Senate confirms Subic toxic waste dumping

US Navy contractor broke law—Legarda



Sen. Loren Legarda. INQUIRER file photo

A US Navy contractor violated Philippine environmental laws by dumping toxic waste into Subic Bay in October, Senate investigators found Wednesday.

The contractor, Glenn Defense Marine Philippines Inc., was also found to have no clearance from the Philippine government to dispose of ship waste in the sea and no equipment to determine whether the waste it was handling was harmful to marine life.

In a joint hearing of  the Senate committees on foreign relations and environment and natural resources, Sen. Loren Legarda  said Glenn Defense clearly broke Philippine laws on proper waste disposal regardless of claims by the company’s CEO, retired Vice Adm. Mateo Mayuga,  that a Philippine Daily Inquirer report on the dumping of toxic waste into Subic Bay was “inaccurate or false.”

Mayuga told a news conference in Manila recently that waste removed by Glenn Defense from US Navy ships docked at Subic was pretreated and disposed of in waters outside Philippine territory.

But the US Navy, which is investigating Glenn Defense, denied Mayuga’s statement, saying it had no waste treatment equipment aboard its ships.

That meant the wastewater Glenn Defense’s tanker MT Glenn Guardian removed from a US Navy vessel and dumped into waters 37 kilometers off Subic on Oct. 15 was hazardous.


Beyond allowed limits

Samples taken by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) Ecology Center and tested by Subic Bay Water showed the waste contained particulates beyond permissible limits.

Both SBMA Chairman Roberto Garcia and Rear Adm. Luis Tuazon Jr., Coast Guard officer in charge, confirmed during the hearing that the waste was not pretreated, and the Coast Guard did not grant Glenn Defense a discharge permit.

Mayuga earlier insisted that Glenn Defense obtained an exit permit from the SBMA Seaport Department, which he claimed was enough to cover its operations, but Tuazon claimed that a priori clearance from the Coast Guard was mandatory under  Coast Guard Memorandum Circular No. 01-2006, or the Rules Prohibiting the Dumping and Discharging of Wastes and Other Harmful Materials.

Mayuga said Glenn Defense did not seek clearance from the Coast Guard since the waste was to be dumped outside Philippine territory.

Philippine territory

But Tuazon said the area where Glenn Defense dumped the waste was part of the country’s  exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

The EEZ extends 370 kilometers (200 nautical miles) from the coast. Beyond that is international water.

Mayuga said the waste handled by Glenn Guardian was wastewater, but SBMA Ecology Center Chair Angel Bagalayos presented evidence that the waste breached toxic levels allowed under the law.

Bagalayos said the  sample tested by Subic Water showed that the effluents had high levels of toxicity.

“Fishes and other water organisms will die due to the highly toxic wastes  thrown in our seas,” Bagalayos said.

“It is clear that the wastes were not pretreated, that there have been difficulties, there have been violations in so far as the toxic level of the wastes is concerned,” Legarda, chair of the committee on foreign relations, said.

“It is clear there is  no permit secured from the Philippine Coast Guard.  It is clear that there should be greater coordination,” she said.

Glenn’s responsibility

Sen. Panfilo Lacson said that Glenn Defense should have conducted its own laboratory tests on its ship before dumping  any waste into the sea.

“That’s your responsibility and  probably your accountability. How would you know if the materials you are dumping are hazardous wastes?” Lacson told Mayuga.

Mayuga admitted that Glenn Defense had no capacity to conduct an independent test on the toxicity of waste. But he stressed that Glenn Defense’s contract was for toilet waste.

Legarda castigated Mayuga for assuming that the waste dumped by Glenn Defense was pretreated by the US Navy and declaring it harmless in the media without making his own verification.

“Most US Navy vessels, including some commercial vessels, have separation devices for wastewater. And if it doesn’t go through the process then it’s considered untreated. But if it goes through that process it becomes treated,” Mayuga insisted.

But Legarda said Mayuga merely assumed that what the US Navy had given to Glenn Defense was pretreated waste and that he had no “firsthand knowledge” of the toxicity of the waste.

Legarda urged lawyers for  Glenn Defense to advise the company to acknowledge its fault before it gets into deeper trouble.

“I’m sure there’s a conflict deep within your heart. I’m sure [that] as a Filipino, you want to say yes to me because I am an environmentalist, but your lawyers will say do not admit it because the company will pay. I know where you’re coming from, I can see it in your eyes that you agree with me,” Legarda told Mayuga.

She said it was up to the SBMA to determine whether Glenn Defense should undertake a cleanup and pay for damage caused by its operations.

“Somebody should be answerable for this,” she said.

Legarda said the hearing showed that the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) was merely used as an excuse by Glenn Defense to  escape liability.

“This issue on the dumping of wastewater has nothing to do with the VFA,” Legarda said.

Lawyers for Glenn Defense invoked the VFA in fending off an SBMA investigation into waste dumping, but the Department of Foreign Affairs  said the agreement covered only visiting US armed forces, not civilian contractors.

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Rep. Walden Bello have introduced resolutions for the termination of the VFA as a result of the pollution of Subic Bay.

Committee report

In a statement she issued later yesterday, Legarda said her committee would submit a report on the investigation by the end of November.

The report “will try to pinpoint accountabilities and, if warranted, recommend penalties against those who may have violated Philippine laws and regulations,” Legarda said.

“I have asked the various agencies to complete their investigation and to submit to the committee [their] findings and recommendations,” she said.

“I . . . expect these agencies to enforce the law without fear or favor,” she said.

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  • tony

    Mayuga is a PMA graduate. He gave that interview where he looked the journalist straight in the eye and told her that the waste was pre-treated prior to dumping it on the waters of Subic. Mayuga is a liar – the same kind of liar as a number of other PMA graduates. And I thought 2 of the 3 pillars of the motto in PMA was honesty and integrity. I spit on the honor of all PMA’ers!

    • Buknoy Bisaya

      bakla ka daw Tony sabi ng kapitbahay mo dati.

    • Pedro

      Grumaduate si Mayuga sa PMA – pero hindi sa philippine military academy – grumaduate si Mayuga sa PMA = Puro Mangmang Academy.

  • kayanatwo


    nobody asked me, but….why only now that unlawful action of (mt glenn guardian) glenn defense marine asia is questioned and being scrutinize by the SBMA and by the nat’l. govt.after many years of conducting (i)ts business inside the former us naval facility.

    it was not the first time, – i am assuming –  for the mt glenn guardian to ship to ship transfer or receive of raw sewage and waste water from a us navy ship for disposal. the glenn defense marine asia has been conducting its business and has contract awarded by SBMA for some years now.  was there any collusion or motive behind the re-discovery of mt glenn guadian’s shortcuts into its methods of disposal of the raw sewage cargo inside the phil.’s sea territory?

    why only now that the “stinks” came out in the open?  should anybody asked, but me?

    • DOUANE

      May kaso na yang Glenn Defense sa DENR no’ng 2011, pero hanggang ngayon “pending” pa din. Hanggang sa naulitna nga ang toxic waste dumping na ‘to.

    • malanday

      There is no sense of answering your question when what we should be doing is assisting the government agency that caught the illegal act of the Mt Glenn Guardian in whatever we can do to punish the violators of law. Your question is why now they got caught and my answer is somebody in the government is doing his or her job in their mandate of protecting the Philippine environment. God Bless the government servants in upholding the laws of the Republic.

  • malanday

    Mayuga is a Filipino and a former soldier, who was trained to protect,serve and defend the Filipino and the Philippine Republic. It is a shame he is doing the opposite for what he was train for. Mayuga, I will never address you as an Admiral for I think you don’t deserve that respect and that title, will forever be known as the destroyer of the Philippine environment.

  • EdgarEdgar

    Uh-oh. Senator Santiago is right again. She’s always prescient.

  • $20722540

    aminin!!! mayuga wag ka ng magpalusot.

  • Gerald Abueva

    Without the US Navy, there wouldn’t be any US Navy contractor giving us shiit.

    Now is the time to make the US Navy drink some of their kool-aid fresh from Subic Bay.

    Since Mayuga loves the US so much, he should drink some of the kool-aid too.

    • gemini1971

      Do you even  know what you are talking about? obviously based on your assessment you’re ignorant.


    Beyond allowed limits?

    Eh kung ihi-an ko kaya panligo niyo. Hindi toxic ang ihi ko, pero sa tingin niyo matutuwa kayo, ha?

  • charlie_oscar

    If the US Navy wanted to simply dump the waste, all they had to do was engage the pumps 20 miles before entering the territorial waters of the Philippines. Instead, the US Navy hired a local contractor – who is licensed by the port authority to provide proper treatment and disposal of said waste.  98% of the ships that enter Subic and Manila Bay with non US flag, do not hire a contractor to dispose waste. Korean, Chinese and yes…Filipino flagged ships simply dump at sea…This can be verfied by the Port entries of ships, versus the number of requests for waste barge! If you have 200 ships enter port for 5 days and only 7 requested a waste barge…figure it out!  Blame the Kano is the classic cut & paste response…Ignore the wealthy, connected Filipino military official who decided to dump and not treat and dispose! Usually, treatment requires a oil and PVC seperation to make sure the waste is bio-degradable (mother nature will destroy) and in some cases, super-heated to kill micro organisms…but this costs money and eats into PROFIT! 

