Aquino: Country’s interest before personal health


President Benigno Aquino III. AFP PHOTO

PHNOM PENH, Philippines–Suffering from the sniffles, President Aquino admitted he was not in his best condition as he attended meeting after meeting at the 21st Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit and related meetings here.

On Monday evening, the flu-stricken Philippine President left a gala dinner for Asean heads of state  and government  and other world leaders early, telling his hosts he needed rest.

But before retiring for the night, he made a stop to give a briefing to Philippine journalists at the Sofitel, where he was billeted, on developments in the summit.

“I can’t say I’m at my 100 percent now. As you may have noticed, my voice is scratchy, and I have a cold…. But otherwise I think I managed,” he said.

Mr. Aquino said his troubles began during his trips to New Zealand and Australia where he was exposed to pollen. “My visit there was during spring, and it was colder compared to the Philippines,” he said.

“Now [Health Secretary Enrique Ona] has long been telling me to rest, take a vacation, etcetera. And I only said we will get there,” he said.

Even so, Mr. Aquino said he was trying to push himself. “Like now, of course, it’s the nation’s interest at stake, which is why I should get through this,” he said.

He said he was making it a point not to miss any of his 10 opportunities to be heard on a wide range of issues facing the Asean, especially on matters of great importance to the Philippines, chief of them the territorial disputes with China.

Since the opening of the summit on Sunday, Mr. Aquino has delivered remarks in all the sessions, including the side meetings with Japan, Korea, India, China, and the United States, except one occasion when time ran out.

Mr. Aquino said he had no particular expectations going into the Asean summit, except to make the most of his chances to speak up and to convey the Philippine position on important regional issues.

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  • Alfred

    bwahahaahahaha,. Noynoying ka lang kamo,.. kaya ka sakitin dahil adik ka sa YOSI ag lagi kang puyat kakalaro ng video games bwahahahahaha

    • Boodoy

      You can do better than that. Yan na lang ba ang kaya mo, tagal ng kumita yan boy. mag-iba ka naman. bulok na yan. bwahahaha…

    • wakats

      tiglao??? maceda??? horn???

    • Pepe Mayagimat

      may masabi lang tong bobong to. 

  • vir_a

    Stop smoking now and be a good example. Don’t make excuses. Otherwise, if he cannot discipline himself, how can he ask the pinoys to believe him.

    • Boodoy

      i believe him and i am a pinoy.

    • OFW Reader

      I believe in him too…

  • Fred Mil

    mga bitter kasi nawalan ng kita sa pag nanakaw STRIKES AGAIN!!!

  • EOJ

    That’s the real servant leader, bayan muna bago sarili. God bless you PNoy.

  • MrJoseRizal

    PS3 before country before personal health… in that order

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    ….well…what can i say…i have to salute to that….


    Be well and God bless president Aquino.

  • EdgarEdgar

    But that’s exactly the problem. Pres. Aquino knew he was sick even before he left for Cambodia. His condition was further aggravated when he arrived in Cambodia. In fact Pres. Aquino was too weak to walk unaided coming out of the plane. His sniffles drove away the other ASEAN participants who feared contagion, which made the negotiations even more difficult. Worse, Pres. Aquino proceeded to attend decision-making meetings knowing that his illness will impair his judgement. This is a president who was willing to put the interest of the nation on the line, imperil our standing in ASEAN and harm our national interest just so he can appear in photo-ops and use them for propaganda. Now his propaganda has backfired on him. And our country is none the better for it.

    • levis2012

      What a miserable interpretation of events… A terribly biased and misguided understanding and extremely unfair comment against the President of the Republic of the Philippines… That kind of thinking must be directed to the garbage can because it is full of stupid and dumb interpretation …  Come on, the President is working hard to promote the interest of the country and you are mouthing a lot of nonsensical and very stupid and dumb and very childish views… What propaganda are you talking about?  It is the ASEAN Code of Conduct (COC) that is being forged in such a meeting, and that is for the territorial Interest of our country and you are uttering “propaganda” and photo ops… Comments like yours make me sick because of the dumbness and utter lack of sense, just to blurt out very biased and nonsensical attack against the President…. Better shut up than spout lots of nonsense!

      • EdgarEdgar

        Our president said it himself — they had no expectations when they went to Cambodia. In short, they went in without a plan, without preparations. Surprisingly, they did not forget to earmark P11 million pesos for their pocket money for that trip. Come on, how can you ask your fellow countrymen to shut up and turn a blind eye on what the president and his men are clearly doing wrong. You’re creating a monster in Noynoid.

    • Klepto

      Gusto lang niya tsumupa ng uten. Diyan sa magaling. Hindi lang siya kundi lahat ng pulitiko na pinoy at lahat na Presidente sa lumipas. Walang kwenta lahat ang mga pulitiko natin. Pagnanakaw lang ang alam ng mga putang ina.

