Bonus for deserving gov’t workers only, says Abad


Budget Secretary Florencio Abad. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

He may well be the Grinch who stole Christmas for a lot of government employees, but Budget Secretary Florencio Abad on Monday had to  clarify that only government those workers who rendered exceptional service this year would be entitled to the performance-based bonus (PBB) announced by Malacañang on Friday.

Malacañang’s announcement that the PBB would be released during the Christmas

season in amounts ranging from P5,000 to P35,000 gave the impression that it would

apply to all government employees.

Abad explained the PBB would be based entirely on merit, unlike the 13th-month pay, the yearend cash bonus and the productivity enhance incentive (PEI).

Civil servants are entitled to a 13th-month pay equivalent to their monthly salary, a yearend cash gift of P5,000 and the PEI of  P5,000.

“In contrast to the other bonuses, the PBB is certainly not an entitlement,” Abad said, adding that the PBB system “is a decisively merit-based scheme” designed to plug a loophole in the bureaucracy that results in bonuses being distributed arbitrarily.

This time, Abad said, the PBB would ensure that the administration gives bonuses based solely on merit and quality of performance in terms of meeting targets set by a government department.

“The targets are actually measurable and strictly empirical, so that office higher-ups can preserve the objectivity of their assessments,” the budget secretary said.

Under the PBB, units and personnel will be ranked according to their performance “as measured by verifiable, observable, credible and sustainable indicators.”

The amount of the bonus is based on the performance of the departments, bureaus or delivery units, and of the individual employees, Abad said, adding that department secretaries will rank bureaus and delivery units according to their performance.

The PBB funds will be charged against the miscellaneous personnel benefits fund in the General Appropriations Act in the case of departments, bureaus and agencies, including state universities and colleges, and against the corporate funds in the case of GOCCs, Abad said.

“What this ultimately translates to is improved service to Filipinos, not to mention greater morale among public servants and visible, positive reform across the bureaucracy,”  he said.

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  • kahol aso

    greater morale? kalbo ka nga patawa ka eh….

  • Diego S

    Excellent concept. BUT the implementation scheme crafted by DBM is ungrounded in reality. My fearless forecast is that instead of motivating people, this will just create widespread dissatisfaction in the bureaucracy.

    • scorpio15

      Mali. Magtrabaho ka ng matino para mabigyan ka ng “Performance Bonus”. Di wala ng namayagpag na pribadong kumpanya pag ganon ang magiging tingin mo. Dahil sa pribadong kumpanya yan ang basehan yong ma-ayos magtrabaho ang isang ta-o.
      Sa pamahala-an ka siguro nagtratrabaho. Easy Go Lucky. Kaya ang performance ay nasa sulok at hindi tinatangkilik.

  • Jean Claude

    Dapat ganyan! performance-based :) bigyan lang dapat ang deserving.

  • ah_ok_fine12

    nako baka mga ghost employees eh mgkaroon din ng performance-based  bonus hahaha.. pano nila sasalain yun? based sa recommendation ng nakakataas?? sana indi umiral ang kamag-anak based bonus scheme nila

  • Pinoydin

    “as measured by verifiable, observable, credible and sustainable indicators.”  – this is BS.  There was never an objective assessment.
    This is just bribery in disguised.


    Up to now, It’s not still clear as to who will receive the PBB (I’m with the DENR Land Management Services). Our unit was able to accomplish the required target in the first week of November 2012 with the help of our provincial counterparts but it appears that they won’t be able to partake of the “bounty”. It’s rather unfortunate because in the scheme of things in the government bureaucracy, one is indispensable to the success of another. Teamwork iyan eh. 

    • Panotcha

      pano magiging 35,000 worth ang performance kaya ni mamamng driver?  imaginin mo kaya.

      siguro kung kunwari taga QC boss niya hinahatid na lang niya sa La Union, para lang masabing above and beyond the call of duty.  wala naman siyang ibang gagawin pa sa office, kung di aalis boss niya wala siya mamanehuin, walang message wala siya dedeliver, walang papaxerox wala.  not neccesarily wala siyang ginagawa or kulang.

