Sick Aquino defies flu, heads for Cambodia


AFTER battling flu and cold for a day, President Aquino left Saturday night for Cambodia to attend the 21st Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) summit, where he will push for regional unity to counter China’s increasing aggressiveness in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

The trip to Cambodia had hung all day, with Malacañang officials unable to tell reporters whether Mr. Aquino could get up and go.

His flight to the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh was scheduled to depart Manila at 7 p.m., but all that Palace sources could tell reporters after noon was that he was resting.

Mr. Aquino had not been feeling well since Friday, when he failed to receive visiting International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde.

Lagarde, whose courtesy call on the President was scheduled for 10 a.m., had to be diverted to the Coconut Palace on Roxas Boulevard to be received by Vice President Jejomar Binay.

But she showed up at the Palace’s National Executive Building after the call on Binay to brief reporters on the IMF’s rosy outlook on the Philippine economy.

When the President did not emerge from his house on Saturday, the trip to Cambodia seemed unlikely to go through.

But the presidential physician arrived around 3 p.m. and examined Mr. Aquino.

After some time, the decision came: the President was good to go.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said Mr. Aquino had flu and allergic rhinitis—inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose—which he might have caught during his trip to Occidental Mindoro and Tagaytay City on Thursday.

On Saturday, despite having fever and muscle pains, Mr. Aquino interviewed candidates for the vacancy on the Supreme Court until 5 p.m., Valte said.

“While the President’s doctors advised rest for at least two days to ensure full recovery and prevent a relapse, the President decided to push through with the trip,” Valte said.

“This is in light of the preparations already made and the importance of the gathering for the formation of a regional consensus to ensure stability and peace in Asean,” she said.

“The President also believes recent developments in other parts of the world requires dialogue among Asean and other leaders on the potential economic and security impact of these events on the region,” she added.

Asean unity

Mr. Aquino is leading a 53-member delegation, including seven Cabinet officials, to the Asean summit, which has related summits, including between Asean leaders and US President Barack Obama on Monday.

Mr. Aquino is not meeting with Obama during the 7th East Asia summit. Malacañang has not released the President’s Asean schedule.

The President said on Thursday that during the summit he will call on Asean countries to speak with one voice in dealing with members’ territorial disputes with China in the West Philippine Sea.

He also said  he would try to get mention of the Philippines’ specific disputes with China in the sea in the postsummit joint communiqué, which the Philippines and Vietnam failed to do during the Asean foreign ministers’ meeting in Phnom Penh in July because host and chair Cambodia, a China ally, blocked the effort.

The July meeting closed without issuing a customary joint communiqué, the first time it happened in the bloc’s 45-year history.

Code of conduct

Mr. Aquino was arriving in Phnom Penh at the heels of an agreement among Southeast Asian foreign ministers to proceed with discussions on the preparation of a code of conduct on the West Philippine Sea.

But the foreign ministers’ meeting set no time frame for the work on the code of conduct.

“We cannot specify the time frame because it depends on the process,” Cambodia’s Secretary of State Kao Kim Hourn told reporters in Phnom Penh.

The foreign ministers also agreed on the “full and effective implementation” of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, or DOC, that Asean signed with China in 2002.

The declaration is a nonbinding agreement that guides discussions among four Asean members—Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam—and China on their rival claims to territories in the West Philippine Sea.

Earlier, the foreign ministers agreed to task Thailand with coordinating dialogues between Asean and China.

Human rights

Saturday’s meeting also agreed on the signing of the first Asean joint human rights declaration, though rights groups condemned the document as failing to meet international standards and as leaving the door open for countries to crack down on freedoms.

The Philippines succeeded in adding a clause to the document stating that the declaration would be implemented according to international standards.

But rights activists dismissed that change as meaningless because, they said, the document as a whole fell short of global standards.

The Asean Human Rights Declaration, which is not legally binding, begins with the principle that “All persons are born free and equal in dignity and rights.”

It affirms that all citizens are entitled to equal protection by the law and that vulnerable groups such as women, minorities, disabled people and migrants have “inalienable” rights and freedoms.

But the declaration qualifies citizens’ rights by saying they must be balanced with the “performance of corresponding duties.”

It adds that human rights must be “considered in the regional and national context.”

