Estrada pardon barred him from running, lawyers say


Former president Joseph Estrada

Two private lawyers on Tuesday asked the Sandiganbayan to clarify whether or not the presidential pardon given to former president Joseph Estrada after his conviction for plunder in 2007 allowed him to run for elective office.

Estrada, who ran but lost a presidential bid in 2010,  has again filed a certificate of candidacy —this time for mayor of Manila.

In “A Motion for Determination and Interpretation of Judgment in the Plunder Case in Relation to the Conditional Pardon,” lawyers Fernando Perito and Nepthali Aliposa said  Estrada may have violated the conditions of the pardon granted by then president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo when he decided to again seek elective position or office.

Estrada was convicted by the Sandiganbayan’s Special Division of plunder on Sept. 12, 2007, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. On Oct. 25, 2007, Arroyo granted executive clemency to Estrada.

In their motion seeking a clarification, the two lawyers quoted one of the paragraphs in the conditional pardon that read: “Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly committed to no longer seek any elective position or office…In view thereof, and pursuant to the authority conferred upon me by the Constitution, I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder and imposed a penalty of reclusion perpetua. He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.”

According to the petitioners, it is clear that the restoration of the civil and political rights of Estrada did not include the right to seek elected position or office.

“The electorate or the people are interested that the issue be resolved once and for all whether or not convicted former president Estrada can still seek elected position,” the motion read.

In 2010, nobody questioned the condition of his pardon when Estrada ran for president, the lawyers noted.

But they said   Estrada’s announcement that he would not seek elective or public office again was what must have prompted Arroyo to sign the conditional pardon.

The intent of the conditional pardon was to prohibit the convicted felon from running for public office, they argued.

Perito was among those who had filed disbarment complaints against Justice Secretary Leila de Lima before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines for her alleged defiance of the Supreme Court’s temporary restraining order on the travel ban issued by her office against Arroyo, now a representative of Pampanga.

Originally posted at 08:17 pm | Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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  • Daniel

    Hmmmmm…..mukhang may butas na masisilip si Lim.

  • marivon

    Sa Pilipinas walang hindi puwede; patay na nga nakakaboto pa. Kaya ganito buhay ng pinoy dahil pinaglalaruan tayo ng mga “honorable” people from all branches of the govt. On another issue si Erap ba yung nasa picture? Bakit ang kinis ng mukha? salamat doctor???

    • eirons1043

      Mr. ivon idagdag mo pa sa “honorable” na lumoloko sa atin araw-araw si Atty.; si Your Honor; si Commissioner; si General ;si Fr. Damaso.;si Tiglao; si Jurado; si Doronilla; si Solita; Smart, Globe, Skycable, kilohan sa palengke, Meralco, Manila at Maynilad Water, Oil companies, lahat ng GOCCs, SSS at GSIS.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Mukahng tatakbong walang mayor si Isko Moreno. Buti nga sayo. Karma yan.

  • pangitbudhiko

    ginawang chopsuey ang election ni estrada.

  • puza65

    masyado naman kasing makapal ang mukha eh..oh baka kailangan na naman nya ng mananakawan…

  • malek_abdul

    Court asked: Can Estrada still run for public office despite conditional pardon? – Yes he can! He was allowed to run for presidency in May 2010 and almost won. How can he not run for lower elective post?

    • TOMA_NA

      He was “allowed” per se because nobody questioned the constitutionality of him running in spite of the outstanding conviction and executive clemency. He may have received the latter but that does not mean his conviction was also overturned, convicted plunderer pa din si Estrada

      • malek_abdul

        you had been following up the case of the scrapped party list system
        against the Comelec decision to prohibit them from running again come
        May 2013 elections wherein the Supreme Court issued a status quo order
        and asked the  Comelec to let them run again for congressional seat.
        From this, I can surmised that the same decision will be handed down by
        the Supreme Court in case Estrada will be banned from running the
        mayoralty post if the case will be brought to the court. There was
        already been a precedent in the past that Estrada was allowed to run for
        elective posts.

        BTW: I was referring to the headline and not on the arguments made by the lawyers. Pakibasa mo uli ang original comments ko.

    • willylansangan

      binasa mo ba ang nakasulat ang sabi walang nag question nun tumakbo si erap ngayon humihingi lang ng klarification kung puwede nga siyang tumakbo.

      • batangpaslit

        marunong magbasa

      • malek_abdul

        If you had been following up the case of the scrapped party list system
        against the Comelec decision to prohibit them from running again come
        May 2013 elections wherein the Supreme Court issued a status quo order
        and asked the  Comelec to let them run again for congressional seat.
        From this, I can surmised that the same decision will be handed down by
        the Supreme Court in case Estrada will be banned from running the
        mayoralty post if the case will be brought to the court. There was
        already been a precedent in the past that Estrada was allowed to run for
        elective posts.

        BTW: I was referring to the headline and not on the arguments made by the lawyers. Pakibasa mo uli ang original comments ko.

      • eirons1043

        Mr. Male I agree that the Gloria SC issued a status quo order. But now the composition of the SC is no longer very heavily pro Gloria kaya medyo tagilid si Erap ngayon. Kasi tagilid si Lim pag tumakbo si Erap as the poor manila voters outnumber the elite and rich voters.

    • EREC

      Pakibasa ng po ulit ang kanilang argumento: Simple lang…..CONDITIONAL nga..(pakakawalan kita basta sa ganitong kundisyonis..)

      In their motion seeking a clarification, the two lawyers quoted partly the terms of Estrada’s conditional pardon as follows : “Whereas, Joseph Ejercito-Estrada has been under detention for six and a half years;

      Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly committed to no longer seek any elective position or office;

      In view thereof, and pursuant to the authority conferred upon me by the Constitution, I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder and imposed a penalty of reclusion perpetua. He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.”

      The petitioners said it was very clear that the restoration of the civil and political right did not include the right to seek elected position or office.
      “Otherwise that is contrary to the condition of the pardon, which was expressly mentioned and incorporated,” they said.

      • malek_abdul

        If you had been following up the case of the scrapped party list system against the Comelec decision to prohibit them from running again come May 2013 elections wherein the Supreme Court issued a status quo order and asked the  Comelec to let them run again for congressional seat. From this, I can surmised that the same decision will be handed down by the Supreme Court in case Estrada will be banned from running the mayoralty post if the case will be brought to the court. There was already been a precedent in the past that Estrada was allowed to run for elective posts.

        BTW: I was referring to the headline and not on the arguments made by the lawyers. Pakibasa mo uli ang original comments ko.

  • Cubano

    Convicted plunderer yan.  Dapat disqualified to run for public office.  Dapat nga nakakulong yan habang buhay.

  • alfred sanchez

    kapal convicted plunderer na e tumatakbo pa din at sigurado mananalo dito sa manila sa dami ng squatter at pedicab driver dito e

  • malaguena1940

    Ano ba ito? Is Lim not intelligent enough not to question this from the beginning ? Talaga naman  dito sa Pilipinas. Lahat puede kung may atik ka. Kawawang mahihirap na Pilipino. Mahiraqp na inaapi pa. Wala talagang pagasang umunlad ang Pilipinas hangang sa katapusan nang mundo kung palaging ganito ang takbo nang buhay dito.

  • MonMayuga

    Plunder is a capital offense. A person convicted of this crime should never be allowed to run for any government office again, even if that person has been pardoned. 

  • sacrebleau

    “. . . . . . . . . .He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.” 

    To restore is to return (someone or something) to a former condition, place, or position. I guess if his rights were not fully restored, the pardon would have said “partially restored.”

    • UPLB-2008-3****

      Also, Section 16 of the Rules of Court states that “when an instrument is equally susceptible of two interpretations, one in favor of natural right and the other against it, the former is to be adopted.”
      Thus, only the natural right to vote was restored, not to the right to be voted upon, the petitioners said.

      • sacrebleau

        The right to vote or the right to be voted. If ‘political right’ in his pardon meant that only his right to vote was restored then that means that his rights were only “partially restored.”

  • mangtom

    I asked the same question in the past. I am glad some lawyers are pursuing it. How can we allow this polygamist to manipulate the conditions of his pardon? He must be laughing at the system every night before he goes to bed. Now, if he is allowed to run for public office and wins, which is very likely because he is professional mambobola ng mg bakya crowd rich with votes, I will not sisi him. It will be the Commission on Elections and the bakya crowd that voted for him to slap themselves in the face for allowing him to run and electing him. 

    This guy is probably planning to add to the list of his concubines kaya naghahanap siya ng mapagdelihensiyahan niya ng regalo sa mga “chicks”. Also, kailangan din niya ang panggastos niya sa isang katutak na anak anakan niya, parang rabbit itong bruhang ito. Sa birthday gifts lang sa mga anak at apo, hay naku, million ang kailangan niya kasi hindi basta magbibigay ng mumurahing gifts kasi hindi naman pinagpaguran ang ginagastus niyang pera. Can anyone tell the whole world how many children and grandchildren this lascivious and lecherous bull has? I visualze him as the boar that is taken around town to be mated to sows for a fee. Siguro pwede siyang ganun para magkapera siya-ha-ha-ha.

    Ano, did I open anybody’s eyes?

  • EREC

    lawyers Fernando Perito and Nepthali Aliposa said …..oK thumps up!

    Kahit ako hindi man lang sumagi sa isip ko ito na si Erap ay isang convicted at pardon benficiary ni Gloria Arroyo…….sa totoo asar ako kay Joseph Estrada sa paggamit niya gaya sa aming mahihirap(nuon yon) para sa kanyang political agenda. In short… opportunista! sa kahinaan ng sikmura ng naghihirap.

  • oh_noh

    sadyang makakalimutin ang mga noy-pi… ipaalala nyo nga ulit yung kundisyon ng pardon nitong si erap!!!

  • opinyonlangpo

    . . . in other countries, “presidential” pardon is absolute.

  • JEO

    Too much joke in the Philippines! Why we still let him run or give importance to this uncompetitive person in our government? He is very old also to serve the people! And it is already proven that this guy cannot serve us effectively then why paloko pa rin tayo?

  • Descarte

    In principle, preso pa yang si Estrada.  Nakakaboto ba mga preso sa bilibid?  Kung hindi, dapat hindi rin sya nakakaboto, lalo na ang ma-elect.  Unfair nga sa ibang preso na nasa laya gayong plunder ang case nya at wala pa naman syang ginagawang mabuti para mabigyan ng pardon.  Tinatrato syang parang political prisoner kaya sya binigyan ng pardon na mali.  Kung tutuusin expired na yong pardon nya dahil hindi na Presidente si Arroyo.  Kahit sinong ordinaryong tao puede mag petisyon sa Supreme court na ibalik sya sa kulungan dahil people of the Philippines ang kalaban nya hindi presidente lang ng Pilipinas.  Ang ground ay sa kadahilanan na puede uli syang magkamit ng plunder pag na-elect na naman sya.

    Ibalik sa kulungan ang plunderer na si Estrada.  Hirap magtrabaho, magbayad ng tax tapos kukurakutin lang. Pag pinatakbo pa yan aba ay mag resign na lahat ng SC Justice.

  • jadejones2012

    Hoy ABnoy, sira ulo ka!

    Patakbuhin mo yan si Erap.

    Eh ikaw nga na mentally retarded, walang kumontra noong tumakbo!

    • bakitkailangan

       Hoy! JJ2012 (Jojemar Jinay 2012) ay! JadeJones2012 pala, tumakbo ka na kasama si Erap sa Plaza Miranda! Simulan mo na ngayon para matigil na yang kumentong mong walang saysay.

  • blainz

    Ban this disgrace and his son Jinggoy too. Two less uncouth plunderers to worry about.

  • mangtom

    jadejones2012CollapseHoy ABnoy, sira ulo ka!Patakbuhin mo yan si Erap.Eh ikaw nga na mentally retarded, walang kumontra noong tumakbo!Ang response: Stick to the topic, please. To let you know, the President has nothing to do with this discussion. Kung may galit ka sa kanya, keep it to yourself. No one is interested in your personal na galit.You sound like you are the one mentally challenged. Give me your address and I will let the security guards at the Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong pick you up before you do harm to yourself or somebody else.