  • Jojo Aquino

    yung mga bitter na kawani ng gobyerno na plaging 8am-5pm lang plagi isa na yan sa di bbigyan ng bunos and .punctuality, contribution and accomplishment sa department, yan ang mga basehan ng bibigyan ng cash gift.

  • Mamang Pulis

    wow!!–the largest employer of our land will dole out PBB.

    incredible feat for those who have recommended who should receive these PBB

    sorry na lang ang mga kawani na istambay sa opisina–wla na nga kayo ginagawa may sweldo pa—hahanap pa ng bonus?

    ano kayo swerte? sabi ni kalbo.

  • Political Jaywalker

    This is a good incentive bonus  but the only problem is that department secretaries are not exactly technocrats, they are more of a  politician. Since they are politicians what are the assurance that the criteria or performance are measurable and empirical will be upheld and not doled out in the usual patronage style?

  • Guest

    I’m not against performance-based bonus. But who’s to say what’s better or not when government performance can be easily politicized? Those who toe the line are better performers according to politicians. The irony of it all is that while Butch Abad is limiting the bonuses to so-called “performers” only, Butch Abad himself has no second thoughts about helping himself to the coco levy fund and making some very tidy profits on the side. Kaya pala tutol si Butch na ibalik ang pera sa mga coconut farmers. Because he needs the money for his quick investments here and there. Naku po Panginoon.

  • m1600



    • Mamang Pulis

      tama tama!! hahaha

  • m1600

    this PBB of Abad is one way of demoralizing the Government employees.

    • Panotcha

      PNoy needs no enemies with advisers like that  :)

  • Run High

    The trend is that office heads are giving almost the same rating to the best and the worst employees.  The difference of their bonus is only about P10.00.  That is the performance-based bonus as we know it as government employees.  The problem is actually with the office heads kaya hindi naiimplement at nalulusotan pa rin ang patakaran kahit sinasabing performance-based.  Kung ikaw ba naman well-performing syempre made-demoralize ka kasi sampung piso lang ang pinagkaiba nyo nung tamad at problemang empleyado.  Sa isang taong pagsisikap at hardworking mo bibigyan ka lang ng sampung piso.  

  • marionics

    my employees have always done their best and our sales have been banner all time so i am giving them 15 months this year. ganun lang yun

    • Panotcha

      in fairness to the system, it works well in Sales.  but in an environment that isn’t sales, wherein rating is subject to the whim of the powers that be, i doubt.  you can say all you want about a fair system but people will always be people; this plan will be a reason for employees to go at each others throats.

      would you destroy your officemate for 35,000 pesos? the great liberal party social experiment begins.

      • marionics

        i guess what you’re saying is the system is ok but the people are not. so we have to change the people he he

      • Panotcha

        I guess it works in sales because winners are clear cut. In a non sales environment, politics or the impression of politics or favoritism will be impossible to quash hence the system will not be an incentive but instead will formalized the already existing factions in organizations.

        Hell even PNoy’s government has factions.

      • marionics

        i had a few years stint in govt. and we had performance evaluations wherein we had goals which we had to achieve and if we did not achieve them we did not get our incentive adjustments. in this case yata sinasabi ni abad e pag hindi maganda ang performance mo as shown siguro by your evaluations e di you would not get as much as those na mas maganda ang performance evaluation. so, if the evaluation is more or less fair and based on the achievement of target goals and objectives e di para na din siguro yan ng sinasabi mong sales environment di ba? he he

      • Panotcha

        yeah but how would it be fair.  a quota is a quota no ifs and buts about it.  in an office environment ano ba dapat metric dyan? diploma?  can a driver earn 35,000 as the best employee?

        processing time? are you saying the fast always equals to good or baka minamadali lang.

        at saang ahensiya naman ang may ganyang incentive at standard naman lahat.  baka naman GOCC ka that’s a whole different ball game.

      • Panotcha

        An office environment is not an arena for sport and fair play dude.  Ginawang pera pera na lang labanan ng mapanghusgang administrasyon na ito.   