    Next case please.

    • gemini1971

      Well said!

    • lucidlynx

      wala ka namang proof sa pinag-sasabi mo. bawal magtapon ng basura sa dagat, period.

      • charlie_oscar

        Plastic must be shredded and land-filled but some things made of paper and organic materials can be dumped into the sea without impact,…but not inside the Bay or inland waters of course. paper will disolve in a few days…same for human waste.

  • edm365f31

    Remember the Mayuga report you don’t have to look into his eyes…the fact that he lied to the media without blinking makes him untrustworthy.  This is an example of going through the path of least resistance to make a huge profit; this mentality needs to stop.  I like the way Loren handled this, quick and decisive;  showed some credibility on her committee.  Punish them to the utmost for disregarding Philippine and international laws.

  • miiimiiiiiing

    …..I think may case na tong mga ito sa DENR but til now d pa naresolve,….tas now, bagong kalokohan na naman sila, naku, igapos na nga yung mga yan……sobra na e…..

  • BellyNelly

    And pretreated daw yung waste? Isnt that still waste? I think they are still stalling some time to get away with this. Good thing we have senatorsMiriam , Loren and etc to fight for this. I hope our people will support them too.

  • mutalag69

    Shame on you Mr.Mayuga,you’re a retired vice admiral.You know the law and you must uphold it.Regardless of inside or outside the country’s EEZ, the wastewater that you disposed off is killing the marine life in that area.You even invoked VFA as an excuse to escape liability! I think it’s not enough to castigate Mayuga,put him behind bars.

  • Ben

    “I have asked the various agencies to complete their investigation and to submit to the committee [their] findings and recommendations,”  – Good Call, Senator.

  • FayeDfairy

    Di na nahiya si Mayuga. Sakabilang panig pa kumakampi. There were even reports na may mga namatay ng fishes and mga jellyfish nearby e. :( Pwede nadin proof yun na toxic nga talaga yung mga waste na itinapon ng Glenn Defense. Lalabas din yung truth..soon,,

  • $8278216

    kasuhan si mayuga, sinungaling!!!!!!

  • opinyonlangpo

    There goes the tourism industry, must be really scary going swimming, diving and fishing off the coast of Subic. There is no more clean up to be done, it already polluted and mixed with the sea water. How many years could this Glenn Defense be doing this? Penalize the company in billions and put Mayuga in jail.

    • Pedro

      not many tourist go to Subic anyway. Most go to Boracay and the Visayas. 

  • Lito

    This issue is becoming big. I hope they hasten the investigation and get to the bottom of this. But for me, I think that  Mateo Mayuga is not telling the truth. Oh well, I’ll leave this one to our gov’t nalang.


    mayuga is a veteran liar. remember the mayuga report awash with lies and cover ups. dapat kasuhan at ikulong ng habangbuhay. i stand to be corrected, but if this guy is a pma graduate, this military school should reevaluate their curriculum, indoctrination, and method of teaching. clearly, there is an absence of patriotism in most of their so called products.

  • anton kinuton

    so what will the philippine government do with mayuga and his company? mayuga and other company officers and owners should be charged immediately without bail or impose the highest amount of bail possible and the company should also be permanently closed. with or without permit, treatedor not treated, no one is allowed to dump its wastes in the sea.

  • Boboyboi

    Ipainom nyo na lang kay Mayuga yung wasterwater na yan, kasama ng buong angkan nya para maubos na ang lahi ng mandaraya, magnanakaw, at sinungaling na yan!

    Sabi naman nya mas malinis pa sa nawasa yang wastewater diba?

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Dapat buhayin pati kanunonunoan mula noong bago pa dumating ang mga kastila.

  • Pedro

    Dapat talaga ibalik na ang death penalty para mawala na sa Pilipinas yang traydor na Mayuga na yan! Nakakasuka! 

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Si Fake Pandakekak nag promote niyan… kasi sipsip sa Simbahang Paramihan ng Anak.

  • vince_bugaboo

    “But the US Navy, which is investigating Glenn Defense, denied Mayuga’s statement saying it had no waste treatment equipment aboard its ships.”
    According to the warped logic of Mayuga, the US navy has waste treatment facilities (that’s good enough explanation for him)–and even assuming this mere belief is correct, that he became complacent and negligent to really know if they pre-treated the toxic substance only added to his sub-standard, or none, performance of his duty. Now it came out na wala naman pala, so this Mayuga is an inveterate liar, another indignant-acting “Amalayer” who’s all along a “Layer” pala! He should be punished at ng mabawas-bawasan ang mga walang-hiya sa pilipinas maski paisa-isa lang. Let him do backstroke in Subic Bay waters hanggang lumaki ang t’yan n’ya!

    • Marx Louis Wang

       LOL, ang lupit mo naman, backstroke pati.

  • farmerpo

    Maski sipsip pozonegro di dapat ipagkatiwala kay Mayuga. Pinoy pa mandin, and he was at the helm. Paulsot pa buking naman. So what will the Senate of Investigations do??  Nada, nada, nada….  

  • Hey_Dudes

    I read somewhere this is the same Mayuga tasked by the former crooked GMA regime to investigate election cheating and eventually cleared the AFP generals and reported no cheating occurred during Hello Garci debacle.

    The senate will do the country well by ordering this firm owned by Mayuga to pay a stiff fine – one that will put him out of business for good.  Otherwise, if you continue to allow him to operate, it will be another toxic dumping by his firm somewhere else in the future.

    • Noel

      Crooks under GMA administration were either promoted or assigned to juicy posts.

      • batangsulpok

        Pareho din ni Pnoy na mga retired generals ang inilagay sa BI, NBP, NAIA, CAAP at iba pa, may pinagbago ba, WALA?

    • joshua kings

      hey dudes, mayuga is merely an employee of the foreign firm owned of malaysian registry.  he’s retired from the service as a general.

  • arao_liwanag

    Then, what are they waiting for: File criminal charges  to those responsible. File a monetary claim and penalty for the damages to the environment, tourism, and livelihood of the fisherfolk and all that was and who were harmed and will be harmed. What about Mayuga and Coast Gaurd officials who were accomplished in the commission of the crime? Sibakin na at ikulong. What about the VFA and MDP putulin na para di na maulit pa ang nangyari. Source lang yan ng corruption. Tuwid na daan ni NOYNOY: BALUKTOT.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Andiyan ka na naman, arao_liwanag… di bagay sayo pangalan mo… palitan natin ng GABI_DILIM! Pati si PNoy dinamay mo.

      Gabi_Dilim ng Lagimmmmmm, auwooooooo!!

      • arao_liwanag

        Ikaw na di nga maka express ng sarili. Sipsip buto.

    • lucidlynx

      SBMA should file charges. They are in charge of Subic, not the coast guard or the president. Pag-aralan mo muna ang pamamalakad ng gobiyerno bago ka dadak ng dadak. Ang dami mong sinisi pero hindi mo hinold accountable yung company ni Mayuga at ang inaction ng SBMA.

      • arao_liwanag

        mahina ang pick -up mo.

  • Melanio Calayeg

    Mayuga is a retired Navy Officer but doesn’t know the Rules of the Sea…..What kind———– Your a Disgrace to the Society……

    • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

      What “Rule of the Sea” are you talking about?  Are you in the service?

  • Noel

    Common defense of guilty party is not to admit mistake or fault.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Good job, Senator Legarda!!! 


    So who’s telling the truth now? Senate or Subic officials? #AMALAYER?

  • Jake Macabadbad

    E Ano aasahan mo sa tao na yan? E the so called “Mayuga Report” e amalayer na sya hahahaha.

  • LegalJustice

    I am pretty sure Mr. Mayuga is served GMA.

    Good job, Sen Legarda put this crook to jail.

  • lucidlynx

    Why does the senate and/or Legarda have to be involved in this? For publicity? Why not just charge the guy and the company in court? We have environmental laws that were clearly violated. The police should do their job. A bunch of idiots!

    • kismaytami

      Malapit na eleksyon, kelangan umepal nang bonggang-bongga!

    • Bernard

      foreign relations chairman kasi si Legarda?

    • scorpio15

      Hindi na nga dapat ang imbistigasyon. Dapat deretso ng isakdal. Mayaman at ma-impluwensiya ang nakagawa kaya hayan mabagal ang hustisya.Pag mahirap deretso sa kulungan. Ang Senado ang nagpabagal mismo ng Hustisya.

