutil na gungong pa? Why not just do the trial of the two mastermind in a separate venue, put them first to jail and then go on.  P’noy need to do something before he finish his term. 

  • jadejones2012

    Kasalanan daw ito ni GMA, sabi ni PNOY.

  • vince_bugaboo

    bakit ang ibang kriminal madalas “mang-agaw” ng baril ng guardia o pulis. 
    bakit di nila “pa-agawin” din ang mga ampatuwad?

    • spider69

      you have a point. but those were isolated cases. iba ang Ampatuan case. as long as it is being delayed the more change everybody to earn a living. sa tagalog “MAGKAMAL”  Do I have to elaborate that Ampatuan’s has not only millions. but billions.

  • regd

    Did the marcos victims ever get justice to this day?

    • Ping Gonzales

       Ma convict din ang mga iyan in next 10 generations to come he he

  • mangTASYO

    Mayor Lim, di ba pwedeng dalhin na lang sa TONDO Gen Hospital ang mga ampatuans for amputation surgery? ha-ha-ha.

    Anong klaseng korte raw mayroon tayo? … Eh di bilog, Korteng Pera. ha-ha-ha.

    OUTSOURCING na lang kaya – Litisin na lang sa Afghanistan, Iran, your preference! ha-ha-ha.

    Fortun…misfortune, el cabron!

  • imongredneck

    The longer this trial takes, the more money these lawyers (especially the Ampatuans’ lawyers) get. This is not only the Trial of the Century, this is also a trial that will take a century to complete. In other words Justice Denied.

    • Ping Gonzales

      Am just happy that Auino won the 2010 election what if GMA’s ally won do you think the case will be filed in court baka sa Prosecutor’s office ay no probable cause to file the complaint in court dahil yon ang utos sa CJ sa SC he he

      • imongredneck

        The Ampatuan is a monster created by our politicians after the EDSA I. Just about every president who got elected since, except Pnoy, had the blessing from this monster.

  • vince_bugaboo

    suggestion to the media: araw-araw there should be a write-up about this case; about its slow-moving pace, para laging buhay ang galit at iritasyon ng taong bayan sa kawalan ng progreso tungkol sa kaso. kayo pa naman ang daming namatay na collegues ninyo. sana man lang alang-alang sa kanilang mga pamilya, h’wag kayong tumigil ng kai-ingay! kaso mas madaldal pa kami kesa sa inyo e. ok lang sana ‘yon, masipag naman kaming magda-daldal; ang diperensya kung walang open na topic tungkol sa kasong ito, saan kami dadakdak? dun sa tubig na may etsas sa Subic bay? 
    puede rin kaming magta-talak don, style “Amalayer” tungkol sa bagal ng kaso ng mga ampatuad, kaso sasabihin ng ibang kamukha kong dakdakero: “naligaw ka ata dito, dude?”

    Gatungan n’yo kami because we are the “voice of the nation.” at pag nag-ingay kami naririndi pati si manong johnny at si madamosel santiago! tingnan n’yo kung anong nangyari kay Corona sa kulit namin? 
    h’wag kayong parang ningas-kugon lang o kung ano lang ang gustong ipasulat ng inyong mga editor!  pesteng mga editor ‘yan, gusto politics ng politics! alam naman na namin kung sino ang mga korap, ang mga mas korap at pinaka-korap!! 

    hala, h’wag n’yong tigilang bulatlatin ang ampatuan case na ito maski paulit-ulit ang isulat n’yo at maski paulit-ulit din ang mga post namin! marunong naman kaming mag-post & paste! importante marindi ang mga binabayaran nating mga tao sa korte at mapilitan 
    silang lu-%$£–bog! 

  • speedstream2

    Every problem has a solution. It will depend on who will provide the solution and how it will done. It’s just a matter of time Question is: what happens when time runs out?

  • eirons1043

    Mainly the SC can hasten the trial simply by deciding asap the motions of Fortun which is plainly dilatory which even an ordinary person who is literate can see. A dilatory motion can be decided right away by any judge or justice just after reading it umder one hour. Also the SC can order to shorten anything in the rules especially in the trial proper. Another person who can help in speeding up the  case is Tuwid Boy who can castigate the judges and justices in public even if it is separate kuno arm of the government as the President is the real leader of the country and not the SC or Congress. Anyway due process is what the SC say so. The overwhelming evidence against the ampatuans no longer needs much hearing had it happen in the US the decision has already been handed one year ago. Look at the case of Bernie Madoff. Its grossly moronic to finish the hearing of all 100 plus accused individually before a judgment is rendered to anybody what is this – all or nothing? I believe that its about time that the Manila Police of Fred Lim be the guards of the Ampatuans coz sa dami ng pinatay niyan ng walang awa eh justice will be served on them isang biyahe lang.