  • m1600

    let’s see kung magkano ang PBB ng AFP especially yung mga nasa field/frontlines working 24/7 Abad is indeed putting fire in the ranks. forget about the SR. OFFICIALS  think about the RANK AND FILEs AND JR. OFFICERS who are working their butt fighting in Mindanao and NPA infested area. with this kind of scheme Abad is asking for a destabilization if not a coup de etat!

    • Mamang Pulis

      aww kasama pala ang AFP/PNP jan?

      akala ko may PBB [ Pabaon Big Bonus ] anga mga heneral ko kapag nasunod ng nasunod lang…

  • Pablo Juan

    This is an excellent idea! It’s about time the government does this.. who does the performance management?  COA? DBM (since its abad)?  I suppose there are measures to make sure its difficult (impossible is probably well — impossible) for connivance to happen? 

  • vir_a

    Mr. Abad is from the Liberal Party. So if the employee is not a liberty party, he/she will likely not get favorable rating to merit him/her a special bonus. Government positions are most of the time politically connected. Unlike in private enterprise where bonuses are based on performance, in government the performance rating is based on loyalty and compromising attitude. If an employee wants to do his job right but his superior is engaged in anomalous transaction, how will he merit bonus if he does things opposite to what his boss is doing? He can always bring his case to higher authorities, but it will involve risks to his position, emotional distress and put his family future in danger. This type of reward system will not work. It will only worsen corruption and bureaucracy. The reward is also not enough.

  • isagani_maverick77

    tsk…tsk…tsk..di pa ba sapat ang matagal at kalidad na serbisyo ng mga nagka-ugat na sa iba’t-ibang opisina ng gobyerno? kulang pa ba ang paghihikahos sa mga pangakong noong pang panahon ni kopong-kopong ay bukang-bibig? huwag na sanang paikutin ang sambayanan ng mga sukaban ana nagbubulsa ng buwis ng bayan…poor us-Juan…. nagkadamatay na ang karamihan sa benepisyong kakarampot at ipinagkakait lamang…tsk…tsk..tsk…ang pinagsisigawang pagtaas ng sahod ng mga kawani ng gobyerno at ang pagusumamo sa bawat pagbaba ng langis at pangunahing bilihin ay nilumot na mga pangako…walang katahimikan sa kagutuman…ngayon niyo sabihin…. na umuunlad ang bayan sa lamesang walang laman sa bawat sikmurang kumakalam, patuloy sa pagdarahop ang mga palad!-isagani

  • chick

    ang rating e based na rin sa mga boss.. so pumapasok pa rin ang favoritism ja..

  • jadejones2012

    One and only critieria:

    You must be a political sympathizer to the ruling administration.

    If you are not in, sorry na lang.

  • jadejones2012

    Years of service should be the sole criteria.

    It is unbiased and cannot be manipulated.

    This merit rating is very susceptible to the abuse of higher ups.

    Siguradong kamag-anak, kaibigan at kapartido lang ang tatanggap ng bonus.

    But we all know there is a reason for this:

    Loyalty check ito ng abnormal na presidente para sa darating na eleksyon.

  • jadejones2012

    Happy days for Abnoy’s Liberal Party and Kapartido, Kamag-anak, Kaibigan.

    May extra bonus na kayo based on ‘merit’ kuno.


    For sure mabibigyan pa rin ng bonus si Paje. Go KKK!

  • calixto909

    laudable undertaking to warrant better performance from these lazy and arrogant gov’t servants.

    • Panotcha

      and what if people give up all at once.  

      ‘ah sige, may 35,000 ka pala ha, solohin mo lahat ng trabaho!’

  • Mananandata69

    there is only one criteria before the employee receives his PBB. Just one question to be answered- Are u with us or against us?

