Engineering, other college courses to shorten due to K to 12 curriculum—CHEd



Commission on Higher Education (CHEd)

MANILA, Philippines—Engineering courses will be shortened from five to four years, while other four-year college courses may also be shortened as a result of having two additional years of high school under the K to 12 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) reform.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) anticipates that the curriculum for general education (GE) subjects, which are taken up during the first two years of college, will be shortened to only one year since those subjects are expected to be taken up in senior high school (Grades 11 to 12).

“There’s a proposal to shorten (the GE curriculum) considerably. There will be some changes because the GE will be devolved to Grades 11 and 12,” CHEd Chairperson Patricia Licuanan said in an interview.

She said CHEd has formed technical panels of experts from the academe, related industry and government regulators for every collegiate discipline.

These panels are now crafting a new curriculum for their respective courses in preparation for the nationwide implementation of the two-year senior high school in 2016.

“Part of the proposal is to limit (the) GE (curriculum) to one year. It’s still only a proposal but (the review is) ongoing,” Licuanan said.

Regardless of one’s course, college students are made to take the general education (GE) subjects on communication, math, science, history, physical education, etc. usually in their first two years in school before they can take up specialized subjects for their respective courses.

Licuanan said the technical panels from the different disciplines would decide how a shortened GE curriculum would affect their curriculum.

But when asked, she confirmed that at least engineering courses would likely be shortened.

“Engineering will be shortened from five to four (years). (But shortening the curriculum) is not across the board,” the CHEd chair stressed.

“I don’t predict that too many (courses) will be shortened. But I also feel there are certain disciplines that don’t need four years,” Licuanan said without mentioning specific courses.

With a shortened GE curriculum “then maybe they can make do (with a shorter curriculum),” she added.

“But other (disciplines) complain how stacked the curriculum is so they can’t put in more of their subjects. They can say we can put in more major subjects,” Licuanan said.

She said their target has been to finalize the new curriculum by 2014, ahead of the Department of Education’s target for the nationwide roll-out of an added senior high school in 2016.

Licuanan said the technical panels have been undertaking consultations before presenting a revised curriculum for CHEd’s approval.

Implemented in 2012, the K to 12 program has revised the basic education curriculum from 10 years to 12 years covering kindergarten, six years of elementary (Grade 1 to 6), four years of junior high school (Grade 7 to 10) and the additional two years of senior high school (Grade 11 to 12).

DepEd is coming out with the revised curriculum for every elementary and high school level by phases, starting with Grades 1 and 7 this year and Grades 2 and 8 in 2013.

DepEd has not said when it will come out with the curriculum for senior high school.

DepEd’s Bureau of Secondary Education Director Lolita Andrada, who chairs the curriculum revision committee, said they would evaluate this month the curriculum undertaken by the 30 schools that piloted the Grade 11 this school year.

Andrada said they have been considering giving schools “flexibility” in designing and implementing their senior high school programs, with the DepEd coming out only with “policy guidance.”

“What’s shaping up is a system allowing schools to be creative. In the past, the DepEd designs the curriculum and imposes it. But (now) we’ll be designing the implementing guidelines but we’ll allow schools to be creative,” Andrada said.

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  • asarin

    sabihin nyo lang sa akin kung gusto nyong humiram ng K-12 curriculum framework para sa math, science, reading and writing galing dito sa california at dadalhin ko pag-uwi ko dyan sa december!

  • batangsulpok

    1959 nang maging 5-yrs. curriculum sa Mapua ang lahat ng engineering courses na kailangang kumuha ka ng Humanities, Spanish, P.E., R.O.T.C. ng 4 semesters na di naman kailangan kaya mas magandang gawing 4 yrs. course uli para makatipid ang mga estudyante.

    • Descarte

      Yan ang tanggalin, ROTC.  Tawag dyan Reserve Officers training para kung sakali DAW magkaroon ng gyera, pag tinawag mga kalalakihan, nakahanda sila.  Paano naman kayang paghahanda eh baril na kahoy naman ang hawak.  Wala naman ako natutunan sa ROTC kundi mag martsa na natutunan ko na nang maraming beses sa highschool.  Yong Sabado ng umaga sa halip na nakakatulog ng mahaba at dagdag pahinga eh andon nakabilad sa init.