  • carlo

    alam ko ang penalty niyan.. tumataginting na ten thousand pesos… LOLS

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Mayuga, mayuga, mayuga……you were hired by that company with the intention of……….and you let them………..

  • gary

    This is a mess. Modern vessels sewage are normally treated thru filter method similar to our household sewage tank arrangements and then released thru our drainage system. This is even allowed in most ports while the vessel is alongside. There are some areas where it is not allowed like the Black Sea, Brazil and other environment sensitive areas as delcared by some countries.
    As per Marpol , Oily waste can be disosed if it passes thru the Oil Water Separator System as approved by Class. (the Certifying Body of the Vessel) if it is enroute , more than 7 Knots speed, and at least 5 NM from nearest land. A computerized printout record should be available on board to monitor these discharges.

    The Govt can ask the US Navy  and the Glenn Maritime Vessel for the amount and content of waste discharged, this can be found in their respective Oil Record Books.

    Under Marpol Regulations, there are waste that can be allowed to be discharged only thru a port Reception facility such as harmful chemicals .
    The US has one of the most toughest environmental pollution laws and the US Navy has not been known to  willfully violate the Marpol Regulations by dumping. The burden of proof must be produced by the Master of the Glenn Maritime vessel. He must directly answer to these allegations together with his Senior Officers onboard and not the Pres of the Company.

    With all due respect , the Senators are not the competent authority to investigate this matter, but the Phil Coast Guard, Port State Control and the Captain of the Port (Subic). Any violations found can then be dealt with in accordance with Phil Laws.

    The Senators then can make remedial laws, or even vote on the validity of  the VFA itself .

    • dkgboy

       Well said and very informative indeed.But you should be reminded that Senators in the Philippines assume most of the time that they are the competent authority to investigate any matter be it in aid of legislation or reelection.They always bypass the sub agencies to make some pogi points and for name recall to advertise their campaign cost free .

  • kuneherzzz

    Sunog si Mayuga dito. Bat kasi kelangan pa i cover up e. Good luck sa kanya

  • m1ghtym0use


  • nparvus1202

    KKK yan kaya ligtas na yan. Hindi nga nakibo si Mr. A.B.Noy eh.

  • Bernard

    Pretreated? Sir, waste pa din po iyon at di po mas malinis sa tubig nawasa yun. Anu ba yan. Ayan lagot ka kay senator Loren at sa iba pang senador na tinututukan to. Isama pa natin si Miriam. ay! yari ka

    • miiimiiiiiing

      ….kung malinis yun sana di pretreated waste water yun e di sana “mineral water”?…..miiiimiiiing…..

  • zeroko

    No matter, waste or no waste, we should not terminate our VFA with America as many of these pro-Chinese Senators are advocating. Not this time when our territory is being invaded by Mainland China. These traitorous Senators deserves to be brought in front of a firing squad to say the least. Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has been just waiting for the auspicious moment to advocate her plan to put a wedge between the Philippines and America so China can easily make the entire Philippines another colony. Think and read about what happen to the natives of Tibet, Eastern Mongolia and Xinjiang province. People of these conquered nation is up to this time trying to free itself form the “Octopus” grip of China. In Tibet alone, Monks there immulate themselves by lighting their body soak with gasoline to strongly protest their objection to Chinese rule. Open up “Free Mongolia” has the same problem, the Han Chinese has overwhelmed them. In Xinjiang perfectorate, same thing. they want to revolt against the Chinese. 

    Now these lady Senator is committing the worst thing ever for the entire Filipino people. She is a traitor!

    • m1ghtym0use


  • shotgunjames

    Sana at least man lang umamin na sila na mali sila para tapos na? Kesa bagpapalusot sila at mali mali naman din lumalabas sa bunganga nila. Patay oras lang ata ginagawa ng side nila Mayuga e

  • Miriam

    “Glenn Defense clearly broke Philippine laws on proper waste disposal regardless of claims by the company’s CEO, retired Vice Adm. Mateo Mayuga,”

    I agree with her. I hope maparusahan na ang glenn defense dito. Huli na kasi kayo e. wag na pokayo lumaban at aminin niyo na

  • Mattino2011

    Sinungaling talaga si Mayuga, sinabi pa pre-treated at pwede inumin un tubig…Sigue pangunahan mo Mayuga….Terminate the VFA asap …

  • m1ghtym0use


  • miiimiiiiiing

    “That’s your responsibility and  probably your accountability. How would you know if the materials you are dumping are hazardous wastes?” Lacson told Mayuga.
    ……burn! paiba iba sinasabi din ni mayuga e…..pati ako nalalabuan nako sa kanya…..miiiimmiiing…..

  • Philcruz

    Miriam shoots from the hip..half-cocked. She has already announced her conclusion without an investigation.

    • gregory robinson

      whats new. miriam is a senile idiot that needs to resign

  • gregory robinson

    1st it was toxic, 2nd it was NOT toxic. NOW its toxic again. Why can’t these big-mouth filipino politicians shut up and wait for the whole story and complete analysis. THEN they can parade in front of the cameras and make their glorious statements.

  • FreemindOnline

    The bottom line here is Mr Mayuga told a lie because he can get away with it. Now it’s either the Filipinos in general are being taken as a dumb and stupid people by whoever is backing Mr Mayuga or he’s the dumbest and stupidest person to tell a lie!. He knows this is a big issue and he still told a lie in front of the media, surely somebody influential is or will take care of him no matter what. The US Navy was not expected to counter his statement or even comment on that matter. But because the US Navy did countered his statement and it’s the US of A so everybody wants to join the bandwagon.

    Now for the waste dumping, this should be directly investigated by competent departments of government immediately, senators! don’t delay unless this is just for show. Since government officials implicitly protecting the waste dumping are identified, where are the suspensions?. Or a more polite way, are the government officials from the VFAcom who are involved relieved of duty?

    Have anyone notice that more investigations this time of the year. Why oh why?.

  • captainramius

    Prosecute this Ex Admiral….. dont stop…. he not only violated the environment , he committed as an exmilitary person a violation of his vow to protect the interest of his people.

  • Komen To

    Well, he was able to escape with his commission report on election irregularities saying no military intervention on election in the past administration, so why can’t he escape with his stupid reasons this time? The problem is our people are too forgiving and forgetful – Marcos’ martial law, Imelda’s paintings, Gringo’s coup de tat, pea amari deal, the most expensive Macapagal avenue, Garci scandal, Pidal accounts, PNP Euro generals, PNP helicopter, ZTE-NBN, and many more, illegal logging, illegal mining, illegal drug laboratories, this illegal waste dumping and recently illegal pyramid scam. When new stories banner the headlines, people will forget this case. Whew anyone can make a book out of them- that’s the Philippine History

  • Tamakana

    MAYUGA SAID ” What we get from the US Navy are already pretreated wastewater. These
    are even cleaner than the ones coming out of our respective homes ” – PRETREATED! CLEANER PALA HA! BWISET SET KA!

    • f35

      “Pre-treated wastewater and even cleaner than the ones coming from our respective homes”————————-> Mateo Mayuga

      Aba eh ganoon naman pala……bakit kailangan pang kontratahin ang Glenn Marine Philippines kung puwede palang inumin ulit ito ng mga Kano ?
      Sentido-kumon, Mr. Mayuga……common sense !! Sorry, wala ka nga pala noon !! 

  • Komen To

    VFA has nothing to do with this case at hand. It’s the mistake of Glenn Defense and the arrogance of Mayuga and his lawyers that I feel offend the intellect of the Filipino lawmakers and it’s people. I salute Sen. Legarda on her stand, but I hope to see them penalized to believe

    • arao_liwanag

      Kung walang VFA di walang dumi na kokolektahin ng kontractor at itatapon. Nakakaintiende ka ba ng logic.

      • bakitkailangan

         dapat ang itawag sa iyo ay “gabi_dilim” dahil sa katwiran mo. Pero sa kabilang panig tipong tama ka rin dahil para mo na ring sinabing, “kung walang utak, walang logic; kung may logic may utak”. Eh paano kung puro logic at logic at utak utak? baka ang kalabasan ay “lagatak”, hindi ba? O kaya naman ay “loglog at utut”.

      • arao_liwanag

        si Nognog yong LUGLUG ang Tak-u at adiw ang sexual orientation, kaya ganon din ang mga patakaran nya. Palibhasa langku langku, Kulang ng buhok.

  • INQ_reader

    Simple lang yan:

    No VFA,
    No US troops,
    No trash dumping.

    Besides, we have not been getting the benefits that was planned. The Abu Sayyaf are still alive kicking and kidnapping.

    • Sadyangnim

      gusto ko yung sagot means na you are stupid and jerk head….hahahhahahah

    • Bullet Train

      Ang nakakalungkot lang jan e kahit tayong mga Pinoy ay walang disiplina sa pagtapon ng basura. Tignan niyo na lang ang nagkalat na plastik, papel at mga upos ng sigarilyo

    • To_Be_Continued

      Yeah, no vfa, no U.S. troops, no trash dumping

      Also more Abu Sayaf kidnappings, more Abu Sabaya,
      Aside from no more Kalayaan, Spratley and Zambales shoal, no more Batanes islands and Palawan.