The International Federation for Human Rights, a grouping of 64 activist organizations, said the declaration “tears at the heart of long accepted human rights precepts.”

“It flies in the face of the international consensus on human rights principles that have been in place for more than six decades,” the group said in a statement this week.

Asean Secretary General Surin Pitsuwan acknowledged that the declaration had weaknesses, but said it still represented progress.

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  • EdgarEdgar

    I know our gay president Noynoy is ill and all, just like when he lost control of himself down under while in AU. But there’s no better time to say this than now. For the good of our country, Noynoy should seriously consider staying in Cambodia forever. Noynoy’s immovable indolence sits perfectly well with the immovable Cambodian ruins. Like the ruins, this lazy heir of bloodsucking slaveowners and landlords is a relic of our feudal past. Like the lazing statues in the ruins, Noynoy’s lazy bones will be very much at home in the Cambodian ruins. Besides, Noynoy has never been a productive member of our society. He wasn’t even good at selling Nike shoes door to door. For the entire 52 years of his life, he lived off the blood and sweat of penniless, helpless, landless and hopeless peasant farmers. 52 years of mindless indolence. 52 years of subsidized existence. 52 years of being a big cross for peasant farmers to bear. Time now for Noynoy to turn into stone and be one with the Cambodian ruins. That’s where he truly belongs. 

    • joeybg

      keep crying…… 

      • EdgarEdgar

        too soon ……….. or did you mean Noynoy’s dead?

      • andy bonifacio

        hindi, mahirap ka talaga makaintindi, patulong ka sa nanay, mo ang ibig namin sabihin —TIIS KA !!!!

      • EdgarEdgar

        But there’s nothing wrong with having Noynoy turn into stone and be one with the Cambodian ruins. We share the same goal in wishing Noynoy eternal fame. This is his chance to become famous, to be part of a UN world heritage site, to piggy back on one of the most famous tourist attractions of the world. If not this, Noynoy can never become world famous on his own.

      • PAZ


      • noel

        sabi mo edgar2 we have to pray together…why you are always criticizing…just to ask you? are you sure you believe n prayer? or in GOD?..

      • EdgarEdgar

        You probably misunderstood. I am serious about praying on Sundays. If you will join me, let’s pray together now:

        “Oh my God, thank you for bringing us this day. Thank you for giving us our daily bread and raining manna from heaven. Thank you for quenching our thirst with water uncontaminated by Noynoy and his mining oligarchs. Thank you for teaching us to hope for the promised land. But Noynoy and his fellow hacienderos will never let the meek and the poor inherit the earth. The true children of the land and the tillers of the earth will never have their place in the sun as long as Noynoy is standing in the way of God’s will. Noynoy and his clan continue to use dummies to displace other legitimate land distribution beneficiaries. Noynoy and his propagandists continue to promote idolatry and claim that Ninoy and Cory died for our sins. We entreat you O Lord to eliminate Noynoy and his fellow landgrabers from the face of the earth and employ them as janitors in heaven or in purgatory. In the last few hours, we are heartened by the good news of Noynoy’s serious and perhaps incurable illness. The sins of the father are finally visited upon the son. The pestilence of death of the first son is finally upon them. If you so will it O Lord, we will be unburdened of this heavy cross to bear called Noynoy. If you so will it O Lord, thy will be done. Let thy will be done as in heaven so upon the earth.”

      • TGM_ERICK

        What a way to respond!

    • Mamang Pulis

      bad edgar—-pero antawa ko lang—anyways… you should have reminded your ‘idol’ not to visit  Tuol Sleng where he might have a sudden attack of discomfort…

    • adam_d_ant

      hey bud.  ikaw naman …. alam mo naman si tita at mahilig sa makeup.  di ba natural sa mga burmese na meron makeup kahit bata pa?  hindi naman kasi makaladlad si tita sa pinas kaya sa burma na lang.

      talking about ruins, huwag na.  he can go up the mountains of zambales and spend a few hours with our katutubos and see for himself how these peope’s lives were “transformed” when he became the president of the philippines.  back to ruins … the burmese government is now taking seriously the preservation of its ruins.  with a sick (in the head) president, he might spread the virus amongst the monkeys in angkor wat. 

      • EdgarEdgar

        Lol! With no choice other than the incinerator, I think it’s high time Noynoy cremate himself now. For the good of our country, for the good of humanity. A worthless piece of shiit Noynoy, just to quote his late father.