  • mahuli

    pakapalan lang ng muks yan, ang simple na nga ng terms kailangan pang dalhin sa korte.

  • Simon Jaring

    dapat ang tanungin ay iyong taong nag pardon sa kanya. si GMA tanungin natin kung sa pardon niya kay HERAP ay kasama iyong pwede siyang tumakbo. at kung ano man ang sagot niya dapat ipaliwanag niya sa public. JESUS CHRIST buy my pandon with his own life/blood and to all who believe, so that believers will become as white as the snow. eh si HERAP kaya nahugasan kaya lahat ng kanyang kasalanan dahil sa pardon ni GMA? 

  • leadyourself

    sure, because there are not enough bad, recycled politicians already in this country.

  • Jay

    Whats new. Madumi politica sa Pilipinas.kung yun Rebel soldiers,Drug lords,Rapists,Gambling lords,Corrupt officials ay pwede tumakbo.kaya patakbuhin na si Erap.


    Plunder is capital offense. Hindi na dapat patakbuhin yan kahit pa barangay tanod. Sa’n ka naman nakakita ng ganyan, convicted plunderer, nakatakbo pa bilang presidente no’ng 2010 at montik pang manalo. Ngayon, bilang mayor naman? ‘Wag naman po sana tayong makalimot sa mga ginawa nitong matandang hukluban na ‘to.

    WAlang bulok na politiko kung walang bulok na botante.

  • gerp

    bakit ba affected at ayaw nilang mag run as mayor si erap… hehehe

    • im_earth

       convicted plunderer diba? convicted. con.. vic… ted… convicted…!

      • gerp

         plunder daw oh.

  • deadlyshooter

    conditional pardon…kung di siya tumupad sa pinag usapang conditiones, di ibalik sa kulungan…kung wala namang naviolate di hayaan na lang…anu baga ang mga rasones noong 2010 pres election at pinayagan siyang tumakbo? kung valid yong rason, samakatuwid, itong pagtanong na ito ay moot na lang at wala nang saysay…bahagi sa sinabi ng SC noong 2010 ay…let the sovereign people decide…kung ganoon, sa ikalawang pagkakataon ito marahil ang sasabihin muli ng korte…let the people of manila decide…

  • palakasantayo

    Naka-ka-suka tayo dito sa Pilipinas. Convicted plunderer, felon, magnanakaw pinapalak-pakan ng mga tao para kumandidato. Eh… kung manalo ito, mayroon ba tayong respect dito sa taong ito?
    Iyong mga magnanakaw, lalong lalakas ang loob para magnakaw; kasi si mayor magnanakaw din. Birds of the same feather kahit baligtadin mo the same feather pa rin.

    • im_earth

       corrupt at magnanakaw din ang bumoto sa knila ulit. same feather.

      • palakasantayo

        Right on… Are we this low in Pinas? talagang wala tayong asenso.

  • JosephNess

    if the SC stated that it is to the sovereign people that will decide if he can run for election and he lost, such was the people’s verdict, by this, the people said that he was not qualified anymore to run for election…

  • Islaslolo

    Erap, if you have enough decency left in you, please let others have the chance to lead Manila. You are not only corrupt and a convicted felon but you have also proven yourself incompetent to hold an elected office.

    • speaksoftlylove

      “Let others?” Nagkaugat na nga yang si Lim sa kakaupo. “let others” ka pa dyan. Pareho lang naman silang matanda at naghihintay na lang sa pirma ng bulate. Pareho ring mahilig “magpabyahe” so, ano pagkakaiba ng dalawang yan? Gusto ko nga magrumble at magubusan na yang dalawa para malaman natin kung sinong unang bibyahe.

    • Abraham Ortiz

      You got it wrong man! Mabuting tao si erap. Kaya lang kumampi si singson sa kalaban nya at sinumbong siyang may ari nang jueting money na dala dala ni singson tuwing pumupunta siya sa malakanyang. Sa paglilitis kay erap hindi idinawit si singson sa jueting scam na dapat kasama siya dahil siya ang bag man.Sa pag tawid naman ni erap sa malakanyang to San Juan dahil gusto nya munang magpahinga sa bahay nya sa San Juan,sinamantala ito ni gma at mamayamaya nag swear na siya bilang presidente nang Pilipinas at nag resigned na raw si erap na hindi naman totoo. Doon nagsimula ang pagka gahaman ni gma at pinakulong si erap.Tanongin mo ang lahat na tao kung nag resigned si erap?Pero nang dahil may vested interest din ang Amerika, kinausap si gma na pardon mo si erap otherwise gagawa ang Amerika nang malaking gulo sa pinas.

  • DirtyHarryLim

    Mga MANILENYO, pag isipan mabuti kung sino ang ihahalal sa susunod na eleksyon.  Mag-isip at pag aralan mabuti bago bumoto.

    • nes911

      Of course hindi si erap. Galit ang mga manilenyo sa mga korap at ganid sa power.

  • Hey_Dudes

    If there is any Filipino who think some legal clause barring this convicted plunderer from running again for any political position will deter a determined individual with no scruples, only two possible things exist namely; you have not been Filipino long enough – or – you lost your ability to think after being a Filipino far too long.

    • Abraham Ortiz

      Ha!ha!ha! kuha mo!

  • Guest

    Tarantadong COMELEC na nag-apruba at bugok na mamamayan na buboto sa walanghiyang mandarambong. 

    • Abraham Ortiz

      Comelec ang may sala noon kaya dito gusto nang mga kalaban ni erap na i disqualify siya para hindi manalo.Takot sila na manalo si erap kasi.Ang mga bumobuto sa kanya noon at sa ngayung election ay hindi mga bugok ang mga yun kundi gusto lang nila na ma exercise ang right of suffrage nila. Kahit ikaw kung gusto mong mag run sa election na ito,ibubuto kita dahil gusto kitang manalo ka regardless of your intentions pero hindi ako bugok kundi  ini exrcise ko lang ang rights ko sa pag boto.Kuha mo?

      • Guest

        Ikaw ang hindi nakakuha, Abraham Ortiz. Ang kriminal na nahatulan at napatunayang nagkasala ay hindi puwedeng kumandidato sa anumang posisiyon sa pamahalaan. With or without presidential pardon. Ito nga ang kondisiyon sa kanyang pagpatawad. Kaya hindi dapat at labag sa batas ang pag-apruba ng COMELEC. Pangalawa, talagang karapatan ng mamamayan na ihalal ang sinumang ninanais, Matalino man o Mangmang. Ang hindi mo na u-unawaan at mapagkakaila ay KABUGUKAN ang bumoto sa isang kriminal at bawal na kandidato. BAWAL, naiintindihan mo ba ang salitang BAWAL. Sukdulang kahangalan sa lipunan na ipahintulot ang pinagbabawal na kandidatura ng walanghiyang mandarambong. Dahil ba sa karapatan kung bumoto, ayon sa iyong baluktot na isipan, bastat pinili kung iboto ang yumao mong supot na lolong nangarap maging pangulo o akalde, at pinili rin ng karamihan, ay puwede na siyang manalo na maging pangulo o alkalde? Votes are NULL, VOID, and INVALID on illegal or DISQUALIFIED candidates. It should not be in the ballot list to be chosen in the first place. Kuha mo?

  • bukidonline

    Ang politiko sa pinas pag may kaso o nakasuhan nag kakasakit pero pag tatakbo sa halalan nagiging malaks at fit to work? Tama bko erap at gma?

    • Abraham Ortiz

      uupo ka kamo sa wheelchair at magsakitsakitan at gagamitin ang human rights.ha!ha!ha! alam nyo na kung sino sila di ba?ha!ha!ha!Buking na ang usong ito pero napaka ipiktibo pa rin.

      • bukidonline

        Erap Crusader, lol

  • farmerpo

    eh kung yung nakakulong na at sentenyado nakaka habol iyan pang gagalagala at sinasaluduhan ng ibang politico?   ang mga tao, gusto katatawanan, hindi kabutihan ng bansa.

  • Retsameht



  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Puwede baliin ang batas ng pera! pinoy pa!

  • im_earth

    Erp: “i nominate myself as a convicted plunderer to be mayor in Manila”
    Host: “Raise your hands who want to vote?”

    (Click the Link link here if you do)

  • kulittwit

    Kaya mahirap ikulong ang mga magnanakaw na pulitiko dahil sa mga katulad nina arroyo at erap. Pardon ang katapat dahil sa trapo politics.

    Kaya dapat hindi si binay ang susunod na presidente. pag nagkataun, ipa pardon din nyan si arroyo.

    • IsipPinoy

       Arroyo can not expect any pardon from any future presidents if she is convicted dahil mabibilang mo na sa iyong mga kamay ang kanyang mga supporters.

  • dkgboy

    The Lawyers who questioned the conditional pardon has a very valid argument.It is clear that it was one of the conditions for his liberty.But nobody questioned  Erap’s candidacy in 2010.Was he allowed to run to divert the votes of people who would rather vote for another candidate at the time?Some people argue that the pardon was given by a fake President who cheated during her reign.If that is the case,are they saying that the pardon is invalid and Erap should go back to jail?Really,it is becoming more fun in the Philippines.I thought recycling does not pollute!

    • IsipPinoy

       Very good point dkgboy! Haul Erap back to jail para hindi makapanggulo pa.

  • WAJ

    Let’s elaborate what is the meaning of PARDON: It means that a person convicted of a crime is being release from penalty. However, although that there’s a clause that “as long as he (Joseph Estrada” will not run for public office”, the question that matters is that, he has been given civil rights as well as political rights. This is my take, in any country, only the President can give a pardon. However, a felon is a felon, and it will take the act of the Supreme Court to grant a felon for the restoration of the civil and political rights.

    It is better to review very carefully before signing an agreement, negotiation, affidavit, or a declaration the content of the letter words for words. Loopholes are sometimes becomes questionable. Lot’s of political figures, and so on in the Philippines are very good at this.  

    • speaksoftlylove

      In my opinion, the action by these private lawyers is susceptible of outright dismissal that is, if PNoy does not illegally meddle again based on the following grounds:

      1. Being private lawyers they are not real party-in-interest to move for determination and interpretation of judgment;
      2. Granting that they are party in interest the move for interpretation covers questions of law that only the Supreme Court has jurisdiction;

      3. The action filed by these lawyers has already been barred by latches. In other words, when Erap was allowed by the Comelec to run for president, it in fact removed all doubt as to any questions of Erap’s qualification since no one filed a determination or interpretation of Erap’s conditional pardon with the proper court. GMA who gavexd the pardon did not question Erap’s running for president. Otherwise stated, the citizen sleep with their right to question Erap’s qualification. It can no longer belatedly assert it’s right which had long prescribed.

      • johndcross1

        ang galing galing mo.  ano ka ba abogadong polpol?

      • joel genese

        Cite where he/she could be wrong.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Let us see who is “abogadong polpol” me or these two incompetent lawyers, when the Sandiganbayan finally dismisses their action. There’s even no need to decide the matter. They can just dismiss it through a minute resolution citing “without merit” as a reason. You will eat your words by that time and hope you will develop a recurring bum stomach just like PNoy. For all your ignorance, the issue of qualification for running public office is totally not connected to the issue of plunder case where the Sandiganbayan decided already convicting Erap. Such issue is under the jurisdiction of the Comelec which already ruled in favor of Erap taking into consideration that the silence of GMA is in fact an imprimatur for Erap to run during the presidential elections.

      • WAJ

        2. The pardon which was given to him by GMA does not relinquish the punitive verdict of the court when he was found guilty of plunder. But, the interpretation of Estrada’s right for elective office lies in the hands of the Supreme Court. 3. No one questioned the legality of his candidacy when he ran for President. Even the Commission on Election  accepted his application for candidacy. This matter is a valid reason why Estrada could run for elective office. However, this can be stop by a legal process through the Supreme Court that’s if someone pursue a petition/complain or the government intervene.