    • Panotcha

      or are you Balay or Samar? :)

  • PH2011

    SEC. ABAD has
    no experience on this scenario, well this is not a new proposal, some government
    agencies already implementing this, specially the GOCC. The intent is good, but
    the implementation is a dilemma to the government head. Hence, most GOCC divide
    the amount, and distribute it fairly to all employees. Divided to all personnel,
    not by Department, Division or Section to avoid misunderstanding.  GOCC have leeway to allocate funding/savings
    for this purpose. The problem are the non-earning government agencies ( under
    Department) with limited funding source.…well, Abad should allocate additional

    If to
    distribute individually, Mr. Abad will bring government officials and the
    rest of agency personnel in trouble. Nobody trust the Merit System ( nasa
    dulo lang ng ballpen yan). Magkakagulo yan, pag dating sa pera ( bonus ) ibang
    usapan yan. Remember your dealing with government agencies, not private company
    wherein the official have better control and responsibility.

    (not) aware that 90%+percent of government employees are all Political
    appointees, relatives of all officials of that agency, classmates ( look around
    Malacanang), siblings of close friend of government officials, close friends
    buddies,  wherein nepotism and favoritism
    is rampant.

    IF  the government official is corrupt, where will
    be the additional PBB bonus goes, to his/her accomplice or to the straight forward?

    Well, there
    will be a setback to all government Personnel, who will not receive the
    additional PBB bonus . Probably, they will not work hard, specially permanent
    government employees who are well protected by Civil Service Commission. The
    best way is, big or small distribute that PBB to all personnel, equally.  Fair and square.

    Again, the intent is good, but i don’t think government agencies are ready for it.

    • m1600

      tama ka jan sir there are still govt employees who are deserving to receive PBB pero bagsak naman dept. nila kaya wa din this will result to wide spread demoralization. 

  • eirons1043

    Hoy Abad yong mga GOCCs lalo na ang BSP eh 2005 pa eh nagbibigay sa lahat I repeat lahat ng empleyado nila ng hangang 15 month pay di pa kasama iyong cash gift kuno na P20 thousand. Sa national at local government naman eh diyos ko ang baho ng serbisyo kaya paano mo sasabihing merong deserving employee.  Ok meron sigurong paisa isang matino pero hahanapin mo pa kasi ang nagiging model/outstanding employee eh iyong mga saksakan ng SIPSIP.

  • cruel168

    papaano malalaman na ang isang empleyado ng gobyerno ay tamad o masipag? Ano ang basehan para mabigay ang 35,000.00? perpormans ng ano? dapat bang mapa bid ang lahat ng project? eh kung ang namumuno ng isang ahensya ay tamad..di pati ang mga empleyadong masisipag ang magsasakripisyo? anong klaseng basehan yan? ang alam ko lang…iyang DBM at malalapit kay Sec.Abad (NOTPA) ang makikinabang lang!!! pahirap yan sa mga tao ng gobyerno mula ng siya ang maupo sa DBM!!! Sec. ABAD…lahat na lang projects sa distrito mo..pina-transfer mo ang pera..ano ngayon ang itsura ng batanes??? natutulog ang pera…swapang kayong pamilya….bagay lang yan…ikaw ang pahirap kay Pnoy…lumayas ka na diyan….IPOKRITO..para kang AHAS…pagkatapos pakainin sa palad tinuklaw mo pa si GMA…wala kang kwentang tao…

  • Panotcha

    More than anything else ito ang magpapatunay na ang serbisyo sa gobyerno ay pera pera lang.

    Sino bang makakakita pa ng mandate, goals, targets ng agency kung ang iniisip ng mga kawani ng empliyado ay ang 35,000 na meron sila or wala.

  • phantomofhope

    mga epal eh….samantalang mga senate at congress staff ay every quarter may bonus

  • coldfeet

    si pnoy ba.. kung kasali siya.. magkano naman kaya ang kanyang performance bonus? 1php pwede na siguro.. pampalubag loob

    • m1600

      piso ang kay simeon! na PBB

  • wakats

    The inside smart operators in the customs, BIR, DPWH, etc are already receiving the PBB every working day of the week, while those honest government workers who strain their backs and exhaust their minds in no end, will be lucky indeed if their bossings will certify them.

    In most LGUs, only the rich units can afford the PBB while those in low-income group will just look away in desperation.