      • adam_d_ant

        ooops  .. ruins ng burma tuloy ang na-type ko bro.

        anyways, he can visit the memorial where tens of thousands of cambodians lost their lives because of a deranged leader – pol pot.  we have asurefire candidate who’ll end up in 9n de ferbrero (mental hospital) in the person of simeon d retard.

        in the event simeon d’ retard decides to eradicate the pinoys, i humbly nominate the 15 million retards who voted for him to be first in the “factory line”.

      • EdgarEdgar

        Hahaha. Noynoy and his willing victims, rivaling Pol Pot with his own Crackpot Museum to be curated by Josh and Kris.

    • PAZ


  • bongarroyo

    ang sipag talaga ni PNoy kahit may sakit trabaho ng trabaho di kagaya ni gma wala na ngang ginawang mabuti para sa bansa todo arte pa sa pagsasakit-sakitan…


    • speaksoftlylove

      Sabihin mo kay PNoy na ang numero unong dahilan sa kabag ay yosi at kadadaldal.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Get well soon Mr. President!

    Day 01 Sick Aquino defies flu, heads for Cambodia
    Day 02 Sick Aquino gets sicker, faints and hits head in Cambodia
    Day 03 Sick Aquino loses consciousness, on life support in Cambodia
    Day 04 Sick Aquino remains unconscious in Cambodia while Mar in Manila plots coup
    Day 05 Sick Aquino finally expires in Cambodia and Mar outmaneuvers Binay to presidency
    Day 06 Mar defies public protest against his usurpation of power and takes oath of office
    Day 07 Mar & Korina hailed as the most celebrated first couple by PDI

    With Mar at the helm, we’re in good hands!

    • Marx Louis Wang

       Sa iyo harinawa mangyari ang imahinasyon mo!

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        pecpec ng ina mo wangwang.

    • Mamang Pulis

      magaling!–puede ka na kay Peque Gallaga na scriptwriter…anu bang title na maganda jan?

      teka–nakalimutan mo si Lacierda ang PR man ni Mar Roxas ngayun—

  • bongarroyo

    mga talangka matagal tagal pang panahon ang ipagpuputok  ng butse niyo…..paano kasi ang mga hinahangaan niyo ay puro mga kawatan sa gobyerno…lol

  • DarkSideOfTheMoon2

    may flu (bird?) pala eh…bakit pinayagan lumabas…baka manghawa lang yan sa iba..

    • speaksoftlylove

      Oo nga eh, dapat may Hold Departure Order. Nakakahiya sa mga lider ng ibang nation na mahahawa.

    • Count du Fount de Cakes

      dapat makikipag shake hands sya sa chinese para mahawa… bwhehehe

  • Ibongpipit

    Defiance of flu justifies his presence at the summit where vital interests of the Philippines are at stake. Foremost is the territorial dispute with China who seemed to be harping annoying interest of incursion among its neighbors, Japan Vietnam and the Philippines.  A framework of diplomatic resolution should be pursued by these countries in every available opportunity.  This is the only option if secured coexistence is to prevail in this region.   Otherwise, it will be a setback to the long and progressive aspirations of its people.  Every countries should consider this rare summit a blessing in contrast to the missiles, tanks and endangered lives now on the verge of harms way in the Middle East.

  • boybakal

    Pulos trabaho na lang ton si Pnoy.
    Last time sabi niya kahit holidays, biyernes santo at bisperas ng New Year, trabaho pa rin.
    We can’t do nothing if we have workaholic President.
    Sobrang sipag….good luck.

    • sigena

      sipag mag ps2 maski maysakit

  • pangitbudhiko

    hope he catches the bird flu, or the H1N1 flu at matodas na siya the sooner the btter

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Dapat sa duktor ni P-Noy sibakin na agad! Noong una tiyan, ngayon may fever. E, ano ang ginagawa ng duktor na ito kung hindi niya aalagaan ng mabuti ang pangulo? anak ng siopao!

    • batangsulpok

      Huwag mong sisihin ang Doktor dahil mahirap alagaan ang matandang binata, kahit lalake ay nagme-menopause kaya pabago-bago ang ugali o pakiramdam sa sarili.