      • joel genese

        I think the petitioners are just asking clarification. They are not complainant, at least for the moment.

      • wawangpenoy

         Ang galing galing mo talaga. Nakak bilib. Saan ka ba nagtapos? siguro sa UST ano? Sa tono ng mga sentence construction mo at ang logic mo, mukhang taga UST ka eh.

      • speaksoftlylove

        I hope I am the same person you are ascribing to. But your post ridicules the UST more than me. Bakit mahina ba sa law school ang UST? For all your ignorance, Atty. Saguisag, who is a staunch supporter of Cory and PNoy is a law graduate bar topnotcher from UST. Mahihina nga siguro ang mga lawyer-supporters ni PNoy, ano sa tingin mo?

      • IsipPinoy

         Comelec allowed Erap to run in the last election only for its entertainment value. Ika nga “the more the merrier.” But seriously, by allowing Erap to run for an elective position does not mean he can assume office if he wins. Erap will just be wasting his time and money as well as the government’s time and money.

  • Chloroform

    interesting… ginamit siguro nila yung “let the people decide…” na dahilan para babuyin ang.batas… if the article is correct(?) 

  • nti_boohaya

    Ex-convict na politician?  E Pinas yan e.  Kaibahan lang e si Erap na convict sa pandarambung samantala mga iba ay tuloy ang ligaya. Hangat hindi lahat na LOLONG sa kongreso, capitolyo, municipio at mga ibat ibang ahensiya sa gobierno makasuhan at makulong ay  tuloy ang ligaya.

  • joeybg

    5 milyong Tanga ang bumoto kay bigote last eleksiyon…..
    kawawang Pinas kaya walang pagbabago, daming Bobo-tante…..

    • Abraham Ortiz

      Mali ka doon pare ko.

  • dabu

    If you talk about “precedent”, Erap can now file his candidacy in any position he wants. Bakit hindi ito nangyari noon when he ran for the presidency. Buti nanalo is Pnoy, otherwise, RP could have the first president elect who is an ex-convict. Then, there could have been more fun in RP.

    • batangpaslit

      hahaha…fun, indeed, when the Philippines elect the crooks, the thieves, and the corrupt for positions of responsibility

      • magcalasL

        Kung nanalo si Erap for president, di rin sya makakaupo dahil the supreme court will nullify ang panalo nya. gusto lang nga mga kalaban na mahati ang boto ni villar. pero kung nanalo sya, wala din mangyayari. at saka gusto rin ng tao na gastusin ni erap yung mga ninakaw nya.

      • Abraham Ortiz

        Pero mind you,si erap lang ang umopong presidente na nagtayo nang SLEX ,NLEX AT ISA PANG HIGHWAY PATUNGONG SUBIC gamit ang obuchi funds.Ni si Makoy ,gma,tabako hindi nagawa yun siya lang.Ang problema hindi pinakita sa madla ang nagawa nya kaya siya galit noon sa media dahil ang pinagtuunan nila nang pansin ay ang pagkakaroon ni erap nang anak sa iba maliban sa tunay nyang asawa.Ang paninira nga naman maka apikto sa negatibong aspect nang buhay nang tao lalo na’t ikaw ay isang presidente nang Pilipinas.Kung marunong lang noon ang mga galamay nya sa media, tiyak tataob ang nanira sa kanyan kaso  mahina eh .Isa itong palatanda-an na pag ikaw ay isang Presidente,dapat may malakas ka na mga tauhan in and out of your malacanang office kasama na ang military ,media at intelligence office in military pero sa kapakanan nang bansa.

    • IsipPinoy

      Even if he won the last time around there was no guaranty that he would be able to assume office.  Gagawa lang ng malaking gulo itong si Erap. Sariling interest lamang ang kanyang iniisip at hindi ang interest ng mga mamamayang Pilipino. Inuulol nya lang ang mga tao lalo na yung mahihirap.

      • Abraham Ortiz

        Lahat naman sila vested interest lang ang nasa ulo nila at hindi kapakanan nang madla.The Constitution should be revised to state among others that only one term should be allowed for every one to run for elective office .No actors will be allowed to run.He should have the highest educational attainment as in any colleges or universities and not high schools education.

      • Allan

        agree. villar’s camp was just waiting in the wings. had estrada won, villar could have taken over as the president since this condition of not seeking elective office would have come up and corona as the sitting chief justice would have accommodated villar since villar was arroyo’s candidate. it’s good aquino joined the fun. had he not, arroyo would still be enjoying the fruits of her plunder and corona would still be lording it over the sc.

  • Lenore

    Dapat magpahinga na si Erap sa pulitika.  Sobrang gahaman na sa power, hindi na matigil.

    • Mamerto

      Power.., not only Corrupts. 

      It also is Addicting. 
      Sino kaya ang “Power-Addict”…?

  • oink2oink

    This issue must be clearly explained if he is still allowed to run for an elective post or not.  This Erap seems to use his “freedom” as if there are no conditions .

    • Abraham Ortiz

      Eh bakit ngayon lang?Ba’t hindi noon nang tumakbo siya bilang Presedinte? Something wrong with those guys who want to disqualify him !Baka nga matatalo si LIM dito kaya gano’n.

      • johndcross1

        eh walang nagreklamo!  panalo na si lim.

  • JK1000

    Isa pa makapal ang mukha, talo pa patay na wala kaluluwa parang si Imelda Marcos na wala kaluluwa.  Ito tanda na dapat siya tigil politika na. Sabi Instik, ” Ang tao wala hiya ay lagi dala malas sa buhay ”   Dami loko instik nila kasama Ping Lacson noon.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Sa totoo lang sagad boto ang inis ko dito kay Erap pero tumakbo na ulit itong presidente natalo lang so, ano ngayon ang isyu? Qualified siyang tumakbo kahit anong batas at Constitution ang paguusapan.  Kung magiging mayor si Erap sa Manila, anong masama noon? May record na siyang maganda sa pagka mayor kaya para sa akin, no problem. Gumagawa lang ng isyu itong si Lim ant mga liberals dahil tiyak ilalampaso ang manok nila. Wala tayong magawa, kahit ex convict nananalo sa Pilipinas. Ganyan ka bobotante anf mga pilipino, so be it!

  • eirons1043

    These 2 lawyers Perito and Aliposa should be disbarred pronto by the SC motu propio for severe lack of common sense and mental stability. Erap has already run  for the position of President last 2010 without any hitch and yet these two insist he cannot.  If they were paid to do that then with more reason that they should not be lawyers.  They are giving additional fodder to shoot  the already disgusting performance of the Law profession.

    • Allan

      no hitch because nobody questioned but had estrada won, this matter would have come up specially if the runner up was villar.

      • Mamerto

        If J.Estrada won that presidential election…, ay naku, malaking problema.
        It would have put the “Aguinaldo Principle” to the test… vs 
        the CONDITIONAL Presidential Pardon.

        (More so, that we should be thankful that P’noy run and won.!)

    • Joe

      This is a classic example of reasoning from a sick mind.  Just because nobody raised the legality of Estrada’s candidacy in a previous election does not mean that everybody has forfeited the right to do so in the future. Do you mean to say that if nobody raised the question of plagiarism against Sen. Sotto then he is free doing it as a habit?  I think it is you who should visit a shrink.

      • Mamerto

        Korek ka Joe.
        The Inefficiency &/or Ignorance of the COMELEC is not a factor that could/should change the conditions of a “Presidential CONDITIONAL Pardon”.

    • johndcross1

      mag file ka ng disbarment.  simulaan mo at tataposin ko iyang kukuti mong bolok.

  • kismaytami

    Tumakbo na nga nung 2010 eh, presidential race pa.

  • AllaMo

    Well, better questioned now than never. Kaso, malaswa at wala na nga talagang hiya. E, ibinoboto pa rin. Puro malaswa, kandidato at bobotante.

  • msmakabayan

    Mabuhay kayo Perito and Aliposa! Sa wakas, may gumagamit nang utak at tapang sa tamang paraan…Hindi porque nakatakbo si Erap last time, eh tama ang interpretation nang law…ilabas ang tunay na interpretatation – para ang mga convicted criminals, hinding hinding hindi na makatakbo sa ating gobyerno!

  • batangsulpok

    Sa Pilipinas lang naman ganyan na kahit nasa bilibid o convicted ay nakakandidato at nananalo pa, IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

    • Mamerto

      Marimi kasing “uto-utong” voters…, by ratio.

      (gustong sabihin…, marami din “uto-utong voters” sa ibang bansa. 
      Kaya lang, sa tin mas malaki ang “ratio”)

  • vir_a

    “Not to run again” was a condition for giving Erap clemency which he accepted. Congratulations to Mayor Lim. You have no more opponent

    • Ronald_18

      And Manila will be at worst for another 3 years. Mayor Lim is Mayor in absentia.

      Soon Manila will be the dumpsite capital and crime haven of the Philippines.


    HAMO na ninyong tumakbo yang TNL na yan…..hindi naman mananalo yan kahit na cabeza de baranggay.  Nawili kasi sa paghanga ng tao sa kanyang pag-aartista na akala niya madadala nya yon hanggang sa Himlayang Pilipino.  Mayroon talagang mga tao na sadyang parang sapatos-ng- kabayo ang kapal ng pog-a na kahit na alam-na-alam na ex-convict… at napatunayang certified and  bona fide MMM, e, binabale-wala na lang yon at sa halip ay yong adulation pa din ng tao ang nanunuot sa kanilang pitsu.  ‘Musta na po kayo dyan, Imelda and family, Enrile, Jalosjos, Singson, Ebdane, Abalos, and the rest of the chokarans 

  • johndcross1

    Atty. Perito at Atty. Aliposa kayo ay dapat pagpurihan.  Itong lintik na Erap na ito ay napakapal ang gilagid.  Klarong-klaro yung conditional pardon niya na hindi siya makakatakbo ng “any elective office or position” sa gobierno, hito na naman ipinag-gigiitan ang kanyang sarili. WALANGHIYA TALAGA! 

    If you are not ashame to the Filipino people, be ashamed to your children & grandchildren because they will carry the burden of your shameful, humiliating, reprehinsible acts.  REMEMBER YOU ARE STILL A FELON IN THE EYES OF THE PEOPLE.

    • wawangpenoy

       Mali ka.  Sa klase ng moral values ng mga Estrad, ipagmamalaki pa sya ng mga angkan nya hanggang kaapu-apuhan.  Ilan bang presdente ang na convict ng plunder? Wala!! si Erap lang. Ilang bang presidente ang ipinangangalandakan ang pagiging babaero nya? Wala!! si Erap lang. Ilang bang presdente ang gabi-gabi eh nakikipag-inuman sa mga smugglers sa loob ng malakanyang? Wala!! si Erap lang. Hindi ba mga bagay na dapat ipagmalaki ng mga Estrad yan?

      • ever green

        that’s one way of putting it…hahaha lol……

  • sacrebleau

    Tingnan nyo naman kung sino ang nagpatalsik, nagpakulong at nagbigay ng pardon kay Erap. Dapat kasuhan ng: Illegal possession of a leaking breast implant while on a wheelchair wearing a neck brace for a fake illness.

  • Spike


  • Rod

    kayo naman baka makalusot si erap d naintindihan ang kanyanyang pinirmahan sa pardon nya

  • Mamerto

    Ayos ka, bata ka.

    “No More Worthy Opponent” for “Dirty Harry”.

  • agustin

    Bakit ako mahiya, eh, survival ito, nakakahiya na man na sa mga anak ako hihingi ng tulong. dito ako hihingi ng tulong sa mangmang na mahihirap na mamamayan.