      • gikiness


      • boldyak

        kung gusto mo may matutunan, better na lahat ng lalaki sa Pinas mag serve sa military for at least two years…maipakita na may pagmamahal tayo sa sariling bansa..alam ko ayaw nyo….dahil masarap matulog at ayaw magbilad sa init….lol

  • RyanE

    On the contrary, instead of shortening the engineering courses, it should be lengthened. More major subjects and practicum should be added. Sad to say, the quality of our engineering graduates is not quite competitive, and have difficulty relating their theories to practical applications in the real world outside the classroom.

    Partnership between schools and industries should be developed and strengthened so that engineering students will experience or have grasp of the practical applications while at same time learning the theoretical foundations.

    • Horst Manure

      All those in favor say Aye…. Aye 

      • Renato


    • gikiness

       lengthen? ang dami mong pera, either yun o isa ka sa may arai ng mga private shools dito sa pinas.  Ang dami na ngang hindi nakapag aral dahil sa taas ng matrikula lengthen pa.  Maawa ka naman sa mga bata

  • No Mind

    an excellent job done by the ched!

  • ern

    Kung dagdag-bawas din lang ang gagawin nyo, wag na galawin ang dati. Ang improvin nyo sa elementary at high school e yung quality of teachers.

  • delpillar

    In most countries, or at least sa 10 countries na napuntahan ko, lahat ng Bachelors Degree courses are 4-year course (except Doctor Of Medicine).

    Elementary = 6 years.
    Junior High School= 3 years
    Senior High School = 3 years

    By those countries’ standard, lahat ng 4-year or 5-year course ng Philippine University and colleges up to this present day are just considered associate degree (not B S degree) because the Phil. has just 10 years of primary education.

    College = 2 or 3 years from Senior High School (can be laderized to Bachelors Degree but some University required 3 years more to acquire bachelors degree. Most University required an additional 2 years. Very rare ang situation that a university will ladderized of an addition of just one year.

    Special Vocational and technical school =  2 or 3  years from Senior High School but cannot be ladderized into a bachelors degree. If you want to have Bachelors degree, you have to start 1st year university (bachelor degree courses).

    University (B S Degree Courses including engineering): 4 years from Senior High School but many students go to special review centre for 6 months after senior high school just to pass the top-caliber/high-standard universities entrance exam.

    Govt. Special Program School = 5 years from Junior High School.
                        Senior Highshool and the B S Degree courses are compressed into 5 year-course.

  • Yolly

    there are college  subject that needs to be scrap like rizal, we’ve been taking rizal  in  elementary, high school, pati ba naman sa college, its a waste of time and money

    • The Overlord

      Scrapping the study of Rizal in college needs tweaking of the law that made it compulsory in the first place. Don’t expect it being done so in 5 years or so. You know how these trapos work. 

  • boybakal

    Kung ano ano ang pinaggagawa nitong DepEd ni Luistro.
    Yan ang epekto, shortened engineering course.
    Walang plano, walang pag aaral na ginawa, bahala na kung ano ang dumating na problema.
    Marami pa yang problemang darating sa K12 na yan.
    K12 pahirap sa mahirap.

  • rightist

    For engineering courses, there need to be more major subjects. There also needs to be one technical writing / presentation course in English because many engineers are weak in communications. If possible, a subject regarding patents/copyrights/trademarks to enable top engineers to protect their work. Industrial management subject can be fine-tuned to focus on entrepreneurship.

    • Carlos_Iho

      Many teachers who teach engineering do not even have experience in actual engineering practice and focus mainly on complex problem solving exercises which are very rarely practically applied.  Communications skills is very important as well as project management capabilities.  We have engineering graduates who are trained for complex mathematical calculations, which are not applied in actual practice, and cannot comfortably do presentations or simply compose technical literature.  Our engineers eventually end up as over glorified technicians.

      The engineering curriculla need to be overhauled. 

  • mekeni62

    this K-12 project will be useless until vast problems in the public school system like lack of classrooms,lack of books and lack of qualified teachers are solved or else adding more years will just add to the burden.

  • joboni96

    suma total

    mahihirap – plus 3 years
    para maka graduate sa high school

    may kaya – minus 1 year sa college

    anong klaseng utak meron ang mga mis-education ‘leaders’ natin
    pahirapan pa ang mga mahihirap at
    bigyan ng mas maraming negosyo ang mga kapitalistang mayayaman

    if you really want to help our youth
    maintain the grade 1 to 4th yr high school

    just add free 2 year employable courses
    via tesda, scu’s, non formal training etc

  • taongaba

    It’s not how long you stayed in high school,It’s the quality of teachings and how students’ perform with their studies.