      Let the cpp-npa-ndf movement bloom.

      Let us welcome landgrabber superpower china to get our wives and daughters.

      Yan ang gusto mo. Simple lang diba?

      • INQ_reader

        There are still Abu Sayyaf kidnappings. Would you feel safe to travel to Basilan?

        Your other reason are irrelevant. They were not included in the reasons when VFA was signed.

        Bottomline is, it’s not working.

      • To_Be_Continued

        To you, the other reasons are irrelevant because it is beyond your limited comprehension.

        Yes there still Abu Sayaff kidnapings. But how huge was the group before the US got involved. How many of them are left now?

        Oh I see. Facts and numbers are not important to you.
        That I can understand

      • INQ_reader

        Of course we are all limited by what was the purpose of something. VFA was for licking the Abu Sayyaf problem, not the territorial dispute with China, not the NPA.

        One solution will not solve all problems, especially if the original problem to be solved is not yet over.

  • kigol

    Security concern is more important that involves life and death of filipinos therefore Rule out VFA here…In fact we need US Bases as china’s might grows fast and more aggressive against philippines.  Environmental issues mentioned above is minor concern and  could be solved… 

  • Vertumnus

    Cleaning it up is near impossible. It’s been dumped in the sea! 
    Give Glenn Defense Marine Philippines  a huge fine. Big enough to make them reconsider dumping hazardous waste anywhere else.
    I remember reading a while back how Glenn Defense Marine’s lawyer insisted they were covered under the Visiting Forces Agreement.  What a bunch of morons!  I doubt they even read the documents let alone understood the contents.  They try to protect their assets by hoping they are protected, which is simply not the case.

     How can the CEO,  Mateo Mayuga not know about rules and regulations pertaining to ships operations and proper disposal of hazardous waste? Somebody at Glenn Defense Marine Philippines will lose their jobs.  Most probably the crew of Mt Glenn Guardian.

  • KpTUL

    Mayuga should resign for being incompetent. Shame on you ! You dont just give statements without verifying it. Best way for you to do is resign !

  • leodegardompruna

    While everybody must be concerned with environmental issues such as the proper handling of waste materials, we should not be too exacting for as long as standards are being observed. The life cycle which has to do with conversion from Oxygen to Carbon dioxide to Oxygen should operate normally. Threat should not be a condition for accepting if one is at fault. One of our senators, claiming environmental expertise seems to be going out of bounce. Ethical conduct should be maintained in the process of investigation. God bless the Philippines. 

  • Sabian

    Magkano pusta niyo walang makukulong dito? Waste of timelang yang inquiry na yan. It will just be an opportunity for senators to grandstand. Ipasa niyo na ang FOI bill!

  • Jose Miguel Garcia

    Abraham Taruc, was one of the children born with disabilities; his family lived in the CABCOM military area of Clark Air Base in the early 1990s.  He could not walk, talk nor eat solid foods.  Crizel Jane Valencia, was 6 years old at that time when she incurred and died of leukemia linked to the mercury and nitrate contaminants from the groundwater at the CABCOM military facility.  Around 101 people, have died of serious illnesses linked to toxic wastes in the Clark Air Base area.

    Many have already died by the 21 deadly toxins as reported by Weston International, a U.S. based environmental organization which tested the substances left by the U.S. military.  It found land and water contaminated by methyl mercury, nitrates, aldrin, dieldrin, tetrachlorine, benzene and lead. The poisonous substances were discovered in 21 water sources in and around the two bases.  U.S. scientist Dr. Paul Bloom, also said that soil and landfills at the Crow Valley where the U.S. Air Force did practice bombings, are contaminated with ammonium compounds and unexploded bombs.

    Dr. Theodore Schettler of the Massachusetts based Physicians for Social Responsibility and an international environmental health expert hired by the Philippine Department of Health to investigate the cases of toxic poisoning reported that, some 6,000 people living in and around the bases, particularly those who were relocated there, have blood disorders.

    The 1996 report of Greenpeace International showed that the official American response to this issue has been that of denial, stressing at every turn that it is under no legal obligation to pay and provide for the clean-up of its former bases in the Philippines, even though it has paid and conducted full remediation of its other bases in Europe and Japan.

    Will the changing of the garbage collector compel our U.S. saviors to pick up these wastes they dumped at us and back to where they came from?

    • charlie_oscar

      Pasig river is dead from top to bottom…If Subic was so dirty…how come so many fishes and blue clear water?

      I will wait for your response.

      • DerKommissar

        LOL!   Exactly!

    • Mamang Pulis

      ‘dre–kung hindi mo kaya paalisin ang mga amerikano–idemanda mo na lang si mayuga—

      ngayun kung yun advocacy mo na ma scrap ang VFA–maganda idemanda mo rin sila–para mas may pakinabang ang post mo dito…

      wala ring silbi yan kung walang resulta

  • Lits

    Kasuhan ang contractor na to tapos ! Bulok kasi ang nagpapatupad ng batas kaya binababoy ng  mga lokong mga negosyante na to, nagpapalusot pa na kesyo well treated ang toxic. Toxic nga eh. Ipakulong para di tularan at  walang piyansa.

  • Joe Kano

    “into Subic Bay” ????
    Says who????
    Not even Legarda is making that claim.
    37 klicks out is still in the EEZ, but isn’t it outside the Territorial Sea? Doesn’t that make a difference?
    PDI is so full of s hit. Do you guys even care about the truth at all?
    Give Legarda credit for emphasizing that the VFA has nothing to do with any of this.
    But I’m still waiting for the senate hearing on the constant dumping into S hit River in Olongapo, which empties straight into Subic Bay.

  • Alisto Juan

    Well, it’s good that the Senate confirm waste dumping. After this, What? ? ? . As what happened in the past, it will be another useless investigation if those offenders will not be charge and then they just walk away, laughing at the Senators. .

  • basyong

    pulos pakana ng malakanyang yang cover up na yan.yan ang mahirap kapag karamihan ay panig sa isang gobyerno na walang ginagawa.akala lahat makukuha lahat ng PR communication para sabihin lang ang mabango at ang mabaho itatago.dalhin sa pasig at itambak sa loob ng malakanyang para matauhan ang mga opisyales na pulos halik wet pu lang ni abnoy ang alam

  • Jose Miguel Garcia

    Data from the Bayanihan Foundation Worldwide, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, and Greenpeace International, World Health Organization, and by Orejas for Philippine Daily Inquirer and Miles Apart shows:

    When the U.S. Forces were starting to move out of their bases in 1991 due to the Mt Pinatubo eruption, many displaced residents, were temporary resettled at the Clark Air Base area. Resettled residents drank water that was contaminated.  Many pregnant women suffered miscarriages and spontaneous abortions; numerous children were born with disabilities with their central nervous systems severely affected.

    U.S. General Accounting Office Report, January 1992 stated that The United States acknowledged that both its former military installations in the Philippines, Clark Air Base and the Subic Bay Naval Facility, have significant environmental damage and if the US unilaterally decides to clean up these bases in accordance with US standards, the costs for environmental clean-up and restoration could approach Superfund proportions.

    In November 24, 1992, the last US military troops shipped out and left behind land and facilities tainted by hazardous wastes and neglected toxic waste victims.

    In a 1992 article published by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Retired Admiral Eugene Carroll, a 37-year US Navy Veteran who used to command US carriers and battleships into Subic admitted how the US Navy was “endlessly producing industrial toxic chemicals and discarding them without due regard for the pollution (in Subic).”…in the process of ship repair. There was the double standard applied by the US, particularly in the use of PCBs in transformers which have been banned in the US since 1976.  Filipino base workers said they dealt with PCB-contaminated material without adequate protection, with the knowledge of their American superiors.

    • Jose Miguel Garcia

      In 1993, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the initial findings of the US General Accounting Office (GAO) that certain areas in Subic Bay were affected with considerable pollution such as those which used or stored toxic chemical, fuels, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), chlorinated solvents, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and hazardous wastes.

      When Admirable May Uga the decoy is finally kicked out of his garbage collection job by the source of the wastes being dumped at us, will this now start our U.S. protectors to pick up these poison they dumped at us since the start of their occupation in the 1900s?