  • basyong

    hindi marunong magbasa ng ingles kaya hindi niya alam.weder weder lang kaya pwedeng makalusot.walang magawa sa perang ninakaw kaya gustong gastusin para pagbalik katakottakot na nakaw,babae,sugal at alak.ano kayo laging sinuswerte erap ata eto hehehehehe

  • browndarwinian

    Our ethical standards have indeed gone to all-time low. Instead of arguing that Estrada is banned from running for public office coz that’s the deal he made in accepting presidential pardon, why don’t we have more conviction in arguing the he MUST actually be barred because he’s a convicted PLUNDERER. What has happened to us, Filipino people?

  • Halo

    Probably these two lawyers are paid hacks for mayor lim.  If this is true then dirty harry must be very scared because his days in office is numbered. Thank God, hopefully a new mayor can bring sanity in  this dumpsite, squatter ridden, crime prone, chaotic city called manila.

    • luzviminda88



    • Marlanus

      kailan ba naging malinis ang Maynila?
      panahon ni Lacson?

      • ever green

        ooooppppsss. Mayor Arsenio Lacson…………..baka isipin nila si Ping lacson…hahahahahaha……

  • concern_pinoy_citizen

    Gaano ba kalaki ang nagawang masama ni Erap ikumpara kay pandak?  Nakatakbo at nanalo pa nga ang sundalong rebelde.  Tumakbo at nanalo rin ang mga drug lords at smugglers sa Ilocos Norte. Naging congressman din ang isang berdugong heneral at isang mass murderer communist leader.  So ano ngayon kung tatakbo si Erap?  Let the people of Manila decide..

    • wawangpenoy

       ang takbo ng utak mo ang ngasasadlak sa mga pilipino sa kawalang pag-asa.

      • JuanTamadachi

        good one..

      • acaldejr

        I do agree.  Unfortunately, we have a lot of people like concern_pinoy_citizen in the Philippines.  Only in the Philippines.  Kawawang Bayan natin.

    • luzviminda88



    • ever green

      And you call yourself Concern Pinoy Citizen…!!!! maliit man o malaki ang ninakaw…magnanakaw pa rin…..

  • Maitum

    Just to find out, why not. 

  • symonwho

    If Erap violated the condition of his pardon, he should be sent back to jail for life but then he can still run for political office like Jalosjos. Could he while in jail? And win? And run his office from jail?

  • nakawan

    inasmuch as barring Erap from running gives me a massive boner– and it does– unfortunately if it’s not written on paper, it cannot be enforced. we have to grin and bear the fact that we have a former actor-cum-politician-cum-plunderer as a permanent mainstay in Philippine politics. i said it once before, i’ll say it again. Erap is the genital herpes of politics, no matter what you do, he just keeps coming back. raw or crusty.

  • virgoyap

    As a “heavyweight” ex-convict he can do whatever he likes even trespassing the law.

  • johnllander

    ejercito not only violated the condition of pardon but the Constitution.  A convicted criminal is not allowed to seek public office.

    • smiley

      pardoned doesn’t mean he is free from guilt. since the guilt is still there, he is no more qualify to run for public office. he can vote and campaign for his “compare” though.

  • nizgoda

    i hope comelec will interpret the law correctly.  it seems Estrada here did not understand what he signed regarding his conditional pardon.   dapat kasi nakatagalog yung nakasulat sa aggreement of executive clemency. alam mo naman . . . 

  • jerry mansell

    Takot na si Lim.

  • Ronald_18

    Poor Manila…without an opponent, Alfredo Lim will likely have another 3 years in office. I’ll not be surprised in the next couple of years if City of Manila will be the new dumpsite and crime haven of the Philippines.

    • Ding

      Kaya sa palagay mo mas magandang isang kriminal na mismo ang maging mayor?

    • azkal futbol

      poor mindset. without a lim in office, expect more crimes and havoc to erupt. with a dirty harry approach, crime and violence is minimized for now. this is manila, even american cities experience violence and rampage… bring in a plunderer and more illegal issues will erupt.

  • calixto909


  • Mananandata69

    Bakit ngayon lang kau lang kau nagfile ng motion. Kayo talagang mga abogado pampagulo kau minsan. Gusto nyo rin bang sumikat.

  • disqusted0fu

    busted yet again! the Comelec should have known this too beforehand. when will people learn? why do we want to elect an ex con anyway? authorities should act on this immediately.

    • Ding

      Sino sa tanda mo ang nag-allow ng candidacy niya during the previous administration?  If your memory cannot recall, then use your conscience.

  • prangka

    Almost all the rich, famous and powerful will always get away with it. Trust me. 

  • dodot24

    Talagang palakasan sa Pilipinas.  Erap may violation na pala hindi pinapansin ng korte.

  • Simon Ward

    Aaah, the pesky old “Whereas” (legalese for “because”) clause problem again! Lawyers still can’t agree on the weight that should actually be afforded these flourishes of style from a by-gone age, and if their contents are really intended to be non-negotiable conditions of a ruling, they should be worded as such.

    Personally, I think that in this case the Whereas clause isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, and Erap has every legal right to run again … more’s the pity.

  • josephine82



  • mxsclxmxn

    This is a lapsed or blunder of COMELEC. They should have not approved the mayor candidacy of  bigote. The condition of his pardon is that he should not run of any elected public office. Simple to understand. Common sense naman dyn!

  • Mark Philip Wu

    It just baffles me. We removed Erap from office by force, found him guilty of crime, and then we pardon him and let him run for office again, almost making him president again? What was the point of removing him from office if you’re going to put him back in again? 

    • Ding

      Mas maganda nga yatang dinggin uli iyan sa husgado at gawing pangunahing witnesses ang nagpakawala at ang pinakawalan.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    if he was pardoned by a fake president as claimed by many then he must be put in jail again

  • smiley

    …convicted of PLUNDER then granted executive clemency, is this mean he can keep the plundered wealth of the people? or was the presidential pardon granted by GMA was unconditional?

  • fiveoclock

    hhmmm…..inutusan ni erap yang 2 abugagong yan para lamang pag-usapan ang erap….. naka-takbo na nga siya sa Presidential 2010 tapos ngayon mo i-ku-kwesyon ang kandidatos ni erap … dapat sana ang unang nag protesta ay si Mayor LIM………hayaan na lamang at ang Manilenyo ang mag dedisisyon kung sino ang magiting na magiging Alkalde ng Maynila….

    • boldyak

      hindi pedeng hayaan, there must a clear resolution, whether a pardoned plunderer can run or not…

  • mxsclxmxn

    anak ng tipaklong!!! parang patay. nabuhay ulet! onli in da pilipins!

  • est

    nakakasuka na itong nga estrada na  ito

  • PH2011

    this scenario prior to May 2010 Presidential election.

    If Erap was the
    very strong candidate to succeed GMA. Definitely he will be DQ (disqualify) by
    COMELEC, Sandigan bayan, and even by the Supreme Court . Remember, all government
    institutions mentioned are lameduck of GMA during her tenure.

    Noynoy Aquino candidacy came out after Cory’s death. It turned out that Noynoy
    Aquino was then a very strong candidate to succeed GMA. Hence, GMA administration
    considered and allowed Erap to run for Presidency once again for the purpose of
    dividing the opposition  votes, the more
    opposition candidates, the greater chance and  advantage of GMA- administration candidates (
    Teodoro and/or Villar). Well, the rest is history….

    Hence, let that
    issue resolve, with finality.

    By the Sandigan
    Bayan, COMELEC ,or up to Supreme Court. (Hope we can trust the composition of
    these institutions now)


  • TuwadNaDaan

    Sarap untugin ang mga ulo sa dalawang itong si simeon at erap ..puro sakit sa bansa ang ginawa nang mga presidenteng ito…..mahilig sa media publicity..!!!

  • Manolo Villareal

    In our country, it is very difficult to have a common meaning of terms.  Like the term “marginalized”.  Lawyers, especially in the Comelec and the SC, do not know the meaning of it but to the ordinary citizen, it is an easy-to-understand word.  Former president Estrada should be banned from running an elective office.  He is a convict of a crime which I believe involved moral turpitude.  Forgery is even considered as crime involving moral turpitude, how much more of plunder which is a non-bailable crime.  The courts shall take this as a good precedent denying Estrada his right to run for elective position so those who will commit crime shall not think of running public office.  What if all our senators and congressmen are all convicts?

  • droccu

    If he was cleared to run again for the Presidency last time despite this issue on the scope of the pardon, why stop him now that his running for a lower position? Just let him run so WE can have the pleasure of seeing him LOSE again…or will he….abangan….

    • boldyak

      he was not cleared, nobody complained…

      • droccu

        If I got it right, I think nobody complained (that is, nobody from the GMA government then, pursued any disqualification complaint) as they were thinking then that Erap will take away votes from Pnoy who was the front runner. 

  • Leond Yobar

    Ay nako wala ng ibang qualified matanda na kasi wala ng apog!

  • azkal futbol

    two things… one, comelec must disqualify a dishonest candidate, moreso, a convicted plunderer…

    or two, manilenos must use their common sense not to elect a gambler, a drunkard and a liar, moreso, a convicted plunderer.

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Adulterer pa, nakalimutan mo.

  • Mang Teban

    I hope COMELEC disbars Erap from seeking an office in the elections next year as soon as possible. This will save a lot of time as compared to this one where the matter will be referred to the Sandiganbayan or to any other court. 

    If COMELEC disqualifies Erap, then Erap will have no other recourse but make an appeal. COMELEC can turn him down again. Maybe Erap will go to the Supreme Court. Let him work for his appeal and waste his time in the courts.If COMELEC commissioners can really look at this information from the two lawyers as an important matter that justifies disqualification of a candidate barred by the conditions of the presidential pardon. then they should act expeditiously now to end this anomaly of a despicable person making “palusot”.

  • Jerem

    His father is proven right – by the way things have turned out over the years – for not letting him use their family name because Erap is a disgrace and have caused all these morally corrupt practices not only in politics but also in the mainstream of our culture.

  • $34244893

    I hope Estrada will not be allowed to seek any elective post. And if he can really run, I hope the people of Manila will remember that Estrada has been convicted of plunder. Plunder is not a small graft case – they should remember that.

    • eric_santiago1

      he got the most votes after aquino during the 2010 presidential election. i think people already forgot that issue.

      • $34244893

        I think you are right. People have forgotten it. Sad.

    • eirons1043

      Mr. Anto those who voted for erap then and now does not care about his womanizing and plunder case. What is mysterious is that they are so many, had rich boy Mar continue with his candidacy and not Noy, Erap would have won.

  • Komen To

    Only in the Philippines can the law change based on interpretation of the authorities. Sabi nga nya, weder weder lang yan

  • Zero

    Wala mangyayari dyan. Erap is just too powerful

    • boldyak

      maraming nauuto na tao…

  • vinzerx

    Sa mga mahilig sa conspiracy theories sa comments thread, irrelevant kung sino man yung nagpipiyansa sa mga lawyer na ito. Ang usapin lang e kung meron ngang agreement si Erap na hindi na siya tatakbo sa kahit anong halalan para makalaya siya. Kung meron, dapat may penalty sa kanya bilang di siya tumupad sa usapan. Kung wala, siyasatin at bigyan ng penalty itong mga lawyer na ito. Ganun lang yun.

    Yung mga kuru-kuro niyo kung sino mas nakasama sa bansa, kung may mayor bang threatened, o kung ano pa man, e para sa ibang usapin, hindi dito sa article na ito.

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Bakit nakalusot siya noong nakaraang presidential election 2010? Bakkkeeeetttt!!!!! Bakit ngayon lang nabusisi ito? Trabaho ito ng Comelec.

    • ern

      “He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.”
      Ang linaw naman nyan. Gumagawa lang ng ingay at pera ang mga abogado ng katunggali nya. 

      Nakalagay sa conditional pardon he will no longer seek elective position… Would that statement be necessary kung malinaw sa constitution na di sya pwedeng tumakbo? Paepek lang yan ni arroyo dahil baka sya balikan. And so it came to pass, she is now repaying under another leader.

      But who’s afraid of erap? Pero kung gusto sya ng tao, let it be. Malayo naman siguro sya kay sotto at pakyaw.