    • Francis81

       Korek! Kahit gawin mo pang 100 taon ang high school kung  bulok ang pagtuturo wala ring mangyayari.  Minsan ang pagkabulok ng pagtuturo ay dahil din sa bulok na sistema.  Lalo na ngayon sa mga publich schools nagrereklamo ang mga guro na maraming benepisyo nila ang tinanggal ng DBM.  Nag iipon kasi ng pera ang DBM para gamitin sa pandaraya sa 2013 elections.

  • farmerson

    Dissolve unnecessary subjects focus more on the
    SPECIALIZATION in order to compete globally. Other countries no Licensure
    Examination for Engineering but they perform well according to their own field
    of expertise.

  • les21reago

    This is a classic DISPLAY of brilliant Ignorance among our EDUCATORS per see…They GO speeding the K12 and in panic again to REDUCING in some…They NEVER realized there are SPECIALIZATION in every fields that those can afford could continue…Education is on BRAIN and NOT even in SCHOOL…Is the big JOHN G. or Lucio T a PhD in business administration?
    Senator Trillianes opinion on this K12 is absolutely CORRECT.

    • ApoNiLolo

      There is nothing “panicky” about curtailing redundancy. You don’t need “brilliance” to equate that subjects taught in Senior High should be abolished in College. Not only is that a waste of time but additional expense to pay to learn something students are supposed to know before taking up courses in College.

      How many John G. and Lucio T. do you know in the Philippines? I bet they’ll all fit snugly within the fingers of your hands. The issue is about basic general education, not about specializing in one’s field. The issue is about preparing the next generation, ready and well armed to face the future. You are citing individuals as examples who are “exceptions to the rule”.

      • les21reago

         The persona mentioned are NOT exception to the rule…They are alive and kicking…The basic education is TIME TESTED already and it is not debatable…The REAL score is resources here that is the PARAMOUNT factor not competitiveness…If you have the MONEY and you love too much education you can do so with your ENTIRE life…
        Please try to decipher that it is your BRAIN that COUNTS not even the UP..

      • ApoNiLolo

        When I said: “How many John G. and Lucio T. do you know in the Philippines?” It means “How many taipans in the Philippines the likes of Gokongwei and Tan you know?” 
        But I have my doubts in your understanding when you replied with “The persona mentioned are NOT exception to the rule…They are alive and kicking…”

        The issue at hand was about CHEd’s elimination of scholastic
        redundancy, yet you insist with basic education being “time tested” and not “debatable”. CHEd consider your “time tested” concept as passé when juxtapose with international educational standard and of course it’s not debatable because they’re going to implement it, wither you like it or not.

        Furthermore, your “real score” is out of scoop with the issue at hand. Again, the issue is about basic general education for all, not about individual educational pursuit.

        Your argument and reasoning only cemented my doubt.

      • les21reago

         When is your scholastic gone redundant…Your good reasoning is WITHOUT this K12 and YET you do not understand what TIME TESTED is all about?
        It seems you do not see your very self in here as an example…Are you telling me you are NI or NEEDS Improvement…
        Continue to Doubting yourself.

      • ApoNiLolo

        “When is your scholastic gone redundant…”

        In K-12, Senior High curriculum will include math (from
        Algebra to Calculus). If a student gets to college, say Engineering, its present curriculum also includes math subjects (from Algebra to Calculus). That’s
        what CHEd is going to eliminate, the redundancy of that subjects. See?

        I’m not going to address the rest of your “statement”
        because it’s no longer “healthy” when one is speaking to someone “groping” for a good comeback. It’s almost similar to trolling. >: D

      • les21reago

         But my POINT is >>> even a REPEAT would not make you competitive or simply a guarantee that you have it LEARNED…Then HOW much more adding YEARS in school?
        No matter how many times you ALGEBRA yourself if your BRAIN do not like ALGEBRA its naught/futile exercise…Tapos dadagdagan mo pa o tatangalin…mas mabuti nang di tanggalin at least nalaman mo na nahirapan o di mo kaya and that is experience..get mo?

      • ApoNiLolo

        It’s better to “repeat” a subject while in highschool than in college where it will cost more. Since highschool students already knows their weak points, they have the edge what course to pursue in college.