      • Mamang Pulis

        dapat ‘dre gumawa rimn sila ng study sa likod ng palasyo ni mang simeon—at simulan na rin linisin ang mga ilog natin tanggalin ang mga informal settlers==

        pinupuntirya mo yun nasa Subic–para yun informal settler doon ay masingil mo ng karapatdapat na danyos

        sabi sau–kung talagang matigas ka nga—isulong mo yan at idemanda ang mga amerikano—eh puro history lesson dito ginagawa mo—wala rin pinagkaiba sa mga sigaw ng sigaw sa kalye

      • Paglaya

        actually, mas maraming naitulong yung history lesson nya kaysa sa comment mo. ;p

      • Mamang Pulis

        oo, kailangan mo yan at ngayun ka pa lang nasibol.  puede rin na mas makabukuhan ang history kung may katapat na aksyon na gagawin tulad mo–puede mosya samahan sa kanyang paglakad sa pagdedemanda ng mga pinatutungkulan

      • Paglaya

        i think mas kailangan mo yan at ng mga taong walang alam sa history. :)

      • Mamang Pulis

        yun ang nasa isip mo– friend :)) dahil supot ka at natulo pa uhog mo hanggang ngayun  at kaya tuwang tuwa ka sa naka sulat–nakasagap ka na kulangot na libre dito , bagay yan sa mailiit mong bao na puro plema…:))

    • Karlos Aramil

      thanks for this. ;)

  • joerizal

    Glenn Defense is another name for Malabanan.

  • f35

    “Mayuga said Glenn Defense did not seek clearance from the Coast Guard since the waste was to be dumped outside Philippine territory”.

    Patay kang matanda ka ! Pag nahuli ka ng mga Intsik, gagawin nilang egg-roll iyang bayag mo kasi ina-angkin nila ang dagat natin.

  • $18209031

    No one should be surprise here. Its a fellow kayumangmang Malayo doing the shzt dumping. They ve been doing this before with impunity. Suffice to say this was just a tip of the iceberg. This is the dark underbelly in maritime crime committed to deliberately pollute the South China Sea. 
    These kayumangmangs were caught redhanded , dirty as hell. Time to confiscate this ship and fine the company. Also cancel the VFA as the main cause of this problem.

    Fish stocks from the breeding grounds of South China have been poisoned by these kayumangmangs for a very long time.
    The effects cannot be seen but very destructive to the ecosystem and food chain .

    Dapat e blacklist itong Malaysian company and declare as polluter instead of helping the ecology. Unggok mga ito.

    • To_Be_Continued

      “Also cancel the VFA as the main cause of this problem.”

      Sisihin si Juan sa kasalanan ni Pedro.

      Ang galing mo. Siguro kapag barado inudoro ng kubeta mo, sink and kinakalikot mo.

      Ang linaw na walang kinalaman ang VFA dito pero VFA ang sinisisi mo.

      Ok ka din ano?

      • $18209031

         VFA is a farce. The more you allow these people in, they will feel entitled to dump their waste no matter what. Toxic shzt will destroy the breeding grounds in the South China Sea. And the fact many fish is taken from these waters by our fishermen supplying the seafood to many provinces in Luzon.

        So again, VFA is part and parcel of the problem of sea pollution.  Cancer will rise as its already polluting the food chain and people eat it. It is not readily seen but slowly killing people. The reason why we have so many cases of birth defects and rising rate of stomach and liver cancers  , Theres also brain and blood dyscracias , leukemias, endstage renal diseasess, etc. Toxic and cancerous heavy metals can attack normal cells when absorb into the body and travel from one organ to another through the blood and wreak havoc. Mamamatay ang new generations of kayumangmangs, would you allow that ?

      • To_Be_Continued

        Because there is a small leak in your roof, you think it is good to removed the whole roof…  You are a “genious.”

        So you prefer to expose your households to all elements coming from the  non-covered area of your home. 

        If you understand what I mean.

        (So West Philippine sea is South China sea for you, huh…)

      • To_Be_Continued

        i believe vfa is not a farce. I believe you are the farce one, pretending to be a filipino but actually anti-pinoy and pro communist china

  • Fred

    Sinungaling ka Mateo Baluga! 
    Dahil lamang sa pera, ipapahamak mo ang Pinas?
    Dapat ipainom sa iyo ang wastewater.
    Layasss Glenn Defense Marine sa teritoryo ng Pinas.

  • Fred Mil


    You have disgraced yourself SOLDIER!!! Why don’t preserve your honor and kill yourself just like General Reyes did.

  • Olibo

    Prosecute ex-Admiral Mateo Dimayuga.Investigate his past performances and activities in the Philipine Navy. Baka hustler ito sa corruption. 

  • Mamang Pulis

    Mayuga–left out and hanged to dry???   yan napapala mo maghugas ka ng kamay mayuga at kung saan san mo hinawak yan—

  • nizgoda

    . . . dumped outside Philippine territory  ??? does this mean its not ok to dump waste within PH territory but is ok to dump waste outside PH territory?   

    • $18209031

      This were   deliberately done in the high seas. Yes, if they committed the crime, they do the time.

      • DerKommissar

        Kind of like how the Emelda and the Marcos family is suffering for the Billions they stole from the country?    Kind of like how traitors who attempted to over-throw the government are not only released but are elected to office and serving as Senators?    Commit the crime, do the time?    This whole charade is about who gets a paid whether any crime was committed or not.   

      • VindictivePanot

        sad but true…

  • Jose Miguel Garcia

    Waste can contaminate water, soil, and air causing damage to humans, other species, and ecology.  Some nations have been dumping their wastes on other nations precisely to avoid their own people and environment from being contaminated and damaged.  Unless the nations where the wastes were dumped are an occupied nation, ignorant and impoverished people, or are dependent on the nations dumping the wastes, those nations where the wastes were being dumped, blocked the dumping.

    If our archipelago has been a dumping site of wastes, by another nation, how are we supposed to respond?  Do we stop that nation from dumping their wastes in our archipelago?  Or do we gang up on the garbage collector hired by the nation who is the source of the wastes, and let the source of the waste continue dumping them on us? 

    If the hired collector of wastes or manner of disposal is changed, will the dumping of injurious materials inside our archipelago stop?  Do we really want to stop these Viruses, Feces, and Abuses from being dumped at us? Why do we allow these decoys to draw our attention towards debating matches on legal and technical details of waste disposal and away from the cause of the dumping of these Viruses, Feces, and Abuses in our backyard?

    • DerKommissar

      Is your primary issue that foreign feces may been released and that it was not locally produced or Filipino feces?    Just in case it may be escaping people commenting on this story, domestically produced untreated feces is being discharged to every stream, river or sea in the country and is happening 24/7.   Untreated feces being dumped should be the least of your concerns.    Step away from your PC terminal and look around.

  • $18209031

    Paki bigay ng water sample ni Raultoy para matikman nya. Pati si Maomaogook ay gustong tumikim sa preskong tubig ng South China Sea. This is to prove their manhood as pure kayumangmang brothers in arms. As far as these two are concerned , these waste water were treated the US Navy way so it should be eco friendly.

  • joboni96

    collaborator si sen legarda
    sa magical misdirection
    ng imperyalistang u.s.

    bibigyan tayo ng panalo sa basura
    para makalimutan muna ang
    bwisiting forces agreement

    pa sexy lang yan si sen legarda

    takot yan i abrogate ang
    bwisiting forces agreement

    buti pa si big balls sen miriam

    how about the other silent senators
    cayetanos – ? because of u.s. mother
    pimentel – pag makuha balls ng tatay

    • Jose Miguel Garcia

      As usual, filipino collaborators like Honorable Legarda and Admirable May Uga providing decoys to draw our attention away from the enemy from whom the poison came and the poison are continuously being dumped at us. 

      • joboni96

        amen po

      • To_Be_Continued

        collaborator? you want legarda to blindly blame the u.s. to divert the blame away from the malaysia-based company who did the crime?

        binatukan ni pedro anak mo gusto mong gulpihin si juan? how the hell does that address the problem?

      • joboni96

        kung wala mga bwisiting
        imperialist navy

        wala yang toxic waste na iyan

        mercenary ng u.s. navy
        ang kompanya na yan

        taktika ng imperyalistang navy
        para sa myth nilang bwisiting

        in reality
        subic is the new u.s. stealth base
        after those in mindanao, mactan, etc

      • To_Be_Continued

        Where the US navu personnel the ones that dumped the toxic waste? No. SO WHO did?

        Was the waste discharged directly from the US navy ships? NO. So from where?

        Blind emotions blinds one from realty. Objective minds produce objective answers…solutions.

      • To_Be_Continued

        Were the US navy personnel the ones that dumped the toxic waste? No. SO WHO did?

        Was the waste discharged directly from the US navy ships? NO. So from where?

        Blind emotions blinds one from realty. Objective minds produce objective answers…solutions.