      • Ashfaq Ahmed

         naku ern, nauna na nga ung exception to the rule eh.. kaw naman talaga..

  • Stephen

    That shows how broken our system is, how corrupt our officials are and sometimes how stupid some Pinoys that they vote for these people. That’s how fun it is in Pinas.

  • eric_santiago1

    philippine politics has become the refuge of old men, has-been athletes and ex-celebrities with no other career options…:(

  • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

    Iyan ang malinaw na ang Political Dynasty ay dapat na supilin. Mga gahaman sa kapangyarihan. Lahat sa kanila pwede dahil alam nila na sila ay hindi basta basta natitinag.
    Isulong na ang People’s Initiative para matanggal itong kanser ng bayan.

  • KpTUL

    Estrada maawa ka namn sa Pinas. Nadyan na lahat pamilya mo sir. Huwag namang masyadong swapang sir. Just spend your time with your kids (who happen to be elected officials) . Tama na po sir. Maawa ho kayo.

  • feargo

    in the civilized world, even mere hints of impropriety or misconduct are forceful enough for candidates for public office – and even those already in public office, elected or not – to withdraw candidacies or resign from their jobs. here, ex-convicts are voted into office! it’s not their fault – it’s the voters’.

    • montenarra

      I basically agree with your the civilized world…wherein “mere hints” are actually backed up by strong evidence.  Media do not run news based on gossip alone from disgruntled opponents.  

      In our country, gossips are already news and worthy of headline presentation.  I suppose that those who control media can actually control the minds of people.  How can a news media outfit , who on the side does charity work, be accused of political favoritism.

      • boldyak

        if he is barred from running for office because laws are properly implemented, people can not vote for illegal candidates…it’s the enforcement of the law which is to be blamed, poor and ignorant people are just being manipulated and exploited by people who violates the law…i am not sure  if you can blame an ignorant person…

    • sacrebleau

      In the civilized world, Joker would have been held in contempt by the Senate (acting as impeachment court) for instigating the walkout on Estrada’s impeachment. In the civilized world, Estrada’s impeachment would have been ordered to continue by the Supreme Court. In the civilized world, Cardinal Sin could not have played a big role in EDSA 2. In the civilized world, the Supreme Court would not have ruled Estrada “resigned.”

  • ksafan0

    Kung ang isang tao ay may delicadeza, di na dapat magkandidato. Biruin mo convicted plunderer muntik na uling maging presidente. May congreso nga at SC subalit maraming di malinaw na batas. Sinasadya ata ito ng ating mga mambabatas.

    • MS. F3

      Wala sa diksyo ng mga pinoy pulitiko ang salitang delicadeza. At syempre ang batas ay ginawa ng mambabatas para sa kanilang pansariling kapakanan.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Show me an unscrupulous man and I’ll show you a politician. >: D

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw

     Takot na lolo lim. Ilalampaso kasi sya ni erap.

    • abner

      kasama talaga sa pulitika ang alisin sya sa listahn ng mga kandidato…kung magaling kang competitor wala ka ng kahirap hirap kung matatanggal mo siya sa unang sargo palang…

  • whyinthisworld

    You are right feargo and in addition most and majority or in general, our politicians are shamless with very thick skin faces and even bullet of ek-47 or armalite will not penetrate once they hit. Trully it’s the voters fault but this is about time, for all of us to learn a lesson and be civilized enough to vote for the human candidates which main purpose is to serve not to enrich themselves. By the way, estrada must be out on politics, he’s already pangngulo lang.

  • malek_abdul

    Unless the Supreme Court decides that Estrada cannot run for any elective post, nobody can bar him from doing so. There was already a precedent when he was allowed to run for president during the May 2010 elections.

    Without the Supreme Court’s decision, the only thing people (Manileños) can do is not to vote for him.

  • Jasmin

    Moot and academic yng issue na yan.. that aspect was overruled when he was allowed to run for Presidency. 

    • sacrebleau

      Exactly. Tagilid lang si Lim kaya pumapel ang lawyers.

      • Jasmin

        Long time, no see ha!!  Buti nagreply ka saken ngayon. Are you implying that the petition seeking clarification from Sandiganbayan  was machinated by Alfredo Lim? Di ba taohan ni PNOY yan? hinde mo ba siya kinakampe?

      • sacrebleau

        Hehehe. . . . .I don’t know who the lawyers work for, but why are they featured in the media like they had a eureka moment? Not getting it, the only angle I could think of is they want to prevent Estrada from running as mayor.

      • Jasmin

        Motive will show who is really behind it. If public interest was the intent of these lawyers, they should have filed this tax payers’ suit in 2009 when Erap filed his candidacy to run for presidency.  

      • generalproblem

        correct so it means that Lim finance the two lawyers hehehehe. magkano kaya

      • MS. F3

        So are you saying you want the return of Erap to power? Really? Are we Filipinos so callous that we kept going to the same trap over and over again?

      • sacrebleau

        I am saying that it is the decision of the electorate. Let us not twist the law for anyone’s advantage. If Erap is allowed to run, then why shouldn’t he run? If we had a clean and honest election and people voted for him, what is wrong with that?

    • ApoNiLolo

      Although I don’t like Erap running for any government position again, I’m afraid I have to agree with you. Kasalanan din natin yan, when nobody object when he ran for president even if he lost.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Parepareho lang sila. Erap/Lim parehong marumi, prehong walang nagawa para sa bayan.

  • MS. F3

    Only the powerful and only in the Philippines. Erap was convicted of a crime punishable by death and pardoned by a president because she wants to have precedent for her own plundering. The pardon actually absolved Erap of all charges as if he didn’t commit them and ergo, he doesn’t have to return the loot he took from the Philippine coffers. To add insult to all injuries inflicted to the poor Juan dela Cruz, Erap’s rights were all restored allowing him to continue grabbing power to do his thing all over again since he knew he could get away with it.

    Let’s hope the SC do the right thing…

  • InSearchOfTruth

    philippine laws does not apply to the rich and famous, they only apply to poor juan dela cruz.

    the elite of our society are free to do as they wish.

    • Lila

       it’s all about connections..

  • RomyLitz

    Presisdent Pnoy should restore the Anti-Crime task force and have Joseph be commissioned to fight the muslim extremists in Midanao,Sulo, Jolo and Palawan and the communists of the entire Philippines. He is the only one qualified and very bold to accomplish these tasks.

    • Lila

       you are so stupid and ignorant

    • concern_filipino

      RomyLitz, makes me curious what type of drugs have you been taking? Ease off on those drugs before making comments on a public website. Masyado ka kasing nagmumukhang estupido

      • est

        youre right frank  what a horrible idea he got

      • RomyLitz

        Mea culpa. I think I should have specified “NPA arsonists and NPA murderers” of innocent and defenseless farmers instead of “communist”. I was referring to what best task we give to Erap as a gov’t post. Babaero, lasenggero, corrupt but he can best eliminate the muslim extremists in the south and stop the wanton and heartless killings of farmers and arson on companies that cannot give revolutionary tax to NPA’s demand.

    • botets

      Romy diaz nabuhay ka hehehe abu sayyaf nga di umubra si asiong kurap, yun pala gusto pang umextra sa ransom ng mga nakidnap. Hopeless case na si erap, p[ag naging mayor ng maynila yan panigurado nasa casino yan gabi gabi hehe

  • walaKA

    Erap ran last 2010 election and COMELEC allowed it..In fact he almost won..Well thanks to Mar Roxas for sliding down to VP or else Erap could have been the President, unfortunately..The thing is, their argument is a bit clumsy..

  • w4d

    The idiot law has to many loopholes. We know he is a convicted criminal. Regardless of how many times they allow his name, be smart and do not vote for him. There are better choices.

  • Meow Ming

    Oo nga naman, yun ngang isang politiko na nahatulan ng rape di na pwedeng tumakbo. Dapat ganun din sa kaso ni Estrada.

  • stfu_moron

    mga bobo at tanga lang boboto jan(mga pahirap sa bansa)…hoi mga botante sa maynila gumising kau!…

  • tarikan

    Of the more than 45,000 lawyers in the Philippines only attorneys Fernando Perito and Nepthali Aliposa had the intelligence of questioning the actuation of ex-pres. Joseph E. Estrada re: his executive pardon in his plunder conviction. Shame on those 44,998 other Filipino lawyers. 

    • Simon Ward

      I’d put it another way. Lawyers never do anything unless someone pays them to, and many won’t even express an opinion for free. The question for me is, who is paying these two?

      • tarikan

        Exactly right Simon. I forgot the lawyer’s mantra: What is there for me?

    • eirons1043

      Mr. Tarik laki bayad dun sa dalawa. Mga abogado pinkaswapang sa professional fees kasi sila lang ang naniningil ng Acceptance Fee bukod sa appearance fee.

  • generalproblem

    ang problema kasi sa mga abogado na nagsulat ng pardon ni erap eh saksakan ng bobo. pag sinabi na hindi na sya pwede tumakbo sa elctive office ibig sabihin yung political rights nya ay hindi na dapat restored kaya conflicting yung rules. kung babasahin mo naman ang rule sinasabi na si erap mismo ang nagsabi na hindi sya tatakbo uli kaya pwede sabihin ni erap na nagbago isip nya tatakbo na uli sya anyway restored naman na yung kanyang civil at political rights. so ang may kasalanan dyan mga abogado pa din kasi sila nagsulat nung pardon. dapat talaga ayusin ang edukasyon ng law sa atin lagyan ng kunting engineering para maging precise and concise ang mga rulings nila hehehe. kung engineer nagsulat nyan walang kawala si erap kaso abogado nagsulat kaya magulo. kelan ba naman hindi nagkagulo pag meron abogado 

    • eirons1043

      ok general ang comment mo sama ko ng isang daan. Kaya pati Supreme Court magulo na din kasi puro mga abogado mga member dapat me ibang profession na kasale.

    • Loggnat

      It’s a breach of contract, Estrada was committed not to run for any elected political position and that became one of the condition for granting the executive pardon. When he ran for president in 2010, he broke one of the condition of his pardon making the pardon null and void. Send him back to jail to serve his sentence which is imprisonment for life. Take it to the Supreme Court and let be clarified once and for all.

  • geminimind

    I don’t see much political talent from this man,if he ever makes it again it’s done so due to popularity.It reminds me something about him-no english.

  • est

    hingil kong malaking utang na loob  na HUWAG OR HINDI kana tatakbo kasi  gagayahin ka ng nga bagong tubo kasi nakapalaking questionable ang pagkatao mo

  • EREC

    yes Erap restored his political right to Vote and restored his civil right to be heard with due process, and right to go out the country without any restriction with legal documents….

    EXCLUDED in his political right….. to run in any elective post in government as a conditional pardon beneficiary…..

  • dikoy321

    Clemency must have been granted (GMA courting Erap’s followers!) but such a crime of PLUNDER never should allow anyone to hold ELECTIVE OFFICE, present or future! 

    Do NOT WASTE your votes on a Thief & PLUNDERER !!!

    DO NOT VOTE for Erap, any of his sons, Jinngoy and JV Ejercito, DYNASTY family, hell bent to ROB the country Blind!

    Forward Philippines !!!

    • wheelers

      But many people voted for Gloria Arroyo… wla b siyang kinuhang pera ng gobyerno?

      • abner

         kaya nga linisin na kung talagang napatunayan na nagnakaw si gloria ng sandigang bayan…ibatas na na hidi dapat bigyan ng clemency..dapat 5times ang bigat na harapin nila kesa ordinaryong nakukulong dahil mga lider sila…

  • ohnioknieves


    • Marx Louis Wang

       internet social networking? burgis ka naman! wala computers sa mga slums or squatters area.

      • abner

         sana, magkaroon ng grupo ng school na mag iindorse at baback up na magagaling na hinubog ng school para mamuno sa ating bayan…lalo na sa maynila na talamak ang snatching sa daan..biruin mo pinoy kana takot ka pa sa sarili mong bayan na ma i snatch ka…tsk tsk…panu pa nga ang dayuhan..