        Kung alam mong mahina ka sa Math, huwag ka ng mag Engineering. Kumuha ka na lang ng Culinary Arts. >: D

  • Descarte

    Napaka positive talaga ng CHEd na even yong GE courses ay naniniwala sila na maituturo ng maayos sa Senior highschool.  May mga maayos ba na books, magagaling na teachers don sa “Mataas na Paaralan ng Municipality of Mindanao”?.  Sigurado ako na nasa isip ng mga taga CHEd ay ang mga private highschool kung saan puedeng i-entrust ang pagtuturo ng GE courses.  Kaya ba talagang ituro ng maayos halimbawa sa mga public schools yang mga GE courses na yan.

    Pahihirapan nyo pa sarili nyo, ituloy nyo yang K-12 na yan kung yan ang gusto nyo at hwag nyo na paki alaman ang college courses.  Di ba pilosopiya nyo ay mas maganda kung mahaba ang schooling years ng estudyante, eh bakit nyo babawasan ngayon?  Kinokontra nyo sarili nyo eh.  Kung libro nga paulit ulit na binabasa para mamaster o matutunan talaga ang concepts so maganda na rin na pinag aralan na sa highschool, mare review pa uli sa College.  Umayos nga kayo.

    • ApoNiLolo

      Kahit noon pa mang wala pang K-12, hindi pantay ang pagtuturo sa ibat-ibang paaralan sa buong Pilipinas. Iba ang antas ng dunong ng isang estudyanteng nag tapos sa isang “Science High School”  kesa sa valedictorian ng “Mataas na Paaralan ng Municipality of Mindanao”. Ang matuwid ng CHEd ay hindi dapat paulit-ulit ang pagtuturo sa mga asignatura. Ang mga subjects na katulad ng Math, mula Algebra hanggang Calculus, na tinututuro sa Senior High ay dapat tanggalin sa curriculum ng kolehiyo. Ito’y dagdag-bayarin at pag ubos ng oras lamang sa mga asignaturang natutunan na sa highschool.

      Para sa akin, nasa estudyante pa rin yan, kung sya ay may ambisyon at matyagang matuto. Marami akong kilalang nag tapos sa “Mataas na Paaralan ng Municipality of Mindanao” na ngayon ay matataas ang katungkulan sa trabaho. Iisa ang katangi-an kong nakikita sa kanila. Angkin nila ang pagmahal sa dunong at kagustuhang umunlad.

      • les21reago

         Klaro ang MALI mo ApoNilolo…WALANG pantay nasa bokabularyo lang ang pantay…Lalo na sa pag INTENDE at UNAWA hinde mag kaka pantay…
        First year ako nang Engineering sa UM sa Davao…5 units ang ALGEBRA ko…nooung early chapters sa Algebra ang GAgaling nang mga ka klase ko na nag Graduate sa Chinese High School halos sumasabay sa Teacher sa mga posite o negative X square at dito pa lang ZERO ako dahil galing lang ako sa Public School pero alam kung TINUKOY din ito sa amin noung high school..Pero noung higher chapter na kami sa QUADRATIC an later On mga worded Problems na ay naku mga TAHIMIK na yung nga galing Chinese School at mga ZERO na pagdating sa Worded o verbal Problems…Lesson to my story nasa TALINO at Sipag TYaga ang pag aaral…ako sige lang nang sige at constant practice lang..Palibhasa nakaka INTENDE ako sa Binabasa ko dahil may BRAIN ako ay naintendihan ko..and to tell you NO amount of additional year will suffice to those that have NO BRAIN..Unang una hinde sila mag eenjoy sa pag aaral…Kaya sabi ko nga WALA sa paaralan ang karunungan nasa ISIP nang TAO yan.

      • ApoNiLolo

        Pinatunayan mo na naman na salat ka sa pang-unawa sa pagbasa. >: D

  • delpillar

    Ang Bachelor’s Degree education lalo sa Engineering sa ibang-bansa, mag-Govt/State-owned man or Private ay mahal talaga. Usually equivalent to 1.2 to 2 Million Pesos per year excluding board and lodging.

    Pero dahil mahal at 18 to 20 years old na ang nagsisipasok sa University (Bachelors Degree) ay karamihan, generally ay matured na ang mga pag-iisip ng mga estudyante kaya very seldom case na may nare-recruit ang mga bulok na fraterneity at mga bulok na ideolohiya ng violence at arm rebelllion katulad ng NPA/CPP, LFS etc. Kumbaga hindi puro KARAPATAN (rights) ang nasa kukute kundi ang responisibility bilang isang non-violent na mamamayan at bilang responsable miembro ng lipunan at ng familia.