      • akongednamzug

        Wow, alam na alam mo ha. Mukhang napagdaanan mo lahat ang pinagdadaanan ng pangulo ngayon.

      • Marx Louis Wang

         Kame-menopause pa lang ni batangsulpok kaya alam niya ito.

      • batangsulpok

        Mag-69 na ako kaya alam ko yan pero di tayo matandang binata kasi lima ang anak namin ni Misis.

    • PAZ

      Tama! Mula ng maging President si Noynoy maraming sibakan .

  • $20722540

    watch-out obama, you need to wash your hands after shaking hands with pnoynoy – meron yan virus, baka magka flu ka rin.  panay kasi sigarilyo kaya mahina ang immune system niya.  kaya wala rin lovelife. btw, baka kailangan niya ng wheelchair kasi mahina pa pakiramdam nyan

  • joeybg

    Ang daming naiinggit kay Pnoy….. sigurado ang mga naiinggit kay Pnoy ang mga bumoto kay Bigote, 5 milyong Tanga last election, ang mga Bobo-tante na mahilig sa mga celebrity.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Noong una sabi ni Valte “bum stomach” kaya canceled yong meeting ni PNoy at Legarde. Ngayon flu naman. Tiyak bukas almoranas na ang dahilan.

      • akongednamzug

        Kaya nga daig mo siya, ikaw sa utak ang problema mo.

      • speaksoftlylove

        Ikaw naman ipinasa mo pa sa akin yang sakit mo na ang tawag ay “scoliosis of the brain” kaya panay kabag at etchas inaabot mo.

  • regd

    Tigas ng ulo ng Pangulo. Por Diyos por santo naman, makinig naman sa katawan. Paano pag natuluyan? Aba’y di ko kayang maisip ang maitim na maligno ang magpapatakbo ng bansa. Magmukha tayung uling lahat!

    • Pitbulldog

      Natiis nga ng mga kano ang isnag kasing bupol na ulikba, sa Pinas pa kaya e mas may utak pa sa tingin ko sa Binay sa presidente nila.

      • PAZ

        Kahit na sino ipalit nila kay Noynoy okey lang. Arhimunan din kung sinuman ang papalit. handa akong magmukhang super uling.

  • mekeni62

    Kawawa naman. Maregaluhan nga ng Marlboro Lights Menthol.

  • cargante

    What a wimp who treats an ordinary flu as if  it were a terminal disease.Why can’t he be like GMA who despite neckbraces and all continues to work as a representative of her district? He’s just lazy that’s all, and he’ll  find and offer all kinds of excuses and alibis just to get out of work, even to the extent of spending millions of taxpayers money to go on a junket abroad. What have we gained from his once a month trips anyway? How much investments has he brought home? Panay international goodwill nalang ba o di  kaya private goodtime with the boys?

    • boybakal

      How about the billion done deals contract or investment na lagi nilang ipinagmamalaki pag galing abroad…..Drawing.

  • boybakal

    Sick Aquino defies flu, heads for Cambodia….

    Dapat i quarantine muna si Pnoy pagdating sa Cambodia.
    He might be spreading virus among Heads of State particularly Obama.
    And when he comes back, quarantine again, he might be bringing home another virus or strain.
    To prevent contamination.
    Precaution lang.

  • agustin

    doctor recommended  at least 2 days rest, but he willfully dis obey the advice. smoking is good for his health and proceed to Cambodia to meet the local expert of hair nourishment, so as to buy the ingredients and the necessary gadgets.



  • kilabot

    ubo ubo ubo! magkakalat pa ng mikrobyo si noykapon. kaya iniiwasan ng mga liders e. may delicadeza nga naman.
    dalhin mo lahat ng medics na sumusulong sa sintax bill baka sakali gumaling ka pa.

  • nice_boy

    Baka hindi makalusot sa thermal scan.  Ma-quarantine pa.  Nakakahiya.

  • sopingac

    No illness can derail the current function of the President. For as long as he can read and talk, the prepared script for each day won’t be wasted.

  • Trollollolloll

    Baka mamaya pag nandun na pa excuse na naman, “Im not feeling well.” Lol!

  • arao_liwanag

    Feeling suffering hero(mentality). Brainda to its..