      • bugoybanggers

        Dapat talaga may free wifi sa mga lugar na iyan para makapagbukas sila ng internet para sa mga BOBOTANTEng taga diyan. Kompleto po sila sa computer ang iba pa nga may IPAD pa, kompleto sa mga gadgets ang mga iyan..halos nakaw!. Sige na kasi.

    • wheelers

      Makabayan at League of Filipino students????? magagaling lang mamintas ang mga iyan, pro buhay nila hindi nla maaayos.

  • bugoybanggers

    Naku, ano na naman itong tampuhang pang ABOGADO? Wala ito, ang masang Pilipino ay walang pakialam kahit ano pa man ang nakaraan ng isang SIKAT na politiko. Ika nga, kahit pa kriminal, rapist o ano pa man ang isang ito basta’t SIKAT sa puso ng mga BOBOTANTE, ay talagang hindi mo mapipigilang manalo bilang MAYOR. Sanay naman talaga ang 90% na mga BOBOTANTE ang magkaroon ng CIRCUS sa gobierno. Iyan ang buhay PINOY di ba? Nakapag aral kuno o may PINAG ARALAN daw sabi ng DECS/CHED pero pag dating sa pagpili? Hay naku, aminin na lang na iba talaga ang hatak ng SIKAT!

  • mangtom

    RomyLitzCollapsePresisdent Pnoy should restore the Anti-Crime task force and have Joseph be commissioned to fight the muslim extremists in Midanao,Sulo, Jolo and Palawan and the communists of the entire Philippines. He is the only one qualified and very bold to accomplish these tasks.Ang sagut: Totoo yong sinabi mo. He is the only one qualified and very bold to accomplish these tasks. What was one of his accomplishments in doing these tasks: He pocketed millions of ransom money. That’s what he did. Ang GALING  ng idolo mo. You can have him-pamigay ko sa iyo. Come on, take him including his silly bigote.

  • Jerry

    In the US if you are a convicted felon you can’t vote. In the Philippines, you can run for office.

    • bugoybanggers

      HUMAN RIGHTS iyan BOY, Philippines style, kakaibang let’s have FUN in the Philippines. CHR, your the BEST!

  • Philip

    Is it not logical that an ex convict be disqualified from holding public office for obvious reasons. Example: Do you want an ex convict to marry your daughter? Of course not because given his bad record he might ruin the future of your daughter. How about the future of the population of a city in the hands of an ex convict? Why would the voters of the city prefer an ex convict to run their city when on a personal level they do not want an ex convict to marry their daughter? 

    • bugoybanggers

      HUMAN RIGHTS iyan BOY, Philippines style, kakaibang let’s have FUN in the Philippines. CHR, your the BEST

    • Noel

      Ex-convict per se is not wrong.  There are many ex-convicts who are better than those free out there; who repented and became assets to the society.  There are also ex-convicts who were wrongly accused and jailed.

      • abner

         di nalang ex convict. magnanakaw nalang…

  • kilabot

    he should have been barred from walking the streets. blame the ignorant, immature and illiterate pinoy electorates.

    • bugoybanggers

      Kasi lahat may karapatang BUMOTO sa PILIPINAS, Bobo man o MATALINO, kahit PATAY nga pwede, aasa ka pa?

      • Marx Louis Wang

         Kahit zombie? manananggal? multo? aswang? tikbalang? foreigner? atbp…

      • abner

         ganun na nga…kahit pa aswang..or ghost voter pa..hehe its more funny ang comelec.

    • abner

       Hindi kaya ni dirty harry yan…eh ang reaksiyon lang magkaibigan kami nian eh, ayaw ko namang sirain..hehe

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Allowing him to run in the last presidential election (2010) was a big big big big mistake!

  • Spike

    wala nang batas batas sa pilipinas – yes its more FUN and Noynoying in the philippines!!

  • NoWorryBHappy

    So why not REVOKE his candidacy for mayor of Manila ?????
    REVOKE it !!!! NOW  !!!! Ano pa ang hinihintay ng COMELEC ????

    • Karabukov

      It appears that Comelec has the power to do exactly that.

      I hope that, as with the party list purge, they are equal to the task, and make up for sleeping on the job in 2010.

  • deadlyshooter

    “….He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.”

    this is the part of the pardon that damned us all…the framers of this conditional pardon has in mind to provoke him to run for the presidential election, knowing that they have no strong presidential contender to face Aquino, thus divide the votes in their favor…this maybe the reason why they made this pardon seem to look that he can still run for elective position, albeit a suspected subservient SC, boggled it to entice this convicted felon to run and confused the electorate, thus, he nearly won…now, he’s again testing the water if it’s still warm for him…let him find out for himself and be surprised the second time around… 

    • Noel

      That could be the motive at that time.  But Erap would have made it had INC endorsed him instead of Aquino. 

      • deadlyshooter

        if we have to believed this, Mar Roxas would have made it too, they were both endorsed were they not? this only showed that the INC vote was not solid for Aquino and Roxas in spite that they were endorsed. BTW the INC votes were almost 2M strong while the lead by aquino was 5M, considering this, even if the solid INC votes were given to Estrada, still he will be ahead by 3M and that would still be considered a big lead…just giving this a thought.

      • Noel

        Agree.  Not even INV votes were enough to get Erap elected.  Pnoy’s margin was just too high for Erap.  But if it was a close fight, Erap would win if supported by INC.  2 million votes is two million votes in any language.  Any politician would want these votes.  This brings me to another question why INC that’s been endorsing Erap for decades turned its back on Erap.  If the elder late Manalo was still alive, INC would go for Erap. 

      • deadlyshooter

        again, maybe, that is if their votes will be 100% solid for the endorsed candidates, but by the look of it, they have no solid votes, some of them are great thinkers too, when it comes to voting…the charisma of the running candidate to the people also has an advantage, that’s why most people at the last minutes have a change of heart…

  • Descarte

    Pulis! Pulis! Hulihin nyo magnanakaw!

    Pag di nyo hinuli yan, sya ang magiging mayor hindi ikaw. 

    Pulis! Pulis!

  • boybakal

    “Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly COMMITTED TO NO LONGER SEEK ANY ELECTIVE POSITION OR OFFICE…In view thereof, I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder.

    The pardon is clear, the commitment not to seek Elective Position is given to Erap.
    It is on Erap’s judgement or decision to seek or not to seek.
    It did not say, Estrada IS DEFINITELY BARRED from running.
    That was the first paragraph.

    The second one states that He is “Hereby Restored to his civil and political rights.”
    It means it supersedes the bar not to run.
    And what it means restoring his political rights….it means the right to suffrage, the right to vote and be voted.
    Whoever made this decision for GMA as I may guess needs English proficiency, eloquence and articulation.

    Therefore, Erap is not barred from running as Mayor of Manila.
    Vote for Erap and Binay….the public servant dynasty.

    • white scorpion

      i lied. sabi…..

    • Pepe Alas

      Perfect, dude! Intelligent analysis!

    • f35

      I agree with you !!

    • Noel

       Absolutely agree.  It was worded in such a way that no legal impediment would prevent Erap for running in public office again.  Did he not run for President and placed second to Pnoy?

      • GProf007

        I beg to disagree since interpreting “political rights” as full will negate the condition of not running. If the condition is not important then there is no point in placing it in the first place.

        Lawyers tend to interpret the law on a word by word basis (kaya nagkakagulo)… in this case… if you read and understand the conditions stipulated (entire document) then it is but logical to say that political rights covers voting but not running for an elective post.

    • scconcern

      Common sense lang…..the word “COMMITTED” is enough to bar hERAP to run any elective position.The “CIVIL & POLITICAL RIGHTS” as a citizen to elect/suffrage.
      Dahil ang gobierno ay PSUEDO DEMOCRACY at PLUTOCRACY, sila may pera nagpalakad ng bayan and mag-interpret ng batas.
      Itong election makikita natin kumilos ang Plotocrats sa darating na election; FOOL the people, BUY the people and OFF(sipa) the people.

      • abner

         walang kwenta ang batas dito sa pilipinas..kaya di iginagalang eh…NAGNAKAW NA BIBIGYAN PA ULI NG PAGKAKATAON PARA MAGNAKAW…HAYZ…BULOK!

      • bugoybanggers

        Papano ba naman, ang dami na kasing ABOGADO.

    • KapitanBagwis

      “Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly COMMITTED TO NO LONGER SEEK ANY ELECTIVE POSITION OR OFFICE” ~ I am not a lawyer but I understand English. The word COMMITTED means your are BOUND or OBLIGATED, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action or attitude. He is committed to this binding contract of pardon. The word definitely is unnecessary or irrelevant. Now let the SC interpret the contract and let us see see who is correct in English interpretation.

      My take, Erap is barred from running for any public office according to his conditional pardon.

      Why not just make it unconditional if he is allowed to run?

      “HE IS HEREBY RESTORED TO HIS CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS.” ~ this statement can mean many things, not necessarily to mean he can run for public office again.
      And because he is a convicted felon, he no longer enjoy the full meaning of this law compared to an ordinary citizen without sin against the law of the land.

      • JosephNess

        what was puzzling was the granting of the conditional pardon…will a pardoned convicted felon cannot anymore hold elective office? what’s the meaning if one is pardoned and granted full civil and political rights? in the constitution, there was no mention of a convicted criminals, pardoned to run for an elected position, will this not make a pardoned criminal run for elected position having this not in the disqualifications enumerated in the constitution?…the SC ruling on the 2010 election was for the sovereign people to decide, thus, the people has decided before and their verdict was likewise akin to a guilty verdict, having him lost the election, will this not be honored having the SC left the decision to the sovereign people? these should be cleared out if we all wanted to know why was he granted to run for public office in spite, he was a pardoned convicted felon

      • GProf007

        I believe the one who said “let the sovereign people to decide” was the Comelec of 2010 and not the SC. The SC junked the complaint mainly because those who were complaining proceeded to the SC without bringing the matter to the Comelec first… when they went to the Comelec … the institution then decided “let the sovereign people to decide”… and what did the group do after? They did not go through the process of an appeal to Comelec… going to the CA… then SC. They basically just gave-up.

        Logically these lawyers should follow the process of contesting it before Comelec… least be handed the same decision in 2010… and if it doesn’t prosper then they go through the motion.

        I agree with you that this should be cleared out… on the reasons why he was allowed to run… there are a lot of conspiracy theories on why Erap was allowed to run (of course mainly to deminish the posibility of Noynoy winning) in exchange of a favorable government towards GMA (since he was pardoned by GMA, thus banking on “utang na loob”).
        Anyhow, but these are mere conspiracy theories – since we don’t know the workings of Comelec then. :) Of course this was the Comelec that allowed the party list system to be bastardized (great example is Mikey Arroyo representing Security Guards and Tricycle Drivers).

        Anyhow, my personal view… what was given to Erap then was a conditional pardon and not an absolute pardon. It is basically a contract (which is legally binding and there is an expected agreement of) – he was given all his civil liberties back as well as political rights… however, it’ll be illogical that political rights will include running since part of the condition is that he will commit to not run in any elective post. One can not interpret the stipulations by removing the clause… if it wasn’t important then it should have read… “it is recommended that Joseph Ejercito Estrada will avoid running in any elective post” and omit the word “commit” (to not running).

      • KapitanBagwis

        Good question my friend. The SC at the time was under a corrupt CJ and their decision was to washed their hands and threw Erap to wolves for whatever reason only known to them. This time the SC might rule on his case.

        The clemency that stipulates the full restoration of his civil and political rights is very confusing. But this can be articulated that being a convited felon with a heinous crime of plunder, he forfeited his right to these provision of the Constitution. My opinion only.

        Nevertheless, these things happens only in the Philippines. I really can not understand why people are voting for a man admittedly a womanizer with son and daughters outside of his legal wife, a drinker and a gambler and receiving payola from jueteng lords.