    • calixto909



  • Mattino2011

    Talaga di uusad? Sa300 motions na nakabinbin na dapat resolbahin, aabutin yan ng siglo..

  • Beguine

    Justice system and commerce or business deals often go hand
    in hand, whether the country or community is civilized or not.

    The most outrageous examples are the Marcoses and their ill gotten
    fortune and more recently the Ampatuans and their ill gotten fortune
    as well.

    As we can all see, the Marcoses have not been punished for so long
    as they can hold on to their vast stolen riches. Same thing with the
    Ampatuans. Even in minor cases, the same thing holds true.

    Who holds the money makes the rules, plain and simple.

    But take away their money, and they rot in jail (wish electric chair justice
    is back!) and lose their bargaining power and get consigned to oblivion. But
    that’s in an ideal world, the kind of world we live in simply sucks!

  • Pablo Juan

    I understand one of the amapatuans, the JR, allegedly sold almost a dozen of his prime properties to his personal lawyer a couple of weeks before the court ordered a freeze on their assets.

    Shouldnt a) the BIR check on this and validate that the lawyer can afford this — possibly nga since he must paid for them, assuming he really bought them, using his professional fees from the devil himself — and see if he paid the right taxes?  and b) the IBP check if there are some ethical stuff violated or is ethics (and possibly morality) never an issue with IBP?

    Many lawyers, are not only defending — to the hilt — many of our society’s scum but possibly conniving with them so a) they can leave the country or b) hide their assets for ‘later’ retrieval.  Isn’t this harboring and assisting fugitives (e.g. lawyers of Gov Reyes of Palawan, of Ampatuans etc) and yet we dont hear the DOJ or whoever investigating them? are lawyers hands-off?

    • Simon Ward

      You ask, “are lawyers hands-off?” and I think your instinct is good. As a rule of thumb, lawyers don’t like going after lawyers. It’s just one aspect of this profession I find detestable.

  • Edgardo M. Oreta

    Reading this article is saddening because you know, from experience, that nothing is going to happen. The powerful can get away with anything, from theft in the government, to murder along the highways  The institutions of the country are to blame. From the church, which has failed in instilling a moral sense among its members, to the government, whose members are in power for enrichment.
    So, what do Filipinos do? They leave. Can there be anything more pathetic and illustrative than the desire of Filipino workers to leave shelled Gaza, but not to go back to the Philippines-anywhere but home.

    • Guest

      The institutions are not to be blamed. It can be improved. It is the people that will not change. The good and the intelligent left already, and are still leaving. The country is rotten and corrupt because the people are rotten and corrupt. From the crab and colonial mentality, palakasan and pakitang-tao lifestyle, religious superstitions, bahala na  , etc. Just look at the way people drive, litter, urinate, and squat anywhere. Massive changes in people’s attitude will not be possible without a revolution to cleanse society, that is why it is the basket case of Asia. Mabuhay to all patriotic and jingoistic fools who like to blame others. It’s always the governments, the foreigners, and the typhoons fault.

      • dacuycoy

        You are right, the people mirrors their kind of government . They get the government that  they deserve,

        There’s got to be a Lee kuan Yew leadership to reform the country.  

  • victor1052

    The trial is a farce from the beginning. Gloria let the ampatuans be tried under the notoriously slow and defective national law instead of the more expeditious sharia law which the ARMM is supposed to imposed. The trick was to wait out whoever wins the last presidential elections. If Gibo had won, then the ampatuans would have walked out free. If not, then Gloria would free them when she comes back as president ( That is one reason  why she endured ‘indignity’ and jeers of being called shameless and ran and won a gongressional seat.).

     Pnoy is useless also. If he had use  the same relentless zeal as pursuing our claim to the spratleys as seeking justice for the victims , the ampatuans will have been convicted in less than a year. I say let the sharia law be imposed on the ampatuans, behead them and rid the country of these hoodlums.