  • Boy Dalius

    Mga grupong ampalaya plus.

    (plus kasi may mongoloid pang sumabit).

  • Trollollolloll

    kaya nagtatrabaho yan kasi nga may sakit. pag walang sakit yan, tuloy tuloy lang ang noynoying.

  • Maldi2

    After miserably failing the “Trillanes” gambit on China issues, ito ang Panot, pa-pogi at keso ganito.  Ang hilig mambola talaga at dami din namang talagang nabola itong si Mongoloid! bwehehehehe! 

    EdgarEdgar is right, kaya nagkawindang-windang ang mga pananalita nitong si Panot dahil inatake pala ng Malaria at nagdidilirio – bwehehehehe!  Lord kunin mo na si Simeon dahil ang mga bulok nyang mga banat na nabili sa usapang kanto ay ginamit din sa international community! bwehehehehe!  Ayaw na namin ng pangulong may sakit!

    • Boodoy


  • Love God

    Take care Mr. President. The nation will keep you in prayer. Thank you for making it clear before the world that it is Country’s interest before personal health.

    God bless you!

  • Ciano

    nagkasakit wala naman ginagawa.PSP lang.tapos hithit lang ng yosi! lalo na pag nagtrabaho!!! pa awa epek pa.Country interest daw bago personal health.kung totoo ang sinasabi mo na Country interest, ipasa na ang FOI bill at Antidynasty bill!!!

  • Aryong

    Hmmmm… Pnoy lately wants to be himself after meeting nice PM’s, first Gillard now Yingluck Shinawatra…

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    “Aquino: Country’s interest before personal health”

    Pambobola na naman. If the country’s interest is more important than his personal health, Aquino should have just allowed himself to waste away and end his life. This country will be better off without him. He can even claim to have died for our country. Just like his dad who said “The Filipino people are worth dying for”.

  • virgoyap

    West Philippine Sea conflict needs to be addressed seriously which the ASEAN can help a lot. Thanks for your firm stand on this Mr. President!

  • levis2012


    • Jerry

      marami dito utak talanga. magaling lang ang bunganga. bulag sa katotohanan or nag bulagbulagan lang kasi they cant accept defeat na the phils is in better hands with how things are run in the govt. 

      • Klepto

        Ikaw ang bulag Jerry. Hindi lang bulag kundi bobo at tanga ka pa. Di mo ba nakikita na ang binabayad mong buwis sa gobyerno ay ninanakaw ng mga pulitiko natin?

  • mekeni62

    I’ll take every word he says with a grain of salt.

  • jadejones2012

    Kaya pala naging sakitin si NoyNoy ay dahil sa sobrang sipag, at hindi sa paninigarilyo.

  • edmos

    Umpisa palang mali na.  Read the location, it says “PHNOM PENH, Philippines”

    • Rex

       Oo nga, rush siguro ito article ginawa.

  • Cal_Reznick

    Country’s interest before personal health but blaming and attacking the former President is above all!!!

  • Pio Gante

    dapat thinner ang inumin niya para matunaw ang dilaw na plema.

    • Pepe Mayagimat

      bobong engot bat d ikaw uminom ng thinner?

      • Pio Gante

        pưtang-ina mo! ikaw rin subukan mo para maalis din ang uhog mo.

      • Pepe Mayagimat

        tapang ah, hahaha puro ka nman daldal. thinner thinner ka pang nalalamn tangnamuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      • Pio Gante

        buwaka ng ina mo, hahaha swerte ka internet lang to, meron ka pang tapang tapang na nalalaman dyan.

        engot at bobo! palike-like ka pa sa mga comments mo, bugok! alam ko na style mo kahit baguhin mo pa username mo

      • Pio Gante

        oh eto ang friends mo bogus account mo sa fb; jun cumarat, christian bibat, jupiter z vega r, abbrielle hayley cabańez binay, lester oliver, arthur damaso, john wayne paduga, voltaire de la santa, rommel javier, joy de guzman,

        tulad ng account mo bogus ka ungas.

      • Rex

         Wala to.. sdfkshf sdofsdf soiuwertpgdpfgodfgdfpogsd gsdfigs dfsd fpowfpdijspdfsdfoskfgpsokgdfgdf;lkdghf;ghfghfgh shf sdofsdf soiuwertpgdpfgodfgdfpogsd gsdfigs dfsd fpowfpdijspdfsdfoskfgpsokgdfgdf;lkdghf;ghfghfghshf sdofsdf soiuwertpgdpfgodfgdfpogsd gsdfigs dfsd fpowfpdijspdfsdfoskfgpsokgdfgdf;lkdghf;ghfghfgh v shf sdofsdf soiuwertpgdpfgodfgdfpogsd gsdfigs dfsd fpowfpdijspdfsdfoskfgpsokgdfgdf;lkdghf;ghfghfgh  shf sdofsdf soiuwertpgdpfgodfgdfpogsd gsdfigs dfsd fpowfpdijspdfsdfoskfgpsokgdfgdf;lkdghf;ghfghfgh shf sdofsdf soiuwertpgdpfgodfgdfpogsd gsdfigs dfsd fpowfpdijspdfsdfoskfgpsokgdfgdf;lkdghf;ghfghfgh