      • joboni96

        faulty causality

        kung walang bwisiting imperialist navy
        walang basura

        kaya ibasura vfa

      • To_Be_Continued

        wag mo na akong paandaran na alam mo ang wprds na faulty causality. sagutin mo ang punto ko.Sino ba ang nagkalat ng toxic waste? Saan diniskarga ang waste. puro ka slogan palso naman ang analogy mo. at kapag naubusan ka ng argumento you resort to name calling na collaborator. lumang style na yan…

      • joboni96

        hina mo naman

        di imperialist u.s. navy
        ang nagkalat sa toxic waste

        via mercenaries na bayad nila

      • To_Be_Continued

        lahat pala ng kakontrata ng us “mercenaries?” wow ang “lalim” mo. ang lalim ng pagka brainwasked mo. open your eye and savor the smell of a freshly brewed coffee… hahaha…

      • joboni96

        kaya ka pala kolonisadong utak
        pa brew brew ka ng coffee

        mag kapeng barako ka
        para astig pro pilipino mindset ka

        hindi malamyang collaborator at

        hindi pa alam meaning ng mercenary

      • To_Be_Continued

        Gnyan talaga kapag kuminista. lahat ng di jatulad ng pananaw at pagiisip nila ay collaborator. Ayan, inabot na ng 43 years naging lolo at sakitin ng ang punong liderato mo. Minsan ka lang mabuhay sa mundo sinayang mo pa, hahaha…ogag talaga

      • joboni96

        mahina talaga masgagong
        collaborator na ito

        pinapatanda mo naman ako
        malapit na research ka pa

        more work for your cia money

      • To_Be_Continued

        mahina talaga masgagong
        communist puppet na ito

        pinapatanda mo naman ako
        malapit na research ka pa

        more work for your CPP/NPA/NDF extortion money

      • To_Be_Continued

        mahina talaga masgagong
        kumunista na ito

        pinapatanda mo naman ako
        malapit na research ka pa

        more work for your ndf/npa extortion money

      • joboni96

        bading na unggoy gaya gaya

      • To_Be_Continued

        kaya ka pala walang asenso, kita sa utak at salita mo. LOL keep on reading my post

      • To_Be_Continued

        ogag talaga. nakabasa lang ng salitang “brewed coffee” kolonisadong utak na. hindi pa siguro ito nakatikim ng brewed na barako. Yan ang napala ko sa pagkabrainwash mo wala ka nang sariling bait. lahat na lang ng sinabi sa PSR, nirereplay mo na para kang parrot. Kawawa ka naman.

      • To_Be_Continued

        ogag talaga. nakabasa lang ng salitang “brewed coffee” kolonisadong utak na. hindi pa siguro ito nakatikim ng brewed na barako. Yan ang napala mo sa pagkabrainwash mo wala ka nang sariling bait. lahat na lang ng sinabi sa PSR, nirereplay mo na para kang parrot. Kawawa ka naman.

      • joboni96

        alam mo na barako ngayon

        psr had its time

        joboni96 naman every day
        treats kolonisadon utak

        continue to keep reading

      • To_Be_Continued

        may tama nga itong si bobonik plague

      • joboni96

        ubos na

      • To_Be_Continued

        inubos mo na similya ko.lakas mo humigop. bwahahaha

    • To_Be_Continued

      pro cpp-npa-ndf ka ba?

      • joboni96

        pro pilipino ako

        kolonisadong utak
        na u.s. collaborator

      • To_Be_Continued

        A pro makabayan and a pro cpp/npa/ndf are teo different things. In fact and in truth, these two occassionally clash. I know you very well know what I mean.

      • To_Be_Continued

        A pro makabayan and a pro cpp/npa/ndf are not exactly the same thing. These are two different realities. In fact and in truth, these two occassionally clash. I know you very well know what I mean.

      • joboni96

        alam mo pala e
        ang malaking problema
        mga collaborator tulad mo

      • To_Be_Continued

        yan ang utak ng kumunista. kapag hindi katulad nila ang pananaw–collaborator na, deep penetration agent na. praning na… kaya ayan, imbes na dumami after 43 years, pakonti ng pakonti. may limang sasali ngayon, may 10 na titiwalag after one or two years.

      • joboni96

        utak pro pilipino ini

        kolonisadong utak ka naman

        sori boy
        dina uubra yang
        cia brainwashed red commie bogeyman mo

        kay lansdale pa yan

        gusto mo dagdagan mo pa ng aswang

      • To_Be_Continued

        hindi utak pro-pinoy. ang tawag diyan–utak talangka. parang kabayo na may tapalodo sa magkabilang mata. puro diretso nakikita hindi alam ang kanan at kaliwa.

      • joboni96

        apt description for your kolonisadong utak
        hanggang facebook lang

      • To_Be_Continued

        ikaw, banggitin mo saan ka nagtratrabaho kung astig ka para madampot ka agad…

      • joboni96

        talagang cia call center agent
        utak palparan

        ano address mo
        pag may b-yag ka

      • To_Be_Continued

        talagang NDF call center agent
        utak joma

        ano address mo
        pag may b-yag ka

      • To_Be_Continued

        talagang ndf call center agent
        utak lolo joma

        ano buong address at pangalan mo
        pag may b-yag ka. bading lang ang matapang sa internet… hahaha

      • joboni96

        bading ang cia call agent

      • To_Be_Continued

        wala ng masabe. lol tsupa ka na lang

      • To_Be_Continued

        Pakitamo na hindi ka hanggang facebook lang. banggitin mo dito complete name at tirahan mo. tignsn natin kung abutin ka ng isang linggo. maraming ahente magaagawan sayo. LOL…

      • joboni96

        punta ka iloilo

        ano address mo
        pag may b-yag ka

      • To_Be_Continued

        nigay mo buong pangalan at address mo. Tignan ko tapang mo. bakla lang matapang sa internet. hahaha…

      • joboni96

        callsign ko. iloilo

        ikaw bading ano

      • To_Be_Continued

        call sign mo liklok?!?! bwhahaha…nasaan na tapang mo? saan exact address and full name mo? hahaha…

      • To_Be_Continued

        ano buong address at pangalan mo
        pag may b-yag ka. bading lang ang matapang sa internet… hahaha

      • joboni96

        kaya ka pala bading

      • To_Be_Continued

        inamin din na binabae siya. bakla lang na tulad mo nakikipag away online. hahaha…

      • To_Be_Continued

        Pro Pilipino and pro CPP/NPA/NDF do not exactly mean one and the same. These are two different things. In truth and in fact, these two occassionally clash. I know you very well know what I mean.

      • joboni96

        alam mo pala e

        ang malaking problema
        mga collaborator tulad mo

      • To_Be_Continued

        exactly. it doesnt mean na anti-us ka makabayan ka na. Ang mga kaliwa, anti-us dahil yun lang ang pang akit nilang slogan. pero makabayan?!?!? ano ba ang nagawa ng cpp/npa na idols mo in the last 43 years?kaduda duda. kapwa npa pinapatay dahil sa ka=praningan na dpa daw. hahaha…

      • joboni96

        balistad na talaga ang utak
        nitong collaborator na ito

        nakatira sa u.s. ano

        pag pro pilipino ka
        siguradong sa maraming bagay
        kontra sa u.s. interests

        dahil iniimperyalista ng u.s.
        ang bayan namin

        the u.s. paradox is that
        the military industrial complex controlled
        1% government
        does not express
        the basic decency of most americans

        pero masipag a
        working for his cia money

      • To_Be_Continued

        kulang na lang i-reprint mo dito yung Philippine society and revolution ni lolo joma. marami nang nakabasa niyan. marami ng kaliweteng tumiwalag sa kilusan ang nagsabing hindi na applicable yan sa panahon ngayon. sinulat yan wala pa ang internet age. gumising ka tutuy…

      • joboni96

        maling assumption ka na naman

        still cia call center agent red commie bogeyman line

        continue reading all my posts
        ng magamot ang kolonisadong utak mo

      • To_Be_Continued

        maling assumption ka na naman

        still NDF call center agent imperialist bogeyman line

        continue reading all my posts
        ng magamot ang kumunistang utak mo…hahaha

      • joboni96

        unggoy gaya gaya

      • To_Be_Continued

        thank you for being an avid fan of mine. keep on responding to my post…

      • joboni96

        bading unggoy gaya gaya

      • To_Be_Continued

        wala nang masabe ang bugok. tulog ka na

      • joboni96

        badaff na cia unggoy pa rin

      • To_Be_Continued

        keep on responding. damihan mo pa. impress me. LOL

      • To_Be_Continued

        kulang na lang i-reprint mo dito yung Philippine society and revolution ni lolo joma. marami nang nakabasa niyan. marami ng kaliweteng tumiwalag sa kilusan ang nagsabing hindi na applicable yan sa panahon ngayon. sinulat yan wala pa ang internet age. Loook at your idol–communist china, kapitalista na ang flexing its muscles to become the new imperialist. gumising ka tutuy…

      • joboni96

        maling assumption ka na naman

        still cia call center agent red commie bogeyman line

        continue reading all my posts
        ng magamot ang kolonisadong utak mo

  • alex_diaz2014

    Bilang protesta, magtapon ng T A E sa harap ng bahay ni Dimayuga, di naman pala toxic yun eh…

  • FreddygotF

    I hope those who are responsible for this, get what they deserve. Buti nalang si andiyan si Loren para asikasuhin ‘to!