        More fun in the Philippines.

      • KapitanBagwis

        Article 30 of the Revised Penal Code provides that “A pardon shall not work the restoration of the right to hold public office or the right of suffrage, unless such right be expressly restored by the terms of the pardon.”

    • abner

       alalahanin nyo si gloria ang nagbatas niyan…ang sinasabi nyo na peke di peke din ang pagkka pardon ni erap.haha

    • GProf007

      I apologize but I disagree to how you interpreted the situation… it’s illogical… This is an example of technicalities rather than the “spirit of”. It was a conditional pardon… and conditions must be met. Interpreting it in the way that he’s allowed is totally illogical (sorry daming illogical words, di ko lang maalis na illogical talaga)… take note… “conditional pardon” ang binigay sa kanya… kung isipin na mas mataas yun 2nd statement… ano nangyari sa “condition”? That’s why I viewed it as (yes I’ll repeat it) – illogical.

      By the way… “It is not Erap’s judgement or decision to seek or not to seek”… the word “commitment” basically says that he is dedicating to the cause of not running… so by agreeing to the condition he is saying that he is committing (promising / dedicating) himself to not run.

  • white scorpion

    normally, after the conviction of a public figure, he is DEFINIITELY BANNED to hold any public office. …..DELICADEZA na lang, if he has it.

    • abner

       wala namang delicadeza un eh…proud pa nga na magnanakaw un.

      • white scorpion

        masyadong CONCEITED.

  • Noel

    It has become a non-issue.  He was allowed to run for President and even landed second to Pnoy.  At that time, why did not one question it?  Now, he’s running a much lower post that of Manila Mayor.

  • pepengkabayo

    Estrada run for President in 2010 election. He lost.
    Now he runs for Mayor of Manila.
    He already ran before and he will run again as they say….Moot and Academic.

    It means Erap is physically fit to run, if he is on crutches, he should not run.
    Don’t bar him from running.
    Law and respect is always accorded to senior citizen.
    Prescription does not apply anymore to prescribed senior citizen.

    • abner

       bilib din ako sa mga pilipinong ayaw ng magnanakaw pero pag si erap nagnakaw ayos lang…

  • scconcern

    Common sense lang…..the word “COMMITTED” is enough to bar hERAP to run any elective position.The “CIVIL & POLITICAL RIGHTS” as a citizen to elect/suffrage.
    Dahil ang gobierno ay PSUEDO DEMOCRACY at PLUTOCRACY, sila may pera nagpalakad ng bayan and mag-interpret ng batas.
    Itong election makikita natin kumilos ang Plutocrats sa darating na election; FOOL the people, BUY the people and OFF(sipa) the people.
    Plutocracy is mention in the auto-biography of Fidel Castro, which he eradicated.

    • GProf007

      Besides… what kind of person commits to something… but doesn’t actually do it?

      • KapitanBagwis

        A bad and dishonest person like Erap!!

      • wheelers

        kung hindi pwedeng kumandidato ang corrupt e sino ang kakandidato? mga batang walang muwang sa mundo? Imelada Marcos, bongbong marcos, Fidel Rampos, Gloria Arroyo, kaban ng bayan ang kinuha nila….
        kapitan Bagwis, maghilamos ka kc napuno na ng muta ang mga mata mo. wla k ng nakikita. puro hearsay ang nasasagap mong balita.
         Si Erap jueteng money ang kinuha daw, e ang mga taong nagnakaw ng kaban ng bayan, ano ang tawag mo sa kanila… maybe you belong to the group of corrupt government officials.

      • KapitanBagwis

        “kapitan Bagwis, maghilamos ka kc napuno na ng muta ang mga mata mo. wla k ng nakikita” Kawawa ka na bastos ka pa, at mahina pa ulo mo.

        Anong hearsay ang sinasabi mo? Convicted siya ng SandiganBayan kung hindi mo alam. Si Erap ang sinasabi ko, yung ibang corrupt ibang usapan naman yun.

        Nagbintang ka pa, ikaw ang masamang tao at nagbibintang sa taong di mo kilala. Huwag ka ng mag post dito at nakakahiya lang ang sinasabi mo, walang kabuluhan. PWE

  • GProf007

    The final interpreter of the law is the SC and this should be tackled by them… I do not think that just because the Comelec then (2010) allowed Erap to run even with the breaking the conditions stipulated on his “conditional” pardon… that it is moot then we should simply follow.

    IF there was an error in the past then it should be fixed. Heck, a good example is that during PGMA’s time the Comelec then did a disservice to the people by allowing bogus groups (particularly representatives) under the Party-List (a great example is Mikey Arroyo)… conventional wisdom dictate that if there are errors then the appropriate changes should be made.

    We can speculate on the reasons why Comelec then allowed Erap to run… but the issue now is that this should be discussed by the SC and be given some finality. It is incredibly odd (and just plain stupidity in our case as a nation) that a former President… tried for plunder and convicted of it (bago humirit yun iba dyan… please just do a google search and talaga naman na convict sya) can still run for public office! C’mon! It’s like having a convicted child molester ones pardoned was tasked to be the homeroom advisers of kindergarten kids. >.<

    My personal view… Comelec then (2010) shouldn't have allowed Erap to run… because of the conditions of his pardon… (parang contrata yun… if hindi importante yun linya tungkol sa hindi nya pagtakbo ulit sa elective post, eh bakit pa nilagay yun… lawyers will definitely twist every word to their favor – which is what happened then) but since the Comelec dare I say… "didn't have the balls then" (or maybe some back-door thing happened) used the "let the people decide" line. Kaya nga ganito bansa natin… the people tasked to enforce the law… basically do not do anything… and the people vote on personalities rather than platforms (kaya nga kahit convicted sya, nakulong na… muntik pa manalo).

    Again, there are possible reasons why Erap was allowed then to run… that we are not privy to. But I hope this question should be brought to the Comelec first then if unsuccessful bring it to the CA then SC if needed. The last time they tried to question it… the group directly went to the SC where the SC basically junked it… and instructed them that the complainants should have brought the complaint to the Comelec first… catch is… when the Comelec allowed Erap to run… the group complaining just gave up. :P

  • $8278216

    Diyos ko po naman ohh,,napaka simple,,ibig sabihin isang criminal, hinde na dapat pa humawak ng posisyon publico….,


    Pag nanalo si erap magiging bar at night club ang manila city hall 24-7.


    National politics is a perfect example of an untold comedy.

  • LegalJustice

    The Filipino people should rally definitely – for he is considered as ex-convict.

    High School Graduate can understand this provision only Mr. Estrada don’t – parang Eskul Bukol na naman ito.

     “Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly committed to no longer seek any elective position or office…In view thereof, and pursuant to the authority conferred upon me by the Constitution, I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder and imposed a penalty of reclusion perpetua. He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.”

  • joshua kings

    there are two contending issues here:
    1. “has publicly committed to no longer seek any elective position or office….
    2. “is hereby restored to his civil and political rights.”
    if erap has a conscience and is not thick-skinned, he would go to fulfill his commitment in number 1;
    otherwise, by estoppel, he can argue that he is allowed to run for any elective office since he was not disallowed by the comelec when he run for president against Pnoy, and may invoke gloria’s pardon.
    so it’s up to erap and the manilans now.

    • togbits

      Asa ka pa bro… kita mo ngang di naman talaga taga manila si erap, ano bang alam nya sa mga tao dun.. bumili lang sya ng ilang milyon pisong property dun para lang masabing naninirahan dun para maka kandidato…tapos uurong sya… masyadong ganid ang mamang ito para gawin ang mga suhestyon mo.

  • Jess

    Erap was not prohibited from seeking elective position, since commitment not to run was his own personal decision, while restoration of his civil and political rights did not exclude his right to seek elective office. It is only Erap that CAN stop himself from running. MUKHANG NINENERBYOS NA SI DIRTY HARRY AH? NGAYON MO IPAKITA ANG TAPANG MO, LABAN SA HARI NG TONDO. IPAKITA MO NA MAS GUSTO KA NG TAO KAYSA KAY ERAP. HINDI YUN ITE-TEKNIKAL MO SIYA. SA GINAGAWA MONG YAN LALO LANG NAPAPALAPIT SI ERAP SA MGA MANILENYO.

  • zeroko

    Why just now? Erap already run for Presidency in 2010, why open up the can of worms. This is nothing but a demolition job. These Chinese in our government will resort to anything just to make their grip in our government permanent. Our politics is now “For Chinese only.” They have the money and resources and is a solid block. Come on… he he he!

    • myling4.

      if i have to choose between 2 evils, i will go to Lim with lesser evil.hahaha just like the case of obama and romney… the less evil got reelected!

  • BahoPuwet

    ERAP is a confirmed and known KURAKOT boy, magnanakaw, at walang budhi.
    Why he’s not rotting jail with Imelda and her children is the mystery of the century

    • myling4.

      it is sad…. their children were even elected to office…

  • KapitanBagwis

    Anong klaseng mga tao ang bumoboto sa isang lantarang babaero, lasenggo at sugarol. Tumatanggap ng payola sa jueteng. Walang delicadeza.

    Si Gen Peteraus nabulgar lang adultery niya karakarakang nag resign sa kahihiyan.

    • boldyak

      binoboto pa nga ang mga anak niya sa “loob at labas”…ahahahaha

      • KapitanBagwis

        Tama ka kaibigan….marami pang kakaining bigas ang maraming botante para matauhan na hindi popularidad ang kailangan ng ating bayan kundi mga lider na may pagmamahal una sa Dios, sa bayan, sa sarili at sa taong bayan.

    • myling4.

      totoo ka kapitan, ang dasal ko sa Panginoon, sana may leader na may morals and values at least. kasi kung mayron ka nito, matatakot ka sa Panginoon!

      • KapitanBagwis

        Amen and amen !!!

  • peach black

    Mag-isip naman kayo. Kung hindi na puwedeng tumakbo ang mga magnanakaw, sinungaling, ganid, mangmang, at mga walanghiyang makakapal ang mga PAGMUMUKHA at kaiitim ng mga budhing dinadaluyan ng dugo nilang bulok. . . sino na ang matitira para mamuno sa atin? Maawa naman kayo kasi kung pagbabawalan nyo silang tumakbo e di wala nang matitira? Saan tayo dadamputin niyan?

    • myling4.

      palagay ko, mayron pang mga pilipino na hindi bulok. ang mahirap sa mga pilipino napapa uto sa mga dynasties lalo na sa mga celebrities na wala namang alam. may mga pilipino na qualified pero ang mga pilipino , pera ang nakikita.

  • JosephNess

    points to ponder that brought these disturbing issue that affect our politics until now and will remain our phantom ever….

    Erap was impeached because of plunder, he was ousted by a bogus edsa 2, they say…then, he was charged and was placed on house arrest to rest for awhile in his resthouse in tanay, a very comfortable and not so recluse to be in prison, in fact, he was popularly sought by politicians for his ‘BENDISYON’, was it not?…to end it, he was convicted of plunder by the sandigan bayan and later on was granted in haste, an executive clemency they called conditional, repeat…conditional (daw) pardon(reading it loud…political grace, as if a blessing)…what was puzzling was the granting of this conditional, repeat…conditional….pardon(blessing), then giving him the full civil and political rights in spite of the inclusion of  the clause of his commitment not to run again… puzzling and very, very controversial?…what’s the real reason behind the granting of pardon then? why was he convicted of plunder, and will just be pardoned later, if that was not politically motivated, an accommodation? if he was not found guilty of plunder, what will happen to the legitimacy of GMA taking over after the fraud edsa2? and the rest that follow  after that will be for your own to contemplate…there, folks…just enough to make our god-be-damned thoughts busy and puzzled about what made this man a very talked about personality until now…

  • $14334231

    asiong salonga will run for mayor of manila, come hell or high water….his private army will see to it that nothing happens to him……dirty harry’s army is no match to asiong’s kanto boys……this is how it works in philippine politics, right????…the boss hoards the money, and the “peons” does all the dirty work…….