    • imongredneck

      Sharia won’t decapitate criminals of the Ampatuan’s stature. They could even walk out by paying their victims, and if the victims won’t accept the pay up somebody will take it in their behalf, which will undoubtedly be the lawyers. The Chinese way of summary justice would be better. Two years ago they could have been lined up. Put a single bullet behind their heads, and that would be the end of it.

  • Klepto

    The Philippines justice system, as everyone knows, is a big joke. Our laws are just suggestions.
    Lawyers and justice are all money faced. Everyone in the government are untrustworthy.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Obviously, this writer using nik ‘Alajero’  is consumed with so much disdain with the country’s sitting president – his reasoning to justify his dislike has gone not only to the dogs but also for  the most part into the septic tanks.

    So, if I could only ask this writer ‘Alajero’ one more thing before we both move on to our sense of understanding.  Listen, if some officials in countries like Cuba, North Korea and Communist China butchered 57 lives senselessly, do you think officials like Ampatuans will still be alive 3 years after they engineered the murderous rampage?  If you think they will not be breathing fresh air the next day of their capture, why do you think that is?

    Now, if this writer can honestly answer this without the usual retorts about the current political dispensation and the snail justice system, It’ll be interesting to see if he or she can form an opinion base on what the system can and cannot do.

    • nakawan

      dude just don’t mind him. he’s nothing but a c o c k sipping, herpe-having freakshow who’s bitter about his state in life

  • skyrockettt

    matalino yung abogado ng mga ampatuan. Nadi-delay nila ang proceedings dahil sa mga objections nila. So siguro i-salvage na din ang abogadong ito na tagapagtanggol sa mga demonyo.

    • gibreel farishta

      bigyan ba naman ng mansion, bai..

  • ever green

    hindi trial of the century yan, baligtarin — A CENTURY OF TRIAL yan……

  • Boy Dalius

    Abusing the “due process” – a privilege of the moneyed.

    Can someone of some group just take the matter into their own hand(s) and get this over with ? 

    • gibreel farishta

      volunteering here..

    • coty

       ha ha the “due process” should be correctly changed into the “overdue process”!

  • tra6Gpeche

    There is no doubt that justice in the Philippines is no justice at all. Perhaps, everybody involved in the trial is corrupt, inept, coward and without sense of shame. This includes the Quezon City Judge, Jocelyn Solis-Reyes. The government of Mr Aquino should also be held accountable for the slow progress of the Ampatuan Massacre trial. Everyone knows that the perpetrators of this barbaric crime are just buying time. Any more procrastination will mean freedom for all the accused.  

  • dacuycoy

    Better if the Government concentraate on the masterminds like what they did in the Nuremberg war crimes trial to quicken the result of the case.  it looks like an open and shut case anyway and the only difference is that the Ampatuan hoarded tons of money from plundering the ARMM.  Enough to hire the best lawyers in town until hell freezes over.If the case is finished surely the Ampatuan’s loot has been transferred to their lwyers as attorney’s fees and nothing could be recovered from them tto indemnify the victims.

    Better to turn-over the masterminds to Dirty Harry for practical disposition.  Lalong hahanga pa sigurado  ang madla sa kanya.

  • Bengatibo

    Amazing how very slow justice grinds in the Philippines. Is there a solution to this slow pace of justice??? Who were the masterminds??? Should the lawyers be accountable for the delaying tactics??? These Trial will  last our lifetime with no results !!! No wonder other people result to extra-judicial killings just to resolve their issues. I would bet that the perpetrators would die of natural death (Old age) before a verdict is given. 

  • agustin


  • Albin

    With 9 Ampatuans running under LP, baka palabasin nag mass-suicide ang mga biktima.

    • Para_sa_bansa

      Actually, a GMA news article just yesterday noted 72 Ampatuans (those who carry the name in their middle and family names) as running for public office in 2013. These include the wives of the 2 principal massacre suspects, who are also incumbent mayors in Maguindanao. This cycle of impunity is just mind-boggling, but in the end so long as people still vote them into power, nothing changes. 

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Pakawalan na lang ang mga yan. Lagyan ng karatula na Maguindanao murderers at iparada sa EDSA for everyone to stone until death.