    Usually kasi ang edad na 15 to 18 ay ang most-dangerous na mental stage na nagkakaroon ng crises at mapusok na mga dicesion na akala mo hindi sya kayang patumbahin ng kahit sino. Ang stage na ito ang ginagamit at sinasamantal ng mga NPA/LFS para makapag-recruit ng mga kolehiyong studyante. 

  • marienkind

    We don’t need religion, Rizal, and english courses for technical degrees. In my course, that totals to 24 units already. If you screwed up learning on English the first 10 years of your education, trying to catch up in another 4 years will not help.

  • ako_to

    its about time! so ganito pala ang sistema kaya ang mga ka-office mate kong graduate sa North America ay natatapos ng kurso nila Bachelors (architecture at engineering) in 2 years. Another 2 years more Masters naman. Nagugulat na lang sila bakit it took me daw 5 years to complete my degree. Nahihiya lang akong isagot na antiquated na ang school system sa Pilipinas.

    • KpTUL

       yeah it took you 5 years and yet you are still incompetent right ? compared to them ? Now imagine if you make engineering 2 years ? bo-bo mo !

      • ako_to

        wow thats really a low blow. Can you just make an educated discourse and not resort to irrational and plain “kalye” rebut? 

    • MattTindugan

      That may not be true. I studied my BS Engineering and Masters in Engineering degree in one of Canada’s foremost engineering university, University of Waterloo. The BS is four years and Masters is 2 years. I don’t know what North American context you are talking about where BS (Engineering-Architecture) is only two years. As you may know Canada and the US have equivalency agreement in engineering field and what you are saying is likely will run against that notion


    here in my host country bachelor degree for engineering,straight engineering subjects or related subjects only to engineering.. sa atin commercialized..ang kurso..block system..

  • Francis81

    Wala ng tamang ginawa ang gobyerno ni Pweenoy. pati mga estudiyante ginawang daga para pag ekspermentuhan.

    • George

      sori, sabi ni pinoy, kasing level daw ng daga ang utak mo kaya ka na expertmentuhan.

      • KpTUL

         pareho lang kayong dalawa mga daga ! grow up ! bo-bo-bo ninyo !

  • Ramon S

    Ano kayo Hello!!!!! papayag ba yung private school diyan na gawing 4 years na lang ang engineering at ibang kurso di mawawalan sila ng milyon milyon na kita diyan na pampadulas sa DEP. ED upang every semester ay nag increase ng tuition katuwiran pra increase salary teacher hindi naman nangyayari at equipment .. pinaka mabigat na violation na ginagawa ng private school consultation muna parents kung papayag ito o hindi sa increase hindi naman ginagawa?
    E wala pa namang tax mga CATHOLIC SCHOOLS na yan bakit ang mamahal ng matrikula? DAPAT imbestigahan ng SENADO ito bakit ang mamahal ng tuition ngayon ng private school at ang liliit lang ng sahod teacher and employees nila.

  • Ramon S

    K-12 sa sitwasyon ng economiya at mga problemang hinaharap nd dep ED ay mag bibigay lang nang dagdag problema sa existing problem ng edukasyon. teacher and classroom. karamihan sa student pinas ay gustong matutu especially sa engineering at ibang kurso, kaso halos lahat ng private at public school ay kulang na kulang sa gamit at overcrowded NA OVERCROWDED PA ang klase una dahil sa korapsyun na practices noon ewan ko ngayon … tingnan natin ang realidad pumasyal kayo sa isang public school sa city mismo yung mga student nag kaklase sa loob nang gym pinag kasya 10 to 15 sections nag tatalikuran lang yung student DEP ED HEAD hindi man lang pumasyal at mating nan ito . kung K 12 BA ANG KAILANGAN?

  • KpTUL

    This is very bad ! WHat is Luistro thinking ? K12 is a waste of time. Now engineering students will learn more history subjects rather than the important engineering skills. Is luistro together with the ched people sleeping ? Why are they so stubborn  st**pid ? This trigger-happy people just came in and changed things because they viewed it to be good. They added 1 year just to remove another year. CHED is very incompetent !