    • sigena

      paawa effect naka dextrose ang utak

  • boybakal

    What is wrong with our President.
    He is always sick. Last time I read then in NZ, he was not able to attend the banquet given by the PM due to kabag or diarrhea.
    Last time he was not seen in public for weeks. Once you see in tv on occasion, he is always seen uubo ubo, lately he did not meet the IMF lady.
    Whenever you don’t see him in public, for sure when he talks, it is about Gloria to divert the issue of his health..
    He appointed Almendras to take of his duties as President.
    Now he travel to Cambodia with flu.

    We need a healthy President. The President should take a vacation.
    Binay is ready.

    • Guest

      If Pnoy’s SONA speech is any gauge, his smoker’s cough has been deteriorating from the first to the second speech. He had to stop for one or two full minutes to gather his bearings after gulping down a glassful of water. The signs are not good.

  • $23257130

    kaya ayaw umattend sa meetings. hindi pa tapos mag video games. pppppwwwweeeehhh kadiri tamad.

  • oca127

    Abangan ang isa na namang talumpati ni PNOY laban kay GMA… 

    • Ding


  • Guest

    Hahawaan niya lahat ang kanyang kakamayan duon. Ubo, ubo, plema, nakakadiri !

    • Ding

      Ang LAKING PAGKAKAIBA SA GAHAMANG PAGHAWAK SA MGA NAWAWALANG PERA NG TAONG SA MGA NAKARAANG ADMINISTRASYON?  Ang galing mo,, Guest, simple ka kung bumanat sa mga PAGNANAKAW na iniimbestigahan ng Senado at ng Husgado.  Wow, TANGAgang tANGAling1

  • Guest

    Hindi pa ba patay yang plastik na presidente?

    Balitaan nyo ako pag ptay na ha. Laking tuwa namin nyan.

    Advanced congrats to Mar.

    • Joseph Aquino

      All your cruel postings will come back to you. Your curses and cussing will be applied to you, It’s karma.

      Who’s Mar? The VP is Binay FYI, in case you don’t know.

      • Edward

        not karma, dre..malabo mangyari yan sa mga taong naghahangad ng pagkawala ng bad karma sa bansang ito lalo na ang pangulong tulad nito…remember, ang mga lindol sa panahon ng kanyang ina tpos sumulpot nlng din  ang mga sunud sunod na lindol sa panahong ng special child ng nanay na naging pangulo rin..naisip ko it a coincidence o wlang kinalaman ang mga lindol ngaun sa pamumuno nya? oo nga pala nakatadhana na ang mga lindol ngaun kasi yan ang hula ng mga mayan…hehehe

      • Ding

        Hindi kaya nayanig dahil sa binabawing nawala sa KABAN NG BAYAN?  itong ibang bahagi yata tinatakpan ng tanikala sa leeg habang pasanpasan ng wheelchair?

      • Ding


    • Guest

      Don’t be so sure. If you’re really AP Cayetano, you should know that Mar does not have all the support of LP. If you’re really AP Cayetano, you should know that LP will withdraw their outstretched tent from over your head and leave you NP and other partners hanging out to dry.

    • Ding

      Are you referring to the FAKE PRESIDENT…di ba tapos na’yang 9 years of FAKED RULE?  Tapos na ‘yang WALANG BAIT NA KAGAGAYAT SA KABAN NG BAYAN.

  • Jack

    carandang can proxy for him kapag kodakan na

    • Ding

      CALL…nawawala ang apelyido sa pangalan mo…parang ‘yung nawawalang no less than P232B sa mga tulay sa ilalim ng pilapil…napunta ba sa leeg, kaya may takip ang leeg?

  • Pitbulldog

    If the trip would have been to the provinces, even with a simple ailment, I am very sure P-noy will never mind skipping of course.  Cambodia yata yan.  He won’t dare miss the opportunity to show his squirms and fake smiles with the world’s powerful figures.  Not to mention the prsidential suites pa. 

    • Ding

      Hi, kuPIT BULLDOG…Pulgas naging BULLDOG…ang laking misteryo ng hinahanap na no less than P232B sa mga tulay sa ilalim ng pilapil, wow Super kuPIT  No wonder, ang PULGAS NAGING BULLDOG…Do not only ask how a pulgas can do to a bulldog, but rather ask also HOW PULGAS BECOMES TALLER THAN A BULLDOG.