    Abad looks sarcastic in clarifying the merits of the bonus…


  • Virgo

    hay naku kung gusto ni abad magbigay, magbigay na hindi ung idadaan pa sa merit system alam  nyo marami ang hindi makakatangap nyan, wag na lang po munang umasa ang karamihan sa emplyado ng gobyerno, kainis at sa mga nagcocoment wag naman po lahatin ang mga gov’t employees at marami pa rin ang maayos dyan at takot mangurakot! sana pantay pantay lang ang bigay, ung mga opisyal nga from directors up eh may rata na sila buwan buwan, papano po ung sahod lang ang inaasahan………………………peace po sa lahat……………….. 

  • jadejones2012

    Si NoyNoy, kahit 1 peso lang ang value nito if based on true merit rating, sa mata ni Abad,

    worth more than 35,000 pesos ito.

    That’s how LP’s merit system works.

    Expect the undeserving but well connected government employees to get the windfall.

    To the rest, manigas kayo.

  • jadejones2012

    Mas mabuti pa na ipa-raffle na lang itong “merit” based bonus.

    At least, the really deserving but not well-connected government employees have a chance of getting it.

  • rhan duke

    favoritism, palakasan system… tsk tsk tsk…

    • Ding

      I-propose ninyo sa inyong department, ang mga rank-and-file ang magsubmit ng pangalan ng sa palagay nila’y karapat-dapat, kung maaari secret balloting…o something better, kung mayroon kayong maiisip na maganda

  • rhan duke

    kawawa naman ang hindi malakas sa boss… mababa ang performance rating, walang bonus….    wala namang measurable result kasi everyone share the outcome or result. Kawawa ang hindi malakas kay boss. eh alam naman natin na bata-bata system sa gobyerno… lahat ng unit parang mafia yan… tsk tsk… i across na board na, pati janitor and up, lahat naman nangangarap na may handa sa christmas, at makatulong sa mahirap din…  kayo na ang nasa power, sa inyo na lahat….  

    • joel genese

      Generally, masasabi natin na ang talagang nagtatrabaho ay ang sa level ng mga clerks. Kahit pa routinary lang ang kanilang ginagawa.

      • Ding

        Sana ang mapagtuunan ng higit na pansin ay ang mga departamentong na-meet ang kanilang goals and commitment, pero ipuwera ang mga department at division heads sa mga bibigyan ng PBB…at kung maaari ang mga miyembro ng departamento, puwera ang mga bosses, ang magno-nominate ng mga karapatdapat sa PBB.

    • Ding

      Sana naman may measurable process din na pagdadaanan ang mga bosses…sana nga ay maging maayos ang pagbibigay ng PBB, sayang ang magandang intensyon kung mas makasasama ang epekto…alam nating lahat kasumpa-sumpa ang makitang nngunguangot lang sa harap ng mga nangangailangang taongbayan ang mga supladong lingkod bayan.

  • rhan duke

    employees and officials of Landbank of the Philippines, BSP, GSIS, SSS, DBP, NAPOCOR, LWSS, Customs, Senate, Congress, Ombudsman …share your blessings :) 

  • jadejones2012

    Si janitor, kahit bugbog sarado sa trabaho, siguradong hindi makakuha ng ‘merit-based     ‘ bonus.

    Di ba, department head?

    • Ding

      Sigurado mo na yata ‘yan, eh, di ang gawin mo sabihin mo sa Payroll ninyo kung magkano ang gusto mong ii-volunteer para sa janitor…o kaya mag-propose ka sa inyo na ang mabigyan ng bonus magbahagi ng kaunti para sa janitor…makikita pa ng pamunuan ninyo ang hindi nila binibigyan ng pagpapahalaga.

  • speedstream2

    Who among the cabinet members are deserving of the PBB? If the PBB were to used as a gauge for overall government performance, what percentage of the total number of government employees who are “deserving” would be considered reflective of such performance? Btw, magkano kaya ang board-approved incentives of outfits like, say, the MWSS, on top of the PBB?

    • Ding

      Naniniwala ka bang walang kapupuntahang maganda ito?   Eh, di ilayo mo na lang ang sarili mo sa hindi mo inaakalang maganda…Common sense lang, di ba?