    I am sorry for the families of the victims. It is unfortunate how slow the justice is in the PH but I still have hope that justice will be served soon. No more hate and killings of innocent victims and for those people who inflict sadness, despair for the families and embarrassment for the whole nation, you will pay for it in jail and you will be judged when you face our creator. so goodluck ang sama nyo sobrang kawawa mga anak at asawa nila because of politics you murder people? hindi po yan negosyo ang politics, you are there to serve the flipino people! I CRY FOR JUSTICE!!!

  • hustlergalore

    ang mga personal pets ni gloring-ring tuwing eleksyon. BOW.


    • agustin

       Don’t you know that the Ampatuans supported Pnoy during his presidential candidacy.?

      • Para_sa_bansa

        Actually, according to a recent GMA News article there are 72 Ampatuans (those with the name as their middle or family names) running for public office in 2013, including the wives of 2 of the primary massacre suspects, who are also the incumbent mayors of 2 towns in Maguindanao. This blatant cycle of impunity is mindboggling, but I suppose so long as the people in Maguindanao continue to vote for them, that cycle will never stop.

      • nakawan

        Maguindanao loves their murderers :D

  • Olibo

    USAD-PAGONG sa may pera Speedy Gonzales sa mahirap.Where are the judges like Lourdes P. San Diego and  Manuel Pamaran? If these heinous criminals escape the hand of justice, the victims should request the NPA to do the job.

  • Mananandata69

    One cannot expect justice from our present system. Let God do the vengeance. For God says vengeance is mine. let the loved ones and families of suspects curse by God unto their succeding generations. and let these suspects wittness how their families suffer. In due time, it will come.


    i guess that s the best defence this murderous people have,delay,delay,in the end they all die and anwser to GOD and say hi to SATAN himself,so good luck to this demons in the afterlife

  • RyanE

    The lawyers of the accused are throwing everything in the book, except the kitchen sink, in order to delay or buy as much time as possible. Perhaps the reason for this instruction from the Ampatuans is because they are hoping against hope that time may come when Mrs. Arroyo would return to power hence absolving or pardoning all of her former allies.

  • Philcruz

    I agree that only the masterminds should be prioritized. This massacre could not have happened without their orders. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.

  • Magsasaka

    bakit hindi isalvage na lang ng mga pulis ang mga mastermind?dahil pipitsuging kriminal lang ang kaya nilang patayin hehehe

  • disqusted0fu

    will the trial of the century last for also a century? if only the president will put his attention to this and start doing something, this trial will move as fast as it can. but i guess he is too busy going around the world spreading his word.

  • ipoipo8

    Justice delayed Justice denied

  • phantomofhope

    bat walang nakakaisip ng extra-judicial means? :)

  • ipoipo8

    Why  not send the judge in jail with the Ampatuans ?

  • virgoyap

    Let Dirty Harry handle the case and it will be finished the soonest.

    • Mrjager23

       Yes. Look at the hostage taking at Roxas boulevard smarty pants.

  • Guest

    I think it is better to manage expectations early on. Better to let the victims’ families know that something is being done by this administration but it will take a lot of time, many many years. As much as possible, I would like to give the president and his administration all the leeway on this matter. If pardoning some Ampatuans will mean winning this administration greater control of the south, I would completely support it. It’s all for the greater good.

  • regd

    A shot to the head of the patriarch will send the case into a swift verdict and conviction. Cut the head, problem solved.

  • Bad_Ong

    PNoy, if you have that balls to ask US to speak up about West Phil Sea then, here, where you have jurisdiction and much influence WHERE are YOU? Why don’t you SPEAK OUT PUBLICLY and ask SC to move its butt to dispense justice to the poor victims of this massacre? Besides, you have on your side the CJ and some associate justices to start with?

    Ano pa hinihintay o dahilan? End the impunity now please!

  • Danilo Mariano

    Palayain niyo na lang ang mga hayop na ‘yan pero pasundo niyo kay Mayor Lim at dalhin sa Tondo!

  • wakats

    One of the commenters below aptly said “the trial of the century would last for a century.”

    Sec. de Lima said one of the problems causing delay is the penchant of the defense lawyers to question the presentation of certain witnesses and file petitions after petitions in the appelate courts.

    Lawyer Harry Roque representing the slain journalists, said the number of accused could be trimmed down to 35 just to expedite the trial.  Moreover, Editha Tiamson, wife of one of the victims, said “we’re fine with just having the masterminds, the ampatuans, be convicted.