      • Pitbulldog

        Hello Ding, nakita mo na ba ang kinupit? Kung hindi pa, manahimik ka na lang kaya dahil puro imahinasyon nyo lang ni P-noy yan. Don;t worry, 2 years na lang at mawawala na ang pulgas sa palace. pati mga anit yan, wala na ring buhok, he he. Have a nice day, kuto.

  • m1600

    tabihan simeon si Obama tapos ubohan nya.

    • Ding

      Epekto ‘yan ng sipag sa paghahanap sa no less P232B scams.

  • valsore

    Perhaps, Pnoy is our best weapon here.  Let him infect with flu all Chinese and Chinese sympathizers while he is there, LOL.  Ansd while they are sick, let’s get them to agree for China to leave the West Philippines Sea for good.  Else, no peace, just boycott of Made In China products forever.

  • Guest

    There’s no better time to wish the president ill than now. Let us all pray for his swift demise. He was never good to us anyway. His administration only benefited his KKK, and not the vast majority of Filipinos. He even bought off CDQ and blackmailed the man on his past. He broke every promise he made, the latest of which is the FOI bill. I will never forget the speech of Pnoy in Club Filipino on how much and how determined he is to pass the FOI bill. You may think this laughable but your mother’s reign was struck by one big typhoon in 1989, one big earthquake in 1990, one big volcanic erruption in 1991 and at least seven coups all because of her evil designs. You will meet God’s wrath soon. May you rest in peace Pnoy. But you can also die in agony and great pain. Either way, good riddance.

  • Mang Teban

    We have to support our president, no matter what. It is a risk worth taking because it is the opportune time to have us heard by the world. We cannot claim our rights on the disputed shoals and islets west of the Philippines simply by making press statements or issuing weak pronouncements.
    I have to give encouragement the Philippine government to do what is necessary for there is no other time again like this. President Aquino has the duty to defend our territorial rights and borders. He is mandated to lead the country to protect what rightfully belongs to the Philippines. The history buffs cling on to what China has been misleading the world on its apparent right when it had preempted other nations with spurious maps and tales of adventure. Giving up the claim because of our smaller military power versus China is another disparity in argumentation. We cannot simply walk away and let China grab our shoals and islets reminiscent of its kleptomaniac personality as it had done with countries (Japan, Korea, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.) surrounding the hegemonic monster breathing fire.
    Sadly also, some jerks and morons only see the person in the president and not the nation’s patrimony and sovereignty endowed on the office of the president. The role of the president is to speak for the entire country. These few people do not seem to know the difference and attack at will only to sow malice and discontent.

    • agustin

       you have ask us to support Pnoy, before that can I ask you  if you favor noynoying action about FOI and the anti dynasty issue ?

      • Ding

        Hi, AGUSTIN, how are you?  SORRY, yung mga CORRUPT GASTUSTIN still subject of Senate Probe…’yun namang iba nasa SAGUTIN na ng Husgado…

    • buttones

      I beg your pardon? We have to do what? This is simply not the case, we are supposed to be NOT a nation of peasants who blindly follow Presidential absolute rule, so I’m sorry but each of us will decide who and what to support, the President does not hold a feudal post, nor does he hold prerogative on what is best for PH, he was elected on barely 40% of the vote anyway, the other 60% [a majority] actually thought the guy was not worthy either. In a democracy, creating doubt about a politician, pricking his dignity, disrespecting him — is not just every citizen’s right, it’s sometimes their participatory duty. Have we not progressed as a nation from a blind following of one persons opinion? It is true we should have respect for the office of the President, but nowhere is it written we should have respect for the person that holds that office, it simply is not true, and it should never be so. You speak of ‘jerks and morons’ – who are these people? What right have you to label people who disagree with current government international policy? And I should remind you, that the current president, having nary a voice for twelve long years about anything at all, is hardly qualified to speak about anything , his mother was a failed President, as were all the rest. My only wish is that the current President avoids the excruciating international embarrassment of blathering on about how his performance is related in some way to his predecessor, one GMA, [for indeed it is she] . We are led by the least among us…………..

      • Ding

        Isara mo lang ang mga butones mo, TANGAgang lumalabas ang mga mali sa mga sinasabsab mo.