  • kilabot

    dapat baligtad. ang bibigyan ng bonus ay yung tamad sa trabaho para magbago. sino ba ang gusto makatanggap ng premyo bilang tamad at ilalagay pa ang pangalan sa dyaryo? ewan ko, baka meron din.

    • Ding

      Eh, di i-submit mo ang panukala mo sa ganyan paniniwala…samahan mo ng ebidensiya na ikaw sa lahat ang pinakatamad,,,kaya daya pinakamalaki ang bonus mo…ipakiusap mo lang sa management na huwag i-diyaryo para makuha mo nang gustong gusto ang gusto mong kagustuhan.

  • AJ Giorgio

    paano ie-evaluate ang performance ng workers? pagmumulan lang yan ng palakasan, corruption. buti pa, i-distribute na lang yan sa lahat ng workers, based on the pay-grade. mas madali pang i-account kung naipamigay lahat yung pera o hindi.

    at kung per department naman, tingin ko pinaka malaki dapat ang share ng DepEd. maraming ginagastos na pera ang mga public school teachers para sa pagtuturo na galing sa sarili nilang bulsa.

    at ang pinaka maliit naman ay ang local officials.. dahil pati sa pangangampanya nila, pera ng tao ang ginagamit nila. kung tutuusin, baka kailangan pa nilang magbayad.

    • Pio Gante

      may mga departamento na nagko-conduct ng periodic performance evaluation report among their employees,  i’m not sure how often it’s done. kung bad looking ka sa boss sigurado poor ang rating pero pag sipsip at tiga ka ng boss eh siyempre excellent.

      ang masaklap dyan, taxpayers money ang ipapamudmod samantalang ang pangkaraniwang kawani at obrero sa pribadong sektor ay pahirapang makakuha ng bonus.

      • Ding

        Eh, di magkaisa kayo sabihin niyong alisin na ang lahat ng incentive bonuses…o kaya maglabas kayo ng panukala na hindi kayo tatanggap na anumang bonus.

    • Ding

      Kung sa palagay mo, mas maganda na ‘yang ganyan…ituloy mo na lang ang pagiging ganyan kaysa ngayon pa lang alam mo nang talagang magiging ganyan.

  • dennis

    Ako na ang nagsasabi…Hindi magandang panukala yan! “Bonus for deserving workers only!”…Pangit sa mata ng tao at sa isang Pilipino!…Ibalik ko kaya ang tanong sa inyo “Deserving ba ang suweldong tinatanggap ng mga tao base on our economy?”…THINK?

    • Ding

      Kung magti-THINK, ano ang mahihita…katulad ng sinasabi mo…bakit pa magti-THINK, pagdusahan mo na lang ang mga negative thoughts mo…nasa sa iyo naman iyan…kung gusto mong patuloy na pagdusahan ang mga kapaitan mo. 

      • dennis

        My point is not to single out someone who are “only” deserving…Kung tamad eh bakit hindi tanggalin na lang! Everybody deserves bonus as a rule lalo na sa trabaho like Christmas bonus.You have to know how to evaluate person,co-workers in general,not particular lang.May mga taong kaya lang magsisipag eh kapag malapit na ang mga bonus.

  • $5699914

    Dapat lang.
    Gamitin yung performance evaluation ng mga empleyado na siyang pinaiiral sa kani-kanilang mga ahensiya.

  • parak_obama

    unang nasa list ni abad ng mga deserving makakuha ng pbb ay ang kanyang mga anak na parehong nasa mataas na posisyon sa gov’t. tapos sila naguiat ng pagcor,boc chief biazon na ginagawa ang lahat ng makakaya kaya nga tumaas ang smuggling sa pinas.yung maliliit na empleyado siguro dapat sumumpa muna kayo na straight liberal ibobto niyo sa 2013 para makakuha kayo ng pbb 

    • Ding

      Kaya huwag ka nang umasa….punong puno ka ng kapaitan, eh, alam mo namang sentido kumon lang ang mga negatibong mapaghanap sa pangingimbulo nauuwi, lalo lang sasama ang loob mo…ngayon, kung magagawa mong maging positibo, ikaw ang unang makikinabang ng mabuting pagtingin sa iyong tinitingnan.