    One of the useless suggestions came from Gleo Guerra, acting SC Public Information Chief, when she said, in part, that “the speedy disposition of this case depends on the cooperation of all the parties involved.”  It seems she is not aware that the high-priced defense lawyers are hired primarily to delay the trial until the vital witnesses are silenced.  As the saying goes “the best defense is to destroy the evidence.”

    Unless some drastic modifications are introduced/implemented, our justice system will continue to be the laughingstock of the world and the 3-year old trial of the century is likely to last for a century… 

  • boybakal

    The problem is….they prejudged the case by calling it Trial of the Century.
    It they call it Trial of Year maybe the trial is done by now and there is already conviction.
    Trial of the century….you give the defense to delay for years.

    • JuanTamadachi


  • Concerned Citizen

    baka me pera pa na nakukuha ang mga Ampatuan mula sa gobyerno kahit na nakakulong na ang mga eto.  Titigil o mababawasan lang ang pagpatay sa mga witness kung mababawasan na ang panggastos ng mga eto. 

  • RealityCheckX

    It is clear that Noy2, Delayma and the SC have neglected this case, in stark contrast to their rush to file weak, trumped-up charges against Gloria.  Nothing has come of them all whereas witnesses here have been dying one by one. So much for even-handed justice in the Phils.

    • DondonSantosJr

      nice one Delayma, dagdag sa DalDal-lima he he he

      • raymond

        pwede rin DEQUATRO…peace!

  • Mrjager23

    Malungkot dyan sa pilipinas – lahat joke. Ampatuan, China territorial dispute etc. 

  • Mrjager23

    I think tama tawag nila na “trial of the century” kase baka one century na may “trial” pa din :D

  • virgoyap

    How many protests and marches needed to make the Maguindanao massacre
    case speedy. The slower the case be resolved the happier are the
    Ampatuans and all those who are involved. Up to now they still don’t
    feel the pains and sufferings for what they have done. While the dear
    ones of the victims are the one carrying the crosses for what had
    happened. What a pity!!! What an injustice!!!

    • buttones

      You should add to your list the victims of the Princess of the Stars fiasco as well- so far not a single payout……

  • Reynilda de vries

    there’s no Justice ba talaga dito sa atiN? Grabe na ito talaga …

  • mangTASYO

    Eenie meenie miney mo
    Pag me money SIGA mo
    Kahit ano bilhin mo
    Men in robes, lima singko

    Eeenie meenie miney mo
    Abugago tatlo singko
    Krimen mo linisin ko
    Bulsa ko punuin mo

    Eenie meenie miney mo
    Nasaan ang Kongreso
    Batas mo malasado
    Laruan ng mga abugago

    Eenie meenie miney mo
    Magsalita ka mahal na pangulo
    Hustisya kailangan ko 
    Sarap-buhay ng akusado

    Eenie meenie miney mo
    Mga medya wag makuntento
    Araw-araw ay ikuwento
    Maguindanao, isang multo

  • $14523613

    mga demonyo kayo ampatuan

  • raymond

    the crime was done in broad daylight and in the most brutal manner…yet 3 years on and there is still no justice for the victims…i sympathize with the families…hope justice will find its way even at any form…

  • buttones

    OMG! This surely will be another one for Guinness , the longest murder trail in history- and as we speak the major international news media are reporting this anniversary, we should heads our heads in shame and ignominy…….

  • sacrebleau

    The Judiciary should take the initiative to fast track their cases, most especially this one. If not, then their salary (and budget) should also be appropriated at a glacial pace.

    • tiopaero


      SACREBAKLAeau hahahahahahahahaha !!!! i like that name !!!!!!!

      Ibig ba sabihin ng SACREBAKLAeau…..ay isang sacred na bakla ?

      • sacrebleau

        Walang epek sakin ang mga mangmang.

  • 7_mgawalanghiyakayo

    Sana huwag nang hintayin na maubos ang mga wetnisses, start prosecuting the defence lawyers they are more criminal than Ampatuan’s Family.

  • tiopaero

    di ba dapat matapos ang kasong yan kasi gagamitin pa si Norie Unas Satanas as witness laban kay GMA sa electoral sabotage case  !!!!  paano testify si satanas kung gulity na sa Maguindanao Massacre di mabilis pa sa las cuatro tapon sa basurahan ang kaso hahahahahahaha !