    • Ciano Malandag

      papano mo suportahan ang Presidente na to.niloloko nya ang taongbayan.di niya tinupad ang pangako nya.sabi nya noong panahon ng kampanya na,suportado nya ang FOI bill. bakit ngayon nag bingi bingian.suportahan mo siyang mag isa!!!

      • Ding

        SANO KAMANDAG o MALANDI, mali lang ang spelling…nasa Senado pa ‘yan, hindi ka ba nakapag-aral?

    • noyab

       you have too dahil pareho naman kayo ng style…mga bogok…

      • Ding


  • $18209031

    Where is Rautoy? He can give Pnoy a good massage , like a good chupapa !!

    • Ding

      AFPako?  ASTA FAkE PRESIDENT?  for 9 Years?

  • Kamoteng_Dilaw

    PweeNoy skips his meeting with the IMF head because of flu right after attending the 62nd anniversary of Occidental Mindoro where he again attack the former PGMA and her allies and at Tagaytay where he castigates media for negative reporting. NGAYON PUPUNTA NG CAMBODIA KAHIT MAY UBO AT PLEMA. alam ko na: BUSINESS AS USUAL…MAS MAGANDA BIRAHIN SI PGMA SA HARAP NG WORLD LEADERS.

    • Ding

      Anong ikinatatakot mo?  Mayroon naman siyang VEST SA LEEG, di ba?

  • niceguy60

    Kung me flu, dapat pagaling ka muna. Contagious ang flu kapag hindi pa galling ang sakit.

    • Ding

      Doon niya siguro ginagamit ang galing niya…partida lang ‘yan.

  • virgoyap

    Is his cough and colds not the side effect of his smoking? From your bossing: “Mr. President please stop smoking and we as your Boss will be very happy.

    • noyab

       let him smoke for a while, di naman tatagal yan…..matitigok na rin…

      • Ding

        Eh, yung may tanikala sa leeg, palabas lang ba ‘yon?

    • Ding


  • neverwint3r

    why does pnoy always gets sick? maybe he needs to find a wife to take care of him

    • disqusted0fu

       maybe thats where he spent all the P11 million for this trip, to pay for a wife and to buy medicines.

      • Ding

        Hi, JUST TIIS LEEG, hindi bababa sa P232B ang premyo niyan?

    • Francis81

       pano di magkakasakit gabi gabi yosi, alak babae. nung kabataan niya gabi-gabi pumipik-up ng babae diyan sa quezon ave. na malapit sa times street kaya ilang beses tinamaan ng tulo. pati si Kris may tulo. mahilig sa tulo ang magkapatid na to!

      • Ding

        Panay na naman ang pansesemplang mo, hanggang ngayon hindi mo sinasagot ang tanong na KAWATAN KA RIN?

    • virgo8888

      natalo lang po sa psp, gagaling din po agad

      • Ding

        Puro OCHO ang pangalan mo, preceded by BIGO, mali lang ang spelling…Puro BIGO ba ang PAGKAKA SIRA mo? 

    • noyab

       wala ngang magkagusto dahil di normal……lalaki ba sya or what….

      • Ding

        Ang maliwanag, HINDI SIYA MAGNANAKAW!

  • Your_King

    We all hope President Aquino gets well soon. It is ironic however, that earlier this month he was hard at work bashing FPGMA’s health issues and making those jokes about wheelchairs and now he’s the one that is sick. I guess what goes around comes around.

    • Ding

      May tanikala na ba sa leeg?  Naka-wheel chair na rin ba?  Hindi kaya you were referring to another scenario, ‘yung hindi magkasya ang pera sa lahat ng banko, inilagay sa leeg, sa bigat hindi makalakad, kaya kailangan ang wheelchair?

  • disqusted0fu

    why does the president always get sick? especially when going abroad??? is this the noynoying virus? heard its contagious. poor Cambodians, and the Asean summit participants.

    • virgo8888

      ilabas na ang wheel chair,,,,

    • Ding

      Hi, JUST TIIS LEEG, how are you?   And, how is her neck?

  • Boy Dalius

    Nakakatuwa talaga ang mga bitter people – nagmumukha talaga silang tanga at mga engot sa pagkabitter nila. 

    Keep it up trololols! hahaha!

    • Francis81

       Totoo po yan tingnan mo si Pweenoy bitter na dating engot at tanga pa.

      • Ding

        KAWATAN KA BA? hindi mo sinasagot ang tanong na ‘yan?  TANGAbang KAWATAN KA?