  • delpillar

    I think, tama itong ginagaw ng Dep-Ed.
    But then, dahil major subject lang ang dapat ituro ay kailangang maging stricto ang Dep-Ed sa facilities ng mga engineering schools.
    Kapag electrical or electornics, computer and communication engineering, all schools should have not only oscilloscopes but also SPECTRUM ANALYZER, more mathematical computation of Laplace and Fourrier Transform, QPSK, QAM and should have idea what Fiber Optic Characterizations together those equipments to measure them like equipment made by Textronix, Agilent, EXFO, JDSU, Ciena, CISCO etc. With regards to wireless, extensively, with right equipments, should been taught of GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, OFDM etc.

    Sa Chemical Engineering naman, SEMICONDUCTOR FABRICATION theeory and experimentation should be taught. This should be coupled with metrology. Hitachi-GST in Laguna, Texas Instuments in Bagiou, etc should be collaborated in the curriculum as training ground. Semiconductor Process Equipments like PVD, MOCVD, Ion-Beam are very expensive tools, at least 1 million dollars each. Metrology like Atomic/electron microscopes are very expensive too.

    Sa 4-year courses ng Engineering ay mostly advanced-mathematics and major subjects like ang mga tinuturo. Waste of money lang kung hindi major subjects ang ituturo sa mga Bachelors Degree courses.

  • Albin

     Eng’g courses mareduce dahil sa K+12? Gaano na ba ka-extensive ang pagtutro ng Calculus, Physics, Chemistry sa Grades 11 & 12? parang malabo ito,

    • delpillar

      Sa ibang bansa, ang Grade 12 (or 3rd year Senior High) ay hanggang Differential/Integral equation ang tinuturo. Dito rin tinuturo hindi lang equation kundi not-equation or INEQUALITIES. The real statistics (hindi lanf probability) ang tinuturo.

      Sa Physics and Chemistry naman ay 90% ay derivation of formula. Walang calculator na ginagamit. E = MC2 ay paano ba kinuha? Acceleration = change in velocity / change in time. then drrive the formula for bouyancy…… all of them using differential equation, sometimes integral equaiton

  • delpillar

    Dahil ang purpose nito ay to improve tertiary (bachelors degree) education and to equip all bachelors degree holder with optimum and lean knowledge of their respective discipline, all instructors and colleges in univeresities should have MASTERAL DEGREE or a minimum of 5 years of experience in high-tech companies.

    All Dep-Ed personnel related to higher education should have at least Masteral Degree, preferrably from Advanced Countries or Doctorate Degree in Engineering, preferrably din from other advanced countries.

    Most of university instructors sa Phil ay yung medyo magagaling lang na estudyante na kagagraduate lang at napapako na sa pagtuturo. Ano ang ituturo ng mga yan? yung naituro lang sa kanila nung college sila. Walang practical experience or exposure sa masteral and doctorate degree from other advanced countries.

  • Your_King

    I sure do hope that CHED is aware that proper education has little to do with the quantity of time in education but rather the quality of education itself. Aquino is busy traveling the world and visiting other countries hopefully he does not neglect the importance of education and its value in bettering and improving the Philippines.

  • bugoybanggers

    Sa Engineering, tama nga naman na sa 3rd at 4th Senior HIGHSCHOOL ituro ang General Mathematics,Thermodynamics, economics,etc. para pag dating sa proper Engineering Course i-concentrate na lang ito sa mostly Engineering Specialized subject. Mangyayari 3 years na lang ang Engineering + 6 months practicum. Yung nawalang 2 years (Basic) sa Highschool na lang ituro.

  • gikiness



    BAGO;  4 YEARS



  • mutalag69

    5 year degree courses making it only 4 years doesn’t matter,paiigsihin nga tataasan naman ang matrikula di pareho lang.Ang problema sa edukasyon sa ating bansa ay mataas ang matrikula underpaid naman ang mga guro kaya apektado ang kanilang pagtuturo.Panahon na siguro na tingnan ng gobierno ang kalagayan ng mga guro…ang mga nagmamay-ari ng mga malalaking unibersidad ang yumayaman samantala ang kanilang mga guro ay napapabayaan!

  • go88

    I studied engineering in Europe (and Japan), there it  takes 5 years after K12 to become a chartered engineer (masteral degree) ….. The wo first years were dedicated enterely to maths (16h/week) and physics (13h/week).  After that three years of specialized technical subjects, programming, economics, managment, foreign languages and some humanities (around 5% of the curriculum).

    Now how are we supposed to be competitive with industrialized nations if whe shorten the length of our engineering studies from five to four years? What a joke.

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