    • JosephNess

      what is best for sheriff dirty goddamned wyatt harry earp is to deputized these kanto boys of asyong red sash gang to run after their deadly boss asyong…hahahahaha…gandang isapelikula, tipong cowboys at ending a police MPD story telling a lie…hahahahaha…gandang panoorin ang pelikulang eleksyon sa manila sa darating na 2013 election…it’s really very very funny in manila…hahahahaha… 

    • myling4.

      absolutely right! with the estrada DYNASTY…they think that they can win everytime a estrada runs.

  • louie

    bakit nga ba siya pinayagang tumakbo noong last presidential election? 

  • sl1

    The court should pronounce their verdict asap on the legality of Estrada running for public office after being convicted of plunder but given pardon by former president Arroyo. The Comelec should do there job too by making sure that the candidates are legally allowed to run for political position.

  • wakats

    The sandiganbayan has already done its part of convicting erap of plunder and sentencing him to life imprisonment.

    The interpretation of the conditional pardon granted by gma is no longer within the jurisdiction of the anti-graft court but should be filed instead with the supreme court.

    It is crystal-clear that the executive clemency is conditioned on the premise that erap will not seek any elective public office – a part of the Whereases in the conditional pardon…   

    • JosephNess

      if that was the intention of the pardon, why was it not revoked when he ran for the 2010 presidential election, if the reason why was the pardon granted was his commitment not to seek any political electoral post? just having my eye brow raised…*-).

      • GProf007

        It’ll be great to see and hear the Comelec commissioners (2010) justify why they allowed Erap to run given the fact that they can not negate the condition and using the 2nd statement as a basis “political rights (interpreted as full)” as more weighty… since interpreting it as more weighty… would void the entire condition in the first place… so why was it still called a conditional pardon if that is the case.

        I’m sure there are more than meets the eye in this situation (reasons why he was allowed to run).

        As well as the Sandigang Bayan… bakit ayaw nila i-revoke. :P Of course revoking it now… will be a political issue. Well, if government really wants to clean things… then do the hard thing and fix the mistakes (of the past) and make sure that we do not repeat it again.

      • JosephNess

        it will now be moot to revoke it, having him ran the 2010 pres election and who will revoke it now? the one who granted the pardon is now out of power…if it should be revoked, they should have done that at the moment of that time…and right, if they want to straighten out the past, they can do it now, but where and who will start it? since, it has happened in 2010, there should be now a case filed at the SC questioning the legality why was he allowed to ran at the last pres election, was there a complaint filed now?

      • RomyLitz

        GMA was guilty too in removing ERAP as she yield into temptation of looting and plundering our gov’t coffers. I agree, the EDSA 2 was a farce.

      • JosephNess

        that was maybe the real plan why she ran for vice president instead of president, she’s no match for erap but having the vice presidency, she can work the chance to be president, and that has already happened and done…and the pardon was just an added attraction a gun smoke to confuse the election…

      • gerp

        it was not maybe… it was a plan…. I heard GMA over radio interview…and very overwhelmed on the results of Edsa dos…after Erap leaves malacanang… how they plan to remove Erap ..mentioning names of generals, politician, businessman, and tv stations.

      • gerp

        and these tv stations will not run it again… mawawala credibility nila by conspiring… kunsabagay…after two years of GMA in power… lahat ng nauto sa EDSA dos… as in nawalan ng energy…kahit anong expose na ang lumalabas sa media… as in one reaction lang… namanhid na…o kaya nasa isip nila, bakit nga sila nauto hehe… ang defensive reaction ng GMA strategist… ito ang binabato…”sino ang ipapalit?”

      • JosephNess

        ang hirap talagang ipagkatiwala ang bansa sa isang ambisyosong tao…una si marcos naglipat pa ng partido para makapagtakbo lang sa pagkapresidente laban kay macapagal…and it suffer us more than 20 years fighting and finally ousted him by the edsa revolution, then gma another ambitious one took over and look what we are now…albeit these trapos na walang hiya at kunsensiyang pilit na sinasadlak ang ating bansa sa kawalang pag-asa…anu pa ba ang gusto nilang gawin sa bansang ito, bigyang pag-asa o tuluyan nang ibaon sa hukay…that is beside the point now…let him ran and let the people of manila decide…maybe ang gusto lang naman nya ngayon ay makalapit man laang sa malakanyang…LOL.

      • Sandouk

        How old are you now? Don’t you know the mental attitude of the Filipino?

  • $15469930

    Dapat kumuha muna ng NBI clearance si convicted Estrada kung ma find out na may madumi siyang record dapat disqualification ang ka tapat nito…

  • gerp

     plunder daw oh.

    • boldyak

      hindi ka ba marunong magbasa?…..ito oh….Estrada was convicted by the Sandiganbayan’s Special Division of plunder on Sept. 12, 2007, and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

      • gerp

        isa pang nauto ng edsa dos hehe

  • gerp

    mga nauto ng edsa dos…ayaw patakbuhin si erap hehehe…. hanggang ngayon uto-uto pa din kayo?

  • myling4.

    Erap should not be permitted to run again because he is a convicted criminal. 

    • Noel

      What about Jalosjos?  Crisologo?

      • johndcross1

        eliminate them physically with extreme prejudice!!!!!!!

    • johndcross1

      totally agree!!!!


    nagpakalat na si lim. alam nya wala syang laban kay erap…un yang yun mga kabayan

    • johndcross1

      ayusin mo ang iyong pananagalog.

  • damiranda126

    hindi siya pwedeng humabol….period!

  • JosephNess

    why was this took so long for these people to realize past mistakes especially when there’s an upcoming election as that? this is somewhat waking up in deep slumber out of a long nightmarish dream….

  • Paliwaweng

    It is not the fault of Estradas. If they got elected, it is because most of us are, (pardon the language) bobo.

    • JosephNess

      di naman sir siguro bobo, wala lang matinong kilalang taong pulitikong maglakas loob na kumakandidato kaya wala nang ibang mapagpilian kundi parehong komediyanteng politikong kandidato…LOL.

    • Noel

       Same could be said to those who voted for Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla and other useless politicians. 

  • RomyLitz

    MLQuezon had long answered the questions on leaderships by the brigands. He still prefer, if he were alive today, ERAP is okay since it falls on one of his quotes, ” “I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans, because however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it.”

  • gerp

    hanggang kailan ba magiging bitter ang mga matatalino…at bakit di matanggap na si Erap…despite of what happened to him…still believed in him…nearly 9million votes in year 2010…short of almost 2million votes from year 1998… in 12 years…2million lang nabawas… actually yung result nung 1998…million votes din ang binawas dun, kaya lang di natalo si erap…ay landslide victory at walang magawa ang operators ng dag-dag bawas… kaya nung si FPJ in 2004 di na naglagay ng mga watchers, expected nila na landslide din…pero GMA knows best…napag-aralan na nya kung paano dayain…. ayun ang daming nakidnap, pinatay…sinunog na voting precinct…takutan…yan yan ang mga nabola ng edsa dos!

    • Karl Bryant


    • virgo57

       mga taga squatters at informal settlers ang mga botante ni erap ang sectors na naghatak ng bayan pababa at pabaon.

      • gerp

        weh di nga?

  • virgo57

    Disbarred this moron also disenfranchised voters from squatter areas and informal settlers because these sectors are one of culprits in electing corrupt, incompetent and parasite politicians.

    • gerp

      COMELEC ka ba? hehehe

  • Natx Bacalzo

    where were these “brilliant lawyers” when erap ran and almost won the 2010 presidential election?

  • napali808

    During the last presidential election ex-convict Estrada had a couple of million votes. This represents all the ignorant voters in our country. If you take these people out of the equation, I bet we will have more qualified politicians and our country will be much better of. The likes of Sotto, Lapid, Revillas, J.Estrada, Mouse Arroyo, Imelda Marcos,etc. won’t be around wasting our hard earned tax money.

    • johndcross1

      amen to that!

    • gerp

      bumoto ka lang kay GMA noon…di ka na ignorante…hehehe

  • cromwell

    The conditional pardon read in part: “I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder and imposed a penalty of reclusion perpetua. He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.”
    There. His civil and political rights have been restored. Estrada can vote and run for public office. Challenge him at the polls, not before the Sandiganbayan.

    • johndcross1

       “Whereas, Joseph Ejercito Estrada has publicly committed to no longer seek any elective position or office…In view thereof, and pursuant to the authority conferred upon me by the Constitution, I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted by the Sandiganbayan of plunder and imposed a penalty of reclusion perpetua. He is hereby restored to his civil and political right.”
      You deliberately omitted the most important part of the pardon.  Restoring his civil & political right means he can vote only.

      You may like him but I don’t.  We don’t like felon, plunderer, womanizer, drunkard, gambler to be part of the political exercise in this country.  IMMORAL INDIVIDUAL HAS NO PLACE IN POLITICS!!!!!

      • gerp

        then do not vote him…problema ba yun?

  • napali808

    Rats…the litany of horrors continues on.

  • zeroko

    Lim us most feared Mayor of Manila. Dirty Harry now belongs to the past. Erap is younger by a few years. O, gusto ninyong ma posthumous si Dirty Harry? He is too old. That guy wouldn’t give up unless he will be out-voted. Erap, in spite of himself is well like by the masses. Kung hindi lang na “doktor” na electronic election, panalo parin si Erap.

    • Noel

      Unfortunately, both Lim and Erap are very close to INC.  Let’s see who INC would endorse.

      • zeroko

        He he he! Eto na naman ang INC pakialamero. Religious dow, ngunit nakikialam sa politics. Dapat, patawan ng 40% tax ang INC. “bIGLANG YAMAN!”

  • johnygo

    there is a law in U S . a convicted felon can not vote.. why in the Philippines ,there must be a law that says a convicted felon can not run or hold public office.

  • Karl Bryant

    Johnygo….only in the philippines. That’s made us very unique. really bad. I hope manilenos are smart enough not to vote for this type of person. They should vote for a candidate with a clean record. If we can follow same set up of political debate during election then it is good. Maglabasan na sila lahat ng baho, then we know will stay in the game. Also, bakit ang daming political party- gawin na lang iyang dalawa or tatlo. My god, by the way, it reminds me local election is coming soon…..marami na naman magbibigay ng pera sa province just to get a vote….what a shame… buying ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES…………PINOYS when are we going to wake up and choose a politician by WILL not by influence or “UTANG NA LOOB”, PARTIDO SYSTEM, PALAKASAN…….SHIT 

  • $29483279

    Dyos mio Erap, puwede ba tumigil ka na at magpasarap nalang kayo ng mga pamilya at anak mo sa mga ninakaw mo sa gobyerno.

    HERAP na HERAP na taumbayan sa inyong mga corrupt.

    • zeroko

      Sira pala ang ulo mo. Sino ang pinakamalaking magnanakaw, si Erap o si Gloria. Si gloria nakinabang din naman sa Jueteng. O, bakit mo sisisihin si Erap. Billionnes ang nawala dahil ke gloriang Chinese. Si Erap, sisiw lang, tapos hindi pa pera ng taong bayan.

      Dapat lang itapon ka sa bayan ng ninunu mong Chinese.

      • $29483279

         Hoy hapones makinig ka. Walang kinaltas sa nakaw ni Erap nang ipardon siya ni Ate Glo. Samantala ang kulimbat ng mga arroyo baka baka maforfeit pa. Tanong sino mas mayaman? Sagot. eh di si Marcos pa rin. Bakit ikaw galit ate Glo ha?

  • delacruzjuana31

    Joseph Estrada should be barred to  run in public office. That’s it for him.

  • Diosdado Fragata

    Ito ay nagpapakita lamang na ang nagbigay ng pardon kay Estrada ay di rin marunong. Kasi kung conditional ang pardon, di nya dapat sinabi na restored ang civil at politcal rights ni Estrada at tahasan sana na ipinagbawal ang pagtakbo ni  Estrada para sa isang pwesto sa gobyerno.

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