  • sl1

    Arrest the responsible now at hindi lang puro media blitz!

  • Chicharot

    They should be punish for what they’ve done, grabe hindi naman nila bansa to para tapunan nila ng kung anu ano. sana maparusahan na kayo!

  • annabananarama

    “It is clear that the wastes were not pretreated, that there have been difficulties, there have been violations in so far as the toxic level of the wastes is concerned,” Legarda, chair of the committee on foreign relations, said.
    “It is clear there is  no permit secured from the Philippine Coast Guard.  It is clear that there should be greater coordination,” she said. 
    — I completely agree with this.

  • BoyDakila

    Sobra ang ginawa nila,maraming mga isda ang namatay dahil sa basurang tinapon nila. hindi tama yan,ang dapat sa kanila mapurasahan.

  • marrrmarrr

    Oops. Bawal pala mag mura.

  • iamkevin87

    In a joint hearing of  the Senate committees on foreign relations and environment and natural resources, Sen. Loren Legarda  said Glenn Defense clearly broke Philippine laws on proper waste disposal regardless of claims by the company’s CEO, retired Vice Adm. Mateo Mayuga,  that a Philippine Daily Inquirer report on the dumping of toxic waste into Subic Bay was “inaccurate or false.” 
    She has a point. Regardless of accuracy, rules were still broken.

  • laraaaam

    Exag toh ah! Mga walang konsiderasyon naman yung mga dumpers na yan! Dapat sakanila ay mahuli! Di naman tama yan! PAMBIHIRA!

  • JEO


  • Chestosterone

    Punish Glenn defense!

  • tapagirl

    I really hope that society will be more aware of what’s going on so we can act. We don’t have to wait for the government to do something, we can do something about this ourselves right NOW, but I do commend, respect and appreciate our government’s efforts towards this vile issue. 

  • jonjonc

    Sana naman magawan ng paraan ‘to. Nakakatakot ang mga consequences na mangyayari pag di na asikaso ‘to agad. Ano ba naman yang Glen Defense na yan, wala man lang consideration sa environment…

  • LesterDman

    maraming environmentalist na ang nagagalit sa mga ginawa nila, dapat naisip man lang sila before nila ginawa yan,and its not an excuse na may permit silang sinasabi na recently lang ay dineny ng Malaysia. wala na silang lusot dito, kailangan mabigyan ng sapat na parusa ang mga yan.

  • raineeey

    OMG! This is terrible :( I really don’t understand how some people can be such monsters! It’s so depressing! I’m just glad that our government’s actually doing something about this. I hope this problem gets fixed soon :(

  • jerjerjer

    P a k s h e t !!! Bakit naman ganitoooooooooo nakakainiiiiiiiiiisss!!! :(( nasa tamang pag iisip pa ba yang Glen Defense na yaan?? Di na nahiya grabe!

  • RaeDaphne

    Mabuti naman at nagtutulungan ang gobyerno natin upang mabigyan ng sapat ng kaparusahan ang mga kanong yan. Hindi na tama ang ginawa nila, biruin mo maraming mga isda ang nakitang pataysa area kung san sila nagtapon ng kalat nila,eh kung sa bansa nila natin gawin yan malamang nagalburoto na yang mga yan!

  • edleon

    The senate should punish retired Vice Admiral Mayuga for lying on the following:

    1. Waste from US ships were pretreated – denied by US Navy.
    2. Waste were disposed of in waters outside Philippine territory – denied by PH Coast Guard

  • DerKommissar

    ROFL!   Talk about a text book Filipino shakedown!  Classic!     Has anyone stopped to look around  or taken a look at Manila Bay or the Pasig River…  If the regulators are serious and not just looking for a good payoff just in time for the holidays, finding rampant polluters or unsafe working conditions should be a breeze.   If they will pay P50 per referral I could be billionaire by Christmas.

  • bugoybanggers

    Anak ng tukwa naman oO, media frenzy, media pasikatan kasi election na naman. Ang pagtapon ng mga waste ay talagang gawain na ng mga tao yan. Nagkataon lang kasi galing USnavy, eh kung galing kaya sa local o kahit international na barko? Wala, wala! Sa Manila Bay o sa Laguna Bay hanggang Ilog Pasig, GRABE mga Senador na nagpapasikat! May imbestigasyon ba o SENATE Hearing na ginanap tungkol dito? Wala, wala! Kung tutuusin simple lang na solusyonan ito, lahat ng latak o basura na nakukuha ng contratista ng USN paki tapon na lang sa SPRATLY, tapat mismo sa isla na inagaw ni QING DYNASTY.

  • Paglaya

    Inshort: Repeal/Scrap/Junk VFA!

    • muddygoose


  • Adriano Alvarez

    Right-on, Madame Senator Legarda! Let’s make sure that this will NEVER happen again. Let’s not be inutile. This IS our Country! 

    • Jose Miguel Garcia

      Indeed this IS our country! How can we make sure that this will NEVER happen again if the source of this is still around?

  • disqusted0fu

    it all starts with the president since he represents the country. if other countries see our president as trashy, then they would see the same of our country.

  • freedom of navigation

    There is difference between toxic and hazardous. Not everything that is hazardous is toxic. Hindi rin nabanggit sa report kung anong toxic o hazardous materials ang natuklasan.
    BTW I applaud Sen Legarda for not putting the blame on DFA. Ganyan ang Senador!

  • muddygoose

    Dapat may makulong…

  • delpillar

     The law of the Philippines is based on VERDICT BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. The senatong are not judge to say the finality. Maaaring related ito VFA and other hidden agenda. But to summarize the finality, Mayuga company can transfer 200 million pesos to a specified bank account and the investigation will go anywhere except as a cold case, dormant case for it will not be proven beyond reasonable doubt. (way back in the late 90’s, allegedly some senators gently extort money or great favor in exhange of no congressional inquiry and old habit really die hard).

    BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT means Proving by the combination of Procedural, Circumstantial and Scientific/Technical evidence. Two months is not enough to do as such, not at least from people outside the judiciary. Mayuga being a liar cannot be used as evidence against him. Bakit sino ba ang hindi liar. Ala VIRGIN MARY ba si Legarda at si Lacson at hindi nagsisinungaling.

    Kung ang Subic Bay ay parang inverted letter “C” ang hugis with Adams Beach, Manga Beach, All Hands Beach, Hidden Beach, as referrence points inside the bay itself, saan  ba talaga tinapon. Kasi ito palagi ang pinapalabas sa Balita as if tinapon mismo sa loob na malapit sa mga beaches para maging emotional ang taong bayan. But the contractor said was disposed 37km off the coast and outside the Philippine Territory. Sa lalim ng dagat dyan nakakuha ng accurate sample yung SBMA. Well kung sa loob ng bay mismo ay bawal talaga kahit anong basura. But then the samples from the bay itself cannot be used as evidence. Since 10-15 years ago yung river dyan ay napakadumi na and papunta ng Subic Bay.

    • Loren Darfus delos Santos

      delpilar, may be you’re right, but the point and was proven that the waste was not pretreated. How could we believe that it was indeed disposed 37km off the coast where in they could and may have disposed it before the 37km off the coast.
      As for me, malas nang Glenn Defense kc sya ang natyempohan and it should set a precedent.

  • delpillar

    For procedural and circumstial evidence, maaaring 100% tama sa Legarda pero may BIAS.Sa more or less 50 ships going inside Subic per week, about 200 ships going in and out of Manila Bay per week, and more than 500 ships passing by the 12 nautical mile territory of the Philippines in the South China Sea, does the Senate even bother ask who are the contractors disposing the waste. Then the treatment plant assigned for those more than 200 Philippine ships, are they investigated by the senate how do they disposed and filter, check the waste? Why only now and only for Mayuga company. The the treatment plant can accomodate all the waste from several hundred ships in the Philippines?

    For Scientific/Technical aspect naman, the team who always said “Beyond the Allowed Limit” are questionable. Once the waste  were released in the sea of a depth of more than a hundred meters (to thousand meters) will be very difficult to test who the culprits were, specially after several days had past already.The residues inside the ship right now cannot be used a sample for the waste disposed in October. Bilge compartment is always oily and most probably toxic. The technical team can measure the toxicity from Del Rosario street near the Olongapo Memorial Park then to the jeepney terminal then to the mouth of the river by the bay. I-test din sa DIOXIN. Pati Manila Bay itest din sa DIOXIN. “I . . . expect these agencies to enforce the law without fear or favor,”

  • ADD

    Mayuga is a disgrace to the Philippines. Kala nya porke former head ng Navy ay kayang kaya n nya paikutin ang mga Filipino. Mayuga’s boss and loyalty belongs to the Malaysian owner of Glenn Defense, no longer to the Filipino people, so after violating our environment, it would be better to remove all the benefits he receives from the government. Hayaan n lng natin syang kumita sa Glenn Defense.