      • Guest

        pumupuri ako pag dapat pumuri kaya wag ka magmarunong.pag napipintasan ang kampo niyo galit ka.sino ngayon ang punong puno ng kapaitan eh halos lahat ng comment dito sinasagot mo at kitang kita ang bitterness  mo..sigurado ako isa kana sa mabibigyan ng pbb grant.gastusin mo ng maayos ha.

      • Sandata16

        nga noh ang sipag2 nya deserving tlaga sya sa pinakamalaking PBB sa kanya na lol

      • Guest

        dahil sa sobrang sigasig mo sa pagsalag sa mga comments na hindi pabor sa mga boss mo .malamang ma doble pa ang pbb mo..pag pabor sa inyo komento palakpak tenga niyo.pag hindi pabor attack dog mode kayo. siugurado na pbb mo wag na masyado magsipsip.

      • parak_obama

        ikaw ang magandang example ng makakatanggap ng pbb.

  • Pio Gante

    being rated poor, satisfactorily or excellent on the per will totally depend on ones connection to his/her boss.

    • Ding

      So, keep your bitterness to yourself, para hindi ka na masyadong masaktan…para kapag nabigyan ka, eh, di ang laki ng tuwa mo.

  • basyong

    this is a very divisive plan.palakasan lang at kung sino ang meron pinakamalakas magtsumikap yan lang ang bibigyan ng additional bonus.this goverments plan is to divide not only the goverment employee but the nation as well.meron malakas meron mahina yan ang tamang kasabihan kesa sa matuwid na daan

    • Ding

      Negative din lang ang tingin niyo dito, huwag na kayong umasa.

  • Rachel T. Baldonado

    Pwede ba Kgg. na Mr Florencio Abad, maganda ideya mo..galing ka rin naman sa sektor ng edukasyon.Kaya lang kawawa naman ang karamihan sa mga kaguruan kung ang pag-uusapan ay PBB. Ang alam namin, kaming  mga guro ay nagpapakahirap para makapagturo nang maayos at sana tapatan din ng mga magulang ang paghihirap namin. Kung pati naman mga bumabagsak na mga mag-aaral ay dahilan para di kami maging PBB, sana pag-isipan nyo ang mga pinagsasabi nyo. Kapag me ibinagsak kaming bata kasi di sila pumapasok, yan ba ang tinatawag nyong PBB.e di sana mass promotion na. Pakisagot nyo naman at maraming salamat!

    • Ding

      Teacher ka kaya alam mo ang sagot diyan…at alam mo kung paano ipararating nang maayos ang inyong mga hinaing, di ba?

  • deltamike

    yari ang sbma employees, subject to available of funds pala.  eh ang balita, naubus sa 26million annual budget ng previous administration! 10million daw went to intelligence funds. tsk tsk tsk.

  • Jon

    Syempre, yung mga bata-bata ng hepe lang ang makikinabang dito.
    Habang yung mga kawawang clerk at messenger na walang kapit sa amo, uuwing luhaan.
    Akala yata ni abad na puro tanga ang nakikinig sa kanya; malabo na matupad ito na pantay sa lahat. 

    • Ding

      Eh, kung hindi ka tanga, huwag ka nang umasa…TANGAga naman yatang hindi ka tanga, di ba?

  • WAJ

    Yan pa! Boto ako diyan sa sinasabi ni Mr. Abad…Kagaya yan sa mga Corporate businesses, kong sino ang pinakamasipag na empleyado/supvervisor/or manager ay siya ang magkakameron ng bonus. Kaya ito ang panawagan ko sa mga empleyado ng Gobierno ng Pinas, ituwid ninyo at pakisipagan ninyo ang inyong paglilinkod sa pamahalaan ang employer ninyo ay ang mga mamamayan. Ang serbisyo ninyo ay hindi lamang sa Presidente kungdi sa mga taong Pinoy sa bangsang Pilipinas…

  • Klepto

    Meron bang “deserving” govt workers? Kasi puro magnanakaw lahat nakikita ko eh. Mula sa presidente hanggang tagalinis ng CR.