  • robrano

    Simple reasons, aside of the defense lawyers. Noy still wants the Ampatuans as witnesses against GMA and their followers voting for his side next year. Then, the Ampatuans can slowly be spared for age, health and other claims for “humanitarian reasons”.
    Just compare how the case against Corona was rushed and pushed through all instances and Corona was no multiple killer, just not pro Noynoy. If there would be a will to have a trial, thry just could start with the masterminds and later the others.But this delay is the “straight path”.

    • jga94

      The Corona impeachment was a political maneuver/exercise….this was why PNoy–having the majority in Congress was able to succeed….etong Ampatuan case….nasa courts na….iba yung dalawa….altho I agree na I am sure there can be ways to hasten the process….andamin kasing lawyers na kahalo…kaya magulo….

      Ampatuans witnesses for what case? Yung election fraud? Di ba nga the Court granted bail to GMA because allegedly hindi strong yung evidence against her? Di naman ginamit na witness ang mga Ampatuan….

      For elections? Di ba si Mangundadatu na yung nasa pwesto…kaalyado nila? Why would they need Ampatuan?Parang it would be political suicide if you openly side with them….in the case of national elections….I wouldn’t know kung sa level ng local elections….

      I don’t get your arguments….

    • RomyLitz

      Impossible analyses. Full of ilogical assumptions!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    When will justice be served?

    Parang tinanong mo na din when will corruption be eradicated?

  • boybakal

    No one is to blame in this Trial of the Century except…
    De Lima and prosecution, why.
    De Lima and prosecution are good only in Media argument. They are good in presenting their case in live interview.
    Once in court room with defense lawyers of Fortun brothers, they are at lost and don’t know what to do.
    Just like this Roque, I thought he was very good in giving opinions in television and now asking help from SC.
    Though I sympathize with the victims, let lady justice hears all the arguments without seeing anybody as she is blindfolded.

    • jga94

      I would blame ALL the lawyers….I can only imagine the delaying tactics of the defense….parang mas humahanga ka pa sa mga Fortun brothers ….who are known defenders of the moneyed and corrupt…..this world will be a better place without any lawyers….especially the Fortun types…

  • Kabataang makabayan

    AS long as the prime suspects the ampatuan clan are inside the jail. who needs a speedy trial? Let them DIE in jail while waiting for doesn’t matter if it takes 10,20,30or 50 years who cares..they will suffer and die waiting for speedy trial.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • vince_bugaboo

    PDI editorial has reported that LP is fielding 9 Ampatuans for various elective positions, and UNA, not to be outdone, has 34 Ampatuans of its own to join the fray (elections). Imagine the POWER, CONNECTIONS and “PERSUASIONS” they’ll hold and wield and utilize if–even if only half of them win–they get ensconced in various, albeit local,  government positions? The bottom line here is CONNECTIONS, and no matter who becomes the next president and from what party he comes from, the fact that several Ampatuans are affiliated with both parties is a clear sign of danger that this Ampatuan case will probably be resolved–to the detriment of the prosecution (families)–by means of “scratching one another’s back.” Combine this with the undeniable fact that the high-paid lawyers of the Ampatuans et al are clearly hired simply to procrastinate and disrupt the court proceedings. They are playing for time–until after the results of the next elections, and then…GAPANGAN na!

    This scenario is not impossible. In fact, it is nakakatakot isiping it could happen because we are in the Philippines where anything is possible. Ang totoo, una, bakit nangyari ang karumaldumal na crime na ‘yon? Pangalawa, maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na ang mga Ampatuan ang guamwa ng krimen, bakit hangga ngayon, tatlong taon na ang nakaraan wala pa ring development   na maliwanag tunkol sa kaso?? Kasi nasa Pilipinas tayo.

    • RomyLitz

      Very improbable scenarios. Scenarios wanting in logic about the kiss of death of GMA and Ampatuans !

  • Eslazar



  • Eslazar




  • boybakal


  • Albert Einstien

    HUWAD na DAAN… by pnocchio….

  • RomyLitz

    We all knew that Ampatuan is one of the creation of El Dewende and El Tabako to ensure their winning streak strategy in Maguindanao which caused the loss of  FPJ and Brenda. Why not also protest in front of the hospitals where Abalos, Morato and El Dewende are pretending to be seriously ill?

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