    Sen. Legarda, wag nyong pabayaan n financial lng ang parusa sa Glenn Defense. Ipatigil nyo na operation nila dito, wala nman silang pakialam sa environment natin, puro pera lng gusto nila.

    Shame on Mayuga!

    • captainramius

      Anak ng patula saan ka nakakita ex Admiral… pumayag na magtapon ng dumi ng ibang bansa sa sariling bakuran….. 

      Talo pa nya prostitute ….

  • noypisiTED

    Now that the cat is finally out of the bag let government authorities impose the proper regulations and penalties as this nonentity supports Sen. Legarda’s call to “enforce the law without fear or favor.” So what are you, agencies like SBMA, waiting for, let the chips fall where it may and lower the boom on Glenn Defense and kick this g’dam out of our shores before it totally destroy our environment. Results pls., and make it fast.

  • noypisiTED

    Btw, ang ganda ni Sen. Legarda sa photo nya dito she looks like she just got out of the university. PDI eto na lang palagi ang gamitin n’yong photo n’ya.

  • tonto_ka

    mayuga pmaer ka ba??? o galing recto u ka??? mahina kasi ang kukuti mo eh??? syang kung pmaer isang ehemplo ka ng BOGOK NA UTAK….

  • tarikan

    “Mayuga said Glenn Defense did not seek clearance from the Coast Guard since the waste was to be dumped outside Philippine territory”. Si Vice Adm. naman yun bang 37 kms off Subic Bay is outside PH territory? Kaya ginagago tayo ng China dahil sa official na tulad mo (although retired ka na). So yung 37 kms or more off Subic Bay is China territory na, ha Vice Admiral? Papano ka naging Vice Adm. nga pala?

    • Uragorn

      Remember, naging Vice Admiral yan nung panahon ni Gloria Labandera na ang kelangan lamang katangian ng isang public official ay maging sinungaling at magbulag-bulagan sa mga anomalyang nangyayari sa kapaligiran. Hindi ba ang Mayuga na ito ang nag-whitewash sa imbestigasyon sa anomalya ng 2004 (or 2007?) election? Kaya nga walang kredibilidad ang opisyal na ito, at nagtataka ako bakit naging CEO ng isang malaking miltary contractor.

      • tarikan

        Baka ang tunay na owner ng Glenn Defense ay sila Arroyo.

  • Memerazzi

    magpasalamat na lang tayo dahil at least inaasikaso yan ng gobyerno,maraming maapektuhan kapag nagpatuloy ang ganyang bagay. marami na ngang nakitang patay na isda sa area kung saan nila itinapon ang mga basurang sinasabi nilang may permit na itinaggi ng mlaysia. kung tutuusin nga dapat tayo ring mga pilipino at magkaisa at sumuporta sa laban sa mga ginawa ng glenn defense. hahayaan ba natin na gawin satin at sa bansa natin to?

  • meowawaw

    isang article na nabasa ko nagsasabi kung anong posibleng mangyari sa dagat naton matapos tapunan ng kahit anong kemikal. Sana mabigyan ng katarungan ang mga gumawa nito sa dagat natin. gusto pasalamatan ang mga umaaksyon para malutas ang problemang dala ng Glenn defense. 

  • captainramius

    Simply put what this ex PMAer and Ex Admiral did ay ito :

    Ang dumi ng mga dayuhan…. pumayag sya na dito itapon sa sarili nyang bansa.

    Ang bahay nya pinadumihan nya sa ibang tao

  • captainramius

    What would we tell our people… PMA they teach future military officers there that they can sell their own country if the price is right ?  Ganun ginawa ng admiral na ito…. wala man lang pag consider sa environment ng dagat nation….basta kumita lang company nya.

  • Run High

    Gaano kabobo ang kabobohang ito?  Philippine territory lang hindi pa alam.  Malaking isyu na nga yan against China eh.  Naging top officer pa hindi naman naintindihan ang sense of nationalism.  Pilipino din daw sya, nakakalungkot at nakakatakot ang ganitong klase ng mga Pilipino lalo na kapag mataas ang katungkolan sa gobyerno.  Nakakahiya.

  • TagaDumantay

    R Adm Tuazon should be put on floating status. Earlier he denied it is dumping and depended this Glen Maritime. Now he is singing a different tune since he is facing the senate.
    Clearly he is not doing his job.

  • Uragorn

    This a*hole Mayuga should be hanged for being a traitor to the Philippines.

  • Loren Darfus delos Santos

    News of 24 Oras a few days ago, CEO Mayuga stated and assured that water disposed was pretreated and safe. But now, it only shows that he’s the one who is inaccurate of what he stated during his interview. This poor CEO, he just lied through his teeth.

  • mojo76

    how much they pay just to cover this negligence.dapat command responsibility resign na dapat yong nagsinungaling at panagotin ang nagtapon…onward for good governance and transparency


    ayuuuuuu! Grabe naman pala itong si mr. Mayuga e. I also think he is hiding sumthing here. Besides, his statements are so inconsistent. Nakakahilo siya, really! Actually, nabilib ako kay Snator Loren dito kasi basag basag si Mayuga sa kanya . hehe :))

  • Bryan

    Wala rin naman kwenta yung mga arguements ni Mayuga e. Porkedi raw toxic yun at etc. Ganito nalang, sa hearing, dapat pretreated water yung inumin niya sa buong session. Pagkatapos ng 10 sessions at buhay pa siya, then pakawalan na natin siya, 

  • tonying2645

    “I’m sure there’s a conflict deep within your heart. I’m sure [that] as a Filipino, you want to say yes to me because I am an environmentalist, but your lawyers will say do not admit it because the company will pay. I know where you’re coming from, I can see it in your eyes that you agree with me,” Legarda told Mayuga.
    <<<<—- Boooom! Nice one, Senator! :)

  • sigelangbro

    Sabi ni ganito ganun sabi ni ganun ganito. Aba’y nakakalito na ito ah. Sana matapos na yung investigation dahil maraming pinoy ang gusto malaman ang katotohanan. Pero sa ngayon mukhang dehado tong camp ni Mayuga…..

  • RandyNivero

    I think it’s best nga if matapos na gad yung investigation nung ibat ibang agencies para macompile na at makita na yun resulta. I hope the violator won’t get away from this. 

  • MangDolphy

    Simple lang naman tingin ko rito. Ret. Vice Admiral ng PN, nilalason ang karagatan ng bansa para lang kumita?  Ano pa kaya ang mga ginawa nito noong nasa active service pa sya as Vice Admiral ng PN? Marami din siguro kabulastugan para kumita? Sigurado ako PMAyer din ito. Gaano kalaki ginastos ng gobyerno para sya makatapos sa PMA? Paano nya maatim na mag hudas sa bansa para lang kumita? At magawa kaya nya ipakain sa mga anak nya at apo ang kinita nya sa ganitong paraan? Bigat no?

    • jericho

      Vice admiral pa naman si hinduropot Mayuga,,so EMBARASSING siya pa ang nagkanulo sa bansang pilipinas napakalaking insulto ito sa mamamayang pinoy. bukng na ayaw pang mag apologize pinipilit pa yung baluktot niya. we are a laughing stock sa mga Amerkanong pinaglilingkuran niya.. biruin mo 2nd in command ng navy ng pinas siya pa ang nagde depensa laban sa bansa niya.. how dare He stupido at idiot itong si Admiral pwee Mayuga.. Dapat I Firing squad itong si Mayuga sa pagtataksil at pagkakanulo niya sa Taong Bayan. 2nd time ito rin yung nagpawalang sala sa kaso ng mga Millitar na Involved sa Hello Garci Scandal bilang isang inspector general..
      sana hindi hanggang imbestigasyun lang ang authority ng Bansa kundi pagmultahin multi million damages at parusang kulong! sa mga taong involved at i sequestred yang mga barkong nagdump ng toxic waste at sumira sa ating karagatan.

  • Hey_Dudes

    In the 50’s there’s nary of graduates from the Philippine Military Academy working in government.  Some of them were busy fighting the hukbalahaps others volunteered as members of Peptok (spellcheck) to the Korean war.  They never got to taste corruption in government until Ferdinand Marcos and succeeding scoundrels started appointing former generals to government long enjoyed by civilians.  Lo and behold most of them tasted graft and corruption and the fruits it bears and life will be never the same for these and others who will be appointed to government post in the future.

    • JuanTamadachi

      good one and factual too..

  • kalealaskador

    Where do you think those seagoing vessels (freighters and passenger ships) dump their waste? Our Coast Guard has not caught any of these vessels dumping waste along our coastline, but they are there for everyone to see! These vessels indiscriminately dump their waste only a few meters from our coastline. The debris we sea on our beaches do not only come from garbage carried by rivers but also from garbage thrown in the sea and carried by the waves to our shores.

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