    • kismaytami

      If bonus is really for deserving government workers, I’ll bet nobody will be given bonus, not even simeon. Maybe abad is just joking.

      • Ding

        So, keep on kising yur tami.

    • Ding

      Sa gobyerno ka ba nagtatrabaho?

  • padrefaura

    “deserving” is one word for KKK government employees. kung hindi ka nila kakampi o hindi ka sisipsip sa kanila, hindi ka “deserving”

    • Ding

      So, hindi ka deserving…magsisi ka man, huli…doon ka na lang sa ,ga mai-impeach.

  • joel genese

    How to determine a performing employee? Who is going to determine? How?

  • vir_a

    If this is the case, then all teachers deserve this bonus. Most of the times, they spend their own money to buy materials for the classroom. They report to work on Saturdays and Sundays without getting paid for overtime. They all (without exception) more than deserve and should get this bonus. I think this program is outrageous. The criteria are vague.

    • Panotcha

      ang hirap naman dyan baka metric naman sa teacher ay passing rate.  paano naman kung bopol mga estudyante?  paano naman kung dinadaya na lang resulta ng mga estudyante para magkabonus sila.

  • Ding

    Marami ang nag-e-express ng concern na muling iiral ang favoritism, lalo na mula sa panig ng mga bosses ng departamento…bakit hindi mag-isip ng sistemang maiiwasang lalong makasakit ang incentive kaysa pakinabangan ng mga karapat-dapat, tulad halimbawa ng ipaubaya sa mga rank-and-file ang pagno-nominate ng mga deserving… hawig sa secret balloting system, at gawin open o in full view ng mga sangkot ang pagbubukas ng mga balota…hangga’t maaari, maglakip o maglaan ng kadahilanan ang isang rank-and-file kung bakit karapat-dapat ang kaniyang pinipili. Maaaring mayroon pang mga mas maayos at more credible na sistema to minimize if not completely eliminate manipulating the selection process, especially by the bosses or higher ups

    At para doon sa patuloy na negative at diskumpiyado sa PBB grants, mag-isip kayo ng alternatibong pamamaraan liban sa puro bitterness at disbelief ang ini-express ninyo sa mabuting intensiyon ng incentives para sa meritorious performance..

  • Mabuhay

    KUPHAL ka Boy Kuphal kalbho kalbhorat…..

  • Mabuhay

    Kuhpal na Kahlbo !

  • Sandata16

    tama ka dyan…kung performance level ang pag uusapan ung mga nasa combat field ang deserving dyan…eh buhay ba nman nakataya 24/7 walang saturday and sunday break pa yan or 8am-5pm or noon break…wag po sana ung mga nakaupo lng sa de aircon ang mabigyan eh masarap na mga buhay nyan eh. Para mas masaya bigyan nyo nlng lahat cla ng 35k each eh di Merry Christmas.

  • Sandata16

    tama ka dyan…kung performance level ang pag uusapan ung mga nasa combat field ang deserving dyan…eh buhay ba nman nakataya 24/7 walang saturday and sunday break pa yan or 8am-5pm or noon break…wag po sana ung mga nakaupo lng sa de aircon ang mabigyan eh masarap na mga buhay nyan eh. Para mas masaya bigyan nyo nlng lahat cla ng 35k each eh di Merry Christmas.

  • Sandata16

    tama ka dyan…kung performance level ang pag uusapan ung mga nasa combat field ang deserving dyan…eh buhay ba nman nakataya 24/7 walang saturday and sunday break pa yan or 8am-5pm or noon break…wag po sana ung mga nakaupo lng sa de aircon ang mabigyan eh masarap na mga buhay nyan eh. Para mas masaya bigyan nyo nlng lahat cla ng 35k each eh di Merry Christmas.

  • Sandata16

    masakit pakinggan sila deserving ung iba ano? hindi? eh ginagawa nman nila ung tunglin nila ah…

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