  • $5699914

    Too many people here put too much emphasis on the President’s smoking habit…as
    if his smoking interferes to his job. Too many people here are just
    bashers, pretending they are with the President 24-hrs a day whenever they write their comments. What a bunch
    of morons.
    He does not encourage others to smoke. He is a smoker. Period.
    I am a smoker so I understand where the President is coming from.

  • NoWorryBHappy

    Thank you, Mr. President for putting the country’s interests above all else.
    Mr. President, yoda man !

  • billy gunner

    weeehhh! di nga!

  • Rex

    Sige lang, sobrang malulungkot si Binay kapag natigok ka ngayon. :)

    • Pepe Mayagimat

      ikaw tanga, ano na ba nagawa mo sa lipunan? tangnamuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      • Rex

         Me nagawa na rin ako.. kinakantot ko lang naman asawa mo saka mga kapatid mo.

  • agustin

    Minority floor  leader Suarez, announced last time that Pnoy should declare to the people his accomplishments every time he make a trip abroad.this is for the country’s interest,people’s money is not wasted.

  • Klepto

    Akala nga niya bayani na siya dahil nagtrabaho kahit may sipon. Gustong lang ata ito magholiday nang libre at tsumupas ng uten.

    • Pepe Mayagimat

      no brainier ang mga comment mo bobo. manang mana ka sa ina mong pu t a

      • Klepto

        Pepe kakantutin kita sa bunganga mo. Buka mo bunganga mo!!! Putang ina ka. Pagkatapos kita ikantot isusunod ko asawa mo at dalagang anak mo.

      • Pepe Mayagimat

        dadaldal ka pa e wala ka namang silbing inutil ka. buti pa nanay mo maraming titi ang napaligaya. ikaw ni isang puday walang napasok. tanga! lol tangnamuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      • pokpok22

         ay naku mga baboy pala ang dami nyo.

      • pokpok22

         eto pa isang baboy din.

      • pokpok22

         aruy ..kababoy mu naman pala.

      • Rex

        shf sdofsdf soiuwertpgdpfgodfgdfpogsd gsdfigs dfsd fpowfpdijspdfsdfoskfgpsokgdfgdf;lkdghf;ghfghfgh

  • Your_King

    Aquino said his troubles began in New Zealand and Australia. That could be one of the most accurate statements that he could have ever said. Ironically enough, those were the 2 trips that he used to try his hand at comedy by insulting people with poor health and in wheelchairs. It went around and came back to him to where now he is the one not in good health. It is never good to attack and step on those who are below you. With that said, we are all hoping for Aquino’s speedy recovery.


    Aquino’s comment on ASEAN… EPIC!

  • Jack

    please mr president don’t talk about your health, talk about what you accomplished in that summit

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • Jim De Garman

    mabuti pa si Pres Aquino kahit may sakit naglalakbay para sa bayan..pero yong ibang opisyal ng gobyerno naglalakbay para magkaroon ng allowances, tumira sa 5 star hotel, F/C air ticket, sight seeing tour, itigil na po ang wang-wang.

  • Jon

    Mr. Aquino said he had no particular expectations going into the Asean summit

    What a waste of public time and money then if this is the case.
    Lack of planning and preparation to make the most of the opportunity =
    Ano pa ba kundi NOYNOYING

    • wenvell

      Read it entirely.

  • boybakal

    The flu-stricken Philippine President LEFT a gala dinner for Asean heads
    of state  and government  and other world leaders early, telling his
    hosts he needed rest.

    It is a routine for the President not to attend the gala which is most important for acquaintances and camaraderie.
    He is being aloof a sign of inferiority among heads of states.
    Better not attend and continue to rest…vacation is needed for the President.

    • disqusted0fu

       permanent vacation from presidency that is.

  • Benedicto

    Always talking west phil sea??? gayahin nalang ni pnoy ang ginawa sa Japan, i water canon yang mga fishing vessels dyan sa taga China…..para tapus na ang issue..

  • disqusted0fu

    people still believe in this statement? lets just all look at actuality and see the real status of the country and it’s people to find out whose interests are really being catered first. thats more believable than just rhetoric words that are coming out from what could be a lying mouth.

  • pobre0000

    mas lalong tumangos ang ilong ni  aquino III.

  • FJ Torreiglesias

    Benigno Simeon Aquino: My campaign contributors’ interest first, my gay lover second, hacienda luisita third.

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