  • deadlyshooter

    never will the people of this country unite…never…what a sad story…

    • Bert

      because we have a president who sets the good example of divisiveness….sad story indeed.

      • deadlyshooter

        wrong…whomever you put there, it will always be the same…because there are people who think like you do…

      • speaksoftlylove

         A “deadlyshooter'” is sad of disunity? Unahin mong barilin ang sarili mo, barok dahil salot ka sa lipunan!

      • Bert

        i have no further comment…hehe

      • deadlyshooter

        isa itong si palyadong spitfire sa mga isip barok, umamin na isa siyang salot ng lipunan…bakit di mo tularan si hudas para namang mabawasan ang walang pakinabang na taong tulad mo, ha palyadong spitfire…

      • Ding

        Bakit naman pagagayahin mo pa ‘yung tao sa iyo?

      • deadlyshooter

        ikaw ding gusto mo rin gayahin si palyadong spitfire?…kuha ka ng lubid at magpakahudas ka rin pre, tulad ni palyadong spitfire…

      • Ding

        Bakit kasi hindi niyo sampahan ng kaso, kung mayro’n man…HINDI ‘YANG NANGGAGALAITI KAYO SA PAGKAKAHINTO NG MGA DELIHENSY NIYO.

  • Francis81

    Nag spin lang naman di pa maayos.  May bagong chicks si Pweenoy na starlet kaya di naka bangon.  Tulad nung Luneta Bus Hostage Fiasco nakababad sa chicks kaya di ma kontak.  Tapos nag spin pa ang MisCom Group na nasa Emerald Restaurant daw si Pweenoy. Wala siya dun! MGA SINUNGALING!

    • Ding

      Hanggang ngayon hindi mo sinasagot ang tanong na KAWATAN KA RIN?

  • Marcial72

     Kaya pupunta si Peenoy sa Cambodia kasi gusto niyang mapag-aralan kung pano minasaker ni Pol Pot ang million million na tao sa Cambodia nung nag take over ang mga Komunista. Yan din kasi ang balak niyang gawin sa Pilipinas!

    • Francis81

       Mali ka diyan brooder. Kaya atat pumunta si Pweenoy sa Cambodia kasi may bago siyang joke tungkol kay GMA at di siya makapaghintay na iladlad ito sa mga world leaders, iniisip niya kasing ma-impress sila. Ang di niya lama ay pinagtatawanan lang siya kasi alam nilang may sayad si siya.

      • Ding

        O, bakit hanggang ngayon, eh, hindi mo sinasagot ang tanong na KAWATAN KA RIN?

  • luzviminda88


    • carol

      Baka ikaw ang magnanakaw, at hindi kami gunggung yoong presidente mo. 

      • Ding


    • m1600

      kawawa kanaman rabid na tangahanga ni Simeon , kmusta mo nlang ako jan kay Carandang  yung overtime nyo sabihin bayadan na kayo mukang ibinubulsa na ng Boss nyo! 

      • Ding


    • VindictivePanot

      Si Arroyo na naman?!? gasgas na gasgas na yung mga palusot nyo…

      • Ding


      • VindictivePanot

        dapat ikaw makunsensya sa katangahan mo! Pag anti-panot eh bayaran agad? nyahahaha! uto-utong yellow zombie

  • akoombulator

    subtle hint to lagarde hinay hinay lang kakalabas pa lang ng 1 bilyon pautang

  • speaksoftlylove

    Yang flu ni PNoy ay epekto na lang sa mas talamak na sakit. Tingin ko pinamahan siya ng colon cancer ni Tita Cory kaya panay “Bum Aquino stomach.” Good luck PNoy kung sakali, Return If Possible.

    • deadlyshooter

      antayin mo palyadong spitfire, darating na sa’yo itong hinahanap mong sakit na cancer…

  • joerizal

    Wala bang flu shot na binigay kay El Presidente?

  • billy gunner

    defies flu? well, he even ask one of his cabinet members to defy an SC TRO! WTF!

  • nakatutok

    flu?? smoker’s cough lang yan…ayaw lang harapin si Lagarde kaya nagdahilan..pero nung LAMYERDA sa Cambodia BIGLANG gumaling!!!

  • JosephNess

    this is already a dead issue, move on…

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